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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Ogre / Demihuman
    Caves, mountainous regions, Zipangu Region
    Strong-willed, calm
    Omnivorous, prefers meat and sake
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    August 28, 2011
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Ao-Oni

    Encyclopedia Entry

    The Ao-Oni is distinguished by the horns growing out of its forehead, and its namesake blue skin. It’s a type of Ogre called an Oni that only inhabits the Zipangu Region. Like all oni, they have a fierce disposition and extraordinary strength. They’re feared by humans as monsters, but they’re actually quite intelligent and rational. They also have a calm side to themselves, which is very atypical for an oni, and for that reason, unlike others of their kind, they don’t randomly assault human men. They can often be seen hanging around other oni such as the Aka-Oni, and because of their disposition, they often serve as the brain of the group, controlling the rest and restraining their emotional and coercive actions.

    Ao-Oni in such a lewd state of drunkenness enjoy passing wine and essence mouth to mouth in order to more fully enjoy their flavor.

    As previously mentioned, even if Ao-Oni find men who strike their fancy, they won’t try to rape them randomly, but that’s only true when they’re sober. Just like the Aka-Oni, sake is their favorite thing, and if there’s a guy they like, they’ll probably aggressively invite him to go drinking. However, they aren’t able to handle their liquor at all, rather they get dead drunk just from drinking a lot of sake, and once they get drunk off sake, rationality and self-control get thrown out the window. Their faces turn bright red, and upon revealing the lewd, drunken side of themselves, they become so lustful and ferocious that even the Aka-Oni pales in comparison. Their true nature as monsters is revealed through sake, and traces of their ordinary, intellectual personality can no longer be seen. They completely transform into lecherous perverts who seek pleasure and essence, thinking about nothing but sex with human men. Naturally, whenever they’re drinking, if there’s a human man nearby, they’ll assault and rape him right away, so that they can enjoy the taste of essence along with their sake. And what’s even more troubling, in spite of the fact that they get drunk easily, they still have a high level of maximum alcohol tolerance, appropriate for an Oni.

    Ao-Oni can drink sake infinitely, becoming infinitely drunk, and grow infinitely lustful, and the feast of flesh tinged with sake, pleasure, and essence will continue until either the sake runs out, or the man passes out. Once they sober up, they go back to their intellectual state, but being monsters, if they like the guy, and deem him most worthy as both a husband and a sake snack, then they’ll never let him go. Then the man will end up having to party, get drunk, and copulate profusely with her every night.

    Additionally, they have a much stronger sense of shame compared with other Oni, and it easily comes to the surface. Because of this, whenever they recollect what they did while they were drunk, or even just listen to an obscene or sexual story, they become so embarrassed that their faces turn bright red, like that of an Aka-Oni.

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