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    Bastet (バステト) is a pro-monster divinity of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. Like the Fallen God and Poseidon, she has been monsterized, and therefore works in opposition to the Chief God in Heaven. Bastet was introduced in the web notes attached to the Cait Sith profile. As with the snake cult and inari faith, Bastet has female, human worshipers who actively seek monsterization into cat family monster girls. The goddess is also responsible for the creation of the Cat Kingdom spirit realm.

    Cat Goddess “Bastet”[edit]

    A half-monster, half-god deity that is said to have a body that is half cat.

    Not many specific details are known, but one thing's for certain: she loves all cats, and those who love them.

    It seems she's a capricious deity, but it also seems that she rewards those humans who revere her and love cats by actively granting blessings such as preventing illnesses, and providing bountiful harvests as well as the treasure that is children.

    Also, among humans, she is revered by a very small number of communities and ethnic groups. Among them, cats are considered to be messengers of the goddess, and are treated respectfully.

    Among the female adherents of Bastet, it is said that there are many women who desire to live like a cat and become a cat monster; either out of a yearning to live free and uninhibited like a cat, or out of thanks for the blessings routinely bestowed by Bastet.[1][2]

    The "Cat Kingdom (猫の王国」)"[edit]

    A Mamono realm inhabited by cats, that is regarded as having been created by the cat goddess “Bastet”, it is also one of the various spirit realms.

    Most of the residents are cat family monsters and their husbands; (Perhaps because they immigrated or something, even the cheshire cats peculiar to Wonderland are there as if it were no big deal). It's a cat paradise inhabited not only by cat monsters, but also by many ordinary cats.

    At a glance, the beautiful Western architecture of the townscape does not look much different from that of humans, but there are bizarrely many alleys; if a man takes one step inside, he will be targeted by the female cats in heat that are lurking within. Cats drag men that have wandered into the kingdom, or their own husbands, into the alleys to have sex with them.

    Also, out of consideration for them, almost all of the buildings have an additional entrance of a size suited for cats that are animals; as well as for nekomata in regular cat form.

    In the cat kingdom there are laws that prioritize cats such as the following:

    “Men (husbands) must spoil cats (wives), and if a cat demands to play or mate, a man must comply with it.”

    “One must not tease cats (whether monster or animal) (of course, if it's sexual, then no problem).”

    However, as long as the cats' husbands love the cats and obey the law, then the goddess Bastet has promised them a life where all their needs will be taken care of.

    It is a place where the whims of cats are given priority over everything else, and husbands tend to be at their mercy, but the strange thing is that it is said that the men living in this kingdom have no desire to leave.[1][2]


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