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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Centaur / Beastman
    Mamono Realms, forests
    Gentle, devoted, lustful
    Human men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    May 13, 2012
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Bicorn

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A variant of the unicorn that has an alluring black coat and two horns.

    When a unicorn has sex with a non-virgin or her husband has sex with someone else, the man carriers that woman's mana, so she then gets infused with the other woman's mana along with her husband's essence when he pours it into her. Due to this, the mamono mana of the unicorn which had been kept pure, becomes mixed with another woman’s mana, and gets corrupted, changing into the mamono mana of a bicorn, and then the unicorn ends up changing into a "bicorn."

    They have the same gentle disposition and graceful behavior as the unicorns, however, their true nature is exceedingly lascivious, and these monsters are regarded as “the symbol of impurity,” celebrating a lustful, hedonistic existence.

    The bicorn's kisses are even more indecent than a unicorn's. They appear designed as a demonstration for those watching, to arouse the heat of the other monsters in the harem.

    Though wildly lustful, they do not forcibly rape men, but they are adept in the ways of arousing lust in men. Men they go after will be unable to resist their sweet temptation, and will eventually have sex with them when seduced.

    Exactly opposite of the monogamous unicorn, it’s in their nature to prefer a polygamous harem arrangement where their husband has many monsters as wives. As far as they're concerned, their husband becomes a more lustful, hedonistic existence by having sex with many monsters. Also, letting many women know the taste of their beloved husband in a harem arrangement brings them more joy than anything else. Additionally, their husband’s essence, which gets mixed and corrupted with the mamono mana of various monsters, becomes like a cocktail, and it is said to be their favorite treat.

    Normally the mamono mana monsters pour into their husbands asserts that they belong to them, and functions to repel the interests of other monsters. The bicorn's mamono mana is different. The scent of essence of a man infused with it ends up becoming thicker and stronger.

    Thus, since he becomes extremely attractive and delicious-looking to other monsters, it has the opposite effect. It attracts other monsters to their husband. Of course, this goes for the woman who caused them to become a bicorn, but if there are any other women who their husband desires, or any women who desire their husband, they'll train them into lascivious monsters that are appropriate partners for them and their husband, making them a member of the harem for their husband's sake.

    Even should their husband be resistant towards the idea of a harem, they’ll lure him into it by sprouting the seeds and fanning his desire for other women. Additionally, every time a new monster joins the harem, the bicorn's mamono mana grows relatively thinner, so there is a limit on the number of people the harem can have, but it’s probably easy to make a small scale harem of about 5 or 6 people.

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