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    Bubble Slime
    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Slime / Semiliquid
    Wet areas, sewers, etc.
    Gloomy, simple-minded
    Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    November 11, 2008
    (Art Updated: April 1st, 2010)
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Bubble Slime

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A type of slime that lives in dark, wet places like sewers and caves. They are intelligent enough to speak human words, but their thinking processes are extremely simple. Guided by instinct, they wander in search of prey.

    They produce a strong odor from their liquid bodies, so one will likely know right away when they’re close by. Their bodies are always carrying out chemical reactions, which cause pieces of them to be released into the air as bubbles. Perhaps due to this they need to eat a lot more than an ordinary slime to sustain their bodies, and in turn are extremely greedy.

    The bubbles produced by their body while they envelop a man stimulate a man's body in just the right way, continually providing exquisite pleasure throughout the man's entire body.

    When they find a man, they attack him, and through something similar to sexual intercourse, try to take in his semen, but compared to ordinary slimes they’re not as sticky and move much more slowly, so they’re not very good at holding their prey down, and it tends to escape before long. Because of this, they first perform something like a kiss on their captured prey, and pour some of their own body inside his mouth. The body of the bubble slime has an aphrodisiac effect when consumed, and it is extremely addictive. Due to this, prey that has been swallowing it will likely begin to greatly desire the slime’s body. If only a little is swallowed, the effect will go away after a short time, but if a large amount is imbibed, the prey will become strongly dependent on her body, and the odor will start to become an extremely pleasant scent to him. If this happens, then it’s already too late, and the man will likely no longer be able to live without the bubble slime.

    Also, it’s said that they produce an offensive odor because they live in terrible environments. Their bodies take in toxins, convert them into harmless substances, and release it. For that reason, if you take them out of the sewers or other such areas, and live in a clean place for a while, their foul odor will completely disappear. Once the foul odor is gone, they release a good scent that’s surprisingly distinct. The odor sensed by men who become dependent on bubble slimes is likely a powerful version of this.

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