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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Golem / Magic Material
    Highways at night, old buildings, etc.
    Devoted, poor at expressing emotions
    Human men's essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    February 27th, 2024
    kurobinega.sakura.ne.jp - Candlegeist

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A monster formed when countless burned-out candles are bound into one by mana. They appear along with flickering flames in front of human men passing through dark places, such as highways at night and old buildings devoid of light, and tend to be feared because of how they suddenly float up and stare at you expressionlessly, but they won't suddenly attack on the spot. Instead, it is said they follow the men they encounter like a servant, using the flames of their body to brightly illuminate the place where he's walking and the path ahead while removing obstacles and dangerous things in the way to lead him safely through the darkness. Even after becoming a monster, they display a devoted nature and try to be useful as candles, but on the other hand, at the same time, as monsters born from the dark sentiment of countless candles, they are also regarded as having a nature that makes them extremely difficult to deal with, so whoever thinks he can deliberately use them is gravely mistaken.

    Perhaps because they originate from burned-out candles, they have a strong obsession with "always continuing to be of use to their owner", a wish they were formerly unable to fulfill, and likewise, they also have a profound fear of "being thrown away after serving their purpose". Upon safely delivering a man to a bright place, they'll ask whether they had been of use and try to get him to promise to keep using them even after that. Should he respond positively to their question and promise what they want, they'll officially acknowledge him as their husband. Since essence is required to keep their flames lit, they'll seek intercourse frequently, but their first and foremost thought is of being of use to their husband which is what drives their behavior as extremely loyal servants who will safely light his way wherever he goes. On the other hand, should he respond negatively, they'll fall into a semi-panic stricken state, and attempt to demonstrate how useful they are. In other words, they'll flaunt the power they never could have had back when they were candles and try to make him understand that they can easily drown him in devilish pleasure which they can continuously produce by lewdly servicing him with their body. The way they're unwilling to take no for an answer until he's enthralled by the pleasure is truly monstrous. Additionally, they'll keep going at it until he's charmed from the bottom of his heart so that they can truly have peace of mind.

    Furthermore, their emotions are unstable like flickering flames. At times, they'll often become emotionally charged and coercively service him. Apparently, they get restless in situations where they aren't being of use to their husband. In dark places where they can fulfill their role as candles, they are relatively calm, but in bright places, they tend to go overboard with excessive service as if to suggest they can't stand to go even a moment without pleasuring their husband. Also, they get anxiety when their flames grow smaller due to a lack of essence and start wanting to service their husband to be needed by him. Conversely, when plenty of essence is poured inside and the flames grow large, they'll be in a state of satisfaction, but the extreme degree of love and gratitude felt towards their husband for satisfying them will only inflame their desire for devotion, further exacerbating the lewd service. In this manner, their usual quiet demeanor and blank expression belies the fact that they are swirling with these indistinct, intense emotions. Until the very moment when service is actually performed, it's difficult even for their husband to notice when their emotions are changing. However, the supreme bliss they experience when satisfied from servicing their husband according to their desires and fulfilling their wish to keep being of use to him is the one exception and only during intercourse when their blank expression hotly melts away, at which point the change is readily apparent.

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