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    Not to be confused with the original Chief God.
    A gargoyle monster formed from a statue of the Chief God in Salvarision.

    The Chief God is the principal deity among the Gods worshipped by the Order, and, therefore, by the majority of humans in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. Commanding the Angels, Valkyries, and lesser divinities, the Chief God stands in opposition to the monsters in general and the Mamono Lord in particular. The Chief God grants boons to humans, making them blessed heroes, and sometimes speaks to her devotees directly, like Sasha Fullmoon [1].

    Myth and Reality[edit]

    As described in Monster Girl Encyclopedia I, Order doctrine holds that the Chief God created the world and all things in it, with the exception of the other gods, and the monsters who "emerged from the darkness" [2]. The humans believe that the Chief God is omniscient and omnipotent, and gently watches over the world to guide mankind in the right direction. Worship of some other gods, like Ares and Eros, is accepted in Order lands as these divinities are understood to be subordinates of the Chief God [3][4]. With a message of love, kindness, and temperance, the Chief God's teachings describe how to live a virtuous life in harmony and contentment with one's neighbours - except the evil monsters.

    However, after interviewing the Mamono Lord [5], the Wandering Scholar relates a different story of the Chief God. Most importantly - as with the Mamono Lord - the Chief God is a title, not a single being. Although the original Chief God did create the world and humanity, it also intentionally created the monsters. Furthermore, the present Chief God is an inexperienced goddess only newly risen to supremacy, and she was gravely wounded after trying to destroy the Mamono Lord and her husband in battle[6]. Unable to directly attack her nemeses again, the Chief God currently focuses on raising human heroes in the hope that one will succeed in slaying the leader of the monsters.

    Although monsters are regarded as evil according to the teachings of the chief god's religion, not all hieromancers lose her blessing after being monsterized and there are even monsters who received her blessing[7].

    It's mentioned that the Fallen God's mana is extremely similar to the Chief God's.[8]

    Book Information[edit]

    Divinities (MGE-1, p211)[edit]

    A general name for the gods, with the Chief God who is said to have created the world at the top. Beings that rule the world and humans from heaven, and spread their own teachings to humans through The Order. They also sometimes give humans instructions directly as oracles. Heaven is a hierarchical society. There's a huge division between the greater divinities, who are the gods, and the lesser divinities, who are angels.

    Furthermore, the gods and angels themselves are divided into many different classes. Even the lowest among the lesser divinities who are angels, angel (p. 204), possesses vastly more power than the average human or monster. Speaking of the power of the higher angels and gods, it is even more tremendous.

    The Chief God as Seen from the Order's Teachings[edit]

    It is the omnipotent and omniscient creator god who gave birth to humans and subdued many of the other gods. The Chief God is gently watching over humans. Sometimes it extends a hand to steer humans in the right direction. As of the present, the wicked Mamono Lord who emerged from the darkness is working from the shadows to destroy humans, the servants of the Chief God. In order to protect humans from the Mamono Lord, humans are being divinely protected through God's power and given the power of “heroes.” From time to time, it dispatches lesser divinities to The Order, bestows great power and blessings to the knights and heroes, and joins them in the fight against the monsters.

    The Truth (MGE-1, p212)[edit]

    As far as I know about the truth of this world, the teachings of The Order seem to include a lot of falsehoods. From here on, I'm going to introduce a story that goes to the heart of this world.

    First off, it's true that the Chief God created the world and humans. But the Mamono Lord and the monsters were included as part of the “world” that the Chief God created. Saying that the Mamono Lord is a being who emerged from the darkness is a huge lie on the part of the gods and The Order.

    Monsters are, in essence, beings that are higher on the food chain than humans. They're living creatures the Chief God created so that it could adjust the number of humans. The Mamono Lord, who The Order insists is wicked, was created as a control device so that the gods could control the monsters. As in the present, the Mamono Lord's energy has always been linked with all monsters. By giving the Mamono Lord directives, the Chief God is able to indirectly control the monsters.

    Whenever civilization flourishes, and humans increase too much in number, it turns the monsters vicious as in the age of the former Mamono Lord, killing large amounts of humans, thereby thinning their numbers. And then, when humans start to die out, this time the monsters increase too much in number, so this time it gives humans incredible power, creating “heroes,” and sending them to slay the Mamono Lord. After the Mamono Lord is slain, the monsters kill each other to decide the next Mamono Lord, and until one is decided, their number keeps decreasing on its own. And then, when humans reach prosperity once again, and begin increasing in number, a new Mamono Lord is born as a control device from amongst the monsters.

    And then, the entire process repeats itself. This is the world's system. The system was running perfectly until a certain succubus became Mamono Lord and caused the system to start malfunctioning. The Mamono Lord used her mamono mana which is linked to all monsters to start overwriting the traits instilled in the monsters from the time when the Chief God created them: “Monsters are beings that are higher existences than humans, and monsters are beings that live by eating humans.”

    Naturally, the Chief God was furious. She tried to eliminate the Mamono Lord. She gave the power to slay the Mamono Lord to a hero according to the system at the time, but since the Hero betrayed the Chief God and went to the side of the Mamono Lord, the attempt at eliminating her ended in failure. The strongest of the monsters, the Mamono Lord, and the strongest of humanity, the Hero, joined hands to create a new world together. The Mamono Lord, who is a succubus, and the Hero who was made an incubus by her hands, can increase each other's power infinitely by continuously having sex due to their nature. Their power had already reached the level of a god, and not even the Chief God was able to destroy them. The Chief God was gravely wounded in the battle, and as of the present, she can't move freely, so she's manipulating humans into doing her bidding through the church, giving many humans the power of a “hero,” and frequently sending extermination squads at the Mamono Lord.

    So all that is the truth of this world. It's already a myth level story. It doesn't feel real to me either. If The Order knew I had written something like this, I bet I'd probably be executed immediately. Whether or not this nonsense of mine is to be believed is up to you who have taken the book in hand. On the same occasion, I was able to ask the Mamono Lord herself about her future vision for this world that she's trying to change, so I'll summarize it on (p. 230).

    For those of you who wonder whether this story is true, the Mamono Lord and Hero are both alive and well. Go visit the Mamono Realm and ask them directly yourself. That is, if you're confident that you won't get caught by monsters along the way.


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