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    Cursed Sword
    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Sword Devil / Magic Material
    Ancient structures such as ruins and old castles
    Ferocious, honest, devoted
    Men's essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    April 9, 2016
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Cursed Sword

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Former human women who became entranced by cursed swords. Generations ago, these cursed swords were created by a wicked mamono lord who imbued them with malice. In those days they were fearsome weapons that would cause a human who picked one up to go mad and change into a mass murderer who would even slay his own comrades.

    Their nature has changed along with the transformation of the monsters. Just like the “mamono realm silver” weapons used by monsters, they inflict wounds on an opponent's “essence” rather than their “body", and they don't kill. Instead of feeling painful, the wounds feel hot and throb; and instead of blood, the body's “essence” leaks out, only to be replaced by mamono mana from the cursed sword, changing the victim into a monster. Due to the danger they once posed, they were sealed away in various places by the current mamono lord, but with the passage of time the seals have weakened and many have been unearthed by illegal diggers.

    At a glance, a cursed sword looks like an ordinary sword, but those who carelessly pick one up will be parasitically infested, their body and mind gradually corrupted. By having the host cut people, the cursed sword sucks up mana, growing powerful and sinister. At first, there are only minor changes to the host, such as an elevated mood and increased belligerence, but little by little the sword's influence grows, and the host will end up being compelled to cut humans with it whenever she sees them.

    The power of the ancient Mamono Lord dwelling within the cursed swords grants those who possess them inhuman strength. For example, even a mere village girl would become a formidable cursed swordswoman. If she cuts a human, the pleasure of breaking free from human fetters when monsterized will also be induced in her, and she will start to direct her blade towards humans of her own free will in pursuit of such pleasure. Fusion with the cursed sword will progress, along with climaxing each and every time she cuts a human, causing her aggressive nature to bloom.

    Eventually, she will come to regard herself and the cursed sword as being the very same existence. The desires of the cursed sword will become her own desires. A hollow smile of ecstasy will be omnipresent on their face as they cut and convert into a monster every human in sight, showering in sprays of pleasure and mana.

    Once they themselves transform into cursed swords, they can no longer control their urges. While cutting people to obtain pleasure, each time that they do, they'll experience a lack of fulfillment, and even more powerful urges directed at men will gush forth. If they spot a man who strikes their fancy, they'll slash at and violate him. However, once they recognize a man as their husband and are held in his arms, or have their head stroked by him, they become meek; entrusting their body to him in a trance, as if their usual severely furious demeanor had been a lie.

    For a monster female, the pleasure of cutting people is nothing compared to the feelings she shares with her husband, which are more pleasurable and fulfilling than anything. The husband is their scabbard. With frequent mutual touching and sex, these once empty girls become filled with passion, and their aggressive urges no longer appear. The uncontrollable urge to attack changes into an uncontrollable urge to express their love. They cuddle with their husband and fawn on him, and when they open their mouth it's to profess their love or beg for sex. Also, since their consciousness as a cursed sword recognizes their husband as their “owner”, they are extremely devoted, as though to say not only the sword's sharp, aggressive nature, but the entirety of their being exists just for their husband. They're intent on eliminating their husband's enemies with the cursed sword's body and dedicating the woman's body to pleasing their husband.

    However, if neglected for a long time and left unfulfilled, they will once again become “unsheathed”, and attack in an attempt to violate their husband. However, rather than an aggressive urge, it looks more like a peevish outburst because they couldn't get attention from their husband.

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