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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Succubus / Majin
    Human Settlements, Mamono Realms
    Honest, calm, devoted
    The same food as humans, men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    June 11, 2012
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Dhampir

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A sudden mutational variant of the Vampire. When a vampire has sex with a man before he becomes an incubus and conceives a child, these monsters are rarely born. They have an open hearted personality, which is the polar opposite of a vampire. They don't look down on humans, and they honestly express their fondness for the men they like. Though they are actually completely monsters, they are also regarded as “half human and half monster.”

    Their appearance is extremely close to human, and they possess mamono mana that gives off an aura similar to that of a human. Although they have the monsters’ values regarding love and pleasure as supreme, and considering lasciviousness a virtue, they also have basic common sense human values. For that reason it’s extremely easy for them to conceal their true nature and behave like a human without anything feeling off. Many dhampir prefer to live in human towns.

    When a man in bondage to a vampire is visited by a vampire hunter, he may end up gaining two wives at once - the vampire and the hunter.

    They don't attack human men. Just like a human woman, many of them go through the normal stages of romance, etc. before being joined with a human man. But as for that, because they are born with supernatural beauty and also possess human values, they can use many tricks to charm human men, and it's difficult for the men they go after to escape from them just like it is for any other monster. It is said that the men who become their lovers or husbands in this way only finally realize that they’re not human after tasting otherworldly pleasure during sex.

    The mamono mana that the dhampir possess robs strength from vampires almost like sunlight, and has the power to steal away their reason and capacity for thought in the same way that garlic does.

    Most of them fundamentally view things from a human perspective, and for that reason they despise vampires who act arrogantly and look down on humans, and it infuriates them when humans are mistreated as servants. For that reason, if such vampires are around, they’ll use the magical power and superior physical strength inherited from their mother to vanquish them, and through discipline and training they'll correct their arrogant, stubborn personality and change them into open hearted women who can honestly express their love and fondness of men. Of course, in the case where their mother wasn’t honest with their father, a dhampir's first target will end up being her own mother.

    After that, many of them journey as "vampire hunters,” vanquishing vampires while searching for a husband. Additionally, since the servant (husband) is involved during the training of the vampire, they sometimes grow fond of him, and end up becoming his wife along with the vampire. In this way, dhampirs will not only injure the pride of their race, but may also become a rival for their husband’s affections, so they are truly feared as the vampire’s natural enemy. Even a small dhampir child holds her own against her vampiric mother: the vampire may know that her daughter is a dhampir, destined one day to be her enemy-but every time she sees her, she cannot help but smile, knowing she is the progeny of the man she loves. The vampire is doomed to dote on her daughter and raise her to be a potent dhampir.

    Furthermore, they are sometimes attacked by an urge to suck blood inherited from the vampire race, although they normally resist it. The reason why is if they happen to learn the sweet taste of a man's blood, the human part of the half human, half monster dhampir becomes corrupted by the “monster” part, and after that they can't resist future urges to suck blood at all or the lust that visits at the same time.

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