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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Mouse / Beastman
    Calm, passionate
    Omnivorous, eats anything
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    December 17, 2013
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Dormouse

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A peculiar race of "Wonderland", also known as "sleeping mouse". Upset by her restless and impatient nature, "The Queen of Hearts" cast a spell on a "large mouse" who then became the progenitor of this race.

    They tend to have a calm and dreamy personality. They are always drowsy, and they spend most of every day sleeping. They have no problem sleeping while walking, and amazingly can even carry on conversations with others by muttering in their sleep. It seems they can still hear the sound around them in their dreams even while sleeping, and they can definitely hold conversations while asleep, but sometimes the topic gets distorted, and they can't understand.

    They don't attack human men themselves. Not only that, even if a man is nearby, they just ignore him and sleep. However, they are most dangerous in this state, as an extremely large amount of mamono mana is released by them while sleeping, and it will shower the man. A man showered in their mamono mana will become fiercely aroused by the sight of them sound asleep, and rape them in their sleep. Even so, they won't wake up, experiencing sex as a dream.

    However, perhaps because they are at the boundary between dream and reality, part of it will be twisted in a dreamlike fashion. In reality, the man is violently raping them, and selfishly pouring his desire inside, but to them it's like they are being passionately embraced with an overwhelmingly powerful love, so it's a dreamlike spectacle. In the same way, when the man mutters words during the act such as slight praise like "cute", or comments on the condition of their body like "feels good", "it's the best", etc, it will be distorted into "sweet whisperings while making love." The man will be firmly etched in their mind as their fated lover.

    Regardless of whether or not they are sleeping, a monster's instinct naturally shakes their body, ensuring that the sex is not just one sided, and the man can enjoy the pleasure of making love. Their belly becomes full of semen, and by the time they wake up, they are in the man's embrace and he likely will not even consider letting them go.

    Being in the embrace of the man who became their husband like this is what most calms them down. They will happily sleep there in his arms for even longer. In other words, the time spent having sex increases substantially. Furthermore, as soon as their husband goes away, they wake up and start anxiously looking for him. But anyhow, the husband, the man who screwed them in their sleep, would not try to leave them. On the contrary, he would want to deepen their bonds.

    Their mamono mana is very sweet, almost a flavor like molasses. It's supposedly excellent when mixed in tea, and if one drinks it and goes to sleep one can have a wonderfully sensual dream. For that reason one can occasionally catch a glimpse of the denizens of Wonderland shoving dormice into giant teapots. When a human woman drinks it, she will change into a dormouse without exception, so be careful.

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