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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Dragon / Reptile
    Evil Dragon Kingdom
    Mean, lustful
    Carnivorous: Wild animals, etc
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    August 18th, 2023
    kurobinega.sakura.ne.jp - Dragonewt

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Minions of the evil dragons, malef dragons, that share the black scales of their masters. Most dragonewts are monsterized ex-human women who were given blood by an evil dragon as proof of minionhood. The tremendous power of dragon blood is inebriating, and they are thrilled to be dragons. Additionally, it is said they acknowledge their fondness towards men as a clear "desire to breed" and feel that it is awfully preferable to be driven by that torturous urge. Perhaps due to that reason, there's always an ecstatic expression on their faces; Their cheeks flush with arousal, and their eyes melt with intoxication.

    The "evil dragon kingdoms" where dragonewts lurk are mostly former human states that were conquered by malef dragons, but even post-domination, their lives remain largely the same as before. On the surface, things probably don't even look different than before the malef dragons seized power. For instance, some are kindly city girls who lavish with simple smiles, while others are soldiers who honestly strive to protect the people and their masters; however, their souls are utterly stained in wicked desire like their masters. They plot to lay claim to the ones they love and desire to lash out according to their reproductive urges. Thus, their hearts are exactly those of evil dragons. They will flaunt their draconic bodies whenever the opportunity arises and use any means necessary to sate their wicked desires. The kindness of city girls in evil dragon kingdoms is a direct consequence of their wicked desire for men. Behind that smile, she's only thinking of how to get her prey to indulge her. If she's got her eye on a man, even a soldier who seems decent at a glance will take advantage of her position to try and lure prey into a place where it's impossible to escape from breeding.

    What's more, although monsters are normally much less dangerous if they already have husbands, in the case of the dragonewt, you can't let your guard down even around married individuals. It appears that they instinctively delight in the birth of new dragons that follows mating when their dragon comrades obtain mates, so even married individuals will actively assist their unmarried comrades in getting men and will hatch wicked schemes to that end. Instinctively, they understand that the ascendance of their masters, the evil dragons, means the arrival of a world where they as dragons can breed passionately. Just like how humans worship the chief god, pray for peace, and value their present day tranquility, the dragonewts worship the progenitor of evil dragons, pray for the arrival of world prosperity through dragons, and long for a future in which humans exist for dragon reproduction. By continuously sating the desires of their wicked passion, they are the vanguard of the evil dragons to achieve world domination.

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