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    Character Information
    Fourth Princess of the Mamono Realm
    Succubus (Lilim)
    Mamono Realm extremists

    Druella, styled Fourth Princess of the Mamono Realm and Mistress of Lescatie, is one of the eight characters with personal profiles in Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens. A lilim of the monsters' 'extremist faction', she is committed to "aggressively expanding the mamono realm", and in this vein she was the primary architect of the conquest of the Theocracy of Lescatie. Druella personally monsterized several of its most powerful heroines during the conquest, including Wilmarina Noscrim, Francisca Mistel Lescatie, and Mersé Dascaros.

    The fourth-eldest of the lilim, Druella is the adoring daughter of the Mamono Lord and her husband as well as the younger sister of the Queen of Hearts. After capturing Lescatie, Druella is "presently laying low", ruling the nation by proxy through the roper queen Francisca. As Lescatie's de facto sovereign, she was interviewed by the Wandering Scholar when he visited to write Fallen Maidens, and put monsterization spells on copies of the book.

    Druella's relationship status is at present not entirely clear. It has been said she sometimes jokes with her subordinates about giving her their men as a show of gratitude (truthfully just wanting to see them get upset and refuse her), suggesting she is herself single. [1]

    Druella is a major supporter of Tricoromille sweet shop specializing in prisoner fruit. She helped promote Tricoromille's Lescatie branch by working as a manager on its opening day.[2], and later recommended to the dragon queen Deonora to open a Tricoromille branch in Dragonia.[3]

    Druella has been described as careful and strategic in her behavior, traits she shares with her mother, but to have gotten her aggressive, activist personality from her father.[4] Despite the notoriety she gained for her aggressive takeover of Lescatie, this was actually unusual behavior for her and motivated by how extreme a situation Lescatie had become for the local monsters. Normally she is noted for her patience, notably having once spent over three years penning a letter to a anti-monster nation, the result being a letter of such powerful and convincing sincerity on the benefits of joining with the mamono realm that the nation personally surrounded themselves to her to be transformed.[5]

    Among other actions she is known for, Druella personally located Alameria's location before Lescatie was invaded, alerting the dhampir's parents so they could reunite with her. [6]

    Fallen Maidens biography

    A powerful succubus who has white wings and a white tail, and one of the “lilim” who are daughters of the mamono lord. She’s the fourth born. Just like the other lilim, she has a hedonistic, lustful personality. As one who embodies what it is to be a succubus, she appears sinister, and beautifully lewd. Those who behold the sight of her are stricken with lust and fear simultaneously, and when they fall to their knees due to her vast mamono mana, it looks almost like they’re kneeling before her to swear fealty. She fundamentally only has interest in things that are either fun, or feel good. She tries to paint over everything else with pleasure.

    Rare among the monsters, which tend to not get personally involved after obtaining a husband, whenever she sees human women she changes them into monsters without exception. She’s a radical monster extremist who plots to change all lands into mamono realms overflowing with the lovely cries of monsters. She brings several ferocious subordinates along with her who have the same kind of thinking. Whenever she visits human lands, all women end up changed into monsters, and all men changed into incubi, and they always change into mamono realms.

    All lilim fundamentally enjoy the sight of monsters and incubi living happily together only making love, yet even for a lilim, she prefers especially-licentious, wild intercourse. Not only does she change women into succubi, she continues to infuse them with her mamono mana afterwards, until the only thing left in their heads is the drive for pleasure and intercourse. Until they blossom into beings fit to be succubi, she trains them rigorously. This explains why “Wilmarina Noscrim” shows up in this book evolved beyond a lesser succubus into a succubus, and why “Francisca” is more powerful than an ordinary roper.

    Hierarchical relationships are loose, and most of the monsters are individualists, so it is rare, yet her subordinates and many of the women she has changed into monsters adore her, and are fiercely loyal to the point that it’s abnormal. For many monsters she and her orders are the most important things to them, aside from their husbands.

    She has the power to change monsters infused with her vast mamono mana into even more lascivious and powerful monsters. Her subordinates are infused with her energy as a reward depending on their feats. If they’re able to obtain an even lewder body due to this mamono mana, then the pleasure they experience when they have sex with their husbands swells up, they become able to give more pleasure to their husbands, and are able to obtain more essence as a result.

    For that reason, this mamono mana is a more pleasing reward to them than anything else. Her subordinates eyes are always glowing with an alluring red light, and their bodies and clothes are adorned to with matching red eye jewels, so it’s easy to tell they’re her followers. The red light is released by her mamono mana, and the more of her energy is contained in their bodies, the more alluringly it glows.

    It is supposed that aside from the persistent training they receive when being turned into monsters, and the rewards they receive afterwards, the other reason why they adore her so much is that they have so much of her mamono mana in their bodies. It skews their thoughts and ideals to resemble hers.

    She herself adores her mother, the mamono lord, and her father, the mamono lord’s husband, and is aggressively expanding the mamono realm in order to realize the ideals of the mamono lord as quickly as possible. As an extremely dangerous being, a high rank monster with a lifespan that can even be said to be infinite, the span of her invasions is extremely long and she’s presently laying low in Lescatie. However, once she starts moving again, she’ll probably aim for a main city of The Order once again. Since it would end up being converted into a mamono realm, we must be vigilant from now on.

    It’s okay… Soon it’ll feel good. ♥ See, now that’s a good face, isn’t it? A wonderful expression of a head full of thoughts of pleasure, befitting of a succubus. ♥

    –Druella, Fallen Maidens

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