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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Succubus / Dwarf
    Caves, mines, human settlements
    Cheerful, strong-willed, lustful
    Men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    October 11, 2010
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Dwarf

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A monster with an appearance almost like that of a preschooler, that lives in villages made in caves and mines, etc. There are numerous monsters that have forms like small children, but even out of all such monsters, the distinguishing characteristic of the dwarves is that they stand out as having a particularly very young appearance, but this form is that of an already adult dwarf. In contrast with their cute looks, they have a considerate, exuberant personality and they're mostly mature, caring women. Their mentality also matches their physical age and they will seduce men and seek sex as adult women.

    Their bodies are durable, and they can make their tummy swell and completely swallow up even the sort of erections that look like they wouldn't fit in their vagina. They shake their hips as if skewering their own insides.

    Originally, they were not monsters and only those who were corrupted by succubus energy and became succubi were treated as monsters, but because of their personality, they accepted the individuals who became monsters as though nothing had happened, so they didn't banish them from their villages. At the time, dwarven men considered it to be a non-issue regardless of whether or not their women were monsters and it is said that they rather preferred monsters for being lustful and giving them pleasure, so they even welcomed if their own wives became monsters. Because of that, the dwarven women changed into monsters, one after another and as a result, unlike others such as the "Elves" who banished the individuals who became monsters to prevent the monsterisation of their entire race, dwarves have now just become regarded as a race of monsters.

    As a result, at present the dwarves are just regarded as a type of monster. They are very dexterous, so most of them either work as miners, mining metal and gems, or as crafters making weapons and accessories utilising such materials. The beautiful works they produce fetch extremely high prices at market among humans and monsters.

    The cheerful and light-hearted dwarves maintained active relations with other races before they became monsters, mainly with humans. They were known to frequently visit human settlements in order to sell their gems and products, but since they've become monsters, they approach humans even more amicably. Many unmarried dwarven women also move and take up residence in human settlements, seeking human men.

    They are both industrious and lustful. Once a man strikes their fancy, they aggressively tempt him and are likely to sometimes attempt sexual assault. As previously noted, they have nimble fingertips. That finesse is a powerful weapon for giving men pleasure. The sort of pleasure that can be had from their tiny little hands is said to be even greater than that which one could experience from the original race of "Succubi." Just being fondled by their hands is enough to make a man their prisoner.

    Just like when they're crafting their works, their hands envelop the penis with both intensity and delicateness. The pleasure is so exquisite that an erection will start to tower more enormously than usual, as if it is being crafted by their hands. Plus, in spite of their looks, they posses extremely durable bodies; so, they prefer wild, frenetic sex. They indulge in pleasure, riding their man so wildly that it makes him worry about whether her tiny body might break.

    Also, due to conflicting personalities, they don't get along with elves and there is a history of bad blood between them. Even now that the dwarves and some of the elves have both become monsters, they still don't get along at all, having arguments over the right way to treat a man and fighting over the same guys, so it seems nothing has changed.

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