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    The early settings info constitutes information about the broader Monster Girl Encyclopedia world that was available on Kenkou Cross' website before 2010, pre-dating the first paper-print publication of the monster girls profiles in Monster Girl Encyclopedia I. Much of the information has since been expanded on greatly in subsequent books, so links to more recent information are given with the text below.

    Some, much newer, information is still given in web form before it's expanded on in print, for example the information on Wonderland.

    Translation credit to 'Brolen', 'Mignonne', 'Perentie', and 'Kekkres'.

    Concerning the fundamentals of the world and the way in which it came to be[edit]

    Fundamentals of the World[edit]

    Main article: Monster Girl Encyclopedia world

    It is a world ruled by swords and sorcery where a variety of races such as humans, monsters, divinities, Elves, and Faeries dwell. It is said that the living things, including humans and monsters, were created by the divinities. (It is not generally known. Humans think that everything except the monsters were created by the gods, and the monsters were created by the Mamono Lord as beings that oppose the gods.)

    Fundamentals of the Monsters (Present Situation)[edit]

    Omitting the exceptions, the monsters basically have forms like that of human women, and they're almost entirely all female. Male individuals have not been confirmed. Many of the monsters have a habit of attacking human men to try to have sexual intercourse. By copulating with human men, the monsters make children. It is said that children born in this way are fundamentally all monsters.

    The Way the World Came to Be[edit]

    In ancient times the monsters were not “monster girls” like they are now. Far in the ancient past, monsters took on a wide variety of forms, from those that were like beasts, to those that possessed hideous, grotesque forms. They were beings that were always fighting and killing humans over dominance of the world, but when the succubus type new Mamono Lord (new Mamono Lord) took the place of the Mamono Lord who had ruled the mamono realm at that time (Henceforth, former Mamono Lord), a change appeared in all the monsters. Because of this, they all transformed into “monster girls” as stated in “Fundamentals of the Monsters.”

    The Mamono Lord's Plan[edit]

    See also: The Utopia the Mamono Lord Dreams of

    As stated in “Fundamentals of the World,” monsters are divine creations. The Mamono Lord is an existence that is like a relay point between the gods and the monsters. In the age of the former Mamono Lord, “monsters were all opposed to humans. They attacked and ate humans. They were beings that were a higher part of the food chain.” It can be said that this was the “configuration” mandated by the gods. The new Mamono Lord's Plan is to overwrite this “configuration” with the above written “configuration” of the “monster girls,” and “fuse humanity and monsters into one race.” (In the unified humanity, humans are the males, and monsters are the females.) But the strength of the configuration mandated by the gods is very powerful, and even now that the monsters have become “monster girls,” she still wasn't able to perfectly overwrite it. As a result, the configurations “Monsters attack humans,” “Monsters are a higher existence than humans,” remain. Even now that they have become monster girls, the problematic issue of the children born from sexual assaults on humans all ending up as monster girls remains. Even now, the power of the gods and the power of the Mamono Lord are in a struggle. Given the conditions, it wouldn't be surprising if the balance eventually crumbled. If the present Mamono Lord were destroyed, the monster girls would probably immediately revert back into the “monsters” of the former Mamono Lord's era. But the power of the Mamono Lord's side grows stronger every time the Mamono Lord stores up power, every time the monsters increase in number, and every time the mamono realm expands. If the Mamono Lord's power keeps amplifying at this rate, before long the configuration of the “monster girls” will be completely overwritten, and she can probably stabilize the situation.

    Present Relationship between Monsters and Humans[edit]

    Human society is dominated by the “church” which performs activities based upon the teachings of the divinities. Because monsters are regarded as evil according to those teachings, many humans are hostile to monsters. It's not as bad as in the age of the former Mamono Lord, but looking at the big picture of the relationships between many humans and monsters, and omitting part, we can say that it isn't very good (Humans are unilaterally in opposition.). Under the guidance of the Church, frequent incursions into the mamono realm and the like are being done.

    Concerning the races that live in the world[edit]


    Main article: Human

    Humans. They are beings close to the “humans” that exist in our world. In this world they are the most numerous intelligent life-form. There are extremely huge individual differences in temperament and disposition, but it is said that in general they are mostly rational and gentle. The common folk who have not trained their bodies fundamentally have lower physical abilities than the monsters, but those who have trained for battle, those who have survived actual combat, and those who receive special protection from divinities, ect., are not limited. There are also humans called “heroes,” and “men of valor” who possess far more strength than monsters. Compared with monsters, their lifespans are also short. Normally it is said that even a long life would last only 80 years, but many of those who possess a lot of magical power within their bodies also live longer than that. (Because humans who live with monsters receive their magical power on a daily basis, their lifespans naturally grow longer.) There are even some who possess lifespans equal to those of monsters due to “mermaid's blood,” or “transforming into incubi.”

    Among humans there is a religious organization called “the order” which many people have faith in. Due to the teachings of the order, many people are hostile towards monsters. But in recent years, those who try to coexist with monsters have also been increasing. It is said that there are even entire kingdoms that try to coexist with monsters, though they are very rare.


    Main article: Monster Girls

    Monsters. Many of them are under the Mamono Lord's command. They're all lumped together as monsters, but there exist various races with various forms and traits. They're almost all entirely having a form like that of a human woman, and only the existence of females has been confirmed. Their temperaments and dispositions vary dramatically depending on the race, but fundamentally, they are more instinctual than humans, and many of them are consumed by lust and pleasure. Since only females exist, they need to copulate with human men in order to make children. Since some of the monsters feed on what humans, especially men, possess within their bodies, a vital energy known as “Essence,” they need to copulate with human men to get it. In this way, human men are essential to them. They possess a variety of abilities to get human men. Most of the monsters have an instinct to attack human men and forcibly have intercourse. For the sake of their own lust and desires, they'll often use coercive measures especially if it's something involving human men. Even if a man they've personally targeted tries to reject them, they will probably use various means such as coercive sex, seduction, spells, and drugs to try and get him. Compared to humans, they possess long lifespans (Depending on the race, it varies significantly, with some living just a little longer than humans, and others living for thousands of years.). Generally, they possess higher physical and magical abilities compared to humans.

    They are regarded as “the enemy of humanity” by humans, mainly by followers of “the order.” Humans taken away by monsters never return (Because many of them start living with them in their homes.) It is sometimes said that the monsters “kill and eat humans,” but in actuality most of them are generally friendly towards people. Since they can't live without human men, to them, eating people or killing people is unthinkable.

    Also, some monsters have the power to change the women of humans and other races into monsters. In order to increase their allies, they also aggressively assault women.

    *Translator's note, the gender of the chief god isn't actually given, but I had to use a pronoun in English.


    Main article: Gods

    Those labeled as gods by the humans. They live in a world called the realm of heaven. There are the higher divinities, “gods,” and their subordinates, the lesser divinities, “Valkyries,” and “Angels.” “The order” of humans is an organization that has faith in the gods. Through “the order” the gods reveal their own teachings to the humans, and sometimes issues commandments. The “chief god” which is said to be the highest among the gods, believes it is right to be abstemious, and he hates the monsters. He frequently uses the church and his subordinates the lesser divinities to attack the Mamono Lord and the monsters. As they are called “divinities,” there is not just one god. There also exist gods who were corrupted by the demonic power of the succubi and became monsters, “fallen gods,” gods who chose to ally themselves with the monsters, and neutral gods. Divinities aren't all the same either. Also, depending on which higher divinity they work for, the dispositions of the subordinate lesser divinities also vary dramatically. (If it's the subordinates of the chief god who hates the monsters, then they will hate monsters in the way. If it's the subordinates of a fallen god, they are fallen in the same way and are addicted to pleasure. )


    Main article: Elf

    At the present, “elves” and “dark elves” have been confirmed. They're a race of people that have beautiful forms and long ears. Compared with humans, they have high magical power. “Elves” look down on humans and monsters, and are extremely hostile. They make quaint villages in the forests and live there. Because of how bad relations are between them, they hardly ever intermingle with humans or monsters. They are extremely abstemious, and especially strongly reject sexual things. For that reason, they are harsh even to those of their own kind who become monsters. When an individual appears who has been corrupted by the magical power of a succubus and become a monster, they are banished from the village. There is also a race of “dark elves” who are subservient to the Mamono Lord that have themselves become monsters. They look a lot like elves, but they have brown colored skin, they're positive about sex, and extremely lustful. Since they attack human men, they are treated as monsters.


    Main article: Fairy

    Faeries. A race distinguished by their tiny, young bodies and beautiful insect-like wings. “Faeries”, “leanan sidhe,” ect. are part of this race. Just like their bodies, their personalities are mostly like those of innocent little girls. Aside from living in the “Kingdom of Faeries,” they also appear often in forests in the human world. They are friendly towards humans, and mostly never cause any harm to humans, but some individuals have become monsters under the influence of the succubi, and they attack humans in almost the same way as monsters. Furthermore, whether or not they have been changed into monsters, they often take the man of their liking back to the “Kingdom of Faeries.” They also aren't hostile towards monsters. They often get along well with childlike monsters such as “Imps” and “Pixies.” It seems that's also part of what's spurring their conversion into monsters.


    Main article: Succubus

    Succubus. A kind of monster that is also called a demon. A general name for the “Succubus,” “Amazoness,” and “Alice”, as well as “faeries” and “elves who were changed into monsters. Presently, the Mamono Lord who rules the monsters is also a kind of succubus. The succubus family forms the core of the monsters. They feed on the essence of human males, and they are especially lustful, even among the monsters. One can even say that having sex with men is everything to them. Their bodies, gestures, and voices are all made to seduce men. Plus they possess high magical power, so there are probably very few humans who can resist their temptation. During sex, they change men into “incubi” and women into “succubi,” the same as themselves, by letting their own magical power flow into their partners.

    Incubus (human)[edit]

    Main article: Incubus

    Human men whose nature has changed dramatically after being twisted by the succubus' magical power. Their form is basically no different from that of a human. No matter what, they're just humans that are close to monsters. They are essentially human, but they're treated as monsters. They feed on the peculiar magical power that all of the monsters possess, and they get it through having sex with monsters. They have extremely long lifespans compared with when they were human. Their vigor and lust are on the same level as the monsters, and they are extremely convenient beings for monsters. Among the monsters, there's a medicine going around that is the condensed magical power of the succubus, the “ succubus' secret elixir.” Many of the monsters besides the succubi have their husbands drink it to change them into incubi.

    Mermaids (monsters)[edit]

    Main article: Mermaid

    A general name for monsters of the “mermaid family” which live in the ocean and have the lower body of a fish. They are some of the most rational of the monsters. Most of them have quiet personalities. Their blood has the effect of extending the lifespan of humans. It is used to make their husbands as long lived as they are. It is said that all the monsters want it too, so they can extend the lifespans of their husbands. Since it's in extremely high demand like this, there are even some among them who sell their own blood to monsters.

    Elementals (non-monsters)[edit]

    Main article: Elementalism

    Elementals are beings formed from a gathering of highly concentrated elements that exist in the natural world such as fire, water, wind, earth, ect. Elementals are said to be a manifestation of the elements themselves; thus, the lands must be rich in their corresponding elements where they exist. “Water elementals” are born from “water elements,” “fire elementals” are born from “fire elements,” and so on, and so forth. Originally “elementals” were not monsters. The ones called monsters are created from these “elementals” fused with the “monsters' mamono mana.”

    Elementals form covenants with humans. A human who has formed a covenant with an elemental is called a “covenanter.” Elementals are always near their covenanters, and they can grant them the use of power corresponding to their own element. Those called “elementalists” can borrow the power of elementals unleashing magic that is vastly more powerful than ordinary magic; however, since an elemental uses the power of the elements contained within a land, it may be weakened accordingly if the elements of a land are few, or weak ( if fire, snow country and areas near water, if wind, enclosed dungeons where the wind doesn't blow, ect. ), or if they are contaminated ( if water, polluted water, if earth, barren lands, ect). When the power of an elemental weakens, so does the power of the corresponding magic usable by the covenanter, so it is quite unstable.

    Elementals take on forms such as those of the flickering flames themselves, masses of water that look vaguely human shaped, ect, extremely unstable and indefinite. Their wit and intelligence are comparatively high, and they can converse with humans. They also have emotions similar to those of humans. They have no bodies and are unable to touch other objects. They have no way of interfering with the physical world except through lending their power to humans. Also, elementals have no gender. They are neither male, nor female. Perhaps for that reason, many of them take an interest in and yearn for the romance and sexual relations of men and women who possess the bodies and genders that they do not. It is said that many of them even view their covenanter as a lover.

    Because they are the magical energy of the elemental attributes incarnate, so to speak, it is extremely easy for them to become fused with the “monsters' mamono mana.” If they visit the mamono realm, get showered with mamono mana by a monster, or any such thing, they would probably soon transform into one of the elementals (monsters) that I'm going to introduce below.

    Elementals (Monster Girls)[edit]

    This encyclopedia categorizes the Undine, Ignis, Sylph, Gnome et cetera.

    They are Elementals (non Monsters) turned into monster girls by Mamono Mana. (It can be said to be a kind of elemental + magical fusion.)

    Elementals (non Monsters) did not have female forms to begin with, or concrete forms at all for that matter, but by interactions with Mamono Mana they have managed to materialize and obtain a material (I wouldn't say solid) body, hence being able to touch other objects even by themselves.

    Elementals (non Monsters) often used to harbor interest in human love and sexual relations when they were not yet Monster girls. Their interests and desires blossom upon becoming monster girls, and as with all Monster girls they develop a desire for human males.

    They fulfill this desire by their original Elementals (non Monsters) means, by offering contracts to human males who catch their fancy. The contractee hence gains elemental magic of the Elemental he has formed a contract with, and is able to use it.

    However, unlike their original Elemental (non Monsters) states, contracts now require intercourse to fulfill. And further, intercourse is also necessary before use (of their elemental power), (they) must receive power through one another's bodies. This process strongly boosts the Elemental's power, and the magical ability generated is on a totally different level from what they had originally as Elementals (non Monsters).

    Also, while Elementals (non Monsters) Energy (Think of it as their mana) is drawn from their surrounding environments, when they become Monster girls they draw energy from their contractee instead, so even when the Elementals are in areas which would normally be disadvantageous to them, they are not affected. (Think about a place where no winds go for Sylphs, no water for Undines, etc).

    They are monsters, but amongst the humans, there are many who treat them as "High Elementals" because their forms are close to human and they are far more powerful than ordinary elementals.

    Those who subdue them, "The Elementalists" are not rejected as ones who were charmed by a monster, but instead, may even become the target of reverence.

    Concerning the Organizations and Their Structures[edit]

    The Order (Organization / Human)[edit]

    Main article: The Order

    An organization that reveres the being known as the “Chief God” of the divinities. Its influence forms the basis of common knowledge and culture throughout most of the human world. Its doctrine preaches about the right way to live as a human being. Clean living without drowning in pleasure or other desires is regarded as virtue. For that reason, they are fiercely hostile towards the monsters which drown in pleasure and corrupt humans. They claim that “The monsters are evil.” and in many of the churches, they hide the truth about the monsters and are spreading the lie, “Monsters kill and eat people,” among the humans.

    Also, that isn't the only reason why they are hostile towards the monsters. One of the reasons is also that they feel a sense of impending crisis. Since the children born between humans and monsters always end up being monsters, it could lead to the decline of humanity.

    On rare occasions, lesser divinities such as angels appear to convey the word of God, or to join in assaults against the monsters.

    From the standpoint of the monsters and those who love them The Order seems like the great evil in the world, but most of its members follow the doctrine and lead virtuous lives, such as priests, holy knights who have a sense of justice, and benevolent sisters.

    Also, most of the humans revere the “Chief God,” but it is said that other religious organizations exist that revere other gods.

    Hero (official position / human)[edit]

    Main article: Hero

    Human warriors appointed by the order whose mission is to slay the Mamono Lord. They have been granted strength by the “chief god,” and possess far more fighting abilities than an average human.

    It is said that up till now, many heroes have set out on the journey with comrades, but almost none have ever safely returned. Perhaps because the majority of them are charmed by monsters and choose the path of living with a monster.

    The Mamono Lord's Army (organization / monster )[edit]

    Main article: Mamono Army

    The Mamono Lord and her subordinates who reside in the mamono realm with the mamono lord's castle as their citadel. Perhaps because the Mamono Lord herself is a succubus, the succubus family forms the core of the Mamono Lord's army. Many other families of monsters are also part of the Mamono Lord's army. The monsters that live in each region of the world outside of the mamono realm are also generally under the Mamono Lord's command.

    Also, it's not just monsters that are under the Mamono Lord's command. It also includes humans who were charmed by monsters. They are assaulted by heroes, knights of the order, and divinities, but since every time it happens, men are charmed and women are converted into monsters, not only are they surviving, it seems their forces continue to grow stronger day by day. Just as the monsters are wild, uninhibited, and given to lust, the rules inside the army are said to be extremely lenient.

    Mamono Lord ( person / monster)[edit]

    Main article: Mamono Lord

    The Mamono Lord. The one who presently rules over the monsters is a kind of succubus who possesses extremely strong power even rivaling that of a god. She has a human (incubus) husband. She loves humans, and when she met her current husband, she started having the ambition to merge humans and monsters into one (Reference “Concerning the fundamentals of the world and the way in which it came to be.”). Her vast magical power is being used to maintain the principles of the world, and she makes great efforts day and night to further increase it. Since she's a succubus, of course the way she does that is by having sex with her husband. She deeply loves her husband, but she sure as hell tends not to show it. It is said that her minions get spooked from seeing how she fights with her husband. The world is in danger from a married couple's fight.

    Mamono Lord's Husband (Person / Human)[edit]

    Main article: Mamono Lord's husband

    The Mamono Lord's husband. Presently, he has been changed into an incubus by the Mamono Lord. He was originally one of the heroes who came to slay the Mamono Lord. He was a hero from right around the time on the verge of when the Mamono Lord took over from the former Mamono Lord. He had his doubts about why humans and monsters must continue to fight, and then he met the current Mamono Lord. Together, they started having the ambition to fuse humans and monsters into one. He possesses extreme power even rivaling that of a god, and the essence he possesses carries an equivalent amount of magical energy. By giving it to the Mamono Lord, he is maintaining the present world. He deeply loves his wife, but he has a strong sense of justice, and a stubborn side to him. It is said that the minions get spooked from seeing how he fights with his wife. The world is in danger from a married couple's fight.

    Mamono Lord's Army / Order of Knights (Organization / Monster)[edit]

    An order of knights that belongs to the Mamono Lord's army. There are many monsters that excel at combat skills such as the “dullahan.” It's their duty to intercept the invading forces of the order and the divinities. “Dullahans” ect. are loyal to the Mamono Lord, but it is said that most of the members are not fighting out of loyalty, but simply because “Those who capture a man in battle may do with him as they please.” For that reason, most of them retreat from battle just as soon as they get a husband. It seems people come and go very quickly.

    Mamono Lord's Army / Hero Unit (Organization / Monster)[edit]

    A unit made up of fallen heroes who were charmed by the hands of the monsters that exist in the Mamono Lord's army. For some reason, most of the heroes who come to the Mamono Lord's castle tend to be accompanied by women. The hero's female partner also becomes a succubus, and serves together with him in the unit. Since they were originally heroes, it is an extremely powerful unit, but it seems the heroes are very busy screwing the so-called heroines, so unless it's a really big deal, this unit probably won't be doing much moving.

    Sabbath (organization / monster)[edit]

    Main article: Sabbath

    A religious group lead by Baphomet who is one of the main leaders of the Mamono Lord's army. Its doctrine is to be given to lust just like a monster, and to acknowledge the so-called “loli girls” with their immature bodies as supreme. They preach about the wonderfulness of “loli girls” day and night. All of the monsters in it, including Baphomet and her underlings the “witches” have the forms of young little girls. Other types of monsters belonging to the group also have their forms changed to look like young children, and special magic is used to stop them from growing. Besides the monsters, human men that love them little are also part of the group.

    They're always soliciting human men day and night to get them to become “lolicon big brothers.” They tempt women by offering eternal youth and great magical power, transforming them into “witches.” They periodically have a gathering called “black mass.” It is said that they do various things there such as thoroughly indoctrinating the men and women who have gathered into their ideology and educating them, having witches unveil their familiars, holding feasts for witches without familiars and monsters without husbands, and unveiling newly developed lewd items and spells.

    They have branches in every region of the world. The founder of every group is “Baphomet.” Furthermore, to put it more accurately, they are the “spell casting unit of the mamono lord's army.” It seems the original duties they were charged with by the Mamono Lord were engaging in magical combat, and developing and testing new spells and magical items.

    The Order of the Fallen God (organization / monster)[edit]

    Main article: Fallen God

    A group of monsters ruled by the corrupted divinity that is called “the fallen god” who have Pandemonium as their citadel. At present, only the “dark angels” are in the encyclopedia.

    They were originally divinities, but they were changed into monsters after being attacked by monsters. It's an organization of those who have fallen and drown in pleasure. Although they are divinities who were changed into monsters, they're a force that's neither grouped with the “divinities” nor affiliated with the “Mamono Lord's Army.” In the same way as with the other gods, it is comprised of a greater divinity “the fallen god” at the top, and her subordinates, the lesser divinities “dark angels," dark valkyries" etc. and the "dark priests" who are human women converted into monsters by them.

    Concerning Unique Lands[edit]

    Mamono Realm[edit]

    Main article: Mamono Realm

    The world of monsters where the Mamono Lord resides. It's always dark and gloomy, and flowers and plants that look ominous to humans grow in profusion. The ominous scenery stretches on, but it seems that to the monsters, it is beautiful and an easy place to live. The mamono mana of the succubi floats through the air, and perhaps because of its influence, the monsters of the mamono realm become more lustful and ferocious than usual. They have potent abilities. Little by little, humans become tainted by the mamono mana and their lust increases. It is said that in the case of women, they will eventually transform into succubi. Since monsters won't take any interest in them, women essentially have an easier time actually making the journey to the mamono realm compared with men who will be attacked along the way. However, in the mamono realm, there are many monsters that possess the ability to convert humans into monsters, such as the “succubus”, “dark slime”, ect. So supposedly even once they do make it to the mamono realm, they will end up being converted into monsters shortly. The mamono realm expands little by little as the monsters increase in number and the Mamono Lord's power grows. The women of human villages that are swallowed by the mamono realm are converted into monsters, and new monster villages are formed based on those.

    Also, what is meant by "mamono realm" is the lands that are teeming with a high concentration of the magical energy released by monsters. Even in the lands where humans live, when the number of monsters skyrockets depending on invasions or coexistence, the land becomes teaming with their magical energy, and eventually it becomes a mamono realm.

    Mamono Lord's Castle[edit]

    Refer to: Royal Makai

    The castle of the Mamono Lord that exists within the mamono realm. The monsters' base. The castle is more enormous than anything to be seen in the human realm. There are parts that extend underground besides the parts that can be seen from above ground. The Mamono Lord and many monsters live there. From a human standpoint, its decorations and statues look sinister, but of course it seems as far as the monsters are concerned the castle is beautiful. It is often invaded by the forces of the divinities and humans from the order, but it is an impregnable fortress that has been able to withstand any attack no matter what. The castle is pretty much equipped with most of the necessary facilities, but it is said that there is an extremely high number of bedrooms, perhaps because of the monsters' nature.

    Castle Town of the Succubi[edit]

    A monster town that exists near the Mamono Lord's castle. It was created by the Mamono Lord's subordinates, the succubi, as a place to bring back men, and it looks almost like an entertainment district. The streets are lined with everything from the residential areas that were designed to make it easy to live with human men, to shops that deal in magical items used for lewd acts, and clothing and accessories for pleasing men. Many are stunned by the array of merchandise, and monster tourists and peddlers even come visit from outside the mamono realm. It is extremely bustling.

    Forest of Tentacles[edit]

    Main article: Tentacle Forest

    An evil forest of ominous, moving plants that exists in the mamono realm. When they spot a female, regardless of her race, the vine shaped plants that live in this forest will coil around her body, bind her in place, tease her, and penetrate every single orifice in order to suck out magical energy. In the outskirts of the forest, the plants are comparatively docile. It is said that human and monster couples and married pairs also come to play with the goal of using the tentacles during sex. But when a human woman who lacks the proper resistance enters the forest, the plants just keep totally violating her. She'll probably end up becoming a succubus or roper with nothing but thoughts of pleasure in her head and going back. Also the deeper into the forest one goes, the more ferocious the plants become. It's supposed to be so extreme in the deepest part that even a monster would hesitate to go there.

    Realm of Heaven[edit]

    Main article: Heaven

    The world ruled by the divinities. It is said to exist far above the sky, and it's supposed to be a wondrous and beautiful place. In front of the palaces where the gods who are the greater divinities live, the lesser divinities who are servants of a particular god have castle towns, and they number as many as the gods themselves. Only divinities dwell within the realm of heaven, and since only the divinities themselves know the means of traveling between the realm of heaven and the human world, humans and monsters are unable to invade it. However, on rare occasions, lesser divinities who were converted into monsters while visiting the human realm do return there. In that case, it is said that the lesser divinity is banished from the realm of heaven and dropped into the human world.

    Kingdom of Faeries[edit]

    Main article: Fairy Kingdom

    Its location is unknown. It is supposed that it exists in a different dimension than the human world. The fairy queen rules over it. It is a land bountiful in nature where wondrous scenery stretches on and on. Various types of fairies such as “Fairy” “Leanan Sidhe” ect. live there. They take the men they like back to the kingdom of faeries. Since faeries who were converted into succubi bring back men and enjoy themselves, it seem it has been eaten away quite a bit by mamono mana of the monsters. It is said that the kingdom of faeries is enveloped by happiness. Perhaps for that reason, it seem that “Kesaran Pasaran” grow in mass. Also, for some reason it seems they are intermingling with “Sabbath” from the mamono lord's army...


    Main article: Pandemonium

    A palace where “the fallen god” rules that is said to exist in a different dimension than the human world. In the same way as the palaces of other gods, it is comprised of the fallen god's palace, and a castle town where her servants the lesser divinities reside. Fallen angels such as “Dark Angel” ect. live here. In Pandemonium, space-time is warped by the power of the fallen god, and the same moment continues on forever. In this place, there is no starving or growing old. The only thing that dark angels do once they've brought back the human man they like is to keep having sex with the man. In this place, no one ever runs out of stamina or gets tired out. It is said that the men and dark angels just keep doing nothing but have sex. As they can't fully sate their lust here, their desire to continue to drown in pleasure never ends.

    Zipangu Region[edit]

    Main article: Zipangu

    It exists within the human realm. It is a land with an extremely different, peculiar culture. It's a place almost exactly like the ancient Japan of our world. Humans with peculiar dress and culture live there. The monsters that live there also have peculiar appearances, and dispositions. Unlike the west, from time immemorial, humans and monsters have nestled closely together. It is a land where humans and monsters have made a compromise to live together. Monsters such as “Kappa” ect. are mostly treated as neighbors by people. In general, monsters are seldom regarded as evil. Also, it is said that there exist some extremely powerful monsters who are even revered as gods. In this way, a peculiar faith that is different from “the order” has taken root. As previously mentioned, many of the targets of worship are also monsters. Also, on the other hand, monsters also devote themselves to humans. There are many races that have progressed to being loved, and the monsters are not part of the “Mamono Lord's army.” They've built up their own forces. Also, in Zipangu, monsters are called “yokai.”

    Desert Region[edit]

    Main article: Desert region

    It exists within the human world. A ruined land where desert stretches on and on. Many monsters that live there are subordinates focused around a monster called “pharaoh” including “anubis” “sphinx” and “mummy.” It is dotted with the ruins of a kingdom that was destroyed in the era of the former mamono lord. Many adventurers and thieves visit the land seeking the many treasures that rest there. But there are a lot of monsters who go after the adventurers, and it's a dangerous land where most of them end up disappearing and being taken away. One would think that it would be an extremely harsh environment to survive in, but every place has been outfitted by the monsters. Every place is dotted with many caves to stave off the heat and for bringing back men, and ruins. Plus, there are many monster villages centered around oases.

    Spirits and Magic - On transformations caused by Magic[edit]


    Main article: Essence

    Spirit is the embodiment of life energy innately possessed by members of all races barring Monsters, and is possessed in large amounts by human males. Spirit is similar to what is commonly known as Mamono Mana and as such shares a plus/minus relationship with it. If there is more Spirit, there would be less Mamono Mana. One might think of it as a Yin and Yang relationship - if one exists more than the other the other becomes lessened as a result, ie Inversely proportionate.

    Human mages' magic and elven magic utilize this Spirit themselves. However, it is often called "Magic" by humans and elves, and it is often confused with Mamono Mana.

    Some monsters use this Essence as food, and obtain it through intercourse. By absorbing the spirit obtained during intercourse into their bodies, it is then converted into "Mamono Mana". One might view Mamono Mana as their life-force.

    Human males possess the ability to produce this spiritual energy, and as such are not harmed when monsters take this from them, as it can be regained through food or rest.

    Hence, the ability to produce spiritual energy and store it inside the body would classify the incubi as human instead of monster.

    Mamono Mana[edit]

    Main article: Mamono mana

    Mamono Mana is different from the human perception of it (ie, it's really MM, not Spirit), and is inversely proportionate to Spiritual energy. However, because they're both commonly known as MAGICAL energy, there's not much of a distinction.

    Mamono Mana (Henceforth referred to as MM) can be said to be the life-force within all monsters.

    Although MM can usually be produced by the consumption of food, monsters like succubi require human Essence for MM production. in their bodies. Succubi in general are better able to channel MM as opposed to Essence, and project it out of their bodies. Human males bathed in this energy will find their lifespan lengthened and their sexual desires increased.

    Due to the high concentration of MM that a succubus possesses, human males involved with the succubus often will have MM injected and spread deep into their bodies, allowing them to store both MM and Spirit within them. This results in a transformation in personality, and they become known as Incubi (Single: Incubus).

    It is also worth noting that the realm full of (and transformed by) this Mamono Mana is appropriately referred to as the Mamono Realm.

    Of Demonological Transformations[edit]

    Main article: Monsterization

    There have been recorded cases whereby females of human and other races become Monsters. For example, Succubi are able to attack and convert such females to more of their species.

    Females possess the ability to create spiritual energy within their bodies as well, but it is present in weaker capacity. They are also incapable of the direct creation of Spiritual Energy, and as such replenish it by absorbing it from their surroundings.

    Monsters such as the Succubus hence attack human (or any other species really) females, and after absorbing all the Spiritual energy from them, inject Mamono Mana into them instead. Deprived of Spiritual Energy, the female body instead identifies MM as a replacement and absorbs it instead, thus completing the transformation from Human to Monster.

    Human females who stay in the Mamono Realm for too long also become Succubi due to the fact that her body absorbs energy from her surroundings. Since the Mamono Realm is full of Mamono Mana, it causes a slow transformation due to the lost Essence and the Mamono Mana taken in to replace it.

    In the case of Werewolves and Large Mice (or similar Monsters in that vein), Mamono Mana is injected through open wounds (and hence transmitted by clawing or biting), and the sudden presence of Mamono Mana invokes the inversely proportionate Laws of Spiritual/Mamono Mana, causing her Spiritual Energy to be forced out. One might think of it as an overflowing cup.

    Other methods of transformation include, as in the case of Zombies and other Undead types, Mamono Mana residing in corpses which once used to hold Spiritual Energy. As the vessel is now empty, the injection of Mamono Mana "reanimates" the corpse. Mamono Mana may also cause cellular mutation, as in the case of the "Roper" and other similar monsters.

    Transformed females basically retain their memories from when they were humans, and their personality, but their values and thought patterns often change to that of a monster. Free of the emotional limitations and restrictions they once had as humans, they become free and unrestrained like other monsters, and as a result attack men who catch their fancy.

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