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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Succubus / Elf
    Prideful, aggressive (and eventually, lustful)
    Men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    January 27, 2009
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Elf

    Encyclopedia Entry

    The most well-known type of elves, also known as the forest elves. They look just like a human, except with pointy ears and they innately possess high amounts of magical energy. They deem themselves as higher beings compared to humans, and thus most individuals look down on them and loathe them. They live in particular villages established deep in the forest.

    Elves who have completely become succubi in body and heart will bathe in the semen of humans they formerly regarded as filthy, and experience joy as they themselves fall to the level of a filthy creature, the same as their beloved human men.

    They weren’t originally monsters, and only those who received succubus energy and turned into succubi are treated as monsters. Elves normally live deep in the forest where people rarely tread, but those who have become succubi will be banished from their village due to the laws of the elves. Afterward, since they naturally seek human men due to the succubus' instinct, they will often wander at the outskirts of the forest near human settlements.

    Due to their innately high magical energy, in the early stages they won’t be completely violated by succubus’ energy. The horns, wings, and tail normally seen in succubi are nowhere to be found, and they retain their noble and proud elven mind. However, in contrast with their hearts, their body will have completely changed into that of a succubus, and it will always throb seeking human men, tempting their hearts. Due to their elven mind, they’ll find it disgusting, and will desperately try to resist the throbbing.

    However, with their body being that of a succubus, even if it isn’t their intent, they’ll advance in the direction where there are human men, and once they spot a human man, it’ll start throbbing even more strongly in the pursuit of pleasure. Their words and mannerisms will contradict their will, naturally becoming more obscene to tempt the man.

    Eventually, the rational mind of these elves will reach the limit, and they’ll either give into the instinct and attack a man, or conversely be attacked by the man they tempted, and end up having sex. After taking in essence this way, an elf’s mind will be melted by pleasure, and her body and heart will completely change into that of a succubus.

    Ironically, the longer they endure it, the more powerful and lewd a Succubus-Elf they end up changing into. Those who have completely become succubi will actively seduce and have sex with men, as if the hatred of humanity they had harbored until then was just a lie. As if ashamed of having been so pure until then, they’ll receive the thick white of semen of the human men they used to despise as if to defile every part of themselves that used to be clean, and their expression will be one of ecstasy.