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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Goblin / Demihuman
    Caves, mountainous regions, human settlements, etc.
    Simple, warm, ill-tempered
    Omnivorous, eats anything
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    January 13, 2011
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Hobgoblin

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A mutated variant of the “Goblin” that has a part of its body extremely fattened up. Their unique characteristic is the huge breasts, which isn’t seen among Goblins. That is, they differ from the Goblins, which stop growing and have small child-like forms, in only one way: their breasts are enlarged. Their personalities are still childish, just like Goblins, but they tend to be more spaced-out. Somehow, they give off a more carefree vibe.

    They are a rare occurrence among births from normal Goblins. Among the Goblins, the birth of one of these Hobgoblins is very much celebrated. They are greatly respected by ordinary Goblins. When Goblins form gangs to go out and assault human men, Hobgoblins are always chosen as leader by the Goblins around them. Even when Goblins seize a human man, they are likely to defer to their leaders, the Hobgoblins, giving them priority when it comes time for sex.

    However, perhaps because the enlarged portion of their body robs them of nutrients, they’re often even slower in the head than normal Goblins. They’re simpler than Goblins, and perhaps because of the weight of their huge breasts, nowhere near as agile. When the Goblins who formed the gang chase the man around, they’re always the one lagging behind. They’re often observed falling down during the chase too. However, they do have brute strength, far beyond that of a Goblin.

    They easily swing around giant weapons far larger than what ordinary Goblins use. Once they catch a human man, they use brute strength to knock him down, intent on having sex with him. With their arms embracing a man, it's impossible for them to shake free with mere human strength. Their huge breasts, which have quite a weighty feel to them, are pressed against a man's body while having sex and can provide a man with pleasure while freely changing shape.

    However, at the same time, their breasts are very sensitive, so they can experience intense pleasure just by rubbing them against a man's body. For that reason, when their breasts are touched by a man, pleasure attacks them like a current of electricity coursing through their body. Just having them groped and rubbed will induce enough waves of pleasure to bring them to climax again and again. They won't be able to make sense of it and will no doubt leave everything to the man. When a man stops moving his hands and fondling their breasts, they'll react as if they've become addicted to the stimulus; panicking when the pleasure suddenly stops, frantically rubbing their bodies against him and begging him to continue with tears in their eyes.

    In this way, even during sex, they're at a man's mercy, but that's no cause for relief. For after enjoying the view of the Hobgoblin's breasts, and getting aroused from watching them have sex, the Goblins will be fully ready to join in on the action.

    After reading this far I would assume you pretty much have figured it out but other than their freakish strength, Hobgoblins are inferior to ordinary Goblins in almost every way. So why do the Goblins respect the Hobgoblins and give them priority during sex? It may be hard to believe but according to the Goblins themselves the terrifying logic goes like this: "breasts...amazing."

    Such reasoning certainly seems fitting given their childish nature. However, after giving it some careful thought; being monsters prioritize sex with human men, as far as the Goblins are concerned, having huge breasts is a perk that enhances one's abilities during sex. In fact, it may be treated as such a huge perk that the benefits outweigh all of the flaws.

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