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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Bee / Bug
    Grasslands, forests
    Gentle, devoted
    Flower nectar
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    May 25, 2007 (Art updated: October 7, 2007)
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Honey Bee

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Bug type monsters that make an enormous hive and live in groups centered around a queen bee.

    The honey bees whose role is to gather nectar from flowers and Alraune for food are called worker bees. Other than looking for food, if the queen bee doesn't have a husband, they also have a duty to look for a human man to become the queen's husband. When they spot a valuable human man, they fly at him and have sex with him to check whether or not he'd be a suitable husband for the queen.

    Men they like are taken back to the nest as candidates for the queen's husband. A man the queen takes a liking to will then become her husband, but those unselected will be taken into possession by the worker bees that brought them in.

    Although the worker bees are incapable of reproduction, they're still monsters and they strongly desire to have sex with men, so they won't release a man they like that they brought back themselves. Men who become their possessions are taken back to their own rooms that exist within the hive. Every night after finishing work, they have sex with the man and enjoy a sweet time.

    They also continue searching for a husband for the queen bee, even after the queen bee already has a husband. In fact, since captured men unselected by the queen then become the property of the worker bees, they start working even more actively than before.

    A honey bee preparing her genitals with nectar in front of a man. Due to this, she can provide even more sweetly melting pleasure for the man she's about to have sex with.

    They strongly prefer nectar collected from Alraune over nectar collected from normal flowers. This nectar is a powerful aphrodisiac that also has the effect of greatly increasing stamina, so they like to paint it all over their partner's body before having sex with a man and pour it into his body through kissing. Also, they periodically rub it thoroughly into their own body for personal care. Through this, they change their own body to become more charming and alluring to men, as well as lewdly sensitive to pleasure.

    Furthermore their body gives off the faint, sweet scent of this nectar. Besides their sweet disposition and the great sex, this sweet scent is what makes them irresistible to men. Additionally, this nectar is also used as food for the queen. Those who will be future queens do not sip normal flower nectar at all. From the time they are very young, they're raised solely on Alraune Nectar, so they become even more lewd and lustful and the sweet scent they release attracts men even more strongly.

    They're sometimes attacked by Hornets, the natural enemy of the hive, and Grizzlies, who come after the stored-up, ripened Alraune Nectar. In these cases, they fly at them all at once as a group and carry them into the hive. Those carried into the hive are immersed in nectar and pleasure by a huge number of honey bees. Eventually, even the ferocious hornets are changed to have a sweet, lewd, honey bee and human man-loving personality like the honey bees and just like the honey bees, they'll start to take men into their nest and live with them.

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