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    Most humans are part of the Order, a vast, powerful, multinational state church

    Humans are the most numerous intelligent life-form in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world, a world which they share with fantastic gods and monster girls, as well as (comparatively) less prosaic mortal creatures like dwarves, elves, and fairies. Humans' antagonism with monsters stretches all the way back to the creation of the world, although with the present Mamono Lord, the monsters' interest has changed from bloodlust to regular lust.

    By and large, humans are much weaker than monsters, much less magical than elves, and much less industrious than dwarves. What they do have going for them is the favour of the Chief God, who can turns worthy humans into heroes by infused them with her divine mana, and sends angels and valkyries to accompany crusading forces. The overwhelming majority of humans follow the Order, a religion which is temperate and peaceful, except in its vituperative persecution of monsters.

    Mamono mana can converts females into monster girls and males into incubi. As aforementioned, divine mana can turns humans into heroes, although there're those who transcended human's limitations by other means, including hard training.

    Although elves generally don't like humans, they can breed, resulting in half-elves. Humans interbreeding with monster girls is the principal hobby of monster girls and their Mamono Lord, but at present the inter-fertility is low and produces only more monster girls.

    In general, humans do not have the power to sense mana; however, those who normally deal with mana such as wizards and golem engineers are an exception, being capable of sensing mana to some degree, and there are also humans “with good intuition” who are inherently able to sense the presence of mana.

    Book Information[edit]

    Refer to: Monster Girl Encyclopedia I; God's Servants and the Structure of the World

    God's Servants and the Structure of the World[edit]

    As of the present, monsters no longer willingly kill humans, but the war between monsters and humans still won't end. According to the teachings of the order which reveres the chief god who is purported to be the creator of the world, the monsters are regarded as evil. Most of the world's humans are adherents of the order. Since they've lived according to that doctrine from early childhood, most humans are hostile towards monsters. On this page, I'll introduce all the servants of the chief god, including humans.

    As you know, humans are the most proliferate form of intelligent life that inhabits the world. The magical power and physical abilities of humans who haven't received training are far lower than that of the monsters. Most humans are no match for attacking monsters, and they're easily knocked down, which leads to coupling, and soon after, they're taken home by the monsters.

    However, depending on training, the abilities of humans can grow immensely. Those who have received advanced training, those who have gone through many battles, those receiving divine protection, etc. are called “champions” or “heroes.” They are far more powerful than an average monster.

    The Order of God and Anti-Monster States[edit]

    The Order is the religious organization that reveres the chief god who is purported to be the creator of the world. The Order isn't monotheistic, there are many gods, but all of the other gods are regarded as subordinates of the chief god. Faiths that revere the other gods are treated as sects of the chief god's religion. For that reason, the majority of humans are adherents of the chief god. The majority of nations have established the chief god's religion as the state religion. Most of the human world is controlled by this enormous organization, and humans have values that conform with its doctrine. The doctrine of the chief god's religion explains how to live ones life properly as a human. Virtue lies with maintaining to be noble in character and pure of heart, never drowning in lust and other desires. Clean living is regarded as virtuous. The followers of the chief god's religion begin every day by praying to the chief god, and they continue to be virtuous, according to the chief god's teachings. They lead clean and quiet lives. And because one of the teachings says to love thy neighbor, they treat other people who are followers of the same religion with kindness. However, according to the chief god's teachings, neighbor doesn't include monsters. They are taught that monsters have been the enemies of humanity since the age of the former mamono lord, they are beings who corrupt, and lead mankind to destruction. (Actually, if the children born between human men and monsters are only female monsters, then it would gradually lead to humanity's ruin. )

    For that reason, they are hostile towards monsters. The Order's knight brigades, etc. will aggressively attempt to slay monsters as soon as they spot them. They also form armies and try to invade the mamono realm. Additionally, people called “heroes,” who receive orders to slay the mamono lord from The Order, are under the divine protection of the chief god. They boast far more powerful combat abilities compared to an ordinary human, and can overwhelm monsters.

    However, because of the benevolent nature of heroes and holy knights, when they actually get in a fight with monsters, many of them hesitate to bring their sword down on a monster in the form of a woman, and in that moment of vulnerability, the monsters catch them off guard, and they end up having sex with them. No matter how strong the will of the knight or hero, they are still men after all, and they are unable to resist sex with monsters who have bodies that are specially adapted just for pleasuring men. After having sex with them, they know devilish pleasure for the first time, and learn of the deep love that monsters have for human men, which results in them becoming prisoners of the monsters. They will probably end up choosing the path of living with monsters. Additionally, these countries that are controlled by the teachings of The Order, and have hostile policies towards monsters are called “anti-monster states.” Most of the anti-monster states are comparatively affluent, and boast a high cultural standard due to the teachings of the chief god.

    Monster Friendly States[edit]

    In contrast with anti-monster states, this is a general term for nations with policies that accept monsters and seek coexistence. These states were built by those who actually encountered monsters, and had doubts about the chief god's teaching that monsters are the symbol of wickedness. They are outside the influence of the chief god's religion in this world, and they are in the minority as of the present. In these countries, the influence of the chief god is weak. As for the state religion, some of them worship other gods according to their own choice, and many of them have no religion.

    Monsters can be seen walking through city streets without having to hide their true forms, and naturally human and monster married couples can be seen. Most monster-friendly states have policies that allow for the relaxed lifestyle that suits the monsters. While the people of monster-friendly states work moderately, they have way more leisure time and days off compared to people in anti-monster states. They spend this time relaxing at home, and having sex with their beloved monster wives.

    There's actually a high concentration of adventurers and ruffians who've had contact with monsters in various places, but perhaps because the monsters are at their side supporting them, they never cause any incident, and most of these countries have surprisingly low crime rates. Most of the monster friendly states cooperate closely with the mamono realm (p228), and they have enacted initiatives to make their countries easier for humans and monsters to live together and have a better relationship.

    If a monster friendly state allied with the mamono realm were invaded by an anti-monster state, they'd get reinforcements from the mamono realm right away. The mamono lord's army's knight brigade, which is composed of nothing but powerful monsters, would be sent. Furthermore, monsters have already been increasing in some of the monster-friendly states, they're becoming full of mamono mana, and some of them are already in the process of conversion into mamono realms. The monsters can keenly sense the coming of the mamono realm. Anticipating the coming of a more lecherous and happy world, makes their chest and body heat up. As signs of a coming incubus transformation, men feel an increase in stamina and energy, but the only thing they would note is, “Lately it feels like my body's condition is improving, and my wife looks cuter and sexier than usual.”

    By the time the humans notice the changes, the men have already all changed into incubi, and the women have already all changed into succubi. That country would have completely become a mamono realm.


    Major sections of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia which discuss humans include:

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