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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Fox / Beastman
    Forests, mountainous areas, human settlements, Zipangu Region
    Devoted, lustful
    Omnivorous, prefers meat
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    April 29, 2009
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Inari

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A beastman type monster with the characteristics of a fox that only inhabits the land of Zipangu Region. They live in forests and mountains, but many also transform into people and live in human settlements.

    They’re a subspecies of youko, but compared to the youko, they’re well-behaved. They almost never assault humans and are very friendly towards people. Normally they are very graceful and they become devoted to the men they love. Many men have been captivated by them, choosing to become a married couple and live together.

    Inari with immense power are often worshiped as gods. The men who serve them end up living with them in a shrine. Sweet voices of ecstasy will often be heard coming from the shrine.

    In this way, they look very well-behaved on the surface level, but their level of sexual desire is no different from that of the youko. They are extremely lustful. For the most part they don’t assault their husbands if they are not in the mood, but they will tempt them to incite desire and use whatever excuse they can to initiate sex. Once one has sex with them, it's as if their ordinary gracefulness was a lie. They enjoy behaving lewdly while having sex with a man. Having ample knowledge of techniques for pleasing men, they're able to conquer their husbands via devoted service with an obscene smile.

    Their tails are symbols of their mamono mana and by absorbing essence through having sex with a man, they're able to store up mamono mana, until they increase to a maximum of 9. The size of their lust is proportional to the number of tails, so even though they still have a graceful appearance, individuals with many tails have their heads full of thoughts about having sex with men. They're much more forward and will tempt men much more frequently. The way they go wild during sex also changes so that they incite even more carnal desire in men.

    In the same way as with youko, those with many tails are unable to contain their immense mamono mana inside their body and it will continuously leak out. However, they are masters at controlling mamono mana, unlike the youko which haphazardly releases its mamono mana all around, they only channel their mamono mana into their own husband.

    After having been infused with their mamono mana, the husband's lust will swell up. He'll attack them right on the spot and they'll end up having sex roughly. Since the power of their mamono mana is concentrated on their husband instead of being scattered, the youko's is nothing compared to it. Their husband will end up raping them like a beast. However they accept that their husband is a beast and experience unbearable happiness and joy as a female.

    Individuals having 9 tails are known as "kyubi-no-kitsune" (nine tailed foxes) and they are said to have immense, almost god like mamono mana. A Kyubi-no-kitsune's husband will be infused with immense mamono mana. Since a kyubi-no-kitsune herself has extremely high lust, they often end up in a state where they may continue to have sex all day long.

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