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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Tiger / Beastman
    Mountainous regions, forests, wastelands
    Serious, calm
    Carnivorous, wild animals etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    September 3, 2013
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Jinko

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A proud race of beastmen with the characteristics of a tiger. They are fighters with dauntless courage who are strong of body and pure of mind. They are self-disciplined and always seek to improve themselves, so they are not seen as wild and sexually uninhibited like other monsters. Normally, they don't attack human men. However, during mating season it's another story.

    When in heat, their monster blood awakens, and their bodies flush. The lust is so powerful, that even with their willpower they can't control it, and they aggressively seek men with the intent to indulge in pleasure. There's a much longer period between mating cycles compared to other beastmen, but it is said that once they go into heat, it's extreme to the point that sometimes they must have sex more than 100 times to satisfy themselves, perhaps as a reaction to suppressing their "female" side the whole time until then.

    Even if they repress their female urges and aren't even aware of it, once they spend a night with a male during mating season, and have sex repeatedly, their bodies are stained with pleasure and essence, thoroughly learning the taste of a "male", and their minds acknowledge themselves as "female" whether they like it or not.

    No matter how strong and pure a mind they possess, they are still monsters, and once they get a taste of a female's pleasure, they're never able to forget it. Their tempered body and pride as a tiger, everything they had built up until then becomes stained with ecstasy, and they devote their whole existence to just one male. Once their body belongs to one beloved male, having semen poured inside and being impregnated brings them the greatest happiness as a female. That is what they end up thirsting and longing for.

    Even when such a strong desire takes root, they maintain self-control through sheer willpower and at a glance appear to be just as pure as ever, except during mating season. But they change so that in their hearts they very eagerly anticipate the arrival of the next mating season when they can just be simply female.

    As if to grant such a wish, after having carnal knowledge of a male, they enter a state where it is easy to go into heat. Once they awaken as a "female", they can instinctively sense when a "male" is checking out their body, the changes in "male" breathing, and body temperature etc. If a "male" takes a sexual interest in them, gets aroused, and gets an erection, then their female body can easily go into heat if that's what a "male" wants.

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