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    Jinn of the Jar
    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Mimic / Shapeshifter
    Towers and castles
    Shy, cowardly
    Men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    June 15, 2008
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Jinn of the Jar

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A race of mimics that copy jars and commonly inhabit towers and old castles. Like normal mimics they can be found anywhere there are jars, waiting for their prey, human men. Because they mimic jars, they are more likely to appear in private homes than chest mimics, so one must be cautious.

    Just like a chest mimic, they won’t attack until someone looks into the jar. But while normal mimics jump out to attack, jinns inhale the victim into the jar. There’s no way to protect against this effect, making them much more dangerous than chest mimics. When sucked inside there is a special expanse of space, and it is impossible to escape without borrowing the Jinn's power. There is no place for a man to run but even in that situation, they will not actively attack. The reason is simply that most of them are shy in nature, and conversely, they're often terrified of the men they capture. However, the process of capturing a man by sucking him inside, and then casting a charm spell on him, is done unconsciously. So even if she doesn't take action, the captured man himself will end up sexually assaulting a jinn of the jar and thereby feeding her.

    After having their pot shattered they enter a completely defenseless state. Even so, their devilish bodies will attract men.

    Despite the extreme danger posed by these jinns, it is extremely easy to suppress them. Their magic, including both the inhalation spell and the charm spell, is powered using the large jar around her hips, which is actually a mass of mamano mana. Without this jar, the jinn can't use magic and becomes completely helpless.

    In general, there are two methods of dealing with the jar. One is to throw something inside the jar where one of them is hidden. Doing so would startle them and cause them to jump out, resulting them being in a state without their jar. The other method is to throw the jar and shatter it. The jar they hide in is linked to the one around their hips, and if it is shattered that jar will shatter as well. It's kind of a waste of a jar, but the latter method is the most surefire way to neutralize the jinn. However, the jinn of the jar becomes just like a little girl after losing her jar, and doing so will cause her to break into tears, so most people would probably find it to be unconscionable.

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