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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Apeman / Beastman
    Mist continent (mountainous areas)
    Cheerful, selfish, lustful
    Omnivorous: eats anything
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    April 3, 2015
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Kakuen

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Monkey beastmen native to the Mist Continent. They form troops and live deep in the mountains. They can freely leap about between trees with their light body and dexterous hands and feet. They use their long tail for maintaining balance in the treetops, and other than that, they can use it to hang by wrapping it around a branch; they also specialize in a form of martial arts using this durable tail.

    Out of all the beastmen, they are regarded as being closer to human, and they have extremely high intelligence. Nevertheless, they have a rough disposition, and an arrogant, selfish personality. Prioritizing their own desires, they often treat humans with a disparaging attitude. On the other hand, they are highly lustful and curious; when breeding season comes around, they become very interested in the bodies of human men and mating, and they will kidnap and violate them.

    If a kakuen wants to suck, she will suck - regardless of the time, place, or presence of onlookers. Her utter lack of dignity is indeed suggestive of an aroused primate.

    They are cunning due to their high intellect, and, when dealing with a human man who strikes their fancy, they won't flatter him, instead assuming a teasing attitude. They will sexually assault their target when they feel like mating, but they have a difficult time enduring pleasure; so it is said that once they learn what feels good, they just repeat that again and again. If they mate with a human man even once, their mind becomes obsessed with it.

    They'll end up spending all day on top of human men continuously shaking their hips like a monkey. What's more, those individuals who become interested in a specific human man will masturbate while thinking of that man. Regardless of whether they've actually mated with him or not, they'll think about the man whenever they have a free moment and inch their hands towards their lower abdomen and tail; proceeding to make a lot of wet noises.

    After learning the taste of their husband with their body in this manner, they become a prisoner of the pleasure, and are completely unable to control their insatiable lust and desire; becoming exactly like a monkey in heat. Just from being around their husband, their lust swells up as their body seeks pleasure, and they'll become unable to think of anything but mating with their husband. Even just being touched or catching their scent will cause them to become unable to control their lust, and leap at their husband to mate with him. After ending up like this, no matter how smart they are, they're still monkeys after all. So, if one suggestively alludes to mating and pleasure, it will make them easier to control; and it will become easy for a husband to take charge, both in life and sex.

    After living with them for a while, a man will, just like them, gradually become unable to endure lust and pleasure. They will end up leading a hedonistic lifestyle, going at it like monkeys. It will be much the same for a human woman living among a troop as well, and she'll progressively become unable to control her increasing lust. She'll start to smile in a lascivious manner, exuding carnal passion. Then her body and heart will change into a "kakuen".

    They are not a race that is at all adept at converting human women into monsters, nor do they excel at manipulating mamono mana, and yet, it's easy for monsterization to occur. It is said that they could easily influence humans because their mamono mana is highly compatible with humans, but according to another explanation, a susceptibility to pleasure and a lack of self-control such as what they exhibit is something that is originally inborn in humans as well. So, because humans and kakuen are closely related, if a human crosses a certain line, they can easily fall as a monkey.

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