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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Centaur / Beastman
    Carnivorous. Fish, shellfish, etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    January 29th, 2024
    kurobinega.sakura.ne.jp - Kelpie

    Encyclopedia Entry

    An unusual race of aquatic centaurs who have a tail with a fish-like fin growing from their equine lower half. Known for their beautiful appearance which is likened with clear water, they are said to inhabit only lakes filled with clean water that have beautiful scenery to suit them. These girls are friendly towards humans, and should you encounter one at a lake shore, you'll be met with a soft, demure smile. The way they look just standing there gives off an aura of sheer purity and innocence, and even if you converse with them, you'll get the same impression. Therefore, without prior knowledge, it would be difficult to see through to their true nature.

    When given an opportunity to interact with human men, they try to endear themselves through gentle conversation and such without so much as a hint of aggression. And it is said that once their relationship has deepened to a certain degree, they will get physically close and lure men to embrace them, or suggest riding on their back. They have the mysterious power to relax people who come into contact with them and body to body contact only strengthens it. In a state of close mutual contact where the power is maximized, it induces such an extreme level of relaxation that the man will be completely off guard, and his body will totally lose strength. In other words, if he gives in to the Kelpie's temptation to hug her body, he will be locked in a deep embrace and unable to let go. If he climbs astride her back, he will entrust himself to her to the point that he will fall forward and lean against her. And then suddenly, with the man in her embrace or on her back, she will begin diving into the lake with him, at which point, even if he reacts with surprise, it will already be too late, but when touching a Kelpie, you can still breathe even underwater, so he wouldn't drown. Still, he couldn't muster any strength and wouldn't have the will to resist. Not only that, naturally, humans can't move freely underwater. On the other hand, they can swim freely as if galloping underwater, enabling them to unilaterally violate their pitiful prey they lure into the water. The sex isn't frenzied or violent. Instead, it's calm and gentle like water. The way they gradually move their hips, and the gestures they make as they entwine their slender fingers and caress somehow even gives off an aura of elegance. But the pleasure provided by this pours endlessly like flowing water, mercilessly spurring ejaculation in their prey. The expressions on their faces when their prey is before them gasping in pleasure underwater are not soft like their smiles seen on land. Instead, their eyes are clouded with murky passion, as they gaze at their prey with a nasty smile like they're eating him up. In this way, they are malicious monsters, but it isn't that they have a taste for tormenting or harming their prey. It's simply that they like to expose the patheticness of their beloved husband using pleasure. The sort of thing they like more than anything is when he's moaning in an indescribable manner while drooling with the kind of face you really can't show to other people.

    According to their own passion, they seek to keep immersing their husband in pleasure as much as possible. Of course, actively through coitus, but at times, also by slowly entwining their fingers, and at times, by orally servicing his manhood. In every case, they prioritize their husband's pleasure above all else. Whether it satisfies their own desires as well, from an onlooker's perspective, they would even appear devoted. Also, don't get the wrong idea. It isn't that they only reveal their true colors in the water. They love the moment when their husband's expression changes from a serious one into a pathetic one. Once married, when spending time together on land, they may suddenly steal his lips, or crawl their hands over his body. Such things are known to be a frequent occurrence.

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