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    Monster Girls Redux Questions and Answers[edit]

    See: "Questions and Answers with Kenkou Cross", Monster Girls Redux

    The following translations are questions and their relevant answers taken from the Monster Girls Redux questions and answers thread. All questions have been ordered chronologically by session number. Unless contradicted in print, this material may be considered canon. Usage of brackets (This is [an example of] bracket usage.) is intentional and denotes segments in which the translator reworded the translation in order to preserve the context of the original, Japanese response. Please do not remove/edit these brackets.

    Session 1[edit]

    1) What do you think of monster boys?

    I also like monster boys. I like cool male demihuman or beastman. Basically they will not appear in MGE, but there are some exceptions like the magics or potions by sabbath which enable men to become monster boys temporarily.

    2) Does Kenkou-sensei think monster girl only giving birth to monster girl is very important part of story?

    You might already know, it is one of some factors that shows Maou/Mamono Lord's plan which convert monsters into MGs didn't go as she wished, and there are many things what she couldn't suppose. And there is reasoning from meta view. If MGs can give birth to male, they will marry with men inside of their community, and they will not go out to seek partner. In that case, we can't see the scene that MGs pounce on men and have sex with them, and MGs who form their settlement like Amazoness will hardly show up.

    3) Is one of your girls your favourite?

    It changes daily, but all of the settings and illusts of MGs are based on what I feel cute and sexy. So I love all of them.

    4) Do you read any story that influence MGE?

    I like legendary monsters, so get inspiration from various Mythologies. And I love JRPG, like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, so they should affect me much. It is why MGs not only love human male but also try to pounce on them. The images of monsters appear in those games underlie their actions.

    5) Is futanari monster girl in fan fiction okay? Will there ever be Futanari monster girl?

    OK! There may be such Mgs in the world of MGE, and the magics or potions by sabbath may enable them. But sorry, I won't let them show up officially.

    6) How big can holstaur boob get?

    Basically, I leave it to your imagination. It can be bigger than being drawn in the picture of MGE, but can't be bigger than her body itself!

    7) Will there be South American monster girl in future? Do you like South American Mythology?

    I like Aztec mythology. Actually I have the idea of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca already, though they are not monsters but gods in the original. But their appearance won't be near future, so please be patient.

    8) What does Kenkou-sensei think of contemporary monster girl story?

    Though I like the world of fantasy, I also like present-day stories. There are many such stories contributed to my site, and I enjoy them.

    9) How is spirit realm made, does lilim wave hand and it appear?

    The sphere is solidified Mamono Mana/Energy of the lilim. So like when she uses magic, she will be able to make it appear or vanish at her will, by merely waving her hand. [Think there was a miscommunication here, pretty sure KC thought we were asking about the black goop lilim's sit on.]

    10) When a pack of monster girl, like werewolf or goblin, capture man, do they share him or do they keep capturing man till all have husband?

    It occurs to the nature of the pack or personality of each MGs. Sometimes they share a man to become close with him. Though MGs are not choosy about men basically, some of them can have tastes like "I want to monopolize one man's affections" or "I like older man (at least his appearance)". Such MGs will try to capture another man, and sometimes a harem and a married couple can coexist in one pack. Things written each in profiles literally are not absolute, and actual case can be various in some measure. It will be affected by time and case, one's personality or background, environment, society, and relationship with other MGs in the pack, like us human.

    11) Do dwarf and elf still visit Church town now that they are a monster girl?

    Dwarves will visit Church town, if it belongs to non radicals. Regardless of becoming MGs or not, Elves seldom visit a town of humans.

    12) What are plans for future, will there be a book of gods? Will there be a Sabbath book? Are there any other planned book?

    The subject matter of the World Guide vol.3 will be the Sabbath and general Magic. And I will publish MGE book vol.2 when I will achieve 200th MG. I want to publish the book of gods in the future, but it is very difficult theme to write a book, so I can't assure.

    Session 2[edit]

    1) Kenkou-sensei, is more merchandise possible? I want to buy Dakimakuura, doll, nendroid and many other MGE products!

    Sorry, I am not a company, so merchandise like dolls and nendroids is very difficult. But small products like keychains or badges may be possible.

    2) I am curious, is there any monster girl who love human but oppose Maou because they do not like her utopia plan?

    There will be MGs who don't support Maou proactively. From the very first, MGs value themselves, their husbands, and people around them. And there are many MGs who don't have interest in Maou's plan. On the other hand, they don't have the reason to oppose her plan, so there is no MGs who strongly oppose her. Some MGs may say"Current Maou is too mild! Let me switch with her, and I will make more erotic utopia!"

    3) Will there be other girls with unusual fetish like Manticore and Sandworm? They were very interesting!

    Yes. There are some species of MGs that all of them have unique appearance and ecology, far different from others. they will not appear soon, so please be patient.

    4) In future will there be any named monster girl updates similar to the Fallen Maiden profile? I think Tarasque would be very interesting!

    Yes, I intend to do so. I am planning to publish "Fallen Maiden 2", but it will be years later, so please be patient. And Tarasque is very interesting motif, but it is also difficut one. This will be also years later.

    5) How many Lilim is there? Will we see more pictures, or see picture for Queen of Hearts?

    A rumor says that there are already more than 100 Lilims. Well, it is still rumor. Like Druella, Queen of Hearts and other lilims will appear in the books.

    6) What would monster girl do if she find human orphan?

    She will try to protect him or her, or even try to become mother. MGs will not pounce upon those who are wounded or weaken, and children who are too young to have sex. However, when the boy grows enough, they may marry continuously. And some species of MGs may try to monsterize the girl.

    7) In MGE1 ancient demon at bottom of the ocean is mentioned, will they appear?

    Yes. They will surely appear, though I can't say when it will be. They will be far different from normal MGs.

    8) Can goddess get pregnant? What are the children?

    Gods can have children. If a god and a goddess will marry, then new god will be born. And a human male and a goddess also can have children. They are called "Demigod". They are closer to the gods than humans, and can have strong power like the gods. Some can be weaker than normal gods because of the blood of human, and some can achieve special ability which other gods can't have.

    9) In past there are animal girl like Weresheep and Honey Bee, is dinosaur girl possible?

    I have ideas of dinosaur-based girls already. But there have been no era of dinosaurs in the world of MGE.

    10) I am curious, I love many mythologies, but Norse is my favourite, will Norse monster girls appear?

    I am planning to make various species like Fenrir, Ratatoskr, and Nidhogg appear. Norse MGs will be very powerful.

    Session 3[edit]

    1) Because there is Mothman, will there be more USA monsters, maybe Wendigo or Jersey Devil?

    Yes. Especially Wendigo may show up in the near future. To make her different from Yeti, she will be rather originally MG of MGE.

    2) Is there different colour dragons, do they have different breath like fire, ice, gas?

    Yes. Various dragons like "Fire Drake", "Frost Dragon", and "Black Dragon" who belongs to extremist are planned, and each of them can spit out different breath. But I can't make such powerful beings show up easily, so please wait.

    3) Is there very unusual terrain in MGE, floating island, underground kingdoms and others?

    Trolls and Giant Ants form underground settlements, and a rumor says that there is the underground world. There are MGs with different values from the species already verified, and they have very seductive power. The underground world is filled with mana, and there are several floating islands. Some of them were created by the gods or mamonos, and others were naturally born.

    4) In Wonderland do Red Queen or White Queen exist alongside Queen of Hearts?

    Yes, they exist. They reign as the queen of the species indigenous to the Wonderland.

    5) KC do you like Hindu mythology, is Hindu monster girl possible?

    Yes. I like Hindu mythology because it is very magnificent. Garuda and Apsara will show up.

    6) Can Minotaur change breast size and lactate too?

    Like human, each species of mamono can have individual difference. So there can be individuals with large breasts or small ones. Unlike Holstaurs, they can't be milked unless they get pregnant. The quantity and quality of their milk is no match to Holstaurs, but it is still delicious because they are mamonos of cow.

    7) Can Amazon wings fly?

    Normally they can't fly. Amazon have single, small wing, and it is used like craws when they hunt, and can be used to assist their exercise capacity like jumping. However, there are rare individuals who have large two wings and can fly.

    8) What is technological level in MGE like? Is there steam power, gunpowder other things?

    It is very difficult question to answer. I want to leave it to your imagination as long as possible, so I will not make it clear, but steam power and gunpowder are already exist, and research makes progress. However, magic-related technologies which don't exist in our world have made more progress, and researches of "Magitek machines" (contraption combined with magic) are also ongoing.

    9) I am curious, does Gazer have bushy tail, or is it very long fluffy hair?

    She have bushy tail. If you look closely, you will be able to see the boundary line between hair and tail.

    10) With Primera, it seems half-elf is possible (not all elf is mamono), is there Half-dwarf?

    Both of Half-elf and Half-dwarf exist. Most of Elves are not mamono, so there are moderate number of Half Elves. On the other hand, non monsterized Dwarves are quite rare, so Half-dwarves are much more precious beings.

    Session 4[edit]

    1) Do you think a Flesh Golem (Frankenstein Monster) will appear?

    They exist. They seem to have relation with alchemy and "Homunculus".

    2) Is there magic for resurrection or reincarnation?

    In the case of being in a state of apparent death, or immediately after death, the souls can be recalled. But basically, it is difficult to resurrect dead unchanged. However, Human women and MGs can relatively easily revived as "undead", and by the one who mastered necromancy, it is possible that a man can revived as "undead incubus", not changed to undead MG. Also, In the world of MGE, there is the system of reincarnation of souls, but still I can't answer them, so please wait.

    3) Can mermaids move on land?

    Possible. There are various ways like using the spells of human-transformation, crawling by their tail like Lamia, hovering in the air with their mana(still they cant fly so freely).

    4) The Pharaoh has a pet snake in her picture, is the snake special?

    It is a kind of "Mamono(demon) Realm Beasts", told in the Monster World Guide II. Though they have large body, they are calm and smart creatures. By using the mana of the Pharaoh, they can be the weapon of their masters, and support their use of magic.

    5) How difficult is it to create Spirit Realm like Wonderland or Pandemonium?

    It is difficult to explain, and it is very hard to create. A bit powerful mamono can create such realm as large as a room or a residence. However, the god-like power is needed to create the realm as large as a country like Wonderland or Pandemonium. The master of pandemonium is originally one of god(dess), and the Lilim who created Wonderland has such power.

    Session 5[edit]

    1) Are the other types of Slimes able to become Queen Slime? Can there be Bubble Queen Slime, Dark Queen Slime?

    Yes, they can. There are also possibility of mutation for Nureonago etc. However, the slimes of higher-rank have lower possibility of mutation, so such mamonos are quite rare.

    2) Is Druella married?

    Sorry, it is secret.

    3) If Valkyrie has a child, is it an Angel, a Valkyrie, something else?

    The child of a Valkyrie will be also a Valkyrie.

    4) Will there be Australian monster based on Rainbow Serpent, Bunyip or others?

    Yes. Bunyip will be a mamono that is compound of bird, snake, and beast. And there will be also Yowie that is compound of insect and dragon. They will be comparatively ferocious species.

    5) Do sea based mamono build underwater village/kingdom?

    Yes, there are many settlements and kingdoms in the sea. Even in the water, there are unique spaces that objects will not float around, the magical light that can illuminate inside the water, and the building materials, cloth, and strings which can be used in the water. With the unquenchable fire, even cooking is possible.

    6) Is vampire's cape her succubus wings?

    Yes, they can be be appeared or vanished at will. However, they are different in nature, and Vampire normally vanishes the wing unlike succubus. The wings in illustration of the profile is shaped like mantle, but they can be also shaped like bat wings.

    7) With Sandworm, is female body able to detach from worm's body, or are they fused?

    They are fused, and can't be detached. However, still depends on their mana and intelligence(both can be developed by continuing marriage), she can change the part that are attached to worm's body to arms or back, and create pseudo-legs like human female. Additionally, they can temporarily shrink worm's body and become the form like Lamia, so they can go to the town with their husbands.

    8) If Apophis bit Lilim, would the poison be strong enough to enslave Lilim?

    Possible, but the more the target is powerful, the more amount of poison is needed. So they can't enslave Lilim with just one bite, and they have to bite enough length or several times to accumulate the poison. However, Apophis is created as the opponent of Pharaoh, so her poison is effective for Pharaoh and her vassals. So Pharaoh can be exceptionally enslaved by the small amount of poison, even though they are powerful mamono.

    9) Can Familiar be affected by Wonderland Cake?

    The cakes that make the one who eat them grow? If so, yes.

    10) Do you think clockwork robot/golem race will appear?

    I am planning to make Automaton show up as the magitech golem. Still I can't tell much, but they are not created by the technology of current world of MGE. Additionally, the last time I was asked this question, I didn't want to reveal the specific answer. But I changed my mind and decide to answer.

    11) Dwarves lost all of their male, but will they appear again when mamonos can give birth to Incubus?

    Yes. Elves and Dwarves are "human race", and incubus of Elves and Dwarves will show up like the case of human.

    Session 6[edit]

    Disclaimer: Answer 4 was mistranslated. A clarification was obtained from KC that answers the question in more detail.

    1) Undead Mushroom is mentioned as capable of turning human women into Zombies, Ghouls, or even Dullahans and Vampires. If human is a hero, could they become powerful undead like wight or liche?

    Yes, those with talent can be changed into a Wight or Liche.

    2) Between when Maou came to power and Lescatie was invaded, was there long time gap?

    Yes, hundreds of years have passed since when monsters had become MGs. At that time, Lescatie was not menacing for them. Heroes were very rare and Lescatie did not produce them like recent years, though they were well-armed (the nation). However, Lescatie came to produce so many heroes and attacked MGs. So the Mamono-Lord decided that the situation was serious, and Druella invaded.

    3) Do you think Celtic monster like Banshee or Red Cap will appear?

    Yes, I have the idea of them from years ago. Banshee will be a mamono that have relation with Death/Reaper, and Red Cap will of course wear the red cap. I will arrange such elements for MGE.

    4) Can widow monster find new husband?

    It's not impossible because there are some exceptions. For instance, in medieval settings, there were marriages like political alliances, etc., and while mamono don't enter loveless marriages, there are cases between a human husband and wife where there's no love from either side, like in political marriages, and even after the woman becomes a mamono, they might not share love for each other.

    However, a widowed mamono either tries necromancy or goes to the afterlife with her deceased husband, so there are hardly any widow mamono, and other men are not considered (since the part where the mamono accepts him cannot be fulfilled).

    5) What do you think of modern monster from meme and internet like Slenderman?

    I know there are many interesting stories. I don’t make MGs based on the urban legend taboo, and I want to draw them if I have good idea. However, some of them may be too modernistic to appear in the world of MGE. Actually, there are already MGs based on the urban legends like Mothman and Kesaran Pasaran, etc.

    6) Does Voodoo style group exist. Witch doctor, zombie powder etc?

    There are the communities that make much use of occult arts, though may not be literally Voodoo itself. They do have the tools like zombie powder, but it will create lustful zombies instead of submissive slaves.

    What does Monsterization/Corruption mean in the MGE?[edit]

    The following information comes from a KC-endorsed explanation of corruption by Exet.

    Published: 29 May 2014; Last edited: 28 October 2014[1]

    Firstly, about the life after monsterzation. KC's stance is "as you wish, as long as not counter to the spirit of MGE". Love conquers all. Even without everything but love, you can still live. MGE is such escapist porn fantasy. It is not a work meant to make you suffer. After all, everything will be settled at a good conclusion, as long as the settings permit. And it is the main theme of MGE.

    From the very first, monsterization may make women lustful or loyal to their desire, or add the instincts of the Mamono, but it doesn't change personality of women so much.

    Some may want to have life with work, hobby, culture, sightseeing, or other various activities still after monsterization, and MGE says yes.(Existence of such elements are shown in the books. In this case, KC thinks the priority of sex in their life will become almost equal to a meal)

    Some may want to be released completely from the duties of life and indulge in sex, and MGE says yes.(This is a particular case, but quite attractive choice for the people who live in the country where "dying because of overwork like 600 hours per a month" is no joke)

    Some may want to release their desire for murder, theft, and various acts which hurts others, and MGE says no.(In such cases, MGs will make them indulge into themselves so they can't think such vicious thoughts. The change of the priority of sex in life is mostly intended in this way. It is not so utterly different from the case when human values are changed. For example, our values change when we eat a delicious dish for the first time. And when we marry with a partner, the priorities of life will change.)

    So there is nothing which disturbs you if you want "normal" life after monsterization, except for the fact that priority of sex in their life will become higher. Is it still unacceptable?

    Additionally, We Japanese value the contexts of sentences rather than what is written literally. It is called "言葉の綾(kotoba no aya)". For example, if MGE says "Men who have sex with MGs become impossible to think except for sex with them", it an expression which intends to discribe how attractive the sex with MGs is. It doesn't mean that all of them LITERALLY become unable to think except for sex.(But if they wish, they can do that) This seems to be one of the "gaps" KC tried to explain years ago.

    Most Japanese fans understand KC's intent well, and estimate MGE as the ideal world which rejects all "bad endings" by all means. Of course there is some people who dislike MGE as dystopia. But in Japan, most people don't stick around the Doujin works which they dislike, because it is simply a waste of time.

    Secondly, about "Corruption element".

    Originally it is a minor fetishism that focused on brainwashing, mindbending, netorare, etc. KC likes some elements of corruption like change of costumes and mentalities into more seductive and aggressive ways, but dislikes the tragic endings it will bring. If he was a true disciple of "Corruption fetishism", then "Fallen Maidens" would massacre people cheerfully, stab you, and display the kiss and sex with the villain who brainwashed them to the dying you. Of course KC did not want this. He rather removed brainwashing and softened the fetishism in MGE.

    Now "corrupted" girls focus on their true desire and love that they suppressed, and their personalities are liberated or restored rather than warped. (Though there are some changes like becoming lustful or accepting monsterization because of having MGs' value. If they even call this "brainwashing" and hate it, then it can't be helped.)

    Wilmarina is a special/particular case. not only her, KC described "Fallen maidens" as the girls who couldn't be redeemed without quitting being human. She was forced to become obsessive about helping others, by letting her bind herself with the sense of guilt, and became the "ideal hero". Her life was always for others, manipulated by others, and now she is released from obsession, and "others". Now she is showing her true nature. I think it is rather the Church and her dad who brainwashed her. I think she already sacrificed herself for others enough, so calling her too selfish is a bit cruel.[1]

    Info from KC and Exet[edit]

    The following information comes from direct correspondence that user "Perentie" of Monster Girls Redux had with Exet and Kenkou Cross.

    Published: 15 February 2015[2]

    With permission from those involved, I wanted to share what I learned from the questions I got to ask.

    First of all, sea monster girls and incubi can speak underwater just like someone can above water. And sea incubi don't grow gills, they breathe underwater via magic.

    No big shock there, but it's good to have confirmation. The biggest info was regarding the venom of the apophis. Namely unless it is treated quickly the corruption effect cannot be reversed. However, it is not as extreme as our current translation suggests. Pharaohs do not literally retire to their rooms and do nothing but have sex. They focus on sex more than before, and because of this they give up being leaders. Yet they still may assist in governing, and their social lives don't come to an end.

    So in the current age apophis takeovers are a regime change rather than a result of a war with a hated enemy, so monster girls don't regard it as that big a deal. KC also put another nail in the coffin of grimdark interpretations by explaining in more detail how hyperbolic the settings are, and also how the Wandering Scholar is not meant to give perfectly accurate information all the time.

    Below is the actual info from KC quoted (the WG2 reference was in reply to me explaining why I thought a literal translation of what the apophis did didn't match what we were told about monsters in WG2), I didn't quote the sea monster girl material as it's basically what I wrote above:

    The description of WG2 is not false. In Pharao`s case, please consider it like "regime change" from Pharao to Apopis. As always, "nothing other than sex" is hyperbolic expression. They get into their home and take much more time for sex, but they will not sever the relationship with others. The families and friends can meet her. They will give the throne to Apopis, but still they may assist the governance. (note:In English, there are expressions like "give all one's time to reading", and they should not be understood literally.) Also, the venom of Apopis is strong, and it is one of the reasons that Pharao cannot be rescued, but the Pharaoh is a kind of MGs, so she will not want to abandon the life with "nothing other than sex" once she received.

    About the description of MGE, my intention and the interpretation of Westerners seem to be different much. As always, the descriptions of MGE are hyperbolic, and the reality will be more milder than that. The case of Apopis is not exception. And there is the setting that MGE is written by a human scholar in the world, not me. So sometimes the fact that "the increase of the ratio of sex in life was observed by him" can be interpreted "they are doing nothing other than sex", by him, from a human perspective. On the other hand, WG2 was written by an MG, so she write the truth that they communicate with friends or families, and they do the jobs and hobbies. When you read MGE, please consider such context.

    And please understand that there are several parts in the setting which is obscure intentionally, or planned to be written in the future books.[3] So basically when it comes to the daily social lives of monster girls and incubi, Saphirette should be trusted over the Wandering Scholar, as he tends to get his info from fairly short interviews and observations before he moves on.[2]


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