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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Spirit / Elemental
    Unclear (near youko and inari)
    Lustful, simple
    Men's essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    January 31, 2012
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Kitsune-bi

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A monster covered in wavering flames possessing the characteristics of a fox. They’re born when vast amounts of condensed mamono mana and excessive lust from either “youko” or “inari” takes shape and changes into a monster, so they’re close to elementals. Lots of them live near youko and inari with many tails. As for inari, in the same way that they use mamono mana, they don’t produce kitsune-bi without thinking it through, but just as youko are always scattering around mamono mana, in the same way, they produce large amounts of kitsune-bi and release them nearby.

    That which comprises them exists at the foundation of fox monsters. They are clumps of pure, powerful desire.  For that reason, soon after they are born, the only thing they’re conscious of is a powerful urge to have sex with men and indulge in pleasure and essence. They don’t have a distinct consciousness or sense of self as individuals. For that reason, the only things compelling their behavior are the desires “I wanna get off.” “I want essence.” It follows that they’ll probably try to sexually assault men.

    However, after their first time having sex with a human man, changes become apparent. After actually touching and tasting a man’s body, they start to feel affectionate towards that particular man. Their desires which were vague before then become more concrete, such as “I want to get off with this man.” “I want this man’s essence.”

    New desires unrelated to pleasure, or essence also emerge such as “I want to spend time with this man.” “I want to be close to this man.” “I want this man’s everything,” they begin to grasp the concept of choosing a particular man and becoming a couple.

    The lust for sex which is the foundation of their being also changes into something more concrete and at the same time, they will grow bigger, stronger and even more lascivious. They were vague clumps of mamono mana, but by having sex with a man, they gain a fixed existence as individual monster females.

    Also, kitsune-bi who don’t have men are vague existences, so it’s easy for them to become tied with the desire of human women, so they try to possess and fuse with them. Women possessed by them are called “kitsune-tsuki.” It is said that they transform into monsters whose body and heart are both ruled by the fox’s desire.

    Additionally, there’s no difference between kitsune-bi produced by youko or inari. Their disposition and lustfulness is exactly the same. Though both races have different natures and dispositions, from this point, the enormity of their lust is the same in either case, so we can say the true essence of both races is the same thing.

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