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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Baphomet / Dark Beast
    Snowy Region (snowy mountains)
    Ferocious, devoted
    Carnivorous: wild animals, etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    January 3, 2022
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Krampus

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Black beastmen with a terrifying appearance that inhabit snowy lands. Despite normally dwelling deep within desolate, snowy mountains, as the “special day” of the winter season approaches, they become very active and start to appear even in other places seeking human men. That's why instead of the men they prey upon encountering them in the snowy mountains, in most cases, it happens in places like far away cities, and they may even suddenly appear at the home of their prey.

    Their disposition is as ferocious as their looks would suggest, and their speech and behavior are very violent. They pin down their prey with their powerful bodies and violate them. On the other hand, they are crafty and contemplative, so even when they've locked their sights on the man who will be their prey, it is said that they always carefully prepare and keep waiting for when the “special day” eventually comes to get their hands on their prey for sure instead of just attacking immediately. Thus, generally speaking, a krampus will be wild with lust when she appears before her prey. When sex happens, the prey will be dealt pleasure so intense that it's violent and be mercilessly milked of essence like he's being devoured by a beast.

    But in actuality, the source of the bestial lust driving them is their excessively strong desire to “service” the men they fancy. Perhaps you would never imagine it from their ferocity, but they are an extremely devoted race who take joy in obediently supporting their husbands, and when they discover their husband to be, they burn with a strong desire to service him. As they await the arrival of the “special day” to be joined with him, it only swells ever greater. When the moment they had been anxiously awaiting is finally at hand and they appear before their prey, the desire which had been swelling day after day must be insuppressible, and they will give in to their urges and launch an assault to offer him devotion. In other words, the more they think about how much they love their husband and want to service him, the greater their ferocity grows.

    As a result, when they perform oral service intent on providing enjoyment and satisfaction for their husband, it is like a beast sinking its teeth into his manhood and going on a feeding frenzy, and when they offer their body and chastity to their husband for the sake of getting impregnated with his child, the sex is like copulating with a beast in estrous as they ravish their mate by straddling him and slamming their hips into him wildly. In this manner, even though it is provided violently, it doesn't change the fact that it is still “service”. Contrary to how it looks like being devoured, instead the pleasantly sweet pleasure and ejaculation render their prey's body and heart unable to resist them.

    Furthermore, the “special day” is a date set by these girls themselves as the day appropriate for offering all of their body and soul to their husband. In most cases, the day chosen is a day with special meaning to their male prey such as his birthday or a holiday that's important to many people such as the Chief God's festival which takes place during the winter season, and so on. They make many preparations for that day. Not only do they prepare to go and marry their husband, there are also cases when they make arrangements to welcome their husband into their own lair. With the arrival of winter, krampuses can be seen stuffing their prey into sacks and hauling them away on their shoulders. After such an abduction, they always roll out the red carpet for their prey without exception in a warm room where they provide a fancy dinner that they have prepared as well as pleasure of such intensity as to be considered violent.

    Additionally, the aggressive nature of their devotion affects more than just sex. For instance, there are many tales left behind of the sort which concern men who were hard to call good people being abducted by krampuses, only to finally make a surprising return years later as fine men of character alongside their kidnappers turned wives, leaving people to wonder what on earth had happened in the meantime. Hence, depending on the region, krampuses have come to be told of as “monstrosities who come to punish bad children during the winter holidays”.

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