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    Living Doll
    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Doll / Magic Material
    Human settlements, old buildings etc.
    Omnivorous, men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    May 30, 2013
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Living Doll

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Strong sentiment that builds up in dolls that were mistreated or thrown away fuses with mamono mana, causing them to come to life. Perhaps because of that, they have a strong obsession with being loved and treated importantly by their owners, and they possess a mysterious charm that stirs up a man’s possessive instinct, causing them to want to make them their own. Their body has changed to a soft one suited for sex with men so that they can be deeply loved by their owner. If they are treated importantly and showered with affection by a man, then they will return many times more love and pleasure to the man.

    They don’t just assault the men they like, as other monsters do. They sometimes pretend to be an ordinary doll, and many men have taken them home after being captivated by their charm. Dolls are media that can easily carry mamono mana to begin with, and these girls who are doll monsters can also possess a large amount of mamono mana in their body. Having one of them at home will cause continual exposure to mamono mana and their power of charm. Eventually, by the time they reveal their true form and attack, the man will already be deeply in love, and he’ll be helpless to resist sex with them. Once one lets himself be charmed by them, it will be too late by the time he realizes that they’re a monster. Even if a man tries to go far away and discard them, and even if he tries to break them into pieces, at night they will return to him in their original beautiful state and get back on top of his hips sipping essence.

    It’s not only men that are affected by their charm. Many human girls like and own them. Living dolls that become a little girl’s inseparable playmate will invite the girl to play lewd, monster-like games, and seek to teach her body about pleasure. Additionally, since the girl’s body will be continuously exposed to mamono mana, she’ll eventually change into a succubus.

    As for little succubus girls who are born in this manner, they will start to enjoy pleasure following the doll’s guidance as though the positions of the doll and owner have been swapped. After being tempted by the doll, the two will gang up and assault a man to “play a more pleasurable game with three people.”

    Furthermore, if the owner is a little monster girl, the mamono mana that’s always flowing into the girl from the doll will raise the girl’s abilities as a succubus considerably. The more “pure” and “innocent” the girl is, the better this mamono mana will suit her. “The more girly the girl,” the more she’ll grow into a powerful succubus, possessing superior sexual techniques and a devilish charm while still having the same girlish nature.

    They are love-starved dolls that became monsters, but sentiment can also dwell in dolls that were very much loved and treated with care, and they become monsters too. Even in that case, they will attack in the same way to share more love with their owner and get their owner to like them more.

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