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    Malef Dragon
    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Dragon / Reptile
    Towers, ancient castles
    Arrogant, lustful
    Meat, wild animals, etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    February 2nd, 2023
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Malef Dragon

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A race of dragons with black scales who breathe dark flames. These descendants of one of the monsters who assumed the title of “mamono lord” in antiquity are also called “evil dragons”. Unlike the original species, they assert that the desire to breed with humans is a proper urge for a dragon to have, while on the other hand, they are even more arrogant than the originals. As far as they are concerned, humans are nothing but creatures that exist solely to propagate dragons who are the great and powerful masters of all creation.

    Their sinister and decadent beauty terrifies men while at the same time arousing wicked feelings towards themselves, and most of those chosen as their mates will feel delighted to receive their favor. The souls of evil dragons are utterly stained by wicked lust towards humans.

    Because they are evil dragons, once they take a liking to a man, their hearts will be dominated by the desire to “claim their beloved's body and heart as theirs”, and the stronger they feel towards a man, the greater it will intensify. Supposing they were to assault their prey according to this desire, it would be a one-sided rape due to the pleasure. They could probably easily force a man into submission and enthrall him as a breeding partner. Yet regardless of this fact, they tend to prefer more devious methods in order to sate their wicked desires in a more ideal fashion. For example, such as by using their wits and cunning to skillfully flare up their prey's desire and coaxing him by saying they'll grant his wishes in exchange for obedience, or even by using their own bodies and behaving in the manner of a succuba to seize a prey's heart and drive him crazy with the joy and pleasure of breeding...

    Via such methods, they induce their prey to walk the path of depravity and become theirs of his own free will. In this way, despite being fiendish monsters, perhaps due to their overwhelming power, they also have easy-going personalities. Most of their mates will be enthralled with breeding, and forget themselves given the slightest effort made by the evil dragon and will tend to take actions such as clinging to them and burying their faces in their bosom. However, evil dragons seem to perceive such breaches of etiquette by their mates to be genuinely endearing and will affirm any reproductive urges directed towards themselves with their own bodies.

    Evil dragons are also known for displaying an extraordinary amount of attachment towards their mates and doting on them. While generally tolerant, they will never forgive those who disturb them while immersed in breeding with their mates and will remain persistently hostile especially towards those who threaten their mates. There is even a record that remains regarding that persistence. Once, the hero of a certain kingdom set forth to vanquish an evil dragon and pointed a spear at the dragon's mate. This resulted in the corruption of that entire kingdom into a mamono realm.

    Dragon blood is believed to grant humans power, but the blood of evil dragons is terrifying in that it not only grants power, but also taints the hearts and souls of recipients with evil, changing them into minions of the evil dragon. If it's a male, he'll be tormented by a desire to breed with a wicked dragon to an abnormal degree, and if it's a human female, then she'll transform into a “dragonewt” and harbor a wicked soul with wicked desires, becoming the vanguard who advances the cause of evil dragon reproduction. In such cases, depending on her qualities, it could even lead to the birth of a new evil dragon. In addition, the blood of evil dragons will also taint that of the originals and transform them into evil dragons.

    They're gracious even towards their enemies so long as they don't harm their mates, but sometimes they're extremely aggressive towards other members of the dragon family. In particular, they seem to despise those who have determined their own prey, yet fail to make any moves to pursue reproduction, and will aim to corrupt them into evil dragons. To these girls, dragon reproduction is the purpose of human existence, and every dragon should bear the offspring of her beloved man.

    The act of corrupting a dragon amounts to little more than exposing the true nature of the dragon family. Whatever gets in the way of humans and dragons assuming their rightful roles, be it the state, or be it other dragons who cover up their own desires, is to be detested.

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