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    • As with other races where size/physique are not specified, malef dragons are not restricted to petite figures. In fact, as dragons tend to be large, they're more likely to be voluptuous "older sister" types. The malef dragon in the profile art is simply a young one. (source: Making Of article on Patreon).
    • Malef dragons do not breathe normal dragon fire, but instead a black flame that is highly invasive to mana and strong against dragon fire. If the two flame attacks are used against each other, the black flame swallows up the dragon flame. (source: Patreon Q and A).
    • Those hit by the flame (often men targeted to become the husband of a malef dragon or dragonewt) will have it cling to them like an aura of darkness. The fire is fueled by their desires, and can’t be extinguished until they fulfill their sexual desires. (source: Patreon Q and A).
    • Malef dragons do not oppose the extremist faction and may ally with them at times, but they will not be subordinate to them as their mindsets are somewhat different (i.e. their focus is squarely on dragon reproduction and prosperity with their husbands). A malef may join the extremists as a guest general. (source: Patreon Q and A).
    • There is a legend in the MGE world about the mamono lord who was the progenitor of the malef dragon race. Known as "Draco-Mamono Lord Malef" he was slain in battle by the hero of that era. The hero was sprayed with the dragon’s blood, and Malef cursed the hero to never grow old or die. As the dragon died, he swore to the hero he would appear before him again one day. (source: Patreon Q and A).
    • There is also a more recent rumor related to the legend. Namely, it is said that somewhere in the world, in a secluded place, lives a mysterious sage who is knowledgeable of an ancient age when dragons controlled the world. He possesses great skill in swordsmanship, and is always accompanied by his beautiful wife, a dragon with black scales. They are said to spend their time sometimes fighting on such a scale that the very landscape changes, and other times in a friendly mating frenzy. (source: Patreon Q and A).

    Extra Info[edit]

    「Evil Dragon Kingdom」

    A dragon kingdom comprised mainly of “dragonewts” and their male human mates headed by a powerful “Malef Dragon”. These dark mamono realms have a wicked atmosphere and are considered to be among the most terrifying and dangerous kinds of all by the Order of the Chief God.

    The original species of dragons tend to avoid getting involved with humans any more than is necessary, but due to the nature of evil dragons, they tend to take action to usurp control of humans and human states. Human towns and states are often taken over by evil dragons using overwhelming power and become kingdoms where the dragons and their dragonewt minions breed as they desire. The people of evil dragon kingdoms, whether human or monster, male or female, will be given Malef Dragon blood as proof of subordination to the evil dragon, and all human women will be transformed into “dragonewts”.

    Evil dragons and their minions revere “Draco-Mamono Lord Malef”, one of the mamono lords from the era when monsters were monstrous in form, as their progenitor and worship her as a god. On the other hand, in connection with the genealogy of the current mamono lord, they have now taken on the nature of succubae, and yet they are not under the monster lord's command. However, it's not like they are hostile towards the mamono lord. They pretty much have a cooperative relationship. There are still other races of monsters besides dragons among the denizens of evil dragon kingdoms, although they are a minority. As stated previously, even monsters other than dragons are given dragon blood by the Malef Dragon too, and thus they are accepted into the kingdom as minions of the evil dragon.

    Monsters given evil dragon blood will have more powerful reproductive urges towards their spouses and at the same time their hearts will be constantly overpowered by the wicked desire to “control their beloved physically and emotionally and breed according to their own urges” just like an evil dragon. In these kingdoms where dragons rule over humans, all dragons are guaranteed a life where they can satisfy their urge to breed, and men chosen as mates are deemed obligated to fulfill the desires of their dragon spouses. Also, when breeding results in the birth of children, it's one of the most auspicious events: “More dragons in the world means dragons are closer to world domination”, “Many humans will be conquered by the new dragons, and the world of dragon reproduction will expand”. Furthermore, the Malef Dragon reigns as a dignified ruler, yet their rule is extremely lenient.

    In addition, whether they were born as monsters or monsterized during the conquest, the evil dragon's minions all view her as a being who protects the people with overwhelming power and guarantees them days of breeding filled with pleasure, so it is said they mostly adore the Malef Dragon. Also, regardless of being clearly dominated by dragons, human men hardly ever rebel against the Malef Dragon either. They are treated as “existing for the purpose of dragon reproduction”, but on the other hand, as long as they don't object to the notion that the act of breeding with one's dragon mate “is serving one's rightful purpose as a human”, then they're extremely open minded regarding anything else. Other than that, there are no differences in social status between humans and dragons other than the Malef Dragon being the absolute ruler. That's probably because in their society there are humans who work with dragons as subordinates, and couples with a relationship where the man is the master and the dragon is the servant are also commonplace. (However, for example, the dragon subordinate may ravish her mate who is also her boss to restore fatigue when worn out from working and satisfy her urge to breed, and in the name of service, a dragon servant can do it whenever and however much she pleases, using her mate who is her master. Anything satisfying the urge to breed is permitted in an evil dragon's kingdom. )

    Above all else, those who become mates of evil dragons are constantly shown the beauty of dragons as creatures as well as their overwhelming presence, and they become enthralled with breeding with their mates. For that reason, on the contrary, they take joy in being chosen as “a being for the purpose of dragon reproduction” by an evil dragon or one or her minions, and most adore them.

    Also, just as a dragon's urge to breed with her mate is respected above all, at the same time, to the evil dragon and her minions, when a man directs his own urges towards his dragon mate, it is also regarded as something to be welcomed with delight. Therefore, while an evil dragon's kingdom is a country where dragons can breed with their mates according to their own desires, on the flip side, the same also goes for men. Furthermore, since all of the men are given blood by the evil dragon, even the average citizen has superhuman physical abilities and at the same time will habitually direct abnormally excessive lust towards his mate and still retain endless stamina even after sating it.

    However, while they may be free, evil dragons are mostly individualists who prioritize breeding with their own mates above all else, so I won't even pretend that there's any public decency in their kingdoms. Male mates are to be used whenever and wherever a dragon wants to satisfy the urge to breed, so even in town when there are others around, dragons can of course be frequently seen dragging their mates into back alleys by the arms, or pushing their mates against walls and fondling them. In fact, it's to the point that sometimes dragons are even seen pushing over their men and ravishing them in the cowgirl position. Also, unmarried men are considered fair game for all unmarried dragons. Because these kingdoms are free and tolerant, many unscrupulous monsters also slip in and unmarried men are constantly pursued by them. What's more, because of the evil dragon's instinct to induce a man to want to become hers of his own accord, the evil dragons who make up the general population will try to tempt a man onto the path of depravity, of course in brothels, but also even in general shops and restaurants.


     強大な支配者である邪竜「マレフドラゴン」を頂点に、主に邪竜の眷属である「ドラゴニュート」と、そのつがいである人間の男性を住民として構成される竜たちの王国。  邪悪な雰囲気の漂う暗黒魔界であり、主神教団の間では魔界の中でも特に恐ろしいな魔界のひとつとして危険視されている。  原種のドラゴンは必要以上の人間との関わりを避ける傾向があるが、邪竜は性質上、人間や人間の国家を支配下に置くべく行動する傾向があり、しばしば人間の街や国家が邪竜の圧倒的な力により支配され、邪竜とその眷属が欲望のままにつがいとの繁殖を行う邪竜の王国となる。  邪竜の王国の民は人間、魔物、男性女性を問わず、邪竜の眷属の証としてマレフドラゴンに血を与えられており、全ての人間の女性は「ドラゴニュート」へと変わっている。    邪竜とその眷属は、魔物が怪物の姿であった頃の魔王のうちの一体、「竜魔王メイレフ」を始祖であり神として崇めており、一方で現在の魔王の系譜に連なり淫魔の性質を身に着けているものの魔王の部下では無い。  ただし、魔王と敵対しているというわけではなく、基本的には協力関係にあり、邪竜の王国には竜ではない他の種族の魔物の住人も比較的小数ながら暮らしている。  前述の通り、竜以外の種族の魔物もマレフドラゴンからの血を与えられており、それにより邪竜の眷属として王国に受け入れられる。  邪竜の血を与えられた魔物は、より一層、伴侶に対する繁殖の欲求が強まると共に、邪竜たちの様に「愛する者を身も心も支配し、自らの繁殖欲求のままに」という邪な欲望が常に心を支配する事となる。    竜が人を支配するこの王国においては、全ての竜には繁殖の欲求を満たす生が保証され、つがいとして選ばれた男性は伴侶たる竜の繁殖欲求を満たさなければならないとされている。  また、王国では繁殖の末に子供が産まれる事は「この世界に竜が増え、竜の統べる世界へと近づいたという事」「新たな竜の手により多くの人間が支配下に置かれ、竜が繁殖する世界が広がること」であり、何よりも祝福されるべき出来事の一つである。    王国ではマレフドラゴンが威厳に満ちた絶対的な支配者として君臨する事となるが、支配者としての彼女は非常に寛大で大らかである。  加えて、生まれながら魔物である邪竜の眷属、また国が支配下に置かれた際に魔物化し、眷属となった元人間の女性達にとって、マレフドラゴンはその圧倒的な力により民を庇護し、繁殖の快楽に満ちた日々を約束する存在であるため、彼女達の多くがマレフドラゴンに心酔しているのだという。    また、明確に竜の支配下に置かれているにも関わらず、人間の男性においてもマレフドラゴンへの反発は見られない事がほとんどである。  「竜が繁殖するための存在」として扱われはするものの、一方で、つがいの竜と繁殖を行うという「人間としての在るべき姿」を違えていないのであれば、それ以外のことがらに関しては極めて自由な気風であると共に、それ以外の竜と人との社会的な地位の差は存在せず、絶対的な支配者がマレフドラゴンである以外は、社会において人が竜を部下に仕事をする事や、主人の男性と使用人の竜といったつがい関係も当然の様に存在するためだろう。 (ただし、部下である竜が仕事の疲れを癒すべく、つがいである上司を犯して繁殖欲求を満たしたり、 奉仕の名目で使用人の竜がしたい時にしたいだけ、つがいである主人を使い繁殖欲求を満たすといった行為が許されるのも邪竜の王国である。)  加えて何よりも、邪竜のつがいとなった者たちは常に間近で竜達の生物としての美しさ、圧倒的な存在感を見せつけられており、そんなつがいとの繁殖の虜となっている。  そのため、自身が邪竜とその眷属に選ばれた「竜が繁殖するための存在」であることに、むしろ悦びを感じ、心酔している者が多いのである。  また、竜がつがいに向ける繁殖欲求が何よりも尊重される事と同様に、邪竜とその眷属にとって、男性がつがいの竜に向ける繁殖欲求は喜ばしく尊ぶべきものであるとされている。  それ故に邪竜の王国は竜たちが欲望のままにつがいとの繁殖を行える国である一方で、男性にとってもまた、欲望のままにつがいとの繁殖を行える国なのだ。  なお、全ての男性は邪竜により血を与えられているため、一般住民に至るまで超人的な身体能力を持つと共に日頃よりつがいに対して異常な程の繁殖欲求を向け、かつそれを満たしても尽きる事のない精力を持つとされている。    しかし自由である一方、邪竜達の多くが個人主義かつ、自分がつがいと繁殖を行う事を何よりも優先するため、邪竜の王国の治安はお世辞にも良いとはいえない。  つがいの男性は、竜が繁殖欲求を満たすために何時如何なる時も、好きに使ってよい存在であるため、人の目がある街中ですら、つがいの腕を引いて路地裏に連れ込む竜の姿や、壁に追い込みつがいの身体を弄る竜の姿が頻繁に見られるのはもちろんのこと、時折つがいの男性を押し倒し、馬乗りで犯す竜の姿すら見られる程である。  また、未婚の男性は全ての未婚の竜にとって、好きに繁殖に使ってよい存在とされている。王国は自由で寛大であるが故に、ガラが良いとはいえない魔物達も多く入り込んでおり、未婚の男性は常に彼女達に狙われる存在なのだ。  加えて、人を堕落へと導き、自ら邪竜のモノとなりたがる様に仕向けるという邪竜の本能から、男性向けの娼館はもちろん、一般的な商店や飲食店に至るまで、王国の一般住民であるすべての邪竜達が隙あらば男性を堕落の道に誘おうとする事だろう。

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