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    The Mamono Lord
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    Mamono Lord
    Mamono Realm

    The Mamono Lord, alternatively translated Monster Lord, Overlord or sometimes Maou (Kenkou Cross considers the "demon lord" translation misleading, as the position is not meant to imply that the ruler is necessarily a demon type monster or only rules over demons), is the leader of all the monsters in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. There have been multiple Mamono Lords, and the title may have been held by very many monsters since the creation of the world. Previous holders have been bloodthirsty anthrocidal killers in the classical "monster" tradition, but the current incumbent, a succubus, is rather more a lover than a fighter.

    The Current Mamono Lord[edit]

    The current Mamono Lord is responsible for transforming monsters into the human-loving creatures we know of today, and is the mother of all the lilim. Other details on her personality and interests (beyond sex) are sketchy, in spite of her central role in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. She is at least mentioned to deeply love her husband, and the human species in general. Appearance-wise, "lilims have pale skin and pure white hair, which they share in common with the Mamono Lord and red eyes full of mamono mana". Also, the story on the punishment of the Tentacle Forest probably relates to an adventure she personally embarked on early in her reign (although the "white-haired succubus" to which it refers could conceivably be one of her daughters instead, its unlikely given how it seems to have happened not long after monsters became monster girls, and thus there was probably not enough time for any lilim to have been born and matured yet).

    Although all monsters would agree that the Mamono Lord is, at least in a nebulous sense, their "leader", the degree of control she exerts over different factions and species varies considerably. For example, while the monsters of Zipangu appreciate and respect her for giving them female forms, they are in practice almost completely autonomous. Nevertheless, the Mamono Lord's metaphysical sovereignty over the monsters does affect their behavior: just as her succubus nature influences their bodies, so too her personality influences their minds, giving all monsters a preference for monogamous relationships and not stealing other girls' husbands (though their own cultural and species norms have some influence too).

    In the previous era, usually, Mamono Lords came to power over many years by butchering their way to the top of the pile of slavering inhuman monstrosities, with the tacit approval of the Chief God, with their function being to organize the monsters and lead them on campaigns of such massive scale that humanity as a whole is culled and falls in numbers substantially. For reasons that are not completely known (there were many factors at play), the present Mamono Lord was able to short-circuit this process, gaining the title by acclamation from the other monsters (though she did fight for it as well). While most monsters in former ages literally ate humans for breakfast due to instincts instilled by the gods, the Mamono Lord was instead motivated by a deep love of those creatures that were supposed to be her enemy (she was an example of the rare monsters that were able to resist the human-killing instinct, and even come to love humans), and so she set in motion a plan to end their eons-long conflict forever, by transforming monsters into monster girls and trying to fuse the two species into what would in effect be one united "human" species (incubi as the males, and monster girls as the females). Together with her human husband (the chosen hero of the time and now even more powerful as an incubus), she drove off the Chief God (who had come down to kill both of them) in battle and began to focus on expanding her influence on the world.

    The Mamono Lord's original plan - to use the position of Mamono Lord to give monsters alluring female forms and then her own strength to rewrite the laws of reality - was only partially successful. Although it created the monster girls and removed their human-killing impulses, at present their coupling with humans can only produce female offspring: that is, more monster girls, whereas the plan was to have monster girl daughters and incubus sons. and thus produce a self-sustaining united species. Obviously, the current situation represents potentially a very slow-moving (its been a thousand years and there are still plenty of humans) demographic train crash that'll eventually lead to the extinction of monsters and humans. In order to raise her magical power to push the final stage of her plan through the Chief God's metaphysical resistance, the Mamono Lord spends plenty of her time holed up in her castle in Royal Makai screwing her husband.

    However, the Wandering Scholar advises that if one wishes to, they can seek her and her husband out and consult them for their knowledge (assuming they can make it to their castle without ending up captured by a monster). The scholar himself is stated to have interviewed her in person (perhaps thanks to the protection from other monsters offered by his Leanan Sidhe traveling companion).

    World Guide 2, in explaining magic gems, remarks that her (and her husband's) power is so intense that no magic gem has yet been crafted that is capable of holding it.

    Succubus Notebook gives the info that she is believed to be the first succubus Mamono Lord in history (succubi were at the time usually mid-rank monsters and thus unable to win the competition to gain the title of Mamono Lord), and that even before ascending the throne and gaining the power associated with her title, she was the most powerful of all succubi living at the time.

    World Guide 3 expands on our knowledge of her a bit. Namely we learn that it is rumored she has adopted at least one human girl, and used her incredible powers to make her into a succubus that is a lilim in every sense aside from her parentage. We also get a pretty clear indication (from the name of a legendary item crafted by accident by her) that the Mamono Lord's name is Lilith. Said item also gives us our first clear indication of her looks beyond her similarity to her daughters, the item depicting a very elegant and voluptuous succubus with very long hair, rather intricate horns (compared to other succubi) and magnificent wings.

    The current setting information notes that "Normally, the law of the world would not change just by replacing the Mamono Lord, and the only change that would occur to monsters would be 'an increase in the number of female-type monsters that suck humans to death.' It seems to be the result of a number of 'events that normally would not have happened', including the Mamono Lord being married to the hero of the time."[1]

    Book Information[edit]

    Mamono Lord (Early settings info)[edit]

    The Mamono Lord. The one who presently rules over the monsters is a kind of succubus who possesses extremely strong power even rivaling that of a god. She has a human (incubus) husband. She loves humans, and when she met her current husband, she started having the ambition to merge humans and monsters into one (Reference “Concerning the fundamentals of the world and the way in which it came to be.”). Her vast magical power is being used to maintain the principles of the world, and she makes great efforts day and night to further increase it. Since she's a succubus, of course the way she does that is by having sex with her husband. She deeply loves her husband, but she sure as hell tends not to show it. It is said that her minions get spooked from seeing how she fights with her husband. The world is in danger from a married couple's fight.

    The Utopia the Mamono Lord Dreams Of (MGE-1)[edit]

    Originally the mamono lord was merely one of the living things created by the chief god, and had nowhere near enough power for it to be possible for her to overwrite the chief god's settings. However, fortunately enough, because of several overlapping coincidences, she was able to achieve it. One was that she happened to be a succubus, a being that builds up power by having sex with men; one was that her current husband, who was the hero at the time, sympathized with her ambition and cooperated with her; one was that the monsters lent her their strength for some reason even though up to that point they had always fought endlessly amongst themselves, killing even their own kind in the struggle to decide a mamono lord; and one was that just as in the case of the mamono lord, a new chief god took over, but she was a goddess who was still very inexperienced. The state of the present is the product of all these coincidences.

    However, the settings that had been determined by the chief god weren't so weak that she could completely overwrite them with just that. A number of problems remained that the mamono lord hadn't foreseen. Although their objective changed from killing and devouring flesh and blood, to mating and milking semen, the setting “monsters assault humans” remained. Additionally, since the setting “monsters are biologically superior beings to humans,” also remained, nothing but the monster girls who are both mothers and superior beings actually ended up resulting from the coupling of humans and monster girls, even though the mamono lord had expected that the incubi, who are the males of the unified race, would also have been born. Because of this, the racial unification that the mamono lord seeks is impossible. Instead, the humans will probably eventually die out gradually just the way the present gods and chief god insisted it would be. And now more than ever, the chief god and mamono lord's powers are locked in a bitter struggle. It wouldn't be strange if the balance crumbled at any moment. If the mamono lord is defeated by the chief god and she loses her life, the monster girls will revert to being “monsters” whose heads are full of nothing but the desire to kill and eat humans. Should it come to that, the happiness of the monster girls who married and settled with their beloved human men will be shattered, they will end up having to kill and eat their own beloved husbands with their own hands.

    The Monsters' Hierarchy and the Mamono Lord (Fallen Maidens)[edit]

    The “Mamono Lord” who is considered to be an absolute being by the monsters is an exception to the rule of vague, loose hierarchical relationships. She reigns supreme over the monsters. Fear and respect towards the Mamono Lord is imprinted in their instinct. All of the monsters are subordinate to the Mamono Lord, and they know from birth that the Mamono Lord's energy flows within them.

    In the age of the former Mamono Lords, the Mamono Lord ruled the monsters through terror and fear using its immense power, but, appropriately for a succubus, the current Mamono Lord rules the monsters by giving them more pleasure and happiness. The current Mamono Lord doesn't bind the monsters through power and laws, but the Mamono Lord and the monsters are linked through mamono mana, and the monsters are strongly influenced by her, so it's possible for them to know her will to a certain degree. Formerly even the Mamono Lord position was decided by monsters killing each other. New Mamono Lords rose to power through rebellions, but the current Mamono Lord prefers pleasure, and doesn't like killing, and because of the way she rules, the monsters of the present have no desire whatsoever to rebel.

    The Mamono Lord (MGE-2)[edit]

    The Mamono Lord is the god-ordained ruler of the monsters. Before the rise of the current Mamono Lord, succession was governed by slaughter. The monsters fought until only one remained - their new leader. As a result, the Mamono Lord tended to be vicious and mighty in nature. Linked by mana, the Mamono Lord's power swells in proportion to monsterkind's strength; all monsters are influenced by the Mamono Lord's nature, their power rising with their leader's.

    The current Mamono Lord is a succubus, for many years, she has applied her power to absorbing essence through unceasing copulation with her partner. In this manner, she has attained a god-like power never before garnered by a Mamono Lord.

    Objecting to the endless butchery between humans and monsters, she raised her banner against the gods that dictated this. No longer would monsters instinctively kill and devour humans, instead, she decreed they should love humans libidinously and subsist by deflowering [2] them. She granted monsters beautiful, feminine forms unlike those they had before; she gave them sexual powers, diabolical in nature, and a profound love for humankind. This new premise is unchanging, even as the Mamono Lord accumulates ever-greater might and expands the forces of monsterkind. Her ultimate goal is the creation of a new, harmonious race in which humans are the males, and monsters the females.


    1. 本来であれば、魔王の代替わり程度で世界の理が変わる様なことは無く、魔物達に起こる変化は「人間を吸い殺す女性型の魔物が増える」程度のものだろう。 魔王が当時の勇者と夫婦として結ばれた事をはじめとした、いくつもの「本来ならば発生しえないできごと」が重なった結果である様だ
    2. This seems to be the only reference in all of the MGE to monsters deriving energy specifically from taking virginity. It might be because of localization issues, or simply meant as a synonym for "ravish," and similar terms rather than strictly the "deprive of virginity" meaning.
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