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    Mamono mana, alternatively translated as monster's mana, is a kind of "life force" which is possessed by monsters in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. The yin-yang analogue of the essence which is possessed by humans and other mortal creatures, mamono mana sustains monsters in a basic, metaphysical sense, as well as powering their magical abilities. It has several powers that essence does not; most obviously its ability to corrupt creatures, environments, and even gods into demonic perversions. Monsters also innately possess, and can store, far larger amounts of energy than humans innately can.

    However, its disadvantage is that they release more of the energy from their bodies than humans do, and while this does serve various purposes, it also leads to a lot of energy loss (monsters can be said to be high-performance, low-efficiency beings, a trait common in the higher beings of the MGE world such as gods). This loss is compounded by how, like human women, the monster's ability to recover their energy via internal generation is fairly weak. In the previous era, if a monster's internal reserves were depleted too much, and there was no proper source of ambient energy to absorb (or many humans to consume) they would have to enter a period of prolonged dormancy until their internal energy generation completed its work. This comparative lack of generative ability is one of the reasons that monster girls hunger insatiably for semen: it contains more essence than anything else, so constitutes a feast for their demonic constitutions, and enables rapid recovery or even increase in their maximum mamono mana levels.

    When highly concentrated, mamono mana can appear as a physical substance: a black, tarry goo that spontaneously forms into ominous, tendril-trailing spheres. Too much in one place may spawn its own elemental, a dark matter (though the amount required for this is extreme, hence why there are very few dark matter).

    Similar to essence, mamono mana is unique to each individual. It's possible to identify race, and even uniquely identify an individual by performing a detailed analysis of mana.

    General features[edit]

    Khepris gather mamono mana into black spheres and store them, awaiting a husband to infuse with it

    Technically each species of monster has its own mamono mana: so there's werewolf mamono mana; bubble slime mamono mana; vampire mamono mana, etc. However, they also all contain part of the energy of whatever Mamono Lord is currently in power, and are thus linked to this lord on a spiritual level. In the age of the former Mamono Lords, this link was used by the Mamono Lord to help organize and dominate the largely-savage monster hordes, but the current Mamono Lord used the link (and other special circumstances) to have her succubus mamono mana alter the bodies of every species. This is why the monsters are now monster girls, with curvy female bodies, sky-high lusts, and the ability (or requirement) to use semen as a dietary staple. It's also why getting bitten by a large mouse turns female victims into the same monster: when enough of the relevant type of mamono mana enters her body, a woman transforms according to the specific source of her magical corruption.

    As well as powering monsters' basic existence in general, mamono mana in surplus strengthens their spells, boosts their physical abilities, ramps up their lusts, and lengthens their lifespans. Different monster species innately have different amounts of this energy, which is what accounts for the power difference between, for example, slimes and lilims. Nevertheless, all monsters from slimes to lilims can massively boost their powers by amassing more mamono mana; and the way to do this is to have more sex and take in more essence. As with humans and elves and dwarves, monsters' exertion, spell-casting, and just generally being alive causes mamono mana to be lost from their bodies. Although they can survive on mana contained in normal foods.

    Magic system nymphomancy was developed by succubi since the time of former mamono lords and requires mamono mana.

    Passive effects[edit]

    The passive effects of mamono mana are possibly more important than the active, hex-throwing ones: it transforms human lands into ominous mamono realms, and then induces mana corruption in females who enter them. On a more personal level, the part-succubus nature of the energy causes mental, physical, and metaphysical aspects to turn towards sex. Infirmities heal, moods turn lustful, and the usually much weaker man is reflexively protected from any serious harm during sex via the monster's mana reinforcing his body, blunting a monster girl's sharp parts, etc.

    Mamono mana is partly empathic in its effects. For married monster-incubus couples, the magical effect subtly molds the bodies of both towards their opposite number's preferred sex-fantasy: most obviously, incubi changing their age-appearance to match their mate's taste [1]. To an extent, mamono mana is also shaped by the Mamono Lord; monsters' usual preference for monogamy, and not stealing other monsters' husbands, is attributed to some of her personality traits being transmitted to her subordinates [2] via mamono mana.

    Mamono mana created via intimacy[edit]

    Perhaps the most important of all its effects however, is that when the energy interacts with other types of mana, in certain circumstances (namely during sex or other intimate behavior) it doesn't simply consume it and gain whatever amount of energy it takes in, rather there is a reaction where after it is consumed there is more total mana than existed previously (sometimes as much as double the initial amount). This physics-defying ability was not always a part of mamono mana, and only came about when the current Mamono Lord came to power and managed to turn all the monsters into monster girls. It is as yet unknown by even the most acclaimed researchers in Sabbath as to how exactly she did it or how it works, but the result has been a major key to human and monster coexistence as well as monster prosperity.

    Namely, this effect allows a monster to feed as much as she wants on her mate's energy without draining him to death (as was a common risk in the previous era) as she can freely return to him the excess energy created by her energy interacting with his, so he never truly runs out to the point of death (though he still may feel overwhelmed by the pleasure to the point of hallucinating that he's been drained dry). In a worst-case scenario, it even allows for a couple to not need any outside food or energy at all, being able to subsist entirely on the energy they generate during sex. The excess energy created from sex also allows for mamono mana to be gathered and sold as a power source or for experiments without any detriment to who it is gathered from.

    It is notable that this reaction between mamono mana and other types of mana is not without a requirement, if one is to take full advantage of it. Namely, the interaction must include genuine affection from the monster whose energy is reacting with the other mana, or the mana-creating effect will greatly weaken. If she did not care at all for her partner for instance, and simply milked him mechanically, then the total amount of mana would only increase slightly, and the monster would have to return most of what she milked in order to keep the man healthy.

    Book Information[edit]

    There are very many sections in the various Monster Girl Encyclopedias that cover mamono mana. In addition to the texts below, see also The Source of Mamono Mana, The Various Roles of Mamono Mana, Succubus' Mamono Mana, Mana Corruption, The Spell Resistance Possessed by Mamono Mana

    Mamono Mana; Early settings info[edit]

    Mamono Mana is different from the human perception of it (ie, it's really MM, not Essence), and is inversely proportionate to Essence. However, because they're both commonly known as MAGICAL energy, there's not much of a distinction.

    Mamono Mana (Henceforth referred to as MM) can be said to be the life-force within all monsters.

    Although MM can usually be produced by the consumption of food, monsters like succubi require human Essence for MM production. in their bodies. Succubi in general are better able to channel MM as opposed to Essence, and project it out of their bodies. Human males bathed in this energy will find their lifespan lengthened and their sexual desires increased.

    Due to the high concentration of MM that a succubus possesses, human males involved with the succubus often will have MM injected and spread deep into their bodies, allowing them to store both MM and essence within them. This results in a transformation in personality, and they become known as Incubi (Single: Incubus).

    It is also worth noting that the realm full of (and transformed by) this Mamono Mana is appropriately referred to as the Mamono Realm.

    The Mamono Mana of Monsters; MGE1[edit]

    The mamono mana of monsters is a vital energy that all monsters have inside their bodies. It's relationship with the previously discussed essence is like the other side of the same coin. Since the spells they use also consume this energy, both it and essence are generally referred to as “magical energy,” and there isn't a great distinction drawn between them. Mamono mana is a general term for the magical energy that all monsters possess. Every race has its own particular kind of magical energy. Technically, if it's a succubus, then it's called succubus' mamono mana, and if it's a werewolf, then it's called werewolf's mamono mana.

    Mamono Mana; Fallen Maidens[edit]

    “Mamono mana” is the vital energy that all monsters have inside of their bodies. Monsters always have a race specific “mamono mana” along with “succubus' mamono mana” that pours into them from the Mamono Lord. Compared to humans, many of them have high magic power. Since mamono mana is mainly produced by absorbing “male human essence” and converting it into mamono mana inside of their body, it is purported that the more an individual has sex with men, the higher the magical energy she will possess.

    Due to this magical energy, the spells they use are often vastly more powerful than similar spells used by ordinary humans. Some of them even have magical energy powerful enough to level a small town. However, of course, being monsters, they wouldn't use their magic power for something like that. Instead, it is mainly used for spells to seduce men, or enhance sex with men. “succubus' mamono mana” is an energy that is especially well suited for charm and aphrodisiac spells, etc. In the present, since all monsters have at least a bit of succubus' mamono mana, the charm spells which were only used by some monsters such as succubus, etc. are now regarded as the chief fundamental spells that monsters use. Furthermore, not all monsters can use high level spells. Even if all monsters have magical energy inside their bodies, they may not know how to use that energy freely, or they may not have the intelligence necessary to use it. Some races are not good at handling magical energy, and some can't handle it at all. For such reasons, there are many monsters that can't use spells at all.

    Aside from spell casting, small amounts of mamono mana are naturally continually released from the monsters' bodies. Monsters are always in a state where they're draped in mamono mana. This mamono mana that is released is used by them unconsciously for various purposes. When they have sex with a man, the energy serves to protect the man's body. No matter how roughly and how long they have sex, the man's body never enters an abnormal state worse than fatigue, and he can never die due to sex. It also ensures that the man won't be harmed by the monster's horns, scales, etc. If the man touches the tip of a pointed horn or scale, the mamono mana covering the horn or scale gently pushes him back with a feeling like the touch of soft skin.

    Succubus by Default; Fallen Maidens[edit]

    I think one can tell this from all the monsterization cases I've introduced so far, but in cases where the monsterization was not caused by a specific monster, such as case 2's essence erosion, case 3's external wounds, and case 11's food, etc., the result is by far mostly transformation into a succubus.

    This is because the current Mamono Lord belongs to the succubus family. Presently, the succubi are the core of the monsters. All monsters that are linked to the Mamono Lord via mamono mana possess “succubus' energy” in addition to their own race's energy.

    In the case where the mamono mana of several races is mixed together, the succubus' energy takes precedence. The mamono mana of other races is all taken in and converted into “succubus' energy”. For that reason, even though the mamono realm is full of the mamono mana of a diverse variety of monsters, it's still all basically that of the succubus. When a human woman is violated by the mamono mana of the mamono realm, or eats a fruit that was raised in the mamono realm, she'll naturally become a “succubus.”

    Additionally, if there isn't a diverse variety of monsters, and instead it's a concentration of just the same race, and the mamono realm is full of just that race's mamono mana, or, the overwhelming majority of the pure mamono mana belongs to that race, in that case a human woman would transform not into a succubus, but into that race instead. In other words, if there were a mamono realm where only slimes and nothing but slimes lived, being violated by the mamono mana there, or eating the food grown there would cause a woman to transform into a “slime” instead of a “succubus”.

    Mamono's Mana; Sabbath Grimoires[edit]

    Since all monsters are under the mamono lord's influence, all mamono mana contains “succubus mana” within it. This mamono mana has several special properties that are absent in the mana of other living things. One is that by pouring it into humans, it accelerates the release of the mana originally possessed by that person, which is a power with inma origins. In other words, when mana is poured inside men, it facilitates more frequent and voluminous ejaculations, enabling monsters to feed on their favorite treat, “essence”, smoothly.

    Additionally, a major characteristic of mamono mana is that it has the power of “erosion”; it actively binds with other mana and converts it into mamono mana. If a human woman's body is showered in large amounts of mamono mana, even the mana she originally possessed will all convert into mamono mana, and the inside of her body will be filled with mamono mana instead of human mana, triggering “monsterization”, transforming her body and even her mind into that of a monster. The same applies to other entities as well such as “spirits” which are formed entirely of mana. Since they do not have bodies, they are even more defenseless and vulnerable to erosion by mamono mana, and will be easily converted into monsters with comparatively less mana exerted. Furthermore, even animals, plants, etc., are affected by erosion and may convert into different varieties, and even the properties of goods such as swords and magic items may be altered when imbued with mana. Mamono mana has the property of being strongly drawn to emotions and intentions. Perhaps because of the succubus mana contained within, it will attempt to erode especially aggressively and bind with women whose hearts are filled with emotions such as “desire”, “love”, and “attachment”, or complex entanglements of them. Mamono mana acclimates more easily to human women who have such powerful emotions and mentalities, and they may be innately highly predisposed to monsterization and conversion into a specific race.

    It is said that such individuals “became monsters because they were meant to be”, and compared to those who were originally monsters to begin with, there is a strong tendency for them to end up as monsters with an even more lascivious mentality who are filled with desire for even greater pleasure and enjoyment. Moreover, mamono mana not only affects humans, but is even drawn to animals with strong emotions, and sometimes even non-living things or plants which were imbued with strong human sentiments, monsterizing them as well. Mana is a mass of pure energy. Originally, it has no will, but aggregates of highly condensed mana will at times spring to life purely as vital energy endowed with emotion and a will. Due to its nature, mamono mana can easily manifest emotions such as “desire” and “love” towards human men even just as a mass of mana, and may even convert into monsters formed purely of mana such as “dark matters (Encyclopedia I – p. 226)”, etc.

    Ordinarily, when combining mana, the relationship is purely additive or subtractive. In other words, if you add one mana to one mana, you simply get two mana. And to cancel out two mana requires the same amount, two mana. This rule is applied regardless of the mana's possessor, and like in the case of adding divine mana to human mana, it is the same when combining the mana of other different races too. Due to the synergy of different kinds of mana and the resultant improved efficiency of mana consumption, greater effects than normal can be exhibited when using magic; however, the amount of mana itself follows the basic rule. Also, even if you crash mana into mana to cancel it out, each type of mana just scatters into the surroundings rather than disappearing. No matter what the case, the total amount of mana in existence remains constant. This used to be the fundamental rule concerning mana.

    However, this rule only persistently applied during and before “the age of the former mamono lords”, before the current mamono lord came to power, and we monsters assumed the forms of women. Since the arrival of the present-day “age of the new mamono lord”, the beings known as monsters have changed greatly, and the properties of mana have also changed, so this rule has also been broken.

    The most noteworthy property of modern mamono mana is that when added to the mana of other races, in other words, when eroding it and converting it into mamono mana, it causes the amount of assimilated mana to tremendously increase. That is to say, binding one mamono mana with one human mana can result in a total amount of mana as high as three or four. Furthermore, even if you crash less than one mamono mana into two mana, not only will they not cancel each other out, instead due to erosion, the total amount will increase, and all the mana will effectively end up being engulfed by the mamono mana. Back when mamono mana used to obey the “fundamental rule”, when inma had sex with humans during the age of the former mamono lord and milked them of mana, since the total of amount of mana was fixed, it was just exploitation and a unilateral usurpation of mana from humans, and being sucked dry of life force would often prove fatal. However, when monsters have sex with men and milk them of mana currently, since mamono mana increases the total amount of mana, monsters have become able to gain mana while still returning an amount greater than or equal to what they took to the men. Ordinarily, when a man ejaculates, he's releasing vital energy outside of his body, so he should experience feelings of malaise and fatigue, but since that which is released is replenished on the spot by even more mana, instead, it turns out that the more he engages in sex, the greater his vigor and stamina will surge. Because of that, although the penis should normally wither and lose power, even if a man pours mana inside a monster countless times, his erection will continuously tower without withering, and it's possible for man and monster to continue having sex according to one another's insatiable lust and urges.

    Men end up ejaculating repeatedly in a single night to the point that it seems as though they have been milked dry. The pleasure and ecstasy experienced from having the mana sucked out of themselves certainly is so potent that it causes men to hallucinate as if they had their entire life drained out of them along with it, but of course, the mana is continuously replenished, so there's no way that a man could actually be milked dry to the point of death. In other words, not only the monster, but the man also sustains himself on mamono mana through sexual intercourse, from which he can obtain the required energy for vital functions. As long as they're having sex, a man and monster married couple don't even need to utilize any other means of energy replenishment such as eating, etc. and they're still able to live. Also, even without using sex as an intermediary, just by touching each other, or even just being near each other, this mechanism works. They say that man and monster married couples elevate one another's abilities just by living together. “Dragon knights”, human male riders who fight astride dragon mounts such as “dragons (Encyclopedia I – p. 214”) or “wyverns (Encyclopedia II – p. 152)” exploit this effect, with the dragon mount becoming even more powerful and agile than she would be individually, and the rider's combat strength becoming incomparably higher than it would be individually.

    Furthermore, this special mana-amplifying characteristic can exhibit even higher effects by thoroughly, carefully, and persistently mixing together one another's mana, and is capable of producing even larger amounts of mana. By milking mana precisely when one another's bodies and hearts are in a rapturous state due to mutual gratification from the pleasure and ecstasy, a couple's mana melts into a gooey mess and mixes together, resulting in gradual fusion through deeper intertwining and binding. That is to say, more passionate sex with one's partner, filled with love and pleasure, is required. Due to the nature of monsters, I've never heard of even a single case like this, but let's say a monster went around indiscriminately milking a large number of men of their mana. Just continuing to mechanically milk men would not increase the total mana by much, and the monster would lose almost all of the mana just from returning the amount milked to the men, so she would end up gaining only an extremely small amount. In order to deliciously feed on mana and satisfy herself, “being joined with one's beloved partner”, and “sex that is filled with mutual pleasure and happiness” are elements that cannot be absent.

    An old adage that we can say has been handed down by the succubi is this: “without delicious sex and pleasure, there is ne delicious mana.”

    While we have been greatly blessed by the mutation of mamono mana that overturned the great fundamental rule of mana, and organizations such as Sabbaths are conducting research and investigations concerning it, the reason why mamono mana mutated in this manner and the underlying mechanism behind increasing the amount of mana still have yet to be ascertained. But this increase in the total amount of mana is the main cause behind the birth of today's new monster races and the rapid increase in “spirit realms” which are new dimensions created by powerful monsters, and it's certainly useful for developing magical techniques and enriching our sex lives with our partners.

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    1. MGE-1; Mental and Physical Changes Caused by Incubization: "Just like monsters, their appearance stops aging at a certain stage. It could be as a boy, as a young man, or as a mature man. Since an incubus is a being that's convenient for a monster, they change depending on the tastes of the monster that they're paired with."
    2. MGE-1; Relationship with Human Men: "it may also simply be explained that the personality of the current mamono lord who changed their traits is showing up in the instincts of the monsters."
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