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    Man-eater (Claustrophyte)

    Man-eater (Claustrophyte)
    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Man-eater / Plant
    Ferocious, clingy.
    The semen of human men, nutrients in the soil.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    November 21st, 2023
    kurobinega.sakura.ne.jp - Man-eater (Claustrophyte)

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Ever since the era of the former mamono lords, Man-eaters, who seize and restrain their human male prey with specialized leaves, have been considered emblematic of plant monsters. As a matter of fact, they are divided into several different races depending on the particular shape of their leaves which differ considerably. The various shapes mean they each have their own way of seizing prey, but other than that, in terms of diet, disposition, and ecology, they are all mostly the same, so we call them "Man-eaters" in general. The "Claustrophyte" variety are distinguished by having enormous leaves like the great maw of a beast. When capturing prey, they seize a man by wrapping the legs of their humanoid body around his waist while taking his manhood inside their lower half, and on top of that, they shut their enormous leaves to completely trap him inside. Such is the manner in which they secure what they call their husbands, men whose purpose is to practically permanently provide the semen which they feed on.

    A big weapon to employ against their prey that all Man-eaters share in common is the "digestive fluid" that their bodies secrete. In the former era, it was used to dissolve their prey, but now its nature has changed drastically. When the evaporated fluid is breathed in by humans, it causes them to become unable to think straight as if a portion of their thoughts were slowly melting away, so when a man sees an alluring beauty in front of him waiting to welcome him with open arms, he won't even be alarmed by the atrocious appearance of the leaves surrounding her body, and he'll be easily lured in.

    Also, in its liquid state, not only can the digestive fluid dissolve the armor and clothing of their prey, soaking it into his body remarkably reduces his natural resistance to it, meaning that by showering their prey's body in it over and over again, they can make him infinitely more vulnerable to it and to the pleasure induced by their own body which constantly secretes it. Naturally, the inside of their leaves is constantly filled with it, and once captured, after their prey's body has already been immersed in it, getting close and rubbing her body against his to directly rub it in and further exchanging a kiss and spitting it directly inside would instantly eliminate resistance to pleasure and the digestive fluid. And once that happens, eating is all that's left. Mere skin to skin contact with her vulnerable prey's body will cause him to be attacked by such pleasure that it'll feel like ejaculation is imminent, and should his manhood be taken inside, he would be powerless to resist and could do naught but ejaculate over and over again.

    What's more, although Man-eaters directly feed on semen, they say just the very act of continuously holding their husband captive and having him be there inside their leaves itself produces strong feelings of joy and fulfilment, which is something all Man-eaters share in common. In the case of Claustrophytes, they have a strong preference for the very act of wrapping their legs around their husband's waist while joined together and completely shutting their leaves to create a space for just the two of them itself. Even normally, they spend just as much time in this state as they do when acquiring semen for sustenance, and perhaps even more so. For them, it's a top priority. Even when not actively milking semen, they like to spend their time joined to their husband to the fullest extent so they can indulge in pleasure and essence while both of them slowly move their hips together. Since they prefer to be like that as much as possible, even after a couple's relationship has progressed to the point that him running off would already be unthinkable, and he would never entertain such thoughts, it would still be a big headache for a husband to convince his wife to let him get away from her for even just a little while.

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