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    Man-eater (Saccophyte)

    Man-eater (Saccophyte)
    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Man-eater / Plant
    Ferocious, clingy.
    The semen of human men, nutrients in the soil.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    December 30th, 2023
    kurobinega.sakura.ne.jp - Man-eater (Saccophyte)

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Plant type monsters feared as man eating plants that lie in ambush to seize their prey in forests. Maneaters share a common ecology in that they have specialized "leaves" for seizing and restraining their human male prey so that may continue to feed on essence in near perpetuity, but they can be classified into several varieties depending the shape of their "leaves". The "Saccophytes" are distinguished by their massive, wonderfully elastic sacciform leaves which can fit the entirety of their humanoid portion along with their male prey.

    Like other Maneaters, their bodies secrete "digestive fluids" which aid in predation, and when lying in wait for prey, they disperse a vaporized form of these fluids into their surroundings. Prey who breathe it in will become unable to think straight as if their brains had turned into mush so that they won't have second thoughts or even be able to sense the oddity of the spectacle of a beauty in the forest sitting on a bizarre sac-like plant smiling and enticing them although they normally would. And then, after that, the Saccophyte would only have to wait with open arms, and the prey would dive into them as tempted, and wind up going into their sac. Upon taking in prey in this manner, their sacciform leaves will immediately begin to expand, completely enveloping the entire body of the prey along with their own humanoid portion with their limbs wrapped firmly around him arresting his movement. This chain of events is how this variety seizes and restrains their prey.

    The interior of the sac cannot be observed from outside; however, their bodies are smooshed together within the confines of the narrow sac meaning that even the slightest movement results in skin on skin friction, and they'd be in a state where their lower halves are constantly joined together. What's more, the sac is full of digestive fluids. In other words, the captured man's lower half would constantly be soaked in it. Once his body is immersed, he wouldn't be able to muster strength or resist the pleasure, and it would be near impossible for the prey to escape the sac on his own. He'd be helpless to do anything but continue to soak in the pleasure provided by the one he is joined with. She could spur ejaculation with just a slight movement, and of course, since he wouldn't have the strength to resist, he'd have to repeatedly ejaculate and continue periodically pouring in semen.

    Furthermore, since they seem passive when capturing prey, and are tenderly affectionate afterward, people tend to think that they have a docile disposition compared to the Claustrophyte variety and others, but that's a huge misconception. If a Maneater without a husband has her eyes on a man, whether she's bewitching or friendly, the only thing she sees is prey to trap inside her leaves for life and continually feast on, in other words, a husband to be. The Saccophytes are generally considered to mostly have gentle looking faces, and the looks they give men are filled with loving kindness, but even those are no exception. Also, by their very nature, all Maneaters derive a strong sense of fulfillment from continuing to keep their husbands trapped inside their leaves, so this variety is also strongly obsessed with having their husbands within their sacs. Although from the stirring of the sac one can conclude that inside of it, they must be gently shaking their hips together and relishing the pleasure, the reason they can indulge in gentle lovemaking is that they're satisfied from having their husband in their sac, and it's not at all that they are of a gentle disposition. Their true nature becomes readily apparent if their husband is absent from their sac even just briefly. For example, this would be true even in the situation where the husband had convinced his wife to give him permission to leave the sac temporarily and even though they are in a marital relationship in which running away or being run away from would be unthinkable.

    From the moment they become unable to bear their husband's absence from their sac, in their eyes, their husband will only look like prey that must be caught, and they'll revert to "man eating plants" who will lure in, seize, and devour their prey just like the first time. All Maneaters are monsters whose predatory behavior is fundamentally governed by their lust and appetite. Even if this predation seems soft and gentle from start to finish, it's basically impossible for them to have any such thing as a docile nature.

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