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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia I

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia I
    魔物娘図鑑 Ⅰ
    Book Information
    Release Date
    December 31st, 2010 (Comiket 79)[1]
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia I (魔物娘図鑑 Ⅰ)[1] is the original book of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series by Kenkou Cross. It includes information on the monster girl world, interspersed with 100 monster girl profiles, to introduce the reader to some of the inhabitants of this lewd and lascivious universe. Like several other works of the series, this first encyclopedia has a frame story where it is also a publication in its own setting, and the reader is addressed as though both they and the author can travel and interact with the various sexy species described.

    The frame story of Monster Girl Encyclopedia I involves "A Certain Wandering Scholar of Monsters", its author, travelling the land and interviewing different monster girls you might find when exploring this setting; their diets, habitats, and the various inventive ways they're likely to seduce males who stumble into their territories. Small parts of the text are written with the help of the head baphomet of the Sabbath. Wandering Scholar even interviews the Mamono Lord, the monsters' leader, who describes how the once traditional swords-and-sorcery world had its dragons, orcs, and goblin foes replaced by cute, super-lustful monster girls. The Wandering Scholar's evidence-based approach to monsterology brings him into conflict with the major human organization of the world, the Order of the Chief God. He ends up having to flee for his life, which leads on to the next book, Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens.

    The hundred monster girls whose profiles appear in this book are, in order: Succubus, Lesser Succubus, Slime, Red Slime, Queen Slime, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Werewolf, Werecat, Wererabbit, Weresheep, Alraune, Mandragora, Matango, Dryad, Honey Bee, Hornet, Grizzly, Harpy, Black Harpy, Cockatrice, Orc, Ogre, Arachne, Lamia, Medusa, Echidna, Lizardman, Salamander, Werebat, Centaur, Unicorn, Minotaur, Holstaur, Giant Ant, Ant Arachne, Mantis, Fairy, Pixie, Leanan Sidhe, Kesaran Pasaran, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Amazoness, Alice, Alp, Cyclops, Mermaid, Merrow, Sea Bishop, Nereid, Scylla, Charybdis, Sea Slime, Siren, Sahuagin, Bubble Slime, Large Mouse, Giant Slug, Devil Bug, Roper, Golem, Gargoyle, Mimic, Jinn of the Jar, Mummy, Sphinx, Anubis, Girtablilu, Zombie, Ghoul, Ghost, Skeleton, Nightmare, Doppelganger, Dullahan, Vampire, Imp, Dark Slime, Beelzebub, Baphomet, Witch, Youko, Yuki-Onna, Aka-Oni, Crow Tengu, Kappa, Jorou-Gumo, Inari, Angel, Dark Angel, Dark Priest, Dragon, Undine, Ignis, Sylph, Gnome, Dark Matter, Lilim

    Table of Contents

    Preface (p. 3 - p. 6)
    Treatise: Monsters (p. 7 - p. 9)

    1. Nature
    2. Diet
    3. Reproduction
    4. Attacks on Humans
    5. Values
    6. Relations with Human Men

    Treatise: Monsterization (p. 14 - p. 15)

    1. Process
    2. Physical Effects
    3. Mental Effects
    4. Rationale
    5. Incubi
      1. Transformation

    Treatise: Essence and Mana (p. 16 - p. 17)

    1. A Feast for Monsters
    2. Restoration of Essence
    3. Monster Mana
    4. The Source of Monsters' Power
    5. The Various Roles of Monster Mana
    6. Succubus Mana

    Treatise: The Land of Sprites (p. 96 - p. 97)

    1. Land
    2. Life
    3. Future

    Treatise: Elves and Dwarves (p. 104 - p. 105)

    1. Elves
      1. As People
      2. As Monsters
    2. Dwarves
      1. As People
      2. As Monsters
    3. Discord between Elves and Dwarves

    Treatise: Monsters of the Sea (p. 130 - p. 131)

    1. Rulers of the Deep
    2. Life Underwater
    3. Navigation

    Treatise: The Sabbat (p. 186 - p. 187)

    1. All About the Sabbat
    2. Companionship in the Sabbath
    3. The Merry Black Mass

    Treatise: Monster Magic Arts (p. 188 - p. 189)

    1. Runes of Pleasure
    2. Rite of Spring
    3. Potion of Tentacles
    4. Potion of Shadows

    Treatise: Zipangu (p. 204 - p. 205)

    1. Zipangu, Land of the Sun
    2. The Beautiful Yokai
    3. A Utopia of Humans and Monsters

    Treatise: Gods, Their Kin, and the World (p. 212 - p. 215)

    1. Humans
      1. The Order and Anti-Monster States
      2. Pro-Monster States
    2. The Divine Family
      1. The Chief Deity, As Told By The Order
      2. The Truth
      3. Other Gods

    Treatise: Elementals (p. 218 - p. 219)

    1. Pure Elementals
    2. Monstrous Elementals
    3. Dark Elementals
    4. Demi-Elementals

    Treatise: The Monster Realm (p. 230 - p. 231)

    1. The Natural Environment
    2. The Overlord's Castle
    3. The Succubi's Castle Town
    4. Forest of Tentacles
    5. The Encroachment

    Treatise: The Overlord's Dreams (p. 232 - p. 233)

    1. The Utopia of the Overlord's Dreams

    Afterword (p. 236)

    Introduction (p3)[edit]

    In the past, monster encyclopedias were both rich sources of information and wards against mortal peril. Not only did these tomes describe the peculiar lives of monsters, but they also offered effective strategies for combating them. Many encounters with such creatures would have ended far bloodier, and most likely in death for the human, if not for the knowledge contained therein.

    And yet, in just one night, the entire literature became utterly useless. The rise of a very different kind of monster, a succubus, changed everything. The new Mamono Lord changed the nature and physiology of monsterkind. Though much time has passed since that night, it would be folly to say that humans have developed an adequate understanding of monsters in their current form. Many people still cling to the misconception, lingering from the previous Mamono Lord's reign, that a monster is a creature that brutally murders humans and devours their flesh.

    I sensed, however, that the nightmarish creatures we once feared (and often still do) were no more. Thus attentive to this change in their so-called monstrous character, an urgent need for accurate information about this new breed of monster has awakened in me, and I undertook to travel the world to observe them and record my findings in this book.

    The monsters of the past were flesh-eating fiends, humanity's greatest enemy. But now our greatest enemy has grown into something we could never have imagined. Are humans and monsters still dire foes? It is my hope that you will read this book with an open mind and - dare I say it, an open heart - and come to your own conclusion.

    - A Certain Wandering Scholar of Monsters

    Monsters (p6)[edit]

    Monster is a general term for various races that take on a variety of forms with diverse traits. The monster lord is at the top. The monsters used to be giant beasts, insects, dragons, etc. that attacked and preyed upon humans. They were truly frightening horrors, but since the ascension of the current mamono lord, at present they have changed and taken on woman-like forms. The way they act towards humans, and their relationship with humans has also changed considerably.

    In this book, the author is giving an illustration along with a description of those individual monsters of the present era which have the forms of women whom he beheld with his own eyes. Before the detailed explanation of each individual race, let's go over the basics of all the “monsters” in the the items below.

    Concerning Monsters[edit]

    At present, due to the influence of the current mamono lord, a succubus possessing tremendous power, all of the monsters have forms like that of either an extremely beautiful, or cute human woman.

    Their forms are highly varied, running the gamut from being hardly any different from human, to only having the upper body of a woman, with the lower body of a serpent, fish, spider, etc., features of a beautiful, alluring human woman mixed with grotesque traits. Presently, as is visibly apparent, all individuals are female; a male has never been observed. Most of the monsters are more instinctual compared with humans. Their thoughts and actions are all based on desire and dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. Compared with humans, many of them have greater physical or magical capabilities. They have various special abilities that humans do not possess. Intelligence varies greatly depending on race, but all of the monsters are at least smart enough to have a command of language. It is possible for them to converse with humans. They have long life spans compared with humans. (It varies depending on race, from only a little longer than humans, to those who live for thousands of years.) No matter how old they get, their forms remain young and beautiful, and they never physically age any further than that.


    The feeding habits of the monsters can be generally split into two different types. One eats ordinary food, like the meat of animals, vegetables, fruit, etc. The other type, which sustain themselves on a type of vital energy called “Essence” that is contained in the body of humans, and especially plentiful in men, has increased due to the influence of the current monster lord. Those monsters that sustain themselves with essence, gain essence as it flows out together with saliva, semen, etc. Inside of their bodies, it is converted into nourishment and mana. Also, this process will not kill a man. It is also possible for monsters that use essence as their main source of nourishment to gain nutrients from eating ordinary food, but it is comparatively far less efficient. On the contrary, it is also possible for those monsters that mainly eat ordinary food to take in essence as their own mana. A man's essence is delicious and appealing to all monsters. It is their number one treat.

    Additionally, in the age of the former mamono lord, the monsters preferred to consume human flesh, but the present monsters instinctively find it disgusting, and to them, it would be unthinkable.


    As is visibly apparent, monsters are only female beings. For that reason, they absolutely must have a human man in order to reproduce. From their perspective, human men are like males of their own species. The monsters have a powerful instinct which compels them to get pregnant, and bear the children of a man they fancy. It is one of the things that gives them the most joy of all. Currently, children born between monsters and human men all end up becoming female monsters. The birth of a male between a human and a monster has never been confirmed.

    Monsters That Attack Humans[edit]

    As written in the items above, they absolutely can't do without a man, both as a source of food, and as a breeding partner. For that reason, monsters strongly seek human men by instinct. When they find a human man, they follow their instincts, aggressively assaulting him, and knocking him down in an attempt to initiate intercourse. By nature, the monsters' instinct equips them with the knowledge of methods and techniques for pleasuring men. If a man has intercourse with one of them even once, he won't be able to help but be drained of essence, becoming their prisoner.

    If it turns out that they're fond of a man, they won't let him go even after they get their essence. They'll keep him at their side as a permanent source of essence. Men who become imprisoned in this way, don't even try to escape from them. So it's not at all uncommon for men to get stuck with them forever, never to return after being attacked. Also, they use all of their good looks, magic, great physical strength, and special abilities to secure a man. Besides direct assaults, on the contrary, they also use charms, magic, pheromones, etc. to tempt men into assaulting them themselves. They may also simply seek intercourse after befriending a man, etc. They use various methods to get a man and have sex. To the monsters, having intercourse with a human man is the greatest pleasure, surpassing anything else. This desire comes from their most deeply rooted instinct.

    The Monsters' Values[edit]

    Getting a human man and having sex is the number one principal of behavior for monsters, so of course their thoughts, actions, and values reflect that. When monsters converse together, that is often the main subject of discussion. Lasciviousness is considered a virtue, and in true monster fashion, even the youngest children dream of lustfully having sex with men; if they can catch a man off guard, they will attack. They often use very coercive methods to get the man who strikes their fancy. Even if the man is disgusted by monsters and sex, they'll use sex, seduction, spells, drugs, and various means to make a prisoner out of the man.

    Also, since they have strong sexual urges themselves, unlike most human women who tend to regard a man's sexual desires as filthy, they view it in a positive light. On the contrary, they would be overjoyed to have a man aim his carnal passion at them himself. They would attack him at once and jump straight into sex to help alleviate those desires. They have a powerful, unconditional affection for men. They have to have a man for food, and for reproduction. Since men are so necessary to them, killing humans would be unthinkable. No matter how ferocious and sadistic the monster, they would never kill a human being for any reasons other than self defense, or protecting their husbands.

    Relationship With Human Men[edit]

    Monsters form married couples in the same way the humans do. Since there are only females, they do of course take human men as husbands. To monsters, being husband and wife isn't just about emotion and contract. When they really like a man, their interest and desire towards him surges. They start to greatly prefer his scent, and the particular taste of his essence. Put another way, their interest in other men dwindles, and they start to wanting only that man as their male. In such a situation, their instinct has recognized a man as being their husband. Because of this, even though the monsters have extremely high sexual desire, and are dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure, once they've settled on a man as their husband, they whole-heartedly attend to him, treating him even better than they treat themselves.

    Regarding the reason why they have these traits, it has been said that “it's that way so that they don't fight over prey with other monsters,” “further charming a man results in more stable essence production, as well as higher yield,” etc., but it may also simply be explained that the personality of the current mamono lord who changed their traits is showing up in the instincts of the monsters. Also, perhaps for the same reason, they tend not to attack men who are strongly stained with the odor and mana of another monster. However for some races, it's fundamentally accepted that a man will have many wives, and he'll just keep having sex with the many monsters who love him one after another, or perhaps keep going with several at once. He would have to offer a huge amount of essence. Furthermore, depending on the monster, there are some that treat men as prey or slaves, but in this case, prey or slave means the same thing as husband. In spite of the words used, a strong love can be seen through their attitude toward and treatment of their men.

    Monsterization (p12)[edit]

    Monsterization is the phenomenon where humans and other races are transformed into monsters by being infused with mamono mana. Monsterization basically only occurs in women. The succubus (reference p.8) is a typical monster that possesses this ability.

    The Process of Turning Into a Monster[edit]

    Monsterization occurs when mamono mana enters the body of a human woman. There are several methods for changing a human into a monster, but typically they are infused with mamono mana through sex. When a human woman has sex with a monster, she has all of her essence stolen away and replaced by the mamono mana that pours inside. Once a woman has been infused with mamono mana, her body grows hot, and her thoughts grow vague. Eventually, the mamono mana she was infused with gives her pleasure while gradually remaking her body into that of a monster. Reason rapidly melts away as she indulges in the pleasure of sex with a monster, and the sweet sensation of her body changing to a devilish nature from the inside. Her mind becomes full of nothing but thoughts of pleasure, and before long her body and heart will both be changed completely into that of a monster.

    There are also other methods of monsterization besides sex, such as being bitten, having mamono mana pour into the body through a wound, expelling essence, also, when a woman spends a long period of time in certain lands such as the mamono realm where mamono mana is contained in the air (reference p. 228), or by taking a medicine made with the mamono mana of a succubus. Besides these, there are also some stranger ways of changing a human woman into a monster such as laying eggs inside of her, or having her inhale spores introducing a parasite.

    The Body After Changing Into a Monster[edit]

    Even after they become monsters, the base is still their original human woman form, and the looks of the woman from when she was human are very much well-preserved; however, her face becomes more devilishly beautiful in a way that attracts men, and her body changes becoming more attractive as well, such to strongly arouse the carnal desires of men. And then, the parts and organs that are defining characteristics of her particular race start to appear (such as the horns, wings, and tail of a succubus).

    The sexual desire of a woman who has become a monster swells exponentially, and her body naturally throbs, seeking men. In order to taste pleasure more rapaciously, it becomes extremely sensitive. Having sex in the body of a monster gives them a devilish pleasure unlike anything they could have ever experienced while human, which likely makes them become it's prisoner. Also, the special abilities and various techniques for pleasuring men are gained automatically through instinct along with the new body, so they are able to use them naturally even immediately after having just transformed. Soon enough, they'll be trying to use them to obtain a man.

    The Mind After Changing Into a Monster[edit]

    Just as with the body, the personality and memories from when they were human largely remain intact. However, the mind is warped by monsterization. No matter whether they were once a fastidious man hating female knight, or a timid village girl unable to even speak to men, the women end up becoming extremely lustful as though they had never even been human in the first place. They become extremely aggressive about getting sex from men. The sense of shame, and self-restraint, as well as the feelings of disgust and resistance towards sex and monsters disappear completely. They will start to assault men in pursuit of pleasure and essence as though it were only natural.

    Their heads become filled with many thoughts of human men and pleasure, they naturally utter words of temptation from their lips to seduce men, and they behave in a coquettish manner to arouse them. In this way, their thoughts and values become entirely overwritten by the instinct of a monster. They become freed from all the restraints and fetters that bound them when they were human, giving into desire and getting it on with the man they fancy, indulging in ecstatic pleasure as monsters. After just becoming monsters, women are driven wild by the radical sensations and thoughts they experience, which will lead them to follow their instinct and attack a man. If they have memories from when they were human of a man they deeply loved, the monsters' instinct will cause them to recognize the man as their husband, and they'll head straight to him and unleash all their desire.

    Reasons for Changing Into Monsters[edit]

    Basically, the monsters have an instinct that causes them to seek out human men, but occasionally, they'll also attack women in order to convert them into monsters. Reasons for that may be to increase the ranks of their allies, to repel human women who are trying to slay them, and various others.

    Also, some of the monsters have the distinctive feature of going about changing women into monsters just for the hell of it to amuse themselves, and they can be quite officious. Whenever they encounter women who either don't know, or hate and renounce pleasure, or women who are troubled because they find themselves unable to express their affection for a man, they will assault them in order to teach them the joy and happiness of indulging in the pleasure of sex with men that they themselves experience. And then, after instructing her in the ways of pleasure and changing her into a monster with their own hands, they enjoy watching the sight of the woman who once had love problems as she follows her instinct, assaulting the man, then moving her hips happily on top of her beloved, drowning in pleasure. Those who went from being human to being a monster know the ecstasy of monsterization and the happiness that follows it, so they tend to be more strongly inclined to doing it.


    Human men who have been violated by mamono mana, whose nature is vastly changed. They are often also treated as monsters, but technically all monsters are female, so no matter what, the incubi are just humans who have taken their nature from monsters.

    Transformation Into an Incubus[edit]

    Transformation into an incubus mainly occurs when a man continues to have sex with a monster, continuously receiving her mamono mana in his body. After becoming an incubus, their physical appearance hardly changes at all from when they were human; however, they gain vigor and lust like that of a monster, far exceeding that of a human. Their thoughts and values change, all becoming centered around having sex with monsters. Their body also gradually changes to become more suited to having sex with them. In addition to ordinarily eating food, just as the monsters sustain themselves on essence, the incubi become able to live by sustaining themselves on the monsters' mamono mana Through this, the lifespans of the incubi are also extended to match that of the monster whose mamono mana they use to sustain themselves. Furthermore, both the volume and quality of the essence produced inside their bodies increases by leaps and bounds. They are an extremely convenient existence for a monster. It's probably fair to say that they are the equivalent of male monsters.

    By continuously having intercourse with a monster from the succubus family, a man can be transformed into an incubus comparatively far more quickly; however, even in the case of the other monsters, after spending a long period of time at her side as her husband and having frequent intercourse, a man will probably eventually change into an incubus even though the changes are very gradual. Among the monsters, there is a medicine made from the mamono mana of the succubus in circulation that is called “succubus' nostrum.” Many monsters like having their husbands drink it in order to try to change them into an incubus more quickly. Also, the incubi possess the same kind of mamono mana inside their bodies as the monster who changed them into an incubus, and if they have sex with human women, the women will be transformed into monsters.

    Essence (p14)[edit]

    A vital energy possessed by humans, and various other races besides monsters. Men especially have a lot of it. When human wizards or elves use magic, the energy used is the same thing as essence, but the monsters are the only ones who actually refer to it as such. It is generally called magical energy. It is extremely similar to the mamono mana of monsters [2]. If essence is the plus, then the mamono mana of monsters is the minus. They are related like two sides of the same coin.

    A Feast for Monsters[edit]

    The monsters feed on essence which they get from men through sex. Much essence is included in the saliva and semen of men. Besides swallowing it down and absorbing it along with everything else using their mouth, they most of all enjoy the method of using their vagina to squeeze out semen. As far as the monsters are concerned, essence is a treat far better than any other food. When they gain essence, their thoughts melt away as they experience a powerful rush of joy and ecstasy. Essence that they've absorbed in this way is then converted to mamono mana, which will be discussed later, inside their body and stored.

    The taste of the essence is heavily influenced by the state of the monster when she takes it in. The stronger her desire is for the man who will become her prey, the more exquisite the taste of the essence becomes, especially the taste of the essence of a man that instinct has recognized as her husband. It tastes so much sweeter to her than anything else that she wouldn't even bother feeding on another man's essence again. Most of the monsters become a prisoner of their husband's essence. It is said that many of them even fall into a state that could be called “semen addiction.” Also, there are some medicines made from essence for nutritional supplement. But for the reason described above, it seems that it's not something that tastes very good to them at all. Furthermore, human men are always giving off minuscule quantities of essence. By sensing it, the monsters can infer the presence of a human man. They are especially sensitive to the essence of their own husband. They are always able to sense his location and track him down. It is to such a degree that no matter where he tries to hide, she can always find him no matter what.

    Recovery of Essence[edit]

    The essence that dwells within the body of a human, besides being stolen away by monsters, can also be spent through casting spells. Even if essence is lost for one of these reasons, it never results in death, though it may cause the person to feel fatigue, or pass out. In the case of human men, they have the power to create essence inside their body. It is possible to recover their essence through eating, or getting sleep. In the case of women, this function is very weak compared to how it is in men, but they are able to make up for what they lack by absorbing the essence released by men around them. However, in the case that there is mamono mana around them, they take in the mamono mana of monsters in place of the essence that they're lacking. Because of this, their essence recovery function, which was weak and lacking to begin with, completely ceases. The mamono mana settles in the woman's body and ends up causing monsterization (reference p.12). Additionally, when a man becomes an incubus, his essence capacity is extremely increased, and his essence production function also rises by leaps and bounds.

    The Mamono Mana of Monsters[edit]

    The mamono mana of monsters is a vital energy that all monsters have inside their bodies. It's relationship with the previously discussed essence is like the other side of the same coin. Since the spells they use also consume this energy, both it and essence are generally referred to as “magical energy,” and there isn't a great distinction drawn between them. Mamono mana is a general term for the magical energy that all monsters possess. Every race has its own particular kind of magical energy. Technically, if it's a succubus, then it's called succubus' mamono mana, and if it's a werewolf, then it's called werewolf's mamono mana.

    The Source of Mamono Mana[edit]

    The monsters get essence from human men, convert it into mamono mana, and store it in their bodies. The mamono mana of monsters is the source of their power. Basically, the more mamono mana a monster possesses, the more powerful it becomes. There are differences in the amount of mamono mana they have to begin with depending on the race, but it is possible to dramatically increase the amount of mamono mana within the body by obtaining essence, so even among members of the same race, those individuals who have had more sex with men end up becoming more powerful. The difference shows up in their special abilities, physical abilities, and the potency of their spells, and besides that, stored mamono mana even extends their lifespan (At the same time, the lifespan and abilities of the incubus that is feeding on the monster's mamono mana also increase)

    The Various Roles of Mamono Mana[edit]

    Monsters release mamono mana from their bodies even more easily than human men release essence. They are always in a state of being covered in mamono mana. This is one of the reasons why the monsters seek essence so ravenously, but the emission of mamono mana does serve various purposes. When they have sex with men, the burden on the man's body is diminished. When monsters with scales and horns have sex, it protects the man from harm. It is also used to temporarily erase the scales and hair that normally cover their breasts and genitalia. It's an important effect for the monsters, and something that happens unconsciously. Besides that, it also spurs the man's essence production ability, and furthermore, a man infused with it over a long period of time will end up becoming an incubus.

    Succubus' Mamono Mana[edit]

    Monsters are beings that are always under the influence of the monster lord, so all monsters currently have at least a little of the current monster lord's succubus' mamono mana stored inside their body. The mamono mana that they release outside of their body also contains some of the succubus' mamono mana. It is the most appropriate type of magical energy to be used for casting charm, and aphrodisiac spells.

    Currently the special traits of all the monsters were strongly influenced by this mamono mana. The succubus' mamono mana is one of the important elements that gives shape to the current world of monsters. The succubus mamono mana is extremely powerful, and if a human is infused with it, the essence that the human originally had spills out as though having been expelled. As a result, in the case of men, they'll spit out a lot more essence for the monster, and their transformation into an incubus will be greatly hastened. In the case of women, the inside of their body will become filled with the succubus' mamono mana, and they'll change into a monster from there. Land that is always full of this mamono mana and firmly under the monster lord's power is called the mamono realm (p. 228). Since the monsters of this land have vast amounts of this mamono mana, they are far more powerful and lustful in comparison to the monsters of other lands.

    Fairy Kingdom (p94)[edit]

    The fairies are distinguished by having tiny bodies that are small enough for a human to grab with their hands, and beautiful insect-like wings. Originally, they were not monsters, but by being showered in mamono mana, they've become succubi and are treated as monsters. There exist many varieties of fairies, this book features “fairy (p.86)” and “leanan sidhe (p.90),” etc. Just as it appears, they have innocent, child-like personalities on the inside too. They like playing fun games and eating sweets more than anything else. Let's introduce their fun lifestyle and the details about the mysterious kingdom where they live.

    The Fairy Kingdom[edit]

    A mysterious kingdom where many fairies live. It is believed that the location where it exists is in a different dimension than the human world. A human alone could never enter the kingdom. In order to enter or leave, a fairy guide is absolutely necessary. There are white balls of fluff floating in the sky, and the homes of faeries which are made out of trees, and mushrooms stretch on as far as the eye can see. It is a kingdom rich in nature with fantastical scenery. The reigning fairy queen is said to be fun-loving, and the castle town below the fairy castle is full of fun toys, and sweets that she likes. It's almost like a children's playground.

    Among the humans, the fairy kingdom is talked about as a place that is “enveloped in happiness,” but many suspect that the main cause of that may in fact be the large groups of “kesaran pasaran (p.92)” that float throughout its skies. Perhaps the fantastical scenery of the fluff balls they scatter about shimmering in the light of the sun combined with the hallucinogenic effects that they induce is what's actually causing them all to feel so happy. In fact, perhaps, the main reason why the faeries who dwell in the fairy kingdom are always happy is because they're constantly continuously breathing in these fluff balls. The insides of their heads have probably become completely stained with happiness, and thus it's become the normal state.

    In the fairy kingdom, there exist other mysterious plants and animals besides the kesaran pasaran. Mysterious trees and mushrooms called “house tree” and “house mush” naturally form room-like spaces that are decked out with furniture at a certain stage in their growth, providing homes for the faeries. The docile, adorable animals and plants can talk like people, just as in a children's storybook. It is said that the faeries are extremely friendly towards them, and they get along well and play together. The faeries spend their lives happily in this mysterious kingdom, having a lot of fun playing around while eating delicious sweets.

    Lifestyle of the Faeries[edit]

    The faeries are mostly childish in general, and they like having fun more than anything else. Because of that kind of personality, they mostly get along well with monsters that are similarly childish. The majority of a fairy's body is composed of magical energy, and it's extremely easy for other types of magical energy to interfere with that magical energy. Those who play with monsters have their bodies showered in the monsters' mamono mana, and will probably soon end up becoming monsters themselves. Once the monsters teach them about sex, they accept it as a fun, new kind of game that feels really good, and then they end up becoming prisoners of the pleasure it brings them.

    When a fairy who's become a monster returns to the fairy kingdom, she teaches this fun, pleasurable, addictive game to lots of other fairies as well. In this way, the fairies have rapidly become converted into monsters. The fairies spend pretty much every day having as much fun as they can, and, in the same way, the fairies who were converted into monsters bring back human men that they took a liking to in the human world, and they spend every day playing a game with their man that feels really good. And then, after playing a lot, and getting to feel really good a lot, throughout their entire bodies, they experience the taste of their beloved man's essence, a taste sweeter than even that of the most delicious confections. Aside from that, they also play ordinary games with their men, have their men read them books, and other sorts of things. For a fairy converted into a monster, spending time with her man is more fun than anything else, and that's what makes her happiest.

    The fairies originally were not monsters, but even before they became monsters, they were always an all female race. A male has never been confirmed. New faeries don't come from sexual reproduction, but from the blooming of beautiful flowers that are called “fairy flowers.” That is the place from which they are born. However, once fairies become monsters, their bodies change conveniently to facilitate sex with a human man, and they gain the ability to reproduce sexually at the same time. It becomes possible for them to make babies by being impregnated with a human man's semen. In the same way as other monsters, faeries take great joy in bearing the children of a human man. Since what faeries remain that are not yet monsters are rapidly being converted, before long the role of the fairy flowers will probably come to an end, and the faeries will change into a race that produces children through sexual reproduction.

    What Comes Next for The Fairy Kingdom[edit]

    Formerly, during the era of the previous monster lord, fairies lived playfully amongst only their own kind in the fairy kingdom. They rarely became involved with the other races such as humans. This situation changed for the first time when the fairies were converted into monsters. At the present, many human men brought in by the faeries who became monsters are living in the fairy kingdom where once only fairies lived. Besides that, pixies, imps, and other childish monsters befriended by the faeries were also brought back into the fairy kingdom, so from now on, the monsterization of the faeries is probably going to skyrocket. Rather than standing in the way of change, the fairy queen is positively accepting human men and monsters in order to change the fairy kingdom into even more of a fun, good feeling place.

    Lately, they've been proactively having a lot of cultural exchange with the organization Sabbath (p.184) that baphomet (p.180) leads. The fairies are being indoctrinated in various methods of using their small, childish bodies for the sake of further enjoyment with human men, and getting to feel even better. The day when all of the faeries are converted to monsters, and the fairy kingdom becomes another monster realm, is surely not far off.

    Elves and Dwarves (p102)[edit]

    In this world, there exist many other races that are treated as “people” besides us humans. On this page, let's introduce two typical examples, “elves” (p.96) and “dwarves” (p. 102).


    Elves as People[edit]

    Even at the present, there are elves who live in a most peculiar fashion, building villages deep in the forests. They have beautiful, delicate forms with long ears, and, compared to humans, they have greater magical power from birth. They live in harmony with nature. They are the guardians of the forest who have continued to protect nature from the humans for generations. They live by hunting wild animals, and eating fruits and vegetables that they gather from the forest. They never forget to express gratitude for this food. It is said that they always recite prayers to thank the forest and the animals before they eat. They generally have personalities that are proud and pure, but they have hard heads and are extremely inflexible.

    Since the age of the former monster lord, they've always looked down on humans, monsters, and dwarves as inferiors, scorning them as vulgar creatures, and thus, until now, they've hardly had any intermingling with the other races. They are ascetics who value living quietly in the forest without embracing desire, and they view sex in an especially negative light. For that reason, if one of the elves of the village becomes violated by the mamono mana of a succubus, they are extremely sensitive to it. The elf would probably be quickly banished from the village before any of their friends got raped.

    The process of corrupting such stubborn, fastidious individuals, teaching them the pleasure they had never known, and transforming them into wildly lustful monsters is extremely amusing to the succubi. It is said that they view them as the best kind of toys, so many elves have been converted into succubi, and the number of pure elves remaining is dwindling year by year.

    Elves as Monsters[edit]

    One of the pure elves described above after having been changed into a succubus. For details reference the elf page on p.96.

    At first, they continue to resist as their body undergoes transformation into a monster, but eventually, by receiving a human man's essence, their form is converted into that of a lustful monster. These elves are treated as monsters. After their transformation into a succubus begins, the more they try to resist it, the more lustful a monster they end up becoming. It's almost like the personality of a pure elf is inverted. Their beauty and pride remain as is. They enjoy hardcore sex, and indulge in pleasure, as if their pride as a monster depended on it. Just as when they were a pure elf, they never forget to express their gratitude to a human man after getting exquisite pleasure and nourishment from sweet essence. Instead of praying, they use their hands and mouth to service a man, expressing gratitude through giving him pleasure. They think of their old self as being extremely foolish for forbidding something so wonderful and pleasurable as intercourse with men.

    In a complete reversal from their abstemious period when they rejected sex, they despise followers of the order, and other elves who are like their former selves. Now that they're completely monsters, they're extremely fond of human men. They now desperately long for the human desire that they once regarded as filthy to be aimed at themselves. Though their attitude towards human men may have changed, they continue to utterly despise other monsters even now more than ever before. They're always uneasy because they feel like another monster is going to steal away their beloved man.


    Dwarves as People[edit]

    A race where even adults stay short like children. The men are short and stout, with rugged, muscular bodies. They also have grand beards that reach all the way down to their stomachs. The women have a form like that of a slender little girl, and no matter how much they age, their appearance never changes. Dwarves are lively and cheerful. They have compassionate and large-hearted personalities. As long as they're not hostile, they approach everyone in a friendly manner. So they don't think highly of the elves who directly express their hostility and scorn. They've had many wars with the elves since ancient times.

    They have nimble fingers, so they make their villages in caves and mines. Many of them live as coal miners, or crafters, others use their durable bodies becoming mercenaries. There are also many who work as traveling merchants, selling works of dwarven craftsmanship. For these reasons, since ages long past, dwarves have intermingled with humans extremely frequently.

    After a day of hard work, male dwarves like to booze it up and enjoy a woman's company, so when female dwarves began turning into succubi, most of them were pleased about their brides becoming the kind of lustful woman they preferred. They all began seeking dwarven brides who had been converted into succubi. Those who had wives that still hadn't become succubi wanted to change their wives into succubi. For that reason, succubus conversion spread throughout the dwarves like a wild fire, and since monsters don't give birth to males, soon male dwarves had all but completely vanished. As of the present, male dwarves, and pure dwarves are a race that is on the precipice of extinction.

    Dwarves as Monsters[edit]

    For details reference the "dwarf" page on p. 100. As of the present, almost all of the dwarves have been completely converted into monsters. Dwarves are probably only known as a kind of monster. Unlike elves, the dwarves were once friendly with humans, and now that they've become monsters, they're way more friendly towards human males than they ever were even before.

    Their childish bodies are still the same as before. They've ended up using their lively, cheerful personalities to seduce human men. They have vigorous sex with human men using their small bodies. Judging from appearances, they look just like children, but they're mature adult women. As far as they're concerned, they have an adult woman's body whose purpose is to arouse the desire of men. For that reason, should a man make fun of their figure, it will spark fury like a raging conflagration, and they'll make him understand the pleasure and goodness of their body by directly putting it into use.

    Recently monsters with figures resembling theirs have gathered into a religious organization called “sabbath (p.184) “ that views it as a good thing and is trying to polish their bodies to be even more sensuously appealing. Many dwarves have begun appearing in the group. There they can study methods for using their childish bodies to give even more pleasure to men. Dwarves with their nimble fingertips have been continuing to acquire these techniques as their own, one after another. Thus, even though dwarves still have the same form, they are continuing to grow into ever more powerful succubi.

    Antagonism Between the Dwarves and the Elves[edit]

    The dwarves and elves have been fighting since ancient times, even before the age of the previous monster lord. Even at the present, the fighting still hasn't stopped. The elves despise the dwarves as an inferior race of fools with low intelligence. This angers the dwarves, and they keep responding to hostility with hostility. Now that both races have been reduced to lustful, lascivious monsters, for some reason, both elves and dwarves often tend to take a liking to the same men, and it often leads to a struggle. But now that they're monsters, it doesn't develop into the kind of fight where they spill each other's blood. Instead, they both snuggle up against the same human man. They rub their bodies against the man as though to assert ownership, pinching him between them, and soon begin to call each other names like “erofu” or “pedowarf.” [3]

    Monsters of the Sea (p128)[edit]

    There are various races, and these monsters live in various places throughout the world. Of course, just like there are monsters on land, there are also monsters in the sea, they can't help but desire human men, and they go after them. On this page, let's introduce the peculiar society of the monsters of the sea, and discuss how the ocean changed since the current monster lord took over.

    The Sea's Ruler[edit]

    The monsters have unrivaled supremacy in the sea. That is because the god who once ruled the sea, “Poseidon the sea god” betrayed the gods, and handed control over to the current monster lord. Poseidon was a god revered by monsters of the sea, and human sailors who went out into the sea. She had the power to keep the sea calm, and conversely the power to create storms and drive the sea wild. Sailors worshiped her, and begged her not to cause a storm so that their voyages would be safe. Poseidon the sea god had a heart that was broad like the ocean, and she loved everything that lived in the sea. She was regarded as a carefree woman-god. According to another story, due to the policy of the gods, she was periodically required to create storms to swallow up humans with the sea. The humans had become too numerous, and this was always necessary to make them aware of nature's wrath. However, this didn't sit well with her, because she loved the sailors just as strongly as she loved the creatures of the sea. Perhaps that is the reason why she switched sides and joined the monster lord.

    Her magical energy floats everywhere throughout the ocean. Humans who got caught in storms and sunk into the sea had their lives spared by this magical energy. If a woman was going to drown, the magical energy would change her into a "nereid" (p.128), and she would be welcomed as one of the residents of the sea. If a man was going to drown, the magical energy would protect him and keep him from losing his life. The monsters of the sea would probably come to get him after sensing the presence of a man along with so much of Poseidon's concentrated energy.

    Furthermore, Poseidon grants a portion of her power to her priests, the sea bishops (p. 116). They perform a ritual that reconstructs a human man's body, enabling him to live in the sea. In this way, the men who drown, and the monsters who come to get them become husband and wife, and they are welcomed as residents of the sea. Perhaps because Poseidon loves all the creatures of the sea, the monsters of the sea all love one another. When a new resident, and a new married couple are born, the monsters all rejoice, and celebrate together. Additionally, aside from humans and monsters, there are various other living things in the sea, even ferocious predators like sharks that prey on humans will not prey on humans and monsters who have received Poseidon's blessing probably because they will recognize them as being superior beings.

    The Sea's Way of Life[edit]

    The monsters of the sea divide it into three layers, the shallow layer, the mid-layer, and the deep layer. The shallow layer is a hunting ground for them to obtain human men. As you get closer to the beach, there are many monsters nearby lurking around beaches where people gather and sea routes. They are trying to get their hands on beach-goers and sailors. Almost all of the monsters who go out into the shallow layer are unmarried monsters without a husband, so there's almost no case of “it's a monster with a husband, so that's a relief.”

    The mid layer is the residential district. Since it's at the bottom of the sea, it's very hard for light to reach down there. It's a dark, and quiet place, but there's a high concentration of Poseidon's magical energy floating about. But in the eyes of the residents of the sea who have Poseidon's magical energy within their bodies, it looks as though it glows fantastically with pale light because of it, so there are no issues because of a lack of light.

    Most of the monsters who live in the mid-layer have already gotten married with a human man. After obtaining a man from the shallow layer, those who want to live peacefully as husband and wife move here. This peaceful sea is perfectly suitable for spending time together without being interrupted by anyone. The fantastic, gentle, and magical light quietly spurs the love-making of husband and wife while gently watching over them.

    The deep layer is even further towards the bottom of the sea. It's also called the deep sea. It is even further towards the bottom of a giant hole opened in the sea. No light reaches beyond this point. Also, it's a place beyond the extent of Poseidon's rule. Normal monsters and humans never go near it. According to legend, in the age of the former monster lord, wicked demons of chaos who possessed a power that was even greater than that of the gods existed there at the bottom of the sea. At the time, Poseidon was still one of the divinities ruled by the chief god, and the rule of the sea was split between her and them. It is said that the demons of chaos were sealed in the deep layer after a war, and even now, the demons of chaos are biding their time to make a comeback and once again reclaim dominion over the sea. Those who sunk into the depths of the sea, male and female, are also kin to all monsters, so they've probably assumed the female form, and had their thought patterns changed accordingly, but no one has ever been able to confirm it, and the truth of this is uncertain.


    There are a countless number of continents and islands in the sea, and there are human kingdoms in every land. Sailing the sea is a must for traders who carry and sell goods to other countries, the sailors who carry them, and fisherman who catch fish in the sea. However, presently the sea is ruled by Poseidon, along with the monster lord and the monsters, so sailing is extremely dangerous. A countless number of monsters seeking men lurk in the sea. If it looks like a ship is going to appear, they all gather at once and assault the humans who can't move freely in the sea. The monsters have total supremacy in the sea. Besides, there are sirens (p126) who sing songs to spur intercourse between men and monsters, charybdis (p122) that create massive whirling tides to swallow ships, and many other extremely dangerous monsters.

    Furthermore, just as in the age of the former monster lord, from time to time, Poseidon causes huge storms that rage everywhere making sailing difficult. These storms are not those that kill people. They are caused by Poseidon for the sake of the unmarried monsters. When ships are sunk by these storms, and men are thrown overboard and fall into the sea, as though it were an arranged meeting, there are monsters waiting all around. They are taken and brought home by the monsters without exception. In this way, the sea is dangerous even now, but by using a certain method, it is surprisingly easy to have a safe voyage. That being to become the husband of a monster. Among the monsters of the sea, there are also many that don't take their men back to the sea, instead choosing the path of living with their husbands on land. In such cases, their presence would allow for a safe voyage.

    The monsters of the sea don't take an interest in men who are overly stained with the scent of a female monster. Because of that, they don't even get caught in the storms caused by Poseidon, and since the wives know the sea even better, they are able to guide. It would be extremely smooth sailing. At present, it is said that even those who revere the Chief God and hate the monsters, such as the Order, and anti-monster states are using this method. Reluctantly, they put the scent of the monsters all over the ship to try to ensure the safety of a voyage.

    Sabbath (p184)[edit]

    The monsters have peculiar values that differ from those of humans. Sabbath is a religious organization with activities based on those peculiar values that is run by “Baphomet (p.180),” [4] the champion of the monster realm who is the most important leader in the monster lord's army. They have young, small bodies, and they preach about the wonderfulness of little girls, and sex with them, to humans and monsters. It's a group of so-called “lolita supremacist” monsters who practice what they preach day and night. This time I'll introduce details about the monster realm's Sabbath based on materials provided by Sabbath Monster Realm Headquarters.

    Sabbath in a Nutshell[edit]

    Sabbath has two fundamental principles: “Impart the charm and indecency of tiny young girls,” and “Be devoted to pleasure like a monster.” Their bodies overflow with charm, and by using them for sex as much as desired, they also impart the wonderfulness of a lewd, childish body to human men. Under the great childish leader Baphomet, all of the adherents, including her subordinates; the witches (p.182), have assumed the forms of tiny young girls. They assault and have sex with human men day and night. In order to increase the number of “lolicon onii-chan” who love sex with a childish body more than anything else, they do various activities day and night including: canvassing, holding periodic assemblies, developing spells and magical items, etc. Aside from “Sabbath Mamono Realm Headquarters” which is ruled by Baphomet, the greatest leader of the mamono lord's army who resides in the mamono lord's castle, there are many branches in other regions, and it's an enormous organization. All of the branches of Sabbath are ruled by different individual baphomets. Each of these various branches has decided on its own uniform. Everything other than the crest of Sabbath placed on their chest is different depending on the particular branch, but all of them are designed to turn on human men, or rather, “onii-chan,” and ensure some vigorous love-making. Care is taken to ensure that the designs, while cute, are also licentious.

    Other than the uniforms based on a goat motif worn by the witches featured in this book, there are also said to be witches who wear fluffy uniforms based on a dog motif which were designed that way because the ruling baphomet is like the biggest dog lover ever. Additionally, wearing the uniform isn't required. Wearing plainclothes while actively participating is also allowed, but they are recommended to wear something that accentuates the charm of their young bodies, causing onii-chan to get fired up and just hug them without thinking because it's so cute. By the way, the official name of Sabbath Mamono Realm Headquarters is “Mamono Lord's Army: Spell Casting Unit.” It was originally a unit created to use magic in battle, and develop and test new spells and elixirs, but it ended up this way as Sabbath because Baphomet ran it according to her own whims.

    The Happy Friends of Sabbath[edit]

    Most of the members who comprise Sabbath are witches who were formerly human women who transformed into monsters after receiving the baphomet's mamono mana within their bodies. Being the baphomets' servants, they all totally adore them, and they're completely brainwashed by Sabbath's doctrine. Along with the baphomets, they're responsible for the core of activities.

    Other than the witches, there are various other races of monsters who are members. There are monsters who originally have the forms of young children that seek to learn how to seduce men better, or how to have even more enjoyable sex with the men who became their husbands using their childish body, and there are monsters who actually are young children who catch men and have sex while they're still young, becoming a prisoner to the pleasure of their immature body. Some are recruited by other members, and some become entranced with having sex in the form of a child after being transformed by using the “one day lolification elixir” that Baphomet invented. There is no end to the number of individuals who entered the faith for various reasons.

    And since all the monsters who enter the faith are permanently transformed into young little girls by Baphomet's “spell of pedomorphosis (p.186),” the monsters who belong to Sabbath are all adorable little girls. Recently Sabbath has been making ties with the fairy kingdom (p.94) and the dwarves (p. 100), exchanging technology and information. Many dwarves and fairies participate in Sabbath to acquire sexual techniques for pleasing men using their own bodies. And let us not forget the male acolytes who form the core of Sabbath, along with the witches. They are commonly referred to as “onii-chan.”

    Some of these “onii-chan” already found a childish body attractive to begin with, and some of them were enthralled as a result of being assaulted and given a thorough taste of the childish body of a monster from Sabbath. The majority of them are “lolicon” who are brainwashed by the doctrine of Sabbath, adore the baphomets, and love the body of young children beyond all else. Those who aren't can also be found among the ranks of Sabbath, but eventually they will be. The monsters who belong to Sabbath love onii-chan more than anything else. They love being wrapped in the arms of an onii-chan way bigger than themselves and ravished. There is mutual attraction. They love to rape, and be raped.

    Since their bodies are way smaller, what they love more than anything else is how much bigger onii-chan's stiffy feels when they receive it in their tiny, narrow, childish vaginas. The objective of most of Sabbath's monsters is to find themselves their very own onii-chan, and spend every single day mutually enjoying indecent pleasure as brother and sister, or rather, husband and wife. Sabbath has an exemplar reputation among the mothers of young monster girls. Parents are pleased that their own cute daughters are catching men and enjoying sex so much while still young. They expect them to grow up to be even more lascivious by putting them in Sabbath.

    Fun Black Mass[edit]

    And the black mass that is held periodically is the main activity out of everything. Black mass starts off with a spectacle that unfolds as human men and women who were canvassed and gathered by Sabbath are trained and thoroughly indoctrinated with pleasure into the pedophilic ideology of Sabbath. The adherents choose onii-chan, and women are made into witches. And then, after welcoming new friends, new techniques for more enjoyable sex in the body of a young child, and newly developed magical items with indecent effects are unveiled. The monsters of Sabbath can enjoy sampling new items and techniques with their onii-chan using their bodies right then and there.

    After getting warmed up from this, the monsters' eagerly awaited orgy of pleasure begins. The assembly hall where the black mass is held is protected by the baphomet's mamono mana, so the monsters of Sabbath can just focus wholeheartedly on going at it with their onii-chan, and indulging in pleasure. Since the condensed mamono mana generated by the baphomet and many monsters having sex at the same time permeates the entire assembly hall, the bodies of all the monsters change, becoming even hotter, and even more sensitive to pleasure. Hence, the monsters are able to experience sex with onii-chan that is far more frenzied and pleasurable than ordinary.

    By showing off the indecency of child sex to one another, they reaffirm the wonderfulness of a child's body. Besides that, they like to introduce, or show off and boast their favorite onii-chan by having everyone watch as they're being violated by him. The insane feast of young flesh continues until morning. Eventually, the monsters become covered in their beloved onii-chan's semen, outside and inside. They get tired and fall asleep. They breathe happily in their sleep while onii-chan carries them in his embrace as they leave the assembly hall together.

    The Monsters' Sorcery (p186)[edit]

    Well, I think you all know that the monsters have magical energy within their bodies, but they use that magical energy to cast various spells. Many of the members of sabbath, which was introduced on the last page, as well as many of the succubi, spend their time actively researching new spells day and night. In this section, I'll introduce the magical spells and medicines of various monsters, based on information provided by the leader of Sabbath (aka “Mamono Lord's Army : Spell Casting Unit”), Baphomet, along with her comments. The monsters continue to seriously research spells day after day, and one can see a clearer picture of the monsters true nature by learning about them.

    Runes of Pleasure[edit]

    Main article: Pleasure runes

    Spells: Monster Targeted

    These are the magical seals that the succubus (p.8) and dark priest (p. 206) featured in this book engrave into their bodies. These exponentially amplify the pleasure received by the target with the runes engraved on her flesh, so they're mainly used by confident and highly capable monsters to enhance personal enjoyment of sex. A distinctive feature is that the increase in pleasure corresponds with the size of the area of the monster's body that is engraved with runes. The size used by the succubi is typical, and allows them to function in daily life and have sex normally, while enabling them to experience even greater pleasure. Those which cover half their body in runes, like the dark angel, do so because they have all but entirely abandoned daily life, being constantly engaged in sex. Monsters with that many runes experience sexual pleasure just from being patted on the head by a man, and stimulation of their ordinary erogenous zones fills their heads with a dizzying ecstasy. There probably isn't anyone willing to try it, but if one were to cover her entire body in runes, the pleasure would be so overwhelming that she'd almost climax just from a simple touch, to the extent that everything else but pleasure would be erased from her mind in that moment. Essentially, since mamono mana is needed to use them, they can only be used by monsters, and they're only engraved into the bodies of monsters. A human woman wouldn't be able to stand the pleasure induced by the runes, rather, the power and pleasure of a rune would cause her to transform into a crazed monster who thinks only of pleasure in the middle of the engraving process.

    “We've made a recent advancement that allows us to also embroider runes into clothing and still retain the full effects. Those with a childish, sensitive body like me don't have a lot of excessive extra flesh, unlike some others. Even without it, we can still have lots of fun with elder brother. It's something I have no use for. What? ‘Say that after finding a partner?’ Bite me!”

    Spell of Pedomorphosis[edit]

    Spells: Monster Targeted

    A secret spell of the sabbath religious group which absolutely loves to have sex in the young body of a little girl. With baphomet's enormous magical power, the aging process of the target can be reversed, changing them back into tiny young girls, and then stopping their growth there, fixing them in that form. It doesn't just make them younger, it also makes their young body vastly more appealing, causing the charm and depravity of a tiny young girl to stand out. Even though they're childish, their figure would be lustrous. Even a man with no interest in little girls would be aroused by them.

    “Kukuku, it's the greatest secret spell, the pride and joy of my sabbath. I'll change any woman who comes before me into an adorable, childish form..... Or so I'd like to say, but when I tried casting it on a holstaur, those disgusting breasts remained, and she ended up as a 'big breasted loli!' Ugh!”

    Tentacle Medicine[edit]

    Main article: Tentacle Potion

    Magical Medicine: Male Targeted

    Developed based on the results of researching the tentacle plants that exist in the demon world (p. 228), this medicine can temporarily change a human man into tentacles. It is said that when a man becomes tentacles, his intelligence drops sharply to the same level as a tentacle plant, so he'll be unable to think of anything but entangling whatever female is in front of him, penetrating every orifice, and pouring his seed inside. The protrusions at the ends of the tentacles are exactly the same as the man's penis from before transformation, and the large volume of fluid that spews out from them, covering the inside and outside of the monster girl's body in sticky, wet goo, is of the same quality as the man's semen, having an identical taste and smell. For that reason, a monster can be surrounded by the penises of her beloved. Having their whole body violated, and every orifice penetrated induces the ultimate pleasure. They get ecstatic just from being inseminated even normally, but being showered with buckets of cum to the point that their whole body is covered in it, and having so much cum poured inside that their stomach swells up, brings it to the next level. The sensation of being violated by the scent and taste of their lover is highly addictive and intoxicating to the monsters. Also, the huge volume of ejaculate is recommended for monsters that want to hurry up and have children with their husband.

    “I had my witch underlings test out the medicine, but now it looks like they're totally addicted to it. Hey, it seems even now they're wearing beloved elder brothers as tentacles in place of underwear while gasping and whimpering as they write up the test results. Kukuku...”

    Doppelganger Medicine[edit]

    Main article: Doppelganger Potion

    Magical Medicine : Male Targeted

    Once a monster girl recognizes a man as her husband, she'll no longer want sex with anyone else but him. This magical medicine was developed for them, so they can enjoy being gangbanged and raped by lots of men even with just their husband. It's used by having the man drink it, and when he does, it causes a separation of spirit and magical energy. Depending on the amount that is imbibed, 2~10 identical looking doppelgangers can be produced. The doppelgangers aren't just doppelgangers. They're all the man himself, and he shares the sensations of all of them collectively. He undergoes a sensation like having all of their feelings sent into his head at the same time, while moving his body at the same time. Of course, even if it's an incubus, this sort of thing throws the mind into chaos. Having sex in this state amplifies the pleasure experienced by many orders of magnitude. For that reason, men who drink it lose all rationality and thinking capability. The more dopplegangers there are, the more the man transforms into a mindless, bestial rapist. The monsters are extremely happy with the result, and since the doppelgangers are all the same man himself, their penises have the same taste and shape as their beloved husband's, and they all shoot sweet cum that's exactly the same as their husband's. In spite of pair bonding, monsters can enjoy being thoroughly and mercilessly gangraped by many mindless husbands who have been reduced to beasts.

    “I handed out this medicine to some damn charybdis, but they have a lot more orifices than normal. She was happily filling every single hole with her husband's meat rod. It seems that she's now completely a prisoner of this medicine. She always buys entire boxes of it at a time... kukuku.”

    Zipangu (p202)[edit]

    In the east of this world, there is an island country that possesses a culture which greatly differs from that of other regions. This country, and all of the small islands in the vicinity are referred to as the Zipangu region in our language. In the language of Zipangu, it is called “Kingdom of the Sun,” “Kingdom of Fire,” etc. What little information we have comes from the monsters that came from Zipangu, but this time let's spend just a few pages explaining about this mysterious country, its monsters and people, and the greatly differing relationship between them.

    Zipangu, Kingdom of the Sun[edit]

    Compared to the continent where we live, the nation of Zipangu is an extremely small island country. Over there, they wear different kind of clothes than what we wear. It's a flowing clothing called “kimono,” and surprisingly they don't even wear underwear underneath it. They just wrap the cloth well. The swordsmen of Zipangu don't use heavy thick swords designed for cutting down opponents with brute force like we do. Instead, they fight with a special kind of thin, but extremely sharp swords known as “katana.” It's not just the way that the people dress that's different. Their culinary culture and way of life is also entirely different. What is especially surprising is the fact that the people of Zipangu have no faith in the chief god. They believe that the divine is present in all things, and sometimes even monsters are worshiped as gods. These people are not brought up with the teachings of the order from early childhood and instilled with an animosity towards monsters. Rather, since ancient times in Zipangu, humans and monsters have continued to live side by side as neighbors.

    The Beautiful Yokai[edit]

    In Zipangu, there live many monsters that have evolved in peculiar ways found only in Zipangu. In Zipangu, monsters are called “yokai.” Since they possess vast power, there are those that are feared as monsters, and those who are worshiped as gods. Additionally, monsters live together with people in human settlements as though it were a natural thing. Like all monsters, the monsters of Zipangu also only take on the forms of beautiful, lascivious women who lead men astray and arouse their desire. In this way, they copulate with human men and obtain essence to sate their hunger. After insemination, they give birth to children that are exclusively female monsters. But perhaps since they've continued to live as neighbors of humans since ancient times, not all of them attack and rape men. There are many races who have evolved to befriend humans, and get human men to like them.

    Also, even though they're monsters and related to the monster lord, they're not attached to the monster lord's army. In Zipangu, the mightiest of monsters form their own particular forces. Although they don't serve the monster lord directly, it is thanks to the monster lord that they've been changed into their present forms, enabling them to live even more closely with humans. Since the monsters of Zipangu are extremely happy about this, none of them have bad opinions of the monster lord.

    A Utopia Where Humans and Monsters Intermix[edit]

    If an enemy were to appear in Zipangu, the people and monsters would band together and cooperate as inhabitants of Zipangu in opposition to the foreign enemy. In the past, one of the kingdoms of our continent launched an invasion in an attempt to conquer Zipangu. At the time, people and monsters formed a united front in order to repel the invasion, and they could often be seen fighting side by side in the units of Zipangu's military. Furthermore, the power of the monster warrior women known as “kunoichi” who are bound to the human state of Zipangu was instrumental in bringing about the end of the war. Using the advanced stealth skills they pride themselves on, they were able to sneak into the enemy commander's bedroom and employ the sex skills they train habitually. The enemy commander and all high ranking officers were made into prisoners of the monsters' bodies. Because of that, the war was brought to an end, and that country which was an anti-monster state has become a monster friendly state, and is now building a friendly relationship with Zipangu. In this way, Zipangu is one of the ideal nations created from the intermingling of humans and monsters where they walk together. Monsters can often be seen approaching humans in the same way, even on our continent, but in Zipangu humans can be seen approaching monsters.

    God's Servants and the Structure of the World (p210)[edit]

    As of the present, monsters no longer willingly kill humans, but the war between monsters and humans still won't end. According to the teachings of the order which reveres the chief god who is purported to be the creator of the world, the monsters are regarded as evil. Most of the world's humans are adherents of the order. Since they've lived according to that doctrine from early childhood, most humans are hostile towards monsters. On this page, I'll introduce all the servants of the chief god, including humans.


    As you know, humans are the most proliferate form of intelligent life that inhabits the world. The magical power and physical abilities of humans who haven't received training are far lower than that of the monsters. Most humans are no match for attacking monsters, and they're easily knocked down, which leads to coupling, and soon after, they're taken home by the monsters.

    However, depending on training, the abilities of humans can grow immensely. Those who have received advanced training, those who have gone through many battles, those receiving divine protection, etc. are called “champions” or “heroes.” They are far more powerful than an average monster.

    The Order and Anti-Monster States[edit]

    The Order is the religious organization that reveres the chief god who is purported to be the creator of the world. The Order isn't monotheistic, there are many gods, but all of the other gods are regarded as subordinates of the chief god. Faiths that revere the other gods are treated as sects of the chief god's religion. For that reason, the majority of humans are adherents of the chief god. The majority of nations have established the chief god's religion as the state religion. Most of the human world is controlled by this enormous organization, and humans have values that conform with its doctrine. The doctrine of the chief god's religion explains how to live ones life properly as a human. Virtue lies with maintaining to be noble in character and pure of heart, never drowning in lust and other desires. Clean living is regarded as virtuous. The followers of the chief god's religion begin every day by praying to the chief god, and they continue to be virtuous, according to the chief god's teachings. They lead clean and quiet lives. And because one of the teachings says to love thy neighbor, they treat other people who are followers of the same religion with kindness. However, according to the chief god's teachings, 'neighbor' doesn't include monsters. They are taught that monsters have been the enemies of humanity since the age of the former mamono lord, they are beings who corrupt, and lead mankind to destruction. (Actually, if the children born between human men and monsters are only female monsters, then it would gradually lead to humanity's ruin. )

    For that reason, they are hostile towards monsters. The Order's knight brigades, etc. will aggressively attempt to slay monsters as soon as they spot them. They also form armies and try to invade the monster realm. Additionally, people called “heroes,” who receive orders to slay the monster lord from The Order, are under the divine protection of the chief god. They boast far more powerful combat abilities compared to an ordinary human, and can overwhelm monsters.

    However, because of the benevolent nature of heroes and holy knights, when they actually get in a fight with monsters, many of them hesitate to bring their sword down on a monster in the form of a woman, and in that moment of vulnerability, the monsters catch them off guard, and they end up having sex with them. No matter how strong the will of the knight or hero, they are still men after all, and they are unable to resist sex with monsters who have bodies that are specially adapted just for pleasuring men. After having sex with them, they know devilish pleasure for the first time, and learn of the deep love that monsters have for human men, which results in them becoming prisoners of the monsters. They will probably end up choosing the path of living with monsters. Additionally, these countries that are controlled by the teachings of The Order, and have hostile policies towards monsters are called “anti-monster states.” Most of the anti-monster states are comparatively affluent, and boast a high cultural standard due to the teachings of the chief god.

    Monster Friendly States[edit]

    In contrast with anti-monster states, this is a general term for nations with policies that accept monsters and seek coexistence. These states were built by those who actually encountered monsters, and had doubts about the chief god's teaching that monsters are the symbol of wickedness. They are outside the influence of the chief god's religion in this world, and they are in the minority as of the present. In these countries, the influence of the chief god is weak. As for the state religion, some of them worship other gods according to their own choice, and many of them have no religion.

    Monsters can be seen walking through city streets without having to hide their true forms, and naturally human and monster married couples can be seen. Most monster-friendly states have policies that allow for the relaxed lifestyle that suits the monsters. While the people of monster-friendly states work moderately, they have way more leisure time and days off compared to people in anti-monster states. They spend this time relaxing at home, and having sex with their beloved monster wives.

    There's actually a high concentration of adventurers and ruffians who've had contact with monsters in various places, but perhaps because the monsters are at their side supporting them, they never cause any incident, and most of these countries have surprisingly low crime rates. Most of the monster friendly states cooperate closely with the monster realm (p228), and they have enacted initiatives to make their countries easier for humans and monsters to live together and have a better relationship.

    If a monster friendly state allied with the mamono realm were invaded by an anti-monster state, they'd get reinforcements from the mamono realm right away. The monster lord's army's knight brigade, which is composed of nothing but powerful monsters, would be sent. Furthermore, monsters have already been increasing in some of the monster-friendly states, they're becoming full of mamono mana, and some of them are already in the process of conversion into monster realms. The monsters can keenly sense the coming of the monster realm. Anticipating the coming of a more lecherous and happy world makes their chest and body heat up. As signs of a coming incubus transformation, men feel an increase in stamina and energy, but the only thing they would note is, “Lately it feels like my body's condition is improving, and my wife looks cuter and sexier than usual.”

    By the time the humans notice the changes, the men have already all changed into incubi, and the women have already all changed into succubi. That country would have completely become a monster realm.


    A general name for the gods, with the chief god who is said to have created the world at the top [5]. Beings that rule the world and humans from heaven, and spread their own teachings to humans through The Order. They also sometimes given humans instructions directly as oracles. Heaven is a hierarchical society. There's a huge division between the greater divinities, who are the gods, and the lesser divinities, who are angels. Furthermore, the gods and angels themselves are divided into many different classes. Even the lowest among the lesser divinities who are angels (p. 204), possesses vastly more power than the average human or monster. Speaking of the power of the higher angels and gods, it is even more tremendous.

    The Chief God as Seen from The Order's Teachings[edit]

    It is the omnipotent and omniscient creator god who gave birth to humans and subdued many of the other gods. The chief god is gently watching over humans. Sometimes it extends a hand to steer humans in the right direction. As of the present, the wicked mamono lord who emerged from the darkness is working from the shadows to destroy humans, the servants of the chief god. In order to protect humans from the mamono lord, humans are being divinely protected through God's power and given the power of “heroes.” From time to time, it dispatches lesser divinities to The Order, bestows great power and blessings to the knights and heroes, and joins them in the fight against the monsters.

    The Truth[edit]

    As far as I know about the truth of this world, the teachings of the Order seem to include a lot of falsehoods. From here on, I'm going to introduce a story that goes to the heart of this world. First off, it's true that the chief god created the world and humans. But the monster lord and the monsters were included as part of the “world” that the chief god created. Saying that the monster lord is a being who emerged from the darkness is a huge lie on the part of the gods and the Order. Monsters are, in essence, beings that are higher on the food chain than humans. They're living creatures the chief god created so that it could adjust the number of humans. The monster lord, who the Order insists is wicked, was created as a control device so that the gods could control the monsters. As in the present, the monster lord's mamono mana has always been linked with all monsters. By giving the monster lord directives, the chief god is able to indirectly control the monsters. Whenever civilization flourishes, and humans increase too much in number, it turns the monsters vicious as in the age of the former monster lord, killing large amounts of humans, thereby thinning their numbers. And then, when humans start to die out, this time the monsters increase too much in number, so this time it gives humans incredible power, creating “heroes,” and sending them to slay the monster lord. After the monster lord is slain, the monsters kill each other to decide the next monster lord, and until a monster lord is decided, their number keeps decreasing on its own. And then, when humans reach prosperity once again, and begin increasing in number, a new monster lord is born as a control device from amongst the monsters.

    And then, the entire process repeats itself. This is the world's system. The system was running perfectly until a certain succubus became the monster lord and caused the system to start malfunctioning. The monster lord used her mamono mana which is linked to all monsters to start overwriting the traits instilled in the monsters from the time when God created them: “Monsters are beings that are higher existences than humans, and monsters are beings that live by eating humans.”

    Naturally, the chief god was furious. It tried to eliminate the monster lord. It gave the power to slay the monster lord to a hero according to the system at the time, but since the hero betrayed the chief god and went on the side of the monster lord, the attempt at eliminating the monster lord ended in failure. The strongest of the monsters, the monster lord, and the strongest of humanity, the hero, joined hands to create a new world together. The monster lord, who is a succubus, and the hero who was made an incubus by their hands, could increase each other's power infinitely by continuously having sex due to their nature. Their power had already reached the level of a god, and not even the chief god was able to destroy them. The chief god was gravely wounded in the battle, and as of the present, it can't move freely, so it's manipulating humans into doing its bidding through the church, giving many humans the power of a “hero,” and frequently sending extermination squads at the monster lord.

    So all that is the truth of this world. It's already a myth level story. It doesn't feel real to me either. If the Order knew I had written something like this, I bet I'd probably be executed immediately. Whether or not this nonsense of mine is to be believed is up to you who have taken the book in hand.

    On the same occasion, I was able to ask the monster lord herself about her future vision for this world that she's trying to change, so I'll summarize it on (p. 230).

    For those of you who wonder whether this story is true, the monster lord and hero are both alive and well. Go visit the monster realm and ask them directly yourself. That is, if you're confident that you won't get caught by monsters along the way.

    The Other Gods[edit]

    Now let's get back on course after that crazy story from before. There are many other beings called gods besides just the chief god. The chief god is trying to fix the system that the monster lord threw out of whack, but it seems not all of the gods think that way.

    The Fallen God” was consumed by devilish pleasure, corrupted, and changed into a monster while still possessing the power of a god. For the sake of the denizens of the sea whom she loved, “Poseidon, god of the sea (p. 128)” joined them and went on the monster lord's side - the alliances of the gods are never fixed and unchanging. Presently, the monster lord has several divinities as allies. The chief god is in a position where it's getting harder and harder to strike at the monster lord.

    Elementals (p216)[edit]

    Elementals are concentrations of the elements of nature, primarily water, fire, wind, and earth, that have taken on a form. Since the nature of elementals changes depending on their state of purity, and admixture with mamono mana, so they're subdivided into many classifications. On this page, I'll introduce the details about these great beings that are so distinct from humans and monsters.

    Greater Elementals, “Pure Elementals”[edit]

    “Elementals” or “pure elementals” are beings that come into existence primarily when the four great elements of nature: water, fire, wind, and earth gather in high concentrations and manifest. The pure elementals are not monsters. The ones that are considered monsters are called “mamono elementals,” and they are created when a “pure elemental” transforms after being corrupted by mamono mana. The elementals are the building blocks of mother nature herself. If an elemental exists, it means the land is rich and blessed with that particular element. If there were no water elements, all the water in the world would dry up. If there were no earth elements, no plants would take root, and the world would become a wasteland of death. A sharp line is drawn between the elementals which have such power, and the people and monsters who live in the world. Depending on the region, there are even some elemental faiths that worship the elementals as gods. The elementals take on forms such as flickering flames, or a mass of water that looks vaguely human in shape. Their forms are volatile and extremely unstable. Their wit and intellect is comparatively high. They're able to converse with humans, and possess something akin to human emotion. However, since they don't have bodies, they can't touch or interfere with other objects. Also, an individual elemental can manifest its power through nature, spurring the growth of plants by purifying the water and making the earth rich, but they can't use the magic of those elements to attack someone, or use it freely for any other purpose.

    However, elementals can form covenants with humans and bestow their power upon them, allowing for its use. Humans who have formed a covenant with an elemental are called “covenanters.” Elementals are always beside their covenanters, granting them power.

    These humans who are known as “elementalists” use elemental magic through the power of the elementals that is extremely powerful compared with ordinary magic, but since the elementals draw upon the power of the elements in any particular land, if the land is weak, or low in elements of the corresponding type (If fire, then snow country or seashore, etc. If wind, then closed dungeons, etc.), or if corresponding elements of the land are contaminated (If water, then dirty water, if earth, then a desolate wasteland, ect.), then the elementals' power weakens, and the magic they use also weakens, so it also has a facet of instability. Only one who is truly trusted by the elementals can form a covenant with the elementals. It is said that elementalists and elementals bound to one another by strong ties joined forces, averted calamities, and repelled vicious monsters from during the age of the former monster lords on countless occasions. However, the elementals have emotion, and since they're keenly interested in, and yearn for the romance and sexual relations of ordinary living things, and are bound to their covenanters by strong bonds of trust, they feel an emotion towards them that is something like love. Many of them worry that they will never be able to become joined with their covenanters, since they have neither a body nor a gender.

    Those Who Carry Mamono Essence Within Their Bodies, “Mamono Elementals”[edit]

    “Elementals,” or “mamono elementals” are pure elementals that became corrupted by mamono mana and turned into monsters. Pure elementals formed from the elements are beings comprised of concentrated magical energy. Their power is great, but it's easy for them to become joined with mamono mana. If they visit the mamono realm, or are showered in mamono mana by a monster, then they easily transform into mamono elementals. Their form which was unstable during the period when they were pure elementals becomes that of a beautiful woman, befitting of a monster. They fall from being elementals, beings which transcend biological life, to becoming a monster, a biological organism, but conversely, they get a body and gender which they never had as elementals, and gain the ability to touch and interfere with objects on their own. It is said that after becoming monsters, their strong interest in romance and sex that they had as pure elementals blossoms, and following the monster's instinct, they'll aggressively seek human men. Those that had covenanters from the time they were pure elementals have sex wildly as if to release all the agonizing stress that had built up until then. Having sex with their covenanter and indulging in pleasure brings them unparalleled happiness.

    In the same way as pure elementals, it's possible for them to form covenants with the men they like and grant them the power of the elements, however, unlike pure elementals, a covenant with one of them is formed through the act of sexual intercourse. Also, when using the power, it is necessary for them to have intercourse beforehand in order for her to transfer the power of the elements to him through her body, but the strength of the magic he can use, and the power of the elemental herself is far greater than that of a pure elemental. Additionally, since they're also able to substitute the power they borrowed from the earth as pure elementals with the man's essence, by having lots of passionate sex, they're able to maintain their power even in unfavorable lands. They are monsters, but, to the people of the elemental faiths, they look much closer to human, they're less distant, and they've also become vastly more powerful, so many people welcome them as “superior elementals.” Rather than being ostracized, it is said that the covenanters who accompany them are welcomed, and may even become targets of reverence.

    Another thing, in the case that the covenanter from when they were a pure elemental was a woman, the mamono elemental will also change her covenanter into a monster the same as herself. She'd probably want to share the feelings of ecstasy and liberation that she had experienced. By having sex with their female covenanters, the mamono elementals change them into succubi. Succubus elementalists who were born in this way use the elemental's power to assault human men, and they'll end up having threesomes all the time together with the elemental.

    By having sex with their covenanters and accumulating essence, the power of the mamono elemental and the power that the elementalist can use steadily increases. However, due to this essence, the mamono mana in their bodies grows more condensed and powerful. Their bodies and hearts change to become monstrously more lascivious and lustful, and the intercourse they share with their covenanters also increases in intensity even further. Mamono elementals which have become completely consumed by mamono mana change into more powerful monsters that are called “dark elementals.”

    Those Who Shape the Mamono Realm, “Dark Elementals”[edit]

    “Elementals” or “dark elementals” are mamono elementals who changed into more powerful monsters after being consumed by powerful mamono mana as a result of the large amounts of essence obtained through having continuous sex with their covenanters. Although they don't look that much different from mamono elementals, part of their body is blackened by the mamono mana, and their expression has changed completely into the obscene and beautiful one of a monster.

    They enrich nature, just as the pure elementals do, but it's the nature of the mamono realm (p. 228), not the human world, that they enrich. All they think about is having sex with their beloved covenanters, and by the time their covenanters pour enough essence into them to change them into dark elementals, they themselves have completely become incubi (p. 13). They seek one another's bodies and indulge.

    If the elementals who embody nature become corrupted by mamono mana, then nature itself becomes corrupted by mamono mana. When dark elementals appear, the elements of water, fire, wind, and earth which were normal, then boost the power of mamono mana, and change into those of the mamono realm, converting humans into monsters.

    Dark elementals are always continuously having sex with their covenanters, and continuously accumulating essence. If they continue to build their power, the mamono realm becomes more rich, and the monsters will be able to have even more frenzied intercourse with men that is accompanied by even more intense pleasure.

    Those Which Were Originally Monsters to Begin With, “Demi-elementals”[edit]

    “Elementals” or “demi-elementals” are beings born as monsters from an amount of elements which was insufficient to form a pure elemental on its own that became fused with mamono mana. The “yuki-onna” and “dryad” in this book are included in them. The structure of their bodies is similar to that of elementals, but they are beings that were born as monsters from the beginning. They act according to the monster's instinct without forming covenants. Since they just seek human men while driven by desire, they don't have a system of forming covenants or lending power.

    What's more, I think those who have read this far would know it, but aside from elemental scholars, and those who have faith in elementals, most humans just lump all of them together and treat all elementals as “elementals.” They don't have much detailed knowledge concerning elementals. Due to this ignorance, there are stories of the lords of anti-monster states hiring elementalists who employ dark elementals to oppose monsters, and as a result, their lands changed completely into mamono realms where the monsters' cries of ecstasy resound.

    The Monster Realm (p228)[edit]

    A world for monsters where the monster lord has set up her castle. The air is thick with the mamono mana of the succubi, so it's dark even during the day. At night, the moon seen through mamono mana ominously becomes crimson. Crimson light illuminates the mamono realm. Since the mamono mana of the succubi floating in the air sparkles alluringly when illuminated by the moonlight, in the mamono realm, it's even brighter during the night than it is during the day. And due to the mamono mana floating in the air, human men who continue to stay in the mamono realm for a long period of time will change into incubi, and women will change into succubi. Also due to the succubus' mamono mana, the monsters' activities are further invigorated. They assault men more aggressively, and are able to have even more pleasurable sex. From a human perspective, the scenery of this world looks ominous, and it's a dangerous land where just being there causes their bodies to burn hotly, and their minds to become consumed by lust. However, to all the monster races and incubi that are adapted to the monster realm, the ominous scenery appears to be very beautiful, and everything about the monster realm makes it an extremely comfortable world for them to live.

    The Nature of the Monster Realm[edit]

    In the lands of the monster realm bathed in the light of the crimson moon, there are ominously twisted trees growing with pitch black trunks and leaves that shine with blue mamono mana. There are thickets around them that turn purple after sucking in plenty of the monsters' mamono mana, and they have a crimson glow from reflecting the moonlight. Among the darkly colored trees and grasses, there are fluorescent colored flowers blooming in profusion, which only serves to make the atmosphere all the more eerie. The water that flows in rivers and gushes out in springs is thickened and stained pink because it is full of succubus' mamono mana, so when the monsters quench their thirst, it gives them high mamono mana, and it is said that the trees that bear “Prisoner Fruit,” the famous produce of the mamono realm, grow in locations where this water flows. The fruit is about the size of an apple. It is heart shaped, and the vivacious pinkish skin is transparent almost like a gemstone. There is soft, milky white flesh packed inside that overflows with thick, sticky juice with a sweet fragrance when one pokes it with a finger. Just as the name suggests, this fruit that sweetly melts in the mouth has an effect that causes the bodies of monsters that eat it to develop even more attractively. Many monsters love eating this fruit as a dessert. If a human eats this fruit that is packed full of mamono mana, in a man's case, he will become even more attractive, and the scent of his essence that the monsters love will become even more appealing. Many monsters will swarm and try to rape him. In a woman's case, she will become a prisoner of the fruit's overwhelmingly delicious taste. As she continues to eat the fruit, it has the effect of causing the woman to become devilishly beautiful. Before she even realizes it herself, her body will naturally learn seductive gestures and mannerisms. If she continues to eat it even more, her interest in men and sex will be heightened. In this manner, as she continues to eat the fruit, the woman gradually becomes more attractive to men, and gets closer and closer to becoming a monster.

    Eventually, regardless of still being human, she'll end up seducing a man and having sex, and the essence obtained from this will cause the mamono mana stored up from eating all the fruit to blossom, transforming the woman into a sexy succubus.

    The Monster Lord's Castle[edit]

    The castle of the Monster Lord that exists in the furthest reaches of the mamono realm. It's the monsters' base, a wicked-looking castle lined with ominous decorations, and a countless number of gargoyles. The inside is guarded by the Monster Lord's army which is comprised of the majority of the most powerful monsters, as well as fallen former heroes who became incubi after being charmed by them, etc. It is an impregnable fortress that the soldiers and powerful heroes of the Order were never able to capture in spite of numerous attempted invasions. However, the rules of the Monster Lord's army are extremely lenient, and emergencies aside, most of the monsters, including the Monster Lord, can be found in their private rooms spending their lives doing nothing but having sex with their husbands, so amorous voices are always leaking out from rooms everywhere inside the Monster Lord's castle.

    Castle Town of the Succubi[edit]

    A town of monsters that exists near the Monster Lord's castle. It was created by the Monster Lord's subordinates, the succubi, as a place for the monsters to bring back men, and it looks almost like an amusement center. The residential district was designed to be appropriate for living with human men, and the market district is lined with shops that deal in all manner of magical items and drugs used for lewd acts, as well as unique clothes and accessories for pleasing men. Many are stunned by the array of merchandise, and monster tourists and peddlers even visit from outside the mamono realm to make their purchases. It is extremely bustling. There are also many different variously themed inns to suit their moods. Depending on the place, they can enjoy having sex with a man in different atmospheres, so many of the married couples that live in the demon world often use them. This town was created as a veritable paradise for monsters.

    The Forest of Tentacles[edit]

    A devilish forest crawling with ominous vine-shaped “tentacle plants” that exists on the outskirts of the mamono realm. When they spot a female, regardless of her race, the tentacle plants of this forest will coil around her body, bind her in place, tease her, and penetrate every single orifice in order to suck out mamono mana. Since the tentacles know that a monster's mamono mana improves in taste and quality after she obtains essence, if a monster brings her husband to visit, they'll coil around her and shower her with sticky juice that includes an aphrodisiac compound that makes monsters terribly aroused, then coil around her thighs and force her legs wide open, and face her in the man's direction, as if inviting him to hurry up and penetrate. Since the plants in the outskirts of the forest are comparatively docile, and disposed towards aiding them by making sex with their husband more exciting, many monsters bring their husbands with them when they visit to play. They enjoy the pleasure that using tentacles during sex with their husbands brings. But when a human woman who lacks the proper resistance enters the forest, the plants just keep totally violating her. She'll probably end up being transformed into a succubus or roper with nothing but thoughts of pleasure in her head by the time she emerges. Also the deeper into the forest one goes, the more ferocious the tentacles become. It is so extreme in the deepest parts that even a monster would hesitate to go there.

    The Ever-expanding Monster Realm[edit]

    The monster realm consists of lands that were altered due to an overwhelming abundance of the succubus' mamono mana. As the number of monsters increases, and the monster lord gains in power, the mamono realm also rapidly expands by swallowing nearby human nations. And then, the women of those nations all transform into monsters, a town of monsters is established, and the mamono realm expands even more. But even if a human land is far removed from the mamono realm, an increase in the number of monsters due to invasion, or a co-existence policy, etc. can cause it to become thick with mamono mana, and then the land will be converted into a mamono realm before long. Mamono realms can also spring forth due to dark elementals (p. 217).

    In recent years, the monster realms have been continuing to increase on a small scale even in human lands. From there, the monster realm will rapidly expand.

    The Utopia the Monster Lord Dreams Of (p230)[edit]

    Humans and monsters are beings that were created by god and ordained to kill each other. In this world, the blood of humans and monsters has been repeatedly spilled as they slaughter one another. A system that goes on ad infinitum was constructed. (p.210) The leader of the monsters, the present monster lord, twisted the forms of the monsters that were established by god in order to break the loop and reshaped the world. Before introducing the last monster in this book, we'll introduce her vision of the world's future that she's trying to bring about.

    The monster lord's objective is to change all men into incubi, and all women into monsters, thus bringing about the “unification of humans and monsters into one race.” In the completely unified race, the males will be humans, and the females will be monsters. She used the power of the monster lord which links the mamono mana of all monsters to channel her own mamono mana into them, changing them into the kind of monsters she desired, thus overwriting the settings for the monsters that god had established. In this way, “monsters” changed forms into female “monster girls” that feel strong love for the male human men, mate with them, and produce children.

    Originally, the monster lord was merely one of the living things created by the chief god, and had nowhere near enough power for it to be possible for her to overwrite the chief god's settings. However, fortunately enough, because of several overlapping coincidences, she was able to achieve it. One was that she happened to be a succubus, a being that builds up power by having sex with men; one was that her current husband, who was the hero at the time, sympathized with her ambition and cooperated with her; one was that the monsters lent her their strength for some reason even though up to that point they had always fought endlessly amongst themselves, killing even their own kind in the struggle to decide a monster lord; and one was that just as in the case of the monster lord, a new chief god took over, but she was a goddess who was still very inexperienced. The state of the present is the product of all these coincidences.

    However, the settings that had been determined by the chief god weren't so weak that she could completely overwrite them with just that. A number of problems remained that the monster lord hadn't foreseen. Although their objective changed from killing and devouring flesh and blood, to mating and milking semen, the setting “monsters assault humans” remained. Additionally, since the setting “monsters are biologically superior beings to humans,” also remained, nothing but the monster girls who are both mothers and superior beings actually ended up resulting from the coupling of humans and monster girls, even though the monster lord had expected that the incubi, who are the males of the unified race, would also have been born. Because of this, the racial unification that the monster lord seeks is impossible. Instead, the humans will probably eventually die out gradually just the way the present gods and chief god insisted it would be. And now more than ever, the chief god and monster lord's powers are locked in a bitter struggle. It wouldn't be strange if the balance crumbled at any moment. If the monster lord is defeated by the chief god and she loses her life, the monster girls will revert to being “monsters” whose heads are full of nothing but the desire to kill and eat humans. Should it come to that, the happiness of the monster girls who married and settled with their beloved human men will be shattered, they will end up having to kill and eat their own beloved husbands with their own hands.

    However, as for the monster lord's power, every time the monster lord stores power, every time the monsters increase in number, and every time the monster realm expands, it grows stronger. If the monster lord's power continues to increase at this rate, eventually she'll be able to completely overwrite and establish the monster girls' settings. If it occurs, then incubi will end up also being born from monster girls. Human men and monster girls will seek one another, and then it can lead to the rebirth of a new human race.

    Presently, it is said that the monster lord and her husband who is the human hero keep doing nothing but endless copulation deep within the monster lord's castle in order to build up mamono mana. They're an incubus and succubus couple, and the more they have sex, the more power they are able to grant to one another. Their power keeps rapidly growing more immense.

    And one more thing.

    The monster lord's mamono mana which is linked with all monster girls will grow bigger, however slightly, if you couple with a monster girl and give them your essence. You are also one of those who holds the world's future and destiny in his very hands.

    Afterword (p235)[edit]

    Well, now I've finished introducing the 100 types of monsters that I've seen as of the present. I faced many dangers; I was also attacked and almost ended up not being able to finish this book, but luckily I somehow managed to escape, and was able to write up to this point.

    What did you think after learning about monsters?

    What do you think about monsters?

    How has your perception of monsters changed?

    How would you handle it if you came face to face with a monster?

    I think a lot must be going through your mind, but this is an introduction to 100 types of monsters, and at the same time, the record of 100 human / monster couples that I have seen. Humans and monsters are joining hands and living side by side in the present situation. That's the one thing I'd like to have you recognize.

    After writing a book like this, the order of the chief god will probably be after my head from now on. If I get caught, the best I can hope for is a public execution.

    Well, where should I run to? What do you think of Zipangu, which I've only heard about from stories?

    I also want to try going to the mist continent which lies to the north of Zipangu.

    Even over there, surely there must be many kinds of monsters I still haven't seen, and I'll probably meet many couples living happily together.

    If I don't get caught by the order, or end up becoming a monster's husband, I'll probably meet you again inside a book along with the monsters.

    -A Certain Wandering Scholar of Monsters

    Image Gallery[edit]


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    3. Compare the Japanese names to see the humor: erofu vs erufu (elf) pedowaafu vs dowaafu (dwarf)
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    5. Japanese pronouns do not make the gender of the gods clear, although later in the book it confirms that the current chief god at least is female, and both the Fallen God and Poseidon must be female as they are monsters
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