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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia Introduction

    Introduction to MGE
    Introduction to MGE

    About the Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki

    The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki is an online community dedicated to the Monster Girl Encyclopedia (MGE) franchise, a compendium of knowledge concerning monster girls, commonly referred to as MGs or mamono, created by Japanese artist Kenkou Cross.

    Monster girls are lewd, female variations of creatures found in the traditional mythologies of various countries, religions, histories, and cultures. Information on each monster girl, like their habitat, diet, and disposition, is dispensed through "profiles", all available here on the wiki.


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    Introduction - The World of Monster Girl Encyclopedia

    1. From the ancient times to the age of monster girls

    The "monsters" ruled by the mamono lords of the ancient times were monsters with a deformed appearance. In the past, these vicious monsters had no hearts, and were driven by their ferocity and appetites to attack humans like beasts.

    However, many years have passed since then, and the former mamono lord has disappeared. A powerful succubus became the new mamono lord, and the monsters underwent major changes. Now, the monsters all took on the appearance of beautiful women, like the mamono lord, and become "monster girls" equipped with the nature of succubi.

    Currently, only female monsters have been confirmed to exist. The girls, who have inherited the nature of "inma" from the mamono lord, instead of devouring human flesh as they once did, now feed on "human male essence", which they consider the ultimate food. And it is the man's "semen" that contains it the most, and he expresses it through coitus.  Also, since there are only females, they also need human males to reproduce. Therefore, they instinctively seek out human males, and although temperaments and personalities vary from species to species, most of the monsters are lustful and amorous, and they love human men and having intercourse with human men.

    Even monsters that look like little girls have physical capabilities that far surpass those of adult men, as well as the irresistible charm and seduction power of Inma. Sometimes using their physical strength to push men down and ride them like horses... Sometimes seducing men to let their sexual desires run wild and attack them like animals... Sometimes just like humans do, they captivate men with their inhuman charm, become lovers, make love and intertwine their bodies together... "You", who are discovered by monsters are attacked in various ways, such as these, and end up having sex with them.

    2. The fate of a man attacked by a monster

    Even if "you" are attacked by monsters and helplessly squeezed dry of your essence, you would never lose your life to their sucking, unlike when monsters were devouring flesh. However, on the other hand, the inhuman pleasure brought to "you" by the body and hands of the monsters will easily melt your heart, and once you have maintained a relationship with monsters, you will become captivated by them, and "You" will no longer be able to think of giving up the pleasures of these women and their companionship.

    The same monster that attacked you has no intention of letting go "you" go either. Monsters are able to make love to the men who they attack... sometimes even before they have been physically laid on top of each other, by falling in love like human girls, they recognize certain men as "husbands"... In other words, when they recognize a particular man as their "husband," their bodies adapt to their husband, and become specialized to squeeze the essence out of their mate. The monster's sperm-sucking organs become more comfortable for their partner and easier to ejaculate into, and the monster's body changes in order to obtain stronger pleasure from their mating. The monster's sense of taste also becomes one that allows her to taste her husband's essence to the fullest, and "you", her beloved husband, have your essence become so delicious to them, that she will never be able to taste another man's essence again. As a result, "you", who is their partner, will have more "appetite", "sexual desire", and "reproductive desire" sprung onto you than ever before, and on the contrary, they will not recognize other men as "males" or "prey".

    They are not the only ones who are changing. The "mamono mana" that these women carry in their bodies is one of the roots of the power of the Inma that resides in them. This magical power swells by feeding on "your" essence, and the swollen magical power is poured into "you" through your overlapping bodies during intercourse.

    The monster's mana that is poured into you activates your body and life force, transforming you into an existence suitable as a companion to the monster, so that you can respond to their extraordinary lust for you.

    Temptation and touch from the monster will easily remind you of the pleasure you experienced, and you will easily become erect. Your erection will not wilt with just one or two ejaculations, but rather will grow bigger, harder and stronger with each successive intercourse. When you ejaculate, a large amount of semen overflows as if you're trying to fill the womb of the monster, and whether you ejaculate or not, new semen continues to be produced in your lower abdomen, and you will be squeezed out of a large amount of semen again and again.

    In this way, every time you have sex, the monster that became "your" wife becomes a powerful Inma, and "you", who became her "husband", becomes the only and best prey for her.

    Some may think that if they are attacked, if they are only ordinary men like themselves, they will not be seen by these women and will escape this fate. But they are mistaken. They never attack men to "satisfy their sexual desires for a moment" or to "grab a quick snack because they are hungry". When they attack men, they do so "as husband to whom they can devote their unending lust", "as prey that they can squeeze to their heart's content and keep satisfying their appetites", and "as the only male who can impregnate them and satisfy their desire to reproduce". All of their desires are aimed at their prey, "you". They attack you because they are looking for a "husband" with whom they will live together in pleasure and enjoyment for the rest of their lives.

    ▲From "Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide III: Sabbath Grimoire", changes in the world from ancient times to the present.

    The old relationship of a predator preying on prey has been lost, and the state of mana circulating between the predator monster and prey male, providing unlimited sustenance to each other, has been established. Originally, the replacement of the Mamono Lord would not have changed the world, and the only change that would have occurred to monsters would have been nothing more than "the number of female-type monsters that suck humans to death has increased". It seems that this is the result of a number of "events that should not have occurred under normal circumstances", including the fact that the mamono lord and the hero at the time were united as a couple.

    ▲From "Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide III: Sabbath Grimoire", the fate of a man who was attacked by monsters

    The criteria by which monsters choose their mates are different from those of humans, whether it is a beautiful young man or a middle-aged man with a big belly, if he does not have a particular woman as his companion, he will be targeted by monsters without fail. In many cases, like the man in the center who has an echidna as his wife, his entire life from now on will be a sweet, fulfilling sexual life in which he will continue to be drowned in the love and pleasure of monsters. (This is the way it is now, but they first became acquainted when Echidna lured a man to her abode, bound him with the body of a serpent, and forced him to have intercourse with her.)

    A man can be transformed into a monster only if he has "a desire to become a woman" or "Loving a man of the same sex", even if he harbors such desires without even realizing it.

    Monsterization is explained below.

    3. The "monsterization" of human women

    Monsters recognize human men as "potential mates," but on the other hand, they recognize human females as "females of the same genus". Monsters tend to avoid men who already have lovers or wives, or men who have been strongly favored by certain women, as they do not recognize them as males, perhaps from the perspective that by monopolizing their male mates, they can spend more time with them, have sex with them more often, and obtain a larger quantity of sperm more efficiently. This practice is true not only when the man's wife is a "female of the same genus", a monster, but also when she is a human woman. (Although relatively rare, consensual harems are often formed by several monsters, mostly around male heroes.)

    Also, if monsters of the same genus recognize a targeted male... ...In other words, regardless of whether they are humans or monsters, when they find a woman who has a crush on a man but has not yet been married, they often use various means to connect the two and make them a couple. In such cases, the "monsterization" of human women is sometimes carried out by infusing them with their own mamono mana in order to give them "the means to obtain a man". The monsters seem to take this irreversible transformation into monsters as casually as a human would: "I changed my hair into an attractive haircut that suits me." Although we can see the difference in values between humans and monsters, this point also suggests that they recognize human women as their "kindred spirits" from the beginning.

    While monsterized human women, like their monster counterparts, seek and prefer the company of human men above all else, and develop a lecherous temperament and sense of values, on the other hand, their memories, underlying personalities, relationships with others, and feelings toward others remain unchanged from the time they were human. (However, a certain girl who was considered passive and shy by those around her, and who was unable to convey her feelings to her childhood friend, a boy whom she liked, because of her lack of self-confidence. As a result, she revealed her unbridled and debauched nature, approaching a boy who was her childhood friend, taking him around day and night, and indulging in intercourse.) A woman who had been cold to her husband for many years and had declared that he was a boring man and that she hated him, became a monster, and as a result, she rediscovered her memories of her husband during their long marriage and the things that made her fall in love with him with a monster's sense of values, her desire for her husband swelled up, and she became more affectionate with him than in the early days of their marriage. (There are countless examples like this where, from the perspective of others, "people have completely changed".)

    ▲Succubus sisters from "Succubus Notebook"

    Monsterized human women often look up to monsters who gave them a world of pleasure and the power to obtain the man they wanted by transforming them, as "older sisters". However, no matter how much she adores her, the most important thing for the "younger sister" is "the man who is her husband" or to get one, and the "older sister" is the second, because the man she suddenly found already has a girl who loves him, and therefore, although she meddled and made her sister fulfill her love... She couldn't get a husband this time either... There are not a few sad succubi like that. Sisters who usually play with each other's bodies can sometimes get along well and have the same man as their husband.

    In addition, monsters have an ecology in which "feelings" are directly linked to "sexual desires". In other words, the throbbing of the heart, such as "feeling safe while spending time with them" and "getting excited when they see how cool they are" are the result of the feelings of "love" and "affection" accumulated by the monsters. "I love you for being kind to me and for helping me." "I want the semen of this male, I want to conceive a child," which is directly lead to the heat in their bodies and the tingling in their wombs.

    Perhaps for that reason, compared to monsters who are born with a tendency to express their sexual desires on the spot, Human women tend to store up their "feelings" without putting them into a form, and by turning them into monsters, It is said that they often turn into more lewd monsters, with stronger lusts and obsessions towards men than they are natural born monsters.

    ▲From "Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens," the hero Wilmarina is transformed into the succubus Wilmarina.

    After her entire country fell into a mamono realm, she began to dress in extreme costumes and smile lewdly, but the feelings she still harbors are still hers. The difference in position between the hero, who is the symbol of the country, and the servant, who were destined never to be united, has caused her to release her hidden feelings for her childhood friend through her monsterization.

    Wilmarina, who has successfully entered into a relationship with her childhood friend and spends every day with him in intercourse, puts on the "depraved dress" taught to her by the monster who corrupted her, She remembered the pleasures of the previous night, and from the anticipation of tonight's pleasures, she always wears an imna's lewd smile. Compared to when she professed to protect all people, she has become more honest about who she likes and dislikes, but her underlying sense of justice remains the same. She is still a hero who protects her country as a "Mamono Realm Hero"... but she seems to leave her subordinates in charge of her duties, and seems to be indulging in all sorts of sexually adventurous trips with her spouse whenever they go.

    4. Sex Life with Monsters

    Since the first priority of most people who are bonded to monsters is to have sex with their spouses, they tend to live a relaxed life, for example, spending all day having sex and working the next day (with breaks (intercourse) every now and then, and of course, at night). However, because humans and monsters have different abilities, different skills, different ideas, and can use abundant magical resources, towns where humans and monsters live together tend to develop in a different and more prosperous way than towns where there are only humans or only monsters.

    ▲Dé Ryúa, a city of the world, from "Side Guide III: Court Alf"

    Towns with a high ratio of monsters tend to develop industry and tourism with the aim of "attracting men to the city and making them husbands." Among them, there are places where the whole city is like a red light district or an entertainment district, and this Dé Ryúa is one example. It seems to be a city where men devour women with their lust, but in reality, it is a city of monsters that devour the men who are lured by them with their lust. Men who visit the city in search of "one night's pleasure" will never be satisfied with just "one night." The main purpose of these towns is for unmarried monsters to acquire unmarried men, but monsters who have already obtained husbands visit as couples and dress up as lewd prostitutes and dancers. It is also used to make her husband buy herself wrapped up and enjoy sexual services.

    ▲Al Mar, a city of the world, from "Side Guide III: Court Alf"

    Compared to Dé Ryúa, it has a clean atmosphere and is a scenic chalk tourist destination.

    The city is famous for its chalky white wedding halls and is popular for honeymoon trips for married couples, but even in cities like this, it is still a town of monsters. A service is offered to single male tourists to provide them with an unmarried monster guide. It's not hard to imagine what would happen to a man who allowed a monster to sneak into his bosom.

    In this "Al Mar", the honeymoon held in a chalk white church has a reputation among monsters as being very romantic. On the other hand, the aforementioned honeymoon in "Dé Ryúa" is also well-received by the demons as a romantic experience in which the husband plays with her body, dressed as a dancer in a costume that arouses men's sexual desire, and has her fucked like an animal. The difference in values between humans and demons is often surprising.

    The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Series

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia I and all monster girl profiles are written from the in-world perspective of a travelling scholar, wandering the MGE world while documenting the various creatures and features he comes across. Since the release of it's initial encyclopedic volume, the MGE franchise has grown to encompass an entire world setting, centered around the on-going conflict between the religious zealots of The Order of the Chief God and the Mamono Lord and her monster army.

    Monsters are what this wiki is widely known for. These creatures can be born as monsters or turned from human to monsters. They are always female and target both males and females for various reasons in various ways depending on the myth they are based on.

    Lore/books and what to read first:

    The wiki features Lore behind the Monster Girls. This is information about the world they and others live in and how different factions, flora, fauna and culture have affected on one another.

    The first book of monster girls contains lore about the ecology of said Monster Girls. What they are, how they reproduce and what cultures and factions are to be found across the world. Monster Girl Encyclopedia I

    The second book has lore on special individuals who have a large impact on the diplomacy of the factions around the world. It also heavily features information on in what ways monsterization affects the human mind and how species regard others. Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens

    The third book contains information about how the fauna works in the world of Monster Girls. How elements of nature affect the world and its inhabitants. Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II: Mamono Realm Traveller's Guide

    For more information, please consider: Books.

    What to read in what order:

    To best understand what monster girls are, one must know what they are, how they act and how they live.

    1. What a monster is all about, and all the different kinds of monster documented to date: Monster Girls
    2. What the world is like and who lives in it: Book 1 and 2 as mentioned above.
    3. What biomes and cultures there are: Book 3
    4. What items are to be found in the world: Items
    5. More setting information: Setting
    6. In addition to those, learning about the characteristics and culture of succubi, various aspects of the world, and the magic that is present everywhere.
    7. And lastly, some questions you may have gotten into your head from these: Kenkou Cross Q&A (the maker of the MGE universe and everything in it has held various Q&A sessions in the past, which are displayed here)

    Final Word

    Congratulations, you should know everything there is to know about this wiki and its content.

    PS. Looking for that specific thing, but the navigation just won't help? Try to look in the categories for something similar, it may lead you to where you wanted to go. Category Browsing

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