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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side 1.5: Wilmarina's Honeymoon

    World Guide - Side 1.5: Wilmarina's Honeymoon
    Book Information
    Release Date
    August 13th, 2017 (Comiket 92)[1]
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross (Production Advisor)[1]
    Ami Rutberg
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side 1.5: Wilmarina's Honeymoon (魔物娘図鑑わーるどがいど外伝1.5ウィルマリナ新婚旅行記)[1], often referred to as World Guide Side 1.5, is a world guide supplement by Will featuring an account of Wilmarina's honeymoon with her husband (presumably Elt) in the nation of Dragonia. This is a filler publication, replacing the delayed World Guide Side 2 at Comiket 92.

    The book was announced via a post on Will's twitter account.[1]


    The book presents an account of Wilmarina Noscrim's honeymoon with her husband in the nation of Dragonia. It presents a previously mentioned character, the queen's sister (A girl she monsterized, to be more exact.), a variety of magical items and foods, along with Wilmarina's plan to develop Lescatie into a tourist attraction. The book also features some of her notes, ranging from to-do lists to quotes from various characters.

    Dragon Sister of the Red Queen, Dracolinde[edit]

    Race: Dragon

    This dragon is the sister of Deonora, she seems to be the manager of the Cemetery of Dragons, but seems to rarely appear there.

    Department of Management of the Royal Treasury of Dragonia: Inventory number 0006, Dragon Soul Necklace[edit]

    Classification: high-level magic jewelry (class: quasi-secret treasures)

    Place of detection: Dragolinde Castle, four Castle "Guchudenberg"

    Age: Age of the previous Mamono Lords 56 century

    Among the treasures of the Dragon Empire, considered a national treasure, the most powerful of the magical jewelry belong to the class of quasi-secret[2] treasures.

    These artifacts have the ability to intervene in the magical power of the owner and forcibly transform it into the shape of a dragon, which is why they got the name "Dragon Soul". The artifact shown on the left [See the picture] is one of three such treasures that belonged to the former King of Dragai, who once called himself the Dragon King and made the Kingdom of Dragai known as the Dragon Empire. Now, this artifact is in the treasury Deonora the Queen of Dragons.

    It is made of the strongest dragon steel "Dragonite", which can only be made with the help of a dragon press. This material boasts stability of magic energy and hardness; it cannot be broken by anything.

    Nevertheless, the Dragon Soul necklaces still hold many secrets. For example, as in ancient times, dragonite was processed, which even in the current era is difficult to manufacture and process by the forces of dragons of Dragonia. Did the Dragai Empire possess some secret of production? On the other hand, this jewelry is also a valuable magical item, created using different from modern magic stones of the past era, when the mamono had a different, monstrous nature. These and many other secrets hide the treasures of ancient times.

    The Dragonia Treasury Management Department has identified the four Dragon Soul necklaces and stores them. One of them was handed over to the head of the magical unit of the army of the Mamono Lord Sabbath, and has already been delivered to the capital Makai for research. In addition, another of Deonora’s necklaces will be sent to the ruler of Lescatie Druella for joint research on “human demonization” with the “Mamono Realm of Lescatie”, which recently became our close partner.

    Ignis month, day 3[edit]

    On the second day of our stay in Dragonia, I suddenly became a Dragon!

    But the feeling of excitement was stronger than surprise, because I saw a wonderful surge of desire in "your" perplexed look!

    Although this poses a threat to our honeymoon, I really do not want to leave the room outside and I want to lock myself here with you! Moreover...♥

    You are my most precious treasure, what else can I do if you are being harassed by other girls?♥

    Just thinking about it, I remember our common moments when we were alone in bed in hotels ... ♥♥

    And it is precisely because of you, because you said that I look good with it, I’m now wearing this necklace, which was given to us by miss Deonora for storage!

    A little later, we asked Ms. Deonora and she showed us how to remove it. And well, that could be done!

                                                                 ~ Wilmarina ~

    Love ♥ Ride * Dragoburger[edit]

    Specially fried over an open fire!

    Fried in the fiery breath of a dragon! Firmly sandwiched between a pair of buns, a juicy piece of demon beast meat in a special sauce! Dragon size is recommended for our couples ♥

    ・ Fresh greens are also placed in Dragoburger: the very popular Dragon Fire grass and carefully selected crisp grass of mamono realms! Fresh “Dragon Fire Grass” ensures that your body turns red and a pleasant heat engulfs it. The owner of the restaurant Sylvia directly purchases it from the farmers of the mamono realm every morning! And monono realm herbs squeezed between the buns grow right in the restaurant!

    ・ Feel this spicy scent in the air that makes the dragon in your pants raise its head? ♥ This is the signature night sauce that is used in our cafe! Its effect is so strong, because for its preparation a variety of mamono realm grapes "Dragoro" is used! Like a dragon’s breath, he’ll just take away all the reasons that prevent you from spending the night together! Highly recommended for high-ranking Dragon, as well as Vampires and Medusa, who cannot be completely frank with their loved ones♥

    Ignis month, day 4, Clear weather[edit]

    After reading the monthly “Quiet Makai Life”, I have long wanted to visit the Love Ride and finally I was able to do it!

    Inside the restaurant is abundantly decorated with various decorative plants - it is literally shrouded in nature. However, the main theme of the institution is "a pair of lovers, provided to each other."

    This atmosphere is supported by fashionable and cute little accessories ... I instinctively want to buy the same! The owner of the restaurant, Sylvia-draco-san, opened this establishment after she met her husband!

    I guess you and I should open my own little restaurant, where the two of us will be very good♥

    Ignis month, day 6, It was sunny, but then clouds came[edit]

    During our second visit to the Love Ride, I took the Dragoburger, which interested me, and now I myself want to recommend it!

    Despite the fact that now I am a dragon, after eating I seemed to forget about it and again felt like a succubus!

    I could only see "You" and felt very weak when we were alone. And although this is completely normal, but some of the plants of the mamono realms really embarrass me. Nevertheless, I think that such flowers, which make our time alone so pleasant, are not so bad.

    It turned out that the owner of the restaurant, Sylvia-draco-san, is the mother of the girl guide Shirtiya-draco-chan! Also, Mrs. Wyvern is the forerunner of the current leader of the Order of the Dragon Knights, Alto Eris! ...and now she is a beautiful young wife!


    Special Souvenirs of Dragonia, Dragon Breath Candy[edit]

    Now you too can feel like a Dragon!

    Caution! You may harm yourself if you eat more than one at a time!

    In the souvenir shops on the main street, various magic items are sold, including these dragon breath candy - one of the attractions of Dragonia! For fun, you can purchase candy with a random flavor! The contents of the candy may vary depending on the place of purchase! It seems that there are more than 30 flavors, I personally am very sorry that I could not try the "corrupting breath flavor"!

    Ignis month, day 4, Clear weather[edit]

    Today, under the guidance of Alto Eris, we went to choose souvenirs for my Dark Knights. I bought Dragon Breath Candy and after some training I learned how to breathe fire.

    The dragon's breath not only looks fantastic, but is also filled with the magical power of the dragon monster who created the candy! The luminous “dragon breath candy” are like expertly crafted glass spheres and are magical items to eat.

    Apparently, tourists who got candy with the “pink breath flavor” [3], who ate them while walking along the main street, create really charming difficulties for the rest♥

    Suddenly, the thought came to me that these candy can have strategic use in Lescatie! For mamono who do not yet have a husband, this effect will be very convenient!

    As a Dark Hero, I have to buy more of them!

                                                                 ~ Wilmarina ~

    As the commander of the Order of the Dragon Knights! Friends of Dragonia! I am desperately looking for new recruits, along with a partner!

                                                                 ~ Alto Eris ~

    Mysterious Dragon Statue[edit]

    ~ I found this in the store ~

    Eyes looking in different directions look cute!

    These horns are cute too! Feels the artistic meaning!

    Amazing! Made from "I have no idea what the" ore!

    List of places to visit, by Wilmarina:

    -Dragon Ancient Red Dragon of DeoNoir

    -Dragon Black Dragon of Altaegis

    -Wurm GrandWurm of Gluhe

    -Ryu Ryusenkyo no Nusi Ryusen

    -Lizardman Lord of DranD'na

    -Fire Drake BlazingMountain of Natalia

    -Bahamut Agutena

    Ignis month, day 10, Clear weather[edit]

    Today I am buying in the souvenir shops on the Sleeping Dragons Alley!

    I am particularly pleased that I bought this figurine before other buyers reached it. I am so glad that you also liked this "cutie" that it makes me uncontrollably happy♥

    I could hardly restrain myself at that moment! Of course, she is so cute that I think it would be ideal if she decorates our castle!

    And even better if you can make it so that everyone can see it! I look forward to the moment when I can put it with us!

    Ignis month, day 10, Cloudy[edit]

    I was surprised when in front of an audience with Deonora, I met a dragon who was indicated as the creator of that statue!

    We easily talked to her, the dragon was very friendly and said that the statue was part of the old ruined castle, which now became a villa.

    When I asked Deonora later, it turned out that it was her sister, Dragolinde! (However, maybe they were a little alike) I was surprised that Deonora has a younger sister...

    Many have them, but with me in childhood there was only my childhood friend and future husband... (childhood friend that accompanies you for many years... You and I should try to repeat this ♥)

    Salvarision ♥ (SECRET) Touristic Plan![edit]

    ~ Wilmarina ~


    After arriving from this honeymoon that I spent in Dragonia, I noticed one new idea for myself! Despite the fact that the Dragon Empire is located on a continent that is surrounded on all sides by mountains, with the help of Wyvern carriers, a significant number of human travelers from other Mamono realms get there.

    They will inevitably marry local monsters... which means that a new monster couple is born! Many monster and incubus couples come to us, because the Kingdom of Lescatie is the largest kingdom among mamono realms, but people and especially unmarried men rarely visit us. And this is the biggest problem that I encountered as the commander of the Dark Knights... Thus, as an experiment, I am going to further develop my Salvarion as a tourist attraction!

    Step 1) Create a pleasant image of Lescatie that people will want to visit and have fun in! (Here you will feel very good ♥)

    Step 2) Make a Mascot! All we need is a mascot, a cute painted character! (Found him in Dragonia!)

    Step 3) Exchange of experience between the Dark Knights and Dragon Knights! Lovely brides should always be able to "do it" !! Even if they have no experience in intercourse

    Step 4) Full-blown corruption courses from the Order of the Dark Knights

    ・ Course "Sunset Lescatie" from the Fallen Heroes ♥

    ・ A course of thorough lust from mamono commanders

    ・ The course of interrogation of prisoners of war from the Dark Knights ♥

    List of things to do when I get home:

    ・ Discuss everything with “You” and the rest during the meeting on our wide shared bed

    ・ Select participants for the next quest of the Dark Knights

    ・ Present gifts to Druella

    ・ Transfer diplomatic documents

    ・ Have a date with "You"



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    2. Quasi-secret most likely means that this is actually not such a secret.
    3. [Jabberwock breath]
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