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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side I: Dragonia

    World Guide - Side I: Dragonia
    魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイド外伝Ⅰ ~ドラゴニア~
    Book Information
    Release Date
    August 14th, 2016 (Comiket 90)[1]
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross (Contributing)[1]
    Ami Rutberg, Vapid Vulture
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side I: Dragonia (魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイド外伝Ⅰ ~ドラゴニア~)[1] is a world guide supplement by Will. Side I: Dragonia will be published under "Willsaga" circle with contributing art from Kenkou Cross.[2] The book was announced via a post on Will's twitter account.[3]

    If you wish to purchase your own copy, overseas shipping is available in limited quantity on the AliceBooks website.[1]


    Written in the style of a traveller's guidebook on the fictional continent of "Dragonia". It's framed as an in-universe book written by a "Student of the Wandering Scholar of Monsters", with various tour guide monster girls take over the role of narrator on several worthwhile hotspots and interesting trinkets.


    This book is a supplement to existing world guides by another author which Kenkou has given personal approval to by providing endorsement, artwork, and publication under the Monster Girl Encyclopedia name. These works are part of the primary universe canon.

    Mamono Realm Item Color Illustrations[edit]

    From top to bottom, left to right:1. Dragon Orb 2. Dragonium 3. Bitter Holstaur Milk 4. Dragon's Lifeblood 5. Necklace of Pairing 6. Marriage Collar 7. Magic Dragon Flute 8. Dragon Spring Manjuu

    Mysterious magical items that carry the power of a dragon, dragon food that gives a storm of energy,

    Souvenirs from Dragonia will surely revive the night with your beloved wife ♡

    Of course, our guides are available to demonstrate the goods sold ♡

    Mamono Realm Cooking Color Illustrations[edit]

    From top to bottom, left to right:1. Ryudon (Dragon Donburi) 2. Mamono Realm Shelled Bug Fry 3. Dragon Steak 4. Dragonbread 5. Couple's Fruit Mixed Juice 6. Dragon Sized Parfait 7. Chocolate Horn 8. Pamumu

    Mamono Realm Alcohol Color Illustrations[edit]

    From top to bottom, left to right:1. Kashidora Berry 2. Salamander Kiss 3. Little Wyvern 4. Sun Light Moon 5. Char Dragonian 6. Drane Ronti 7. Altoeris Tear 8. Lescatie de Rouge

    Introduction to Dragonia Tourist Spots (opening remarks)[edit]

    Welcome to the office Tourism Bureau of Dragonia! Is this your first time in our country?

    Since Dragonia is very large, it is difficult to visit all tourist places in one day, it is incredibly difficult to go around it all even in a few days. That is why contact our Tourism Bureau! Our guide to the sights of Dragonia offers a convenient and enjoyable sightseeing tour for every traveler!

    From an innocent Wyvern, who has just become a guide, to an experienced and qualified Dragon, each person in the group will be provided with a personal guide. In accordance with his needs, this girl will show him Dragonia with all care and sincerity!

    Please do not hesitate to take this opportunity, try all the features of the guide services that you can get tête-à-tête.♡

    Wyvern Litia[edit]

    “This is a new bazaar! I recommend this place if you want to buy delicious local wines. In this area you can see the flight performance training of dragons. And this night... of course, you will spend it in my room!”

    Wyvern Shirtiya[edit]

    "Look here! I will take you along on a special route, part of which you will pass on my back. Climb faster!”

    Dragon Leia[edit]

    "Yo, I greet you, I will be happy to guide you... I will... What, what are you looking at! This is not a showcase!"

    Wurms Sana & Luna[edit]

    Luna: "That's right, leave us your body...♡" Sarona: "With it, I will teach you...♡ How to enjoy two dragons...♡"

    Dragon Alto-Eris[edit]

    “The night is still long ... ♡ You'll have problems if you don’t become the perfect dragon knight♡”

    Dragon Deonora | Queen's Top Secret Diary[edit]


    Because of the opening remarks, I had to postpone it, so let me introduce myself. My name is Udephilis and I work as the Chief Guide at the Dragonia Travel Bureau. Looking at a client like "you", I involuntarily recall how I myself first conducted an excursion for my husband. Now, dear client, please choose from this list of free guides a dragon who will be responsible for your excursion around Dragonia.

    You know, some of them are already like animals... ahem, I wanted to say that some of the girls, who are eager to guide "you", are looking towards here. Fu-Fu, client, you seem to be interested in serving too... now, client, I’ll introduce the dragons that are best for you♡ 〜Dragonia Tourism Bureau Chief Udephilis〜

    Kingdom of the Dragons... it seems like I got lost in a really terrible place. How many people saw it with their own eyes? The active Wyvern brought another adventurer with me to the city, who, like me, seemed to get lost in these mountains. Fortunately, among the dragons living here, there seem to be few radicals who immediately attack humans... but it is here that the "dragons" live, which are said to be the most powerful among many monsters. There is no guarantee that we, human beings, can be in such a place and be safe. It seems that a lot of flying dragons soar in the sky and, as I found out earlier, even if you hide in a cave, they will still find you soon... and when this happens, you will have no choice but to meet with the dragon face to face. It’s good that I have the knowledge that I got from the “Monster Girls Encyclopedia” written by my Master.

    Please read what my teacher wrote! As a student of the Wandering Scholar, I myself will explore this place, describe in detail and reveal the secrets of the land of dragons! 〜 Note of the Student of the Wandering Scholar of Monsters〜

    Tourism Information Guide Book[edit]


    Newbie Guide
    Wyvern Litia
    ○ Affiliation: Dragon Knights
    ○ Character: Obedient, loyal (Stubborn, malleable depending on conditions)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ ★ ★ (This is a person who communicates easily with men, treat her like a human woman)

    “This is a new bazaar! I recommend this place if you want to buy delicious local wines. In this area you can see the flight performance training of dragons. And this night... of course, you will spend it in my room!”

    In Dragonia, I make great efforts in raising dragon knights. The knight-dragon is not a mount, but a knight that is inside us, dragons. And the free Wyvern became a "Knight of Dragonia" to develop her knight-dragon, this is Litia. Our country is lacking in knights such as Litia. There are a lot of lonely wyverns who still don't have a husband.

    The girls, feeling jealous of someone else's rider, are looking forward to their future husbands, who will ride them. That is why the Knights of Dragonia regularly receive disciples. When you can ride a girl and let her admit that you are her rider, you also join the dragon knights ...it will be somewhat difficult. There are girls with a somewhat bad, rude temper, and they do not know how to hold back... no matter what...

    But do not worry, in this country we have introduced a number of services for your convenience. One of them is our Tourist Office of Dragonia.
    And this Wyvern of the Dragon Knights will lead you through Dragonia, to give you a sea of ​​new sensations. Interesting and hidden sights, from the delicious cuisine to the evening in your hotel, I think it will be a surprise! Thanks to sightseeing together, deepening mutual relations, you will pass the acceptance tests without errors!
    Litia has registered as a guide recently, but since she is an active, good girl, she will lead you in this process. Of course, since she is a wyvern, if she cannot restrain her disposition towards you, then, her true, stormy temperament will manifest itself... But let us think about it when it happens! In general, please, human-sama, follow her!
    〜The Chief of the Tourist Office of Dragonia Udephilis〜


    Newbie guide
    Wyvern Shirtiya
    ○ Affiliation: Dragon Knights
    ○ Character: Stubborn, obstinate (sensual, obedient in certain conditions)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ (Note that she is not used to people yet, as it is difficult for wyverns)

    "Look here! I will take you along on a special route, part of which you will pass on my back. Climb faster!”

    All dragon knights spend night training with their men. This act is a confirmation of their special relationship with her husband. One of my duties as a dragon knight leader is patrolling the dorm. I check that their workouts are correct, and the voices are loud enough. Passing by Shirtiya’s room into my room, I hear her voice soothing herself every night.
    Even without a husband, the dragon-knights are engaged in training, so that they can comfortably fly with their beloved when he appears. Shirtiya holds primacy in the field of solo flight, and also knows a lot about Dragonia. Nevertheless, it is difficult for her to communicate with men, because she is not as cheerful as Litia. She had the opportunity to associate her life with novice knights before. But Shirtiya was too cold and harsh with them, and during their training she became excited and flushed, blushing away.
    Although the desire to get a husband is strong in all dragons, some, facing the man, consider it an obsession... that is, they think "I want to do this", "I want to be fucked" and tense up in anticipation of the attack. Such dragons try to hide their feelings behind mock obstinacy, fearing to show them to a man.
    This time, however, Shirtiya volunteered to be your guide. In other words, it can't mean anything except that she is ready to surrender to you completely!
    No need to be surprised. Seeing how her prickly character changes when she is with you, I can say for sure... I will tell you in secret that many of the dragons during the afternoon in front of others behave proudly, but at night they change beyond recognition and seek the caresses of their partner, and if he manifests his bestial nature and pounces on them, they submissively accept it.
    She can be assertive sometimes, but do not forget that it is because of her unwillingness to share you with anyone else.
    What cries I'll hear from your love nest... Ah, I want to know it as soon as possible! ♡
    〜 Commander of the Knights of Dragonia Alto-Eris 〜


    Newbie guide
    Dragon Leia
    ○ Affiliation: Dragon Knights
    ○ Character: Stubborn, proud (obedient, kind in certain conditions)
    ○ Attitudes towards people: ★ (An individual unaccustomed to the opposite sex. Just like with a wild dragon, care is required.)

    "Why I like it so much... But... it's all for my future husband..."

    She is dressed unusually and it is very noticeable... I understand this is not good, but please allow her to stay with you longer.

    We, the dragons, are sometimes called "Rulers of the Earth", as well as wise creatures, but in fact we are very similar to your women. But dragons have power and dignity that are far superior to humans. And their tender feelings, hidden from the outside world, are just as strong... it's hard to explain it in words. Habitats of the dragons are far from human lands, which reduces the number of meetings with human men to a minimum. Many adventure seekers are confident that they will do a good deed by killing the dragon, because she will bring many troubles, but even among such vigilantes, only a few reach the dragons.

    She... Leia is a dragon who has lived alone for a very long time and therefore is familiar with people only by hearsay. It seems that she is trained as a guide, but it is worth talking to her and you will understand that she is the wildest of all the dragon knights. After all, for her, human beings are still "creatures that need to be guarded and protected". And even during the tour, you can become the object of her overprotection, as the most valuable treasure. Being in search of "a strong man who is stronger than her", Leia received an invitation to join the dragon-knights and should prepare for meetings with men, for example, to learn to be independent. Don't you think that a shy girl, dressed in such an attire that not every person would wear, is very cute? Leia was often viewed as a "dangerous dragon", but never as a lonely girl.

    Although her sightseeing information can be awkward in many places, don't worry about it, but rather support it. Such courage is sure to help her realize her sexual desire. Mutual understanding is the real dignity of a dragon and a knight, this is the first step in the life of a good couple. I hope that by the time this tour ends, Leia will be completely covered by your seed!
    〜 Commander of the Knights of Dragonia Alto-Eris 〜


    Newbie Guide
    Dragon Lyra
    ○ Affiliation: Dragon Knights
    ○ Character: Obedient, cheerful (lustful in certain conditions)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ ★ ★ (Very good, but you can get tired of it due to the constant communication with her)

    “Good to see you, friend! If we join forces, we will crush any obstacles! Let's try taking on the tournament!”

    Speaking of a guide for those adventurers who are versed in weapons and long for great adventures - we mean Lyra-chan!
    Lyra is the "Wanderer Dragon". Traveling the world in search of adventure, she arrived in Dragonia from another continent.
    It seems that people and dragons were impressed with the "Grand Tournament of Dragonia" which was held last year. And especially the battles of the Dragon Knight pairs. Since then, she has been training daily, waiting for an active person to perform in the arena with her.

    I think that you could learn a lot about our Stadium from her as a guide. She is a very agile girl and on her back you can visit all the ruins and dungeons in Dragonia. I’m sure you will like this trip. In the dungeons you will find many dangers that you will overcome together with Lyra. Touch each other, arouse romantic feelings during physical contacts alone with each other! ...Her tour will give you the experience of a real adventure and a sweet love affair at the end!
    If going through an exciting dungeon does not cause you anxiety, then we also offer you a wonderful hotel room for two, where you can capture your experience of love.♡
    Ha, do your best and get a treasure that will love you like no other! ♡
    〜 Dragonia Tourism Bureau Chief Udephilis 〜

    Sana & Luna[edit]

    Experienced Guides
    Wurms Sana & Luna
    ○ Affiliation: Managers of the "Moonlight" bar
    ○ Character:
    Older sister: calm, purposeful (stubborn in certain conditions, lustful)
    Younger sister: irritable, passionate (obedient in certain conditions, lustful)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ ★ ★ (Very sociable, open to any ideas)

    "Welcome, Guest ♡"
    "Please enjoy our service ♡"

    When they registered as tour guides, honestly, I could not hide my surprise.
    They are the owners of shops in the center of the "Dragon's Bed Alley" and many taverns throughout Dragonia. And it all belongs to these two. Many customers visit their shops every day to buy alcoholic beverages: newlywed couples, knight dragons who have completed training, adventurers who have come for sightseeing, etc.
    With the help of their smooth bodies, smooth and passionate shaking movements, the wurm sisters seem to invite you to a nocturne celebration. In addition to excellent hospitality, they are also known for serving the "most suitable" cocktails to their customer.
    The older sister Sana, creating a new cocktail, offers to tell various stories about people and dragons. The way she conveys emotions in her stories ensures her success as a narrator. When I first heard her story, I thought I was crazy. There was a feeling that the story was devoted to the feelings and problems that I kept in myself, and about which the hostess of the institution could not know. And then I began to talk about the fact that I was put on the table. At this time, her younger sister Luna changed places with her, who listened attentively to me to help solve this problematic side of the story. I often visit their bar, as a regular customer, and, apparently, their unusual style of service is still popular in Dragonia.
    These girls were always jealous when a married couple looked into their establishment. Recently, the number of single male visitors has decreased, and the number of their visits has also decreased, I also yearn for it.

    In the days of the previous mamono lords, the sisters belonged to the race of numerous "double-headed dragons". And under the influence of the current Mamono Lord they divided and became two women. Since they were originally very close, they became good friends, whose emotions are extremely similar. This means that they will love one man together and at the same time both want to be loved. Although their external sociability and guide skills do not give rise to complaints, in reality their love is incredibly hard. If you hesitate forever, these sisters, according to their true character, will literally twist around you every night and squeeze semen out of you to full satisfaction, training you to be the kind of man they desire.

    I hope you were able to realize part of the understanding and responsibility of this pair of wurms? Finally, I can calm down. We went over a lot of men, but they chose you. There is no doubt that you have something unusual for them!
    〜 Commander of the Knights of Dragonia Alto-Eris 〜


    Experienced Guide
    Dragon Alto-Eris
    ○ Affiliation: Commander of the Knights of Dragonia
    ○ Character: calm, stubborn, proud (obedient in certain conditions, pleasant)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ ★ (Although she is very sociable, she has many oddities for a dragon)

    “The night is still long ... ♡ You'll have problems if you don’t become the perfect dragon knight♡”

    My name is Alto-Eris, though my friends call me Alti. I am the one who is ready to die for Her Majesty, and now I serve as the head of the thriving Order of the Dragon Knights. In the days of the Old Mamono Lords, in order not to shame the honor of the Black Dragon family who discovered Dragonia, I trained under the authority of the Dragon Knight "Death Sentence".

    Among the agency guides that are dragons, from the very beginning there were a lot of dragons that did not have a pair. And even now, after the commencement of the cooperation of our Order and the Information Bureau, we are still lacking people, while the Knights Dragons are constantly receiving new personnel. In addition, now lonely dragons who want to become guides are trained in tourist information centers. Although we are proud of our dragon pride and self-confidence, we are well aware that we should actively approach people like people.

    ...Why are you looking at me with such a puzzled face? Are you laughing at my guidance? Does it seem to you that I'm holding up another dragon!?
    I'm the dragon you're waiting for, I decided to visit the Bureau in person to check its work with my own eyes. I was appointed as your guide, even if this appointment was wrong, but if you wanted to be my partner, then you should not have resorted to such difficulties!
    I am also proud of the Order of the Dragon Knights, this communication between man and dragon, which will be an example ... and eventually show a happy family life! In other words, I want to help you! Therefore, in private, I promise to give you pleasure with my whole body! If you want to continue this, you can ask me anything you want, I will do everything you say! But I warn you, if up to this point I could give in to you, I won’t be able to stop it afterwards!


    Dragonia Tourism Bureau Chief
    Dragon Udephilis
    ○ Affiliation: Dragonia Travel Bureau
    ○ Character: gentle, faithful (erotic depending on conditions, honest)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Very good. Her husband has a happy family life full of love.)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ ★ ★ (Very sociable and open to everyone)

    "Dragonia Travel Bureau! From excursions to discharge of marital duty! Our guides will support you in everything!”

    A love story begins with an excursion... The Dragon and the Man hold hands, feeling each other's love - each of us wants such a finale! And it is Udephilis-senpai with her husband who give us advice in order to make that dream a reality. Usually she is a very gentle and wise married woman full of understanding and patience... indeed, she can be envied!

    However, remember, if you offend our commander... She turns into her complete opposite, becoming the very embodiment of Imperial Anger! Only her husband can calm her in this state!

    It seems that when next to him, she begins to caress herself. ♡

    ~ Newbie Guide Litia ~

    Madame Udephilis is a very respected dragoness. It seems that she is also an adviser to the Empress. She also invites Dragons who migrated to Dragonia to work in our Bureau. She appoints guides to look after them so that they do not create problems for tourists. And she also secretly watches this.
    I note that this is relevant only for meetings as a guide and tourists. In the future, meeting with her man again and again, it is desirable that they themselves understand the necessary actions...

    In addition, this woman met her other half, as a traveler and guide, later becoming a husband and wife. Whether she fell in love with her husband herself, or whether he fell in love with her is a very popular topic of conversation. For us who have no experience of love, it is important to understand this.

    ~ Newbie guide Shirtiya ~


    Empress of Dragons, Queen of Dragonia
    Dragon Deonora
    ○ Affiliation: Empress of Dragons
    ○ Character: stubborn, proud (obedient in certain conditions, pleasant)
    ○ Attitude towards people: ★ ★ ★ (I was adequately brought up as the heiress to the throne of Dragonia. But I can make you nervous on the first meeting.)

    “I was expecting you... ♡
    If you will be brave, young man, and take an oath to be my ally, then you can rule this world with me...”

    Hmm, I heard that unknown impudent pirates aimed at our goods... This is unexpected, it’s hard for me to say how difficult it is for them not to be afraid of me at this moment.
    I like this trait in people.
    If you are an ordinary thief, then I will give you "to be eaten" by my servants, but if you are not afraid to come here alone, then, we will give you hope. What? It is just an impulse.
    Say your wish, nothing is impossible for this queen, the ruler of dragons.
    Is that low-lying desire? Or is it enough for you to take a bath? Or a status that no one can doubt? Or for a man like you, a smile of a beautiful woman will be enough?
    ...What? ...Did I hear you correctly? .. Do you consider me a fool? You know who I am! The Ruler of the Dragons! In addition, it is my concern, as a mamono, the servant of the Mamono Lord!
    Grab this man! No, don’t think about it! For this person, I myself will execute the judgement!
    Let me... become your bride... my arrogance is not always the same as the servants say... Is there any hope that despite the stupidity of these words, you only want my body more...♡

    How do you like them? What? Did you like one of these dragons?
    To become our client, a person needs to read the "Dragonia Immigration Booklet", where I described the geography and history of Dragonia. It talks about its ecology and the relationship between dragons and humans, with comments from the dragons themselves. This will help you learn more about fun excursions ... which will be the first step to your family life. It is in order that you better know our guides, we put information about the best of them at the beginning of the "Turistic Guide"! ♥
    Have a good time together in Draconia.
    Of course, if you like our Dragon, then you can stay here. You can contact our "Immigration Bureau" and receive a residence as a gift while you go through state registration and do not have your own home.
    Leave it to the guide girl... and enjoy being in the land of dragons, Dragonia.

    〜Dragonia Tourism Bureau Chief Udephilis〜

    Dragonia Immigration Document[edit]

    1. Dragonia History[edit]

    1.1 History of the Dragai Empire
    Now, Dragonia is a great country where dragons and humans coexist. However, the history of the relationship between dragons and humans has not always been peaceful. In a past era, Dragonia, called the "Great Dragai Empire," was a country with tremendous military power. A natural fortress that used the high mountains that covered the country, which never allowed the invasion of monsters, for which it was called impregnable. The cornerstone of Dragai military forces was the unrivaled Dragon Riders who ruled the tamed wild dragons.
    Even during diplomatic missions, Dragai sent a convoy of the best Dragon Knights, as a symbol of the nation, to show her power, courage and showiness of her Riders. The neighboring countries, seeing the indisputable power of dragons, called this country the "Dragon Empire", and the Empire itself took a firm position as the destroyer of monsters, except for a number of demonic creatures. In Dragai, people were divided into an aristocracy, which owned land and supported military power, and ordinary people called "geytar" [4]. Thanks to this status system, they maintained high labor productivity.
    Of course, in those days, the taming of dragons was not an easy, but dangerous activity. The best knights conducted expeditions in which dragons were captured. After that, the wild dragon was tortured and trained to get used to people. The care and provision of dragons was entrusted to soldiers who were selected from the lower people. Their many victims built the prosperity of Dragai as a military state.

    1.2 The Dragai Revolution
    On one day of the era of the former Mamono Lords, the patience and anger of the "geytar" reached their limits, and were manifested as a revolution. The leader of the Revolution was a young beginner Dragon Rider, who later would be called "The voice of the lower classes." At that time, Dell, a young soldier selected by a long lot, a former dragon guard, along with his comrades, freed many dragons captured by Dragai outside the country to avoid their use by the Empire. "The Voice of the Revolution" became a symbol of freedom and liberation, calling on many of the lower people to go to the royal palace at that moment. After a fierce battle that lasted three days and three nights, the aristocracy defeated the Imperial army of the upper men and the revolutionary army of pedestrians. Dell was captured during the battle and the revolutionary army, which lost its commander, was completely destroyed. During this revolution, the king was furious with the fact that the soldiers of the Riders became revolutionaries and that the captured dragons fled. He ordered to publicly execute all the captured leaders of the Revolution, including their inspirer Dell.

    1.3 Dragons' Reinforcement
    The next day, many citizens came to Dell's execution with faces full of despair as they watched the execution of the verdict. A flock of dragons darkened the western sky, and a huge red dragon, as if leading this army, flew over Dragai. A flock of dragons who fled from Dragai, thanks to Dell, suddenly returned for him. The dragons raised an angry roar to help the one they had identified as their family, and ruthlessly attacked the Dragaians. A number of fortresses that were famous for their inaccessibility burned like candy wrappers in the burning fire that came from the mouth of the large red dragon, which allowed the dragons to enter them one by one. The elite corps of the King, armed with a counterdragon weapon, fled in the blink of an eye after this weapon burned out in their hands. The aristocracy and military officials fled one after another in order to avoid the dragon's anger that they had been accumulating for many years. They saw the dragons only as tools and did not imagine that, having broken away from human hands, they would begin to take revenge, and that many other dragons would come to help them, to save Dell.

    Despite the greatness of the dragon empire, Dragai, which did not even try to co-exist with the dragons, was forgotten, and it's land was occupied by dragons.

    1.4 Day of the Foundation of Dragonia
    The Pedestrian Revolution won because of the dragons' reinforcement, and people asked Dell, who was their leader and hero, to rule Dragai as the new king. But he firmly refused the title, because a human king is not needed for the reconciliation between dragons and people, what is required is to abolish the evil rulers, like the aristocracy and the ruling citizens. "For many years I stayed among these people and fought with them," he declared, "now the Dragons who saved us on this day must rule this land." People liberated the vast wild expanses of the continent and the huge aristocratic residences for the dragons and the red giant dragon, who was the dragons' leader, and negotiated with the people. As a result, it became the ruler of the country and vowed to provide dragon forces to people in the future. Thus, Dragai gave rise to the Dragon Empire Dragonia, where dragons and humans coexist perfectly and continue to live like that until now.

    1.5 Friendship between the current Dragonia and other countries
    Even after the country was reborn, becoming Dragonia, the problems did not disappear.
    When the previous era of the Mamono Lords had been replaced and the monsters took their current form, the dragons took on “coexistence with people” as “married life with a man,” and human men began to become their husbands. Of course, such a change was not the plan of the Crimson ruler of Dragonia... that would be too much even for her. Her Majesty the Queen, having her own pride and the pride of the highest monster, a creature of an absolute dragon-like appearance, felt the appeal of the other sex and was embarrassed by it. These two opposite emotions filled her thoughts, despite the fact that she ruled Dragonia as before, under the previous Mamono Lords, without rushing to search for her husband.

    And the one guilty of changing the thoughts in the queen's heart was none other than the new Mamono Lord. Some time after taking the throne, she arrived in Dragonia on an excursion. Having examined the Empress, who had lost her peace, she said: "As the person who rules the dragons of Dragonia, if you mock the feelings in your heart, the dragons living in this place, your people will not be able to coexist correctly with others." Nevertheless, the words of the Mamono Lord, who saw the Queen’s troubles caused by the struggle of emotions, only aroused the Empress’s wrath. Her Majesty, at that moment ashamed of her love for people, showed her strength and challenged the Mamono Lord to prove that there was no mistake in her reign. The Queen's appearance returned to its previous form: it was transformed into a huge Red Dragon and released an exploding flame, transforming everything around into a flaming field, with a thunderous roar, it beat its tail on the ground so that the mountains trembled. Nevertheless, the Mamono Lord took all of it upon herself, in order to protect the valuable nationals of the Queen of Dragonia, and continued to preach the “power of love”.

    Her Majesty realized that in her outburst she had forgotten about the existence of people living in the vicinity, like the former king of Dragai, because the battle with the Mamono Lord was connected with her rule of dragons. She felt defeated by the Mamono Lord, who had just arrived to negotiate with Her Majesty. Since then, under the direction of the Empress in our Dragonia “Dragons and People actively interact with each other and live the wonderful life of a married couple” as the main principle of living together, actively accepting new people. In addition, usually closed due to its geographical location, Dragonia accepts young couples of other types of monsters for permanent residence and even invites other subspecies of dragons, like the Jabberwock from Wonderland. We are making great efforts in international politics to exchange experiences using the mobility of dragons.

    2. Dragonia Environment[edit]

    2.1 The Mamono Realm Dragonia
    Dragon Empire Dragonia is a large mountainous country where settlements are built on the slopes of the Lingfeng mountain range. At the foot of the mountains is the lower part of the city, surrounding the castle, carved into a mountain plateau, which overlooks the daily bustle of the light green mamono realm. On the other hand, on the mountain peak, because of the greatness of the Queen, her magical power and the dragons' houses, the magical energy of dragons always drifts. It mixes with the clouds around the top and gradually changes the landscape to the characteristics of a dark mamono realm. On the tops of all the mountains of Dragonia, such clouds of magical energies rise from the foot of the mountains, and along the entire length of the slopes, and, while you climb to the darkest part, have truly fantastic views. Because of this, the ascent of a person can be dangerous, both for the body and for his spirit. In addition, since the roads of Dragonia extend on over several Lingfeng peaks, depending on the destination, you will have to go from mountain to mountain. If you climb a mountain aiming at the top, if you get a hurt, the clouds will wrap around you and ease the pain. Magical power will carry you, and when you wake up, you will receive proper care in the dragon’s nest. Such cases occur quite often.
    We strongly recommend using the Dragonia Travel Bureau scattered at the foot of the mountains to avoid such disasters and ease the complexity of tourism on your own two feet.

    2.2 Land of Dragons
    I have already said that Dragonia is surrounded by many mountains, as a natural fortress, has vast territories and rich nature. Mountain valleys scattered throughout the ridge turn into light green mamono realms. Couples of newlyweds who discovered the magical freshness of high altitude air contribute to this, passionately "conversing" in the field. Sometimes I notice them with my eyesight.
    In the territory that has become a light green mamono realm, you can open your own ranch, with a lake for bathing, to live with Holstaurs. There are also large areas available in different places to ride on them on the back of a Centaur. Thus, you can get beautiful territories with beautiful nature, where both the cultures typical for the light green mamono realms and ordinary human plants will grow. Many mamono couples who have visited these places lead an idyllic family life on them. In addition, many of the residences of the Dragai aristocrats were left in pristine condition. If you make arrangements with the Dragonia Immigration Bureau, you can become their new owners.

    2.3 Dragons of Dragonia
    On the territory of Dragonia, mainly various types of dragons live together with people, including the best of them - the Dragon. When a lonely man visits Dragonia and travels on his own, he runs the risk of encountering other types of mamono. If an adventurer travels a plateau with weapons in his hands, he will be challenged to fight in the arena by the virgin Lizardman or the Salamander to test his skills. This happens quite often. If you get lost in the mountains, studying the beautiful plants of Dragonia, you may be attacked by a Wyvern, and if you enter the caves, then the Wurm will rush to the smell of a male. Those people who will come to the Cemetery of Dragons in search of rare materials will be attacked by the actively husband-seeking Dragon Zombie and will not be able to leave. But you can try.

    In addition, the rich natural environment of the lands of dragons, even for a variety of monsters that are not dragons, is a great place to start a family life, because any single man will find his mamono partner. But you must aim to spend the rest of your life with her.

    Dragon Family Exposition[edit]

    Introduction of Various Races[edit]

    The Dragon[edit]

    The Great Champion
    The Dragon
    Ease of contact ★ ★ ★
    Risk of encountering a savage ★ ★ ★

    The dragon, along with the wyvern, is the most famous species of the Dragon family in Dragonia and is recognized as the race that represents this country.
    Wild dragons living in Dragonia are divided into two main types. The first, living in the mountains near the Lingfeng ridge, are always in the clouds, where a dense magical force drifts, returning the dragons to their former appearance of the former mamono lord's era. They seldom assume a humanoid form, and they do not care much for the Empire's changes. The latter dwell in the caves in the lands of Dragonia and in the old Dragai fortresses, which are already ruins, and rarely appear in the cities. Dragons are known as high-level monsters, renowned for their keen intellect, combining a strong body with high intelligence.

    Some "wild" dragons, who live on mountain ranges and in caves, struggle with the monster instinct that recognizes the human male as a partner, avoiding contact with humans. Occasionally they look down "from the heights of their own pride" on the people of Dragonia "living together with dragons," dragons "who recognize man as their own and equal," "comrades" and "fighting friends."

    Nevertheless, they are just as in need of male attention as they admit that dragons and men are equal from birth. As soon as a man who shows signs of attention to a dragon shows a peculiar apprehension of the dragon species because of an unbridled imagination, or, frightened by a dragon's benevolence, assumes an unhappy appearance, doubts arise in the dragon's soul: will he be as happy as a male of the same species?
    There are moments when one realizes that it only seems that way.

    And for the one man they once recognized, taking him to their nest without warning, the dragons arrange "training" that will make a real man out of him. If this happens, the man they carried away will not be released. You will be forced to have desperately passionate intercourse with a dragon who uses her entire body from foot to every hair without regret, and to be a suitable husband the rest of the time as well. Dragons, who have absolute confidence in the correctness of their existence as dragons, recognize that it is quite natural during times of intense arousal to touch a man, sometimes taking his straining end inside. Such actions of a girl are a manifestation of benevolence and trust in people.
    Without a doubt, this is the first step toward establishing a good relationship with a dragon through uncontrolled intercourse.


    A flying dragon dancing in the sky
    Ease of contact ★ ★ ★ ★
    Risk of encountering a savage ★ ★

    As you look up into the skies of Dragonia, you can see the huge wings open and see the girls dancing in the void.

    Those indifferent to Wyverns view the Wyvern tribes as a race representing the dragons of Dragonia and the country itself. Like the Dragons, Wyverns are part of the Order of the Dragon Knights. They carried human riders on their backs in the days of the former Mamono Lords. Even back then they, like Dragons, fought alongside humans, but the recognition of human supremacy does not affect them as much as it does Dragons. In other words, the instincts of monsters, push them to place a human on their backs, in order to entertain them. Some of them consider it the pride of Wyverns.

    Compared to Dragons, who are full of confidence and rarely let a strong arousal show, Wyverns are interested in people based more on a desire to ride them on their backs than guided by emotions such as pride. If a Wyvern sees people, regardless of the person's sexual preference or gender, they will actively try to establish friendships. The friendliest of them like to talk to people and help them. They often provide services to newly arrived travelers in Dragonia, and in some cases try to sit those on their backs. In Dragonia, where humans have difficulties getting around on their own two feet, we recommend that you take a ride on the back of a Wyvern. However, on such occasions, they often touch the human body because of their interests. Especially when a man sits on their back.

    They show a very strong interest in a different sex rider, who for the first time has such close contact with a girl and has an innocent appearance, examining the crotch of men, which has the greatest difference with their own body. Some Wyverns take a man's hand and bring it to their innermost place or encourage him to penetrate there himself to feel their fingers in that sensitive place.
    If the man responds and they can smell the growing manliness from his crotch, then female lovers of such radical entertainment may show "sexual aggression". When their feminine instinct takes over, their perception of a man changes from "Partner you want to be friends with" to "Partner with whom you want to have intercourse". And the destination of the flight changes to a built love nest, a secluded dark alley, or a glade sheltered in the shade of green trees, where intimacy can be had.

    Wild Wyverns, which live in the mountains away from the cities, are also interested in humans, but they wish to "actively ride a human male" and attack adventurers.
    If you catch them and ride them, actively move your hips so as not to be defeated by a girl who also tries to ride you. Prove to her that you are the leader in your relationship.
    If a girl who intensely moves her hips, uncontrollably give herself to the storm of emotions and pleasure that covers her, she will take the man to her nest. There every night, splashing out all her love, she will prove that she is your only cavalry dragon.


    The dragon moving forward
    Ease of contact ★ ★ ★
    Risk of encountering a savage ★ ★ ★ ★

    Once aroused, they can advance without noticing the obstacles in front of them, whether it's a rock in front of them or something bigger - such mamonos are called Wurms. When I heard about Dragon Knights, I thought that people associate Knight Riders with Dragons or Wyverns. But the most active Dragon Knights are the holders of Earth Dragons.

    As you can see, the vast territories of Dragonia are rich in natural diversity, such as mountainous areas, woodlands, hilly areas, marshlands, etc. Most of these areas are wild lands where no man has set foot and where it is easy to get lost. Those who are accompanied by a guide are safe, but sometimes tourists who neglect our services and adventurers heading into the dungeons can get into trouble in the wilds of Dragonia.

    And if you find yourself in such a situation, even the five Dragon Knights will have a hard time finding you. Heavy rain and thunder due to bad weather, dense fog, and wide crowns of tall trees - all these forces of nature impede the search from the air and deplete the physical strength of their victims. In such emergencies, the Wurms are relied upon to remain active. The Wurms living in Dragonia are extremely sensitive to the sounds and smells coming from humans. Cries for help, disturbed breathing caused by fatigue, bleeding due to injury - they can sense all of this, any human crisis. With a simple and undemanding nature, Wurms are filled with motherly love. They will take you to a tranquil tavern or inn located in a natural cave, where you can rest after your trip. When they sense that a person is in trouble, they will overcome any obstacle to help them. Regardless of their beloved family's opinion, regardless of having to move through rock and earth - they will be in the business of saving people.

    In our Dragonia, having received the careful care of a Wurm who assisted a man when he was in trouble in Dragonian territory, human men attracted by her loyal and affectionate nature take them as wives. Many of the women who want to join the ranger units of the Dragon Knights aspire to become earthly dragons who can do even hard work no matter what and whose main duties are to save people and protect nature.

    "It was a miserable life. I always thought so, because it looked like a bunch of rubbish. I was born in a slum. The very first memories were of having to steal and rob to get breakfast. That's why I took the job.
    Retrieving the lost electrical treasure from the woods ended with me falling off a cliff. After that I cried, I wanted a happy life, I asked for help from the gods and, if she would do it, the Mamono Lord. And then she really showed up! My... The only angel. One earth dragon was coming toward me, crawling across the ground and splitting huge trees. Though I was sure I was going to die here, and I was scared, it made me even more afraid. I had heard that it was still one of the most terrifying monsters in history, but the figure I saw at that moment was the light of my salvation.
    What happened after that? Well today it's my turn and I'll tell you about it! About how I got used to my happy life!"

    ~Vice-Captain of the Dragon Knights of Dragonia Ranger Group~


    A loving student
    Ease of contact ★ ★ ★
    Risk of encountering a savage -

    As part of Dragonia's diplomatic policy, we invite educated dragons who wish to change their Mamono Realm as "dragon disciples" to improve mutual understanding and development of each other's countries. The Jabberwock is a unique species of wondrous dragons from Wonderland, invited as "student dragons". Originally born in Wonderland, this species has no wild representatives within Dragonia. Because of their conspicuous, unique appearance, you can easily tell them apart, thanks to their unusually shaped horns and delicately shiny, as if wet skin.

    Dragons of Dragonia are mamonos who recognize humans as their partner, but because of their pride demand a "strong husband, an overwhelming partner." If they recognize a man as a different sex partner, then, because of their own embarrassment and animal shame, they reveal themselves as women. This way of relating to human men inevitably becomes awkward and uncomfortable. And although the Jabberwock is exactly the same dragon, with the same awkward emotions, they are proud of them and boast that they are "the most indecent dragons of all" for a human male. To have confidence in this and to demonstrate their superiority to a man, Jabberwocks compare themselves to the dragon species of Dragonia. Mostly with aggressive individuals, such as "filthier than a wild wyvern" and "as gentle as a lovable wurm."
    Therefore those who have been invited to exchange experience and training in Dragonia are often assigned to the centers of the Tourist Bureau, where the inexperienced novice dragon becomes an experienced guide who will explain how to deal with men. In the same way, the husbands of Jabberwocks are invited as special instructors for dragon riders who want to deepen their bond with a dragon knight. You'll certainly want to reluctantly turn your face away during the demonstration interaction of this hot couple.

    In addition, the Jabberwocks, who are tasked with being the "test" of adventurers in Wonderland, also act as adversaries in the Dragon Knights' entrance exams and stadiums. When you face the Jabberwock, you are confronted not by the simple force one faces, but by something that will test your love of dragons. Those who love dragons, if you understand and agree with their benevolence toward humans, you must express the love you hold in your chest in words and actions. And then they will naturally recognize you as husbands suitable for themselves.

    Incubus and Jabberwock couples who visit this country bond in a special way to test their love of man and dragon. They open stores here with candy and magical items from Wonderland to work together. I'll tell you in confidence that the Wonderland Tea Ceremony is now a real boom in Dragonia.


    Water Goddess of Healing
    Ease of contact ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Risk of encountering a savage

    Ryu are dragons with enough power over the weather to cause rain. They are sometimes worshipped in the Zipangu Region as water gods.

    In the eastern part of Dragonia, there is a resort town called the Ryusen Town. It is one of Dragonia's most famous resorts and is home to many Ryu. Most of them work in hotels at the hot springs. They like to watch people get rid of their fatigue in the hot springs and feel comfortable. And in some cases, they visit the men's baths, where they drink drinks and take baths, using special water produced by themselves to wash their backs. The reason this town is populated by a species endemic to Zipangu is that they have lived in this remote corner since the founding of Dragonia. When Her Majesty made a treaty to coexist with humans, they simply changed their name to Dragonia, and the scars of the Dragai Revolution did not touch them.

    When the upper aristocratic class fled from Dragonia, these lands were scorched by fire and the land, giving off heat, was transformed into an "eastern desert" that distorted the vision of the dragons. This painful scar remained even as dragons and humans rebuilt the land together. One Ryu, arriving from Zipangu at the time, caused rain to fall, which moistened the land and spawned a water spring of incredible power. It quickly turned the area into a land of hot springs, where Ryusen Town" was founded to heal the powers of dragons and humans. After she healed dragons and humans, she became known as "Lady Ryusen." Later, she fell in love with a human man and gave birth to many daughters. In other words, the Ryu in this town are descendants of Lady Ryusen. They have inherited Lady Ryusen tenderness and are the "perfect mistresses" of Ryu and will try to "wrap" their men with warmth, as in hot springs. When a lonely man stops at their inn with a bruise, they will expend all their strength to heal his body.

    Like wurms, Ryu are the calmest dragons in Dragonia, but don't forget that they are still dragons. No matter how gentle you are, Ryu have the pride of a "water goddess" at heart. These girls rarely get angry, but if you see them taking a bath, it will make them mad. Seeing their skin washed is equivalent to an insult to their pride as a "water goddess" and they can only forgive such a thing to their chosen one. If something goes wrong and a man confronts them while they are taking a bath, the Ryu will become enraged. And only if it is their dear husband or virgin man, this rage will turn into passion, which that Ryu will satisfy until her beloved is completely exhausted.

    Dragon Zombie[edit]

    Restless souls
    Dragon Zombie
    Ease of contact
    Risk of encountering a savage ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    High-ranking dragons sometimes do not interact with human men and end their lives alone. At that point, their magical powers respond to an unrealized desire to be with a human and resurrect them as a Dragon Zombie. The high level of magical power that they had when they were alive as a dragon completely melts away along with their minds. And the body, whose decay is halted by this magical power, does not stop desiring the man. It is a greedy desire to fulfill what you did not have time to do with a human man in life, which you now regret, and to give birth to a child.
    Zombie dragons always go into heat as soon as they see a man and attack, following instinct. Their intelligence is inferior to that of sensible dragons, therefore, as soon as a man is caught, it will be impossible to break free from their tight grip until the girl is finished.

    These are dangerous zombies to be feared by human men. But in Dragonia, where there are many opportunities to interact with humans, it is unusual to see them appear in cities, for dragons that end their lives without crossing paths with humans are unusually rare. However, at the Dragon Cemetery, which exists on the edge of the lands of Dragonia, there is no end to them. The Dragon Cemetery is the place where dragons were buried that died during the rigorous training and military expeditions of the Dragai era. In the Cemetery, the dragons that died during that time are constantly overwhelmed with regret and sadness that they "could not build a good relationship with humans." And because of the sheer amount of mamono mana attracted to this grievance, all the dragons of that time are reborn as Dragon Zombies. The dragons of those days that became Dragon Zombies still wander aimlessly through the dark magical ashy mound that fills the dragon graveyard. And if people go in there, they will have a desire for life again. People caught by the Dragon Zombie are usually unable to leave the graveyard on their own. Nevertheless, to communicate with a woman who mixes regret and sadness in her heart and a body greedily desiring a human male is exactly what a really brave person should do. If the captured man can fill her grief with his "stick," the Dragon Zombie will gain new reasons to live and begin to obey her man little by little. In the Dragon Empire there are many tales of how such human men themselves went into the black sands to conquer the heart of an ancient dragon-zombie to build a bright and happy family with her. Indeed, there are cases when a man who crossed the Dragon Cemetery returns to the Empire with a zombie dragon and they live happily together. Such a person who truly saves a dragon zombie is considered a hero and receives appropriate honors, popularly referred to as the Dragon Slayers.

    In addition, some dragons who died in that era and were reborn as young girls leave the graveyard out of curiosity to appear in the cities of Dragonia. Young zombie dragons are beautiful and the danger to humans from them is significantly lower. If you encounter a zombie dragon, you may be confused, but don't be afraid. Perhaps you can understand the loneliness underlying them, their strong desire for a husband, and fall in love.

    Lizardman and Salamander[edit]

    Unrivaled Gladiators
    Lizardman and Salamander
    Ease of contact ★ ★ ★
    Risk of encountering a savage ★ ★

    Classified as reptiles of the Lizardman and the Salamander are renowned "stars," maintaining brilliant results at the Dragonia Grand Tournament held once a year. In their free time, they often practice with the sword at the training grounds of the Sky Dragon Dance, open throughout Dragonia, and on old battlefields that have become ruins, in order to challenge adventurers who visit the place. There will be more opportunities to meet them when wrestling competitions are held in Dragonia. At this time they will look for men to take part in the fighting tournament, appearing in the arms stores and taverns of the Empire. There they will mingle with the men they have been waiting for, drinking, relaxing, and bragging about their weapons and their wielding of them. It is a great honor for warriors to be recognized and challenged to a duel by an experienced swordswoman.

    But sometimes a girl from the Reptile clan gives advice to an innocent adventurer who is picking a sword in an armory shop for the first time. Dragonia Lizards are also very capable in teaching swordsmanship skills and, by teaching a novice warrior, can prepare a skilled fighter in a short time, making him a suitable partner for themselves. In case they failed to achieve the necessary results in combat competitions, Reptilians think that the problem is a lack of mutual understanding with a male and actively want to have intercourse in order to get to know each other more deeply. Then, as is usually the case in Dragonia, this capable pair of Reptilian and her partner, who end up as a married couple, are sure to excel at next year's tournament.

    They also teach people more than just how to wield a blade. Most Dragons who are Dragon Knights do not usually wield weapons because they do not usually use ordinary weapons. For such dragons who fight alongside their husband on their own, the Order of the Dragon Knights hires Lizardmen and Salamanders to serve as instructors, as they have a broad knowledge of the blades and weapons used by the people they teach. One of the strengths of the Order of the Knights of Dragonia is that they are directly trained by pairs of several reptilian species, invited as teachers from different mamono realms, and have daily hands-on training. When faced with a foreign foe, they respond flexibly to the situation.

    Instructors Wanted! Couples of Lizardmen and Salamanders!

    - The Order of Dragon Knights is currently in need of teachers in the military department, who teach the technology of battle in mounted formation.
    - Confident swordsmanship is required, and even better, confident communication with a partner.
    - Work at the Knights' headquarters, Kizuna Manor, as a guard.
    - You can choose one of three types of accommodation: a quiet cave lodge, in a beautiful city beyond the clouds with a beautiful view, a restored residence of old aristocrats.
    - In case you live remotely, you can contact us in advance with documents, etc., a dragon knight will pick you up.
    - We think the Mamono of the Reptilian clan will be sure to contact our Dragon Knights headquarters.

    Relationship Between Humans and Dragons[edit]

    How to get in touch with dragons[edit]


    In Dragonia, where you meet and interact with dragons everywhere, there are several things to keep in mind. A typical example is fear of the first dragon, as was written in the description of the wild Dragon in this part. The greatest threat and danger in Dragonia is nothing less than human prejudice about "the existence of terrible dragons." When a person who is unable to dispel the image of the Dragon of a past era is in front of the Dragon, he is unreasonably afraid and wary of her, causing him to involuntarily pull away.
    However, even the dragon, who takes this attitude, has only love for the human male in her heart. And if the man fears her, it is equivalent to telling her that she is unattractive as a woman. And the dragon who sees the emotion of fear in a man is left with a deep wound in her heart. Such feelings of fright can sometimes stimulate the destructive nature of the dragon. The dragon, with a normally mild temperament, wishes to intensify this fear and becomes inflamed with passion, such as "I want to have fun playing with the man's body and playfully scare him" and "I want to keep him to myself." In such a case, abducting a man from his environment is not unusual.

    It is not bad to have a sense of admiration or respect for a dragon, but in Dragonia, when you talk to a dragon, you must remove your sense of awe. I urge you to recognize that it is counterproductive, and you must treat dragons as familiar neighbors.

    Manifestation of the old form

    In peacetime, dragons of Dragonia who have a female form, using magical power, can transform into the form of a giant dragon of the former mamono lords' era. In fact, all over Dragonia you will be able to observe this transformation. But, as previously stated, you can make sure that a dragon's heart when in contact with a man is that of a girl in love, though the very resistance to such a thing is called a Sign of Great Power. For dragons, the appearance of a past era is a "form of power" that they wield. And depending on the species, a girl will not want to expose this form to anyone but her husband.

    Therefore, hope for the transition dragon in the form of the old mamono lords, just to look at her, may create a bad impression of the dragon and she will demand "I want to see you all" or vice versa can be perceived as an impulsive recognition. In other words, the fact that you wish to see with your own eyes the dragon in both forms equals that "you take full responsibility," even if you are attacked by a dragon as excited - it will be your responsibility. Dragons approach the transformation into their old guise with great care. In peacetime, girls clean their claws and wings as they increase in size. They take care of the tail, the most expressive part of the body, and polish the horns and spikes, the most expressive details that a man will pay attention to. All this to prove to him that they are attractive as a dragon.

    However, if you want to establish a closer relationship with them, pay attention to their "female" symbols, such as "dragon parts," breasts, waists, buttocks - the things they are most proud of. It's probably best to do this, since dragons tend to prefer intrusive relationships. Don't be shy, look at their feminine parts without hesitation, as long as you complement with coy words about them. This will be the first step in a good relationship. Whatever the dragon is, her real intention will be to get in touch with someone friendly to her, and the awkwardness with which she can express this is part of the dragon's charm. When you encounter a dragon in Dragonia, sometimes you will have to guide the dragon: actively touching her skin, gently caressing her breasts, and whispering gentle words in her ear.

    Marriage with a dragon

    Human men who have established a close relationship with dragons are in most cases joined to dragons by marriage, participating in a "couples ceremony" where they become a dragon couple recognized in the Empire. A human male who has many times received the dragon's power and exchanged energy with it becomes an incubus. But in Dragonia, he formally becomes a dragon husband when his partner hangs a necklace of her "claws" around his neck. A single necklace will show that a married man has had only one mamono in his life, but for a man, the claws around his neck show that he has recognized one dragon girl as his wife. This is proof that a brave man is also a dragon. "Couples Ceremony" is a wedding ceremony in which couples exchange necklaces and wear them for the first time. It is held in a tower called the "pillar of heaven," which towers over Dragonian territory. Usually the ceremony is performed at the very top. In Dragonia, a country where humans and dragons coexist, this traditional ceremony is a holiday, the preparation for which has the highest priority. That is why this day is always designated as a public holiday. Crowds of people go to the Pillar of Heaven to see the Dragonian ceremonial ritual and to bless the new couple for the birth of a new dragon. The only thing that remains in Dragonia from the old culture of the Dragai Empire is the Triumphal Parade of the Dragon Knights teams, which is held after the best necklaces are exchanged.

    The Triumph Parade is a dragon parade in which members of the Order march marvelously and wonderfully, escorting the dragon bride and groom to Her Majesty the Queen. And afterwards, this pair visits the sights of Dragonia for a solemn demonstration, of which there are not many. Then many Dragonian natives, whether at home or abroad, hotly celebrate the culmination of the ceremony with a kiss of everlasting love. The dragonian bride and groom begin their new lives in deafening applause and shouts of "hurrahs" that never seem to stop, and the joyful voices of other couples mingling with the heat.

    Legends Associated with Dragons[edit]

    In the evening, minstrels appear in the bars and restaurants of the Dragon Empire and you can enjoy meals and drinks while listening to stories about the great love of dragons and humans from his lips. Of the stories told by the bard, the most popular is the legend of Del Rowe the Dragon Knight. In the history of the long coexistence of dragons and humans there are not many great heroes and stories about them are passed from mouth to mouth. However, the heroes of the stories told by the bard are not always heroes who changed history. It's either "an adventurer who overcame various stories with the Riders until he became the dragon's only servant," or "a greedy adventurer who got lost in a dragon's nest in search of treasure and found the importance of love by spending days with a dragon," or "a poor, but gentle, young man who came to the graveyard to fill the empty zombie dragon's heart with romance." All of these stories tell of dragons now living in Dragonia. You can meet them and make sure that these are stories from the life of their pair. The values of a dragon and a human are slightly different and there is a risk of being attacked by a dragon because of a misunderstanding. If you do not learn how to properly communicate with a dragon, the communication may end this way. Not to mention the fact that love for the dragon itself is not easy. However, because of such obstacles and difficulties, this love and the days that human and dragon couples spend together shine and don't fade away as attractive stories. That's why you're attracted to meeting a dragon in this land. And when you find your mamono couple, the drawing of your love story will pass like a bard's tale. It will become another of the traces of the coexistence of the many individual dragons and the history of humanity in Dragonia.

    Dragon Monsterization[edit]

    In Dragonia, a human woman who has been imbued with a dragon's magical power can be monsterized into a Dragon. But, unusually, in this case it will take her a full year to do so. Since the girl is actually transformed into a species of dragon with great power and strength among the mamono, this means that a large amount of magical energy is absorbed into her body. If this happens, an ordinary girl will be affected by mamono mana in the process of becoming a dragon with great pride, then... she will not be able to save herself. Women who have been exposed to large concentrations of mamono mana and have a "humble" nature usually turn into another kind of mamono, even if very close to dragonization at that moment. Despite this, the chance of successful dragonization is extremely low. Nevertheless, when a woman is monsterized in Dragonian territory, girls with the right temperament become dragons.

    The people who become mamono next to us most often are those who are called "Dragon Hunters." As the name implies, Dragon Hunters are hunters who are fierce fighters and used to living, as in the days of past Mamono lords. As you know, dragons in that era were very powerful and strong monsters. There were people who were so ferocious that it was impossible to kill them. They would even bring their own army or their overwhelming power would subdue an entire country. They would go to places where ferocious dragons lived, and there they would build fortifications and prepare traps. These are the other dragon hunters, who unhesitatingly exhausted the dragons by the end of the battle in many battles. In those days, Dragon Hunters were heroes who had the strength equal to the abilities of "heroes" of our time, a deep knowledge of their dragon opponents, and weapons and magic that only suppressed the power of dragons. However, after the dragons disappeared due to the change of the mamono lord, the circumstances surrounding the dragon hunters had changed as well.

    The rare ore needed to use the magic they passed on to new generations of their clans, the special tools to blind a dragon's eyes, the material used for dragon traps, the cost of maintenance. Despite the expense required to punish a dragon, the amount paid to a single dragon hunter is never a small sum for a country. Nevertheless, in the old era, even if the amount paid to them and the damage from the dragon's actions were roughly the same, even if the country was frightened by the threat of the dragon, most countries found it much cheaper to make hunters their residents such as mercenaries and did so. However, as the dragon menace receded, the countries that needed their services disappeared, they stopped being hired, and they even began to quit, crushed by the authorities. In their hearts is a strong desire to restore the Dragon Hunter clans and bring them back to prosperity by demonstrating their accomplishments. Today's dragon hunters are the descendants of the hunters of their "dawn" days. So even if it happens and they have the necessary skills, they have never seen a real hunt. When such girls get to Dragonia, they witness the coexistence of dragons and humans, and magical energy enters them to direct the breaking of patterns in their heads. The dragon hunters have great pride because of the strong connection to the dragons in their lives, because the magical power of the dragons their ancestors hunted is familiar to their bodies. Be that as it may, they are monsterized into dragons.

    Those who are reborn as dragons have not lost the strong desire to "defeat the dragon" that they had while living as humans. And to prove their superiority over other dragons, they try to seduce humans and passionately have intercourse with them using the same techniques as dragons. Dragon hunters who visit Dragonia to hunt dragons become part of their species, causing other dragons to be saddened. Dragons whose ancestors were hunted during the age of the old mamono lords had a desire to leave a curse "that your descendants become our daughters" before disappearing. And the sight of former dragon hunters dating their beloved husbands may be due to the fact that the dragon curse changed to "that your family may prosper as dragon girls" with the advent of the new Mamono lord's reign.

    Tourist Information[edit]

    [Dragonia Dragon Knights][edit]

    Order of the Dragon Knights

    O those who want to join the seekers of glory! As it was written, our Order of the Dragon Knights of Dragonia, experiencing a chronic shortage of personnel, is constantly looking for new recruits, without burdening them with harsh conditions of acceding. You are welcome if you are interested in the healthy development of your body, even if you are a very small dragon. I would add from myself that I would like to see you as one of the cavalrymen who will work with me, it is also desirable that you are patriots of this country, but it is okay if you have these feelings only now. Dragon Knight is a title that refers to both the dragon and its rider. Its history goes back to the time of the old mamono lord in Dragonia.

    What, I'm not going to rant a lot!
    However, there are many people who perceive the conversation with the dragon with horror, although over time it develops into a friendship between the dragon and man. And at least in today's Dragonia, our dragons and humans are very close to each other and this intimacy, in other words "bond," between dragons and humans is the greatest weapon of dragon knights. If one becomes a full-fledged dragon knight, one can saddle a sitting dragon and ride it freely across the sky. Of course, depending on timing and necessity, foreign invaders who become a threat are stopped in pairs with the dragon. After a mission together, the dragon-man will stop getting jealous looks from the dragoness ("I want to ride you too!" or so the dragonesses might think) and will be recognized as a brave man of the sky rather than an empty hero, finally proving his essence as a dragon-knight.
    As I mentioned earlier, all such powers are associated with cavalry dragons, but they are not the only force on the battlefield.

    1) Spear care.
    As a rule, dragonriders belonging to the Order of the Dragon Knights must use a spear. Training with this lance is considered the most serious in the order.
    Spears are the most common weapon for mounted soldiers, and at the same time they have a special meaning in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Even though a dragon's power is powerful, men have a responsibility to keep their fine cavalry safe as men and husbands and the "weapon" for this is the unmarried spear. The spear is the means by which a male knight can confront the enemy and at the same time it is considered a symbol of a man. Therefore, the symbol of the Royal Order of Dragons is a crossed spear and a dragon, which means a human dragon. The knight who owns the spear embodies it and must himself become the spear with which he crosses the dragon. Apprentices are given the spear to practice with one of the knights so that the dragoness will learn them by touch and carefully teach them how to manipulate it. Apprentices also take care of cavalry dragons. Sloppy handling of a spear is taboo for knights, and even if the spear is used for practice, it requires proper care when carried. The only time a human knight may let go of a spear is for communicating with his cavalrywoman, who crosses the "incarnation of the spear" with his body.

    2) Morning classes, afternoon work, field training in the morning
    Full-time study is divided into lectures and practical exercises for knights.
    In lecture classes you will learn about the duties of a dragon knight, relationships with people, history and ecology of Dragonia. And in some cases, along with a senior dragon knight, you will conduct training sessions on dragon lands. In the practical classes, you'll mostly take combat training with a spear and learn to fight alongside your dragon mate. Both of these skills are necessary, but the most important is the interaction between partners, which will deepen your connection with your dragon. Since trainees cannot train to fly, you will not be able to perform field exercises on a dragon's back to ensure that you deliver food and supplies to various corners of Dragonia or go on a scouting trip. So, in order to build a close relationship with one of your dragons, you can go to an "open training" together to walk around the city together. It is positioned as the most important thing after the intimacy with his wife. You can do this field training at any time if you apply for an instructor within the Order. You are not required to return to the Order of Dragons for other activities during "outdoor" training. You are also not subject to the dormitory curfew. In addition, the sight of a dragon knight and his scaly partner is a well-known example of the ideology of harmonious coexistence between humans and dragons. For reasons such as public relations and the rise of the country, trainees receive contingency money as part of their "outdoor training."

    3) Admission ceremony
    A trained dragon rider will only be considered a full Dragon Knight when his partner recognizes him as a "master". At a ceremony at Dragon Knights Headquarters, on a sunlit stage, you will receive a battle lance to defeat foreign enemies of the Dragon Knights, and a bridle from the hands of the Queen, which will become the dragon knight's mantle on your dragon. The new dragon knight, after declaring his oath to Dragonia along with his dragon, is assigned to a cavalry unit that will face daily tasks.

    〜Military units〜
    ○ First Airborne Troops
    Main Duties: Surveying Dragonian territory, protecting adventurers and people in Draconian territory, preemptive strikes against threatening Mamono and Imperial envoys to the authorities, and general operations.
    - Also known as the Flying Dragon Corps, we, along with our riders, travel the skies over the vast expanse of Dragonia and guard the peace of the land, being one of the forces symbolic of the Dragon Order. Though we look spectacular, we seldom make raids, in our peaceful lives helping with the chores of the inhabitants in the city, taking them to the right places within Dragonia.
    [General Guidelines]
    "Cavalry Wyvern", "Excellent Air Training Performance", "Variety of Places Visited During Outdoor Training"

    ○ Fifth Ground Troops.
    Main duties: Searching for and rescuing victims of natural disasters, collecting materials in forested areas, maintaining roads made dangerous by landslides, etc.
    - Another name is "Ranger Corps." Most units consist of a few Wurms and dragon knights. In Dragonia, which turns into a bloody land when the weather turns bad, it is the fifth ground troops that pave the way for survival. The dragon knights of this corps inevitably become experts in outdoor activities. This is the most active corps regarding participation in rescue operations.
    [General Guidelines]
    "Rider is a Wurm", "Show great cooperation with other team members during training", "Like to spend time with the rider in the field"

    ○ Zero Special Assignment Unit
    Main duties: Diplomacy with the new Mamono kingdoms, expeditions and public relations outside of Dragonia, protection of dignitaries from other monster nations, bride training, etc.
    - Also known as the Eris Squad. A special unit whose commander also combines the position of commander-in-chief of the Order. The current captain is Dragoness Alto-Eris. The squad includes several brilliant dark female warriors who have been chosen from among the best "unmarried" dragonesses. Among other rumors, it is said that they remained unmarried because of their demonstrative focus on their fighting power. It is said that a learning novice knight who is overconfident in his strength moves to this unit and can be of great help with "bride training."
    [General Guidelines]
    "Exemplary Dragon Knights", "Dragon Knights approved by cavalrymen early on", "Excellent performance in combat, including night practice"
    *The power trend/general recommendations presented are just examples. Even if the rider is not a Wurm, she can be part of the Ranger Corps along with her dragon knight.

    [Rule I: Morning Training]
    The couple may wake up late in the morning, but it is advisable to get up as early as possible. Although, taking into account communication with the riders in this time, no restrictions are imposed. Meals and training in the morning are free to attend. However, the collective gathering at 10 am is not recommended to be missed more than once every three days.

    4) Weapons of the dragon knight
    A knight-dragon who has undergone the initiation ceremony must sometimes leave the rest of the dragon knights and perform solo missions with his dragon. Their equipment must withstand any adversity the knight and his companion may encounter. Their weapons and armor have special properties to protect the rider and his dragon.

    ○ Dragon Spear of the Vow
    A spear given to a dragon knight by the Dragon Queen upon joining the Order. It is created by processing demonic silver and mixing it with Dragonium. The spear is created to the standards of the spear used by the knight during training, so that he feels no discomfort when using it, even if it is in one hand, and he can use it freely in his free hand. On the handle is engraved "rune of rage" and if you strongly squeeze the handle, it will cause an unusually strong arousal, and the spiritual energy of the knight will sharply increase. So it can be exchanged with a dragoness with a spear as many times as you like in any situation. In addition to this, you can carve several kinds of runes on the spear, for a reasonable fee inscribing a new one in the Empire's magic store. In this way, you can create a spear with the properties you desire for your favorite weapon. For this reason, the spears that riders use, though similar in design, have different properties. Such as "Cleanse the object touched by the spear", "Make the enemy pierced by the spear become terribly lustful", "Make the enemy masturbate leisurely until they cum". A dragon knight rarely lets his spear out, but if he does, it is to "siege" his dragon. While the knight is absent for some reason, the dragoness comforts herself with the spear. Thinking of her husband, she inserts it into her lower abdomen, causing the spear to gather great passion and magical power. And if some third person tries to get hold of the dragon knight's spear, all this mamono mana will fall upon him the first time he touches it.

    ○ Cloak of the Red Dragon
    The title of Dragon Knight is granted by Her Majesty the Queen, and the cloak is a powerful magical armor that is created from the flames spewed by the Queen. The cloak itself is fire and is highly resistant to all kinds of heat. This helps greatly in skirmishes with foreign enemies and when fighting fires. In addition, this cloak maintains the same temperature at all times, and when a knight is engaged in rescuing a casualty, sometimes hovering over a hypothermic person is enough to stabilize the physical condition. The injured person, who will be on the dragon cloak, will be surrounded by a pleasant feeling of warmth, continuing to receive the magical energy of the dragoness on which the cloak is worn. So this energy will contribute to their healing.
    When a dragon knight has already saved a victim, in most cases he will entrust their care to one of the unmarried dragonesses in the Order of the Dragon, taking the cloak with him.
    Disease that has stagnated in your body will not be able to linger if the victim, after being warmed in the cloak of a dragon knight, receives the generous sisterly care of a single dragoness. The energy in him will continuously continue to grow, flushing out the remnants of the disease in an uncontrollable, uncontrollable lust. Because of this, it is not uncommon for the rescued and the dragoness caring for him to become betrothed and summoned to become the dragon knight and his riding partner. The dragon knight, always wearing a mantle that obscures the dragon's magical power even while remaining calm, will regularly pierce his dragoness to allow the accumulated energy to escape.

    [Rule II: Intimacy with a dragon]
    ○ Trainees and regular members of the Order should consider intimacy with their dragon partners a top priority. It is also the most important training for a dragon knight to get to know each other's bodies better and forge a closer bond. It must be renewed daily. Therefore it is recommended that intercourse with a dragon should occur at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. But it is allowed to increase the frequency and duration of intercourse at your discretion. As a result, you can no doubt devote any other time from your schedule to communicating with your beloved if you notify your plans in advance.


    Place of purchase: The magical stores on Ryu Street and others where they sell precious stones
    Price: Naturally high

    Dragonium is a rare ore mined in Dragonia.
    The following is said about this demonic ore: "It appears in the same way as demonic silver, but under the influence of the powerful magical energy of the dragons, it changes its properties over time. But since the Dragons' energy is mostly concentrated in the air, Dragonium is primarily formed in those places where the veins of demonic silver come to the surface due to the collapses of the ground hiding them. A solid crystalline body forms on the surface in such places."
    In other words, Dragonium is found only in places where strong magical energy drifts, such as in the dark demonic lands of Dragonia, where it is dangerous for humans to enter. That is why this ore has such a rare distribution. It is mostly found in the caves and ruins of Dragonia where the magical power remains. But the most famous place of origin of these crystals in Dragonia is the "Graveyard of Dragons", the home of zombie dragons. Several times a year, there are witnesses who see adventurers blinded by greed who head for the graveyard in search of Dragonium. But the results of their forays are easy to imagine.

    Dragonium has a characteristic called "dragon's breath". This "breath" has the property to "dissipate magical energy" when mixed with precious metals. For example, armor and shield made with Dragonium can decrease magical attacks by dissipating it. And when processed to make weapons such as swords and spears, magical attacks are spread more widely than usual. The rare abilities that Dragonium possesses are very useful even to us dragon knights. In a passionate encounter with a dragon, men who have not yet become incubi are often exposed to strong magical energy, as well as the accompanying old dragon's physical power. If you wear an accessory using Dragonium and it touches your skin, as in the case of a pendant or necklace, fatigue during sexual activity will decrease and the time of reaching orgasm will decrease, and incubization of the body will not occur. But I must warn you. If you're looking for easy power or inexperienced in controlling magical powers and easily grabbing weapons from this ore, you won't be able to hold the dragon's power. If that happens, it will only be a great feast for the beautiful mamono attracted by the release of your delicious spiritual energy. For these reasons, Dragonium weapons are mostly purchased by demons from the radical faction or mamonos with special abilities, and armor by single men who have not yet become incubi. When buying, men may have to demonstrate to the vendors how they control their energy to see if they are fit to handle the weapon, or they may have to undergo personal training. Even our dragon knights are not allowed to use weapons with Dragonium inclusions until after they've been fully titled. Of course, when you become part of the Dragon Order, you will be granted a Dragonium spear.

    Although it is not bragging, Dragonium was also used in the creation of my weapon. This Dragonium, which might be called a symbol of our race's power, is of little interest to you? Then I can help you take the first step to becoming the dragon knight that no doubt you are... ♥
    〜Commander of the Order of the Dragon Knights of Alto-Eris〜

    Dragon's Lifeblood[edit]

    Place of purchase: Trading Shops, Hands-On Sales
    Price: Affordable

    What's wrong? Are you tired? Of course, Dragonia is vast and there are many steep streets. No, there's nothing to worry about. Rather, it seems like my spirits were lifted when I thought about being with you for a long time during this walk... I'm sorry I missed it by caring for you.

    That's right! There's something useful you should drink! It's "Living Dragon Blood"-it's given to everyone in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Hoo-hoo, even though I say living blood, it's not the blood of our dragons, so please be assured. It is the juice of the fruit of the mamono realm, where her majesty the Queen lives. Of course, the juices of the fruit of the mamono realm are by no means a dangerous thing! In our country, we focus on the cultivation of demonic grapes. Demonic grapes initially absorb mamono mana from the ground, but one of the breeding methods brought to Dragonia after one of the diplomatic missions, allows us to infuse the ground with magic at the cultivation stage. There are mamono who directly influence the growth of demonic grapes. If you guess who it is, then you are probably good at guessing? This new variety originated from trees grown personally by Queen Deonora. All varieties of demonic grape juice are quite colorful, but this one stands out with a special royal red hue, like it's on fire. The demonic wine, made from demonic grapes also grown by Her Majesty, is offered as one of the brands. But it has a very strong intoxicating and arousing effect that causes the dragoness to go into uncontrollable heat. It is so intoxicating that it causes such a commotion in crowds that a dragoness can hit a person, so it is only given in small doses to dragon knights going off on missions. Therefore the honey provided by the Alraune who live on the mountain slopes and a mixture of soothing herbs from the mamono realm are added to this drink, which neutralizes the effects of the wine, reducing it to an invigorating, body-stimulating drink.

    Processed in this way, it can be widely distributed and sold along with fruit juice in many Draconian stores, and it can also be drunk by children and adults. Are you concerned about the strong neutralizing effect? Drink it now and your physical strength, vigor and vitality will quickly be restored, those who feel tired or malaise will get a pleasant, refreshing feeling, like after a good night's sleep.
    In addition, it can be said that it's really proven that the rush of energy will be like an explosion, like magma pouring out of an active volcano. By drinking this, husbands with no physical training who avoid intercourse with a dragoness will be able to engage in intercourse with a dragoness for three days and three nights at a time, isn't that really reassuring?!

    Don't make that weird face.
    Ultrasensitivity is a characteristic of demonic grapes that have been condensed. Like its rich flavor, the blend of herbs guarantees it.
    If you drink this drink with peace of mind, it will only fill you with energy, but if you get excited, you will be quickly overwhelmed by it and want to use this excessive power right now with a dragon.
    What's wrong, why aren't you drinking? Well, that's, of course, take my drink, it shouldn't affect the taste or effectiveness! No problem, feel free to drink! Come, drink it now! Don't run away!
    〜Commander of the Order of Dragon Knights Alto-Eris〜

    [Dragon Wing Street][edit]

    Location : Center of Dragonia Kingdom
    Primary facilities : Restaurants, Hostel, Magical Item Shop, (Weapon and Armor) Equipment Shop etc.

    There are many streets running from the Queen's Castle at the top of the mountain, but this is the main one and the largest in the Dragon Empire. From this boulevard, the street spreads out into smaller streets in different directions of the city, which is why it is called Dragon Wing Street. This street is always filled with crowds: adventurers, merchants and travelers from other mamono realms, tourists like you, and even dragon knights and their partners. The reason for this is the many stores selling weapons, armor, magical items, a wide variety of souvenir shops, and all the eaves overlooking this street are occupied by restaurants and hotels... In a word, you can buy any of the things Dragonia is rich in here. That's it.
    Speaking of tourist spots, there are plenty of them here, too. This street is a classic meeting place for humans and dragons, and it's every dragon's dream to take a walk with her man. Since I wanted to show you this place, I flew here... and would like to come here with you in the future! Please, I would be very grateful! Since this is the main street of the city, it is naturally very wide and we made it big enough for some dragoness in full form to land here. The pedestrian space, eaves, and store roofs are made in such a way as to eliminate any danger to people when we take off. Dragon Wing Street is also used during the Wedding Ceremony Solemn Procession, and we may have to widen it even more in the future to accommodate more people.
    The fun begins in the late evening, when the food stalls open and take advantage of the size of this street to set up tables for their customers. The lizards from the gun stores begin looking for partners to test the power of magical weapons to charm men. After counting the sales, human and monster couples return home, the lights go on in the houses and inns, where the fun continues for the night-loving customers and these places continue to be lively.
    After a vibrant daytime experience full of life, Dragonia at night brings the relaxing pleasure of leisurely consumption of food and drink. If a single man without a woman, quite like you, wanders down this street, the lonely dragons working in the hotels will offer you free warmth and shelter as part of their customer service. In addition, they will cook you a meal and provide pleasant conversation, even if you do not need an overnight stay. Finding a place to stay can be a delightful story, but... instead of a nice invitation from the hostess, it can feel like an attack, so I'll be the one to find you a place to stay!
    Well, if you told me you had nowhere to sleep, I'd find a nice hotel with a big enough double room in a jiffy. I don't have to pay anything, so don't worry...♥
    ~ Newcomer's tour from Wyvern Shirtiya ~

    A magical couple from another mamono realm who came for a honeymoon.

    Necklace of Pairing[edit]

    Purchase location: Magic stores on Dragon Wing Street and others.
    Price: Easily accessible to moderate

    Have you noticed the jewelry hanging from the necks of people walking down the street? They are magical accessories, necklaces made from dragon claws. Though they are called jewelry, they are not something we dragons can wear. They are mostly for you human beings, so I have absolutely no interest in them! ...Well, I will tell you about them, since there is a danger.
    There are many stores selling ready-made necklaces and craftsmen who can create any kind of jewelry. The most important necklace for married men.... ugh... dragons with a romantic temperament provide their husbands with their own claws, only to have them handled or enchanted in a store. If you bring claws in this way, just for processing, it won't cost much. However, if you want to buy the finished product, it will cost you a tidy sum, so I don't recommend this product at all! Since our wedding necklace is worn only by our beloved male dragon, the claws used to create it have magical runes on them that will accentuate their beauty. There are many different combinations: "diverting fire away," "slightly increasing strength," and there are those that give magical protection. They are filled with our dragon power, so, naturally, they work wonderfully.

    But a wedding necklace is more than a simple magical object. It is a symbol of love given by a dragoness to her husband. Some of the people who come to Dragonia are adventurers or funny guys, of course I'm talking about "Dragon Hunters." They are usually interested in items that hold the power of dragons, buying the best necklaces, but... are you interested, too? I told you not to do that! There are certain things you can't buy, even with a lot of money! But, you know, there are necklaces that can be sold to a man, they only use one dragon claw. If you purchase and wear such a necklace, you will also accept the nature of the dragon who created it. In some cases, inspired by the magic of a well-made necklace, you will seek out the dragoness who created it, until you take the claw from which the claw came, with an offer that cannot be refused. Oh, the romantic dragonesses who make such things cherish these necklaces as if they were treasures, not to be lost in any way. They are their weak point.

    That's why you're wrong if you easily buy this bad accessory. Well, okay... if you admit out loud that you're so interested in necklaces, I'll consider sharing one of my claws for one of these...♥
    ~ Newcomer's tour from Wyvern Shirtiya ~

    Dragon Orb[edit]

    Place of Purchase: Magical Item Shops on Dragon Wing Street
    Price: Moderate to High

    Dragonian magic item stores have a variety of items, but the first in popularity among them are dragon orbs. These are pieces of gemstones, usually "Magic Crystals" of good quality, that are sold with a stand in the shape of a dragon's paw, claws, or the dragon itself. Two kinds of spheres are sold, one of which has a color attached to the gem or jewelry, while the other kind is colorless. As you can see, the colors swirl beautifully in a magic pearl, right?

    The dragon ball has a magical property. The magical power that is left in the magical jewels always changes color and when lightly stroked, it glows slightly, like a lamp. The dragon ball, which has mamono mana, is very beautiful and there is a custom to decorate the front of the house with untreated stones (without a stand) or finished artifacts. At night, Dragonia takes on a fantastic and beautiful appearance, thanks to the glowing dragon orbs built into the houses. I have a strange face because the artifacts we are now discussing are used by couples about to marry, with them they show, "I already have a mamono wife in my house."

    Fool! My stone is colorless, come back immediately! It's all right.
    Dragon spheres are also called fidelity spheres... To charge this magical pearl with magical power, you must put a Dragon Sphere in your bedroom and allow high quality magical energy to be released in vigorous nighttime activity. Thus colorless spheres are bought only for monsters with whom one plans to spend the evening together. And now I have to tell you that if a single person buys such a dragon orb while purchasing other things together with a dragon lady they know, it is the same as letting a sign that reads "please attack me" down from around your neck. Have you noticed that colored dragon spheres are expensive and colorless ones are cheap? So there are adventurous men who occasionally go on to buy colorless stones while already married, but such buyers are usually kidnapped by erotic monsters the same day, or they are protected by serious dragonesses who call themselves protectors and will stop any excesses of the male dragon... Seriously, in some cases you will even be attacked by saleswomen!
    Oh, I'm glad you're interested in this product. To challenge a hot night, you will need to be in good shape, after all there are certain relationship milestones, etc. But in the near future there will be an annual fair and there will be a Dragon Ball exhibit nearby, one of which you can buy if you dare to venture... I wish I'd known that♥
    ~ Newcomer's tour from Wyvern Shirtiya ~

    [Dragon's Bed Alley][edit]

    Location : Few minutes of walk from Dragon Wing Street's "Statue of Ryu's kiss"
    Primary facilities : Magical Item Store, Ornaments Store, Bar, Hostel, Brothel etc.

    This "dragon alley" begins near the entrance to Dragon Wing Street. It is the most famous intimate spot in the Dragon Empire... it is known as a place for human and dragon dating, with many ordinary and magical stores that enliven the fellowship. It has just the gentle atmosphere of Dragonia, unlike Dragon Wing Street it is always twilight, and the magical power of dragons is embodied in the air in the form of mist, wrapping the narrow stone street in an atmosphere of magic. That's why I had no malice in bringing you here! This is one of the greatest danger zones in the Empire's capital! That's why I could bring you here... That's because it's also a landmark!

    In fact, on this street there is the constant danger of being targeted by a dragon.
    The stores here sell magical tools overflowing with unsurpassed dragon energy, and the gun shops specialize in cursed weapons that cannot be sold on Dragon Wing Street. There are many famous hidden stores that can't operate on the main street because they look too flashy, and restaurants (as well as buffets, food stalls, etc.) serve food that is too flashy so it can't be served elsewhere.

    Dragon's Bed Alley is known for selling the highest quality and most potent items. Some mamono visit Dragonia just to buy goods here. Many pairs of radical monsters, eager to create new pairs of humans and mamono, distribute magical items of their own making. The Royal Order of Dragon Knights, which promotes human-dragon dialogue as the basis of its policy, will exercise some censorship if such stores spill over into other streets. Since the fame of Dragon Bed Street is somewhat overblown and, according to some rumors, it is considered "holy ground" for the birth of new human-dragon couples, the Dragon Order is tacitly tolerating its existence for the time being.

    Rather, look at this, it seems to be like a young knight and his riding dragoness cuddling in the dark... ♥
    There seem to be several other dragon knights here with their partners, but they don't advertise their presence. Maybe they're in field training though, let's hurry before the sweethearts see us and interrupt the training...♥
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newbie guide Leah ~

    Magic Dragon Flute[edit]

    Place of Purchase: Dragon Bed Alley, Magical Goods Store "Magokan"
    Price: Extremely Expensive

    Are you sure? Don't go anywhere from me. Magokan is also a large magical store in Dragonia that deals in particularly strong magical tools, items that do not require individual processing and are not different from one another. Many amorous mamono gather at their counters. You have some assurance of safety if you are accompanied by our guide, but if a single person enters this store, remember, their action is tantamount to taking the first step into a monster dungeon. Many of the items in this store hold strong emotions that have reached levels of obsession and frustration, but the magical dragon flute is a signature item.
    At first glance, the magical dragon flute appears to be a flute with decorative embellishments, but a closer look reveals that it is made of horn bone and dragon claws that fall out as they grow. Of course, though they have fallen out, the magical power of the dragon in such claws and horns remains. Of course, these are not ingredients that you can easily find. However, in the dark region[5] located in the northern part of Dragonia, which is called the "Graveyard of Dragons" there are such items from time to time, as its name implies. It can be said that all dragon flutes sold in Dragonia are made from ingredients found in the Graveyard. However, those who have been to the dragon graveyard notice that these bones hold the very strong emotions of "zombie dragons" who never found their human mate. The magical flute is made by skilled masters of magic, and at the end of the long manufacturing process, the Dragon's provided horn and her disembodied claws are joined together as one. The dragon flute changes its sound dramatically depending on how you blow into it. If you play it gently, you'll get a sound like a dragon's cry reaching the heavens, and your melody will reach your other half's ears no matter how far away she is. Besides the possibility of talking by means of flute sounds, if a playing person wants to tell something important, then his wife-dragon will at once take an appearance of a giant dragon, fly up to the sky and rush to her beloved husband. If you powerfully blow the flute, the sound turns into a roar of the dragon, which can shake the surrounding space, and you can take the power of the dragon from whose bones the flute was made. In other words, the magical flute is the engagement stone of a loving couple*, it is a high-level magical item that is never sold in ordinary stores just for fun. The dragon flute is not sold there because of the great danger of this artifact. If a human male with no connection to the dragon blows into the Dragon Flute, the sound will turn into a mating call, attracting a zombie dragon whose senses have still not been satisfied. In addition to the fact that the flute will summon the zombie dragon, the man will find himself at the mercy of the dragon's passion trapped in the flute. He will not be able to suppress the resulting lust for the dragon and desire to make her his woman, and will greedily pounce on her. What makes the free sale of dragon flutes even more dangerous is the natural ability of these objects to attract lonely men and make them want to play such a flute.

    And while I've talked about the awful aspects of dragon flutes up to this point, custom-made flutes are also fine musical instruments. There are many magical instrument stores in Dragonia dedicated to the score of the Dragon Flute melody, and there are active competitions for the best, most beautiful music. There is one trick to playing the dragon flute well...to get a good sound, you have to understand well the feelings put into the words of your magical flute. In other words, the better you know your wife, the better you know her voice and how it sounds, the better player you will become. It's not as easy as you think! What a bore you are!
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newbie guide Leia ~

    Marriage Collar[edit]

    Place of Purchase: Dragon Bed Alley Jewelry Store
    Price: Equal to the dragon knight's first salary

    This Alley sells many magical dragon ornaments. Though they are called jewelry, we Dragons had no need to adorn ourselves and showed no interest in such things, though we accumulated huge mountains of treasure. But this is Dragonia and our cities are places where dragons and humans coexist. And as for such things, we wear them to show off our wealth, and some dragons, worried about appearance, adorn themselves with them, in order to make a good impression on men. At least it is nice to receive jewelry as a gift from your man. Not only married couples, but also single unmarried dragon girls are "in awe" of such jewelry. For a dragon, it is unexpectedly seen as a woman by the man who gave these pieces of jewelry. This arouses mixed, unfamiliar, but by no means negative feelings. Among the gifts, one that is important to many dragons is the "marriage collar", which is a symbol of eternal love, as a "marriage necklace".

    This collar is made by a man, but only the name engraved on the demonic silver plate requires handcrafting. While the rest, that is, decorating the collar with magical stones and dragon scales, can be done in a store. There are tens of thousands of different collar designs. Needless to say, even though it usually takes several days to make magic jewelry, there are stores that sell finished products or make custom marriage collars. You can tell by their appearance that they resemble dog collars with the image of a dragon, but we dragons wear them proudly, causing envious glances. In fact, the reason for this is easy to explain. For a dragoness to wear a mating collar, her man must be really strong, so that she recognizes him as stronger than herself... it is proof that she belongs to a real man and will serve him faithfully for the rest of her life. To a greater or lesser degree, we have our own pride and the pride of "strongest monsters," and naturally this does not change just because we have found a husband.

    However, contrary to these thoughts, there is a loneliness in the back of our minds, a desire to be with a strong man and there are feelings that I want the man to understand. No, to put it simply, there is a prevalence of strength and at the same time a longing for a strong, loving man, a desire to be submissive, to be seen as their woman, and similar desires . ...I am not like that! I am the exception! Besides, I don't think such a thing should be envied! It's... it's a little embarrassing, if you understand it, it may be pleasant, but I don't want to become a subordinate...
    Well, let's move on! If you continue to be in a place like this, you might be attacked by a highly agitated dragon! Even if she did bring you to a dark place, you can't complain about that!
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newcomer guide Leia ~

    [Ryusen Village][edit]

    I, Litia, confidently recommend this attraction with all my dragon soul. Ryusen Township is a tourist resort located near the Imperial Capital. The popularity of this place in Dragonia is due to the presence of a variety of hot springs here. The people of this town enjoy the cultural customs of the distant eastern lands of Zipangu. This is evident in the architecture of the inns, which are created by the Ryu Dragons, who are responsible for creating the hot springs, and in the "Yukatas," the clothing worn here by couples of Mamono and humans, try this! Isn't it instinctively arousing? I think a dragon in a dragon yukata looks pretty sexy, if you want, I'll change my clothes here...♥

    And I'll be looking forward to that moment! Many mamono, such as Dragons who have completed intensive training, Lizardmen who have completed swordsmanship training, Salamanders who prefer springs with gas bubbles, visit Dragon Springs, popular with tourists and couples. Everyone who visits this place wants to revitalize their bodies with their favorite hot water springs, but there is also a different intention - to keep this place a mamono realm for all time! This is not a simple hot springs area! In this Ryu settlement, the water in each spring has a special "pleasure" effect. Even the people who have visited it approve of this purpose♥.
    Well, now, instead of a long talk, I'm going to have a drink with you and experience the effectiveness of the spring♥

    The Dragon Bath Under the Open Skies
    Yes, it's a bathtub filled with hot water! Even though you're in a bathtub instead of a spring in this format, don't worry about the small stuff and feel free to climb in♥
    What are you embarrassed about? Almost all Dragon Springs are mixed, for women and men, so naturally we will be bathing with mamono. The hot springs have a variety of hot water, but this water is collected in large pots "for two people," preparing for the "dragon boat." Rather, there are no such baths for single use! The "dragon boat" in Ryusen Village is designed for bathing two people, no exceptions! Thus, it is the right way to bathe for hot human interaction, while keeping their bodies in close contact with each other, between monster and human♥.
    If men were alone immersed in the Dragon Boat... Oh, please, look, look!
    Did you see the dragon fly away from that hot spring? They say it is one of the Dragons living in a secret hiding place on the mountain behind the Ryusen settlement. From Ryusen Mountain, you can see the hot springs of Ryu Town! As you can imagine, all the dragons that live on Ryusen Mountain seem to be men taking a "one-person" bath. I imagine this view! Since the "dragon boat" is designed for two people, if a human male bathes alone, a dragoness joins him later, it's only natural! Even the rebellious, proud dragoness is able to enjoy a mixed bath with a man under such a legitimate "imitation of decency", because it is a chance to touch the man directly♥ I'm sure then this lonely man will unexpectedly introduce his "strong dragon" and they will warm each other with their warmth. There is no point in trying to avoid it♥ So you can't leave me alone in this narrow "dragon boat"♥

    Bubbling Hot Water
    Hot bubbling water comes next! The nature of the hot water that originally originated in these places with the powers of Ryu was filled with this "sign of fury". Many of the hot springs that came from this spring now have the format of "bubbling hot water," because it is also known as the most common type of hot water in Ryu City! Please follow me! This hot water is recommended for people, especially men!
    A man who has entered this bubbling water will get hotter and hotter. The longer he is in the water, the stronger the effect becomes, like in a sauna, but the strongest mild heat wraps around the sensitive part. Even if you get out of the hot water after soaking sufficiently in it, the raging male instrument will not calm down at all. The magical power retained in the male penis will continue to radiate heat and increase a man's sexual desire! If a man sees a dragon figure in such a state, he definitely won't keep it in his clothes...♥
    Undoubtedly, men will try to soothe the tension in their lower abdomen by using the dragon body in front of them, casting aside their own inferiority, which will be replaced by a burgeoning lust. Of course, the surge effect will make men feel unsatisfied, not just increase energy! Human men who have been bathed in bubbling hot water for a long time will have the scent of a strong dragon man that attracts dragon women! And even the dragon man, who was not good at being a rapist, will show an increased manhood, as hard as a nail, and will be like a beast...♥
    No matter how much the dragon expressed her dislike for the role of the bottom and showed impenetrable resistance earlier, she will not be able to resist the instinct that she is being raped by a man and will want to conceive his child♥

    White Muddy Water
    You don't like hot water? There is also a hot spring that stirs desire in dragons instead of men! It's hot cloudy water! We have partnered with the Jabberwock dragon students and used the water heated by their pink fire instead of a cauldron. This hot water takes on a milky white color and begins to bubble with a cloud-like foam when heated. Eventually, when a mamono immerses herself in it, she, too, stains her face white. To men, the smell of this hot water seems pleasantly sweet and gentle, but to mamono it is a rich scent that reminds her of a beautiful male organ. The monsters, immersed in the cloudy hot water, feel as if their body and face are still exposed to the male scent. Mamono begin to wallow in memories, eventually becoming aroused because they want to feel the "hardness" of a real man. By the time the mamono leaves this hot water, her spirit is soaked in the energy of the Jabberwock and there are no self-limitations to the desperate desire for the male naked body♥ All indecision is gone in the monsters and, without delaying a second, they pounce on the man. With great pleasure and joy they paint their bodies with real white paint, not even for a moment let go of the male tool, on which they focused on working♥

    Goddesses of the waters of the hot springs
    These are the dragon goddesses of this place, popular among dragon knights! These dragon-mistresses control the hot springs and use the special hot water, blessing it with their prayer. Monsters immersed in this hot water, even if it is a dragon or vampire, wash away the pride and stubbornness that mamono possess by nature. For a time their personality becomes good-natured, like that of the good monsters of Zipangu! For the prepared Dragon Knight, who still has not gotten his dragoness approval to be called her husband, and the Dragoness, who disobeys her rider, there is no better hot water! The effect of this hot water is temporary, and it will wear off when they bathe one last time before leaving Ryusen. Nevertheless, the memory of the relaxed and peaceful interaction while immersed in this hot water will not go anywhere, reinforcing their love. It is not uncommon when, in order to become a full-fledged dragon knight, you need to purify yourself with water, convey to your partner the sincere feelings from your heart and confess to each other♥

    Revival Hot Springs
    Ryusen Village has hot springs with water with various effects! Particularly effective among them is the "Revival Hot Water" of the Ryu Dragons in one of the ancient hot springs used by Ryusen Garden Inn guests! "Revival Hot Water" is the oldest hot spring in Ryu Township, the "Original Hot Spring." For this reason, many dragons have been using it since the founding of Dragonia to heal their bodies. This water is rarely found in Ryu hot springs and does not have that demonic effect that specializes in "communion" like other hot springs with this water. However, the water of rebirth has an amazing effect of restoring the human body. Imbued with dragon magic, it affects the body for some long time after bathing, healing any wounds and blessing with protection. Because of the miraculous healing of all kinds of illnesses, this spring has been called the "Water of Revival"! Because those who healed chronic illnesses with this water felt as if they were reborn!

    This is not what I want to talk about in a hot tub, but I also have to tell you what happens when a human woman is immersed in this water. The more you immerse yourself in this hot water for a long time, the more the magical power of the dragon reaches every corner of your body, effectively having a powerful effect. In other words, it is like being surrounded by many dragons. The body of the woman who has absorbed this hot water will gradually adapt to the magical power of the dragon. As she continues to receive the dragon's magical power, her thoughts, melting from the heat, will gradually wash away the ambiguous boundary between her and the dragon.
    By the time the woman, who has enjoyed bathing long enough to forget about time, has clearly recovered and left the hot water, she will have turned into a dragon♥
    As the name implies, the hot water of rebirth is a Ryu hot spring, which is rare in the world and can "rebirth" people as dragons♥

    Ryusen Buns[edit]

    Place of purchase: Various places in Ryusen Village
    Price: Easily available

    Can't you smell the wonderful aroma drifting around? Yes! These Ryusen Buns are the source of the sweet smell in this town! They are mostly sold here in pairs in one set, so couples who come here for the purpose of sightseeing can safely eat them together. Originally, this rabbit food, which was eaten in the lands of Zipangu, where the Ryu Water Goddesses came from, was unfamiliar to me, but I was completely fascinated by its flavor. Now a souvenir to be enjoyed by dragons and humans alike, it is a popular dish of Ryu Township that is part of the "Classic Menu for Familiarization" - Ryusen Buns! Although the bun dough looks thin, it's lush and springy because it's steamed with Ryu waters. And when you bring this plump bun to your mouth, you can enjoy its delicate texture. Of course, it's not so much the dough that's the source of the flavor as the ingredients put into the bun - it's the ripe, dense, creamy "Prisoner Fruit" that's used. Through the use of Ryu Springs water for the dough, which has a cosmetic effect, and more "Prisoner Fruit," which increases cuteness and attractiveness, the woman who bites into the Ryusen bun suddenly blossoms with the springtime beauty of the hot springs. Her cheeks blush slightly and her feverish body breathes naturally from beneath her barely-covered yukata, attracting the male gaze with the best kind of... naked sexuality!

    Hey, hey, look at this! This is the Royal Makai... The monthly "Tranquil Makai Life," and here these buns are presented as noteworthy sweets. Lately, many people visit Ryusen Villag for a walking tour♥.
    Usually, Ryusen Buns use Prisoner Fruit as the main ingredient, but for those who don't like sweets and need to replenish their strength, primarily for men, Ryusen Buns are sold containing Mandrake. Mandrake is one of the plants of the Mamono Realms that can also be gathered in the lands of the dragons. They are known for their mysterious and addictive flavor that makes even a dragon weep, it gracefully matches the slightly sweet taste of the bun dough. In contrast to the "Prisoner Fruit" buns, the Ryusen buns, which use Mandrake leaves in abundance, have a firm texture because they use seven kinds of vegetables that are simply stewed. That's why these buns satisfy hunger so well. Also, the freshest mandrake leaves are used for them because the Knights of Dragonia pick them early in the morning! By the time you're done eating, you'll have enough energy to pounce on your beloved again! What I've told you is already causing a fever, but the truly amazing thing is that all of the Ryusen Buns sold in Ryu Town have different flavors because they use water from different Ryusen springs to make them! Enjoying different flavors of Ryusen Buns from different stores, sometimes sweating in the shadows of the town's streets, slowly exploring the town together... don't you think it's wonderful? Don't you? So why don't we get something to eat if we're hungry? Eat up! Hurry, I've already bought it! Yes, yes, please don't be shy, open your mouth.
    ~A tour of Dragonia by newcomer guide Litia ~

    Bitter Holstaur Milk[edit]

    Place of purchase: Various locations in the village of Ryu
    Price: Easily available

    In addition to intimate conversation for couples after a bath in Ryusen Village, there's also this! Holstaur's Milk! What's more, it tastes bitter! Carefully selected Demon Beans, grown in Mamono Realms like Royal Makai, are added to fresh milk, which is allowed to be bought freely from any ranch that is part of the Holstaur Cow Association. It's a dream dish made possible by direct imports from there! That's right, put your hand on your hip and please drink some! It's a local Ryu tradition!

    It's okay, it's full-fledged Holstaur milk and the amount of mamono mana in it is low, so people can drink it safely. Isn't it even common in some lands among the anti-monster nations who are enemies of monsters? This bitter taste, bitterness, and aroma of Demon Beans firmly complements the delicate and rich taste of Holstaur milk. When cooled for long periods of time, such milk has the effect of clearing up a heated head caused by a Ryusen spring!

    What's more, there's a nice bonus! Please take a look at the lid of the milk bottle. The wooden lid is engraved with different kinds of patterns, such as national flags and emblems of the Mamono Realms! Since this pattern is different on every bitter milk cap you can buy in town, collecting a collection of milk caps is also part of the fun of visiting Ryusen Village. I also have a distinctive wooden collection box here!

    It's not cold at all and your body is still hot?
    It's only natural, because Demon Beans, when roasted well and mixed with water, often turn into powerful aphrodisiacs♥

    If they are mixed with plain water, thinking will not be as clear. If you drink even one sip, it will be enough to attack the lady with a clear intent similar to that of your monster lady next door. It's a handy aphrodisiac, but Holstaur Milk has the all-around mildness to neutralize that effect!

    So, let's have another good sweat in the tub♥
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newcomer guide Litia ~

    [Gekirintei] (Reverse Scale Pavilion)[edit]

    Location: Center of Dragon Wing Street Next to "Statue of Dell Walker"
    Daytime Recovery

    Is it time you got hungry in earnest? Let's dine in and try out the dragon cuisine of "Daytime Recovery" here at "Rough Chestnut". Originating in a harsh natural environment, dragon cuisine is great food that provides physical strength and essential energy for dragons and humans who have sex. Look at this thick piece of demonic lizard with gravy, the way the meat juice drips from it! Spicy, full of spices from the Dragon Plants of the Mamono Realm! We'll let you taste it all to the max! There is only one behavior while eating dragon traditional cuisine - "just eat" it! In addition, every restaurant recommends greedily enjoying the cooking in front of your eyes the whole time, without taking your eyes off! A man who wants to gulp down the cooked meat like a real dragon strikes a chord in the hearts of the surrounding dragonesses and attracts their temperament♥ Oh-oh-oh! Apparently, they want men who challenge the menu in this place! In Dragonia, the availability of plentiful food on the menu is not limited to this restaurant, many restaurants give various "perks" in case a man eats everything.

    Even if you don't eat everything and fill your stomach, you won't get any penalties and still get the caring "hospitality" of a dragonian restaurant and can challenge it again! No matter, don't worry if you ate that much♥ Even if you feel bad and can't eat more, I'll take responsibility and take care of you♥
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newcomer guide Litia ~

    Fruit of the Dragon's Hunger

    This Dragon Hunger Fruit I recommend to people of small stature who involuntarily shudder at the sight of very large amounts of dragon food. It is also called a demonic walnut, which can only be found in dragon graveyards filled with the magical power of zombie dragons. It has a hard shell covered with dragon-fang-like spikes, but its contents are surprisingly soft and have a sweet flavor like ripe fruit and can be easily put in your mouth. This fruit contains the "Greedy Magic Energy" of zombie dragons and even if you eat just a little, the feeling of hunger will quickly begin to dominate your body, causing the urge to eat more meat and fatty foods. Then, after you eat this fruit, the more culinary foods you eat, such as those that make up dragon food, the more the magic in your body will change to a feeling of fullness and fill you with happiness! The actual effectiveness is very high, and if you, being caught by the sensation of the sweet smell, take two more fruits in your mouth, when the food is finished, the magic power will not disappear and will continue to remain in your body, transforming into a "carnal desire"♥ However, for the relief of those men who have finished their lavish and generous meal, no doubt this "dragon hunger" will make them attractive to others - those who will no doubt come close to get their "human dessert"♥

    Dragon Steak[edit]

    Recommended spots: "Reverse Cafe", "Fire Dragon" Community Dining Rooms

    There are many dragon meat dishes on the menu, such as this Dragon Steak!
    Some people are surprised about the name because they think it actually uses dragon meat, but we don't actually use our meat in our cooking. The large golden piece of meat on the plate is a similar sliced meat of the demon lizard that inhabits all of territories of the dragons! Demon lizard meat has often been eaten in Dragonia since the change of the Mamono Lord, but I'm not sure why its meat became known as Dragon meat. According to one theory, it is due to the large size and strength of the demon lizards, which resemble old dragons in appearance and strength. Another attributes it to the fact that the dragon lady who cooks the steak uses her own fire to roast the meat. Because sightseeing travelers spread misinterpretations of the name prior to this clarification, its origins are densely mixed with a host of theories. Nevertheless, for unknown reasons, this steak, associated with the name of dragons, has become very popular and is one of the special dishes of Dragonia! Demon lizard meat is quite nutritious and not inferior to Demon boar meat, in addition, the more you chew the fire-roasted meat, the more flavorful meat flavor will gather in your mouth until it fills it completely.

    This steak is flavored with Dragarlic [6], a demonic plant that grows in Dragonia. This spice complements the fragrant smell of demon lizard flesh and helps your appetite, so you don't have to think about the amount of meat! Dragarlic also has a pungent odor and changes the unpleasant smell of human breath to an attractive aroma known as Dragon Man's Breath! If you eat the steak before sex, a man's spiritual energy will be strengthened enough to be exchanged with mamono for three days and three nights, and the "man breath" is sure to keep the dragon in that intention♥
    A meat dish with dragon charm effect is what Dragon Steak is all about! Although it's worth noting that occasionally some tourists who don't understand the name of this dish order it this way, "Let me eat a dragon!" The restaurant for its part usually provides this steak, but if at least one dragon lady is on service, which was struck by the customer, by the time it is delivered to the hotel, he will be all red, because really "eats" a dragon lady♥.
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newcomer guide Litia ~

    Ryudon (Dragon Donburi)[edit]

    Recommended Places: Specialty Restaurant "Ryudon"

    Dragon steak is quite good if you're replenishing your energy for intercourse with mamono, but it takes time and energy to prepare. It usually takes the restaurant some time to serve the dish. As for me, I would suggest getting this Dragon Donburi, which can be served immediately at any time. In donburi, demon lizard meat is slowly and thoroughly stewed after it has been cut and laid out in the shape of a dragon's tail, and the tongues of the burning flames of the Demon Fire are simulated using the "Fire Grass." Traditionally, it is served with white rice, placed on top of the rice in a bowl. This is one of the features of this dish, thanks to which you can quickly serve a bowl of freshly cooked donburi to visitors using pre-cooked meat. Like dragon steak, donburi bowl is a dish that uses meat from a demon lizard, but unlike steak, which only uses meat from a certain body part, donburi can use meat from any part of the demon lizard: its paws, thigh, back, sirloin. In some cases, even its tongue is used - each part of the body has its own specific flavor. Of course similar dishes are cooked in all the Mamono Realms, but does that stop you from enjoying the delicious meat? The fresh herbs that are served with the meat have a nice crunchy texture and in the mouth when combined with a piece of meat gives a completely different flavor and it is certainly not a common vegetable. Dragon Fire Grass, also known as "fever grass," raises the temperature of the person who eats it and at the same time causes a faint feeling of arousal. If you eat demon lizard meat along with the fire herb to replenish your energy, your body will gradually become hot, and by the time you finish eating, fiery flashes will burst out of your body. There is only one obstacle for them: the clothes you are wearing. Then, when a man throws off his clothes, the first thing he will notice is some change in himself....a raised bulge of underwear just below his belly. The fiery leaves he ate will produce more and more heat and raise his manhood enough to make it protrude spectacularly. If one of the dragonesses around him notices this condition in a man she likes, she will take it as an animal desire of the male who himself invites her.

    Hehe, you understand? If Dragon Steak is a dish made "to eat a dragon," then Dragon Donburi is a dish "to be eaten by a dragon." Even men who do not know how to attract a dragon, but can digest food quickly, can have mercy on the dragoness with this bowl of Donburi♥ What? This is for you, eat well, my treat, don't be shy! I'll take responsibility for all the things that follow♥...or maybe the desire for this unforgettable event is what attracted you to the restaurant? 〜Commander of the Order of Dragon Knights Alto-Eris〜

    Mamono Realm Shelled Bug Fry[edit]

    Recommended Location: Imperial Stalls of Dragonia

    From time to time, hordes of "Demonic Scorpions" appear in Dragonia territory, and there have been occasions when they have ravaged the farms of monsters and their husbands. However, when the Order of the Dragon Knights began to develop, together we immediately began to fight them. In such cases, captured demonic arthropods are used whole as ingredients: after proper preparation, they are roasted on a dragon fire, served along with various sauces to diversify the taste of the demonic scorpion. The hard shell that covers the scorpions has a tangy flavor, so it is carefully baked to become a crispy crust. The meat inside the arthropod is so soft and supple that it is impossible to imagine that it belonged to the scorpion, and its taste reminds you of the best products of the sea, such as crabs and shrimp. The most important feature of this dish is the exquisite interweaving of flavors while chewing on the crispy "shell" and the meaty "body" of the scorpion, as they can have different flavors due to being baked on a dragon fire. For example, a scorpion roasted in a regular dragon fire will have a spicy crust and a very nutritious fatty body, which will increase the vitality of whoever eats it. On the other hand, a demonic scorpion cooked in the pink flames of a Jabberwock will have a shell as sweet as a cookie, and the meat will take on a texture like that of a hard fruit because of the temperature, and will bestow a sense of sweet euphoria on whoever eats it. This dish, with a flavor that varies greatly depending on the character of the dragoness preparing it, is known as a delicacy that can only be eaten at limited times when demonic scorpions swoop down on Dragonia en masse. The day after the Dragon Knights successfully capture all the arthropods, rows of stalls open selling baked scorpions, and a festival ensues in Dragonia. At first glance, baked scorpion looks like a simple dish, but as of late it has become widely known in Dragonia. All a couple of dragon knights have to do to send the tasty treat into their mouths is grab the scorpion and bake it until it's golden brown. However, both grabbing and broiling are extremely complicated acts that require skill, and there is no guarantee that this dish can be cooked even during the big catch.

    First of all, the demonic scorpions of Dragonia are very cowardly and are quick to run off at will, and shoot lust magic at anyone who gets close to them. It is very difficult to catch enough of them for cooking. The second problem is roasting. Though there are some human-sized demonic scorpions, they are mostly small, more suited to insects. And if we can't get a good aim with our dragon's breath, the scorpion will be partially burned. And the third problem is the scorpion's magical power, or rather its so-called "poison". If you just roast a captured scorpion by force, then its magical power will remain in the body and, when it is eaten, those who eat it will get so excited that they can't taste and enjoy the meal. Only when the couple can solve all these problems, through the cooperation of the dragon knight and her rider, and together capture the demonic scorpion and then cook it in the kitchen, does this dish become a symbol of their love. Um... if it's okay with you, I'd like to ask you to bake something with my breath this year...♥
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newbie guide Leia ~


    Recommended Places: Every family home in the Empire of Dragonia

    "Doranspan" is one of the popular homemade dishes in Dragonia, served in every home along with potatoes or stews. It is usually consumed by dipping it somewhere. We dragonians are careful to bake these buns in the breath, and although their surface feels very hard to the touch, which fits the name "dragon's spike," the inside of such a bun is, on the contrary, very soft. This is not an easy bun to make, however, because the flour that is made in Dragonia tends to harden when baked in breath. However, there are ways to bake it so that only the crust is hard and crispy and the bun is puffy in the middle.

    It is very difficult to regulate the temperature of the breath. But if you manage to bake the surface properly as a result, you thereby limit the heat inside the bun, forever keeping its fresh flavor inside. Well... in order to achieve this, you'll have to repeat over and over again, consisting of lots of trial and error. And for the dish to turn out truly delicious, you definitely have to think of your loved one the whole time. Learning how to make Doranspans comes as one part of the bride's training in the Order of the Dragon Knights, in addition to the simple cooking classes. After all, as they say, only a good wife can make good Doranspans. I'm still practicing because my buns are still burning up in practice, but I'm sure I'll get good results if I get good at it!

    And anyway! For us Dragons of Dragonia, this dish is special. These Doranspans were originally made by humans for dragons during the founding of the country, using less flour, when the amount of food was not as plentiful as it is now. In fact, we understand that humans are better at baking bread, whereas for dragons it is a delicate job that we do rather clumsily. Nevertheless, for us it is the bread that man first shared with the dragon, the special first meal that we can eat together, side by side with humans, in the same way now. That's why we, like you humans, are in the same process, lovingly engaged in the same thing, that's the whole point. Among monster dishes, it's just plain bread, with no unusual effects... but in Dragonia, all the love and tender affection of a dragoness is put into every Doranspan you make. Are you saying it's a good dish? The most delicious dish is love and I hope you too... can get some♥.
    ~ Newcomer's tour from Wyvern Shirtiya ~

    [Chain Store: Love Ride][edit]

    Location: Dragonia Kingdom "Overcast District"

    This place is located in the northern part of the capital, the "Overhead District", which is a residential area next to the headquarters of the Order of the Dragon Knights and is located at the top of the high hills. It's a popular spot, with a great view of Dragon Wing Street from here. Many monsters live here, mostly wyverns like me and Litia. Of course, many loving couples of dragons and humans have new homes there; I see the husband jumping on the young wife, that is, on the back of a Wyvern, every morning. Why? With such a great view, if you ride on the back of a Wyvern, you can easily spot all the places to shop and get to or get to the headquarters of the Order of the Dragon Knights. And, even if you want to taste your young bride's sweet peach, I still highly recommend this place! Well, I think this way there will soon be more people here!

    My house... now that we've come to this Overhead neighborhood, instead of chatting, you can go to the shop where my dad and mom work. The Love Ride shop my parents run is a shop from a chain of demonic food cafes that have a decent number of establishments in the Dragon Empire. Phew, actually my mom is called "Big Wings," in the Dragon Empire she is a famous Wyvern who was the head of the Dragon Knights previously. When my mother went to another country on a diplomatic mission of the Dragon Knights, she met a man there who worked as a cook-my father, in short. They married after a hot, wall-of-fire romance. Back in Dragonia together, after leaving the Dragon Knights, Mom and Dad set up Dragonia's first store that makes "sweets for human and mamono couples"-Love Ride. With all the Dragon Knights visiting the store from the beginning, the sight of Dragon Knights and their riders dining in harmony with each other spread throughout Dragonia and the store became a success in no time. Of course, my dad and mom make cute dishes-anything you can eat makes sense as a dish that will deepen the human-dragon relationship. Back when I was a kid, I used to help at the store and I was still told stories about my mom and dad back then, and I also watched the couples in the store who visited many times. What, I was just watching?... Wow, that would have been bad! The food at Love Ride is meant for couples, so it's natural! Little details don't matter here, now please, I am honored to eat together for "my first time"! Also, after eating right... I got to introduce you to Mom and Dad! ♥
    ~ Newcomer's tour from Wyvern Shirtiya

    Couple's Fruit Mixed Juice[edit]

    Recommended Places: "Love Ride" (Eat it in the store or take it home)

    This is the first thing I recommend to innocent human and dragon couples who visit this store - a special juice that uses "couple's fruit" to make it. It's featured in the Tranquil Makai Life Monthly as the most popular dish, the No. 1 on the Love Ride menu, "Juice That Makes Love Boil." The fruit used for this juice is the fruit of a couple's fruit, split into red and blue before they combine into one and ripen, which are aged into sherbet. The split fruit symbolizes a man and a dragon drinking the juice. In fact, the red and blue fruits should only be separated when you start drinking the juice. Thanks to the special magical power of the "scaly flowers" dipped in the juice, which resemble dragon scales, the fruit will still continue to grow in the water. With their faces facing each other and looking at each other, a couple can enjoy the sourness of the blue fruit and the sweetness of the red fruit with two straws intertwined together. Together they can enjoy the amazing change in the fruit and the taste of the juice, which will become exquisitely refreshing. The sherbet of the paired fruit will continue to melt rapidly, changing flavor in the process, and eventually turn completely into juice. This activates the paired fruit's ability to strive towards each other, which will persist even in the juice without loss. In other words, a couple who was initially embarrassedly enjoying the taste of the juice will strongly desire each other when they finish drinking it. In addition, I would say that this desire will be almost palpable when the change in flavor comes to a close♥
    When I sincerely recommend this juice, very proud dragon ladies are embarrassed to drink the first portion of juice with their partner, then we arrange special containers for them to keep the flavor change. When they begin to drink the juice, while gradually exchanging each other's straws, the blushing dragoness will drink from one straw, which she will later pass to her lover to lick off the man's saliva, which was left on his straw. Thus, the two will gradually, sideways, slide toward each other, until finally they will pass the juice not with straws, but by word of mouth... yes, I don't envy it at all... I don't! And anyway! This juice is perfect for mamonos who have trouble revealing their feelings to their loved one! Just by drinking this juice, the couple reduces the distance between them, it's a truly wonderful juice!

    I hope I didn't get anything wrong while I was explaining it all to you. But just to be clear, you have to order it... let's drink it together to make sure♥
    ~ Newcomer's tour from Wyvern Shirtiya ~


    Recommended Places: "Love Ride" (Eat it at the store or take it home)

    This dish is like a hamburger and can be eaten by a couple of traveling dragons, don't you smell that gorgeous smell of meat coming through here? I find that flavor appetizing! Do you mind? You're curious too, right? This is a staple of the Love Ride stores run by Shirtiya-chan's parents and where my dad and mom work, "Pamumu!" Pamumu is a dish made with roasted demon lizard meat wrapped in a thin wheat flour dough along with dragon fire grass and an intimacy vegetable, also known as mamono realm potato. In terms of being ready to eat after ordering, it is similar to Dragon Donburi, but looks like a junk food. But unlike dragon donburi, which can be eaten to fill a void in the stomach, Pamumu is a light dish, such as a snack. The fiery grass in which the meat is wrapped is impregnated with the nectar of Alraune, so its fiery effects are tempered. Like the demonic potato, its role is to bring the pleasing texture of the dish to perfection. But, naturally, Pamumu is not a simple appetizer! The most appealing thing about this dish is that it is cooked in front of the customer's eyes: the vendor wyvern bakes the meat immediately under the press until it is ready! The meat, which has been baked in front of you, is sliced into pieces with a knife that looks like a wonderful sword from a lizardman store saleswoman! It is then placed in the dough! Yes, the process of making Pamumu is quite a show! A thick sauce of special demonic herbs from the realm where Shirtiya's father originally lived and worked is added to the freshly cooked Pamumu. The thick aroma of the sauce rises into the sky and tickles the nostrils of all the dragons around, especially the sky-flying Wyverns. It is so appetizing that your mouth overflows with saliva. If an unmarried Wyvern were so hungry and saw a single man eating a freshly cooked Pamumu... unfortunately, we can't suppress our dragon instinct! She will abruptly descend from the sky to the male and take a bite out of the male's Pamumu... Don't say anything until I say everything! And don't look at me with those eyes!

    To your relief, only one wyvern can bite Pamumu, and the one that eats it will recognize that male as "the master who gave me the goodies." That's why she'll feel obligated for it! If this happens, the wyvern will take the man home to reward and "return the favor" for the Pamumu that she ate, using her body profusely to do so. Together, it will be delicious enough for the man's "body" to be completely satisfied by his waifpam♥
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newcomer guide Litia ~

    Chocolate Horn[edit]

    Recommended locations: The main store of Love Ride (Subject to availability)

    This confection, called a chocolate horn, is a rare commodity sold in Miss Shirtiya's house. There are many delicious demonic fruits to be enjoyed in the territory of Dragonia, where rich green demonic lands extend, but these chocolate horns are made with a sugar called "dragon charcoal," which is made from a rare demonic cane plant, "sugar corn." As the name implies, "sugar corn" is a rectangular-shaped fruit that grows from a dragon horn-like cane. It can only be found on full magical hilly terrain in the green mamono realms, and is easiest to find on sunny days. The harvested rectangular fruit of sugarcane is also known to be used to make nourishing healing concoctions and booze, but we use it to make sweet and savory confections by baking them in our fire breath. Chocolate cones are sweets made of dragon charcoal dough that are coated on top with chocolate mixed with a slime called Numeridake, which coats the surface of the sugar corn fruit, and are baked on dragon's breath. The chocolate cones, which are coated in dark chocolate, are moderately bitter and sweet and forever retain the crunchy texture of freshly baked dragon's charcoal. Dragon charcoal sugar slime is also a rare ingredient, but this confection is by no means sold for a limited time only after the sugar charcoal harvest. Nevertheless, when the sale begins, all Dragons of Dragonia, from children to adults (even her majesty the Empress stops by), gather together in a long line in front of the store to buy these sweets. The reason dragons crave this confection has to do with the appealing and addictive taste of the chocolate cones, but there is another reason for this. The dragon charcoal covered Numeridake invariably slips out of people's hands, and apparently out of ours as well, when we try to grab the chocolate cones with our claws. Since they are almost designed to slip out, you can, inevitably, only eat this confection by taking it in your mouth as it is. Of course, it's hard to eat dragon horns by sucking them in with your mouth. In other words, if someone is going to eat this candy together... it's a good way to eat the candy and show the man your intentions at the same time! A man can eat the chocolate from the dragon horn that the dragoness is holding in her mouth, and conversely, if the dragon horn is taken in the man's mouth, the dragoness can taste it! It's very much like a kiss and I feel very uncomfortable just looking at it! Nevertheless, the taste is excellent, so that's no reason not to taste it that way! Hey! I stopped by Miss Shirtiya's to ask her to make some for you... no, no, that's not it! I spent the money I accidentally found! Give up thinking about the way you eat that sweetness and just eat it! And, of course, you can have it in my mouth now...♥
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by newbie guide Leia ~

    [Tricoromille Dragonia Branch][edit]

    Location: Dragonia Kingdom [Dragon's Bed Alley]

    Although this is my first excursion that I have been assigned to, as I told you before, because of a misunderstanding, I have not brought you to this residential area by mistake. But let me give up leading the tour when we enter this Tricoromille store. ...This is my first time entering a store like this, but it's okay, I've been preparing for a while! This place shows up in the "Tranquil Makai Life" rankings every year and takes the top spot year after year, such as its famous "Prisoner Fruit Parfait." It is a special branch of the candy store in Dragonia, one of many branches in the demon kingdoms around the world. The decision to open a branch in Dragonia was made at a diplomatic "Mamono Realms Conference" held several years ago. Originally there were many excellent cooks in Dragonia, but there were no such stores or culture of making such fine sweets, it became somewhat of a lasting source of trouble for Deonora. It seems... speaking of candy stores, the first one in Dragonia was probably opened by my predecessor, the former dragon knight, Sylvia. At the time, the fourth daughter of her majesty the Mamono Lord, Lilim Druella, who was Lescatie's representative in the negotiations, recommended that Deonora open a Tricoromille store, like the one that had recently been opened in Lescatie.

    Ms. Deonora, having received her first impression, went to Lescatie on her own, certainly not just to try the sweets. She was very impressed by the system of allowing a male customer to take an unmarried worker home "take-away," and by the beautiful uniform of Arachne yarn, as well as by the very soft bed in the inn where she arrived. That's why she immediately spoke to the founder of the Tricoromille store about opening a new branch in our place. And so this branch in Dragonia opened at this location. From the opening of the store until now, many candy lovers among humans and mamono have come here in search of sweets.

    The Dragonia branch retains all the features of the main Tricoromille stores, such as "uniforms as a gift to employees who have worked long enough," the ability for a guest to take an unmarried dragoness home "take-away" - they seem to have fully adapted to Dragonia. How exactly... well, according to this guide, there's always a "sweet-sweet-all-you-can-eat" buffet open for dragons! Fu-fu-fu, taking one of the employees you can use the "Castle of Dragonia" instead of a hotel?! Wow, the Castle of Deonora-sama couldn't even be used for sleeping by me! It seems that the increasingly popular band Dragon Fever also performs here with live music! ...my Dragon Order also needs some extra maintenance!

    It's hot in here, don't you think it's a good time to have a dragon-sized parfait? Will you order one for a couple of customers? You're more experienced at it, after all. And don't voice your displeasure, as this will be one of your workouts!
    〜Commander of the Order of Dragon Knights Alto-Eris〜

    Dragon Sized Parfait[edit]

    On the dish from top to bottom: 1) Demonic grape "Dragoro" 2) Sweet Coal Sweets 3) Scaly flowers 4) Dragon garlic 5) Couple's fruits. Prisoner fruits in different places.

    Provided by Tricoromille Shop Dragonia Branch.
    Dragonia's Prisoner Fruit Parfait
    For the Dragonia branch only!
    The recommended size is for a dragon and human couple!
    Large volumes that are great for a loving sweet couple ~ it's a manifestation of all the sensibilities of our employees who want these moments to last as long as possible! Please also enjoy the sumptuous dish, which used demonic fruit carefully grown in Dragonia, and be happy to come back for more♥

    [Scaly Flower]
    The scaly flower resembles a dragon's scale and exerts a stimulating effect with a refreshing scent like demonic herbs! Although it is a flower, it can be eaten, so please enjoy its jelly-like structure♥.

    [Sugar "Dragon Coal"]
    Partnering with Love Ride Sweets Shop, we obtained a supply of sugar cane for sugar candy♥

    [Intoxication Fruit (Also called Demon grape)]
    The demonic grape used for Parfait is "Dragoro," a special, endemic species to Dragonia! Its large and flavorful berries are considered "Dragon Jewels" for the table. And every time you eat a parfait, it will shift and show a completely different look to the dish♥

    [Dragon Garlic].
    At the center of Dragon flowers is Dragarlic! Cooked in a special way, it gives a slight sourness and "enchanting breath"♥

    [Couple's Fruit]
    The top of the dish is on top of ripe, fully ripe Couple's Fruit♥ One solid "love cure" that the couple will soon eat♥
    You can immediately mash the fruit into a parfait cream or leave the fruit until the end and make it a last treat♥
    Of course in our store we recommend putting at least half of it in your mouth♥

    [Mamono Realm Bar Moonlight][edit]

    Location: Dragonia Kingdom [Dragon's Bed Alley]

    Hehe, welcome to our establishment. At our "Moonlight" you can buy many of the demonic drinks my sister and I have stocked, from local varieties from Dragonia to rare demonic wines imported from other mamono nations♥ Don't be so gloomy♥ For those among our customers who come to such places for the first time or are not familiar with demonic wines, this is normal. Come on, have some of this homemade drink, my sister Luna created it, and enjoy a leisurely conversation with me♥ I like to chat with customers while I make a Demonic Cocktail, which is fine for you - every bar has this service♥ And I would love to hear your story, which came from a different country ♥ Of course, it's not just me and my sister and the other female bar staff who attract customers, having a charming, pleasant conversation with the customer inside also helps the popularity of the bar♥ There are many dragons among our guests that want to do something more pleasant than just talk to people. Some of them approach men who come from other monster-friendly countries to have an "extra drink"♥ If you're worried about customers starting to bicker, especially some dragon customers who are often arrogant, there are conciliatory "Demonic Cocktails" that combine demonic wine and fruit for that. Oh, you hear that... Luna carried this cocktail to that table♥
    Whew, looks like your dragon lady friend sitting at that table over there is really worried about you♥ Every demonic cocktail has a classy "wine word"♥ The word embedded in this cocktail from Miss Dragon Lady says: "I won't let you go"♥ Well, then I won't bother you, because I'd like you to enjoy the communication with Miss Dragoness♥ Oh, that's right♥ If you get drunk, don't worry about the looks of others and don't be shy, just make out with the dragoness♥ In our establishment the communication between you and dragoness... her voice, is the best "secret ingredient" to make demonic wine taste delightful♥
    ~ Dragonia Tourist Information Guide - Sana ~

    Mamono Realm Cocktail Dragoro Berry[edit]

    Magic Power: ★ ★
    Wine Words "Courage to love."

    This is a cocktail that is based on a demonic wine made from a unique type of intoxication fruit that grows in Dragonia, "Dragoro", and garnished with Dragarlic on top. It is not only sold in our establishment, it is the most popular cocktail in the bars of Dragonia. This cocktail has a delicate taste and sweetness like fruit juice and is just as easy to drink. Since it has almost no aphrodisiac-like components that are often found in demonic wines, even if a person drinks it, it will have no immediate effect on their body. However, if you initially drink with dragoness, you should not forget that you will also consume Dragarlic, which should give your breath a "charming effect". If a monster drinks this cocktail, Dragarlic is mixed with the Demonic Wine and has no effect on her breath, but causes her to have a strong desire to "meet a man". It makes their words and actions more "charming" in order to attract a man to communicate with them. Even monster clients, who usually cannot confess their feelings to a man and reveal them by drinking this cocktail along with an appetizer, will more actively demonstrate their intentions to a man. For the Dragon and human man who have difficulty communicating with each other, this cocktail is a special drink that will also help to open up and move on to more intimate actions♥

    The wine word placed in this Dragoro wine is "courage to love." If the dragon lady client offers you this cocktail, then undoubtedly she has feelings for you, and the cocktail should be taken as a love message, so you should take it seriously♥
    ~ Dragonia's tour guide - Luna ~

    [Episode from Dragonia's life]
    Among the Dragon Knights, there is a "Dragoness Women's Society" where single dragonesses, mostly from the Alto-Eris Squad, gather regularly.
    When they gather in "Real Sidr" and complain about their typical problems, the male clients, intoxicated that day with alcohol, find themselves seduced by their female charms and the next day turn out to be new Dragon Knights.

    Mamono Realm Cocktail Little Wyvern[edit]

    Magic Power: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Wine Words "Take Me."

    "Little Wyvern" is a cocktail for the demonic couple who wish to enjoy the Demon Wine, so this cocktail is usually poured into a goblet.

    To make this cocktail, the demonic wine is enhanced with a strong Char Dragonian cognac made from demonic grapes grown on the mountain plateaus of Dragonia, and diluted with demonic lemonade mixed with magical sparkling water powder. Among demonic wines, this cocktail has a surprisingly bright color and, contrary to the refreshing taste in the mouth, induces rapid intoxication and intense excitement. This demonic cocktail is so named because little Wyverns are attracted to bright colors, and even a small portion of it in the mouth is enough to make the alcohol hit a man's head and, upon waking up, he finds himself having sex♥ In fact, even Dragonian dragons, who have a good tolerance for demonic liquor, get drunk so quickly, in a flash, that it is called the "dragon killer."

    The wine word encapsulated in "Little Wyvern" is "Take Me." If she orders you this cocktail while traveling with the dragon lady, that, dear customer, is a serious direct display of courtship-"I want to have sex with you as soon as possible"♥ Also, if you have already found a dragon lady in this bar, please be sure to order her this demonic cocktail. A man who receives a demonic wine from one of the female dragons he is interested in may also respond to her with a "Little Wyvern", showing that he is the best dragon among humans♥ This is a common scene in Dragonian bars. A dragoness who receives a "Little Wyvern" from a man, no matter how high her pride, will blush when confronted and, to "accept the dragon's challenge from the male," drink the entire drink dry in one gulp. As soon as she finishes it, the alcohol will hit her head and she won't be able to think of anything but the man who has shown her favor, and her body will move automatically toward the man to do what nature demands♥

    This demonic cocktail, called "Dragon Killer", really has the kind of meaning with which you can slay a dragon♥
    ~ Draconia's tour guide - Luna

    ~A postscript from an apprentice of the Wandering Scholar of Monsters~
    The people ordering this cocktail have also copulated with dragons, all without exception... Perhaps it should have been called the Dragon Slayer.

    Mamono Realm Cocktail Salamander Kiss[edit]

    Magic Power: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Wine Words "Winner takes all."

    Oh no, the male customer and the Salamander have started a competition to see who will drink the most♥ The demonic cocktail being drunk at that table is called the Salamander's Kiss. This cocktail uses wine from the giant, ripest and juiciest bunches of Dragoro grapes, called Dragon Rubies, with the addition of the fruits of couple's fruit that have fully ripened and became united. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve the perfect harmony of sourness and sweetness. That's why this cocktail is also called "the perfect demonic cocktail" and we are proud to present it in our bar. The most important feature of the "Salamander's Kiss" is the final element - the drink is set on fire with dragon fire. Because of this, you can enjoy the enchanting movement of the fire, which will burn for a while, drawing magical power from the glass until it extinguishes. As the flame fades, the color of the magical fire will change, from a sultry red and blue, like a deep sea, to a radiant purple in which they gently blend together. There are times when customers who are eager to party, drink, and enjoy the wondrous drinks of the mamono realms order it, and as a result, I explain to them one of the "rules" they must remember. The word encapsulated in "Salamander's Kiss" is "Winner takes all." In other words, when "Salamander's Kiss" was ordered, it amounts to a statement from a strong man, "I will not lose to any dragon in this establishment." If one of the male customers, after ordering, makes such a statement, one of the dragonesses of Dragonia, confident in her ability to drink demonic wines, is sure to challenge him to a game of how much "Salamander's Kiss" he can drink.

    Men that are unfamiliar with demonic liquor, whose content in this cocktail is extremely low, will make as many extra orders as possible, as they compete with our dragoness, who drinks alcohol with an impartial face. However, the Salamander's Kiss only affects a man's body, not induces intoxication; the mamono mana that fills the drink is taken from the female competitor who drinks with it. As the man drinks, he is attacked by the mamono mana of the female rival, gradually turning the drinking contest into a struggle for love over desire, which cannot be extinguished other than by direct sex with the dragoness. And you can hardly tell which will be better for you - victory or defeat♥
    Yes, it looks like the coitus at that table has already started♥ This man brilliantly "defeated" the salamander, can you do it too? Eh♥ If you are sure you can't lose to the dragon, please feel free to order this cocktail at this bar and don't worry about the money♥
    ~ Dragonia's tour guide - Luna ~

    Mamono Realm Wine Char Dragonian[edit]

    Origin: The territory of Dragonia
    Variety: Demonic Dragoro grape
    Rarity ★★

    The mild climate and wide high plateaus have made Dragonia a world-famous grape-growing destination. At the World Wine Competition held annually in the Dragon Empire, many demonic couples who run demonic grape farms, both from here and abroad, bring many wines made with love in their vineyards. I really enjoy attending these events as a visitor♥

    Char Dragonian is a demonic wine made using the Dragoro grape commonly found in Dragonia. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most popular type of alcohol in Dragonia. The dragon imitating small fantastic bottle is very distinctive, that is why it is not limited to sales in the taverns of the Empire, it can also be seen in restaurants and souvenir stores.

    This wine has a peculiar spicy taste that goes perfectly with the meat dishes of Dragonia, and brings a pleasant feeling of euphoria to the drinker. The aroma of Char Dragonian and the taste of meat dishes that come together reminds me of stories of brave Dragon Knights and the state of struggle between the dragoness and the rider sitting on her, which requires courage and gallantry to stop, which comes with intoxication♥

    This drink is used by Dragon Knights before a mission as a "wine for courage" to inspire themselves by getting in the perfect mood to make important decisions. For example, gaining the courage to confess your feelings♥ Highly recommend it for clients who are a bit cowardly and want to muster the courage for a single step towards love♥

    Dragonia is a kingdom known for its masterpiece wines that tell the story of the place. Please enjoy the passionate moment when dragons get wet and people get hard♥
    ~ Dragonia's tour guide - Sana

    Mamono Realm Wine Drane Ronti[edit]

    Origin: Castle Dragonia Variety: Demonic grape "Deo-Nuaro"
    Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    In Dragonia, there are as many demonic wines with a variety of pleasing flavors as there are stars in the sky, and every day drinkers can enjoy them. Among these varieties of wine, there is one that is considered the most prestigious and upscale - it is called Drane Ronti, or the "Demonic Wine that must be tasted at least once in a lifetime".

    The history of Drane Ronti wine is old: even the king who ruled this place during the Dragai Empire established these vineyards, which were taken care of by the servants of the royal castle. However, only members of the royal family were allowed to drink the wine. Since the change of the Mamono Lord, Her Majesty Deonora has used this field in front of the castle, where King Dragai of the Empire lived, to grow her own demonic grapes and continue the production of Drane Ronti. Haha, although it may seem surprising, growing demonic grapes is a hobby of Her Majesty's. In addition to close friends, she invites random tourists she sees in town to give them a taste of the effects of the demonic wine made with her own hands♥

    Warmed in the flame of Mistress Deonora, who carefully controls each grape, Deo-Nuaro becomes very aromatic and contains a very high concentration of mamono mana. Even just tasting the pleasant aroma of the Drane Ronit wine made from "Deo-Nuaro", the whole body feels as if it is burned and becomes hot from the dragon energy received - it brings intense pleasure, as if the whole body becomes an erogenous zone.

    In fact, the magical power, if it has been aged for long months in demonic wine, will stimulate the partner in front of you to "conceive children to tell the next generation about this wine." Because of the strong sense of intoxication, she will definitely invite her partner to have sex. This demonic wine has terrific effectiveness as a glass of drink to lift the mood before sex♥ It is also known as the prestigious demonic wine that Her Majesty produces, and every year she packs a special wooden box that is delivered to the royal Makai, the royal castle of the Mamono Lord herself.

    The exquisite demon wine has also captivated the Mamono Lord, and since you have arrived in true Dragonia, come and taste it with your beautiful mamono wife and try to enjoy the moment that is like a dream♥
    ~ Dragonia's tour guide, Luna ~

    Mamono Realm Wine Alto-Eris Tiara[edit]

    Origin: The territory of Dragonia
    Variety: Char Dragonian Demonic Grape
    Rarity ★ ★

    This is one of the "seasonal" demonic wines called "Tiara Alto-Eris"♥ Those familiar with human wines are used to some wines bearing the name of their maker, but a demonic wine named after its "maker" has special meaning in most cases♥ When a demonic wine's name includes the name of its maker, it most often means that she is "looking for a lover"♥ The ability to make delicious demonic wine is seen as one of the signs of good bride status here in Dragonia♥ There are several mamono who have given their wines their names, dreaming of a future husband that they have not even seen yet and with whom they would keep vineyards together. Such demonic wine straight from the vineyard, from the hands of its creator, is delivered to the "point of sale," where it is obligatory to report the origin of such goods. There you can taste more "freshly pressed" demonic wine than in the store♥ Of course you have to be careful because fresh demonic wine has a strong attraction effect. That's why you may notice that it's not uncommon for a husband and wife demonic wine maker to plan to do a wine tasting right after making♥

    On the label of a demonic wine made by a mamono, the magical power of the creator draws an invitation, and if that mamono finds a husband, that message disappears. In addition, we have a custom in Dragonia that if a demonic wine maker finds a husband, then from that year or later the name of the wine is changed to contain both her name and her husband. Thus, a demonic wine such as this, which bears only the name of its maker, will permanently disappear from circulation if she gains a husband. Pale and immature demonic wineskins like this one come out of the hands of mamono that have not yet felt the sweetness of love. But the demonic wine of the mamono that has got her husband and has deeply known love will be just as sweet. And you can taste any of these flavors right now♥

    And as the name suggests, this demonic wine is made by the head of the Order of the Dragon Knights from the demonic grapes she grows in her home. It has a strong taste, but the sweet aroma of the wine is very faintly felt on the tongue - it is the sweet and sour taste of first love, unique to the dragoness that is somewhat clumsy in manifesting her feelings♥ The true enjoyment of such wine is when you feel the whole taste of love of such a mamono, which is revealed if you hold the wine in your mouth a little bit♥
    ~ Dragonia's tour guide - Sana ~

    I don't rely on an invitation with a sweet flirt! You who drank this demonic wine! Come and visit my house! Show your courage and I will answer you with all my soul and body! Fill your body with all the magical power from the cup and let me taste it!
    ~ Tiara Alto-Eris ~

    P.S. from an apprentice of the Wandering Monster Scholar
    Now that I've ordered the seasonal demonic wine and read this amazing inscription, I'm scared.

    Mamono Realm Wine Lescatie de Rouge[edit]

    Origin: The mamono realm of Lescatie
    Variety: Demonic grape de Rouge
    Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    • This wine must be accompanied by a professional sommelier specializing in demonic wines when processing and importing.

    Among the demonic wines that are ordered from other mamono realms, the Lescatie de Rouge is a particularly popular wine in Dragonia. The demonic grapes grown in Lescatie have the best concentration of mamono mana among the other Dark Mamono Realms. It has a rich and elegant aroma that evokes a sense of euphoria the stronger the grapes ripen. When harvest time arrives, the magical energy that accompanies the magnificent graceful aroma, which resembles the smell of a rose, rises over the entire field, resembling a mist. The wine made from the de Rouge grape resembles a ruby in its beauty and appearance. It is popular not only among monsters, but also among the various human lands because of its lingering, mild flavor that lingers on the tongue.

    However, while there is great demand for this wine, this grape breed only grows in areas like Lescatie, which are full of dark magical power. In places other than certain mamono realms, it is difficult to develop and maintain the quality of mamono mana and it is rarely found on the market at this time.

    Among the de Rouge grapes harvested at harvest time, the largest berries are called "black diamonds" because of their beauty and charcoal-black shiny surface, like those of gemstones. These grapes randomly receive a batch of concentrated mamono mana during their growth, which falls on the city from the castle of Lescatie, which is overflowing with it. This energy passes through the entire bunch, from the top to the bottom of the intoxication fruit, making each berry as exquisite as a ripe demonic grape.

    If you eat such a berry, even a strong mamono such as the dragoness will soon be able to think only of the person she loves. Along with mad love, the couple will continue to have wild sex for three dream-like days and nights♥.

    Of course, even after cooking, the demonic wine "Lescatie de Rouge", made of "black diamonds", requires special caution. Previously, village merchants who accidentally contracted to import this demonic wine were deprived of the opportunity to taste the spiritual beauty this wine possesses, due to the fact that uncorking one bottle was enough to quickly turn the village into a mamono realm♥

    Depending on the personality of the one who opens it, once he pulls the cork in the bar, the hidden power of this wine makes the whole demonic city in the street become wet♥ So if you want to spend a special night different from the usual, I recommend this drink♥
    ~ Dragonia's tour guide, Luna ~

    Mamono Realm Cocktail Sun Light Moon[edit]

    Magic Power: ★ ★ ★
    Wine Word "Specially for You."

    Sometimes to take the first innocent step on a couple's fantastic path of love, sometimes to celebrate a special moment of marriage between a human and mamono couple♥
    For my sister and I enjoy showcasing the different mamono realms with their wines and to create an enjoyable time for our client♥
    We made this cocktail for ourselves for the first time when many customers came to our establishment, and now we will drink it again♥

    This is our first demonic cocktail that we dedicate specifically to you♥ This small, full to the brim glass goblet expresses everything that my sister and I have♥
    The Moon here is represented by a demonic lamp flower attached to a dragon charcoal sugar tube.
    And the Sun is expressed in a piece of homemade ice made of depravity fruit.
    And finally, the drink is a demonic liqueur made from Dragoro grapes, dyed with couple's fruit, it represents the starry sky connecting you and us♥.
    You use the moon tube, neatly wrapped in a luminous flower, and even though your thoughts are a little confused by the demon liquor, you can still look firmly at us♥
    The coldness in your mouth is the indecent desire you suppressed when you look at us... we know your feeling, your desire to taste two dragonesses at once and we will melt any resistance to it in your mind♥
    It's not out of simple kindness that we've told you all about demon wines in such detail♥
    Starting tomorrow, when you're no longer alone with us, you'll be able to offer your drinks to customers too♥

    Let's drink this cocktail and go to our room♥
    I'll tell you about our store, the customers, our sisters♥ everything that overwhelms me and you♥
    ~ Dragonia's tour guides Sana and Luna ~

    [Dragonia Arena][edit]

    Location : Dragonia Kingdom [Hills of Couples]
    Although the Dragai Empire, which once flourished in these lands, possessed many strong humans, which is an undeniable fact, but due to many successive mistakes made, this country was destroyed. Our Dragonia, which was created through the combined efforts of humans and dragons, is also a truly powerful country, but in a different sense than the Dragai Empire. First and foremost in Dragonia, "power" equals "love." For example, the source of all the power wielded by the Dragon Knights and Dragon Riders is a strong desire to protect what they love. Of course, such a thing is not unique to Dragonia alone. At the heart of the mamono power that afflicts people all over the world is the desire, "I want to make this human male my husband"-that is, their very strong love. "The 'power' of the mamono is not created for violence or to take anything away, but to express their feelings, to give their partner generous love, as they teach in Dragonia.

    This Stadium, like the Order of the Dragon Knights, is a symbol in Dragonia of this teaching of "strength," where dragon and man... no, it is a place where the feelings of any mamono and human are tested, not just those of dragons. Every day in this arena there are martial contests, simple martial arts festivals for any strong men, which might be called wedding trials. However, the main martial arts competition held here is the once-a-year "Great Tournament of Dragonia." "The Great Tournament" is divided into two categories - singles and doubles - and lasts eight days, including opening and closing ceremonies, attended, of course, by our Queen Deonora, from every Mamono Realm on the continent come famous Lilim and, above all, her majesty the Mamono Lord.

    There is never a denial in those who wish to succeed by presenting their name to the Mamono Lord or Lilim, this is simply an honorable thing that embellishes winning a tournament. For this reason, during the organization of the tournament, not only members of the Order of Dragon Knights, but also other mamono who are proud of their possession of weapons, from the Dragon Empire and skilled fighters from other countries, even wild dragons living in the lands of Dragonia - every warrior who owns something is signed up for the tournament. Dragonia will be crowded with tourists, who came to watch the tournament in the stadium and sometimes to participate without preparation.

    It is not easy to win this tournament, where experienced warriors are gathered. But I want you to remember one thing. Both humans and monsters - those who think of love - can overcome their limits and gain greater power. A reliable effort that will lead you to victory is to keep cherishing your love.

    ...What, why am I telling the other person all this? I am doing this because the date for the next Great Tournament is approaching! It is very important that we deepen our connection and develop love! You can achieve the victory with me as you win with me! But... in the medical room we will be quite comfortable together, too, if we don't succeed in strengthening our mutual understanding! I've already arranged your accommodation for the night, so I'll be sure to keep your love with me this evening♥
    〜Commander of the Order of the Dragon Knights of Alto-Eris〜

    Basic rules of the Great Tournament of Dragonia

    ○In this tournament, we welcome guests from all corners of the Demon World on behalf of Her Majesty the Mamono Lord. The purpose of this event is to show love for the martial arts and to embody the bond between humans and mamono, to demonstrate the current understanding that transcends races and tribes, and to show the possibilities of the future.

    ○ In this tournament, the only weapons allowed in both events are Mamono Silver weapons. The use of non-Mamono Silver weapons and attacks that directly damage participants' bodies are not allowed.

    ○ The use of magic is restricted by the same rules as described above. The use of magical attacks that directly damage a contestant's body is forbidden. There is also a special restriction on the use of magic, read the document on the use of magic to which we refer.

    ○ As a rule, single-player battles are single-player and end after one bout. The pairs formed during the "singles performances" participate together with the pairs from the "doubles performances" in the tournament format to determine the winner.

    ■ Single performances.
    Eligibility: people who have no companions, mamono who have no companions.
    Victory: The winner is the one who, using a weapon with flecks of Mamono Silver, prevents his opponent from continuing the battle.

    During the first three days of the Tournament there is what is known as a "solo performance" where humans and mamono fight each other. Participants must stand strong without surrendering in spite of any difficulties, like the warriors of the Revolutionary Dragai Army that fought for three days and three nights while their comrades fell beside them. In addition, humans and monsters that are defeated are considered the victor's battle trophies, and in some cases they receive "forbidden treatment" right on the spot, so human and mamono participation with partners or lovers is not allowed. It is very hard for a human warrior to stand up to a monster and even if he is victorious, which is rare, the heat from the fight will not go away and due to the effects of mamono mana he will inevitably reach for the body of the mamono lying like "prey" and usually they will have sex on the spot. In contrast, there are mamono who do not put their hands on people they have defeated and can no longer move. In this case, the defeated men will be taken to the medical office, where they will receive proper "care" from other magnanimous monsters.

    Dragons are well aware that the tournament is a place where we can quickly find strong male dragons, and the Lizardmen bloodline is more inclined to passionate confrontation with strong opponents. In general, the pairing of human and mamono opponents is determined directly by the dragon girls running the tournament, maids that report directly to Queen Deonora. Occasionally, at the request of the queen, "trials" are arranged when strong mamono who are far from the level of the enrollee are paired. Occasionally, it sometimes attracts "Zombie Dragons" that possess great magical power, and they often pounce on the participants. Hence, they are also known as the biggest bother in the tournament.

    ■ Pair Performances.
    Eligibility: humans without companions, mamono without companions or demonic pairs.
    Victory Condition: The winner is the side that, using a weapon with flecks of Mamono Silver, deprives one of its opponents, human or mamono, of the ability to continue the battle.

    In the second half of the Great Tournament, paired battles begin, where monsters and humans join together to fight against the same pair of opponents. The paired combatants symbolize a dragon rider and a dragon knight who fight together as in the days of the Dragai Revolution. They have to straighten out a pair of opponents in the Stadium before their own excitement reaches a climax. Lonely mamono and humans get their partners by lottery, according to the compatibility of their magical powers or professions. They become partners at the last minute, just as past singles do, and participate in the "individual league," while the other participants are pre-registered as married couples in the "family league." But both experience the depth of the power of love, understanding, and cooperation, which are far more important than the strength of each partner.

    It is not unusual for the humans and monsters who win these battles to start making merry in front of crowds, as the hard fights dissipate the magical energy of their bodies and souls. Their companionship, no matter how obscene or how it affects their surroundings, is almost always the sign of a good match. In addition, the losing party will be taken to the medical room for emotional bonding and comforting each other in the same bed. In the tradition of the Great Tournament of Dragonia, the couple who lose quickly in the "individual league" one year, win quickly in the "family league" the following year and show a passionate enthusiasm that is the envy of those around them. Combat cohesion, which is very important for an improvised couple, usually requires the development of "connection" and "love" over the years. Therefore, special awards and special offers from guests may be issued for couples in this league who have attracted the attention of other spectators and important "guests" who are watching the tournament.

    To triumph in this tournament, you must demonstrate your strength, which is proof of the bond of love of a demonic couple that everyone recognizes. This is also one way to find yourself enlisted in the Mamono Lord Guard, admired by all monsters.


    "The body... The body burns... Hey, are you a warrior or not?"
    The swordswoman dragon "Blue Flame" Liliafrau
    Danger: ★★★★
    Habitat: Stadium of Dragonia
    [Request for Urgent Help]

    This time, I hope your abilities stand out, as you will have to defeat a really strong dragon.

    The person you wish to defeat is Liliafrau, known as "Blue Flame." She is one of the strongest dragons in the Empire of Dragonia, also called a reincarnation of the Sword of Dolandina, known for her invincibility in this stadium.
    Having a character peculiar to the Lizardman bloodline, she longs for a strong opponent, always wanting to do battle with the strongest. Last year she participated in the Great Colosseum Tournament, but her opponent was a man with poor blade skills. She left the battlefield untouched by the man, despite her victory.

    Without a husband, her flame of battle does not fade. Now manifests in bars and arenas throughout the city, with the goal of extinguishing some more "flame." Her heart desires to find a man as strong as she is. I can understand her, but I can't lose sight of the fact that with her "search for a suitor" she scares other people. She will swing her thirsty blade until she can satisfy herself.

    If you have the courage not to fear the dragon and the fire of love that surpasses her fighting spirit, take your sword and fight her.

    ~ Dragonia Great Tournament Committee ~

    Extra from Will


    "Look at me, feel me, since everything we do is only temporary, let me hear more, capture me in your eyes...♥"
    ~ Scythe of Woe ~
    Danger Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Habitat: Dragonia territory "Oath Lake"

    Man, do you like this Dragon Empire? Don't nod so hard, I didn't summon you here to eat you. According to what you have heard, do you intend to participate in the Great Tournament this year? ...Hmm, you seem more than determined. Your intentions are reflected in your eyes, indeed there is no doubt that you are attracted to dragon maids. Your appearance... ...enough to attract the dragons of our Dragonia. Nevertheless, some of these dragons that participate in the Great Battle Tournament do not reveal their heart to show their strength and talk of love. As you know, we dragons once reigned as great monsters, worthy to be rulers of this land, and have been in conflict with you humans for quite some time. Sometimes our dragons attacked the lands of men and vice versa, of course. Even if there was no desire from the dragon to hurt humans, our existence alone became a threat. It was not uncommon to see us treated unfairly as symbols of evil. In the lands of Dragonia, where many of us dwelled, dragons were also persecuted, and there are dragons who have been wounded to the core by it. They still live to avoid society, even now, when humans and dragons walk together holding hands.

    She, Marietta, seems to be one of these dragonesses. She is a dragoness who has been considered a cursed dragon since birth, she has often been oppressed by humans in the past and now she still suffers from the gap between the heart that wants to love and the mind that cannot love humans. This dragoness' only pleasure is fighting tournaments once a year, when it is time to confront human men. Only during the battle, only when the human males approach her, only then does she unleash the lust she has accumulated during the year. For her to participate in this tournament is to release the desire accumulated within her. I see no change, year after year she leaves her opponent unconscious and escapes to her hometown. All the dragons in this land are like native daughters to me, and I think it will go the same way this year. I would like to do something, if it were within my power, but unfortunately, no matter what I say, it does not reach Marietta's heart.

    Have you guessed yet? Let me trust you to save my dragoness Marietta.

    What? ...What if you lose the battle with her? ...take her before the battle! I will tell you of the home of this dragoness. If you can't win, it would be good if you took her several times before the tournament! Even if you're not good with a sword, even if you have no heroism... and below average looks! But you have a stronger love for dragons than anyone else! Like the attractive "that man" you secretly wait for, like I do! As a person, of course! Why are you lowering your head?! If you're a single man, without even mentioning it, four times out of five you'll get an immediate positive response!
    ~Deonora the Dragon Queen~

    Extra from Will

    [Dungeon Introduction][edit]

    You have had a good look around Dragonia from the inside, but, after all, you came here for tourism, so you should not limit your view and you should explore all the rich nature of Dragonia. In the forests spread throughout Dragonia, you can find rare demonic plants, which grow thanks to the powerful magical power of dragons. And if you go further, you will see the "Ryusen Lake", with has a beautiful looking water surface, and the "Great Falls of Dragonia", reminiscent of dragon breath, which looks just like a masterpiece. For lunch, we recommend eating cooked vegetables outdoors, buying them from our vendors or from farms in the meadowlands. As evening falls, you'll be able to see the natural landscape of Dragonia covered in the colors of the sunset and the fields turn into magical gold! Don't forget about the approach of night! Glowing demonic flowers bloom on top of the hills, forming solid patches of light that cannot be removed... You can see this sort of thing in many places, but only in Dragonia is it particularly striking. Our lands are full of many different sights that take full advantage of the great charm bestowed upon them by nature.

    Nevertheless, there are many dungeons left in these parts from the days of former mamono lords, attracting an adventurous spirit to the lands of Dragonia! Even members of the Order of the Dragon Knights cannot make complete maps of these areas, there are many secrets and treasures that still sleep in these places.

    There are still wild dragons living in these "natural anthills", so such hikes are a bit dangerous for ordinary adventurers, so our guides♥ will help them in such an endeavor.

    When you are guided by our staff, the chance of a wild dragon attack is much lower and even if you encounter an obstacle that cannot be overcome alone, we can combine our forces...♥

    Well, are you ready for the adventure yet? From the beginning it will be an adventure for your couple♥ Once you enter the dungeon, no one will know what's going on inside♥
    ~ A tour of Dragonia by rookie guide Lyra

    ■ Ruins left over from the Dragai Empire
    Danger Level: ★ ★ ★
    Dragon inhabitants: Lizardmen, Dragons, and others
    Typical Monsters: Succubus, Witch, Living Doll, etc.
    Monsters that require attention: Dragons
    Basic collectibles: "mysterious dragon pieces," precious metals, dragon scales, etc.

    ○ In dragon territory you can see the remnants of the Dragai Empire, which once proudly flourished in these areas. Dragonia Territory is dotted with villas and palaces of former aristocrats, even now that they have been destroyed, you can still see the proud beauty of their architecture, which can't just disappear, showing how luxurious they were at the time. But now these places are dominated by the new rulers of this land, the Dragons, who wield terrifying power. Though many treasures are said to remain in these places, even the brave ones are hesitant before entering the dragon's palace.

    "Mysterious Dragon Pieces"
    These are unusually shaped iron or steel objects that can be found in the ruins. These things are not actually very valuable, as they are masses that wild dragons have melted down on a hunch and struck the walls of the ruins with it, causing it to take on a bizarre shape. Nevertheless, some such remelted pieces are rare, hard to find, and are purchased at a high price by some enthusiastic "dragon-piece collectors." Whether you feel the romance in the fact that such items were made in dragon flames or you don't know about the dragon, many tourists seem to take them home as keepsakes as good luck charms.

    "Dragon Scales"
    Among the items that can be found in the lands of Dragonia, some of the most valuable would be dragon scales. Even though they have fallen out, the scales still have the magical power of dragons. They are useful as a good luck amulet, especially for human warriors, which is also a symbol of power. There are many cases where in the Great Tournament of Dragonia, which takes place once a year, the man with the scaly amulet and the dragoness mistress of the scales meet in a fateful rendezvous♥

    The Underground Canal of the Great Falls of Dragonia
    Danger Level: ★ ★ ★
    Dragon inhabitants: Lizardmen and others
    Typical Monsters: Queen Slime, Bubble Slime, Sahuagin
    Monsters that require attention: Queen Slimes
    Basic collectibles: Sahuagin scales, Sladracelli, water dragon scales, etc.

    ○ Behind the Great Falls of Dragonia there is an underground water channel leading to a huge water flow control gate built by the Dragai Empire. With the magnificent fervor that the Dragai Empire had at the time, it was not afraid to control God's created nature with its grandiose gates. Far away in the dungeons of the water channels, huge water mills continue to spin, giving motion to the most eternal time, which is like a fleeting dream disappearing into the bubbles of water. Now this underground canal is none other than the "realm" of monsters who prefer the dark underground shore. According to some rumors, giant water mills are spun by the hands of water dragons lurking in these canals. They are said to be the ones who bring blessed abundant waters to the lands of Dragonia. But for those who have visited this place and become residents of the kingdom, the authenticity of these rumors will not matter.

    A type of jelly-like slime derived from the "dragon's" Royal Slime, which resides in an underground canal. You have to stick your hand inside its body to get it. Sladracelli is infused with a small amount of dragon energy and has a distinctive melting and refreshingly sweet taste that spreads throughout your mouth. Because of its limited harvestability and phenomenally addictive "phantom flavor," Sladracelli is one of the demonic delicacies that is very rarely available. Slime Queens have a high level of intelligence and are naturally sociable, so negotiating for jellies can go relatively easily. However, because their bodies are often very much dragon-like in nature, they are also very susceptible to the instinct of sexual attraction, which can complicate personal negotiations.

    ■ Unknown area of Ryusen
    Danger level: ★ ★ ★
    Dragon inhabitants: Ryu
    Typical Monsters: -
    Monsters that require attention: Ryu
    Basic collectibles: Ryu scales, Ryusen stones, etc.

    ○ In the desert to the east, which always comes into view when leaving Ryu Town, there is a still untouched spring that is not used for housing or as a hot springs inn. This place is called the hidden "secret spring of springs" in the open air, for a person who immerses himself in this spring will enjoy all the springs of this world, and by drinking the water from the spring he will gain the power of a dragon. In the backyards of Ryu Town, stories are quietly told of how each year many adventurers disappear into the dense steam of this place. It remains a great mystery what they saw as their last sighting, but according to secret rumors, it was a naked dragoness enjoying a hot bath. Unfortunately, there is not a single person who can confirm this.

    "Ryusen Stones"
    These are pebble-sized ores mined mainly in the vicinity of the springs in Ryu Town and have a high concentration of the power of Ryusen Springs. Ryusen stones are easily crumbled once force is applied. When crushed to a certain size, if you put them in a bathtub filled with hot water, the energy coming out of the stone mixes with the water and creates a temporary spring. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the Ryusen spring at home using these stones, which is one of the classic purchases among the main souvenirs of Ryu Town. Among demonic couples, there are those who purchase large quantities of these stones in Ryu Town every year to enjoy the indecent bathing in the steam released by this stone.

    ■ The Pillar of Heaven
    Danger Level: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Dragon inhabitants: Wyverns
    Typical Monsters: Gryphon, Thunderbird, Harpy, Black Harpy
    Monsters that require attention: Wyverns
    Basic Collectibles: Dragon Lamp Flower

    ○ A building that always stands out prominently in the lands of Dragonia is the enormous tower of the Pillar of Heaven, piercing the clouds. The condition in which a dragon knight known for his bravery leads the corps is to overpower the tower with his rider. The rider must traverse the entire uneven road on the back of his dragoness, including crumbling staircases and places that can only be traversed on foot. Even if attacked by a savage Wyvern, the dragon knight striving to the top must establish a dialogue with the savage. In some people's eyes it looks like madness, akin to suicide, when adventurers try to overcome the tower, because not even an experienced dragon knight can do it. Nevertheless, the adventurers head for the Pillar of Heaven, probably because at its summit is a "lucky bell" that makes all wishes come true.

    "Dragon Lamp Flower"
    This is a variation of the Demon Lamp Flower, which can only be found near the top of the Heavenly Pillar. To grow on top, in a rarefied air environment, it absorbs the energy of dragons. Unlike ordinary Lamp flowers, it has red flowers[8], which emit a stronger light that folds into a certain pattern at night. Here in Dragonia, these flowers are planted on the roofs of houses, making special flower patterns called "Bonsai", which, due to their strong glow at night, are used as a marker so dragons don't miss their destination during their night flight. Witches and Dark Sorceresses also use them as magical tools attached to the end of the broom in front of them, using them as lanterns. Because of their strong glow, Dragon flowers are a popular item among those people who are passionate and aggressive in love.

    "Enticing pictures"
    In fact, despite the fact that the Pillar of Heaven has existed since the era of past monster lords, when and for what purpose it was built is unclear. However, there are paintings inside the tower that are older than the Dragai Empire, which depict dragon knights riding dragons. It appears that humans and dragons once coexisted in this area, as we do now. It should be noted that if you look at these paintings for a long time, the magic emanating from these drawings makes you want to become a dragon knight like the ones depicted in them. Adventurers striving to the top of the tower in search of treasure will eventually imprint these paintings in their hearts and later sometimes aspire to become dragon knights. This is one of the main advertisements of the Order of the Dragon. For this reason, the Order has agreed to cooperate with the Wyverns who dwell on the Pillar of Heaven about preventing the theft of these paintings, and they now seem to be watching them constantly. If a wicked person tries to steal a painting, he will be immediately attacked by the Wyverns.

    ■ Dragon Cemetery
    Danger Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Dragon inhabitants: Zombie Dragons
    Typical Monsters: Zombie, Lich, Undead, etc.
    Monsters that require attention: Zombie Dragons, Undead
    Basic collectibles: Dragonfruit, Dragonium, dragon claws, and other.

    ○ In the era of the Dragai Empire, many dragons were sacrificed by their oppressors and buried in the wasteland by cowardly humans who feared the curse of the dragons. This area of Dragai still exists today as the Dragon Cemetery. It is a wilderness in the west, where dragons in present times come to life because of a strong sense of regret, turning into "Zombie Dragons". The regret that sustains the Zombie Dragons, keeping them in this world, is that they have failed to understand humans instead of resenting or retaliating against them, and is not aimed at destroying the Dragai Empire. However, because of this depth of their love for humans, zombie dragons are known as very dangerous dragons. As soon as a human sets foot on the land of the Dragon Graveyard, they become prey to the zombies, which will leave a child, mate with him, and love the human for the rest of its life.

    "Dragon Claw"
    The claws that fell from the zombie dragons in the Dragon Graveyard. Containing their magical power, zombie dragon claws are highly prized by mamono traders as an ingredient for an aphrodisiac, which has excellent efficacy. However, if a man who thought only of how lucky he was to find a dragon claw picks it up, the power contained in the claw is sure to send his feet to the head of his zombie dragoness. Of course, if the man immediately discards the dragon claw, he can shake off the zombie dragoness, but it seems impossible to simply discard a valuable zombie dragon claw.

    ■ Wurm Queen's Nest.
    Danger Level: ★ ★ ★ ★
    Dragon inhabitants: Wurms
    Typical Monsters: Red Onis, Dwarves, Satyrs
    Monsters that require attention: Wurms
    Basic collectibles: satyr wine, fruit of drunkenness, dragon glasses, and other

    "Sweetheart, I have a special story for you. Deep beneath the earth of Dragonia there is an underground city-fortress, which was built in the days of past mamono lords and has retained its appearance to this day. The entire place is ruled by the Wurm Queen, whose power is comparable to that of the Empress. In the underworld where she grew up, she is called "Big Mama," as it is now a huge nest where countless wurms can live. In the heart of the underground fortress, where there is not the slightest danger, is the "Queen's Wine Cellar," where the rarest demonic wines of the world, collected by the Wurm Queen, are kept. If the Wurms catch you inside the nest, you'll be stuck in an interrogation room, where you'll be fully trained fu-fu-fu. Nevertheless, there are such exceptional wines stored there that if you sell one, even your grandchildren will live a comfortable life....but is it worth the risk?"
    He has been told such things, so now he is not an adventurer, but the keeper of the wine cellar along with his wurm wife.

    "Fruit of Drunkenness"
    This is a demonic fruit that is often found in the Wurm's Nest. It is very similar to the intoxication fruit, also called demon grapes. However, the drunkenness fruit is distinguished by its unequal sized berries and the smell of demonic wine that it spreads around. If you simply put this fruit directly into the wine, it will cause a further rapid intoxication. It is used as a secret ingredient among liquor lovers to give demonic wine more strength. For people who do not have even the smallest magical resistance, the smell of this fruit alone can cause intoxication. If you taste this fruit, tempted by its sweet aroma, you will feel drunk as if after a long binge, even walking will become difficult. If a drunken person wanders into a nest of wurms, it's not hard to imagine what happens next without saying.

    "Dragon glasses"
    This is one of the magical tools used in the Wurm Queen's nest. They are wooden bowls created by the Wurm Queen using her own magic, made of Dragon Ivy, on which the fruit of drunkenness grows. If even plain water is poured into these bowls, it will receive the mamono mana of the fruits of drunkenness and become rich in flavor and induce intoxication like demonic wine. In simple terms, this utensil turns water into wine, as if in a dream. The problem lies in the fact that the "Dragon Ivy" from which the glasses are made feeds on the "magic of the Wurms," which only gathers in sufficient concentration in the Wurm's Nest, where there are many of them. If a creature other than a Wurm tries to bring such a cup to the surface, the cup will soon wither because of this deficiency.

    ■ The Ancient Castle of Dragolinde
    Danger Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Dragon inhabitants: Dragons, Lizardmen, Wurms, and others
    Typical Monsters: Gargoyle, Cursed Sword, Demon, Devil, Dullahan, Living Armor, etc.
    Monsters that require attention: Demons, Dragons
    Basic collectibles: demon paintings, precious metals, magical jewelry

    Along with the destruction of the Dragai Empire, mighty dragons began arriving to live there. Especially many of them arrived at this Castle Dragolinde, built by one aristocratic family of the Dragai Empire. Therefore, its ruins were easily taken over by mamono mana and turned into a mamono realm. The enormous Castle Dragolinde is formed by the joining of four other castles using a single, but already damaged wall. It is inhabited not only by wild dragons but also by other radical monsters such as Demons, so it is considered one of the most dangerous places in Dragonia.

    Nevertheless, from time to time combat units of the Order go to Dragolinde Castle, which has become a mamono realm. This tells us that something important for the Order of the Chief God is still present there.

    The story of Dragonia tells of how groups of soldiers on their way to Castle Dragolinde, which is hidden by a magical mist behind its walls, have never returned safely. Even so, for this reason, many brave men dream of being the first to get there, even though they know they are walking into a trap.

    A postscript from a student of the Wandering Scholar of Monsters
    Dragolinde is a noble woman who was once the mistress of this ancient castle and hated the class system of the time, the division into higher and lower people. She seems to have been a tough woman who could defy the king of Dragai. She had the most powerful financial resources and sometimes shared her wealth with the poor. The records speak of her as a strong person, admired by many in the Empire. However, after the destruction of Dragai, when many of the best people of the place fled, there is no record of what happened to her. Dragolinde, who was one of the people that would never run away with the other aristocrats in the world, is believed to be a noble spirit that still dwells in the castle as a Dragon. Anecdotes about this seem to go around all over Dragonia.

    Immigration Bureau[edit]

    1 - Dragonian Bureau of Immigration
    1-1. A section of information on daily life

    It is not uncommon for human men who come to Dragonia for tourism to find wonderful mamono companions while sightseeing and decide to stay in this country permanently. In the Dragon Empire, we widely welcome such demonic husbands and wives, and to make life even better for a couple of new citizens in the Empire, we have created an "Immigration Bureau." There are even some visitors to this immigration bureau who come here with only what they were wearing.

    In addition, it is natural for someone who has made the abrupt decision to live in Dragonia, that is, in a new place about which he knows nothing, to feel some anxiety. The "Daily Life Information" section is designed just for such people who suffer from some anxiety, for men who have been instantly fascinated by the local Dragonians. It is also designed for young innocent monsters that arrived to us just a few days ago, we just talk to them about "life"♥

    1-2. Citizenship Registration

    There is no need for a complicated procedure, such as submitting documents, or a detailed examination at the Immigration Office's "Citizenship Registration"! All a person has to do in front of us is show a "form" of love for mamono and just get a "sexually active consent" sign in return. That's it, registration is complete. The most common action to show love is still a hot kiss with mamono♥ Of course, if you don't mind us all watching, you can engage in obscenity at this point♥ A hot and passionate connection with mamono is the quality we look for in those who want citizenship of Dragonia, a country that was built by people and dragons holding hands♥ For the demonic couple that completes their citizenship registration, we provide real estate and some area of land nearby as their new home in the Dragon Empire, for the honeymoon of the "newly married demonic couple". Of course when moving into the property given to you, if you have no money, you don't have to sign a maintenance agreement or contract! If at all possible, you can live together with your other half. There is no doubt that pleasant and comfortable cave living is interesting for a sexually active couple, as is the wonderful mountain scenery characteristic of Dragonia! The fact that monsters and their spouses live happily within the Empire is the best advertisement for claiming to other countries that Dragonia is the "birthplace of demon nations." And the fact that you perform your conjugal duty every night without any inconvenience, and the supply of freshly emerged mamono mana to your home territory is what brings this country "to life".

    1-3. About Real Estate

    Overcast Residential District
    Here, on top of Dragonia, is the most popular residential neighborhood in the capital of the Empire. The Overcast District is built close to the tops of the mountains, which is filled with very strong mamono mana, and is the best environment for demonic couples and Wyverns who live in the mountains. As the name implies, the biggest attraction of houses built close to the clouds is that you can always enjoy the cityscape of Dragonia that spreads out under your feet near your new home. Of course, this area of the city was built with the changing shape of the dragons in mind for the descent into the city: the wide gardens have places to take off and land, and you can watch your future daughters grow up in them as well. In addition, on top, where the couples' nests are built, alpine flowers grow year-round, giving a suitably elegant dragon dignity to everything you see. We dragons weren't originally into the habit of admiring flowers, but there are many families in this Highland area who buy and decorate their homes with them as proof of their love♥

    ~ Favorite location ~

    ■ Dragoni-Hills
    This is the hugely popular part of the Wyvern District that opened last year in the beautiful hills of Dragoni! The hills are evenly lined with white houses with an extensive garden of bulb flowers swaying in the wind and a large windmill so as not to disturb the surrounding landscape. Because this area is somewhat farther from the Imperial Capital, it will take a little longer to reach than from other parts of the Overcast District. There will be a comfortable breeze blowing over your whole body here, don't you think it will feel great on your skin while working in the garden? ♥ ~ Dragonia Beginner's tour Guide Litia ~

    Cave-type housing
    Along with the regular buildings in the Overcast District in Dragonia, cave type homes are also popular. Unlike the "houses" in the Overcast District, which are built on a steep hill, these dwellings used natural caves in the mountain range to become "natural houses". For this reason, while the residential buildings in the Overcast District are urban houses with architecture that is close to human, the "cave-type" houses are, one might say, monster-oriented and resemble the "nests" of wild dragons. This kind of property is recommended to the incubus husbands of wurms who are used to caves, and to the husbands of passionate demonic couples who spend most of their time having sex. The inside of the cave, arranged as a new home, has a calm and relaxing atmosphere unique to the cave, as well as an enveloping warmth, since mamono mana is easily retained inside. In addition, natural demonic ores such as demonic silver and dragonium can appear in such cave houses, which can be mined in the caves of Dragonia or used to illuminate such as they are.

    With all this, even a couple who have just moved in can quickly become accustomed to the nest, as if they have lived here for years. Illuminate the inside of the cave with an ultra-beautiful and fantastically glowing demon ore - it will add emotion and make the daily intercourse between spouses more productive♥

    ~ Favorite Location ~
    ■ Ryusen Caves

    If you're picking up a house, I definitely recommend the Overcast area. But if you're looking for a cave-like home, Ryusen Caves near Ryu City is pretty good.

    The inside of Ryusen Caves is warm even in winter, and the wonderful demonic jade is used for lighting and interiors. But above all, there is nothing like the little Ryusen spring that bubbles up instead of the usual bathtub. Also appealing is the idea of a bathhouse, in which you can even brew demonic herbs.

    When the couple returns from their Dragon Knights mission, they can one-on-one wash off all their sweat and soak the bed with it, and then...♥...What? It would be interesting to think about our house now, before we do it inside♥
    ~ Dragonia's newbie tour guide Shirtiya ~

    Mansion-type housing
    These are the restored mansions and villas of the Dragai Empire era that were left in ruins in Dragonia. They have been restored as magnificent mansions, in no way inferior to the former ones, and provided as homes for new demonic couples. These mansions are some distance from the cities of Dragonia, and they will require more time to clean and set up. Despite this, the features of this dwelling, a posh mansion even too large for one couple, outweigh the cons. In addition, if you successfully manage the mansion, you can get many different "bonuses" depending on the style of construction: for example, an open-air field next to the mansion, where plants can grow, including you can also open a demonic vineyard there; some mansions are located in very picturesque places, where from the terrace you can see the same Great Waterfall of Dragonia. Harmonious appearance and luxury inside the dwelling are not decisive factors for our monsters when choosing a house. That is why the Mamono have little to no interest in most dwellings of this type because of their size and remoteness. However, taking advantage of the emptiness and their location, they can have "fun" working out their interior design in their own home. Of course it is not only newlyweds who consider such mansions as a new home, demonic mamono couples of the lizardman kind consider the empty space as a place to work out; these places we confidently recommend to Lady Wights and Vampires, who are looking for a property suitable to their status♥

    ~ Favorite Location ~
    ■ Castle Dragolinde - Individual Chambers
    Dragolinde Castle, which is still rumored to be dangerous among people, also gives away free rooms through the Immigration Office. I, too, have been to this castle several times during my studies. The coitus between husbands and wives that takes place in the castle fills it with a dense demonic power, the pleasure they seem to receive far exceeds ordinary sex. Because of this circumstance, the castle has been taken over by radical and lecherous monsters and turned it into an apartment complex where they love their husbands. I've never been interested in the lives of the newlyweds, but if you insist... we'll take a little tour of this new home♥
    ~ Dragonia novice tour guide Leia ~

    1-4. Employment
    A husband who has just moved to Dragonia and has braved the national registration process is given unlimited time to find his place. Using his own experience, he can do the same, continuing to develop in this field, or challenge himself to one of Dragonia's unique jobs, which are recorded here. You can take advantage of this opportunity later by first trying to find your way on your own♥ The Dragonia Immigration Bureau will support you in every way possible ♥

    - Dragon Knight
    A common profession known to all in Dragonia is that of a Dragon Knight, a member of the Order of Dragon Knights. An impressive figure who defends the country along with his dragon-mount, they are respected by many who live in Dragonia, whether they are human or mamono. Though a sterner image is also possible, saying for protection, "Mission first, discipline best!" - who in peacetime "peeks into stores" and is friendly with all sorts of people. As they drive by, they can give advice to people in trouble, sometimes help solve another demonic couple's problem, and sometimes they have the opportunity to engage in combat outside the Empire. That's not to say it's an easy job, because dragon knights are respected by everyone living in Dragonia and are indispensable members of society.

    - Duelist
    If we talk about the famous professions of Dragonia, the brightest example of this is the profession of the Duelist. Duelists are a demonic pair who perform in public, simulating a battle to liven up the crowd at the opening ceremony of the Great Tournament of Dragonia once a year. In addition to having exceptional weapons skills that they are not ashamed to show off in public, meaning in front of an audience gathered from all over the world, they must have the skills of colorful and obscene intercourse to draw attention to the performance. This job is considered very honorable for some species, mostly of the Lizardman family, that hone their mastery of the sword. This position is recommended for demonic pairs who have performed well in a past tournament. Outside of tournament time, a pair of Duelists always improve their skills: they contract to work as temporary instructors in the Order of Dragon Knights and hunt demonic animals that terrorize dragon territory. Of course, another important duty of the Duelists during their preparation for the tournament is regular special night training.

    - Artifactor
    Dragonia's magic stores sell a variety of magical tools that contain the mamono mana of dragons, but it is the Artifactors who are deeply involved in their production. There are many items that are processed in magic stores to become magical items that, because dragons gave them magical energy, have special effects. Even a skilled human craftsman does not have the powerful magical power of dragons and will not be able to give as much magic when working. By contrast, however, the mighty arms of dragons are clumsy and their weakest point is control over their power. They can never do the delicate work, engrave a rune, and perform the exquisite decoration that an Artifactor gives to magical things. The magical tools assembled in the magical stores of Dragonia are the product of a bond first formed when the imposing power of the dragon and the gentle precision of humans merged together. Furthermore, when one usually speaks of wizards, one often thinks of them as living a busy life in their workshops. However, since Dragonian artifact masters create things related to dragons, they must have a deep knowledge of them. In some cases, it is also necessary to walk around the territory of Dragons with their own feet, to go on excursions to old ruins and unexplored areas in order to deepen their understanding of dragons. Nevertheless, the surest and quickest way to get to know a dragon is to have intercourse with it, and nothing else. There seem to be excellent artifactors in Dragonia, every time they go to work outside the workshop, arriving at the site, actively and diligently doing so outdoors.

    - Dragonian Engineer (aka Dragonian Masters)
    Here in Dragonia, riding on the back of a dragon for work is not a unique feature of the dragon knight profession. The aforementioned Dragon Engineers ride on the backs of Wyverns freely throughout Dragonia, repairing buildings and reinforcing them throughout Dragonia. Dragon Engineers, responsible for construction work in Dragonia, are called "sky masters," as are Dragon Knights. Because of Dragonian women's dubious love of riding, all Dragon Masters are made up of men married to wyverns. In addition, Dragon Masters are divided into several orientations and are also characterized by the fact that they work in teams of several people under one Dragon Engineer, who leads the group and serves as the "Crowned Leader". The Dragon Engineer, called the Crowned Leader, has the ability to make decisions calmly and makes sure that the original design of the structures from the Dragai Empire is not disturbed. It takes a great deal of experience to manage the construction of houses and to determine damage that might later result in a Dragonian house not having enough strength to allow a dragon to live in it. For this reason, even experienced dragon knights who are initially commanders in the Order of Dragon Knights will obey the orders of the young Dragon Engineer, who is the Crowned Leader, and learn to cooperate with other wyverns.

    [The original dragon knights?]
    According to one theory, the Heavenly Pillar that exists in the lands of Dragonia was built in ancient times by Dragon Engineers. Since ancient times, the Dragon Engineers worked together with the wyverns to perform their duties, you could say that they were the predecessors of the Dragon Knights. Even now, the Dragon Knights and Dragon Engineers have strong ties: they join forces to work together to strengthen the Pillar of Heaven, which takes place once every four years.

    - Minstrels
    These are poet-musicians who entertain guests with stories and music in bars and restaurants in Dragonia. Occasionally they are also invited to the homes of demonic couples, to the Castle of Dragonia, to the stadium during a tournament or other festivals. Minstrels play songs on the theme of the connection between dragons and humans and can enchant many people with their stories. For novice minstrels who want to better entertain the pairs of humans and mamono gathered to hear him in Dragonia, it is important to understand the stories that matter to them. Unlike the regular bards who travel to various places, many of whom remain in Dragonia, Dragonia's minstrels are members of the "Bard's Guild," which is under the Imperial City. In addition, the Wurm Queen, nicknamed "Big Mama," who rules the underground fortress, is also the patroness of every minstrel in the guild. Every day and every night she invites many minstrels to a monster party with wine and guys. Since the profession of minstrel is one of the constantly in demand ones, even those bards who could earn only a handful of coins to live by their art will have plenty of opportunities in Dragonia to demonstrate their skills to the public. The poems and songs of Dragonia's minstrels, who can visibly see and hear the communication between humans and dragons thanks to their place of work, have gained popularity in other countries, as has the Guild of Bards. The guild receives more requests every day to perform the work of minstrels than there are musicians themselves. Now one of the most in-demand professions in Dragonia is that of bards.

    [Sacred Land of Minstrels]
    A human bard who travels alone in the lands, who loves poetry and freedom, makes an elegant impression on those who see him, but the reality is very painful and cruel. Most minstrels are travelers with no support or steady income. On the contrary, they often have to pay money to be able to play on the street or in the corner of a bar. They make very little income and don't even always get to eat on the same day. Because of this, and because of the competition on bad days, hopeless bards, after hearing a rumor that they will be in demand somewhere, often travel. This, combined with quite a few other things, leads them to the regions bordering Dragonia. Bards who have visited Dragonia and decided to "eat" a dragon are then invited to the Guild in the Underground City, which belongs to the Wurm Queen, and officially join the ranks of the Minstrels of Dragonia. Over a mug of wine there you can meet many Wurms as well as Satyrs who love music as much as they love wine, receive warm hospitality that makes you forget the cold receptions of the past, and find your beloved wife. Many of the songs of the minstrels of Dragonia sing about the relationship between humans and dragons, about the magnificent love of the mamono, and they have a mysterious charm that captures the hearts of listeners and does not let them go. This is because the poetry of the minstrels of Dragonia is not simple written stories, but full of the difficulties of life, through which he went to meet his beloved at the end. That is why the songs they sing are "songs of joy" that come from the heart itself.

    - Demonic Farmer
    Demonic farmers use the bountiful nature and powerful magical power of the lands of Dragonia to grow demonic plants, which they supply to the Dragon Empire. There are many demonic plants growing in dragon territories with different natural environments that can be harvested. They vary in flavor and shape depending on the magic power of the farmer and the timing of the harvest. The fruit, grown with great care and love by the demonic couple, is sold at the Dragonian morning market and in restaurants, supporting the life of the people of Dragonia. In addition, some farmers offer tourists rides on the backs of demonic boars or demonic lizards that live in Dragonia, and share knowledge of the demonic plants that grow. We are also introducing nature tours around Dragonia to learn about demonic nature. This kind of sharing with farmers is not only a fun way to see the sights, but also an opportunity to learn about unusual demonic plants that can never be tasted so fresh in human lands. Only farmers can so easily tell the allure of the mamono realms. Only they, who grow demonic crops directly, can fully experience the graceful nature of the mamono realm. Now in Dragonia, interest in this profession is expected to grow because of the effects of publicity.

    - Treasure Hunter
    There are many ruins and dungeons left untouched in the territory of Dragonia since the era of past mamono lords, and there are also unexplored regions that even Dragons rarely approach. Having gone to such a dungeon, couples called treasure hunters return with the treasure inside and can either receive a reward from the Order of the Dragon Knights or get money from selling them directly to magic stores or merchants of magical items. This is a very romantic profession, a job for those hoping for luck and chasing a dream, such as getting rich quick. However, in Dragonia for a couple, this will be until the last side aspect of the work. After all, the goal of Dragonia's demonic couples is not the treasure, but the dungeon itself. Once in the dungeon, the spouses remove each other's clothes and engage in indecency, thoroughly enjoying coitus in an atmosphere of possible danger that differs from the usual.

    In other words, the Treasure Hunter profession is the "name" for all couples who like to make love outdoors. Even if they have an opportunity to get their hands on a treasure at some point, if it is not intended to aid in the couple's coitus, treasure hunters can throw it away and continue their occupation. As a result, many treasures still rest inside dungeons in the lands of Dragonia, luring in adventurers who are attacked by mamono when they visit the dungeon and become their spouses, after which they repeat similar actions.

    Dragonia Glossary[edit]

    【First Dragon Knight Dell Lowe】
    A great Hero who is believed to be one of the dragon founders of Dragonia. He is supposedly the one who laid the foundations of the current Order of Dragon Knights. Though now respected as a hero, he was not a heroic or handsome figure during the Revolution: he was too short, had a flat nose, and had a face full of freckles. Nevertheless, his kindness and sincere, brave heart, worthy of a dragon, as well as his naive personality attracted many dragons, many dragons wished to marry him after the mamono lord changed. But eventually one wild dragon turned him into an incubus after a long time of sex somewhere in Dragonian territory. Sometimes he comes to see the state of the Dragon Knights, and is said to give encouraging advice to the young knights. Of course, the Dragon Knights who know him personally are amazing.

    【King of the Dragai Empire】
    His real name is Julius Rigride Drake. This human king, who ruled the Dragai Empire during the era of the former Mamono Lords, ascended the throne at the age of 22. He became famous for his arrogance because, as a human, he called himself the king of dragons. King Julius was a foolish ruler that tormented the people of the Dragai Empire with his overly cruel policies and caused the destruction of the country, for he abused the dragons. On the other hand, he drove the forces of the Order out of the state and abolished the Senate, where conservative old people had a majority, and displacing any people’s authority from the country. The king proceeded to strengthen the Order of the Dragon Riders under the pretext of strengthening important international diplomacy with a military force. By building up his military might, he expanded in the blink of an eye the territory of the Empire, which had previously been the size of a small kingdom. He himself was never an incompetent politician. Above all, the reason Julius pursued a policy of strengthening the crown's forces, even despite the protests of others, was a sense of crisis in the country due to the addiction of a totally corrupt aristocracy to exorbitant spending. He sensed a danger to himself from the Senate and the Order, because although they cared about the citizens, they were under the influence of neighboring countries. However, Julius's policy of strengthening the power of the kingdom was too hasty and oppressed the people of Dragai and many dragons. The King of Dragai feared the possibility of being banished from the state, so even when people from his entourage fled the country and called Julius with them, they would leave him alone and flee away when they looked into his face. It should be noted that the only aristocrat who was at odds with Julius to the very end was his childhood friend, Dragolinde; she was his only opponent and had not bowed her head before him since his early years.

    【The Red Dragon Queen of Deonora】
    The dragon queen that rules Dragonia. In the days of the old Mamono Lords, dragons with red colored scales were classified as "Red Dragons". The Red Dragons were especially temperamental even among other dragons and possessed incomparable power, with which they were capable of destroying several countries in passing. Among the people of those days they were called "Dragons among Dragons," "Incarnations of Hell," and "Dragon Kings" and were regarded as a threat comparable to the Mamono Lords. Deonora is also one of the Red Dragons. She possesses tremendous physical strength and the same magical reserves, which is enough to call her our queen. She is also dressed in a royal way, which appeals to many dragons. She has a strong sense of responsibility for things, both good and bad, that happen in Dragonia during her reign. This is atypical of godlike Mamono, as it is for a race of Dragons who tend to have an exaggerated pride. For such a girl, a confrontation with the current Mamono Lord in the past was a wonderful opportunity to look at her actions from the outside and learn about her own weakness. She seems to be running away from her feelings with her work - that is, ruling the country, lest she become like the man who proclaimed himself "King of Dragons." Despite realizing her own weakness as well as her own selfishness and the splendor of love during the battle with the Mamono Lord, she nevertheless cannot open her heart so easily even to a good man. This is probably why she often goes to town to "burn" any mention of mamono that cannot indulge in love. Moreover, the name Deonora is the best gift she has received from the adored Mamono lord. It was an honor for Deonora to receive her name directly from her, she is proud to be a "Daughter of the Mamono Lord" like other Lilim.

    【Sylvia Big Wings】
    The Wyvern, who is the current owner of the Love Ride restaurant for demonic couples, which has many branches in the Dragon Empire, and formerly led the Order of Dragon Knights. She has luxurious flowing silver hair, which her daughter "Shirtiya" has inherited beautifully. She is known as a beautiful woman who has a specific sex appeal with an ephemeral flavor of immorality. Her current misfortune is that her daughter Shirtiya is not accustomed to being honest with men, as she is not accustomed to interacting with other people. Although her mother does not rush her into marriage, she does help her in any way she can to meet her future grandson as soon as possible. Sylvia is also still one of the most powerful dragonesses in the country. She possesses the largest wings among the wyverns of Dragonia and her ability to fly is such that no dragon among the senior cast of the Dragon Knights can keep up with her. While acting as a Dragon Knight, using her flight capabilities to their fullest, she traveled to many demonic lands and became a renowned diplomat in Dragonia. In her spare time, Shirtiya's mother prefers to walk three steps ahead of her husband, assuming seductive poses, and when it comes to sex, she likes to pounce on him verbally, accusing him from above. Using her large wings, she wraps them around him during the embrace, while continuing to ride on top of him, holding on to his waist.

    【The Grand Wurm Grywe】
    Also known as "Grand Ma". It is a wurm similar in size to Deonora, who rules an underground fortress, the "Grand Wurm's Nest", located under Dragonia and filled with an unusual "intoxicating magical energy". Wurms, whose homeland is Dragonia, have a strong tolerance for alcohol and often work in taverns. It is said that her powers have this effect on them, which makes them unmatched in their drinking. Given that Big Mama has no dragon pride and does not look down on people arrogantly, she is the possessor of a very erotic and hedonistic mindset. Her castle in the middle of the underground city is always open to an obscenely large party where music is played, wine is poured and coitus is also adorned.

    【Healing Water Goddess Ryusen】
    The Ryu, who owns the big old-fashioned Ryusen Garden Inn, which is located in the center of Ryu Town. She is also the foremother of all Ryu living in Ryusen Township. From the point of view of most innkeepers and girls in town, she seems to be a strict dragon woman to other tourists, but in fact, like the other Ryu, she is a gentle dragon woman who combines tranquility and refinement. During quiet times, she leaves her inn for her daughters to go on a dizzying tour of Ryusen inns and springs with her husband or just to eat buns carelessly at the top of the house. Mamonos often, in a sense, give too much freedom to their daughters; we often forgive our dragon daughters for their petty antics. We are generally against the special training of good housewives from our dragon daughters. But the same cannot be said of the daughters of the Goddess of Medicinal Water, who is marked by a particularly strict character. Even very pampered girls will always be unconditionally punished in her bed. Our Ryu dragons can always provide a room even for wild and radical monsters and show such interaction with humans that they cannot even imagine, and afterwards they teach how to please people. The reason why the Ryu of Ryusen Town are always ready to "entertain" tourists and travelers at any moment lies in the education that their foremother gives them, using their bodies to the fullest.

    【Swordswoman Dolandina】
    This lizardman is a renowned master fencer who rebuilt the Stadium of Dragonia from the ground up. An unusual lizardman who traveled the world in search of her husband, leading a hired squad of lizardman soldiers. She visited Dragonia as an honored guest of the Dragon Knights and borrowed the Stadium of Dragonia, which was then only a ruin, as her place of residence. By holding duels between Dragonian warriors and lizardmen belonging to her squad, she showed the importance of real combat experience, thus laying the cornerstone of the current Great Tournament of Dragonia. Dolandina said that a mighty dragon should not avoid fighting a man, but should face him in the same arena. She taught that by fighting each other to the fullest, one can learn to feel one's partner. Her teaching that love deepens in a battle that exposes all mutual feelings is the basic philosophy of those who perform in the stadium of Dragonia. Every year in the coliseum at the opening ceremony of the Great Tournament, lizardmen dressed to demonstrate their infatuation with their husbands perform brilliant performances where they demonstrate fierce passion and lust, embodying the "love born of battle" spread by Dolandina.

    【Bells of Happiness】
    Two pairs of bells atop the Pillar of Heaven. They are said to be able to grant the wishes of the person who rings them. But this is just a rumor common among adventurers. In Dragonia, it is believed that these "bells" sound differently for each couple that rings them, from a bell ringing for those who swear eternal love for each other, to a powerful chime resembling the victorious roar of a dragon. The wyverns who inhabit the Pillar of Heaven are eager to ring the Bells of Happiness with their most beloved person. An adventurer who has reached the top of the Heavenly Pillar and rings the bell sounds like an invisible husband ringing the bells to a dreamy Wyvern, and with a sharp wedding roar she will rush off to fulfill her dreams on that day. Such is the peculiarity of the bells of happiness: the clear ringing of the bell sounds to fulfill the desire of the lonely Wyvern.

    【The Mamono Lord's Guard】
    A guard unit of the Mamono Lord's army that is directly under her control. They serve the Mamono Lord and are directly responsible for the preservation of her body, and are considered the elite of the elites in her Army. The Guard consists of several "demon pairs" chosen by the Mamono Lord herself. The composition of the Guard shares the ideals of the Mamono Lord and happily spreads them in the mamono realms along with her philosophy. At times the Mamono Lord herself takes part in this. The same is true of the other two, who are totally loyal to the Mamono Lord to the point that they would even lay down their lives for her. Their main duties: to accompany the Mamono Lord on expeditions and diplomatic trips, to perform "escort missions" in order to protect her, to be her messengers, to visit other Mamono nations and to perform "spy missions" in order to observe the Kingdoms of Men. The first of the aforementioned "missions" requires you to quickly identify a possible threat to the Mamono Lord and use powerful magic to turn her into a mamono. In the last of the "missions," however, in addition to being polite, Mamono Lord envoys certainly require adaptability so that they do not feel uncomfortable pretending to be a human couple. For this reason, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Mamono Lord's Guard is an "elite group of monster society," with some of the finest monsters with the most outstanding abilities, themselves an object of admiration among the Mamono. It should be noted, however, that there is nevertheless a vast difference, like heaven and earth, between the strongest among these defenders and the Mamono Lord they protect.


    How was your tour of Dragonia? I think you could see how wonderful the time a dragon and a human spend together♥ Hee hee, looks like you got along with your guide companion, if so, I won't stop you from enjoying yourself♥ Your Dragonia tour this time, dear customer, took 3 days and two nights, but that's only a small part of our Dragonia. If you enjoyed... er, Mr. Customer, if you can, introduce this splendor to our other tourists who will become wonderful citizens of this Dragonia - it will be very helpful to our guides.

    Now enjoy a beautiful night full of wet pleasure for the two of you.
    〜Chief of the Dragonia Tourist Bureau Udephilis〜


    Master, now I feel like I understand a little bit why you travel all over the world, even at your own peril. At least the little time I spent as a guest in Dragonia was enough to completely overturn what sane understanding of dragons and monsters I had. Dragons and humans... no, there is certainly a definite difference between human and mamono, a difference of species that, however, cannot be ironed out without trying to change things, that is a fact. How to deal with the problem of our differences--destroy it or find a compromise? The people who live in this country have chosen the latter path and still maintain love in this place. I think it is indeed the right path for these people, but I still continue on my path because I do not have enough experience to answer this question. Nevertheless, I can't help but wish that the smiles of the people living in this country would always remain.

    But unfortunately, I have been able to determine where Master is, and I will hurry to leave here as soon as possible, as I fear of becoming more and more attached to this land.

    I don't know why Master, on his way to Zipangu, would be in such an extremely dangerous place, but it seems the Wandering Scholar of Monsters could never identify danger. Please wait, Master! No matter where you are in the world... I can catch you♥ 〜Note of the Wandering Scholar of Monster's Apprentice〜



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