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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side II

    World Guide - Side II
    ワールドガイド外伝 II
    Book Information
    Release Date
    December 31st, 2017 (Comiket 93)[1]
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Ami Rutberg, Vapid Vulture, s_mono
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side II Salvarision ~The fallen Knights of Lescatie~ (魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイド外伝2 サルバリシオン~レスカティエの魔界騎士たち~)[2], referred to as World Guide Side 2, is a world guide supplement by Will focusing on the monsterized nation-state of Lescatie. Originally set for release at Comiket 92, delays pushed it's planned release date back to December 31st, 2017 at Comiket 93.[3]

    The book was announced via a post on Will's twitter account.[2]


    This book focuses on aspects of the monsterized nation-state of Lescatie. Each character biography gives a brief account of that particular character's story (background, history, etc.) before showing how the character changes after being transformed by mamono mana.
    For information on each of the girls, see their dedicated pages:

    Similar to the first World Guide Side, the book's framed as an in-universe book written by a "Student of the Wandering Scholar of Monsters".


    This book is a supplement to existing world guides by another author which Kenkou has given personal approval to by providing endorsement, artwork, and publication under the Monster Girl Encyclopedia name. These works are part of the primary universe canon.

    About Salvarision[edit]

    "Salvarision Castle City"

    The city that grew up next to Castle Salvarision, which is located on the shore of the lake north of the capital of Lescatie, is called "Castle City Salvarision". "Castle Salvarision is the headquarters of the Order of the Ice Flower, led by the strongest hero of Lescatie, Wilmarina Noscrim, it is the largest military base in Lescatie. In addition to Wilmarina, who is the symbol of Lescatie, those who are fit to serve beside her are gathered there: selected to an extremely high standard by the best of Lescatie's military forces, from soldiers to knights to heroes. Beside them, many of the blacksmiths and merchants from all over Lescatie, engaged in weapons and armor, fill the city. The mostly educated inhabitants who lived there said that the city's appearance was rich and beautiful, and that the security of the city was very good. Salvarision is a city that was created for the Order of the Holy Ice Flower, or, to put it another way, for Wilmarina. This unconventional facility, given to a single hero, shows how much influence Wilmarina had as a hero and how much the proud Noscrim family in Lescatie flourished.
    Meanwhile, the city, which gathered the children of the powerful belonging to the Noscrim faction, was also the site of a power struggle waged between authoritative priests and aristocrats. Life in the castle has always been controlled by those in power, which seems to have made some people feel stuffy in the castle, while others stayed only because of their own appreciation of the rulers or the state. Salvarision's own appearance gave the same cold impression, it seemed as if the castle, surrounded by water, was isolated.

    In addition, the upper level of the castle was reserved exclusively for Wilmarina, and only those deemed suitable for her and chosen by priest Noscrim were allowed to visit it. It is not difficult to guess that the sturdy castle played the role of a restraint for those close to Wilmarina and was also a prison for her.

    "The Demonic City of Salvarision"

    Salvarision, which fell at the hands of Wilmarina, who became a monster, became a mamono realm along with Fallen Lescatie. Those who used the city as a place to fight for power disappeared, and the Dark Heroes and Dark Knights turned it into a magical city where they brought their husbands and loved ones. Wilmarina and her husband have spent a lot of time changing the style of the city where they like to spend their sweet time, and making it different from the red-shaded capital. It's a place where you can safely meet mamono who have already found their husbands, and after the daytime hours, when the monsters go to bed, you can hear how passionately the city's married couples are making out with each other. Although the town is still a stronghold for the Knights' order, some of the training grounds have been transformed into resting places for Mamono to meet and mingle with their husbands, and the trained Knights simply talk to their loved ones. There is also a growing number of stores in town for the enjoyment of couples. Stores that used to sell armor are now visited as if they were clothing stores, since for the mamono knights the armor they wear is more for seducing people than for fighting. You can even see the Dark Knight together with her husband picking out her favorite armor for him.

    The red moon rises over the lake surrounding Castle Salvarision, and its light merges with the powerful magical energy of Wilmarina flowing from the castle, resembling little ice crystals shining with red lights in the air. Mysterious and beautiful magical lights move beside the monsters, illuminating the surroundings of the lake and maintaining a faint sense of lust - the perfect mood for couples to have a date. Castle Salvarision, which was once a prison, has now become a love nest for Wilmarina and her husband, while the upper level of the castle has remained unchanged as the bedroom exclusively for Wilmarina and her darling. The castle seems to have an enchanted room with a portal connected to the royal castle in Lescatie, so that Wilmarina and her lover can travel freely between Salvarision and the capital.


    Welcome back, this is the headquarters of the Order of the Dark Knights, the Salvarision Castle.
    Are you surprised by my sudden appearance? "Why am I here?"
    Hehe, the memories of those girls that "you" saw here are connected to this "magical crystal of memories."
    The fact that "you" came here is by no means accidental, just like the fact that you were able to touch the hearts of those girls.
    How did you feel when you touched their hearts?
    What were you thinking as you touched their hearts?
    Those qualities that "you" possess... many of the Dark Knights are interested in. ♪
    Heh heh, everyone seems to be waiting for "you" there... "your" night in Lescatie will be a very long one. ♥
    ~ Lord Governor of Salvarision Wilmarina ~

    Originally written to my dear teacher.
    Dear Lord Wandering Scholar of Monsters. It has been many months and days since I last saw you. I hear rumors of your journey, how is it going?
    I still have a hard time keeping my brush straight when it comes to it. Even now I am studying my teacher as I continue my journey. It seems that if I close my eyes, I am transported to those past love days when I met my teacher. How many days have passed since I, following in my teacher's footsteps, visited this Mamono nation of Lescatie?
    I am there now. Unfortunately, I was too late and the teacher, who had remained for some time in Lescatie, had already left. Because of the lack of a trail, I was forced to stay in Salvarision, the castle of the Dark Knights.
    Master was in Lescatie, but why didn't he stay here?
    Staying in Lescatie, you could describe a lot of things.
    I used to find the action very dangerous, but after spending some time with the Dark Knights, I saw the same thing they did. I couldn't help but feel that the prejudice about the "terrible dark mamono realm" I had against Lescatie was somewhat wrong, "preconceived," and I am ashamed of it. I wrote this because much of what I experienced in that place was not possible in any other.
    As a student of a magical scholar, as a follower of the teacher, I cannot deny that my personal opinion will probably go into the written material, which I will note in this post. However, I hope that this post will be one of those that will help get rid of the "prejudice" between monsters and humans!
    ~ Letter from a student of a Wandering Scholar of Monsters ~

    Lescatie Chivalric Order of the Holy Ice Flower[edit]

    The highest power in Lescatie was in the hands of the "Senate," a closed body composed of high-ranking priests and aristocrats, each of whom had their own "band of knights" to demonstrate their own power and might. The Lescatie Order of the "Knights of the Holy Ice Flower" was created by "Priest Noscrim," who was said to have the greatest power among the members of the "Senate." "Holy Ice Flower" was the name of House Noscrim, which originated from an icy country, and this title was also obtained by Wilmarina for her ability to manipulate ice magic. At this time, Lescatie was home to many heroes, a blessing from God, who were a military force in their own right. This became a symbol of the greatness of the state. A girl from House Noscrim, who bore the name of Wilmarina and was raised in a special way by Priest Noscrim, was declared the strongest hero of Lescatie, an outstanding "hero" and "knight". In addition, the Order of the Ice Flower became a power struggle for many people trying to get close to Priest Noscrim, and aristocrats who wanted to join the Order along with all their sons and daughters.

    Along with the country's army, the Order of the Ice Flower nominally swore allegiance to Lescatie and did everything for its well-being, but in fact the main troops for the most part carried out missions for the Church of the Chief God and the anti-monster nations associated with it. Of course the assignments were mostly punitive and deterrent against the monsters, but also a lot of resources were thrown into wars between human nations, more than into conquering a few monster farms. There was also the Heroine Wilmarina, who was the enemy of the monsters. Only upon learning of her approach would the monsters disappear before they needed to be subdued, and enemies of the state who wished to start a war would raise the white flag without a fight. No matter how much anyone tried to pay, the greatness and prestige of Wilmarina, who led the Order of the Ice Flower and drew people to it, could not be denigrated. In turn, that prestige belonged entirely to the Church of the Chief God, and it was a tremendous resource, surpassing even the forces of the country of Lescatie. Despite the nominal affiliation of this military force with the Kingdom of Lescatie, all the wealth obtained by the Order of the Ice Flower went to those associated with the Noscrim family rather than to the people of Lescatie, which helped them extend their power beyond the country as well. It could be said that it was not the entire country of Lescatie that prospered, but its individual inhabitants.

    Eventually Lescatie fell into the hands of the monsters, thanks to Druella. As Priest Noscrim disappeared, the Order of the Knights of the Holy Ice Flower became owned by Wilmarina and became the Order of the "Knights of the Dark Ice Flower." With the exclusion of powerful people who used this Order as a place for power struggles, connections with the Church and other countries that created reasons to fight, the need to be tough on their surroundings and their choice of chosen ones ended as well. The knights could stop fighting altogether, even the strict discipline seems to have all but disappeared. Mistress Wilmarina, having become a mamono, showed little interest in her Order; heroes and knights were free to spend their time finding their mate and spending time with her. They were also free to use the facilities and living quarters of the Order as they pleased. Although I wrote all this myself, nevertheless, because of the morality and virtue of Wilmarina, left over from the days when she was a hero of men, the heroes and knights who swear allegiance to her are firmly in control of the land and she seems to continue to put her neck under the rope as the Commander of the Order of Dark Knights.

    Now the Knights of the Ice Flower make expeditions out of the country only in response to Druella's occasional requests. This military organization has become part of the Mamono Lord's Army and can boast a power it has never possessed before. With no mercy for the forces of their enemies, with a smile that sparkles like ice, they will turn them into a mamono realm. At the same time, however, I noticed that the look with which the Knights of the Dark Flowers of Ice go into battle is quite different from the one they display to their husband in bed. While in front of their husband, they redden their cheeks, which makes their face look very pretty, and those who notice this change jokingly call it the "Thaw of the Ice Knights."

    Order Barracks[edit]

    Dark Knight[edit]

    Defenders of the Dark Realms that ride on black horses and wield the sword

    ■ Overview of the Dark Knights
    "A Dark Knight of Lescatie is one who has been appointed by the Fourth Monster Princess Druella and Princess Francisca and has been given the noble title of "knight". Dark Knights, who rode demonic horses and fought with demonic weapons, were responsible for protecting the country so that the people of Lescatie could indulge in pleasure for a long time. These knights were the brave heroes known in Lescatie. The lives of the knights remain as they were before they were turned into monsters, and there seem to be many children who admire the Dark Knights. At the same time, figures in black armor, moving across the battlefield on horror-inspiring horses, are a symbol of terror to soldiers of a hostile faith, which is taken advantage of by dragons and heroes of monsters.

    In addition, the Dark Knight can go on an expedition to turn a country or a human city into demon territory, repeating the exploits of Druella and the Seven Princesses of Lescatie. The expedition mission requires becoming Druella's chosen swordsman to fill the world with the happiness they will bring along with the fallen people who turned into monsters, spreading the mamono realm so that they too will have the honor of becoming Dark Knights. But the highest possible reward for a Dark Knight without a husband is to find a lover on an expedition.

    ■ Dark Knights in Battle

    Rushing across the battlefield on hellish horses, the girls, who have long practiced swordsmanship and athletic techniques, fight on the front lines and take the greatest pride in fighting the enemy's swordsmen. The swordsmanship and spear skills they use in combat are based on the school of former Lescatie knights who became demons, including also the fantastic power of charming humans as succubi. Whether it is a light sword that moves in strokes along with a supple body, or a long and sharp heavy blade that seems to flow in the glare of light, the Dark Knight who bravely rushes into battle will have a beautiful and elegant appearance. Even executing simple sword strokes, they will have a beautiful and mesmerizing appearance, displaying attractive limbs with each gesture to charm the enemy and raise their plump flesh. Their swords are the devilish weapons, seducing the enemy in battle and completely captivating their partner's heart when the battle reaches its climax. In addition, combining superior blade skills with succubus strength, they are well versed in techniques such as reading their opponent's movements and mind, taking the enemy's sword away, and distracting the enemy from the battle. These abilities are especially acute when a demon is trying to get her husband in battle, for which she may purposely force her opponent to fight with swords, as this is their way of seducing a man and making him her husband. In addition, although each possesses an inherently strong mamono individualistic personality, they are excellent fighters in a group and cooperate easily with other monster species. However, it seems that the roots of this cooperation lie in the joint struggle for each husband.

    The Dark Knight's armor is made of demonic silver, as are their weapons. Demonic silver armor is light and rigid, with a protective film stretched by the magic contained in the ore. This allows for a high degree of protection, like a shell covering the entire body, while maintaining important cutouts for mamono.

    ■ Social status and origin

    The Order of Dark Knights is based on the original knighthood of the "Lescatian State" that existed before the monsterization of the country. Because of the nature of mamono, no man opposed to them died during the invasion of the monsters and no knight of the Order died in the Fall of the Kingdom. This includes the defeated private armies of the nobility, which were left nearly untouched when the state was turned into a mamono realm. Many of the Dark Knights are former humans who turned into monsters and joined the Dark Knights by becoming mamono. It used to be very difficult for people who did not belong to noble families and merchants to become knights, except those with outstanding skills. But after monsterization, wide doors opened for all aspiring knights, regardless of status or wealth, as long as they were willing to undergo serious training and examinations.

    As a rule, in human lands the oath of allegiance to country and to the king was seen as a manifestation of chivalry. In Lescatie, oaths of allegiance to one's husband and becoming a loyal knight only to one's beloved were considered appropriate manifestations of chivalry. Earlier, when the army of the chief god's church tried to recapture Lescatie together with the ommyoji warriors from Zipangu, the monsters fighting for their men were ordinary commoners, but they were rewarded with a title from the hands of Lady Druella. The Mamono seem to regard the dark knights as such, not for loyalty to country or ruler, but for loyalty to their precious being.

    In addition, Dark Knights consider it the norm to follow the "chivalrous path," as do the current human knights. Even after they became mamono, the values of Lescatie from the days when it was an Order State were inherited in the "way of the knight." That is why knights adhere to virtuous and honest behavior, believing it right to defend the weak as an example of nobility to others. Some of these values are characteristic of both humans and monsters, but the content of "nobility" and "honesty" seems to be very different. Human values suggest that virtues are the great strength of the knight going into battle, which is thinking of country and weak people. This is thought to be the ideal image. In Lescatie, however, Dark Knights go into battle to gain days of intercourse with their captured husband. Some, of course, reward their husbands with the status of their lord if they show a little resistance in bed. That is, you may get a little more than usual if you play an active role, such as getting more time to work. But those who take advantage of this, remember: a perfect Dark Knight will only be considered as one when she uses herself to satisfy the carnal desires of her master. The mamono realm of Lescatie is a land full of pleasure and passion, which is considered beautiful to mamono. To the monsters who live there, the character of the Dark Knight, who is sincere in the love she shows for her husband, is the perfect role model.
    But it seems that many of the monster children find the "virtues" part boring.
    In addition, even the knights themselves find such noble behavior unnecessary. Such monsters have their own chivalrous pride, for them, having the colors of human desire on their body is an indicator of their dignified behavior and chivalrous gallantry.

    Demon Weapon User (★☆☆)
    The skill of understanding Demon Weapons and Demon Ores allows you to use magical ore weapons more effectively.
    Dark Knights equip themselves with magic ore armor because it is a means not only to fight, but also to get a husband. Knowing your own equipment is an important and fundamental skill.

    Magical ores such as Mamono Silver, Mamono Iron and Dragonium are metals altered by mamono mana. The substance inside such metals is a compound of the mass of metal and magic. Weapons made with magical ores have one thing in common: they do not harm the opponent's body when attacked, and therefore cannot become a murder weapon, instead hitting the magical energy of the opponent. A magical wound is not accompanied by pain or bleeding, but the mamono mana seeps into the body, bringing a feeling of heat and weakness. If it is a deep wound, the place struck will not be able to move, and if it is a blow that would be fatal with an ordinary weapon, the body will not be able to move on its own, sometimes resulting in fainting. There is also the possibility of causing a human woman to monsterize because of the mamono mana emitted by the weapon.

    In addition, there is another common feature: it is easier to impose magical powers on demonic ore. Dark knights fight using their magical abilities in training with weapons, developing a technique whereby they infuse weapons with more mamono mana and use them more effectively in combat. If you improve this technique, the magical power contained in the weapon becomes more and more complex, there is an opportunity to use the "Magic Sword", which creates a variety of magical effects and attributes. In addition, by attacking the enemy with more penetrating mamono mana along with a strong magical attack, even a minor wound becomes "lethal," allowing you to quickly knock out and maneuver your opponent. Therefore, the described technique of using the power of the Demonic Weapon, as well as the simple qualities of the weapon, is very important for the user.

    Succubus Combat Dance (★☆☆)
    This is a technique for showing the seductiveness of your body to your opponent in battle and tempting him. It is the basis of "succubus swordsmanship" and "succubus spearmanship," which combines demonic beauty that captivates all humans with fencing techniques. When fighting the Dark Knight, the movements of their sword-holding hands become enchanting and attractive with every swing of the sword along with the beautiful swaying of the feminine body's charms as they dodge an attack - all their movements in battle become erotic and captivating, seducing the people who oppose them. Even monster battles exist only so that they can be used to seduce people and get them if there is no other way to do it. And, thanks to the existence of this technique, even without the final blow it is possible to captivate the human heart and take over the mind, simply by fighting. Lescatie's strongest hero, Wilmarina Noscrim, is a master of this technique, and it is said that she can neutralize several opponents simply by demonstrating fighting moves, though she has no interest in showing her charms to anyone but her husband. It is one of the common fighting techniques of the Dark Knights and the technique is widely used by monster warriors and the Mamono Lord's army, not just the military forces of Lescatie.

    Succubus Provocation (★★☆)
    A technique that provokes a man with particularly attractive and spectacular magical combat movements, attracting the male gaze and attention to monsters. By deliberately and quickly enticing male opponents, knights can direct their gaze and attention wherever they wish. That is, it is possible to manipulate to some extent the combat lunges of an opponent to avoid a blow by deflecting a man's blade so that it slashes the air. Mages whose concentration is hampered will fail and spells will fly in an unplanned direction. It also distracts the eyes of your enemies who are targeting your allies. Also, with repeated use of this technique, even an enemy soldier with another important mission can forget about other things just by looking at the knights. As you can see, it is even possible to catch a man in the middle of a battle on his own movements, interrupting them in your charms.

    This is one of the female succubus techniques. Originally it was regularly used on bad boys, for example, to get a man to kiss you or massage your breasts without saying anything.

    Sensitive Parrying (★★☆)
    A technique of interacting with an opponent's weapon, gripping a male opponent's sword and body. Monsters' strong and flexible arms are mainly designed to caress the human body underneath their underwear, and their enchanting hand movement skills were developed to give pleasure to male instruments. And these unsurpassed skills are combined with advanced knightly swordsmanship. After touching the enemy's weapon, one can not only parry the attack, but also take away the enemy's weapon, and with one's own hands climb into his underwear or grasp his body so as to saddle and guide the male body into one's bosom. In this way, not only weapons collide with weapons, but bodies intertwine with each other. Touch your opponent's hard body and run your hand over it, shower it with heavy, sweet breath and words of love in their ear. There seem to be many different things that can be used with this technique that will result in victory on the side of the succubus. After all, this technique, which is used by devils and has been adopted by the Dark Knights, is beautiful and marvelous. And if it is used by a master, it is said, even the weapon will be used in capturing the knight.

    Spear Dance (★☆☆)
    This is a method of seducing an opponent in battle through the free and mesmerizing use of a spear like a pole and likening one's body to a snake wrapped around it. Spears made of demonic ore do not have to be thrust into the ground, they can be fixed in any position in the air. And since there is no need to pull the spear out, you can conduct your attacks without interrupting the movement of the dance. Although the technique is the same as the Succubus Combat Dance, but with the spear, the sometimes lewd movements of the hands and tongue on the spear are much more likely to inflame the opponent's libido. The disorderly, irregular and lewd movements of the spear-dancing succubus are impossible to predict, as well as the subsequent actions, which confuses the adversary. The man's lust will only increase along with the strong stimulating movements he sees, and he will continue to watch. And because of the excitement, he is said to be unable to maintain normal concentration of thoughts.

    This technique specializes in showing your flexible and beautiful body, which all monsters possess, but if you are of the Lamia family, able to present your whole body supple and flexible, you can increase the effect even more. Echidnas, who have the highest level of strength among Lamia, and the master warrior guardian lance Mersé, who is one of the seven princesses of Lescatie, can use not only body movements, but also control the movements of the lance as if it were a living snake mesmerizing other people. And this snake goes from gentle movements to a deadly attack in the blink of an eye, one that goes through armor and seems to shake the ground.

    Magic Cut (★☆☆)
    The skill of attacking with magical power placed in a weapon by passing it through it.
    As the magical cut passes through physical defenses such as metal armor, you must defend against it with magic to prevent this attack. "Magical cut" is a basic technique in handling a "magic blade" and a simple technique to magically crush an opponent. Because of its simplicity, the range, speed and strength of the blow depend on the user's magic power and skill in using it. It is also possible to give different effects to this punch, such as "make the enemy aroused" or "give the enemy great pleasure and make him climax instantly" if the user has a good command of magical powers and is fond of magic. This technique is used by fighters who are at some distance from each other. It is not a technique that can be used in combat close to the opponent, as it requires some swing. However, sword masters who specialize in this technique seem to be able to apply it with a little preliminary movement and use it at close range, such as putting a magical attack into a chopping blow. Physical protection or armor will not matter to such a specialist.

    In addition, a superb user of the "magic blade," the archdevil Parshe, who is a master of this technique, can boast before the other Dark Knights the ability to shoot sickles of magical fire from afar with great speed. The rain of sharp sickles containing dense mamono mana is a serious threat to the enemy. But Parshe seems to be beloved in the Order of Dark Knights, because of her appearance and character she resembles a child playing when swinging her blade.

    Erosion Sword (★★☆)
    This is one of the deadly techniques the Dark Knight wields, compressing mamono mana and releasing it through the sword. The blow of a blade filled with concentrated mamono mana becomes fatal if it reaches directly into the body. The greatest peculiarity of this technique is that it is based on the assumption that the opponent will defend himself against it.

    Dense magical energy is transmitted to the weapons and armor with which the enemy is protected, and from them to the enemy's body, affecting his spiritual energy. In addition, when mamono mana enters armor and weapons, it can change them to the metals of the mamono realm. In other words, if the enemy defends himself with a blade, it becomes an non-fatal demonic blade. If an enemy uses enchanted armor to avoid depravity and loss of power, that armor becomes demonic armor, which absorbs mamono mana. In this way you can turn an enemy trapped in such magic into an incubus.

    In a battle between knights, the enemy's blows are usually blocked with his sword, but in a battle with the Dark Knight it becomes dangerous because of the existence of this technique.

    Blade of the Eclipse (★★★)
    This is a fatal technique of the Demon Knights that allows you to calm your mind, and becomes available for use only when pure love prevails in your heart. A sword strike that carries pure heart desire has the power to crush your opponent's heart, not his body, spiritual strength or armor. The Dark Knight's desperate desire is transmitted to the blade, melts the mind and destroys hostility, turning all enemy attacks into a sexual desire to pounce on the dark knight.

    The strength of this skill becomes greater the stronger and purer the Dark Knight's desire, and its effect increases the more strongly the enemy hates the monsters. Because of its nature, this technique is supremely powerful: a strong and heavy opponent who thinks he is fighting an evil demon faces the desire coming from the depths of his enemy's heart to be his companion and fill their hearts with love. In addition, this technique can also be used well against a hostile human woman, converting her aggression into a desire to turn into a monster with your help. The more hostile to monsters and warlike a woman she was, the more effective this technique will be and the more obscene a monster she will become in the end.

    Oath of Duel (★★☆)
    A powerful magic that creates a space where other people cannot interfere when proclaiming your affiliation and name to a combat partner you wish to duel with. Other than the two people targeted by the spell, others cannot enter, attacks and spells from outside are repelled or absorbed. On the other hand, attacks from the inside will also not come out and both duelists will not be able to leave until their battle is resolved.

    This is one of the fundamental spells that monsters can use unconsciously with "people repelling magic," the effect of which is activated by an oath to fight their opponent in a duel. "Repelling magic" consists in the fact that when a monster engages in intimacy with a loved one, their spiritual and demonic energies mix with each other and the overflowing energy of the couple activates these spells, which create an aura of inaccessibility, that is, magic that eliminates the interference that prevents the intercourse. It is because of this effect that monsters who make love to their prey on the battlefield do not become the enemy's target, their invisibility due to the magic. "The Oath of Duel" is not a sexual act, but a spell that will not interfere with the battle. However, because of the nature of the magic that became the source, once you defeat your opponent in a duel, this magic will not simply dissipate unless you and your companion vow to be together.

    Sometimes, even if your duel ends, the spell won't dissipate and you won't be able to get out. In this case, it may be because the Dark Knight has been thinking too much about the battle, assuming that "after the battle we will be together forever." In that case, in order to get out, you would have to make love at the place of the fight.

    Oath of the Dark Knight (★★★)
    The effectiveness of magic can be increased through vows and Dark Knights also gain power through oaths. "Dark Knight's Oath" is a magic vow that dramatically increases the physical characteristics of the body and the magic power of the knight who made the oath. Dark Knights who already have a husband that awaits their return already have magical advantages because they have made the promise to "make their companion feel good." In addition, the more loyal and devoted to her husband the vow uttered, the stronger the effect of the oath she feels, particularly those who "after sucking her husband's nethers make sure to swallow his sweet semen" or "devote themselves to her husband whenever he has sexual desire" or perform another indecent oath, receive greater power from the vow. In other words, by having the "sincere" demeanor of a dark knight and the spirit of a "nobleman," we have the ability to increase our potential.

    In addition, the vow of "what I will do with my husband after the battle is over" also gives great power to the Dark Knight. Unmarried knights who vow to "reveal their affections to a man when they return from this battle" before going into battle always return with impressive results and will be graced with a husband.

    Legion of Demons (★★☆)
    Acting together in a squad of Dark Knights, you can increase each other's charm and defeat enemy troops more effectively. This is because the "Succubus Combat Dance" used by the Dark Knights has a mutually reinforcing effect not only on its own, but also complements the charm of monster allies, creating a mesmerizing love spirit around the entire unit. The sight of a group of beautiful succubus ladies, even those just marching, is breathtaking. It is like the performance of a beautiful group of dancers on a catwalk that completely captivates a troop of people.

    Monster cooperation is usually unavoidable, as each of us is bound by some sort of alliance with the rest of us to obtain another human being. But it is the talented Dark Knights, endowed with magical powers, who demonstrate the highest level of cooperation. Even the monster army, which reports directly to the Mamono lord, does not have as many units with such a high degree of skill and leadership as the Dark Knights of Lescatie. This is because many of the Knights of the Mamono Realm of Lescatie used to be human. It is also believed to be due to the high degree of military prowess of the land of Lescatie, which has become the cornerstone of present-day Lescatie.

    Loyalty Resonance (★★★)
    Fighting together, several knights who share the same husband will amplify each other's fighting power and have spectacular magical moves. Having a common love and the same will to return to the same man again, thanks to which they have a special bond during battle, the knights understand each other's thoughts and movements without words, so as not to waste time on unnecessary conversations.

    Spending their nights together, they develop their skills through close contact with each other. A harem formed by several dark knights is unlikely to have strong individual skills, but would make an excellent fighting unit when fighting as a team.

    The monsters who make love to human men accumulate mamono mana in them to make them incubi. During this, they also mix their mamono mana with the man's spiritual energy and share it with each other, increasing in quantity and subsequently gaining even more power. When one man becomes the husband of more than one monster girl, a multitude of mamono mana will pass through the same man and mix in his body, also circulating in his wives. Even if they are not dark knights, the monsters in the harem will become more powerful because of the mutually reinforcing effect, but will not be able to read each other's minds in battle and fight as one. This is because in the harem, the desires that the mamono turn to their husband are disparate, and this power is a shared value of the knights, who hold a common desire for their husband in the form of loyalty to their master.

    Though not Dark Knights, the "Princesses of Lescatie" who share a common husband have the same power that Loyalty Resonance gives when they come together as a whole. It is even said that their combined power surpasses even that of Druella, comparable to that of the elder deities. They are allies, united by a common love for their husband, but they also seem to be very friendly with each other as best friends. They are powerful great figures in their own right and can increase each other's power, like the knights one of the princesses was. This seems to be due to the extremely great fortitude of their husband, who is the faithful spouse of these seven.

    Demon Horse Riding (★☆☆)
    The skill of successfully riding a demonic horse. A Dark Knight mastering this technique excels at fighting on horseback without losing her balance when swinging a large weapon, and can fight bravely and dynamically even while saddled on a horse.

    The secret of this technique is in the hips of monsters. Most mamonos, including succubi, pride themselves on being the most adept at giving pleasure to a human male by riding him from above. Of course, the monsters' hips are initially used by them to wrap their arms around a man. After all, mamonos are good at delivering pleasure with their hips and are perfectly adept at their movements. Regardless of how strong the body's bursts of pleasure are from the male genitals, they continue to ride on top of them to give pleasure to their husband, moving their hips and keeping their balance even when unconscious. Moreover, if the race possesses wings or a tail, they will also wiggle them deftly to be able to keep their balance on the person they ride. In fact, succubus wings shake the waist a lot during coitus with a man, so they grow on the hips, not on the back, to hold balance during these movements.

    "Hip movements," developed by the Dark Knights during battles on horseback, are used by women in the horsewoman position during sex with their husbands and the hips, which move violently up and down with particular force while doing so, provide even more pleasure. In addition, the hip movements, which are further practiced by knights while riding demonic horses, will further strengthen the dark knight on horseback. Although it is a horsemanship skill that is developed through repetition, Lady Dark Knight Vermut is still unmarried, but has a reputation as an excellent horsewoman. Lady Vermut is considered unsurpassed at sexually swaying her hips as she moves, especially when she rides a horse. It is said that it is simply impossible to look away from her, the sight of her can ignite desire in human men more than any other rider in Lescatie.

    Reinforcing the demon horse. (★★☆)
    A technique that dramatically increases a horse's combat capabilities by transmitting magical energy. It can also change a demon horse's breed to a more highly evolved species.
    The demon horse is a demonic animal capable of absorbing mamono mana. To produce a demonic horse enhancement, you need to have magical abilities of a demonic rider and demonstrate your magical power to the demonic stallion, it is also necessary that he recognizes her as "beloved". To do this, of course, it is important to keep in touch with the horse for a long period of time and, in addition, it is important to practice with the stallion the demonic rider's learned magical abilities. The latter will help to develop the magical power of the rider to a higher quality, making it more palatable, which will also help to increase the time spent with the husband. Other than that, the most effective way is to generate a lot of magic near the horse, i.e. to ride it with her husband. The magical power that grows when riding with your husband on the horse mixes the joy of riding with the magical power of monsters, which makes it extremely sweet and its melting taste captivates the horse. For this reason, it seems to be customary among the dark knights who ride horses to ride together on holidays on a demonic trotter.

    When the beast remembers the taste of magical power in this way, the demonic horse will accept the energy given by the mistress without resistance. If you transfer your power to it while running through the battlefield, you can instantly increase the horse's leg power and accelerate quickly or even jump over a huge rock.

    Dark Warrior[edit]

    The Dark Warriors rush at the enemy with a bestial thirst

    ■ Overview of the Dark Warriors
    Those called "Dark Warriors" are experts in a frenetic skirmish on the battlefield.
    These militant girls, wielding heavy weapons such as axes or great swords, do not receive regular training like knights. Warriors live each day according to their desires, eat food if they are hungry, and jump on a man when they feel like it-and let the whole world wait. In order to get a husband, these monsters are on the battlefield.

    They are freer in their actions than the knights or heroes of Lescatie, and are hired to work for the people of the land and the merchants who visit Lescatie. In addition, the warriors perform various tasks and guard duties, and can also hunt huge demonic beasts. During battles with the Order, Dark Warriors fight alongside those who are officially part of the military and are considered mercenaries. Whether it is an emergency in Lescatie or an expedition of the Order, many warriors gather. To get a human male as a reward, they seek to quickly defeat the enemy in battle, rather than to be bound in a charming duel like the knights.

    ■ Dark Warrior in battle
    Dark warriors have come to the battlefield in search of delicious men. Waving huge weapons, they jump into the battlefield to be there first. Most of these girl warriors are self-taught, so they rely on raw, powerful attacks and monster instincts in combat. Though their attacks are anything but subtle, the released pressure of demonic power blows away any lined-up defenses, and their instinct-based moves are sometimes faster and more accurate than if they were deliberately calibrated with their heads. Their powerful attacks sometimes surpass even the skills of skilled swordsmen, and their techniques have more destructive power than complex magic. Because they fight based on monster instincts, when those instincts are awakened, their fighting power increases dramatically. Their desperate desire for a man and their acts of self-satisfaction increase their physical capabilities, and when they catch sight of a desirable man or smell him, they become even more aroused and their senses heightened. In other words, by filling their hearts with more and more lustful desires and fighting like a beast that seeks only pleasure and sex, the Dark Warriors only grow stronger. They do not pose as much of a threat to the Order's army command as the Dark Knights do, since they prefer to move freely across the battlefield, navigating by the scent and footprints of a man, and once they spot him visually, they swirl towards him to deliver a fatal blow and, throwing everything aside, rape him at all costs. On the other hand, since they come to the battlefield only to rape a man, when they begin to have intercourse with him, although the intercourse greatly enhances the Dark Warriors, as a drawback, their motivation to continue fighting drops significantly.
    If the Dark Knights are the part of the army that is in the center of the battle and specializes in charming the heart, then the Dark Warriors are the part of the army that specializes in raping the enemy right during the battle. On the battlefield you can see how, after getting their prey, they immediately have sex with it.

    The monster instinct to seek sex with a man is essential for all races of monsters. So the bestial instincts of the Dark Warriors can hide in any mamono who is looking for a spouse. Among the Dark Warriors there are even very unusual races, such as the Kikimora.

    ■ Social Status and Origin
    Unlike the Dark Knights, who were mostly originally inhabitants of Lescatie, meaning that they were previously human, many Dark Warriors are those who participated as mercenaries during Druella's invasion of Lescatie, many of whom were monsters before. A significant proportion are those who came to Lescatie after it became a Mamono Realm.

    Although their status does not surpass that of a knight, anyone can become a Dark Warrior if they want to try. Dark Warriors are often in the city bars, and if you tell them you wish to become a warrior, they will often allow you to learn from them on a certain schedule. However, if you are a man, it will have a different meaning. Among those who earn their living by fighting, Dark Warriors are considered quite cheap and you can easily hire one of them as a fighting force, even if you prepare a small reward. What will be required as a reward if you are a human male will be something more than money or food. And if you want to possess her yourself, if you pay for the escort mission, you can satisfy that desire in any way you want. The request with a "reward in the form of the client himself" is the most popular, because it allows you to get a man more reliably. Dark Warriors will rush to the client who left such a request to be the first to respond and receive a reward from him. They often have their own network of informants in bars and other venues, and if word comes from spies or scouts about bandits or the Order, they say they will hunt them down without reward, to stay ahead of the Dark Knights.

    In human society these warriors are often seen as bandits, but in fact outside of battle they are exceptionally good people. They also seem to have developed a good relationship with the people of Lescatie and therefore often get a little work. They do not possess the heroic look of Knights or Heroes, but those Warriors who do fight have a strong desire to have children. There are especially many young Mamono among them that can't wait until they finish their training to become a Dark Knight and want to get on the battlefield and get a husband immediately.

    Battle Cry (★☆☆)
    A monster instinct activating technique that increases physical ability and fills the heart with a strong thirst for men. However, during use the libido rises endlessly and during a prolonged battle the arousal weakens and dissipates and eventually the monster instinct will reach an "extreme state".

    A human being in such a state will not be able to move normally from the heat enveloping his body, and his overexcited head will not be able to think normally. Because of this, he won't even be able to fight properly. Nevertheless, monsters are closer to nature and biologically sex with a man is their highest priority and when someone makes sure that this state is "taking hold of" a mamono, she can demonstrate her maximum strength. In a state of heat, monsters cannot act rationally and think about anything other than sex with a man, but for Dark Warriors, combat is just a process of having intercourse a man. Dark Warriors who have lost their minds have to act on their instincts alone, which is just to fight and saddle up a man. "Fighting for the little man" can also be fully accomplished through monster instinct. Mamono's bosom in a state of heat will be very wet, and the pleasure received will be felt more strongly. The prevailing lust of the man raging because of his instincts will help to execute faster and more precisely the actions to arouse the man, extract his penis, and make a sharp final attack.

    Normally, consciously thinking about a man and dreaming about the depravity you plan to commit with him is a method to instill a beast in your own mind. But since a monster's instincts need only be activated once, particularly when a mamono meets a man who is her prey, from the mere awareness of his sight and scent she will feel a strong desire and this state may arise involuntarily. Also, if the monster is always thinking about men, the "battle cry" state will become natural to her and can be activated accidentally. If the Dark Warrior has already set her sights on making a particular man her husband, her heart will be seized with passion for that man, and because of her feelings, she will be in this state all the time.

    Beastly Heart Punch (★ ★★ ★)
    This is a fatal technique that can only be applied when the Dark Warrior's heart is completely filled with lust for a man and is controlled by the beast. This attack is performed unconsciously, in an extreme state, and consists of perfect movements, which are performed with monster instincts, in order to overpower the man. It can only be applied when the monster loses her mind completely after the "battle cry" and her excitement reaches its limit. At that moment she jumps up to her opponent, striking him in an instant and hitting him with all the magical power she can put into her weapon.

    The attack, carried out unconsciously, on the mamono's instincts alone, is in most cases executed faster than the monster herself realizes. Thus the monster approaches the man at such a speed that he cannot react to it, which makes the blow inevitable. Thanks to the pulse of magical power concentrated thanks to the Dark Warriors' animal desire, not only the weapon itself but also the energy scattered around it will become fatal, regardless of whether the man tries to dodge the blow or prevent the attack with his armor. When the man realizes that the Dark Warrior has already reached him, the man's body will already fall silently to the ground, and the Warrior, who has already begun sucking on the man's tool to satisfy her desires, will begin shaking her hips over her prey.

    If you encounter a Dark Warrior when the battle has just begun, it is unlikely that the Beastly Heart Punch will be used suddenly, for by their nature those who wield it cannot use it unless they are in an extreme state. But the human and sexual scent of men already defeated and raped fills the battlefield, and the longer the battle lasts - the more the hearts of the Dark Warriors become beastly and furious. And the moment you notice their appearance, they will execute this blow, and as time goes by there will be more and more such cases. Also, if the Warrior Woman does spot a particular man, in order to make him her husband, she begins to make sexual fantasies about what she will do with him, which almost instantly activates the "warrior cry" described above. By the time she encounters people, she will definitely be in an extreme state of mind. If her opponent is a man whom the Warriors has spotted, she will use this trick at any moment without a second thought. Even if you've seen this trick in the past battle and by a lucky chance avoided it, Dark Warriors only become more dangerous for you.

    Weapon Rupture (★ ★ ☆)
    This is a mighty blow that destroys your opponent's weapon along with your own. This technique consists of destroying both of your weapons by instantly blowing up any magical forces placed on your weapon as it collides with your opponent's weapon. First of all, the huge battle axes or swords that Dark Warriors prefer to carry can, by themselves, simply break the enemy's weapon if it is conventional, and, moreover, using this technique, it is also possible to destroy stronger weapons as well as those that are protected by magic.

    Then, if the Dark Warrior and her opponent lose their weapons, they have only their fists against each other. After that, all she has to do is to overpower the person with the overwhelming power of mamono, so as to turn the battle into a delightful rape. Also, sometimes when the girls can just destroy the enemy's weapons with their own, they still use the Weapon Rupture. This makes some sense, since even obsolete weapons take on a certain meaning for a man when they fall into his hands, and in this way the Warriors show other fierce men and their chosen one, in crude terms, that "one should not hurt others, but simply do something good for them". This makes sense, for a weapon that has fallen into a man's hands can fulfill its purpose. And mamono-warriors, though possessing the image of brutal rapists, thus convey to their male partners the message: "We don't hurt, we only bring pleasure."

    Devilishly Powerful Strike (★ ☆ ☆)
    Putting all their power into the strike, Dark Warriors blow enemies away with the remnants of mamono mana around their weapons. Although this technique is similar to the Dark Knights' Magic Cut, Dark Warriors cannot control magical forces, so they have poor accuracy and cannot give magical effects to the strike. However, the magic invested in brute physical force generates an air pressure like a hurricane wind and neutralizes many opponents in front of them, blowing them away before dissipating. The magical storm wind can grow stronger and stronger, absorbing the spilled magic in the area, the stronger the more mamono mana is in the air. In other words, this attack can become more powerful the more allies have gained men, due to the excess magical power emitted into the air from their hot coitus.

    It is worth noting an interesting feature of this technique: randomly scattered particles of mamono mana will remain in the air for some time. Using this technique many times, you can make dense clots of mamono mana drift across the battlefield. The heat-filled remnants of mamono mana of the Dark Warriors will make all mamono fighting with them on the same side get excited, not to mention the Dark Warriors themselves, who will go into an extreme state once they see a man. Furthermore, the men, especially the men fighting the Dark Warriors, will also fall under the influence of these clots and become saturated with animal lust for the mamono before their eyes. The men will then forget the original purpose of the battle and rush upon the Dark Warriors if they spot them in order to get to them and take them as their females. Thus, the battlefield where the rampage of the Dark Warriors took place becomes a battlefield of beasts fighting to actually rape each other, and only the joyful cries of the warriors resound over that field.

    Warrior's Embrace (★ ★ ★)
    A technique performed with both hands that catches the attacking opponent, which is enclosed between her chest and held there tightly, as if hugging him. The Dark Warrior's body, with the help of magical energy, becomes stronger than iron armor at this moment. They will embrace their prey no matter what, even if someone else hits them from behind. In addition, the Warrior Woman, who has captured a man with her arms, can let him go if his life is threatened by something. However, because of the instinct awakened by the close contact, it will be impossible to escape from the Dark Warrior, she will have even more power than usual and will gently hold the evader so that he cannot escape anywhere.

    This is a strong and uncompromising way to hold a man, any cunning tricks like applying magic to the dark warrior's body will not work because of her own magic. She will instinctively embrace him to the last, believing that "embracing a man makes him her own." Thus, only the man whom the Dark Warrior intends to make her husband can be held by this trick, and it cannot be used on women and men who are not interested in her. In addition, the actions performed after preventing the prisoner's attacks in the embrace are limited to "getting the man" - they simply cannot "strike him with their weapons after stopping his attack", nor are they capable of "strangling him to death after hugging him".

    Because of the existence of this technique, it is said that it is as dangerous to attack a Dark Warrior in a jump to the chest as it is to attack them in the forehead. But, contrary to the impulsive disposition of Warriors, the instincts of monster girls are crafty and cunning. The instincts of the mamono include not only the rape of the male, but also the instincts of the female to lure the male to herself. The man sees before him the most beautiful of females, whom he cannot miss for anything, which is as if she is emitting pheromones for the man. It is as if she appeals to her opponent's very male instinct that she is an unprotected woman, pushing him toward her.

    In addition, the Dark Warriors usually attack men themselves, and their leap to a man looks like a scene of a woman longing for her lover. Warriors gladly do everything possible and even more to make a man jump into their arms, so that they can soon do whatever they want with him and soothe their instincts. This behavior manifests itself in lovingly stroking their cheeks and enveloping them with their own love scent.

    Beast Instant (★ ★ ★)
    A technique for attacking the enemy at breakneck speed. This technique uses the spiritual energy of the enemy as a reference point, leaving the monster's instincts to control the body of the user and move towards the enemy. The instincts launch the Warrior's body at a great speed, not comparable to that which can be achieved by consciously controlling the body.

    It is necessary that the mamono mana itself purposefully searches for the specific spiritual energy of the man, that is, it is required to know exactly the scent of the man's spiritual energy so as not to miss. Therefore, this technique by its very nature can not be applied to men and women, in which the Dark Warrior is not interested. The speed of the movement increases in proportion to the excitement and lust of the Dark Warrior for the man. Also in the case of men to whom Dark Warriors give their love from the heart and absolutely desire them, the speed becomes lightning fast. The human eye cannot keep track of the mamono's movements and the next moment the Dark Warrior's feet will touch the ground right in front of the man's eyes. Also, as she moves, the Dark Warrior herself senses the footprints and scents necessary to locate the male she seeks.

    Since Dark Warriors are a part of the troops that specialize in close combat, opponents often try to pit people who wield magic and can attack from afar against them. Of course, magic that can be attacked from a distance is, on the one hand, effective. However, magic is an act of releasing saturated spiritual energy that pinpoints the mage's location to the Dark Warrior. And the next moment she can be near him, crushing him and jumping on top of him.

    Roar of Enchantment (★★☆)
    A brave roar that turns into a war cry and intimidates the enemy.

    At first glance it seems like nothing, but the roar of monsters that have the power of succubi shocks the mind of the enemy and sounds like an enchanting female voice with a special power that calls several times to a man. It not only intimidates and frightens the adversary who hears it, but also appeals to the man's instinct, showing that he is prey. Together with fright, it causes masochistic arousal. The organ in the lower abdomen of the man, who has been weak in spirit and frightened by this roar, rises painfully against the will of its owner, who loses all his strength, like a frog staring into the eyes of a snake. He becomes a helpless prey, just waiting to be "savored" by the Dark Warrior.

    In addition to this roar being a reminder that being prey to monsters is part of human nature, the roar also carries the power to remind mamono that it is in their nature to be predators that rape human males. This greatly inspires and excites the Dark Warriors and their allies, accelerating the Dark Warriors' libido and beastliness, and the mamono's instincts approach an extreme state.

    The Domain of the Warrior (★★★)
    The dense magical energy that diffuses around the Dark Warrior appeals to a man's instincts, putting his own body and soul in a state vulnerable to corruption by magic, as if a woman had sprayed pheromones in front of a man.

    This is similar to the magic that is activated when the monster instinct puts the Dark Warriors in an extreme state. By rendering humans helpless against demonic forces in both body and mind, the magic of seducing humans, which all monsters possess, is free to penetrate, acting directly on the male's instincts. The male organ will rise directly in front of the Dark Warrior, as everything that makes her a beautiful and powerful woman: her terrific scent, the sweat that drips apart in battle - everything becomes a weapon that crushes a man stronger than the blow of a demonic battle axe. In this space, the magically powerful Dark Warrior Mamono with a demonic weapon has an overwhelming advantage over a man wielding an ordinary weapon. The two warriors no longer have any need for weapons, they will discard them together and fight like a man and a woman only in a battle of flesh. Of course this technique is not for the exchange of blows with the man, but for the exchange of pleasure, which is the original purpose of the Dark Warriors.

    In addition, the Dark Warrior herself also falls under the influence of the magical power around her, that is, she becomes helpless against the spiritual energy, the appearance, and the scent of the man before her. Anything that makes her heart desire a man as a man at the level of basic instincts will enchant the Warrior. Then during sex with a man and the infusion of spiritual energy into her, she will surrender to the feelings and pleasure bestowed by that man with her whole body and soul, which follow the monster instincts and instincts of the male.

    Dark Heavy Knight[edit]

    Black Citadels of Lescatie, they feel a numbness of hidden feelings and power within.

    ■ Overview of the Dark Heavy Knight
    Dark Heavy Knights are dark monster knights who are shrouded in heavy armor, as if covered by walls of steel. They are the backbone of the defense of the demon kingdom's fortresses, which are located in important places and play a paramount role in protecting the entire border of Lescatie. It is because these monsters serve there that the inhabitants of Lescatie can safely spend their time drowning in sex with their partner. Many Dark Knights prefer light and extremely open armor to seduce men, while Dark Heavy Knights wear heavy and large armors that covers their entire bodies. Made from demonic ore, the armor is strong on its own, but when you add the magical energy embedded in it, the result is that neither a wall-crushing blow nor magical fire that scorches everything around it can shatter these metal walls. Simply by standing still, the Dark Heavy Knight gives the impression of confronting an enormous fortress to the enemy.

    Because they are better at defending than attacking enemies, Dark Heavy Knights often do not participate in expeditionary missions, giving the impression that they are less successful than Dark Knights. Because of this, their duties are solely to defend the duty station, except in emergencies. For this reason, this part of the army can spend more time on themselves when all is quiet, and spends more time with their husbands than all the other Knights.

    ■ Dark Heavy Knights in Battle
    During battle, the Dark Heavy Knights, wearing heavy armor made of demonic silver, stand in front to protect those behind them with their reliable presence. Demonic armor, made from demonic ores, inherently stores magical energy within itself, unlike demonic weapons, which release it outward. Dark Heavy Knights take advantage of this property by filling the interior of their armor with their own mamono mana, which strengthens the armor's protective properties. The high degree of armor of these girls is more due to the protection of their own mana than to the strength of the armor itself. However, the armor, which because of its nature is a container for magical energy, allows more energy to be carried within it, which is why the Dark Heavy Knights wear armor covering their entire body.

    Dark Heavy Knights seem to only be well-protected, but they are not. The mamono mana contained within the armor, while preventing an attack, constantly corrupts the enemy, and beyond that, it is also transferred to the spear. This power is released during the spear's counterattack, making it incredibly powerful, making Dark Heavy Knights guaranteed to have intercourse with her opponent. In this way, they completely restrain the enemy's attack so that you and your lover are not harmed, and triumph without any assistance - this is how Dark Heavy Knights fight.

    As mentioned above, the secret of their indestructibility lies not in their armor, but in the magical power hidden within. It is important for Dark Heavy Knights to fill their armor with mamono mana, so in order to increase the amount of magical energy and its quality, male warriors and dark heavy knights are encouraged to train sexually inside their armor. The magical energy they release there, which will increase in quality and quantity, will not be dissipated, but will be completely retained in the armor. A monster's magical power can change its properties based on the mental state of the mamono and its environment. For placement in armor, however, the magical energy that stores the feelings of an aroused monster languishing for a man and experiencing intense lust is most suitable. By painfully suppressing this lust, this mana is held within the armor. The mana stored in the armor completely envelops the body of the mamono in it, which is unable to satisfy her sexual desire. So that the man can relieve the monster from this torment, the mana makes him more vulnerable to temptation, whose heightened effects will persistently corrupt the body and mind of her chosen one. In addition, the magic enveloping the monstrous maiden allows her to drag inside the armor a man she's attracted to, his cock bulging like a mountain. So on the battlefield, when the Dark Heavy Knights become more aroused than usual, they restrain their arousal by turning it into arcane power.

    To make the armor even stronger, one must accumulate sexual desire and restrain the impulses of lust that arise. This is why character, not the natural non-aggressiveness and passivity of a monster toward men, is important for this kind of thing. It is also necessary to overcome her strong desire to set aside decency and dirtily rape a man by taking his cock into her body.

    ■ Social Status and Origin
    In order to improve their protection, Dark Heavy Knights have to restrain their desire, which overwhelms them almost daily.
    A lonely Dark Heavy Knight only needs to restrain her impulses to pounce on a man she meets. If she has a spouse, however, even seeing his smile and smelling his pleasant scent, no matter how moist her crotch gets, she must only please herself with her fingers, which will allow her to resist the urge not to pounce on her husband to drag him off to bed.
    For the Dark Heavy Knight, patience is essential...

    ...but no one can stand such a vow.
    Naturally, Dark Heavy Knights cannot bear this burden, for Mamono are very fond of engaging in amorous pleasures with men. Therefore, if they have a beloved husband, they want to spend maximum time in coitus with him. The unmarried Dark Heavy Knight is forced to resist all her sexual desires until she meets the perfect man. By this point, her whole body will be eager to get her husband and will begin to emit as much magical energy and charm as possible. They take a break between intercourse to have sex with her husband to the limit of pleasure, because, as we know, to a starving man, food seems inexpressibly delicious. The married Dark Heavy Knight, on the other hand, who has tasted her husband's mana many times, knows that it is the best meal she will never get bored with and will always stay close to her, and she just can't stand abstinence. To solve this problem, they spend all their free time on pleasuring themselves with their lover, constantly bathing their bodies in their husband's semen and continuing to wallow in pleasure, trying to keep themselves in a state that can be called "addicted to her husband," based on "intoxication by semen" and "dependence on pleasure." After not making love for just a day, a Dark Heavy Knight begins to feel as if she has been enduring it for months, which makes her body and mind crave coitus insanely. As a result, she will plunge into the armor with her husband and have sex inside, even if it was impossible a few minutes ago. In doing so, even though only a day of abstinence has actually passed, she will be able to fight with the same power as a Dark Heavy Knight, who has been abstinent for months.

    "You must tame your desires."

    Although the Dark Heavy Knights are respected in Lescatie for various reasons, no one is in a hurry to join their ranks because of their lifestyle. For Lescatian women who love to have sex with their husbands, and who even among other monsters are particularly lustful, restraining the urge to pounce on a man in such surroundings and having to engage in mere self-satisfaction is tantamount to torture. In recent years, however, the depraved lives of the Dark Heavy Knights described above have become more notorious. And beyond that, since they are assigned to guard the border, where there is no shortage of encounters with people from outside Lescatie, in recent years more and more monsters looking for a husband want to become Dark Heavy Knights.

    Moreover, when Lescatie became a mamono realm, along with the country's population, the number of soldiers increased as well. Although guarding the border had previously been a harsh mission, as it had to be defended over a long period of time, a large number of personnel ended up being stationed on the border, which seems to have given considerable leeway to its defenders. The soldiers and knights who have been sent to guard the border have the opportunity to rest in the garrison, which is specially equipped to allow them to do their work in peace. In addition, the soldiers and knights stationed at the border with their spouse, even in such a place, want to spend time having sex with their lover. In accordance with this desire and according to the design of Lady Druella, the barracks of each frontier garrison turned into bedrooms with high-quality bedding and surroundings, as if in the chambers of a noble. Because of the increasing number of soldiers who are stationed there, the garrisons each look like a small village, and some garrisons have bedrooms that differ from each other and have different furnishings because they are made in different styles, and the local soldiers have choices in the food on offer. Therefore, even after completing their service on the frontier and returning to the capital city of Lescatie or Castle Salvarision, many want to continue defending the frontier in the comfort of the garrison, so many want to be assigned to another garrison on the frontier to watch it. Of all the garrisons in particular, seven are popular, each with a bedroom, which is made to the taste of each of the Seven Princesses of Lescatie and also reflects their ideals. It seems to be popular among the Dark Heavy Knights and their husbands to tour the Seven Princesses' Bedrooms, which takes place in their spare time away from missions.

    Demon Armor User (★★☆)
    With a deeper knowledge of the characteristics of Demon Armor and Demon Ore, this skill makes the armor made of it even more reliable. It is a basic skill for Dark Heavy Knights, being slightly more difficult than the handling of Demonic Weapons, for it requires advanced and deep control of magical power.

    When using a Demonic Weapon, it is easy to channel magical energy to corrupt an opponent with magic at the moment of attack, when the attacker's magical power is gathered in the magical sword. The moment of "releasing" the magical power accumulated in the sword becomes especially important. However, when using magic armor it is important, on the contrary, to "hold" the magic energy inside the armor, not allowing it to be released. Demonic armor is lighter and stronger than ordinary metal armor, but if you stretch the film of magical energy that the ore is saturated with, you can get a higher strength of protection. Dark Knights, who tend to wear light and very open armor that slightly covers the body, stretch the film on the "outside" of their armor to increase protection. But Dark Heavy Knights, whose bodies are fully encased in armor, fill the space inside them with magical energy from the "inner side" of the armor. As a result, they become even more protected, creating a magical protection that is more than just a magical film. The effect will be the stronger the more magical energy inside the armor has been concentrated. However, the mana released by the body easily overwhelms the armor, causing the magical energy to flow freely outward. The essence of this skill is to keep as much magical energy inside the armor as possible. Thus, controlling magical power within the armor is a more complicated technique than releasing it. However, if you train this skill, you can not only keep the magical power within the armor, but also allow it to flow within it. It also becomes possible to collect magical energy in a certain place, where the opponent's attack is aimed. At first glance, the Dark Heavy Knights appear to be immobile in battle, but magic is constantly moving within their armor.

    In addition, Dark Heavy Knight armor is unusual for Mamono, in that while it is handy as a container for magical energy, it does not allow for the proper attraction of men, as it covers the entire body. Nevertheless, by honing this skill, the cuts between the armor can be increased, as it will be possible to maintain the same level of magical energy and protection. In other words, the Dark Heavy Knight will be able to increase her attractiveness to men according to her degree of skill, which will make it easier to seduce them. This seems to be very important to mamono.

    Corrupting Defense (★☆☆)
    When a Dark Heavy Knight prevents an opponent from attacking with her armor or shield, the magic accumulated in the armor is poured out on the opponent, as if to reflect his attack back. As a result, this gradually corrupts the opponent attacking the Dark Heavy Knight. One could say that the Dark Heavy Knight's armor, filled with magical energy, is a blob of magic encased in armor. Such a thing is dangerous to hit with swords and spears.

    With this technique, whenever a Dark Heavy Knight defends himself by playfully preventing her opponent from attacking, the enemy will gradually be imbued with mamono mana. Even if the Dark Heavy Knight does not attack the struggling enemy to stop him with a decisive strike, the enemy's body will be engulfed in heat and his thoughts will begin to melt until he eventually feels another weakness and fatigue and collapses on the spot. In addition, if the opponent of these warriors is a woman, each new attack on the Dark Heavy Knight will bring her closer to being monsterized. As you can see, the armor of the Dark Heavy Knights is reliable armor that can also be a powerful weapon, with which you can even win a battle without hurting your opponent.

    Defensive Temptation (★★☆)
    This technique enchants an opponent and prevents him from retreating from the one who used it. Defensive Temptation is a type of seduction spell, but only uses obscene gestures or words to activate it, and even though Dark Heavy Knights display their bodies less than other monsters, people who have fought them say they were still seduced by them when confronted head-on. Regardless of how many attacks are made on it, the Dark Heavy Knight is impossible to defeat. Because of their low mobility, though, it is a good idea to ignore them and not engage them in combat. However, the person who is overtaken by this seduction will not run away from her and will continue to fight.

    Because of it's nature, the use of this "tempting" technique is only possible because the Dark Heavy Knight wears armor. The snow-white skin, visible through slits in the armor covering her body, and the shiny hair spreading out from under her helmet, make it clear that the armored creature is an attractive and beautiful monster. It is because her charms are hidden that a man's imagination multiplies her outward beauty several times over and it seriously enchants his heart. And because the monster maiden's appearance is hidden, the man is seized by a strong desire to see what is hidden beneath the armor. To see it, he will continue to attack the iron walls of the armor in an attempt to smash or tear it, following his desires.

    The enemy's desire to direct an attack against it is extremely important to the Dark Heavy Knight, whose role is to protect her allies and monster strongholds. Combining this technique with the "Corrupting Defense" described above can have an extremely significant effect that can even be called ruthless. If the enemy attacks the armor mercilessly because of this temptation, it will give an opportunity to apply the "Corrupting Defense" and the enemy will be imbued with mamono mana faster and faster. The "corrupting" thoughts in the enemy's head will take more and more perverse forms and in such a state it will be extremely easy to succumb to the "Defensive Temptation". During the battle, the enemy will look at Heavy Knight only to see all that the armor hides, completely oblivious to the purpose of the battle. As a result, he will be so seized by the desire to touch what is hidden beneath the armor that it will be little more than an obscene desire to have sex with a mamono. Some in such a state will throw away their weapons and leap forward in an attempt to tear off the armor, with which they will be drawn inside to the mamono. And even if the man manages to pull the mamono out of her armor, there will be no reason in his mind to fight that he had at the beginning of the battle. Then he will finally be able to fully enjoy the Mamono's body and the pleasure of being petted by a beautiful flower that, without her armor, appeared far more beautiful and indecent than he had imagined.

    Magical Defense Strengthening (★★☆)
    Forcing the mana that fills your armor to flow turbulently within it gives you protection consisting of circulating magical energy. This technique serves to maximize protection. It is said that the armor in this state is completely impervious to any attacks, be they physical or magical. In addition, once this technique is applied, it will be impossible to move the Dark Heavy Knight, and even if she is struck by a dragon, she will not move a single step.

    On the other hand, the Dark Heavy Knight herself also cannot attack when using this technique and cannot move at all. As long as she continues to restrain her desires, magical energy will flow from the inside of her armor, thickening and becoming viscous. This will cause the monster to feel as if real tentacles are sliding down her body and caressing her. Because of this, she will be completely unable to not only attack, but to simply move.

    As mentioned above, this technique renders the Dark Heavy Knight's protective shell impervious to any attacks, but "pleasure" seems to be effective on them even in this state. If you penetrate the armor slit between her legs and start stroking the monster there, her thighs, which have long tolerated magical caresses, will greedily accept this caress and she will easily reach climax. Thus it can dispel the "magical defense strengthening." However, a man who penetrated with his hand into the thick and viscous magical power flowing under the armor and touched the soft, tender female body of a monster woman with his hand will no longer be able to continue this fight in a decent way. Furthermore, it is well known that the fortified defenses of married Dark Heavy Knights cannot be breached by anyone but their lover, for by the nature of monsters, a married monster woman cannot be pleased by any man other than her husband.

    Magic Coverage Enhancement (★★☆)
    By simultaneously covering armor and weapons with a film of mana stored in the armor, a Dark Heavy Knight can temporarily strengthen her equipment and make it stronger. Reinforced weapons become stronger and heavier, but do not require more effort to handle such weapons. With this technique you can increase the range of attacks or their net destructive power. The superior spears used by Heavy Knights will have a particularly great effect, allowing them to reach enemies at such a distance that their own slowness no longer matters, and for their ability to destroy even walls Dark Heavy Knights are called "Fortress Crushers". In addition, if you expand the film from part of the armor or shield to the surrounding area, you can create a huge protective wall, which will protect many people and buildings behind the Dark Heavy Knights from large spells.

    This technique is extremely powerful in both attack and defense, but just like Magical Defense Strengthening, the magical power continually increases the monster's excitement and just as tormenting its enjoyment. The biggest problem is that this pleasure is far from what men provide. In other words, it is not enough to climax, though it continues to tantalize the monster maiden, inflaming her lust. Moreover, in proportion to the size of the magical expansion, it becomes more and more insistent and dangerous. In such a state, even the slightest touch and smell of a man can break the Dark Heavy Knight, who goes into battle having accumulated excitement to the limit. It is simply extremely difficult and almost painful for a Dark Heavy Knight to endure and continue fighting when the man she so lusts for is in front of her. And if such a thing were to fall to the immature newcomer, she will throw her original mission and role out of her mind and try to pounce on the man in front of her eyes. This is all the more true for married Dark Heavy Knights who have learned the pleasure of sex with a man. They, too, may not be able to stand the overuse of the Magical Coverage Enhancement. It is said that in such cases, they will run to their husband, sobbing.

    Magical Prison (★★★)
    When warped, the giant armor creates a space that completely isolates the Dark Heavy Knight and her opponent from the rest of the world. Inside, the armor becomes like a room where the monster and the man find themselves completely sealed: this space cannot be interfered with from the outside and neither can they affect the world outside from the inside.

    Since she creates the room using her armor, the Dark Heavy Knight that is trapped inside no longer has armor and is extremely vulnerable. At the same time, this space is filled with her magical power and colored smoke that envelops the man. A man trapped in this space will feel enchanted and constrained by magic. This mad magic is a reflection of the passion accumulated by the Dark Heavy Knight. Even if a man with excellent self-control finds himself in front of a mamono, he will not be able to withstand the Dark Heavy Knight's lust, which is at the limit, especially when the beautiful and lecherous monster he may love is right in front of him.

    This space is not a battlefield where one fights another, but a bedroom where one can safely make love to a chosen man. The magic that fills this space limits the actions of the trapped couple to only satisfying each other's desire and will encourage them to have sex by relentlessly caressing both. Dark Heavy Knights, once trapped in this space, not only lose their armor, but also become defenseless to men in every sense. The men trapped in this trap, however, are the ones they have been eagerly waiting for and still lusting after. The sight of a man on them, his smell and breath, the words he says, his body to touch, his cock to insert into themselves-the very presence of a man gives the Dark Heavy Knights pleasure, drives them to ecstasy and makes them languish with impatience. They greedily take in all the lust of a man and gladly accept it completely. And they no longer need to abstain in order to drown in love with a man and accept all his passion with their bodies. And just like the Dark Heavy Knights themselves, on the outside this place is a secure fortress, but on the inside this space is a prison for all the depraved desires shared by the couple it captures.

    Magical Piercing Lunge (★☆☆)
    With this technique, the Dark Heavy Knight concentrates her powers in one point, which are channeled into a spear, and pierces with it anything that prevents her from reaching the man she desires. This strike is the embodiment of the Dark Heavy Knight's feelings, and the greater the volume of her accumulated lust, the more powerful this attack becomes. With this technique you can penetrate through your opponent's armor and magical protection and hit him. And it doesn't matter if there is a wall between you or not.

    It goes without saying that an attack with a demon weapon is an attack with magic, so mamono won't hurt or kill anyone. However, the dense mana that enters the center of his body will deprive him of his ability to move. Instead, he will feel what the Dark Heavy Knights themselves endure. His body will continue to heat up at the site of the wound, his heart will pound furiously, and his lying motionless body will shudder with the pleasure it feels. In addition, if this Dark Heavy Knight attack strikes a woman, she will become a mamono who will feel such a strong and deep craving for men, as if she had not had sex in years.

    Also, as with the Magic Cut, if the Dark Heavy Knight is good at magic, she can put additional magical effects on her spear and directly strike her opponent with them to make the technique even more effective. A "beastly excitement" spell will spread unbearable heat across an opponent's lower body, a "seduction spell" will not only show him the attractiveness of the attacking mamono, but will also seem to strike him in the very heart, making him groan with pleasure.

    Among the tricks the Dark Heavy Knights use, this one is one of the most powerful. In the lingo these girls use, it is sometimes called a "shot to the heart," for it is usually aimed directly at a man's chest. They also believe that by collecting not only their accumulated desires but also their feelings in a blow, they can pass them on to their lover and increase the power of their attack. Therefore, when the Dark Heavy Knights use the Magical Piercing Lunge, they are trying to convey all the love they secretly hold, as if to confess.

    Magical Breakthrough (★★☆)
    By releasing some of the magical energy stored in her armor and covering her entire body with it, the Dark Heavy Knight can make a marching dash that will be unstoppable. Along with destroying all traps, spells and shields, it can destroy all obstacles and sweep away all enemies in its path. The momentum they gain from this breakthrough turns out to be so immense precisely because the Heavy Knights accumulate magical power and lust in peacetime. And if a Heavy Knight adds to her restrained lust and begins to run to the man her heart has chosen, such a monster will be unstoppable.

    Having found her lover on the battlefield, Dark Heavy Knights sometimes seems to unconsciously use a "magical breakthrough" when she begins to move in his direction. In addition, you can see this technique being used, and not on the battlefield. After their main mission is complete, you can see the Dark Heavy Knights rushing towards their husbands, casually engaging this technique, then pouncing on their lovers.

    Full Release (★★★)
    This secret technique releases all mana stored in the armor while destroying it, after which the mana is transformed into the Dark Heavy Knights' power. In place of the protection lost due to the discarding of their armor, their physical capabilities are incredibly increased. From now on, their usual bulkiness and slowness seem feigned, and they become capable of delivering powerful magical blows quickly.

    As their lust, which they have endured until now, is released along with the magic, they practically become berserk, with all their desires and urges directed only at one man. For the Dark Heavy Knight that has become such, there is no difference between enemies and allies, there is only the understanding that they are women and there is someone else, her only man. And she thinks and acts only to rape this man, and will defeat anyone who tries to prevent this. Overcoming his resistance, she will lay him beneath her and satisfy her desire. Dark Heavy Knights who use Full Release will never, ever, stop until they are completely exhausted after their sexual marathon with the man who has become their husband, and fall asleep happily next to him.

    If this technique is used by a Dark Heavy Knight who already has a husband, everything will disappear from her perception except herself, her husband, and other people, so when she has dealt with her enemies in front of her, she will return to her place, near her husband.

    Dark Musketeer[edit]

    The Magical Sniper, embarrassingly concealing the fascination of his gaze and manipulating a magic bullet

    ■ Overview of the Dark Musketeers
    "Dark Musket" is a relatively new weapon associated with a magical weapon called a "gun" that strikes an opponent with a magical bullet from a cylindrical barrel. It is assumed that those who have a equivalent status to that of a Dark Knight will participate in the most elegant martial art in Lescatie, certainly seeking to get the man. A sniper with a gun targets enemies from afar, fires sharply and at the same time remains less visible compared to magic. Having a good view of the battlefield, musketeers can brilliantly hit foes from a distance, and just because of the information of their presence on the battlefield, an enemy may start hesitating for fear of being shot. Demonic Musketeers have a splendid and stylish appearance - they are the people who have long set the fashion in Lescatie. The Mamono Realms Musketeers have enhanced eyes and an expanded field of vision, and they use them to look around and fight on the battlefield. Among them, it is considered a virtue to calculate actions ahead of time, displaying a gracious and gentlemanly demeanor to all. The same is true of human men: even when confronted by the enemy, they treat respectfully the men they have taken prisoner, and invite them to bed as if to accompany them.

    ■ Dark Musketeers in Battle
    Leaving the battle at the front to the Dark Knights and Dark Warriors, the Musketeers retreat to a distance from the battle to fire from a distance - this is their way of fighting, directed at their enemies. Using a gun capable of attacking from a distance, you can take dangerous enemies out of the battle before they get close to your allies if you excel at it. Besides that, in addition to normal attacks, you can also fire magic bullets with various magical effects, helping the demonic knights fighting on the front line to get men - this is one of their primary objectives.

    The "muskets" they use require some skill to apply magical powers to the bullets, but if such a bullet is already created, even those who are not trained to shoot or trained to use strong magic can make a strong attack. This is one of the features of this weapon. Nevertheless, it takes training and experience to improve accuracy. In addition, when you fight a skilled person, even if you win in terms of attack range, he can still dodge or take cover from a shot. Some are even able to cut through a bullet with their sword. If you attack an enemy directly, you can't compete with the overwhelming firepower of an experienced wizard. To hit such an enemy with a bullet also requires good aiming, but more importantly - to find the moment when he can definitely be hit by a bullet. Therefore, the main thing for the Dark Musketeers is the ability to observe, and to catch a moment for the shot, they are used to follow every movement of the man fighting. Since they are still monsters, as they continue to watch people, the Musketeers begin to look at them from a sexual perspective, noticing with amazement that they look tasty, especially if the person is cute to them and strong. Musketeers, for whom tracking has become a "habit," contrary to their gentlemanly behavior, always have a lust-filled gaze towards their beloved, as if they were obscenely licking him. There are many men who are turned on by such things.

    Surprisingly, of the Three Musketeers, only Paula was able to master the musket. Although the other two also use a gun, they still mostly use a sword. Despite the title "Three Musketeers," of their group only Paula was a marksman.

    ■ Social status and origin
    The first guns in Lescatie were found in unknown ruins that were buried near the forest village of "Tronmail", before the country fell. The kingdom of Lescatie reasoned that the three guns found there had been left there by the Chief God, since they were not created by human hands or monsters, and gave them to three human heroes who enjoyed impressive success in the country at the time. Along with the guns, this group was assigned the name "The Three Musketeers." Although the power of the weapons, manufactured by the technology of an unknown civilization, was impressive, they were not created to kill, but only to neutralize the enemy. That is why it was used during Lescatie's grand battles, especially in human wars. It is believed that Lescatie would have wished to mass produce these guns and form a "Corps of Holy Knights Gunners", but they could not be reproduced using human technology and for a long time these weapons were passed down as weapons of "Musketeers", three heroes of men, by whom the next three Musketeers were called. Over time, when Lescatie fell into the hands of monsters, the Gremlins, who covertly dwelled directly near the ruins of Tronmail and possessed the skills to reproduce the technology of an unknown civilization, were able to show their face to Lescatie. It is now possible, with the help of the Gremlins, to mass reproduce these muskets and, ironically, even after the teachers fell, the "Lescatian Musketeer Corps" was established and musketeers became commonplace in Lescatie.

    In Lescatie, the Dark Musketeers fight to protect the men and citizens of Lescatie, so they have the same status as the Dark Knights. The main task assigned to the Dark Musketeers of Lescatie is to protect important people in the state. Their ability to sense danger, coupled with their wide field of vision and high surveillance skills are optimal for protecting important dignitaries. And girls capable of displaying high combat power with only light weapons like guns can easily maneuver anywhere, they are suitable for patrolling the streets and fighting in the city and buildings. It is also their responsibility to guard enemies who have been captured in battle. Prisoners captured during Lescatie's battles with the anti-demon states are sometimes allowed to walk freely in the street, if deemed safe to do so. That said, the Dark Musketeers will be assigned to guard and watch over them. Also, even an ordinary soldier, if he is an unmarried man, will be given security as an important figure, even though he is not an important dignitary, and will be given a Musketeer bodyguard. Regardless of status, all men who may become husbands of monsters living in Lescatie are very important people who can be considered important to Lescatie, especially if they intend to stay permanently. Naturally, the Dark Musketeers who take care of such important persons are chosen from the unmarried shooters and get on the mission because of their intentions. Always spending time with the person she is protecting, the Dark Musketeer will accompany him around town. During the mission, she will never be distracted, never take her eyes off him, and never be tempted to part ways. If the guarded man pays even a moment's attention to the eager Musketeer, they will never miss it.

    The Hunter's Eye (★★☆)
    A technique for recognizing spiritual energy through the eyes.
    Monsters are well versed in locating people by spiritual energy, that is, a person's magical power. It is not an unambiguously definable concept like color or smell, and even if a mamono is able to determine a man's approximate location from afar, she may not know the exact location. Those who have learned this technique can recognize spiritual energy at a distance by seeing the exact position of an object. They can even "normally see" details that are not visible with normal vision, for example, hidden behind other objects.

    This is an important Dark Musketeer skill that is extremely useful when working as a sniper. It is also useful when guarding a ward in a crowd or in a building: you can always observe the guarded person, keeping his spiritual energy in sight. In addition, by tasting the other person's spiritual energy beforehand, one can understand their physical and mental state by the visible fluctuations and discoloration of spiritual energy reflected in the scope until they become overwhelmed with excitement. Dark Musketeers kiss the back of their hand during their first meeting with the object of protection as a fervent greeting, a show of love and respect. At that moment, they take a small amount of the ward's spiritual energy.

    Since this technique allows them to see the target in a special vision, the guarded person may not notice being followed until the last moment. But there are also those who have such a keen intuition that, despite the fact that they cannot see the musketeer through the obstacles, they can sense the very fact that they are being watched. In such a case, the face of the Dark Musketeer even somehow pops up in their minds, looking at them with a directed lustful gaze, with a tongue licking her lips.

    Magic Bullet Mark (★☆☆)
    This is a skill that, when shot at an enemy, marks him with a magic mark that is visible only to monsters.
    This sign has no special effects, but the magical energy that was shot clings to the person's body and shows the presence of people around. Because of this, the accuracy of the sensation of the "Hunter's Eye" skill mentioned above increases, and even other mamono make it easier to find the person, even if he is hiding. In addition, this mark also serves as an aid to Dark Strategists, which will be described later.

    By blending her magical power more tightly when creating a magic bullet, the Dark Musketeer can increase the sense of presence of her mamono mana in the mark, which will remain on the person. In other words, it is a strong argument that this person belongs to her. With a good view of the battlefield, Dark Musketeers are the first to notice men, and if they see someone they strongly like, they reserve him with such a bullet. Men struck by such magic are definitely identified with the Dark Musketeers, no matter where they are. It is impossible to escape from the Dark Musketeers when you are their target, since even other monsters will try to lead the man to the Dark Musketeer.

    Controlled Magic Bullet (★☆☆)
    This skill fills a bullet with magical power, which is attracted to the man and moves towards the man himself.
    The magical power that is released by monsters in search of a mate is the pheromone of powerful succubi. If a person is exposed to a flash of such magical power, he or she may feel as if melted by sweet heat, or unconsciously head toward the monster exuding this magical power. The magical power that can be put into this magic bullet occurs when a monster girl strongly desires a human male. Dark Musketeers fill their heads with such desires when they perform mischievous acts like masturbation. They create such bullets in advance, putting themselves in a state of lust for a male.

    In addition, since the man struck by this bullet is attracted to the possessor of mamono mana, by using bullets filled with the energy of another monster other than the musketeer, you can induce desire for that mamono. "If you have such a person in the crowd in mind, spend some of your time on it!" - with such words a group of mamono soldiers will be asked to supply ammunition of this kind for a musketeer. And if such a person is indeed found, the filled bullets will fly at him in a steady stream.

    Binding Bullet (★★☆)
    This is a magic bullet filled with "ejaculation magic" that is activated by ambient energy. It contains only an "activation ritual" that is embedded into the human body when such a bullet hits, the activation of the spell is done at the expense of the surrounding magical energy. It is made in such a way as to react only to the energy of a particular mamono in a particular person. The magic is not activated by a simple blow or hitting another person, and only when a person encounters a particular monster does the ejaculation magic work.

    After all, a person who is pierced by such bullets is highly likely to become the object of interest of another mamono who happens to be near him. This is very disadvantageous to musketeers firing guns from a long distance. This "Binding Bullet" binds you to your chosen man and will undoubtedly allow him to cum only in you. In other words, these charms will keep him from cumming until he is in front of the one who shot him, no matter how long it takes.

    Although this bullet has a complex magical structure and magic, you are free to change the activation conditions by performing fine-tuning. This allows you to support other types of troops by creating "binding bullets" for your comrades. By further modifying the conditions, you can bind "ejaculation magic" to a specific mamono species(es) or even set the activation for the next encounter with any monster. Of course, if you set the spell as a condition, it can make you cum instantly when you hit your target.

    Magic Ghost Smoke Bullet (★☆☆)
    This is a technique that takes away visibility across the area by generating a magical smokescreen when it lands.
    A magical smoke screen reduces visibility to everyone, whether enemy or ally, but since mamonos don't even always rely on sight, using their other senses they can detect humans and allies by scent and magical power. Therefore, the monsters' smoke barrier becomes one-sidedly advantageous. In addition, the magical peach-colored smoke creates a mysterious atmosphere and also weakens the human mind of the people inhaling it, making them disorderly and unconcerned, as if the fog were not only around, but also in their heads. It should be noted that everything happening in the smoke will not be visible from the outside, so the Dark Musketeers, who got a man on the battlefield, sometimes use this fog so that no one can see them and they can satisfy themselves.

    The concentration of mamono mana after the smoke disperses is not that high, but it is very concentrated in the smoke column that occurs after the landing and during the spread of the veil. At this time it becomes extremely dangerous due to the large concentration of concentrated mamono mana. The magic smoke bullet has a large dispersion when fired, so the accuracy of the hit is extremely low. But if you are lucky, the magic smoke will wrap around the opponent's body and completely deprive him of vision. In the case of a human woman it can instantly turn her into a monster. At the same time, the characteristic feature is that when transformed into a mamono the sight-deprived woman will receive changes that will compensate for this deficiency. In other words, to find human men without relying on sight, the senses of smell and magical power abnormally develop and become sensitive to the presence of people nearby. In addition, the smokescreen will dissipate for a time, but afterwards, of course, it will be restored, and if something invisible to the eye is added to the visual picture, information about the large number of men will enter the mind of the monster. A mild desire instantly becomes a serious stimulus at the sensation of so many men and makes her obscenely wet.

    Scattering Bullet (★★☆)
    This is a magic bullet containing mamono mana that scatters into an opponent's body when hit, it is a bullet for a very powerful attack.
    By simply placing magic power in the gun, the attack is extremely effective, but concentrated in one place. For example, if hit in the arm, such an attack will cause a high fever in the limb and disable it completely, but it seems not to affect other parts of the body or the opponent's spiritual energy in any way. On the other hand, the mamono mana will radially disperse over the body from the point of impact and this will allow more of it to enter the opponent's body. Regardless of where exactly you hit, you can incapacitate a large area due to the spread of mamono mana within your opponent's body during the dissipation.

    It is said that the transformation into mamono will begin as soon as the bullet touches the body: the magical force of the bullet affects the spiritual energy at the point of impact like an explosion, causing it to change. If you hit your opponent's body, though her head is not yet filled with monster energy, her body will become mamono-like, tingling feverishly in search of a man. It will also make her feel comfortable just touching men. If you get it into the head, on the other hand, the mind and spirit will change, and the target will begin to persistently harass a human male. Having less pleasure in a human body, they will strive to become monsters as soon as possible, standing outwardly to attract the monsters around them.

    In addition, because this magic bullet uses the magical energy of the enemy and spreads it around during the conversion, at that moment the monsters around can sense and determine that there is a shot person nearby. If you experience sexual desire and feel pulses of pleasant heat spreading inside your body, the mamonos nearby will immediately help you.

    Rain of Bullets (★★☆)
    Magical bullets charged with large amounts of mamono mana are shot into the air to explode and pour down magical rain over a large area.
    Although this attack is less magically corrupting, it is very hard to avoid. Those who fall under such rain will certainly find themselves struck by mamono mana, which will accumulate in their bodies. The power of this magic bullet itself is extremely low, but the rain of mamono mana is of great help to allied monsters fighting nearby. The mamono mana stored in the body creates magical "bubbles" that burst when the energy of other monsters is poured on them, greatly increasing the lure and effectiveness of magic when combined with it. In other words, depending on the amount of mamono mana accumulated in the body of the person caught in the rain, the seduction abilities of all the monsters increase, putting the person in a state where the defense against monsterization is weakened and resistance to monster seduction is impossible.

    Since this rain does not provoke changes in either body or mind, those in whom mamono mana has accumulated will not be aware of it. In the case of a battle with monsters, even if the opponent is eager to win, he will not be able to resist temptation: whether it is the deliberate display of mamono breasts, the anticipation of a slight twist of the fabric of her panties at the waist, or the like. Excitement and lust will prevail, as if he were seeing a woman for the first time; his heart will easily be captivated by the mamono. In addition, all monster attacks and magic will become fatal to humans and will turn women into mamono one by one.

    Druella's Magic Bullet (★★★)
    This is a secret weapon of the Dark Musketeers, using a bullet that smolders with magical energy and glows red.
    Although this magical bullet harbors the power of the ruler of Fallen Lescatie, a daughter of Mamono Lord, Druella, and like her, has tremendous magical power, it takes a long time to create one of these. That's why such bullets are only given to a small handful of elites among the Dark Musketeers, and in many cases it's a one-time trump card.

    When this bullet hits an opponent, it causes monsterization in the blink of an eye. Naturally, the power of Lady Druella herself cannot stop at one person's conversion. In addition, Druella's mamono mana encapsulated in the magic bullet tends to keep spreading around after the target is monsterized by the person's absorbed spiritual energy. Since the spreading range is proportional to the amount of spiritual energy the target had, the more power the opponent had, the more people around him would immediately turn into monsters. In addition, Druella's great mamono mana cannot be controlled by a newcomer who has just been converted, and for some time the target will indiscriminately push mamono mana to all people with whom it comes into contact. In other words, any interaction with other people, like communicating or touching, for example, can cause a girl to become a mamono. This leads to the formation of a pack of mamono and the conversion of everyone around her: both those who are simply concerned, those who have come to report what is happening, and those who are trying to eliminate the converts. If you can, hit the heroes who command the enemy army with this bullet. The spread of monsterization in such an army can reach terrifying proportions, not to mention the number of conversions on the battlefield.

    The very receipt of such projectiles is proof of Druella's great trust and love; it is the highest honor for the Dark Musketeers. In addition, if such a projectile is used successfully, the sniper will lead the entire battle to victory and will be considered a hero in the victorious mamono realm.

    Demon Horse Riding Adapted (★☆☆)
    Similar to the Demon Horse Riding of the Dark Knights, this is a method that allows you to successfully ride a demonic horse, though it has been improved to be suitable for sniping on horseback. Dark Musketeers trained in this technique adapt to the swing caused by running horses, and even if they are running at full speed, they will be able to aim effortlessly.

    Such is also achieved with proper hip movement, just like the Dark Knights, but different from the swaying of the hips for their technique. The movements of the hips to enhance stability on the horse correspond to the gentle rocking of the man's thighs, where small weak thrusts precisely hit the man's pleasure points without violently moving up and down over and over again, almost bringing him to ejaculate. The skills learned when riding a horse Dark Musketeers, like knights, also apply in bed in the cowgirl's pose. When the husband joins their movements, Musketeers can easily adapt to the irregular movement of their hips, pleasing not only themselves but also their husband by making sharp, unexpected movements.

    In addition, because Musketeers with this technique adapt to the state of bouncing up and down on a horse, when they saddle up to a man, even if they want to stop their hip movements, their body will unconsciously jerk out of habit. Even if you fall asleep together, your hips will arbitrarily move even though you are asleep, and this will make you both cum repeatedly upon awakening.

    Dark Strategist[edit]

    Creators of heresy that interfere with the battle and lead the hearts of men to be corrupted by monsters

    ■ Overview of the Dark Strategists
    "Dark Strategists" are monsters who lead the Dark Knights and Musketeers to victory using excellent tactics and obscene magic. Their role in battle is to help other warriors get their hands on men and turn as many human girls into monsters as possible. As part of expeditionary missions to invade countries hostile to monsters, they will play an important role in planning operations and turning the enemy country into a Mamono Realm. Dark strategists occupy a relatively high position in the military structure of Lescatie, and because they help other monsters get their husbands, they are considered brilliant military by them. In reality, though, the Dark Strategists often consult with the Dark Heroes.

    In a direct confrontation, the Dark Strategists are inferior in strength to Knights and Musketeers, but their mere presence multiplies the danger of the mighty Dark Knights to the enemy. As long as there is a Dark Strategist in the advancing monster army, the creation of a mamono realm cannot be avoided in any case. Therefore the Dark Strategists must be defeated first, they have even higher priority than the Dark Heroes. Nevertheless, this logic is no secret to the Dark Strategists. In the presence of the men who flock to defeat them, the smiling Strategists cannot hide their obscene character and desires.

    ■ Dark Strategists in battle
    Dark Strategists survey the battlefield from the rear and provide accurate strategies to Knights and Musketeers. The physical abilities of Dark Strategists, like their swordsmanship skills, are not high, but they master a variety of magic based on the inherent power of all Succubi. Also, like the Dark Knights, they can demonstrate their maximum power and appeal on the battlefield making it advantageous to monsters. This is one of the tasks of the Strategists, who can cover the entire battlefield and guide monster allies so that they can meet the men they seek and prevent them from escaping. For this reason it is important for them to gather information about the battlefield and to investigate human opponents.

    In addition, the Dark Strategists have methods to manipulate the human mind and direct it in such a way as to ensnare the male adversary. To manipulate a man's mind, one must know him and understand the human psychology by which a man succumbs to the monster's temptation. Consequently, it can be said that those who have changed from human to mamono possess the qualities to become better Dark Strategists than those who were born a monster. The Dark Order of the Ice Flower of Lescatie is especially proud of the brilliant strategist "Eva Mystiv." She was originally a human male who became a female by transforming into an "Alp." People who oppose her can never escape being captured by monsters. She is an excellent Dark Strategist, as she is able to understand any heart: that of a human man, a human woman, and the heart of a mamono.

    At their core, mamono are strong, self-sufficient, and give priority to their own desires. The fact that they are knights and warriors does not change that. To rally such mamono, it is necessary to understand their desires well, and sometimes to establish personal friendships, so it can be said that the warrior path of the Dark Strategist is not easy at all.

    If the monster army is led by the Dark Strategist, which used to be human, more women will be turned into mamono. On the other hand, in a battle involving Eva Mystiv, who transformed from a human male to an "Alp," there are many men who are monsterized into "alps," which is usually quite rare.

    ■ Social Status and Origin
    Now that Lescatie has become a Mamono Realm, the meaning of war and the victory that comes with it has changed dramatically. Although such names as "Army" or "Tactics", which have existed since the Holy Kingdom, remain, warriors no longer seize fortresses or castles to win, but gain more husbands and turn more girls into monsters. Thus, in the mamono realm of Lescatie, the victory was to turn another country into a mamono realm. Along with this change in goals, the tactics of the Dark Strategists to achieve victory also changed. One of the important tasks the strategists perform in peacetime is to gather information in anticipation of a big battle in the future. Before the big battle, they share with their companions information about enemy men obtained from spies and scouts in advance, find out which men the Dark Knights wish to fight, and think through how they will move on the battlefield. In turn, the monster soldiers and Dark Knights, having listed the men on the list, will bring information about the men they like to the Dark Strategists, who are their field commanders. It is said that such meetings with the Strategists are not at all like military councils, but more like love consultations. It is believed that the interaction between subordinates and their commander is extremely important because on the battlefield she will give them specific instructions and this "love counseling" is an example of such interaction.

    Like other mamono, Dark Strategists who have found a husband live happily ever after, having intercourse with him, but it should be noted that they do not immerse themselves too much in their happiness. They do not forget the times when they were human, and they remember the feelings of succumbing to temptation and becoming monsters. They are said to remember first and foremost the days when they themselves became mamono and when they first met their lover. To this end, many Dark Strategists regularly indulge in memories of their first half of life, including painful moments. Sometimes, as they reminisce about their past, they are forced to revisit moments that cause tears to flow from their eyes. They seem to need a lover in their love bed in order to calm down at such moments.

    Large Area Magic Recognition (★★☆)
    In order not to lose sight of everything happening on the battlefield, Dark Strategists learn to enhance their sensory abilities. This same technique allows them to accurately recognize the signs of the many magical forces present on the battlefield in an instant. Using these senses, the Strategist can recognize the positions of many people and monsters, as if looking at the pieces arranged on a board. In addition, by increasing the skill of using this technique, it will be possible to detect magical traps and obstacles set by enemies in advance, and to determine the status of those fighting on the battlefield: the fucking humans and monsters, the monsterized opponents.

    It is a very powerful technique, but since it only allows recognition, it depends on the user's ability to handle it, since you must process a lot of information in your head simultaneously. It requires a high speed of thinking and decision-making, a powerful mind. If a Dark Strategist is inexperienced, she will be confused by the flow of information and will not be able to figure out what, how, and why. In addition, since Dark Strategists are mamono, if they experience a lot of men making love to their partners with this technique, chances are they will become lustful animals themselves. That is why it is important for them to make love to their husbands every day in advance in order to have a relaxed and fully satisfied mind. While brilliant Dark Strategists can literally cover the entire battlefield at once, strategists with less experience and ability focus their attention on a limited area to be able to cope with what is going on in their heads.

    Battlefield Transference (★★★)
    This technique serves to use magic to transport selected allies over short distances.

    Based on the mana position that has been determined by "Large Area Magic Recognition", the Dark Strategist can move the specified object to any position, as if moving pieces on the board. Basically, this technique is used to move and evacuate allies in danger, but it can also be used to move allies under the enemy's nose for an attack. Movement magic is a very advanced technique and the user needs to know detailed information about the purpose of the spell and the topographical features of the battlefield in order to clearly understand where, who and how to move. The information gathering done by Dark Strategists is the key to this technique. Knowing in advance in detail where she will fight, what kind of men her monster allies require, what kind of man she seeks, and other details, the Dark Strategist can successfully get close to the man she likes by moving allies.

    Usually they only use these spells on allies, since it's basically extremely hard to move an opponent you don't have enough information about and who deliberately opposes this magic. However, if an opponent is tagged with the Dark Musketeer's Magic Bullet Mark, it becomes possible to move him without full information about him. It will even be possible to hurl him into the center of a group of monsters. There are often instances where the Dark Strategist asks her Musketeer friend to tag a particular man with the Magic Bullet Marker to put a mark of ownership on her lover.

    Study of Desires (★☆☆)
    Making the most of an Inma's ability to detect the subtleties of sexual arousal and emotion, Dark Strategists are able to recognize all of a target's sexual desires. If the target is a man, the Strategist can know in detail and in great detail everything he desires, including the appearance and height of his beloved woman, her body and breast size, her personality, her voice, and even her hairstyle. In addition, they can find out even things that the man does not realize, such as the special characteristics that the best woman, biologically suited for this man, should have. As a result, based on this information, the monster-girl, presented to the man on the "battlefield", will be the ideal woman exclusively for him, that will take his desire upon herself, promising him day after day to give him pleasure and ecstasy.

    In order to know desires, it is necessary, by increasing the power of the succubus, to concentrate on the spiritual energy of the man and to look at him. To make a small digression, among other things, there is a rumor that just by looking into the face of a monster maiden, strategists can know if she is married or not, just by asking the question. It seems that, for them, all the secrets of the monster's heart are indeed displayed on her face. If the mamono is unmarried or has an interest in a particular man, the Strategists can see how her cheeks redden, her eyes squint to the side, and her face expresses embarrassment. On the other hand, if the mamono is already married and has no interest in other men, the Strategists, looking at her, may see her facial expression turn into a frozen mask or grimace for a moment.

    In addition, this technique can also be effectively applied to human women. The Dark Strategist can see what things in men a woman likes, what type of men she is most attracted to, with whom she is most intimate, with whom she secretly wishes to make love, what obscenities this woman craves. In particular, the Strategist can analyze even things that the girl herself may not realize, such as which race of monsters is closer to her than others, with which she would be more compatible when monsterized.

    Druella's Decree (★★☆)
    In the name of the fourth Makai Princess "Druella," a woman blessed with this spell will become a monster of a particular race when converted into a monster.

    When human women are converted to mamono, they most often become mamono of the same race as those who converted them to a monster. It is believed that when other factors are involved, transformation into a succubus is more likely. What race a woman will turn into also depends on the time, place, the reason for the conversion - it is not always strictly defined. There are also cases when it can be determined by the personal qualities of a woman. However, even if a woman possesses strong character qualities consistent with "Lamia," if she is attacked by a Werewolf, she will also turn into a Werewolf. But as for the Lilim race, who are the daughters of the Mamono Lord, they are able to maneuver a human girl into the most appropriate race for her. As one of these, Lilim Druella gives some of her mana to Dark Strategists, who are charged with leading humans to monsters. A woman that has been blessed with this magical power, regardless of the reason, even if she is attacked by some monster, will always convert to the race that the Dark Strategist chose.

    Using "Study of Desires" to learn the desires of human girls, Dark Strategists can find those who are very suitable for conversion to a particular race, they are even able to find truly gifted monster women that may have been born human by mistake. Such women are reborn as monster women of immense power and obscene character, they are simply incomparable to the average members of their race. Once in a while they can become great mamono that turn kingdoms to darkness. Clearly, if you become a monster according to your qualities, you can obviously live a life of pleasure and intercourse with your beloved. It is said that this blessing alone is capable of turning you into a monster.

    Demon World (★★☆)
    Charge the battlefield with mamono mana and create for a while the same environment as in the Mamono Realm in a certain range. This spell greatly increases the reproductive instincts of all those in its range. In other words, men will begin to feel the urge to pounce on women, and mamono become extremely attractive to them as women, who are eager to accept this desire. Under the influence of this spell, the monsters, which are creatures whose basis is sex with men, become activated, their physical abilities and magical power are greatly increased, and the desire to possess a man becomes even stronger. For monsters, the mamono realm is a comfortable place where they can live without letting go of their lover's hand. And since it is perfectly capable of doing so, this space is more than suitable for mamono's sweethearts and gives men a time full of pleasure that cannot be forgotten.

    In addition, Demon World is a source of excitement for all beings who find themselves in it. For humans, the air seems sweet, warming their bodies and melting their thoughts, making it difficult for them to fight in the usual way. On the other hand, the melting mind, the flaming body, and the excitement caused by "Demon World" are merely "normal" for monsters whose bodies are always overcome by obscene desire. A human woman who has been in the "Demon World" for a long time will eventually become a monster. If she has fought the Dark Knights in this "Instant Mamono Realm," it will happen much faster. Also, it should be noted that this "Demon World" only temporarily creates the same environment as in the mamono realm, and after a certain period of time it will dissipate. However, if in a short time many women turn into monsters and many couples are formed, the mamono mana will take hold and a true "demon world" will emerge.

    Demon Box (★★★)
    By filling a narrow space with magical energy, such as an enclosed room in a building or a cave, the Dark Strategist can apply a more powerful version of the Demon World. A concentrated mamono realm filled with denser magical energy corrupts the human body and mind much faster than a normal "Demon World. Full of depraved and obscene mamono mana, this space is simply a bedroom that exists only for the coitus of a human man and a monster girl. Even monsters will lose their "adequacy" here and become females that love their male and lust for him.

    The smaller the space, the greater the effect, and the "Demon World", created in a space where only one person can enter, can instantly turn a human into a monster or incubus. The presence of the "Demon World" cannot be detected visually, and since the very moment a person enters the "Demon Box" they are transformed into a monster, this spell is mostly used for traps, creating "mamono realms" in the form of thin lines in places where the person must pass. Of course, such traps are set at every mamono base or fort. It is also possible, by deliberately passing information to the enemy, to direct them into "demon boxes," and it is also possible to use methods such as placing pre-captured prisoners of war as bait in the traps. However, if the prisoner-bait is a man, then before other people show up to help him, another monster - an ally of the Dark Strategist - will pull up to him, resulting in the two of them being enveloped by mamono mana. This seems to happen often enough.

    Demonic Barrier (★★☆)
    This technique allows you to create a barrier using magic to prevent enemy attacks and attacks. The barrier is extremely effective at blocking and absorbing magic attacks, but it loses to physical attacks. It can be overcome with a powerful physical attack.

    This barrier is created with the Demon World, which is used to create the barrier's force field. That is, you can say that on the other side of the barrier is the mamono realm, and the barrier is its boundary. The demon world, compressed by the barrier, easily seeps through it, and when it is destroyed, it instantly bursts out. Naturally, the one who broke the barrier would be exposed to so much mana that it could easily turn one person into a monster or an incubus. In other words, there is a possibility that the Demonic Barrier can be made "destructible" - strong enough that it can be deliberately destroyed. In this way it can be used by Dark Strategists for traps. An opponent's attempt to break such a barrier is tantamount to giving one of his companions to a monster.

    Cultivating Corruption (★★☆)
    This technique harnesses magical energy that penetrates a person's heart and quickly increases the lustful desires that exist deep within the target's heart. The target's slight lust becomes very strong, similar to that of monsters, and her heart becomes filled with obscene and immoral urges and desires.

    To use these spells, one must gather information about a particular person in advance with a "Study of Desire," as one must have a clear understanding of their desires. However, if the spell is used successfully, it becomes so powerful that it cannot be resisted. As long as they are human, even in those who hate or deny sexual desire, fortifying their hearts with hardened morals, and even in those who for some reason have gone mad and for whom the very concept of desire does not exist, the instincts will always contain the desire for procreation and the desire for the opposite sex, and desire cannot be erased completely by any means. If this spell is used by a skilled Dark Strategist, she will awaken sexual desire even from such residue, and will develop it to the point where it becomes intense lust. For example, even after meeting a killer that deliberately freezes her heart, the Dark Strategist will eventually grow a desire that, being human, she will become a monster at heart and will herself lust for sex and pleasure, hoping to become a monster.

    Lady Druella recommends seeking the highest depravity so that human women who become monstrous can enjoy sex and pleasure suitable to them, and the Dark Strategists follow this teaching. That's why the monsters sometimes capture human women as prisoners of war, rather than turning them into monsters right away. When the captives are brought to the mamono base, it is possible to slowly develop their qualities as monsters by using this magic.

    It should be noted that these enchantments do not create new desires or urges. But even the smallest desires, which are not even realized by the person or are deliberately ignored, can grow so large with the help of magic that some people only notice them thanks to these enchantments. There are even those who use them to discover new sides of themselves. Even a gentle girl can become a man-raping monster by giving herself to a beastly lust, and vice versa, even if it is a strong and rough girl, it is not uncommon for her to be reborn as a monster with masochistic tendencies that lusts to be raped by a man.

    Invitation to Attack (★☆☆)
    This technique is a trump card in the hands of Dark Strategists, creating the magical illusion that the target is defenseless. In the eyes of a human male, a monster mesmerized by the "Invitation to Attack" seems weak and defenseless, and her body will have a special meek allure that strongly stimulates a man's libido. Regardless of whether the target is a "Dragon" or "Druella" herself, the male adversary will feel that she is much weaker than him and is an attractive target to attack, causing him to move toward the mamono himself and try to attack her. Of course, since the real strength of the monster girl has not changed, in many cases such men who have approached the target of the spell find themselves defeated and raped. There are many monsters who thus invite men to attack them, after which they rape them, as this technique practically puts the man in their hands.

    The Dark Strategists are a danger in themselves and therefore must be the first to be defeated on the battlefield. Although they are monsters with higher physical capabilities than normal humans, however, since their strength does not reach the level of the Dark Knights, there will be many opponents that will try to defeat the Dark Strategists in a direct confrontation. In the presence of such people, this spell, Invitation to Attack, is especially effective. Once a Dark Strategist finds a man she likes, she deliberately reveals herself after applying this spell on herself. They seem to like it when men purposely attack them.

    This is Shea - the ex-boy, who now works as an apprentice Dark Strategist for the Dark Order of the Ice Flower army!
    Ever since she became an Alp, she's been looking for a good-looking guy!

    Dark Esquire[edit]

    Hiding equal lecherous power in their swords, they fight alongside the knights

    ■ Overview of the Dark Esquires
    "The Dark Esquires are those who have taken up arms to fight alongside their spouses, the Dark Knights and the Dark Heroes. Having a Dark Squire fighting alongside a Dark Knight becomes a major strength of that knight and enhances her so much that it is as if she becomes a hero. "The Dark Esquire of Lescatie is not a knight's servant, but a full-fledged "Knight" who has officially received the title from Druella and the Seven Princesses of Lescatie. But while a Dark Knight is one who in battle defends his country, his people, and his spouse, a Dark Squire is a knight who in battle defends his soulmate. This position in no way tarnishes a knight's honor, at least in Lescatie. The story of the knight helping the princess he loves and the story of the squire helping his knight lover are equally popular there. The latter are even considered preferable.

    The Dark Knight warrior classes I introduced earlier in this book are mostly recruited from monster girls, but there are more human men than monsters among the Dark Esquires. The main feature is that this is a class of warriors, which includes a large proportion of the men who became incubi through sex with the Dark Knights.

    ■ Dark Esquires in battle
    On the battlefield, the Esquires are in line beside their wives, the Dark Knights, fighting with whatever they know how to use - a spear or a sword. Of course, the strength of the pair of the Dark Knight and the Esquire is generally inferior to the strength of the Dark Knight squad, but fighting together with the Dark Knight, the Esquire not only increases the strength of the Knight, but also his power grows, so together they will be much stronger. Fighting hand in hand, such a pair will be much stronger than separated or than two other Dark Knights.

    The secret of this power lies in the "spiritual energy" of humans and the "mamono mana" of monsters. Mixing the "mana" of humans and monsters causes the mamono mana to increase both quantitatively and qualitatively. This usually happens when they exchange energy during copulation, when a man pours his mana into a monster maiden or a mamono squeezes it out of a man. In other words, the more the Dark Knight and the Dark Esquire have sex, the more they can increase their powers. To some extent, this exchange of energy between the pair will take place even in everyday life if they are just around each other, not just during intercourse. It is important for Dark Esquires to make this normal cycle of mana exchange even more active. As they say, if an Esquire is a talented man, he will be able to establish the same energy exchange as he does during sex. The secret is to eliminate the difference between the time taken up in ordinary activities and the time spent on intercourse. Your body must recognize that even that time is "just moments in the middle of coitus with your wife." While not having sex, stay as close to each other as possible, and it is also advisable to keep close contact with each other, for example, by intertwining your fingers, even while you sleep. In addition, it is also important to make your body aware that you are still in the process of coitus, even in everyday life, regularly caress each other and perform acts of love such as kissing. When a man is practicing with a sword, his body usually thinks the intercourse is over, so step back with your partner into the shade during the practice. It will be enough for her to lick and suck her spouse's aroused cock in her mouth to maintain the effect. Spiritually, it is important for the Squire to maintain a mental state when he is overcome with sexual lust for his Knight, when he craves his spouse's body and pleasure from her to the maximum. If the Dark Esquire can achieve such a state, the Dark Knight, who is his partner, will be in the same state as he is. Thus, they will be able to maintain a state in which they actively exchange energy with each other. In either case, it is important that your bodies and hearts be fully interdependent.

    You could say the way of life that a Dark Esquire needs to lead is to drown completely in days devoted to coitus. It seems simple enough, since mamonos are originally creatures that captivate men with their bodies and pleasure, to the point of complete dependence. However, the real difficulty for aspiring Dark Esquires is that, while leading a completely depraved life and drowning in pleasure, they continue to enter the battlefield again and again. Even the training of a Dark Esquire tends to become difficult, as during this time the pair can easily escape, lock themselves in a bedroom, and even leave the ranks of the Knights for good. Only people with enough fortitude to fight for their knight spouse and hold the sword despite the debauchery going on can become strong Dark Esquires. Such people can continue to maintain a balance between the ways of the sword and pleasure, and like incubi are able to develop their physical and sexual abilities beyond human limits. The strength of such Dark Esquires can be comparable to or even surpass that of monsters.

    Previously, Esquires were those who served their master knight. And even after Lescatie became a mamono realm and the meaning of the word "Esquire" changed, there are many monsters that, fighting as Dark Esquires with their spouse, call him master. That said, there are many among these couples where both, the knight and the esquire, were formerly men. In such cases, one of the couple would become "Alp" and the Dark Esquire, while the other would remain male and become the Dark Knight. And of course the Esquires call their husband a master not only because of feelings of "Loyalty" and "Respect".

    ■ Social Status and Origin
    Originally the title of "Esquire" was given to those men who were servants and apprentices of knights. When Lescatie was still a holy kingdom, "Esquires" chose one knight as their lord and after several years of service, such as tending to weapons, taking care of horses and armor, they were officially knighted. When Lescatie became a mamono realm and the meaning of "Knight" changed significantly, so did the meaning of "Esquire." The Dark Knight must have her spouse beside her, not her subordinate, so the statuses of Dark Knight and Dark Esquire are equal. The Esquire does not have to be subordinate to the Knight, as they are not "knight" and "servant," and, on the contrary, the Esquire can retain the dominant position.

    For the most part, Dark Esquires are volunteers who have offered to support their spouses who are Dark Knights. That said, some single men also aspire to become Esquires. However, since Dark Esquires are part of the army of Dark Knights, by admitting that he is looking for a life partner, such a man will instantly find himself in the spotlight of unmarried Knights, many of whom will want to get to know him better. In addition, if the Dark Knight asks a man to become her Esquire or, on the contrary, the Esquire offers the Knight to fight together, it is tantamount to a marriage proposal.

    Dark Knights fighting together with Dark Esquires cause a lot of envy of other Knights, because they have a husband who fights together with them and protects them. But the most important reason for envy is that the Dark Knights and Esquires share their love with each other and look very happy. For this reason, many unmarried Dark Knights are looking for Esquires, and nowadays many of them keep offering some single male warriors and captured enemy soldiers to become their Esquires. And at the same time, there are those among them who will not let their spouses go to the battlefield because it is dangerous. They simultaneously want to be with their lovers at all times, but at the same time do not want to put him in danger. This seems to be a serious dilemma for many Dark Knights, even those who already have an Esquire.

    Although I wrote earlier that the Dark Esquires are mostly men, there are nevertheless plenty of monster girls among them as well. In fact, there are also Dark Knights and Dark Heroes who are men in Lescatie, just not as many. Many of the Mamono who became Dark Esquires participated in the Lescatie invasion operation under Druella and fell in love with the Knights who fought them. And because their husbands wished to remain Knights, these mamono chose the Dark Esquire path to support their lovers.

    Synchronized Mana Breathing (★★☆)
    By constantly exchanging mana with each other, the Dark Knight and the Esquire can synchronize their feelings and even share their thoughts. Without saying anything, they can understand each other's thoughts and know exactly what their partner will do. This technique eliminates the need to talk during the battle and even a wink will become unnecessary for the pair. Performing "Synchronized Mana Breathing," the user will feel one with their partner, as if they are one. The sensation is very similar to achieving complete harmony after using a breathing technique for oneness with nature. In addition, by additionally concentrating spiritual energy, the user can share hearing, seeing, smelling, etc. with their partner.

    Although this is an extremely important and useful technique that is basic to Dark Esquires, it has weaknesses, precisely because it shares the couple's thoughts and gives them a strong sense of oneness. If one of them desires, "I want intercourse," that desire to interact with a partner will immediately become common to them, and if one spouse is in heat, it will end up engulfing them both. If this technique is used by an experienced Dark Knight and Esquire, they will be able to balance arousal and focus on the battle. But if it is a young couple, even while on the battlefield, they will be as far away from the battle as possible.

    In addition, "Synchronized Mana Breathing" is also extremely useful in the everyday life of couples. If either of them wants a kiss from their partner, they will get it as soon as possible, and if they are greedy enough, they will immediately proceed to coitus.

    Demonic Couple Formation - Team (★★☆)
    This is one of the basic stances when the Dark Esquire fights alongside his spouse on the defensive. When the Dark Esquire fights back to back with his Dark Knight spouse, the mana exchange cycle between the pair becomes more active.

    While the pair stands in this manner, mana is infinitely transferred across their backs, increasing in quantity. Such a pair, no matter how long they continue to fight in place, will never tire or lose. Because of the need to maintain a position with the pair's backs side by side, this formation is only suitable for fighting in one place. It allows the Dark Esquire and his spouse to be very strong when defending a certain point.

    It is a powerful technique, but it has its weaknesses. Initially, the blending of demonic and spiritual energies must be accompanied by enjoyment and pleasure of sex - without this detail, this process becomes quite "tasteless". Therefore, if this formation is used for a long time, gradually the couple will become more and more "unsatisfied." Over time, this dissatisfaction will begin to develop into sexual desire, and the longer the couple continues to fight, the stronger the desire to "go home and get laid" will become. It is an almost unbearable desire, especially when your spouse is behind you. Once, during an attack by the Order in an attempt to retake Lescatie, a pair of heroes alone continued to defend one fort for three days, but on the third night were forced to retreat because they could not bear the dissatisfaction.

    Demonic Couple Formation - Impression (★★☆)
    This is one of the basic stances when the Dark Esquire fights alongside his partner in an attack. Moving forward in a coordinated manner, the pair use their swords to move smoothly through the enemy warriors, like a stream of water. The essence of this technique is that the pair performs the "Succubus Combat Dance" together. From the "Combat Dance" of a succubus who has successfully found a man who has become her mate, and dances with her, it appears as if their bodies are intertwined. And at the same time it becomes more sensual and impressive, but it does not collect on the dancing lust of those who see it, but shocks everyone around them with it. Regardless of one's sex, a person who has been enchanted by the couple's combat dance will be seized with excitement and will become desirous of sex. However, these feelings will not be directed at the married monster maiden, they will very quickly accumulate in the man and, struggling with his desire, he will not even be able to move. If this is noticed by the fighting demonic couple, they will cleave their opponent with demonic blades.

    The warrior-girl, holding back the raging heat in her lower abdomen with her hand, will instantly turn into a lecherous monster when she receives the blow. And the male warrior who was just watching the couple's movements, breathing heavily, would fall from such a blow and be instantly jumped on by one of the newly converted Inma. Any spectator watching the combat dance will inevitably be confronted with the desire and lust that engulfed him and will eventually be corrupted by his lustful desires. Eventually, after the pair of dancers have cleaved the audience with their blade, the fallen opponents will create an orgy where men and women will indulge in coitus.

    Furthermore, with this technique, the Dark Knight and the Dark Esquire fighting together seem to find themselves enchanted by the "Succubus Combat Dance" performed by their partner beside them. As they continue to fight, their sexual desire continues to grow and eventually they will succumb to temptation and have sex. It is said that a pair of heroes who defended the fort for three days and then surrendered it, then took the initiative and defeated the garrison on their own with this technique and took the fort back. Leaving all subsequent work to the soldiers they commanded, the pair occupied their room and locked themselves in there for the next three days and three nights.

    Energy Exchange Kiss (★☆☆)
    By kissing, the Dark Knight and the Dark Esquire can exchange energy with each other, replenishing it. It is said that a Dark Esquire who has mastered the skill of mana exchange can exchange energy through kissing as effectively as during sex.

    The mana transmitted directly through the mouth contains much of her husband's spiritual energy and enhances the Dark Knight. As a result, this husband's mana restores a large amount of her wasted energy and dramatically activates her body, increasing the power of the techniques used. In addition, when kissing, the exchange of mana is ensured by the intertwining of tongues, which thus transmits a denser magical force, which enhances the effect of the kiss. Also, the effect of the kiss increases in proportion to its duration.

    As you can see, for all monsters with the nature of Inma, a kiss from a husband is like "feeding" and they are encouraged to "feed" in this way regularly during battle. Dark Esquires kiss their loved ones even when they are on the battlefield so that their knight spouses are always in perfect condition. This is why it is not unusual to meet a Dark Knight and a Esquire kissing again and again in the middle of battle. It is a proper and wholesome action. They don't do it without intent, just because they want to kiss. Probably.

    Knight's Escape (★★☆)
    By taking his spouse and using a teleportation spell, the Dark Esquire can immediately return with her to their "bedroom". Magical teleportation is a very advanced magic and, to make it relatively easy, the destination of this teleportation is limited to the "bedroom", which is heavily saturated with the Dark Esquire and Dark Knight's mana. This spell is used for emergency evacuation, so that if there is imminent danger to one of the knights, the pair can quickly escape.

    More often, however, it is used for a different reason. To exchange mana, the Dark Knight and the Dark Esquire always imagine that they are in the midst of coitus with their partner, and the sudden desire for sex can become overwhelming to them. While using "Synchronized Mana Breathing," the sexual desire that husband and wife direct toward each other will add up for the couple. The longer they fight back to back in "Demonic Couple Formation - Team," the longer the two will be having intercourse in bed together afterward. The longer they show each other their fascination in "Demonic Couple Formation - Impression," the sooner their lust for each other will become irresistible. As a result of too many uses of "Energy Exchange Kiss," the Dark Esquire and his spouse may want more than just kisses, and contemplation of their colleagues sleeping together will make them want to have sex right on the battlefield. Thus, since they often "want to go home" after reaching their limits, this magic allows the couple to quickly "return" to their love nest. Couples of Dark Knights and Dark Esquires who fight together side by side may sometimes show the ability to rival the Dark Heroes, but as the battle progresses, the Dark Esquires and Knights will disappear from the battlefield over time.

    Dark Hero[edit]

    Fallen Maidens Who Lead Humanity to Monsters

    ■ Overview of Dark Heroes
    A "hero" is a person who has been blessed by the Chief God to fight monsters. In the "kingdom of Lescatie," which nurtured many heroes, "Wilmarina Noscrim," the strongest among the Heroes, the symbol of that country, was the hope of humanity. In turn, the Dark Hero is a hero that was the hope of humanity and became a mamono, she is a symbol of the fallen Lescatie and the transformation into monster girls.

    Dark Heroes lead the Dark Knights and lead the people of Lescatie wherever they are needed. They are blessed by Lady Druella and have her favor. In the demonic city of Lescatie, the Dark Heroes give themselves over to their own desires and spend their days filling them with pleasure. However, such Mamono Realm Heroes are perfectly suited to Fallen Lescatie. The Dark Heroes, who are the most beautiful and obscene mamono in Lescatie, are genuinely admired and respected by the people of Lescatie who crave further depravity.

    As symbols of the "Mamono Realm of Lescatie," the Dark Heroes, seeing the disruption of the pleasure and happiness that fills Lescatie, eventually become convinced that only by leading all of humanity into an utopian world of pleasure can they bring depraved wellbeing to the hearts of Lescatians.

    ■ Dark Heroes in battle
    Though the Dark Heroes have individual differences, many of them possess the uncountable strength of thousands of warriors. Their power is beyond the norm that a single man could wield; enemy soldiers of the Order sometimes compare them to a natural disaster. The presence of even a single Dark Hero on the battlefield greatly affects the outcome of the battle. Alone, the Dark Hero is able to monsterize many people with his sword and create a Mamono Realm on the battlefield with his magic, instead of incinerating the entire area. In addition, ironically, people who have the talent to become "heroes" simultaneously possess high qualities as "monsters." Dark Heroes, who also have excellent succubus talents, have a sensual charm that inevitably brings sex to mind. Their mere presence creates an obscene atmosphere, leading people to fall to their hidden desires. At the moment of the Hero's fall, the power given by the Chief God to subdue monsters becomes the power of the Dark Hero and is now used to turn people into mamono. And thanks to the power of mamono, every time the Dark Heroine makes love to her husband and enjoys pulling his spiritual energy, her power continues to grow.

    Originally, Heroes is not a name for a class of warriors, the word refers to those who have received power from a deity. For this reason, a hero can usually be called a "warrior" as well as a "mage". Therefore, the Dark Hero depicted in this book has the skills of a "Dark Knight."

    Although there are no new heroes in modern Lescatie who have received the blessing of the Chief God, there seem to be new Dark Heroes who have received blessings from other gods, such as the "Fallen God".

    ■ Social Status and Origin
    It is said that Lescatie, which was one of the leading countries in the world that "produced heroes," had the most heroes. Heroes held a high position in the country, but possessed only symbolic power, with no political power. At the helm were powerful priests and nobles who ostensibly supported the heroes, being in reality gray cardinals who controlled them. At the decline of the kingdom of Lescatie, their factions managed to make a mere facade out of the royal family, and from the knights of the kingdom to assemble their private armies. For these people, the number of heroes among their knights was one of the most important factors that determined a person's social status, so they worked hard to attract heroes to their armies. As much as the common people extolled Heroes, in essence they were not even mere soldiers, but resources for a political struggle whose own influence was suppressed.

    On the other hand, in today's Lescatie, which has become a mamono realm, the Dark Heroes are in a position where they can "follow the call of the heart." Some seriously act as heroes, but in many cases they usually spend each of their days having intercourse with their spouses; other heroes try to right their wrongs to make their hometowns happier and more pleasant. For example, there are such heroes that freely use their power and position to open schools to raise children. Although many of the Dark Heroes are part of the military, they will only participate in expeditionary missions when requested to do so. And it is worth bearing in mind that if they do not like it, they may refuse even the request of the esteemed Lady Druella. Of course, only a husband in bed can control such capricious and unrestrained heroes. While not every one of them has the power, it can definitely be argued that the influence of the Dark Heroes is now greater than it was in the old Lescatie. "The Seven Princesses of Lescatie" are second only to Druella as ruler of Lescatia.

    Although the symbol of Lescatie has remained the same, those who should be that symbol have changed greatly. They demonstrate that the Heroes of Lescatie, who were the hope of mankind, have fallen and sunk into corruption. The Dark Heroes are now respected as beings who corrupt people everywhere. Hero is just a title, now they spend their days indulging in pleasures with their lovers rather than dealing with people or the country. Because their heroes have fallen to such an existence, the people of Lescatie can realize that their own country has fallen, and they can live their lives immersed in pleasure and worrying about nothing. Moreover, it is the Dark Heroes who are the ones who are more absorbed in pleasure with their beloved than anyone else in Lescatie, their bodies literally drowning in spiritual energy. The scent of a beloved spouse is always around them, which is an example for many other mamonos to follow. Watching the Dark Heroes, other monsters look forward to becoming similarly obscene creatures.

    Great Magical Sword (★★★)
    The Great Magical Sword is a common demonic weapon that emits a tremendous amount of magic. If it is a sword, one swing of it will generate a wave of magic that will strike anyone in its path; if it is an axe, its blow will shake the ground and stun everyone around it, and the arrow fired will turn in flight into a huge, rotating whirlwind and will strike the enemy with a piercing storm. The dark heroes, who possess the power of many people, even with a "normal movement of the weapon" are able to generate a "Great Magical Sword" of enormous power, which is only a manifestation of their "immense magical power". Although the "Great Magical Sword" is equivalent to a natural disaster, it contains the obscene magical power of the Dark Hero, therefore it does not take people's lives, but it turns many people into monsters.

    A battle with the Dark Hero is not like a normal confrontation between a monster and a human, as it is almost impossible to defend against their attacks. So there's nothing wrong with just running away. Regardless of the size of the army that will be thrown against him, a swing of the "Great Magical Sword" will scatter a rain of arrows or bullets and demonize all humans before the Dark Hero.

    Eternal Dwellers of the Mamono Realm (★★★)
    This technique clothes the Dark Hero in a dense cover of mana to always keep her surroundings as in a mamono realm. This ability to clothe herself in the mamono realm, even if she is not in the mamono realm, allows the Dark Hero to activate their body and spirit as if the Hero were really there, allowing her to maintain maximum amplification at all times.

    The Mamono Realm, which envelops the Dark Hero, is not only a powerful amplification, but also a powerful barrier that protects her. If medium-level spells are used against the Dark Hero, when faced with the Mamono Realm, they will lose their effect and be distorted in an obscene way and self-activate, filling the surrounding space with mamono mana. Even spells like the wall of fire will be meaningless, as they will simply corrupt those around the hero. Also, spells that take away spirit power and draw out energy will be ineffective on that monster that is always in the mamono realm, which retains an "obscene spirit" within it.

    The mamono realm is a space that greatly enhances the reproductive instincts and abilities of those within it. It is because of the presence of the Demon World around them that Dark Heroes are always the ideal women and are in a state in which they can best demonstrate their succubus power to a man. Thus, they are still the best women to channel their husband's desires for sex and excite him. In other words, with this technique, the Dark Heroes can easily induce their spouse to coitus at any time and be the best during sex. It is probably this element of this technique that is most important for most Dark Heroes.

    Depraved Devil's Dress (★★★)
    This arcane technique can only be used by a limited number of Dark Heroes wearing magical armor that unleashes the wearer's full potential.

    The depraved devil's dress is a special armor that only the wearer can use. It is created from the spiritual energy of her partner and contains various curses to give the dark heroine her maximum power. The Depraved Devil's Dress is a tight outfit worn so that it appears as if it is cutting into the crotch between the thighs. On the inside the Dress is filled with spiritual energy and slime, also on the edges inside it is covered with tentacles that invade the monster's body all the time. Since the garment contains the spiritual energy of her husband, the most powerful amplifier for a monster girl, it greatly increases the power of the mamono. The pleasure of this armor is close to that given to Dark Heroes by their husband, but it never surpasses the pleasure given to them by their lover's hand. On the other hand, the curses of the Armor will continue to heighten the Heroine's arousal and her lust for her lover. Inexperienced Dark Heroes, having greatly enhanced their physical parameters and magical power with the Depraved Devil's Dress, will be able to use this power only to have sex with their husband. Even the Dark Hero, who fought with only one Dress glove, which corresponded to her own strengths, nevertheless licked and sucked her fingers all night after the battle, penetrating deeply into her mouth. Her passionate lust was so strong that she was nearly driven mad by her lover's desire.

    When the Dark Hero fights while fully clothed in the Depraved Devil's Dress, it allows her to think and act as if she continues to take pleasure from her husband, which is a normal everyday occurrence for them, as if she is still deeply absorbed in the pleasure that her lover gives her. In peacetime, this garment evokes such powerful sexual desire and lust that the heroine's body and mind go crazy. But, on the other hand, it also keeps her husband's sperm inside her lower abdomen and also delays the sensation of his hot flesh inside the monster. This allows her to continue to feel like she is having sex even when the couple is not together. Such an indecent existence is, of course, too extreme and is the prerogative of only a few inma.

    At this point in Lescatie, only the Seven Princesses of Lescatie can wear the Depraved Devil's Dress at all times, and of course it is one of the abilities that made them who they are.

    Druella's Blessing (★★★)
    Along with the mission to turn all humans into monsters and spread the mamono realms, Dark Heroes also receive a powerful blessing from Druella. Thanks to it, even if a monster from a race that is not normally capable of turning others into mamono has been blessed, the Dark Hero gains the ability to maneuver opponents into the same race she belongs to, or into succubi, with attacks or magic. In addition, the blessing given to the Seven Princesses is even more powerful. They were given the power, like the lilim, to turn human women into whatever monsters most suited the women's character, to make their downfall most perfect.

    Hero's Charisma(★★★)
    The hero's strongest charisma causes admiration and envy in those who look upon her. It was not acquired during their conversion to mamono, but was retained from the days when they were human heroes. It is not known whether it is because they are so attractive that they are beings chosen by the deity, or whether they were such people because they have advanced one step beyond the rest of humanity. Nevertheless, all heroes possess a special charisma. Fascinated by the hero's presence, people will experience "admiration" and "envy," for the hero's appearance is what humanity should look like.

    And this charisma does not disappear even when the hero becomes a monster, but rather only intensifies as the mysterious allure of mamono is added to it. The author also had the opportunity to experience this when he first met Wilmarina. Seeing her made me realize that I wanted to be like her. The smooth, sensual, and arousing movements of her body testified to the pleasure and ecstasy into which she was immersed. So, too, Wilmarina's enchanting smile was certainly a sign of happiness, of which she was absolutely certain. The way her breasts were bouncing made one wonder how pleased her husband was to play with them and indecently touch them with his hot hard flesh. Watching her lecherous mouth and the tongue that peeked out as she talked, I unwittingly licked my own lips with my tongue. The moment I realized this and was able to restrain myself in front of that pretty face, I felt a strange taste and a sweet numbness in my frantically pounding heart. The feeling hasn't left since then.

    But above all, I felt "envy" towards her, mixed with a desire to become like Wilmarina. I was firmly aware of these feelings in my heart and clearly recognized this desire in my thoughts. Even if she was a monster, as a hero, she remained a human being on a level above me. Being around her, one could only feel intense envy or intense admiration for her. That's why it was very easy for me to accept the invitation to the Fall from such a Dark Heroine, since I myself felt the desire to become a charming monster like her.

    Mamono Realm Horses[edit]

    Mamono Realm Horse/Lescatian Horse

    When Lescatie fell thanks to the efforts of monsters, becoming a mamono realm, the horses that were raised for the knights were affected by mamono mana and turned into mamono realm beasts with great mana - Lescatian Horses. In Lescatie they are called exclusively "Mamono Realm Horses" and are bred mainly by the Dark Knights. Compared to ordinary horses, mamono realm horses are characterized by their very frightening and mysterious appearance, their appearance can frighten you: they have dark black bodies like the night itself, on which while running red magical patterns flare up. Mamono realm horses appear similar to ordinary horses at first glance, but they live at the expense of their immense magical power. They are a type of "magical creatures" and exist more as a mass of mana. In addition to the rider's skills, mamono realm horses are strongly influenced by their mana and, because their body is composed of it, they are capable of demonstrating power incomparable to that of a normal cavalry horse. If mamono realm horses are attacked by an opponent, thanks to the phenomenal feature they have, they will not take any damage, but will simply lose some of their mana and grow hungrier. An experienced rider will be able to speed up a mamono realm horse to literally wing speed, and no matter how long he rides it, it will be able to maintain its tireless physical strength.

    Contrary to their fearsome appearance, mamono realm horses have a gentle and calm character. Being extremely loyal to their master, these animals will try to always follow him, even in the midst of enemies. On the other hand, mamono realm horses are known as very wary animals: until they get used to you, you will not see even a glimpse of their tenderness and calmness. There are quite a few wild mamono realm horses afflicted with mana mamono in Lescatie, but because of their wariness they rarely appear before humans and live in the dense forests where mana is especially dense and it is difficult for people to find them. Mamono realm horses are some of the hardest mamono realm beasts to tame, unlikely to allow anyone to ride on their back without earning their trust. Apparently, only after a rookie Dark Knight is able to ride a mamono realm horse bred in Lescatie will they be recognized as a full-fledged Dark Knight. Mamono realm horses, which are magical creatures, feed on mana accordingly. Like normal horses, they sometimes eat mamono realm grain, but they only consume the mamono mana found in the grain crops. The best treat for a mamono realm horse is nothing but pure and fresh mana. In other words, in order to breed mamono realm horses, Dark Knights need fresh mamono mana the most, which is created by the work of the monster pair. In order to gain a mamono realm horse's trust, a Dark Knight not only needs to spend a lot of time with their lover and occasionally share their mana with them, but also to have sex in a way, as if only to show it to their horse. Because of their nature, Lescatian horses rarely appear in public places, but they often approach couples who are making love. Horses appear unexpectedly in front of monsters, attracted by their dense and obscene mana, which remains on their bodies. There are also occasions when they approach to rub themselves against the bodies of monsters to show their friendliness. In fact, not only the Dark Knights, but some monster couples also breed demonic horses as symbols of love.

    Mamono Realm Warhorse/Lescatian Warhorse

    Mamono realm warhorses were bred specifically for use in battle, they have more mana than normal mamono realm horses. They are the most common type of mamono realm horses bred by the Knights of the Mamono Realm of Lescatie, and for the Dark Knights, you could say they are close friends and faithful companions on the battlefield. The mana these horses possessed increased dramatically when they became mamono realm warhorses. Even without the magic of their rider, these horses themselves possess the necessary mana on the battlefield and can even support the rider with their mana. Imitating the weapons and armor, as well as the skills of their riders, warhorses protect them by turning their own mana into a shield or armor, or, if ordered to ride into an assault, they will turn their mana into a huge spear that will pierce the enemy's defenses. On the battlefield, mamono realm warhorses will live up to their name and, even going out alone against a thousand, will undoubtedly win. To the warring countries and soldiers of the Order, these horses are a symbol of fear. In addition, these horses are hard to breed, and are only found in certain mamono realms, such as Lescatie and the Royal Mamono Realm, which are particularly rich in mamono mana. Plus, it takes even more mana to bait them than regular mamono realm horses. Also, the rider of a mamono realm warhorse is only obligated to get more sweetness from their partner in the future. Especially after activity on the battlefield, the Lescatian warhorse will actively "beg" for especially fresh mamono mana as a reward. Before the couple returns to Lescatie, it will spend a lot of time lurking by their side as the couple makes love.

    Mamono Realm Winged Horse/Lescatian Dark Wind

    This is an extremely rare endemic species that lives only within the Forest of Dark Spirits, which is located in Lescatie. Due to the fact that they received the extremely dense mana that fills the Forest of Dark Spirits, these horses possess particularly great magical power even among other mamono realm horses. In addition to being able to unfold the wings growing on their backs and fly freely in the sky, mamono realm winged horses are able to control a magical wind, painted black, similar to the wind elementals, "Sylphs," who were engulfed by mamono mana and became dark elementals.

    And, like the original "dark sylph", this magical wind carries a large amount of mamono mana that blows away the self-control of humans and monsters. Riding a mamono realm winged horse across the battlefield, the Dark Knight might seem like the perfect symbol of victory. Flying across the sky on a tar-black, mighty winged horse, they direct a magical wind toward the earth that dispels hatred and disgust toward monsters and even destroys the very resistance to mating with mamono. Such a knight invites their opponents, along with their entire army, into the path of debauchery. In addition, sometimes this wind blows on the backs of the Dark Knights, also deflating their self-control, which puts them in a state of unbridled desire for sex, like the Dark Warriors. And at the command of the Dark Knight, which controls the magical wind, many of the Dark Knights rush to the men to have sex, literally approaching them with the speed of a gale wind. Of course, the presence of the mamono realm winged horse alone has a powerful effect on the battlefield. And of course many find themselves fascinated by the amoral and mysterious appearance that knights have, immersed in the darkness created by the mamono realm winged horse.

    However, it is not easy to become a rider of this animal. Winged horses prefer an even purer mamono mana than mamono realm warhorses, and their bodies are always enveloped in it. In addition, mamono realm winged horses have a special property that makes it impossible to touch them unless you are covered by lust or virginity. Contrary to their elegant appearance, many of the winged horses are "rampaging horses" and only an experienced Dark Knight, that often has sex with their spouse, will be worthy to ride on his back.

    Giant Mamono Realm Horse/Lescatian Gigant

    It can be said that of all the mamono realm horses, the mamono realm giant horses are the most familiar in civilian life. Mamono realm giant horses evolved after consuming large quantities of high quality mamono realm plants that were used as bait by monster couples. Mamono realm giant horses have huge bodies, nearly twice the size of the average mamono realm horse. Because of the size of the animals of this species, people who see mamono realm giant for the first time are often surprised by their strength. However, contrary to their appearance, mamono realm giant horses lack the pride inherent in mamono realm horses. Compared to ordinary Lescatian horses, they are friendlier to humans and tend to let them ride on their backs calmly. This is because mamono realm giant horses are raised by eating the grain plants of the mamono realms, which can also be called "crystallized love," nurtured by a monster couple. It is said that the love invested in these plants simply takes away the wariness and pride of these mamono realm horses.

    In any case, mamono realm giant horses love to let mamono and married couples ride them, they have enough stamina to keep going all day and night without sleep, with only a slight recharge of their rider's mana. For this reason, in the mamono realm of Lescatie, they are not used for fighting, but as pack animals. Mamono realm giant horses are bred primarily to carry people and luggage on their backs. Also mamono realm giant horses, which can travel long distances with lots of luggage, play an important role in trade with other countries.


    Dark Knight's Sword[edit]

    The Knights of Lescatie have officially adopted Demonic Swords, which are made from "Demonic Ore", such as "Mamono Silver" and "Mamono Iron". Mamono Silver, mined in the Mamono Realms, has the property of easily harboring mamono magic. By processing it, you can create a weapon that does not kill, but when an opponent is wounded by it, it damages his magic power rather than his body, thereby taking away his strength to fight and not harming his body. Perhaps because demonic ore has a pink sheen, demonic metal also has a similar sheen, and in some cases the entire sword can emit a pink or pale purple glow. However, at first glance, demonic swords are no different in appearance from ordinary swords and a person would not be able to tell them apart unless he or she has a bright talent for sensing magic. However, demonic ore mined in Lescatie has a richer shade of pink or purple, and the sharpened blade will have a mysterious luster like a gemstone. Like the Dark Knights of Lescatie who use such weapons, demonic silver blades will have a beautiful and enchanting appearance.

    Among the monsters I encountered on my journey to Lescatie, of those who used weapons like the Lizardmen, every single one of them carried demonic weapons. This seems to have something to do with the fact that not only do these weapons use ore mined in the mamono realms, but the monsters hate hurting people as much as they hate killing them. Swords made of Demonic Ore are rarely seen as weapons used by humans, mostly due to the fact that blacksmiths in the human realms almost never get their hands on this ore. But on the other hand, such weapons are not only common monster weapons among the Dark Knights of Lescatie, but are also widely used as official equipment of the Mamono Lord's Army.

    Since the demon weapon is light enough that its weight is barely felt compared to a normal sword, and it is impossible, due to its characteristics, to harm a human even by accident, it appears to be an excellent weapon for mamono. Although, because of its ability to harbor mamono mana, if such a weapon were to end up in the hands of a human, the mamono mana from the blade would probably affect him... is that probably another reason? A polished demonic sword, full of a beautiful and mysterious glow, is so enchanting to those looking at it. In the lands of men, it is often enough to recognize it as a "cursed object." Among other blades, however, the magic found in Lescatian swords is more aggressive. It is said that a woman who takes such a sword will be corrupted and will be transformed into a beautiful monster, suited to the sword's charms.

    In fact, people, especially women, are often transformed by these swords into mamono. Furthermore, when a human man picks up such a sword, which belongs to the Dark Knight, he will unwittingly be enveloped by the magic of the wielder that is in the blade and have his heart bewitched. In the end, he, along with the sword, will serve the Dark Knight, though as her husband... This seems to be the reason why, when I, as a Dark Knight rookie, was assigned to carry weapons, I saw many swords in the armory that were simply laid out in rows. This is probably also a trap to counteract intruders. At first glance, a beautifully gleaming sword made of demonic ore looks like a precious weapon. And if a person's gaze was attracted by the glitter of this sword and he tried to draw it, it would not be hard to imagine his future, which would involve the Dark Knight.

    Mamono Realm Ore
    As a rule, most demonic weapons are made of demonic silver, but some are made of "Mamono Iron" or "Demonic Steel". Also, in Lescatie, the usual swords used by knights were corroded by mamono mana and it seems that many of the usual metals have been converted into mamono realm metals. In "succubus swordsmanship" by which the opponent is seduced during combat, the beauty of the sword itself is also an important factor that further enhances the attractiveness of the swordswoman. The swords of the Dark Knights of Lescatie are not only weapons for obtaining a husband, they also enhance the allure that mamono possess... It is believed that to win a man's heart, the sword must be a part of the owner and her extension, so many knights of the mamono realms try to get more beautiful and enchanting swords. Some of the knights with a strong commitment to the chivalrous way of the sword, trying to create their own blade, choosing the ore for it with their own eyes, which they then take to the excellent blacksmith. At the "Demonic Weapon Fair," which regularly unfolds in the central square of Salvarision, not only weapons are traded, but also rare demonic ores brought in from abroad by Mamono traders such as Gyoubu Danuki. And many Dark Knights visit both these merchants and blacksmiths at the same time.

    Pierce of Lescatie[edit]

    During my time in the Mamono Realm Lescatie, I had the opportunity to see many Mamono Realm weapons made from Demonic Ore. However, it seems that Mamono Silver's ability to "easily absorb monster mana" seems to be able to provide a wider range of effects than I can imagine. This applies to things that cannot be seen in human lands - weapons that are created from mana accumulated in demonic ore that has been turned into various magical accessories with unconventional properties. One such item is the Pierce of Lescatie. At first glance it is an ordinary earring, but if you remove it from your ear and channel magical power into it, it will quickly turn into a demonic silver dagger. If you imbue your earring with magical power, that magic, once absorbed by it, albeit temporarily, will create a mana sword... The principle of this weapon is extremely simple: it makes full use of Mamono Silver's property of easily absorbing magical energy. In addition, the blade created by such an earring, reliably accumulating mana during peacetime, becomes stronger and sharper. The power of such a dagger is much higher than that of an ordinary demonic sword: an opponent pierced by it will lose all his powers in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, this magical blade is maintained through the consumption of magical power and will not last long after manifesting. As a result, after a while the earring will return to its original form. Mostly, I'm told, this accessory is used as a weapon for self-defense, and the Dark Knights use weapons made of demonic ore, such as the Lescatie Demonic Swords mentioned earlier. However, for members of the Order of Dark Knights who do not carry weapons such as demonic ore swords or spears, such as the Dark Strategists, these earrings seem to be a useful concealed blade "in case of emergencies". And I often see them worn in their ears.

    However, the main reason the Dark Knights love these "Pierces of Lescatie" is that they can always wear earrings charged with their beloved hubby's mana. Therefore, even when they are away from their husband, they can feel his presence nearby, and, using the property of turning magical power into weapons, feel that they are fighting with him.

    In addition, for unmarried Dark Knights, there is a special significance to the event when they hand a man such an earring that has been infused with their mana. This corresponds to a declaration of love or a "dedication of one's sword" to that man, also it is done with the purpose of keeping their chosen one from other mamono through their own magic. There is also a very passionate story that if a man wears such an earring given to him by a monster woman, in which the Dark Knight has accumulated her power, his body and heart will inevitably be captured by the possessor of this demonic power.

    By the way, has any mana accumulated in my own earrings? This weapon is just for self-defense, and it's perfect for sending to teacher who is still on a dangerous journey! ...Just for self-defense, yes, just for self-defense...

    Magic Sword of Covenant[edit]

    Among the swords used in the current Lescatie there are many that are called "magical" swords. Lescatie's magical swords were originally considered "holy swords," a symbol of the power of the religion of the Chief God and her power against monsters. However, the widespread mamono mana dissipated their magic and reversed their nature: now these "Magical Swords of Covenant" are a typical example of such "former holy swords". Among the monsters, the Demons are a symbol of the so-called "extremists" - a faction that seeks to turn the entire world into a mamono realm. They are well known for corrupting human men by entering into a "contract" with them, whereby men give themselves completely to these monsters in exchange for eternal pleasure with a special immoral flavor. In particular, the "Magical Swords of Covenant" are used by these very mamono. The holy swords, which were left behind during the Fall of Lescatie, have become monster weapons by contracting with powerful demons: they are now magical swords that contain their magical power. Originally, those who possessed holy swords could call upon the sacred power in the sword in exchange for an oath to dedicate themselves to the Chief God. In turn, these twisted swords, in exchange for a contract to dedicate their soul and body to the demon who originally wielded the blade, give those in whose hands they are held tremendous magical power, provided they fit certain physical parameters. These demonic swords have a mysterious allure that attracts people, similar to that of the demons themselves. A man who has been enchanted by a magical sword and has coveted its great power will dedicate his life to a demon with a contract and accept the fate of a knight that will protect her.

    Before the fall of Lescatie, these holy swords were a symbol of loyalty to the Church, given only to those knights who were recognized as among the strongest in the Order. It seems that their owners were told that if they would faithfully follow the teachings of the Chief God, abstain and strictly control their desires, they would further increase the power of these swords. But now that these swords have made a contract with demons, the reversed magical swords become stronger when their owner is colored by pleasure and debauchery. It is very ironic that these ex-sacred swords now play an important role in the expansion of the mamono realms, actively spreading depravity.

    Blade of Salvation[edit]

    "The Blade of Salvation" was the weapon used to execute sinners in Lescatie during the reign of the Order. For a religion that classifies all monsters as evil and seeks to eradicate them all, interacting with a monster and finding a rapport with it is first and foremost a grave crime. In the religious state of Lescatie, under the careful rule of the Church, all people who were considered to be close to demons were declared traitors and imprisoned. And then they were beheaded with this blade under the guise of "saving a soul trapped by the monsters." This "Salvarision Blade of Salvation" was an ordinary sword for execution, but it was richly decorated, like a ritual blade or a treasure sword, and gave the impression of a sword wielded by a hero. Perhaps the church wanted to emphasize more strongly that this sword was a "sacred blade for the salvation of the soul."

    This blade of salvation with a bloody past is still used to "save" people in the present mamono realm of Lescatie. But now the "relief" given by this blade has a very different meaning from the "execution" of the inhabitants in the former Lescatie. Now, because of the grief of the people and the compassion of the merciful monsters for the people who were executed by it, this sword has become magical. By becoming a magical blade, it gained the power to "save sinners," but the sin from which it is supposed to save man was changed to its exact opposite. In other words, for this magical sword, a sinner is one who "feels hostility and hatred toward monsters and their husbands." Having found such a sinner, regardless of the user's will, the sword moves the owner's body to him and tries to decapitate the sinner. No trick will work against someone who uses this Blade of Salvation. If a soldier of the Order feels hostility towards monsters, no matter how well camouflaged, no surprise attack will reach the owner of this sword.

    If a woman's head is blown off by this sword, she will turn into a headless monster "dullahan" and become the new executioner for this sword. The man, however, will not be decapitated by this sword and not even a cut will remain on his neck, instead he will fall into a state of half-death, as if he had eaten the "undead grey lamentation shroom." Eventually, he will be "rescued" from the depths of pseudo-death by the hands of monsters. More often than not, the necessary help will be provided by the undead, in particular by the Dullahan that happens to be nearby. In addition, those who once fell victim to the "blade of salvation" returned to life as Dullahans with the mamono mana appropriate to this sword. They now roam Lescatie and the "blade of salvation" that was used to execute them appears from time to time in their hands. The blade itself may not be a threat to those who are not hostile to the monsters, but to those who experience this sin, on the contrary, it has a powerful effect. The story is recorded of how this sword once accidentally fell into the hands of a soldier girl serving in the Order's invasion expeditionary corps. Her new mistress used it to slice through her comrades one by one, turning them into Dullahans and Incubi until she carved out the entire corps and turned herself into a monster.

    Pucelle's Oracle Sword[edit]

    Pucelle's[4] Oracle Sword is a former holy and now fallen sword that was one of the most sacred swords of Lescatie. It was given to people who received a blessing from a summoned Valkyrie, an angel serving the providence of the Chief God. This sword allowed the hero and the valkyrie to unite their pure thoughts to carry the will of the Chief God to the people together. It was said that since it was necessary to unite one's spirit with a Valkyrie possessing a noble heart, this sword could only be used by those who were originally born a hero and possessed such a noble spirit. In other words, Pucelle's Oracle Sword was meant for the "chosen ones".

    It is said that in the past this sword led the hero along with the Valkyries called to him on the path of justice; the person in whose hands this blade fell was always glorified as a noble and righteous hero. Nevertheless, when Lescatie became a Mamono Realm, this sword, like all other magical swords, changed its nature. Corrupted by mana mamono, Pucelle's Oracle Sowrd now summons the maiden of battle with black wings that serves the Fallen God - the "Dark Valkyrie". No matter how virtuous is one who holds this depraved blade, being "attuned" to the depraved spirit of the Dark Valkyrie, which is full of carnal desire, his spirit will become equally aroused and faithful to his lustful desires. Regardless of the new owner's innate qualities, the sword will create a "chosen one" that will possess a spirit suited to the follower of the Fallen God. This magical sword will also summon a Dark Valkyrie, which will be synchronized with the newborn Dark Hero and become his faithful companion. Led by the Dark Valkyrie, the new master of this blade will plunge into sex and pleasure. Wherever this pair will go, everywhere they will carry the teachings of the Fallen God, expand the Mamono Realms and eventually the owner of this sword will become a famous Dark Hero.

    In the past, the Oracle Sword was considered a "legendary sword," a treasure bestowed upon Lescatie by the Chief God, and only heroes who were "worthy" of Valkyries could use it. However, nowadays this sword turns those in whose hands it is held into "people worthy" of the Dark Valkyrie, so anyone can wield it. Unlike in the past, Pucelle's Oracle Sword no longer chooses its master, but tends to stay away from noble heroes and instead prefers to end up with poor boys in the slums or even geting picked up by thieves who have infiltrated Lescatie. My personal assumption is that since the nature of the sword has become the opposite, Pucelle's Oracle Sword, which was originally a "sword for the strong" and talented, has become a "sword for the weak" who desire salvation. In other words, this sword favors those people who will be most attracted to the "teachings of the Fallen God" and at the same time those who need her teachings the most. This blade was once touched by a brute brigand and as a result he became a "Dark Hero" that, along with his Dark Valkyrie, turned poor villages into Mamono Realms. When he appears anywhere with his Valkyrie wife, he behaves in a very friendly and exemplarily indecent manner.

    In Lescatie, run by the Order, not only this sword, but other holy swords were reserved for only a few heroes-a handful of innately talented people. But in the demonic land of Lescatie, where magical swords have changed their nature with mamono mana, anyone can use such a weapon, be it a monster or an incubus. As long as you conform to the nature of the magic sword, even without showing any special talents, you can be its owner.

    Formerly an ordinary farm girl, now as a Dark Hero she is about to expand the mamono realm with the Pucelle's Oracle Sword. It is said that today a new Dark Hero is born in the territory of Lescatie, guided by this sword.

    Magic Spear of Binding[edit]

    As the name implies, it is a magical spear that can be turned into a snake that wraps itself around an opponent. The spear of binding is one of the most famous weapons in Lescatie. These spears are mostly used by the Dark Knights of the Lamia Squad, led by one of the Seven Princesses of Lescatie, the Echidna Mersé.

    During my journey, I heard rumors that among the weapons used by the monsters are "spears that turn into serpents." This magical spear of binding is probably the source of these rumors. Leaving aside the properties of demonic silver, such as depriving the enemy of mana, which are common to all monster weapons, the magical capabilities of the spear itself are very simple: with magic it is possible to turn it into a snake. It is not difficult to interrupt this transformation of the spear into a snake that encircles your body. However, if this weapon is used by an experienced Dark Knight, the threat increases dramatically. If the Knight accumulated mamono mana in the magical spear in peacetime, using the properties of Mamono Silver, then after the transformation of the spear, the snake that will wrap around the opponent's body will also contain the depraved mana of the owner of this weapon. In other words, not only will the binding power increase, but the mamono mana will corrode the person all the time he is in captivity.

    If the captured person's mana is corroded by the mamono mana, he will become a mere "prey" that will provide his body to the Dark Knight, rushing toward him with a specific predatory smile. In addition, magic snakes are used in the "Serpent God Rite" to turn human women into "Lamia" or "Echidnas". Therefore this spear can serve as a substitute for such a ritual: a woman struck by the magic of this weapon will turn into a monster with the lower body of snake.

    Magic Spears of Binding are also known for their wide variety of effects - when you fill a spear with mana you can not only increase the binding force, but depending on the quality of mana, some spears turn into huge snakes; others can turn into a snake with poison with a strong aphrodisiac effect, because of which the bite's heat will not disappear from your lower abdomen for a very, very long time; Spears of the most skilled Dark Knights can take the form of a variety of different snakes.

    Caring and diligent training with these weapons is synonymous with honing one's skills to more reliably obtain a husband." Mersé's subordinates seem to polish their magical spears with their tongues and rub their bodies against them gracefully, both day and night, so that the weapons will be more reliably saturated with the lance-owner's mana.

    Dragon Lance of Depravity[edit]

    In recent years, the Mamono Realm of Lescatie and the Dragon Empire of Dragonia have become allies, and many agreements have been signed between the two countries. They cooperate in a wide range of areas, such as trade, which facilitates the export and import of special products and goods, and tourism, which encourages people and mamono to visit and leave these states together. There is also an active joint training of Dark Knights and Dragon Knights and their training abroad.

    At the same time, a large number of weapons that have been exported from Dragonia to Lescatie have undergone unique transformations here. One example of such a transformation is the Dragon Lance of Depravity. Also, it is the official equipment of the Order of the Dragon Knights and is the most popular among its knights ("Dragon Spear of Vow" p. 55 Dragonia). However, in Lescatie, under the influence of Druella's mana, it became a magical spear with more radical properties.

    Originally, a "rage rune" was carved into the hilt of the spear, which explosively increased its wearer's energy and allowed him to exchange mana with the dragon at any time, even while sitting on her back. However, after transforming into the Dragon Lance of Depravity, like the change in meaning of the Blade of Salvation, the properties of this rune were also completely reversed. It is now "Rune of Rage Attraction": instead of increasing the energy of the spear owner, the rune transmits extremely strong excitement to the enemy and increases his energy.

    In other words, the enemy who confronted the Dark Knight with this spear will, because of the effects of the rune, explosively gain energy, passion and fierce desire similar to that of a dragon. In such a state, which will by no means soon pass, he will be able to think of the Dark Knight with this spear in front of him only as his female. The spear is not only used by the Dark Knights, this weapon is drooled over by many mamonos who are not used to being honest with their chosen ones. Quite a few monsters seem to visit Lescatie to join the Dark Knights and obtain this spear.

    Originally brought from Dragonia, this weapon proved attractive to dragons who cannot be frank with men because of their high position. As a result, the Dragon Lance of Depravity was imported into Dragonia. There are many stories of dragons who, nourished by the desire "I want a man to pounce on me," attacked men with this spear in order to convey their own desire for copulation with this weapon. And as a result, these dragons were raped by human men and became mere lecherous lizards that greedily take pleasure in it.

    Dragons of Dragonia are not used to being obedient... this dragon lance of depravity may have been so named because they have fallen to the level of a common lizard.

    Tentacle Helmet[edit]

    You have to be careful with the equipment you encounter in the castle grounds. You especially need to be careful with the item called "Tentacle Helmet". Such helmets are notorious for causing various malfunctions and even Dark Knights, who know how to handle magical equipment, cannot always cope with them. As the name implies, there is a tentacle-brain plant inside such a helmet, so it is essentially a pot for these tentacles. You can see how, at the command of the tentacle-brain, such a helmet jumps around the castle or moves on its own. Despite the ominous appearance of the object itself, the tentacle helmet innocently bouncing around the castle looks more charming than scary. It is very friendly to people and can even be petted. But contrary to this behavior, if you grab the helmet with your hands, you will be embraced by countless tentacles, which will slip out of it, led by a tentacle-brain. When attacking a woman, the tentacle-brain will instinctively try to put his helmet on her head. Absorbing the mana of the woman who happens to be wearing the helmet, the tentacles will sprout one by one and spread across her body, forming a semblance of armor around the woman who is caught. After she is wrapped in this armor of tentacles, she will continue to enjoy the pleasure of the tentacles inside the armor. She will also taste pleasure from the outside as she pounces on the man she loves, guided by the tentacles for a constant source of spiritual energy. Though her life will not be threatened, any girl with this helmet on her head will be exhausted to the point of unconsciousness by countless tentacles. By the time she wakes up again, it will appear that her body has changed: from the pleasure and mamono mana she has received, the girl will become a succubus.

    In the past, when monsters led by Druella invaded and overthrew the religious authority of Lescatie, the tentacle-brain possessed by one of the invading monsters found the helmet "on its own" and decided to put down roots in it. Nowadays, however, as mentioned above, such helmets catch not only human girls, but occasionally Dark Knights or Demon couples who also enjoy the tentacles get caught in their tentacles. Definitely, this outfit stands out for its strangeness among other things and seems to be a danger to the Mamono themselves.

    The fact is that the current Lescatie is always rich in fresh magical power, which is generated through the efforts of a multitude of adoring demonic couples. Such an atmosphere seems to be very comfortable for tentacle plants. Therefore, the tentacle plants that inhabit the inside of this helmet seem to be as ferocious as the species that inhabit the deepest part of the Tentacle Forest. I mean, from the outside it seems like an indescribably horrible piece of equipment, yet some Dark Knights dare to wear it to appease their bodies. Also, some demonic couples voluntarily use this helmet together to engage in extreme tentacle debauchery...

    ...This thing makes me immorally uneasy about whether I should use it a little for my further training.

    Fragment Armor[edit]

    Sometimes in Castle Salvarision, beautiful swords made of demonic silver that you just want to take in your hands, various equipment like shields with precious stones that emit a dazzling light, can simply be thrown. And you have to be very careful if you pick them up. What I am describing here now is not really equipment for humans or Dark Knights. It is a mamono of a race called "Living Armor" that is born in armor where a soul dwells. However, this creature is a special kind of living armor called "Fragment Armor." These mamono appeared in abandoned castles after the fall of Lescatie, when Druella's mana filled the armor and armor left behind by humans. Perhaps because of Druella's influence and radical monsters, compared to normal living armor, Fragment Armor has a very loving nature, more actively seeking a mate and seeking to help the Lord clothe himself.

    The armor that Fragment Armor controls is the basis of her body, but the swords, shields, and helmets attached to them are filled with this mamono's mana and are also part of her, which the monster can safely move through the air. These swords and shields have been scattered in various places of Castle Salvarision, in other words, some of these girls have left them in prominent places, where these fragments, one might say, play the role of "first bait". And if a person inadvertently picks them up, the mana of the monster will unconsciously attract him to the main body of this mamono.

    In addition, some of them, which keep only their core in the main body, transfer this property to each of their parts. If, for example, only the sword or only the shield ends up in one's hands, one would have to unknowingly wander around the Castle of Salvarision to collect all the parts. One can easily imagine what happens to someone who has explored Castle Salvarision for a long time, collecting all the parts of the armor girl: when he encounters the main body, his body will be completely corrupted by the mamono mana drifting through the castle. The man who has put together all the parts of the armor, as if he were in love with it, awaits the mysterious and beautiful figure of the girl, which has been embodied by the mighty power of Mistress Druella's mana.

    Even if the man realizes in his head how dangerous this cursed outfit is, his body cannot refuse the invitation to "finish his work completely" with the armor girl. And if you want the Fragment Armor to come together on its own as soon as possible, all you have to do is put on the armor itself. Also, while wearing this charming and captivating armor, you will enjoy all of the girl's limbs.

    A female soldier of the Order carelessly picks up a dropped blade. It seems that people who are more experienced with the blade are most often attracted to the magic of Fragment Armor.
    A female soldier, fascinated by such armor, will eventually travel across Lescatie as the new Dark Knight.


    Delembre is a magical sword with a dark power and beauty that can crush a human observer. In the sword's crosspiece shines a dark red light with a magical gem that seems to symbolize Lescatie.

    This sword is known as the most powerful of the magical swords in the mamono realm of Lescatie, for it was blessed and filled with the magical power of that country's ruler, Druella. Its power is quite different from other swords made of demon ore: around the blade of Delembre swirls a terrifying stream of mamono mana that is embodied as dark matter. The monster that can channel this mamono mana will, with a single sweep, flood the entire space on that side with scarlet mamono mana of Lescatie, which will dramatically accelerate the transformation of the surroundings into a Mamono Realm. And if the sword has accumulated magical power, it can be dramatically released in a single attack, like a Dark Warrior's strike, which will deprive the opponent of the magical powers he has. However, the main ability of this special magical sword is that it allows the wielder to look into the opponents' hearts and see their desires in a similar way as Druella herself does.

    To the owner of this weapon, when he crosses his blade with his opponent's sword, his secret desires will gradually be revealed, information about who his opponent is in love with and secretly desires, as well as everything that he secretly thinks about this person - these hidden desires will become an open book for the owner of the sword. Normally the demonic weapon's monsterization turns an opponent into a "succubus" in most cases, but since this magic sword has the power of Druella, it can turn girls into representatives of different races, just like the Lilim do. However, with the power of this sword it is also possible to look into the heart of your opponent and turn her into the most suitable mamono, so that her romantic path will be pleasant and reliable. In other words, it is not an exaggeration to say that the wielder of this sword can take on the role of a Lilim, a daughter of the Mamono Lord.

    In addition, the Seven Princesses of Lescatie, including Wilmarina, received the same power from Druella. Those who have come into possession of this sword often take part in invasion expeditions whose goal is the large-scale monsterization of opponents. During such sorties, they must, along with the Seven Princesses, move in the vanguard, expanding the Mamono Realm with their sword strokes.

    This magical sword is personally awarded by Druella to the best Dark Knights, usually the one who has had the most success in expanding the Mamono Realm. This blade is a proof of trust from Lady Druella, as well as a symbol of hope for monsters who wish the world to be filled with love and new, happier demonic couples of husbands and their monster wives to emerge. I would say that this magical sword is the most prestigious for the Dark Knights.

    Magic Sword Orufoyu[edit]

    The Magic Sword "Orufoyu" is a weapon wielded by one of the Seven Princesses, the Dark Hero Wilmarina. This sword is legendary, as they say it was given to the novice hero Lescatie who founded the Kingdom of Lescatie. With this sword he freed this land from monsters during the era of the former Mamono Lords. It was rumored that this particular Holy Sword had the power to repel evil. It has long been held by the royal family as a symbol of this land. Above all, however, the Lescatie themselves said that this sword was best suited to be wielded by the strongest hero of the time, Wilmarina. So when this blade was given to her at the "inheritance ceremony", many people rushed to the castle of Lescatie to see Wilmarina with the legendary sword in her hands. Ever since Wilmarina received this sword, she herself has become a human legend under the legendary sword, one might say, the hope of the entire Kingdom of Lescatie. On the other hand, however, this sword was a treasure of the nation, passed down from generation to generation by the rulers of the Lescatie family who ruled this country, starting with its founder. The fact that the item was inherited by Lady Wilmarina, a "novice hero" who was not of the royal family dynasty, though a member of another prominent family, openly demonstrated "that the power of House Noscrim surpassed even the royal family. This was now in the public domain, with the result that many nobles and priests sought to join House Noscrim. There was also an increase in the number of new forces that used the Royal Family as a façade for their own purposes in order to increase their influence. As the story goes, this even led to increased intrigue and power struggles even among the holy knights.

    This sword was a symbol of power at that time and the hope of the country of Lescatie. And at the same time it was the "chain" that bound one young girl, Wilmarina, to the title of hero. The legendary sword of Lescatie was inherited by her to repel evil. However, Lescatie fell and that legend came to an end when Wilmarina was reborn as a monster with the help of Druella. Immediately after her transformation into a mamono, Wilmarina first used her "power as a monster" against her sword, which was "Orufoyu". For Wilmarina, this sword was originally not a "holy sword" at all, but a hideous "magic sword". A sword that limited her as a hero for many years. It seems that without that sword she could have done so many things differently. Yet for Wilmarina, this sword was still her sword, her feelings for Lescatie were tied to it. It was also the object with which she went through all the hardships of her life as a hero. I cannot even imagine what Wilmarina was thinking when she stared these feelings into this holy sword: the mixed love and hatred that had accumulated over the years. In addition, it is worth adding that, according to Wilmarina herself, even later and earlier, she had directed the same strong emotions only toward her spouse in the form of love.

    Now this sword, "Orufoyu," has been reborn as a demonic sword and reflects the power and feelings of Wilmarina herself. It is known as a weapon worthy to be wielded by the Dark Hero Wilmarina. This sword continues to carry her beautiful and dark, mana black like night. It constantly emits tremendous magical power, and has the same properties as "Maojin", a demonic ore of the highest quality. The negative emotions that Wilmarina put into her sword over the years as a hero still circulate among the demonic sword's endless magical power. In peacetime, the excessive power of this magical sword is suppressed by Wilmarina herself and it is in a "sealed" state". However, as the story goes, if the time comes when Wilmarina lifts the seal and "Orufoyu awakens," the strike of her magic sword becomes comparable to that of Her Majesty Druella: one swing of that blade turns one side of the world before her into a Mamono Realm.

    As I described above, the legend of the Kingdom of Lescatie says that the sword "Orufoyu" was held by a novice hero. However, back in those days this sword already possessed a "True Form". This secret part of the legend was previously known only to the Royal Family and the priest Noscrim, even Wilmarina, the owner of the sword, knew only what other people knew. The possibility of the manifestation of the True Form has been shrouded in mystery since ancient times, and even the strongest Hero of Lescatie, Wilmarina, could not unleash it. The fact is that no one in Lescatie's long history has been able to manifest the True Form of "Orufoyu," but Wilmarina was able to do so by becoming a mamono. And now the release happens whenever she unleashes her Fallen Hero Succubus power...
    ...What an ironic story!

    Magic Mirror Shield of Depravity[edit]

    Shedding light on the books left from the ancient times of the Kingdom of Lescatie, I learned that in the past there seemed to be a treasure called the Great Sacred Mirror, which was created and blessed by the Chief God Who created this world himself. This artifact was in the hands of His Church, and if a person of the right qualities was found in front of it, it reflected him in the image of a hero, which was the likely future of that person after receiving the blessing of the Chief God. The Order used the mirror to seek out talented individuals and to gather heroes into its ranks to increase its influence. At some point, however, the Sacred Mirror was lost.

    And even now the Order is still looking for this lost artifact. But when a military fortress, Castle Salvarision, was built on this site, then Priest Noscrim, who had enormous power in Lescatie, secretly obtained a "sacred shield" made from part of the lost Great Sacred Mirror. With it, even in secret from the Order, he sought out heroes whom he used as his pawns to expand his own power and influence. Apparently, his possession of this shield was a secret of which few knew, even in Lescatie itself. Nevertheless, I am not interested in the ambitions of Priest Noscrim, who outsmarted even the Order itself, gathering heroes to his side, and was the de facto real ruler of Lescatie. I'm only here to tell you about one of the treasures Noscrim left behind, the "Sacred Shield," and how it has changed in the current mamono realm of Lescatie. When the "Sacred Shield" ended up in the hands of Druella, it was charged with her powerful demonic magic, and is now given to the Dark Knights under the name "Magic Mirror Shield of Depravity."

    The nature of this artifact has been transformed in demonic fashion: it is now a powerful equipment that invites the beholder of this shield to debauchery. The shield now sees both the qualities and desires of the person who looks into it, and in the reflection will show him his appearance after he would have been demonized. A girl who has turned into a beautiful and obscene creature in the reflection of the mirror will be enchanted by her own appearance. As she continues to look in the mirror, she will become the same as in the reflection, in other words, she will turn into a mamono. In addition, this mirror is also said to absorb any magical powers. In combat, the magic mirror mounted on the shield "absorbs" all the mana that the enemy emits, and when "the reflection of the enemy changes its race in the mirror," it will cast off that magical energy as mamono mana. To this day, this shield is used by the Dark Knights as an "anti-hero" equipment during the Order's large-scale operations "to save Lescatie," which have been conducted many times. Because of this, many heroes were turned into monsters by this shield. The stronger the virtue of the man on the other side of the shield, the stronger the feelings that define him as a hero hidden in his chest, the more significant the magic of the magic mirror manifests its power and invites the heart of the enemy to be corrupted. And despite the fact that it is only a fragment, just looking at this shield once, I felt its enormous power. Probably when the mirror was whole, when it was the "Great Sacred Mirror," one could feel all the greatness of the Chief God's Church.
    If all the fragments fall into the hands of monsters and they are restored as one great mirror....
    ...I can't help but think of the possibilities of such a future.

    Equipment Storage[edit]

    Dark Knights' Amulet[edit]

    It is not unusual for Knights going into battle to wear a blessed amulet, the same custom exists with the Dark Knights. The medallion belonging to the Dark Knight is just such an amulet. Amulets, that are worn by the Dark Knights, are some kind of jewelry: necklaces, brooches - it can be any kind, but what they all have in common is the presence of a small metal plate with an engraved name. These amulets of the Dark Knights are based on the traditions of the warriors of the Kingdom of Lescatie, the amulets they used in the past when knights and ordinary soldiers of the Order went to battle with monsters. According to one story, a simple soldier of the Order once carved the name of his beloved on his weapon as a talisman to return home safely afterwards. As the story goes, finding himself in a country filled with countless monsters, he actually managed to survive and returned safely to his homeland. This story seems to have spread among knights and soldiers and made it popular to wear an amulet on which, to avoid the monsters, the name of an important person - a family member or lover - is inscribed.

    When Lescatie became a mamono realm, the Mamono improved these amulets by beginning to make them from the demonic ore "Druelite," which can enhance magic. A "no name" talisman will have no effect, but a hand-carved name of a loved one on a Druelite plate will have the effect of a protective rune shielding that person. Strengthened magic of such runes will turn into a protective field that will envelop the body of the owner. In other words, this amulet is a magical object which will show its true value only in hands of your beloved partner.

    After some time, the magical field of protection will be depleted, but if you engage in sexual activity, as a married couple should, the amulet worn around the neck will absorb the excess mana and you can use it again. For Dark Knights, this amulet is a symbol of love and affection that has been bestowed by a loved one. Wearing the amulet is the equivalent of proclaiming, "I have a partner with whom we walk the road of life!" It seems that Dark Knights who wear such amulets are often looked upon with respect and envy by other Knights who have not yet acquired husbands.

    In the equipment store of Castle Salvarision there is still a large number of "nameless amulets." And since many Dark Knights of both sexes wear their Amulets all day, not just during intercourse, there are occasional situations where abusers misunderstand Dark Knight Amulets as "proof of Knighthood". Therefore, they wear amulets without a name to disguise themselves as a Dark Knight, but it can be said that this is completely counterproductive. Wearing an amulet without a name engraved on it is like admitting you don't have a spouse. If you wear one in Lescatie, you'll be spotted in no time by mamonos who have no husband, who will think, "I'll engrave my name on your talisman!"

    Mimicry Potion[edit]

    "Parasite Slime" is a slime that has a special property, namely to capture and parasitize human women. Such a woman becomes a slime carrier and attacks men like any other mamono. The mimicry potion is a parasitic slime that mimics a potion. At first glance, it appears to be an ordinary healing potion in a bottle, but if you look closely, it is not so difficult to notice the difference and perhaps even detect the presence of the parasitic slime.

    If one drinks such a potion, in the case of a woman, the parasite slime will penetrate inside her body and instantly turn her into a mamomo, a "slime carrier." But the danger of this potion lies in the "ability to powerfully tempt people," which this slime gained by absorbing the mamono mana of Druella. In a normal situation, it is relatively easy to see that this potion is a "cursed object" that would turn a human woman into a mamono, as mentioned above. Normally a person would not drink this potion, which has a strong, thick and sweet aroma. But those who have been exposed to the powerful mamono mana of Lescatie, whose body is seized by heat, will take the healing potion like an oasis in the desert and want to drink it. If you take the bottle, practically melting from the heat of your body and open the cap, your thoughts will dissolve in the sweet aroma and you will be carried away by the drink until you empty the bottle to the bottom.

    If a man swallows this potion, he will not turn into a monster, like a woman, but the parasite slime will remain in his body, making the man a new "vessel." His spirit and body will continue to heat up, and his sexual desire will greatly increase. In this new vessel, the slime will not lose its ability to tempt humans, so a wave of seductive monster magic will disperse from the man, along with a scent that will be attractive to human women. If this happens because of the nature of mamono magic, the man will become especially attractive to the girl who has feelings for him. Thus, when a male vessel becomes attracted to a girl who is attracted to him, a parasite slime will enter her body through her genitals and saliva and soon turn her into a slime carrier.

    In Lescatie, not only mamono, but all other creatures invite people to fall. Therefore, it is important to note that you should pay close attention to such things that strongly attract you and elicit the reaction "that looks delicious!"

    Drop of Rapture[edit]

    In the courtyard of Salvarision Castle is a fountain that was secretly visited by Wilmarina, whose heart suffered from an impossible love, because of the difference in their positions, between her and her lover and she cried there. This "source of tears," in which Wilmarina's sadness swirled, is now corrupted by the magical power of monsters. And now that Miss Wilmarina is filled with the happiness of being close to the man she has always dreamed of, this fountain has become known as the "Source of Happiness" and has become a famous dating spot for dark knights. Since its water has absorbed Wilmarina's strong feelings, it has a high level of magical power, which the fountain is able to give away in the form of the "Drop of Rapture". This fountain contains a statue representing an Inma, and it often splashes drops of water on those who pass by. When this happens, those caught in the splash find themselves inspired by the rapture contained in the drops. They allow the rapture of being with their partner to overflow their hearts and feel especially keenly how good it feels to be with their love, to deepen the relationship of the demonic couple and to be more vigorously have intercourse with each other. If a man without a spouse is showered with this delightful dew, he is sure to have a desire to feel this rapture and will certainly begin to seek a mate. Also, to my surprise, the excessive rapture of Wilmarina is given not only to humans and demons, but even to inanimate objects. In particular, the dew has a particularly strong effect on objects that are filled with feelings. I was told that the statue that sprinkles the drops of rapture was originally a statue of the Chief God when it was installed in a fountain. However, when the fountain was engulfed by mamono mana, it turned into a mamono called the Gargoyle. It seems that the gargoyle is now happily married to a male knight who once willingly prayed to the statue of the Chief God in this very spot. It seems that he is happy to be at peace with his consort at night. It is also said that while courting your man, in order for your marriage to last forever, you must allow your partner to drink this water from your lips.

    Although its effects are great, the drops of the Drop of Rapture are very hard to keep for long: if you put this water in a bottle, its effects may disappear after a while. For this reason, the fountain water is currently being researched so that it can be stored longer. If a breakthrough is made in the research and it can be exported outside of Lescatie, this water will allow many people to take a step toward coexistence with the mamono.

    I hope that one day I will be able to provide this water with my own hands to Teacher, who continues his research journey so far away... so far I cannot hope to help him in any way.

    Miss Gargoyle, a former statue of the Chief God who, thanks to a drop of rapture, turned into a mamono. She now lives happily with her husband.

    Francisca's Glass[edit]

    Francisca's Glass is a magical goblet that keeps filling itself with a thick, wine-like liquid. It contains the magical energy of Francisca, the Roper Queen and one of the Seven Princesses of Lescatie. This cup is used to baptize and test lesser succubi and humans who have been captured as prisoners of war by Lescatie. It is used to determine those who possess the required qualities to join the Order of Dark Knights. The magical power of Francisca contained in the liquid penetrates the spirit and magical power of the person who drinks it, and causes their mana to manifest in the form of tentacles. The tentacles, embodied by Francisca's magical power, bind the person who drank from the cup and faithfully bring pleasure to their entire body. Normally people dislike the caress and touch of the tentacles, but these special tentacles are endowed with the power of love and Francisca's blessing, so disgust gradually turns into pleasure. In this way they continue to caress a person for a long time. The tentacles will continue to form, consuming the magical power of the person who drank from the cup and, in spite of all pleas, will caress them until they lose consciousness. The goal of the subject is to remain sane to the very end because of the prolonged pleasure that these magical tentacles continue to provide. For those who have a strong will and strength in their heart, this ordeal will seem like a simple stroll, during which they enjoy pleasure, and they can indulge in sex with their partner when they want to. They will become excellent Dark Knights, that also in bed will be able to lead their partner to higher levels of pleasure.

    On the other hand, if a girl is struck by the pleasure brought by these tentacles, and she will give herself to the pleasurable sensations, and then simply surrenders to them, wanting only to receive pleasure, then that means that she is more appropriate for the role of a beautiful servant, like a maid, who will faithfully give pleasure to her spouse. There are jobs for them too in the castles of Salvarision and Lescatie. From time to time, such girls themselves become Ropers and faithful maidservants of Lady Francisca.

    Nowadays this demonic goblet is used as a test for the Dark Knights, but originally it was the Holy Grail used to bless knights and heroes in the land of Lescatie. Even though it has been corroded by mamono mana, this goblet has retained its beautiful decoration, including a rare demonic gold that can enchant the heart of a casual viewer in an instant. And also this cup is inlaid with magical gems, shining with a mysterious light that invites people to depravation. For this reason, when, in times of peace, intruders enter the castles of Salvarision and Lescatie, each of which holds such a cup, many find themselves enchanted by the magic of the cup. Whoever reaches too close to the Francisca's Glass will be enveloped by the magical power of the Queen swirling in the cup, and will be subjected to the same trials as the Dark Knight.

    Thus, apparently, it is not uncommon in Lescatie for a thief who has grabbed a treasure to turn into a Roper.

    Eva's Pendulum[edit]

    Many different mamono exist in this world as of today, but even amongst them [Alps] have an extremely peculiar nature. As for these mamono that are given birth when a human male mutates into a female mamono via becoming an incubus first, I will not write down a detailed explanation regarding this monsterization here, however for the circumstances to happen where a male incubus turns into a female, the most important thing is the [disposition]. There are 2 points, one must either hold the wish [to become a woman] in the innermost depths of their heart, or must strongly give their hearts to [a person they want to be with], which means there being a male they yearn for.

    However, despite holding such wishes, most Incubi have a masculine spirit, so cases were they monsterize into an Alp after being both aware and embracing these desires are extremely rare. Also, if it should be seen as forbidden love, then coming to accept such an immoral wish is extremely difficult and accompanied by unbearable agony.
    Hence, while there are many in this world with the disposition to turn into Alps, their suffering continues, as there are by no means few men swayed by unapproved feelings towards their loved one.
    To help the kindred souls in such pain, and to fulfil much more love, Lescatie's dark strategist and Alp Eva has developed a truly magnificent magic tool, this very pendulum!
    Embedded with Eva's unique magical powers as an Alp, it will only react to those who posses the same disposition as Alps, and will indicate them!

    The magic powers the pendulum is charged with will adhere to males that have been indicated by it, making it known to the surrounding mamono that this man holds the disposition to Alp... Namely, mamono will no longer perceive and treat this man as a male, but as a [female]. And so they will rush down on him, not to turn him into their husband, but in order to turn him into a mamono!

    Usually, no matter how much he secretly desires it from the bottom of his heart, it is normal to be opposed to things like becoming a mamono, or having to let go of the fact that he is male. But for a man with the disposition of an Alp, the magic power of this pendulum will calm down his spirit, letting him accept things like being attacked by mamono, and that he will turn into an Alp upon monsterization.
    The magic powers of the pendulum will urge self-awareness to see himself as a [female], and the thought of him being corrupted into an Alp will turn into something giving him otherworldly strong intoxicating pleasure, so in other words, with this, his transformation into a mere female can progress more smoothly...!
    But of course this is not all! In case a male human holds this pendulum, then the pendulum will react to [males] with strong affection towards the user of the pendulum, or in other words those with the disposition of an Alp!

    This pendulum will show the right way to those destined to become [Alps], since this wonderful magic item is able to certainly guide them into alping, and in practice with this magic item a by no means negligible number of Alps may be born in Lescatie, leading new lives as females!
    As long as one has this, all the alp candidates that still live in this world have nothing to be worried about! As I wrote earlier, Eva who has not forgotten the pain of falling in love with the man in one's heart before turning into a mamono, has developed this magic item with the intend of releasing other Alps of this pain, if even only a little bit earlier.

    As immature as I am now, looking at this magic item, the desire to one day create something for the sake of those with similar intentions grows hot in me...!

    Lilim Cloth[edit]

    This cloak was created by the hands of a mamono from the Lilim race, to which Miss Druella belongs, who possess tremendous magical power beyond all other Mamono races, and unsurpassed beauty. The runes embroidered on this cloak are filled with the powerful magic of this race. The Lilim cloth is a magical armor of the highest class, created over a long period of time by the hands of Lilims, the daughters of the Mamono Lord. Each of the cloaks is equipped with its own magical succubus runes, which are embroidered on the cloth using extremely advanced magic, and have their own power of enchantment. For these reasons, no two cloaks in the world are completely identical.

    Since the lilim gives the cloth its power, the "Inma Strength" of such a cloak is as great as the lilim who created it. Even a humble follower of the Chief God, who sincerely hates monsters, will have a hard time resisting the seduction of a monster wearing this outfit. Every man will be enchanted by the "body of the captivating monster," which, hidden beneath this dark cloak, will be as beautiful as a star in the night sky. Even if the monster girls do not use tempting words or the seduction magic, men will be willing to give themselves to them. At the heart of this terrifying power is that the inside of the cloak, through the power of a Lilim, becomes a mamono realm itself. The Lilim cloth they have created with their own hands is usually made by them as a gift to some particular mamono. And the mamono realm, which is located on the inside of the cloak, is specifically for those who will wear the cloak. It makes the cloak easier to wear in everyday life, makes the wearer even more sexy, and maximizes her power as a mamono.

    Virtually all of the Lilim cloth that exists in Lescatie is made by the hands of Druella. Cloaks made from this cloth are known as a version of the reward that Druella bestows on Dark Knights who have defended the country or have been on a distant expedition and due to severe necessity had to leave their spouse for long periods of time.

    If you choose the Lilim Cloth as your reward, ask Druella to tell you about the mamono realm within the Lilim Cloth. You can ask her to arrange it to your liking, such as "like a tropical night, when your body burns even harder." In other words, this cloak is not only for effectively seducing men, but also for wearing it for a night of lovemaking with your sweet spouse. In this space, separated from the outside world, the couple can have fun in a pleasant environment. The reason this outfit is a dream for many monsters is not because it increases their power... but rather because it makes spending time alone with one's spouse more colorful.

    As mentioned earlier, the Lilim cloth is mostly only given to Dark Knights by Druella, so it is one of the rarest magical armor that is very difficult to obtain. But in Salvarision, in the middle of Nightlight Street, where the various magical stores are located, there is the Black Goat Magical Shop. Its warehouse occasionally receives a bit of Lilim cloth when Druella is inspired to take up sewing.

    This fabric is one of the rarest pieces of equipment in the Mamono Realms, so even if you get your hands on a piece of it, treat it as a very valuable item... and if you can, make it part of your armor!

    Griffon's Feather Pen[edit]

    A special pen made from a feather of the valiant demon beast known as the guardian of treasure, the "Griffon", which has both the lower half of a lion and the wings of an eagle. This pen is as light as a feather, and by giving it mana, it can dance through the air on its own, writing flowing sentences.

    However, the greatest feature of this pen is not how easy the pen itself is to use, but that by using the mana of the Griffon soaked into the feather, you can give effects such as "assertion of ownership" and "protective barrier" to items that you personally cherish. This effect lasts a very long time, and once you have written a rune on a letter or valuable item that you cherish, that rune reacts immediately in the event of emotions such as desire or hostility being directed towards it, and informs the owner of the danger approaching the item while warning and criticizing the one trying to take it.

    At Salvarision Castle, this pen is used to carve runes into the rare magical tools and treasures slumbering in the equipment treasury, protecting them more reliably from the hands of intruders. As mentioned above, although this is a pen for "protecting treasures" to the end, some monsters, taking advantage of this property, use this pen to write runes on their partner, asserting their ownership of them along with becoming able to more sensitively react to those that are hostile toward or wish to inflict harm on their partner. This pen made from a Griffon feather is widely used by monsters that often write documents, but in order to obtain one, you will need a unique route that only some monsters have, as there is no stable supply of them even in the Lescatie Magical Tool Shop, which is one of the largest among monster kingdoms, and it is known as a magic tool so popular that restocks are always pending.

    For that reason, more and more humans that have heard rumors and passionate magic tool collectors have entered Griffon nests in search of their feathers, and as a result, it seems there is no end to cases of them becoming the partner of the Griffon that owns the nest.

    In addition, when the protection rune is put into words, it means "this is mine", and when applying mana to this quill pen, it may rarely read the user's desire too much, and begin carving protective runes on your loved one arbitrarily, or even start to write the words of love hidden in the user's heart, so it seems to be a rather difficult magical tool to master.

    Nonetheless, this feather pen is still quite charming, and I've been continuously using this Lescatie Pen ever since I inherited it, and one day I'll use this pen on my beloved "teacher"... ah, if you aren't careful, it seems you end up writing about totally unrelated things, as I thought, this is the fly in the ointment huh?

    Mamono Realm Ink[edit]

    Mamono Realm Ink is an ink containing magical power produced from raw mamono realm ore and plants. This magic tool is used not only in Lescatie but also by every mamono realm nation, it's also actively traded by the hands of monster peddlers, and in some cases can even be spotted within human nations, it can be said that this is one of the most familiar things to monsters. By mixing in Mamono Realm Ink as a raw material, you can bestow various magical effects onto written documents.

    By properly dipping a pen in Mamono Realm Ink and writing text on a document, you can bestow magical effects such as "making the letters last longer", "making the letters untamperable", or even "if it is a language the reader doesn't know, you can convey the meaning of the sentence directly into their head, making them understand" etc. In love letters sent to men by monsters, despite being only text, you can feel the atmosphere that attracts a man to a monster as if talking directly to the one that wrote it. By putting charm magic into the text, you can even perform tricks like stealing the heart of a penpal with each repeated correspondence, and it is used for a wide variety of other uses according to the time and circumstances.

    Among the Mamono Realm Inks, the Lescatie Deep Crimson Ink, made from raw "Druelite" mined in the current Lescatie, is particularly famous for having a powerful magic effect. Characters written using this are used in sentences with strong feelings put into them, and these sentences will have the power to more strongly erode the heart of the reader. It is sought by a wide range of monsters, and is a particularly popular and expensive item among the many Mamono Realm Inks.

    By using Lescatie's Mamono Realm Ink, if a monster sends a man a love letter spelling out her thoughts, then the heart of the man that reads it will be reminded of the days spent with her painted in love and pleasure, and if a human woman reads text that introduces a monster race and suggests transforming into it, you can vividly engrave into her the pleasure and ecstasy that will fill her life after transforming into that monster, as if feeling the real thing. The effect is enormous, and when a formerly anti-monster state that harbored strong hostility towards monsters was sent a single letter hand written in this ink by Druella, they learned the joy of falling to the mamono realm, and it seems they surrendered personally at Druella's military gate.

    However, the magical effect contained in this ink will not manifest in an insincere nonsense sentence, and you also cannot make someone believe in a lie. In order to exert a strong effect, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the information you want to convey and your own heart, as well as have strong feelings for the one who will read it, it seems it took Druella over three years to think up the contents of that letter, so nowadays it is said that it's just faster to go to them directly.

    Although it holds great power, it delivers your feelings to your partner, and is a magical tool that shows its true value over a long period of time, so it's quite the romantic item isn't it?

    Now then, since this Mamono Realm Ink is sold quite normally as a souvenir in Lescatie, I also purchased some when I saw it... and I was just thinking about sending a status report to teacher soon... so let's just try and see how much of an effect this Mamono Realm Ink has.

    Demon's Feather Pen[edit]

    A quill pen bearing the name of the high ranking fiend that is the incarnation of corruption and contracts, the "Demon".
    It possesses a sinister appearance unbefitting of a quill pen and is clearly a tool of the mamono realm, constantly emitting a faint bit of mana, and if you recognize it and seize this pen, you will possess an item endowed with an unworldly "Devilish Charm".

    As the name suggests, this pen, filled with the power of contracts possessed by Demons, is an extremely rare magical tool made only by the hands of "Arch Demons", a high ranking species with tremendous magical power rivaling that of the Mamono Lord's daughters, the Lilim. The arrangements written and exchanged with this pen become eternal contracts that can never be broken.

    As far as I know, this pen isn't used very often, but in the current Lescatie, it seems the Demon's quill pen is mainly used when Lord Castor is performing his duties as a diplomat, together with Mamono Realm Ink in hand when writing documents for diplomacy, and is mainly used when concluding official documents and treaties that document agreements between nations. Most of the content exchanged is basically a peaceful treaty that benefits both nations, with many vowing eternal friendship with Lescatie.

    The contracts signed by this quill pen will be managed by a large number of Demons, and those contracts will not be the type that is "unbreakable by magic", but rather the Demons, by their own hands, "will not let it be broken". For example, if you try to void an established contract, you will be given a warning by a Demon that appears out of nowhere, and should you still wish to break the contract, plot to outwit the Demons, maliciously tear the contract, or attempt to tamper with the document etc., then the contractor immediately becomes the property of a Demon, and it is said they are taken away to the "Underworld" where Demons lurk.

    In fact, an anti-monster state that launched a surprise attack against a monster state it had signed a peace treaty with was immediately covered by a legion of Demons, and now it seems to have become a mamono realm ruled by Demons and Devils. In other words, a contract signed with the Demon's quill pen is one that is mediated by an agency managed and operated by Demons, and if the contract's contents are something the Demons aren't pleased with, it is likely the contract will be rejected in the first place.

    This is a complete digression, but in marriages in the current Lescatie, in order to make an eternal contract of continuously loving their partner and exchanging pleasure every day, it seems this Demon's quill pen is used to engrave a pattern on documents swearing each other's love, and in some cases even on their partner's body, but since the promise between a monster couple is never broken in the first place, the Demons, despite being uninterested in this diplomacy, will sometimes bless them with a hint of jealousy.

    Diplomacy With Other Nations[edit]

    Lescatie, which boasts one of the largest sizes among the monster nations, under the leadership of the diplomat Castor and his wife, a Youko, is engaged in active diplomacy not only with other Mamono nations, but also with other existing human nations. While the old Lescatie was a large country, its industry was underdeveloped and diplomacy relied primarily on the power of Heroes. Lescatie provided other countries with "military power," sending Heroes and Knights to prevent monster invasions under Lescatie's auspices; maintain security by performing punitive operations against bandits; and occasionally provide its forces in wars between human countries. In return, Lescatie received products or money as "offerings to God," which maintained the country's financial strength. The nations protected by Lescatie were able to maintain a certain level of security. But weak countries and remote villages that suffered from famine without rich harvests and could not afford to pay Lescatie were unable to obtain such protection. Moreover, even after they found themselves placed under the protection of Lescatie, the Lescatian upper classes, allied with the aristocrats of their neighbors, simply robbed the common people to nothing, and some of the knights who were supposed to protect the people but had evil intentions in their hearts, often made them suffer.

    At present, however, such payments to the government in exchange for military aid are not made. On the other hand, Lescatie still provides other countries with "military forces on credit," such as by sending Dark Knights to them in response to their request for assistance. In return, Lescatie asks for alliances between countries and help in the development of its lagging industries, such as transferring technology or sending engineers from other countries to Lescatie to exchange experiences. In addition, Lescatie has friendly diplomatic relations with many countries that have become mamono realms because of her expeditionary missions. Her diplomats have been particularly active in working with such countries during the unstable transition period, helping them manage to become a stable monster nation sooner. From other countries that have become abundant demon kingdoms, many different local products are now imported into Lescatie, such as Demon Jam and others. Often, in response to the dense magical atmosphere of Lescatie, such products themselves undergo changes and new goods are brought into the world and re-imported into other countries.

    In Lescatie's diplomacy, a rare demonic ore called Druelite, which is mined only here, plays an important role. This red glowing ore has not only a beautiful appearance, but also the ability to amplify stored magical energy. It is used as the main source of energy that solves various problems. Regardless of what mana has been accumulated in it, human or even divine, the output will be enhanced mamono mana, which will have a completely black color. An land where there is a lot of this ore is bound to turn into a mamono realm. As I have been told, Druelite and the goods produced from it are delivered to the poor and barren human lands in various ways. In addition to the neighboring human and monster lands, Lescatie has now expanded the scope of her diplomacy to these small countries, to which she previously paid no attention when she was a pro-Order religious state. Also, in recent years, in order to attract the "human men," who are the most important factor for the Mamono country, an alliance with Dragonia, one of the largest tourist countries, has been initiated by Lady Wilmarina in order to turn some of Lescatie's cities into tourist areas.

    Diplomat Castor[edit]

    [Diplomat Castor Bistoa Lescatie]
    The representative diplomat of Lescatie, "Castor Bistoa Lescatie," as his surname implies, belongs to the royal family of that state. More precisely, it was he who was the last king of Lescatie before the country became a mamono realm. The state of Lescatie was dominated by the power of the Church, namely the high-ranking representatives of the Order sent here from the theocratic country, where its headquarters were located-and the Senate, composed of local priests and the most noble aristocrats. The king had little real power and Castor was like a puppet on the throne. He now has the appearance of a thin, almost slightly haggard man and looks slightly older than his real age. As he once was, this headstrong king is enthusiastic, loves his country and its people, and seems to be instrumental in making Lescatie even better. However, having been too trusting and sincere in the past, when his position was no more than that of a puppet, there is no way he could resist the intentions of the headquarters of the Order or the corrupt local priests and aristocrats. Castor lost his enthusiasm and confidence, and in the end he was branded by all society as an incompetent, senile king. After Lescatie fell and became a mamono realm, he retired as king and passed the throne to his daughter, "Francisca Mistel Lescatie." After this, Castor, who had lost his energy for a time, noticing how his country had changed internally and externally, returned with renewed vigor to the politics of Lescatie with his wife, who accompanied him everywhere. Castor, who had always wished to "spread the virtues of Lescatie in a non-military way," was asked to work as a diplomat. Mr. Castor, beginning his career as a diplomat, accomplished much through his enthusiasm and through his fame.
    In the past, Lescatie had served as a "hired guard" and it was commonplace for a neighboring country to pay her an indicated amount every day. It was Castor, in order to restore the trust in Lescatie that his kingdom had lost, who came up with the idea of demonic mediation, by which agreements are made absolute: no matter who makes the contract, human or monster, the contract cannot be broken. And it seems that it was he, in cooperation with the demons from outside Lescatie, who created the Demon Feather Pens, agreeing with their interest in "getting people who broke the contract for their use." After that, Lescatie became known as "the country that never breaks treaties," and today it has diplomatic relations with many countries.
    It was also Castor who discovered the vein of Druelite, which is the most sought after of the products exported by Lescatie. The Druelite mine, now home to the largest vein in Lescatie, turned out to be a cave, something he discovered by chance when he escaped the castle as a boy to explore the world outside. The stone surface of the cave was covered with beautiful crystals that shimmered and flickered. They were what is known as "Gyoza ore," which absorbs small amounts of mana from the air and emits a beautiful blue glow. But since the maximum amount of magic these deposits can absorb is small, once a person or monster touches them, the crystals will shatter and only waste rock will remain. In other words, this ore was considered useless because it was not uncommon for crystals to crumble as soon as you pulled them out of the cave. Castor, who had become a diplomat, went to investigate whether he could use the caves he had seen as a child as a tourist spot. In that cave there was still that ore that filled the entire walls, but now it glowed red. "Gyoza ore was transformed by Druella's mana when Lescatie became a mamono realm. The mamono mana absorbed strengthened this mineral and removed its limitations, transforming it into Druelite, which you can safely carry in your hands. Because of the high demand for Druelite, Lescatie now trades with many monster nations. Royal Makai, home of the Mamono Lord's Castle, is one of her big customers.
    With the advent of Castor, Lescatie is far more likely to establish mutually beneficial relationships with its neighbors, and fewer and fewer neighboring countries are being forced by the Dark Knights to convert to mamono realms because of their aggression. Even Miss Druella, in her assessment of the man, uttered: "If Lescatie were a country that was truly ruled by this man, I would have no reason to even attack it."

    At present, the crown of Lescatie is worn by Francisca, but the de facto ruler of the country is Druella. However, if you ask the people of the country "Who is the true ruler of Lescatie?" they will, playfully, list you several other names. In addition to the two mentioned above, these would be the Seven Princesses of Lescatie, including the strongest Dark Hero, Wilmarina, the name of the man who became their common husband would also be mentioned, and Castor's name might be on that list as well. Intelligent but sincere and honest, Lord Castor has a good reputation among the Mamono. Particularly among some races, notably the Gyoubu Danuki, who manipulate money, and the Ratatoskrs, who manipulate information, they are devoted to him even more than they are to Lady Druella. Some of these monsters also work as diplomats to support Castor's work. In addition, for the reasons mentioned above, he is also respected by the Demons living in Lescatie and beyond.

    ["Listening Fox" Francia Reinel Lescatie]
    Castor's wife, former queen of Lescatie. She bore the king four daughters, including the current queen Francisca. Francia is a beautiful Youko with the same thick purple hair as her daughter Francisca and a slightly sleepy look. I heard in the past that she was a woman who had exhausted herself and had a rather emaciated appearance, but when she transformed from a human woman into a Youko, the tiredness she felt turned to a bright sexual energy. Francia was the daughter of House Reinel, which had influence at the headquarters of the Order, and she was bound to Castor by a political marriage that was beneficial to the country where the Order had its headquarters. But she did fall in love with the king of Lescatie. Her husband continued his lonely struggle against the corruption that reigned in Lescatie, and she regretted that there was nothing she could do to help him in that struggle. She could only care for him as she watched Castor exhaust himself. Apparently, seeing this, he reciprocated her feelings.

    When Lescatie fell and became a mamono realm, perhaps precisely because Francia saw her beloved literally burning from his duties and did not want him to exhaust himself further, she turned into a Youko, a race of beautiful courtesans from the lands of Zipangu, to drown her husband in the delights of her body. Becoming a mamono, she flooded her hubby with her lust, wishing that he would work less and spend more time resting in comfort. But seeing that her husband's heart was still ablaze with his love and enthusiasm for Lescatie, she balanced her desires and made them a reward for his hard work. Eventually she decided to support his new life as a diplomat and now encourages Castor in her bed. Francia always follows her lover and assists him in his diplomatic affairs, calling herself not "Former Queen" or "Diplomat's Wife," but simply "Listening." In other words, her own concern is to personally drag Castor into the bedroom, since her husband is a very a passionate person and doesn't notice at all when he takes on too much work. Therefore, she makes sure that he rests and does not overwork himself and just does nothing, drowning in pleasure and lust. Francia seems convinced that rest is a time that belongs only to her, and this belief is based on her love for her husband. In some ways, Francia is like a fairy, a race that treats her husband as her plaything. Through the magic of preservation, she still keeps as a treasure the dried flowers Castor first gave her. She has a wonderful relationship with her husband and has recently grown a fifth tail, moreover, they are expecting their fifth child... Ah, how I envy them!

    Although Francia regrets that she could not give Francisca a healthy body and that she was born a sickly child, she is thrilled that her daughter became a Roper and is now perfectly healthy. Francia also wants her daughter to stop wrapping her tentacles around her erogenous zones and to let her determine exactly how actively she was having intercourse with her husband.


    Mamono Realm Shellfish and Slime Jelly Terrine[edit]

    Among the dishes served at Salvarision Castle, I primarily recommend that you try this one. The slimes that produce this jelly dwell in Lake Salvarision, which surrounds the castle and is filled with the powerful mamono mana of the dark knights. Thus, these monsters grow and live in an environment filled with many magical components, so their slime is thickened and coated with a hard shell. If you crack it and taste even a small piece of this jelly, you will feel the thick, rich taste of these components along with the pleasant refreshing notes.

    The bulk of the jelly of these slimes is inside a shell of hardened jelly, where the mana that is in the water accumulates. It is called "Knight's Armor" in Salvarision because the shell, like armor, also collects mana inside itself and protects the slime itself. If any enemy from outside comes to the shore of this lake, the mana accumulated in the shell can be splashed by the slimes together with the water to the outside. Then, just as in the case of the mamono who bathed in the lake and were washed by the water of this "water cannon," his own shyness will be "broken like a shell" and his hidden desires will be released. If there is a person for whom the one who has been doused with this water has feelings, the one doused will immediately express his true desires, which he used to hide.

    These properties are effectively inherited by this solid jelly, even if it is cut into pieces for serving. Even an initially awkward mamono and human couple will become less tense while eating this dish, and by the end of the meal will be able to confess their love to their partner. Eventually the couple, holding hands, will head to bed to deepen their mutual love.

    Jewel Fruit Stuffed With Meat[edit]

    Many Dark Knights serve in Salvarision Castle, around which the dense mana of mamono drifts all the time. Such an environment is the best environment for growing plants from the mamono realms. In the courtyard of Salvarision Castle, one of the Dark Heroes, the Demon Olivie, has her own garden where beautiful, enchanting yet poisonous[5] flowers grow. The prisoner fruits that are picked there have a beautiful purple color, like a jewel. They are called "Violet Jewels" and are considered one of Lescatie's exceptional "brands." The prisoner fruit makes the women who eat it attractive, but the "Violet Jewel" endows women with the corrupting and decadent charm of demons and devils.

    The introduction is a bit long, but for this sumptuous dish, the "Jewel Fruit Stuffed With Meat," a whole Prisoner Fruit of this particular, Lescatie-endemic Violet Jewel variety is used.

    The Prisoner Fruit is widely known for its superbly sweet fruit juice, which has magical properties, and is consumed everywhere in the Mamono Realms. It is usually eaten for dessert, but in this dish, the prisoner fruit is used as a "vessel" to enhance the flavor of the minced demon boar with which it is filled before being baked.

    If you use the prisoner fruit as a vessel, the rich sweetness of the fruit will be absorbed by the oil from the demon boar meat. And whoever smells this dish, as if inviting you to fall, even if he has no special appetite, will find himself enchanted by this food. Moreover, the vessel of the Violet Jewel, bred by Miss Olivie, has the allure of devils that invite you to a delicious fall. So even if you know that food from the mamono realms can be dangerous, you still can't help but eat this dish.

    This dish is known not only to Dark Knights and tourists, it is also served to soldiers of the Order who were taken prisoner, and to travelers who stop under the protection of the walls of Castle Salvarision on their way to the capital of fallen Lescatie.

    The meat of the Demonic Boars is very nutritious and its effectiveness is further enhanced by the Violet Jewels. If one eats this dish, no matter how weakened by illness or fatigue, one's health will immediately improve... but instead of simply returning to normal, he will have too much excess energy, so the seductive Dark Knights will invite him to "night training".

    In the dishes offered at Castle Salvarision, the fruit is filled with the meat of the Demonic Boars, because for its inhabitants it is always in demand to restore stamina and spiritual energy. But the cornerstone in such dishes is the prisoner fruit itself. In fact, you can bake almost any ingredient inside the fruit on a hot flame, accentuating its flavor and enhancing its effects with it. Thus, Stuffed Prisoner Fruit, with all sorts of fillings inside, is one of the most popular home-cooked dishes in Lescatie. And it seems almost always worth putting something healthy inside them for an afternoon intercourse with your spouse.

    Love You Bes[edit]

    ~Boiling Devilish Love~

    This soup is almost always offered to those who order meals at restaurants in the Demonic Land of Lescatie. This dish belongs to the home cooking of Lescatie and has the meaning of "Love for You". As the name implies, it is prepared based on "love for your husband." It is also called "Demon Pot Stew" in Lescatie. To make it, many different seafoods are placed in the pot, such as fresh demonic fish brought to Lescatie from the country of waterways "Court Alf", demonic squid called "Makaika", "Mussels in closed shells" and other gifts of the sea that your spouse likes. Roasted vegetables and demonic tomatoes should also be added to the dish. And even if said ingredients are roughly thrown in, the flavor of the dish will still be adjusted to "That Love That You Have." You might get the impression from the description that this is a very rough dish of demonic cuisine, but of course it's much loved in Lescatie. And there are good reasons for that, one of them being that the taste of Love-You-Bes is familiar to the men of Lescatie.

    In the past, many men in Lescatie were soldiers of the Order, and many of these warriors of the Church were often assigned to ships to escort expeditions across the sea. When a ship came into port, the ingredients that each of the soldiers received at the port were poured into a common cauldron that heated them. The resulting "roughly" stewed food was a precursor to Love-you-bes[6]. On difficult missions when it was necessary to cross the sea, the food the soldiers ate to heal their exhausted bodies away from Lescatie, let's face it, could not be called "Yummy!" Yet at such times for a brief rest, the male soldiers of Lescatie chatted with their friends, laughed at each other, and ate this dish whose unforgettable taste became part of their memories. And often they joked, "I wish my wife would make this dish one day." The Mamonos, who had become the soldiers' wives, once heard these words and put their whole soul into this dish for their husbands, chopping all the ingredients well, and so came this flavor that is now loved by all the people of Lescatie. It also came about because many of the male soldiers underwent a naval expedition as a rite to elevate their status by getting rid of their past - the errand boy.

    In the understanding of the Mamono, both those who lived in the former Lescatie and those who settled in the fallen Lescatie of today, this dish must have a special meaning for their men who were soldiers in the past: with it they try to convey their love for their husband. And if you like to dine on the national cuisine of Lescatie, many restaurants offer cooking classes in the preparation of Love-you-bes. As they say, it is the results of the labors of those who took part that are served at these restaurants. Although one sometimes gets the impression that Love-you-bes is gourmet dish, in fact most of these soups are the most common "home cooking" and "creative foods" created by soldiers on military campaigns. Nevertheless, a large part of the population of Lescatie is very fond of Love-you-bes, because its taste reminds them of the old days. In addition, when one spends a lot of time on this food, that is, taking a long time to prepare it, one can have more fun while having a conversation with one's beloved. Ahead, after a meal of demonic food, thoroughly saturated with that which "fascinates you," you will have to spend even more time on it. After all, one of the main characteristics of Lescatie's food culture is that it is all built around sex.

    Grilled Sakari Beast Meat[edit]

    Lescatie is home to one of the world's largest species of mamono realm pigs, the "Sakari". Sakari mamono realm pigs live in the deepest parts of the darkest mamono realms, where no one usually goes - for example, in the caves in Lescatie's territory, where mamono mana easily accumulates. Occasionally they can be found deep in forests full of magic, and occasionally in search of richer magical food they appear and disappear like ghosts near towns, surprising their inhabitants, whether or not they are mamono. Unlike ordinary mamono realm pigs, which usually have a gentle nature, Sakari pigs are extremely fierce and cruel. If a somewhat reckless incubus tries to challenge this boar hunt, that is, go hunting Sakari, thinking of it as an ordinary "mamono realm beast," he will soon fall prey to its huge fangs. However, these fangs have the same properties as a mamono realm silver blade.
    Sakari is the name of the "dark beast" whose enormous body arouses awe and spreads around itself a breath filled with dark magical power, an animal that, waving its huge fangs, strikes many hunters with them, stalking them like prey. When Sakari, the greatest of the mamono realm pigs, appears near the settlements, the Dark Warriors of Lescatie take it upon themselves to finish him off. Although the extraction of Sakari meat is risky business, even many seasoned Knights will try to obtain it, as its taste is so delicious that the mere memory of it makes you salivate.

    It is rather difficult to describe the taste of Sakari meat, which can be called the most delicious meat among mamono realm beasts, but one of its main features is that "you will increase your wildness by eating it." In other words, no matter how dignified and noble a woman is, no matter how strictly she treats men, if even a piece of Sakari meat enters her mouth, she will be seized by the animal desire of the male and will not be able to hide it on her face. A woman who has eaten the meat of this pig will begin to act as if a beast has entered her, in accordance with her instincts and desires. Some of them will fall for men like beasts, while others will lash out at a man like prey, to give themselves pleasure.

    Among the Dark Warriors it is said that the final effect depends on the presence or absence of the Warrior's talent. Those who violently rape their husbands are high-caliber warriors, while those who take a man's desire into themselves are called low-caliber female warriors. Warriors who were happy to submit to a man's desire and found themselves raped are mocked by other Dark Warriors, "It seems like you will leave the business soon?" But in fact, though they sneer at it, having a beloved husband and being an experienced woman, which causes desire in a lover, actually makes the warriors irresistibly jealous. When the Dark Warriors catch a lot of men in a big battle, they like to celebrate it with their friends with Sakari meat. Of course, not only will the Warriors eat this meat, they will also feed it to their men captured in battle. In the end, it will be a feast at which only many wild beasts will be left.

    Although this Sakari meat rarely appears on the market, there are many Dark Warriors and "true" Knights living in Castle Salvarision who wish to share the splendor of mamono realm cuisine with more people and of course to give them a taste of this dish. They prudently stew Sakari meat, which is perfectly stored in this form, so you can always order it in the restaurants and canteens of the Castle. If a man eats Sakari meat, which is so praised by many mamono, having tasted a tender piece fried in meat oil, he will surely be subdued by its wonderful taste. And after eating it, he will have to walk around the castle with a firmly standing and very hungry beast between his legs.

    Mamono Realm Meat Dé Rouge[edit]

    This "black miracle" is one of the most special dishes in Lescatie, it is also known as Boiled Demonic Meat de Rouge. The "Lescatie de Rouge" wine is a unique type of demonic wine, which is produced in Lescatie from demonic grapes that grew in the densely mana-filled atmosphere of this country. More precisely, it is made from the "black diamonds", the berries that have been most strongly infused with mamono mana and have acquired the shine of precious stones. This wine is only made once a year in Lescatie, at the "Birthday of the Mamono Lord" festival, during which it is consumed.

    To make a "Mamono Realm Meat de Rouge", in addition to using this rare wine from "black diamonds" together with the meat of demonic animals, which is the basis of the dish, you must also cook it for three days and three nights on low heat, taking care that the meat is at all times immersed in the magical power of the wine and soaked in it, which is not easy. Since a monster needs to be focused on cooking for three days and nights, without spending that time on sweet-talking her husband, which is the most satisfying pastime for a mamono, this dish is considered one of the most difficult in Demonic cuisine! In addition, Mamono Realm Meat de Rouge is called the "perfect dish," which tests a monster girl's love for her spouse and her desire for "I want my hubby to eat the best food possible!" This delicacy is created by the love and patience of such monsters and all you will feel when you eat it is pure "enjoyment"!

    When the "crystallized love" created especially for you ends up in your mouth, the resulting feeling of intoxicating ecstasy is impossible to measure. The tenderness of meat stewed in the best Demonic Wine is like the feelings of a mamono who melts from the spiritual energy of her man. Soaked in Lescatie de Rouge, the meat will bring a pleasant intoxication to whoever eats it. With each bite, the taste of the meat will spread through your mouth and the intoxication in your mind. Just "one bite" is enough to make it difficult for you to tear yourself away from this dish, as well as to stop your hand reaching for the next bite. And if the wife, who wants coitus, will not be in a hurry to pounce on her beloved and ask him first to eat the result of her labors, then this magnificent dish will be worth all the effort expended on it. Even though it will disappear much faster than the "3 days and 3 nights" spent preparing it - in just one family dinner.

    And of course, a man who has tasted this delicacy, feeling as if in a dream, will certainly want to thank his wife - the magnificent chef who cooked it especially for him. He will definitely try to share his pleasure with her, and with much more enthusiasm will make his beloved insanely happy in the bedroom for the next three days and three nights. When the "Birthday of the Mamono Lord" approaches, many mamonos begin to work hard to prepare this dish, including even the Dark Knights of the Order of the Ice Flower and, of course, Wilmarina herself. But naturally, for many Knights, incomparable in swordfighting with an opponent, the battle in the kitchen for cooking with cooking utensils in hand proves to be quite a challenge. For the Dark Knight who has a husband, the particular difficulty of the ordeal is the need to continue cooking for three days and three nights, for during that time she will not be able to enjoy marital affairs with her husband. For unmarried knights, however, the "Birthday of the Mamono Lord" and this dish are the perfect opportunity to reveal her feelings to her lover. It seems to have become a tradition to offer the "Mamono Realm Meat de Rouge" along with all of oneself during a special confession to a man that you want to serve him forever as his personal Dark Knight.

    Mamono Realm Jam[edit]

    Mamono Realm Jam is a jam made from the fruits of various demonic plants, and in appearance it is quite indistinguishable from ordinary jams consumed in human countries. Nevertheless, most demonic jams are infused with mamono mana from the fruits of the mamono realm plants that were used to make them. In others, the mamono mana is stored directly inside the jar. Such jam takes on a deeper flavor because it was saturated with monster mana directly at the time of preparation.

    The mamono realm of Lescatie is widely known as the land of Mamono Realm Jam, and many different jams made from the fruits of a variety of demonic plants, which were brought from other mamono realms, adorn the dining tables of its inhabitants. In addition to mamono and incubi living in Lescatie favorably eating jams, a wide range of jams on the store shelves is also available to tourists from other countries.

    Also, the fact that Mamono Realm Jam is hard to distinguish from ordinary jam is very convenient for the radical monsters of Lescatie. By exporting Mamono Realm Fruit Jams with a strong magical component to human countries, especially jams from the "Prisoner Fruit," which turns women into mamono right at the time of eating, more and more people are invited into the path of sweet corruption by "food." Eventually a new Mamono Realm is created. Mamono Realm Jam is known as a special product of Lescatie, but its origins go back to the days of the former theocracy. One might even say that the love of Mamono Realm Jam is a "relic" from the days when the country was ruled by the Order.

    As I mentioned in the section on diplomacy, although Lescatie was a great country under the Order, the industries of Lescatie itself were underdeveloped. Among them, the production of "jam" could perhaps be called one of the country's few specializations. Even then, Lescatie produced so many types of jam that it became world-famous for this product, and was called the Holy Land of Jam. Normally, jam making is limited to a few types of those crops that grow in a given region. But thanks to the wide variety of crops that were brought into the country as payment for the "loan" of military strength to its neighbors, Lescatie was able to produce dozens of different types of jam. Jam was one of the achievements of the Lescatian army and was a symbol of the country's great strength and breadth of influence. It seems that jam was one of the few foodstuffs that both ordinary people and aristocrats freely consumed in Lescatie at that time. Although they ate the same product, jam, the cost of a jar might have been very different. The poor could afford only cheap jam, which had already lost its marketable appearance and could not be sold, or made of spoiled fruit, whereas only a handful of the wealthiest people could eat high-quality jam made from rare fruits that had come from distant countries and whose importation was rather difficult.

    In Lescatie, jam played the role of the main "decoration" of the simple dishes that people ate. It was also a boon for the many soldiers of the Order who, because of the ability to store it long term, could eat jam even when they were on expeditions in distant lands. Although the culture underwent a striking change in the Mamono Realm of Lescatie, many things remained that were inherited by it unchanged, including the culture of making this jam. Although ordinary jam is now obtained somewhat differently... Since it is delivered thanks to what is known as "Magical Logistics." [7]

    Mamono Realm Bento[edit]

    In the courtyard of Castle Salvarision, you can sometimes see the Dark Knights and their husbands eating their "Mamono Realm Bento" together, seated side by side. Yes, that bento contains a meal that the hubby has lovingly prepared for his knight wife as she heads off to the battlefield. But many spouses also simply eat it together. Although it is more accurate to say that it is not uncommon for the demonic couple not to eat it, and the dark knight "lets" her lover eat her bento while she is busy with something more necessary... like the rabbits over there, in the corner, doing something more enjoyable. In particular, some male Knights always bring this lunch box to their spouse to shake it on her in ecstasy during the meal.

    The contents of the bento are very varied and can include any possible food that can be purchased in Lescatie. Each man can choose the dishes that most please his beloved. At Castle Salvarision, the Dark Knights and their husbands eat Mamono Realm Bento together in the dining room or in the castle courtyard, but the original dish was made so that the Dark Knights could eat it during expeditions away from Lescatie.

    In the past in the Kingdom of Lescatie, the food that was intended for soldiers was simple and easy to carry, being intended simply to feed the soldiers during an expedition. But in today's Lescatie, the Dark Knights must travel to human lands, "outside the mamono realm," during an expedition, so food can have a significant impact on their mission. As you know, the demonic land of Lescatie, where the Dark Knights usually spend their time, is a Dark Mamono Realm, whose atmosphere is filled with more mamono mana than many other monster realms in the rest of the world. Of course, this mamono mana-filled environment is dangerous to humans and carries the threat of monsterization, even if one stays in it only for a short time. Therefore, when fighting against the forces of the Order that have invaded Lescatie, the Dark Knights are always in a good position to fight "defensive battles." One could say that the Mamono Realm around them is the perfect environment, which keeps their country in perfect condition.

    However, as a consequence, when the Dark Knights leave Lescatie for "faraway lands," in addition to the emotional pain of having to leave their beloved spouse, they are just as affected by finding themselves in an environment different from the Dark Mamono Realm to which they are accustomed... these mamonos will be forced to operate in a place where there is virtually no mamono mana around, consequently the strength and speed they can manifest only through mamono mana will be significantly limited. During invasions, an army of Dark Knights, which from a human perspective looks like a terrifying threat, is subjected to considerable strain both physically and mentally.

    In such a situation, the Mamono Realm Bento, which allows you to feel the love of your spouse, who is so far away from you, through food, is vital for married Dark Knights. In addition, by ingesting familiar foods from Mamono Realm Lescatie they activate the mamono mana in their body and raise their body condition to a level similar to what they have when they are at in the mamono realm.

    Thus, the food used to fill the Mamono Realm Bento often contains a lot of monster mana and, despite its cute and appetizing appearance, can be "corrupting poison" to ordinary people.

    [Mamono Realm Bento Container]
    This is a polished vessel made of Demonic Ore! It has a magical effect that protects the contents, and the food inside it will never lose its shape, even if you have to engage in battle! In fact, these bento containers are sold in the castle town of Salvarision as "lunch boxes that preserve the condition of the food inside" because the inside of the box is filled with mamono mana to protect the contents. Because of this, even meals made of ordinary ingredients placed inside can get the same effects as food made from demonic cuisine. Therefore, if a human woman uses this box as a convenient container to store her breakfast, the food inside can become demonic food and imperceptibly turn her into a mamono.


    To my dear teacher, the esteemed Wandering Scholar of Monsters♡
    Thank you for your letter, teacher♡
    Eh-heh-heh, it's true♡ Eva turned out to be amazing! In fact, the other day she helped me with the creation of a magic book! Eva has become my savior and the best friend that I acquired on my journey...
    ...Thus, when I hold the pen in my hands, I am overwhelmed by our shared memories. But I must leave this place tomorrow, for I cannot help but leave to try to see you, my teacher. Nevertheless, I must admit that it is difficult for me to say goodbye. Indeed, a good time always passes in an instant. Initially I was full of anxiety and confusion about whether life at Castle Salvarision and the experience of joining the Order of the Knights of the Dark Ice Flower would be right for me...
    ...But in fact, as it turns out, life here is quite ordinary and many around here are just doing a good job! Also, these gifts attached in the letter helped me select all the Dark Knights together, including Wilmarina. Master, I hope you enjoy some of this...
    Master, while I was spending time in Lescatie, I just didn't know what to think at one point.
    Both the kingdom of Lescatie, which was controlled by the Church, and the mamono realm of Lescatie, which is ruled by the love and pleasure of lecherous monsters. Which way is the right way... Was the land of Lescatie really destroyed by monsters? Now I can't help but think that Lescatie was saved by mamono. What is the "return" of Lescatie that the Order speaks of, what exactly do they wish to bring back to this country? Master, you once saw this Lescatie in person, what do you think of it?
    And why do I get the feeling that cuddling with the Wandering Scholar is a bad idea?
    But right now, I just wish I could see my Master. To hear your voice, to feel your hands, so that they appreciate this wrong body...
    ...I want you to teach me everything♡
    ~ A letter from a student of the Wandering Scholar of Monsters ~

    ...Оh? It's rare for you to see me off♡
    Did you like this girl?
    Whew, I know how you feel. This child was quite good as an apprentice♡
    But she wouldn't be any good here as a dark strategist...
    ...no, nor is there any reason to believe that she would fit the role of court lady♡
    Yes, for us monsters, the greatest happiness is always to be with our lovers, so this child would inevitably have left here. Moreover, for us monsters, Goodbye is only a temporary separation♡
    Well, of course we will see her again. This child is your ward, Lescatie's greatest Dark Strategist♡
    Let us see and enjoy how many wondrous mamono realms will emerge from the labors that this child will write in the future♡

    Although, if she meets her teacher again, whom she is in love with...
    ...they will probably visit us for a while soon♡
    ~ Lord of Lescatie Druella ~



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    4. In the title "The Sword of the Servant of Providence," the word "servant" in the Japanese original was written as a transcription of the French word "Pucelle," which refers to a maid and/or a virgin.
    5. In the article, the word "Poisonous" is used in a figurative sense, as the "title" of Olivier herself.
    6. Love-You-bes - is the Lescatian counterpart of bouillabaisse (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouillabaisse) from love and seafood.)
    7. [Simply put, it is teleported from other countries]

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