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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side III

    World Guide - Side III
    (ワールドガイド外伝 III)
    Book Information
    Release Date
    11th August, 2019 (Comiket 96)
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Vapid Vulture, Ami Rutberg
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide - Side III: Court Alf ~Divas of the City of Water~ (魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイド外伝III コートアルフ ~水の都の歌姫たち~), referred to as World Guide Side 3, is a world guide supplement by Will.

    The book was announced via a post on Kenkou's website.[1]


    This book features sea-based monster girls, delving into various aspects of underwater life; very similar in style to the previous world guide.

    Unlike the previous books in World Guide Side series, there is no mention of the in-universe author.

    The Seven Songstresses and the Great Songstress[edit]

    Arial (p2)[edit]

    First Song Island "Al Mar" Diva, Arial

    Lilynanna (p3)[edit]

    Second Song Island "Matori" Diva, Lilynanna

    Eustine (p4)[edit]

    Third Song Island "Nevia" Diva, Eustine

    Levin Dil (p5)[edit]

    Fourth Song Island "Saida" Diva, Levin Dil

    Fulafel (p6)[edit]

    Fifth Song Island "Mira" Diva, Fulafel

    Meivia (p7)[edit]

    Sixth Song Island "Dé Ryúa" Diva, Meivia

    Asura Mythra (p8)[edit]

    Seventh Song Island "Queen Diana" Diva, Asura Mythra

    Great Songstress Difina (p9)[edit]

    Great Songstress Ruling the Seven Islands, Difina

    The Origins of Court Alf (p10)[edit]

    Since the days of the previous Mamono Lords, the Sea of ​​Asuramis, where seven islands are located, has always been the center of conflict. During the long history of the past era, seven islands sometimes competed, sometimes formed unstable alliances, and sometimes their interaction took other forms. And when the Mamono Lord changed and the era of the New Mamono Lord began, on seven islands in the Asuramis Sea there were seven kingdoms, each of which ruled its island:

    On the largest of the islands was the Theocracy "Al Mar", whose inhabitants were united into a single force by the state religion that worshiped the sea.

    The Pirate State "Matori", which had an ancient history of looting raids, was known as the headquarters of the illustrious, legendary pirate. Here, even in the era of the previous Mamono Lords, many criminals and pirates gathered, who, among other raids, invaded other islands with the help of their most powerful military forces.

    Leading noble families of the world, attracted by the beauties of the island, gathered in "Nevia", the country of creators. Thanks to their investments, the country has achieved an excellent development; cultural people and artists have gathered here to create works of art.

    In the mines of the Thunderstorm Kingdom "Saida", a rare mineral was mined that emits lightning. In an effort to expand its territory, the kingdom used the power of this unique ore to invade other islands.

    The Eternal Land "Mira" had the most ancient history of the existence of Asuramis in the waters of the sea. This kingdom has many resources and used the power of the elementals to protect the island’s natural wealth.

    In a country adjacent to a powerful maritime power, workers gathered, mainly slaves engaged in shipbuilding. This country of slaves was called "Dé Ryúa"

    Although their island was small, the sea power "Diana" possessed overwhelming superiority in shipbuilding technology and, thanks to the support of the Order of the Chief God that laid it's eyes on this country, had the largest military forces among the seven islands.

    At the dawn of a new era, between the Seven Islands still remained peace and a shaky balance. But this did not last long, at some point, the catastrophic "Asuramis War" began, the flame of which swept all seven islands. It is not known what exactly caused them to break peace and begin a chain of conflicts between all seven islands. Flames of anger from unforgettable insults with the speed of wildfire spread throughout the Asuramis Sea.

    The troubled times, when all the kingdoms entered the battle, which had no end, spread a whirlwind of sadness, which was then sunk by only one mermaid princess. The song of tears she sang united the hearts of people and the seven islands.

    Al Mar gets a new "Blessing", "Joy" she shared with Matori, Endless "Passion" gave Nevia, "Courage" to confront difficulties endowed Saida, Faith in "Hope" granted to Mira, Dé Ryúa acquired "Love" which satisfies all, And Diana endowed with a constant "Serenity"

    The princess mermaid bestowed on each of the seven Divas her song and returned into the sea's embrace. The seven Divas and the peoples of the seven islands mourned her, who had disappeared in the sea foam, and called her “The Great Diva” whose love is deeper than the sea in which the seven islands became a single country.

    This country is "Court Alf" the land of water cities, a sea paradise where humans and mamono live together hand in hand.

    Introduction (p13)[edit]

    Nice to meet you! Sorry, I'm only from the sea! I am the Mermaid-guide of Court-Alf!

    Court-Alf consists of seven islands and water cities, in each of which you can enjoy the singing of one of the seven Divas! Dear Client, in fact, you arrived at our most wonderful time! Now, we are celebrating the day when seven islands became one country, and once a year during this period we hold the "Court-Alf National Festival"! And on each of the islands festivals and special performances are planned every day!

    First of all, we have prepared seven brochures for you! Initially, the seven islands were separate countries, full of their own features! Please familiarize yourself with them and go to the island that you will like!

    Oh, Client, this is your partner! What a lovely little Witch! What brings both of you to Court Alf?

    "Yes! Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the day I first met my beloved brother and, since so much time has passed, I decided to go with him on a new honeymoon! First we will have another wedding in Al-Mar, and then...♥ "

    First Song Island Al Mar (p16)[edit]

    The First Song Island of Blessing
    Al Mar

    "The ceremonial halls of white stone laid out the entrance to 7 islands"
    Diva: Arial (Sea Bishop) Inherited Song: Blessing
    Main Residents: Mermaids, Sea Bishops and many other sea monsters

    Welcome to Court Alf, a country of water cities located on seven islands! The first island of song, “Al Mar”, is a water city filled with beautiful white buildings that were built on the surface of blue clear water!

    Al Mar is the scene where the events of the famous story "Legend of The Mermaid Princess" unfolded. Many of the majestic temples and churches that are particularly prominent in the beautiful city landscape are dedicated to the Sea Goddess, Poseidon and the Mermaid Princess. Moreover, many of these historical buildings, even having stood for many years, continue to remain monuments of art.

    Many of these beautiful temples and churches have become "wedding halls" for men and women, in which they swear their eternal love for each other. If you want to declare love to each other as husband and wife, then we will arrange for you a wonderful “wedding”, where you will be blessed with the beautiful voices of singing mermaids! Al Mar is filled with the power of the “Song of Blessing” that was given to this island by the legendary Princess Mermaid, it brings blessings to the couples who married here. Even the Princess Mermaid, who disappeared into the sea foam, was brought back to life thanks to the power of the prince's love, her own blessing and the Sea Goddess! And, as in the legend, just like with the prince of passion and her, the love of blessed spouses will be eternal.

    Al Mar Blessing Island Wedding, marking the beginning of eternal love
    Al Mar is known as the chalky white city of weddings.
    We prepare various ceremonial halls where you can hold your perfect wedding ceremony: from a large temple for a grand wedding celebration to a small and sweet church!

    Ultimately, most brides who are mamono are troubled because of the first night after their wedding celebration. Fortunately, our ceremonial halls are able to satisfy even such an aspiration as that of a monster girl. After an exciting wedding ceremony, you will be taken from the celebration hall to a good hotel room where you can spend the first evening of your honeymoon, and in a small church with a magnificent atmosphere you can have pleasant intercourse right on the spot.

    In Al Mar we guarantee to everyone fabulous, dreamlike moments of the beginning of eternal love♥ And after your dreams come true, you will have a honeymoon in a water city where mermaids sing and the blessing bell rings...blessings of love and dreams, which are combined in Al Mar, will be an eternal reality that has no end♥

    Al Mar’s wedding and honeymoon plans are recommended for both newly married couples who will only be married now, and those couples who have been together for many years and also decided to hold a wedding ceremony in Al Mar, to start a new sweet honeymoon! When planning a wedding or a honeymoon, our exclusive Court Alf wedding planner will be happy to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us for help!

    Sweet and tidy... sensational and radical... We will provide you the best wedding dress that will satisfy the client♥ Although we also rent them, many people buy dresses after the ceremony, because they are fascinated by them and get them too dirty on the way.

    For men! Recommended for Singles♥

    Al Mar will appeal to those who like to study history, fine cuisine and the singing of mermaids. Of course, it is ideal for couples, but you can enjoy it alone! All the mamono in this city, the city where eternal love originates, dream of a wedding here with their wonderful husband and there are many mamono travelers who think the same way. If a single man enjoys food and dessert in a restaurant of Al Mar, then he becomes the main signboard of this institution because...perhaps this visitor is here in order to find the one with whom he will enter into a beautiful marriage...and then he will find his destiny as a mamono's husband♪ Of course, if “You” wish, the song-maiden, who serves as the pilot of your ship, can also become your life partner♥

    Recommendations for those who are looking for a bride!

    Among the inhabitants of Al Mar there are many mermaids and other aquatic species, and also there are many obedient and pretty girls who are languishing to get married. For this reason, bride training lessons are very popular on the island for those who plan to become them, and these girls will be devoted to their husband all day and night♥

    I greet you in Al Mar. I am the first of the Divas of Court Alf to receive the song of “blessing” from the Great Diva. Come on in, dear Client, and please give me your hand♪ Since the gondola can sway, please hold on tight to me♪

    Uf-fu-fu♪ Don't be so nervous♪ Actually, it's been a long time since I went on excursions for single clients, are you really excited right now? Listen, if you touch my skin like this, you can find out how my own heart beats♥

    Oh, don't blush so much♪ Since you, client, are visiting our country for the first time, I, “Arial”, will help you have a good time with me and fully experience the charm of Al Mar. I will personally serve as your guide♥

    Al Mar's History (p20)[edit]

    As you can see, the Al Mar city has many snow-white temples, and all of them are churches where you can pray to the goddess of the sea, Poseidon. The temples of the Sea Goddess exist not only in Al Mar, but also on other Court Alf islands. We dedicate prayers to the goddess of the sea Poseidon every day, and even the Great Diva and her husband are her priests. Here you can see how a mermaid and her husband pray to Poseidon, holding hands. In Al Mar you can often see couples praying in this way♪ Of course, being a Sea Bishop, I also pray every day, but I also really want to do this, holding the hand of my wonderful husband Uf-fu-fu♪

    So why is Poseidon's faith so prevalent in Al Mar? About this, I will tell you a story about the Prince of Al Mar and the Mermaid Princess, which is also known as the "Legend of the Mermaid Princess".

    Court Alf consists of seven islands, including Al Mar, and once each island was an independent country separate from the others. Back then, the other six islands were once separate countries called Matori, Nevia, Saida, Mira, Dé Ryúa and Diana. The ocean current led along to each of these islands, and Al Mar was the island country, which could be used as a “transit point” on the way to each of the other countries. From here, it was possible to lay routes to the six other islands. In the previous era of the old Mamono Lords, before the reign of the current Mamono Lord, due to the fact that Al Mar was the center of the sea routes, being located near the sea and having wide and rich lands, it was captured several times by neighboring islands and used as a place for political negotiations. The situation around this country has always been tense and the reigning King, who often acted on the occasion of fraud and intrigue of neighbors, was the embodiment of the interweaving of political interests of other countries in Al Mar. Because of the concern that in the next conflict they would lose loved ones, the people of Al Mar were very loyal and serious. But, since there was always a conflict of someone’s interests somewhere, even people from the same country found themselves on opposite sides of the barricades and fought with each other.

    And in such a chaotic setting, one of the main characters of this story, The Prince of Al Mar "Caspar Le Mar", appeared on the stage. Prince Caspar, despite the fact that he was the real son of the King, was extremely skeptical of the rule of his father, the King, and due to political intrigues he was expelled with shame, and went hiding, thanks to his vast past, in the slums of the city. Living a harsh life in a slum, the originally not stupid prince used his ingenuity and tactical skills to survive, and the King's ruthless actions forced him to swear revenge on his father. Guided by this desire, he pursued his father. Surprisingly, from the position of the poor, thanks to his wisdom and intrigues, Prince Caspar was able to return to the royal palace and took the throne.

    However, the price the prince paid to perform such a miracle was very high. As a result of the path to accession to the throne he gathered many sins, because at that time only dark human emotions directed him. He lost his sense of faith in other people, as well as in his father, whom he began to hate, and became the most ruthless king in the history of Al Mar. And even after the change of kings, Al Mar remained a target for other countries and, in order to protect his country, the prince did not shy away from deceiving his neighbors and kindling the flames of war between them. If, in a neighboring country, they thought that behind the scenes through King Al Mar they would be able to contact the Matori pirates to rob other countries, then the next day their plans were transferred by King Caspar to Diana in order to deplete the forces of both countries in the conflict. As a reward for transferring rare objects of art, which can be called national treasures, to the Nevia nobles, King Caspar received information about the weaknesses of the influential people of Saida. With her help, the prince received powerful military weapons that the island of Saida possessed and sent it to the Eternal Kingdom Mira, exposing everything as if it had been received by this country for retaliatory aggression. It doesn’t matter if this happened in his country or in neighboring countries, King Caspar continued to unscrupulously use everything he could in the political struggle, weakening and poisoning others through deception. Because of the cruelty of his actions, the people of Al Mar began to fear their king and called him "the prince with an icy heart." Nevertheless, the reign of such a prince did not last long. Against him, who was fomenting wars one after another with Al Mar’s hands, his own soldiers rebelled and threw him into the sea. Thus, the prince went missing.

    Drowning in a storm, a barely living prince, who was between life and death, was saved by the mermaid "Difina". On a distant small island, she devotedly took care of the prince, while the wounds healed on his body, and they spent time together. Initially, the prince perceived her only as an "extremely naive mermaid". But thanks to her purity and the absence of any doubts about him, he gradually opened his heart to her, and directed all of his love only towards her. Once, upon awakening, the prince heard a beautiful singing voice. Her beautiful and tender song. For the first time since the prince was rejected by his father, he felt heat penetrate his ice-covered heart. For the first time since that day, the prince was crying in Difina's arms, listening to her songs. At that moment, the cold ice in his heart finally melted.

    The prince began to tell her something that he had not told anyone else for a long time - nothing but the words of truth. He very much regretted his past deeds and blamed himself for the blood and intrigues that Al Mar was plunged into in order to concentrate all power into his hands...it was his responsibility. He came to the decision that for the sake of redemption, he must create a country in which people can listen to songs with a calm soul, and the warm voices of Divas, such as Difina, will be heard everywhere. And above all, the Prince began to ponder the way in which to achieve this, but at the same time maintain the feelings that united him with the little mermaid... And Difina simply believed in the determination of her Prince.

    With the help of Difina, Prince Caspar returned to Al Mar. There he delivered an excellent speech in which he apologized for his past deeds to those who were angry with him. In Al Mar, the king will no longer rule, henceforth, the Sea Goddess will rule this country - the prince preached about this to people. Initially able to plan everything well, Caspar, on whose account there were both many good and many bad deeds, decided to entrust everything to the goddess Poseidon. The prince already knew perfectly well that he was already completely different from the ruling class — kings, lords and nobility. Having made faith in the goddess Poseidon a national religion, he will direct the faithfulness of the people to someone who is above kings and rulers, in other words, he thought that he would make the people united again if he turned to having faith in the Goddess Poseidon.

    After the Prince's speech, the people of Al Mar were at first embarrassed. However, belief in a sea goddess was originally widespread in Al Mar. And thanks to the help of the mermaid Difina, who spoke about the Prince’s allegiance to his homeland and that he had no other choice, after the stunning speech of Prince Caspar, faith in Poseidon united the hearts of the people of this country over time. And from that moment on, in Al Mar, the prince, like the sailors, prayed to the goddess of the sea, Poseidon. Also, it seems that since then, sea monsters began to often provide assistance to sailors in the case of calm. Moreover, with a poor harvest, mamono transferred seafood to the island. And if initially people engaged in fishing, perceived sea monsters as a threat, then soon they turned out to be just good neighbors. It seems that the sea monsters were very happy that there is such a large piece of land who where ready to accept them in their waters.

    However, at that moment, the prince, uniting the hearts of people, seemed to just use religion as one of the ways to resolve internal disputes and he himself did not actually believe in the Sea Goddess. Uf-fu-fu♪ This could be called a punishment, but it’s just part of a good story: it was because of the threat of invasion from other countries that the prince should immediately unite the people of Al Mar. Moreover, given his past, he was probably just that kind of person who found it difficult to believe in the Goddess. However, by the time he was able to unite the disunited people of Al Mar and reconstruct the tormented island, the time had come for the “Asuramis War”. Prince Caspar, who became the representative of the country as a follower of the Sea Goddess, together with Difina, sought ways of reconciliation between the countries. But other rulers saw in him only as the same prince with an icy heart and refused to deal with him. In addition, other countries were so angry that, one might say, steam came from their ears, and Al Mar, who did not want to get involved in the hostilities, was attacked many times. Given the past actions of the prince, there is nothing surprising in the attack of other countries, however, in the eyes of the residents of Al Mar, it looked like one-sided attacks on the "follower of the sea goddess who was only looking for ways of reconciliation". Ironically, the more the prince called for peace, the more he was recognized as a kind-hearted ruler and the more the people united by faith in the Sea Goddess said "For the glory of our king!" and, contrary to his intentions, insisted on retaliation to other countries. The prince was deeply saddened by the view of the spreading war, which was already ready to drown all the islands, and his heart was wounded by the anger of people who were no longer able to be controlled. If the search for peace is unsuccessful, then he will have to lead the people of Al Mar themselves in the battle, in order to somehow help them survive in the flames of war. At that time, for the prince, the people of Al Mar who accepted him, despite his blood-stained hands, already became something important that he had to protect. And leading them into battle was what he had to do, even if he had to betray the command of his own heart that did not want war.

    The mermaid, who was always near the prince, was also in deep sadness. When the prince himself boarded the battleship "Al Mar" as the command admiral and the ship, leaving the island, arrived in the battle zone in the Asuramis Sea, Difina made a decision.

    A legend passed through word of mouth throughout Court Alf... The mermaid princess that, with a song of tears, united seven islands into one country and created Court Alf... The one who would later be called the Great Diva... It was lady Difina.
    So that the beloved prince does not distort his heart, does not shut it in darkness... The song of tears with mercy to all the lives of the seven islands and sorrow over all lost lives instantly spread to the place of the battle, eventually reaching the hearts of all the people and monsters of the seven islands. According to legend, songs like the one Difina sang can stop the battle and heal the hearts of all those driven by fear and anger, sadness and despair. However, as the price for the miracle, Difina herself disappeared, turning into sea foam. In the sea, where the battle ended and silence fell, only one prince Caspar cried out and for the first time wholeheartedly prayed to the Sea Goddess. Everyone felt that the struggle for the Asuramis Sea, which had been going on since the days of the old Mamono Lords, had come to an end, especially looking at the heartbreaking spectacle of despair of the prince, who shouted about how dirty he lived, and begged: "Please, I will devote to you, Poseidon, my whole life, but give me back my beloved Difina!"

    Oh, I'm sorry, maybe it turned out a little delayed, but I hope that after my story you understand the story of what happened. Uf-fu-fu♪ Well, the prince’s wish was fulfilled and Difina was reincarnated by the goddess Poseidon as the water spirit, Undine. Mermaid Princess Difina is the Great Diva who created the miraculous song that united the seven islands. For all our people, who became one country, Court Alf's Prince Caspar became a priest who prays to the sea goddess Poseidon and is also the husband of Difina. This couple feels great in the "Great Temple of the Sea" in the center of our Al Mar♪ Why is the faith in the sea goddess Poseidon so strong in Al Mar? Of course, one of the important reasons is that faith in Poseidon is the state religion of this island. However, people who live in Al Mar now dedicate prayers to the goddess Poseidon, thanks to her for the existing peaceful sea, for the prince and the great diva... and also because thanks to her, a great "blessing" was created, what we give other couples, able to create a miracle from their love bonds♪ And of course, from the bottom of my heart, I wish other couples to be inextricably linked by bonds of love and I bless them, so that one day, I could meet my life partner in the same way♪

    Uf-fu-fu♪ Are you, dear customer, also a little interested in this? Then let me immediately direct this gondola towards the Temple of Sea Poetry♥

    Current Al Mar (p24)[edit]

    As I have already mentioned in its history, one of the main reasons why Al Mar is called the gateway to Court Alf is that the island has natural currents to the other islands: "Matori", "Nevia", "Saida", "Mira", “Dé Ryúa”, “Queen Diana”. And one of the waterways is connected to each of the ocean currents♪

    If you look a little higher, you can see them.
    U-Fu-Fu♪ Are you surprised? I think you could notice the narrow canals high above the buildings of the city. It is also a manifestation of the powers of the Sea Goddess and the Great Diva♪

    As you can see, on this street the waterways are divided into two layers: earthly and heavenly. This is one of the hallmarks of Al Mar. You can climb to the top layer on a gondola on the "Huge Fountain-Elevator" in the city center. From there, having sailed onto a waterway connected to the desired island, you can reach it even if you sleep on board the ship♪

    In Al Mar, where the waterways are the center of the movement, not the land, there are many places that are connected by bridges over which the gondola can sail. So long as you on one, you can swim anywhere. Thus, in addition to the singing maidens serving as tourist guides, the gondolas are very familiar to Al Mar residents, almost every house has one in fact.

    How are they used? For example, that couple loaded their gondola with white flowers, known as "White Song Lilies", to consecrate them with a prayer in the temple of Poseidon. Besides the fact that gondolas serve as a means of transportation, they are often used in Al Mar as “ship shops”, mooring them to a bridge or building, past which many people move. Looking around the streets from the top of the bridge, you can see how many people buy goods from such ship shops♪ This will be more noticeable at the ship shops, which we will see a little later, when we get to "La Earl Street", where the largest waterway in Al Mar is. I think, dear client, you will definitely like this place, because there are many ship shops that are packed every day with the widest range of goods♪

    Fu-fu-fu, right, after that we will go to the Temple of Sea Poetry. Or do you want to take a look at those white song lilies on that counter?
    Ok, I’ll try to get closer to that ship♪

    Ho ho, this is a very beautiful White Song Lily!♪
    White Song Lilies grow throughout Al Mar, but usually their white petals are closed and they're tilted towards water. Flowers that grow on the coast of Al Mar will never open their petals, if they did not store the mamono mana of mamono for a long time. The fact that these beautiful flowers are still blooming now, having opened their petals, means that the couple who raised them had a lot of intercourse with great love and these flowers opened in response to their love!♪

    As I already told you, when the prince, who met Difina and learned to love, proclaimed faith in the Sea Goddess Poseidon to be the state religion, it was these flowers that were blessed towards her first. For the prince, these lilies were a symbol of "true love, which is not painted in any other color" - that is, in other words, a symbol of great love for the Great Diva. Now the White Song Lily is a symbol of blessing and love. In Al Mar, they are considered something very special because of their "snow-white" color♪

    Currently, after seven islands were united into one country, faith in the Sea Goddess has become the state religion in all of Court Alf. But it is Al Mar, that is the center of faith in Poseidon, is also known in the world as the "island of a new beginning". Because it is here in our native sea that new couples are created and it is here that they gain the blessing of protection and patronage of the Sea Goddess. And I also really want you to find your soul mate here♪ U-fu-fu♪

    After I said this, does it not seem to you that everything on the island is perfect for this?❤
    There are many white temples and wedding halls on the island, such as the “Temple of Sea Poetry,” and great wedding ceremonies are held every day. This is possible due to the joint work of local residents and Song Maidens working to help the wedding take place. And, of course, thanks to the Great Diva, who gives these blessing, and the Diva, who sings the “Blessing” song.
    Oh mister♪
    You listened so seriously...❤
    Are you a little interested in marrying a monster girl? Fu-fu-fu♪

    If you want this, then I, like any other resident of our island, will bring you to a marriage consultation♪
    Until that moment, I, “Arial”, Diva of Al Mar, will serve as your guide♪ But now I will do my work as a Diva, which will tie a new couple in the Temple of Sea Poetry with a blessing song. If you are satisfied with me, dear client, then go inside and stay to listen to my song.
    And, if you want... Uf-fu-fu❤... after work, I am completely free from sunset until tomorrow morning...❤

    Songstress Introduction (Arial) (p25)[edit]

    Diva Introduction
    ◆ Name: Arial
    ◆ Race: Sea Bishop
    ◆ Favorite color: White
    ◆ Favorite Type: "A strong, slightly assertive man who will take me♥"
    ◆ How to spend a holiday: "U-fu-fu ♪ I'd like to drop into various gondolas ♪"

    Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden

    Thank you for visiting Al Mar today! Today, I, the candidate for the post of the next Diva, "The Singing Maiden of the First Island", will be your guide, dear client! And first of all, I will tell you about our Diva Arial! Arial is the current First Diva of Al Mar, she is a wonderful person and she is even called the “Goddess of Al Mar”! Before she became the Diva, even from the time when she was a Song Maiden, Arial already had a beautiful voice and grace, for which she was already called Al Mar's Masterpiece! Moreover, as a Song Maiden, sometimes she conducted city tours for newcomers, including some men! After she became the Diva, many mamono outside of Court Alf, even from other parts of the world, began to enroll as Song Maidens of Al Mar to become "the same as Arial!"

    Miss Arial comes from a race called the “Sea Bishops,” and she is always calm, educated, and very dedicated to her work. Therefore, she is always an example for us Song Maidens! Surely she will be very devoted to her future husband! I feel like I want to do something to see it! I want to find a way for her to always smile and bloom, like the beautiful white lilies that grow in our Al Mar! Haha, perhaps Miss Arial is the very embodiment of these sea lilies, not of a Sea Bishop... Let’s verify this by traveling together to find out the truth about Miss Arial! Her private life is a complete mystery to me! She is almost elusive, during my last vacation I accompanied her on a tour of the holiday ship shops, but as soon as I turned away, she disappeared somewhere at that moment. And the next time, I saw her appearing out of the waterway next to the lane known as Lane of Rape, with a sad smile on her face. This lane is famous for the rude guys bringing Song Maidens there to... I think it has nothing to do with Ms. Arial... And these imported "Seductive Bells"!? I wonder why such a dubious tool interested her, it's all very strange, client! That is, they, of course, are popular for some reason, but they also have nothing for the beautiful story of Love! True, dear customer, everything mysterious can also be very attractive, because if you, with me, wish to solve the mystery of Arial - one of the Seven Wonders of Al Mar!... Ha-ha! But if we are noticed during the surveillance and Arial can guess about our case of great persecution, then I will have to immediately eject from the gondola!

    When we, the mermaids, drive the gondola, we use the fins of our tail to control it, directing mana into them. But Arial drives the gondola so beautifully that it seems as if not her fins move the water, but she commands the surrounding water! It is so beautiful that there is no one in Court Alf who would not be impressed! When I first saw this - her magnificent figure, which brilliantly, as if dancing on the water, led the gondola, how gracefully she moves her fins, as if stroking the surface of the water, I could only watch it with a stone face! She was... was just like a Goddess!... and I was ready to burn with shame. As the daughter of Al Mar, I was confident in my skills in using fins, but could I call them any good after that? I was very worried and worried about this and somehow quietly became a Song Maiden! I mean, now that skill has become my goal! The work of Arial's fins is a wonderful sight to see at least once before dying! Many people visit Al Mar for this, heheheheh, isn't that amazing?

    Even many people from distant countries come to Court Alf to ask the "Water Goddess Arial"~♪ Ah... for advice, but ordinary gondolas used by the Song Maidens and Arial are not used for excursions of groups of tourists. In particular, for groups of tourists they use a gondola "for a large number of people", which is difficult to control with the help of magic, because excursions to them are usually conducted by already existing monster couples. Those people whose guide turned out to be Arial personally and will swim directly in the gondola of the Goddess are certainly incredibly lucky people! What is that sigh? As a guide, of course, I am not inferior to... although, in fact, I am slightly inferior to Arial, but, without a doubt, my fin work is above the average level and I am able make this gondola move really fast!

    Ahem, as you see, I again interrupted my story! I am fine, but no, I will tell you about my charm later. In addition, Arial attracts tourists to us not only as a "guide". In truth, Arial is not only a Diva, but also the main priestess who serves the Great Diva. Therefore, if you visit the Temple of Sea Poetry during the service that takes place there once a week, you can hear the magical voice of Arial singing! Oh, you want to hear how it happened? Of course, I was also surprised when I found out that Arial is both the Diva and the main priestess! But Arial was originally the priestess who served the Great Diva in the Temple of Sea Poetry. The last First Diva was the mermaid "Ateiru", her best friend, and it was she who invited Arial, asking once: "Would you like to try to become a Song Maiden?"

    Ever since she started working as a priestess, Arial fell in love with conducting excursions for tourists who came to the Temple of Sea Poetry. And it seems that even before she became a Song Maiden, she used her own gondola to accompany clients. Even then, Arial had a strong desire: "I want you to know everything about our Al Mar, I want you to love this city!" In the past, she was often so fond of showing the city to tourists that she forgot about time and was often late for her prayer dedicated to the Sea Goddess. He-he-he, I think this is also one of the attractions of Al Mar, which is loved by many! In fact, since the Great Diva had known Arial for many years and knew that she had long wanted to chat with many people and conduct excursions for them, she was very happy when she became a Song Maiden! And in any case, Arial, who equally loves the city of Al Mar itself, and the people living in it, and the tourists visiting it, was chosen by the "Lilies of the White Song" and naturally became the next Diva!

    Song of Blessing (p27)[edit]

    As the name implies, the Song of Blessing, passed down from generation to generation by the Al Mar Divas, is a song that can bestow to “a husband and wife” the blessing of a bond of love! Needless to say, Diva Arial has now inherited this song! And of course, “The Song of the Blessing” is not a simple wedding song! The power of the Great Diva is embodied in this song, it has a special power! In Al Mar, the Diva congratulates the couple who held the wedding with a “blessing song,” and the blessing of this song makes the couple’s love endless!
    Vows of love exchanged at a wedding! The feeling of that kiss! The thrill and joy of your heart pounding in your chest! All this will never be forgotten and will become eternal! I think this is great!
    "You" understand? Of course, we monsters are a very romantic type! And although I feel that it is wrong to call myself the apostle of love, but such a definition sometimes comes from the outside! And for me personally, the feeling of love is much deeper than any of the seas! Indeed, even if “love” is discharged between monster couples, it is only to flare up again with renewed vigor, and I do not mean the so-called “mating season”! In other words, the once established monster pair will never divorce! Immediately after gaining a partner, they remain for life! United by a common fate! Actively engaged in creating a child! I will help you!

    "You" understand? Eternal love is promised to a monster couple! Monster couples from all over the West and East, including beautiful couples living in mamono realms - and husbands who raped their wives, once meeting them in a dojo; and couples, where during the intercourse the wild side of the husband completely opened and his wife has now become his humble kitten, form to be together and give each other sweet sexual pleasure; the vampire and her only servant who are in a vicious relationship, living together in her mansion on a hill under the eternal moon, and although their relationship is forbidden, she allows him to snuggle up to her after a night massage without clothes; even monster couples with such a sense of immorality that, just being nearby, cannot help but imagine depraved intercourse - all loving monster couples can exist together forever without exception! Isn't that perfect? You think the same way, right? I always wanted to get married, like them, but, of course, for this I need to have a guy, which for now is an unattainable luxury for me. You know, sincerity, openness of those feelings that are inside is important to me... So, I believe that the first meeting is very important... I would like to ultimately, just like the Great Diva, meet my prince - that is, one might say, to meet his fate... I’m trying to say that he must be a man with whom fate itself will bring us together... and it so happened that my fateful first tourist of the opposite sex, whom I did not know before, was you♥ Yes? Today, too, did you first become a client of "Song Maidens"? Is it not surprising that we have so successfully caught each other? Do you also think that this is fate? Even now, after my explanation, you so calmly accepted this theory... That's why I think it would be nice to think about your relationship with me!

    Ah, please customer, do not move so abruptly! This is dangerous while the gondola is moving... you may fall out! Honestly, I must admit that I was again very distracted, for which I repent a little. I settled on the fact that in the life of a monster couple love will never fade. So why then need the Song of Blessing? (sounds of kisses) It is because of the wonderful effect of this song! Of course, the love of a monster couple will never exhaust itself, but for a married couple, the wedding itself with the one you love so much, becoming a husband and wife, honeymoon... Ah! Yes, this is my first time! ...and the “Song of Blessing” can make these moments last endlessly! Moreover, if someone in a pair that was blessed with this song just thinks about it, they will always be able to perfectly remember the wedding scene, the colors, smells, the sound of the waves and, as if in reality, remember all the feelings of the fateful night that was the wedding ceremony in Al Mar! This does not exclude the already held pairs of people and mamono: when they hear the “Song of Blessing,” they can remember their own special time. Moreover, it seems that loving couples will be just happy together with their soulmate to indulge in the memories of their common moments... And I will be glad to remember how you attacked me, we had intercourse in the gondola and you moved so fast inside me!

    Oh look! Going towards the gondola is a marriage ship with the bride and groom! How good, they look very happy and smiling... the essence of this song is... Ah! ...to bless this special time for the couple that was just born in this sea! In Al Mar, this is a common sight, but if you calmly listen to the song of blessing, looking at a beautiful newborn couple, then you will also have a desire to get married! In fact, even if you are not married but want to become a couple with someone else, this song has the power to help you find those feelings... Fu-Fu-Fu♥

    The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p28)[edit]

    What? By the way, from Diva to Song Maidens choose "White Song Lilies" when... Haaa... I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Again I did not explain something very important to you! And, as always, I compensate for this... and at the same time I will tell you in advance about one important date! I hope my story will please you! Now I will tell the story of the “White Song Lilies”, in Al Mar, they blossom everywhere, but they do not bloom. What? No, everything is in order, you did hear that right: these lilies blossom, but their flowers do not open! White Song Lilies grow everywhere in Al Mar, but usually they don’t open their petals completely. But only here, specifically in the city of Al Mar, these flowers really bloom to congratulate a happy couple! See this, white lilies are sold in this "ship shop", that’s how lively “White Song Lilies” bloom, they differ from unopened flowers. These flowers show how good this pair is... a pair that emits strong monster energy... that is, this... that is, I mean, since they are a pair of monsters, then this is what they will do often enough... Do you understand what I'm talking about!?
    The basis of a married couple's life! Hot hugs! The interweaving of tongues and lips, ah!... this is really so good, but I do not envy them at all! Who told you about that!

    In other words, when a monster couple creates and maintains a high concentration of monster mana, then the beautiful flowers of "White Song Lilies" bloom, as if congratulating the lovers.

    And once every few decades there comes a moment when all the "White Song Lilies" that grow in Al Mar bloom. What? Does everyone in the city have sex? How, how could you even think such a thing?!♪ We are not like the Mamono Realm of Lescatie, which are rumored to be famous for such, and no matter how many Al Mar people love weddings, we never had such big orgies!

    Hey! Do you hear that? Right now, Diva Arial is singing the “Song of Blessing” to the newlyweds in the Temple of Sea Poetry. Do you see how these “White Song Lilies" are trembling now? Each time the Diva of Al Mar sings the “Song of Blessing” for a new pair, “White Song Lilies” resonate with the song and slowly and steadily accumulate magical energy from each blessing. Thus, these lilies show how much Al Mar is filled with blessing, how often the diva of Al Mar, makes her appearance at many wedding ceremonies and blesses many couples with her song.

    And when Al Mar is full of blessing, all the "White Song Lilies" that grow on the island blossom. This day, when white lilies bloom in Al Mar, is called the “Day of Blessing,” during which a festival is held in the city. The Diva, who has been fulfilling her role for a long time, on this day passes the “Song of the Blessing” to the new Diva. In other words, on this day, the past and the new Divas lead the festival together.

    Now I will turn to history for a short while. They say that the “White Song Lilies" all bloom together on this day, because such was the will of the Great Diva. Because of this, there is a fantastic phenomenon called the "Blessing of the Song of The Sea" for the new Diva! When the Song Maiden, who was chosen as the new Diva, approaches the White Song Lilies with a fully opened flower, their flowers begin to glow slightly - thus, the new Diva is chosen from among the Song Maidens. If the chosen Song Maiden saunters around the city, the “White Song Lilies” in Al Mar will react to the new Diva and flash around her one by one! Light will gather around the Song Maiden, as if pursuing her every movement! Yes... it really looks fantastic! It is as if they are leading people to the new Diva, and in the end, when this maiden begins to sing, the lilies will shine brightly! Knowing that the luminous “White Song Lilies” in the city have chosen her as the new Diva, this Song Maiden, a little embarrassed because all the people celebrating will notice her, will go to the Temple of Sea Poetry, where the Ceremony of Inheritance of the song from the previous Diva takes place to fill this city with a blessing!

    The past Diva, who transmitted the “Song of the Blessing” to the next Diva, becomes an ordinary mamono, who, having already been blessed, will find her love and sing only for her chosen one. Often on this “Day of Blessing,” a new Diva crowns a past Diva with her lover and directs her to the new life with a “blessing song poem”! When Al Mar's Diva gets married, it also enhances the “Blessing Song” that she sings, which is why she blesses more monster couples. Because of this, when the Diva is going to get married, people of Al Mar say that the time comes for the next Diva to take the baton. When the time comes for Arial to retire, I will certainly be a little upset that I can no longer hear the song of blessing in her performance, but so that you would not be so sad, I will sing for you as much as Arial! That's why I sing... and my first song will be about love! So please listen to my love song right now!

    Fountain District Waterway (p30)[edit]

    Oh~♪ It's so nice to sing even one song~♪ Especially when I'm not alone in the gondola! In particular, if I swim with a human of the opposite sex, such as "you", a client, then my heart is very excited in my chest, and, as you can see from the movement of the gondola, it is full of happiness!
    What? "Is it okay to drive a gondola with my eyes closed?" This thought is wrong, what are you thinking, who am I? I am a mermaid from the Song Maidens of the First Island, as well as a self-proclaimed student of the Diva Arial! Please look at this fin... So, if you move it like this, then I can control the gondola like my own limb, it’s not difficult at all!
    ...now, was that a little dangerous? But client... everything is all right! If anything happens, feel free to ask me! And if you don't mind, it's okay to hug me in such cases♥

    Well, this rarely happens, now we are heading to the ascending “Huge Fountain-Lift” located in the city center, which leads to the Temple of the Sea. Al Mar is divided into two levels: the lower one, which is mainly our Residential Water Area, and the upper one, where various public institutions are located on the tops of huge fountains. For example, at the upper level there are high-speed waterways that lead to other islands. The headquarters of the Bureau of Water Quality Management, which manages the Holy Water of Purification, the Water Garden, where guests from other mamono realms are entertained, as well as the Ceremonial Water Area and the Temple of Sea Poetry, are also located there. Look here, the "Ceremonial Water Area" can be vaguely seen from a great distance - it is a small water city floating in the sky! When you see it, you can feel the slight itch of thirst for adventure that you lost when you were a little boy♪
    In addition, this Temple is high in the sky! Garden! Waterways! Even though there are so many objects in the sky, these do not cover it, so the sun's rays can reach the earth - for this reason it is difficult for you to see them! Although the powers of the Sea Goddess and the Great Diva are amazing, this city exists because the knowledge of the sea and water of the mermaids and the technology of human architecture of their husbands have become one! Is this not like the fate of the monster couples living in Al Mar? Let us do the same!

    Forgive me! I feel a little excited again! Since all the waterways of Al Mar are connected with a giant lift fountain, we can go from there anywhere, but let's now direct the gondola to this narrow “Waterway of Fountain Street”! The waterway of the main street of the city is very beautiful, while moving along this narrow part of the waterway, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and shops located on the main street. In the future, this waterway branches out into many others and you can get confused very easily, but if you were born and raised in Al Mar, like me, then you can easily navigate in a familiar environment! It’s actually difficult to get lost there, but if you visited the city only for sightseeing, you probably won’t understand which way you need to move and where exactly you are. In this case, you can just ask for help from a Song Maiden, who are often found floating on one of the gondolas, and she will direct you clearly to the destination♪ Actually, it would be even interesting if I got lost! Hehe, in this case, I would very carefully try to swim into each of the waterways and sometimes stop the gondola to visit an institution that attracted my attention. And since Al Mar is so big and has so many forks and workarounds, for a long time I would swim away from the direct route to the destination! I believe that one of the ways to enjoy Al Mar is to look at different places in the city and stop from time to time to look at random city landscapes♪
    What was it? Are you worried about seeing this gondola in front of us so close? Also do you hear the voices of men and women in front? I think you would like to do this too?♥ Fountain Street is also a very peculiar place♥ U-fu-fu-fu♥

    Well, I will tell you a little about some of the features of this place for us song maidens. Since this “Waterway of the Fountain Street” leads the gondolas to the elevator fountain, the waterways here come together in one and many parts of the street are very narrow. Because of this, around the huge fountain, the waterways are so complicated, as if it were a small maze. In order to get to a particular store or aisle, you will have to swim around the bypass many times. The very flow of water becomes difficult to read, and even with a good gondolier like me, it becomes hard to move quickly between other people. Song Maidens visit this waterway many times during tours, therefore even if they sing or, like me, enjoy conversations with a client, they can easily drive a gondola and even actively admit their love to their "one and only chosen" client!

    Now, why are you looking at me with such caution?!
    Oh, you are one of the most beautiful clients! This is my first time driving my gondola with a client of the opposite sex, but I am proud that this trip is the best!
    Hey, did you hear me!? Please look at me! Looking away to the side is useless!

    Temple of Sea Poetry (p31)[edit]

    Yes! This is the Temple of Sea Poetry! This outstanding shrine is dedicated to the Great Diva, and it is located at the highest point of Court Alf! Priest Caspar, Priestess Arial and several other sea bishops pray every day here to the Great Diva and the Sea Goddess Poseidon! In the back of the Temple, behind the ritual pedestal where Caspar is praying with the Great Diva, is the fountain of the Sea Goddess, where the water of the Great Diva splashes. This Fountain of the Great Diva is connected with all the waters of Court Alf and, thanks to the Great Diva, the water of Court Alf always remains crystal clear! In addition, although usually the Great Diva does not show herself to visitors, but when Al Mar's Diva passes the Song of Blessing to the next Diva, she will certainly appear, and then you can see how beautiful she is!... Although in fact I still have never seen the Great Diva... so I'm very curious!... A beautiful mermaid princess who has become the spirit of water! I want to see her soon! But people tell stories that the Great Diva seems to have fun by floating on each of the islands through a fountain! Some of the song maidens floating on gondolas, say that "they saw the Great Diva with their own eyes!" In addition, some people say that they saw a figure similar to her, which eagerly looked at candies in a candy shop ship, apparently she often visits "street shops" incognito... Well, if it is true or not, but the mysterious figure does appear in ship shops! And since this is one of the Seven Wonders of Al Mar, I'm really curious!

    Now, because this is the Temple of Sea Poetry, I will speak a little more seriously! All the inhabitants of our Al Mar care about "meeting." The Temple of the Sea Goddess and the Great Diva is visited by many girls who pray for a "good first meeting." All mamono of Al Mar in this endless sea are eager to meet their only one, special man. The one who they would call their fate. And meeting him is something special that you cannot influence in any way. The same is true for us Song Maidens. What kind of people will come to this island? Which man will we have to help as guides? We...at least, I... I always prayed for this in the Temple. I did not want much, I simply asked the Sea Goddess for a good first meeting, and after that I would have achieved everything with my own efforts! After all, such is my pride as the daughter of Al Mar!

    Of course, everything should go like the legendary Prince and the Mermaid Princess's meeting! I think the Great Diva achieved her love with her songs and the warmth of her heart, and this is what it's said in the legend! A huge number of people from outside come to Court Alf, including male tourists, so everyone hopes for such a “clash” in the end♪ Hehe, what do you wish for in prayer, dear customer? Maybe me? No, you will not ask for me, but you will be thankful because I turned out to be your guide today too! Because in this endless sea I met only one single client - you!
    What if you are not a prince?
    No, no, no, what are you saying! All the Song Maidens of Al Mar are associated only with their only prince-man. For me there is only one man, the one whose guide I was for the first time - you are a special person in itself♥

    Oh yeah! Would you like to go out and inspect the shops around after prayer? Despite being a temple, it is also a major tourist attraction! On the square and by the waterways around the temple there are various trading shops with a lively atmosphere♪

    If you are for the first time in Al Mar, you must definitely try the fragile and beautiful "Bubble Candies" and "Bubbles Sweetshop"! Oh, I’d like to personally recommend this Bubbles Sweetshop "Sea Slime".

    Al Mar's Bubble Candy (p32)[edit]


    You're leaving? I will blow the bubble, please eat it! For example, "Wait for me"? No, wait, hey!
    Why did you evade that?! Oh... The candy bubble that I made burst!
    Do not avoid this just because it had embarrassed you! With all this, why don't you take a look at how to properly inflate the bubbles?
    I never play with soap bubbles, because this jar is a source of sweet bubbles! “Foam confectionery water” is the Al Mar spring water, seasoned with sugar and Al Mar fruit juice, to which the mermaids have added their magical power. Moisten a tube in it and exhale on the other end so that you get a beautiful piece of candy that looks like a soap bubble〜 ♪

    Is it easy to make a heart shape? Hehehehe, the fact is that for a while I was a self-proclaimed master of bubble candies and therefore I can make candy of any shape for you! For this, I practiced at night to someday make my prince happy. When I saw how a monster couple happily ate these sweets, blowing out a lot of pink bubbles in the form of hearts with these tubes, I realized that I had to practice this skill on my own! This seller, the mermaid Stella, knows me well in person! And now, when I told you about my passion for these sweets, let's talk more about these bubble candies!

    Bubble candies are popular confectionery products that are very familiar to children and adults who grew up in Al Mar. They are classic sweets at the main festival and are very popular among tourists because of their beautiful appearance! Of course, you can eat such a bubble, because it's candy! And to enjoy it, open your mouth wider, place it inside and eat it. Of course, it will burst like a soap bubble, spreading throughout the mouth its sweet taste of “foamy confectionery water”! Even after it has spread all over the mouth, the sweet extract remains for some time inside, giving an indescribable taste euphoria, which makes one want sweets more and more! Fu-fu, this is just an ordinary candy, however, they are proud of it in Al Mar and it can hold in itself as much as the sea depths... by inflating a sweet bubble with a little mana, you can put in it "your feelings"! If the sweetness that carries the girl’s personal feelings falls into the mouth of her beloved man, he unconsciously acknowledges the favor of the lady, and the distance between them will be reduced...! There are many couples who like to feed each other with bubble candies, sending them to each other. Just look at this number of candy bubbles! It seems like they, without saying anything, pass onto each other their love! This is so much like kisses! And since the magic energy of your partner interferes in the bubble for this, they say that it will taste like a kiss! As you know, this is a taste that I do not know yet and really want to try!

    Oh, but at the same time, I, as a girl, can’t talk loudly about such things, although it may just be my strong delusions, I want this, I want you to do it! It’s also possible to put an obscene desire in a bubble! While I give advice, take a straw, confectionery water and try to make some sweets! Well, if the desire is too radical or strong, then it will be difficult to place it in a medium-sized bubble. Therefore, you cannot express your feelings well if you can only inflate small bubbles. You still have a lot to learn, but to adjust the size, you must first control the intensity of breath...

    If you are interested, then just go to the ship-shops for the supplement! Among them there are many bubbles sweetshops, and the jars of foam inside are very carefully thought out and each is decorated with beautiful and cute things! And for mamono who do not know how to honestly express their feelings for a guy, a special foamy confectionery water with obscene seasoning was also created in collaboration with the radicals. It’s called “I want my boyfriend to do this!” and it’s easy to put extremely depraved desires in it.

    Well, let's stop advertising at this place... and finally move on to the practical use of this special confectionery water...♥
    No, please don’t avoid the bubbles this time and eat them correctly♥
    It's alright because they are really delicious♥
    Yes, this little side effect makes me love sweets even more♥

    Viaduct of Love (p33)[edit]

    Well, now we have reached one of the largest waterways of Al Mar! Oh? How great, it looks like we can get a good look at everything!... Please excuse this, we have to stop the gondola for a while! Do you see that there is a man on the right bank of the waterway? And on the opposite side there is the merchant Gyoubu Danuki! In such cases, it happe-e-e-ens!

    Yes, this is accompanied by some shaking, so please grip my body tightly! Mmm, okay, you can wrap your hand around my thigh tighter♥ 〜Yes! This is how a huge bridge appears in front of you across the waterway! This is one of the attractions of the La Earle waterway, that emerges from the water, it is known as the connecting Bridge of Love♪
    On both sides the locals rush to pass as it ties the shores... Fu-fu-fu, feel free to hug me further while the viaduct is on our way... ♥ ...that sweet kiss was good... you will surely be a wonderful husband♥

    This bridge is holy and, as the name suggests, it is capable of connecting lovers! It is said to have been created by the Goddess of the Sea, Poseidon, for lovers who were once separated due to differences in status. Usually this bridge is sunk to the bottom of the sea. Nevertheless, if a couple well compatible with each other, in other words "a man and a woman that should be together", stand opposite each other on different banks, then this big mechanism will appear from the water to unite them! In fact, this bridge is a tourist attraction that competes for the first or second most popular destination in Al Mar. Therefore, residents of Al Mar usually lure or direct lonely "restless" male tourists to one side, and lonely human women and monster girl tourists are brought to the opposite so that they form a strong permanent monster couple♪ For the same reason, this is a very popular place not only among men, but also among lonely mamonos who just cannot get close to a man in the center of the bridge, and those who cannot be honest with a man... Often this bridge is visited by high rank monsters with very proud characters, such as vampires or dragons! Just the other day, I saw a nervous vampire standing here and saying: "W-well, I don't believe this will really happen unexpectedly...but I'm interested in seeing this bridge created by the Sea Goddess." But when her fateful man appeared on the opposite bank and the bridge rose, she blushed and, staggering from side to side, moved forward... I personally saw her smiling happily♪

    Of course, bringing couples together so that they hold hands together is an important job for us Song Maidens and all the people of Al Mar! Fu-fu-fu, it looks like the couple that we saw earlier are now also holding hands. Let me go and I will sing a love song for this couple! Please, dear client, give me your applause♪

    Gondola Shop-Ship Division (p34)[edit]

    This lovely Al Mar! When I get to this ship-shops market, I am always glad I was born here! Check out these colorful stores that stretch endlessly along the most distant waterways! Along the Waterway of Fountain Street, the Temple of Sea Poetry, Al Mar Square and many others... this applies not only to Al Mar, but to the entire Court Alf, but I think, the home of my heart and that place, where my soul wishes to return - these are the rows of ship-shops! The blood of one of Al Mar's daughters is boiling in my veins! Look, in addition to the bubble pastry shops I mentioned earlier, there are many stores that sell classic Al Mar snacks, as well as many magical item stores that harness the power of water! Oh, that long line is lined up at the merchant ships "Dé Ryúa", whose goods enrich the lives of monster couples! Fu-fu-fu, not only Al Mar's ships have moored in these rows of ship-shops, there are many shops from other islands who came here for trade! Until now, I have hidden from you that the Al Mar shopping area is number one in the whole of Court Alf! This is the place where you can find and purchase most of the possible items in the country! Here you can find not only unique products from all seven islands, but also products from beyond this sea! After all, gondolas are rented here and various shops are also opened by merchants who have come from abroad Court Alf. Therefore, not only we, residents of Al Mar, but also residents of other islands, regularly visit the malls to enjoy shopping!

    In addition, the association of street vendors from the area, in collaboration with us, the Al Mar tourist guides, prepares one huge ship once a month, inside which they collect various goods from these shops. In this "Huge Travel Shop" we are scheduled to visit every island! This ship is driven by us Song Maidens, and together with Diva Arial we sing for people who cannot often visit Al Mar, because they are busy flirting with their husbands; for couples who are jealous of other islands and cannot come to Al Mar. Thus, we can provide them with the same opportunity to visit the stalls, look at the goods and have fun picking good things for themselves.

    Eh? Of course I help too! Even now I am a very successful Al Mar Song Maiden! Fu-fu-fu, since we have resolved this issue, then let's get to know the stores that are properly elegant and truly established, and some of the souvenirs that are the highlight of Al Mar.

    By the way, what do you think about the fact that all these stalls showcasing the life of our Al Mar originally started with just one gondola? Its owner was Vincent - the oldest street vendor and glassmaker. He initially visited Al Mar in search of work as a mercenary, and later became known as one of the most famous people of Al Mar. However, he was fascinated by the island's beautiful cityscapes and the “glassware” that the mermaid craftswomen made with all their hearts. Vincent put his sword aside and, along with the mermaid who would become his wife in the future, studied and devoted himself to the manufacture of "Marian Glass" - the art of glass processing, which has been passed on in Al Mar since ancient times. The incident when you encounter a mermaid and change your life is somewhat reminiscent of a moment from the famous in Al Mar "Legend of the Mermaid Princess"! Both of these stories are famous, but there are also many other stories in Court Alf about how a man and a little mermaid meet and both change through their love...! Love is able to gently embrace the heart of anyone, both human and monster, and it has a miraculous power to change this world!

    In any case, Vincent continued to make Marian Glass, even in spite of the growing military situation at the time. He displayed his beautiful glass pieces on a small gondola and showed them to many people on this waterway, turning in his creations, and telling, not only about the pristine beauty of their country, Al Mar, but also of other islands. He pioneered new trade routes between the Court Alf Islands and other countries, not to mention the routes between the seven islands. Day by day, the number of ship shops increased, which began with his small gondola. The ships of his comrades, the people who supported him, gathered on this waterway, and when the seven islands were united into one country called Court Alf with the help of the Great Diva, then, being the largest shopping area in Al Mar, this place was established in its current form.

    Marian Glass (p35)[edit]

    Oh! As you can see, this beautifully patterned glass is made from Marian Glass, which is now one of the synonyms for the Al Mar glass industry! And it took Mr. and Mrs. Vincent a long time to make this wonderful dish, because they carefully engrave the drawing by hand, carefully and slowly introducing magical power into the glass! In other words, this is a work of art that cannot be mass-produced, and none of them are like the others! Now, if you look at some of the Marian glass products nearby, you will see that the inscriptions and patterns on them obey certain patterns. In fact, Marian glass can be roughly divided into seven types! Seven...

    ...Yes it is! The samples are engraved with designs representing each of the seven islands! From the very beginning, when Vincent started making Marian glass, he also looked at other islands besides Al Mar, and his idea was to engrave the splendor of each island as a template for patterns on his products!

    Vincent described the Seven Islands as seven beautiful patterns, each of which is delightful and at the same time succeeds in expressing a different beauty for each island. And if you put together seven products of Marian glass of different styles, then the resulting composition will be even more beautiful! It seems that Vincent opposed the war of the seven islands and he had his own thoughts and desires on this score! This desire was captured by this glass and passed on to people who were fascinated by his art. In truth, there are many people who do not like hostile nations who are at war with each other. And by the looks of it, there are plenty of people out there who can currently choose patterns for their countries or smuggle all seven types of glass across borders! Marian glass, originally designed by Mr. and Mrs. Vincent, is now being made by various artisans. And even if the images on these glass items represent the same seven islands, the reflection of these seven islands placed in the glass will vary depending on the master who made it. In other words, this glass is not limited to just seven types of patterns, and even the existing seven basic types will carry the individual differences of each master. Of course, there are people who buy seven glasses from the same master in one store, and there are those who, for example, after buying a good glass with a picture of Al Mar in this store, then in another store they choose Marian glass with a picture of another island made by another master...

    ...I think it is very good that these glass products are not only beautiful and practical, as you can see, but also bring people together, allowing them to find a common point of view! Even in Al Mar you cannot get married alone! The endless story of love and blessing begins only when you and the person with whom you are destined to meet, "find yourselves together", as I met with you so that I could lead you, dear client, across this great sea!

    Hey, we weren't forcibly linked to each other! It has been a long time since the beginning of my story, but, as I said earlier, this glass is created with magical power. You didn't think it was only used for the beauty of a glass product, did you? Each properly engraved island pattern is a magical tool with amazing power! Fu-fu-fu, I will tell you more about each of the glass products that interest you.

    [First Song Island of Blessing, Al Mar]
    Pattern: bubbles and mermaids

    This emerald blue glass with bubbles and mermaids on it represents Al Mar! If you pour water into this Marian glass dish, it will be instantly cleaned, no matter how dirty it was. The water will miraculously turn into the "purified water" of Al Mar! Even in the Court Alf trade, this glass is a subject of great attention. Although, Al Mar glassware is often donated to regions where water quality has deteriorated due to environmental destruction due to military conflicts or natural disasters. Moreover, this glass not only purifies the water, but also blesses it! People and monsters who drank the water poured into such a glass will cleanse their bodies and can quickly remove any pollution from their mind and body. In other words, the body will be full of pure spiritual energy, free of any impurities, and the purified heart will be full of love and sexual thoughts about your partner... It is customary in Court Alf to use these glasses before an important confession or intercourse with a spouse. Now that you've met me, how about drinking some of this water as a toast?

    [Second Song Island of Joy, Matori]
    Pattern: Wind, ships and Sirens

    Beautiful glass, painted white and yellow or white and pink, is the pattern that depicts the Second Island of Song, Matori♪ Unlike Al Mar, the Matori Island has a deep connection with "ships" since ancient times. Since this was an island where many of the Sirens of the ship's guides can be found, the ships and Sirens are depicted in the pattern as well. Fu-fu, this Matori glass shows its true value when a pair of glass products are next to each other. Let's take these two glasses and fill them with water for example♪ Like this! Can you hear this clear and beautiful tone?

    Yes, this is what the Matori "Weeping Glass" glass hides! The water-filled Matori Marian Glasses resonate with each other, making a beautiful sound! We now had two Matori glasses, but now let's replace one of them with an Al Mar glass...

    ...Yes, now the whole street is resonating! By combining glasses from different islands, you can also play other tones. A pair of high quality Matori glasses are said to sound especially beautiful, one made by the husband and the other by his wife. These glasses are created using a special technique, during which spouses share their mana with each other. You can even manipulate the atmosphere of a place with these beautiful sounds, just like the voices of the Sirens do!

    Fu-fu, how about...putting those glasses in your bedroom on your honeymoon? Isn't it great, while the surface of the water plays a mesmerizing melody, enjoy intercourse in a romantic setting♥

    By the way, depending on the season, couples in Court Alf can decorate the windows of their house with these glasses and enjoy their sound. In addition, once a year, there is a festival when two gondolas filled with glasses of this type are launched along the La Earl waterway. The gondolas are allowed to sail slowly with the current of the water. On this day, the music of the resonating glass seems to spread over the surface of the water and envelop the whole city with melody. Then, the normally busy waterway La Earle path dies down as it is customary to spend this fantastic evening as a wet and quiet night at home with your beloved!

    [Third Song Island of Passion, Nevia]
    Patterns: roses, men and women hugging each other, etc.
    Made to order and has its own motive!

    Among the many Marian glass items, glass items with the Nevia pattern are particularly attractive. The main theme of this pattern is the silhouettes of men and women who exchange passionate hugs and are framed with red roses. This glass is already filled with water and rose petals have been floating in it from the moment it was put on the counter. This demonstrates the magic of this glass, which "will never let the flowers die"♪ If you regularly change the water in a product made from this glass, then the flowers in it will never fade!

    This power originates from the magical powers of the land of Nevia, the island of passion and opera. In the waterways of this region, you can also find floating flowers in different places, which also never die! This is a beautiful product filled with emotions, and, at first glance, it can be exported to human countries as a useful magical item, so that the flowers do not fade in the water. However, care must be taken when using this glass product. This Marian glass creates water that carries the magical power of Nevia passion, and the flowers that float in this water absorb mana from it. Because of this, they eventually turn into "Flowers of the Mamono Realm", which release mamono mana outward. The transformation of colors is very slow and there are no cardinal changes with them, therefore it is incredibly difficult to notice this transformation. It often happens that a human girl who loves flowers and uses a product made of this glass turns into a mamono, which is beautiful like the flowers that she loved so much. Through flowers, this glass envelops the place next to it with the power of passionate monster girls. And if you want to decorate the bedroom with flowers, which is a place for intercourse for a couple, then the effects of the glass will increase significantly! Plus, presenting Nevia glass products to a monster woman who is usually quiet, it will be a great attempt to get a glimpse of her passionate and sexy side♥

    [Fourth Song Island of Courage, Saida]
    Patterns: Thunder, Storm and Irregular Cracked Images

    This glass is next! This Marian glass is made by mixing it with the "thunderstones" that can be obtained in Saida. During the production stage, magical power is channeled over and over into the tube and sticks. As a result, cracks are naturally engraved on the product, reminiscent of flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder. They can be clearly seen if you cover such a glass with both hands at night: in the dark, these cracks from time to time emit a light of light purple, green or blue color!

    Well, as for the effect... um, when a man drinks... well... It's faster to find out yourself than to explain! Take a sip!

    So... Ah, you got so big, it's already a bit too much for my crotch... Client, what do you think of this now?♥

    In other words, when you pour water into this glass, it turns into spicy soda water. When a man drinks it, he will have a powerful erection and arousal, which will not go away until they are properly eliminated♪ This effect is almost the same as that of the natural lightning of Thunderbirds, many of which live on Saida Island. The echo of their courage carries over into the bursting bubbles of carbon dioxide, which makes you, the client, probably consumed with a strong urge to lash out at me♥

    When my beloved spouse is in front of me, who wants to attack me... my heart beats so hard: Bump-bump-bump, Bump-bump-bump, that I want to give up everything and as soon as possible entwine my body with him and reach orgasm... Such basic feelings... I don't want to stop them at all...♥ Be sure, if a woman like me just takes a sip from this glass, then my heart will beat so loudly, as if it is about to jump out of my chest♥ Yes, client, if you don't mind...

    Huh? Why are you, the seller, giving him neutralizer-water?! This is not at all like alcohol and your good intentions are not helping at all! Also, isn't this disrupting my work!? Perhaps my client lost his only chance to taste this water in the city of waterways! Kuh...

    ...Em? Is this the only reason? Well, these drinks are often served in Saida's concert hall...because a lot of loving couples of men and mamono, while the music is playing, are busy with pleasurable things! Even inexperienced monster girls like me recommend products made of this glass, because with even a little bit of courage, you can easily achieve communication with your beloved! Why don't you try another glass of courage then?♪

    [Fifth Song Island of Hope, Mira]
    Pattern: Water surfaces, grapes of a characteristic dark purple, wine-like color

    Have you ever heard this phrase: "Satyr's wine in the glass of Mira"? Celebrating the deep purple color of this wine, this Marian glass is the most famous of the seven Marian glasses.

    This glass can only be made with the help of elementals that live on Mira, the Island of Hope. When you drink mamono realm wine, any brand of it, from a glass, which is considered the best, then the blessing of the elemental who participated in its creation will be added to the mild "feeling of intoxication", which will raise the pleasure of wine in this glass to the maximum.

    For example, if you drink a strong mamono realm liqueur, beloved by Amazons and Salamanders, which brings powerful heat and excitement to your body, then the Ignis' blessing will make the liquid flame sensations even stronger! If you are fond of Lescatie's mamono realm wine with its soft and rich texture and a pleasant feeling of intoxication into which you will fall forever, then the blessing of Undine will give you a deeper sense of euphoria, as if the wine invites you to a dream from which it is impossible to awaken. Also, if you like to go to bars and sip on light mamono realm cocktails and compare their tastes, or prefer the refreshing taste of white mamono realm grape wine, or enjoy the drinking process itself, then simply pour water into this glass and drink it. Then the blessing of the Sylph will fill your entire body with a feeling of freshness. Conversely, when you want to enjoy local booze, which in some way "took root in this land", then, having received the blessing of the Gnome, the taste of local alcohol will firmly linger on your tongue for a while and so on. In fact, drinkers will start drooling at this point! And this is not an exaggeration at all, these glasses are a real gem!

    There are many shops that specialize in the sale of Mira glasses, and, depending on the product, even "branded" Marian glasses are made for customers so that they can better enjoy certain brands of mamono realm wine!... It looks like the possibilities of the Mira glass are really deep! Naturally, products made from it are very popular among monsters who love alcohol, including Satyrs! A goblet from Mira glass is the best gift for them! Those who like to enjoy mamono realm alcohol with their beloved will naturally buy a glass of Mira without hesitation♪

    [Sixth Song Island of Love, Dé Ryúa]
    Pattern: Curved lines depicting whirlpools and waves

    Of the seven Marian glasses, the Dé Ryúa glass should be treated with the same care as the Nevia glass! A picture of raging waves, engraved on the surface of the glass, looks like the painted waves are really moving. And they say that if you just take a glass in your hands, then the charming charm of Dé Ryúa will attract you like a whirlpool!

    This glass has the ability to turn water poured into it into an aphrodisiac. If you drink this water before sex, you will be swallowed up in a maelstrom of greater pleasure. Even if you only take a sip, your love for your spouse will overwhelm you, like breaking a dam. Ultimately, you will be driven by unstoppable feelings of ecstasy and euphoria for the partner in front of you. Seeing nothing but her, you will only desire to make her yours! I think one sip will throw you into such a radical passion! If the mamono took that sip, she would be overwhelmed with pleasure so strong that her ego would hardly be able to contain it. If a human girl takes this sip, then, as expected, she will instantly become a mamono. And no matter how pure this girl is, if the power of this glass is used, she will become just as a lustful mamono, like the monster girls from the street of flowers Dé Ryúa, who do not know the word 'no'! And what you really need to be careful about is that the glass itself has Dé Ryúa's "magical charm" power! If water has been poured into it, then due to the influence of seduction magic, you will certainly want to drink from it! If you are looking for these magic glass products, please be careful with them! Marian glass collectors often turn into mamonos and incubi because of Dé Ryúa glasses♪

    [Seventh Song Island of Serenity, Queen Diana]
    Pattern: drawings of coral, fish and underwater scenery

    Yes! On this Marian glass goblet, the pattern of the island of the seventh song Queen Diana depicts the seabed! This item borrows the power of the Kraken who lives on Queen Diana, so by pouring water into this glass, you can create Kraken ink, with which you can create a pseudo-night space around you! This product is popular not only in Court Alf, but also among races such as Liches, Dark Mages, and Sabbath witch groups. Bowls made of this glass are often used by mamono during magical rituals♪ Of course, this glass can be used for more than just creating darkness!

    It is noteworthy that if a man and a woman drink the water poured into this glass, then they will be able to see each other even in the darkness created by them! Fu-fu-fu, if you use this item, then even in the alley over there, even in the corner of the store...a man and a woman who love each other can have intercourse in private♥

    If you want to relax a little during the sightseeing tour of Court Alf, then you do not need to wait until you return to the hotel! The established monster couple can also buy a product made of this glass with pleasure! Queen Diana's peaceful darkness will give them their special time tet-a-tet♪

    Cathedral of Blessing (p40)[edit]

    Ah, now you can see it! The end point of the La Earle waterway, a snow-white temple standing quietly in the middle of this open canal, the Cathedral of Blessing, which is the “Great Scene” of Al Mar! Most of the islands have objects that are designated as "Great Scenes". For example, on the island of Matori, this is the Matori Ship-Concert Hall, and at Nevia, the Grand Theatre Nevia! On any island, a place designated as a "Great Scene" is visited by many people...rather, on the contrary, a place is designated as a "Great Scene" due to the fact that it is visited by many people. And for Divas and Song Maidens, one of the most important tasks is to sing songs on the Great Scene! We Song Maidens of Al Mar remember to bless many couples in this place. In the end, even just one maiden is enough to sing a song on her own and begin the ceremony♪

    Along with the Temple of Sea Poetry, the Cathedral of Blessing is one of the most famous wedding halls and is also very popular as a venue for ceremonies! In the Temple of Sea Poetry, the newlyweds are directed to the Diva in a sacred setting, while in the Cathedral many Song Maidens gather in a circle around the gondola in which the couple floats. It is also customary in Al Mar to join the Song Maidens, who continue to accompany the couple throughout the city! This makes the wedding very lively! And of course, the newlyweds will receive blessings from the many mamono who went to the channels to see the ceremony. All residents who love holidays and feel in good spirits rush to the small islands around this Cathedral to congratulate the bride and groom♪ I would like you to listen to the dashing “seaman song” sung by the fishermen of Al Mar at least once with the groom, taking him from under the arms♪ In addition, in the Cathedral of Blessing they sing not only for the bride and groom, we sing songs to monster couples of tourists and even for couples of human spouses to celebrate their meeting and family happiness again! In Al Mar, as a place full of wonderful memories, if you can feel happiness from the fact that you have a loved one next to you...then I, as one of the inhabitants of the island, will be very proud of it!

    It seems that the wedding of the mermaid and her husband is going on right now! Oh look... Hello~! The bride and groom waved at us!

    Are you saying that you looked closely at this mermaid and noticed that this is one of the Song Maidens that we saw recently? Well, um... The Song Maidens of Al Mar are often married to their male tourists...it's no wonder that the maiden who previously moved next to us is in such a bright place! I am so happy and very envious! Should we ever have a wedding in this place? Ah, it looks like the maiden bride is about to throw a coral bouquet! Let's come closer♪

    Magic Sea Coral Bouquet (p40)[edit]


    Oh!? It looks like luck has turned away from us, client... I hope the bouquet will sail to us one day! In Court Alf, it is customary to make bouquets of magic sea corals from the island where you were born and raised. Each such bouquet of the brides are made by hand. However, if you are a foreigner, then you can use the corals of the island that you like best. With all the love, the bouquet is created from beautiful corals of different bright colors that look like sea rosebuds♪

    Traditionally, such a bouquet is thrown into the sea during a wedding, just like that monster couple had just done. And lonely people can get it! Long-lived coral, also known as magic sea corals, grows well using magical powers. Even from one torn off "flower", it can eventually grow into a full-fledged plant. Therefore, in Court Alf, many beautiful magic sea corals bloom around the houses of monster couples that are located on or under the water. The couples, through whose love their underwater homes were completely covered with colorful corals, are a special example for other pairs of monsters... They have intercourse so much, every day and night, that so many corals have sprouted near their home! Of course, such lonely mamono like me envy them!

    In any case, since magic sea coral grows from the magical power generated by the intercourse of a couple, it has the property of being attracted to anything that can become the source of its growth... Therefore, magic sea corals, released in the form of a bouquet, will move to the monster girls and people who in the future will produce a lot of magical power and feed them for further growth! That is, the corals are feeling the signs that the couple will soon be having intercourse...which is a prerequisite for marriage! Even being in sea water, the bouquet will float to such a couple! In other words, there is no doubt that the mamono, having acquired the Magic Sea Coral Bouquet, will soon be engaged in love affairs! That is, she will find her prince in order to engage in a sweet, depraved life! It is very important! This is the iron law of Al Mar. According to tradition, the one who received such a bouquet must grow it and multiply the corals to return them to the sea! And to grow corals, you need to actively cover your skin with the seed of a man who loves you passionately! What? This is not delusional and a lie! This is a true story...!

    Ah-ha-ha! How to say... Well... Here it is! I can't help it, I caught him♥
    This experience... How good!♥
    Oh yes! Since this has happened, then let's head to the place where we will lift your spirits! Please enjoy my special place♪

    Nameless Hill (p41)[edit]

    Eh, time goes by so fast... it's starting to get dark. This hill I wanted to show you for last♪ From here you can see the view of Al Mar, painted in the colors of the sunset♪ This small hill is a hidden dating place, imperceptible, but known to everyone. It is often visited by couples.

    I spent the whole day with you today, and at the end I thought I could bring you here. For us, each Song Maiden in Court Alf, have such a "special" place. For example, a quiet hill outside the city with a view of it, like mine, a small pretty bridge at the end of a winding waterway, a glade in a flower garden behind the Water Temple - all these places are not known as tourist attractions...

    ...This is such a special place that I want more than anything to show the client with whom I spent the whole day.
    The Song Maidens consider these places to be the best in Al Mar, and therefore we want our clients to see them, so that they will love this island even more after seeing these landscapes.

    Yes, we Song Maidens direct our clients to different places to get to know this island better...
    ...Of course, I also want you to like our island. However, the longer we guide you on the tour, the more we ourselves want to get to know the client better. And at some point, we wish not only to talk about the island, but to talk about ourselves, so that you, the client, look at me, so that you know everything about me... And, of course, we wish to sing a song about the feeling of love coming from from our very hearts♪ That I met you as my first client, that you chose me among all the other Song Maidens...
    ...Yes, I still believe that the meeting with you as my client was directed by the Sea Goddess.

    It seems like this whole long day flashed by in an instant, doesn't it? Was I good as a guide? Uuu... It was a little embarrassing after all?
    I was so happy when you, the client, were there...and I never felt like this... I think I was dizzy with excitement. If the client wishes, I will do my best to be more like Miss Arial next time!
    So...if this doesn't annoy you, will you give me another chance? One more, and the next, and then another, for the rest of your life...
    ...No, I want you to hold my hand, only you, while I drive the gondola myself!

    Yes? Really!? Ah, I... I've never worried as much as I do now... I hope you're not lying to me for a little revenge? You can't lie to me! A-ha-ha... now... um... well, I'm very happy...♥

    Although, I did lie about something. This is not a dating place, which anyone knows about...probably no one is here right now and I'm sure no matter what I say, no one will hear it...and no one will notice whatever we're doing here... So... can you tell me more about yourself now?♥

    Second Song Island Matori (p44)[edit]

    Second Island of the Song of Joy

    City on ships where pirates gather and seabirds sing
    Diva: Lilynanna (Siren)
    Inherited Song: Joy
    Main Residents: Sirens, Harpies, Mermaids, Scylla and Mershark

    This is the pirate city, the ship town of Matori! Freethinking kind pirates and sirens captivating with their songs, watching the blue skies and the sea, warmly welcome customers. As long as you are guided by the lively and cheerful Matori wind, why not enjoy food and shopping on the boats and huge ships that are the city? In shops that are literally pirate ships, you can find real pirate treasures and celebrate with great drinks and delicious sake with meat and seafood♪

    At Matori Trade Port, the stylish and fun Diva Matori produces many cute clothes and accessories that are perfect for as gifts for a girl who wants to look like a delicious meal for her husband!

    Matori Island is also ideal for relaxation and dating♪ In a large bay with a beautiful beach, everyone can relax and meet their lovely partner♪ There are dating plans with beautiful Song Maidens, during which their performances take place. There are also dating plans with active and mesmerizing pirate girls. Both options are highly recommended for single men.

    "Pirate island full of thrills and events"

    From the beginning to the end of your stay on Matori, you will find many "pirate attacks"!
    Without notice or warning, the Song Maidens of Matori suddenly begin the "Pirate Life" before your very eyes! Suddenly, during a city tour, off the coast of an island or in front of the ship on which you are sailing, a shuttle boat appears and the divas on it will steal your heart with their beautiful singing voice♪ If you were invited to this shuttle, when you are fascinated by the song as if in a dream, then the blue sky or the blue sea will soon welcome you![3] Or, on the contrary, it could be a bed with a Song Maiden on it♥

    The pirate city is full of thrills and adventure! First, get ready for the party on pirate ship, where you can also watch the special Matori Pirate Show, during which restaurants compete for every customer♪
    This is a powerful pirate clash! Please come to the winning store because the food will be discounted! If you are a man and dive deep into the show, you might be caught by a pirate girl and taken to the pirate ship as a trophy! Then you will be offered free delicious food from restaurants and a cabin on the ship as a room! Please enjoy the night, during which the pirate girls who capture you will be very cute♥

    And if we talk about pirates, then we can't fail to mention the pirate adventure! On the Matori Treasure Cruise, can you find unseen treasures hidden by the legendary great pirate Matori? This cruise is known for making a man's heart beat uncontrollably, and since the face of a beloved husband who returned to his childhood is irresistibly cute, in fact this cruise is also very popular with mamono!

    For men! Recommendations for single people♥

    A treasure hunt adventure tour for the sea people who know how to eat and drink!
    Matori is one of the seven islands, but above all it is an island that will be especially pleasant for a single man!

    In addition, we offer a variety of recommended "Dating Plans" created by our Diva, which will close the distance between you and the Song Maiden! "If you do something, it will come back to you, because if you do something good, then the benefit will come back to you" - this is one of the sayings that all Matori pirates follow. Therefore, Song Maidens also offer their help to the client during dates, whisper about love and give gifts. All this will definitely come back with a lot of thoughts and actions from the client! In particular, gifts in the form of clothes and jewelry mean "I want you to wear this in Matori", so if you are going to give such things in return, do not forget to do preliminary fitting in private♥

    Recommendations for those who are looking for a bride!

    Pretty women from Matori always return as much love as they get! Song Maidens of Matori are honest with their thoughts and do their best to convey their feelings to a man! These are just girls who want to give you their support♥ The hands of these pirate girls move faster than they speak the words, and if you want to, they can become hostesses that will shelter you at night♥ This island is also recommended for those who want to become the husband of pushy little sisters♥

    Yes ♥ Welcome to Matori! I am Lilynanna, Matori's number one idol♪ Excuse me for this small delay in the sky♪ From now on we will explore Court Alf's Second Island of Song, which received the blessing of Joy from the Great Diva-sama♪

    Look over here! The sea full of ships in front of you looks amazing, right〜? Most of our island Matori is occupied by one large bay, where in several ports there are many ships anchored♪ These ships originally belonged to pirates and even now pirates manage them carefully, right?

    Do you see those beautiful ladies who wave to us from this ship? They are pirates looking out for other boats. Are you ready for your welcome party right now? Yahuu!♪

    What? Scary? No way!♪ The Matori Pirates are good people! First of all, you should know that this island was originally inhabited by pirates who created a "pirate state" here. There seems to be a story that bears the same name. Are you still scared? Okay, for a while, until this ship arrives at port, I, Lilynanna, will tell you the story of Matori.

    Matori's History (p48)[edit]

    Of course, the word "pirate" evokes fearsome associations. In fact, I think there were a lot of bad pirates at sea. But aren't the Matori pirates different? Most of the pirates who gathered in Matori in the past lived very poorly, many of them had their homes destroyed by disasters, and some were persecuted even before they were born and have been on the run all their lives. There were many such people who were forced to leave their countries by unavoidable circumstances, so these pirates were not just indiscriminate robbers, right? And in the end there was the "Great Pirate Matori"! The legendary pirate who created a country on this piece of land! The "Great Pirate Matori" is a noble pirate of the past who was exceptional among pirates of that time♪ The history of Matori Island can't be told without the story of his life, can it? It will take a little longer, but listen to me♪

    Matori was originally known as the older brother of a local aristocrat from the lands a little further away. He was known as a common man who possessed both good and bad qualities. However, Matori hated to bend under others. In neighboring countries, he was known as a wealthy merchant, but naturally he was not favored among the "dominant class" of his native country - the aristocracy, who enthusiastically overexploited their people to feed their own belly. Since childhood, Matori felt cramped within the walls of the mansion, often crying out: "One day I will spread my wings!" - when he traveled to the lands that were under his direct management... hmm, yes! It looks like he was a man who could not stand in one place! Although this nature led him to the fact that he often dropped "studying" because he was getting bored, and went to engage in "entertainment" such as hunting or horse riding. But Matori didn't just want to "have fun", he wanted to experience real life on his lands. Not to learn everything from the reports that come to the mansion, but to see everything with his own eyes and deepen the relationships with the people who live on his lands♪ And of course the active Matori did not just know everything in the end♪ If one of the village children was lost, then he combed the forest at night, and if bandits appeared on his land, he took the initiative until he forced them to flee... It's even surprising that when Matori went to court to resolve disputes over territory, the cases were organized in such a way that kept their noses clean! They say that once he saved a village from starvation due to a crop failure and no, he didn't just give them money! To help, he personally figured out the reasons for the poor harvest and, sometimes in consultation with his wonderful brothers, made various discoveries. To develop new methods of cultivating the land, when he was trying to grow new crops, he dared to rent a bad field and as a result exempted the owners of "prototype fields" from paying taxes for a long time...

    …That's right, Matori was always in the thick of things and was always guiding others. But he did not limit himself to doing everything that he could himself. Matori also noticed the talents of the people around him and relied on his friends for his business. He seemed to be the perfect leader♪ He had a mysterious charm and was certainly loved in many lands. Even the thief who tried to steal his wallet was re-educated by Matori into being his loyal servant♪

    But on the other hand, it seems that among the aristocrats of the time, the political skill that implied "mutually beneficial trade" was still too innovative. And one day, when Matori was returning from a meeting, he was kidnapped by pirates hired by an impoverished aristocrat who hated the very existence of Matori!

    And this is where the best part of the story begins! Although Matori was captured by pirates, although he was captured and held on the ship, he did not even complain to these people. He only blamed his own clumsiness for this, and with the words: "I can't just sit and watch, leave this task to me!" - performed various duties on the ship!

    Of course, his behavior at first seemed strange to the pirates, to the point that his captors worried: "Do you realize your situation?" However, Matori, with his characteristic courage and flexibility, taking the initiative and acting as a member of the ship's crew, eliminating the problems of the ship and sailors one after another, eventually became the captain's mate. No, not like that, their relationship became like that of two close friends, and they often drank together at night♪

    By spending time on a pirate ship and crossing the sea with pirates, Mr. Matori was inadvertently able to discover how big the world is. And also how painful the circumstances could be that caused people to become pariah pirates. It was a revelation to him that he had always looked at life in the same way as pirates. And as a result, this led him to the decision to consider himself not a “victim of abduction”, but “Let be a little scared at first, but a member of the ship's crew!” ♪ Thus, while sailing on the ship, Matori had a new magnificent “dream” - the desire to learn not only those territories that were in his control, but the whole vast world, while saving many people♪

    When Matori got used to the ship, even among the pirates, suggestions began to arise: "We must free him, since, unlike us, he has a homeland where he can return to, he is needed by his lands." However, unfortunately, at this time the captain of the pirate ship fell ill. Other misfortunes began to fall on the pirates, one after another, and there were no islands on which to land on the horizon. Despair seized the sailors and they had no other choice but to continue their long voyage. And while other sailors who caught the disease and the captain himself gave up more and more, only one friend of the captain, Matori, did not leave him and until his last breath he devotedly looked after him and the rest of the sick.

    A little more time passed, and Matori, who had left the pirate ship, returned to his hometown, where he suddenly transferred all the management of family affairs to his brother. Thus ended his story as a nobleman... but this is not the end of his adventures, right? More time passed, and pirates began to conduct raids on battleships, which the Church was so proud of, on slave merchant ships and luxurious passenger ships, where aristocrats gathered. Rumors began to spread about a pirate ship that, under the command of the Great Pirate, was sharing the loot with the poor!

    That's right, it was the Great Pirate Matori! He continued his endless journey, following the last wish of his late friend: "I wish to find the perfect place where we pirates could live in peace." Matori became one of the most fearsome pirates and at the same time remained a man who helped the weak and defeated the strong. Some people even spoke of him as a hero. Even when he attacked slaver ships, stealing all their gold and goods for sale, even being able to harm the crew, he strictly forbade his crew to take away the minimum food and water necessary to complete the sea voyage. It's said that on his ship they were very afraid to break his "iron rules", because if even one comrade of Matori turned out to be dishonest, the captain would punish him mercilessly!

    Of course, having became the most famous pirate, Matori had a chance to fight with many opponents. Yet his real enemy was not the ships that challenged him. From the very beginning of their pirate career, these pariah-people were cursed with "Loneliness", for there was no place where pirates could live, and "Despair", because they could only earn their daily bread by robbing someone. And it was these curses that Matori tried to overcome. That is why he tried to create an utopia on this island - a dream refuge for all those whose only choice was the path of sea robbery.

    At that time, there were many other pirates besides Matori who were well-known. However, most of them were people who simply robbed in order to live "one more day", but Matori looked to the future of all pirates, and not just his own and his team. That is why his dreams, his personality and strong beliefs rallied other pirates around him, who followed the same dream. It was decided that a "Federation of Pirates" would be organized on this island, where many of his fellow pirates would work together♪

    Even after the Great Pirate passed away, this island inherited his beliefs and the name "Matori", as did the pirate state founded here. Although, due to their origin, the inhabitants of this island are categorically hostile to people from the so-called "Ruling Class", such as aristocrats and the highest priests of the Order.

    That is why in the past, among the seven islands, Matori did not get along with the aristocratic island of Nevia located almost opposite of it... In addition, the inhabitants of Matori were in constant conflict with the "Land of the Shipbuilders Diana", which had the greatest military power and was strongly influenced by the Church.
    And the large naval battles between Matori and Diana that arose because of this great confrontation often led to damage on the neighboring islands. They should have thought about it!

    However, Matori... I think it's really amazing that so many people, driven by Matori's magnificent dream, came together to form a new country! Thus, all the inhabitants of our island living today are proud of this man and the fact that we are the descendants of those pirates who followed the same dream as him♪[4]

    Current Matori (p51)[edit]

    Now Matori has become one of the islands of Court Alf, but it is still a country of pirates! Pirates who yearn for the legends of the Great Pirates or support Matori's dream, flock here in the current era as well, due to which Matori is becoming more and more even now. Since the island became part of Court Alf, the number of interactions with monsters has increased. In addition, among the mamono there are girls who strive for the dream of the Matori pirates, therefore nowadays there are many monsters among the pirates! Of course, I think many girls are looking for a strong pirate husband~♥ It looks like even when Pirate Matori was active in the seas, several of his fellow seamen were carried away while sailing. Some of the current Matori pirate monsters are the daughters of those pirate sailors. The ex-seamen themselves were able to settle on the island with their wives, who had captured them in the past♪

    What about us? We, the Siren Pirates, are longtime pirate "allies", life at sea connects us with each other♪ In the past, the Siren song was used by pirates to knock ships off course, but the pirates were afraid because they were kidnapping sailors. However, now we just find ourselves a good husband, charm him with singing, take him home and love him very much♥ Now for us and the pirates, the island of Matori is our home. This is unchanged both in the past and now. And when we sing, the pirates at sea feel at home, and upon returning to the island they will delight us〜♪ In addition, we carry people like you who came for sightseeing and also will become new inhabitants of the island♥

    Ah, it looks like we are sailing to the port. The number of ships increases dramatically♪ Most of Matori Island is made up of sea bays, so life on the water is the norm here♪ Well, of course, there is a city on the island, but the area of ​​ships is wider than the land, and the ships themselves are “houses” or “shops". Are ships a more important part of Matori than it's land? For the most part, that is so♪

    After spending some time in Matori, you may find that life on the ship is becoming more familiar♪ We use boats to get around on the water, because when sightseeing the main idea is to sail around large ships♪ In turn, we can use ladders to move between boats which are stretched between individual vessels above the water. You may feel, as you move from one ship to another, as if you are walking on water♪ Just like on the first island of Song Al Mar, boats are part of Matori's daily life. Like many here, I was born a pirate, so I have a deep understanding of ships and even now I actively adjust the course of our boat... that is, in fact, we have many such boat experts! Matori's shipbuilding technology is truly amazing! Ah, in a nutshell, these are technologies for the repair and construction of ships! Everyone proudly says: "If you are talking about Matori, you mean ships!" Matori's shipbuilding technology is well known, and it fits perfectly with Queen Diana on the seventh island of song, where ship engineers gather. As I was told, "We are working with Queen Diana to build new ships!"♪ Most of the people living on board these ships are pirates, and I also have a small ship that I used to live on♪ In Al Mar, every family has a gondola, while in Matori there are many families who use medium to large ships as their homes♪

    Fu-fu-fu, so everyone here are good pirates♪ Don't make such an elongated face♪ Ah, several ships are approaching at once! The Red Lizard Pirates are sailing on the red ship under the command of Miss Salamander! And on the blue ship - "Pirates of the Shark Jaw", led by Miss Mershark!

    Eh? Are you squeezing closer and closer? That's right♪ After all, for each of them you are the goal! Both groups want to take you aboard their ship and have a "feast of joy". But still, I can explain everything, so don't grab me so hard♪

    Matori is a city of pirates, therefore all residents are divided into "gangs", from which "pirate crews" are formed. And each pirate gang competes to entertain customers with a "feast of joy" on their pirate ship ♪

    Eh? Why should these pirates entertain you? Haven't you been told this? Red Lizard Pirates is a restaurant where delicious mamono realm lizard meat is fried on Miss Salamander's flame ♪ And Pirates of the Shark Jaw is a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious seafood specially selected by Miss Mershark and dance ♪

    Eh? What do you mean "aren't they pirates?" Of course they are pirates!♪ And that's why we all compete for you, client ♪

    Pirate Matori tried to create a refuge for people who have nowhere to go or who have no home, accepting everyone who sailed to this city. Therefore, the Matori pirates who share his dreams "do not refuse those who sailed to them." And today's pirates do not offend anyone unnecessarily and do not rob people. But the "fighting spirit" and pirate will, inherited by these people from the Great Pirate Matori, makes them compete with each other for their own pleasure, to see which of the stores will interest customers the most. This is Matori and our pirate style♪

    Thus, pirate gangs often run "shops" to compete for customers. This action is quite popular and is known as Matori's special "Pirate Show"♪ In fact, is Matori not a popular place to visit for people who are in mental disarray, and those who are in distress? Pirates will throw away all the misfortunes that have happened to you and fill you with joy, giving you the opportunity to forget all the bad things! Therefore, when you spend time on this island, every moment feels especially bright♪ One man who had such a sad face became more and more imbued with our morality and became a sea dog, while he spent time on this island, gradually becoming more cheerful. Ultimately, he became a handsome man who is rightly called a pirate♪

    Such are the Matori people, not only pirate comrades or our clients - they all also make their beloved wives the happiest on the island! And I will make you happy! I will do my best for this♪

    Ha-ha...♥ I am strong and I want to... ♥ ...as I said, we Sirens Matori are leading pirates to this island.

    Perhaps you are a future pirate who has arrived on this island...♥ If so, then I think it's very cute...♥

    Songstress Introduction (Lilynanna) (p53)[edit]

    Diva Introduction
    ◆ Name: Lilynanna
    ◆ Race: Siren
    ◆ Favorite color: Cute pink ♡
    ◆ Preferred type of man: "Lilynanna is number one ☆ Therefore, I believe that in the end the man who loves me will be number one♡"
    ◆ How to Spend a Holiday: "I read gracefully♪ (Fashion magazine for mamono "Temptation", entertaining novel "Magical ★ Baphomet" and others)

    Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
    Thus, I am the "Song Maiden" who will be your guide. I hope you enjoy Matori and our songs. Do you want me to introduce that girl first? I know this Diva well... You probably come from lands far from Court Alf? Since there is no one in the Asuramis Sea who does not know her. She is a celebrity, which is quite natural for the current leader of the super-large group of song maidens - "Siren Matori". She is our leader, but also a rival, so this story will be a little problematic for me!

    The Matori's Diva succession ceremony is held at the Music Festival of Joy every three years, so the Divas change frequently. And as they continue to rotate to this day, Lilynanna is a newbie Diva who took over the Diva position from her predecessor last year. She was entrusted with our division of Song Maidens. Lilynanna is a genius gushing with ideas, with flexible thinking, which is not constrained by existing dogmas... she is a girl with a very freedom-loving character and, as the pirates say, she is like the spirit of the wind flying in the sky of Matori.

    And since Lilynanna was a Song Maiden just like me, she is very proud to be the next Diva who has the power to make Matori the most exciting island...and turned out to be the sweetest girl in Matori... with on the other hand, she had earlier in front of everyone, including even the past Diva, proclaimed: "I am Matori's number one idol! Lilynanna-chan for everyone☆"...

    ...How ashamed I am to say this in front of you... this funny hyperactive girl[5]!

    However, as her character suggests, she is confident and impulsive, especially when it comes to men. ...No, no, even if this girl became a Diva, she is still single. I'm not like that: as soon as I find a good man, I will immediately try to stay with him, like a Song Maiden.

    Our Diva, although she wants to find a loved one, constantly repeats: "Nothing can be done, since the sweetest prince in the world is not for me~☆" This is really stupid, all the other Song Maidens give it all their time, even I want to go to date with you right now... If you think about it, Lilynanna has been like this since the days when she was a Song Maiden... It seems that when she became a Diva, she developed a strong sense of responsibility, she just maintains a love for the Song Maidens around even more than for herself... this is really stupid.

    Despite her high pride and selfishness, Lilynanna is honest and decent in everything and can be a surprisingly pleasant person for everyone around. Excluding romantic relationships, because she is completely not honest in love. She welcomes all visiting tourists, even holds special concerts for them with Song Maidens, but what do you think - she also does it with the aim of finding lovers for Song Maidens. This Siren uses the sacred power of the Great Diva by singing the "Song of Joy" in order to conjure up the charm of the Song Maidens by singing. And forcibly brings the maidens to the clients listening to the song, saying "Oh, you go well with this singing girl!" ...Although, this time, this is how I was introduced to you.

    She is a good girl? No, just because she has good intentions does not mean that her actions are not bad! She helped countless couples meet, however, since many of Lilynanna's actions involve the surroundings in a showy manner and she does not take into account the time, place, or whether the couple will be comfortable for it, she received the nicknames "Pink Storm" and "Typhoon Matori", as well as "Princess of Tempest"! And I can't even list them all! And if she is on the go and includes you in her squad of Song Maidens, she will make you call her "Princess Lily"! I am very embarrassed to sing next to her!

    ...But, her attitude towards others, which you encounter before this, is so dazzling that... well... well... I consider her my best friend. She is not a bad person, and that is why she was able to become a Diva, even if she was very selfish. And now she left me alone!

    Hmm, this time that girl was the one who introduced me to you... Gods, it was a good nuisance! Oh no, I'm not annoyed, zen-zen-zen! Someone like me is just annoyed by being a guide, that's all!

    Oh, that's enough! Yes, she's great! In my opinion, Lilynanna is wonderful, and it is also true that her abilities as a Diva can be called a natural talent, and the singer's talent is bottomless! And despite being busy as a Diva, she also produces several brands of clothing and owns stores! In Matori's largest shopping area, "Matori Trade Port", this girl has set up many shops with her new Song Maiden-idol uniforms. It seems her goal was to make the Song Maidens of Matori, who until now have been the "target for getting help," a more familiar and accessible target. And by providing a date plan for all the Siren Matori Song Maidens, she made them a clear "love target" for all Matori residents and tourists. After that, the number of men sailing to Matori increased and it seems as if they are going crazy trying to make the singer-idol their... As a result, the number of monsters wishing to become part of the Siren Matori increased rapidly, and Matori became an island with the largest number of "Song Maidens" among the seven islands.

    Also, Lilynanna seems to be focusing on a clothing store called "Lorelei Love" and this girly learns with a lot of enthusiasm... she always searches for and reads Royal Makai's Mamono fashion magazines and has a really big passion for creating new clothes. Although, when she finished work, she always called me to walk in these clothes, like at a fashion show...

    ...Actually that girl sewed this uniform too, right? Is she cute? Of course. It's good that the girl is talented. Ugh, when her new job shows up at the store, all the scary-faced pirates line up there. And at the entrance, their places are taken by their wives♪

    Ah? Really? I am cute?
    ...Hm! Don't say something like that to this girl!

    Song of Joy (p54)[edit]

    "Song of Joy" is a special song that has been passed down by the Matori Divas from generation to generation after the Great Diva divided her great power into seven songs, which she passed on to the seven islands...
    ...Eh? You don't need me to tell you this because you already know the story? Uh... Great! No big deal, it just had to be repeated for an explanation! In addition, the Song of Joy transmitted to our island is special! Is Matori a little different from other islands?

    The power of the Song of Joy inherited by Matori makes the listener aware of the charm of those around him and confirms that charm. If you have someone close to you, someone you have feelings for, or love, you may notice a new and attractive side in that person, or you may find what you think is good even more attractive... Simply put, this is a song that makes you love another person more and more.

    Eh? What if you don't have a sweetheart?
    ...Well, for example, if I sing the Song of Joy right now...
    ...Ah, then it will make me look cute...
    ...So you think I'm cute already!?
    Um, well, well, well then...
    ...Well, I like it...
    ...Now I want you...♥

    Back to the explanation! The power of the Song of Joy is to make you aware of the “joy” that exists around this person. So, if you are spending time with your beloved, dear, or important spouse, you can clearly recognize this joy. This song will also be useful for two people who have had a bit of a fight and feel uncomfortable, or who don't get along at all. Even if you have disagreements, then if you remember the joy of communicating with this person where you felt good together, you will think that a banal quarrel is sheer nonsense. Even if you don't like the other person, if you can use this song to discover their virtues and what is attractive about them, you will discover something about them that you might like.

    And this is not the only power of the Song of Joy. Peaceful sleep in a soft bed, being close to a loved one, the opportunity to eat delicious rice and sing songs - all these are the joys of every person's life. The Song of Joy can help you realize even this happiness, which is so familiar to a person that you may not even notice it. Thus, the pirates on this island know the great importance of the joy of living with friends and family on the island of Matori. That's why everyone here has such bright faces, everyone looks cheerful and laughs. And of course, Matori's Song of Joy is a light breeze that instantly removes rainy clouds from people's hearts, cheers up and attracts people to each other with the help of what they like!

    What? What worries you? If you are so worried there is nothing I can do about it, "I'll sing for you later," so please look forward to it ♪

    Ah? Can you sing the Song of Joy even if you are not a Diva? Fu-fu-fu, yes, the special feature of Matori's "Song of Joy" is that in Matori, not only the Diva, but all of us Song Maidens can sing this song! What do you mean? Take your time because everything is okay? All Song Maidens of Matori belong to the same group, we sing with everyone, or in groups of two to six people. In addition, all the Song Maidens, each of us, plays an important role as the protector of one of the many Matori pirate gangs. And one of our tasks is to sing the Song of Joy, which we own, at the "Celebration of Joy" that is held on their pirate ship. Our Song of Joy was transmitted to us by our Diva. And that she inherited from the Great Diva herself, and thus, all of us, all Song Maidens and Matori's Diva, inherit it from her. However, the Songs of Joy of our Song Maidens are arrangements of the original “Song of Joy” inherited by the Diva, the original itself goes exclusively to the diva. But since the Diva is also one of the Song Maidens, of course she has her own version of the song for her own use. It must be a little difficult to sing, but is it okay? Isn't it true?

    By the way, in The Legend of the Mermaid Princess about the Great Diva and the Prince, some time after the couple met, the prince tried to present himself as a bastard, listing ten ugly moments about himself. In turn, the Great Diva sang a song where she listed 100 good features of the prince. Don't you think that this wonderful story tells about the birth of that very Song of Joy? Now the Song of Joy, sung by the Great Diva, is in its own form in each of us, song maidens. And now this song flies in the winds of Matori, turning into many songs, colored by our own feelings. But no matter how much the form changes, the song is still based on the feeling of love for another person.

    No matter how cloudy the sky is, someday everything will be fine.
    If it's hard for you, then the joy should be many times greater!
    Well, I want to be the sun for my loved ones♪
    Being... I didn't tell you that!
    Why are you laughing! Eh no!
    What am I saying bashfully!?
    Yes, forget everything I said immediately!

    The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p56)[edit]

    When the Diva is replaced in Al Mar, almost nothing changes on the island. However, on Matori, the system for changing Diva of Matori is very different. First of all, there are so many Song Maidens in Matori that even trying to count us is ridiculous. And the Diva is an idol for all unmarried Song Maidens, it is a girl who is our leader. As I said earlier, the Song Maiden protects one of the Matori pirate gangs and one of her most important roles is to sing a song at the "Celebration of Joy". For pirates, the Song Maiden is the one who leads the ship and its crew so that they can always return to us in Matori. Many Song Maidens aspire to be the Diva at the “Music Festival of Joy”, which takes place every three years with the support of the pirates they protected and their clients who join the pirates! At the "Music Festival of Joy", the residents of Matori and those who came to our excursion, as well as visitors from other islands, choose the "Flower of Matori Winds" - a Song Maiden who is considered the most wonderful. So to speak, there is a vote. You can vote for this Song Maiden not only on the day of the music festival itself, but throughout all three years. The Song Maiden focuses on creating "Singing Seashells" - a magical item with which you can listen to her singing whenever you want - and organizes the sale of her own merchandise at the Matori Trade Port. And by acquiring them, you add votes to her.

    But personally, I am against it. Because, it seems, the great merchant of the past came up with this, because if a man gives all of himself to the Song Maiden he likes, he will buy goods with her name in large quantities. And since the Song Maiden will immediately fly to such a person, it often happens that she marries him, after which she leaves the ranks of the Song Maidens! Voting should be done solely for singing ability! Wha?... That doesn't mean my Song Maiden merchandise isn't for sale!

    Be that as it may, Song Maidens always have to work hard. Well, even if they aren't trying too hard to be the Diva, as I just said, they visit people who are enthusiastic about supporting them, tourists like you... go on dates and have intercourse... you like this?

    Mmm, wedding? Well, if the song maidens start dating someone... they can still continue to sing, but at this point, many girls "retire"... and even if the Song Maiden finds her betrothed, everyone on the island is happy, including the pirates who were protected by this maiden. First of all, because such an event is "joy" for Matori, but, in addition, the "retired" Song Maiden gives a recital during the celebration.

    One way or another, only the Song Maiden, who went through the selection sieve and took first place in the final voting every three years, receives the "Song of Joy" and the honorary title of Diva, which the previous Diva gives her.

    Matori Shopping Port (p57)[edit]

    Yes, this is the place where I was supposed to lead you... It's okay! Leave it to me!
    Well yes, this is the busiest place in Matori - the commercial area, which is the tourist center. As you can see, the houses are located on a large ship, right? This "residential ship" Matori is one of the features of our city. As you can see, such residential ships are connected by bridges. This shopping area makes the most of the "mobile home" characteristics of the residential ships. If any Matori resident wishes to open his own business, he can easily place a ship here for trade. In addition to individual ships with a single store, there are many establishments on the large merchant ships. Well, they're all connected by bridges, so let's get off here and enjoy some shopping.

    Naturally, there are good selling places in this shopping area where people are concentrated. Historically, however, such popular destinations are not monopolized by a single ship: ships regularly change each other, usually transferring to these outlets new merchant ships, which is accompanied by a slight decrease in sales. Although... the problem is that the location of the shops, that is, the ships, often changes for various reasons. Therefore, every time I come, I have to look for my favorite store or place... Ah, but when you are looking for such a store, you find another interesting store where you can discover something new♪

    This shopping area is Matori's biggest tourist attraction and is also known as a dating destination. It is referred to as one of the standard dating spots in Court Alf, and you can see a lot of couples of men and mamono, right? And since Lilynanna produces her creations here, this place was widely covered in the monthly "Sights of the Mamono Realms", which is published in the Royal Makai. Her brand's cute clothing and accessory shops are constantly visited by monster girls, and there are many catchy restaurants selling parfaits and sweets that mamono love. Recently, a branch of Tricoromille Court Alf opened here and is getting more and more crowded♪ Fu-fu-fu, embarrassing that there are many shops for girls here? Be confident, look inside and take a closer look, it seems that you said it first? "Most of the inhabitants here are pirates," right? The stern-faced pirates are so relaxed and enjoying blissful times with the girls, right? And you see a monster couple there? How does the accompanying man hold her hand tightly? Full-fledged men of the seas, wonderful pirates are here in order to properly entertain their girls. Although, well, there are also a lot of men in Matori who are accompanied by pirate mamono like this...
    That is why I will also specially give you flowers! Now take my arm and accompany me, okay?

    Matori's Song Maiden Clothing Store(p57)[edit]

    Do you know what this is? Just look at me...♥
    Well, the costumes of our Song Maidens change quite often, although at the moment the uniforms have become more defined. However, initially, each of us prepared special costumes for each group concert, where all the Song Maidens gathered and sang. But after Lilynanna became a Diva, new outfits created by her became a squeak of fashion in Matori... although I have a lot of her outfits, I change them about 3-4 times a month.

    Hmmm, it's hard to say, but is there something in them? I am also a Song Maiden, and my job is to please the eyes of clients as much as possible!... Besides, the clothes from that girly girl are often very cute.

    Well, okay, there were also men who wanted to dress up their wife in a Song Maiden costume, and that's how this "Siren Style" shop appeared. It specializes in dress for Lilynanna's Song Maidens and sells a lot of cute clothes like the ones we wear. If you buy an outfit here for a girl you are interested in, she can feel like a Song Maiden! And if you give this gift along with a song maiden-style accessory that is sold in the store next door, then your chosen one will definitely make you feel "this spirit"

    Of course! Not only do I wear new outfits, but also the ones I have worn a long time ago... we Song Maidens also wear outfits with exactly the same design as the outfits from the old performances. After all, some enthusiastic fans want to see these costumes again! Some men say they buy old suits here and give them to the same Song Maidens who wore them. Oh, speaking of that, a man over there is picking up Ms. Harpy's outfit next to him. A costume like this dress is nostalgic, I'm sure Harpy-san will eventually do something...that only a pair of mamono and a man does♥

    Eh? Is there any outfit here that I like? Don't be an idiot!
    These are the outfits I wear most of the time, and they are all great, but I really don't want them! When it comes to me, my clothes are incompatible, none of these outfits are suitable for revealing my charm...

    Ah? Have you already bought it? …to me…?
    No, no, no matter how cute I am... now I'm in trouble. Since now, in this way, you kind of meet with me...
    ...When you do something like that, give a similar outfit, then in Matori it means exactly that...
    Yes, but if you really want, then I will wear this dress, I will wear it for you!
    Do not look like that! More precisely, look, come with me, now you are responsible for dressing me up♥

    Song Maiden Tea House: Maid in Matori (p58)[edit]

    La~la~laa, fa~fa~faa ♪
    How about this outfit? Does it suit me?
    Mo~mo~mo~more can’t think of anything! Even humming a song!

    What? I am a Song Maiden, so I always practice!
    Don't say anything weird, here's the next Maid in Matori!
    Well, this cafe is also one of the places that girl Lilynanna opened, so what should I hide? Here we Song Maidens work as maids.

    So, since we crossed the threshold, then, starting from this moment...
    ...Welcome, my husband! Oh I was looking forward to your visit, Nyan♥

    Why are you laughing now!? It can't be helped - this is my first time as a client's maid! Why are all the maids here pretty!? In the meantime, sit here and watch! All this is cute, naturally! The girls working here are Song Maidens, so you can ask to be served by your guide on the island, as I do now! Also, all the female servants serving customers are single, so they often come here to get to know each other better. And if you correctly attract the attention of the maid, then, just like in the establishments of the famous "Tricoromille", you can take the maid, that is, the Song Maiden, with you. And of course, if you are nice, then expect a cute maid escort to come to you. Of course, you can't grab the girl right away, because we have the pride of Song Maidens. After all, in the path of love there is what is called grinding to each other♪
    ...Well, I am more of a rapist, but by no means against the path of love.

    Now, anyway! Here I will specifically teach you how to make a Song Maiden fall! First of all, take a look at the menu, in this establishment, each singer creates her menu by hand, there are even special menus. Well, just for reference, my menu is called "Forbidden Wing Omurice, Drowning With Love!"

    What? Yes? This is the name I gave it! What are you complaining about!?
    I wrote with love what a wonderful and fun dish it is♪ Rice omelet is made from “Matori bird eggs”, which are so nutritious that as people say they absorbed energy from the remote Matori islets. Ah~ there are fresh eggs in the cafe now, so I highly recommend this menu!

    So, if you ask for the menu of your favorite Song Maiden, then the Song Maiden in the kitchen will prepare your order, and the creator of the menu will sit at your table. And she will talk with you - this is the first step! And when the food arrives, there will be more options! When you eat a large portion of food together, the possibility arises like "I'll have a Song Maiden who brings food to my mouth." If it is juice, then it is "Together we drink from one straw." Okay, well, but the most popular option in this cafe is "Eat a dish through a kiss"... ♥ In the meantime, Master, order the "Forbidden Wing Omurice" ♥

    Forbidden Wing Omurice (p59)[edit]

    Here, Master, this is what made you wait♪ This is "Forbidden Wings Omurice, Abduction With Love!"♪ Eh, is the title different from what is on the menu? Well, I couldn't help it because I was nervous! Well, love is more important than it seems! It is very important for us! Eh, I'm not popular if I say things like that... oh, but I don't want to be popular.

    Well, well, I'll do it with the right mindset! As I said earlier, the omelet is made from fresh eggs, the precious eggs of the Matori birds that inhabit the remote islets around Matori. And their eggs have an excellent tonic effect, giving the body renewed strength! For a newcomer sailor, unfamiliar with the waves, who is suffering from seasickness, it is enough just to break one of these eggs and drink the contents, as there will be so much vital energy in his body that he will forget about seasickness! This convenient ingredient I myself can only describe as "inviting to dance in the sky around the waterways." Puddings and mamono realm cocktails featuring Matori eggs are quite popular, with many couples ordering them just to have intercourse. But the Matori birds are very rude and difficult to catch. Many Song Maidens also offer a menu of these eggs, because we welcome impulsiveness after your energy doubles... that is, you know, after such a meal, the client is so filled with strength that he wants to scream. If you eat food from the Song Maiden's menu, such as my own Omurice... and come to support a Song Maiden you admire before the concert, it will help you a lot. If you ate everything and are sick and screaming in support, then your voice at the concert will be very loud. Even in a room with loud music, the voice of the person who ate my omelet will be easier to reach me. Only to me.

    Yes, other girls' dishes are made so that as a result, only this maiden can hear the voice of support. And if they supported me, then I would be very happy and could hope... Do you consider the existence of a person who supports you special?

    Eh? What about something other than a round of applause? Well, well, what happens if you confess!? Well, if it happens now, I... I think...♥
    Okay, eat it all before it's cold! Yes, I'll feed you, ah~hm ♪

    Sweets Harpies (p60)[edit]

    Fu-fu-fu, my food♪ How does it taste to you? No, no, even if you try to leave, take me under your wing and let me accompany you♪ So, next up is "Sweets Harpies" cafe. It's another classic establishment, but it's the exact opposite of Matori's Song Maiden Cafe for men. It's a shop where you can enjoy the deliciously sweet desserts that human girls and mamono love. We Song Maidens also sometimes come here on our own to relax... well, I actually really want to come in here with a man. Fu-fu, but you're with me tonight, so you'll be my boyfriend in front of everyone♪

    Hmm? Tourist information? Well, it's not the best place for tourists to visit, because it's a dating place♪

    !? Is this girl following me!? ...and also unknowingly following us with her boyfriend! You see, together with this girl, we are moving along the route in sync and some time ago she too was in a Song Maiden cafe and now she is walking here with a man. I've heard quite a lot about Matori Song Maidens often being invited to Sweets Harpies from the Song Maiden cafe, but really witnessing it... Ask me out here right now...

    ...I can't lose to her.
    As you understood, we'll go straight to the cafe!

    It sells desserts using the intoxication fruit, as well as jelly and mamono realm fruit cakes soaked in mamono realm white wine that has been made in the port of Matori. It's tasty enough to melt any sweetness and indulge any dark senses! As this café uses mamono realm fruits, the desserts have many positive effects on monsters and humans alike. Many couples head to the inn after eating dessert here to raise the degree of intimacy♥ And this place is run by a monster couple. The husband was a patissier who used to make sweets for his harpy wife every day and started this cafe.♪
    ♪ I wonder what I'd order♪ Everything looks delicious... Ah, isn't the "Mamono Realm Sake Cake for a Young Couple" wonderful?

    Hmm? Is it noisy outside the shop?
    Ah, here come the pirates who've finished their work♪
    Fu-fu-fu, that's all right?
    It's true that pirates rush into a cafe like this, so it looks like they're breaking in...♪ But really, all these pirates here are just "students".
    What do I mean? You see, there are regular lessons in this shop: the Harpies' cafe workers enthusiastically teach the strong pirates how to make sweets. That's why these pirates and monsters work hard to make sweets side by side, isn't it? It's also the place where they teach you how to make a special dessert for your loved ones, both men and women. By doing this, working together in pastry classes, single men and mamono gradually bond with each other until they find themselves tied together... It's not uncommon here for them to create one beautiful piece together.

    ...Do you like desserts? Do you like them too? Well, then how about we go to a sweet class together here?
    In that case, thinking of staying at Matori only for a short time is not a good idea♥

    Matori's Treasure Chest (p61)[edit]

    Fu-fu, pretty Song Maiden, I wonder if you'll go out with your boyfriend tonight♪ Do you like our café? Today we're presenting a new dish, please tell us if you like it♪ This new dish is called the Matori Treasure Chest. It's a parfait of various mamono realm fruits that have been soaked in mamono realm white wine. This wine is made from a variety of intoxication fruits that grows on our island - the 'Pearls of Matori', this variety is distinguished by its snow-white berries. When my husband made this parfait, the colorful mamono realm fruits shone like real jewels. And I thought the dish resembled a treasure chest, so I gave it that name♪

    "The treasure chest" makes mamono's voice so sweet after a meal. If a man hears this sweet voice from close range, this sultry voice will itself lead to a passionate invitation to a hot night... Ufufu, every word will become an irresistible temptation♥ Even if mamono cannot quietly invite a man, even if she is unable to tell him what she really wants, by continuing to taste this parfait, the monster girl can change her voice such that, without even realizing it, with casual conversation she will already tempt a man♥

    And this dish is also recommended to be tasted by a lovely singer like you♪ I definitely want you to eat it before you entertain your ward with a sweet love song♪ Fu-fu, when you get back to him, why don't you carelessly offer him the parfait? If you let him eat it, I think the two of you will feel its effects even more strongly♥
    ~Miss Harpy~

    Shipwreck Cove (p61)[edit]

    It is here, in the largest cove in Matori, the haven of shipwrecks, where we Song Maidens are often active. Stay close as it is also the most dangerous place in Matori, okay?

    The singing voices of our Matori singers and Sirens have a powerful enchanting power. And in particular, when many Mamono sing on stage at the same time, our enchanting voices can unleash the magical powers of the monsters like a storm that even we can't control. And when they burst out in concert, when the performance becomes more and more thrilling than usual, the ship attracted by the singing mamono disappears into that cove. Soon after, it is attacked by the wild monsters that live in the coastal waters, with the result that the desolate ship simply runs aground. You see, this place is also, so to speak, a hunting ground for monster girls. There are a lot of empty hulls floating on the surface of the water, right? We use the stranded ships as a stage and training ground. Here, you can see singing Sirens and Mermaids who sit on the ships and sing, addressing the sea. But it's not just them who gather here, there are also mamono who would like to become Song Maidens, or those who have been attracted by the songs of the singers. There are also frequent open-air concerts of monster girls.

    The voices of the mamono singing here are very pleasant. Even if the monster isn't a Song Maiden, many men, fascinated by the songs of Mermaids who sing well, just stop to listen to them... and naturally, they are often attacked for intimate purposes. It's perfectly normal for me, and I think you'd enjoy it, but for now you're protected as a tourist. Yes, since I have to keep you safe, then stay as close to me as possible! This not only applies to men, but also to human women. If a woman listens to the beautiful voice of the singing mamono here all the time, she'll want to sing just the same, and she'll turn into a sea monster herself before she knows it... Well, I'm very happy about that, because it means that the number of Matori's friends are increasing. However, one way or another, the local pirates are firmly protective of the female tourists. Hmmm, usually pirates are feared, but here they accompany the women like gentlemen and bodyguards. However, if you listen to a love song with magical monster powers, it's not at all surprising that this time women find themselves enchanted by men. And thus, sometimes the women here, who become aggressive like mamono, invite the man on board like rude pirate girls♥

    And I thought you heard me right? Like I said, you must not take one step away from me! You only need to listen to my voice here♥

    Matori Concert Hall Ship (p62)[edit]

    And this is Matori's Great Scene, a huge concert hall that houses the biggest and best stage for singers. As you can see, it's the largest huge ship in Matori, and it's made in the image and likeness of the pirate ship of the great pirate Matori himself. This luxurious passenger liner with a concert hall circles around the island of Matori during the big concerts, and on some occasions, the other Court Alf islands as well. And then returns back to this spot afterwards.

    Hey, let's go on deck, shall we? Look at that, this landscape of the island shining in the twilight of the setting sun is my favorite♪ From here, being on such a big ship, you can see how beautiful the city is, can't you? That little boat on the stage is for the Song Maidens and dancers and sometimes serves as a small stage for them, where the Mermaids with their harps sit and play. On this small stage, on pirate ships and on this great ship - we always sing songs in various places in our Matori. Singing from the heart, thinking of the wonderful people you'll meet one day is great fun, your heart will flutter with excitement...that love in your voice, well, it's very timely.

    But the world of the Song Maidens of merry Matori, it's not just entertainment... I'm so nervous. So, before the big concert, I think about different things while enjoying the sunshine in this place. I sing here some days. When the sun goes down and night falls, the concert begins. We, who want to be a singing Diva, admire this stage. But at the same time, it takes a lot of courage to sing here. At first, Diva Lilynanna warms up the audience; she will lead all of us. But from then on, if the audience is in any way excited, we Song Maidens will be the only ones standing in the center of the stage, unaccompanied. And the song, led by true love, will have a completely different weight and depth depending on whether the singer has a partner or has not yet got one. A Song Maiden who already has a companion is considered a "senior" and will sit in the back row...while, the unmarried Song Maidens, are assigned the main role so that we can quickly meet good people and stand out as much as possible. But this goodness can sometimes put pressure on us. In fact, often the Diva, Lilynanna, though she has no companion of her own, like my fellow singers too, plays the central role so well that I often think I can't compete with her.

    Standing out among them, however, means nothing to me at all! For one thing, I never thought I wasn't ready to sing, and as long as I don't have a husband, I can sing some songs! My seniors also give us the lead role precisely because they know it! But...yes, that's how the singers feel and what they want, and there are as many events as there are Song Maidens themselves. Especially when the concert ends. Here, on stage, customers sometimes boldly declare their love for the Song Maiden. From their point of view, it is because they are inspired by the love song that they bravely sing in front of the others. And for that, the Song Maiden in the lead role tries her best. Then, while the people on the island applaud, the two are sure to link lips with a kiss. And, fu-fu, isn't that a luxury liner? Thus, the couple will have a pleasant time in this cruise liner's suite... ah, I'm already longing for those gorgeous rooms!

    Hmm? Are you worried? Don't worry, I'm fine. I've stood on this stage many times and will be singing here again soon, so please support me so your voice can reach me at that time♪ And, about that, well, well, you bought me this outfit today and I can perform in it for you♥

    Singing Seashell (p63)[edit]

    Oh yes, I completely forgot! Yes. Here's my song, please listen to it carefully! It's the Singing Seashell, a magical tool that is made with magical seashells out of mamono realm and is able to play music. The song begins to play when a magic sea pearl with a song is placed inside the shell.

    Isn't this a breakthrough technology for Court Alf? I can tell you that the Singing Seashell is now attracting the attention of other mamono realms. In addition, Court Alf also has a smaller portable player developed on Saida as well as headphones that use paired clam shells as counterparts to this magical item.

    So yes, I will give you this magic sea pearl with my song in it. Can you get a little excited about that? It's the same pearl that I recorded for the first time, a memorable first pearl! You see, it will soon be the song of the best Song Maiden, no, you possess the first pearl of the future Diva herself! Indeed, you are the luckiest man in the world! From now on, every day, every night, you will be able to listen to my beautiful singing voice at your bedside!

    Eh? You want to hear my singing voice directly? What are you talking about!?

    So you want to listen to me sing, every night, that's, uhm...what am I supposed to do now, huh!? That's what it means!? Wow, I've never been told that, what am I supposed to do? But thinking nothing of it, I wish you would have decided to do it after hearing my song at the concert... However, hmmm...♥

    Matori's Treasure Cruise (p63)[edit]

    "Hey, brothers! Don't they look good together! Hey motherfucker, you're here to listen to our ship's Song Maiden! Ha, this guy's not faking it, is he? ...So how far have you come already? Heh-heh-heh-heh."

    Ahhhhhhhh!!! You're already here! Don't say such vulgar things! Well, I mean, I'm guarding this pirate ship.

    "Oh? If you haven't done it already, there's no one better at organizing it than me. Hehehe, if you take him to the ship, no one will say a word, take any place. I've been to a lot of places, too...with my wife."

    I'm sorry, please, but shut up!!! I can explain it myself! I'm already doing it!

    Well, this ship is doing a "Matori Treasure Cruise" where you can explore caves on the outlying islets of Matori, ruins in the middle of the jungle and Skull Mountain on the main island of Matori! While cruising through such unexplored places and scenic landscapes, we ask tourists to look for "hidden pirate treasures" there. After all, when people talk about pirates, they almost always mean their treasure! Most of the treasure, of course, is hidden by the pirates that are active today. But here in Matori and on the nearby islets, the Legendary Pirate Matori has stashed away a fortune that no one has yet found! In the Grand Cruise Tour, which introduces Matori, active pirates are offering to take part in such a real adventure - to find the treasure of the pirate Matori.

    Is such a quest successful enough? If you find the treasure and return to the pier you can get an appraisal of the treasure found and then take it home or exchange it for treasure coins. These can be used in Matori to pay for a meal or to buy supplies. These coins can only be used in Matori, but it's better than cashing in treasure the normal way. There are also limited-edition cruise items that you can only buy with treasure coins. If you can buy them for coins, this is the recommended option! If you bring a lot of treasure, you can even buy a ship! Of course, since the ship is made using Matori's technology, you can not only sail it, but also use it as a house, where you can have a big bedroom for...where...there's not much going on!

    Here we are! Well, that phrase is a cliché, but I'm going last! I think the treasure trove may contain costly useful swords, gems with great power and other valuable items. If you have one, plenty of monsters will approach you with interest. Sometimes there are 'cursed objects' mixed in with the treasure, which turn human girls into monsters. And since this is a real treasure hunt, Mimics can be found in the treasure chests as well as Dragons and Griffons can protect the riches. Pirates will take it upon themselves to protect you from injury and risk to life. But note that pirates are not responsible for any situation where you are turned into a mamono or incubus by a treasure from the cruise, or if you are attacked and captured by a monster... I wonder how that even happens. Eh, my pirates, whom I mentioned earlier, seem to be so behind the scenes while their wives cheer us on, so let's head straight for the itinerary of this cruise. And don't worry, I'll follow right behind you♥ Your goal is to earn a new home for two! Well then, break a leg! Oh, the ship! That ship!

    Topic - Ghost Ship of the Matori Sea (p64)[edit]

    Matori's pirates live at sea and die at sea. Since ancient times, the bodies of dead pirates in this town have been buried at sea, not underground. And the bodies of the great pirate Matori and his best friend the captain have also been buried at sea. However, dead people often become undead and in the present age they are once again enjoying sex. And even in the waters surrounding Matori, it is not uncommon to find the undead with their husbands on ghost ships...

    ...No no, you can see them in the city of Matori too, and how they perform on stage! If you see this ship in town, it might be useful to talk to pirates who have sailed the seas once before. Especially with their handsome Wight captain and her loudly laughing deputy captain. If you have a glass of liquor, you'll definitely be able to talk to them comfortably!

    Training Ground on the Outskirts of Town (p64)[edit]

    Well, the day flew by in the blink of an eye♪ How was it for you? There's a place in Matori I wanted to show you the most...

    ...Phew, I wanted to show it last, and here you are at last. There's nothing special here, it's just one of the shipwrecks that's been floating for a long time.

    Fu-fu-fu, yes I was talking about it earlier. We Song Maidens always train in places like this. This is my personal training ground and, being a genius, I don't do 'secret training' sessions here! I would like to say that I am always worried because I am still so inexperienced...and I should be very pleased with you, because this way I expose my weaknesses to you. I wonder why, I can't beat that Lilynanna girl at all and I can't reach her in any way... ...Yes, I've been with her for a long time, and I grew up with the same goals as her, but I always felt inferior. This girl has become a Diva, always changing this town, always smiling and so cheerful... Although she must be suffering as much as I am, but she still supports other singers...and yet I... I...

    I've been getting more and more scared lately, and even though I enjoyed singing, I was just running ahead, wishing something would change.

    Sorry, sorry to bore you with a boring story. But you know, for the first time in a long time I enjoyed singing, thanks to you! Fu-fu, I should have been your guide and let it go, but thanks to you I had confidence♪ It wasn't long, but while I was a guide I was able to feel once again that I'm a singer. I felt that I like people, that I should incorporate that into my songs, and I feel like I got that because of you. Ah, tomorrow's stage... Well, also, now I'm not nervous! I'm the cutest and sweetest person in the world!


    Yes, yes, you see this, I've shown you something pathetic and I apologize for that! Here, this is a shell ring I made myself! It is made from paired clams and their magic shells. This ring has a connection with another one of the same ring, creating a kind of bond between a man and a woman. With this ring on stage, even if the hall is crowded, I will keenly sense your presence... I have performed several times today and I was in very good shape. I'm sure it's thanks to you. So if you put it on, I'll be able to sing properly, just like today! So take it!

    ...Yes, thank you. By the way, can you allow me one last selfish act? In fact, I'm still nervous and shaking, so tonight, until the shivers subside, stay by my side the whole time...♥

    Third Song Island Nevia (p66)[edit]

    Third Song Island of Passion

    A city of art where roses and mermaids adorn the stage

    Diva: Eustine (Merrow) Inherited Song: Passion
    Main Residents: Mermaid, Merrow, Kikimora, Leanan Sidhe

    The stage of Nevia theater, where pink Mermaids dance and swim with red roses of passion! The Third Song Island, “Nevia”, is a city of art and passion that will never let your eyes or senses get bored! Created by people devoted to the pursuit of beauty, Nevia is the world’s largest art gallery from the moment you step inside. Plenty of gardens full of beautiful crimson roses will welcome you, and you can experience a blissful moment in a stylish café surrounded by a cityscape overflowing with music.

    In Nevia, the very walls are paintings, the sounds of nature are the tunes of instruments, and the pink mermaids traveling the waterways are truly living works of art. And the piece de resistance is the magnificent theater where these mermaids serve as actors, “Nevia Theater”! The Diva Eustine will be holding a public commemorative performance of “Nevia’s Makai Rose”, which is incredibly popular with women of all races around the world! Seats may become sold out, so make your reservation quickly!

    Nevian Art to Commemorate Your Marriage

    From the innocent image of a loving couple, to an indecently intertwined one... Nevia’s proud artists and craftsman will turn the shape of your love into works of art that shall last forever♥

    We offer everything from works of art such as paintings and sculptures depicting the figures of couples, to highly practical items such as watches made by Nevia’s proud craftsmen or trendy tableware sets! If you wish, we can also put in some special magic to liven up your night♥

    We also have a strong partnership with the “Al Mar Wedding Plan”! Nevia turns a wonderful wedding in Al Mar into a beauty that will last forever♥ Please make sure to stop by Nevia when you have a wedding ceremony in Al Mar!

    Recruiting supporters for artists! *Limited to single men

    “Whenever I write... I get hungry before I know it... If you were next to me... And I suck your dick... My belly would be full, and I, happy...♥”
    -“The Silent Love Story” Sahuagin

    “Try as I might, whenever creativity strikes me, I first must let my brush fly. I’m interested in sexuality so much that I realize my head has become full of it, and I’m left with this slovenly body, but it’s so bothersome to go outside... I’m searching for a man who will live with me and keep me company whenever I get horny.”
    -“The Painting Witch” Dark Mage

    “Yeees~✰ On this island without all those annoying Sirens, I’m aiming to become the Only One Idol♪ Like~, get reckless with Lipni-chan~ An old man who will like, totally devour me would be the best~✰”
    -“Only One Idol✰Lipni” Arch Imp

    For Men! Recommendations for singles♥

    Nevia, which specializes in beauty, and where everything you see is a work of art, is the best city for single men who love art beyond all else!

    In addition to that, Nevia supports all of its artists city-wide! Ateliers are affordable, and depending on the situation, some have a maid or wife provided free of charge♥

    Step outside, and you will find a calm cityscape, numerous works to stimulate your senses, and relaxing shops for light meals or cafés. You needn’t worry about decorating the city with your work, or displaying it in a gallery or theater! Scouts from well-known art dealers and theater troupes often visit, so it’s the perfect place for making your appeal to the world! Nevia is simply the best city for those aspiring to become an artist!

    For long-term stay plans, as well as permanent residence consultation, please feel free to consult your nearest song maiden or monster resident♥

    Advice for those that want such a bride!
    Nevia’s sea folk are passionate Merrows with heads full of lewdness♥ These girls love to flirt while on dates, and love escorting men like a gentleman, or having a man sweetly escort them like a young woman! There are also many big sister types with peculiar artistic temperaments♥

    Nevia's History (p70)[edit]

    Welcome to the island of art and passion, Nevia!

    Nevia is a city adorned in beautiful roses... I am but one of those roses, the matchless Diva who inherited a song from the beautiful Great Songstress, Eustine!

    Fufu, my apologies. It’s no wonder why you’re taken aback. I am an actress after all. Sometimes our narrative can become a little exaggerated. However, our emotions also become stirred up for that very reason... Ah, perhaps this is fate, or destiny! Be gracious of your good fortune that I am escorting you! Come, don’t be afraid to take my hand! Seeing is believing, and if you visit this island with me, our beautiful Nevia shall never bore you! The colorful flowers on this island will very soon steal your heart!

    Fufu, when I bring my face close like this, your cheeks turn red, you are indeed quite cute...♥

    The power of “Passion” dwells within Nevia’s songs, and all of the flowers blooming in this city are passionate about love. Fufu, that includes me as well...♥ Indeed, any moment now! I wish to sing with you! I wish to dance together! However, patience is a virtue... It is essential to express one’s originality, but the largest flowers only bloom when the soil has been carefully and precisely laid layer by layer! Fufufu...♥ One day, I hope to have you fall for me♥ However, before you can love me, you must come to love this island that I love above all else, for this is the sad fate of a Diva, I must sometimes speak of this island’s love more than my own love!

    What, don’t look like that, it isn’t complicated. This step is truly simple, allow me to guide you with my lips, my words, my love, and together we will trace the long path of Nevia’s journey, and gradually, slowly, come to understand each other♥
    [Another Mermaid Princess’s Tale]
    Now then, Nevia has long been a nation made primarily by those given the rank of “nobles”. Nobles have roles, behaviors, and duties appropriate for their position. Thus, in the city of art, Nevia, these noble and proud people must always be the protectors of beauty. They are the supporting patrons of the outstanding artists living in Nevia, and one of their missions is to grow these seedlings into fully blooming flowers of art.

    Fufu, in Nevia, where beauty and art are highly respected, these artists that are the embodiment of excellent beauty have a high position. It seems some of the wise artists went so far as to say “I give you the privilege of investing in me”, really now, what a truly unmodest thing to say. These so-called nobles are quite vain, aren’t they? In the old Nevia, where the trend of art for art’s sake was rising, becoming the patron of a brilliant artist meant you could show off your aristocratic status to those around you, and the nobles searched for extremely talented artists to get ahead, then they began to scramble for artists, “enclosing” them.

    On the other hand, if the artists could receive funding from the nobles, they could also hold large art exhibitions or theatrical performances in magnificent ateliers... With their support, they could expand their efforts as an artist, and above all else, they may even be granted the status of “noble”. While holding on to this dream, the artists pushed on to develop their talent.

    And then, a certain aristocrat who plays a major role in both Nevia’s art history and modern history takes center stage: “Viscount Nevi”.

    Like the Nevian aristocrats, he too was a man with a deep love for art. However, his line of thinking was a little different than that of the other nobles. It is said that the nobles of Nevia all employed famous painters and star actors, and then invited other nobles to art exhibitions and theatrical performances that they sunk money into as if they were competing. On the other hand, the Viscount only set his eyes on artists selling their art on street corners, or girls on the street aspiring for the stage like unpolished gems.

    In addition to that, he also set up art exhibits and stage performances that even the commoners living in the city could visit. Based on his belief that “art should be loved by everyone”, the Viscount was trying to help artists who had yet to bathe in the rays of the sun, that is, those whose talents had yet to bloom, and make art loved by all.

    At one point, the Viscount created an opera house named “Nevia Theater”. It was a beautiful theater surrounded by crimson roses. It was here that he stood the young actresses and singers he had invested in himself. The Viscount’s endeavor not only gave them experience, it also seemed to inspire the young artists who were invited to the public performances and other aspiring young artists, and Nevia Theater became recognized as the most suitable place for those striving for the dream of art. Day after day, the Viscount gathered young seedling artists in Nevia Theater, and generously offered them all a place to learn.

    Before long, the artists he had supported gained popularity amongst the commoners. Some began to enjoy the artists’ growth and the diversity of art, and by the time it had spread to the nobles, it seems everyone became astonished by his skills and eye for art.

    However... While Nevia Theater was booming, the Viscount had one major issue, and that was a hideous burn scar covering half of his face.

    A twist of fate carved into him at an early age, due to this unerasable seal of tragedy, he always wore a mask, and never showed his true face to others. Nevertheless, on a certain moonlit evening, this inescapable scar suddenly bared its fangs, and brought him further tragedy!

    Yes, unintentionally, during a curtain call at one of his usual performances, as he greeted the theater like always, his mask slipped off due to a mere trivial mistake.

    Can you imagine it? The shocked gaze of the audience assembled at Nevia Theater, all who were gathered there at that moment were speechless at the sight of his hideous scar, their breath taken away. The Viscount promptly put his mask back on, but it was all too late. The fever of the performance that had filled the audience until that moment, the passion, the cheers given to the performers... Seeing the frightened gazes and chilling silence that now enveloped the audience, it was clear that all of it had been ruined.

    “Did you hear? The rumors about the Viscount, oh yeah, that guy was just a monster. That guy was always sweet talking, trying to collect up only young artists, he must have had some kind of scheme, oh how scary.”

    Rumors of the Viscount’s true face quickly became infamous and spread throughout Nevia. Sometimes the truth can be cruel, and just because of the scar on his face, things were said like “Such ugliness, it can’t be allowed into the gatherings of nobility”, or “Such ugliness, it can’t associate with famous artists”, and all of his virtues and good deeds started to be disavowed.

    In Nevia, where beauty and art are prized, someone such as him who was rumored to be “just like a monster” was lethal to investors. Artists feared that his bad reputation would spread to themselves, and the number of artists visiting the Viscount diminished day by day, and in the same fashion, the number of customers visiting Nevia Theater quickly dwindled.

    “Ah, how could this happen? This is all my fault, it’s because of my stupid carelessness. With this... If this happens, the future of the young artists I have gathered will be closed...!”

    Sunk into the abyss of disappointment and despair, he was even thinking about closing the opera house, then, one night, he heard a clumsy singing voice in the supposedly empty Nevia Theater. It was here that the Viscount met a young Merrow maiden aiming to become a singer, “Christine”.

    The country of Nevia was not a country that was friendly to monsters, but, on the other hand, they were neither hostile to them nor did they reject them. Therefore, although the number was small, there were a few monsters in the country.

    The Viscount had happened to hear that among the monsters, there were some that were born with a devilish singing voice that far exceeded that of the average human singer. Above all, the merfolk were said to have possessed the most beautiful singing voice among monsters... However, the song of the monster singing before the Viscount’s eyes was fairly crude, even from an amateur’s point of view. Even he, who had found the beauty in many an immature artist, had to admit that she simply had no talent.

    “What is this?... Haa, that’s all that’s left in my Nevia Theater, huh... Well, it’s not like anyone is listening, I suppose she’ll have enough soon and leave...”

    Thinking this, at first he didn’t care, but every day and every night when he visited the empty Nevia Theater, there was Christine, singing her heart out despite having no hope of improving.

    One day, the Viscount finally couldn’t stand her, and shouted at her.

    “That’s enough! Look here, you have to sing with more emotion!”

    From then on, the Viscount called out to Christine every night. Under the Viscount’s passionate instruction Christine quickly... well, I can’t say quickly, but her ability as a singer slowly improved.

    Time passed for a while after that, and before they knew it, as if in response to Christine’s voice echoing throughout the theater, the roses surrounding the withered Nevia Theater revived once more, emitting a wonderous glow at night, changing into a type of monster realm rose with an even deeper crimson than before, which would later come to be called the “Nevian Rose”.

    With this, as if guided by its beautiful radiance, people began to come out to gather around Nevia Theater and gaze at it. More and more people began visiting Nevia Theater to listen to the beautiful singing voice faintly leaking from inside, and Nevia Theater reclaimed its former prosperity.

    Thus was born the first human and monster student and master in Nevia, and they became a hot topic in Nevia due to both the good and bad reputation of Nevia Theater, as well as being such an unusual sight. He rises magnificently on the stage, guiding Christine, who sings to the best of her ability to meet his expectations, and Nevia Theater is revived...or so it would seem.

    The sad thing is, shortly after this, the Great War between the seven islands broke out. The people were exhausted from the conflict, and with no room in their hearts for art, they drifted away from it. Customer turnout dwindled, and the funds the Viscount used for the theater and arts became collected by the country for the Great War, and frankly, it would not have been strange for the theater to close at any time.

    Still, the Viscount continued to hold public performances at the theater, saying he didn’t want to rob Christine of the place where she continued to seriously and fervently sing.

    ...Now, in accordance with the history of Court Alf, after this, the seven islands were united by the Great Songstress’s song, and the Great War was brought to a close, but this was their turning point.

    The devoted sacrifice of the Great Songstress, and the dramatic end of the war by the Prince’s love. Doesn’t such a story make your heart tremble in pursuit of art?

    Exactly. Songs and plays of “The Mermaid Princess’s Tale” became all the rage in Nevia. Every theater held performances of The Mermaid Princess’s Tale, and it was always a roaring success. Of course, Nevia Theater also followed along. The role of the Mermaid Princess was to be played by Christine. To the Viscount, the Mermaid Princess was Christine, not the Great Songstress.

    It was Christine who stayed singing by the Viscount’s side when he was having a rough time. He couldn’t even pay her performance fee, and yet she continued to sing at the Nevia Theater without a displeased face. The Viscount wanted to provide her with the best stage he could. He hired the best playwrights, and prepare the greatest actor for the role of Prince. Of course, the Viscount didn’t have the money for it, but it seems he was thinking of selling off everything but the theater itself, even his own estate.

    However, when the Viscount approached Christine to talk about the performance, she shook her head when she heard it. This surprised the Viscount. That was because until now, she had never once opposed the Viscount’s guidance, or refused his proposals for performances.

    Despite this, instead of refusing to perform, she said that she would absolutely never perform The Mermaid Princess unless the screenplay she prepared and the actor she appointed were used. The Viscount was truly surprised at this. That was because the actor she appointed to play the role of the Prince was none other than Viscount Nevi.

    The script of the play was very similar to what the Viscount and Christine had been doing so far at Nevia Theater. At the climax, when the Mermaid Princess finishes her song of love for the Prince, the masked Viscount, appointed the role of Prince, removes his mask just like that fateful time. Only this time, it’s scripted.

    The Prince in The Mermaid Princess’s Tale spoke of his own inner ugliness. The Viscount spoke of his own outer ugliness. For that reason, they weren’t suitable for the Mermaid Princess. However, the Mermaid Princess wasn’t having any of that. She merely gazed at the hideously scared face of the Prince, who had unmasked before her for the first time, with a spellbound expression. Then, the Mermaid Princess slowly strokes the scar as if cherishing it, and brings her face to the Prince as if sucked in, and they kiss.

    The play ends here. The audience was wrapped up in silence just like that fateful time... However, in the silence, tears began to fall from the eyes of many audience members. Some suddenly stood up. Unsure why they stood up, they didn’t applaud or leave, they just clasped their shaking hands to their mouths. The whole audience had felt the beauty of the play’s final scene. Also among the audience were those that had called the Viscount a monster after that first incident. This time, they felt truly ashamed of themselves for not seeing the beauty within the Viscount.

    This is “Another Legend of the Mermaid Princess” passed down in Nevia. People from all over the island came to Nevia Theater to see this play. Since then, the people of Nevia have come to see the beauty in everything, not just famous art. As a result, the image of humans and monsters in love is treated as a popular art motif. Little by little, the number of monsters on the island grew, as well as the number of those who wished to love them. Nevia, which changed slowly but surely like a blooming flower, now has “Nevian Roses” dyed crimson with the passion of love fully blooming all over the island.

    However, I think this “Another Legend of the Mermaid Princess” is terrible as a play. Why is that? Because such a thing is not a play. It’s simply not a play. What do you think Christine was thinking at the time when she saw the Viscount’s face?

    “Even though you’re ugly, I’m still in your debt”?

    “I love you so much, I don’t care about your ugliness”?

    “I don’t think it’s that ugly”?

    It would seem these are all wrong. Perhaps she wasn’t thinking anything. No, she couldn’t think of anything. She merely saw the Viscount’s face for the first time, and had an unbearable urge to breed. She merely wanted to mate with the Viscount, and get pregnant with his child.

    Christine, playing the Mermaid Princess, was unmistakably in love. There was unmistakable passion. Unmistakable feelings. It’s no wonder why the audience was so strongly shaken by emotion when they saw that. That’s because that girl wasn’t performing a play. In that final scene, Christine was not an actress, she was just a female. The only thing moving her was her raw “emotions”.

    Now then, that sure took a while, but here ends the tale of Viscount Nevi, who is now a legendary troupe master, and Christine, who became our first Diva.

    Hmm? Even though I didn’t see it all directly, how can I recall it like that? Fufu... Well you see, the reason I told you this story is that tonight, I’m thinking of taking the stage at Nevia Theater. The leading roles are me, and of course, you.

    What, don’t be so surprised or anxious. I think I’ll teach you with my own body just what happened when my mother, the first Diva Christine, went on stage with my beloved father, that is, Viscount Nevi, and what happened afterwards...♥

    Current Nevia (p74)[edit]

    It seems your face has gotten very red, and your breath ragged, are you alright? Come, please firmly take my hand! Entrust your body to me, leave it all to me, and I shall support you!

    Fufu, it seems you’re even redder now♥ You really are just so unbearably cute...♥

    Take a look at those two walking over there, that man is a guest, and the young woman with a parasol embracing his arm is one of Nevia Theater’s Song Maidens. Leading our important guests by the hand, slowly escorting them like this, such is the way of Nevia’s Diva and Song Maidens. It’s just like a lady and gentlemen heading to a ball, isn’t it? Fufu♥ There’s no need to hesitate, as I personally believe I am very fortunate to be allowed to take your beloved hand like this...♥

    Hm? You’re wondering what race that young woman and I belong to? Fufu, take a look at these ears and red hat, that young woman and I are a type of mermaid called a “Merrow”. Hmm, what’s that? Our legs are human, not fish? Ah, apologies, you haven’t been told have you. This is one of the spells many monsters can use, called an “Anthropomorphosis Spell”. It allows even mermaids such as us to temporarily have legs like this. All of the Song Maidens in our Nevia specialize in this magic. Fufu, we are actors after all.

    Now then, it’s still a little way to our Nevia Theater. Why don’t we take a break around here and take in the sights of the city? After all, art is something you must experience with your own eyes, take a look at that house over there, the hedges of beautiful Nevian Roses surrounding it, it’s such a splendid garden, don’t you think♪ That house over there has a splendid multi-layer arch of roses, and next to that, a rather magnificent shrubbery arranged in the shape of a mermaid...a wonderful topiary that even feels bewitching. Fufu, they look like gardens of a noble’s mansion or a royal castle, don’t they? Let’s see, in order, I believe those are a novelist’s house, violinist’s house, and if I’m not mistaken, that garden with the grandest topiary is the baker’s apprentice’s house?

    “Art should be loved by everyone.”
    As these words say, the art culture that was once centered around aristocrats is now loved by all in Nevia, free to see and create. And now, the crimson mamono realm roses in full bloom in these gardens, the “Nevian Roses”, are a symbol of our island loved by all, from noble to commoner.

    Speaking of Nevia and these mamono realm roses, Nevia is also called “The Island of Roses” due to this scenery, and every single one of these ordinary buildings pleases the eyes of visitors as “Nevia’s Rose Estates”. Furthermore, this waterway flowing through the city is beautiful, and you can feel the fixation on beauty of Nevia’s craftsman in the very waterway itself, but the roses floating in the water accentuate the water’s beauty even further.

    Also... whoops, looks like one came out just in time. As you can see, the waterway is also a passage for mermaids. It’s said that there are many guests whose hearts are stolen by the limbs of the lovely rose-colored mermaids. All of the monsters in this city take pride in being a part of our beautiful Nevia, and playing a role in the arts. They never neglect their efforts to make their charm and beauty stand out, and to make the scenery of the city even more beautiful from their own existence.

    Fufu, it seems that mermaid we just passed has captivated that man watching over there. It seems she’s noticed it too. Let’s hope it turns out well.

    Monsters are a part of Nevia’s works of art, and they want you to feel that beauty to your heart’s content. Of course, in order to more deeply understand such beauty, rather than just gazing at it, it’s absolutely fine to touch it directly with your hands, feel the monster with your own body, and receive their love...♥ Fufufu, of course, personally, I want you to only desire to look at me♥

    As you can see, in Nevia, the nobles, city folk, and monsters are rather showy. Attention seeking is said to be a bad thing, but it’s not all that bad is it? The beauty our predecessor nobles competed to enhance has left us with such beautiful scenery. And then, the desire of people and monsters to see it themselves became passionate, and inspired beautiful love between people and monsters. It may have only been for nobles in the past, but now everyone can pursue beauty, and enjoy art. Being able to discover beauty in anything and enjoy that beauty means that there is calm in people’s hearts. This is why, after many twists and turns, the city of Nevia came to find the beauty in my parents. That is why I love Nevia.

    Fufu♥ That expression is cute, but don’t be jealous♥ My love as a woman is just for you. That’s why I want you to also love my beloved Nevia.

    Now then, I’d like you to enjoy Nevia as soon as possible, however, Nevia is easily the largest of the seven islands. There are plenty of casual cafés, opera halls, and places for monster couples to take a break all over the island. Fufu, was that a little too indirect? As you can probably guess, in Nevia, the true aim is to deliberately take detours, slowly touring around the whole island while enjoying art, and spend time leisurely enjoying sightseeing. In Nevia, it’s a little unfashionable to go around the whole island in just one day♪ While the sun shines, it’s sometimes nice to go down a path with a loved one in the afternoon where the trees are casting shadows, and then turn around to see a different view than before. You can also have a wonderful time by stopping by a garden of beautifully blooming roses you suddenly came across, and then sit down on the stairs and enjoy a chat with mermaids in the waterway while enveloped in the scent of roses. And in the end, you will visit Nevia Theater. And then, you listen to the singing voice of the Diva on stage, Eustine.

    Fufu, little by little, slo~wly...♥
    Just like this, why don’t we go cultivate our love little by little...♥

    Songstress Introduction (Eustine) (p76)[edit]

    Diva Introduction
    • Diva: Eustine
    • Species: Merrow
    • Favorite Color: I like red, it’s the passionate color Nevia is proud of.
    • Favorite Type: “Hm, this is a rather difficult question. Since we will be going on stage together, a gentleman with flexibility would be ideal, but on the other hand, even gentlemen with conspicuous inflexibility and stubbornness can consistently deliver a brilliant performance.
    I, personally, am stubbornly assertive, and there is something about show-off men that I’m attracted to, but I also think that the shyness of a gentleman who is not good at expressing himself is cute.”
    • How to Spend a Holiday: “Besides acting, I also enjoy watching the stage, and on my days off, I go around visiting stages all over Nevia, viewing a great variety of operas. The theatrical scene of Nevia is rapidly advancing, constantly changing, and even a program that has long been loved and called noble has as many ways to bewitch you as there are stars in the sky. I can’t rest on my laurels just because I’m a Diva. Every day is a wonderful day of persistently studying. Fufu, of course, I’m often inspired by the operas I see, especially the ones with passionate love affairs of couples, and I wish to have a companion that will passionately “demonstrate” them with me right away later that night.”

    Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
    You’d like me to tell you about Lady Eustine? Why yes, I’d be delighted to. I am a Song Maiden of Nevia Theater, and will be the one graciously by your side, if I may be of any assistance, please let me know.

    Indeed, Lady Eustine is the greatest Diva of all time, in addition to her beautiful songs and acting, she also manages wonderful screenplays. She is a beautiful lady known for dressing like a man, and she often plays the role of a man on stage. The image of Lady Eustine on Nevia Theater’s stage, leading actors of all races, is so wonderful...♥ It seems male customers often say they “understood a woman’s feelings”♥

    Also, she plays all sorts of roles, and no matter the role, she draws the audience into the world of the play, such is that lady’s power. The role of a knight as passionate as roses, the role of a prince who is cold but truly wants to be loved, the role of a great brave pirate...and the historical drama of the seven islands of Court Alf, in which she plays the starring role. For that reason, some call her “Seven Colors Eustine”.

    Moreover, she is the greediest seeker of beauty in Nevia... Every time she takes the stage, those who visit Nevia Theater shall discover a new form of beauty♥ She is always greedy for beauty, and for the sake of preserving passion, setting aside her pride in her current position, she frequently visits the other islands, spying on love affairs... or rather, it seems she goes out collecting information by gathering news of romantic stories.

    Tell me, are you aware of the greatest masterpiece novel “Nevia’s Makai Rose”, written by Eustine, who knows many such secret stories of love? Ufufu♥ I suppose it’s understandable that a foreign gentleman such as yourself wouldn’t know. It’s a love story with a reputation for sympathizing with emotions and instincts, and it has earned popularity mainly amongst women, its wave of popularity has spread not only through Court Alf, but also to the Mamono Lord in the Monster Realm, and even human cities.

    And then there’s the “Nevia’s Makai Rose” stage play! This is the play that raised the Diva Nevia is so proud of to the world stage. There are times when authority figure couples from the Royal Monster Realm come to Nevia Theater, and it’s even said that a bishop of The Order of the Chief God was begged by their daughter to see it incognito♪ Because of all this, Lady Eustine has a “Fan Club” that spans the whole globe, and in addition to monster fans, there are even lots of female human fans who often come to see her on stage♥

    Also, Lady Eustine is a person very enthusiastic about instructing Song Maidens, and in screenplays written by her own hands, she selects a rookie Song Maiden as the leading role, giving us Song Maidens the opportunity to positively take the stage.

    ...Eh? She sounds friendly? Ah, no, ahem, pardon me. Calling her friendly is a little... N-no, I don’t mean to speak ill of her! She is a lady we admire, and she usually acts calm and gentlemanly towards everyone... However, generally speaking, she is a person with strong passion regarding the stage, and does not compromise at all...so it is said... This is also a part of her guidance... I believe she is fixated on making us Song Maidens look beautiful, and instructs us until very late. In particular, she educates us in various ways with aesthetic guidance on what to say when in front of the gentleman we will one day meet that will become our companion, so that we may show him our most beautiful and lascivious appearance♥ If I were to do it, even though this lewd body of mine has never actually done it, what would happen to me if a gentleman stuck it in?... Ahh, Ahh...♥

    Ah! A-ahem! Please excuse me. I’ve shown you a disgraceful side of me. There are many of Nevia’s Song Maidens in Lady Eustine’s fan club, and some apparently became Song Maidens because they wanted to be taught by her. Me? Naturally, I too adore Lady Eustine... Eh? You’ll root for me? N-no, I don’t have those kinds of feelings...! Rather, I’m interested in gentlemen, or more precisely, I’m very interested in you, you even look kind of delicious... I mean-! Awawa, such a shameful thing again! P-please forget that!

    Song of Passion (p77)[edit]

    Fuu... Thank you for your concern... Umm, about the power of the “Song of Passion” inherited by our Diva, right. The power of Nevia’s song is to fan the flames of passion, igniting them.

    Passion is vitality, its flames are the driving force for one to accomplish things, and Lady Eustine’s singing ignites those flames in those listening to her. Some people, the fires of love ignited in their hearts, finally cross the line and unite to express their feelings...♥ For others, their once lost and smoldering love is once more revived as an undying blaze, and they begin to cuddle up with a companion from long ago, entwining their fingers and whispering words of love...♥

    Passion is the power to move forward, its flames illuminate one’s path. Song Maidens, novelists, artists... Some have their hearts fired up for what they hold dear, and they begin to embrace the passion that can realize their dreams... For others, their hearts having given up, devoured by apathy, once more regain their fervor, recalling the passion of those old days and rising up...!

    This is what the Song of Passion brings. Ignite a blaze of love and dreams in those lacking the flames of passion, revive the love and dreams of those whose flame was once extinguished, and then, to those whose flame is already lit, continue to bring the heat to even greater heights.

    In Nevia, people hold on to their dreams, and love sprouts everyday...♪ By the time those that have stepped foot in Nevia Theater come out, their flames of love have burst, and a woman overcome with emotion from the very passionate confession of a gentleman hugs him close, instinctively stealing his lips...♥ Some people even come out of the theater while flirting and groping each other’s bodies... Ah, I can’t stand it♥ I just can’t stand it♥

    ...Haa, umm, that is... It isn’t limited to love and sensual affairs, artists with a strong passion for things such as art, song, and literature, as well as those who were moved from witnessing Nevia Theater’s stage, often hold dreams in their heart and are born as new artists♪

    The Song of Passion, which can be said to symbolize Nevia, is not something that can be sung simply by knowing it. No matter who they are, man or monster, there is a story to everyone’s life. Those who sing the Song of Passion must understand, imagine, and get close to that story. In order to stir emotion, provoke sympathy, and ignite flames in their heart, you must be able to imagine and describe a continuation of that life’s story, and a path to a happy ending. Truly, it is a song meant to be sung by a Diva such as Lady Eustine, who has played various stories and experienced the life stories of many people as if they were her own.

    However, perhaps due to the nature of monsters, the thing that flares up and throbs the most due to her song are the flames of love...♥ When I listen to it as well, it becomes quite the problem♥ Aah, if I remember it, my body gets hot... Aah♥ Around my belly... my womb is... Fufu... Fufufu...♥

    The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p78)[edit]

    I’ve done it again... You saw something like heart shapes in my eyes? Uuu... Truly, something so indecent... Really now, why must the Merrow race be so...

    Aah... Thank you for comforting me...♥ Kind sir♥ Wonderful sir...♥

    What am I saying!? Again!! Umm, umm, next, I would like to explain what kind of duties the Diva and Song Maidens perform.

    All of Nevia’s Song Maidens are members of the “Nevia Theater” theatrical company led by the Diva, and they stand on the stage day and night to show people songs and plays. “Nevia Theater” represents this city full of much beauty... We practice every day to maintain our beauty and elegance so that we shall never let down the beautiful city of Nevia, the beautiful hearts of its people, and those that call us beautiful.

    The Nevia Theater company is divided into three groups according to their roles. There is the Lustre Group composed of male actors, the Blossom Group composed of female actresses, and the Night Group, which is in charge of screenplay and production. As you can see, I am a member of the Blossom Group.

    At Nevia Theater, these three groups work together to complete the stage. The Night Group is in charge of supporting the Lustre and Blossom Groups while they are on stage from behind the scenes, and many of its members are girls that aren’t Song Maidens, and they are always thinking up wonderful screenplays and making the stage production even more beautiful with magic and magical tools. Fufu, the Night Group’s magical tools are of extremely high level, and are used on other song islands, such as Al Mar’s wedding ceremonies, or Matori’s pirate demonstrations♪

    It’s the Lustre and Blossom Groups’ beauty that customers actually witness... However, of the three groups, the Night Group receives the most applicants... That’s because it has the greatest appeal to us monsters. That is, there are also many “gentlemen” working behind the scenes in the Night Group... Once you’ve crossed the line with each other, you can work with your beloved husband every day! Heading to the theater every day, arms entwined, working together while flirting, and then heading home together and immediately returning to the bed! Even while we were practicing, there was a sensual, delighted little gasping from behind the stage... ♥Aah... I’m jealous...♥

    ...Eh? Y-yes! Let me continue! Nevia’s honorable Diva is chosen from these three groups, but as I explained earlier, the Song of Passion is not something you can sing just because you are good at singing or acting. For that reason, the Diva is directly nominated by “The Great Songstress”. And the most ideal opportunity for The Great Songstress to witness the stage is during the annual “Nevia Opera Festival”. Troupe Leader Nevi, the current Diva, and The Great Songstress choose the most outstanding actor of the year.

    However, although the Opera Festival is held every year, The Great Songstress has not chosen a Diva the past several years. After all, our current Diva, Lady Eustine, is the greatest of all time. In this way, it is one of the duties of Song Maidens to stand on stage and present Nevia’s beauty, but alongside that, unmarried Song Maidens also have the important role of sincerely escorting guests that have come for sightseeing, so that they may enjoy Nevia even more, and feel this city’s beauty...♥

    Ufufu♥ That person’s stage recitals may be harsh as it is, but in order to fulfill this duty, we receive even more grueling training in the art of “Anthropomorphosis Spells”. Did you pass through Al Mar on your way here? Then you have noticed that compared to that city, Nevia has fewer waterways, correct? Like I am now, Nevia’s Song Maidens always nestle closely to our guests while guiding them, it’s not as if our mermaid limbs can’t move on land, but rather they can become a nuisance to taking our guest’s hands. That is why the “Anthropomorphosis Spell” is an essential skill for the Song Maidens of Nevia.

    Also, low proficiency in Anthropomorphosis Spell can cause a monster’s instinct to strengthen... That is to say, if you get excited, it will come undone. Normally... it won’t come undone unless you have sex, but Merrows... As you saw earlier, it’s rather easy for us to get excited... Indeed, although I’m particularly thrilled just to be locking arms with you right now, if you would happen to have something to touch me even more deeply, I’d...♥

    Yes? “How about we try it?”, you say...? Eh...... Ahh...♥

    Rose Tea Specialty Shop "Amora Nevia" (p80)[edit]

    Fuu~...♥ Fuu~...♥ Ufufu♥ I endured it... I endured it! D-don’t make such a disappointed face!

    By the way, I’ve been speaking for a while, aren’t you tired by now? This area is only the gateway to the island, “Rose Garden Way”. Although it is a common Nevian residential area, it is a district that came to be called that because the residents here enjoy constructing rose gardens, entertaining the eyes of passers-by with their beauty. It’s quite a way to the art street where Nevia Theater is located, so let’s take a break over at that store.

    This place is “Amora Nevia”, a shop specializing in teas made from Nevia’s local specialty, Nevian Roses. The interior is also quite lovely, but I’d highly recommend the terrace seating. Ufufu, don’t you think it’s very fashionable and cute with its little botanical garden of roses? Now then, would you like to order a Rose Tea that I recommend?...

    Ara, are you wondering about that empty flower vase on the table? You’ll understand soon♪ From these terrace seats, you can enjoy the roses decorating the store, as well as look out at all of the rose gardens at those houses, and in the square before you... Ara, that gentleman has begun playing a lute. What a fascinating melody... Ara, it seems that man and woman over there took each other’s hand and started dancing, I suppose they couldn’t help it after hearing the melody of love from that gentleman’s lute. The figure of them dancing while holding hands, their happy expressions, as if they were thinking of each other... Kyaa♥ As the performance ended and the spectators applauded, t-they kissed...♥ Haa...♥ That woman’s cheeks flushed red with the urge to breed, eyes moist with lust... Ufufu♥ It’s like the two of them joined for the first time at that moment♥ They went off hand in hand, but surely after this they’ll... Yes♥ Everyone that lives in Nevia enjoys art and music like this. Men and women are often paired together like this♥ If you’d like, we too can...

    Ah, umm, it seems our order has arrived. How do you do? This gallantly beautiful and elegant waitress dressed like a man is now retired, but was originally a member of the Lustre Group... my senior, who now runs this shop with her husband. She is a person with deep knowledge of Nevian Roses, and can tell you anything concerning them, from information about roses and the taste and benefits of making them into tea, to anecdotes about roses. Rose seeds are also sold at this shop, so you can also ask her about growing them.

    Fufu, our waitress has just placed a single rose into that empty flower vase... At this shop, a single rose, which is an ingredient in the rose tea, is used like this to decorate the table. Why don’t you compare the aroma of the rose tea and this rose? They both have very nice scents, don’t they? The Nevian Rose, which is raised with mana, is truly worthy of bearing the name of the city of passion, and depending on how passionate the person raising them is, they will become a deeper red and the scent will change♥ The scent of a rose of someone passionate about song and someone passionate about art will differ...

    So what is the scent of this rose? My, it’s the aroma of love♥ It means you and I seemed to have such a relationship in the eyes of the waitress...♥ Ufufu♥ After all, I love a rose raised by the passionate love of a couple. In Nevia, by wearing roses grown as a couple, you can show just how strongly you love each other. Aah, how lovely, that Dhampir and her partner that just crossed the square... That large rose with its petals spread out in countless layers is incredibly difficult to grow...! It must be flooded with a considerable amount of brutal monster mana and a man’s violently powerful mana, a delicacy that cannot be neglected even a little bit...! ... Surely, all night long, no, with petals that large, there is no doubt they must be joining in the bedroom over and over all day long...! Perhaps you can’t call it something as elegant as “joining”, but rather, copulation♥ Just like a strong male pins down a submissive female and unilaterally ravishes her to exhaustion, that dignified Dhampir over there appears at first glance to be elegantly leading that man, but serves as an outlet for her husband’s primal desires all day... Aah, I can’t♥ I just can’t♥

    Haa, what am I doing! I accidentally got excited! I’m just a little fanatical about roses. Umm, I’ll drink some tea and calm down... Fuu... This rose tea, it has a passionate aroma and taste, don’t you think? When I drink it, my mind calms down, but my body’s core starts to heat up... Ufufufu♥ When I look at you dear sir, my chest and lower body get hotter and hotter...♥

    Clock Tower Park (p81)[edit]

    Uuu... Because I got all excited, we had to take another break... On top of disgracing myself, I’ve only been a bother to you...

    Ah, yes... This is “Clock Tower Park”. As you can see, there is a clock tower towering in the center that was built by a proud Nevian watchmaker together with his Merrow wife, who is a sorcerous engineer, and it’s one of the symbols of Nevia’s beauty. Fufu♥ After all, humans and monsters, men and women, coming together is more beautiful than anything♥

    Adorned all over with beautiful carved roses, not only is the tower itself gorgeous, but the clock face surrounded by statues of mermaids is also wonderful...♥ The park spreads out around the clock tower, and with the refreshing waterways surrounding it and the calm, quiet atmosphere, it is a place where lovers can relax and get intimate♥ Ufufu, the people sitting over there... There are lovers everywhere under the shade of that tree♥ And when the time is just right, a mechanism created by that craftsman couple activates in the clock...and it’s almost time... Ah, just like this, every hour a mechanism causes the mermaid statues to start swimming around the clock face as if dancing, and a wonderful clear tone flows from the clock to signal the time♪

    ...Ara, have you noticed the state of our surroundings?♥ The lovers around the park have started to wrap their arms around each other’s backs, hugging deeply♥ Yes, this chime imitates the Diva’s Song of Passion. It doesn’t compare to the real song, but it still lights and flares up the fires of passion in the listeners♥ This is the time of passionate love and embrace...♥ The tone differs hour by hour, and in the afternoon, when the tone that flows out flares up passion for art, artists often come here to paint.

    However, unfortunately... it isn’t kissing time for another hour...♥ Come now, don’t hold back♥ Neither of us can put up with it anymore♥ Spread out your arms, and come to my chest...♥

    Sculpture Atelier "Nudie Moldie" (p82)[edit]

    When I’m with you, dear sir, I become more and more unable to control myself...

    This is “Art Street”, the main street leading towards Nevia Theatre, where you can find paintings, music, sculptures, literary novels, and all kinds of shops dedicated to the arts. Works of art are on display everywhere, and you can experience all kinds of beauty just from walking down this street... It’s as if the whole city of Nevia were an art museum comparable to the famed Mamono Lord’s Art Museum♪

    That store over there, with one of its walls depicting the image of a Mermaid and a gentleman living at the bottom of the sea, is a store that sells paintings, but if lovers or a married couple visit, they can express their love on campus♥ I wonder if that’s what the couple that just went in intends to do♥

    In Nevia, it’s popular for the love of a couple to persist in the form of art. It’s true that it’s best to exchange love directly, but having any amount of excess love to express or leave behind as art is also a wonderful thing♥ Nevian women are greedy for love and beauty♥

    Among all of these shops, I would like to recommend this one, the sculpture atelier “Nudie Moldie”. It’s a store run by a former Song Maiden senior of mine... a Satyros from the Lustre Group, and as the name implies, it is a sculpture store, however, it doesn’t just sell them, it’s a rather peculiar store.

    Ufufu, the sight of nude sculptures of monsters displayed all over the store’s interior, it’s quite bewitching...♥ All of these were carved by the Satyros shopkeeper, who is an excellent sculptor, and depict the figures of the monster commissioners. These numerous beautiful statues express the charm of a monster’s lewd body so much that gentlemen make a dumbfounded face like you are now, but that is not their true power. I also have a statue I had sculpted to commemorate my becoming a Song Maiden. Let’s head to the shop’s central courtyard♪

    Lewd Maidens playing in a beautiful garden, appearing just like a debaucherous feast in a land of mist...♥ And here is my statue. Please look at it very closely♪

    ...What do you think? My immodest appearance...♥ Ufu♥ Fufufu♥ Aah, your breath’s rough like a beast’s...♥ And your eyes have become bloodshot, how wonderful...♥

    This nude statue was made by removing not only my clothes, but also all the hindrances I wear, leaving behind only the fact that I am a female monster... Only the pure power of my charm as a woman, a bewitching monster that seduces men, has been carved into this stone. It is, so to speak, another me. A me that only wants to flirt with a gentleman, tempt him, and become an outlet for his passion♥

    Ufufu♥ It seems you didn’t hear me... I’m a little jealous♥ Please look at the real me too♥

    Yes, what you felt in your heart when looking at this indecent sculpture is the same feeling as when you saw the real me... Now when you look at me, you see what was burned into your eyes by this nude statue... You can see the charming body underneath my clothes, and the lascivious female nature underneath the thin skin called “me”♥

    Aah, the ragged breath of a beast excited for your female♥ This bloodshot gaze♥ You’ve become unbearably swollen, looking so, so delicious... And all of this is directed towards the real me...♥

    Ufufufu♥ With these statues, monster women appeal all of their charm to a specific gentleman, or place it in a spot that catches people’s eyes, welcoming the gentleman that gets most excited by it as their companion...♥ Devoted husbands also often want statues made of their wives♥

    Now then, let’s get going♥ Nevia Theatre is coming up soon...♥ A little more, just a little more... It will further raise the flames of passion dwelling in our hearts...♥

    Nevia Theatre (p83)[edit]

    Come, hold my hand tightly...♥ Please nestle closer to me...♥

    We’ve finally arrived to the honorably named “Nevia Theatre”! It’s the rose-colored opera theater from that well-known tale. Said to be where once dead roses were revived as Nevian Roses by the song of Christine, the first Diva and Troupe Leader Nevi’s wife, the stunning Nevia Theatre stands among these beautifully resurrected roses! It will surely give you a wonderful time!

    The central stage surrounded by beautiful water full of floating roses... In addition to the first-floor seating surrounding it, there is also sometimes a viewing boat that gets closer to the stage, letting you enjoy the ambiance of Mermaids swimming and dancing before your eyes.

    The programs at Nevia Theatre include the performances of various operas concerning the seven islands, for example, the story of “The Great Pirate of Matori”... There is a scene during the play where Mermaids play the role of pirates and kidnap men, but in some cases, the gentlemen watching from the boat may also get kidnapped themselves♥ Ufufu♥

    There is second and third floor seating on the upper floors, and the seats with a thin curtain around them are semi-private rooms with something like a bed and just enough room for two people to snuggle up, and is seating meant for lovers or married couples. That curtain is a curtain of water with magic that allows you to see the stage unobstructed as if viewing it through clear water from the inside, but you can’t see what is going on from outside the curtain. Even if we were to be struck by the passion of the stage, fondling each other’s bodies and exchanging kisses...♥ Even if the flames of passion ignite, and we have sex according to our urges, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside♥

    This time, Lady Eustine will be taking the stage as the leading role in a big public performance. Normally, walk-ins like you aren’t allowed to take a seat, but I have already prepared you a seat♥ In truth, I would have liked to join your side in the upper floor seating, but I have a role to play on stage.

    Ufufu♥ Actually, did you know I’m a popular actress in the Blossom Group, and often have the privilege of performing with Lady Eustine? This time, please by all means sit on the first floor and witness me on stage♥ If you do, I am sure you will be pleased with the good fortune I will bring you...♥

    Nevia Theatre History Museum (p83)[edit]

    Ufufufu♥ How was I on stage? I take pride in being able to become like a completely different person than the one you’ve seen so far♥ However, now that you’ve seen that statue with your own eyes, I wonder how I looked to you...♥ My♥ Don’t be impatient♥ I know you can’t wait♥ After all, I feel the same♥

    Teehee...♥ Before the excitement dies down, at least allow me to introduce the “Nevia Theatre History Museum”♥

    The performance you witnessed today was “Another Mermaid Princess”. This is a place where you can experience the history of Nevia and Nevia Theatre, which are the basis of that performance, while the excitement of the stage still lingers.

    In addition to the actual props that appear in plays, there are items on display here that make you feel the beauty of old Nevia, such as old works of art from that time, clothing, elaborate models based on Nevia Theatre before it was renovated, sculptures of various Divas, the stone tablet with the original song of passion written on it given to the first Diva by The Great Songstress, and so on.

    Ara? You’re rather silent, are you alright? Could it be... Are you jealous of Lady Eustine, who was playing the role of a man on stage? Ufufufu♥ I’ve wanted to show you something... Fufu, let’s head into that room♥
    Have you woken up? Ufufu... You’re wondering where we are? This is the history museum. You were just in the old Nevia Theatre?

    Ufufufufu♥ Yes, this tiny little room, which appears at first glance to only have a desk and two chairs, allows you to become the main character of “Another Mermaid Princess” and “relive” history. I don’t know the details, but it seems through the complex magic and incense of Succubi and Nightmares, you can be shown such “dreams”... Of course, we both experienced the same history and witnessed the same dream♥

    In the final scene, the Mermaid Princess, played by me, sees the unmasked viscount’s true face for the first time, and kisses him. How does the me on stage compare to the me in the dream? Which one had an expression of incredible lust towards her gentleman, like I do now...♥

    Nevia Souvenir Shop (p84)[edit]

    As you would expect, the “Souvenir Room” is last♥ In a city with an aesthetic atmosphere like this, “Souvenir Room” sounds rather cute, doesn’t it♪

    Ara, is this something you don’t recognize? It’s called a “Nevian Mask”, like the one you were wearing earlier, and that Viscount Nevi used to hide his face. By the way, in Nevia, there is a festival held every year involving these masks called the “Nevian Carnival”, where men and women go around all day wearing masks and hiding their faces while spending time together.

    Curiously, even though their faces are hidden, people become more “open” and bold because their faces can’t be seen, and even reserved, late-blooming gentlemen who normally have no confidence in their own beauty often call out to us monsters, and during the carnival, many new couples are formed. And then, the lovers and couples that have spent the whole day unable to see each other’s masked faces remove their masks at the end of the day, showing their faces to their partners... Can you guess what happens to us monsters when we can’t see our lover’s or husband’s face for a whole day?♥

    Ah...♥ One can only imagine how lewdly disheveled Lady Christine’s heart and body became after seeing the Viscount’s face for the first time in not just a day, but many years♥ Incidentally, it seems the actual person these masks originate from is so embarrassed by the festival imitating him that he and his wife don’t come out of their bedroom for the whole day, so we don’t get to see their faces, even without masks, for the entire day♥

    Here, allow me to tell you a story involving these masks and the festival. his is a tale of an unscrupulous man who attempted to abuse this festival. This man, who had only just arrived in Nevia, was a simple but kind, hard-working gentleman. However, something sad had happened to him in the past, and he looked down on and terribly hated all women. One year, on the eve of the festival, a mischievous thought suddenly occurred to the man, and he decided to use this mask to do something evil.

    “I’ll take advantage of this day when women’s hearts are open, have sex with them, and at the end of the day, I’ll throw them away without removing my mask or revealing my true self.” He thought.

    The man made a move on a single woman, and they spent the day together. The woman’s face was hidden, of course, but it was clear from her body and the outline of her face that this was a woman who could not hide her beauty. The man thought she must surely be a detestable woman who routinely used her good looks to get men to support her.

    The man was friendly and honeymouthed, so the woman enjoyed the day immensely, allowing the man to crawl his hands along her body, and accepting his countless kisses. As the sun was setting, the man brought the woman to an inn for a one-night stand. However, the man vanished without having sex with the woman, leaving only a copper coin for the woman to stay at the inn.

    The man imagined the woman’s face, which he had never seen, contorted with sorrow after his evil deed, and what would happen to the heartbroken woman afterwards. The image of “women” in his mind that he hated did not match with the “woman” he had just spent the day with, and what remaining conscience he had made him abandon his evil deed at the last moment.

    As for me, I believe it’s completely unthinkable to steal her lips and then run away!... Well, anyway, some time passed after that. The man had a problem. The feeling of the woman’s body he had felt that day wouldn’t leave his hands, the sweet silence and melting feeling of her tongue when he had stolen a kiss wouldn’t leave his mouth. And every time he thought about it, his lower body grew hot, and no matter how many times he whipped it out to suppress that desire with his own hands, it never went away.

    The man found himself wandering around the city like a zombie, searching for the woman he had spent that day with. Then he saw a woman who was looking for someone like he was. There was a woman whose face was just as beautiful as he had expected, but she looked at the man with obscenely sadistic eyes, and had a lascivious smile on her face, as if her true nature had surfaced. Nevertheless, it seems the man had never considered that the woman, whose mouth curled into a smile and sneeringly said “found you”, was not a human, but a monster.

    Was this the first time you’ve heard that story? That’s understandable. After all, it isn’t particularly a tale that circulates around Nevia, rather it’s the beginning of my senior’s marriage. Ufufu♥ Her husband’s torment from the feeling that wouldn’t leave his fingertips, and the indelible pleasure of kissing. You’ve seen that statue, and seen me, so don’t you understand the feeling yourself?

    Now then, as for your lodgings tonight... Let’s go to my estate, I shall accompany you to the very end♥ Ufufufufu♥

    Night Painting Path (p85)[edit]

    Ah, dear sir, it may be difficult to reach my residence at night...

    There are many “paths” in the city of Nevia. Paths with beautiful roses that are like hidden getaways, paths to little ateliers, in Nevia, visiting such paths is one of the standard dating plans, but out of all of them, the “Night Painting Path”, which only appears late at night, is considered especially dangerous.

    In the darkness of night, there are countless canvases clearly illuminated, despite there being no light around them. There’s no mistaking it, we’re at the “Night Painting Path”. Please look down and don’t look at the paintings on the canvases, just move forward. From now on, even if we turn around and head back, we can’t get out of here.

    This path is a place a Dark Mage artist known as “The Painting Witch” decorates with her paintings, and lures in new subjects using her magic... Sir? You suddenly stopped, is something wrong?

    Aah... Aah... The road in front of us is blocked by canvases... And on each one is a painting of men and women playing with each other’s bodies... Iya♥ Dear sir♥ Crawl your hand along those places too...♥ Yes, that’s right. Since “everybody else” is also playing with each other’s bodies, we should do the same♥ This isn’t enough. We need to entwine our fingers more, like everyone around us...♥ Aan♥ That’s it♥ Flick the tip of my breast just like that... Rub my ass lewdly...♥

    Haa...♥ Do you know what it takes to become a great Song Maiden, or even a Diva? You must have “flames of passion” within you that are recognized by The Great Songstress♥ Starting with the first Diva, Christine, all Divas have husbands, beloved gentlemen they have passionately burning love for♥ The first Diva demonstrated that the moment the viscount removed his mask. That is unmistakably the condition for becoming Diva...♥ That’s why everyone has praised Lady Eustine as a genius for becoming a Diva without a husband.

    But that’s not correct. She didn’t become Diva because she was a genius... However, she knew that...♥ Such a person, who can feel other people’s stories and destinations as if they were her own, knows exactly what happens when we monsters obtain a husband...♥

    Dear sir...♥ It looks like we’ve arrived somewhere else without realizing it♥ This is...on all of these canvases... Aah, Aah...♥ “All around us”, men are ravishing women with beast-like, bloodshot eyes, just like yours♥ All of the women look so very, very happy~...♥ Iyaan♥

    Aah♥ A head full of the one you love, a heart throbbing and pounding when your beloved is in front of you, a womb that heats up and begs to have a child just from thinking about the one you love...♥ Understanding that all of these sensations are connected and the same is the truth for us monsters, to whom love and sexual desire are inseparable...♥ It seems Lady Eustine arrived to that conclusion before she could understand it first hand, as I have...♥

    Haa♥ I hear the sound of frenzied brush strokes from somewhere... It must be that witch portraying our fooling around...♥ Before I knew it, the Anthropomorphosis Spell broke...♥ My mermaid tail could no longer resist you...♥

    Ufu, fufu♥ Stories often say you must either give up your love for a gentleman or your dreams. If you don’t give up one, you cannot seize the other. There are stories like that, but...♥ Haa♥ This isn’t one of them♥ My whole life so far, being born in Nevia, my efforts on the stage, all of these have been paths leading me here and now...♥♥ And these are the feelings of a shameful female who would rather be held and pierced by you, dear sir, than sing or dream of becoming the Diva♥ This is also a necessary path...♥

    Ufufu♥ I am a greedy Nevian woman...♥ I am going to become the Diva♥ So please, ravish me to exhaustion... My dear husband♥♥♥

    Fourth Song Island Saida (p88)[edit]

    The Fourth Song Island of Courage


    The thunderous roaring voices shout, a sleepless city illuminated by neon

    Diva: Levin Dil (Thunderbird) Inherited Song: Courage
    Main Residents: Thunderbird, Harpy, Black Harpy, Gremlin, Automaton

    An island of soul shaking thunder and music! Set apart from other song islands, this one brings intensely stimulating music to you!

    The fourth song island “Saida” is an island of eternal night, its characteristic neon lights dazingly illuminate the whole city, and the Song Maidens with stimulating singing voices and good looks won’t let you sleep!

    In the city of Saida where people eat, drink, and sing freely, no one will get in the way of your desires! The never-ending hustle and bustle and the free atmosphere are open to everyone! If you drink at a bar, no matter what time it is, a bad onee-san will drink with you♥

    At the live house you visited by chance, new encounters and music that pierce like lightning wait for you! This makes Saida also perfect for naughty nightlife♥ Women are the hunters, and you are the prey. The Song Maidens lick their lips at you! Becoming a slightly bad boy and aiming for a Song Maiden might be nice too!

    It’s also perfect for girls that want to cross the line! After attacking a man or being attacked by a man and becoming lovers, enjoy a lovely night view on an airship flight, and have a meal at a hip club. Saida promises exciting encounters and nights for all customers!

    Saida X Matori Live Concert Announcement!!
    Saida’s charm, to say the least, is its live concerts with no lack of great excitement! Not only can you simply enjoy the songs and musical performances, but enjoying the passion that fills the venue and the sense of unity is the true pleasure of live concerts! With sounds like thunder, everyone, regardless of species, sex, or age shakes their souls and gets excited together!

    The hugely popular band well-known for paralyzing Court Alf with its thundering sound, “R3 (Rights Rights Rights)”[6], will be on a special live stage for this year’s Court Alf National Memorial Festival, wow! Matori’s Diva “Lilynanna” appears on stage as a special guest! Don’t miss a hot encounter with the Diva of the paralyzing voice, “Levin Dil”!! Tickets on sale now! Reserve yours fast!

    You can expect everyone gathered at the venue to be jumping about and making a racket with great excitement! However, be careful not to get too hot! In the event you hit another nearby guest while swinging your arms wildly about, and that nearby guest happens to be a monster, and she says “What the hell! You want to go?!” and begins violating you on the spot, the Live Management Office will not accept any complaints♥

    For Men! Recommended for Singles♥
    A live house featuring a wealth of Song Maidens that perform on the streets all over the city. An instrument store full of everything from beginner to high-end models! The city of Saida never bores one who loves music!

    In addition to that, aggressive women are also charming♥
    If you walk alone, you’ll be taken into a back alley, and if you drink alone, an onee-san will call out to you♥ Saida never lets a person seeking an encounter be alone!

    For those just getting into music!
    Beginners and inexperienced people, welcome! The Song Maidens will teach you how to handle an instrument, as well as how to handle women♥ Is the appearance and atmosphere of the Song Maidens scary? Don’t worry! It’s only scary at first! Once you’ve finished up, they’re very affectionate girls♪ I’m sure you can build a close relationship♥

    Recommendation for those that want such a bride!
    Saida monsters seek stimulation and wild pleasure♥ These girls that want to do you whenever there’s a chance can also be like a close girlfriend. How about a relationship with such “Bad Girls”?

    Saida's History (p92)[edit]

    Yo, nice of you to drop in Saida! I’m Levin, I’m here to welcome you as the Diva! Check it out, Saida’s “Thunder” is roaring even harder today. Haa, I want to have a session with you on this island as soon as possible♪

    Oi Oi, what are you, scared? Whaaat, on this island it’s alright to be struck by lightning, everyone here is like that. Screw everything that gets in the way… the cry of the soul that has stripped itself of useless things feels best here❤If you’d like, should I drive it in right here and now, and listen to the cry of your soul with my body?❤

    Whaaat! You know things have an order, don’t you? I hate taking things slow, but I’m not going to show you getting fucked right here and now to the other chicks. First, I’ll give you a lecture on the “Lightning of Saida” that your body will be receiving from now on!


    [Saida’s History]
    Saida’s history huh? That’s a pain in the ass. I’m made to do it every time, but I suck at telling this story. I hate the bloody thing. Besides, I like the “current” Saida, and I don’t care about old things that happened long ago. Well, I know that’s not enough, and it’s a Diva’s job, so it can’t be helped.

    To put it simply, Saida tried to invade the other islands. It’s not a good thing to hear, but still, history is like a part of the body that this island has followed. I’m prepared to speak, so you’d better be prepared to listen! I’ll teach you exactly what path this thunderous island has taken.

    The lightning that falls in Saida, which has completely become a dark monster realm, is all influenced by monster mana, it is, so to speak, the lightning of the monster realm. It’s like a Thunderbird's, or in other words, my lightning. It’s not like you’ll die even if it hits you directly. If you’re a human, your head will start to feel funny, and you’ll begin to feel really good, and it seems you’ll keep cumming for quite a while...❤ However, old Saida wasn’t a monster realm.

    The lightning that downpours all year long hollows out the ground and sinks ships, and of course if a human is hit, they’re burned to a black crisp. The place was like some kinda hell where such a thing fell on a whim. I mean, could you imagine it? It’s amazing, that humans lived on such an island.

    It’s said the islanders lived their lives in caves, hiding from the sky to avoid the lightning. However, you could die just from stepping outside, it was a life of fearing the lightning because you had no idea when it would come. Heh, naturally, that’s no way to feel alive. Living in such a hell, it’s no wonder those guys, cursed being born in Saida, were jealous of the guys on other islands, and became twisted. The crops grew fragile because of the extremely bad soil or lightning burning them to a crisp. For Saida, trading with other islands was their best lifeline. But, if it’s risky to go outside, it’s also risky to go to sea. They didn’t know when a voyage to sea would become a one-way ticket to the other world, so for every trade, a life-risking suicide squad was assembled. Even if the ship luckily didn’t sink, it wasn’t unusual for the sailors or cargo to be burned by lightning and sacrificed. Nevertheless, Saida’s suicide squad had to risk their lives for their friends and family waiting for them to return home.

    However, that doesn’t mean the other islands, who lacked such a lifestyle, would trade honestly with Saida. Those guys were reluctant. Unsurprisingly, mutual trade between islands is a business. Naturally, each party’s profit-and-loss accounts must not differ, and the stability and credibility of each is also important. If Saida’s cargo is burned by lightning, or the ship sinks from the start, the trade itself is lost and the other party’s preparations and goods will be wasted. For that reason, hardly any islands formed long term relations with the extremely unstable Saida. Saida’s sole trade product was a spice from a plant unique to Saida that somehow grew in the infertile soil, and miraculously endured the lightning. At the time, that kind of spice seems to have sold for a crazy price. The quantity was small, but if all went smoothly, it could be traded for plenty of food. But, every time, trouble would always happen. Shit like the quality is bad, or they won’t buy it at a high price because the quantity is too small. The point is, the other parties knew that Saida would starve if they couldn’t trade, and those bastards took advantage of it.

    That’s why Saida is called things like “The Dying Island”. Ships from the outside never approached the island, but one time, a ship of the Order of the Chief God unfortunately became lost in the sea near Saida, and ended up getting struck by lightning and sinking. As a silver lining, one of the unlucky Order soldiers aboard the ship washed up in Saida. Yeah, this guy is a main character in Saida’s history. His name was “Lyle”.

    The young man, Lyle, was apparently the underling of underlings amongst the Order soldiers. The story goes the people of the island helped the guy, and somehow managed to save his life. Like I said before, many of those guys were totally twisted, and even if you help just one soldier, it’s not like you’d receive the grace of the Order, and the islanders knew that. Still, those guys had seen so much that they hated to see a fellow ship be sunk by lightning. They couldn’t think he deserved it, or that it was somebody else’s problem. So, unable to abandon the human that had miraculously been saved despite being struck by lightning, the Saida guys, who themselves lived a shitty life in poverty, gave that Lyle bastard valuable medicine and food. Lyle, who had been saved by them, seemed extremely moved. After his wounds healed, he tried to help the island somehow, and even though he knew he might die for sure if he’s struck by lightning again, he wandered all around Saida, searching the island. Is he a fucking moron? Well, I guess there are still a lot of thick-headed and softhearted guys in the Order.

    Then, in the Saida mountains, where the thunderstorms were especially intense, Lyle came across the Thunderbird “Eldin”. Eldin seems to have been completely captivated by the guy’s crazy recklessness, wandering all over the island of death to return his gratitude, despite how his life was saved. She wanted to gift him a valuable treasure. Even though I have to do this, it’s tedious you know. The treasure shined with the most amazing glow, it was a rock that usually looks like just a plain rock, but when we Thunderbirds pour lightning into it, it shines crazy pretty. Lyle seemed to want to know what it was. He examined it all over, but the only result he could come up with was that it was “an ore holding the power of lightning”.

    That ore, “Thunderstone”, is a thing that can store the power of lightning that it receives in a stone, whether it’s Thunderbird or natural lightning. Cooperating with Eldin, Lyle discovered a way to take the power of lightning out of the stone and control it. It seems that bastard Lyle actually wanted to become a scholar. In addition, he found that in Saida, where lightning falls with reckless abandon, the lightning that falls is drawn to the thunderstone that is buried underground, and that if you dig up the ground, many thunderstones come out.

    And so, he returned to the island guys triumphantly. First, the lives of the people that lived in dingy caves were filled with light. Where they had until then only had the glow of feeble torchlight, they now had obtained the steady light of the thunderstones that dazzles like lightning, and they were happily released from the days of their fear of darkness. Next, Lyle thought about somehow managing the lightning itself. However, you can’t win by fighting lightning, and even if the thunderstone that causes it is managed, the island itself is like a mass of thunderstones. Lyle then came up with an idea, and made a “lightning control staff” with a big thunderstone stuck on the tip, and set them up all over the island, or gave them to the island guys that were heading outside. The lightning now began to fall more towards the stones hoisted around than the stones in the island’s surface. Now if the island guys held up their staves, the lightning would be stored in the stone at the tip, and they could feel at ease that they won’t be burned. Lyle had shown them that they could live with the lightning, rather than fight against it. Eldin was later told this by Lyle, but it seems Lyle came up with this when he was thinking about Eldin. Lyle had completely fallen in love with the woman who was a “monster”, which he had always been taught was the “enemy”. Rather than fighting the monster Eldin, he suggested himself they should choose the path of living together. You know, it’s a kind of confession if you say it to the person themselves! Not bad huh❤

    However, contrary to what he thought, things didn’t work out so simply. There is one dangerous thing about this “Thunderstone”. It’s really harmless if it’s just collecting lightning and shining, but the danger is that the stone can release the power of its stored-up lightning to the outside. If you figure out a way, you can fire the lightning wherever you like, and you can also fry your enemies or their ships freely, making it a terrible thing.

    Their lives had improved dramatically, conquering the natural wonder that had until then threatened their lives... In fact, they even went as far as mastering the art of manipulating it, and those Saida guys held the mighty power of nature’s lightning in their hands. Well, to put it simply, those guys got totally carried away. Ignoring Lyle’s warning, they built a huge “Thunderstone” mine, recklessly digging to obtain even more power of lightning.

    By the way, do you know why the Order ship Lyle was on came to such a place to begin with? This whole area, which is collectively called Court Alf today, was divided into several conflicting countries during this era. The ship Lyle came on had come to investigate the state of things and the war condition. That’s why Lyle knew that the relationship between the countrymen of this area was dangerously off-balanced. Meanwhile, the small country of Saida had dug up a stone hiding unexpected power. And then people hear those stones can become terrible weapons. You know what happens even if you aren’t Lyle.

    Every country wanted all of Saida’s thunderstones, so those bastards who hadn’t yet realized the power of lightning wanted to put them down and take advantage of them, dazzling them with military power like before. However, Saida was not as puny as before. With the power of lightning as a weapon, as if seeking revenge for the unfair trades they were forced into until now, they intimidated other islands, and forced them into deals. If that happens, they’ll want to fire back. Originally, those guys should have been kind, just like when they were helping that bastard Lyle, but...their oppressed past justified their actions now. As if to insist it, Saida began invading other islands with the power of lightning. It was the other islanders that made Saida’s past. It was what they deserved. However, the Saida that won against thunder could not win against their past.

    Lyle, of course, was heartbroken by the sight. He was the one that first discovered the stone, investigated how to use it, and taught those guys about it. It seems he thought this was all because of him. Also, he regretted not being able to stop them. As he lived in Saida, he witnessed firsthand the hellish life those guys lived, and how the other islanders took advantage of them as they pleased. That’s why he so strongly regretted that he couldn’t stop them.

    And so, the quarrel intensified, and before long the great war involving the seven islands began. The story varies a bit, but it seems that bastard Lyle was adored by even the Thunderbirds of the Saida mountain range. I hear Lyle and Eldin were called Big Bro Lyle and Big Sis Eldin by them. Because of that, Lyle knew from the Thunderbirds that the monsters were moving to somehow influence the great war, and about the “Great Songstress” that had made a certain decision.

    In the Battle of the Asuramis Sea, where the fleets of the seven islands had gathered, Lyle, together with Eldin, led a flock of Thunderbirds into battle. They struck them with the lightning of the monster realm that doesn’t sink a single ship, and neutralizes humans without killing them. In addition to that, that bastard Lyle wielded a “thunder sword” made from thunderstones. Standing in the way of the Saida soldiers that tried to shoot lightning at enemy ships with their “lightning control staves”, he cut the lightning with his “thunder sword” and scattered it. That bastard Lyle wanted to stop those Saida guys from killing people as much as possible. As the battle boiled down, and soon after the preparations for the Great Songstress were over, those Saida guys brought in something terrible. An unbelievably enormous thunderstone was placed on a ship, with the purpose of shooting lightning at enemy ships, in short, a lightning cannon. It wouldn’t just burn a ship; it had the power to turn it to cinders.

    That bastard Lyle didn’t even listen to the Thunderbird’s hesitation, and jumped in front of a cannon aimed at a ship from another country. However, Lyle’s sword couldn’t endure the mighty power of the lightning. It completely shattered. The targeted ship and many human lives were saved. However, the lightning that was supposed to take it passed through one human named Lyle. The Saida guys, targeted guys, and Thunderbirds were all dumbfounded. Meanwhile it seems only Eldin was half-crazed. Shortly after, they heard the Great Songstress’s “Song of Tears” in their ears.

    With the Song of Tears sung by the Great Songstress at the expense of her life, and the actions of Lyle, the Great War of Asuramis ended with miraculously few sacrifices. However, the Saida guys had pierced their benefactor, Lyle, with their own lightning. The Saida guys were anguished. If only they hadn’t made such a thing, if only they hadn’t sought revenge on the other countries when they got the thunderstones, if only they had listened to Lyle’s warning... They buried him in Saida as “The Hero Lyle”, so they would never forget their regret...

    Of course, that’s not what happened at all. That bastard Lyle was already fucking the Thunderbird Eldin, so he had already become an incubus❤ As a Thunderbird’s husband, the guy was always gasping from Eldin’s lightning, there was no way he was going to die by lightning!

    And so, Lyle was saved, Eldin was happy, and they all lived happily ever after... Sorry, I couldn’t help but say that you know. That bastard Lyle ate the lightning of that giant cannon, and totally snapped. Of course, Eldin and her fellow Thunderbirds were also enraged. Each and every one of those Saida guys received a dose of monster realm lightning to their heads. What? The Lightning Control Staves? I don’t really understand it, but when it’s “natural lightning” that aims at and hits the stone, I guess it just strikes it and stays there? We Thunderbirds manipulate and drive our lightning into humans, so even if it hits the stone, it will just flow from there into a human’s body, stuff like the staves will be nothing more than a guide. Well, I guess because of that it smashed into their heads without mercy. Everyone had a huge climax, the women became monsters, the men incubi, they became crazy guys like they are today! That’s how Saida became the best feeling monster realm that it is today!

    Huh? You don’t know why the Thunderbirds inherited the song from the Great Songstress? I don’t know either!... No, hang on...

    Well, I mean, it sounds like the Thunderbirds at the time were feeling great. When they were singing, the monster realm lightning fell relentlessly so...maybe that’s it?

    Current Saida (p96)[edit]

    Pull yourself together, and I’ll explain what’s going on in the present Saida. Saida is built in a huge crater of a volcano that died long ago. Just imagine the shape of a mortar, surrounded by tall mountains. Even now, Saida has monster realm lightning pouring down. The guys building the city do some clever things, so the lightning usually doesn’t fall within the city, but in the sky and mountains nearby, it thunders violently like it is now. Like I said earlier, you don’t die if it strikes you, it actually feels really good❤ It’ll make your head go totally pure white…❤

    That’s why Saida is an island that lives together with lightning. It was developed with the power of “Thunderstones” and the power of lightning stored in them. Even if we don’t rely on natural lightning, us Thunderbirds can pour in as much lightning as we want♪ By the way, since Saida has become a monster realm, all of the “battery stones”[7], including those still buried in the ground, have turned into monster realm ore. For example, even if it stores “ordinary lightning” from outside of Saida, it’ll turn into monster realm lightning similar to that of us Thunderbirds. You can’t use it as a weapon like in the old days. That’s why these days you can think of various ways to use it, and it’s become pretty convenient…❤ Well, it’s not us Thunderbirds, but the humans and Gremlin teachers that think about that though. Thanks to them, I guess Saida has the most advanced technology among the cities of the mamono realm?

    For example, as you can see, Saida is a dark monster realm, and the sky is always covered with thunderclouds, right? So, whether morning or daytime, the whole city should be pitch black like night, but as you can see, within the city it’s dazzlingly bright, isn’t it? That’s because the light of lightning from using “battery stones” like on this sign, or that store, is used all over the city. It’s not just some old bright light, with this kind of dazzling radiant light, you can change the color and draw letters and pictures, and you can even put just the light in the air! If I remember right, “Neonic Light” was created by an inventor named “Dr. Neonic” or something… It’s called “Neon Light” for short. It’s so dazzling and noticeable, and the atmosphere is erotic, that Court Alf’s Sixth Song Island “Dé Ryúa” wanted it. It looks like it’s exported to other monster realm nations, or some kind of technology exchange! I don’t really know the details, sorry!

    Also, there are two ways to come to Saida. The first method is by ship from the sea, coming into the city through a cave that was punched into the mountains, the second method is by ship, flying down from the mountain summit into the city. Eh? Boats don’t fly in the sky? Oh yeah, that! In Saida, we have “airships”. Many Gremlins that were interested in thunderstones moved here, and they brought some kinda ancient technology with them to the city, developing it like it is now, and the airship was one of them, it flies through the sky even though it’s a boat!? Isn’t that awesome? It seems that humans and Gremlins made it together, but when they flew for the first time, both humans and Gremlins were super stoked! On the occasion, we Thunderbirds waiting in the sky were itching with excitement! Also, there are airships that move between Saida and the other islands, and there are also airships that connect the city to the mountain summit. If you ride an airship, even though you can’t fly through the sky like we can, you can enjoy the scenery of Saida from far above. Isn’t the night view of Saida lit by neon lights just amazing?

    Well, that’s it. It’s a little difficult to talk in this area, let’s go around the city more. The city of Saida is like the noisiest city. All the neon lights dazzling all day long, the bars are always loud, we can sing and play instruments throughout the city, a man walking alone calls out to a shrewd monster nearby. All the folks here just do whatever they want. Those kinds of delinquents are welcomed here♪ If you want to drink with someone, and join in with that bar and cause a racket, nobody cares that they’ve seen your face for the first time. If you want to, you can even call out to someone that doesn’t seem to have a partner❤ Afterwards? Well, it’s not like you can say goodbye once you’ve fucked if it’s a monster. I don’t know what happens after you’ve fucked❤

    What happens to those that can’t do that? Look over there. I wonder why he came to this kind of place, that serious-looking lanky guy that was approached by a black harpy, and cornered into a wall? They’re booking at the same time❤ Well shit, both are pretty serious. Her expression has the eyes of someone totally looking at a male, and she’s even licking her lips❤ I’m sure he’ll get plenty of love. A whole lifetime❤

    Well, this city has this kind of good-for-nothing feeling. But that’s also the good part about this city. Both humans and monsters have their worries you know. If you eat a meal, it’s delicious right? If you sing a song, it’s refreshing, and if a man and a woman fuck, it feels great❤ Just fuck before you think about stupid things❤ There’s all kinds of ways to deal with them. If something’s troubling you too, how about blowing it away with my song?[8]

    W-why are you asking me about that? You came here to travel right? Traveling and enjoying yourself feels like a distraction, right? It seems like tired guys looking to cheer up often go to the second island, “Matori”, but now, for customers facing difficulties, and struggling with the way they should go, “Saida” is highly recommended! That’s what the person in charge of publicity said. If you think about things too much, you’ll end up losing your way, right? At times like those, just forget it and fire a pure white shot♪ Well, I wonder if it's an important thing you can't not think about. Since it’s important, it’s alright to enjoy yourself to your heart’s content, and then think about it after you’ve felt good. Well, somehow… I guess my song can support those kinds of people. For the sake of those guys, we sing here, and I’m a Diva that doesn’t act like one.[8]

    Since the city is like this, even though this place is a monster realm, folks from the Order want to come here after hearing someone recommend it. Well, humans think more deeply about various things than we do, and those Order guys have way too much to worry about, like God or faith, or the scripture that says they should strike down monsters, it seems to be a major problem. Hey, look over there. That drunken dude over there has a rosary around his neck, so he’s an Order bastard. He’s already shit-faced. A junior Song Maiden is rubbing his back and… and totally has her eyes on him❤ Look, that chick, she’s groping the dude’s ass now, isn’t she❤ Like this, you can cut loose on the spot and cause a little ruckus, okay? It’s that kind of city. If you start a fight, we Thunderbirds will bring it to a shocking end, and if a guy has gotten so drunk that he’s gotten lost, a pretty and kind onee-san will come do something about it❤

    I’ve only shown you one area all day, but as expected of a place that’s also called a song island, the music is really thriving, isn’t it? There’s someone doing just that. A Thunderbird, and behind her a Succubus and Gremlin huh? Here, there are a lot of folks that form an “organized orchestra (band)” of multiple people like this. Because of that, it’s noisy all over, right? In Nevia, music is enjoyed quietly and well-behaved, but here it’s called “live”, and everyone that listens to it enjoys it making a racket together. The band members will play their performance louder to not lose to them and raise the excitement even further♪

    And there’s also a lot of folks besides the Song Maidens that play music, you know? That band has a Thunderbird Song Maiden in it, but the other two are different. Those three all have instruments, right? There are some that sing while playing one, and others specialize in musical performance. That thing that looks like a lute is a “thunderstring” instrument, and it’s so cool that everyone calls it an “electric guitar”. When you play a string, it makes a sharp and cool sound like thunder♪ There are a lot of people that carry instruments throughout the city, right? That’s because there is so much stimulation in this city. When you get excited, you strum it with all your heart, and turn your feelings into music. If I get excited, it looks like I’m gonna start singing too❤

    Once you’ve gotten used to this island, why don’t you also try out one of the instruments? I mean, just give it a try♪ Even if you don’t have any bandmates, on this island, you can have improvised performances, and have a session together in place of a greeting. If a man without a partner like you is playing an instrument by himself, or is playing for the first time, or sucks at it, then the monsters around here will all come join the session. After the greetings, they’ll continue it wherever❤

    Well, you don’t need a partner like that anymore❤ Huh? Have I been hearing a crackling sound since earlier? Nooope… that’s me. Since earlier I’ve gotten so excited that I want to sing❤I’ve just gotta do it…will you accompany me? Huh?❤

    Songstress Introduction (Levin Dil) (p99)[edit]

    Diva Introduction
    • Diva: Levin Dil
    • Species: Thunderbird
    • Favorite Color: Blue
    • Favorite Type: “Ah, well I guess the kind of strong spirited guy who can keep up with my beat.”
    • How to Spend a Holiday: “I don’t feel comfortable taking a day off you know, so having a small gig is best but… after that, a tour around an instrument store? I can’t decide.”

    Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
    Ah, yeah. I’m that Song Maiden. I’ll be showing you around today if that’s alright, nice to meet ya. Huh? The way I’m talking is calm despite my appearance? I’m not performing right now you know.

    Our Diva, Levin, is the leader and base vocalist of the most popular charismatic band in Saida, “R3(Rights Rights Rights)”. We call her “Sis” or “Big Sis”. Big Sis is admired all throughout Saida… no, not just Saida, she’s an awesome person whose name is known in the other islands and even other countries. When she sings, the place trembles, and although it’s a very beautiful voice, it cleaves through the air, and it’s like the place becomes totally different, it really is a thunderous song. Hearing her song, being scorched by it, and chasing her down, arriving at this island… I think there’s no small number of people like that. I was the same. It’s like the place is filled with lightning from her words, but I think that’s cool.

    If we Song Maidens are frozen before a man, she’ll scream out “Just fuck him before you start going on about bullshit!” while lightning streams from her back. Big Sis doesn’t have a man yet, but I’m sure if there is a man that strikes her, instead of beating around the bush, she’ll immediately fucking ravish him…♥ I suppose I also want to follow Big Sis’s example…♥ Big Sis takes good care of all the Song Maidens, and we respect her.

    However, no one knows much about Big Sis’s past. She doesn’t talk about it, and she wasn’t originally a monster from Saida. I hear she wandered in to Saida some years ago, but I don’t really know where she came from. She’s definitely an unknown wanderer, but anyway, I hear Big Sis’s sudden debut was totally “crazy”.

    Yeah, I didn’t see it directly so I don’t know much, but I’ve heard some rumors. On the day Big Sis showed up in Saida, purple lightning poured down all over the city like thunderous applause, almost like the whole island was welcoming her. At Big Sis’s first live performance, her lightning was too strong, and the neon lights all around Saida burst, plunging the city into darkness for the first time since it became a mamono realm, everyone got excited from the situation, and a huge number of couples were born out of all the men and women fucking like crazy.

    Everyone seemed shocked from seeing Big Sis like that. Big Sis’s band member, now her pal, the Thunderbird “Leora” is a legendary solo guitarist that was Number 2 to the Diva at the time in Saida. She was a loner who didn’t work with anyone, but it seems she was paralyzed by Big Sis’s beat, and she invited her to form a band as the bass.

    “Reina”, the Raiju in charge of drums, is also an amazing person. It seems she was a master of the lightning taiko that performed “Court Service” in the capital of Zipangu, but after hearing the rumors of Big Sis, she decided to leave the capital.

    As for why Big Sis was chosen, well... The former Diva wanted to focus on fucking her husband, so she was desperately looking for a successor, so in the same year she turned up in Saida, Big Sis became Diva with the speed of lightning.

    Song of Courage (p100)[edit]

    The song that has been passed down to each successive Diva of Saida is “The Song of Courage”. The Song of Courage is a song that releases one’s self, no, a song that helps to release it. Since the person that hears it is totally shocked as if struck by lightning, it’s also called stylish things like “Thunder’s Kiss”.

    You and I both have various troubles, you know. Especially during an important live performance, like wondering if I can’t do it, or if my voice isn’t very cute, or if I’m not very friendly… and so on. So no matter what you think, if feels like you can only think of bad things.

    At times like those, if I’m struck by Big Sis’s song, my head becomes pure white for a moment. All of those things I got caught up in are gone… After that, when my mind has gone blank, I can see myself practicing the song. However, I don’t think that girl is me, or rather, it feels like I’m looking at a somewhat different girl. I keep looking at that version of myself. …Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to say this about myself, but this girl is practicing hard. The current phrase is filled with incredible emotion. Now her smiling face is pretty cute, and the part where she stuck out her tongue and licked the mic was sexy, and so on… What can I do while seeing myself like that? What have I been piling up? These things become clear in my head. With this, I can confront myself. This girl can do it. I can do it. Big Sis’s song is a song that makes you feel that way.

    The Song of Courage is a song that allows those that hear it to “discover their own charm”. It seems that it’s conveyed as a companion song to Matori’s Song of Joy, which “discovers your partner’s charm”. People trying to challenge themselves, people trying to change themselves, people trying to confront their weaknesses… the Song of Courage supports those people. This song brings courage to those that hear it. I also received courage from Big Sis, and because of that, I’m now a Song Maiden here.

    Yeah. What happens after Big Sis’s live Song of Courage? It’s totally amazing for both men and women. If we monsters have a man we’re interested in, and we’ve gained confidence in our self, then there’s only one thing to do. Some girls get too excited and bring a man somewhere in the middle of a live, and some girls even do it right there on the spot. And then, all the guys get confidant. They say "I can go too". When the live is over, they invite the monsters that came to the venue. They’ll actually come too. The men will become even more motivated, because the monsters were already overjoyed. The inns and such in the area will quickly overflow, so everyone does it in back alleys or in the shadows of buildings. That's why it’s definitely a pain when it’s time for those like me that don’t have a partner to go home.

    By the way, at first I said it’s inherited, but the Song of Courage is a little unique. It’s not something you’ll learn from being taught by a Diva or the Great Songstress. As she continues to sing on this island, the Song Maiden that will become the Diva can sing the Song of Courage before she realizes it. It seems Big Sis sang it the first day she came to the island, so she’s an exception among exceptions, but I’m sure it was the island recognizing her.

    Yeah, right now I can only sing one verse, but surely…

    The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p101)[edit]

    Ah, did you see the picture I drew in the tourism pamphlet?

    Yeah... When I’m not performing, I don’t make those faces, or stick out my tongue.

    Now then, can I continue our discussion? Like I said earlier, the condition for becoming the Diva of Saida is being able to sing the Song of Courage. If you can do that, you will surely be recognized by the island.

    The Diva of Saida is a symbol of the island, and at the same time the island’s guardian deity. The Diva periodically climbs up to the summit of the “Saida Mountain Range”, in other words, the highest place on the island, and performs a thing called the “Master Live”. At the mountain summit, there is a place called the “Star Neon Stage” that can deliver one’s singing voice to the whole island, and everyone on the island can hear the Song of Courage.

    But that’s not all, the Diva’s Song of Courage resounding at the summit can control the enormous thundercloud hanging over the island that stores all of the lightning that pours down on the island. Using that, she must send the island’s lightning to the major facilities of Saida that use huge amounts of lightning power. I haven't done it before, so I don’t exactly understand, but I think maybe you can't do it unless you understand this island and the city. Even though Big Sis had just come to this island, it’s like she just picked up on what was on the island, and how to move the island’s lightning. It’s really strange.

    As for the Song Maidens’ job… I wonder.

    To begin with, the Song Maidens of this island don’t participate in groups or troupes for the sake of becoming a Song Maiden like on other islands. It feels like we’re treated as Song Maidens if we pick up an instrument and sing a song. On the other islands, the Song Maidens have the duty of singing at periodic ceremonies or for tourists, and they also serve as tour guides. However, that’s not the case in Saida at all.

    Why am I guiding you right now? Yeah, I suppose it was on a whim. I happened to see you, and wanted to for some reason. We do whatever we want, we Saida Song Maidens. We just sing because we want to sing. This is just me, but I think by continuing to sing on this island, we get closer to singing the Song of Courage, in other words, the duty of the Song Maidens is to continue singing songs on this island. Although it’s not on the same level as Big Sis, our songs can give courage to the people of Saida. By facing their own strong and weak points, everyone with courage on the island can do what they want, and live honestly with themselves. I’m sure Saida itself desires to be this way. Or something like that, I guess.

    Saida Neon Street (p101)[edit]

    This is the center of the city of Saida, “Saida Neon Street”. It’s called that due to there being so many neon signs set up everywhere that it almost makes your eyes hurt, as well as the flashy neon lights projected into the sky. The place we’re standing now is right at the center of the city. There are bars, a lot of shops, and even several outdoor stages; it’s the liveliest place in Saida besides the live venues. It’s not because of the men either. Look, it’s from those women over there, who are mostly Thunderbirds. However, it seems they’ve gotten the attention of the local flirts. They’re all acting rather docile. Like that. They’ve already wrapped their wings around them, and are caressing the men’s bodies all over, but that’s their way of being docile. There are so many people here on this street because there are several other streets that extend from here in the direction of the mountains surrounding Saida, so this place has become a passage of sorts. You’ll understand what I mean if you enter another street. Shall we go?

    Eldin Soul Street (p102)[edit]

    This is “Eldin Soul Street” It’s called that because there is a “Statue of Meeting” between the hero, Lyle, and the first Diva, Eldin. Do you know the legend of Saida? The meeting of those two is the beginning of modern Saida. For that reason, this is a place of beginnings.

    “Street of Meeting”
    As the name suggests, a lot of novice Song Maidens gather here, recruiting band members, appealing themselves while performing in the street, or looking for a band to invite them. Look, the walls are even covered in band member recruitment posters.

    It’s not as much as earlier, but it seems there are quite a lot of people around. It feels like there are many Song Maidens playing instruments by themselves, or couples watching such a performance together. Huh? Everyone is looking at you with dirty eyes? Yeah, that’s because you’re a man. Like that, they’re looking for a partner that matches their wavelength, or a tasty looking man, and when they’ve found one, they grab his arms and try to drag him into their band.

    Look, if I weren’t here, you’d probably end up like that. That man has two Succubi firmly grasping his arms. I think he’ll probably be brought to a live house. It looks like the three of them had a session a little while ago. It seems that man is a beginner, and those two women were a match for him. Improvised sessions are like a substitute for greetings here, so I guess it feels like a true performance[9] after the greeting.

    There are loads of girls and groups that want a male band member like this. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a beginner or inexperienced. The most important thing for us monsters is that we want to fuck them. I think guys that want to form a band with us are the best. In the first place, there are many monsters that become motivated just from there being a man. That’s an impure motive? Yeah, it is. You know, it’s said there are a lot of people that get into music because it makes men look cool, or to be popular with women. Since there is always a feeling that there’s an ulterior motive, such impure motives are welcome in this city. Even women look at men with such eyes, so it’s even. At the end of the day, when men and women get together, they perform, and then they fuck. It doesn’t really matter where they start. Also, the girls that form bands are together all the time, and often are very close, so like those girls we saw earlier, it’s common for all of the band to have the same man as a lover or a husband. There are also times when there are two men and two women that become a pair of close couples, but when there is only one man in a band, I think he’ll be doing all the members everywhere. Even if the man has no ulterior motives, if he ends up in a band with only women, it’ll definitely end up like that.

    Come to think of it, I wonder if I should look for band members. I have this kind of personality, and I’m still by myself without a girl that matches my wavelength.

    …For now, let’s follow those Succubi from earlier. That’s not what I meant. I’m thinking of showing you a live house.

    Cave Live Halls (p103)[edit]

    This area is a cave district with a “box”. There is no cave? Yeah, as you can see here, it looks like there’s a building growing out of the mountain slope. It’s an old story of Saida, but it seems in olden days, people used to live in caves on the mountain slopes, instead of buildings like this.

    Huh? You don’t know about “boxes”? Ah, my bad. We call the shops and establishments used for live performances “boxes”. To be honest, I don’t really know the origin, but there are a lot of square buildings, and doesn’t it look like a box is growing from the wall?

    For us, these shops are places to sing and perform. We also go around to see other bands performing. If you come as a customer, they’re also places where you can enjoy drinks or a meal while watching a performance. Many of these shops are managed by retired Divas, or distinguished Song Maidens that have drawn the line. It’s alright to use any shop, but we generally have our favorite places, and the managers there love us and teach us various things. Since they’re great retired seniors, we ask them about tips for playing and live performances, and how to get guests pumped up. The people that run the shops are usually married, so there’s also a lot of girls that ask them how to handle a man, or how to feel good. Also, when we Song Maidens are rookies, naturally we have no name recognition, so we have no choice but to perform in the streets, but because the box has what the manager cultivated during their career, the shop has name recognition. The managers also organize live concerts and then advertise them, or even bring us outside work. If you’re going to be playing music in this city, it’s best to have one of these boxes as a favorite.

    Also, when you do it outside, strangers will stop walking to listen, but when you do it in a box like this, there are lots of people that came to listen to music, or that came because they like our music, so it gets really exciting. Moreover, unlike when singing outside, when you sing in a box, your singing voice echoes inside the box, so your singing voice and power of lightning become even more amazing. Whoever hears it will have the song stuck in their ears for a while, and their lower body will feel very different and tingly. If you meet the eyes of a girl that has become excited like that, or if you bump shoulders with them, you may be taken in like that, so be careful. Although, I think you’ll probably be okay if you’re with me. If you’re worried, it’s okay to hold on to me. Yes, like that. Yeah… just like that♥

    Live House "Studio=Paralyzer" (p103)[edit]

    Can you hear my voice? As expected, this place is always exciting. The band playing on stage now is “Passion Jewel”, their Siren leader is from Matori, and she turned “kawaii” into a numbingly violent sound, it seems she’s a Song Maiden getting a lot of attention in Saida right now. This “Studio = Paralyzer” is where talented up-and-coming bands gather, it’s said to be the hottest place in Saida. This is a shop you should always check.

    And take a look at your feet. Those glittering things spread all over the floor, extending from the stage to the seats like aisles, are all “thunderstones”. These aisles shine and change colors in response to the song and tone of the band playing on stage, so it looks like a stage production. As expected of using “kawaii” as a weapon, it’s now shining pink… ah, now to match the leader’s pose, the light is making a heart symbol. As I thought, this band does quite well. You can do a stage production like this, but if a Diva or Song Maiden with extraordinary power decides to do it, I think she’ll probably be able to make lightning spring from all over the floor, making all of the guests extremely tingly. I’m sure that would become a serious problem.

    The manager here is the former Diva, the Thunderbird “Olguna”. The staff are even members of Mrs. Olguna’s legendary band, “Olgünil”, so this place is irresistible for old fans. Mrs. Olguna is an extreme person, or perhaps I should say she’s a person that is always seeking stimulation, so she figured if she taught all sorts of things to Big Sis Levin, who had just come to this city, then she could retire and try and see just how long she can continue to fuck her husband, and after that she began raising other Song Maidens to overthrow Big Sis. It seems that’s why she created this place.

    So, earlier I said Saida welcomes beginners and inexperienced people, but this shop is different. It’ll be bad if you play a lukewarm live. Especially for men. Look, it seems those guests are all looking at you with glaring eyes. If, for example, you were to stand on this stage alone, and they approve of your ability, you will be respected as a great performer, and welcomed with respect. However, if you aren’t, then you will only be treated as “just a male” at this shop. You already know what will happen then.

    Live House "Club:Saida" (p104)[edit]

    Befitting a place bearing the name of Saida, this “Club:Saida” is one of the well-established shops representing the island. It’s a box made from remodeling the estate where the former island chief used to live, and it has several wide stages. On top of that, the left-over rooms on the upper floor are used as accommodations for guests and song maidens that have gotten excited by the live performances.

    A lot of the people that go to live houses aim to feel good by singing, performing, or listening to music, but this live house focuses on cuisine and alcohol, and listening to performances in a calm atmosphere… that’s right, this place is like an adult live house. The dishes made using a seasoning called “Saida Pepper”, which has been harvested in Saida since the old days, are delicious. The pepper is shockingly spicy, and really brings out the flavor of the dish to a numbed tongue.

    This is a shop often used by veterans, and there are many projects like comeback concerts of retired bands or solo performances of former divas. It’s very high level, and you can learn a lot just from listening to them. Of course, there’s no way the music of such people won’t shock people’s lower body, but unlike other live houses, the calm atmosphere is maintained, probably because all of the folks that got full of excitement during the performance head off to the accommodation rooms.

    After enjoying cocktails and fancy meals while listening to a concert, enjoy a feverish exchange in a room with a sweet mood… It’s the kind of shop that dating enthusiasts from Nevia often come to, but it might be dangerous if those girls come to Saida too often. A lady-like girl like that might become so influenced by this city that she becomes a bad girl who ravishes her boyfriend whenever she wants to fuck.

    Live Box "Thunderbird's Nest" (p104)[edit]

    This “Thunderbird’s Nest”[10] isn’t a live house, but a self-proclaimed “Live Box” with many shops set up all over Saida. There are no wide stages or guest seats. There are only a number of cramped rooms that are a little smaller than a private room. I suppose it’s a place that really feels like a box meant just for singing. However, when you feel like singing, or when you want to make a little noise, it’s convenient because you can easily rent a room and sing, and you also can’t hear any sounds from neighboring rooms. As you can see, there’s a sofa bed that’s comfortable to sit on or sleep in, and if you ask an employee, they will lend you a pillow stuffed with Weresheep wool, so there are many people that rent a room to take a break. Also, since we entered with my membership card, the employees can get you something to drink if you ask.

    Unlike other live houses, this place is often used by monsters that aren’t Song Maidens and male guests to sing themselves, instead of listening to songs. It seems there are many ways to enjoy yourself, either singing alone or with friends. However, the most common thing is for a woman to bring a man along to use it together, like we are now. I touched your thigh? It’s cramped in here, so be patient. Since this room is so small and no sound leaks outside, one’s singing voice echoes a lot and remains inside the room. With a distance like this where you can touch each other’s bodies, you can only sing towards the man in front of you. Yeah, without a doubt, it’ll become a problem. It’s just the right size for fucking, and if you do fuck, you can’t hear the voices outside, so girls that get excited from listening to a Song Maiden’s live performance often bring a man here for that purpose from the beginning.

    Since it’s cheaper compared to other inns, men traveling alone also use it to cut lodging costs, but it might not be safe because there are no locks, and there are many monsters without men in the shop. When it’s crowded, it becomes a shared room, and if a band looking for a male member comes in, the staff may take notice and make the smart move putting them into a room with a man by himself.

    By the way, I’ve been looking at you since a while ago, and I’m dying to sing something. Is it alright if I sing a song? It’s okay. If you get turned on, I’ll pull it out…♥

    Thunder Fish Street (p105)[edit]

    We sang quite a bit huh? Your song wasn’t that good, but I think I like your voice.Yeah, my throat’s in tune now, thanks to you. That’s it. Since singing is difficult for you, why not try out instruments too? The area we’re heading to now has a lot of shops, and there’s also instrument stores.

    That’s why we’re passing through here right now, this is “Thunder Fish Street”. That’s what the large waterway in front of us is called, not the street we’re walking on. Court Alf is a country of water, and although there is more land here compared to other islands, Saida still has waterways all over the city, and a lot of Mermaids live here. This waterway, which uses a river flowing from the Saida mountains, seems to be the widest among waterways. It’s always night on this island. As you can see, this waterway is also pitch black, so the neon street lights and signs reflect off the water’s surface, shining very beautifully. Also… I’m sure this area is connected to “Studio = Paralyzer”, so… will it be coming soon?

    Look, there it is, following the flow of the waterway, lightning is running along the surface of the water while shining a rainbow of colors… don’t you think it’s such a great spectacle that it’ll be burned into your eyes for a while? We saw it at the live house earlier, in response to the Song Maiden’s performance, the power of lightning gathered inside the thunderstones in the shop. Such a particularly large box has a mechanism that releases that gathered lightning and pours it into the waterway. Similar to that shop, tiles of thunderstone are spread all over the bottom of the waterway, and when lightning runs through the waterway like a flash, the tiles that shine along with it color that flash in several colors.

    "Isn’t it dangerous to pour lightning into water"? Even though you’re from outside, you should know that. That’s right, lightning flows easily through water, so even though mamono realm lightning doesn’t kill, people who are in the water or touching it will go numb without fail. For that reason, it’s better to say it’s dangerous on purpose. Look, the Mermaids that were in the waterway just now are also terribly numb with tingles as if their chests and wombs were pierced. Their expressions are empty, and it seems they feel so good their eyes have lost focus.

    Ah, one leapt at a man that approached, and is sucking on his lips. She completely stuck in her tongue and is devouring him greedily… it looks like she’s been starving for a man for a while, so I don’t think she intends to let go of him soon. That’s why the Mermaids of this city are always blushing, letting out sighs filled with passion, or constantly have an expression as if they’re expecting something. Men also say that the Mermaids of this city are more erotic than in other cities, and their singing voices are bewitching. There’s no end to the number of guys that play in the water like that, and get devoured by Mermaids.

    There are lots of waterways in Saida with such a feeling, and I think there was also a beautiful plaza on Saida Neon Street with thin water spread underneath your feet. It would be dangerous if there was an accident and lightning flowed into a place like that. However, you never know when an accident will occur. For that reason, you shouldn't be so close to me. If so, it’s safe to say when an accident will occur...❤

    Shock Shop Street (p106)[edit]

    This is the commercial district of Saida, “Shock Shop Street”. It generally has all of the instrument and clothing stores a Song Maiden needs. Because there are so many shops, it feels even busier with all the neon signs. I’ve never been here before, but it seems there are various shops you can enjoy together with a man.

    There are a lot of street performances here too, but the level of the bands gathered here is quite high. Look, that live band over there is using guitars and drums painted black with red strings and drum heads, instruments from a store called “Deep Sounds”. That Imp and Devil band over there in the new “Teen’s Charm” clothes… they even set up a branch in Saida. A band like that is performing at the request of a store around here. That’s why many of the bands around here become naturally talented and well-known bands. Also, there are some groups that are confident in their skills and come here to sell themselves.

    That’s why everyone here is eager to improve themselves, and pour violent crackling lightning into each other. Since it’s a place like that, I think I'd feel nervous if I performed here.

    ...The Imp and Devil from earlier are glancing at you. Let’s hurry up and enter a store.

    Clothing Store "Rezon Break" (p106)[edit]

    “You! Long time no see! Those clothes I made, you been usin' 'em properly?”

    Over there’s the store manager, Mrs. “Sazana”. Sahagin are normally a quiet race, but when she first came to Saida and was shocked by “Thunder Fish Street”, it seems she ended up like this. She still has lightning running through her head, and she started this store to put to shape what she came up with at the time.

    The motto of the outfits here is to “destroy a man’s reason”, and I really like it. It’s sexy because it exposes a lot. I’m also pleased with the clothes I’m wearing now that I got from Mrs. Sazana, especially the part around the chest with thin cloth. This part here has jagged black cloth, and it’s as wild as a shark’s mouth. It feels just like I’m going to eat you up with this chest… how about it? I’m particular about materials, and this is made so that I can get electrifyingly excited without losing the power of lightning, so it feels really good to sing in. It also features Mrs. Sazana’s own “Sahagin Scales”. It has strong elasticity and a perfect fit. Even during live performances with intense movement, it continues to emphasize my erotic lines. That’s probably why I use this around my chest.

    Ah, there’s a new work on display over there. The chicks in bands wear this because it comes in three common designs. While they all emphasize a similar design, each one emphasizes a different point by increasing the exposure of the chest, navel, or ass… it’s for things like three girls wearing the set and fucking a single man. Yeah, it almost makes you cum just thinking about it, it’s so erotic...

    “Sniff sniff… hmmm. You still haven’t used them yet! Don’t look at other clothes, you have to use those clothes properly first!”

    But I’ve been to live performances with this outfit many times... oh, that? Mrs. Sazana likes it when her outfits are used like that. Yeah. But tonight, I’ll make sure to use them properly...❤

    Instrument Store "Violent Sounds" (p107)[edit]

    This electric guitar, could it possibly be… the “V2 Rising”?! Ah, yeah sorry. I got a little excited there.

    This is an instrument shop I browse often. This store has good taste in instruments. But don’t chat too much with the store manager. So, what kind of experience do you have with instruments? This instrument is an “Electric Guitar”, and I play it too. Since it makes a sharp sound like thunder, it’s officially called the “Thunder Strings”.

    Over here are the “Thunder Drums”. Its formal name is “Thunder Roar Drums”, because it makes a resounding boom like the roar of thunder. Just so you know, monsters of the harpy genus have claws hidden well within our wings, so we can also play instruments. Anyway, which one do you like? For now, you can try that instrument over there, so do you want to touch it?

    “Hold on brother, show me your fingers. ...What the, you don’t use them very much, huh?”

    Uwa, she came out... This is the store manager, “Zane”. As you can see, she’s a Manticore. This person’s story is tiresome, so it’s fine to flat-out ignore her.

    “Listen brother, whether it’s playing an instrument or having sex with this girl, what’s important is the fingering! A man that’s skilled at sex is also skilled at playing instruments. The opposite is also true! What kind of instrument fits his hands should be chosen by the woman that’s constantly being touched by him♪ Thus, when rubbing a woman’s chest, a delicate man who politely squeezes it with his fingertips is a guitar, and a lively man that intensely seizes it is a drum, that’s the simplest way to judge...”

    See, she started already... Back off and move on. Instruments are always good. If she goes on chattering like this, she’ll start talking about how her husband touches her, and she won’t stop.

    In the end, she’ll start saying things like “My husband is great at squeezing and grasping, so he’s good at playing the guitar and the drums you know”... But, you know... that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that person’s story though. Your fingertips are... yeah, they might be a little sexy.

    Gremtronics Lab (p108)[edit]

    Unlike the previous street, this place is a residential area, so it’s quiet. I don’t dislike quiet places like this. Yeah but... as I thought, it seems you can hear it. If you listen closely, you’ll understand… look. There’s gasping coming from the back alley over there.

    Since Saida is the way it is, there are a lot of chicks that boldly try to bring men back here. Whether it’s quiet or not, if you stand still with a man, like this, it seems you’ll get horny.

    Since it’s quieter than other places, this “Gremtronics Lab” was created here so research can be done calmly. It’s like a building made by some unknown civilization’s technology, and it’s an odd-looking building with pipes and trumpets attached to walls that aren’t quite stone or metal, but on the inside it’s even more awesome.

    “Gremtronics Lab! This is a secret facility for researching cutting edge Gremtronics technology that combines thunderstones[11]and magical mechanisms! So, why do we call that technology Gremtronics? Do you understand? Exactly! Because that is the coolest name!!”

    Best not worry about that now. This city has a lot of people fried in the head by lightning. This is the director, “Nevan”, and this is a lab where the director and similar Gremlins conduct research and development. The musical instruments and neon lights all over are made with this place’s technology, and our lives are mostly taken care of here. Nevan was the first Gremlin in this city, and together with the many Gremlins she brought along, they built up the city as it is today… it seems. …Basically, a great person representing Saida… I think, so I brought you here.

    “Then please show more gratitude! This is a long-awaited visit of a couple. Please by all means use those bodies to try out the two-person devices our lab is so proud of! I’m also crying out with my beloved assistant-kun every night, and although we work ourselves ragged, regrettably we don’t have enough data!”

    Yeah, this sort of person. The equipment at venues and mechanisms on Thunder Fish Street are generally made by this person. Lately, it feels like she’s been thinking about ways to stun humans and monsters.

    Also, there seems to be a lot of human researchers at this lab. It seems the technology of that unknown civilization was the specialty of Gremlins, but now there are also people that make amazing inventions as great as the Gremlins'. I think it’s amazing, but because men who research are timid, the chicks whose lovers are researchers say things like it’s somehow fun to carry him around, or that it’s cute to make him scream “Hiiii~”, so there seem to be more Song Maidens that are interested in them. There were a lot of enthusiastic girls with bad faces that say “if I catch sight of one, I’ll absolutely fuck him”. Well, I think Gremlins will get their hands on them first though.

    “Precisely! Me too! My beloved assistant-kun and I were both attracted to the lightning of Gremtronics!”

    Yeah, don’t worry about that now. This city has a lot of people fried in the head by lightning.

    Saida Mountains (p109)[edit]

    Just in time, we were lucky to ride the regular flight. The best way to get from the city of Saida to “Saida Neon Hall” at the mountain summit is by taking this airship. When us harpy-genus monsters go with a man, we often fly while carrying him but... yeah, you understand. I’m tired from earlier.

    So, now we’re heading to the “Saida Mountains”. You could climb it on foot, but it’s pretty steep as it is, and since a lone man generally can’t manage it, it isn’t recommended. In monster realms with mountains spread around, the mana tends to get thicker as you climb up, also it seems there is some kind of Dragon Kingdom somewhere, and it seems the strongest Dragon Queen resides at the very top. It’s the same here. As you head upwards, the mana becomes thicker, and there is more lightning coming from the thunderclouds surrounding the summit.

    Nevertheless, Nevan says this mountain seems to have a lot of old valuable ruins, and it seems there are many humans that try to climb it. However, this mountain is a hunting ground for Thunderbirds aiming for men. They also have thunderclouds made up of their collected mana on their side, and lightning will take aim at and strike a man together with the Thunderbird. If you’re paralyzed by the lightning, it’s over and you’ll just be fucked by Thunderbirds.

    Besides that, it seems there are a lot of monsters in the mountain ruins called Automatons, which are like Golems made by the technology of an unknown civilization, but they are going rampant due to the lightning being too strong, and if that’s true, even if they listen to what a human says, it seems now when they see a man they generally try to fuck him.

    You’ll be fine if you’re on this airship, because it’s designed so that there’s no problem if it’s hit by lightning.

    That aside, take a look down below. The lightning running along the waterways is beautiful, like cracks cutting through the city. The night view of Saida from this airship is my favorite scenery. The neon lights seen from above appear as tiny points of light, it’s like a colorful starry sky. You can’t see the starry sky when you look up in Saida because of the clouds, but if you look down from the sky it looks like it, huh?

    By the way, here. I said it earlier but, we basically have claws hidden in our wings... I mean, we have hands. So uh, could we...try to hold hands a little?

    Star Neon Stage (p109)[edit]

    ...Sorry. I didn’t mean to turn the other way. I mean, I don’t think I want you to see my face right now.

    ...Yeah, it’s fine. I’ve calmed down. The largest live stage in Saida. The dream stage of Song Maidens, “Star Neon Stage”. It looks like it’s about to start on stage... Sorry, we barely made it in time.

    Today is Big Sis Levin’s “Master Live”, so it’s particularly packed with people. I’m glad I booked tickets in advance but... as I expected. When the seats are filled... as you can see, they bring out airship seating that looks at the stage from the sky.

    The only bands that can perform on this stage are Big Sis Levin’s band, the previous Diva’s bands, or bands with skill close to that of a Diva. The stage, which was built embedded into the mountainside, seems to be a renovation of the ancient ruins that originally existed here, and Mrs. Nevan says the ruins are extremely valuable...apparently. Considering all that, that person still relentlessly remodeled it...

    Look. A wave of light is spreading over the stage, seating, and mountainside matching Big Sis’s singing on stage. The thunderstones placed in the stage for production value resonate with the stones buried in the mountain... Even the thunder falling from the thunderclouds, as if it were one of the instruments, joins the music. And then there is a super enormous, exposed thunderstone in the mountainside above the stage. In the sky above that stone and Big Sis, a big illusion is projected showing Big Sis as she performs on stage.

    Not only that, with the power of Mrs. Nevan’s magical tool connected to that stone, the band’s performance and Big Sis’s song even reach the whole city of Saida, and the shape of Big Sis singing on stage like that is projected all over the city. Even if it isn’t directly, almost everyone in Saida right now is watching and listening to this live performance. The sound, the lights, the thunder, the listener’s hearts... the band that stands on this stage controls all of Saida, and performs the most paralyzing live performance that involves everything in Saida...!

    I also dream of singing here someday. However, I still haven’t gotten there at all.

    ...Yeah, I’m holding your hand, is that alright? ...Thank you.

    I wanted to show a little courage too. Yeah, I’ve decided.

    So, uh. That time I was holding hands with you. I got wet. You get it? A monster’s body is very honest and easy to understand. I was surprised myself.

    Hey, do you...want to do it with me❤

    Fifth Song Island Mira (p112)[edit]

    Fifth Song Island of Hope

    Singing together with spirits, an island of eternal canals

    Diva: Fulafel
    Inherited Song: Hope
    Main Residents: Mermaid, Cancer, Flow Kelp, Ignis, Undine, Sylph, Gnome
    The fifth song island, “Mira”, is a soothing water town surrounded by nature that lives together with spirits! In the nostalgic and idyllic atmosphere of this town, the gondolas, flanked by water wheels, are like a tranquil and relaxing cradle that make you feel at ease...

    While strolling through the beautiful old townscape, you will be treated to the singing of postergirls and traditional local Mira cuisine at any tavern you stumble into. You can’t help but feel warm and relaxed from the deliciousness!

    After your meal, relax in a hot spring while sipping local sake! The many hidden hot springs, which couldn’t possibly be visited all in one day, will cure your fatigue! Mira’s pride and joy, the “Spirit Hot Spring”, is, of course, a mixed bath♪ The Mermaid or spirit who joins you will gladly wash your back♥

    Mira’s hot springs, which are just like hidden getaways, are perfect for couples to bathe in! What do you know, their majesties the Mamono Lord and her husband have also appeared here and showed their carefree faces while curing the fatigues of their daily life!

    You who seek to have a treasured child with your beloved, by all means, stay long-term in the city of eternity, Mira...

    The normally quiet city of Mira shows its rather lively side during the upcoming “Spirit Festival”. At this year’s festival, the Diva Fulafel will be singing the “Song of Hope”.

    As you know, this festival is for showing our gratitude for Mira’s harvest and the spirits that dwell on the island, and when these spirits are invigorated, the season of “breeding” comes to Mira.

    Thanks to the efforts of the Mamono Lord and the many couples that have had treasured children here, we are thankful to be well-known among monsters as a “child-making spot” second only to the tentacle forest. The many strong drinks and powerful magical dishes made from local Mira ingredients, which you normally cannot taste elsewhere, are ideal for helping you have children.

    In addition, it’s also the ideal time to soak in hot springs, and this time of year, the “Great Spirit Hot Spring” is considered famous for its ability to allow you to strive for a child for ten days without resting if you soak in it for a full day. We also offer “spring water” that allows you to directly take the medicinal properties and mana of the hot springs into your body, and it’s rumored that drinking it together as a couple will fill you with more vitality and desire so you can vigorously make a baby.

    The power of the “breeding” season brought by the spirits remains in the city for some time after the festival, so by all means, consider staying for a while.
    For Men! Recommendations for singles♥

    The waterside city of Mira, with its safe and relaxing townscape, stands out as the easiest of the seven islands to pass the time on! After touring the food at different restaurants every day and wandering willfully about until night falls, enjoy drinks at a tavern or soaking in a hot spring. It’s the slow life of your dreams!

    If you are a single man staying the night, many tourist destinations in the monster realms will offer you discounted lodging on the condition that you find a companion on-site, and Court Alf’s seven islands are no exception. Among them, Mira’s lodging fees are even cheaper, and if you ask a Song Maiden working at an establishment, you can even live there with them with meals included♪

    Of course, before you know it, you’ll be sleeping in the same bed as the Song Maiden from the establishment...♥ Of the seven islands, the city of Mira has the highest number of single men that become permanent residents!

    Advice for those that want such a bride!

    The Mermaids of this area have simple, gentle personalities♥ The girls that work in taverns and restaurants are especially service-oriented♪ There is no doubt they will become a wonderful bride who is family-oriented and devoted! There are also many spirits waiting to form a contract with you♥

    Mira's History (p116)[edit]

    ... Welcome, this is Mira. Everyone, passes the time, peacefully, it’s a very nice island... I’m Fulafel, this island’s...Diva, and this is where, I sing a song of welcome, to everyone visiting this island...

    ...Mira is truly, a wonderful place. The shining blue, clear, water grows Mira’s, delicious, fruit. You can, soak forever, in the nice warm hot spring water, surrounded by stone arrangements, and soft earth. The pleasant breeze, flowing through the back alleys, against my flushed body... This island, I love everything about it, and I spend a lot of time relaxing, losing track of time.

    Every day, I spend in Mira... is always glistening. You too, when the wind blows, let it blow you, and together, with the spirit of the wind, try and go even further beyond. When it rains, listen to the sound, and surely, the spirit of the water will be singing. When the sun sets, gaze at the moon...close your eyes, and fall asleep.

    I hope every casual day, every casual discovery, and every repetitive day becomes a treasure for you. You, who came here, are an important, person, to me, and to this island. People who come to Mira, find themselves stopping, and taking a look around. Surely, you will find something, precious to you.

    Until you find, it, stay forever. Even if you find it, stay forever. That’s because, Mira, is a place for everyone.

    This quiet island, Mira, I love it. Mira is an ancient city of eternity. An island, of nature, left as is, full of tranquility, as if time has stopped. If you take, a few steps, you will soon find that Mira’s nature, and Mira’s spirits, will embrace you.

    You know, Mira is, the oldest land, in Court Alf. Mira, is the largest island, in the Asuramis Sea... It has the deepest history, and, has always, always, been, a country that has lived, together with nature. It has been around, since the previous, Mamono Lords.
    Since the time when, we monsters, couldn’t live with, people, Mira has been praising nature, and worshipping spirits... And so, it was a wonderful country of, bountiful harvests, that shared its blessings of the land, with monsters...Mira is, the largest island, and the most wonderful island...

    That’s why, many people, from other islands, and far away countries, came. They all said that, the fruit grown on Mira, was delicious, and that, all of Mira’s people, were happy. The outsiders wanted, to trade money, for the fruits. There ended up being, a lot of trade, with other islands, and far away countries.

    Eventually, the number of people, moving to Mira, grew, and little by little, Mira got bigger. The people that moved, to Mira, said they really liked, Mira’s nature...and everyone in Mira was happy. Everyone’s smiling faces, so peaceful...

    But... that’s not quite, correct, even though Mira, was getting bigger. Mira wasn’t, getting any bigger. Eh? Ah, yes... Ummm, I don’t really, get it, sorry... Hmm... Maybe, even though there were more people, the blessings, Mira gave... Maybe, they didn’t change, I think.

    And so, um, umm...! Why can’t, I get myself, to say it... jeez! You’re a Diva, me. Well, I’m trying, to say it now...! Sorry. A spirit, wanted to talk, just now... But, I want to do my best too, you know.

    ...Um, are you, bored with, my story? Do you want to, drink this? It’s a drink, from my store... It’s made with, melting fruit, and it’s really, delicious... you know? Yeah, if you think it’s, good, then I think I’ll...add it to, a new menu...♪

    Ah, well, I’ll continue, then, umm... So, basically, there were people, in Mira, but... Mira’s blessings, were still, limited.

    ...No, on the contrary... more, and more people, kept coming, and everyone... changed. ...More people, came to the island, and a lot more, money, could be exchanged. For that reason, they needed a bigger, place to trade, a market, you know. The islanders, asked the spirits, to share nature, with them. The spirits were...happy, to cooperate.

    The spirit of the earth, spread out, the land, for everyone. The people of the island, were all, very happy, and grateful. ... Now that, a market was on the island, even more, people, came to Mira. With even more people, living here, houses, were needed. And so, more lumber was needed, than before. The islanders, asked the spirits, to share nature, with them again. The spirits... cooperated.

    The spirit of the wind, cut down trees, and opened up, the forest, for everyone. The people of the island, were all, very happy, and grateful. ...There were now, many more, houses, on the island... but now everyone, wanted a greater, fruit harvest. The islanders, asked the spirits, to share nature, with them again. The sprits, were worried, but they cooperated.

    The spirit of water, drew up water, and enriched it, for everyone. All of the people, on the island, were happy. ...One day, in the market, a fight broke out. At the same time, there were many, arguments, breaking out over, the harvest, in neighboring fields. As a result of, the bountiful business, Mira was divided, into two kinds of people, those that had high positions, and those that didn’t.

    Eventually, those in power, took charge of, Mira’s fields. The powerful people, kept Mira’s fields, all to themselves... Rather than have, the big wigs, take their fields...the islanders, would rather destroy, the fields... The islanders, asked the spirits, to destroy, nature. Silent, the spirits, cooperated.

    The spirit of fire, burned down, the fields, for everyone. Before they knew it, the people, of Mira, stopped smiling, and everyone, started fighting. Mira was, growing larger, and everyone wanted, her blessings, and wanted more, happiness. And yet, Mira was no longer, as sparkling, and beautiful, as it used to be. The islanders, couldn’t ask, the spirits, for more help. The spirits, couldn’t help them, anymore. The spirits, were so tired, they couldn’t help, anymore. They could no longer, receive, nature’s blessings, like they used to... Everyone was, in big trouble.

    That’s why, everyone on the island, decided to, work together, to take good care of, what nature they had left. They had to, protect, Mira, not change it... That’s the path... that everyone, decided on. They wouldn’t concern themselves, with the outside, anymore. They decided, to keep nature, only for themselves...to continue protecting it, so they wouldn’t have, to share any of its blessings, with the outside.

    Mira’s, fruits, and vegetables, were gone... The people of, Saida, had nothing, to eat. They covered, their ears... They pretended, not to hear, the sad voices, of Saida’s people, crying for help. And then, the voices of the spirits...couldn’t be heard, at all.

    The people of Mira, drove out, new people, coming to Mira. Those people, were captured, by a strong country, known as Diana...and sent to, an island called, Dé Ryúa... They turned their eyes away... They pretended, not to see, how the people of Dé Ryúa, were being treated cruelly, as slaves. That’s why, at some point, even the spirits’, appearance...could no longer, be seen.

    What, was right, what, was wrong... Were both paths, wrong... Mira’s people...didn’t understand it, either... Surely, no matter, which path they chose... There are hard times, and painful times... But, when Mira, began to change... Mira’s people, weakened, and pretended, not to see, the spirits... They pretended, not to hear, the voices crying for help... The people of Mira, didn’t want to see, they didn’t want to hear... They settled on a path, where they didn’t have to see, or hear, the painful, and bitter, things... And that’s why, the island of Mira, stopped giving, its blessings...

    Don’t pretend, you can’t see... Don’t pretend, you can’t hear... Look, straight ahead, and listen, to everything... They had to think, very, very, carefully. They had to think, and overcome. Stop moving, and, stop doing, reckless things... If they only tried to protect, what’s right in front of them, they would...lose sight, of what’s, really important.

    The people, of Mira, had been secluded, for a very, long time, but the Great Songstress’s song, finally made them realize... no, they remembered. How it was, at first. What did, the people of Mira, want to do in, the beginning? What did, they think, of the people, that came to, this island? The people of, Mira, have changed again, since then. Um...um, um! Yes, they came back! That’s what, I was trying to say!... Geez!

    Sorry. The spirits...told me to, explain it properly, and I got, mad...

    The wounds, of the great war, were healed, in Mira. There were wounded people, who had nowhere, to go. Providing, a place, to stay... Opening up, the hot springs... Offering, delicious, food...to all that came, to Mira... They wanted to, make them love, the beautiful nature, of Mira, and the sparkling, island, they all loved, so much. Everyone, thought differently, than they had, before... And then, the spirits, came back... The spirits, used the blessings, of Mira, for everyone’s sake, so they wouldn’t be, in pain, or suffer... And then... Before they knew it, they could see, the spirits, again.

    Now that, we can talk to, the spirits again, Mira is just like, the old days... It’s become, an even nicer island, than it was before. ...I’m also, not very good... at talking, with people, so I’m, shy, and scared... But, I think, I’m changing, a little. No matter how difficult things are, no matter how painful they are, I want, everyone on this island, to be able to, eliminate all the hard, and painful, things. That’s why, I... I love, this story, about Mira... What, do you think?

    Current Mira (p119)[edit]

    ...?... Do you, dislike, leisurely lying down...on a boat, like this? Are you, bored? ...I see, that’s great♥ Ah, but, I have to tell you, about how Mira is, now... I’m the Diva, after all. Unlike, singing... I’m no good, at speaking, but... I’ll try, my best, so I’d be very, happy, if you would, listen♥

    There is, a lot of nature, on this island... It’s even like that, throughout the town. There are many kinds, of plants, with their roots, firmly planted, into buildings, and tightly, tightly, tangled into, roofs... There are ruins, sunk into, the water, as if they were, taking a bath. There are waterways, that are like mazes, that lead to... I’m not sure where. Also, the waterwheels, turning, all over, the island, are really cute...

    Just from, walking around, this island, you can find, traces of the history, that Mira has walked, since a really long, time ago. So about, Mira today. It’s said to be, an island of food, hot springs, and alcohol, where we live with, spirits, mhmm... If you want, to relax, without any particular, goal... I recommend, this island. Yup.

    Ah, do you like, alcohol? Mira is, a Bright Green Monster Realm, so it grows, really good, Monster Realm crops... A lot of, intoxication fruits, are harvested... So I also, recommend, the wine.

    Ah, I just remembered, here’s a snack, that we serve regularly, at my restaurant... Here, try it♪ It’s made from, my dried, seaweed... and seasoned with, rock salt, that miss Gnome gave me, yesterday. ...? My, seaweed? What’s wrong, with it? Ah, I’m sorry... You can, go ahead, and eat, I’ll continue, talking.

    Mira is, the best place, to stay in all of Court Alf.
    And it also, is the island, with the most, history...so, it’s full of, local cuisine, home cooking, local drinks...and such. Everyone, gathers lively, around tables...and enjoys eating, while talking, and listening to the songs, of the Song Maidens. It’s also nice, to bask in the night breeze, alone, on a small bridge, over the river, while...quietly...having a drink. But, it would be, even better, to have someone, you like, standing next to you...♪ Ah, but, there isn’t really, much else, besides the inns, and places to eat... yeah, I guess not.

    Um... there’s also, hot springs... Ah, but look, over at the tavern, bards are, playing along to, the Song Maiden’s song...it’s really, wonderful, isn’t it? Time flows by, slowly. Have you ever, wished that, the fun times, could go on, forever. At Mira’s bars, there’s a feeling, that those times, will go on, forever.

    Also, this is, the oldest town, in Court Alf, so there are old houses, and buildings, that still remain, intact, as ruins... In a way, I think that, it’s the, total opposite, of the fourth song island, Saida. There are many, ruins, in Mira, but it seems, the ruins in Saida, are still lively, because of the, magical lightning, and the Gremlins that, periodically, look after them and perform...maintenance? The ruins here, are left, as is. They are mostly, left as is, crumbled, and abandoned.

    But, on the other hand, water, flows into the ruins, and then with, the power of, the spirits... For example, by receiving, miss Ignis’s power, it becomes, natural bath water, with just the right, temperature, and in Mira, there are lots, of hot springs, in ruins like that. That’s because, there’s no one, in those ruins, and the spirits, live in, those abandoned buildings. In Mira, we coexist, with the spirits, so the Gnomes, strengthen the foundation, of the ruins, with rocks and soil, the Undines, keep the water, clean, the Ignis, heats up the that water, and the Sylphs, create a, pleasing space, with a pleasant breeze.

    ...This place, is a Monster Realm, so the four spirits, are monsters... They’ve become, monster elementals, through the mana, and still live, a normal life, as residents of the island, you know? They’re, very nice, they love, humans, and often invite them, into their homes, to take, baths with them♪

    Here, bars and inns, are sometimes, attached, to each other, so even if, you drink too much, and fall asleep drunk, it’s okay, to spend the night, like that, at the inn. You don’t have, to worry, about getting home, or the time, or anything, like that... But, just as often, spirits, invite men, like that, to their own homes... It’s not, uncommon, for them, to spend the night.

    Anyway, there are inns, everywhere, in Mira... So, you don’t have, to worry, about a place to sleep, or a place to live. If you come, to this island, with nothing, but your body, you will still, be welcomed, no matter where you go. It seems that, outside of Court Alf, there’s, a saying that, “If you are dying, you will see Mira afterwards”, but, if you come, to Mira, you’ll be able, to do that, anyway... This is, everyone’s, home.

    Ah, yes... The important thing, is, the spirits. When you, speak to the spirits, you get to know them more, and if, you get to know them more, you become, an elementalist. Yeah, Mira’s elementalists, are famous... A lot of people, are becoming, elementalists. That’s why, from outside... Sometimes elementalists, come to Mira, and there are also, training grounds. At night, pure spirits, shine faintly, just like fireflies, glittering over the waterways, and they fly around, the water-filled fields, around people’s homes, as if dancing, it’s really pretty. If it’s a pleasant, sunny day, you can laze around all day... I recommend, passing the time, lying down in the garden of some ruins. When you realize, it’s nighttime, there are, pure spirits, all around you, shining, fluffy, and warm.

    Eventually, Mira’s elementalists, will leave the island, and working together, with spirits, visit all sorts of, places...and help places, where the spirits, are very weak... They’ll invite, people that want to become, elementalists, to Mira. To the elementalists, of Mira, this island... The Mira, they call home, is the most important thing, to them. Being, an elementalist, is hard work, but...they have, an important place, a home to return to, that...they think of. And they can, hurry back to it. It’s very, difficult, but it seems, they want to make, the neglected land, pretty, just like, Mira.

    Yeah, so when they, come back, there’s a place to relax, take a bath, eat, delicious food, drink alcohol, with everyone, do some naughty things, feel good, and have, wonderful dreams together, holding hands... That’s, Mira.

    Hm? You want, to go to, a hot spring? Yeah, that’s fine... H-huh? T-together...? Wah...♥ That’s, I, I’m still... Even though, I’m a Diva, you want, to go in, together...♥ But, I was just, thinking about, getting warmed up, so... alright♥ Now then, let’s go to, a place I recommend♥

    Songstress Introduction (Fulafel) (p121)[edit]

    Diva Introduction
    •Diva: Fulafel
    •Species: Flow Kelp
    •Favorite Color: The color of twilight, Mira’s sunsets, I like them.
    •Favorite Type: “Someone...who quietly...stays with me, cuddles, with me, and occasionally, lets me lean on them♥”
    •How to Spend a Holiday: “I think I’ll go...wherever, I feel, like going, that day...”

    Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden

    Hm~, about Fulafel-chan huh♪ Mira has a rather unique Diva system, maybe a little different from the other island’s Divas...? Well~, while other islands had a system of “Divas” and “Song Maidens”, for a while, there were no Divas here in Mira. Or rather, perhaps it’s more accurate to say there were a lot of Divas?

    At first, we were thinking about what we could do to have the customers at our restaurants and bars have an even better time, and so, we began singing songs at the request of customers. That was the birth of Mira’s Song Maidens. At times, we sing so those visiting this island can have a special moment. Other times, we sing for the sake of our own loved ones. As we Song Maidens were singing in shops like that, at some point, it seems the customers began calling us “Divas”. No, it’s nothing that important, it’s more like “Diva of the Mermaid Restaurant”, or “Diva of the Moonlit Waterwheel Bar”, or things like that♪ As Song Maidens, we would help out the shops, and eventually would start singing at them, and the customers began saying things like “You were just a rookie until recently, but now you’ve become a fine Diva~”.

    Well, if I had to say, I suppose that for us, being called “Divas” like that by our customers is the condition for being fully qualified♪ So basically, a full-fledged Song Maiden feels the same as a full-fledged Diva.

    But, on the other islands of Court Alf, it seems each island has decided on its own distinct Diva. Moreover, the Divas have their own duties, and as the representative of their island, they report the opinions of all the islanders and all the various goings-on of each island to the Great Songstress in Al Mar, and receive her blessings... It was decided that Mira also needed someone to do that.

    And so, we hastily decided to choose a Diva to represent Mira, and decided to choose “The Fifth Song Island Mira’s Diva” from among the Song Maidens that were called Divas♪ Ufufu, for that reason, Divas in Mira come in two forms, the “Shop Divas”, and the “Island’s Diva” that serves as the island’s representative. Of course, the island’s Diva right now is Fulafel-chan, a very cute Flow Kelp girl, right? And yet, she’s so young... Ugh, I’m already so old... Even though I’m much older than Fulafel-chan... I haven’t met anyone at all, and my chance of marriage is...

    Haa, it’s no use, I shouldn’t have done that, sorry...♪ That’s a bad habit of mine, a-although now that you’ve come along, at last my Spring has...♥

    Ah, that’s right, Fulafel-chan, she’s a very good girl, and to us older Song Maidens, she’s like an adorable little sister. She’s been helping out at her parents’ restaurant since she was little, and in fact, Their Majesties the Mamono Lord and her husband once visited Fulafel’s parents’ restaurant while on a couple’s vacation♪ At the time, it seems she admired the sight of her mother singing in front of Their Majesties, and began to aim towards becoming a Diva. And then, that night, the Mamono Lord told Fulafel-chan that she “Would make a fine Diva”, and to this day, it remains a memory she will never forget♪

    Fufu, speaking of Fulafel-chan, her singing ability is the best! It’s not just that she’s skilled. Fulafel-chan’s songs are beautiful and mysterious, yet soothing to the heart... they’re songs that gently enter your heart. She’s usually a little slow-paced, going about absentmindedly, staring at the surface of the water, and she’s also a bit elusive at times, but when she sings, all of that completely changes, and it’s like she becomes clad in a very dignified and mysterious atmosphere. When she sings, even the other island’s Divas, who are just as talented, acknowledge her skill, you know?

    Ever since she was a child, that girl’s singing ability has stood out above the rest, and after the Mamono Lord praised her at her parents’ restaurant, she began volunteering to sing at the restaurant. However, while her singing talent was amazing, her domestic skills were generally... It seems she wasn’t particularly good at things like cooking, so at her mother’s suggestion, she went to a “Spirit’s House” where we Song Maidens gather to study how to become fine Divas. She was the youngest among the apprentice Song Maidens at the Spirit House, so she was adored by the senior Song Maidens, I mean, she looks just like a doll when she’s staring vacantly, it’s so cute you just want to squeeze her, I’m sure you know what I mean♪ So, in the eyes of Mira’s Song Maidens and townsfolk, Fulafel-chan is a Diva the island is proud of, but she’s also like a daughter or little sister to everyone♪

    After studying housekeeping and cooking at the Spirit House, she worked at her parents’ place as a Song Maiden for a while before opening up her own restaurant. She was extremely shy, so she had a problem opening up the shop regularly, and when she did, it seems she would spend most of her time loafing around her favorite spots in town♪ But, when she did open her restaurant, it was full of customers who came to enjoy her songs and cooking♥

    Ufufu, it didn’t take long for Fulafel-chan to have her own restaurant and be called a Diva. When she became “The Island’s Diva”, she was still the youngest of the “Shop Divas”♪ Even though she’s so skilled that everyone is envious of her, Fulafel-chan doesn’t seem very confident in herself... Actually, during the discussion to decide “The Island’s Diva”, Fulafel-chan was nowhere to be seen. Fulafel-chan told everyone something like~ “...I’m only, good for, singing...after all. I, really love, singing, however. I won’t lose, to anyone... But, but, my seniors...are cuter, and I’m not, fit to be, the island’s Diva, so I’m good”, she was completely uninterested. However, it’s for that reason that we, together with the previous Divas, discussed it and thought “How about Fulafel-chan♪”, and she was unanimously chosen as the island’s Diva♥

    At first, she just said “Eh... nope” and ran away, but of course, we knew Fulafel-chan’s singing voice was the treasure of Mira, so we couldn’t give up on her, so we told her “We’ll support you if you aren’t used to it!”♪ She’s the island’s Diva, so she doesn’t have to shoulder the burden alone♪ She still was having trouble, but then one of the predecessor Divas got mad and scolded her...♪ “Just do it! Those are the kinds of things you suck at! Change a little!”, she said, and, after thinking about it, Fulafel-chan decided to change herself and become the island’s Diva♪

    And so, although she may still look a little unreliable to your eyes, she is a young Diva from Mira trying very hard to do her best and change. That’s why I hope you too will join us in supporting Fulafel-chan♥

    Song of Hope (p123)[edit]

    The “Song of Hope” passed down to Mira’s Diva is sometimes called the Song of Spirits, and is also a type of elemental magic.

    This Song of Hope is sung by the island’s Diva during the “Spirit Festival” held once a year in Mira to show our gratitude for the blessings of nature and good harvests♪ The Song of Hope has the effect of temporarily raising the amount of monster mana that fills Mira’s nature and invigorates the spirits, transforming pure elementals into monsterized elementals, giving birth to new elementals.

    Some of the lyrics of this song are in the “Contractual Spiritish” used in elemental magic, so all of the pure spirits with unstable forms take on a solidified form and become monsterized. The more monsterized elementals born from the Song of Hope, the richer Mira’s nature becomes, therefore, Mira’s Song of Hope is also a song that enriches Mira. In addition, it gives birth not only to monsterized spirits, but also surrounds Mira with activated mana that can materialize monster elementals and places full of the four elements of nature... To put it simply, it also affects places where Mira’s nature is gathered, such as a spring full of beautiful water at the far end of a waterway, or the root of a large tree in a forest that has become a place where men and women secretly meet to have sex, and causes those places to give birth to new pure spirits one after another♪

    When the Song of Hope creates a monster elemental, it generates extremely strong monster mana. That’s why the newly born monster elementals are quite lascivious and proactively try to snuggle up to men, fufu♪ Mira usually receives a lot of blessings from spirits, so you could say we’re helping bridge the gap between humans and spirits with this song♪ To Mira, who once overworked the spirits for various reasons, this song that can help the spirits out is perfect for the “hope” of the island♪

    Ufufu, and it’s not just the spirits this song has power over. What would happen if the Song of Hope raised the power of the spirits, and the monsterized elementals’ mana flooded this island... That’s when all of the island of Mira begins to “prosper” and “breed”. Mira’s vegetation grows and bears plenty of fruit, and Mira’s beasts become healthy and start to reproduce.

    Of course, the humans and monsters that are a part of Mira are also the same as beasts♥ All over the island, they’ll start procreating for the sake of “breeding”♥ The island of Mira, and all of its nature, will try to assist that breeding, so warm hot springs or lakesides shining with sunlight will make your body feel hot when you bathe or soak in them, and even the blowing wind or rain are like aphrodisiacs that lick your skin and make you feel lusty, encouraging you to mate♥ In this way, the true power of this song is to stimulate the birth of new life to fill the island of Mira♪

    The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p123)[edit]

    As I said earlier, in Mira, we Song Maidens are in a position very close to that of a Diva. Or rather, the “apprentice Divas of shops” on this island would probably be called “Song Maidens” on other islands.

    On Mira, “Song Maiden” refers to girls who have already become fully qualified to open their own stores or take care of one on their own. And, just like on other islands, we also properly show our guests around the island of Mira. For this reason, Song Maidens have a very close relationship with all of Mira’s spirits, be they pure spirits, monsterized spirits, or even dark spirits, they’re just like good friends♪

    The monsters that live on Mira can easily communicate with monsterized and dark elementals, but understanding pure elementals is very difficult. Therefore, it can be said that a Song Maiden can only start to stand on her own once she is able to borrow the power of a pure spirit.

    Why is it so difficult?... Hmmm, it’s a little hard to say, but pure spirits have a form that changes very easily with nature, yeah, and pure spirits are Mira’s nature itself, I suppose?

    However, one of the duties of a Song Maiden is to guide people around the town of Mira, like I’m doing with you right now, so we have to get along well with pure spirits. I’ll tell you why that is. Mira is located in the middle of a vast swath of nature, and there are quite a few places around town that are rather complicated. In fact, Mira can sometimes feel like a “labyrinth” to people due to its many complex waterways, hidden pathways that spread out behind collapsed ruins, wharfs obscured by countless tress, and so on.

    In particular, there are many people dizzily walking around drunk and feeling good...♥ It’s not uncommon for people in that situation to lose track of where they are♪ Moreover, the appearance of Mira’s towns is transformed by the day-to-day weather, the changing seasons, and the ever-growing nature that changes with the passage of time, so after a while, the roads that were once passable... are no longer passable. So, it is very difficult to get a perfect picture of Mira’s townscape.

    We Song Maidens also carry maps, and we even make new ones with marks on them, but that’s not to say they are always reliable. In order to guide people around Mira, we still need to listen to the voices of the spirits that drift about the island, and borrow their power. The reason I’m able to row this boat and guide you around like this is because the pure spirits around us are telling me things like “This waterway is really nice~”, or “That flower garden over there is beautiful today”♪ And that’s why, in order to meet the condition of being a Song Maiden, “Guiding people around Mira”, you have to be able to properly bond with this island’s spirits♪

    For this reason, it’s essential for all apprentice Divas to not only complete our “bridal training”, which includes studying housework, cooking, and how to please men, but also come into close contact with spirits in the great outdoors of Mira! Ufufu, we Song Maidens could be called fine “elementalists” don’t you think? After all, there are many Song Maidens who have become able to use “elemental magic” while interacting with spirits♪

    Oh, naturally, if you’re going to run a store as a Song Maiden, the most important thing is management skills, right? There are two main ways to learn them.

    The first is to study at a “Spirit House”, a place where all of us Song Maidens gather to...hm? Yes, that’s correct, I’m also a graduate of a Spirit House, so I suppose it’s like another home to me...? Ufufu, as a Song Maiden apprentice, it’s a way to learn various things from the older Song Maidens♪

    And then, the other way is to learn how to manage a store at your own home from your parents, just like Fulafel-chan did. Eh? Which is more popular? Hmmm... it’s hard to say, but basically, everyone goes to a “Spirit House” first.

    Some of the apprentice Song Maidens whose parents own a shop in Mira learn by helping them out at first, but many still end up at a Spirit House. After all, it’s great to be able to have a cooking class and study spiritish as well. Being able to see how their senior Song Maidens manage their shops, instead of just their parents’ shop, is a great learning opportunity for aspiring Song Maidens, and more importantly... The most enjoyable part of the Spirit House is the stories of how the older Song Maidens with partners met their husbands, and the stories of their nightly activities...♥ Ufufu, everyone would be keenly interested in the senior Song Maidens’ stories, and we would all gather around in a circle and get riled up by our seniors’ stories...♥

    Back when I had first arrived at a Spirit House, whenever night fell, I just couldn’t wait to hear the stories my seniors would tell, and hoped that one day I could also do the same with my young students... Ugh, and yet, even though I have even more seniority, I still don’t have a partner or any experience... Uh... At this rate, I’ll never be able to share stories, I’ve become such a worthless senior... U-ufufu... That’s right, you’ll just have to help me out, for the sake of my cute juniors... Won’t you♥

    Haa, don’t do this, me, if you suddenly get into a rut with the customer... Ufufu, don’t worry, I still have my wits about me...! W-well, let’s just discuss that later♪

    The apprentice Song Maidens who studied at a Spirit House become Song Maidens once they graduate, and open up their own shops. At that time, the spirits they made friends with tell them a good place to open up a shop. Sometimes, they even open up a shop together with the spirit♪ But for a Song Maiden, the real work begins when she opens up her shop!

    When you open a store in Mira, it seems like there is no end to the customers, so you end up quite busy♪ Mira isn’t just a place for tourists, there are also people who come from the other islands in Court Alf to eat and drink♪ There are many Song Maidens from other islands who come here after work to have drinks with their friends, and even Divas who have retired from the frontlines come here with their husbands to enjoy a meal and spend the night♪ Even on the other islands, we monsters often finish our work early, so in some cases, people come to Mira in the early afternoon to have drinks, and then go around “barhopping” from one place to another♪

    Therefore, it’s not uncommon to have a constant stream of customers until nightfall, and in some shops, the atmosphere is more relaxed at night, and you may be entertaining regulars♥ Mira’s Song Maidens often take a day off the day after opening up their shops, and those with husbands often spend some time relaxing with them, but those that don’t have husbands yet often guide tourists like I am now♪

    Ufufu, of course, single men are the targets...or rather, they’re popular♪ But, it’s not often I get to guide a single man around... So this is my chance! Ah, that’s not it! We also properly guide women, monster couples, and lovers, and we want everyone that comes to this island to enjoy themselves and want to help people connect and deepen their love...♥

    Eventually... I shouldn’t have to say this, but we will naturally be called “Divas” in Mira’s shops. However, I’m sure everyone would love to receive a romantic proposal from a wonderful man along the lines of “Please become a Diva just for me!”♥ I’m the same... Fufu, ufufu♥ A shop at night with no one around but you and me...♥ You’ve gotten hot from the alcohol, and are leaning against me as if taking advantage of me, you’re already drunk...? No matter what I say, you wouldn’t stop that day, and you pin me down behind the counter, and I become your personal Diva... and such♥ A-after all, I like that sort of thing, ufufu♪ Don’t mind me♪

    A-anyway, the “Island Diva” that represents and symbolizes the island is selected from the Song Maidens that have come to be called Divas, in a meeting of all of the “Shop Divas”. The island’s Diva is replaced at irregular intervals, but as expected, it seems most of them are replaced once they’ve gotten married. They get busy with other things after all...♥

    They gather at a Spirit House, the currently retired island Divas at the forefront, and they discuss who among the unmarried Song Maidens would be best, but there are a lot of different opinions, and there are actually conflicting ways of deciding. In some cases, they are chosen based on their singing ability like Fulafel-chan, and sometimes, if there is an establishment with a good reputation on the other islands, they’ll feel like choosing a Song Maiden from there. We also may hold a tasting party and select the Song Maiden that prepared the most delicious food, oh, and in an unusual case, we may choose a Song Maiden that grew wonderful crops♪

    The way our Song Maidens and Diva behave may, perhaps, seem a little sloppy compared to other islands, but in Mira, we love to give you an atmosphere where everything is “live and let live”, or rather, where everything feels like it is decided naturally as is, in a relaxed way, without being rushed♥ And so, if you and I are attracted to each other naturally like this... Ufufufu♪

    Ancient Waterways of the Spirits (p126)[edit]

    Streams flow throughout the town of Mira, and spread out into a number of waterways♪ Did you know Mira is also known for having just as many waterways as the first song island, Al Mar?

    Mira’s waterways, which spread out in many directions like this, are called the “Ancient Waterways of the Spirits”♪ When you go down a waterway in a boat like this, you’ll sometimes see gondolas abandoned in the waterway, see? In Mira, anyone is free to board a gondola parked in the waterway like that, it’s also common to leave the boat as is when you get off.

    Ufufu, is it weird for us to reuse the boats like this? It’s true that in Al Mar, each Song Maiden has her own individual gondola and guides guests around by handling the boat herself, but Mira’s Song Maidens “ask” the gondola to go down the waterway for them♪

    Fufu, your face says “I have no idea what you’re talking about”♥ When riding a gondola in Mira, you can call upon the spirits and borrow the power of Undines and Sylphs, allowing you to momentarily control the flow of water around and around as you wish, or you can have the wind blow and push the boat like whoosh~, and when night falls, you can call out to the pure spirits to light the path ahead♪ Oh, of course, it’s not like we leave everything up to the spirits, we’re good at handling the gondolas by ourselves too, you know?

    We also invite Song Maidens from Al Mar to the “Spirit Houses” so they can teach us to properly guide our guests♪ However, to Mira’s Song Maidens, the gondolas are a place to call upon the spirits and talk with them, so that’s why we don’t manage the boats, and don’t really feel like we own them♪

    Eh? It’d be a real pain if someone took the gondola while you were browsing a store? Ufufu, it’s okay, no Song Maiden would take a gondola with luggage in it, and if there are no gondolas nearby, you can ask a nearby spirit and they will bring you one that no one is using♪ And, of course, if there’s no luggage or people on board, anyone is free to ride a gondola, even if they aren’t a Song Maiden.

    Mira’s waterways flow slowly, so even someone not used to gondolas can easily go a short distance♪ Sometimes they’re even used in place of bridges to get to the opposite side, so you can also use them casually♪ However, I don’t think it would be a good idea for someone other than us Song Maidens or elementalists to ride an empty gondola and call out to the spirits...♪

    Well, while it may be fine to call out to the spirits and have a fun conversation... If you ask for guidance or to borrow their power, they may demand “compensation”, and if it’s a mischievous Sylph, the boat may arbitrarily take you to a deserted area, and you would be earnestly violated on a gondola with no escape...♥ Ufufu, well in any case, you can get along well with spirits, they aren’t so bad after all...♪

    Of course, if there’s compensation from the beginning... For example, if you make a promise to be a spirit’s lover, they’ll earnestly grant you their power, so if you think about it, they could never be bad♥

    Spirit Fields (p127)[edit]

    Please take a look to your right~♪ Over there, you can see a traditional Miran landscape, a spirit field♪ Ufufu, it’s just, when I’m guiding people around in a boat like this, I can’t help but want to say that♪

    Many of the households in Mira have a paddy field that draws water from a stream near the house, look, the water is spread out and shiny like a mirror, right? It’s a little difficult to tell because the sun is still out, but pure spirits are still lightly flying around the paddy fields. It’s much easier to see at night, you can clearly see the pure spirits faintly glowing in gentle pink, yellow-green, azure, and yellow colors, as if they were dancing, and the pure spirit’s light is reflected on the flooded fields, making everyone’s fields so sparkly and beautiful...! I want you to properly see it at night too, so I’m going to keep you company until night falls♪

    Mira has long had very good harvests and has been able to grow a variety of crops due to the spirits visiting these paddy fields. The spirits are vital to Mira’s fields, and the reason these paddy fields shine like a mirror and remain clean and clear is because they have received an Undine’s blessings.

    In a similar fashion, the other spirits also help out... Oh, I just saw one, look at that “waterwheel” over there♪ In Mira’s streams, there are many waterwheels like this made from wood collected in the forests, and they spin around making a delightful sound. That’s where Sylphs often go for walks, and when they turn the waterwheels, clean water flows into everyone’s fields♪ That’s why when you go sightseeing, the course that follows along the waterwheels is called “The Sylph’s Path”♪ Of course, the fertile soil that forms the foundation of the fields is thanks to the Gnomes, and when the rain has been falling for days and the fields have gotten too soggy, Ignis shine warm weather on the fields, making them even more cheerful than usual.

    Many of the spirit fields of each family are fields that have received the mana of monsterized elementals, and the most popular crops are “Melting Vegetables” (WG2-p.48) and “Melty Fruit”, which is a subspecies of melting vegetable. But lately, with the help of dark elemental mana, there are also fields popping up that grow monster realm crops with more lewd effects to serve in special night-only menus at bars♪ I too was thinking it would be wonderful to cooperate with a dark elemental to make a prisoner fruit orchard... Ufufu, in that case, I’ll have to prepare lots and lots of mana for the dark elementals, ufufu♥ May I ask for your cooperation♥

    Melty Fruit (p127)[edit]

    There are many kinds of crops grown in the Spirit Fields, but one that can only be seen in Mira is this Melty Fruit♪ It’s very similar to Melting Vegetables... You can think of it as Mira’s unique subspecies, with a different appearance and taste♪ Ta-daa! Actually, I have a jar of Melty Fruit with me right now♪ Ufufu, here, have some♪

    They have a strange shape, don’t they? They wobble about like gelatin, but their shape can actually slightly change depending on how they’re grown♪

    The Spirit Fields that grow Melty Fruit have a large amount of water put in them... Hm~, or rather, instead of being paddy fields, they’re more like shallow little reservoirs♪ The water in them is very clear, so you can clearly see what is going on in the water from the outside. The seeds and seedlings of the Melty Fruit float in water, and if left floating, they will grow down into the water instead of above it, and bear a lot of fruit♪

    Oh, you can try and take them out of the jar♪ While it’s difficult for melting vegetables to keep their shape, Melty Fruits are grown in Undine water, and also have a Gnome’s “moist and hard” properties, so when you hold them in your hands, they just jiggle around and hold their shape♪ Fufu, what do you think? It’s so charming and pretty that it’s almost a shame to eat it, don’t you think♥

    And you know what, one fruit on its own looks beautiful, but the paddy fields where the Melty Fruits are grown is so much, much, more suuuuper pretty! When they receive sunlight from outside, the many Melty Fruits in the water shine just like jewels... It’s like a fairy-tale world where coral spreads out in the water, and that coral is growing jewels, and that scenery captivates the hearts of many people♪ Some people who visit Mira admire the Spirit Fields growing these Melty Fruits, and want to grow their own...! It seems some people have even decided to live here permanently♪

    Oh, ufu, ufufu♪ What do you think? Was it jiggly like jelly, and taste crisp? Good♥

    Not only do they look great, they’re also very popular for their refreshing sweetness that spreads a cool sensation throughout your body, just like when drinking fresh water, and, of course, since they’re a fruit of the monster realm... they also have a wonderful effect♪

    It’s okay, don’t look so startled♪ Melty Fruit will thicken the eater’s resistance to monster mana, and with the Gnome’s mana, they become fertile ground to receive even more monster mana, that is, the body will try to accept even more monster mana... It also has the dual effect of giving you a strong appetite for monster mana♪

    To summarize, let’s say someone eats monster realm cooking that turns the person eating it lewd. If a non-lewd person eats it, they’ll turn super lewd, so it seems quite effective, right? However, if a monster, who is lewd to begin with, eats it, it will seem less effective even though they act just as naughty, right?

    Those that have eaten a Melty Fruit will feel the same way, and in addition to their body accepting lots of the monster mana from the monster realm cuisine, they somehow get the delusion that “The monster mana isn’t affecting me”, and it seems they end up eating too much food♪ But that’s only an illusion♥ The more such a person eats, the more the effect of this fruit will come out, and they’ll be able to enjoy the effects of the monster realm dish even more...

    For example, even if the effects of a dish that uses abundant monster realm crops causes someone to “take off their clothes” or “get a painful erection”, they will still feel as if they can afford to eat more and more...♥ Fufu♥ That’s why Melty Fruits are often used in dishes that deepen one’s enjoyment of the night♪ It can be cut up and served with a dish, offered as an appetizer, or, at Ms. Glacie’s restaurant, Melty Fruits are made into a gelato that makes after-dinner intercourse more enjoyable...♥

    You’ve already finished it all, but you’re thinking you can still eat more, and can’t wait for what I serve you next... Eating more and more lewd food, getting more and more excited♥ Finally, you can’t stand it anymore, and eat me... Ufufu♥ Melty Fruit is the best♥

    Eh? You only had a little nibble? Did you think that’s what I was talking about? Oh, ara ara, ufufu♥ It seems I may have revealed that information a little too early...♥

    However, if you eat this fruit, in the same way your appetite grows, you will also develop an unbearable urge for monster mana... Ufufu, it’s okay, when that time comes, I’ll be sure to treat you to lots of delicious food♥

    Spirit Hot Spring (p129)[edit]

    Dear customer♪ How’s the water?♥ Don’t Mira’s Spirit Hot Springs feel nice? Ufufu♪ Are you surprised there’s a hot spring in such an inconspicuous place?

    In Mira, the water that is drawn up from the streams remains clear thanks to the Undines, and places like this get warmed up by the power of Ignis and the mana of pure spirits, becoming hot springs♪ These hot springs can be found in the ruins of old houses connected to the waterways like this one, at the end of streams that pass through deep forests, and in some cases, the cavities of large fallen trees♪

    On the island of Mira, there are many hot springs and baths that have become “hideouts” just like this one, but the largest and oldest of them is called the “Great Spirit Hot Spring”, which is like a large coed bathhouse♪ Ufufu, since it’s called the Great Spirit Hot Spring, monsterized spirits like to soak comfortably in it, and if someone like you gets in, they’ll come and wash your back♪

    You may think of hot springs as just a bathing establishment, but Mira’s hot springs are naturally created by spirits like this, so anyone is free to visit at any time, and of course, there is no charge♪ And so, a lot of people enter after they’ve gotten tipsy and comfortable from drinking at a bar♪ Fufu, many spirit hot springs are places hidden from public view like this one, so intimate men and women can also go in together and use them for “a certain purpose”...♪

    Ufufu♪ I think it’s about time I washed your back♪ Fufu♥ It may be a bit late to say this, but this is called a hot spring after all, the water here has some wonderful benefits♥

    The water heated by the Ignis’ power contains the magical power of their flames... Aha, it seems you’ve gotten rather distressed down there♥ Has your crotch been aching and swollen since earlier, and you can’t stand it anymore...? Any man that takes a long bath alone will unconsciously become like that, and can’t help but let it out once it’s built up♥ If a man were to do such a thing by himself... The spirits would be sure to notice♥ And they’ll diligently help out♪

    Ahh...you’re so burly down there...it’s getting harder♥ Don’t worry, I’m with you now, so relax and leave it to me...♥ I’ll give it to you properly, so until you’ve let it all out, all you have to do is get comfortable and feel good...♥

    Ruins of the Great Tree (p129)[edit]

    Lalala~♥ La~♪ Ufufu♥

    Pushing their way through the foliage that blocked their path, our Miran expedition team arrives at... What’s this! Never before seen ruins!

    ... Jeez, don’t look at me like “What’s this all of a sudden?”♪ When we get there, you’re supposed to act surprised and go “Oooh~!”♥

    These Ruins of the Great Tree are the largest ruins in the “Great Sea of Trees”, which takes up almost a third of the island of Mira... Or rather, I suppose it’s more accurate to say there are a number of ruins scattered about, and this ruin is the largest of them♪

    In the age of the former Mamono Lords, the people of Mira used to live here in the ruins of the Great Tree, worshipping the spirits, so, although most of it is already in ruins, the old, former town of Mira from the age of the previous Mamono Lords is also spread out within these ruins. Most of the ruins in Mira are comparatively small, but here, there are lots of big ruins that make you think “There must be treasure slumbering within!”♪

    Ufufu, now you seem interested♥ How about we stroll around the ruins a bit before we eat? It’ll be good exercise♪

    This place, completely untouched by human hands, is just like “the stage of an adventure drama”, isn’t it? It’s no wonder the adventurous spirit is stirring in my heart♪

    Actually, for a long time after this place was abandoned, and until Mira became a monster realm, it was considered a “forbidden land”, that is, it was a place that even the people of Mira never set foot in. Nowadays, the spirits usually live together with everyone in the town of Mira, but in the past, this place was thought of as a sacred land where the spirits lived.

    Oh, look, over there, those ruins made of red brick you can see in the distance are the “Ruins of Flame” where Ignis are worshiped, and in a similar fashion, there are ruins of water, earth, wind, and fire enshrining each of the four great elementals in various parts of the Great Sea of Trees, and that’s why the legends were so prevalent♪ Therefore, there are still many places around here that the people of Mira have never visited, ufufu, and there are still all kinds of “mysteries” left♪

    For example, there are still many things we don’t know about the vast ruins of this great tree... There are owl-shaped statues of all sizes dotted around the ruins, and furthermore, although there are ruins where the people of Mira worshipped the four great elementals all around this area, this ruin here is the largest one, see? What did they worship here, and why was it created? However, the people of Mira these days aren’t all that interested in such things... It remains mostly untouched, and currently is just used as a tourist attraction for visitors♪ In fact, we greatly welcome adventurers and scholars that properly research such things to daringly investigate them and live in Mira... Ehe♪

    Oh, that’s right, this may be a tourist attraction, but this place is also used for another purpose... ufufu♪ These ruins are also used as a place for the monsters and men of Mira to secretly rendezvous...♥

    Ufu, don’t look like you’ve been tricked♪ Besides, we’ve already walked so far in that no one would notice if you raised your voice, and no one will come, ufuufufufufu♥

    Haa, it’s no use... That’s no good, me, you have to, have to wait until nightfall, y-you’re a Song Maiden after all... But, I’m a woman before I’m a Song Maiden, and if, on the other hand, you can’t stand it any longer, then it’s another story! I won’t have to attack you, if you attack me...♥ Ahh, someone help~♥... Huh? You actually can’t stand it any longer? Payback for earlier?... T-that’s, I...♥

    Tavern: Mira's Little Mermaid (p130)[edit]

    Ufufu♪ How was your tour of the ruins? Eh? It looks like I had more fun? Jeez...♥ That’s because you did something like that to me, even though I was going to wait until nightfall...♥ Ufufu, it’s too late to get embarrassed now, I love that side of you...♥

    But, that was merely a pre-meal workout♪ Let’s take a moment here to replenish our energy for tonight♪

    This is “Mira’s Little Mermaid”, a restaurant I often go to for lunch, which has a waterway that leads directly into the restaurant♪ That means you can enter from the waterway like this and stop your gondola inside the restaurant to enjoy your meal, or you can even pull your gondola up near the restaurant and have the staff bring you a light meal straight from the restaurant.

    Well? It’s really convenient don’t you think? That’s why the fishermen that work around Mira often drop by here in their boats around lunchtime to order food♪

    In Mira, besides the main street with all its taverns lined up, there are also many shops facing the waterways like this where you can order from aboard a boat. This restaurant was built from restoring an old deteriorated water mill, so it not only faces the waterway, but also has an unconventional structure with the waterway passing right through the building, making it a very comfortable work environment for aquatic monsters who are new to being mermaids♪

    Originally, when this restaurant had first opened, the Song Maiden owner also opened it up to all the mermaids in the area as a place to learn how to cook, so in the beginning, the monsters cooked with fish they had prepared themselves. But before long, the fishermen began catching fish for them, and now they cook using those fish... Ufufu, nowadays, the fishermen always come to this restaurant at the end of the day♪

    All of the fishermen love this restaurant so much that they say things like “This place has the best deals!”, and they bring their freshly caught fish here before they sell them at the market♥ They all just can’t wait to see the fish they caught themselves made into home-cooked meals full of love by the mermaids that work here♥

    Ufufu, this restaurant also serves drinks at night, and the mermaids that work here will sing songs as they prepare the meals♪ They take the prized fish the men caught themselves, make it into meals just for them, and serve it with a gentle song... No man wouldn’t love to be treated like that♪

    It’s a common sight here to see young fishermen, encouraged by their senior fishermen and caught up in the calm warm atmosphere and alcohol, to confess their love to the mermaid waitresses, saying things like “Please keep on cooking for me!”♪ Ufufu, it really is a wonderful restaurant♪ I’m also going to go all out and make you a wonderful home-cooked meal today♥

    Mirado Potato Salad (p131)[edit]

    “Hello, oh? It seems you’ve brought along a boyfriend today♥”

    Ufufu♥ Indeed♪ Spring has finally come to me...♥ When I first laid eyes on him, I felt my whole body shiver...♥ We were fated to meet♪

    “My, how wonderful... Congrats♥ We harvested some very good looking Mirado Potatoes today, so I made a salad like last time, try it if you want♥ Well then, you two please enjoy yourselves...♪”

    Thank you♪ Ufu, ufufu♥ Now then, I’ll feed you, open your mouth♥

    Well? It has a very gentle taste, doesn’t it?♪ This salad is made of “Montatoes”[12], which are a kind of Intimacy Vegetable (WG2-p.47), and uses a variety cultivated in Mira known as “Mirado Potato”♪

    Mirado potatoes feel sticky in your mouth, and have a very strong sweetness♪ They’re a common ingredient on this island, and although this is a salad, it’s often served as a garnish at taverns in Mira. Actually, this Mirado Potato Salad doesn’t use any spices♪ The taste changes slightly depending on the type harvested from each field, but they all share the same exquisite sweetness, especially if they are freshly harvested ones like the ones used in this salad, and by simply peeling and washing them as is, you can make a dish whose ingredients are enjoyed just as they are♪

    Montatoes are rare among the crops harvested in the monster realm, because effects such as lust or excitement... Ufufu, there’s almost nothing in them to make you feel such lewd effects, they’re something couples grow to enjoy purely for their taste and shape. Of course, these Mirado Potatoes are the same, if you eat one, it won’t make you feel lewd or anything. That makes me feel a little disappointed though, because I want you to feel like that all the time, but still, these Mirado Potatoes represent Mira’s “Lunch Dishes”, and are a pure symbol of “enjoying food in Mira”♪

    You see, Mira has many delicious restaurants, right? However, if you eat and drink way too much at noon, all you’ll eat afterwards is your beloved partner♥ And after that’s happened, you’ll just head off to bed right? Ufufu, that would be very welcome too, but that would also mean you wouldn’t be able to go around and around enjoying Mira’s food...♪

    Eating dishes made with these Mirado Potatoes at lunchtime is quite popular♪ Every restaurant grows and serves their Mirado Potatoes differently, so you can enjoy yourself seeing what kind of dishes they come up with♪ Not to mention, even this salad tastes different depending on the restaurant, so you can order different restaurants’ Mirado Potato Salads and enjoy their differences♪

    Many of the food stalls along Mira’s main street also use Mirado Potatoes in their dishes. As for me, I love “Mira Sweet Boil”, which is Mirado Potatoes steamed to lock in their sweetness, added to “Sweet Squid”, a type of squid caught in the waters near Mira that has a suuuper concentrated sweetness, and I also love “Fried Mirado”, which are baked crispy on the outside by an Ignis’s flame, and is so thick that it spills outside... I always end up eating too much♪

    Ufufu, as I thought, would you like to try some? Ufufu, well, don’t be shy and say “aaah~”♥ If you do, I’ll take you to a place I recommend♪

    Five Flowers' Spirit Restaurant (p132)[edit]

    Wow, there’s a lot of people today...!

    This place, the Five Flowers’ Spirit Restaurant, just opened recently, and is now very popular in Mira♪ Ufufu, this place is run by five monsterized elemental sisters, and it’s both a bar and a dining house. They have a somewhat different way of running the place, and today is a holiday, so all five sisters are in the restaurant♪ Yeah, holidays are an exception, but usually, the girls are in the store individually depending on the day of the week, the eldest on Undine Day, the second eldest on Ignis Day, and so on.

    All of the sisters are Song Maidens, and they’ve all received proper bridal training at a Spirit House, so they are outstanding Song Maidens, and each of them has their own specialty they use to add their own color to the restaurant♪

    Ufufu, to give you a brief introduction, the one guiding customers over there is the eldest sister, an Undine♪ She’s patient, very reliable, and as the mediator of the sisters, she is the best at housework. She is a very caring person, and even gives pure water to those that have become flat drunk from drinking too much of Mira’s delicious alcohol, nursing them back to health♪

    The second eldest, an Ignis, is a little crude at first glance, oh, look, she’s the girl cooking over there, ara ara, she’s scolding a customer for stealing a bite♪ Ufufu, she may not always be honest, but she is a very helpful person... See, it looks like she’s serving customers this and that♪ She’s lining up more dishes than anyone could eat♪ She’s very good at cooking, so she often listens to the worries of other Song Maidens who have crushes, teaching them the best dishes to win over a man’s heart♥

    The third sister, a Glacies, is... Ummm, oh, if you look into the back of the kitchen, she’s the girl focused on making sweets. She’s always calm, yet taciturn, but she’s kind at heart, and very skilled with her hands♪ The sweets she’s making right now are frozen desserts made with ice, they’re very delicate and beautiful, aren’t they? Her sweets are so suuuper popular that, especially when she releases a new one, a ton of people line up in front of the store...! Fulafel-chan also loves her sweets and, ufufu, I actually often line up with Fulafel-chan too♪ She also decorates the restaurant with her ice sculptures at night, and when you light them up with lamps, it becomes a very beautiful and fantastic space♪

    And then there’s the fourth sister, the Sylph singing cheerfully over there♪ She’s so cheerful and innocent that you can feel it from here, and she’s the best singer among the sisters, she’s also in charge of promoting the restaurant, and she still comes to Spirit Houses, teaching apprentice Song Maidens how to sing♪

    Ufufu, the fifth sister, a Gnome, is, oh, as I thought, she was in the field in the back♪ She’s the one in charge of this restaurant’s roots, that is, its Spirit Field, and she’s the most self-paced of the sisters, sometimes seen snacking on new dishes in the kitchen... It seems she’s also in charge of food tasting♪ She not only works at this restaurant, but sometimes she is called to other stores as well, and if there is a field that isn’t doing well, she lays down her earth mana so that it will more easily grow healthy crops. That’s why, even though she looks slow-paced like that, she’s a very earnest and dependable girl♪

    These girls may all be different kinds of elementals, but they were born as spirits here in Mira at the same place, at the same time, so they are considered five sisters. Strange, isn’t it? Even though they are different spirits they were born in the same place, and strangely enough, they look just like each other.

    These girls are wonderful, aren’t they? We’ve been living together with spirits on Mira for a really long time, but these five sisters were actually the first spirit Song Maidens in Mira. That’s why their influence is so big, and now Mira’s Undines are aiming to become Song Maidens, there are young Sylphs training to become Song Maidens on Matori, and the spirits on Mira are slowly changing after seeing them♪ As a Song Maiden myself, when I see a wonderful shop like this one, I realize I have a lot to learn♪

    Fufu, jeez, how long are you going to gaze at those girls? Uh-uh-uhn~, as your punishment, this time you have to feed me these ice sweets, aaahn~♪

    Tavern: Olde Tavern Miramira (p133)[edit]

    Ufufu, it’s almost time♥ Truth is, I’ve made a reservation at a special restaurant for this evening♪ It’s here, at Mira’s oldest tavern, “Mira Mira”.

    To tell the truth, this is the Diva Fulafel-chan’s parents’ place, in other words, this is her parents’ restaurant♪ It may be a little removed from the main street where most of Mira’s bars are gathered, but it’s known as the most famous tavern in Mira♪

    Ufufu, I briefly touched on this when I was telling you about Fulafel-chan, but this the establishment Their Majesties used as an inn when they came to Court Alf for their honeymoon♥ That’s why it is very famous not only as a tavern, but also as an inn, and it’s said that a couple that stays here will be united in inseparable, eternal love, intimate forevermore♪ Fufufu, and today, we are spending a hot night here, just like the Mamono Lord...

    Ufu, Ufufufufu♥ You won’t be getting away, I absolutely won’t let you get away...♥ Your sweat and my sweat get blended together... Your...burly cock rubs against my belly♥ You squeeze my breasts with passion to your heart’s content... I’m like an outlet for your darkest desires, ufufufu♥

    Haah...! W-what’s this...♥ Don’t tell me, we’re going already? We haven’t eaten anything, yet you already can’t stand it anymore...!?

    “...Senpai, I don’t think, that’s it... Your, boyfriend...is trying, to say, ‘you’re drooling’, probably.”

    F-Fulafel-chan? A-ara ara, ufufu♪ It seems that I've gotten a bit too excited...♥ Coming here with you is like a dream...♥ How terrible, I showed something embarrassing to Fulafel-chan...♥

    “...Never mind, that, for now, senpai. This is...an aperitif, called “Wrapping Sake”. Umm, by drinking, this...by drinking this... what, was it... Senpai, this is, your chance, to show your, good side, in front of your boyfriend... Yes!”

    Ah, aha...♪ Ummm, this Wrapping Sake is produced from “Mira Rice”, which is grown healthily with the blessings of the water spirits. Here, have some♪ It has a mellow taste and feels as though it envelops you in a sense of security, doesn’t it? Ufufu, I think I’ll have some too♥ When a woman drinks this sake, she’ll want to do more and more things for the man she loves, and when a man drinks it, he’ll want to be spoiled by such an open monster♪ Fufu, did you drink too much? Want to sit next to me?

    “...Oooh, as expected, of my senpai...! Ah, I... I’ll go sing, over there, okay... Oh, senpai, I’ll make sure, to prepare you, a bed, okay♥”

    Ara ara, thank you♪ Ufu, are you surprised? The Diva Fulafel-chan still shows up at this place from time to time, helping her parents out and singing as well♪ Besides Fulafel-chan, this time of day, the apprentice Song Maidens from Spirit Houses also help out♪ This restaurant may be old, but it has an open atmosphere, right? It’s store policy that, just as Fulafel-chan has been helping out around the restaurant since she was a child, apprentice Song Maidens and, in some cases, monsters wondering whether they should become Song Maidens, should come here to gain “experience”; that’s how it’s advertised, fufu, they even sing about it♪

    The Mama here, the Flowkelp “Francois”, seems as if she spends allll~ the time totally soaked in this Wrapping Sake... She’s as widely open-minded as Mira’s ocean, and wants not only Fulafel-chan, but also all of the island’s monsters to become Song Maidens, so that they too may have a wonderful encounter, just like how she met her own beloved husband♪ That’s why she’s pushing for more monster-human couples to be born here. Ufufu, and that’s why this inn has been provided so people can get affectionate and mingle their bodies together to their heart’s content♪

    Of course, it’s not only the inn, Mama also loooves lewd and extremely naughty drinks, and she is constantly in pursuit of dishes that make men and women entwine, as well as “Night Drinks” that will make them hopelessly seek each other out♥ The restaurant also has a collection of such specialty drinks, such as “Miran Fruit Wine”, which is made from Melty Fruit that has been aged for many years and has mellow mana condensed into it, or Monster Realm Cocktails procured from the Sixth Song Island Dé Ryúa, which is famous for its colorful streets. In fact, they sometimes even serve vintage liquors from Monster Realm nations throughout the world, given to them by Lady Asura Mythra, the Diva of the Seventh Song Island♪

    Every time a new Song Maiden opens up a store, Mama always visits it and gifts her a bottle of her treasured liquor♪ Ufufu, isn’t she great? She’s a first-class singer and storyteller, and her stories of how she met her husband and songs of passionate love affairs are quite popular♪ It’s not only Fulafel-chan, but all Song Maidens, including myself, who greatly admire her♪

    Ahhhh... I want to be like that too♥ I want to stay here with you forever and open a store... Eat meals together, and do lots of naughty things together... Eventually a child will come along, and while we’re living with that one, a second will come♥ We’ll live happily and time will slowly... slowly pass by♥

    Mansion of Twilight (p134)[edit]

    Mmm~, the night breeze feels great♪ It’s rare I drink too much...♥ Ufufu, and~ that’s~ why~, this estate is the last place I’ll show you♪ I really wanted to show you this place...♥

    Well? With all of Mira’s pure spirits gathered around here all at once, it’s just like being among the glittering stars in the night sky♪ This is where the Ancient Waterway of the Spirits ends, the largest secret gathering spot where Mira’s pure spirits gather. It’s also a sacred land for Mira’s elementalists.

    This is the “Mansion of Twilight”, fufu, it may be called a mansion, and a long time ago it was a large and magnificent estate, but now it’s become like this, half broken and just floating on the water♪ That’s why when the elementalists gather here, they take a gondola like we are now♪ Isn’t the moonlight spilling through the broken roof romantic? When the moon is full, Mira’s elementalists will meet here, and hold an elementalists’ council. Usually, the elementalists that come here are all friendly, drinking alcohol they brought with them, leisurely chatting on and on about things and getting riled up bragging about their wives, but on the evening of a full moon, things are a bit different.

    Mira’s elementalists who have ventured far away return, and they all discuss things such as the situation of various well-known countries and the status of the reconstruction of places in crisis, and everyone is quite serious. Fufu, of course, when the council is finished, they head straight to their gondolas... And join with their beloved elementals until morning♪

    In Mira, this place is called “The Secret Residence” or “The Hidden Place”. While it certainly is a very special place, it’s only difficult to find, anyone can enter like this♪ Usually, the pure spirits that gather in the Ancient Waterway of the Spirits can serve as guides, and if you carefully observe and follow them, you can naturally arrive here♪

    You can most easily see the pure spirits’ light at night, so it’s best to seek it out at night, I suppose? However, to get here, you have to go back and forth through some rather complicated waterways, so many of the people excited to find this place get lost along the way... As a result, they are guided by monsterized spirits who couldn’t stand to just watch, and end up being taken care of all night at their residence♥ Fufu, do you find yourself picturing it? This is a place where spirits gather, and it’s not just monsterized elementals, dark elementals also show up♪ That’s why many of the people who visit here merely out of curiosity end up mingling their bodies with the spirits and forming contracts with them♥ In that sense, this place is a sacred land to elementalists, fufu, and a birthplace of elementalists...♥

    And here we are... Well? Is this far enough?I’ve been patient ever since we left that restaurant, but now I’m at my limit♥

    No, ever since I touched that thing of yours at the hot spring, the whole time I’ve been guiding you... I couldn’t forget it, I wanted to have it, and it was all I could think about♥ Hey, I can’t wait until we get back to the inn... Can we do it here? The spirits are looking at us expectantly... Ufu, ufufu♥ You got caught by a naughty Song Maiden, didn’t you?

    You can’t escape now can you...? But it’s okay, I’ll keep you happy in this city forever♥

    Sixth Song Island Dé Ryúa (p136)[edit]

    The Sixth Song Island of Love
    Dé Ryúa

    The mermaids dance sensually, a city of lust swirling with desire
    Diva: Meivia (Nereid)
    Inherited Song: Love
    Main Residents: Nereid, Sea Bishop, Mermaid, Satyros

    Welcome to our debauched world❤ The sixth song island “Dé Ryúa” is a paradise of lust where alluring mermaids swim through the air, awaiting your desires❤️ Guided by the whirling tides, should you get lost, bewitching mermaids will greet you with a pole dance❤nBrothels that suit your tastes, and strip shows that expose naughty bits! All of the city tempts you! Please choose a mermaid you like❤

    Dé Ryúa is the number one pleasure quarter in Court Alf! The various casinos and amusement centers are places where a man can play and be served by women with no worries! Of course, if you come as a couple, we can also prepare a wonderful plan where you can enjoy yourselves together and make love with wild abandon❤

    When you get turned on by the excessively lewd cityscape, have no fear! The mermaid you choose will humbly become a slave to serve you❤ When you want to do it, do it as you like! Please enjoy yourself as much as you desire❤

    A festival of light and lust where the 7 islands gather

    Dé Ryúa Row Parade
    The season of the “Dé Ryúa Row Parade” has finally come again this year❤ Participants decorate every boat with neon lights and magic, together with brightly glittering artwork imitating things like mermaid statues and buildings, and then advance down the central waterway, “Pleasure Street”, while the beautiful and bewitching monsters riding them conduct all sorts of performances like music, song, and dance❤ In a single word, the sight of the parade stretched out is gorgeous❤

    Including Dé Ryúa of course, each of the other six islands will be participating as usual; however, this year from far away, the young and lewd members of “Momonika Sabbath” have decided to join❤ You can’t help but get excited about the participation of the girls rumored even amongst Sabbath to be particularly dirty and lewd❤

    And of course, this is a festival of light and lust❤ The graceful monsters riding the parade boats are all unmarried women. They are women with outstanding immoral lust from each island, who dream of being enslaved to men❤ Just like the Song Maidens of Dé Ryúa, the monsters riding the parade boats are free to touch, and free to take away Attending men may take the hand of a monster they like from the parade passing by, and enjoy themselves as they please at a hotel, back alley, and of course even right on the spot❤

    But be careful, what would be a one-night mistake in the human world is an eternal mistake in the monster world❤ The Dé Ryúa Row Parade is a cage of lust woven by mermaids❤ You absolutely won’t be allowed to escape all night❤

    ※Every year, each and every participant is connected with her dear husband❤️Participation is limited, but if you would like to participate as a group or an individual, please feel free to apply❤

    For Men! Recommendations for singles❤

    Dé Ryúa is a pleasure quarter that serves as Court Alf’s greatest red-light district❤ It is an island that naturally specializes in single men that just want to take a partner they like from the monsters before them and fuck to their heart’s content❤

    There are many establishments in this town for men to enjoy, such as brothels, casinos, strip theaters, adult bars, etc., but all of the employees at these shops work within touching distance of such single men, and are just waiting to be chosen by you, so it’s absolutely a city of choice❤

    However, the partner you chose will of course never be a one-night stand and will become a partner forever enslaved to you, so when choosing, please be prepared to spend your whole life pouring your spirit and lust into your partner❤

    Advice for those that want such a bride!

    The indecent mermaids with lewd bodies trained by the Diva look forward to becoming an outlet for your desires❤ However, as the owners of inexhaustible passion, these girls will welcome being treated as a plaything, but they will not permit “deeds left undone”❤

    Dé Ryúa's History (p140)[edit]

    Welcome, dear guest❤ This may be sudden, but what kind of girl do you prefer?

    A devoted mermaid princess? A girl who won’t be honest? A refined high-class lady? A cool band girl?

    No, those aren’t it... after all, you visited this island.

    If that’s the case, your desire must be even more immoral❤ An unbearable lust is swirling within you...❤ Control it, or be controlled by it, becoming muddied with love❤ Don’t hold baaack❤ That’s the reason you came to Dé Ryúa...❤

    Aaaan❤ Your lovely dark lust❤
    You’re already deliciously swelling up...❤The kind of girl you like, should I make you tell me directly?

    Ufufu...Oh, I won’t tease you too much...❤

    Dé Ryúa is Court Alf’s number one city of lust❤ I’m sure you’ll find a very lewd girl to suit that excitement of yours❤

    I suppose my introduction is overdue. I’m the Diva Meivia. A mere servant that affirms all love and communion, serves as master of Dé Ryúa’s corruption and decadence, and shall before long fall as a vessel of a man’s desire...❤

    Now, take my hand, and I’ll drag you to a place that suits you, down to the depths of a darkness you won’t return from...❤

    Coming to a red-light district and wanting to learn about its history, aren’t you a strange person. But that’s fine. I’ll teach you...❤

    Now, come here❤ Into my arms... yes, that’s a good boy❤ Just bury your face in my chest, and breathe in slowly...❤ Yes, relax your body, and leave everything to me...❤

    Doesn’t my hand caressing your body feel amazing? Your desire, it’s so very hard and hot...❤ I want to receive it with my mouth, but for now I’ll use my hand...❤

    Ufufu❤ You’re so very honest and lewd, I’ll teach you properly❤ Like this...just listen to my story, and feel me...❤

    High waves relentlessly attack an island, and whirlpools disrupt the course of ships...
    This place is Dé Ryúa, a small, unnoticeable island in the Asuramis Sea.
    At the time, the countries of the Asuramis Sea, whether large or small, were fighting for various reasons, but Dé Ryúa, which had difficulty interacting with the outside due to the high waves and whirlpools, did not get caught up in the fighting as they had almost no interaction with the outside world.
    The cityscape wasn’t flattering, nature wasn’t particularly beautiful, and crops that were grown locally would sometimes be attacked by the waves and ruined.
    At the time, ordinary people managed to live by getting shared food from the monsters of the sea. That was Dé Ryúa.

    Then, one day, the fleet of the naval country “Diana” showed up on the island of Dé Ryúa.
    It seems the ships of Diana, which had apparently become a strong military power due to receiving aid from the Order of the Chief God, did not suffer from the high waves or whirling tides.
    Diana invaded such a small country on the edge of the sea, that couldn’t even fight back properly, and forced them to surrender...
    And so, a shipyard was built on the island to serve as a military base for Diana.
    Diana then brought the shipbuilding engineers they had gathered from “Engineer Hunts” to the island.
    Next, various laborers were gathered, such as the original inhabitants of the island, slaves brought from other islands, and the poor from other islands that had fallen for too-good-to-be-true stories, and they were semi-forced to make battleships for use by the Order and Diana.

    However, it seems the rule of Diana and the Order wasn’t all that bad.
    Dé Ryúa was very poor when it couldn’t contact other islands because of the high waves and whirlpools. On the other hand, Diana had the support of the Order, and was very rich.
    Dé Ryúa was supposed to be governed by a military admiral sent from Diana, however it seems he was paying the workers in Dé Ryúa a teensy bit.
    Excellent shipbuilding engineers were treated kindly, and the slaves were never overworked or had their bodies broken.
    Soldiers of The Order were also assigned to the island, but they were honest and good-natured children, and it seems they even had drinks at bars with the islanders that had finished their work.
    And best of all, the military admiral had a very tall breakwater built all around Dé Ryúa to protect it against the high waves.
    No longer having to fear the high waves, the islanders were delighted.
    Indeed, Diana and the Order had brought stable jobs, wealth, and security to Dé Ryúa.
    Our story so far hasn’t been so bad, it’s quite a lovely story, isn’t it?

    However, someone began spreading a rumor that “the admiral of Diana is associating with monsters”.
    I don’t know if that was true. However, the admiral lost his standing because of it, and a new admiral came to Dé Ryúa to replace him. It is here the tragedy began.
    The treatment of the workers was reversed and became severe, and the work became cruel and harsh.
    At first, workers that tried to resist or flee faced severe punishment to make an example.
    In truth, at the time, it seems Diana and the Order suspected that not just the previous admiral, but the whole island was collaborating with monsters.
    Perhaps the new admiral may have thought that, because the islanders were connected to monsters, he could be connected to monsters as well, so he had to be strict.
    Thus, the breakwater the previous admiral had built to protect the island from the waves was turned into a wall to imprison the workers, and from that point on, Dé Ryúa came to be called “The Prison Island”.

    At the time, the monsters of the sea looked at the state of Dé Ryúa with sadness, for they had once shared their food with the wave and whirlpool- ravaged Dé Ryúa... sea folk such as mermaids, nereids, and sea bishops.
    The ocean around this area is plagued with high waves and whirlpools because Lord Poseidon’s mana is not spread through this part of the sea.
    The monsters had the duty to spread Lord Poseidon’s mana by living in this ocean and helping the islanders.
    Of course, those girls are monsters, and hoped the islanders would someday become their husbands, leading to veeery lewd relationships...

    They never attacked the islanders, however. It seems they believed they could captivate them by slowly getting to know them on their own.

    However, while they were in the middle of doing that, Dé Ryúa was occupied by Diana.
    Although they could no longer meet with the islanders, they heard from the Sirens crossing the sky that the islanders were living safely, and were a little relieved.
    They did seem extremely disappointed that they wouldn’t be getting any husbands for a while though...
    As long as the islanders were safe, the monsters would monitor the situation in Dé Ryúa.
    However, the admiral was changed, and Dé Ryúa completely transformed, becoming “The Prison Island”.
    The monsters of the sea could not stay silent about this.

    Just like the monsters, “Eizen Wiltex”, the former military admiral exiled from the island, was worried about the current situation in Dé Ryúa.
    After being stripped of his rank, former Admiral Eizen was sent back to his home country of Diana to be executed for the crime of associating with monsters.
    The monsters that learned this attacked the ship carrying the former admiral, and rescued him.

    “What do you know, I really am associating with monsters now huh...”

    He said, laughing as if mocking himself, but when he heard from the monsters about the current state of the island he had left, he couldn’t stand it.
    His own carelessness had invited the current situation in Dé Ryúa, but he was a dead man in his home country Diana, so either way, the only difference was whether he was executed after being taken to his homeland, or died being dragged into the sea by monsters en route.
    It seems he thought, if possible, he would use the life he had been spared for the people of the island.

    Meanwhile, it wasn’t just the former admiral and monsters who weren’t pleased with the rule of the current military admiral, “Imanov Channor”, who had turned Dé Ryúa into a prison island.
    It was the Order soldiers that had been dispatched in the name of protecting the island, and were responsible for supervising the workers.
    In the old days, they had shared drinks with the people of the island. Every night, they shared lively conversations about trivial things like how cute the bar girls were, or how their boss had been angry at them for slacking off. They couldn’t help but feel heartache at the state of their friends.
    However, they were soldiers of The Order that had established monsters as incompatible enemies.
    No matter how they felt, they could not criticize the way admiral Imanov was trying to correct the former admiral who had mistakenly fraternized with monsters, or the islanders he had stood up for.
    If they challenged the current admiral, they would likely be suspected of being the monsters’ minions, and receive divine punishment. At worst, they may be executed like the former admiral.
    And so, they couldn’t help the islanders.
    While the Order soldiers worried, the islanders continued to suffer, contrary to their hopes.
    The workers on the island were not permitted amusement, and were severely cracked down on. They were told pleasure is the path to corruption and leads one to the monsters.
    The bars where the islanders and Order soldiers had once met to share drinks had all been shut down...
    However, the workers were allowed just one means of entertainment. They could sing songs.
    The Order soldiers had advocated their boss to at least allow this under the pretense of “improving work ethic”, and it was allowed.
    They were songs that made them think of their homes. The slaves and poor brought from outside the island sang the songs of their homelands.
    Even the islanders who had lived on the old island sang a song about Dé Ryúa.

    Dé Ryúa suffers from starvation due to the high waves, whirlpools, and poverty, and yet the people hold hands, and continue to live without giving up. Such a song has been handed down in Dé Ryúa since long ago.
    It’s a song to encourage people that continue to endure unreasonable suffering. It’s as if the song was singing about the islanders of the present.
    The Order soldiers also heard this song, and felt as though their chests were tightening.

    Dé Ryúa’s song is a story of people who are exposed to unreasonable suffering, hold hands and endure, then, undefeated, their lives are tied together. That’s where the song ends.
    Every night, in the shipyard resembling a prison, this song of the workers echoed.
    Then, one night, when the workers had finished singing as usual, another singing voice could be heard beyond the wall enclosing the island.
    Indeed, it was a song of the sea folk.
    A song of humans and monsters living together, overcoming hunger.
    A song of people from different countries living together, confronting the high waves.
    It was a continuation of the history of the island thus far, a sequel to the islander’s song.
    And yet, the sea folk continued to sing.
    It was a song of Dé Ryúa’s future that shouldn’t exist.
    It was their dream of monsters, The Order, and Diana all existing together with Dé Ryúa.

    Every night after that, after the workers sang, the sea folk returned their song.
    Then, the workers also returned songs to the sea folk.

    A song of making a fishing rod for a son and going fishing together.
    A song dreaming of returning to Nevia and becoming an artist.
    A song of conveying feelings to the pretty mermaid that delivered fish every day.
    A song of islanders, the Order soldiers, and even the monsters all sharing drinks together.

    Everyone sang of the future they envisioned.
    The Order soldiers that noticed also joined the singing. They sang with tears in their eyes.

    Then one night, after the workers had sang their first song, the singing voices of the sea folk could be heard right in front of them, inside the wall rather than from outside of it.
    They had been guided from the outside by former admiral Eizen, and from the inside by the Order soldiers.
    The humans and monsters that met continued to sing in the shipyard in the dead of night, and soon began heading towards the city.
    The other workers and their families that heard their voices joined in one after the other, and the ring of their voices steadily grew louder.
    In the meantime, they finally arrived at the headquarters where the current admiral was.
    Naturally, the guards drew their swords to stop them, but the previous admiral and Order soldiers continued to protect the singing workers and monsters.
    The workers and sea folk just kept singing. However, the song of mermaids is a magical one.
    The power of monsters increases once they’ve found a husband...
    The singing voices of humans merge together with the voices of monsters...
    Intermingling, mixing together, and becoming one, don’t you think it closely resembles the appearance of human and monster couples?❤
    Indeed, that night, the humans and monsters became one, like a loving couple❤

    The power of the song swelled up from the number of humans and monsters that had joined, and the Order soldiers of Diana that came running to suppress the workers one by one lost their will to fight, and dropped their weapons.
    Some may have remembered their own hometowns, and the sight of the workers singing of their homes made them shed tears.
    Some may have seen the sight of the pained workers, and questioned what they took up the sword to protect, and leaked a sob.
    It seems the current admiral Imanov, who was listening to the songs in the upper command room, felt the same.

    Fortunately for the people of Dé Ryúa, this was a rebellion-by-song that took place in the middle of the Great Asuramis War.
    Immediately after the rebellion, the Great Songstress sacrificed her life to end the conflict, and after that, Diana no longer needed to send in another ship to take Dé Ryúa back from the islanders.
    Dé Ryúa’s prison walls were destroyed not through bloodshed, but through song.

    That was a rather difficult and lengthy story, wasn’t it?
    I’m glad you listened to the end❤
    Besides... Haaa... While I was talking, you shot out so much, how impressive❤
    It’s sticking to me like this, your cloudy white desire... Haaa❤... Such a wonderful smell...❤
    This is the end of that old story. From here on, a history of pleasure and lust begins, one that continues to be spun to this day❤
    Accept me like this... and I’ll take you to even deeper, deeper depths❤

    Current Dé Ryúa (p144)[edit]

    Your enveloping lust, haa... it’s truly wonderful...❤ So much so I kissed this swollen cock without thinking...❤
    Actually, I want to crawl my tongue along it and taste it, but if I take it into my mouth, I’ll be unable to talk...❤

    After the Great Songstress ended the war with her song, Dé Ryúa was returned to its original people, as well as the slaves, poor, Diana’s shipbuilding engineers, Order soldiers and so on.
    There were some that decided to return to their hometowns, but some remained, and together with the sea folk that joined them, it was decided to rebuild a new Dé Ryúa where humans and monsters can live together.

    ...Oh? What’s with that strange face?
    I see, are you wondering how it went from that to the red-light district it is today?
    That’s because there was a big change of heart in the humans of the island, and especially the sea folk❤

    Some of the workers that were brought to the island were brought here because they were told Dé Ryúa is a marine paradise.
    And then they had to endure a long and bitter life of abstinence, so everyone desperately desired things that were fun or felt good. In other words, they were absurdly hungry for entertainment and pleasure❤
    For that reason, just like the sea folk had made their songs of the future a reality, they decided to make the rumors of a preposterous paradise true with this new Dé Ryúa.
    Of course, just that wasn’t enough❤
    In order to create pleasure, men and women must have sex and become one❤
    Indeed, the sea folk changed their mindset even more than the humans.
    At first, they had tried slowly getting along with humans and making them their husbands, right?
    Even when Dé Ryúa was invaded, after they confirmed the islanders were safe, they believed in the humans and trusted them to their own fate.
    However, the result was that tragedy. The disaster that befell Dé Ryúa was an awful, awful fate. I think it was due to a number of things overlapping.
    The sea folk knew that the people of Dé Ryúa, Diana, and The Order weren’t all such bad people, of course.
    However, it’s for this reason the sea folk felt truly regretful. They wondered why they hadn’t attacked the islanders and made them their husbands like monsters from the beginning, or why they hadn’t just boarded the Diana battleship when it invaded, and made all the men aboard husbands.
    They believed they were the reason the people of Dé Ryúa had such a rough time.

    We monsters, who seek out and live in pleasure, are very simple creatures...❤ However, humans are quite complicated, aren’t they? They actually all want to feel good, but various things get in the way, and they even go so far as throwing pleasure away from themselves.
    A society of such humans is very complicated, very grand, and very well done... and to that extent it’s also an extremely delicate and fickle thing... If there is a little bit of wickedness... If even a little malice seeps in... If it encounters evil, a world made of only humans will easily crumble.

    That’s how the sea folk arrived at the ideals of the Demons and Devils called “Extremists” in the Mamono Lord’s army, saying things like “Because humans are such weak creatures, we must put them under the protection of monsters”, or “We must hurry up and unify the human and monster races”❤
    However, even if their way of thinking had changed, these girls were still gentle and devoted sea folk.
    After living on the island together with humans, they had become creatures intent on serving humans.
    Whenever the people of Dé Ryúa were tired from work, tired from life, felt like they were crushed or about to cry, the sea folk simply accepted them all.
    They hugged them close and stroked their heads as much as they desired, and spoiled them to their heart’s content.
    The lust and urges that boil up in a man, they received it all with their bodies...❤
    Oh? You’re worried about them are you...❤ But it’s fine, we’re lewd and obscene monsters❤
    By our husband’s will, at our husband’s convenience, regardless of time or place, when he wants to do it, he may pour in his desires every time... There is no happiness or pleasure greater than to become a vessel like that❤ It’s not a painful thing❤
    Those that were bound to sea folk became constantly spoiled by them, clung onto by them, hugging them, and making love with them after they finished working. Seeing that, more and more men desired to be tied to the sea folk.
    Meanwhile, the men couldn’t stand just being at home, and it became normal for them to go around with their sea folk wives.
    Even in plain sight, without fear of being seen, they bring each other close, and sometimes as if showing off, they grope each other’s bodies, and make out...❤ And if you peek into a back alley, you can see the figure of a man getting his swollen cock sucked by a monster, probably because they suddenly got horny...❤
    As if in reaction to their time in prison, it seems the men began to seek out pleasure more and more❤

    On the other hand, the human women felt a sense of impending crisis at the wonderfully devoted, and eternally beautiful sea folk.
    The women, seeking out a beauty that wouldn’t lose to the sea folk, and a means of making a man’s heart theirs, asked the monster merchants that passed through the city at the time for advice.
    The merchants, as if just waiting to say it, gave them the option of becoming monsters.

    It seems the women weren’t all that scared of becoming monsters. You may be surprised to hear this, but it’s a woman’s instinct to pursue youth and beauty...❤
    Since humans are beings who originally are limited on the pleasure they can feel, the women that became monsters... became completely entranced by the pleasure obtained by a monster that is joined with her husband❤
    The women began behaving just as lewdly as the sea folk, and spent their time joined with their husbands❤
    Indeed, in this way the humans drowned themselves in the sea folk, and completely sunk to the depths of corruption...❤
    In the words the Church used to bind the people of Dé Ryúa: “Pleasure is the path to corruption and leads one to the monsters”, it seems they were quite right weren’t they?❤

    And thus, the city of amusement and pleasure, the red-light district where anyone can drown in pleasure, “Dé Ryúa”, was born.
    Come, our boat has arrived❤ You let out a lot while I was talking, but can you still stand and walk?

    As you can see, the city has changed like this, into a dark monster realm enveloped in darkness.
    Filled with lusty sea folk like us, the sea here is now completely full of Lord Poseidon’s power.
    So, when the high waves and whirlpools this island is famous for get bad, boats that are swallowed or swept up by the waves are safely invited to our Dé Ryúa, without sinking the boat or drowning people❤ Like the boat you just boarded❤

    This city is a pleasure quarter where the light from mana or the neon lights gathered from Saida obscenely illuminate the eternal darkness...❤
    A very naughty atmosphere coils around you... Do you understand?❤ Ufufu~❤ Please hurry and accept it❤
    Take a good look around you, the countless poles set up all over the city stretching up to the sky... The bewitching Nereid dancers dancing around them as if swimming❤ This area isn’t filled with water, but those girls can still swim through the air using those poles.
    What do you think of Dé Ryúa’s specialty attraction, the pole dancers?❤

    Those girls are the very lasciviousness of this city incarnate, each and every one trained carefully by me❤ By just gently stroking your body, they can make you feel so good you’ll reach climax, just like I am now...❤
    As I’m sure you can see from the way you’re staring at them, these dancers are nothing but extremely lewd and dirty girls...❤
    If you come to this city, you can choose your favorite girl from the Nereid that swim through the air and seduce you❤
    If they are chosen and entwine their bodies with yours, these girls are no longer slaves to the poles, but to you❤
    Once that’s happened, you are free to decide yourself how to use the girl that is now yours❤
    They’re even happy to seize a pole on the spot and be violently ravaged from behind❤ They’d also be delighted to suck you off whenever you want while you wander around the city❤ If you want to, there’s no problem taking them home and making them your eternal plaything❤

    We show dreams of joy and pleasure to the men that visit this city❤ However, be careful... that dream never ends with one night. It’s an eternal dream from which you’ll never awaken❤
    For monsters, love and lust are one and the same, they want you because they love you, and the more they love you, the more they want it❤
    The more you drown in us and spew out your desire, the more we drown in and love you❤
    And so, with our excessive love, we always try to grope, suck, and join with your swollen cock❤
    And should you decide not to do us, make no mistake, we will rape you❤ That’s what it’s like to get even a little involved with a monster...❤
    If you step foot in the swamp, even if it’s just a step, you will sink... and never rise up❤
    It’s already too late for you❤
    Because as soon as I took my hand away from stroking your cock, you gazed at me with such lonely eyes❤ It’s alright, I’ve fallen into the same cage and swamp as you, so we’ll never be separated❤

    Fufu❤ My benefactor once said “If you’re a monster female, you’ll somehow just know who your destined partner is”, but it seems to be true❤
    As if swallowed up by a whirlpool, my body began naturally crawling along yours, and started stroking your swollen cock❤ My heart felt no doubts about serving you, and becoming your slave❤
    You’ve buried your face in my chest as if drawn to it, and ejaculated into my hands over and over again❤ You came to this island by boat and got swallowed up by a whirlpool, and came here just as I happened to be passing by, yes...❤

    You won’t need to call any other girls❤
    I am clad in the corruption and immorality of Dé Ryúa itself... a mere servant, who fell as a vessel of your desires...❤
    I will have you enjoy all of Dé Ryúa...❤

    Songstress Introduction (Meivia) (p147)[edit]

    Diva Introduction
    • Diva: Meivia
    • Species: Nereid
    • Favorite Color: Crimson
    • Favorite Type: “A man who will direct all of his desires at me❤”
    • How to Spend a Holiday: “Looking around at all the people getting hot and bothered at the casino❤”

    Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
    Welcome to the city of lust, “Dé Ryúa”, onii-san❤ I’m happy you chose me[13]❤ Even though there’s nothing but older sister types with big breasts and butts around here, I can’t believe you chose a girl with such a young figure...❤ Onii-san is a pervert❤

    This may be sudden, but I’m going to teach my special onii-san all about my Onee-sama❤ Dé Ryúa’s diva, “Meivia”, is the one that made me such a lewd girl, she’s my beloved Onee-sama❤ Onee-sama isn’t from this city originally, she came from the neighboring “Queen Diana”. She was loved by their diva, “Asura Mythra”, and was Lady Asura Mythra’s backup dancer since she was as little as I am! A long time ago, she used to be a very pretty and cute human girl, but when she was even smaller than I am now, she was put onto a slave ship, and then Queen Diana’s diva, “Asura Mythra”, dragged the ship into the ocean, and Onee-sama was turned into a Nereid❤ Onee-sama adores Lady Asura Mythra for saving her, and she used to constantly follow her around, getting her to teach her things like magic, singing, and dancing. So I guess “Asura Mythra” is my Onee-sama’s Onee-sama? Onee-sama, who had been a dancer since she was a human, had amazing talent for singing and dancing, and on top of that, she had natural talent as an inma. Onee-sama makes her surroundings have a lascivious mood just from being there, and when I’m next to her, I start to feel super lewd...❤ It seems Onee-sama came to Dé Ryúa to train after Lady Asura Mythra said she should hone her talents here. Onee-sama also brought the “pole dance” that made onii-san desire me so much to the city❤ And with that, the number of customers increased a lot❤ Also, Onee-sama is very good at “inviting”. The lewd things Onee-sama does are only for her future husband, but if the men of the church that are supposed to hate monsters are invited by Onee-sama, even they will all readily come to Dé Ryúa❤ While she was making the city gradually lewder, and was in the middle of making lots of places where you can feel good, she became Dé Ryúa’s diva before she knew it❤

    Onee-sama is also the leader of the Court Alf branch of the “Extremist Organization” of the Mamono Lord’s army! Onee-sama will never let humans escape Dé Ryúa, the city she worked hard to make as lascivious as possible❤ As for the men, we take the ones like onii-san❤ As for the human women well~, when they see Onee-sama’s song and dance, they all become totally jealous, and beg her to make them Nereids❤

    But I totally get that feeling~❤ Onee-sama is so beautiful and lewd, and when I look at her, I feel like I want to become just like her❤ I guess human girls also want to become beautiful and lewd like that❤ Also, even though it’s totally different from the things I want to do now like kiss onii-san, suck onii-san, have onii-san’s baby and stuff like that, you feel like you can’t take your eyes off of Onee-sama and want to touch her body❤

    Besides that, Onee-sama is really nice to us song maidens~❤ She teaches us lots about singing, dancing, lewd things, and other stuff...❤ Onee-sama is a monster, so of course she loves men, but she also looks at women with very lewd eyes, thinking a lot about how to make the girl even more dirty, and have a man fill her with desire❤ All the song maidens in this city are trained by Onee-sama, so I can give onii-san plenty of good feelings too you know...❤

    Song of Love (p148)[edit]

    The song of Dé Ryúa that Onee-sama inherited is the “Song of Love”! It’s the perfect song for Onee-sama❤ Ummm, when Onee-sama sings it... uhh, hmm... it’s a little difficult, so is it alright if I explain it with this paper I got from Onee-sama? I can’t? Don’t be so mean! I’ll suck you off later~❤

    Alright, then it’s time to explain!
    As its name implies, the Song of Love is a song that unbearably raises the listener’s “Love”! However, that love is the “love related to lust” possessed by us monsters! In other words, if there’s someone you like, it’s a song that makes you want to do super lewd things in proportion to the amount of your love! Even if a man isn’t aware of her as an object of sex, he’ll have lewd thoughts about his precious childhood friend’s body, her boobs, her ass, everywhere, and then, he’ll be dying to do lewd things with her! And he’ll be passionate! As for women, they’ll also notice what a lewd thing their beloved man’s body and penis are, and then they’ll be in heat and start sucking it, wanting desperately to put it in!
    A couple with deep bonds, even if they have no previous experience, will quickly start doing lewd things, and won’t think of stopping for a while!

    Furthermore, if the person listening is a human, they’ll be able to “connect love with lust” just like us monsters! We monsters are very lewd beings, and when a man looks at us, he starts to feel very naughty. When we look at a man, we feel as though we want to do lewd things with him, or he looks delicious, or think that his thing looks lovely, but in the same way, if we seduce a man and get him to think of us as lewd, we get him to love our naughty place! In any case, they will get a lot of lewd service and absolutely love it, but the effect of this song is to make you feel naughty based on the amount of “affection”, and as long as you are feeling good, greatly increase the amount of “affection”. In other words, if you feel good, you will receive more love, and if you receive more love, you’ll want to do more lewd things, and it will be wonderful!

    Basically, this song heightens the feelings referred to as “love” and “lust”. Therefore, it can also unbearably heighten love such as “lust towards little girls” or “wanting to do lewd things with a man, even though you are a man”. A pervert that likes little girls will have his feelings explode, and he’ll unashamedly pounce on monsters with a childish figure like mine, hitting them with all of his desires! Ah, that’s nice...❤
    Ahem, a man with an unbearable desire towards other men will transform into an alp with the power of this song, and even though she hasn’t gotten her mind in order yet, she’ll start doing lovey-dovey lewd things on the spot!

    Also, since this song’s effect is heightened by using the body, it goes exceptionally well with pole dancing! While dancing, if you appeal a specific body part, you can stir up the desire towards it! For example, by dancing with your chest sticking out and swaying, and singing while emphasizing your chest, you can make men focus their feelings on your boobs, and have them beg to massage them or put their penis between them! By using it well, you can make the audience watching your pole dance lust for boobs, but you can also have that lust directed towards the customer’s lover, wife, or other monsters, so you can get everyone at the venue doing lewd things, or even create lots of new couples that immediately start doing lewd things!

    Please make sure to remember what is written on this paper before you obtain your husband. Otherwise, you will look uncool to your long-awaited hus... oh? That was the part I wasn’t supposed to read! Right! That’s the end!!
    With that, now you know why Onee-sama’s Song of Love is so great! More importantly onii~san❤ As promised earlier, I’ll suck you off❤ Here we go! Uwaa, it looks delicious...❤ Thanks for the meal~, ahmm❤

    The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p149)[edit]

    Jyuru❤ Chupupu❤ Mm?
    Pwaah, what is it onii-san?

    The song maidens’ job? Ehh, but that’s what I’m doing now❤ That’s not it? Umm, this island’s song maidens have all sorts of jobs... I guess?

    In this city, there are tons of lewd shops, including the brothel “Hotel Dé Ryúa” run by Onee-sama, and many monster employees work at them, but because all of them are taught song and dance and trained in various ways by Onee-sama, they’re all song maidens❤ And later on... they become slaves to the man that wants them, like I did to onii-san❤ Usually they’re pole dancing all over the city, singing to excite and tempt men, waiting for one to choose them, but there are some men that can’t say very much themselves, and if they lock eyes with him, see their song has excited him, and notice he’s gotten an erection, they might even go to him on their own❤ I suppose it’s a song maiden’s job to work her best to become even more lewd so she’ll be chosen by a man, and to make him feel really good after they’ve been chosen❤ I’ve been studying a lot by myself every day to become lewder too...❤ Nfufu~❤ Onii-san, did that excite you?

    This is my job after being chosen, after all❤
    ...Aahmm❤ Rero❤ Rero❤ Rero❤ Rero❤...?

    Eh~! I still have to talk?! How do you become the diva? I dunno~!
    Onee-sama became diva before she even knew it, all I do is sing, dance, and do lewd stuff! I’m sure the person that can fill Dé Ryúa with lots of lewdness becomes the diva. Onee-sama is like that!

    More importantly than that, onii-san hasn’t properly finished and isn’t refreshed, so don’t worry about any of that weird stuff!
    That’s why you have to let me make you feel really good! Hammu~❤

    Dé Ryúa's Pleasure Street (p150)[edit]

    Puhaaa...❤ My head feels all melty~❤
    Your semen~, it was so delicious~❤
    Nfufu~❤ I love you onii-san~❤ I’ll do my best to show you around❤

    This place is called “Pleasure Street”, it’s Dé Ryúa’s main street!
    On both sides of the waterway flowing through the center, there are roadways that are easy for humans to walk on, and there are lots of lewd and enjoyable shops like love hotels, brothels, strip theaters, and suspicious pharmacies❤
    There’s also casinos and adult bars! There’s a lot of pink colors from all the mana and the, what was it called? Neon Light? Signboards and glittering letters, isn’t it super cute?❤

    The song maidens working at the brothels are all, of course, girls without lovers, just waiting for a guest to claim them.
    Onii-san has already decided on me, but someone that hasn’t chosen yet can choose a girl they like from these stores❤
    Since it’s a brothel, you start with the lewd things and making each other feel good, then you can go on a date in the city~❤

    Shops like these offer song maidens different from the pole-dancing ones, there are lots of shops specializing in things like big sister types with big boobs that specialize in squeezing you with their boobs, or ones with just tiny little Sabbath girls, so it’s super easy to find a type of girl to suit your tastes❤

    Ah, here comes a boat down the waterway! It looks like a shell, isn’t it cute?❤
    There are Sea Bishops and Mermaids riding on it and singing, I wonder if it’s an advertisement for the show happening soon?
    Those girls are song maidens too. I said this earlier, but all of the song maidens you see working around the city like this are girls without lovers waiting to be chosen, so if you grab them and do as you please with them, no one will complain, and the girls will be delighted❤ They’re “free to touch”❤

    By the way, there are lots of poles around here, and lots of pole dancing Nereids!
    These poles weren’t originally made for pole dancing, a long time ago when this city was called the “Prison Island”, there was a big jail around here, and it seems they used them as iron bar walls.
    Hey hey, up there, look look! They’re dancing from a super high spot on that pole, and even though we’re not underwater, it looks like they’re swimming~❤

    The Nereid in this city can swim through the air like this, I can too of course!
    This street is the entrance to the city, and is the first place men come through, so everyone is eager to get chosen. The movement gets intense, it’s really lewd❤
    Nfufu~❤ I’ve already been chosen by onii-san though❤ But whenever onii-san wants to see my pole dance, I’ll show it to you❤
    Just like this❤ When I rub against your crotch...❤ Onii-san quickly gets an erection huh...❤

    My mouth felt really good earlier, didn’t it~❤
    Whenever onii-san wants to feel refreshed, you’re free to use it❤

    Church of the Chief God (p151)[edit]

    Nbu❤❤❤... Slurp, chu, slurp... gulp❤
    Haa...❤ I love it so much when you stroke my head while sucking you off, onii-san❤ It’s like you’re praising the way I use my mouth, it makes me feel so happy...❤

    Alright, now that you’re refreshed, let’s go to the next place~♪

    The atmosphere here is different from that street from earlier, it’s quiet here, don’t you think~? From here on out, this is a residential area where lovers and couples live. They already have partners, so their dances and songs are only for their husbands, and they only do lewd things with their husbands❤ I also have a husband~ Nuzzle~❤

    Onii-san has been looking at this building since earlier, haven’t you?
    It doesn’t suit Dé Ryúa at all, it’s pure white and clean, this beautiful and not very lewd building, what ever could it be✰
    The answer is, “The Church of the Chief God”! Actually... Jajaaan✰ I’ve got a rosary, isn’t it cute~❤
    I’m also a follower of our Lord the Chief God♪ My father was a believer too, so I’ve also been praying here since I was little.
    I prayed to one day meet a lewd and lecherous man, one like onii-san❤

    Huh? It’s weird that there’s a church in a monster realm, and that there are monster adherents? Why? I mean, even us monsters were created by the Lord, right?
    The Lord is the one that made onii-san’s body that uses me to feel really good... And the Mamono Lord was the one that made us monsters able to do things like the succubi do, but wasn’t it the Lord that made that succubus that made this body that makes onii-san feel good?

    ...Ah, I know! Onee-sama taught me a way to explain it at times like this!

    Umm, do you know the old story about this city, onii-san?
    When this city was occupied by another country, the brothers of the Order of the Chief God desperately protected the sea folk while they sang!
    That’s why, in Dé Ryúa, the brothers of the Order are knights who protect us sea folk❤
    There's a ton of girls that long for the Order Knights, and want to get closer to them and have lewd relationships❤

    The Scriptures? Of course I’ve read them properly!
    But I ignore the parts that say you must slay monsters, or never do lewd things!
    There are loads of men and monsters in this city that believe in the Lord, but everyone just ignores those parts, and the scriptures found in this city have all had those parts left out.
    I mean, the rest of the time the Lord is a super nice and warm person, but then suddenly starts saying “Slay the monsters!”, it feels really weird. It’s almost like they’ve become a different person.
    Besides, the part that says you shouldn’t do lewd things is strange too you know?
    Like I said earlier, it was the Lord that made humans and inma able to feel good, so saying “I didn’t make it for that!”, is also really weird, right?!

    This church has been used purely as a church of the Chief God since this island was the prison island, but there are several other churches of the Chief God like this in Dé Ryúa.
    They’re often attached to churches of the Fallen God or Lord Poseidon though.

    Look, the inside is beautifully white too~❤ There’s also statues of the Lord and stained-glass windows❤
    The head priestess here, a Sea Bishop, and many others follow both the Chief God and Lord Poseidon.
    Also, many of the sisters here are Nereids like me~. By the way, the image of the Lord seems to vary country to country, but the image of the Lord in Dé Ryúa is really cute, huh?❤
    If she became a song maiden, and awkwardly swayed her ass while pole dancing, she’d be so desirable❤

    Ah, there’s a soldier of the Order praying! From his armor, I wonder if he wandered in from outside of Dé Ryúa? It’ll be nighttime soon, it’s also time for us to pray❤
    When night falls, Dé Ryúa gets real! Look forward to it❤

    Church of the Chief God at Night (p152)[edit]

    Onii-san, you look surprised❤ How cute❤

    The sisters suddenly stripped their clothes, and entwined themselves with the men who were praying...
    At last we’ve reached the lewd part...❤
    Are you surprised? Or are you horny?

    This is the face of the church of the Chief God at night❤
    There are some girls that want to be married to a follower of the Lord, and those girls do stuff like this❤
    Also, there are married couples that work during the day who rush here as soon as night falls❤

    That reminds me, the Sea Bishop priestess and that Order soldier seem to have disappeared. They’re probably over there in that “Confessional”, let’s go take a peek❤

    “Thou hast a very noble soul...❤
    In the name of justice, you also turned thine sword towards monsters...❤ Mmm...❤ We are fellow adherents of the same Lord...
    Deeper, deeper...❤ So I can understand you well...❤
    Thine anguish, thine repentance, and thine determination...❤
    And now, as you once swung thine sword... Hyan❤
    Pour thine love into me, into this monsterrr...❤”

    Nfufu❤ We can hear you...❤
    The priestess longed to be married to an Order Knight. How wonderful~❤
    Now, will my pervert onii-san repent his lewd desires with my body? After all, you chose me out of all those beautiful older girls with big boobs...❤
    You're just full of super perverted desires and things you want to do to me, aren’t you? If that’s the case, show me everything...❤

    Mm❤ Onii-san, why are you stroking my head... ah...❤
    I see...❤ That’s it...❤

    Dé Ryúa's Dark Sea Knights (p152)[edit]

    If I do something really lewd with you, I end up like this...❤
    You’ve still only used my mouth, and yet...❤ I knew I was a naughty girl, but when you stroked my head, my mouth opened up like that on its own, it’s like my body responded by wanting to suck on you...❤
    I’m going to be made even more naughty by onii-san...❤ Haa~❤
    On top of that, whenever I tempt onii-san, it seems you get hard right away, nfufuu❤

    Ah, there’s some old men of the Dark Sea Knights... Good evening~! Do I know them? Well, yeah, but everyone in this city knows them!
    That square faced, sturdy old man is the Commander of the Fellowship of the Dark Sea Knights, Mr. “Eizen”. That’s right, the admiral from that old story, who originally came from Diana! After that old story, he stayed on this island so he could always protect us!
    There are a lot of people in the Dark Sea Knights that believe in the Lord, and it’s full of actual heroes that protected us sea folk in that old story!
    Also, they’re pretty much Court Alf’s army!
    Ah, yoo-hoo~❤ That girl who’s about as tiny as I am is a friend of mine❤ She’s that chubby old man’s wife❤
    The Dark Sea Knights often go on expeditions to other islands, and whenever a ship of the Order of the Chief God wanders into the waters around Court Alf, the Fellowship of the Dark Sea Knights are the first ones to head towards it. Since they share faith in the same god, it’s easy to talk to them!
    She said they’ve returned from an expedition, so I wonder if they went on an expedition together? She’s been married to that old man since long before I was chosen by onii-san, but it looks like she got to do all sorts of lewd things in different countries by going on an expedition together, I’m so jealous~❤

    Say, onii-san, what do you want to do from now on? It’s alright if we don’t work and it could be really fun if we spend our lives just doing lewd things and feeling good~ Buuut...❤
    I like a working man too❤ When we monsters see a man doing his best, we swoon over him working hard, and then we want to make him feel really good, so we think it’s a wonderful thing to do lots of lewd stuff with him after he’s finished working~❤
    By the way, the men of the Dark Sea Knights are so strong and cool❤
    Onii-san and his dick are still pretty cool now, but you might become even cooler if you joined them❤

    Ahh❤ More head pats...❤ Aaan❤

    Hotel Dé Ryúa (p153)[edit]

    NGU!! Gupo❤ Jyupo❤... Nbleah❤
    Ah... Ahaa❤ Onii-san’s hands grabbed my horns... forcing my head to move, making be gag❤
    Then when you let it out, you held me tightly, so I could hold it deep in my mouth... I could feel it hit the back of my throat...❤
    Onii-san also does these kinds of mean things eh...❤ You’re such an amazing, amazing man...❤

    Nfufu...❤ Onii-san...❤ This huge building shaped like a big open seashell and lit up all over is the “Hotel Dé Ryúa”, Onee-sama is the general manager~.
    It’s the biggest casino, biggest hotel, and has the biggest stage❤
    Every song maiden in Dé Ryúa yearns to be brought to this hotel...❤ And it looks like I’m being taken in❤

    This hotel was made by renovating Diana and the Order’s headquarters from that old story, it’s really big~
    The inside is even more amazing than this❤ The lower level is an extravagant casino that even compares to the famous casino city “Goldy End”!
    Onee-sama said the neon lights from Saida that dazzlingly light up the floor are there to make it feel gaudy on purpose~♪
    Onii-san, when you look at these lights, don’t you feel like you want to do something naughty?
    Like dragging me into the shadows, and violating me...❤

    Yeah, a lot of the employees here are Satyros huh~.
    I’ll only tell this to onii-san, but the Satyros use their magic to make a mist of a wine called “Olde Dé Ryúa” float around the casino.
    So whenever anyone plays here, they always feel dizzy like they’re drunk, all the men get bold, and all the women start acting lewd❤ It’s a secret❤

    Nfufu~❤ The employees are actually waiting for guys to do something naughty❤ Dealers are often attacked by men who have lost at the casino and want revenge, and they end up a couple that way...❤
    Oh, we got service drinks from the casino staff~❤ You should drink up too onii-chan~❤ Mmm~❤
    ...I dunno, the taste of semen is better❤ Nfufu~, I still have the smell of semen in my mouth❤

    ...I think Onee-sama’s stage performance is about to start.
    I’ve got butterflies in my stomach right now❤ Nfufu, onii-san’s gotten hard too...❤
    There’s a stage in the middle of the atrium, with poles that go from the top of the building to the bottom, right? The Nereid dancers go up and down like that, and dance the most extreme and lascivious dance in Dé Ryúa❤ The only ones that get to dance there are song maidens with incredible dancing skills and lewdness recognized by Onee-sama❤ The girls on that center stage are prizes at the casino...❤

    Ah, Onee-sama dropped down from above...❤
    Since this is an atrium, you can see Onee-sama’s performance from the upper level hotel rooms and restaurants too❤ This hotel, it’s all swept up in a whirlpool of Onee-sama... Haa... Onee-sama❤ Somehow, she seems even more lustrous than usual, how wonderful...❤
    The Song of Love she sings while pole dancing is amazing...❤ As I already explained to you onii-san... When Onee-sama turned that wonderful ass around like that, all the men that saw it began grabbing their lover’s or an unmarried monster’s ass from behind and... Huh? Onii-san?


    Au... Ahh...❤ From behiiind❤ Haa❤ Fuu❤
    P-put it iiin...❤ Onii-san’s penis❤❤
    Nhi❤ Hii...❤
    Pound me harder, harder, there❤ Do it more❤ Hya❤ Hya❤ Hyaaa❤❤❤

    Dé Ryúa's Porcelain Water (p154)[edit]

    A magical beverage made from natural spring water collected in Dé Ryúa combined with a deep-sea witch’s magic! It’s colorless and transparent, but emits a thick, mysterious glow!
    This water, considered a treasure to song maidens, puts one’s voice in tune once they’ve drunk it, but typical of Dé Ryúa, that voice becomes just as bewitching as a lewdly gasping voice, and their singing invites desire with its panting sexiness, and on the other hand, their panting during intercourse steals a man’s heart just like a beautiful singing voice does!
    It’s a popular item for naughty song maidens that want to use their songs to turn on the man they’ve set their eyes on, but it’s also an ideal present for monsters that aren’t song maidens❤
    Enjoy your night with your song maiden, and propose to Dé Ryúa’s song maidens!

    Bouquet of Black Song Lilies (p154)[edit]

    These black song lilies are a flower that serves as the counterpart of Al Mar’s beautiful white song lilies.
    This is also a beautiful bouquet, whose bewitching black petals are darker than the whirlpools of Dé Ryúa. A precious item that only grows on a location known as the solitary jet-black island!
    These black song lilies, which symbolize impurity and corruption, wrap their mana around a monster that has received a man’s confession, and then in proportion to the pounding in the monster’s chest from being confessed to, brings about an obscene burning lust, transforming the confession’s romantic space into an erotic atmosphere with a scorching mood! If you tie the knot with a monster using these, the mana possessed by the flowers promises the girl you love will direct her eternal lust at you!
    Have fun with your song maiden every night, and propose to a Dé Ryúa song maiden for an eternal marriage!

    ~Hotel Dé Ryúa Casino Prize Flyer~

    Hotel Corridor's Secret VIP Room (p155)[edit]

    Nhii❤ Fuu❤ Haa... Haa...❤
    After the first round, we went at it like beasts, mmm❤
    With your dick still inside, onii-san carried me off in his arms...❤ When we got to our room, we did it more... and more... nfufufu...❤
    Nhyu❤ Onii-san, if you want to ask for it, don’t just stick your dick in, use your mouth properly... haan❤
    Uuun❤ Listen, we’re heading to our own room, but the “VIP Rooms” in this area are casino prizes, so I’m sorry to say onii-san can’t go in.

    I’ve never gone in one either, but there are rumors saying things like they're packed full of Dé Ryúa’s lewd magics and techniques, that they're connected to various places around the monster realms, or that with the help of the Fallen God’s power, the flow of time inside has stopped...
    I don’t know if they’re true or not, but I’ve also heard that no one that enters this room, whether man or woman, wants to ever leave a room where you can spend an eternity doing lewd things.
    Hyaa❤ I told you to use your mouth... Yaa❤
    That door doesn’t have a doorknob on it because it’s in use...❤
    It can only ever be opened by the people using it❤
    I’ve heard the second person from that old story, who also came from Diana and created the prison island, “Admiral Imanov”, has been using it for a looong time❤
    “Wasn’t he the bad guy”? I wonder~...?
    One time, simply by chance as she left this room, I happened to meet a girl that’s probably always doing lewd things with Admiral Imanov, and she told me a story... ummm,
    She’s a Nereid now, but at the time of that old story, she said she was one of a pair of tiny twin human girls, the daughters of a laborer working on the prison island.
    It seems their father became ill, and since he couldn’t work, and made hardly any money in the first place, they couldn’t afford to buy medicine...
    And so, the twins snuck into the headquarters where Admiral Imanov was, knives in hand.
    It’s amazing isn’t it? In a childish way, it seems they thought they could save their father if they beat the bad guy.
    Of course the twins were discovered, and they were captured and brought before the Admiral. The twins knew people who disobeyed the law were punished severely to make an example, so they were very scared, but even so, it seems they shouted “It’s all your fault father got sick!”
    However, the Admiral confiscated their knives without a word, and then ordered the soldiers to escort the twins home. After being escorted home, the tired twins went to sleep, and when they woke up in the morning, there was a small bag they didn’t recognize lying by their bedside. When they peeked inside, there were just enough gold coins to buy the medicine.

    This part is also incredible, but the twins, after gratefully buying the medicine and curing their father, once more set out to the Admiral’s place.
    Naturally, they were found and captured again, and handed over to the Admiral, but this time it seems the twins asked the Admiral about the medicine.
    The Admiral simply said “I know nothing”, and sent the twins to the soldiers.
    However, the twins noticed something. When they had first seen him, the Admiral had glittering gold medals on his chest, and now one of them was gone.

    From here on, this isn’t a story I heard from that girl, but one I learned from the old men of the Dark Sea Knights. After Dé Ryúa was freed, it seems some of the workers marched toward Admiral Imanov, who had been left behind, shouting “We can’t forgive this bastard, let’s execute him!”, but they say two twin girls stood in front of him.
    Even though they were young children, the two twins looked at the approaching workers with such incredibly frightening eyes that they dispersed.

    After that, Dé Ryúa became the monster realm it is today, and at the same time, the twins also became Nereids. The twins then immediately went to see Admiral Imanov, who had been put into a jail.
    And then, now that they’re beautiful Nereids, and thanks to an arrangement made by Onee-sama, it seems the three of them are in that VIP room all the time.
    Onee-sama once told me that occasionally there are human girls that must become monsters, as their hearts would break if they remained humans.
    I also heard this from those old men, but it seems there were various rumors like the reason the Admiral was changed, and salaries were not being properly paid, was because a decision made by the country of Diana had caused problems, and the amount of money that could be used on Dé Ryúa had to be cut, or that entertainment had been banned not by the Admiral, but by the Order of the Chief God, who were being cautious about monsters...
    Even if those rumors were true, it didn’t look like it to the islanders, and because they didn’t know that, Admiral Imanov became the bad guy to all of them.

    Hey. Both onii-san and my father are humans, and I love humans. I like the Lord’s church and stained-glass windows made by humans, because they’re so beautiful. But, I don’t really understand who’s superior, who’s inferior, or who’s bad in human society.

    But this is Dé Ryúa, so let’s think about feeling good instead of difficult things❤
    Hey. I think the third person from that story earlier spends all of his time now connected to one of the twins~❤
    We’re the same~❤ Onii-san is always hard, and has connected with me like this more and more❤
    Don’t be shy onii-san, do me more❤ Faster❤ Faster~❤
    If you want to feel even better, just push me against the floor or a wall like this... Waa❤ You did it so quickly❤
    Even though we can see the door to our room from here, you’ve got no patience❤
    Nfufu❤ Say, onii-san~❤
    You’re so, so much more manly than I thought, you’re so cool❤

    Seventh Song Island Queen Diana (p158)[edit]

    The Seventh Song Island of Serenity
    Queen Diana

    The Witch’s sweet voice echoes, an ark of tranquility slumbering in the depths.

    Diva: Asura Mythra (Kraken) Inherited Song: Serenity
    Main Residents: Scylla, Kraken, Charybdis, Nereid, Shoggoth
    A small island welcomes you, one that appears empty at first glance.
    Take your guide’s hand and dive into the water, and from the darkness of the depths emerges the outline of an enormous ship that makes up the Seventh Song Island “Queen Diana”, and a city lit by mysterious lights resembling a beautiful night sky...
    The ocean is frightening? Rest assured! By the power of “Poseidon’s Blessing”, even humans can safely enjoy themselves!
    The “Luxury Liner Perrine Melno”, the “Slave Ship Lu Tine”, and of course, the “Giant Battleship Queen Diana”! From the center stages of history, many famous ships that have disappeared to the bottom of the sea have been transformed into the current cityscape, and are now mysteries of the depths!
    Take a deep-sea excursion on a “Submarine”, and view the creepy yet beautiful forest of sea tentacles and glowing coral reefs! The world of the deep sea you’ve never seen awaits you!
    For customers arriving as a couple, we have luxury liner suites graciously prepared.
    In Queen Diana, where time passes slowly, we promise a romantic night where time stops when you gaze into each other’s eyes, and every breath becomes cherished!
    Court Alf National Memorial Festival
    Witch’s Hidden Treasures exhibit now open!

    The world at the bottom of the sea, long unexplored by mankind, is a treasure trove of the collective history of the Asuramis Sea...
    We are pleased to announce the many hidden treasures the deep-sea witch and diva “Asura Mythra” has collected from ships she has sunk, or gathered from the sea floor while on one of her casual strolls, are now open to the public.
    The “Museum Ship Majon”, which carries the legacies unraveling the history of the ancient Asuramis Sea, is now displaying sunken ancient tablets that are still being deciphered, as well as numerous statues of wisdom. We have also graciously prepared a space for scholars and mages trying to decipher them.

    With the cooperation of specialists from the city of fine arts, Nevia, the “Art Ship Avery”, which carries lost works of art, has many restored paintings and sculptures now on display.
    There is also a café area where guests may relax and appreciate the art.

    Aboard the “Treasure Ship Anxial”, which carries hidden treasures such as beautiful gems and jewelry, the crown of an ancient kingdom and gorgeous jewels beloved by well-known nobility are now on display.
    Among them are cursed jewels blessed by fiends that have tempted people, so in the event you notice symptoms such as monsterization or an increase in sexual desire caused by such items, you may freely use one of the bedrooms we have graciously prepared.

    The “Witch’s Hidden Treasures Exhibit” is being held in the area straight out from the east entrance of the Queen Diana, and taking a right in front of the “Deep-Sea Fish Ryōtei Ship Josephish”.[14]
    For Men! Recommendations for singles♥
    The world of the deep sea is isolated from the surface. This city, where even the flow of time feels different, is a perfect place to spend a quiet and relaxing time away from the shackles of daily life!

    Queen Diana, a collection of hidden treasures and sunken ships from all over the Asuramis Sea, is a deep-sea museum packed with valuable knowledge and heritage for scholars and mages!
    It’s also a fun place to take a quick stroll while thinking about all of the ships from different eras that make up the cityscape.
    There are also many restaurants and bars with a calm atmosphere, so you can enjoy an elegant trip!
    On the other hand, the many mysterious shops befitting the atmosphere of the dark depths are also charming...♥
    In order to avoid becoming prey to the beautiful monsters hiding in ships to devour men that get lost, make sure you investigate the shops properly♥
    Advice for those that want such a bride!
    The quiet girls that lurk in the depths are mysterious women♥
    While they appear quiet at first glance, the lust they hide in their chests is very murky♥
    They find it charming to show them such deep affection that you seem dependent on them♥
    There are also many girls that love clinging hugs♥

    Queen Diana's History (p162)[edit]

    Welcome to the Seventh Song Island, “Queen Diana”.
    I am an envoy of the lord of this deep region, the great deep-sea witch, Lady Asura Mythra.

    Yes, I am terribly sorry. Our lord is a very free-spirited person...
    A diva shall guide our dear guest during the Court Alf National Memorial events... is what you were told in advance, but she would not come out of her room today...
    I suppose you must be terribly disappointed in the likes of me, but I assure you I shall do my best so you may enjoy yourself using all of this body.

    At this time, the small island we are on has only this port named “Diana”, and nothing else.
    This small island is nothing more than an “entrance”... no, I suppose it is more correct to call it a reception area for casting magic.
    Here I shall cast the “Blessing of Poseidon” on you.
    With this, you will be no different from us and will be able to survive in the water.
    You will now be guided to the Seventh Song Island Queen Diana, also known as “The Queen Diana”, the city of the depths where Lady Asura Mythra resides.
    Now, please take my hand. Let us descend into the depths together...

    You look surprised. How is your trip under the sea?
    As we descend into the depths, the ocean slowly becomes dominated by darkness.
    And the island of Diana on the surface is slowly, slowly getting smaller...
    If you look down, you’ll see the outline of the great Queen Diana, and the brilliance of the many lives living there, just like a beautiful starry night sky...

    With the magic from earlier, you can breathe underwater, maintain the same visibility as on the surface, and our voices can reach each other.
    You also will not freeze from the water’s coldness. However, please be careful not to drift away from my body.
    If you stray from this stream of water and get lost, you’ll be in dark waters where you can’t see ahead.
    Should that happen, you will have no choice but to wait for a monster to take you and devour your seed.
    So, as you can see, this looks like a hug, and you are thinking about my chest and such tightly clinging to you, but I ask you to please forgive me...
    I must ask you to please wait for a while until we reach “Queen Diana”. In the meantime, I would like to tell you about the origin of this country.

    The former name of this country was “The Ship Nation Diana”.
    A country with the smallest territory among the seven countries that have now come to be called Court Alf.
    It had a small royal palace and capital city on “Diana Island”, which is where we were earlier, and other than that, there were only a few small islands dotted around with very tiny towns and settlements.
    However, the people of Diana were highly educated, possessed overwhelming shipbuilding skills unrivaled by other countries, and made a living by selling ships to other countries.

    It was here “The Order of the Chief God” appeared.
    In the Asuramis Sea, which was feared by the outside as a sea of evil, the faith of the Chief God was weak, and the Order, in search of a place to create a foothold, set their eyes on this small island.
    The Order of the Chief God gave Diana a generous sum of money, and in return, they would build them battleships.
    The official reason was they wanted to drive monsters from the Asuramis Sea, and then bring stability to the Asuramis Sea, where there were many repeated conflicts between nations, in the name of the Order of the Chief God.
    The battleships made by Diana had strength, speed, and powerful weapons on another level from those of other countries.
    In addition to that, they would have the highly skilled soldiers of the Order and Diana’s military onboard.
    Diana’s ships became the most powerful battleships in the Asuramis Sea.

    However, this would not be enough to meet the Order’s true goal: spreading the Order’s sphere of influence into this area of the sea.
    The Order requested that Diana further increase the size of the fleet.
    The Order prepared funds and bought as much shipbuilding materials as they needed, but because Diana was such a small island, there wasn’t enough land to make more shipyards, and because the population was so small, they also didn’t have enough workers.
    And so, Diana’s military, along with their battleships, visited the outskirts of other countries and small islands, demanding that Diana’s shipyards be built there.
    Their fleet threatened any island that didn’t obediently comply, and they raided islands one after the other.
    With shipyards built on the occupied islands, Diana made even more battleships.
    With this, the small country of Diana became a great naval power with no equal, and eventually came to occupy one of the seven islands, “Dé Ryúa”, which later led to the construction of a huge shipyard known as the Prison Island.
    So far, this has been a story of how Diana became supreme ruler of the Asuramis Sea...

    Next, I would like to tell you about the situation inside the country of Diana.
    Under the rule of its Queen, Diana had the most mature society among the seven islands, with its legislators, including ministers and nobles that had closely served the Queen for a long time, representatives from the trade association and shipbuilding guild, and later priests from the Order, all discussing and making national policies in parliament meetings.
    If you express the nature of the people living in Diana in words, they were serious, kind, and above all else, hardworking and sturdy people.
    With the appearance of the Order of the Chief God, stable shipbuilding work continued to increase with the abundant funding from the Order.
    Furthermore, after becoming the supreme ruler of the Asuramis Sea, all of the riches and wealth said to be gathered from the area were concentrated in this one country.

    The Queen and parliament distributed the wealth they had gathered with the people.
    Even though their territory was small, the people lived in a clean and orderly cityscape, and they had plenty of food and never starved.
    Even the average people in the city could afford to dress themselves up in fashionable clothing, or enjoy art that had been taken from Nevia.
    In addition to that, an advanced education was given equally to the people of Diana.
    The people of Diana were able to live the wealthiest lives of all the countries in the Asuramis Sea.

    However, as their lives became richer, for some reason, a nervous atmosphere began to drift about the city.
    “That guy’s house is bigger than mine. He must be making a whole lot of money.”
    “The lady next door is wearing a very nice dress. Our family has too little income.”
    The people began concerning themselves with each other’s lifestyles like this, and even though they should have been living a wealthy and comfortable life, little by little they began to appear as if they didn’t have enough.
    In the face of Diana’s overwhelming military power, they no longer had any enemies in this sea.
    They no longer had to reflect on other nations, and so they began to compare themselves to the only ones in sight, each other.

    There was a certain incident that decided the atmosphere among the people of Diana.
    Rumors that Diana’s military admiral in charge of occupied Dé Ryúa, “Eizen Wiltex”, was associating with monsters began spreading throughout the country.
    Was it due to an investigation of the government or the Order, was it the plot of a powerful person after wealth or status, or was it just a trending tall tale from a drunkard at a bar? It’s unknown to this day.
    However, from the point of view of the many people living in Diana, admirals are powerful people in the country, so they receive far more money than they do, and the admiral’s family that remained in the country lived in a luxurious estate bigger than theirs. That’s all there was to it.
    The average person living in Diana had no way of knowing the admiral’s personality, work ethic, or what really happened in the far-removed island of Dé Ryúa.
    “He’s a terrible person who did horrible things to make money!”, many of Diana’s residents thought as such, and felt anger and indignance.
    Also, Dé Ryúa at the time was sinking an extraordinary amount of capital and resources from Diana into things such as the levee to counter the high waves, the construction of shipyards, and salaries for the large number of employed workers.
    Of course, such things were unseen by the eyes of Diana’s people.
    The people began to think “The admiral, who fraternized with monsters, stuffed his own pockets, and then diverted some of the money to the monsters.”
    And then, in the city of Diana, that became the truth.

    Every day, voices denouncing admiral Eizen and questioning the funds spent on Dé Ryúa were brought before the Queen and parliament.
    And then, large numbers of people began crowding around admiral Eizen’s estate, where his family was staying.
    If the admiral had really communicated with monsters, it would certainly have been a serious crime, but there was no evidence of it.
    But when the people of Diana were told that, they only viewed it as the government trying to hide the city’s evil. The Queen and parliament could no longer stop the people of Diana.
    Some members of parliament were in favor of disposing of admiral Eizen and appointing a new admiral, which caused the Queen to make a decision.
    The Queen offered a deal to admiral Eizen.
    The Queen told the admiral about the current state of Diana and his family, and the deal was that if the admiral confessed to the crime and was disposed of, his family’s escape to another country, and safe life as exiles would be completely guaranteed by Diana and the Order of the Chief god. That was all.
    In this way, admiral Eizen was deported to his home country, and the large sum of capital spent on Dé Ryúa was withdrawn, and would be further reduced from that point forward.
    With this, the anger of the citizens finally subsided.

    However, Her Majesty herself would later say this decision was a huge mistake.
    After this incident, the atmosphere floating around Diana’s people became even more volatile.
    The fact that admiral Eizen had actually been found guilty made it an undeniable truth among the people of Diana that “the admiral had fraternized with monsters, and committed injustices”, and suspicion dominated the people’s hearts.
    “That guy must be doing something horrible to be living in a bigger house than me, who works seriously hard!”
    “The lady next door is wearing such a nice dress every day, how detestable.”
    The people of Diana, who were already comparing each other, began to think that way about those who led richer lives than themselves.
    Of course, they didn’t know if it was true or not.
    The people only saw what they could see with their eyes, and thought it must be true.

    Was it triggered by a third country intervening in the quarreling countries?
    Was it due to a number of countries joining forces in rebellion to sink Diana’s ships?
    Was it triggered by Diana, which was attempting to further expand its might with the aim of expanding the Order’s sphere of influence?
    We don’t know now, but while the hearts of Diana’s people were in disarray, the speculations of various countries and people became intertwined, and so began the “Great Asuramis War” that engulfed all seven nations.
    It was during this conflict, which would decide the ruler of the Asuramis Sea, that Diana unveiled what they had been constructing in advance: the most supreme ship in Diana’s history, as large as an island, the great battleship, “Queen Diana”.
    Even if a fleet of ships fired their cannons at it, it would not flinch, it would simply advance through the ocean and run over the ships.
    It was a mobile naval port housing countless battleships and could ignore the wind with its magical power and advance through the sea, unperturbed by even days of storms and high waves.
    With its hundreds of gun ports, and a number of “heroes”, whose existence could be considered unrivaled weapons in their own right, borrowed from the Order on board, it was a truly monstrous ship.
    The Queen herself boarded the Queen Diana as supreme commander, and in addition to Diana’s military and the Order’s soldiers, many of the city’s people boarded, drafted as soldiers for the upcoming battle.
    Furthermore, it is said that almost all of Diana’s people were onboard the ship, including workers to perform the ship’s maintenance, mages to pour in mana, and women who boarded it in order to take care of the soldiers’ meals and medical care, it was said the inside of the ship was just like a city or a country.
    No matter what, this ship will never be sunk. It would seem they had confidence in such.
    In truth, if this ship had appeared on the battlefield, it is said the other countries would have been unilaterally overrun by Diana.

    However, this enormous battleship would never actually make its appearance on the battlefield.
    All of the soldiers had boarded, and the people that had stayed behind were waving Diana flags and seeing them off. Together with the Queen’s shout, the whistle announcing the departure roared, and the long-awaited departure from the royal capital... did not come.
    The first one to notice something was wrong was the ship’s helmsman. Even though the magical engine should have been operational, the ship only jolted and wouldn’t move...
    The next ones to get suspicious were the soldiers that noticed the ship was not moving at all, even though the whistle had sounded. At the same time, the people waving flags to see her off became suspicious as well.
    The first person to realize the truth was a lone youth who could not go to see the ship off because he had injured his leg, and was absentmindedly staring at the enormous hull from his home some distance from port.
    The moment the loud roar of the whistle reached the young man’s home and ears, he saw something like black ropes appear from out of the dark sea, and one after the other entwine around the ship’s bow, central tower, and hull. The people on board the ship, and those that had come to see her off couldn’t notice this, because they were too close.
    When they had finally noticed it, it was too late. Somehow, a number of giant black squid tentacles were wrapped around the ship.

    Some were confused, and shouted out.
    Some soldiers, exceedingly calm, went to contact the captain.
    Some heroes, noticing something unusual, began running out to the deck from inside the ship.
    Some Order soldiers thrust their swords into the tentacles, but they simply bounced off and the blades did not pass through.

    Then they heard something like a creaking sound, and the soldiers on board the ship, for just a moment, felt a drifting sensation as if they were floating.
    Some of the people that had come to see the ship off were so scared they turned their backs and fled, but as soon as the ship began to shake, their view was blocked by water falling like a torrential downpour.
    Many had no idea what had even happened at that moment.
    Only the young man gazing from a distance saw the whole story of a huge island-sized ship being captured by black tentacles, and sinking into the sea.

    The Asuramis Sea. In this sea, also called “The Sea of Evil”, there was no monster realm, nor did it have particularly many monsters.
    The word “Evil” only referred to one thing, a monstrosity that sunk ships passing by in an instant, named after the sea in question, “Asura Mythra”...

    ...Indeed. As you can guess, this was the work of my lord, the Kraken Asura Mythra.
    My lord is a friend of the Great Songstress, and when the Great Songstress’s husband went out to battle, it seems she received various information.
    She was wondering if there was anything she could do, when she heard about the Queen Diana from monsters monitoring the sea near Diana...
    “This ship is particularly dangerous, I hear. At this rate, I suppose the little humans are in a lot of danger, huh” ...It seems she did it thinking this.

    Thus, the Queen Diana never fulfilled its purpose. It sank to the bottom of the sea.
    Yet, due to Lord Poseidon’s power and Lady Asura Mythra’s magic, miraculously, not one person on board the ship lost their life.
    However, they were now in the deep sea, a place of darkness where the human eye can’t see a thing. They could not speak or hear.
    Even if there was someone nearby, they could not see them, and their voice would not reach them...
    Curiously, even though they were underwater, they weren’t in pain, but because they couldn’t move, they also couldn’t search for anyone, or feel anyone...
    In this ship that had sunk to the sea floor, there was no light, there was no sound, there was no warmth to be felt...
    The people of Diana had been left all alone in solitude.

    At first, they couldn’t comprehend their situation, and confusion and dread dominated their hearts.
    After a while, they were able to think about the situation they were in, and calmed down just a little.
    In a space where nothing but themselves exists, all people can do is think.
    At first, the people thought about themselves. They thought about their own families.

    I wanted to become a knight when I was a kid.
    I made a mistake at work, got yelled at and was exhausted.
    My wife gave birth to our child, and I was so happy.
    This kid won’t listen to anything I say, and I’m at my wits’ end.
    The fun times, the bitter times, everything they had seen so far with their own eyes, they recalled their entire lives.

    All of these things popped into their heads in the darkness, just like a revolving lantern.
    They had plenty of time to think.

    Next, the people tried to think about their neighbors.
    It was then the people realized, they didn’t know much themselves about the joys and pains of their neighbors.
    This was only natural, as they had never seen it with their own eyes.
    However, there were times they had enjoyed, and times they had suffered, so surely the same was true of their neighbors.
    So, what kinds of things had their neighbors enjoyed, what kinds of things had they suffered?
    They imagined things they had never seen with their own eyes, and thought about that.
    They thought about their neighbors’ lives from their neighbors’ perspective.

    They had plenty of time to think.
    Next, they thought about people whose face was the only thing they knew about them.
    Next, they thought about the person whose name was the only thing they knew about them.
    Next, they thought about the person they hated.
    They thought about admiral Eizen, who was said to have lost his life in a marine accident, just like them.

    For a long, long time they thought, seemingly infinite.
    Suddenly, they saw a faint light before their eyes.
    By being exposed to Lord Poseidon and Asura Mythra’s mana for so long, the people were turning into incubi and monsters, and were now able to view the brilliance of the mana floating throughout the ocean.

    It was still mostly pitch-black, but they could start to see the inside of the ship a little.
    They were also able to move, and so the people began searching for others.
    They began to hear the sounds of something moving around them.
    It was the sound of others searching for people like they were.
    One man found a colleague of his, a rich man’s lazy son, who he hated.
    The lazy son also looked down on the other man for being from a poor family.
    The two met, and cried and rejoiced at each other’s safety.
    They were overjoyed that their own life, and the life of the man before them would still continue.
    All around, the people reuniting were just as happy with each other’s safety.

    And then suddenly,
    “So sorry, it seems I was a tad bit late huh.”
    An exhausted voice apologized.
    The silhouette of a human mixed with squid tentacles beckoned the people.
    When they followed the shadow, the people were finally able to emerge from the ship.
    Until now, they had been unable to see it. A place they hadn’t even tried to see.
    Spread out before them was the scene of a beautiful deep-sea where the light of mana shined in the darkness.

    Current Queen Diana (p167)[edit]

    Lady Asura Mythra informed the people of Diana that while they were imprisoned in the darkness, the Great War was ended by the Great Songstress.
    She informed them there were a number of cities in the sea, and that they also now had bodies that could live in the sea.
    She told them that if they wished to return to the surface, she would take them, but since it would take a while, she wanted them to wait.

    And so, the people of Diana lived in this deep sea for some time.
    It seems the people were able to live in The Queen Diana as it was because my lord carried it down to the seafloor without destroying it or overturning it.
    It was a quiet, calm life at the bottom of the sea, where time drifts by slowly.
    The people were puzzled about living at the bottom of the ocean for the first time, but, after hearing that a huge ship had sunk, it seems a number of worried mermaids and sea monsters came along to make a man their partner, and they helped them out.
    I hear that, despite their difficult situation, the people’s hearts were very calm at the time.

    A long time passed since they started to get accustomed to life in the deep sea, and began living together with the monsters of the sea.
    Our lord returned with many monsters.
    She also performed a magic ritual that created a stream of water here that is said to last forever, which allows free movement between The Queen Diana on the seafloor and the island of Diana.
    Yes, it’s the very place where we are now sinking together...

    Thus, the people of Diana were able to return to the surface, and to their country.
    Those of us living in the present have no way of knowing what the people thought afterwards.
    However, it is possible to imagine what can’t be seen.
    The people of Diana chose to live in this deep sea, rather than on the surface.

    A series of events had happened to the people of Diana that they had never seen before or even thought about.
    After a lot of thought, perhaps they began to feel they wanted to start over from the beginning... but perhaps the biggest reason was that many men had already been married to sea monsters, and many women had already become monsters...

    Diana moved the functions of the capital to the depths, and decided to build a new city with The Queen Diana as its core.
    And so, “Diana” was renamed to bear the name of the giant ship that had become the heart of the city, “Queen Diana”, and it became one of the seven islands of Court Alf.
    There were still many people left living on the surface, but they moved to other cities in the now united Court Alf, or were taken by family or friends living in the depths to visit, and as they began going back and forth between the depths and the surface, the people gradually began moving in to the depths, and now everyone has come to live in “Queen Diana”.
    This has taken quite some time, but I thank you for courteously listening to the story thus far...
    You can now see the city from this distance.
    As you can see, Queen Diana is a city made of numerous vessels linked together, centered around one huge ship. After it was decided to make a city in this place, my lord, along with the residents, carried ships that had previously sunk into the sea to this area, and made the city bigger...
    In this country, ships are both buildings and homes.
    Diana was originally a naval country, one with many superb shipbuilding engineers and craftsmen... This city continues to grow as they repair and improve sunken ships, as well as build new ones.

    This city was built by the hands of people that wish to spend their time peacefully, with calm hearts.
    The people and monsters that live here are all quiet, calm... gentle... And even though they have sunk to the bottom of the sea, this is still the land of Diana, and their diligent and reliable character remains as is.
    ...You say that the people can’t help but be calm or laugh because my lord is always being so aloof and outrageous?...

    Excuse me. We will soon be arriving at the city of Queen Diana.
    For now, while we are still sinking, I would like to talk to you about my lord and her song for a while...

    Songstress Introduction (Asura Mythra) (p169)[edit]

    Diva Introduction
    •Diva: Asura Mythra
    •Species: Kraken
    •Favorite Color: Black
    •Favorite Type: “The one who will join with me has already been decided long ago♥”
    •How to Spend a Holiday: “Granting someone’s wish with my magic♥”

    Diva Introduction from a Song Maiden
    My lord, “Asura Mythra” is... well... I suppose she is as magnanimous and calm as the sea, and is a person who doesn’t care much for details... Those of us who are her disciples have also never seen her angry.

    My lord is the ruler of the Asuramis Sea, and is a great sorceress called “The Witch of the Depths” known by all in the sea. Since long ago, it was said the humans feared a monstrosity living in the Asuramis waters that sank ships, called “Asuramythra”, but it seems my lord, who at the time didn’t have a name, took a liking to that name, and began calling herself “Asura Mythra”. I don’t know much about my lord’s past, but I’ve heard that she grew up in an even deeper sea, far below this one...

    Krakens are a race possessing tentacles with enough superhuman strength to sink ships, but my lord is particularly skilled at sinking ships, and in addition to having the extraordinary strength to pull down the Queen Diana, she also possesses the careful and delicate skills to carry even fragile wooden boats, and of course, the humans onboard, to the seafloor without a single scratch. If only that delicacy was reflected in her personality even a little, it would save us a lot of trouble...

    A diva...? Indeed, my lord is also the diva of this island, but she said singing is “just a hobby”. Our lord and the Great Songstress Difina are old friends, and when the Great Songstress split her own tears into the seven songs and passed them on to the seven divas, it was decided our lord would inherit one of the songs because she looked greedy... is what I heard from the Great Songstress when I met her once. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t sing very much, she almost likes singing too much, you can often catch her singing on a daily basis, and she also often talks while singing.

    Our lord, who is also called the Witch of the Depths, occasionally receives guests that have wishes they want granted. My lord is a kind lady with a hobby of “helping people”... She can’t leave a troubled person alone, and will kindly consult with them, using her magical power to grant the guest’s wish, but she always requests “compensation” for their wishes...
    For example... a knight who wishes to save his fiancé, who is suffering from a chronic illness she received long ago. My lord, who felt sorry for their situation, produced medicine with her magic to cure the illness. When the knight returned to his fiancé’s side, as compensation for the magic, she transformed into a Scylla, and the medicine became useless... Even now, that knight’s lower body is still wrapped up in his fiancé’s tentacles and his penis is unable to escape, and it seems he sold that magic medicine and used the money as funds for their honeymoon...
    Another example is a poor human girl with a beautiful singing voice, who’s throat became useless due to an injury, and could no longer sing... My lord sympathized with her from the bottom of her heart, and healed the girl’s throat, but in return, the girl had to pledge to use her mouth to drink her beloved’s semen once every seven days. It seems she partook of her own elder brother’s semen, but after she drank it once, she couldn’t wait seven days later for more semen, and the next time was three days later... then one day later... Eventually, it seems she began to take his penis into her mouth many times a day and sip his semen. “Only her throat” was changed into a monster, it would seem... She recently paid a visit to my lord wishing to be transformed into a monster so she could most deliciously drink semen. Incidentally, the price for that is having her beloved’s semen poured into her womb once every seven days.

    In this manner, my lord is a person fond of love affairs to the extent that when my lord notices a man and woman who are close with each other, she can’t help but get them together, typical of a monster... My lord does not have a partner yet. Naturally, if you are one of us monsters, you should not stop looking for a man... However, when my lord looks at a man, well... it’s like there isn’t one bit of lust, and it’s not that she doesn’t like the man, rather it’s just like when a monster who already has a husband is looking at a man other than her husband...

    Once, when the Great Songstress came here to play, I asked her if there was a story to my lord, but it seems even before the founding of Court Alf, my lord was saying “The one who will join with me has already been decided♥”.

    I can’t sense the scent of a man or a trace of one’s mana from my lord, so what in the world is she talking about...?

    Song of Serenity (p170)[edit]

    The song Lady Asura Mythra inherited from the Great Songstress is “The Song of Serenity”.
    As the name suggests, it is a song that brings complete serenity to those that hear it...

    Those who listen to this song will feel enveloped with relief as if embraced by their mother, calming their hearts, and bringing them peace...
    The anger, fear, panic, envy, anxiety... Their heart will no longer be fooled or go mad from such feelings.
    And then, the flow of time will begin to feel very slow, and they can understand and think more deeply about things as they are... It is a song whose power is suitable for those of us who aspire and work day and night for learning or magic, but Lady Asura Mythra is a very monster-like monster.
    She sings it day and night for the sake of the trysts of couples who love this song.
    ...However, I am also a monster who enjoys it.
    Fufufu... I am a monster after all, so I’ll explain it using a tryst as an example.

    For example, are you aware of the monsters of the lamia genus whose homeland is a country to the far east, known as shirohebi? They are extremely envious, and simply hate it whenever their partner makes contact with a woman other than themselves.
    Even if her husband smells a little bit like another woman, from having a rendezvous with one, or lightly bumping into one during a conversation, the shirohebi will have more relentless and thick intercourse with him than usual, overwriting her husband with her own scent and mana, doing her best so that her husband can only see her.

    But what about a shirohebi whose heart has been enveloped in peace thanks to this song?
    It seems her jealous nature will not be changed. However, like a normal girl, she should be able to understand that the scent of a woman attached to her husband came from light contact within the scope of everyday life.
    Then, the serene shirohebi will not be driven mad by jealousy or anxiety, and she will come to realize the fact that even though there are other women around, her husband is not cheating on her, and his lusty gaze is only directed at her.
    Fufufu... Such a shirohebi, feeling deep gratitude and a strong renewed lust towards her husband, will have more relentless and thick intercourse with him than usual, and will do her best to make her husband even happier.

    Thus, with a serene heart, you will perceive things more deeply... Naturally, the same can be said of the love making of men and women.
    Let’s say a couple in love exchange a kiss while my lord is singing.

    Slowly, as if time has stopped, their lips meet, and their tongues entwine each other.
    They can feel their tongues more clearly than usual, soft, warm, wet, and covered in sweet saliva.
    The tip of the tongue, the underside, the cheeks, no matter where their tongues entwine or crawl, it will feel good... That feeling will slowly turn in their heads over and over again, as if thoroughly savoring the taste...
    It seems a couple that starts kissing during the song will be sucking on each other’s mouths all day long.

    Furthermore, there is no pleasure considered greater than the pleasure created during the intercourse of humans and monsters.
    Normally, it runs through the body as momentary pleasure, but if you slowly, slowly ejaculate, the pleasure of the climax will steadily climb from the base of the penis to the tip, as if completing a grueling journey, and while ejaculating, the penis buries its way toward the womb little by little, each and every fold of the vaginal wall being carved with the pleasure of obtaining mana...

    This is a city of peace and tranquility...
    The city is very quiet, and there are many nights where there isn’t a single sound outside, because my lord’s song prevents anyone from leaving their bedrooms...
    ...It seems my lord is often humming the song of serenity, or she’ll start singing it as soon as she gets in a good mood...

    The Duties of the Songstress and Song Maidens (p171)[edit]

    My lord’s role as diva and duties to the city are... what, I wonder?
    Indeed... she has none in particular.
    To tell the truth, the people of the former Ship Nation Diana are the ones who actually manage the city, and the former Queen, who has transformed herself into a type of water dragon called Bahamut, is the de facto ruler of the city.
    My lord, Lady Asura Mythra, cannot be controlled by anyone.
    My lord is a monster that dwells within this city, and goes about doing as she pleases as if she owns the place, or so it would seem...

    If I had to say, our lord’s role is to expand this city.
    “I have to make this the most wonderful city ever for that person, it’ll be our love nest~♥”
    Is what she said once... while she was singing the song of serenity to herself.

    As for us song maidens... we are all disciples of Lady Asura Mythra as deep-sea witches... apprentice mages.
    In exchange for our lord sharing her outstanding magical techniques and powers, we usually complete tasks to serve our lord, but we are also involved in city management and guiding guests like this, under her order of “I want to make this a wonderful city, so please go fill it up with plenty of lovey-dovey lewd couples♥”.

    Yes, we also practice singing.
    Many magics are used through vocalization, and it is very important to speak with a beautiful and charming voice, and you can also perform more advanced magic by singing the incantations.

    The selection of new divas?
    With all due respect... This city’s diva has always been and will forever be only Lady Asura Mythra... We do not inherit the title. Fufufu, we song maidens do not become divas, the most important role given to us as part of our lord’s ideal city is to devote ourselves to eventually finding our companion and joining with them...♥

    Luxury Liner Perrine Melno (p172)[edit]

    Thank you for waiting so long. We are arriving at the depths of the sea... Queen Diana. I know you were feeling cramped due to my body, I’m terribly sorry. Well then, I would like to once again give you my heartfelt welcome...

    The city of Queen Diana is made up of a series of ships forming a ring around the Queen Diana, expanding outwards. This area is the outermost section, a residential district for the city’s residents. The city is quieter than usual... While we were on Diana Island, perhaps something put my lord in a good mood, and she was lively singing the song of serenity. In each of the houses and rooms we can see from here, there are likely many couples in the middle of making love right now...

    As you can see, the architecture of the city is made entirely of ships. Smaller ships are used as houses, and medium-sized ships are also used as shops or restaurants. As with the other 6 islands of Court Alf, our Queen Diana gladly accepts prospective residents, and we especially welcome the immigration of men who wish to become husbands to us monsters. You may, of course, choose your favorite place from the empty ships or rooms, but if you choose your favorite ship from the area where sunken ships are gathered, called the “Graveyard of Ships”, then our city’s craftsmen will offer to renovate it as a comfortable residence.

    The most popular of these dwellings is the huge luxury liner adjacent the Queen Diana, the “Perrine Melno”. The property was sunk by my lord in a sea to the west and carried here, its beautiful hull made from the wealth of the nobility it carried is gorgeous. It seems my lord noticed this ship while on a stroll, and thought “what a pretty ship~” as she got closer to look at it, but from inside the ship, she could hear the suffering and cries for help of the slave men serving the ship, and it appears my lord, pitying them, just sunk it. When that happened, the monsters that were gathered around the area deliciously devoured all of the aristocrats and slaves on board... Or rather, many of the nobles were on board with ladies, so their wives became monsters, and the monsters that had gathered around continued to deliciously devour the slaves that had become their husbands, so the now vacant ship was brought here.

    Like the hull, the interior of the ship, made for nobility, is very luxurious. All of its rooms are suites designed for couples, so unlike other ships, this one can only be chosen by those that have obtained a partner. If you, dear guest, wish to live on this ship... Fufufu... If it’s alright with you, I’ll offer my unworthy body and heart to you...

    Patrol Ship Diane (p173)[edit]

    Did you say that’s just fine?... Or did you say it’s a bad time?... I could not hear your answer... The shadow of a huge ship is passing above us right now. The sight of a ship swimming through the sea... you must be terribly shocked. That is a “Submarine”... The shipbuilding technology our city is so proud of, passed down since the age of the Ship Nation Diana, has finally created a ship that can freely swim underwater.

    That underwater patrol ship “Diane” is the masterwork of our Queen Diana... This ship, which is also used for the expeditions of Dé Ryúa’s Fellowship of Dark Sea Knights, is fitted with various facilities to endure long voyages at sea, as well as hotel-like rooms so couples riding together may join with each other every single day. Furthermore, it is equipped with highly efficient, high capacity “Mana Cages” that collect all of the surplus mana generated from the intercourse of couples, and it can also travel around the world without needing to stop at port for refueling. This ship is the result of uniting the technology of Diana’s people and our magic. And now, as the humans and monsters on board continue to unite, it advances through the unseen sea of darkness... Truly, it is a vessel that symbolizes the Queen Diana our lord desires...

    During peacetime, it serves as one of the highlights of Queen Diana’s tourism, there is a regular service that connects this city with Dé Ryúa, and you can enjoy the sights of the deep sea from the windows. From a distance, you can see the beautiful cityscape of Queen Diana with its many lights, the deep-sea coral reefs glowing enchantingly as if to fan the flames of passion, the eerily beautiful forest of deep-sea tentacles... While gazing at the deep-sea scenery full of fascination and beauty, exchange wine with your beloved partner at the fashionable saloon on board, and while enveloped in the floating feelings of the ocean and the alcohol, head to the bedroom together...

    Fufufu... Actually, some of Queen Diana’s ships are also submarines, though not as large as this one. There are even couples that make smaller submarines their homes, and travel as they please through the sea. Of course, as they go along, they will eventually need to refuel by spending some time deeply making love...

    Slave Ship Le Tiinu (p173)[edit]

    As you dive between ships and head towards the inner city from the outside, the cityscape has increasingly larger ships, in other words, there are more large-scale shops and establishments.

    This beautiful sailboat with a bow shaped like a maiden, the slave ship “Le Tiinu”... Bearing the name of a water maiden once owned by someone, as the name suggests, it was a slave ship that collected and carried only beautiful maidens as it sailed the seas.
    It seems my lord was on a stroll in the sea to the east, and thought “what a cute ship~” as she got closer to look at it, but then she could hear the sounds of sobbing echoing from inside the ship, and it appears my lord, feeling disgusted, sunk it as expected.
    All of the slaves on board were transformed into Nereids by my lord, and in response to being tied up as slaves, they began to live wildly, greedily, and lustfully.
    The diva of Dé Ryúa, “Meivia”, was also loaded onto this ship when she was a young human, and became a Nereid by my lord’s hand.
    This ship is still a hive of Nereids, but the Nereids inhabiting this ship, perhaps due to their origins, will never grant mercy to the men that visit. Men that strike their fancy and get caught will become their eternal playthings...
    The men will have no choice but to be continuously loved in accordance with the Nereids’ lust and love...

    That being said, as you can see at first glance, this is a bar overflowing with mature atmosphere run by Nereids, and over there is a game area where you can enjoy darts or billiards.
    This is “Bar Le Tiinu”... A Nereid bartender quietly polishes a glass in the bewitching yet calm interior.
    A Nereid and the male customer she’s snuggled up against tilt their glasses together...
    It doesn’t look much like a hunting ground for Nereids who attack and violate men, does it?

    And yet, that Nereid snuggled up to that man, urging him to drink...
    Getting him to drink more and more, getting him drunk... She plans on capturing him like that and ravishing him...
    Take a lost man and raise his spirits, get him excited, prepare him as you like, and finally ravish and taste him... That is the way of the Nereids of this ship.
    If a drunken man starts to feel good and crawls his hands over the Nereid snuggled up to him like that, that’s their cue...
    These girls no longer have to forgive the bad men who made them slaves and used them however they wanted.
    Fufufu, in the back of the ship, there are living quarters remodeled from a former jail, a storehouse for magical potions used on men, and a room for carving lewd patterns that make couples dependent on each other’s bodies...
    If you don’t want to become their prey, either don’t allow your wicked heart to be grasped by the tempting Nereids, or bring another monster with you into the establishment, like you have...
    However, the facilities in the back of this ship are rented out so even we can use them too...
    Fufufu... Perhaps due to what goes on even now in the facilities in the back, the atmosphere here seems to whisper that one must be quite the lewd monster to come to this place...
    If I enter this place, I might not be able to suppress my true nature as a monster...

    ...I surely explained that earlier, so why did you bring me to this establishment regardless...?
    Occasionally, I’ve been grumbling about Lady Asura Mythra, and I seem to be restraining myself... you say?
    And then, you took me into this bar so I could speak my mind... you say...

    Fufufu... You were concerned about me that much... Well then, allow me to take you up on your offer a little.
    However, the reverence and respect I have for my lord is no lie.
    While it’s true my eccentric lord’s actions can be annoying, it is but a trivial matter...
    More importantly, the thing I’ve been restraining myself about is... Fufufu... It’s you.
    As you were sinking towards this city with me, pressed against my chest...
    You got aroused, and your lower region became greatly swollen...
    And then, while I was speaking, your thing was continuously pressing up against my body...
    “I apologize for making you uncomfortable”... you say?
    Fufu... Indeed. Such a lewd thing pressed against me...
    I couldn’t seize it with these tentacles and stroke it, or slurp on it with this mouth and drink your spirit... It was so very, very uncomfortable...♥
    In truth, at that time, I wanted you to get an even bigger and harder erection, so I began pressing and rubbing my chest against you...♥
    You must have also felt very uncomfortable, being unable to even play around while being enticed and tempted by such a slut...♥

    So far, I’ve been the one talking... My carelessness has caused my dear customer to unpleasantly apologize... I must apologize with my body... Fufu♥ Fufufufu...♥ Now then, let’s begin...♥

    Giant Battleship Queen Diana (p175)[edit]

    Mmm...♥ Ahaan♥ You filled me up so much again...♥
    Ahh♥ So you’ve finally awakened♥ My beloved...♥

    You faded away, I wonder if it felt that good~...♥
    It seems it felt so good your mind went blank, and now your wife will have to tell you once more♥
    I am this city’s diva, the Kraken “Asura Mythra”... I’d be delighted if you called me Asuri~♥

    This is the top floor of the Giant Battleship “Queen Diana”, our love nest, The Witch’s Bedroom♥
    You can’t move your body?
    Ufufu♥ Right now, I’m hugging you close with my ten tentacles and two arms♥ I have to squeeze you tight so you won’t escape♥
    Since I have a lot of tentacles, I’ve prepared a large bed that fills the room we’re in~♥

    Ahaa~♥ You trembled suddenly, it seems you let out more again♥ That’s right♥
    I’ll hold you nice and tight, so you can pour it in properly♥ There, squeeze~♥, squeeze~♥
    Yaan♥♥♥ You shot it all the way in, you’re a really good boy♥

    You’ve woken up now, so allow me to show you around our Queen Diana♥
    “Can I pull it out now then”?
    Ufufu... Noooope♥ I finally got to meet you♥
    Besides, doesn’t being inside of me, held close by my tentacles, feel really good?
    I feel good too♥ That’s why I don’t want to let you go♥
    Besides, when my tentacles squeeze you tighter and tighter, they get tangled up and won’t unravel♥
    So let’s head out, feeling good like this♥

    Asura Mythra's Mansion (p175)[edit]

    The name of the Queen Diana comes from the fact that there are six towers forming a ring around the central tower where we are now, resembling a royal crown, and so it is named after “The Queen of Diana”... Is what I was told by my dear friend the Queen♥
    This room was originally the Queen’s room back when she was a human, but she said she doesn’t need it, so I got it♥

    This place is my workshop, I apologize for all the potions, magic tools, and such scattered all over.
    I’m called the Witch of the Depths, and this is where I do my work♥
    In the past, I was a naughty witch who sunk a lot of ships♪
    But now I’m a super, super nice witch that grants the wishes of those in trouble through magic and song♪
    It's true you know? Ever since Court Alf was formed, I haven’t seen many ships I feel like sinking, and I’ve been diligently granting the wishes of those in need. However, in exchange, I receive compensation...♥

    Also, with this crystal ball, I search for those in need, and tell troubled people from far away that if they come to me, I’ll do something about it with my magic♪
    Ufufu♥ I’m also good at fortune-telling. In truth, fortune-telling is how I first came to know about you♥
    When I was a very, very little girl, I lived at the bottom of a sea far, far deeper than this one.
    I didn’t have a husband, but one day, I picked up a broken piece of mirror from a ship that had sunk into the sea.

    Reflected in that mirror was the image of a man I didn’t know that shouldn’t have been there...

    At the bottom of the sea deeper than here, the men had “various appearances”, and everyone was always connected, feeling good♥
    A burly man grabbing his wife with his thick arms and feeling even better, or a wonderful man who penetrates his wife with a lot of tentacles. However, the man reflected in the mirror was a lot cooler than any of them...♥
    When I thought about him, little me’s little womb went all “kyun~♥”...♥
    It was at that time, the one who would be connected with me was decided♪
    Yes, and since then, for hundreds of years now, I’ve been waiting for you...♥

    That was surely the first divination I performed and discovered who it was that was fated to be married to me... so when you were finally born into this world, I felt my very soul shiver♥
    Ufufu♥ The first time I believed it was correct is when you first came into this room...♥
    Just like that time, my womb went “Kyun~♥”♥
    The second time was the moment I held you close, and connected with you like this...♥
    The third time was when you poured your semen into my womb...♥
    Sorry♥ Like I said, even if you say you want to pull out, my body is already obeying my womb, and I can’t pull it out willingly♥
    Besides, where I’m from, a man has not once been seen pulling out...♥

    Countless Cabins (p176)[edit]

    In truth, when you arrived in this sea, and this island, I became aware of it. I actually thought I’d go out to greet you myself, but the moment I felt your soul in the sea, my womb went “kyun kyun”, the strength faded from my body, and I couldn’t move at all...♥ My mind also went blank, and if I remember correctly, I think one of the Song Maidens was saying I had to do something or other because of the “National Memorial Festivities”, but I completely forgot, and I’ve been connected with you ever since you turned up♥ I wonder if I did something bad♥

    You’ve only been to my room, but this ship has a lot of guest rooms. By the way, I was thinking of giving something to you, now where did it go? All sorts of pretty things fall down to the seafloor, and from time to time I pick them up, but I grow tired of them quickly and they end up in some room. It seems the other day, the Song Maidens were cleaning up while angrily grumbling “Jeez!”... But often there are people who come here hunting treasure, and I’d rather they not take them home.

    Ufufu♥ If they take something, it can’t be helped♥ There are lots of hotels and shops outside of the Queen Diana’s central tower, but all of the rooms in this central tower are ones I received, so anyone can use a room, and they are welcome to take whatever is inside as they please♥ So if a man hunting treasure enters a room, any monster can take him♥ Also, there are lots of monsters and Song Maidens staying in these rooms who want a man to take them home♥

    Perhaps you too could have been taken by someone, or possibly taken someone home, so I was very, very happy when you came straight to my room♥ I forgot to ask you because we were feeling so good, but why did you come to me anyway? You’ve already poured plenty of compensation into me, like you’re still doing now...♥ So, if there is anything you wish for, I’ll grant it all♥

    ...Ehh? You saw me in a dream? Then your loins got hot, and when you thought about me, you got an erection that wouldn’t go away?
    You had no other business but to come and see me? It isn’t a coincidence that you didn’t stop at any other rooms?
    In the bedroom earlier, you weren’t asking whether you could pull out, you were asking if you could keep it in...?

    Ahaan♥ When you say something like that, my womb goes all kyun kyun♥
    As I expected, that destiny I felt when I was young was such a wonderful thing♥

    Topic - Her Majesty the Queen and Admiral Eizen (p177)[edit]

    During the history of the Ship Nation, Her Majesty the Queen made an agonizing decision in order to quell the anger Diana’s people felt towards Admiral Eizen, who had been accused of communicating with monsters.
    Her Majesty intended to somehow pretend Eizen was executed, and have him escape to a foreign country with his family, but before that, Eizen was rescued by sea folk in the waters near Dé Ryúa, and his whereabouts became unknown.
    Meanwhile, as promised, Eizen’s wife and daughter were being taken to a foreign country aboard an Order ship, but when the two of them heard that he had perished in a maritime accident, they cast themselves into the sea as the ship passed through the waters near Dé Ryúa.
    Having thrown themselves overboard, the two went missing for a while, but later on, they became Nereids and eventually washed up in Dé Ryúa, where they reunited with Admiral Eizen, and it seems to this day the three of them are living their lives together pleasurably.

    The Secluded City Asuramis (p177)[edit]

    Haaa... Fuuu... Ufufu♥ That was a wonderful time...♥ While we were having sex, something very good must have happened, the song of serenity was echoing throughout the city, and I wondered what would happen...♥ Ufufu♥ Well, somehow or another, it became like this...♥ Your erection hasn’t gone away, and I’m still holding your lower half with my tentacles, detaining your penis like this... Haa♥ Isn’t this nice♥ This is our proper state, as neither I nor you wish to separate our bodies... Moreover, this place is the “Graveyard of Ships”... Because the song of serenity was echoing earlier, no one will come here. This heap of piled up ships is what my lord has carried here thus far... Although it is called a graveyard, many of these ships are waiting for repairs, so they may be reborn as new buildings... They are ships awaiting resurrection.

    ...You see a light coming from the other side of this mountain of ships? You’ve done well to notice it. Another city is over there. Originally, this place was where my lord gathered and buried the humans that had lost their lives and sunk into the sea together with their ships in the Great Asuramis War or one of the many repeated conflicts in this sea...

    And now, that light, “The Secluded City Asuramis”... Ghosts, Phantoms, Wights, Liches... It is a place where the dead spend an eternity of pleasure with the Incubi who have been resurrected by their own necromancy. Even if they don’t talk about it anymore, they can guess what happened to themselves...

    This place that bears the name of my lord, “The Asuramis Sea”... Anyone who step foot here, be they human or monster, cannot escape the monstrosity “Asuramythra”... Thus, neither can you, who is now buried in my tentacles like this, having your penis lustfully devoured by me...♥ We are the darkness lurking in the sea. Humans captured by us like this shall never escape...♥

    Afterword (p179)[edit]

    Good work, dear customer!
    You made it to the bottom of the sea!
    I’m a mermaid from Court Alf’s Tourism Center! But you already knew that!

    How were the seven islands and the voices of the seven divas!
    Our dear customer will be heading home now... Well, perhaps not♥
    Somehow or other, it seems you’ve been united with some island’s diva or song maiden♥
    Who in the world is it, and what kind of things did you do! Did you do it?!

    Ah, you, the customer by herself over there!
    The boyish Succubus! Are you looking for a partner in Court Alf?

    “I’m searching for my wandering teacher...
    Yeah, teacher is a monster scholar, and I’m his apprentice.
    W-we don’t have that kind of relationship!

    But, yes...♥ Maybe one day, I’d like to have a relationship like that, and sink to the Queen Diana together? Ehehe...♥”



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