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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens

    World Guide I: Fallen Maidens
    ワールドガイドI: 堕落の乙女達
    Book Information
    Release Date
    August 14th, 2011 (Comiket 80)[1]
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Kenkou Cross
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens (魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイド I: 堕落の乙女達)[1] is one of the books of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series. It was published on August 14th, 2011 at Comiket 80. It functions as a sequel to Monster Girl Encyclopedia I, although here the book follows a different format, discussing individual places and people within the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. There is a companion collection of novellas that go into more detail on the characters involved: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Stories: Fallen Brides.


    Full book cover w/ spine

    The framing story of Fallen Maidens sees its in-universe author, Wandering Scholar, fleeing from the Order after his (blasphemous) publication of Monster Girl Encyclopedia I. He seeks refuge in the recently-corrupted nation of Lescatie, and interviews its new ruler, Druella, the fourth lilim daughter of the Mamono Lord. In addition to recording more of his observations about monster girls, the Scholar includes case studies of several recently-monsterized women from the nation.

    Each character biography gives a brief account of that particular character's story (background, history, etc.) before showing how the character changed after being transformed by mamono mana. All the monsterized women end up in love with one man:「YOU」‎, the reader.

    Monsterization Before and After (p2)

    Wilmarina Noscrim (p2)

    Mimil Miltie (p6)

    Sasha Fullmoon (p10)

    Primera Concerto (p14)

    Mersé Dascaros (p18)

    Francisca Lescatie (p22)

    Amanomiya Koyoi (p26)

    Lilim Druella (p30)

    About Lescatie (p32)

    Religious Nation “Lescatie”

    A religious nation that no longer currently exists because it was dropped into the mamono realm at the hands of the lilim Druella. Before it fell, the king “Castor Bistoa Lescatie” made the faith of the Chief God the main religion. The Order was extremely powerful, and basically, all of the nation's important offices were filled by individuals from the upper echelons of The Order. It was an enormous nation that boasted the second most powerful military among all Order-aligned states at the time. What's more important than its size and population is the fact that it was the number one hero-producing nation in the world.

    There was an extremely substantial number of organizations and facilities that raised people from childhood into disciples to fight for The Order, and many heroes who received god's divine protection appeared. For that reason, the religious nation of Lescatie was the hope of humanity and The Order, and an extremely large threat to the monsters; however, the light of hope was extinguished in the blink of an eye due to Druella's invasion. It is said that there was a lot of dissent amongst the people to begin with, because the nation was managed by the upper echelons of The Order for the Order's convenience.

    In contrast with the dazzling central district, there were many slums where people suffered under heavy taxation, and besides that, many of the heroes who mostly lived in the central district, especially young heroes, didn't think highly of the government that ignored their will and tried to manipulate their lives. The hearts of the most important force, the heroes, were not with the religious nation of Lescatie, and more and more of them went over to Druella's side. We could say that this is the reason for the nation's defeat. The religious nation of Lescatie was formerly a symbol of glory to The Order, but it's presently a huge disgrace because of how quickly it fell, and the failure to recapture it.

    Mamono Realm Nation "Lescatie"

    A former religious nation that was dropped into the mamono realm by the lilim Druella. The queen "Francisca Mistel Lescatie" rules, but she is infatuated with Druella who changed her into a monster, so she's a puppet and Druella holds the true authority. The left-over hero-raising facilities and churches were mainly converted into pleasure quarters for the entertainment of monsters and incubi. Compared to other mamono realms, these many facilities are distinguished as being even more radically obscene.

    The entire nation was converted into a Mamono Realm, and it is filled with extremely thick mamono mana. It's always dusky, and mamono mana shines eerily. It has become a country that is extremely easy for monsters to live in. The mamono mana gets thicker as one approaches the central district, and once inside the castle, it is so thick that it causes the monsters to become sexually excited and lose themselves. Additionally, in the middle of the castle in the throne room, there are several monsters of enormous power including "Wilmarina Noscrim" who continuously have sex with one man, and highly thick mamono mana is always being produced. It is the space where it is most concentrated.

    If an ordinary human enters, it is so potent that they will change into a monster just from being showered in the mamono mana. "Amanomiya Koyoi" who was introduced in the first book did well to endure it. Additionally, it has worsened since Koyoi became an inari. Also, to the delight of the monsters who live in Lescatie, a mass of this highly condensed mamono mana is released into the city on holidays by Koyoi, who excels at controlling mamono mana. This mass of mamono mana drops in appropriate areas throughout the city depending on Koyoi's whim.

    For a while, the area around where it was dropped becomes overflowing with highly thick mamono mana. A narcotic effect is induced that ignites the passion of monsters and incubi, making them feel the best. Having sex with their partners in this state amplifies the pleasure and arousal they would normally experience by many orders of magnitude. The mamono mana lingers for several days and during this time their arousal never subsides and their bodies never grow tired. They continuously feel amazing and experience the greatest pleasure. For monsters who desire to spend their days indulging in pleasure with their husband, it's probably the happiest holiday ever. It is said that when the holidays come around, the monsters of Lescatie anticipate having these presents dropped where they live, and everyone starts getting restless.

    Foreword (p33)

    “Monsters drown humans in supernatural pleasure and tempt them into an existence of a devilish nature just like themselves. The monsters I found living in “Mamono Realm Nation Lescatie” when I dropped by this time were beings that truly fit that description.
    In this book, I've summed up everything I've collected until now as a scholar of monsters and added the knowledge I gained due to the cooperation of the mistress of Lescatie, and a daughter of the mamono lord, the lilim Druella, and many “former” humans. I've written in detail about the ecology and moral values of the monsters in “Monsters' Ecology”, and recorded the transformations that human women undergo when changing into monsters in “Monsterization Case Files.”
    I would like the readers to read the second section carefully and become more acquainted with the details concerning the monsters. That is, if you still don't want to surrender your humanity.”

    - a certain wandering scholar of monsters

    “There is no suffering or sadness here. All there is, is a wonderful world of indulging in love and pleasure to the heart's content. If you come this way, you'll never have to fear anything, and you'll never have to suffer. This book is a guide to help you cast aside human fetters and be reborn.
    Now, let's have fun together...♥ I'll teach you about the wonderful world of monsters...♥”

    - Mistress of Lescatie, Druella

    What a Monster is (p38)

    The life forms called monsters all have different traits and values than humans, and they think and behave based on those. I'll explain the unique ecology and values of monsters so that you the reader can grasp the differences and similarities compared with humans and understand them better. However, even though we generalize them all as monsters, there are actually many different races of monsters that exist. For example, since all monsters seek to have sex with human men, most of them have no resistance to discussing it and related topics. But among them, there are some that have a strong sense of shame, or pride, and for that reason, there are also some races that would normally hesitate to discuss the topic of sex. However, it's certainly true that even they are far more lustful compared to humans, and once their devilish nature awakens, they display the same lasciviousness as other monsters.

    So, it is extremely difficult to make a sweeping generalized introduction to these beings known as “monsters” which include a mix of a variety of races with different ecologies. The ecology of monsters that I'll be describing here is very generalized and only applies to the average monster, but on the other hand, please bear in mind that it's the form revealed by the fundamental essence that all monsters share in common.

    The concept of monsters

    Monster is a general term for various races that are reigned over by the Mamono Lord.

    Formerly, in the age when the old Mamono Lord ruled the monsters that was called “the age of the former Mamono Lords”, monsters were grotesque creatures that devoured humans and spread death. However, since an immensely powerful succubus took over and became the new Mamono Lord, we've entered an age called “the new Mamono Lord's age”, and the monsters' forms have changed dramatically. All of them now have beautiful, alluring figures resembling human women. They attack humans, just as they did when they were grotesque creatures, however, the meaning behind it is completely different.

    The monsters of the present have been heavily influenced by the nature of the Mamono Lord who is a succubus and their main food is the same as that of the Mamono Lord, living energy called “mana” that is contained within the semen, saliva, etc. of human men. Also, just as it appears, all of the monsters are female. Presently, a male monster has never been confirmed. For that reason, when they reproduce, they must have sex with a human man. And more than anything, in general, all “monsters” are lustful, and instinctual. They are devoted to pleasure and desire, especially the desire to have sex with men. Due to these goals, they coercively have sex with human men, and attack them in order to rape them.

    Races of Monsters

    No matter what, “monster” is a general term for various races. By definition, monsters don't have “mana” within their bodies beforehand, and each race has its own unique “mamono mana”, but due to the influence of the Mamono Lord, all monsters ended up having “succubus' mamono mana” inside their bodies as well. Humans, elves, angels, etc., races other than monsters, have energy within their bodies, but when they are assaulted by monsters, etc., they get violated by mamono mana, energy is driven away and expelled and it disappears so that they are twisted like monsters, and so these races of women are also treated the same as monsters.

    If we classify the monsters into rough categories based on appearance and disposition, we can divide them as “beastman type”, “demon type”, “reptile type”, “undead type”, etc., and then we can classify them more minutely by tying together races with similar forms **and traits such as “lamia family” “wolf family” “succubus family” “harpy family,” etc.

    Additionally, the lamia family can be divided into the smallest units, “races” such as “lamia”, “medusa”, “echidna”, etc. But even monsters of the same family can differ wildly in form and traits depending on the race. Monsters are beings that are extremely rich in diversity.

    In the other volume, “Monster Girl Encyclopedia I”, various races of monsters were introduced in detail with illustrations. In the introductions from the encyclopedia only one individual is portrayed in the illustrations, but of course, they have individual differences. Physique, facial features, clothing, etc. things that aren't set by the race's inherent special traits, vary depending on the individual. However, from a human standpoint, in the case of individuals of the same race, they often feel like they have a similar atmosphere about them for some reason, and since there are a lot of points that are similar or matching in terms of looks and personality, someone knowledgeable can distinguish the differences between races with similar forms, and even someone with little knowledge can probably sense it: “Are these two the same race?” “Although they look similar, I think they're different races.” The illustrations in the monster girl encyclopedia are the average forms of those races in general. Basically, it's okay to think that most individuals look similar to the illustration.

    Original Race / Sub-race

    For example, the physique, and hair color, etc. of a medusa may vary, but the common traits of a medusa, snake hair, and the lower body of a snake, match up. Also, many individuals basically have a lonely, stubborn personality.

    In the explanations of monsters, the words “original race”, “sub-race”, etc. are sometimes used. “Original races” are the monsters that founded the races of monsters classified in families such as “○○ family”. For example, for the lamia family, it's “lamia”, for the slime family, it's “slime“, etc. Amongst all the monsters of ○○ family, the original race is the oldest race. It is supposed that most of the monsters belonging to ○○ family derived or evolved from the original race. They have the basic nature of monsters of ○○ family, and the original race is fundamentally supposed to be the most numerous of all monsters in the ○○ family. “sub-race” is a general term for monsters that derived or evolved from original races.

    For example, medusa and echidna are regarded as sub-races of lamia, the original race. Sub-races are distinguished by having parts of their form and nature in common with the original species. If they have high abilities or special abilities compared to the original race, they are often described as “higher races”, but humans just call them that. With a few exceptions, the monsters themselves aren't aware of any kind of hierarchy based on that.

    It is easy for peculiar sub-species to emerge in special environments. In the desert region, snowy region, Zipangu region, etc. many peculiar monsters unique to those regions can be seen. “Mutated races” are extremely special even amongst sub-species. As the name suggests, they come from mutations of the original race. “Queen Slime” is a mutation of “slime”, “alice“ and “alp” are mutations of “succubus”, “hobgoblin” is a mutation of “goblin“, etc.

    When the original race reproduces, mutations may be born very rarely. Also, sometimes they are only born under extremely special circumstances. Compared to the original species, they have a hugely different nature and traits, so we are treating them as a different race out of convenience, but technically they are just varied individuals of the original race. When a monster of a mutated race reproduces, the children born won't be monsters of the same mutational variant, but children of the original race. For example, if a hobgoblin has children, goblins will be born. If an alp has children, succubi will be born. However, when monsters of mutated races reproduce, the chance for a mutant to be born is slightly higher than normal. After a very long time, it is eventually possible for them to become an independent race of monsters. Additionally, this will be discussed in a later item, but for monster mothers and monsters of the original race, the birth of a mutant monster is an extremely happy event.

    Monsters from the Humans' Perspective (p40)

    Humans that hate monsters

    The only reason the monsters of the present attack humans is to mate and get mana. They don't kill people and devour human flesh like the monsters in the age of the former Mamono Lords. Monsters never rob the lives of the men they attack. However, they certainly were bitter enemies of humanity in the past, so there is antagonism, and besides that, The Order which worships the Chief God who is regarded as the creator of the world, has an extremely strong influence among humans. According to The Order's teachings, “monsters are beings that corrupt mankind and lead us to ruin.” Besides that, there is even some false information being spread around a lot that says “monsters use their forms to bewitch humans, and then brutally kill them and greedily devour their flesh.”

    Since the age of the former Mamono Lords, the majority of humanity has kept faith in God and The Order, and lived their lives with values in line with The Order's teachings, and as far as they're concerned, it's the truth. They hate monsters and are extremely afraid of them. Men who are actually attacked by monsters become their prisoners, and to them, all it looks like as to the reason they don't come back is “the men were killed and eaten.” It increases the credibility of the teachings and the false information.

    The majority of humans live in such states where the influence of The Order is strong, and monsters are rejected. These states are called “anti-monster states”. To them, even in the present, monsters are “enemies of humanity” that should be slain. Knights and heroes are dispatched by The Order to slay monsters. Sometimes armies are also raised for attempting invasions of the Mamono Realm. However, there are many who realized the true forms of the monsters and realized that The Order is lying by actually meeting or being attacked by monsters.

    Even the heroes and knights of The Order who had always despised monsters until then can't sense any wickedness or animosity from the friendly attitude of the monsters of the present, and the pure and straightforward love and affection that they direct towards men, so it disturbs them. Not only that, they are beings with a literally superhuman charm that is hard to resist and even their appearance and behavior are enough to make prisoners of men. Once they've had sex with them, it's over. The faith in god of the adherents of The Order, and all the values they cultivated in their lives crumble away easily, overwritten by a fondness for monsters, and obscene desire. Most of the people who get involved with monsters in this way become their prisoners, and there is no end to the number of those who have thrown out the teachings of The Order, and chosen the path of living with monsters.

    Humans that are friendly towards monsters

    Although they are in the minority, in recent years they have been increasing. The nations that accept and live with monsters are called “monster friendly states.” Most residents are those who doubt the teachings of The Order, those who were charmed by monsters, and those who have lived with monsters since they were born. Those unstained by The Order's doctrine would never hate monsters that are friendly towards humans. Without the obstacle that is The Order, the monsters are able to fully exhibit their ability to imprison men, and all of the men of monster-friendly states end up being fond of monsters and desiring them.

    Humans who live near monsters naturally come closer and closer to sharing their values even without having sex with them due to prolonged exposure to their charm and trace amounts of mamono mana. Even from the viewpoint of humans in monster-friendly states, monsters are awfully lewd, but as they're gradually stained with their values, they don't feel disgusted. On the contrary, they feel that they're attractive. After always living beside them, being charmed by them, and having sex with them many times, the men go wild for the monsters, and are ruled by a strong love and desire that never goes away.  

    Relations with Monsters (p41)

    Encounters with Monsters

    As explained before in previous sections, monsters are beings that absolutely need human men both as food and as reproductive partners. Due to the nature of the monsters of the present, they strongly seek human men. As beautiful, lustful predators, if they chance upon a human man, they will most likely assault, and attempt to rape and have sex with him. Though its form has changed, the urge to assault men is a deeply ingrained instinct that is a remnant of the age of the former Mamono Lords. To have sex with human men is one of the most deeply rooted fundamental desires that monsters have. The urge for sex arises from two strong desires, “lust”, the desire to seek pleasure from sex, and “appetite”, the desire to seek sweet mana, and they love to give in to these desires.

    A direct assault isn't their only method of “predation.” For one thing, all monsters are highly attractive beings, having literally supernatural charm and beauty. Men find them irresistible, and they take advantage of it to entice men into having sex with them. Furthermore, there are those who excel at charm magic, and those who release mamono mana or pheromones in order to give men mating fever and drive them wild. After pouring it into a man, conversely, they make him attack them. The temptation of monsters is extremely powerful. Unable to bear the lust that arises due to the monsters' temptation, even the moral and rational soldiers of The Order often end up having sex with them instead of executing them.

    Also, in certain lands, there are marketplaces and auction houses where monsters that were defeated and captured by humans are sold as slaves, but even so, it's actually the monsters that are pulling the strings behind the scenes. It is said that all of the monsters being sold are only those who deliberately lost to humans and let themselves be captured because they personally desired “to have a man take care of them.” They use charm magic and mamono mana to entice men into “running markets and auctions” “buying them” “training them” and “feeding them.” The slavers themselves aren't even aware of it, but they're being pulled along by strings. Even the winning bidders are being completely manipulated so that the monsters can choose their own “master.” In cases where a human man tries to rape a monster, he may think he's doing it of his own will, but more often than not it's actually a result of him being tempted and lead on by the monster being raped herself. Other than that, monsters have various other abilities that they use to tempt and enthrall men, and they will try to have sex with a man using all sorts of methods. 

    Monsters that Imprison

    In this way, most of the time when a human man meets a monster, he'll probably end up getting ravished and having sex with her. A monster's body isn't just to draw looks from men, it's specialized for pleasuring men. From birth, their instinct endows them with the knowledge of how to please a man, and they have techniques for giving men pleasure. If a man ever has sex with one of them even once, he'll become a prisoner of the exquisite pleasure that a monster's body gives him, and he won't ever be able to forget having sex with that monster until his last breath. And while having sex with a monster, again and again, the man will end up wanting to have sex with her even though it was originally forced, and eventually, he will adapt to where having sex with her will be a priority in his life.

    In the case that the partner was a monster that has a grotesque lower body, such as snake, spider, etc. even if the man at first hated and feared that grotesque body, once he has sex with her, even that grotesque body will appear beautifully lewd, and he'll end up feeling that it's unbearably sweet.

    The monsters don't always just imprison men through sex. Their every action tempts men and charms them. Even a casual utterance or gesture can make their beauty and loveliness charmingly stand out, and at times, it is their lasciviousness that stands out, and they drive men absolutely crazy. Additionally, the strong love they have for men can be felt through sex, as well as their normal conduct and gestures.

    Because of that, men don't just become prisoners of the pleasure they get from sex. They end up having unbearable feelings of love for the monster as a woman, and as an individual, and their body and heart end up both getting completely charmed by the monster, so they become prisoners. Most men who have become a monster's prisoner could never think of leaving them.

    The soldiers of The Order who give in to temptation and have sex with a monster become unable to kill the monster before their eyes that they had tried to execute. They choose to flee with her, abandoning the kingdom and The Order. Male slavers who capture monsters will become prisoners of the monsters they were going to sell, give up slaving, and go live with them. Once a man has had sex with one of them, he becomes unable to resist the pleasure he receives from the monster until the very end. For example, even if he were released after being attacked by a monster, if they've had sex, then he'll be unable to forget that devilish pleasure, and he'll want to be attacked by the monster again, so he'd probably end up going to the monster's dwelling on his own.

    Monsters that Become Prisoners

    After a monster assaults and has sex with a man, in the case that the monster liked the man, she won't release the man afterward. She'll want to keep him at her side, continuing to have sex to gain mana. In this way, when a monster really likes a man, her instinct ends up recognizing him as her husband. Only female monsters exist, and human men are males to them. They do get married, but to monsters being married isn't just emotion and an agreement. Their interest and lust for the man who becomes their “husband” swells. They become extremely fond of the odor of his sweat, and the taste of his semen, and it highly arouses them. They end up having even greater “appetite” “lust” and “affection” for the man. On the other hand, their lust and interest in other men grows thin. Their energy tastes bland, or even disgusting. And then, they stop acknowledging men other than their “husband” as males or prey, and they only seek and have sex with their “husband.”

    Monsters who have obtained a “husband” go through changes that are not just mental, but physical as well. Their already alluring body changes to match with their husband's, adapting into “a body just for their husband” to suit his tastes so they can get even more pleasure from their husband, and they can give their husband even more pleasure and make him happy, resulting in them being able to milk even more mana. Also, in human settlements where monsters coexist with humans, etc. where monsters live in places close to humans, if a monster develops feelings for a specific man, at that point, her instinct will recognize that man as her “husband”, and it's not uncommon for her body and heart to begin changing before she even assaults him and before they even have sex.

    To monsters that have husbands, their husband is most precious to them and he takes priority over anything else. Having sex with their husband gives them more joy and pleasure than anything else, and they're happiest at that time. Even though the monsters are lustful hedonists, they treat the man they chose as their “husband” extremely wholeheartedly, and this is why they value him even more than they value themselves. There are many explanations for why this trait exists such as:

    “To make it so that they don't fight over prey with other monsters.”

    “By further charming the man and adapting to his body, they're able to obtain greater amounts of energy with more efficiency.”

    But it is said that it may just be that this is simply because the personality of the current Mamono Lord who changed the nature of the monsters to be as it is now is being reflected straight into the monsters' instinct.

    Monsters can sense when a man is strongly stained with “mamono mana” or a monster's scent, and they can tell that that man is a “monster's husband” and whose husband he is. Among monsters, there is an implicit understanding that when a human man is already another monster's husband, he belongs to that monster, and they shouldn't assault him at random, so men who have become a monster's husband basically don't get assaulted by monsters. However, in the case that the monster really feels strongly about the man, or in the case of races that are fundamentally polygamous, that's not necessarily true.

    If a monster feels so strongly about a man that her instinct has recognized the man as her “husband”, and she's already begun to change into a female exclusively for him, then there's no way she’s going to be able to ignore her intense desire merely because of something like an implicit understanding. She'll give in to the urge, assault the man, and fuck him. After that, the monsters who share a “husband” will end up living together, cooperating at times to milk energy from the man, and at other times, fighting over who gets to have sex with him longer and more often. Once this happens to a man, he'll have to catch all the desire of multiple lascivious monsters with his one body. He'll end up having to keep offering them large amounts of mana, every day switching off, or perhaps, doing all of them at the same time.  

    Diet of Monsters (p44)


    Most monsters feed on the vital "essence”, that human men have a lot of. They absorb it inside their body and convert it into “mamono mana”, the vital energy of monsters. For monsters, essence is a delicious treat that is far better than any other kind of food. Monsters that obtain and taste essence will be engulfed in powerful ecstasy and joy. Even monsters that mainly eat things besides energy can still take in energy and convert it to mamono mana. To them, a man's energy is a sweet treat.

    Monsters are insatiably hungry for semen. Even if they swell their womb up with it, stuff their cheeks full of it, and have their entire body covered in it, they'll still be dying for more of your semen.

    Essence is plentiful in human bodily fluids, especially semen. Besides drinking it through their mouth and ingesting it, they most prefer to milk it out using their vagina by having sex with a man. Since energy is mainly taken in through sex in this manner, while “sex” is an act of reproduction for monsters, at the same time it is also “feeding.” Additionally, the taste and smell of essence lingers faintly on a man's body, and is comparatively thicker on the penis. Monsters can enjoy the taste by licking a man's body, or taking it in their mouth or vagina. For monsters, a man's very existence itself is like a sweet treat because he has essence within his body that they can taste and enjoy by licking, sucking, and having sex, resulting in pleasure that soothes their body and heart.

    For that reason, monsters say “Delicious.” or “Looks delicious.” when they see a human man, and they refer to sex as “eating”.

    Since monsters build up mamono mana by obtaining essence, monsters that have more sex with men and get more energy poured inside them generally become stronger individuals. The more powerful a monster becomes, the more essence she requires, and they never get tired of consuming it. For monsters it's like a drug: the more they absorb, the more they want, so when more essence is poured inside them, not only do they become more powerful, they grow into much more lustful monsters.

    The essence of each individual man has a distinctive feel and taste. Humans can't sense it, but monsters are sensitive to it, and because of that, it's possible for them to sense and distinguish the presence of individual men based on the trace amounts of essence that a man scatters around.  

    Husband's essence

    The taste of essence is greatly influenced by the state of the monster when she ingests it. When they have sex, the quality of energy increases, and the more powerful their love and desire for a man becomes. In other words, the energy of the man they recognize as their “husband” is the highest-quality energy to a monster, and there is no better treat. Just having semen, which contains essence, on the tip of their tongue will cause the scent of it to completely enrapture them, and if it is poured inside their womb, then they will be engulfed by the greatest happiness due to the sensation of being stained only by their husband and having their body and heart become full of their husband, along with the thick taste of their husband which they most prefer.

    Once they taste their husband's essence, not only does the energy of other men become unpalatable, it becomes so disgusting that it makes them feel like throwing up. Most monsters that have known the taste of their husband's energy become a prisoner of that energy, practically entering a state of semen addiction. Once this happens, sex with monsters improves: they offer stickier oral service, sexual intercourse becomes more frenetic and lasts longer, and they avariciously covet even the energy included in saliva, so kisses will change to become deeper and lewder.

    The odor they can sense from the faint energy released by their husband also fans their arousal and makes them unbearably horny, so if they smell it directly, their body and heart will melt into a sticky mess, and make them unable to think about anything but tasting their husband's essence.

    For them, it's best to have semen which includes energy poured into either their mouth or their womb, but having semen splatter on their body and having their body painted white with semen is never unpleasant to them. Even though they'd feel like it was a waste, having their whole body covered in their beloved husband's semen and its odor would allow them to sense their husband from all over their body and make them experience strong ecstasy whether they like it or not.

    Once they're totally out of it, they will unconsciously scoop up the semen on their body with their fingers and carry it to their mouth, or spread it and rub it into their body, even more, to get the feeling and odor of the energy to remain on their body. Humans can't sense it, but as for monsters, especially those smelling their husband's mana, the thick, sweet scent strongly tickles their nostrils. Since it continues to linger for quite a while even after they wash it off, they can keep feeling happiness and joy from being indefinitely engulfed in the odor of their husband's energy.

    The other stuff they eat

    Essence is the greatest treat for monsters, but there are many of them that mainly eat food other than mana, and even monsters that mainly eat energy can also replenish nutrients by eating normal food.

    There are also monsters that prefer to eat the raw flesh of wild animals or wild grasses, but their sense of taste is basically extremely similar to that of humans. With a few exceptions, monsters can also eat cooked stuff made with ingredients that are edible for humans. Among the monsters, there are many that seize men and keep them at their side, and perhaps for that reason, monsters seem to instinctively know what humans eat, and many cook to feed men.

    Since monsters can survive just by having sex with men, eating normal food is often done for other reasons besides getting basic nourishment. Even among monsters that primarily feed on mana, there are many that also taste and enjoy food purely for amusement. Also, since there are various foods with a variety of effects among the foods of the Mamono Realm that improve sex with men such as fruits that boost monsters' charm and abilities, cause monsters to go into heat, or heighten sexual sensitivity, etc. there are many who periodically eat “prisoner fruits” as a dessert to enhance their own charm, and use the various ingredients of the Mamono Realm to cook and eat “appetizers” which make sex with men more delicious. There are also monster chefs who specialize in such “appetizers”, and in the cities of the Mamono Realm there are restaurants run by monster chefs that are said to be popular with monster and incubus couples.

    Additionally, there are also nutritional supplements made using energy collected by "golems". They're drugs for monsters that can't get a human man, and a tiny amount replenishes a huge amount of energy compared to normal food, but since this energy that's not obtained through sex with men is bland and doesn't taste very good, it's basically not preferred. It tastes especially disgusting to monsters who have tasted their “husband's mana” at least once as described before, and it's not something they can bring themselves to drink.

    Furthermore, it seems the monsters of the “age of the former Mamono Lords” preferred to eat human flesh, but the monsters of the present have changed greatly, so they instinctively find the idea of killing and eating humans to be disgusting, and they wouldn't even consider it.

    The Body and Abilities of a Monster (p46)

    Monster's Body

    The monsters' forms range from being not much different from that of a human woman to a variety of forms that are like a human woman mixed with anomalous parts, such as a woman with wings instead of arms, or a woman's upper body combined with a different lower body, etc. Although they have various forms, as for the part of them that has the form of a woman, it may be a beautiful, full-figured, voluptuous temptress, or it may be an adorably lovely little girl who stimulates a man's protective instinct and desire for dominance whether he likes it or not. Either way, they are all extremely attractive and ideal to men.

    And it's not just the sight of them. If a man touches the faintly flushed soft skin that they show off even once, he'll be enthralled, and it'll make him want to hold them tight and keep touching that skin forever. The inhuman blue, green, etc. skins of some races are also alluringly beautiful, and they'll draw a man's eyes and imprison him with their devilish charm. Furthermore, even their body odor sweetly and pleasantly tickles a man's nostrils. A monster's female scent is peculiar and good, awakening the male instinct inside of men. It makes a man want to be engulfed in the smell forever.

    Many monsters have extremely durable bodies and high physical abilities compared to humans. Some races have high athletic abilities and freakish strength, and they are easily capable of robbing the lives of untrained humans, but of course, they never think of any such thing, and they hardly ever actually do it. To them, those athletic abilities and freakish strength are not for that purpose. Instead, they're mainly used for capturing men and having sex. Besides, their overflowing stamina is for having sex with a man again and again over a long period of time, and their strong legs and loins are for getting on top of a man and shaking their hips violently.

    Additionally, a monster's body is specialized for having sex with men, and it is built to be sensitive to all of the pleasure that they can receive from a man. Even when men fuck them violently enough to break a human woman, they don't feel any pain, and all they can do is enjoy the strong pleasure. Even little races that are way smaller than humans like the “fairy" only experience ecstasy and euphoria when their stomachs swell up as they get pierced by a man's rigid erection that is way bigger than even their own body. It is impossible for a monster's body to be broken through sex.

    Reproductive Organs

    A monster's body is generally equipped with the same kind of organs as a human woman. However, even though the monsters' various organs look the same as humans', they are equipped with greatly different functions and uses. For monsters, their basic life activity is having sex with men, so of course, they're used for sex. It's not an exaggeration to say that their entire body is an organ for having sex with men.

    Once their devilish vagina engulfs a penis, it tightens up as if to keep the prey from escaping, and begins pulsation to milk out semen as though it has a mind of its own. Through extreme pleasure, the inside of the man's head is stained one color with thoughts of them. Even after semen is released, in order to swallow up every last drop of it, the womb greedily holds in the beloved man's alter-ego and won't let it go. Once all semen is completely released, the pulsation will greedily start again right away to try and get more semen. Their vagina and uterus are equipped with the monster’s unique sensory organs for absorbing a man's energy and tasting it. Pleasure and the taste of energy spread throughout their whole body and they experience a sensation like their body is melting.

    If semen is poured inside their womb, as long as there is semen in their womb, the thick taste of energy continues to linger. Until the semen in their womb disappears, their thoughts keep melting away with ecstasy and euphoric feelings. For that reason, they always want to taste sugary sweet mana, and to that end, they'll demand sex from men again and again and even rape so they can keep the inside of their womb full of semen as much as possible. They like to spend time joined with men for the same reason. It's not just pleasure. They love the sensation of the taste of their beloved man continuously spreading throughout their entire body.

    Of course their mouth is also used for eating, and it has adapted specifically for pleasuring men and milking semen. Besides the normal sense of taste, it is equipped with a monster’s unique special sense of taste that can sense the flavor of energy included in a man's semen and saliva, etc. Also, inside their mouth, a slight amount of mamono mana is included in the faintly sweet saliva that is secreted. When they engulf a penis, lick it, and suck it, it is used as a lubricant to provide even more pleasure, and aside from that, it is sent directly into the man's body through kissing, hotly igniting his passion from within. Their tongue extends alluringly, crawling freely around the penis and giving pleasure as if it were a living creature. While kissing, their tongue deeply and wetly tangles around the man's tongue, greedily trying to taste saliva. While giving a man pleasure like this, if thick, sticky semen is eventually released inside their mouth, they can fully enjoy energy due to the monster’s unique taste buds equipped everywhere throughout their mouth, such as the tongue, and mucous membranes, etc.

    If they swallow it afterward, the taste and aroma of mana, which is the best and the sweetest, passes through the throat, and then at the same time as it drops into the stomach, a hot, satisfying sensation and a mind-numbing ecstasy courses throughout their entire body.

    The monsters use more than just their mouth and vagina during sex with men. The monsters know all of a man's weak points. Their palms gently envelop the penis, and each fingertip deliberately attacks the man's weak points. The alluring monsters' hands give the penis pleasure by fondling, stroking, and enveloping it, guiding a man to climax.

    Monsters with full breasts can insert the penis between them, and then while using their hands to freely change the shape of their soft breasts, they give the man a sweet, melty pleasure. In addition, the feet, tail, etc. will be used to give pleasure to a man, and monsters who have vines and tentacles as part of their body will also use those. There are some that even use their hair to pleasure men. In this way, as far as monsters are concerned, their entire body exists for having sex with men and milking semen. It's extremely pleasant when men feel pleasure from their bodies and release energy into their bodies.

    Also, as was explained in the section “sex with monsters”, these organs adapt to their “husband” once they get a husband and change into organs specialized for sharing pleasure with their husband. If it's a devoted monster, then she'll even feel that her entire body exists solely for her husband's sake, and she'll feel powerful joy because of it.

    Monsters' Intelligence

    The standard for monster intelligence varies widely depending on race, but nearly all monsters can understand and utter speech in the same way as humans, and it's possible for communication.

    Although their standard intelligence varies, most races come equipped with an instinctive knowledge concerning sex with human men. Also, no matter how low a monster's intelligence may be, they will greedily study and memorize knowledge concerning sexual matters.

    There are some monsters that have intelligence and knowledge that greatly surpass humans, and there are even monsters who can devise various new spells, magical items, and medicines. However, no matter how smart they are and how much knowledge they've accumulated, they're still monsters, so of course, that knowledge will mainly be used for having sex with men. The various spells and magical items they develop are mostly used for improving sex with men.

    Mamono Mana

    “Mamono mana” is the vital energy that all monsters have inside of their bodies. Monsters always have a race-specific “mamono mana” along with “succubus' mamono mana” that pours into them from the Mamono Lord. Compared to humans, many of them have high magic power. Since mamono mana is mainly produced by absorbing “male human essence” and converting it into mamono mana inside of their body, it is purported that the more an individual has sex with men, the higher the magical energy she will possess.

    Due to this magical energy, the spells they use are often vastly more powerful than similar spells used by ordinary humans. Some of them even have magical energy powerful enough to level a small town. However, of course, being monsters, they wouldn't use their magic power for something like that. Instead, it is mainly used for spells to seduce men, or enhance sex with men. “succubus' mamono mana” is an energy that is especially well suited for any charm and aphrodisiac spells, etc. In the present, since all monsters have at least a bit of succubus' mamono mana, the charm spells which were only used by some monsters such as succubus, etc. are now regarded as the chief fundamental spells that monsters use. Furthermore, not all monsters can use high-level spells. Even if all monsters have magical energy inside their bodies, they may not know how to use that energy freely, or they may not have the intelligence necessary to use it. Some races are not good at handling magical energy, and some can't handle it at all. For such reasons, there are many monsters that can't use spells at all.

    Aside from spellcasting, small amounts of mamono mana are naturally continually released from the monsters' bodies. Monsters are always in a state where they're draped in mamono mana. This mamono mana that is released is used by them unconsciously for various purposes. When they have sex with a man, the energy serves to protect the man's body. No matter how roughly and how long they have sex, the man's body never enters an abnormal state worse than fatigue, and he can never die due to sex. It also ensures that the man won't be harmed by the monster's horns, scales, etc. If the man touches the tip of a pointed horn or scale, the mamono mana covering the horn or scale gently pushes him back with a feeling like the touch of soft skin.

    Monsters' Illnesses

    The monsters have durable bodies, high mamono mana inside their bodies, and even a strong resistance to disease. Also, although they appear similar to humans, they are different organisms, so most of them don't come down with the same kinds of illnesses as humans. However, there are some peculiar and dreadful illnesses that only afflict monsters. Let's introduce some of them below.

    Mamono Realm Fever

    Monsters normally release a minuscule amount of mamono mana from their bodies, but normally it's under control. When it goes out of control, a huge amount of mamono mana ends up being discharged as a powerful charm spell. The energy of those who contracted the disease that is released as a charm spell will unconsciously target their husband or a man they like if possible. If not, it will pour into any man who approaches and drive him wild with a powerful lust for the afflicted. Afflicted monsters lose all strength because of a lack of mamono mana. Since they space out and feel feverish while they are afflicted with the illness, even a normally ferocious monster that enjoys raping men will find herself getting thoroughly raped by men driven wild. Additionally, in the middle of sex, the energy that is poured inside is immediately converted into mamono mana and continuously poured into the man, so the sex won't end until they both get completely worn out and fall asleep.

    It's not an illness that can lead to death. If they rest for a while and get some sleep, they naturally recover. Also, after getting completely worn out after non-stop sex with a man exposed to mamono mana, if she sleeps a whole night while still joined with him, it's even possible to make a full recovery overnight because the mamono mana released by the afflicted goes through his body and returns to her own body, However, if treated through this method, the man who remained joined with the afflicted will definitely change into an incubus due to his body having been continually exposed to large amounts of mamono mana throughout the night.


    An illness [2] where the body and instinct of the afflicted feel that there is not enough, even though they do have plenty of mana, causing them to constantly seek more. If monsters who have known the taste of mana, especially the taste of their husband's energy, go a long time without having sex with a man or their husband, and don't absorb mana, then outbreaks may rarely occur.

    It's only clear that an outbreak has occurred when the afflicted have sex with a man. They tend to think that they just can't be satisfied since it's been so long since they had sex, but even after tons of sex, the afflicted won't be satisfied. They'll continue to desire energy incessantly. No matter what kind of monster she is, once she's tasted energy after an outbreak of this illness, her head will become filled with thoughts of nothing but mana, and she'll become unable to think of anything else until the illness is remedied.

    Additionally, since they actually get more than enough energy each time they have sex, the body of the afflicted actually rapidly grows lustier, and the more sex they have, the wilder the sex becomes. It's an extremely terrible illness.

    The disease can be remedied by doing nothing but having sex all day long except while sleeping and repeating this over and over for a while. Since the afflicted convert every single bit of the huge amount of energy poured into them during this time into mamono mana, after making a full recovery, their power as a monster is greatly increased compared to before the outbreak. Afterward, sex will change, becoming more lewd and wild. Furthermore, the man who kept having sex with them during their treatment will have had to have sex a significant number of times in a short period of time, so he'll definitely change into an incubus during the treatment.

    Alraune Pollen Allergy

    This is the result if afflicted with alraune pollen allergy. Even the body of a bundle of pride like the vampire gets all sticky, and begins preparing for sex with the man before her eyes.

    Outbreaks rarely occur among monsters who breathe in pollen produced by "Alraune". Since all of the alraune became females after the shift to the “new Mamono Lord's era”, they no longer use pollen for reproduction, but even now, whenever spring comes, they release pollen infused with mamono mana into the air. The afflicted have the inside of their body violated by mamono mana after breathing it in, and then their body begins to naturally prepare for intercourse with a man. They end up in a state where their body flushes hotly, yearning for a man, the throbbing is intense, their vagina is always wet, and nectar drips out. The saliva, sweat, love juices, etc. of those afflicted with this illness have a sweet fragrance and taste, almost like alraune nectar. Men are lured in by the fragrance, and when they lick it, it melts away their thoughts.

    There is no clear way to treat it. Some temporary relief can be had by having sex with a man, but both partners will get all sticky because the larger-than-normal amount of vaginal secretions causes a larger-than-normal amount of semen to be released. Furthermore, it is said that if a man afflicted with ordinary pollen allergy has sex with a person afflicted with alraune pollen allergy, a defensive mechanism kicks in, and the mamono mana infused in the alraune pollen seems to drive away the other pollen, so the man's normal pollen allergy will be cured.

    For that reason, scholars expected the alraune pollen to have some kind of curative effect for pollen allergy, but if a man has sex with the afflicted and takes in alraune pollen even once, from then on, he'll become extremely sensitive to alraune pollen. In reaction to the fragrance of the sweet nectar and the slight amount of pollen, etc. released by the afflicted, he'll be overwhelmed by a maddening lust for them, his body will begin preparing for sex, and he won't be able to stand not having sex with them. For that reason, many scholars have expressed the opinion “isn't it simply being overwritten by a more severe form of pollen allergy?” instead of claiming that the original allergy was cured.

    A Monster's Sense of Values (p51)

    All for the sake of sex

    Most monsters prioritize their own pleasure and desire. They're hedonists who hate it when morals and ethics, etc. get in the way of pleasure. Also, the strongest desire of all monsters is to have sex with men and obtain mana. Their values and behavioral principles are based on that, their thoughts and actions are in line with that, and when monsters have conversations, etc. the topics are often mainly focused on capturing and having sex with human men.

    Basically, monsters that don't have a human man will think firstly about attacking and obtaining a man. Monsters tend to use whatever means necessary if it's for the sake of obtaining a man. Of course, they'll assault and forcibly rape, but they may also use whatever means available such as seduction, spells, and potions to make a man their prisoner and claim him. Even if a man despises monsters, they'll rape and pleasure him again and again until the hatred directed at them changes into endless lust.

    Monsters that have obtained a human man think firstly about having sex and act accordingly. For monsters, it is common sense to prioritize having sex with the man they love more than anything else. As for their thoughts and actions, they're mainly focused around getting off harder with their man and having more sex more intensely and frequently. Monsters that have obtained husbands are even more remarkable. A majority of their thoughts and actions are focused around their husband, or having sex with their husband. Of course, having sex with their husband is usually their highest priority. Food and outfits, etc all start to be chosen based on reasons like “pleasing their husband more” or “making their husband even more aroused,“ etc. Monsters are already lascivious from the beginning, but the more sex they have with men, the more their values and behavioral principles become tainted by it.

    Naturally, with values like these, the monsters fundamentally have no sense of aversion to sexual matters. Of course they have no resistance to using their own body for sex with men, and if it's for the sake of furthering their enjoyment of sex, then they have no qualms about using aphrodisiacs or spells not just on the man, but on themselves as well.

    Monsters' views on womanhood

    The values of the monsters who have had their forms changed at the hand of the current Mamono Lord are extremely close to those of the succubi, one of which is the Mamono Lord herself. On top of that, they have been strongly influenced by the ideals of the Mamono Lord. They conceive of the ideal monster as being so alluring and lascivious that it can be called the ideal succubus.

    Lasciviousness is considered to be a virtue, the more lascivious they are, and the more sex they have, the more highly regarded they are as monsters. A monster ought to always give in to desire, have sex with men, and indulge in pleasure and mana. The obscene form of a monster in ecstasy, drunk with pleasure, showered in mana, and no longer concerned with anything but sex, is the most beautiful and wonderful form of a monster. Among the monsters, there are some that are pure and chaste, and some that have a strong sense of shame. One could even say that they are very unlike monsters in general. And yet, they aren't even repudiated according to the monsters' values which regard lasciviousness as a virtue. The reason why is that, for the monsters, even that is just one of the tools they have to arouse men and get sex. It's because the monsters know that human men are attracted to and aroused by those kinds of women.

    When monsters give off the smell and aura of energy that can only be sniffed out by monsters, it means they have had that much sex, and had lots of energy poured into them, so it's proof that they've spent their days indulging the way a monster should. Monsters that haven't gotten a man yet, or still haven't had that much sex yet, get envious, saying “I wanna hurry up and do it a lot too.”

    Even the current monsters respect and fear fighting skills and magic, etc., but they value seduction techniques for charming men, and sexual techniques for pleasing men, etc. just as much if not more. For that reason, monsters well-versed in sex are respected just for that, and the status of the succubus, which can even be called the symbol of sex, as well as that of other monsters like them, has risen greatly compared to in the age of the former Mamono Lord.

    Also, monsters have an ideal image of the kind of woman they want to be, just as human women do. Eternal beauty is something that women, whether a monster or a human, have desired forever. The reason monsters try to stay beautiful forever is naturally so that they can continue to imprison a man forever. To them, dressing up is a way of accentuating their own attractiveness, causing men to grow fonder and more lustful towards them. On the contrary, if dressing up won't please a man, then it's entirely meaningless. To them, things such as dressing up “to be popular with the same sex,” or spending money freely on expensive accessories just to satisfy their own desire to show off, the way that human women sometimes do, is not very meaningful.

    As far as monster women are concerned, women should be aggressive towards men when it comes to romance and sex. If a man won't turn and look at them, then they'll charm him with their body through assault and rape. They try to ignite a man's desire by being bolder and more aggressive when tempting men, and taking action on their own to seize a man's body and heart is the way a devilish woman should be. Although they are few in number, there are also races that are passive in nature who wait for men to assault them, but they spare no effort in making men want to assault them by pouring pheromones and mamono mana into the man, or adjusting their looks and charm to appeal to the man that they're targeting, etc. There are none among monster women that are truly passive towards men.

    To monsters that have husbands, the ideal form of a wife is none other than the ideal form of a female. Keeping their husband prisoner eternally through their beauty and changing him into a male that desires nothing else but to have sex with them, then devouring his lust and mana, and bearing his children, is for them, the greatest joy as a female. 

    View of Humans

    As has been thoroughly described in all the sections until now, the monsters need human men for everything, including feeding, reproducing, etc. They don't feel the same cold emotion towards humans that a predator feels towards its prey. They treat them just as if they were their own kind, or with even greater love and affection. To them, while human men are their “most delicious food,” at the same time, they are “male breeding partners,” and “dearly loved beings.” For the monsters, love is directly tied to and connected with lust. Once they fall in love with a man, at the same time their heartbeat quickens, their body grows hot and flushes, and their womb throbs seeking the man.

    We can say the opposite as well. For many monsters, love takes root during sex. Thinking “I'm after mana, so anyone will do,” they have sex with men they've captured as prey, and then when they receive that energy in their body, that hot desire and pleasure changes into love. A man who shouldn't have mattered often ends up becoming the one and only man for them. This is the reason why most of the men who get assaulted by monsters are never able to escape from their clutches. In this way, the love and desire monsters have for men consist of the following 3 desires: “appetite” “lust” “love”. All 3 desires end up being aimed at a beloved man at the same time. “I want to attack. I want to be attacked.” “I want to have sex.” “ I want to eat.” “ I want to have this male's children,” etc. Their infinite desire and love are unleashed upon the man using their devilish body during sex. That's why monsters are so lascivious and lustful that human women don't compare.

    The deepness of their love is revealed through having repeated intercourse with a man. The way they express love is different depending on various races. Some of them don't refer to their most beloved man as a husband at all. There are even races that call them “slave”, “servant,” “food”, etc., but the fact that they keep a particular man at home and have sex with the same man, again and again, is itself proof of the strong love they have for the man. It can also be seen from their attitudes and the way they treat the men. Even monsters that milk energy from a man every day as “food”, don't just milk the men who are supposedly “food” violently. They seek syrupy sweet “food.” They're overjoyed when their “food” gets off, and they have deep love just like other monster couples.

    Even those that give their man obscene training every day as a “slave” and repeatedly rape them would hate it if their “slave” died or suffered. Just like the other monster couples, all of them value their “slaves” even more than they value themselves. It's just that for them, love takes on a different form. The monsters' bodies and hearts will have already completely changed, becoming exclusive to their “food” or “slave”, etc. The strong love and desire they direct towards their man is not at all different from that which would be directed at a husband. For them, their “food” or “slave”, etc. is irreplaceable in the same way as a husband.

    Of course, the monsters have various different preferences for men, and there is such a thing as an ideal man to them, but there are hardly any types of men that they hate. Though they may feel that a handsome man is cool, or cute, it's not in their values to despise an ugly man as ugly. This even extends to virility during sex, which is normally very important to them. It's “wonderful” if a man has a huge tool and is well-versed in sexual techniques, but even if a man is timid and has a small tool, they just think “cute” or “I'll train him.” It is impossible to be excluded from the monsters' interests due to personal appearance or physical performance. Tales of ugly male bandits and thieves, etc. who were charmed after being attacked by monsters due to sheer pleasure and love and then had a change of heart and stopped attacking people are not uncommon. The only ones really hated by them are complete scum who are beyond redemption.

    Monsters are extremely positive towards human lust. Lust for women tends to be despised as a filthy thing among human women, but to the monsters, a man's lust is never a filthy thing. Rather, they view such lustfulness favorably, and feel great joy when it is directed at themselves.

    The kind of man that becomes a prisoner of pleasure gets highly aroused as soon as he is tempted, and eagerly anticipates being raped makes them feel that he is “cute.” The kind of man who, ruled by desire, directs his lust towards them and attacks like a beast is regarded as “wonderful” by them. To them, when a man directs his lust at them in the same way that they direct their lust at him, that is proof that they're desired by the man. Lusting for one another and seeking one another is proof of love to them. Even supposing a man is a pervert with peculiar sexual propensities, in general, no matter how perverse the act, they'd be thrilled and overjoyed to have carnal desire directed at them. The depravity of it would only serve to accelerate the joy of pleasure.

    Also, just like with male lust, they never hate the male sex organ from which energy and desire is born and unleashed upon them. To the monsters, everything about it is wonderful including the shape, which could be called grotesque, the faint scent of semen that lingers, and the heat that can be felt from an erection. It makes them envision penetration and ejaculation, and then all their thoughts melt away, igniting instinct. And if it belongs to a man they love, they'll be so fond of it that they'll spontaneously rub their cheeks against it.

    Cheating often happens with human couples, but once the monsters get husbands, they never cheat. It is said that they're in half disbelief when they hear about how some human women think nothing of infidelity. The love and lust they have for their husbands isn't just born from emotion; it's deeply engraved in their instinct. No matter how far apart they are from their husband, they can't think about wanting any other man, and even if another man tries to tempt them, they display no interest. On top of that, even if a man were to forcibly rape them, their body will have already changed to belong to their husband alone, so they can't experience physical pleasure from any other man. Their body and heart will never yearn for a man other than their husband, and they never want the energy of someone other than their husband, so it's impossible for their love and desire for their husband to waver.

    To a monster with a husband, their husband is the only male in the world that exists, so to them, they don't have any other choice to begin with. In the case of human women, they sometimes cheat because they get lonely, but in the case of monsters, if their husband won't come to be with them and they get lonely, they'll just assault him themselves in order to get a good taste of their one and only male, and fill in the feeling of emptiness that comes from loneliness with his cock.

    It has been mentioned a countless number of times until now, but monsters love human men more than anything. For that reason, they can't stand the loss of beloved human life. For that reason, unless it's for self-defense, or protecting their friends or husbands, they won't take the lives of human men or women. Even when humans attack them, they basically try to avoid taking their lives as much as possible while fighting. If they don't have husbands, they'll capture and claim men for themselves. If they already do, then they'll try to capture and take men prisoner for other monsters. The main reason they fight humans is to claim men who are captured during the fighting. For that reason, when the monsters clash with the soldiers of the Order, casualties are extremely few, but the captured soldiers become the prisoners of the monsters without exception, and they end up getting dragged into devilishness.

    Until now, I've mainly written only about human “men,” but the monsters are fundamentally affectionate even towards human “women.” They won't take their lives lightly. Concerning this, it is highly involved with “monsterization (p.72)” which is described later, so I'll describe it in detail in that section.  

    Monster Reproduction (p55)

    Reproduction with Humans

    A male hasn't been confirmed among the monsters of the present. They are only female beings. For that reason, they need a human man in order to reproduce and make children. Presently all children born between humans and monsters are monster females. Human and monster males haven't been confirmed for them.

    For monsters, carrying the offspring of humans is one of their instinctive desires, and that is one of the reasons why monsters seek and assault human men. Becoming pregnant with the child of the man who became their husband especially greatly satisfies the instinct and desire of monsters as females, and makes them feel insurmountable happiness. When monsters have semen poured inside their womb, they can satisfy not only their lust and hunger, but their desire as a female too at the same time. For that reason, monsters who strongly desire to have semen poured directly in their womb absolutely loathe the practice of using contraceptive devices, etc. that is prevalent among humans where the man's semen isn't poured inside their mouth or womb or even squirted on their bodies, but is instead thrown away, or where magic and potions, etc. are used to ensure that pregnancy does not occur.

    While their form as “predators” has greatly changed, monsters are still predators that are above humans on the food chain even now. For that reason, there are naturally fewer individuals than humans, and it is much more difficult for them to multiply. Compared to humans, it is harder for them to get pregnant. Monster and human couples inevitably have far more sex than human couples, but even so, it's much more difficult for them to become pregnant compared to humans. It makes monsters that much more overjoyed when they do become pregnant. They are ecstatic to become a mother and carry the crystallization of the love they share with their husband in their own womb. They end up feeling even more enamored with the child they carry in their own stomach and their husband who made them pregnant.

    Most monster reproduction is either viviparous or oviparous. Those monsters that are nearly human and beastmen, etc. are basically viviparous, and those that have fish-shaped, insect-shaped, bird-shaped, or reptile shaped lower bodies, etc. are oviparous in the same way as the animals they share traits with, However, there's one point that makes them different from normal oviparous animals. Even monsters with the traits of fish, which reproduce via external fertilization in the case of animals, all need internal fertilization in the case of monsters. They must certainly mate directly and pour semen inside their body, and after fertilization, the egg develops inside their body for a while just as if they were viviparous before egg-laying. For that reason the time is comparatively shorter than for viviparous monsters, but there's always a time of pregnancy which will be described later.

    Additionally, although there are overwhelmingly more viviparous or oviparous monsters, there do exist some among the monsters that don't fit into either category: for example, slime family monsters that increase via division, plant type monsters that make seeds, and “matango” and “roper” that multiply by parasitically infecting human women with eggs or spores, etc. 

    Pregnant Monsters

    The growth of the embryo in the mother's womb is fueled by the mother's mamono mana, so the mother will need more energy than usual. Of course, the most efficient method of producing mamono mana is to have sex with her husband and obtain mana. Monsters who become mothers will then seek even more mana, so a monster's lust doesn't drop during pregnancy. On the contrary, they will instead seek to have more sex with their husband than usual. Compared to humans, they're relatively more durable. The body of a monster is specialized for sex, and mother and child can handle anything no matter how rough. Also, the child can store up mamono mana if the husband continues to pour energy into the mother while she's pregnant. Besides that, it is said that monster children experience sex and pleasure vicariously through their mother while in the womb, so the more the mother has sex during pregnancy, the more powerful and lascivious the monster will end up when she is born. For that reason, sex during pregnancy is recommended for monsters.

    Moreover, it seems they become uneasy during pregnancy. An expectant monster mother will demand even more attention from her husband. Under such circumstances, give her what she wants. Have sweeter, stickier sex than normal. Hold her tight and gently caress her even when not having sex. The scent and body warmth of her husband is what will calm her down the most. It's important to do these things for her pleasure.

    Devilish Children

    Although children, monsters are monsters. Even very young monsters like this are already instinctively yearning for men. Given the chance, they'll copulate and try to fill their tiny young body with energy and pleasure.

    The children of many races of monsters grow by suckling mother's milk during infancy just like humans. Even monsters of races that feed primarily on energy basically grow on mother's milk while infants. After that, during early childhood, many of them eat normal food and thrive on mamono mana shared by their mother.

    Unlike in the case of humans, monsters reach sexual maturity extremely early. It's a bit different depending on race, but even at the latest, they reach sexual maturity by 10 years old, and it becomes possible for them to have sex with human men and become pregnant. Devilish children can even swell up their stomach and reliably receive an enormous penis that's incongruent with their still-immature, tiny body, and even in such a case, they don't feel pain, and they can only receive pleasure. Also, the thoughts of monsters are monstrously obscene from a very young age. They have knowledge of sex, and take a strong interest in human men. Monster children casually chat about monster-like topics such as sex, pleasure, etc.

    Most of them grow up dreaming of sweetly obscene days spent having sex with a man, just like their mother; they anticipate tasting it in the future, and the act of receiving pleasure and energy is engraved in their instinct as a wonderful thing. For that reason, even monsters with the age and appearance of human children under 10 years old will thoughtlessly assault and ravish men with bodies way larger than their own in monstrous fashion once their desire for human men awakens if their tiny, young womb that's already ready to receive a man throbs.

    “The way to seduce a man” and “how to eat a man” is engraved in their instinct from birth. Even if they are very young, their speech and conduct charms men even if it's not a conscious effort. They exploit their own cuteness as “children”, attract men, and make them lust for them. When they end up engaged in sex with a man after that, they easily understand how to get off, and how to use their own body to please the man before their very eyes. And whenever they try it, they awaken to joy as a monster upon experiencing the pleasure they spent their whole lives anticipating with a man right in front of them drowning in the pleasure they themselves had given him. Even though their sexual technique is a bit clumsy when it's their first time, when they actually touch a man's body and actually try out the methods instructed by instinct, they blossom as monsters. In less than no time, they learn superior devilish techniques. They rapidly grow into lascivious monsters by the hands of men.

    In spite of being tiny, their childlike body is already specialized for having sex with men and milking energy, just like that of an adult monster. Once a man has had sex with them, he'll become a prisoner of the child's body. Even in the case of extremely young monsters that are still being raised on normal food, if they assault a man and learn the taste and pleasure of energy that drives all monsters wild, from that moment on, they will copulate with men as splendid monsters, and start to live by sipping mana.

    Also, monsters don't go through the growth process that human girls go through in which they scorn or avoid their father, perhaps for that reason, their devilish nature may rarely end up awakening to their own father, and there are also girls who will have sex with their father and try to get mana. Monsters raised that way will grow dramatically more powerful and possess far more mamono mana than those raised only on normal food, but in such circumstances, they generally acquire a taste for their own father's energy and then end up recognizing him as their “husband”. Furthermore, races such as “slime” that can have sex with a man right after being born have dirty thoughts and a mind to seek energy and pleasure from the beginning. They will have sex right on the spot with the human man in front of them who is their own father and obtain mana. Other than that, there are also races that live in groups for whom it's normal to milk energy from their father together with their mother, and become pregnant with their father's children such as “large mouse” and “devil bug“, etc.

    Due to the increased coexistence of monsters and humans in cities in recent years, etc., monster children have started having contact with human men at even earlier ages. For that reason, they have an even richer knowledge and interest in sex, and it is said that monster children who desire to have sex with men earlier are on the rise. Along with that, many monster children who've become prisoners of the depravity and pleasure of having sex with men with their immature body also join the cult of “Sabbath“ lead by “Baphomet“ that advocates “the depravity and charm of little girls” so that they can remain children forever. 

    The Proper Form of Children

    Every monster mother deeply loves her children, who are crystallizations of the love they share with their husband. Monster mothers always wish for the happiness of their children. They want their own cute daughters to grow to be more lewd and lustful like a fine monster, and spend their days in happiness as monsters who drown in the pleasure of sex with men. As far as other monsters besides the mother are concerned, it's a thing to be joyfully welcomed when monster children show an early interest in human men and sex. The sight of very young monsters assaulting and copulating with human men, tasting pleasure for the very first time, and awakening to their devilish nature and going wild as a result is considered a lovely, pleasant thing. Also, the obscene, depraved sight of the little girls who become prisoners while repeatedly having sex after that is regarded as wonderful by monsters who consider it a virtue to be more lascivious. Probably not even the mothers can hide their arousal.

    In order to enable their daughters to find men through their own power and have sex, monster mothers often give their daughters as much freedom as possible and let them make their own decisions. Monster children basically spend their days doing whatever they like and going wherever they like. Monster children like to play with beloved human males, but while they're playing with human boys their own age that they get along with, or beloved big brothers and uncles, they awaken to monster-like obscene play. On such occasions, they often assault and ravish the male right then and there.

    According to human common sense, it's regarded as abnormal for an adult man to lust after or have sex with a little girl. It's normal for such a man to be faced with fierce criticism. But as far as monsters are concerned, children have the body to charm and copulate with men from their early years, and additionally, there are also races that stay in the form of children even in adulthood, so it's a perfectly normal thing for human men to lust after and have sex with monsters with childish forms. Of course, men who have sex with monsters with childish forms are not criticized whatsoever. On the contrary, monster mothers tell them to thoroughly teach their daughter the taste of pleasure and mana, and raise her to be more lascivious, heightening her devilish nature, and many even look forward to their daughter becoming pregnant while very young and making a grandchild. Also, the organization “Sabbath” that recommends sex with very young monsters is considered as something that makes their daughters grow to be more lascivious monsters while they're still very young and cute, so it has an extremely good reputation among mothers.

    Also, according to human common sense, it is taboo for parents and children to have sex and commit incest, but naturally, monsters have no such taboo. I previously mentioned that there are rarely monsters who end up recognizing their own father as their “husband”, but in that case, there are two possibilities. On the one hand, the mother can pleasure her husband together with her daughter, and she can teach her beloved daughter the goodness of her beloved husband. The whole family can become one, and experience bliss while having threesomes, or, on the other hand, the mother can treat even her own daughter as a rival and struggle over her husband in the same way as struggling with another monster over a man, vying for the husband by having sex. The desire for one's own father is not to be denied, and incest is never condemned. As far as monsters are concerned, if one has a desire for a specific man, then one should act on the urge and have sex with him. Even if it's one's own father, etc. it won't be a problem. On the contrary, the desire for a man takes the highest precedence, and it's unthinkable to discard it over something as trivial as “blood connection.”

    Many monster children brought up in locations near humans have knowledge of the human moral view that “parent-child sex is taboo”, but even so, that doesn't change their values. On the contrary, that knowledge gives them a feeling of depravity, and then children will only end up enjoying sex with their father even more, and mothers will only end up enjoying family threesomes even more.

    Additionally, the birth of a monster of a “sudden mutational race” is a very joyous thing for mothers. Generally, monsters of sudden mutational races have a peculiar nature and possess high abilities, so they are also welcomed by all monsters. Harboring a new devilish nature and eventually using her new body and abilities during sex, the daughter will be able to produce a new pleasure. Monster mothers who want their own daughters to be more lascivious are overjoyed at the prospects of their daughter's future just as if it were their own, and it makes their hearts dance.  

    Monsters' Clothes (p58)

    Clothes That Monsters Prefer

    To monsters, maid outfits aren't simply maid outfits. They're clothes for tempting, visually pleasing, and sexually servicing a man.

    In the age of the former Mamono Lords when many monsters were grotesque monstrosities, other than those who were human in shape or of a high rank, the monsters didn't wear clothes, but now that they've changed into the form of women, many monsters do wear some kind of clothes.

    Many of them instinctively prefer excessively revealing clothing. Their clothes expose and flaunt their alluring skin, unbound by reason or morality. We can say it's one of the symbols of the monsters who are open and uninhibited when it comes to sex and pleasure. For them, clothing is more about drawing a man's attention to their body and flaunting its beauty and allure to make him lust for them rather than protecting the body and keeping it warm, etc. For that reason, they prefer to have on clothing that is suited for assaulting, tempting, and having sex with men. Also, skimpy clothes are preferred by married monsters because it makes their skin stick to their husband better.

    On the other hand, there are also very shy monsters who prefer clothes that aren't very revealing which could even be described as modest. That's probably not their intention at all, however. This, too, is an adaptation that evolved so they could evoke feelings of love and fondness from men who prefer that sort of outward appearance. It's no different in that the whole point of it is to show off for men.

    What's considered fashionable to them are clothes for the purpose of charming men that further accentuate their own attractiveness. Under the pretense of fashion, they investigate men's tastes and inclinations. Some even fuss more than usual about tailoring their clothes for a particular man so that they can receive all the lust of the man they're targeting.

    Additionally, there are characteristic patterns and designs that have been handed down by each particular race of monsters. Since many of them have similar tastes in clothing, even different individuals can often be seen wearing clothing with the same patterns and designs, or with a similar vibe, if they are of the same race.

    Also, many monsters don't wear underwear. There are various reasons for this, such as it being a vestige of the age of the former Mamono Lords, or because it's convenient to be able to have sex with men right away after attacking, or because it's uncomfortable. Wild monsters that live in forests or caves, etc. basically don't wear underwear, and even most monsters that live in towns, etc. don't wear it, but on the other hand, there are more than a few monsters who do wear it. However, they do not perceive underwear as underwear. They perceive it as an article of clothing that is worn to visually excite men and be stripped off by men. Also, naturally, even monsters that basically don't wear underwear will wear it if their husband desires and is turned on by it, since their selection of clothing is based around sex and the man's desires.

    Additionally, for monsters, clothes are to be worn during sex to visually and situationally arouse men. Many clothes that are worn and made by monsters are designed “to be worn during sex” such as the extremely light armor of the soldiers of the Mamono Realm that can be worn during sex, and clothing infused with the power of a succubus embroidered or engraved with “pleasure runes” that amplify the pleasure received by the person wearing it, etc.

    In the cities that exist in Mamono Realms, the main streets are proudly lined with shops that deal in clothing to be used during sex. There, devilish, lewd clothing that grabs men's attention is sold, as well as clothes enchanted with various spells, and stuff for monsters and husbands with a peculiar taste; such as sexy maid outfits, sailor suits, and even bathing suits covered in “sahuagin” scales. It is said that many monsters visit and purchase clothing to enhance sex with their husband.

    Things Covering the Body Other Than Clothes

    Among the monsters, there are those who don't wear clothes, but instead cover their body in fur, scales, or even flames produced by mamono mana, etc. Many cover their genitals that way too. This can be freely removed by their will using mamono mana, and they can also put it back the way it was. When it's time for sex, they remove it, expose their breasts and genitalia, and have sex with men.

    Also, it is said that there are some who produce tentacles through their own mamono mana or manipulate tentacle plants from the forest of tentacles. They cover their body in these to try to live in a state of constant sensual enjoyment. The appearance is sensational enough in and of itself, plus they can skillfully use them to bind or tempt men, and it more than satisfies the monsters' condition of “being something to draw a man's eyes to their body, flaunting its beauty and allure, making him lust for them,” so there's no issue whatsoever with them as clothing. 

    The Habitats of Monsters (p60)

    Wild Monsters

    A great variety of monsters inhabit various places, and they can be broadly divided into 3 categories based on the places they inhabit. As for the first of those, it's wild monsters that live in places in nature like forests and mountains, or places called dungeons such as caves and towers. Of all monsters, the majority are in this category.

    It's possible for them to live even in the kind of environments where wild animals live, and aside from those who live in caves on the surface of mountains, simple dwellings made from materials such as wood and leaves, or places abandoned by humans such as huts, there are also many who dwell in the countless dungeons that exist such as enormous caves, towers, and castles. A huge amount of these were built in “the age of the former Mamono Lord” as monster bases for the sake of opposing humans, and even after the transition to “the age of the new Mamono Lord”, they continue to be newly built.

    Their adaptability is remarkable, and in spite of the extreme temperatures, many races of monsters lead peculiar lives even in areas such as volcanic and frigid regions. Wild monsters like these are always starving for human men, and if one were to encounter them it's almost assured that a sexual assault would take place.

    Since it's possible for them to survive in the natural environment to a certain degree, many of them don't have a great sense of cleanliness, and as far as their dwelling is concerned, they don't care as long as it's a comfortable place to sleep, however, after obtaining a human man the way they're conscious of their dwelling changes dramatically. They maintain a much cleaner environment, they introduce usable furniture by processing wood and making it, or trading with other monsters for it, and they use mamono mana to adjust the temperature, etc. so that they can remake their dwelling into a place where they can comfortably live with a human man. 

    Monster Villages

    The second category is those who live in villages or towns that consist of only monsters and their husbands. Typically they're built far away from human settlements, in places such as deep within forests, dungeons, or Mamono Realms, etc. These monster villages fundamentally need to bring in human men from the outside, so the residents are always after men. If a human man sets one foot in their territory, the monsters starving for a man will likely all attack him at once.

    Also, in monster villages and dungeons, since there are many monsters gathered in one place, mamono mana grows dense. As for the monsters that live there, many individuals are extremely powerful and lustful compared to normal monsters. Additionally, in the case where many powerful races are present, even if the area around that location isn't a Mamono Realm, that place alone will often become a local Mamono Realm, and become extremely dangerous.

    However, as for the dungeons where monsters live, aside from the fact that there are extremely rare goods such as magic items and medicines produced by monster technology and mamono mana, and spells that have long been lost to humans, the dungeons themselves are often valuable ruins from “the age of the former Mamono Lords” to begin with. For that reason, even though they're dangerous dens of monsters starving for human men, a countless number of adventurers and thieves challenge the dungeons seeking treasure and knowledge, and most of them end up as prey for the monsters.

    Day after day, many human men are brought into monster villages, either intruders or those captured from outside. Men are precious and important beings to the monsters, and they're basically treated kindly, but once brought into their villages, they almost never return from there. Of course, monsters won't let them go once they get their hands on them, so the men are essentially the same as prisoners of the monsters. As their husbands, they become residents of the village and will end up spending their days having sex with them.

    Among them, there are also villages that use other methods instead of assault and kidnapping. They trade and intermingle with human towns, and attempt to lure men by advocating how wonderful it is in their village, and how pleasurably and happily the men there are living. 

    Monsters That Live With Humans

    The one remaining category is monsters that live together in human towns.

    In recent years, the trend of “monster-friendly states” has been increasing. In these places, there are great numbers of human men, as well as a great influx from the outside, so these monsters don't really have much trouble at all getting a human man. Perhaps because of that reason, these monsters are much more docile compared to wild monsters and the monsters of monster villages, and most of them don't attack humans at random.

    However, naturally, they are monsters, and on the inside, they always have a strong desire for human men, and their devilish instinct is to attack and ravish them. Since they live near unwary human men, the desire grows stronger and stronger, until finally it becomes unbearable, and causes the monsters to attack men. Additionally, even if they don't have sex with a particular man, after living together for a long time, many monsters will recognize the man as their “husband” before even having sex with him, and when they finally do, the desire, passion, and love they feel towards the man, and the intensity of the sex is often far greater compared to a wild monster.

    Many monsters restrain themselves from committing assault and forcible rape, but that doesn't change the fact that they actively seek sex with men. They may try to tempt them into sex with their beautiful looks and magic spells, or, conversely, get the man to ravish them by bombarding him with mamono mana and pheromones, or they may make excuses to demand sex and mana. For that reason, even if the monsters don't attack, men who become prisoners of monsters and become their husbands continue to increase, and they end up spending their days having sex with them. Ultimately, just like with monster villages, the town becomes a place filled with the monsters' love and pleasure.

    Furthermore, monsters are beings that have been remade by the Mamono Lord so that they can live with human men, and even monsters of races that originally lived in nature will move to towns, and in the case of those that were born in towns to begin with, they immediately adapt to life in towns and become able to live together.

    Some monsters are even spreading their roots to “anti-monster states”. Unbeknownst to the people, a great number of monsters settle in places such as the sewers, and abandoned homes, and high-rank monsters with great magical power change into human form and sneak in. Monsters are sneaking into towns while humans are unaware. They imprison the men of anti-monster territories from within, change their women into monsters, and increase their numbers bit by bit. By the time humans realize it, it's too late, and the people will have become prisoners of devilish pleasure. When a town is overflowing with copulating monster couples, eventually the town will transform into a “Mamono Realm.”  

    Monster Society (p62)

    The monsters' jobs

    Most of the so-called “wild monsters” that live in forests, mountainous regions, etc. fundamentally don't have a specific job, however, those monsters that live in monster villages and monster-friendly states, etc. do have specific jobs, and many of those belonging to organizations such as the Mamono Lord's army, etc. have specific duties. It's possible for most monsters to use their high abilities and special powers to work highly efficiently, but we can't say they work diligently. Since their #1 priority is having sex with human men, they tend to neglect work, etc. and most monsters go home immediately to have sex with their husband as soon as the minimum amount of required work is finished.

    Of course, many of them frequently take off from work to have sex with their husbands all day long, but those who also hardly show their faces in the first place, and basically stay at home having sex with their husbands every day, aren't few in number either. Perhaps because many of the monsters have long life spans, they have an extremely rough grasp of time compared to humans. It is said that oftentimes, several days pass while they are having sex before they realize it, when they were originally planning to only have sex with their husband until morning, and go to work the next day.

    In this way, many of the monsters have jobs, but they lead disorderly lives; however, it is hardly ever viewed as problematic. For the monsters, it's natural to prioritize pleasure and sex with men. Also, since all monsters generally lead lives that prioritize pleasure and sex in this way, the same goes for everyone, so it can't be helped. Even those rare monster races that are overly serious and picky about time lose themselves once they're having sex with their husband, so that work, etc. totally slips their mind, and they end up holed up inside their homes continuing to have sex with their husband, so they can't be too hard on their colleagues.

    There's another reason why they have so little interest in work. It's because they have little interest in “money.” For them, money is used for buying food, and products to improve their sex lives with their husband such as drugs, magic items, clothes, etc., and they also need it to negotiate with humans, etc. but it's possible for them to survive on just the energy they get through having sex with men in the worst-case scenario, even if they don't have normal food. Also, since most monsters think it's enough as long as they can live with their husband, the only other thing they need is a certain amount of goods for improving their sex life with their husband.

    However, it's another story if the compensation for the job is a “human man.” For those monsters who still don't have husbands yet, it's the compensation they're most interested in. If it's for the sake of obtaining a human man, they'll use every ability they possess and work with extreme fervor.

    For example, the knights, etc. of the Mamono Lord’s army are told that they can do as they please with captured male prisoners, and they pride themselves on high morale. If the soldiers of the Order attack, their first thought is that a bunch of good, rugged men are coming to become their husbands. They joyfully engage in battle using all their power to capture the soldiers. Also, there are brothels that help with finding a husband, inns aimed towards human men where it's possible to take home a monster employee, or conversely, where monster employees take home human male customers, and also restaurants, etc. They have a great reputation because monsters provide great service in order to charm men, and the prices are low, etc.

    As of the present, aside from the many stores that exist in monster-friendly territories, surprisingly, there are even some in anti-monster states where the monsters disguise themselves as humans, and many of the men who visit these stores end up going off somewhere with the monsters and vanishing. However, in the case where a reward is a man, there is also a problem with needing to frequently replace staff because most monsters lose their motivation for the job entirely after getting a man.

    We can't say the monsters are very serious about work, but in the Mamono Realm and monster-friendly states, etc. many individuals run shops to earn a little money and for personal amusement. Especially in the Mamono Realm, most of the shops strongly reflect the personal interests and tastes of the monsters who run them. For example, “alraune” confectionery shops sell desserts made from stuff like “alraune nectar” and “prisoner fruits,” etc. that are normally used to enhance the monsters' beauty and devilishness, “merrow” inns provide fantastic sleeping quarters that are almost like being at the bottom of a calm sea due to interior decorating with magic that reflects the sea and rooms overflowing with Poseidon's energy. There are also many other shops overflowing with the monster's individual character, such as the children's clothing store under the direct management of Sabbath, etc. They sell children's clothes enchanted with lewd spells that are made for the sake of putting adults to shame when it comes to seducing men. However, even in individual stores such as these, the monsters' disorderly nature rears its ugly head. Oftentimes business hours are short, and they take days off randomly.

    In addition, although monsters neglect work to have sex with men, since their Mamono Lord has her mamono mana linked with that of all monsters. When the monsters have sex, obtain mana, and store power, the Mamono Lord’s power grows slightly more potent. Furthermore, every time the monsters gain strength and increase in number, the amount of mamono mana naturally released into the air increases, the Mamono Realm grows richer because of it, and expands rapidly. For that reason, we can even say that in a certain sense having sex is the monsters' real job, and they're doing one hell of a job as the Mamono Lord's subjects, aren't they?

    The Monsters' Hierarchy and the Mamono Lord

    Among the monsters, there are many individualists who think mainly about themselves and their husbands and many collectivists who mainly think about the group. For that reason, many of the monsters move variously according to what they want to do, and they have a hard time forming orderly organization and groups in the way that humans do. Yet even they have a firmly established hierarchy, and the relationship between the monsters and their absolute ruler the Mamono Lord is exemplary of that.

    Monster society is basically meritocratic. The monsters can accumulate power by obtaining mana, but we can say that aside from some exceptional individuals, power is determined by race to a certain degree. For that reason, hierarchical status is generally often determined by the race of birth. For example, “mummy“ normally serve under “anubis” and “sphinx”, and “baphomets” almost always become bosses of Sabbath that rule “witches”. In addition, the members of the highest-ranked race of the lamia family “echidna” have higher positions than the lower-ranked races “medusa” and “lamia.”

    However, the hierarchical relationships aren't ones of absolute obedience like they were in the age of the former Mamono Lords. As of the present, the hierarchical relationships have become extremely loose. In the age of the former Mamono Lords, lower-ranked monsters were practically treated like slaves by the higher-ranked monsters, but in the present, it's entirely formal during times such as when maintaining a dungeon, capturing men as a group, or battling the forces of the Order. Outside of such situations, they mostly have a basically equal relationship.

    But even so, organizations such as the Mamono Lord’s army and Sabbath, etc. do definitely observe a hierarchy, but although the monsters respect and love the higher-ranked monsters, the lower-ranked monsters don't absolutely obey the higher-ranked monsters, and the higher-ranked monsters don't restrict the lower-ranked monsters. Especially when it comes to squabbles over human men, rank is meaningless, and they compete equally as individual females for the right to mate first with the male. If lower rank monsters were given orders that interfere with them having sex with men, they would of course express displeasure, and it's also understood that the higher rank monsters should refrain from issuing orders that get in the way of the lower rank monsters having sex with men. In the age of the former Mamono Lords, lower-rank monsters would often kill higher-rank monsters and steal their positions, but as of the present, since the monsters' hierarchical relationships are loose, and they lack a lot of interest in things other than sex, such killing no longer occurs at all.

    The “Mamono Lord” who is considered to be an absolute being by the monsters is an exception to the rule of vague, loose hierarchical relationships. She reigns supreme over the monsters. Fear and respect towards the Mamono Lord is imprinted in their instinct. All of the monsters are subordinate to the Mamono Lord, and they know from birth that the Mamono Lord's energy flows within them.

    In the age of the former Mamono Lords, the Mamono Lord ruled the monsters through terror and fear using its immense power, but, appropriately for a succubus, the current Mamono Lord rules the monsters by giving them more pleasure and happiness. The current Mamono Lord doesn't bind the monsters through power and laws, but the Mamono Lord and the monsters are linked through mamono mana, and the monsters are strongly influenced by her, so it's possible for them to know her will to a certain degree. Formerly even the Mamono Lord position was decided by monsters killing each other. New Mamono Lords rose to power through rebellions, but the current Mamono Lord prefers pleasure, and doesn't like killing, and because of the way she rules, the monsters of the present have no desire whatsoever to rebel. They gladly obey her will, have sex with men, and enjoy pleasure. Most of the monsters indulge in pleasure every day and thank the Mamono Lord that they are able to become intimate with men, and many of them are also infatuated with her ideals. To monsters like that, the Mamono Lord is a being equivalent to a god.

    In this way, the Mamono Lord is an absolute being to all monsters, but even though they're subjects of the Mamono Lord, there are also a few exceptions. Take the monsters that dwell in “Zipangu” for example. They have great respect for the Mamono Lord, but they don't identify themselves as the Mamono Lord’s underlings. Many of them obey powerful local monsters more than the Mamono Lord.

    In the same way, monsters who are adherents of the “Fallen God” respect the Mamono Lord and feel grateful towards her, but their master is the “Fallen God”. Their thoughts and actions are based more on the teachings of the “Fallen God” rather than the Mamono Lord's will.

    Monster related religions / gods

    In this world, the most well-known god is the “Chief God”, who is regarded as the creator god. Most humans are zealous followers of the Chief God, but because her doctrine is hostile towards monsters, of course, there are almost no monsters who have faith in the Chief God. However, the Chief God isn't the only being that is called a god. There are various gods under the Chief God, and since they're not monolithic, they're not necessarily hostile towards the monsters. The neutral “God of Fighting, Ares” and “Goddess of Love, Eros” even have monster adherents. Also, these gods are said to grant blessings and protection to those who have faith in them, even monsters. In addition, many of the gods related to art and recreation are also regarded as neutral.

    Quite a few of the gods have even taken the Mamono Lord’s side. There's the previously mentioned “Fallen God”, and the “God of the Sea, Poseidon” who is worshiped by all those who live in the sea, etc. These gods also have an extremely high number of monster adherents.

    Additionally, sometimes not only divinities, but monsters are also treated as gods. It's especially common in Zipangu which is beyond the reach of the Order's forces. Many monsters are regarded as gods and worshiped by humans such as powerful “inari“, and “ryu” that are regarded as water gods, etc. Even in lands under the control of the Order's forces, there are a few monster faiths such as the “elemental faith” where monster elementals that changed into monsters from pure elementals, and even dark elementals are all worshiped as gods, and the “snake god faith” that worships “echidna” the mother of monsters as a god, etc. Many monster faiths are different than the faiths of ordinary gods. Many of them have a doctrine that's in line with the monsters' values. Human men are offered up as sacrifices to the monster gods, and in exchange for that, rituals, etc. are performed to convert the human women into gods (monsters). Monster faiths such as these are treated as heretical and blasphemous, and since they are fiercely persecuted by the Order, they are mostly practiced in secrecy underground and in hidden villages, etc.

    Below I'll simply introduce the gods worshipped by monsters, and the doctrine of the monster faiths. Additionally, I introduce the snake god faith in detail on p.90.

    Fallen God

    A faith that is governed by the “Fallen God”, a high-rank god who became completely depraved and received mamono mana in her body, that believes the true form of living things is when they're drowning in pleasure and falling. The devotees of the Fallen God are humans and monsters that fell through pleasure and chose the path of falling even further. It's regarded as virtuous to expose all of one's desires or catch all of a partner's desires with one's body. Conversely, concealing desire and enduring through abstinence is regarded as taboo. For that reason, as for the subordinates of the Fallen God, “dark angels”, and her worshipers “dark priests”, when they spot puritanical humans, they thoroughly pleasure them and make them fall. If it's a human woman, they'll change her into a “dark priest”.

    The female devotees’ desire is to aim their lewd desires at men, and have men aim their lewd desires at them. As far as they're concerned, the thick milky white stuff released by men is desire itself, an extremely sacred liquid. As for their black robes, they wear them because they like having their entire bodies showered with semen, and the white stands out most against the black, so they can strongly feel themselves being sullied, painted, and covered in thick milky white desire. As for those who awaken to the teachings of the Fallen God, many of them awaken to the faith when they are changed into monsters by having sex with her devotees and the doctrine is instilled in their bodies and hearts, but when adherents of the Chief God are changed into “succubi”, it is said that sometimes they're able to hear the voice of the Fallen God directly in their hearts, and they awaken to the faith of the Fallen God after being guided by that voice.

    Eventually the monsters, devotees of the Fallen God who obtain a human man, head for their utopia, the Fallen God's holy land and castle, “Pandemonium”. Due to the power of the Fallen God, time is distorted in that land. It is said to be a space where the same moment continues eternally and there's no aging or growing hungry. There, they are promised days of having sex with men, forever consumed by unfathomably deep desire, and a bottomless fall with continuous indulgence in pleasure.

    Poseidon, God of the Sea

    A high-rank god that ended up betraying the gods and joining the monsters. She was originally a kind-hearted, gentle goddess who deeply loved all who lived in the sea, whether human or monster, but because of the Chief God, she was forced to shoulder the burden of causing storms and tsunamis to thin the numbers of the overpopulated humans. However, she ended up taking the Mamono Lord's side because at the same time she was being forced to kill her beloved humans with her own hands, the Chief God began persecuting her beloved monsters in the same way.

    Sailors and fishermen who live at sea, and nearly all monsters who live in the sea are devotees of this god. Devotees are given blessings by her, and promised safety at sea, and a peaceful life. As of the present, she's become a monster that has mamono mana within her and left the control of the Chief God, so the storms and tsunamis she causes aren't for killing people, they're for hooking up human men with monsters who are looking for a man. It is said that most of the people presently thought to be missing at sea are actually living peacefully in the sea. In the case of men, they've become a sea monster's husband, and in the case of women, they've become monsters themselves. A portion of her power is granted to her faithful followers, the “sea bishops (encyclopedia I – p.116).” This power is used in rituals to save humans who've fallen into the sea, and modify their bodies so that they can live in the sea as husbands of sea monsters

    Ares, God of Fighting

    A high-rank god that protects those who place themselves in battle. Among the monsters that place themselves in battle such as “amazoness” and “lizardman”, etc. there are many worshipers. According to the god's teachings, “fighting” isn't for the sake of pillaging. The kind of fighting that this god sanctions is fighting to improve oneself, fighting to earn something, or fighting to protect someone, etc. For example, warriors who would risk their lives in battle, whether human or monster, would be granted the power to claim victory. On the contrary, those who fight simply for the sake of stealing lives will never receive blessings.

    This god lends her power to many monsters in the same way that she does to humans. She is thought to play a huge role in the reason why casualties are extremely scarce in battles between humans and monsters. Concerning monster battles, it seems she likes it very much when a monster finds the man she loves most in the middle of combat, and the number of warriors who say they felt her gaze in the middle of combat is increasing, so it is supposed that she watches the battle after granting her blessings. Furthermore, according to the “amazons” who are zealous adherents, lately, it's not just when they're in the middle of battle. Even afterward when they're having sex, they sense a powerful gaze other than that of the villagers, plus, just as when they were fighting, their body is in great condition almost as if they had received the god's blessing, and they're able to feel strong pleasure, so it is supposed that the god may be watching over warriors and granting her blessing even at such times.

    Eros, God of Love

    A mid-rank god who governs love. She is a god who views the love that living things direct towards other living things as beautiful, and blesses couples of the opposite sex that are in love with eternal love. But on the other hand, she's extremely strict about betrayal and other things that destroy love. It is said that if one of her adherents performs infidelity, etc. not only will they lose her protection on the spot, they'll suffer her divine wrath and become unable to be loved by anyone for eternity. It seems she is very empathetic towards the monsters who are overflowing with love for human men, and it is said that she even actively grants them her protection.

    It is said that in the spaces where her devotees spend time with the opposite sex, there is always a sweet atmosphere, and the bonds of love that her devotees share with their lovers of the opposite sex can never be broken. The monsters are granted even greater blessings. As for monster devotees, depending on the potency of their love, the pleasure they give to their partner during sex, and the pleasure they receive from their partner become stronger, and sweeter, thus enabling them to express their love more strongly. Because of this doctrine and blessing, lately the number of monsters becoming her devotees is said to have skyrocketed.

    Also, there are times when she dispatches her subordinates to men who perform good deeds. Her angel subordinates are all extremely beautiful physically and spiritually, and they strongly desire to love human men. Their mission is to continue showering men who've accumulated good deeds with love as their wives until they die. One would think this behavior is close to that of the monsters, but no matter what, it's regarded as “a way of expressing appreciation for those who have done good deeds.” The Order views it with suspicion, but it isn't treated as heresy or blasphemy.

    Inari Faith

    Just as the name suggests, it's a monster faith that worships powerful inari. Even in Zipangu where there are many monster faiths, it's one of the most famous. Inari with many tails, especially the Kyuubi kitsune that have 9 tails, possess power that easily exceeds that of a low-rank god. Due to that power, they are worshiped by people who wish for rich harvests, or easy childbirth, etc. Sometimes young inari with few tails are also worshiped. They don't seek sacrifices or any such thing, but humans insist, so they never have difficulty finding husbands because there's no end to the number of human men who volunteer, or people who offer up their sons.

    Also, inari have a custom of letting human virgin girls live in their shrines as Miko and help them out. The mamono mana of the inari flows into the Miko girls while they're spending time with them, and they end up getting changed into monsters called “kitsune-tsuki” that have the immense mamono mana and lust of the kitsune within their bodies. Girls who have become “kitsune-tsuki” are extremely lustful in the same way as inari. Soon after their transformation, they will do away with their virginity, but by transforming and doing away with their virginity, the Miko girls come to be regarded as the kin of a god, and this is extremely welcomed by the people of the inari faith.

    Elemental Faith

    They are those who worship the four great elementals that control the elements of water, wind, earth, and fire as gods who shape the world. They believe that humans are a part of nature, and should become one with nature which was bestowed by the elemental gods, and live in harmony. Because of that, their affinity with the elementals has increased.

    Their objective is to make nature richer with elements and live together with the elementals by borrowing their power. They used to only worship pure elementals which hadn't changed into monsters, but as of the present, due to the appearance of monsterized elementals and dark elementals, they've split into two forces and begun fighting over whether or not they should be included as gods since they're monsters. However, unlike the pure elementals that have vague forms, the monsterized and dark elementals have a concrete form that's nearly human, and their power far exceeds that of the pure elementals, so many treat them as greater elementals.

    Also, since those believers whose goal is nothing but to become closer with the elementals and make nature richer together don't think highly of the Order's forces who use the power of the elementals in battle, presently the force that includes monsterized elementals and dark elementals as gods has become extremely powerful.

    Along with that, the progress of the monsterization of elementals, and monsterization into dark elementals is welcomed because their power is an order of magnitude greater and they become beings that can relate more intimately to humans. Also, the monsterization of the land is interpreted by them to be a result of nature growing richer. The Mamono Realm is even said to be the ideal form of nature that they and the elementals should aim for. 

    Monsters' Recreation Culture (p68)

    The monsters are hedonists that seek fun and amusement, and compared to humans, they have an extremely large amount of leisure time at their disposal, so recreation and art culture is flourishing among them. Aside from enjoying art for its own sake, some monsters think that works should improve their favorite form of recreation that is the core of their lives, having sex with men. For that reason not only are the monsters tolerant of works that are sexually explicit, they rather strongly prefer them. Many of the works that are popular among monsters are sexually explicit.

    In the age of the former Mamono Lord, the monsters were incapable of appreciating art, but since the age of the new Mamono Lord, an art culture has rapidly developed during the cultural exchange with humans. In the same way as humans, monsters enjoy a variety of art such as pictures, sculptures, literature, music, and drama, etc. While they enjoy works by human artists, at the same time, the number of monster artists is also beginning to increase, though they are still few in number. As of the present, we can say that art culture is flourishing more in monster-friendly states and the Mamono Realm where free thinking is permitted, compared to anti-monster states where thought is bound by the doctrine of the Order.

    Speaking of old paintings, those were mainly religious paintings thanks to the Order. Works that weren't in line with the Order's way of thinking tended to be suppressed, but presently, due to the rise of monster-friendly states, there are many artists who produce works that depict a variety of things, and ways of thinking. In recent years, formerly forbidden works such as obscene portraits depicting humans and monsters happily intertwined, having sex, and somewhat ominous pictures based on the motif of the Mamono Realm, etc. have started being produced. Many of the monsters have that sort of aesthetic sense, so such works are well received by them.

    The number of monster painters has been increasing in recent years, and many of their works have been publicly unveiled. The most famous among all works produced by monsters is a giant painting called “Paradise (Fallen Garden)“ [3]. It is a depiction of “Pandemonium” where, guided by blue-skinned, black-winged angels with a lascivious atmosphere, many men and women are having sex all over the place, whether human or monster. The women in black robes having sex with the men are all covered in milky white, and the look of the indecent smiles of ecstasy on their faces is seen as obscene, and decadent, and it is highly regarded by the monsters. As of the present, the painting is being stored with high security at the “Royal Mamono Realm Art Museum.” It is supposed that there is mamono mana contained within the painting. Many of the monsters who view it find themselves unable to get the spectacle of the painting out of their heads. It is said that they eventually awaken to the teachings of the Fallen God, and disappear, taking a man with them to Pandemonium in order to become one of the couples depicted in the painting,

    Sculptures, etc. produced by human men are well-liked even by monsters, especially the kind of beautiful, fascinating sculptures of a woman's body that fully reveal a human man's sexual urges and desire. Such sculptures are extremely highly regarded, and fairly high-rank monsters sometimes breathe life into them as “golems” and “gargoyles”.

    Also, other than sculptures resembling the human body, with the monsters' aesthetic sense, things such as sinister statues that almost appear like wicked gods, and seals and patterns that give off an alluring atmosphere, etc. are preferred. In the “Royal Mamono Realm Art Museum” there are many works that almost seem to be actually imbued with a variety of spells and curses on display.

    The “Royal Mamono Realm Art Museum” was previously touched upon in the introduction to paintings, but just as the name suggests, it is an enormous art museum that was created according to the Mamono Lord’s instructions. There are a variety of works on display, including the works of monster artists, and the works of human artists that are loved by monsters. It is a museum of extremely high value to those who are involved in art, and those who love art, etc. whether a monster or a human.

    From time to time, a large-scale teleportation spell is used to connect the museum with monster-friendly states. This event is held so that the residents of monster-friendly states who normally can't visit the Royal Mamono Realm, can also view the works. During this occasion, the museum is said to be packed full of not only monsters, but many humans as well. But since there are many sculptures that have had life breathed into them and have become “golems” and “gargoyles”, as well as many works which are imbued with some kind of lewd spell, by the time they emerge, many human men have become married to golems or gargoyles, and human women have changed into succubi. Monster couples get so turned on that you'd think they might just start going at it right away on the spot. It would be difficult to get away from this museum safely with only an appreciation for art.

    As for the literature and drama preferred by monsters, there is love and romance incorporated into everything from stories, to plays and autobiographies, and many of them have sex scenes. Monsters especially like the sort of thing where a tragic or unreasonable turn of events is overcome by a male hero, and monsters, and they finally have a lascivious happy ending. Many monsters are highly sensitive, and they're able to get absorbed in a story. They put themselves and their husbands in the role of hero and heroine, and empathize. At the same time they enjoy a story, they envision passionate trysts and sex almost like in the story.

    Also, picture books, etc. aimed at children are rife with indecent content. Shockingly, the monsters regard this as being good for the children's emotional development. Many stories that are heart-warming to the monsters are enjoyed among monster children such as the following: “A story where a quiet human girl oppressed by her family is lamenting because she will be unable to attend the ball at the castle, and then a mage suddenly appears and she has her change herself into a lascivious succubus. She then enjoys having sex with the prince at the ball until the spell wears off at 12 o'clock.” , “A story where a werewolf girl changes into a little girl in a red hood to trick the hunter man that is trying to hunt her, then rapes and imprisons him.”

    There have been monsters that specialize in song since the age of the former Mamono Lord. Since before that time, “mermaids“ and “sirens” have been singing to lead sailors astray. As of the present, due to the change in the monsters' mamono mana, their songs which were once for leading man astray and causing them to drown have changed into songs for the sake of arousing and entertaining men. Their songs were beautiful and wonderful, to begin with, and now that they've become comparatively safe, in recent years, they have been enjoyed by many humans and monsters. Also, it's not uncommon for human and monster singers and musicians to do joint performances. Concerts held by “mermaids” and “sirens” are extremely popular with monsters. Many of the monsters take their husbands and go listen to their songs.

    Their songs aren't just valued because they are music to the ears. They also possess a magic power that directly stirs the hearts of those who listen. The gentle singing voice of a “mermaid” calms the hearts of those who listen, letting in the scent and warmth of the lover of the opposite sex listening beside them. Those whose hearts become calm due to their songs have their hearts filled with thoughts of their lover, and they experience a sensory illusion as if they and their lover were the only ones there. Men and women who listen to their songs are shrouded in a sweet romantic atmosphere, and many couples leave with greater intimacy, and deeper love than before they listened to the song.

    The singing voices of “sirens” are even more powerful and radical. If they sing seriously, everyone who hears the song becomes highly aroused. The beautiful singing voice is filled with a magical power that ignites the body and heart, and monsters who listen to it while getting it on can enjoy wilder, hotter sex than usual. Some of the sirens also bring their husbands and have sex themselves while singing, and their alluring cries of pleasure get mixed in with the song, enhancing their magical power, creating an extremely lascivious atmosphere. None can resist it, and all the men and women present will start having sex right there. Also, many unmarried monsters visit for the sake of getting a human man. It's not uncommon for highly aroused unmarried men and women to meet and have sex there, becoming husband and wife.

    Many monsters prefer exerting as much stamina as possible using their high physical abilities. Many of them typically use all their overflowing stamina to have sex with men, but there are some monsters who use it for martial arts and competitions, etc. For monsters, martial arts are a way of training their mind and body, elevating themselves. Some have noble intentions of protecting themselves, their husbands, and their friends from the attacks by the Order, but in monster fashion, the goal of many others is to use martial arts to defeat and subdue men. Perhaps because of vestiges of the former Mamono Lord's era, many of the monsters have pugnacious personalities to begin with, so fighting is a form of recreation for them. More than anything else, they love to fight, defeat, and rape men, taking the men as spoils of war. It is said that having sex with a man they subdued through their own strength very much fulfills their desire for dominance as monsters: “This man belongs to me, and I can rape him as much as I want from now on.”

    Monsters have also begun aggressively competing in various competitions that were originally held among humans in monster-friendly states. Also, these competitions have even started to spread to the Mamono Realm, etc. as a form of recreation to have fun with human men and their friends, but it's not just simply for the sake of competition. The monsters have a monstrous way of enjoying it. After arousing their bodies and hearts through exercise, having sex with men feels even better than usual, and the pleasure becomes unbearable. According to a famous monster athlete, it seems “healthy sex begins with a healthy body.” Occasionally human-monster joint martial arts tournaments and competitions, sponsored by the Mamono Lord or high-rank monsters, are held between the Mamono Realm and monster-friendly states, etc. but there is a rule that the monsters can claim whatever man they defeat in the competition without exception, and many of the human men who participate without knowing anything become victims.

    Monsterization Case Studies

    Monsterization (p72)

    Monsterization is the phenomenon where humans and other races change into monsters by having mamono mana inside their body. It's mostly human women that become victims of monsterization, although there are a few exceptions. Regardless of race, it is purported that monsterization can basically only occur in females. In the section after this, we'll be explaining how human women change into monsters, but the orientation and magnitude of the changes to the body and mind vary depending on each individual and what monster race they are changing into. We would like you to bear in mind that, as with “monster ecology”, the commentary presented from here on is just a general explanation of the average monsterization phenomenon, and transformation.

    Until Transforming Into a Monster

    Monsterization occurs when mamono mana gets inside the body of a woman. The most typical way for this to happen is by infusion of mamono mana through sexual intercourse, as done by the succubus (encyclopedia I – p. 8), etc., but there are various other processes through which mamono mana could invade a woman's body and change her into a monster.

    Women who have had mamono mana poured into them will have the essence within their body discharged as if driven out by the other energy. Otherwise, their essence will be converted into mamono mana, as if it were being swallowed by the mamono mana.

    Whatever the case, monsterization is completed at the same time as they completely lose their mana, and a woman will end up being reborn as a monster. When mamono mana gets inside a woman's body, it causes her body to flush, and dimly dulls her thoughts. This ensures that she can't resist the temptation and pleasure from a monster, and makes it so that she will receive an even larger amount of mamono mana. The more the body becomes brimming full of mamono mana, in proportion, the closer her mind and body approach that of a monster.

    Mamono mana changes the body into a monster-like, sensitive one that can greedily receive pleasure. Even the kind of pleasure that monsters enjoy regularly is far too strong and intense for humans, and it would shake them. Pleasure like an electrical shock would paralyze them to the degree that it would even immobilize their mind and body, staining them completely in the color of pleasure. In the same way, the more the body becomes filled with mamono mana, the more changes appear. If essence flows out of the body as mamono mana is poured in, so too does everything that gets in the way of receiving pleasure such as inhibitions, reason, self-restraint, and repugnance for monsters and pleasure, etc. It probably feels as if the heart has become lighter. Once the heart loses everything excessive, before long, it is filled with “a good feeling” that makes a monster's desire to seek and enjoy pleasure sprout. If essence starts to change into mamono mana, at the same time, human values and thoughts are painted over by devilish pleasure, and one can understand that she's changing along with a sense of pleasure and depravity. For humans, the sensation of mamono mana swelling within their body and essence changing into mamono mana is accompanied by an extremely sweet feeling.

    Just before completely changing into a monster, one can sense that she's being enveloped by thick mamono mana, and having her body filled by it is felt like a wonderful thing. And then, due to monsterization, the body will begin to transform and what they are likely to feel when parts that they lacked as a human start growing from their body is intense pleasure, and a strong feeling of liberation. Upon experiencing this sweet sensation, even their tears that had at first come from fear, sadness, and despair change into tears of joy for having become a monster by the time they transform.

    Even in the case when one escapes before completely becoming a monster, the mamono mana that entered the body usually never disappears. If it's an extremely miniscule amount, then it will disappear after a while, but if the amount is larger, then it's often too late, even for those who haven't yet turned into a monster. Mamono mana remaining in the body continues to alter the body and mind from within. Once the body has tasted the sweet sensation of mamono mana flowing inside, one is unable to forget the decadent pleasure of a monster, and her body will burn hotly. Her mind will be troubled by obscene thoughts and images, and the erotic dreams she'll be having every night, and desire will grow. Eventually, she'll become unable to bear it, and she'll descend to a monster on her own seeking the pleasure of a monster, and to transform into a monster.

    Furthermore, essence is the vital energy possessed by humans. In other words, it could also be called “human magical energy”. Of course, the kind of women referred to as heroes and great sorceresses also possess lots of this mana. When they have their body violated by mamono mana and are monsterized, this vast amount of essence is converted into mamono mana, so the more powerful someone was as a human, the more powerful and lascivious the individual will become like a monster as well.

    When human women change into monsters, big changes appear in both their body and mind. Basically, their values and thoughts from when they were human disappear, and change into the monster thoughts and values which are explained from p.37, but they're different from those of monsters that were born a monster. There are also sensations they can feel and values they possess especially because they were originally human. Let's focus on that point, and explain what sorts of changes happen to them.

    Physical Changes

    The appearance of women who has become a monster changes hugely. Their appearance is altered based on their appearance from when they were human. Their face becomes devilishly beautiful or cute to the degree that eyes of men are always drawn to them. The body changes into a charming body that inspires carnal desire in men. While their appeal is different depending on the race and the individual, with everything from mature adult women, slender, beautiful girls, and little girls with decadently soft skin, every monster has an appearance that looks beautiful or cute to a typical human man. It's the same for those who change from human to monster. No matter who the woman is, once they change into a monster they will change into a beautiful and lovely form for tempting men.

    Furthermore, the change is always based on their face from when they were human, and in most cases, the changes occur along the lines of accentuating the attractiveness of the original, so, for example, even if there are huge changes, it's not like they change into a completely different person. It always ends up so that they bear a strong resemblance to the original woman.

    As for additional huge changes, the color of the skin will change to match the characteristic of the monster's race, and the organs and parts characteristic of the race will appear. Beast ears and tails, demon horns and wings, etc. will grow, and depending on the race, the lower body may also change into a grotesque form.

    Compared to humans, monsters have extremely tough bodies and high physical abilities. Also, since monsters mostly don't catch the kind of diseases that humans catch, even if their body was weak as a human, or they were afflicted with an illness, they mostly become healthy due to monsterization. To those who had lived in a human body up to that point, with a monster's body, it is likely to feel like they're in a good condition and capable of doing anything. Compared to when they used to be human, their body feels lighter as if freed from bindings, whereas before, on the contrary, it used to feel heavy.

    Also, to those who were born as monsters, it's just normal, so it's hard to understand the feeling, but according to those who used to be human, compared to when it was a human body, a monster's body, which always actively seeks men, feels as if it's engulfed in a sensation of warmth and exaltation.

    After a while, the body feels hot, and blood rushes to their head, and then they'll seek to have sex for the first time after becoming a monster, and they'll attack a human man. Also, the way to use their body is engraved in their instinct, so they can probably move freely and use it right after becoming a monster. Naturally, as soon as they change into a monster, the methods of how to attack men, milk essence, and use their body are imprinted in their instinct, so right after changing into a monster they can actively attack men and enjoy essence and pleasure.

    A monster's lewd body is extremely sensitive compared to that of a human woman so that they can actively receive pleasure. If one has sex with that body, the amount of pleasure received is many times greater than the pleasure that can be obtained by having sex with a human body. In the case of human women, the pleasure is so powerful that their mind cannot process it and they'd pass out, but in the case of monsters, their level of tolerance for pleasure is in another league, so they can enjoy that sort of pleasure and indulge in it. The devilish pleasure experienced by those who have sex with a man for the first time after changing from a human to a monster makes them reconfirm how wonderful it is that they've changed into a monster and they are a monster. It's enough to make them think “I can't go back to being human anymore,” or “I don't want to go back to being human.” Once this happens, they become a prisoner of the lewd body they obtained by becoming a monster, and the pleasure of using it, and in monster-like fashion, they just keep becoming even more lascivious than those who were monsters, to begin with.

    Mental Changes

    As with the body, the changes caused by becoming a monster have a huge impact on a woman's mind. Those former humans who became monsters don't feel fear or despair from having changed into a monster or changed into a grotesque form. Even if they experience despair until just before or right after the transformation, it will disappear in an instant. If one transforms into a monster, she'll literally be engulfed in a feeling of liberation and ecstatic joy as if she has been reborn. The joy of having obtained a devilish body that can bewilder men and make them drown in it, magnify the pleasure of sex by many times, and enjoy and indulge in it. And then, arousal and the anticipation of using and enjoying that body plenty from then on washes away despair and such.

    As for women who become monsters, the disgust and resistance towards sex that they had when they were human disappears, and a monster-like thirst for pleasure and essence wells up. Moreover, so that they can indulge in it, they are released from the inhibition and restraints, etc. that were troublesome when they were human. The heart will feel lighter, almost like being in a dream, enveloped by a fluffy, happy feeling. And then, as if to trade places, the affection for human men necessary for satisfying the thirst for essence and pleasure will overflow endlessly. By becoming a monster, they become able to sense the odor of men's mana, and the obscene desire that men direct towards them. And then, they end up recognizing them as wonderful things.

    Due to this, they realize that men are delicious-looking, cute, and very wonderful things that will satisfy their own desires. If they become like this, then afterward, they'll already be ruled by a monster-like desire to assault and have sex with men. No matter how prudish they were and how much they hated men to begin with, they'll end up strongly wanting and loving men. Additionally, upon changing into a monster, if there's a man they want, then they'll just give in to desire and seek him. Upon realizing that they themselves are equipped with the body, beauty, and ability to imprison a man and make him their own, their heart will be overflowing with self-confidence and hope.

    The desire for men that's taken root in them, and this self-confidence, will make them arrive at such thoughts as “If a man hates and fears me, then I'll just thoroughly ravish him and make him my very own prisoner,” “If my feelings are unrequited, then I'll just thoroughly gratify him and make it so that he can no longer live without me,” and will cause them to attack men without hesitation.

    And then, once they know the pleasure of sex with men and the taste of mana, to someone who lived as a human until that point, it's something that feels like the most wonderful happiness they've ever felt in their entire life. It's said to be so much so that they'll even come to regret their human past, thinking something like “Why didn't I realize all this time that there was something that felt this good, something that was this delicious, and that becoming a monster was something so wonderful?” After that, as if trying to make up for the period when they were human and unaware of such pleasure, they'll become engrossed and keep having sex, and they'll end up continuing to indulge in pleasure as if to verify the happiness of becoming a monster and getting what they want.

    Also, as with the body, their personality and memories from when they were human will end up largely remaining intact. As with the body, the changes brought about by monsterization will mostly accentuate the appeal of their original personality. At a glance, it might seem as if their personality hasn't changed at all from before, but monsters always acquire a monster-like, lustful personality without exception, and their thoughts are disposed to end up being hedonistic.

    For example, a shy village girl who was afraid of men will retain her looks that spur a man's desire to protect, and modest personality, but she'll start to actively tempt a man, deliciously suck and lick a penis in her mouth, straddle a man's lower body, and furiously ravish him. A diligent female knight that never missed a day of practice and gave off an air of nobility will retain her diligence, and she'll mount a man's body every single day and perform sex. Her normally noble attitude and appearance would be retained, but she would become pleased to receive a man's desire to tarnish her noble figure with his body.

    Among them, there are some changes to personality that match the race, and certain flaws and feelings of inferiority that a person used to have will change to become erased, etc. so there are also those whose personalities change greatly, but on the other hand, there are also those who used to pretend to be something they were not when they were human, so when their true personality comes to the surface, it looks like their personality changed. However, even in such cases, the original personality is never lost entirely, and each individual's essence doesn't change. There's always a part that remains which makes one feel a “resemblance” to the original individual from before they became a monster.

    Moreover, personality changes such as these appear in a monster-like direction to ensure that they feel fondness and desire towards men, and depravity, etc. Additionally, by changing into a monster, a sadist who enjoys inflicting wounds on others and making them suffer will change into a sadist who enjoys forcibly raping others and pleasuring them willingly or unwillingly. In a monster-like fashion, they'll change to have a sense of disgust towards killing humans. Due to these changes, there are probably also those whose personalities appear to improve by becoming a monster.

    Concerning a person's memories from when they were human, they're basically carried over unchanged even after becoming a monster. Sometimes memories that the person herself desires to forget become fainter, but omitting some exceptions, memories are almost never modified.

    A person's feelings and affection towards people, of course, remain intact. On the contrary, by becoming a monster, the very incarnation of love and desire, the love swells up enormously inside them. Feelings towards a man that one possessed as a human will end up blossoming by becoming a monster, for instance, if there was a man that they had a strong love for such as a boyfriend, husband, or lover, etc. then the lascivious desire directed towards him swells up. A monster's instinct will recognize him as her husband, and after becoming a monster, the body and mind will start to change to belong exclusively to their husband even before they have sex.

    For that reason, a woman who had just become a monster that we would normally expect to have such a powerful urge for sex that she would just push over anyone and have sex with them without caring would actually become able to sensitively detect her husband's mana, and pursue the hints of his presence, and she would head straight to him without even glancing at other men.

    Invitation to Monsterhood

    Monsters basically have an instinct to attack human men, but some among them have an instinct to attack women to increase their allies, and there are some who just try to attack women on a whim. Before we get into the reasons, first we'll explain how monsters think of human women.

    Presently, the Mamono Lord has the ambition to unify them into one race, with humans as males, and monsters as females. For that reason, as far as monsters are concerned, human women are beings that are destined to subsequently become the same race as them. As with human men, they approach them with affection and don't like hurting or killing them for no reason.

    Also, when they see human women unable to fulfill their desires and bearing them patiently when their desires are inhibited by human rationality or human society, etc., monsters feel sorry for them. When a monster sees the way many adherents of the Order have disgust for sex and pleasure and try to distance themselves from it, it makes her think it’s a waste: “How could she not know something that feels so good?”

    When the monsters that live happily amid pleasure see a woman like that, they unconsciously end up feeling like teaching the woman about the joy of sex. Monsters that have converted human females into their own race in this way have fun and enjoy watching the uninhibited appearances of those they personally changed into monsters such as the sight of a woman who used to be troubled by being unable to fulfill her desires pushing down her loved one and imprisoning him using her own power, or the sight of a little girl that had never known pleasure until then, drowning in pleasure, falling and becoming lascivious, etc.

    In this way, surprisingly, the reason monsters change human females into monsters is mostly to meddle, or just for amusement.

    Also, women who changed from human to monster have a more remarkable tendency to do so. They're extremely aggressive about changing human women into monsters. They know the joy of changing from a human to a monster, something that those born as monsters have never tasted. Additionally, since they have memories and feelings from when they used to be human, they compare their current life to their old one, and they think of life as a monster, indulging in pleasure and mana, and spending one's time making love with a man, is extremely wonderful. To them, the wonderful world that they now live in that's full of desire and the odor of men's essence inspires them as a female, but compared to it, the world when they used to be human will likely be regarded as extremely hollow. For that reason, they want to share pleasure and happiness with human women, and they think that women should abandon their humanity as soon as possible and join them on this side. In order to free them from the shackles of humanity, and guide them to the paradise known as monster hood, they aggressively attempt to change human females into monsters.

    Also, in addition to such thoughts, there are those among the monsters who regard human women as incomplete beings, who don't even adhere to the monster’s principles of faithfulness and are unable to imprison and rule men through pleasure. There are even those who believe all women should become monsters, and they aggressively try to convert human women into monsters whenever they find them. Monsters with these kinds of beliefs are called “radicals”.

    Incubus (p77)

    An incubus is mainly a human man that kept receiving mamono mana and containing it within his body, resulting in a transformation into a being that's convenient for monsters, possessing superhuman stamina and lust. Under the current concept, monsters are all female beings that only possess mamono mana, so an incubus, which is male, and possesses both energy and mamono mana at the same time, is not a monster. Ultimately, they're just humans altered by mamono mana. However, the Order regards them as being the same as monsters, and they're targeted for expulsion and suppression.

    Until Changing Into An Incubus

    Compared to monsterization, in which changes suddenly appear, changes caused by incubization are extremely gradual. Unlike a woman's monsterization, where they totally change into a monster both mentally and physically after having sex one time, the changes that occur when a man transforms into an incubus and afterward, appear bit by bit each time he has sex with a monster.

    Human men transform into an incubus by having sex with monsters, and having mamono mana poured inside of them. Unlike women, who recover energy by absorbing it from the air, men continue to produce energy within their own bodies, so compared to women, it's more difficult for mamono mana to take hold, and they do not change into an incubus just from having sex once.

    In the case of the succubus family of monsters, they possess “succubus' energy” which has a higher retention rate, and causes men to release more energy in a single session of sex by infusing them with it, so compared to other monsters, incubization is extremely fast, and in the case of a powerful succubus, it's even possible to change a man into an incubus by having sex once.

    Also, even if it's a monster of another race, after spending a long time as their husband, and living beside them, by continuing to have sex, mamono mana gradually takes hold in the body after each time, and eventually, a man will transform into an incubus.

    Additionally, even monsters not of the succubus family can accelerate the incubization process by continuing to ravish a man with multiple monsters, and aside from that, there is “succubus' secret elixir”, a medicine made from succubus' energy, and there are special rituals and spells that can be used to quickly change a man into an incubus.

    When transformation into an incubus occurs, it's not like one can clearly tell that he's transformed, as was the case when a woman is monsterized. In the case of monsterization, a woman is able to grasp that she's become a monster because of the changes in her body, and a feeling of ecstasy like she's been reborn, but in the case of incubization, before one knows it, he's already changed into an incubus.

    In the course of getting continuously violated by monsters over and over, a man who at first would tire soon, exhaust his mana, and pass out, will steadily increase the amount of time he can have sex, and the number of times he can release energy increases. In the beginning, the pleasure is so violent that one can't even think straight, but one gradually becomes able to enjoy the pleasure. Gradually one will change so that he can't help but consider having sex with the monster in front of him, and gradually, he'll come to desire to be ravished by the monster before his eyes. In this way, bit by bit, one will change into an incubus without being aware of it.

    What makes an incubus an incubus, and a man is an energy within his body and the existence of a energy production faculty. Very rarely among the incubi, there exist those who unconsciously destroy their own energy production faculty. In that case, energy will not be produced, and the body of an incubus who loses energy and is completely ruled by mamono mana will completely change into a monster. This monster is called an “Alp (encyclopedia – p. 108). The process of changing into this monster is described on p.92 of this book.

    Mental and Physical Changes Caused by Incubization

    As for changes caused by incubization, the changes that appear basically make it convenient for the monster that one is coupled with.

    First, it is purported that the looks almost don't change at all compared to when one was human. Monsters don't care very much about the attractiveness of a man's face, so in most cases, there are no changes whatsoever. The body changes to become more healthy and durable so that it's convenient for sex, but it's rare for the appearance to change greatly other than that.

    A rare exception occurs and the appearance greatly changes in the case of those who are too feeble or fat, and their form will be vastly improved so that it's convenient to have sex with monsters. Also, in the case of those who are so old that it's a hindrance to sex, they will also be rejuvenated.

    After one has changed into an incubus, the mind also changes so that one's values become nearer to those of the monsters, but compared to monsterization, even if only a little bit, human-like values from the period when one was a human will remain. However, the values and thoughts of an incubus, a being that became a monster's prisoner so much so that it altered the nature of his mind and body, will change to become eager to have sex with monsters. One's lust will swell up like that of the monsters, and disgust towards monsters and sex, etc. will have long since disappeared, and one will change so that he aggressively desires sex with monsters.

    Also, after being completely charmed by a monster, one's aesthetic sense will have changed so that he feels that the grotesque parts and organs of monsters are beautiful. Other than that, one's sense of time and values concerning work and recreation will also change so that it becomes more convenient to live with monsters.

    The biggest changes of all occur in the functions that are also most important to monsters that get used during sex. It depends on the race and preferences of the monster that one is coupled with, but most men who become an incubus will have their penis grow larger by leaps and bounds, and they'll be able to please monsters even more. The amount of semen and energy released from there will be incomparable to when they were human, and they'll have boundless stamina so that they're able to release it again and again without getting exhausted.

    The quality of the energy is also remarkably different. It becomes so much thicker, stickier, and sweeter, that it's incomparable to when they were human, and one lick will make a monster melt. Also, human men sometimes lose the mood after expelling mana, but it doesn't occur in an incubus, and their lust for monsters just flares up.

    In addition to the normal food that they ate when they were human, it's also possible for an incubus to feed on mamono mana by having sex with monsters. For that reason, an incubus never gets exhausted when having sex with a monster. Instead, their entire body will brim full of lust and energy due to mamono mana. When the body of an incubus obtains mamono mana by having sex with a monster, it will immediately produce mana. When this energy is released to a monster, the monster will produce mamono mana from it and pour it into the body of the incubus.

    Astonishingly, with this cycle, not only does the total amount of magical energy not decrease, instead, it continues to increase, so it's possible for a monster and an incubus to keep having sex almost forever, and as long as there's one incubus and one monster, it's possible for them to live by just having sex. As far as the divinities and the Order are concerned, this nearly perpetual cycle is something that is in violation of divine providence that will greatly throw off the laws of the universe and is extremely viewed as a problem.

    Also, it's said that the lifespan of men who become an incubus becomes dramatically longer. Since they can keep living by having sex with each other, their lifespan is roughly the same as the monster that they're coupled with. Just like monsters, their appearance stops aging at a certain stage. It could be as a boy, as a young man, or as a mature man. Since an incubus is a being that's convenient for a monster, they change depending on the tastes of the monster that they're paired with. In this way, an incubus is none other than an ideal male to a female monster.

    The power of an incubus grows stronger the more mamono mana they accumulate. In the case of those that periodically have sex with multiple monsters, it piles up, so in the case of a single incubus that makes a harem of multiple monsters and keeps having sex with them, it ends up causing the birth of an extremely powerful incubus. Regardless of how many monsters are in the harem, an incubus has limitless stamina and lust, and can have sex with all of them. Even if an incubus keeps having sex with them day and night alternatively for a period of several days, he'll never get tired, lose his erection, or feel pain or boredom. On the contrary, he'll end up being unable to get satisfied unless he has sex with all of the monsters in the harem, and it'll even get to the point where it's as if spending several days having sex with all the monsters in the harem is like having sex one time to him.

    Additionally, those who become an incubus can also adapt to the environment to match the monster that they're coupled with. For example, an incubus coupled with a monster that lives in a desert, or near a volcanic crater, will gain resistance to heat, and an incubus that is coupled with a monster from a snowy country will gain resistance to cold. They gain such strong resistance that they can even actively have sex with monsters in such environments. To provide a remarkable example, due to a ritual performed by a “sea bishop (encyclopedia I – p. 116)”, there are incubi that became able to live underwater. This ritual is performed to quickly change someone into an incubus, so as a result of having been changed into an incubus with the mamono mana of the monsters of the sea, they've adapted to live underwater.

    Since an incubus retains the mamono mana of the monster he's coupled with inside his body, a human woman who has sex with an incubus will end up transforming into that race. However, the lust of an incubus who's kept having sex with monsters will not be satisfied by having sex with anyone other than a monster.

    Also, an incubus' superhuman lust is only directed towards the monster he's coupled with no matter what, and they don't have an instinct to attack the opposite sex as monsters do. For that reason, incubi do not attack and forcibly rape human women, and such an incident has never been confirmed.

    CASE 01: Sexual Intercourse (p81)

    ["Ahh... it's so nice to be a demon... ♥ Being one with the one you want, becoming beautiful, feeling good, having a superb body... Ahh, it's like a dream ♥"]

    Formerly a Human Village Girl / A Succubus

    Many of the monsters that change human women into monsters do it by having sex with them and pouring mamono mana inside of them, changing them into a monster. Among the methods of monsterization used by the monsters, this is the one most often used, and it is regarded as the most efficient method as well. As for monsterization via sex, since the bodies are pressed closely together, it's easy for mamono mana to flow inside. Also, if one melts a human woman's mind by giving her pleasure, it will greatly lower her resistance to mamono mana, making it possible to smoothly convert her into a monster.

    When performing this sexual intercourse, among the monsters there are also those who will attempt to thoroughly instill the woman's body with pleasure, developing her erogenous zones and making her lewd skill capacity blossom, so that she will become an even more lascivious monster. Women who learn the sweet taste of pleasure during this occasion will be more aroused and have even greater anticipation for sex with a man which will come later, along with even greater pleasure.

    After getting a thorough sexual education in this manner, ex-human monsters are mostly very grateful and have respect for the monster that converted them into a monster. It is said that there are those who adore the monster who granted them sweet ecstasy and a pleasurable body, calling her “onee-sama”, and in the event that they obtain a human man, they will try to show onee-sama just how lewdly they've grown.

    The “succubus” is the most iconic monster that uses this method. The hedonistic succubi have a strong inclination for enjoying the sexual act of converting these human women into monsters, and seeing how things progress for them afterward. Since most of them try to enjoy sex to the maximal extent, on the occasion of converting a human woman into a monster, naturally, they can really get into the sex, and the amount of pleasure and mana given to a woman will increase in proportion to how much they're into it. Also, most of them prefer to do sexual education while having sex, and when converting a woman into a member of their own race. Creating an even more lustful succubus becoming of a succubus is one of their main pleasures. The body becomes more indecently sensitive, and the mind becomes lascivious to the point that it’s full of pleasure. They create such succubi, and enjoy watching their figure lewdly melt as they have sex with men, whether day or night. The more pure, clean, and ignorant of pleasure their prey is, the more fired up a succubus gets, and the more she enjoys training her prey and converting such a girl into a lewd succubus.

    [No, aah....! Don't....!
    Ufufu ♥ It's okay. It'll get good soon ♥]

    The spoils of war will soon know pleasure, even if they were prim, even if they were fastidious, these women will become a lewd succubus. Causing this flare-up in their spoils gives succubi a great amount of pleasure.
    [I can't believe I can do such a wonderful thing.... ♥ I can't believe I'm able to do such a wonderful thing for you..... ♥]
    She wasn't confident as a woman, but once she became a beautiful and lewd succubus, she has the confidence to enjoy the pleasure she can indulge in with her favorite man; her dreams are coming true.

    CASE 02: Essence Corrosion (p84)

    ["Haa... Haa...my body's getting hot... ♥ hey...can you help me... ♥"]

    Female adventurer lost in the Mamono Realm/Human

    Mamono mana (or mana), floating free in the atmosphere, will slowly flow into a human woman's body, accumulate, and eventually, once enough has built up, change her into a monster. Thanks to the phenomenon of the Mamono Realm constantly releasing, and being steeped in monstrous mamono mana, any women who visit a Mamono Realm for a period of time will become a Succubus.

    Unlike being assaulted by a monster, exposure to energy is a slow, gradual process. A woman who is exposed to energy will find herself becoming more and more excited as the energy trickles into her, eventually, her thoughts fading as she enters an oestrus. Her body heating up little by little and becoming feverish, she'll also take a special interest in any companions with her as her body becomes more sensitive to pleasure.

    Once the woman has entered oestrus, her body feverish with desire, it is already too late for her, in this state, she is already on the verge of becoming a monster. Spotting a man, she will attack him, and when he releases his essence, this will provide the final burst needed to completely change her into a monster.

    During this phase, the affected women, their body feverish and minds foggy, find it impossible to resist these feelings and it is inevitable they will change into a monster when they come across a man. Having just transformed, their bodies will seethe with fever and lust, thanks to this they will continue to force themselves on the man that just helped them transform.

    For those traveling in the Mamono Realm, particularly heroes sent to slay the Mamono Lord, this constant corruption caused by the monstrous energy flooding the atmosphere is a big problem. Even though you can avoid or fight off monsters, there is nothing that can be done to prevent this corruption from occurring.

    So far, only two female heroes, a two member party, managed to reach the Mamono Lord herself, they were, however, already on the verge of becoming succubi and were given their last push by the Mamono Lord's own hand. So far no hero or heroine has managed for the face-off against the Mamono Lord without becoming a Succubus or Incubus and joining her army's ranks.

    In addition, the type of Mamono Essence that a human woman is exposed to can change the species of monster she'll become, different areas producing different types of mana. For example, a woman who drowns at sea is invaded by Poseidon's energy changing the woman into a Nereid.

    CASE 03: External Wounds (p85)

    [How is it? The wound gouged out by my fangs? How is it? The wound torn by my claws?
    They're hotly throbbing, right? Soon you'll be at ease..... Because soon, you too will become a beast.]

    The last words a female soldier of the Order heard just before changing into a werewolf

    Monsterization can occur due to a variety of reasons, and there's also the danger of a human woman changing into a monster as a result of a wound sustained from a monster attack. External wounds caused by claws and fangs infused with a werewolf's energy (encyclopedia I – p. 26) cause energy to pour out of the body instead of blood. And after energy pours out, their mamono mana will be poured in. In a woman's case, she will be changed into a werewolf the same as them. No pain is felt from such wounds. Instead of hurting, the wound heats up and continually throbs. The hot throbbing of the wound gradually spreads throughout the body. The heat of the wound causes the body to flush, and the throbbing of the wound causes the body to throb, remaking a woman's body into that of a monster. Basically, the wound completely heals at the same time a woman changes into a monster, but by that time, their monster body will be seeking a man and their monster womb will begin to throb with even more heat, seeking sperm.

    Mamono Realm weapons made using “Mamono Realm silver”, a special metal produced exclusively in the Mamono Realm, and special weapons made from hardened mamono mana have the same effects as the claws and fangs of werewolves as described above. They can inflict wounds not on the body of a living thing, but on a living thing's “mana”. Due to these sorts of weapons, once a large external wound is sustained, energy pours out, and the mamono mana contained in the weapon flows in, causing women to change into monsters such as “succubi”, etc. These weapons were produced especially because of the monsters' disdain for injuring and killing humans. They are widely distributed and used by monsters such as those in the Mamono Lord's army. They are actively being used even in battles with the Order's troops. They're changing the soldiers of the Order into monsters like themselves instead of corpses. Battles between humans and monsters end with extremely few dead and injured for the human side thanks in large part to the existence of these weapons.

    Furthermore, the effectiveness of Mamono Realm weapons varies greatly depending on the quality of the weapon used as a catalyst, the quality of the mamono mana-infused, and the skill of the one wielding it. In the case of a weapon where all those qualities are low, even if a woman is cut and some wounds are inflicted, it won't result in monsterization. However, on the contrary, if all the standards are high, such as in the case of a “Dullahan (encyclopedia I – p.170)” master fencer wielding a sword made by a “Cyclops (encyclopedia I – p.110)” artisan with the concentrated energy of a lilim, then even a scratch can result in monsterization. A wielder of such a weapon leaves a mountain of monsters in heat in her wake rather than a mountain of corpses.

    CASE 04: Parasitism (p86)

    ["Aha ♥ an egg went inside.....♥ My baby, she is bouncing with joy inside your womb...♥
    Ufufu, hurry up and be born so we can get off together...♥"]

    A maid working at Lescatie Castle / Roper

    Even among the numerous varieties of monsterization, this “parasitism” is something extremely peculiar. “Matango“ come from human women parasitically infected by mushrooms. “Roper“ come from human women implanted with eggs and parasitically infected. Other than those, it is said that there are also slimes, etc. that are parasitic in women. Unlike other monsters which change women into monsters by infusing them with mamono mana, they implant things such as eggs and spores, etc. inside women, and make them grow inside women's bodies. By doing this, the women's bodies are remade from the inside, and changed into monsters.

    The sensation of having the body physically remade from within is far greater than that which is caused by mamono mana. Having their whole body teased all over, kneaded around, and changed into something else is accompanied by extreme pleasure. Reason gets thrown out the window and their minds will be stained one color with pleasure. In the case of monsterization due to parasitism like this, even after changing into a monster, their human values and thoughts continue to linger for some time.

    The parasite that infects her makes the host's body become unbearably hot and gives her extreme pleasure. By robbing her thoughts and implanting its own thoughts, it rules its host by seizing control of the woman's thoughts. The parasite's objective is a source of nutrition, and the obtainment of a human male partner for the production of seeds. The parasite can read which man she yearns for from the host's memories and feelings, and it will target that man, or target any man indiscriminately if there is no such person. The parasite will lead the host to a man by manipulating her thoughts and actions and will try to obtain the man using the host's body.

    Eventually, the parasite will make the host have sex with a man, and absorb essence. Upon obtaining essence, the parasite begins rapid growth, binding itself with the host in an attempt to become one. After perfectly binding and fusing with the host in this way, the parasite will stop controlling the host, and will return all the thoughts that it had seized back to the host. However, after fusing with the parasite, the host will no longer have human-like thoughts or values. Her body and heart will have changed into those which belong to a lewd monster. The host's self-perception will also change. Until that point, she would have thought of herself as “a human parasitically infected with a monster”, but due to fusion with the parasite, she would start to think, “I, myself, am a monster.”

    Since the parasite's instinct and memories are also completely fused, even though she'll have the memories of being manipulated as a host, she'll also have the memories of doing the manipulation as the parasite at the same time. Ecstatic two-fold joy springs forth, since she was reborn as a host, and she obtained her own body as a parasite. Their thoughts and behavior objectives become based on the parasite's instinct. That objective is mainly to keep having sex with their beloved and obtaining essence which is a source of nutrition. And then, they'll implant their own egg or spore, etc. inside a human woman and change her into their own kind.

    This is the troublesome thing about them. Unlike other races that change human women into monsters for amusement or to be meddlesome, attacking human women and changing them into monsters is their main objective. Since it's the equivalent of becoming pregnant for other monsters, they strongly desire it, and since they do it aggressively the following sex with a man, if one of them appears, it will cause a widespread outbreak in no time at all. Villages, towns, and in the worst-case scenario, entire nations of matango and roper will be formed.

    CASE 05: Melting (p87)

    An assassin with a hard, icy heart who had undergone training to kill emotion. If enveloped by a dark slime, even a woman like that will...
    After her body and heart have softly melted due to pleasure, she is reborn as a dark slime.

    ["Hey~ Hey~!♥ Get sticky with me!♥ There... Put it inside my sticky pussy...♥
    I want you to shoot lots and lots of sticky semen♥".]

    Former human, assassin of the religious kingdom of Lescatie / Dark Slime

    It is unique even among the multitude of monsterization phenomena. As of the present, only "Dark Slime" uses this method. They envelop human women with their own half-liquid body, and in doing so, tease the woman's entire body, diving into and violating every single orifice. The messy body of the slime continually gives them sticky pleasure throughout their entire body that we can say is truly out of this world, melting away the woman's thoughts. As for women violated by dark slimes, everything melts into the dark slime, including their body, thoughts, knowledge, and memories. All of it mixes with the pleasure given to them by the dark slime, and their mind gets muddled.

    After the woman's consciousness has been completely melted away by pleasure, before long, even her body melts away inside the dark slime and disappears. After the human body melts away and disappears, a “slime core” the same as one of those possessed by the slimes remains. After that, the woman's body is reformed from half-liquid goo based on her form from when she was human. In this way, after one's heart and body have completely melted away, a new “dark slime” is born.

    Unlike other slimes, dark slimes are a race that possesses high intelligence and thinking abilities. For that reason, their knowledge and intelligence from when they were human remain intact, but since the inside of their head has been melted by pleasure, they think of everything based on sex and pleasure, and they use everything for that purpose. If they were originally a powerful sorceress, all of their spells will be used to heighten their enjoyment of sex with men. If they were originally military strategists gifted with great intelligence, they can come up with an elaborate strategy to imprison whatever man they have their mind set on.

    CASE 06: Undead (p88)

    [“Uh... ah ah... I'm so cold... big brother...
    Hey... Fill my empty insides with it...♥ Fill my insides full of your white stuff...♥“]

    Former human, younger sister who died during her first year as a soldier of the Order / zombie

    Mamono mana sometimes even dwells in the corpses of human women, resurrecting them as monsters. Monsters born in this way are called “undead”, there are many races, including “zombie“ and “ghost”. Corpses in lands such as the mamono realm that are full of mamono mana will most certainly resurrect as the undead, but aside from that, there are also many who are intentionally infused with mamono mana and resurrected directly by monsters. Also, since it's in the nature of mamono mana to bind with powerful human emotions, it easily gathers in the corpses of those women who died with strong regrets, and those who left behind a man they deeply loved, so even in lands where there is little mamono mana, undead outbreaks are not uncommon.

    No matter how horrific their wounds were at the time of death, the bodies of the undead are mended enough to be attractive to men. Rotting also stops, and they don't reek. The undead basically keeps their memories from when they were human intact, but many of them have diminished intelligence and capacity for thought due to a lack of essence. They'll try to assault human men and have their way with them due to an attachment to life and an attachment to sex. All of the undead are fueled by the essence of human men, and through it, they maintain their bodies.

    At first, they are dim-witted, and hardly seem to be alive, but the more they have sex with a human man, the more they regain their beauty and wits from when they were alive. Not only that, as far as beauty is concerned, since they've become monsters, by continuously having sex, they grow even more alluringly attractive than they ever were as humans.

    It is hypothesized that the monsters seek humans because of 3 desires, “appetite” “lust” and “love”. In addition, the undead have a fourth strong desire. It is an “attachment to life.” They sense life when they cling to a beloved man and feel the warmth of his body when they join with him, have sex with him, and are pierced by his cock, and when essence is poured into their body. They are always continuously seeking to have sex with a man, the only thing that makes them feel alive. Most of them would rather not separate from a conjoined state with their beloved if at all possible.

    Furthermore, as mentioned previously, by continuously gaining essence, the bodies of the undead are mended to the state they were in before death. An undead that is continuously pumped full of tons of essence every day can even completely mend her own womb, if she so desires, and then it's even possible for her to become pregnant with the children of her beloved. For an undead, the sense of life she gets at the moment of conception is the greatest happiness she can ever know as an organism, and as a monster female. During pregnancy, at the moment of the child's birth, and even afterward, this joy will always remain with her. The children born on such occasions are not human children. If it's a zombie, then the child will be the same kind of zombie. For this reason, it is said that the undead aren't “human corpses reanimated via mamono mana”, but “organisms called undead that are reborn from human corpses due to mamono mana.”

    CASE 07: Corruption (p89)

    [Oh, God... I confess. I didn't use my body, even though I wanted this person. I didn't strike him with my desire. My sin was being ignorant of such a pleasurable thing...
    Ah... You came again for me, huh... From now on..... I swear to you and God, that I'll drown in this pleasure, and be lewdly corrupted......
    Aah… Please fill me with more thick white stuff and stain my sin pure white...]

    A sister / dark priest and former human confessing while straddling a man

    Yielding to pleasure, losing to desire, and doing whatever one pleases is nothing other than corruption to the humans who uphold the teachings of the Chief God and regard chastity and abstinence as righteous.

    The one who governs such “corruption” is a god of the monsters possessing vast power that is called “the Fallen God”. She regards falling, and living according to pleasure and desire as virtuous, and she uses her own subordinates, angels, and devotees to corrupt every race, whether human, monster, or other. Her religion is propagated by her angels and devotees using sex to directly instill the body with the wonderfulness of corruption and spending one's days enjoying hedonism. They basically increase the number of devotees using mostly this method, but sometimes the Fallen God directly calls out to a human heart in an attempt to corrupt it.

    Among people who are devotees of the Chief God, there are those who can hear the voice of God, and use god's power to cast holy spells. Such is only possible because the devotee is connected to god through mana. Due to this connection, the will of God can be revealed, and it's possible to use divine powers. This energy link is extremely firm, but if the devotee begins to harbor doubts about God and the Order, their faith weakens, and they're corrupted by mamono mana and in the process of changing into a monster, then the link weakens tremendously. According to one explanation, the energy of the Fallen God has a very similar quality to that of the Chief God, so she can usurp these weakened energy links, and use them to call out to human hearts. The Fallen God's words are words of temptation that vividly illustrate the ecstasy and happiness that awaits after falling.

    Those who listen are painted with desire, and envision a wonderfully splendid future in which they do as they want, seeking sex, becoming more and more lewd and lascivious, ultimately falling as a filthy, depraved being that exists solely for the purpose of indulging in desire. The vision of the future revealed by the Fallen God is so sweet that their faith in the Chief God is completely swapped for faith in the Fallen God. Lewd desire and sex which were formerly taboo become deeply rooted for them, and conversely, overcoming desire and living abstemiously becomes their new taboo. On the contrary, they become ashamed of themselves for having formerly been clean and pure and having had puritanical thoughts, so they have sex with men and try to fall as hard as they can, almost as if to drag down and defile their past self, painting over her with thick white mana.

    Even in the case of monsterization where the devotees of the Fallen God are not involved, due to the intervention of the Fallen God's voice, one who would change into a “succubus” would instead change into a “dark priest”, and in the case of other races, as soon as they change, they awaken to the faith of the Fallen God at the same time that they change.

    Human beings are animals filled with desire in the first place. The Fallen God awakens them to the desire that they possessed all along and corrupts them by making it swell so huge that desire itself becomes a core value. However, warping the values of god's servants who regard chastity and abstinence as virtuous to be exactly the opposite is something that feels almost like brainwashing.

    CASE 08: Ritual (p90)

    [Aah...... thank you..... I too have a beautiful snake body, the same as god..... I'm so happy.
    I can bind my beloved man with this body, and continue to be joined with him......]

    Former human, girl who was a member of the snake god faith / echidna

    Races that can change human women into monsters had that ability, to begin with. However, they aren't necessarily the only ones that can change human women into monsters. Although it can take some time, there are various spells and magical rituals for changing humans into monsters that exist in the world.

    One of them is the “ritual of the snake god” performed by the snake god faith. The snake god faith is one of the monster faiths where the monster “echidna” is worshiped as a god. It's treated as heresy by the Order of the Chief God. To them, the snake is the symbol of bountiful harvest, eternity, and womanhood. We can say that the form of lamia family monsters having a snake body binding men, and the motherly nature of echidna, the mother of monsters, are truly symbols of eternity and womanhood.

    Also, they are symbolic of “power”, since they can seize the prey they desire, claim it as their own, and bind it to themselves. Not only echidna, but other lamia family monsters such as “medusa” and “lamia” also generally end up as targets of worship as relatives of god. The worshipers have peculiar values. Their children are also raised with those values from generation to generation. Along with their god echidna, they hold monsters in an entirely positive light. They desire the power to bind what they want to themselves the way that monsters, especially lamia family monsters can. Human girls brought up that way since early childhood strongly desire to become monsters themselves and acquire a beautiful, alluring snake body. Becoming an echidna means becoming a god themselves. Becoming another lamia family monster is also an act of approaching godhood. The ritual for converting such girls into monsters is the “ritual of the snake god”. The ritual is performed using numerous snakes.

    By continuously exposing the snakes to the mamono mana of echidna and other lamia family monsters over a prolonged period of time, they can infuse them with mamono mana for future use. The ritual is performed over a special magic square that changes the body to make it easier to receive mamono mana and pleasure. The snakes infused with mamono mana are released onto the girl's body, crawling around, coiling around, and binding her while giving her pleasure. The mamono mana settles in overnight. At the same time when the girl's body changes into that of a monster, in the case that she changes into a medusa or echidna, the snakes used in the ritual join with the girl's body, becoming her hair snakes. Once the ritual is over, the girls are ecstatic that their body has changed into a beautiful snake body like that of a god. They will then immediately desire to use that body to bind the man they love to them eternally.

    As for the preparation of this ritual, when young men are offered up as sacrifices, in exchange, the lamia family monsters will continuously have sex with them, and after this, the mamono mana produced from all that sex is then infused into the snakes. The higher the rank of the lamia family monster, the longer it takes for the preparation. If they're snakes for lower rank lamia, then it can be done in a few days at the earliest, but in order to produce a high-rank echidna, it takes at least several years, and could take decades, depending on the case. That's why these girls feel extremely happy and honored to be chosen for the snake god's ritual, and even more so if they're able to change into an echidna.

    One point about these rituals that deserves special mention is that these rituals weren't created by the monsters. They were created by humans who desired to become gods. In this way, among the adherents of the monster faiths, there are many trials for the sake of approaching godhood. Various spells and rituals for monsterization were produced by the hands of humans.

    CASE 09: Possessions (p91)

    [Huh!? Why can't I take off this armor!? Damn! Damn! Oh, my head came off.....]

    Dullahan that had been a human knight until only a moment ago

    In the dungeons where monsters lurk, there sleep various treasures such as valuable, beautiful ornaments, and magically enchanted armors and robes, etc. Even among such treasures, there exists some equipment such as clothing, weapons, and ornaments, etc. that is imbued with powerfully concentrated mamono mana.

    This equipment is also called “cursed equipment” by humans. Once a human puts it on, they're unable to take it off, and the thick, solidified mamono mana dwelling within the equipment will flow into the human wearer's body to bind with the energy inside. At first, effects such as a heightened mood, and greater physical abilities, appear. Depending on what race the imbued energy belongs to, it can cause various other effects such as improved agility and a better sense of smell in the case of “werewolf mana”, freakish strength in the case of “ogre mana”, and the ability to cast ice magic in the case of “yuki onna mana”. However, if worn for a long time, with each use of the equipment's ability, more mamono mana flows inside. It's difficult to notice because there will be no change in appearance whatsoever, but bit by bit their thoughts and behavior will get closer and closer to that of a monster of that race. Additionally, like a monster, they'll start to feel that human men are delicious, and notice the sweet smell of energy in the air.

    By the time they notice, it's already too late, and they're unable to remove the equipment. Their desire for men just keeps on swelling, and all they can do is wait until they change into a monster. Eventually, all of the equipment's energy flows into the wearer, and at that moment, the body suddenly starts changing completely into a monster. Equipment like this has been set up as a trap for humans by the monsters of the “radical faction”. Monster merchants disguised as humans sell them to people, and they get mixed in with the regular merchandise, so they're scattered throughout all the lands of the world.

    These items are made with a special product of the Mamono Realm called “Mamono Realm silver”, a metal that is easily infused with mamono mana. Other than that, if items related to each particular race are used, such as collars for “werewolves”, armor for “dullahans”, or flower decorations for “alraune”, then it's easier to infuse mana. What's dangerous are pajamas made from “weresheep” wool, etc. Only a faint amount of mamono mana dwells in wool that has just been sheared normally, and it would have no influence on humans other than causing the original effect of peaceful sleep, but it's impossible to tell if there's one with condensed mamono mana mixed just by looking. If a woman were to wear it and go to sleep, then upon awakening, she would completely change into a weresheep.

    Additionally, if a man were to wear one of these items, then he would gradually change into an incubus due to the mamono mana imbued in the item. In that scenario, what's different from changing into an incubus normally is that the energy generated by the man will change to be more preferred by monsters of the same race as the monster whose energy is imbued in the equipment. For example, in the case of equipment imbued with “werewolf” mana, the flavor and taste of the man's energy will change to suit the preference of werewolves. The scent would tickle the nose of werewolves and be more appealing to them compared to that of normal mana. No matter where the wearer went, he would be hunted by unmarried werewolves, and he'd end up getting attacked over and over.

    CASE 10: Sex Change (p92)

    (1) A boy having a fun conversation with his best friend. At this point, he's probably not even aware of the love for his friend hidden within his heart.
    (2) "T-T-This isn't weird, right!? G-Getting off your best friend is a n-natural thing, isn't it!? …..Ah! This thing of yours... smells so good.... ♥" Even though she's bewildered, she's a monster, and the way things would turn out was probably determined from the beginning.
    (3) "Hey, I've become a girl for you? So why not use me more? For your sake, I'll change myself to suit your tastes even more closely ♥ I'll become a much, much naughtier girl ♥"
    [Hey, what's gotten into me...!
    Why is it I want you so badly...
    This is wrong... I'm a boy, yet.....
    Hey, should I let myself get even weirder.... ♥]

    Former human male, boy soldier of Lescatie / Alp

    Normally, monsterization only occurs in females. Since monsters are exclusively female beings, males don't change into monsters. In the case when a male receives mamono mana in his body, regardless of the race of the owner of the energy and the method of energy infusion, he will only change into an “incubus”. But, very rarely, a male who should be an incubus may sometimes change into a female monster. The huge exception is the “alp (encyclopedia I – p.108)”. Alps are incubi who strongly desired “to become female” or “to be joined with a male” that unconsciously used the mamono mana dwelling within them to destroy their own essence generation function. By losing all essence and being completely stained with only mamono mana, they are changed into monsters. They change from being human males to being incubi, and from being incubi to being monsters, in that sort of order, but since the transformation can occur immediately after becoming an incubus, in most cases it probably looks like those who changed into alps changed directly from human males into alps.

    Unlike the cases when a female changes into a monster, their morals, and thinking don't suddenly change. Instead, the heart, values, memories, and personality of an alp, everything except the body, remain the same as those of the original male. In spite of their body changing into that of a female, they will probably only acknowledge themselves as male. Even if the desire they possess is strong, often it may be hidden deep at the bottom of their heart, and the individuals themselves may not be aware of it, or they may have just been pretending not to notice it. They will be bewildered by the gap between a male heart and a female body. Even if their heart is male, their body and instincts have become those of a splendid monster. A monster's body throbs with desire for pleasure and essence. A monster's instinct naturally craves human males. Though bewildered, they are fated to eventually lie with their beloved male. Once they copulate, learning the taste of a woman's pleasure and mana for the first time, they'll no longer be able to suppress their monstrous urges. As they have sex, again and again, they change to become even more monster-like.

    Alps mainly change into one of two types. The first is one that retains a male heart while changing to become more monstrously lascivious. Their male values and thoughts remain intact, and they'll even treat the male who becomes their husband lightheartedly as a friend, no differently than before. They already acknowledge that having sex with another guy is a natural thing because they're in love. They'll likely desire to have fun hanging out and getting off with their beloved best friend day after day. Even when they invite a guy for sex, they do it lightheartedly as if inviting him to hang out. The words they used to use to invite him to hang out when they were human “What are we gonna do today?” probably have taken on a completely different meaning, “What are we gonna do today?”, now that they've changed into a monster. Also, since they were originally male, they know all about male tastes and weak points, so they can enthrall a male with pleasure that's different from that of other monsters.

    The other type consists of those who awaken to the powerful joy of being a woman while having sex with a male. Unlike the other variety of alps who mostly have an androgynous appearance, their bodies change to become even more lewd and womanly. Their butts and breasts grow big and soft the way men like, and their facial features also change to become more feminine and beautiful. Their heart, values, and personalty, etc. also change to become womanly. Since they're overjoyed to be a “woman”, they're even more womanly than those who were women to begin with, and they may possibly grow into a more lustful and lewd succubus (inma) than those who were born a succubus to begin with. Also, since their memories and values from when they used to be male don't disappear, they have a firm understanding of what a man's preferred “ideal woman” should be like. Their “womanly” figure will turn out to be the kind of “womanly” figure that a man would prefer.

    In this way, we've broadly divided them into two types, but they don't necessarily cleanly split into one of these two types, and there are alps that vary greatly due to individual differences. Among them are also those who retain androgynous looks, while their heart alone has grown feminine, and those who have a full womanly figure while retaining a male heart. Furthermore, since an alp's body has completely become that of a woman, it's also possible for them to produce children with a man's semen.

    What it comes down to is this. Alp is just a moniker for those who exceptionally changed from an incubus into a “succubus”, so they are essentially succubi. For that reason, the children born will turn out to be ordinary succubi, not alps.

    In this section, I've written in detail concerning alps, but there's another possibility for a male to turn into a monster, “skeletons (encyclopedia I – p.164), which are bones reanimated by mamono mana. They can also be born from the bones of a male, and retain memories from when they used to be male, but they get distorted in the following manner: they will believe “they used to be a woman when they were alive”, and that the man who was their best friend when they were alive “used to be their lover.”

    They're beings who changed from “what used to be a man” into a monster, but when it comes down to it, they're supposedly just golem family monsters produced from bones as a material, and for that reason, scholars have a divided opinion over whether or not this case of monsterization should actually be regarded as a sex change.

    CASE 11: Food (p94)

    [This pink fruit smells nice, and it's very sweet and tasty♪
    Huh..... There's some kind of nice smell coming from you too......
    Anyway, it seems very tasty...... ♥]

    A certain inn's sign girl [4] / human

    Food gatherable in Mamono Realms grows rich from absorbing mamono mana in abundance, and there is a variety of special produce made from it. The fruits, vegetables, livestock, and fish produced in mamono realms are all delicious and very highly nutritious compared to that of the human realms. However, since it contains plenty of mamono mana, if one eats the produce, again and again, she will eventually end up changing into a monster.

    Out of all the special produce, “prisoner fruit” is especially famous. Prisoner fruit is a heart-shaped fruit that ripens on mamono realm trees that is a lustrous pink color, almost like a gemstone. There is soft, milk-white pulp packed inside the skin that's so thin it's almost transparent, and poking it with a finger would cause sticky juice with a sweet fragrance to spill out, stirring the appetite. Upon eating the pulp, it would melt in the mouth-filling every inch of it with a mind-blowing sweetness. As the name suggests, this fruit has a powerful aesthetic effect. It is familiar among monsters as a standard dessert. By consuming this fruit, monsters' bodies grow more alluringly attractive so they can better “imprison” men.

    This fruit is a staple among monsters, but when humans eat it, it suddenly causes an extremely huge change in the body due to the effect of the mamono mana. If a human woman eats it, first the woman herself will become a “prisoner” of this sweet fruit. She'll become half dependent on it and end up seeking the fruit. When a human woman continues to eat this fruit, in the first stage, an ordinary beauty-enhancing effect is apparent, and each time the woman eats the fruit, she'll gradually change into the beautiful figure preferred by men.

    In the second stage, not only changes in looks, but also psychological changes begin to appear. Regardless of the woman's intentions, her behavior and gestures will naturally change into the kind that is preferred by men. Eventually, even her casual utterances and gestures will change to become arousing and seductive to men.

    Even her gestures when eating the fruit will become alluringly sensual. In the third stage, pheromones that attract men will start to be released from the woman's now beautiful body, and the men around her will already be becoming her “prisoners”. The woman herself will become extremely interested in men and sex. Her head will become full of desire for them, and her mind will be dominated by thoughts that are almost just as pink in color as the prisoner fruit. A woman in this state will sense a human man's essence as having almost the same sweet fragrance as the fruit, and men will appear as delicious as the fruit, or perhaps even more so. In the final stage, regardless of still being human, she will be under the control of thoughts characteristic of a monster, and she'll attempt to seduce and copulate with men, just like a monster. Once she's copulated with a man and obtained his essence, all of the mamono mana that had accumulated in her body from eating prisoner fruit up until then will blossom all at once, and she'll transform into a succubus.

    Women changed into monsters by this fruit tend to continue to eat it periodically even afterward. Perhaps for that reason, their power to “imprison” men is mighty, and sweet-smelling pheromones that imprison men are released from their body. Due to this, they're able to ensure that the men who become their husbands will be completely preoccupied with them even more so than other monsters.

    Additionally, while these fruits are easily obtainable in mamono realms, other than that, they also ripen in the trees of lands that are on the verge of becoming mamono realms, and monster merchants sell them. They're normally extremely hard to obtain for humans, especially people living in anti-monster states. In spite of a situation like that, there's no end to the number of people who become prisoners of the fruit and change into monsters. It is said that monster merchants slipping in disguised as humans who continue to provide the fruit at low cost are to blame.

    Non-Human Monsterization (p96)

    It's not just humans that change into monsters. mamono mana can change all kinds of races into monsters, and, at times, even gods and material objects. In this section, let's introduce that sort of monsterization of “non-humans” just a little bit.


    A type of people that live deep in the forests and build peculiar villages. They're also called “forest elves.” They are a pure and proud race, but they are hard-headed and stubborn. They are ascetic, and extremely negative towards sex and pleasure. They regard humans, monsters, and all things related to sex and pleasure as filthy and inferior, and they despise them. Since they have high magical energy, it's much more difficult for mamono mana to bind to them compared to humans, and monsterization is extremely gradual. They won't completely become monsters just from having sex with monsters. mamono mana arouses their bodies, eventually leading to a state where they have lewd desires and fantasies. Then, upon receiving a man's sperm, they completely change into monsters. Elves are sensitive to magical energy, and at the stage when one has been corrupted by mamono mana, everyone around will notice it, and banish them from the village, so chain monsterization and conversion of elven men into incubi rarely ever happens.

    After monsterization is completely finished, they become extremely lustful and lewd monsters, almost like a backlash or something, from everything until that point. When humans who think of sex and pleasure as dirty things change into monsters, in most cases, that hatred disappears, and they start to recognize it as a wonderful thing. But for most elves, sex and pleasure remain as filthy things along with humans. However, in a monster-like fashion, they start to deeply love those filthy humans. As if ashamed of how clean they had been until then, they wish to be defiled with filthy lust and milky white semen, falling to become a being just as filthy as their beloved men. For them, it is an unbearably joyous thing. Just as they were once proud of their purity, it is said they become proud of their filthy, indulgent lives as monster “elves.”

    Additionally, there is a matter that is often misunderstood. That is, even if “elves” change into monsters, they don't become “dark elves.” These two races were entirely separate from the beginning.


    A race that has extremely tiny bodies, and they are not monsters to begin with. They're a childish race that likes fun things. They spend every day playing and having fun. Since they are balls of magical energy, they are easily influenced by mamono mana. By playing with monsters that are childish like themselves, they get showered with mamono mana, and soon change into monsters. After becoming monsters, they still have the same childish appearance and still love to play, but in monster fashion, they end up mainly choosing human men as their playmates. And then, after being taught by their monster friends, or by their own monster instinct, they'll try out very pleasurable forms of play.

    They have tiny little bodies that look way too small for a man's penis to fit inside, but with a monster's durable body; they can swell up their stomach and receive a man's penis. It looks painful, but the fairies don't feel any pain. Even when they play in this state by having a man seize their tiny body and shove his cock in and out wildly, for them, the only thing induced by it is wild pleasure. Many fairies live in the Fairy Kingdom ruled by the Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen and fairies want to have more fun and experience more pleasure. Many monsters are accepted in the Fairy Kingdom, and the fairies are changing into monsters one after another. In the not too distant future, the Fairy Kingdom will become a Mamono Realm, and the fairies will all become a type of monster.


    Lesser divinities that are merciful and abstemious servants of the gods. Since they have extremely strong magical energy, they don't completely become monsters right away. Many of them retain the same sense of self, and when mamono mana induces lust and makes them do dirty things with human men, they just think of it as being part of an angel's duty to give happiness to people. In the same way that the Mamono Lord is connected to the monsters through mamono mana, the angels are connected to the Chief God through magical energy, and it is possible for angels to hear the voice of God.

    However, in the case where they become self-aware of their affection for human men, that magical link is usurped by the “Fallen God,” and their indecent desire for human men is made to swell. Once a man lusts for them, it is said they end up being reborn as “fallen angels,” servants of the Fallen God who just want to fall together as ever more indulgent, lewd beings.


    Mamono mana can corrupt even a god at times. “Poseidon, God of the Sea” and the “Fallen God” are gods that became monsters, and using their vast power, they have created Mamono Realms in other dimensions, changing the environment itself to make an ideal world appropriate for monsters to live in. If even more of the gods end up falling, the Mamono Lord's ideal world will be realized, and then the arrival of the end of the gods will be rapidly hastened.


    It is extremely rare for a mere beast to change into a monster. They will never change into monsters just from simply being showered with mamono mana. However, mamono mana reacts to love and lust, and it is extremely easy for it to become fused with those. For that reason, in the case of dogs and cats, etc. that are kept by humans and share a strong bond with their masters, a beast may change into a monster. Those who are called “kettoshii” and “kuushii” may have a humanoid appearance, but their forms are entirely covered in fur. Compared to other beastman type monsters, their appearance and biology are closer to that of beasts. From the time when they were merely beasts, they had a love for their master strong enough to change themselves into beasts, and a bestial desire to mate as male and female. They want more than anything to mate with their beloved master and bear his children.

    Material Objects

    Since material objects are inorganic, it is easy for mamono mana to dwell within them, especially things that were designed as receptacles for mamono mana, and human-shaped things. If there are more thoughts concentrated on an object, it becomes easier for mamono mana to dwell within it. “Golems” and “gargoyles,” etc. are also such with life within them. The magical material-type monsters are almost entirely fueled by the energy of human men. They maintain their bodies through sex with human men.

    Also, in Zipangu, spirits of things used and taken care of for a long time that have feelings of gratitude, or conversely, spirits of things that were abused and discarded that have feelings of resentment may manifest as “artifact spirits” and start moving. These result when the strong emotion dwelling within objects is fused with mamono mana, causing them to change into monsters. As for artifact spirits, in either case, their goal is “to be used” by humans. Of course, they can be used as ordinary tools, but after becoming monsters, they all obtain a devilish body without exception, and a bigger goal for them is to get human men to use their bodies and get off with them.

    In this way, various other living things besides humans may change into monsters. However, when they change into monsters, their race is fixed. If they're elves, then they change into “elf” monsters. If they're fairies, then they change into “fairy” monsters. Basically, even when an elf is bitten by a werewolf, they of course still change into “elves.” Unlike humans, they individually have strong magical energy within them, so that's one of the reasons why, but the reason why only humans can change forms into various monsters might also be because the current monsters have become closer to “human” than anything else so that they can couple with human men.

    Monsterization Profile: Monsterization Column (Page 98)

    Succubus By Default (p98)

    I think one can tell this from all the monsterization cases I've introduced so far, but in cases where the monsterization was not caused by a specific monster, such as case 2's essence erosion, case 3's external wounds, and case 11's food, etc., the result is by far mostly transformation into a succubus.

    This is because the current Mamono Lord belongs to the succubus family. Presently, the succubi are the core of the monsters. All monsters that are linked to the Mamono Lord via mamono mana possess “succubus' energy” in addition to their own race's energy.

    In the case where the mamono mana of several races is mixed together, the succubus' energy takes precedence. The mamono mana of other races is all taken in and converted into “succubus' energy”. For that reason, even though the mamono realm is full of the mamono mana of a diverse variety of monsters, it's still all basically that of the succubus. When a human woman is violated by the mamono mana of the mamono realm, or eats a fruit that was raised in the mamono realm, she'll naturally become a “succubus.”

    Additionally, if there isn't a diverse variety of monsters, and instead it's a concentration of just the same race and the mamono realm is full of just that race's mamono mana, or, the overwhelming majority of the pure mamono mana belongs to that race, in that case a human woman would transform not into a succubus, but into that race instead. In other words, if there were a mamono realm where only slimes and nothing but slimes lived, being violated by the mamono mana there, or eating the food grown there would cause a woman to transform into a “slime” instead of a “succubus”.

    Monsterization Due to Lilim (p98)

    As for monsterization caused by the Mamono Lord's daughters, the “lilim”, it is supposed that they can freely change a woman into any race as long as the monster is subordinate to the Mamono Lord. However, it's not that they can really change a human woman into “every race”.

    For example, it's impossible for them to change them into “angels” and “dark angels”, which were originally servants of the gods. It's also not possible to change them into “elves” and “fairies”, or elementals, which were not originally monsters to begin with. On the other hand, it is possible to change them into “dark elves” and “dwarves” although they weren't originally monsters either, because as of the present they only exist as monsters. Also, it's impossible to change them into “lilim” like themselves. Additionally, even a lilim with overwhelming mamono mana cannot easily change them into monsters such as “baphomet”, “echidna”, “dragon”. In the case of creating a highest-rank monster in this way, not only must the lilim herself use a vast amount of mamono mana, there are various conditions that the human woman being changed into a monster must satisfy, such as possessing a lot of mana to begin with, the direction of the woman's desires, strength, and other qualities. Only then is it possible to change them into one of these races.

    Since human women who can be changed into these races are extremely precious, when a lilim spots these women, she will aggressively attempt to change them into these monsters.

    Short Story - Until She Falls

    Until She Falls
    Story Info
    Title "Until She Falls"
    Author The Dullahan's Groom
    Translator OtherSideofSky
    Canon? No, alternate universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I Short Story - Until She Falls is provided free of charge. All credits for the materials within go to their respective authors. English translation provided by OtherSideofSky.

    Translation progress:

    First Draft - 12,139/12,139 (100%)

    Original host

    Originally from OtherSideofSky's blog

    Wiki re-host

    Until She Falls

    Afterword (Page 127)

    Well, I safely finished writing this time as well. While I was staying here in “Lescatie” writing, I was also attacked by many monsters, but my traveling companion, a Leanan Sidhe, held them off for me, so I somehow managed to avoid trouble.
    Currently, the only reason human forces and monster forces are almost evenly matched in the struggle is because of the present state of affairs with monsters generally prioritizing having sex with men above all else, and only monsterizing women if they feel like it. If “radicals” increase like the monsters living in this country, and the monsters begin aggressive invasions, mankind could face a dilemma.
    Well, I was originally supposed to be headed for Zipangu, what can I say, it seems I've become a wanted man, as expected. Somehow, I managed to slip through the Order's pursuers and take refuge here in Lescatie. I guess this time for sure I'll head for Zipangu. I may end up writing another volume after being chased somewhere else by the Order. As long as my life is safe, we'll meet again with the monsters in another book.

    - a certain wandering scholar of monsters

    How did you like reading this book?
    It looks like there aren't any more boys. I guess they're all off having fun with monsters somewhere.
    What about you? Oh, it looks like your body is getting hot somehow..... ♥
    Besides, that's a wonderful expression on your face.
    I put a spell on this book. A spell to change you into a wonderfully lewd girl..... you see. ♥
    Did you like it? Welcome to the world of monsters...

    - Mistress of Lescatie, Druella


    Translation notes and References

    1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 https://www.melonbooks.co.jp/detail/detail.php?product_id=15855
    2. "Pneumania" literally translates as "Spirit thirst disease"
    3. Translation note: There is a pun involving the kanji of the name, where the first character of the ordinary word for paradise is replaced with a character meaning “fall”, but the pronunciation remains identical.
    4. A "sign girl" is an attractive female employee used to draw attention to a shop
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