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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II: Mamono Realm Traveller's Guide

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II
    Book Information
    Release Date
    August 12th, 2012 (Comiket 82)[1]
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Kenkou Cross
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II (魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイドII)[1], sometimes subtitled the Mamono Realm Traveller's Guide (魔界自然紀行)[1], is one of the books in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series. Released in 2012, it follows on from Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens, describing in more detail the places, people, and practices of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world; this time focusing on the monsters' habitats, the Mamono Realms.


    The framing story of World Guide II takes up where Fallen Maidens left off: the Wandering Scholar was planning to head towards Zipangu from Lescatie after evading his Order pursuers. In this book he simply relates that "due to certain circumstances" he finds himself working with Saphirette Spherica, a dark matter monster girl and elemental covenanter, who is the main author of the book, while he confines himself to illustrations and making snide editorial comments inline. As a monster, Saphirette makes almost no pretensions towards unbiased fact-presenting and goes on various rambles about how great life in the mamono realm is, along with trying to use the book as a giant personal ad to attract a husband.

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    About the Author (p4)[edit]

    Saphirette, p4

    Saphirette Spherica was born in the impoverished human nation of Polove in the year XX90 ME. Born as a human, she spent her life living in the slums. Unhappy with the condition of her homeland, she aspired to study such subjects as geography and natural history. At the age of 14, she enrolled in Saint Welsple Academy, in the Order-aligned scholarly nation of Welsple, and became an apprentice scholar. In merely 2 years she obtained degrees in geography, natural history, and elemental studies. After graduation, she was scouted by the royal family, the academy, and others; but she turned them down and opted to travel the world. She became an elementalist, bound covenants with four elementals of the main elements, and tried to use their power to revive her dying homeland, only to fail. Also, she sought aid for her homeland from the Order of the Chief God, only to be refused; which is what led her to turn to being a mamono realm scholar. She charged into a mamono realm alone in order to change her elementals into monsterized elementals to save her homeland by converting it into a mamono realm. There, she encountered a dark matter that had just been born; she fused with it, and was reborn as a dark matter herself. After that, she changed her homeland into a mamono realm with the power of a dark matter, and it was revived as the mamono realm nation of Polove, a land rich in nature and full of high quality magical energy. Currently she is known as the mamono realm's genius scholar, and she is the leading expert in mamono realm studies. As an expert elementalist recognised by the elementalist association, she is actively conducting research and activities to save other barren lands besides her own country. Also, she is adamant about the necessity of education for monsters to improve their sex lives with human men, and is enthusiastically working to establish an educational institute. As of the present, it's a national policy of her country itself. In recent years, it's even become known as the scholarly mamono realm state of Polove. Additionally, she is still unmarried, and urgently looking for a husband.

    Her main works:

    • A Recommendation for Mamono Realm Conversion
    • How Polove was Saved by Becoming a Mamono Realm
    • An Obscene Study of Elementals for Monsters
    • 666 Ways to Live More Indecently

    Introduction (p8)[edit]

    Nice to meet you. I'm Saphirette Spherica, a mamono realm scholar. In this book, I will present three items: "Mamono Realm Handbook" so that everyone will like the mamono realm; “Elemental Handbook" wherein an author who is also an elementalist introduces the elementals that make up the mamono realm; “Mamono Realm World Guide” which introduces the benefits of the mamono realm, and the lifestyles of married couples, colored with more smiles and pleasure.

    The mamono realm tends to be mistaken as a terrifying place, but I'd be happy if you'd read this book, become a little bit interested in the mamono realm, and understand it.

    -Mamono Realm Scholar Saphirette Spherica

    The book this time is not authored by me, but by the mamono realm scholar Saphirette Spherica. This time I'll only be providing information and illustrations as a collaborator due to certain circumstances. She's a monster in body and spirit. She is very knowledgeable and capable, but she tends to write subjectively and emotionally. For that reason, allow me to clarify ahead of time that this publication is very biased towards the monsters' point of view. Furthermore, this book assumes you already have some knowledge about monsters. If I may be so bold, before you read this book, or at the same time as you read this book, I recommend you read “Monster Girl Encyclopedia I” which I have previously written.

    - A Certain Wandering Monster Scholar

    Mamono Realm Handbook (p13)[edit]

    Mamono Realms[edit]

    Distorted lands overflowing with the dense mamono mana of the succubi and other monsters are called “mamono realms.” The mamono mana that fills a mamono realm causes that land's earth, water, plants, and even animals to transform. In many mamono realms, the scenery is different from that of human realms, and plants and organisms that are unique to the mamono realm can be seen.

    The scenery of the mamono realm, with its ever-somber black earth that is illuminated by plants that glow blue and purple, and works of art that incite lust in humans and monsters and guide them towards sex may appear sinister or obscene to the human eye at times. However, the environment of the mamono realm which is even called “a world for monsters” is very comfortable, and an easy place to live for all monsters and the “incubi”, human men who were showered in mamono mana after having sex with monsters and changed into an existence that is more convenient for a monster's husband.

    Presently, all of the monsters have become female due to the influence of the “mamono lord”, a member of the succubus family possessing immense power. I think everyone is well aware of how they changed into having the nature of a succubus and beautiful forms close to that of human women. Because of this, the monsters which used to be fiends who could only perceive humans as prey and feasted on human flesh and blood, have now changed into “monster girls” who perceive human men as life partners, have sex with, and fall in love with them. A mamono realm is a convenient environment where monster girls and their incubi partners, lovers, and married couples, can have a more pleasurable, lewd, and happy sex life. Furthermore, the size of a mamono realm may vary from small-scale like the size of a village, to large scale, at the state level.

    Origins of the Mamono Realms[edit]

    Aside from the "mamono realms" that existed to begin with, there are normal lands that weren't mamono realms where humans live (noted as “human realms” from now on) that transformed into mamono realms due to various factors. The main causes of human realms changing into mamono realms are as follows: a national policy of co-existence with monsters, an influx of monsters due to a monster invasion, or an increase in monsters due to the monsterization of human women. Due to those reasons, the land becomes filled mamono mana. Monsters naturally release slight amounts of mamono mana from their bodies, and monsters with husbands will additionally release plenty of dense energy.

    If there's only one or two monsters, a tiny amount of energy is no big deal, but when many monsters gather together in the same place, such as in towns, etc. , and the monsters do nothing but have sex with their beloved husbands all the time, both the amount and quality of the energy released swells up in proportion. And then the vast amounts of dense mamono mana causes various things in a human realm to transform, and it changes into a mamono realm, a world where monsters can get off making love with their husbands.

    Additionally, there is a monster race that can single-handedly release enough energy to change a human realm into a mamono realm as long as they obtain a husband, Dark Matter, which is also the author's race, and the demonic princesses which lead the monsters and have the power to change human women into whatever kind of monster they please, the Lilim sometimes invade human realms on their own, etc. , so sometimes mamono realms are even born from just a single monster. Other than that, in some cases, the “four great elementals” that comprise nature itself such as earth, water, etc. change into monsters, and when they gain power by having sex with human men and transform into “dark elementals”, the earth or water, etc. changes into that of the mamono realm faster than the rest of the land, and from there, the entire land gets converted into a mamono realm.

    Furthermore, once the signs of conversion into a mamono realm begin to appear, there's pretty much no stopping the conversion. The mamono mana released by monsters that fills the air changes human women into monsters, and women who become monsters release even more energy. Before long, the air becomes teeming with mamono mana, and it seeps into the earth, water, etc. Fruits and vegetables that grow with the benefit of mamono mana-enriched earth and water, suck up energy from the earth, water, etc. and store it. Mamono realm crops will also appear. And from all that, human women will change into monsters. Once the signs of conversion appear, the process of the conversion of the land into a mamono realm rapidly speeds up due to a chain reaction of such violations of mamono mana.

    Naturally, conversion is an extremely joyous phenomenon to monsters and incubi. Especially monsters, since conversion is connected with having a fulfilling sex life with their husbands, many monsters can sensitively feel the signs of change, and their bosoms swell with anticipation at the prospect of the days full of pleasure and love that are to come. It's joyous to incubi in the same way, but unlike monsters, except for some who are adept at handling mamono mana, the signs are difficult for them to notice. Especially in the case of a gradual conversion, the first slight signs might just feel like: “Lately my bride has become cuter (more beautiful).” “Lately my body feels better. It's good feeling at night too.” It seems many of them become aware of it when the scenery around them first starts changing into that of a mamono realm.

    I'll describe it in detail later in another section, but during conversion, due to the influence of pervasive mamono mana, human women change into monsters, and human men change into incubi. During transformation, people sometimes temporarily feel like they're going mad, but up until now, negative health benefits, or bad influence to the human body and mind due to conversion haven't been confirmed. On the contrary, mamono mana is a vital energy that raises the longevity of living things just like the “essence” that humans possess. Since the earth is filled with that vital energy during conversion, it actually makes the human body rather more durable and healthier. The changes in the body due to becoming a monster or an incubus along with the amplification of one's life force often cures the illnesses that people had when they were human.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: Concerning bad influence to the human body, some would say monsterization is just that. Period. But from a monster’s point of view, it's not a bad thing. Pardon me.

    Environment of the Mamono Realms[edit]

    Atmosphere of the Mamono Realm[edit]

    Monsters naturally release a slight amount of energy from their body. They will release a greater amount of higher density energy after having sex with their husband. For this reason, the atmosphere of the mamono realm is always full of fresh mamono mana.

    The layer of high density mamono mana in the atmosphere of the mamono realm blocks out sunlight and causes it to be dark during the day, and at night, the moon seen through this layer of energy appears crimson and illuminates the mamono realm. The mamono mana in the air has the property of glowing when illuminated by the crimson moon, and at night, surreal demonic light like that of a bright firefly hangs in the air. The towns of the mamono realm illuminated by this surreal demonic light never sleep, just like an entertainment district. In the mamono realm, it's brighter at night than it is during the day. Furthermore, the plants and animals of the mamono realm, including monsters and incubi, can live without sunlight, so it's not harmful to them in any way.

    The air of the mamono realm filled with thick mamono mana feels different to humans and monsters (including incubi), and affects their bodies in completely different ways. For humans, the thick mamono mana in the mamono realm's air is a bit too much. The air of the mamono realm probably feels stagnant and heavy. The air that enters the human body through respiration is saccharine, and it gradually robs people of their reason and ability to think. Eventually, the head gets fuzzy, and the body flushes feverishly. Meanwhile, they become elated and experience arousal before ultimately going mad with lust. Human women who have gone through it are already like half-monsters psychologically, and their mind is full of obscene desires. In this state, they will either gradually change into “succubi” and assault human men, or give in to their burning desire and hotly flushing body, and assault and have sex with human men, in which case they will suddenly change into “succubi” because of the essence obtained. And then, after being assaulted by women such as them and other monsters who lived in the mamono realm to begin with and absorbing lots of mamono mana, men will lose the will to resist. Not only that, in some cases, men will have sex with them of their own free will and change into incubi.

    In the case of monsters, it's just the opposite. The air of the mamono realm feels fresh and refreshing. The sensation is very similar to the way humans that live in towns sense the air of the countryside, and forest, etc. The air is filled with mamono mana, which is a vital energy. It activates the body of monsters who inhale it. Monsters become more uninhibited when it comes to sex and pleasure because of this, and they'll end up trying to aggressively assault and mate with men. ( In the case of incubi, it activates their body in the same way, increasing desire for their monster wife). For humans, the air is like an aphrodisiac, but for monsters, it's something that makes them more sexually aggressive, yet doesn't “drive them mad”. That's not to say that it doesn't have an aphrodisiac effect on monsters. It's just that monsters are always full of sexual desire, and always want their husband. Their ordinary life is full of sex and pleasure, so an aphrodisiac effect to this degree doesn't even register to them, so they don't go crazy and lose the ability to think at all. For this reason, even living in the mamono realm, they are still able to do other life activities besides sex and they can work. It's also possible to endeavor in studies and research, like the author.

    When a human woman showered in mamono mana changes into a monster, in most cases, she changes into the same kind of monster as the owner of that mamono mana. Although we refer to it indiscriminately as “mamono mana”, to be more precise, the energy possessed by werewolf monsters is “werewolf energy”. The energy possessed by “slime” monsters is “slime energy”. For example, a human woman who received werewolf energy in her body would transform into a werewolf. However, monsterization caused by the above written air generally causes human women to change into “succubi”. This is because various races are residents of the mamono realm, and the mamono mana in the air also a mix of many different energies. Currently every race of monsters is under the influence of the mamono lord, who is a “succubus”. They are connected with the mamono lord through mamono mana, and they have a portion of the mamono lord's mamono mana inside of their body. For that reason, all mamono mana also includes “succubus energy”, and there is also plenty of succubus energy floating in the air. Perhaps because they're related to the current mamono lord, succubus' energy is even more powerful than other mamono mana. When mamono mana leaves the bodies of two different races of monsters and mixes together, the succubus' energy contained in both wins. There is a law that all other energy is taken in and converted into succubus' energy. For this reason, monsterization caused by breathing the air of the mamono realm generally results in a “succubus”.

    However, although it is extremely rare, there is an exception in the case of mamono realms that are inclined towards just one race. For example, in a mamono realm inhabited by only werewolves, the mamono mana in the air would be predominantly werewolf energy, and it would win over succubus energy, therefore women monsterized by the air of this world would end up changing into werewolves.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: Even without the mamono realm air, it's like the monsters just always lust for their husband. Also, even if the air of the mamono realm doesn't drive them mad, the scent of their husband's essence in the air does drive many of the monsters mad.

    Water of the Mamono Realm[edit]

    Just like in the human world, the mamono realm's water is necessary for most life. It is clear and transparent just like the water of the human world, however in areas with high concentrations of mamono mana, it can appear to have a pinkish tinge. Also, it's a bit thicker than the water of the human world.

    Mamono mana is abundant in the mamono realm's water. As was the case with air, when humans and monsters absorb the water, the effects are vastly different. To humans, the water feels like a liquid that's thick and syrupy like honey. There is a gradual aphrodisiac effect, but compared to the air which causes the body to flush, this works from inside the body, or rather, the body's core. Especially in human women, it causes the womb to become very hot and throb, seeking a man. Additionally, it causes reason and the capacity for normal thought to be melted away by mamono mana, even more so than in the case of the air. Thoughts will become syrupy with lust like the mamono realm's water. And then eventually, they will change into succubi adapted for the mamono realm.

    In contrast, to monsters, the water has a bit of thickness, but it feels fresh, the feeling when it goes down the throat is nice, and it's just barely sweet. Furthermore, monsters who drink it feel like the inside of their body is refreshed as well as their throat. Whether in the human world or the mamono realm, there is essence and mamono mana released by humans and monsters floating in the air. Monsters can get a slight amount of it just by breathing it in and absorbing it in their body. It's because the mamono realm's water has the effect of aiding in melting down and absorbing extraneous mamono mana that was taken into the body but still hasn't been absorbed by their own energy. In this way, scraps of energy are washed from the body, resulting in a refreshing feeling.

    Plus, this is what's vital to the monsters. If they wash away all excess essence and mamono mana before absorbing essence, then that excess won't interfere, and they can fill their body with only the essence of their beloved husband. Many monsters always use this water to purify the inside of their body before using their mouth to get their husband's semen.

    The pink water of lakes where “undine” who changed into dark elementals live has a particularly potent effect, and it makes their husband's essence, which already tastes good to begin with, become mind-blowingly good. It's popular with most monsters, and is distributed as “Undine Spring Water” not only within the mamono realm, but outside of it as well.

    Undine Spring Water[edit]

    Main article: Undine Spring Water

    Lake water that received the blessing of fallen “undine” water elementals. The effect of the mamono realm's water that aids in the absorption of excess mamono mana within the body is enhanced, and it has a reputation for making the essence of one's husband taste more delicious. It is said that monster wives buy it up whenever it comes in stock. Incidentally, it can also be used to replenish energy, or heal. Additionally, bathing in the mamono realm's water aids the absorption of excess mamono mana stuck on the body in the same way, and it can cleanly wash it away, so many monsters take a bath and clean their body as preparation before having sex in order to improve sex with their husband. The hot water in bathhouses made in mamono realm cities is also made from the water of the mamono realm, so many monster married couples enjoy bathing together. Furthermore, for monsters, washing away excess energy causes their womb to throb, and also has the effect of preparing them for intercourse with a man, but for the same reason as in the case of the mamono realm's air, monsters don't get so aroused that they go out of their minds from this water.

    Earth of the Mamono Realm[edit]

    The Mamono Realm's earth and soil stores energy that pours down from the mamono realm's air, and energy carried by the mamono realm's water, so it is extremely rich in mamono mana. Out of all the elements of nature, it stores the highest concentration of mamono mana. This is one of the things that really infuriates me, but according to the scholar of monsters, the anti-monster organization, “the order of the chief god”, and some humans have been spreading rumors or acknowledging the idea that the mamono realms are barren lands, and that they have desolate wastelands, poisonous swamps, etc., but they're mistaken, and it's totally wrong. The mamono realm's earth is rich in mamono mana, in other words, nutrients. Plants and crops peculiar to the mamono realm grow and bear great fruits for all the living things of the mamono realm. In the land of the mamono realm covered in demonic black soil, there are trees that are different from those of human realm. They are black with crooked shapes, having green and blue leaves that shine in the moonlight, bright shining flowers that bloom in profusion, and bright colored, colorful fruit. It's a place overflowing with the rich fruits of life and nature, even more so than the human world.

    Additionally, the scenery described above often looks ominously eerie to humans, but the sense of monsters and incubi is different from that of humans, and it feels extremely beautiful to them.

    The mamono realm's soil which contains an abundance of mamono mana is best suited for the plants of the mamono realm which rely on mamono mana as a nutrient for growth. There is plenty of energy in the soil, and the more rich it is, the better the crops of the mamono realm grow. Plant type monsters such as “alraune (encyclopedia I p.34)” and “mandragora (encyclopedia I p.36) “ also grow into stronger, more lascivious individuals. In order to enrich the soil, it's important for the mamono realm to increase the mamono mana present, raising its quality and density. In other words, monster married couples and lovers who live in the mamono realm must have more sex so that the monsters can release larger amounts of more potent mamono mana, and being deeply in love is the most important thing to make the mamono realm's earth richer.

    Demonic Lamp Flower[edit]

    Main article: Demonic Lamp Flower

    A flower that lives all over the mamono realm. In the mamono realm these flowers are extremely popular. They have light, pale colored petals with the property of storing mamono mana from the air and glowing faintly. Many of the plants of the mamono realm are queer or ominous, but these plants are still beautiful even from the human perspective, which is a rarity. Especially at night when lots of demon light flowers are glowing in flowerbeds. They're a famous part of the mamono realm, and popular with both humans and monsters. Because of their beauty, they are taken out of the mamono realm and sold in the human world. The flowers themselves don't have the effect of driving humans mad with lust or changing humans into monsters. They were thought of as a safe plant, but in recent years, we've come to understand that they cause a kind of hypnotic effect, and that caused an uproar in scientific circles. If humans continue to view these flowers after being mesmerized, they will then naturally be drawn towards things that include mamono mana, in other words, things that induce monsterization such as the mamono realm's water, fruits, drugs, etc. In the case of men, it is supposed that they will more easily be charmed by the monsters themselves. That sort of trait hasn't been confirmed in the demon light flowers that live in the mamono realm. According to one theory, once they are taken out of the mamono realm, they can no longer get mamono mana from the air, so they make their owners bring objects infused with mamono mana so they can get it somehow. It may be the case that they have this feature so that if possible, they'll have their owner become a monster, or they'll make their owner bring a monster, so that they can perpetually gain mamono mana.

    Varieties of the Mamono Realm[edit]

    Mamono realm is a “general term” for special lands that changed to be convenient for monsters to inhabit. Many humans and monsters just use the term “mamono realm” without making any minute distinctions. Only a fraction of scholars and intellectuals use the official classifications that have been distinguished, but actually, mamono realms can be divided into several varieties.

    Dark Mamono Realm[edit]

    These are orthodox and generally well-known. It's always dark during the day, and the red moon rises at night. The land is colored with black soil, and ominous blue and purple plants, etc. It's the most common type of mamono realm out of all of them. A mamono realm becoming of a mamono realm.

    The term “mamono realm” often generally indicates this type of mamono realm. The scenery that has been described in the items of this book up to this point, and that which will be introduced in items after this is mainly that of the “dark mamono realm”. The mamono realms that originally existed were almost entirely of this type. Most of the mamono realms that are distorted human lands are also this kind of mamono realm.

    When there is a monster invasion, or a huge influx of monsters all at once in a land previously uninhabited by monsters, in the case of sudden geographic transformation brought on by the previously mentioned “dark matter”, etc. or in the case that the majority of the monster inhabitants are demon or undead type, most of these lands will become dark mamono realms. Compared to the “light green mamono realm” to be introduced in the following item, the concentration of mamono mana is extremely high, so mamono realm crops are rich in variety and easy to grow, and monsters can just spend their days in depravity with their beloved husband. The mamono mana released from that is absorbed causing the crops to grow rapidly. Also, animals and ore peculiar to the mamono realm that are highly sought after among monsters are produced. However, one hardly ever sees the normal fruits and vegetables that are found in the human world. Even if one tries to grow them, they mostly distort into the crops of the mamono realm. There is a highly condensed mamono mana in the air and water, etc. It's the best environment for spending one's days having sex with her husband, so it's ideal to monsters. If one wants to lead a more obscene, pleasurable, hedonistic lifestyle, this kind of mamono realm is recommended.

    Bright Green Mamono Realm[edit]

    These only started to spring forth in recent years, but they are a peculiar kind of mamono realm that are increasing at a staggering rate. Unlike “dark mamono realms”, the sky is bright blue during the day, and the brilliant light of the sun illuminates the earth. The ashen earth that receives sunlight is covered with green plants. Mamono realms that have scenery which is hardly different from that of the human world in this way are called “bright green mamono realms”. In the case of monster friendly states which co-exist with monsters, and some parts of the Zipangu region, etc. that gradually change into mamono realms, or in the case of mamono realms where the monster inhabitants are mostly races originating in nature such as beast man type or plant type, it seems to be easier for them to become one of these bright green mamono realms.

    Even though they're all beastman type, in the case where there are many holstaurs and weresheep, etc., it will be easy for the land to become a bright green mamono realm, but lands under the rule of races that prefer a hedonistic lifestyle such as Youko will generally become dark mamono realms, etc., so we can't say this as a rule.

    Compared to dark mamono realms, the mamono mana in the air is somewhat thinner, and it's just a bit more difficult to grow mamono realm produce, but most normal crops that existed in the human world to begin with can grow without being distorted by mamono mana, so mamono realm crops and human world crops are in a state of coexistence. Additionally, the soil of the mamono realm contains more nutrients compared to that of the human world, so even human world crops are extremely easy to grow. However, on the other hand, animals and ores peculiar to the mamono realm can hardly ever be spotted.

    Most of the bright green mamono realms have an idyllic, quiet atmosphere. This kind of mamono realm is recommended for couples that want to take it slow while living in harmony and having sex.

    Yet, only monsters and incubi can take it easy in these realms, not humans. Even though these bright green mamono realms almost look the same as the human world, they are mamono realms through and through on the inside. I previously mentioned that the mamono mana in the air was a bit thin, but that's only in contrast with the dark mamono realm. Just like that of the dark mamono realm, the air and water drives humans mad with lust. The mamono mana is more than thick enough to gradually convert humans into monsters and incubi.

    Other than those with a lot of magical energy such as sorcerers, etc. , the average human can't tell these mamono realms apart from the human world at a glance. There are even tales of those who don't realize that they themselves have become incubi while living among the incubi residents who look in no way abnormal. For that reason, it seems that a lot of humans from the order of the chief god enter these mamono realms without realizing it, and easily change into incubi and monsters.

    Furthermore, there are a few differences from the human realm other than the fact that mamono realm crops are produced. As in dark mamono realms, when night falls, the mamono mana in the air illuminated by the moonlight glows, dancing fantastically in mid-air. This beautiful light is fainter and weaker compared to that of the dark mamono realms, so it looks just like real fireflies, including the way that it floats.

    Spirit Realm[edit]

    The realms known as “spirit realms” are peculiar even amongst the mamono realms. As the name suggests, they are mamono realms that exist in another dimension. Most of them were created in new dimensions by gods or monsters with vast power rivaling that of a god. The holy land of the fallen angels that was created by the fallen god, “pandemonium”, and the “mysterious kingdom” full of mystery and pleasure created by a certain lilim, etc. are all categorized as “spirit realms”. Since they aren't connected by land, it's normally impossible to enter or leave one of these realms by walking. The method of entry varies depending on each individual spirit realm, but peculiar spells, rituals, portals (teleportation spells), or the assistance of a specific race are necessary.

    It's normal to love one's own husband more than anything, and to prefer to have sex with one's husband, but many of the monsters of the spirit realms have peculiar culture, ideology, and values that are different from that of normal monsters, and the scenery and nature of these mamono realms is also vastly different from that of the above mentioned dark mamono realm and light green mamono realm. There is also peculiar produce that can only be found in these mamono realms. You would think that these places would be cut off from the outside world, but there is a surprising amount of travel back and forth and intermingling with other mamono realms. There is active cultural exchange and exportation and importation of products, and I hear that many monsters travel to these sort of spirit realms on their honeymoon.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: Many couples who like a spirit realm (especially the sex that happens in the spirit realm) remain permanent residents. Also, I hear that there is a branch of Sabbath in most spirit realms.

    Royal Mamono Realm[edit]

    An immense mamono realm that can even be said to be the main stronghold of the monsters. The mamono lord's citadel, “mamono lord's castle” is located there. In its center there is a city centered around the enormous mamono lord's castle which is more enormous than any other city in all the human world and mamono realms. Technically it's classified as one of the dark mamono realms. The scenery is also mostly the same, but perhaps because of the mamono lord's presence, the mamono mana is so highly condensed that a normal dark mamono realm doesn't even compare. It goes without saying that ordinary humans cannot resist monsterization, but not even veteran heroes can. The monsters that dwell in this mamono realm filled with the greatest mamono mana grow even more powerful and lustful than the monsters of other mamono realms which are in turn more powerful than the monsters in the human world, plus, as previously mentioned, the air has the greatest concentration of mamono mana, so humans who enter this mamono realm are definitely not coming back out as humans.

    The royal mamono realm is also called “deepest part of the mamono realm”, but there is much intermingling with other mamono realms, and monster-friendly states, etc. that is, all countries except the anti-monster states under the control of the Order's forces. There are various amusement facilities such as an enormous art gallery, a colosseum, etc. and the magical research institute which is owned by Sabbath.

    There are also overwhelmingly huge shopping districts, etc. that can't all be seen during a single stay, so there are lots of visitors from outside. The mamono lord also seems to value cultural exchange with every mamono realm, every nation, and every region. While the Order's soldiers desperately march on, portals (teleportation spells) are periodically being set up that connect to each mamono realm and monster-friendly state.

    I recommend living there permanently, but even if that's not your intent, I recommend that you at least go there once with your husband and see it.

    Elemental Handbook (p23)[edit]

    See also: Elementalism

    Elementals are concentrations of the elements of the natural world such as water, fire, wind, and earth that have taken form. The above mentioned four elements are called “The Four Great Elements”, and they are regarded as the four main elements that comprise nature. The existence of the elementals of “The Four Great Elements”: Undine, Ignis, Sylph, and Gnome, who are also called “The Four Great Elementals”, has a huge influence on nature. They are the embodiment of nature itself, and if these elementals did not exist, water would dry up, the world would become extremely cold absent of warm flames, and it would become a world of death without the wind blowing, and plants would not sprout from the earth. In this way, elementals are beings that are distinct from other organisms such as humans and monsters.

    In this section, the author, who is a mamono realm scholar as well as an elementalist, will introduce topics mainly related to how the elementals affect nature interspersed with her actual experiences.

    Pure Elementals[edit]

    “Pure elementals”, which may simply be referred to as “elementals” along with other types of elementals, are high concentrations of the elements of the natural world that gather and take form. They are the earliest stage and weakest of the elementals. Elementals are also treated as monsters, but the pure elementals are still at the stage where they haven't changed into monsters, and they don't possess mamono mana.

    They are very cunning and intelligent, it's possible for them to converse with humans and monsters, and they also have emotions. However, they don't have a body, and pure elementals are unable to touch other objects and organisms. Conversely, other organisms are also unable to touch elementals. They have no gender, and they may appear in forms such as flickering flames, or floating orbs of water, which are unstable and unfixed. They are very vague existences.

    Pure elementals are born in lands that are rich in their corresponding element. An undine would be born in lakes or rivers rich with pretty water. An ignis would be born in a searing desert, or volcanic region. A sylph would be born in windy mountains. A gnome would be born in places such as forests with rich soil and plant life, or caves rich with ore. On the contrary, elementals don't exist in places where such elements are scarce. For example, undine wouldn't exist in places such as lands with contaminated water or dry deserts and wastelands. Ignis wouldn't exist in snow country covered in ice and snow throughout the year, or in the middle of the ocean. Sylph wouldn't exist in caves where no wind blows. Gnome wouldn't exist in barren wastelands with polluted soil, etc. Elementals are not born in such places, and even if an elemental born in another place where the land is rich happened to move there, it would lose its power and grow extremely weak.

    Pure elementals are proof of the abundance of nature, and at the same time, just by existing, they have the power to enrich nature with their corresponding element. For example, an undine water elemental has the power to maintain the purity of water and enrich it with nutrients just by existing. However, the elementals themselves can only use their power in accordance with nature. Even if a water elemental can purify water, it can't do something like attacking another organism with jets of water, and even if an earth elemental can enrich the soil and spur the growth of plants, it can't do something like piling up dirt to make a wall. However, it's another story if we take elementals that have formed covenants with “elementalists” into consideration. Elementals can form covenants with humans that they can really trust and grant them their power. By using the power instead of the elementals, these humans called “covenanters” become able to freely use the power of nature, even in forms that are not in accordance with nature such as powerful attack magic, etc. However, even elementals that have formed a covenant with an elementalist do of course grow extremely weak in desolate lands where their corresponding element is scarce. The elementalists also become unable to use their power. In other words, even with the power of an elementalist, with pure elementals, it's impossible to do something like creating a water source in a desiccated land.

    As an aside, my homeland was a country extremely scarce in the elements of the natural world. There were no elementals whatsoever, the wind stopped, it was a struggle just to obtain water, and there was an expanse of barren wastelands where crops could hardly be grown. Both the people and the state were utterly destitute. We requested aid from the order of the chief god, but we were refused, perhaps because my country had no resources, and was of no strategic value whatsoever geographically. My attempt at healing the land with pure elementals also ended in failure. So then I, who was originally a human and an apprentice scholar of the order, set my sights on becoming a scholar of monsters. That's what lead me to change the four pure elementals I had formed a covenant with into “mamono elementals” as mentioned below.

    Mamono Elementals[edit]

    Mamono elementals, which may simply be referred to as “elementals” along with other types of elementals, are what results when pure elementals become fused with mamono mana and transform. Since the pure elementals, which are a mass of the elements of the natural world, are like a mass of magical energy, it's also easy for them to become fused with mamono mana, and if they visit a mamono realm, or are showered in mamono mana by a monster, they can easily change into one of these mamono elementals.

    By becoming monsters, they obtain a gender and a body. All mamono elementals are female just like monsters, and they have a gorgeous body that closely resembles that of a human woman. By having a body, they become able to interfere with objects and organisms, and they can also have sex with human men, which is the top priority of a monster. Even as pure elementals that lacked a body, they used to take a great interest in, and have a strong yearning for the physical romantic and sexual relations of humans and monsters.

    With the addition of the monster's instinct which takes root, that interest and yearning blossoms, and mamono elementals will greatly desire human men. For an elemental, the warmth of her beloved man obtained during sex, the mind-blowing pleasure her body experiences, and the sweet taste of essence are all things she never could have even experienced as a pure elemental, and many elementals experience deep emotions and a powerful shock the first time they have sex. For them, it becomes the greatest delight.

    Due to mamono mana, the elements of the natural world, which they possessed to begin with, increase in amount and quality. By obtaining a man's essence, they swell up even further, so they possess great power that far exceeds that of pure elementals. Unlike pure elementals, they can use the elements in ways that are not in accordance with nature and exercise their power even without a covenanter.

    Their influence over nature is also further strengthened, and those who depend on nature for survival including humans and monsters can receive even greater blessings. Naturally, the power exercisable by an elementalist who formed a covenant with them also grows proportionally greater. A covenant with them, the mamono elementals, is formed through sexual intercourse with the covenanter. Elemental power is also transferred to the spell caster through the same method, and it flows from the elemental's body into the spell caster's body through sexual intercourse. For that reason, when casting elemental magic, it is necessary to have sex with them beforehand, or have sex with them on a daily basis to enter a state in which elemental power always dwells within the caster's body.

    The elementals in their mamono form.

    Also, unlike pure elementals which use the elements that exist in nature to maintain their body, the mamono elementals are able to increase and replenish the elements within their body through obtaining a man's essence. For that reason, as long as they have plenty of sex with a man, they can be as active as normal and exercise their power even in lands that are lacking in their corresponding element. Because of this, what was impossible for pure elementals becomes possible for them. By bringing mamono elementals from outside to a desolate land, it is possible to increase the elements and restore nature. For this reason, it has become possible to save those people who suffer in harsh environments. As I touched upon in the section about pure elementals, my homeland is also one of the countries that was saved by mamono elementals. Since mamono elementals are monsters, they are opposed by the order, and there are frequent rebellions from within and without, but the “elementalist association”, which is a group of elementalists, is improving the land using the power of mamono elementals, conducting research and making efforts for the salvation of people, and actively dispatching elementalists.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: The main author of this book ventured into the mamono realm along with her elementals in order to change them into mamono elementals, but it seems that she encountered a Dark Matter monster at that time, and the author herself also ended up becoming a dark matter monster. I think it's mentioned later, but dark matters are monsters that have the power to change lands in the human world into mamono realms all on their own. In other words, the reason the author's homeland was saved might not actually have much to do with the elementals...

    As previously mentioned, it's debatable whether or not the transformation of pure elementals into mamono elementals is a good thing. Opinions are divided even amongst elementalists and those of the “elemental faith” who worship the elementals as gods. Some humans believe that they have “fallen as monsters”, while many others insist that it is “the evolution of elementals”. However, most of the elementals themselves are very pleased at becoming mamono elementals, and most would welcome it. Especially those who were employed by elementalists.

    Many of them had been in love with their master and yearned for physical fraternization. As a matter of fact, they do have a tendency to strongly desire and enjoy even more such as skin to skin contact and sex in the same way as other monsters.

    Also, in the case that the covenanter was a woman, out of love for their covenanter, the mamono elementals will have sex with her and pour magical energy * into her with the intent of changing her into a succubus so that she can taste devilish pleasure as they themselves do.

    This magical energy is the same as the energy of the pure elementals, but of course it seems that a human can't change into an elemental, as they are the embodiments of nature itself. Since the elementals are also linked with the mamono lord via energy, the energy of a succubus is contained inside their energy, and it seems this is what causes their covenanter to change into a succubus.

    Furthermore, even after changing their covenanter into a succubus, elementals will remain in a close union with her. When the covenanter goes to assault a human man, they will join in the assault, join in and have sex with the same man, and end up loving the same man. As an aside, I'm also one of those monsters that's seeking a single man for herself and her four mamono elementals. However, to my embarrassment, I had never even been in a romantic affair before becoming a monster, and when my homeland became a mamono realm, most of the men in my country were carried off by other monsters while I was finishing a report about the results of research into mamono realm conversion.

    Since the same thing keeps happening over and over, my elementals and I still don't have a husband yet even as of the present. As a monster, it's a matter of life or death. My elementals are also at the limit of what they can bear, and I myself am in a condition of wetting pillows and tentacles day after day. And so, if I may be so bold, I'm going to use this book to recruit a husband. Though it is brazen, first of all, a man who could pour love and essence into me and my four elementals equally would be ideal.

    Also, perhaps because I'm a dark matter, I have this bad habit. I constantly seek pleasure, go wild with lust, and lose concentration, but on the other, my head works better than usual while experiencing pleasure. So as of the present, I work my energy tentacles hard while I'm reading books and putting my research in order. For that reason, I'd be even more pleased if my husband would tease my body while gently hugging me from behind, or thrust from below in the woman-on-top-position and become like my chair when I'm reading books and doing research. And also, though I am verbose when writing, I'm extremely nervous when actually meeting someone face to face and chatting, and I must admit I'm rather taciturn. So, I'd prefer a person who would gently pat my head, hug me, kiss me, and then push me over, and make me feel really good if I affectionately leaned close to him without saying a word.

    This ended up becoming a little bit long, but if there's a man who would become my husband, by all means, please drop by the mamono realm state of “Polove” right away. I'm eagerly waiting along with my elementals.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: That was way more than a “little bit long.” Also, if she was going to do an advertisement, she should have explicitly made that clear in the article.

    Dark Elementals[edit]

    “Dark Elementals”, which may simply be referred to as “elementals” along with other types of elementals, are mamono elementals that have had sex with their covenanters a countless number of times and stored up vast power within their body by taking in vast amounts of essence. They are the highest rank beings among the elementals, and compared to mamono elementals, they have overwhelming power. Their abilities are ranked among the highest of all monsters including those other than elementals.

    Dark elementals that have succumbed to demonic taint and been completely absorbed by swollen mamono mana have a monstrous nature that is stronger than their elemental nature, and their alluringly lewd beauty is polished. Part of their body is stained with darkness, and they have a lascivious and monster-like expression on their face that is full of love and pleasure.

    When the elementals which are the embodiment of nature succumb to demonic taint, it's the same as the demonic corruption of all the natural world in the region around them. Dark elementals return elements that include vast amounts of their condensed mamono mana back to locations corresponding with the various elements of the natural world, changing nature itself into that of the mamono realm. (Example: In the case that an undine became a dark elemental, the water would change into the water of the mamono realm.)

    If there is a single dark elemental, part of the natural world will begin changing into a mamono realm. Water seeps into the earth, the earth cultivates crops, and people eat the crops. If a part of the natural world becomes a mamono realm, then mamono mana will also flow into other parts and spread in that way. The people who live there will end up changing into monsters and incubi. And if the monsters increase, the monsters release mamono mana into the air that further accelerates the process of the conversion of nature into a mamono realm, and eventually, everything is tainted by mamono mana and a rich mamono realm will be completed. Even after becoming dark elementals, they still readily possess the elemental's peculiar ability to enrich nature, but dark elementals enrich the nature of the mamono realm, rather than the human world.

    Dark elementals possess an extremely powerful nature as monsters, they are far more lustful compared to mamono elementals, and their heads are filled with nothing but thoughts of having sweet sex with their covenanter for days. They experience the greatest joy when their body is overflowing with their covenanter's essence and their heart, body, and the inside of their head are all stained in the color of their covenanter.

    To that end, they will continue to have sex with their covenanter day after day, and wield the power to enrich nature that elementals possess to the fullest extent, and the mamono realm will grow richer and more hedonistic. As far as elementals are concerned, they themselves are beings that are one in body and soul with nature. When they see the nature of the mamono realm growing rich and becoming full of mamono mana, they tremble with great joy because they realize it means that their own body is also becoming full of the essence of their covenanter. Also, after becoming a dark elemental, since changes occur that make them even more like monsters than elementals, their reproductive functioning is enhanced, and not only do they obtain essence, it becomes possible for them to bear the offspring of a human man.

    Big changes appear not only in them, but in the nature that's under the influence of the dark elementals. Before then, “nature” was an existence that was “impartial to everyone”. Whether it was a rock that dropped into a lake, or a human child unable to swim, they would both sink to the bottom of a lake equally. If a volcano erupted, lava would mercilessly swallow and incinerate towns and forests equally, and that's “nature”. However, when nature is under the rule of dark elementals, it becomes very “partial to humans and monsters” compared with before. With “nature partial to humans and monsters”, if a child that can't swim falls into a lake, an unnatural jet of water will occur and pull the child up to the shore. If a volcano erupts, then the lava will flow in a way that avoids towns and other such places where people and monsters live. It's not that the dark elementals are intentionally helping out. Unbeknownst to them, nature is doing it on its own. This is because of an effect that occurs when the elementals which embody nature itself become dark elementals, gain power, and become partial to humans and monsters. We can say it is proof of the enormity of dark elementals and their huge influence over nature.

    As an example, I'll introduce an incident that actually happened. Even when a certain soldier of the radical faction of the order of the chief god dumped huge amounts of poison in the mamono realm's water source, I heard that it was instantly purified by nature, and the incident ended without anything terrible happening. Furthermore, that soldier of the order was deliciously devoured by monsters near the water source.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: This is an incident that occurred in the same land, but when a mischievous Imp of a certain mamono realm pilfered an extra concentrated undiluted solution of aphrodisiac from Sabbath and dumped it in the water source, not only was it not purified, it was infused with mamono mana and the aphrodisiac compound was made even more potent and carried steadily downstream. I heard the entire mamono realm ended up in a horrific state. From this incident, we can surmise that the basis of the judgment of nature which is partial to humans and monsters is actually decided based on the same kind of values as the embodiment of nature itself, the dark undine. Furthermore, a nearby village was deliciously devoured by the unfortunate unmarried monsters, and it became part of the mamono realm.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar 2: Monsters have extremely tough bodies compared to humans, and they also have a high amount of vitality. After all, many of them have a different body composition to begin with. This story is cruel for the soldier of the order who sacrificed himself in a certain sense, but even if he had been successful, and the poison was carried downstream, poison that is potent enough to kill a human would have at most caused the entire mamono realm to be swallowed in a vortex of stomach pain...

    Dark Matter is also the author's race, but even though they were originally monsters and not elementals, they are sometimes classified as a type of dark elemental. Dark matters don't have “pure elemental” or “mamono elemental” forms, but there are several reasons why we can think of them as a kind of dark elemental, and they have a lot of points in common with elementals.

    For one thing, dark matters are comprised only of pure mamono mana in the same way that elementals are comprised of masses of pure elements. According to this explanation, an element is a type of magical energy. We can say that mamono mana is “the mamono element” or “the element of darkness”, and thus a dark matter which is purely made up of those pure elements is an elemental of darkness. Another thing is that they possess the power to enrich nature. In the same way as elementals which can have sex with a man, store up power, and return the elements to enrich nature, a dark matter can also store up power by having sex with a man and return mamono mana to enrich the mamono realm. And lastly, they can grant the power of the element they possess to a covenanter. To be frank, a covenant is the marital sex of a human and elemental couple, and frankly, a covenanter is also the beloved husband of an elemental. If we think about it like that, then we can say that it is a “covenant” when a dark matter assaults and has sex with a man. And a dark matter grants her own power to the man who became her beloved husband, or rather, “covenanter”. Men who become covenanters become able to freely manipulate the black object, a mass of mamono mana which is regarded as the element of darkness, which dark matters, including the author, ride on, as if it were a part of their own body.

    In this way, since they have bodies that are comprised purely of energy, they have direct influence over nature, and they can lend their power to a man in a way similar to how an elemental would with a covenant, etc. dark matters are regarded as a type of dark elemental.

    Also, this is based on my personal experience as a dark matter, but I have been able to somehow tell when something is happening in nature. For example, before a sudden gust blows, along with the sylph I employ, I myself have sensed the sudden gusts in advance. Also, as a water elemental can grasp the flow of water elements, I have become able to intuitively grasp the flow and amounts of mamono mana included in food and the natural environment. No matter what kind of illusionary spells or disguises they employ, my eyes cannot be deceived, and when a man has a monster bride, I can tell at a glance everything from the bride's race, down to even personally identifying her as an individual, knowing how many times she had sex the other day, and what kinds of mamono realm food products were included in the meal she ate last night. I don't know if every dark matter is the same way, but I think this is because of a dark matter's peculiar power to govern the element of darkness (mamono mana), and I'm progressing my research in that direction.

    (There are only an extremely tiny number of dark matter individuals, and unlike myself, most dark matters are only interested in their daily life and sex life with their husband, so it's extremely difficult to compare between individuals in this situation.)

    Advertisement: Currently, I'm recruiting a human man to help me progress my research into dark matter. In order to make more progress in my research, and to see an actual example of what kind of changes happen to a dark matter upon obtaining a husband and how her abilities grow, and to lead a happy pleasurable life as a monster, I urgently need a husband. I still haven't tried it yet, but I can give birth to your children since dark matters are dark elementals, and I can also give birth to mamono realms. In other words, a dark matter can make both children and mamono realms, and raise them. We're a good race. Want to make a happy family and mamono realm with me? If you're thinking, “definitely!”, then please drop by the mamono realm state “Polove” immediately.

    Elemental Fission[edit]

    Elementals higher than mamono elementals can generate little fission bodies. These fission bodies can think and act in the same way as the main body, and can also make use of the elemental's power.

    Fission Bodies of the Elementals

    They're more like independent intermediaries, with the will and ability to take action when exercising the elemental's power, rather than doppelgangers. In the case that they use power, an equivalent amount of elements is expended by the main body. They're mainly used in the case when using the elemental's power in a distant location, or when they want to use it in many locations in a wide area at the same time. In lands where powerful elementalists dwell, elemental fission bodies are deployed all over the place, and each of them is responsible for managing the local natural environment and making sure that it's perfectly comfortable for humans and monsters to live by doing things like installing water services, using fire power and wind power, performing soil remediation for the purpose of agriculture, and adjusting foundations for construction.

    When an elemental employs a huge number of fission bodies in such a manner, the main body basically severs her consciousness from the fission bodies and they each act on their own and perform their own jobs. (But even so, if a fission body is doing something or if a fission body uses power, the main body's elements decrease. So they seem to still be able to tell what they're up to.)

    Also, it seems the main body will often constantly be having sex with her covenanter while controlling the fission bodies in order to replenish the elements used by the fission bodies.

    Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar 2: As far as I can tell, it's certainly true that one of the reasons is probably to “use the elemental's power in a far off location” or “use it in many places over a wide area at the same time”, but I can't help but feel that the number one main reason why is that “they want to have sex with their husband, and leave everything else to the fission bodies.”

    In addition, most elementals that employ fission bodies have a covenanter, and the fission bodies are also infatuated with their beloved covenanter in the same way as the main body. Thus, fission bodies basically don't assault human men. Furthermore, the main elemental herself can also change into the form of a fission body. Since she can curtail her element expenditure when in this tiny form, it's efficient for conserving elements when not doing anything or when moving.

    However, since the elementals like to have as much close physical contact as possible with their covenanter even when not doing anything, they wish to remain in their usual form and continue having contact by holding hands, linking arms, or hugging while on the move. Moreover, if they can get their covenanter to become aroused at the sight of their beautiful female body, that is a great pleasure to an elemental, or rather, any monster with a beloved husband.

    For that reason, most elementals that have a husband prefer to always stay in woman form, and not many of them will go into a tiny form of their own accord.

    Elementalists and Elemental Magic[edit]

    As the name suggests, “elementalists” are mages that form covenants with “pure elementals” or “mamono elementals”, and can use “elemental magic” by employing an elemental.

    Also, they're partners bound to the elementals by a strong bond. Elementals higher than mamono elementals and elementalists are also lovers that are deeply in love and married couples. As for elementalists, there are different methods for binding a covenant and transferring the elements, but here we'll base our explanation around mamono elementals and their elementalists.

    When a human man forms a covenant with mamono elementals, he must have sex with them and release essence inside their body. The covenant of mamono elementals is much the same as the situation when other monsters choose their husband, and their body, heart, and even the inside of their elements will taste the covenanter's essence, and come to strongly desire only it. The entirety of the elemental changes to be joined with the covenanter and to belong exclusively to the covenanter. In this way, a covenant with a mamono elemental is an extremely serious thing. Those who have experienced out of this world sex with these monsters would never want to leave them in the first place, but it's impossible to annul a covenant once it has been bound. If one were to joke about annulling the covenant, since a mamono elemental wouldn't want to lose her covenanter, she'd totally ravish him enough to transform herself into a dark elemental and consume his mind with pleasure so that he could never even joke about leaving her.

    As the name suggests, “elemental magic” is sorcery that uses power borrowed from an elemental. In contrast with other kinds of sorcery that use the essence found within the human body, or the mamono mana found within the bodies of monsters, elemental magic makes it possible to employ extremely powerful spells using the elements of the natural world: water, fire, wind, and earth. Strong elemental magic specialized in each attribute using the power of nature is more powerful than ordinary magic, and at times, it can even exhibit enough might to alter terrain.

    Also, other mages that use their own vital energy can run into predicaments. If they use too many spells and run out of energy, their body becomes exhausted and, in the worst case scenario, they will end up passing out, but since an elementalist substitutes it with elements from the natural world, even if an elemental's elements run out, the caster won't get exhausted or pass out.

    However, since it is necessary to borrow elements from an elemental in order to use elemental magic, if the elemental herself were to run out of elements, or, although I don't think it's possible, also in the case where one neglected to have regular sex with the elemental and didn't receive the elements, elemental magic cannot be used. Also, when an elemental refuses, elemental magic can't be used.

    Additionally, one of the factors that determines the strength of elemental magic is whether or not the body and soul of the elementalist and the elemental have communed and become one. For that reason, elementalists and elementals must usually be in a trusting, loving relationship as lovers or husband and wife, and it's important for them to have intimate knowledge of one another's body and heart through days of physical contact and sex.

    Since there were few elementals to begin with, elementalists used to be extremely rare once, but in recent years, mamono elementals have been increasing in number, and the elementals themselves have begun to act aggressively to get a covenanter, a husband, so the number of elementalists is on the rise. For that reason, we were able to establish the “elementalist association” based in “Polove”.

    An elementalist isn't just a mage. Because of the vastness of their power, they must act with responsibility. For the most part, elementals choose (train) good humans. Elementals also take part in the decision making process, so mostly there's nothing to worry about, but there is a remote possibility.

    As for the elementalist association, it's duties include the following: teaching elementalists the right way to use their power, serving as a place where elementalists can exchange and share information with each other, mediating jobs that require the power of an elementalist, and performing research for the sake of using the power of the elementals properly and more effectively.

    Also, they perform philanthropic work using the power of the elementals to help people suffering in poverty in desolate lands like the former Polove. However, since headquarters is in the mamono realm, they have a hostile relationship with the order of the chief god. Also, since they actively use the power of nature and the elementals to advance human and monster civilization, they also have poor relations with some factions of the elemental faith that insist on returning to nature.

    Elemental Faith[edit]

    See also: Gods

    A faith that reveres the elementals that embody nature as gods. They believe that humans are a part of nature and should live in harmony with nature that is granted by the elementals, which are gods. Their goal is to increase their affinity with the elementals, and cooperate with the elementals to make the elements rich in nature and foster an abundance of life by borrowing their power.

    The faith has been around since the age when only pure elementals existed, but with the emergence of mamono elementals and dark elementals in the present, the adherents have split into two major opposing factions depending on whether they believe they should be counted as gods, or regarded as fallen monsters.

    One side considers mamono elementals and dark elementals as higher rank elementals because of the vastness of their power and the fact that they have a human form. (Even in other faiths including the order of the chief god, the gods have the same form as people, or rather, it is said that people were made in the image of the gods.) They also consider conversion into a mamono realm as the growth of nature because the elementals increased their power as gods. They are active about using the power of the elementals to aid impoverished nations, and this faction has a cooperative relationship with the elementalist association.

    The other side believes that only pure elementals are gods, mamono elementals and dark elementals are nothing but the forms of fallen elementals corrupted by monsters, and aiding impoverished countries on a large scale and converting them into mamono realms is just twisting the power of nature for the convenience of humans and monsters. They have an antagonistic relationship with the elementalist association. This faction has a lot of elderly elementalists that served since the old days, and they are often called stubborn bigots by the elementalists of the previously mentioned faction. They do not wish for the elementals to change. However, the elementals don't feel the same way. After spending such a long time with them, the elementals are bursting at the seams with love for their elementalists. It appears they want to take their master's side if possible, but they're very jealous of mamono elementals making love with their husbands, so they feel conflicted. It appears there are many who are unable to bear it. After choosing to become mamono elementals on their own, they take their master and disappear somewhere.

    Also, both factions absolutely detest the use of elementals for war, so they don't think very highly of the order of the chief god which tries to use elementals in war.

    Mamono Realm World Guide (p35)[edit]

    Fruits and vegetables[edit]

    This section is mostly organized as a series of articles describing different products of the mamono realm; see the dedicated pages:

    The Mamono Realm's Farming Situation[edit]

    As you know, a monster and her incubus husband can live just with one another's essence and Mamono Mana, so in the worst case scenario, even if they have no other food, they can go on living. For that reason, it seems there are even those who think food is not important for incubi and monsters, but that's a big misunderstanding!

    It's just that in the worst case scenario, even if they can't eat, they won't starve from not eating. Or even if they forget to eat for a while when having sex, they won't die, but monsters and incubi are still fully endowed with an appetite for food. It's just that sexual desire comes first, but monsters and incubi are fundamentally full of powerful desires, and their appetite for food is powerful as well. We could even say that their desire to eat delicious food is greater than that of humans.

    Furthermore, it's not just about the enjoyment of taste. Mamono Realm produce has various effects that further enhance sex, so it's very effective for a couple to lead a healthier and more pleasurable sex life. Also, since most unmarried monsters and very young monster children mostly nourish themselves with ordinary produce, produce and the farmers who produce and ship it are terribly important for monsters and mamono realm society.

    The vital energy of mamono realm produce is more potent compared to that of human world produce, and the lands are rich to begin with, so even if left alone, the earth, air, and water, will absorb mamono mana, and crops will automatically grow. However, that alone won't suffice if one is trying to produce even more delicious crops. It is extremely easy for the produce to be influenced by mamono mana, and with the addition of dedicated manual labor such as changing the soil and water where the crops are growing, and mixing in fertilizer, etc., the taste and quality of the produce changes entirely. Furthermore, mamono mana easily reacts to human and monster emotions, so when a farmer personally raises the crops by carefully tending to them and showering them with love, the magical energy that fuels the crops also activates, and the crops will definitely respond to that by bearing a delicious harvest.

    However, for mamono realm crops that grow when showered with magical energy, the energy that the producers store up inside their bodies and release is also very important. Because of that, married couples working as farmers must not only pay attention to the crops, but their spouse as well. By having sex and thoroughly reaffirming their love every night, they polish each other's essence and mamono mana. By storing it up within themselves and giving plenty of it to the crops, the crops will grow even more delicious. And most important of all, if a husband were to neglect his bride and focus entirely on the crops, his wife would sulk, so please be careful.

    Even if the crops fail horribly that year and they become penniless, farmers with monster brides won't starve to death. For that reason, there are many farmers who try to challenge themselves by putting a great deal of money and effort into it, rather than producing stable crops. Such farmers put huge sums of money into their crops. By watering their crops with “undine spring water” every time, and swapping the soil in their fields imbued with the mamono mana of various monsters with soil that is imbued solely with pure gnome mana, they devote themselves to producing more delicious crops, and possibly even new varieties.

    Moreover, when raising mamono realm crops in this manner, mamono mana will be extremely important, so when becoming a farmer, it is highly recommended for monsters to first obtain a husband, and for men to first obtain a bride.

    Herbs and other foods[edit]

    This section again is mostly organized as a series of articles describing different products of the mamono realm; see the dedicated pages:

    Mamono Realm Beasts[edit]

    In mamono realms, not only are there mamono realm plants, there are also animals unique to mamono realms that have been twisted by receiving the overflowing mamono mana, “mamono beasts”. Animals raised in an environment overflowing with abundant mana are distinct in that they have different forms than the animals of the human realms, their reproductive fertility is far greater, and many of them grow to extremely enormous sizes. Many of them have a sinister appearance, but they're absolutely not monsters, but “animals”.

    Since they have been strongly influenced by mamono mana, in contrast with their appearance, they're docile, and don't attack humans or monsters. Even carnivorous mamono realm beasts don't ever target humans or monsters as prey. Their meat is delicious to eat, and many mamono realm beasts are highly valuable, but just as their size and appearance would suggest, their combat abilities are extremely high. Even if they won't initiate an attack against humans or monsters, if attacked, they will counter inflicting very severe wounds on their attackers, so a novice simply shouldn't even attempt to attack them.

    Sometimes monsters of races that excel in battle and incubi who are confident in their abilities will hunt them, but there are also mamono realm warriors who will try to fight them as a test of strength. Also, due to the high demand for the meat of mamono realm beasts, there are also hunters who specialize in hunting them.

    Mamono Realm Pigs[edit]

    Mamono Realm Pig

    Pigs of the mamono realms that have an enormous black body, and grow enormous tusks. It's a mamono realm beast that's popular for food. They're covered in rugged muscles, but at the same time as they die, their meat softens, changing into soft, oily meat that melts in the mouth. It's extremely high in nutrition, and even an ordinary human man who has not changed into an incubus can have sex with a monster constantly for three days and nights after eating it.

    By nature, they have a gentle personality in spite of their enormous body. They can often be witnessed playing with monster children by letting them ride on their back. They basically take kindly to people, and those that are small enough to be smaller than humans can even be kept as pets or livestock. Even those that are enormous in size can possibly be used as mounts.

    They have stamina. They're very strong, and they can move great distances and carry large parcels on their back. Not even bad roads are a problem for them, so they're prized as mounts by merchants who travel around various lands. These mamono realm beasts are normally gentle, but if they're targeted by those such as hunters and they sense that their life is in danger, they will become furious and charge at the foreign enemy, sending them flying with their enormous body.

    Sometimes wild mamono realm pigs appear that are so remarkably gigantic that one must look up at them. It would probably take a group of several warriors such as dullahan and salamander to hunt such a beast. The people of the mamono realms get excited by this, and it can lead to a clamorous festival also due to the large quantity of meat brought back by the warriors,

    Advertisement - "Yo, I'm a werewolf who runs a butcher's shop with my husband. Let me just put this out there. I think those damn monsters should eat more meat. Especially those damn succubi who just slurp semen. Eat more meat with your husband! Then try going for a round after you've eaten meat!

    I mean really, missing out on that goodness is such a waste. …..My husband's essence becomes thick and oily like meat... haa... Besides, my husband and his tool become full of vigor, and then he ravages me... ( Rest omitted since it's long)"

    Mamono Realm Shelled Bugs[edit]

    A mamono realm bug with a soft black body covered in a hard shell that can deflect even steel. Although they're bugs, they're around the size of a dog. They're herbivorous, and mainly feed on mamono realm fruits and vegetables. Since they're pests that sometimes come to devour the crops of farmers, they're the natural enemies of mamono realm farmers. Their appearance is similar to that of a scorpion, but they don't have a stinger. Instead, they have an orifice at the tip of their tail from which they can fire mana, and an eye for aiming.

    If a mamono realm farmer comes and interrupts them when they're trying to devour crops, they fire a liquid of condensed mana from the tip of their tail and try to shower them in it. If they successfully hit a monster, she'll immediately go mad with lust, abandon her crops to the mamono realm shelled bug, and run directly to her husband for sex. While the monster is devouring her husband in this manner, the mamono realm shelled bug will also be devouring the crops. Anyway, they have a cowardly personality, so they try to shower anyone who approaches in mana.

    Mamono Realm Shelled Bug

    Since they're kind of cute and their shell looks cool, they're popular with monster kids. It's not uncommon for kids to get showered in mana after approaching in an attempt to catch a bug, and then the kids attack their beloved onii-chan and awaken to sex a bit early. When the harvest comes in farming villages, they sometimes appear in groups. On such occasions, the village will unite to oppose them, and a group battle of farmers vs mamono realm shelled bugs will unfold. At such times, it is the incubi who are reliable. The mana of the mamono realm shelled bug is highly effective against monsters, but not very effective against incubi. (But still, if their wives get showered in mana, they'll have to retire at the same time.)

    Also, on such occasions, sometimes huge mamono realm shell bugs appear that are even bigger than humans. The mana fired from their gigantic tail scatters all around just like a fountain, knocking the village down into an ocean of ecstatic cries. Additionally, since the couples having sex after being showered in the mamono realm bug's mana will release a far greater amount of mana than they normally would while having sex, the mana in the fields will grow rich, and the remaining crops tend to be of even higher quality. Also, even if the crops get wiped out, mamono realm farmers will not starve as long as the couples keep having sex. Therefore, soil rich with nutrients will remain afterward, and they'll be able to have high hopes for next year. Most will just laugh and give up, and say something like: “We had bad luck this year. Let's do our best next year.” A couple will remain secluded inside their home and spend the year's winter having sex. In this way, even if they lose, it's not a big deal, and nobody gets injured, so the mamono realm farmers tend to treat this battle as a yearly event to be enjoyed.

    The Mamono Realm's Cooking Situation[edit]

    Long, long ago in the era of the former mamono lords, monsters were grotesque fiends that consumed human flesh. Most monsters barely had any semblance of intelligence. Only the mamono lord and a tiny fraction of other monsters were even able to use language. Of course there was almost no respectable culture, etc. They used to feast on human flesh as is. It is said that there was no practice of cooking it. However, with the dawn of the current era, monsters obtained bodies and high intelligence suitable for living with their husbands. And monsters that learned that humans cook ingredients and eat them started to absorb the concepts and techniques of “cooking” from human culture.

    Meanwhile, they noticed that it made human men extremely happy when they made delicious meals and treated them, so “cooking” spread dramatically amongst the monsters. Nowadays, monsters generally cook for the sake of their husband's smile and, as was also written in The Mamono Realm's Farming Situation, monsters with strong desires also have a strong desire to eat delicious food, although it is less than their desire to make love with their husband. There are many monsters who could even be called gourmets. (Yet, every one of them would unanimously say that their husband's essence tastes the best.....)

    For that reason, there are many restaurants lined up in the mamono realm. They do thriving business with families of monsters and incubi. As for monsters, it is often said “monsters think about nothing other than sex, so they don't have anything like a culture”, but this is a complete misunderstanding.

    Well, as for the ingredients of the mamono realm that have been introduced thus far, they become even more delicious when cooked, just like the ingredients of the human world. If carefully done, the various effects inherent in mamono realm produce can be amplified. Delicious cuisine puts a smile on the husband's face and leads to passionate sex for couples. It's become extremely important to monsters. Cuisine made with mamono realm ingredients is a “main dish” for enjoying the sense of taste, but it's also an “appetizer” that makes the sex the couple will engage in afterwards more delicious.

    Also, since the number of human states that are friendly towards monsters has increased in recent years, cultural exchange between the mamono realms and the human world has become very active. With the appearance of “bright green mamono realms”, an entirely new cuisine is being born that combines human world produce with mamono realm produce.

    These days monsters are naturally expected to treat their husbands to delicious meals. Some monsters that have instinctive knowledge of cooking have even started to appear. However, the monsters' efforts pale in comparison to all the time humans have put into building culinary history. We can't yet say that they're catching up with humans who boast an immense number of foods and culinary cultures, as well the vision necessary to create new foods. Currently, most new methods of cooking mamono realm produce are devised by incubi who were formerly human, and monsters who were formerly human women.

    There's no antagonism, but from a monster's perspective, we must feed our husbands more and more delicious food, so they will produce more and more delicious essence. This is just the author's personal opinion, but for that sake, I think we need to study human culinary culture more deeply and have humans assist us so we can further develop monster culinary culture.


    Nice to meet you ♪ We're the allies of those of you who want to make delicious food for your husbands, “Inari Kitsune's Cooking Classroom” ♪.

    Those of you who want to please your husband and cute daughters more, and those of you thinking of learning to cook before you get married, won't you join us and aim to become good wives and wise mothers who excel at cooking, and in bed?

    At Inari Kitsune's Cooking Classroom, you can learn from the fundamentals of cooking to the practical applications, from cooking instruments, to how to use condiments. The teachers who have come from Zipangu will kindly teach you ♪
    First timers, and those with no confidence, have peace of mind!
    Even an ushi-oni bride who broke several knives at first can learn......

    Like this! Zipangu cuisine, western cuisine, mamono realm cuisine. With a different kind of delicious home-cooked meal every night, your husband will be overjoyed ❤
    He'll definitely do you gently and vigorously later that night ❤ We're currently recruiting trial students ♪
    Also, we're currently recruiting male students and teachers.
    The pretty teachers and cute students will deliciously eat for you ❤

    Message from Ushi-oni-san who took our course.

    “Well, what's this cooking stuff. I thought all I'd have to do was strangle some beasts over there, but when I fed him and saw the look on his face, ….... hehe, fuhehe.....
    However, it's fun to make stuff.
    Next time, I'm gonna make a kid with him... (rest is omitted)”

    Yarns and ores[edit]

    This section again is mostly organized as a series of articles describing different products of the mamono realm; see the dedicated pages:

    The Mamono Realm's Sightseeing Situation[edit]

    Once, in the age of the former mamono lords, the mamono realm was a very dangerous place that brought death to everyone. As if to reflect the nature of the fiendish old mamono lords, the ferocious plants of the mamono realm would indiscriminately attack both humans and monsters, swamps of lethal poison gushed forth, and volcanoes would erupt repeatedly; continuously discharging lava. It was harsh for both humans and monsters; it was a land of death where none could rest and one's life was constantly exposed to danger. Also, very few monsters possessed intelligence. The dangerous environment was just abandoned and left as is.

    Of course, the turning point is when the current Mamono Lord assumed power. With the dawn of a new era, the mamono realm became filled with the new mamono lord's gentle magical energy instead of the former mamono lord's magical energy. Due to this, the ferocity of the mamono realm's plants abated, the poisonous swamps became aphrodisiac swamps, and the excessive eruptions of the volcanoes stopped. It changed into a mamono realm that is very gentle and lewd to both people and monsters; a suitable place to stay for two people in love.

    All of the monsters also gained intelligence and the capacity for thought, although the degree does vary. The basic driving principle and the number one desire of the current monsters is to obtain a human man to lead a lewd and happy life together with. For that reason, inviting human men to the mamono realm is a matter of great importance to the monsters.

    Many monsters once lived in dungeons, but so it would be easier for human men to live with them monsters have built towns throughout the mamono realms where they can live together with humans, and most of these monsters have moved to them. Also, the monsters that have remained in dungeons have also improved their dungeons to make it easier for humans to live there.

    Then, in order to make it easier to live in the mamono realm and make it into a land that is pleasurable and entertaining for visiting human men; the monsters have started to develop the natural environment throughout the mamono realm. With the aid of tentacles whose intelligence has been dramatically improved, they've established forest parks where couples can play with the tentacles and pleasurably have sex. By borrowing the power of fire and water elementals they've established hot springs where a family can soak together and intimately have sex. By borrowing the power of the monsters of the oceans they've established swimming beaches that can be enjoyed by families, and are also great spots for men to meet monsters in swimsuits.

    The monsters have thus developed various places where they can enjoy themselves as a couple with their husband, or with the whole family including even their adorable children. In this way, the natural environment of the current mamono realm has become a gold mine of tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by couples.

    Even as of the present, the monsters continue to exercise their ingenuity and develop various tourist destinations. They are trying various things such as continuing to actively advertise tourist attractions to humans, setting up portals directly connected to the tourist spots; getting them to actually visit, and then end up becoming incubi on the spot and stay for good.

    In this way, monsters don't just attack human men. They make various efforts and come up with many schemes. For the sake of a bright and lewd future where monsters can live together with human men, they continue to develop the mamono realm day after day.

    Tentacle Forest[edit]

    See also: Tentacle Forest, Tentacle

    Known as a "tentacle plant", these are a common form of vegetation in mamono realms.

    Able to move under their own power, these plants are almost like animals and are actually intelligent, some tentacle plants even understanding human language. when a monster or a human woman enters the Tentacle Forest they will be swarmed by tentacles, covered head to toe in these tentacles. They will have their mouths, wombs and even ass violated with pleasure and aphrodisiacs while the plant sups on their essence. In the case that a human woman is attacked, all of her natural essence will be sucked up and monstrous mamono mana will flow into her, changing her into a succubus.

    These plants also know that if a monster is able to sample a male's essence they will create a larger amount of energy than normal. Because of this, when a monster approaches a tentacle plant alongside a human male, it will grasp her, twine it's tentacles around her limbs to restrain her, caress her body with the syrupy aphrodisiac mucus it produces and, while violating her to arouse her, flip her over and turn her so that her genitals face the human male. When the monster and human male begin to copulate the tentacle plant will continue to smear both participants with it's aphrodisiac mucus and, twining itself about both participants further, begins to force them together at it's own pace, the tentacles devoted to supporting their sexual intercourse. In this way the couple having intercourse will have very vigorous sex, release large amounts of mana for the plants to sup upon, allow the plants to also have sexual intercourse and, hopefully, convince the participants to become repeat visitors.

    The tentacle plants at the outer edges of the Tentacle Forest are, comparatively, quite docile, and as such, are regularly used to assist during intercourse. Many lovers, parents and their children and friends regularly visit these areas for picnics. These docile tentacle plants being quite intelligent, so much so, that they even enjoy playing with children.

    However, when one goes further and further into the Tentacle Forest, the tentacle plants become more violent and dangerous. The most extreme tentacle plants are completely brutal and merciless, while these plants won't kill their prey, they will completely violate them until they collapse from exhaustion and lose consciousness. Those violated by the tentacle plants to the extent that they have passed out are, by the tentacle plants themselves, passed back to the entrance of the Tentacle Forest.

    The innermost portions of the Tentacle Forest are avoided, even by monsters, except in exceptional cases like those mentioned later. This innermost portion of the forest is something only the most devoted married couples challenge. However, even devoted couples are typically found at the entrance of the Tentacle Forest, dripping with aphrodisiac mucus, pussy juices and jizz, completely unconscious after failing the challenges of the depths of the Tentacle Forest.

    "If you go on a trip to the Tentacle Forest, you will get covered in the tentacle plant's mucus, your dear's jizz, and a variety of other fluids that will ruin your clothes so please remember that before visiting."

    Tentacle Plant Varieties[edit]

    Standard tentacle plant

    Standard Tentacle Plant
    Twining about people, stroking them and making them all sticky, this is the typical tentacle plant. Since there is nothing special to define this version of the tentacle plant, please refer to the introduction for their description.

    Tentacle brain

    Tentacle Brain
    Somewhat small and short tentacles distinguished by having an eye-like organ. They only live towards the periphery of tentacle forests. Even among all the tentacles, their intelligence is extremely high, and they seem to even be able to understand human language. These tentacles supervise the other tentacles, and are sort of like the tentacles' brains. They also have the role of controlling, and commanding the other tentacles. When multiple tentacle plants work together to violate women, or force men and women to have sex, they're able to move in synchronization due to the functioning of these tentacles. Solely due to the fact that tentacle brains have evolved towards coexistence with monsters, they're friendly towards people, have a docile personality, and an adorable appearance, which makes them popular as pets.

    Man Marionette
    These are tentacles that live towards the deeper part of a tentacle forest, and unlike most other tentacles which focus mainly on women, these rare tentacles prioritize assaulting men first, and they're one of the biggest reasons that monsters can't make it to the deepest part of tentacle forests. First, a tentacle assaulting a man will release mucous inside the man's mouth, dulling the man's thinking. Then it will wrap itself around the man, as if to cover him up, and “infest” him. The consciousness of infested men grows hazy, and the consciousness of the infesting tentacle flows inside them, creating the hallucination that they have become one with the “tentacle”. Such men completely forget things such as the original reason why they visited the tentacle forest, and become only able to think about raping and violating the female in front of them.

    When a man becomes a “tentacle” in this manner, all the tentacles around him will start to obey him as if he had become the king of the tentacles. The “tentacle brains” which serve as the brains of tentacles that were mentioned before only inhabit the periphery of tentacle forests and not the deepest parts. In other words, deep within these forests, it is the men who enter that serve the role as the brain of the tentacles.

    Once this happens, it's all over because it will be the monster's husband doing the assaulting, and a monster's female body is exclusively made to receive the maximum amount of pleasure and mana from her husband. Even if vigorously rubbed and fondled all over her body, if she feels that it's pleasure from tentacles, she will be able to endure it indefinitely, but if it's her beloved husband then her body will surrender after just one squeeze of a breast, and her heart will surrender after a single kiss.

    Then, after being forced to swallow semen mixed with aphrodisiac mucous and having it shot inside her womb by her tentacle-infested husband, she will change into a mere female beast that can think of nothing but copulating with her beloved husband. A man and woman who have had sex together as a couple in this manner with the aid of the tentacles until becoming all sticky and messy will be released after passing out, and forcibly sent back to the entrance of the tentacle forest.

    Treasured Child Tree
    Huge trees in the deepest part of a tentacle forest that tower to the extent that one must look up at them. Or rather, they look like trees, but in actuality, they're mostly aggregations of many tentacles that became like an enormous tree by becoming entwined together. Upon closer inspection, one can tell that the surface is wriggling. These are what the married couples aiming for the deepest part of the forest are truly after. The tentacles around these tentacles are mostly docile in spite of it being deep within the forest, and they just surround the couple from a distance as if to praise them for arriving in the deepest part, otherwise doing nothing.

    When a couple arrives at the base of one of these huge trees, it will extend just one of its thick tentacles towards the wife's mouth. When the wife takes that tentacle inside her mouth, it will release mucous that's so sticky and hot that nothing released by other tentacles can compare to it. After ingesting this mucous, the wife's stomach, or rather, womb will grow hot. This is because her womb will enter an active state due to the mucous. If she has sex with her husband in this state and receives semen in her womb, she will definitely be able to conceive a child.

    This is the reason why man and monster couples will keep challenging these forests no matter how many times they are forcibly sent back to the entrance. As far as monsters are concerned, conceiving a child, which is the crystallization of the love they share with their husband, is the greatest happiness as a female, and one of the most important meanings of life.

    By nature, it is extremely difficult for monster human couples to have children compared with human couples. Some monsters have lifespans that last centuries, or even millennia, and if they're unlucky, they won't be able to have children even after years, decades, or even centuries of having sex a two-digit number of times every day. Because of this, when monsters are not blessed with children, they decide to challenge a tentacle forest again and again, seeking a crystallization of the love they share with their husband.

    Fairy Hug

    Fairy Hug
    These are tentacles that live towards the periphery of tentacle forests, or sometimes even inside forests in the human world. As the name suggests, they're tentacles that feed on the mamono mana of fairies and specialize in attacking races such as “fairy” and “leanan sidhe”. Normally, they have an appearance like a flower bud with closed petals, and at a glance they don't look like tentacle plants, but the inside of the flower is tightly packed with tentacles. They give off a fragrant scent, like the sweet confectionery that fairies prefer, to lure them in; and once a fairy approaches, the flower will open and seize her by enveloping her entire body as though hugging her closely. After a tentacle flower has engulfed a fairy's entire body, it will then violate her with a swarm of tentacles while painting her entire body with mucous.

    In the case that a fairy who has not been monsterized is attacked by these tentacles, her innocent body will be thoroughly instilled with pleasure, and imprinted with mamono mana, so she will change into a monster and seek to have sex with a human man. If taught about pleasure and changed into a monster in this manner, the fairy will definitely become a repeat visitor, and what's more, she'll also start bringing her friends to the tentacles to teach them about pleasure too.

    Also, after these tentacles attack fairies, a large amount of the scales from the fairies' wings stick to the inside of the tentacles' petals. This is what is called “fairy powder”, and it's useful for things such as magic potions.

    Fairy Powder[edit]

    Main article: Fairy Powder

    Fairy powder is made up of scales from the wings of fairies. The beautiful powder faintly glitters in 7 colors, and is filled with the magic of fairies. It is treasured for uses such as an ingredient for magic potions, or dye, when inscribing runes. Furthermore, it is said that one can travel to the Fairy Kingdom by sprinkling it over their head, but let's just say that that's more of a half-truth. It's not that one will be able to fly directly to the Fairy Kingdom. Instead, a man covered in this powder will become extremely popular with fairies, and a huge number of monsterized fairies will swarm over him eager to play sexual games, so eventually he may be taken to the Fairy Kingdom. It also affects more than just fairies, influencing races of monsters with a childish appearance such as imps, goblins, and even baphomets by causing them to take a liking to a man and go wild with lust more easily.

    Also, after raping a fairy, these tentacle plants do on occasion open their petals and bloom in full glory while displaying the mucous-covered fairy that had gone limp due to pleasure in what almost appears as a crucifixion. On such occasions, they often encounter human men looking to collect and sell fairy powder. When a fairy whose mind has become obsessed with pleasurable games due to the tentacles' hardcore training notices the human man that has appeared in front of her, she'll spread her legs on her own without even needing to be forced by the tentacles, and invite the man in front of her to use her body. Among those whose profession is to collect and sell fairy powder, a plant in this state is referred to as “fruit bearing”. It is said that most of those who work in this profession will inevitably end up having several fairies as wives.

    Tentacle Story[edit]

    The tentacle plants of the age of the former Mamono Lords were atrocious plants that would kill males, whether monster or human, and convert them into nutrients; and rape all females, impregnating them with their own seeds, using them as seedbeds.

    However, when they gained intelligence with the ascension of the current Mamono Lord, the tentacle plants ended up having to dramatically change their mode of life. For tentacle plants, the first turning point was when monster ecology changed. They came to have forms like that of human women, which made them easier for the tentacle plants to rape, at least ostensibly. Up until then, they had been able to change females, whether human or monster, in such a way that after having their entire bodies violated by the grotesque pleasure of the tentacles they would forget all about males of their own kind, and think only of bearing the tentacles' offspring. However, the monsters of the new era would never forget their husbands, and the inhuman pleasure induced by countless tentacles could no longer at all surpass the pleasure induced by a man's single meat rod.

    Additionally, the bodies of monsters had changed to be specialized exclusively for their husbands, and would not accept the seeds of the tentacles at all, so the tentacles became unable to have monster females birth their offspring. The tentacles then considered targeting human females, but because mamono mana had even pervaded the tentacle forest, human females immersed in pleasure by the tentacles would soon change into monsters.

    Realizing that it was futile, the tentacles decided to stop using living things as seedbeds, and instead they ended up trying to reproduce like ordinary plants by planting their seeds in the ground and sprouting them. However, a problem occurred here. Until then, they had sprouted their seeds using the rich nutrients of a mother's body, and just the nutrients in the soil were insufficient to sprout their seeds.

    For that reason, the tentacles made the decision that they would kill even more prey than ever before to suck out the nutrients. And so, they decided that they would kill a white-haired succubus and a human man who had just wandered into the forest. As usual, the tentacles assaulted the man with thorned tentacles specialized for attacking. Unfortunately for them, he was able to easily brush off their attacks, and they barely managed to scratch the man's arms. At that moment, the succubus who was accompanying him became as furious as a raging conflagration, and vaporized all of the tentacles around them with a fire spell. This terrified even the tentacles, so they unintentionally allowed the man and the succubus to escape. The tentacle’s attack was a failure.

    Later, perhaps the white succubus had called friends; dullahan knights, and a group of witches led by a baphomet appeared in the tentacle forest to cut it down, and raze it with flames. From the sky, the hellfire breath of a dragon rained down, and on the ground, the baphomet's great magic blasted the tentacle plants away along with the very soil. Those that had narrowly managed to escape were cut apart by the dullahans, and incinerated by the witches. I have heard that only half a day after the coming of this large group of monsters, the size of the tentacle forest had been reduced to a mere one tenth of its original area. This half a day of hell shocked all the tentacles of the mamono realm, and they stopped killing humans and monsters. It is said that they especially swore to absolutely never harm a human man.

    In this way, the tentacles were at a loss for what to do, but then a spectacle witnessed by one of the surviving tentacles allowed them to find hope amid the despair. The monster soldiers rested in the empty land that was left after razing the tentacles and finishing their mission; they laughed and chatted with their comrades and the human men who had come to pick them up while having a meal. And then, a drunk dullahan tripped and dropped her head, going mad with lust; she started having sex with her own husband who had come to pick her up. By sucking up the thick mamono mana released from the monster having sex with the human man, the tentacle plant seeds that had been buried there in the ground unable to sprout sprouted. In this way, the tentacles at last became determined to coexist with monsters by providing couples with pleasurable, thrilling sex, and in return, having the monsters provide mamono mana for them. They changed into plants that survive by drinking it.

    Mamono Realm Hot Springs[edit]

    In the mamono realms, there are many hot springs due to the mamono mana in the earth, and the influence of an abundance of demonic elementals. The mamono realm hot springs are filled with healing energy, and blessed by both the undine water elementals and ignis fire elementals. They have various beneficial effects for married couples such as healing fatigue, alleviating the stiffness of the normally overworked lower body, beauty enhancement, increasing sexual desire, and increasing energy, etc.

    There are many types of mamono realm hot springs such as “debauchery springs”, where soaking in the water that contains an aphrodisiac compound makes people space out, and they can relax and have sex in the nice feeling hot water, and “monsterization springs” where human women can comfortably and naturally change into succubi by soaking in the water, rejuvenating their body, and removing all bad spots and illnesses, etc. People can enjoy various hot springs. Furthermore, even if one continues to have sex in the bath for a long time, it's difficult for blood to rush to the head, so one can likely spend their time comfortably. Also, nearly all mamono realm hot springs are mixed so that lovers and married couples can go in together.

    Naturally lots of monsters and incubi gather around hot springs. Inns, restaurants, and souvenir shops, etc. gather, and hot spring towns are formed. They've become some of the hottest tourist spots in the mamono realm. It seems the first to start running a hot springs inn in a mamono realm was a single inari that came from Zipangu Region to a mamono realm, and currently all of the new hot spring towns that continue to be built have many places with Zipangu-style architecture. It's customary for monsters working in hot spring towns to treat customers with Zipangu-style hospitality and to be taught Zipangu cooking.

    Also, so that even single men can enjoy hot springs travel, in many hot spring towns, they run a service that assigns a monster employee to guide single men. During the day, they'll be with them in the hot springs, and at night, they'll be with them in their bedrooms, and monster employees have been trained in the ways of Zipangu devotion and service, so they'll likely give men a good taste of service using their body. Psychologically, a man who's finished a blissful hot springs journey with an employee already feels like they've become a couple. He'll have just two choices, to stay in the hot springs town permanently, or bring her home to his own country.

    Couple's Bath
    In recent years a service called couple's baths has been popular in the mamono realm hot springs. They are hot springs where people can rent a small hot spring, and go in as just a couple, or as a family including daughters, and then they can have hardcore sex in the bath without needing to worry about gawkers, and spend time alone together. It's a service that pleases wives who are deeply in love who might be thinking things like: “I don't want to show my wonderful husband's nakedness to other women! Rather, I don't even want to show him to men! He belongs to me!”

    Short Story - A Hill Where Love Grows[edit]

    Word Guide II Short Story
    Book Information
    A Hill Where Love Grows
    No, alternate timeline.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II Short Story - A Hill Where Love Grows is provided free of charge. All credits for the materials within go to their respective authors. English translation provided by OtherSideofSky.

    Translation progress:[edit]

    First Draft - 2,083/2,083 (100%)

    Original host[edit]

    Originally from OtherSideofSky's Blog

    Wiki re-host[edit]

    A Hill Where Love Grows

    Afterword (p111)[edit]

    Well, after reading this book, are you ready to live with the author in the mamono realm and accept happiness filled with pleasure and joy?

    You won't be able to understand everything about the mamono realm with only this book, and the delicious mamono realm produce introduced in this book is just a small fraction of all that there is.

    So, to get a deeper understanding of the mamono realm and the author, by all means, I do hope you will help me awaken as a woman, or rather, as a “dark sun”, so that we can create a new and more pleasurable mamono realm together ♥

    If you're sure that you're the one, then please do visit “Polove.” I'm waiting for you. ♥

    -Mamono Realm Scholar Saphirette Spherica

    Her tone has been like that this whole time.

    First of all, as the writing of this book progressed, I grew a bit weary. Let me apologize for not being able to keep up with addenda in the latter half.

    Well, it was in the mamono realm state “Polove” that I encountered the mamono realm scholar Saphirette Spherica. The formerly desolate land of Polove had been rife with hunger and thirst. They say it was so severe that out of every 10 children that were born, only one would be able to survive to adulthood. The Polove of the present is horribly obscene, but as she says, it certainly is uniformly overflowing with the smiles of all its people. Hereafter, the changes affecting the world are only going to become more and more radical, and we cannot escape from it by judging whether it is right or wrong. We must understand the huge changes in the world, and survive by adapting.

    The content of this book is a bit, no, considerably biased, but I hope that it can help you.

    -A certain wandering scholar of monsters


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