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    Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide III: Sabbath Grimoire

    'World Guide III: Sabbath Grimoire
    Book Information
    Release Date
    August 12th, 2018(Comiket 94)[1]
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross[2]
    Kenkou Cross[2]
    VapidVulture, Brolen, S_Momo
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Monster Girl Encyclopedia III: Sabbath Grimoire (魔物娘図鑑ワールドガイド3)[2], often referred to as World Guide 3, is one of the books of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series. Originally set for release at Comiket 92, delays pushed it's release date back to Comiket 94. It functions as a sequel to Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II: Mamono Realm Traveller's Guide, discussing the Sabbath, the various aspects of their organization, as well as monster magic and magical items in general.

    The book was announced via a post on Kenkou's twitter account.[2]


    This book features the Sabbath and delves into various aspects of their organization, as well as monster magic and magical items in general; very similar in style to the previous World Guide II.

    It's the Author Introduction![edit]

    Sabbath Directory (p3)[edit]

    - Sabbath Directory Requirements -

    This Sabbath directory is a collaborative effort of all the baphomets! Please tell us about your Sabbath!

    ➀A recent picture of your Sabbath members... Please send an image of your Sabbath members recorded in a “projecting mirror”. Please be sure to include another race typical of your Sabbath in addition to a witch and the representative baphomet, for a total of three people. It's preferable if you're wearing something as close as possible to a uniform.

    ②The name of your Sabbath... Please include any common names as well.

    ③The symbol of your Sabbath... Please include the symbol mark of your Sabbath. Everyone, sure enough, it seems they're mostly patterned after skeletal goats or goats.

    ④The names of your representative baphomet... Those of you with “other names” besides the one officially received from Bapho-sama, please record them too whether they're self titles or names given by others.

    ⑤ Activity details... Please record your activities or plans.

    ⑥ Typical races... Please list typical races that are members besides baphomets, witches, and familiars.

    ➆ “To you...” A message from your witches to onii-chan candidates interested in your Sabbath!

    ⑧ Sabbath particulars... Please freely fill in the particulars about your sabbath and representative, including history, accomplishments, and so forth. After investigators from my “Runya Runya Sabbath” visit and collect the data, I'll use it as a reference to write you an introduction!

    ⑨ A word from baphomet... Lastly, please record a welcoming message from your representative baphomet to human men visiting your Sabbath!

    Mamono Lord's Army Sabbath (p4)[edit]

    Representative Baphomet: Bapho-sama (※She won't reveal her true name to anyone but her spouse)

    Activity Details: The pursuit and intense study of magic, and spreading the charm and depravity of juveniles to the world.

    Typical Races: Little girls of all races.

    To “you” : Beloved onii-chan! Help us study magic a lot♪

    “Sabbaths” are groups of monsters organized under baphomets whose objectives are to master the path of magic and spread the charm and depravity of young little monsters widely throughout the world. As you know, “Mamono Lord's Army Sabbath”, led by our “Bapho-sama” (※she won't reveal her true name to anyone but her spouse), is representative of every Sabbath that exists throughout the world, and our activities are truly exemplary of Sabbath! Mamono Lord's Army Sabbath has a base in the “royal mamono realm”, which is the dominion of the mamono lord, and is known for being the most large scale Sabbath, with numerous members, consisting not only of countless witches and familiars, but also individuals of most races in general, which can only be said of this Sabbath in particular.

    This Sabbath is also a super large scale magical force boasted by the mamono lord's army, with certified capabilities and achievements! Like suppression of war through the development and implementation of large scale non-lethal magic, expanding the transportation system via teleportation magic circles linking the royal mamono realm with each major mamono realm, taking energy measures through the development and diffusion of mana cages, which automatically filter and store the surrounding mana, and so on, and so forth, but there's no time to exhaustively enumerate the achievements of our Bapho-sama and Mamono Lord's Army Sabbath.

    Of course, Sabbath is also devoted to our other long cherished ambition: advocating the wonderfulness of juveniles. Using the height of our organization's power and a multitude of witches as weapons, local branches have been established in human nations throughout the world, and aggressive solicitation is being conducted. The figures of Sabbath's witches are seen in most large cities, and they can invite those who wish it into Sabbath's world of magic and pleasure at any time! Within the ranks of Mamono Lord's Army Sabbath not only are there those aiming to elevate their abilities as magicians, “witch” candidates who seek an eternally young and immature body, there are also many men entranced by juveniles who are “onii-chan” candidates, and that makes Sabbath attractive to all the witches and monsters eagerly awaiting an onii-chan.

    A word from Baphomet:

    Wilcume to my Sabbath! I welcome you!

    Schal I directly teach you the irresistible pleasure and depravity induced by this very yonge bodi♥?[3]

    Kuroferuru Sabbath (p6)[edit]

    Kuroferuru Sabbath (Common Name: Black Goat Sabbath)

    Representative Baphomet: Kuroferuru, Black Goat of Devil Mud

    Activity Details: In-depth study of nymphomancy through immersion in pleasure, researching and conducting monsterization of humans.

    Typical Races: Lots of extremist races such as demons and devils, as well as succubi.

    To “you” : When I'm joined with onii-chan a long time, it makes me feel light-headed... ♥ I love it... ♥

    An “extremist” Sabbath that is exhausting all efforts to cover the world in mamono realms and convert all humans into monsters! Following “Druella”-sama, daughter of the mamono lord and fourth princess of the mamono realm, this Sabbath has actually accomplished converting numerous order states into mamono realms. It is presently based in “Mamono Realm State Lescatie”, which became a monster city after its conquest at the hands of Druella-sama. Since it has continued to completely incorporate the magical institutions of the cities it has conquered into Sabbath up to this point, its scale is huge, and we can say that this Sabbath will continue to grow and encroach endlessly.

    In Black Goat Sabbath, the main topic of research is “nymphomancy”, a system of magic with succubus' origins. The representative baphomet “Kuroferuru” is such an outstanding expert in nymphomancy that she has been granted the title of “Black Goat” by “Bapho-sama” of the Mamono Lord's army. We can say that she and her twin, “the White Goat”, are two of Sabbath's biggest leaders. Nymphomancy is a system of magic that can be used during sex even when one's thoughts are unsteady, and the more one's head is filled with pleasure and ecstasy, the greater its power grows. According to Kuroferuru, “In other words, mastering nymphomancy is tantamount to drowning in sex and pleasure even more deeply.” So it is recommended that affiliated witches constantly immerse themselves in pleasure, having sex with men as they desire. In addition to that, research into the pursuit of better methods of monsterization to convert human women into even more lascivious and debauched monsters and related activities are also enthusiastically conducted.

    Activities in Black Goat Sabbath are always conducted while enjoying pleasure with “onii-chan”. So as to become “a being who is full of only pure pleasure and ecstasy due to her innocence and childishness,” which is the ideal of Kuroferuru and her witches, they spend their days full of pleasure and depravity in pursuit of magic, or more accurately, engaged in sex with onii-chan! Furthermore, with a focus on building the body and mind to be able to enjoy and drown in even more pleasure, this Sabbath is also attractive not only to those who wish to master nymphomancy, but to all monsters who want to live more pleasurably with onii-chan.

    A Word From Baphomet:

    Go on, my biloved minion.

    Entrust thy flesh to the devilish urges...

    Satisfy that bodi of thine with pleasure, and drown in the magic... ♥


    Momonika Sabbath (p8)[edit]

    Momonika Sabbath
    Momonika Symbol

    Momonika Sabbath (Common name: Playground Sabbath)

    Representative Baphomet: Momonika, the lovely goat of the playground.

    Activity Details: Anyhow, having fun, feeling good, and playing♪

    Typical Races: Imps, manticores, thunderbirds, and so on. Mostly races who enjoy fun and exciting things.

    To "you" : Hey there, onii~san♥ Why not play with me over there, and do stuff that feels good♥

    Hardly any time has passed since its foundation, but this new and up-and-coming Sabbath is rapidly growing due to the talents of the baphomet child prodigy “Momonika”! The biggest thing that sets it apart is that the representative baphomet and her witches are in fact nearly as young as they look.

    ...Despite the hype, their representative genuinely is a sorcerous prodigy, yet her personality is childish and selfish in an age appropriate manner, and in fact, this originated as a “make-believe Sabbath” that she started with her friends.

    The doctrine of this Sabbath is simply to spend their time having fun and enjoying themselves, so no magical research is conducted whatsoever. Their activities are absolutely outrageous and I'm jealous: they let youth take its natural course, indulging in sex with onii-chan as much as they please. As a result, scores of monster children have gathered just out of a desire for pleasure and play, and it has become an enormous Sabbath. The witches of this Sabbath do nothing but engage in sex with their partners, however, this results in the accumulation of vast amounts of mana. If it's for the sake of pleasure or a game that they're interested in, they'll make advanced magic fly all over the place just as if playing with toys or building blocks.

    Furthermore, since Momonika and her witches are clueless about things like management, this Sabbath is actually managed by the “onii-chans” who are their partners. It is these extremely talented men who are responsible for the massive enlargement of this Sabbath's headquarters. Lots of magically animated playground equipment created by Momonika and her witches is strewn about inside, making it a giant amusement facility for children's enjoyment. The witches bring their own onii-chan here to play with them, and whenever they get a chance, they'll hide in the shadows, or go inside the playground equipment that functions as private rooms to enjoy sex. Also, admission is open to all children whether affiliated with Sabbath or not. They may bring in their own onii-chan, but it's also possible to invite one of the “single onii-chans” working at this facility to play.

    A Word From Baphomet:

    We love good feeling things♥

    We haaate difficult things.


    Shirokuto Sabbath (p10)[edit]

    Shirokuto Sabbath
    Shirokuto Symbol

    Shirokuto Sabbath (Common name: Sorcerous Sabbath)

    Representative Baphomet: Shirokuto, the White Goat of Wisdom

    Activity Details: Endless sorcerous research, and the pursuit of its truth

    Typical Races: High rank races that excel in magic such as echidnas and vampires

    To "you" : If it's little children you desire, then you should've gone elsewhere... How peculiar that you're interested in such elderly women, boy...♥

    An extremely stoic Sabbath, earnestly focused on the research and pursuit of sorcery, and elevating themselves. Their representative “Shirokuto” has been given the title of “White Goat” by “Bapho-sama” of the Mamono Lord's army, and along with her twin, the “Black Goat”, she is an archmage who represents the baphomet race. This Sabbath does not conduct any solicitation activities whatsoever, and it's a small scale organization with only a handful of witches, however each and every one of the witches is a more powerful spellcaster than your average baphomet. Little is publicly known of their activities, however they have accomplished numerous legendary feats; famous among them are the battle of “the gods' giant soldiers incident”, the incident of warping the entire country of the “Viminarie Theocracy”, which had been prophesied to be destroyed with the crumbling of the earth, to safety in another dimension, and more.

    What distinguishes this Sabbath is that it is inclined solely towards sorcerous research, and the other doctrine of Sabbath, spreading the wonderfulness of juveniles, is completely ignored. These masterful witches have no childish bearing whatsoever, and behave in an age appropriate manner. Instead of treating men like onii-chan, unfortunately, they treat them like children. The only reason they assume a childish form is because it is more convenient for using magic.

    “Archaeomancy”, which has been used continuously since antiquity, is mainly employed in this Sabbath, and research is conducted into arcane magic that would be difficult for an average mage to even grasp a rough overview of, so the ability to use the most difficult magic introduced through ancient tomes and knowledge is a prerequisite. For that reason, it is difficult for mages to participate in this sabbath. In the case of men, they may serve as familiars who pour essence into them, or if their magical aptitude is approved, they may end up being treated as apprentices by them.

    But no matter how wily they may act, monsters are still monsters. While gathering data, this writer observed people hiding in the shadows, taking delight in onii-chan's head pats, and I also witnessed people deliberately using more mana than necessary in their experiments on countless occasions as an excuse to replenish their mana; in other words, they wanted to hurry up and get back to having sex with their partners...!

    A Word From Baphomet:

    We are those who seken to uncoveren the trewthe of sorcery and comprehend its fundamental laws. Know that there ne is a place for the yonge or the insolent. Hou-ever, the wicches... may nede the helpe of men...


    Runya Runya Sabbath (p12)[edit]

    Runya Runya Sabbath
    Runya Runya Symbol

    Runya Runya Sabbath (Common name: Library Sabbath)

    Representative Baphomet: Runya Runya, The Sleepy Magical Archive

    Activity Details: Gathering magical knowledge, writing and publishing books

    Typical Races: Ratatoskr, leanan sidhe, kikimora, etc.

    To "you" : Sensei, how's the manuscript coming along? If you're hungry, I shall prepare something for you. If you'd like to refresh yourself, then please use me.

    The sabbath whose representative is the writer! In part, it functions as one of the world's largest and most preeminent repositories of magical knowledge, an enormous library with a collection of wisdom.

    I, Runya Runya, was born a baphomet, and yet I am unable to use magic. But I have never given up on using magic, and as a result of continuously gathering knowledge regarding various systems of magic, I have even become one of the most knowledgeable of all baphomets. I wrote a book based on my knowledge and yearning for magic which was approved by the baphomet elders, and I established a Sabbath specializing in my area of expertise. I am lazy and selfish, and somehow I get sleepy whenever I try to use magic; for that reason, I sleep all the time, yet thanks to the bright witches who are my followers, somehow I am managing to serve as a representative.

    My sabbath, specialized for dealing with magical knowledge, manages accumulated knowledge and converts it into the form of more readable books and files which we then distribute to Sabbaths throughout the world. On the other hand, the results of magical research conducted by Sabbaths throughout the world are also provided to us, so it seems our Sabbath is treasured as the place which accumulates all the wisdom of the Sabbaths in name and fact.

    Furthermore, by merging with an organization of “ratatoskr”, squirrel beastmen who excel at handling information, we have currently become able to accumulate even broader information. Not only do we gather information, we also make efforts to use it to write a broad range of creative books, everything from specialized books in all areas such as “Sabbath Magic Encyclopedia”, to informative magazines such as “Sabbath Journal”, and “Monthly Onii-chan”, or even popular entertainment novels such as “Magical ☆ Baphomet”. Currently, my sabbath is recruiting “onii-chans” interested in writing activities or gathering information as investigators. You get room and board with three meals, your own witch, and you can use the data we've accumulated as much as you like. Even beginners are welcome.

    A Word From Baphomet:

    I cannot use magic. That is precisely why it looks so luminous and wonderful to me.

    Ropurotto Sabbath (p14)[edit]

    Ropurotto Sabbath
    Ropurotto Symbol

    Ropurotto Sabbath (Common Name: Beast Sabbath)

    Representative Baphomet: Ropurotto, the Sorcerous Beast

    Activity Details: Profound study of theriomancy by spending their daily lives as beasts, fusing the cuteness of beasts and juveniles

    Typical Races: Generally mostly beastmen

    To "you" : Master! Breed, breed! Let's breed! Breed♥

    A Sabbath whose objective is to combine the charm of juveniles touted by us with the adorableness of fluffy beasts using their own bodies by loving beasts and completely becoming beasts themselves. Their representative, “Ropurotto” is the originator of “theriomancy”, which imbues oneself with the power of a beast, but it is said that she doesn't remember whether she learned theriomancy by living as a beast, or whether she lived as a beast to learn theriomancy. In sharp contrast with other Sabbaths, members of this one consist of races which are terrible at magic, mostly beastmen in particular. It functions more like a “pack” headed by Ropurotto rather than an organization. They do not actively conduct solicitation, but they have lots of interactions with the outside world. Apparently, while actively frolicking and playing with humans to convey the charm of little beast girls, before they knew it, the pack's numbers had increased.

    The true value of theriomancy is unleashed by living as a beast. In other words, it is recommended to lead a life of eating, sleeping, and breeding as one desires. Since this counts as a profound study of magic in and of itself, this Sabbath's activities consist of hunting prey with onii-chan, eating, napping together, and breeding as much they please. Even the letters of the word “magic” are nowhere to be seen, and I'm extremely jealous. If possible, the writer would also like to transfer to this Sabbath. Their black mass activities are rather unusual too; many witches use the power of theriomancy cultivated within themselves to hunt an enormous “mamono realm beast”, and after they've all eaten their fill of the feast, they each do whatever they please, be it napping or breeding. However, in this Sabbath, most of the witches call their onii-chan “master”, etc., and seeing as their expressions are as happy as can be, and they delight in playing, being praised, and being petted, perhaps they're more like “pets” than “beasts”...?

    Additionally, Ropurotto is a figure shrouded in mysteries. I am told that she cannot recall her birthplace or any of her own personal history, but since the “Black Goat” and the “White Goat” appeared to be shaken when they met her face to face, it seems she's not just anybody...

    A Word From Baphomet:

    Wau, my entire pack wants males!

    If you'll come to my pack... uhm~,



    Marune Sabbath (p16)[edit]

    Marune Sabbath
    Marune Symbol

    Marune Sabbath (Common name: Farming Sabbath)

    Representative Baphomet: Marune, the goat-horned village girl

    Activity Details: Improving the quality of produce and animal products using magic, and selling produce using Sabbath's distribution channels

    Typical Races: Races connected with the earth and farming such as holstaurs, weresheep, trolls, spirits, etc.

    To "you" : I got lots~♥ Nii-chan! Eat plenty of mine♥

    A Sabbath devoted to cultivating the land and raising livestock using magic to yield even more delicious produce. Their representative, Marune, has a peculiar personal history, having been raised as an ordinary village girl in a human farming village. Marune's mother is a baphomet who chose to hand her Sabbath over to someone else to go and live in the home village of the man she fell in love with, which is a farming village. They say that at the time, the village was a territory of a nation devoted to the chief god, but the kindly villagers accepted both mother and daughter, and they lived in hiding from the Order. Eventually, the nation entered into an alliance with a mamono realm, switching to a monster friendly stance, and that's when Marune seized the opportunity to repay the kindness of everyone in her beloved village by establishing this Sabbath.

    The most distinguishing characteristic of this Sabbath is that all the witches and monster members have massive udders hanging down, which is incongruous with a childish figure. It's not that it's a policy decided by Marune; instead, they naturally developed that way due to having been raised on the village's produce. The council of baphomet elders, those responsible for approving Sabbaths, convened to discuss whether or not it's even possible for massive udders to be present on a childish body, and the debate raged for many consecutive days, only to break down into udder chaos. By the time the day of certification arrived, they still didn't have an answer; Marune somehow mistook it as a produce fair, and served up delicious food made from the village's produce, thereby neutralizing the elders' venom. Marune's carefree smile and mildly tasting food caused them to say, “whether or not we approve of enormous boobs, we approve of Marune anyhow.”

    Their base is the farming village where they live; that is to say, members of this Sabbath are all villagers of the farming village. In other words, joining this Sabbath also means moving to the village.

    Solicitation is mainly for recruiting workers for the village, and husbands. This Sabbath's activities are mainly about using magic for agricultural work, rather than magic itself; they lead industrious lives, working when the sun rises, and returning home when the sun sets. However, even when busy with farm work, onii-chans are seen groping the witches' boobs every now and then whenever the opportunity arises, and they take them in the shadows of trees, endeavoring at intercourse on each break. Whenever they're free, they have sex. It's said they basically go home and have sex until it's time for bed whenever they're done with their tasks.

    A Word From Baphomet:

    I love this village and everyone in it♪

    I hope you'll love it here too, nii-san...♥

    Greilia Sabbath (p18)[edit]

    Greilia Sabbath
    Greilia Symbol

    Greilia Sabbath (Common name: Medical Sabbath)

    Representative Baphomet: Dr. Little, Greilia

    Activity Details: Development of medical techniques by means of magic, treatment of the sick and injured via pharmacomancy

    Typical Races: Unicorns, kikimoras, houris, also monsterized angels, etc.

    To "you" : It's okay now. I'll make you all better, onii-san...♥

    A Sabbath whose representative is “Greilia”, the originator of “pharmacomancy”, which is used to treat the sick and injured. Their ideal is not to master magic or to advocate the wonderfulness of juveniles; instead, it is to save those suffering from injuries and diseases. It is a research institute, and at the same time, also a medical facility that treats patients who visit daily. It's linked up with Sabbaths throughout the world as well as human medical facilities, and it also dispatches practitioners.

    Prospective members are strictly screened, and monsters who merely want to acquire pharmacomancy or are only after men are not permitted to join. Only those with an unshakable will to save patients or those with a deeply servile mentality will become members of this Sabbath. For that reason, all of the witches devotedly apply treatment with love and kindness from their hearts, but they also tend to really get into it, and I've heard that the powerful desire to serve that they direct towards men often leads to intercourse on the spot. Furthermore, they treat not only the body, but the mind as well, and they'll cuddle with patients and restore their broken minds to a healthy state; however, gentlemen, please keep in mind that in some cases you may be corrected into a “healthy man” on the basis of “monster values”.

    Diseases that afflict humans mostly don't afflict monsters, and most patients tend to be humans; however, this Sabbath has conceived of the possibility that a monster could contract a human disease and is also conducting research. Aside from that, even though it is a Sabbath, they are still enthusiastic about non-magical medical techniques and combining them with magical techniques. According to Greilia, “even if a treatment method isn't currently needed, and even if there's only the slightest possibility that it will ever be used on even one person in the world, it may be possible that a patient needing it will appear, and we should develop a treatment method just for that one person.” This is the mindset behind their research. It's a conviction that's been firmly held by Greilia ever since the day when she was once deeply moved by a certain human doctor who thought only of earnestly saving patients even though he was despised and driven away from his country, which led her to create pharmacomancy!

    A Word From Baphomet:

    Does it hurt somewhere? Then I'll fix you up.

    Or do you aspire towards this path? Then, I'll welcome you.

    What? You like little girls...?

    I.. I'm sorry, but discuss that sort of thing with the witches...!

    Runya Runya's Intro (p21)[edit]

    I am a baphomet, but I cannot use magic.

    That is precisely why it looks so luminous and wonderful to me.

    All living people are endowed with the substance known as “mana”, and even those who cannot use magic all use mana in some form just by simply living. Moreover, even if you cannot use “magic”, it exists right beside us in various forms, it is deeply connected with most of our lives, and it is supporting us.

    This book contains but a tiny sliver of the knowledge of magic possessed by the author; however, it is not a book meant only for mages. Even without the ability to use magic, magic may enrich and enhance your life to be more pleasure-filled. Even without the ability to use magic, you may become an excellent craftsman who creates “magic items” and “magic potions” imbued with the power of magic. Even without the ability to use magic, you may acquire a new power that you can call “magic” by using mana in a completely different way than existing magic.

    This book is meant to be useful for deepening the knowledge and understanding of magic of all who pick it up and by improving their lives with “magic”.

    - Runya Runya, the sleepy magical archive -

    Mana Overview (p25)[edit]

    “Magic” refers to techniques utilizing mana to cause various phenomena, and it is the crystallization of wisdom that has been continuously cultivated by humans and monsters since ages long past!

    This book concerns the world of sorcery which is full of fascinating knowledge, but first, to deepen your understanding of magic, I will give an explanation of “mana”, which is absolutely required for using magic.

    What Mana Is (p26)[edit]

    It is a general name for the vital energy contained within the bodies of animate beings; all living things possess mana. Naturally, that's true of humans and monsters; divinities possess vast sums of mana within themselves, and even plants and animals possess mana, albeit in small quantities. There are minute differences between races and individuals, but generally speaking, when ordered in terms of who possesses the most mana, it goes divinities, monsters, humans, animals, plants. Furthermore, there also exist races that do not have bodies of flesh, whose bodies are instead comprised entirely of mana such as “spirits”. Mana is not at all a special energy just for using magic; instead, it is the fundamental essence that organisms use to perform vital functions. In other words, it is life force itself. It tends to be misunderstood, but just because someone cannot use magic doesn't mean that they do not possess mana. For example, most “slimes (encyclopedia I – p.16)” cannot use magic, but that's because they lack the knowledge and wits to use magic. A slime's body itself is mostly made up of mana, and for that reason, we can say they are creatures who possess extremely large amounts of mana within themselves.

    Other than that, most “werewolves (Encyclopedia I – p.26)” are just poor at controlling mana in the form called magic due to their racial characteristics; however, they instinctively use mana to enhance their physical abilities and control their posture when exerting themselves. Humans and other animals are also the same way. Ultimately, whether or not one can use magic is determined by one's inherent proficiencies and inadequacies, as well as subsequently acquired knowledge and training. It has very little to do with the presence or absence of mana, or the magnitude of the mana possessed. The vital energy, mana, is essentially required by organisms to perform vital functions, so in the first place, a lack of mana would signify that something is non-living rather than living.

    Even when people possess the same amount of mana, on the one hand, there are individuals who have a frail constitution and poor physical abilities that invest their mana into the gift known as magic, while on the other hand, there are people who possess brute strength and boundless stamina due to mana, but are completely unable to use magic, while still others are endowed with a good balance of everything. We can say there are endless variations in how mana is used depending on the particular race and individual. In this way, mana is not simply energy used for magic.

    Mana is also the “vitality”, and “overall energy” of living things. Basically, beings who are filled with mana are also highly active, while if mana is lacking, they will feel fatigue, and if mana is lost, it may cause lethargy or a loss of consciousness. Since possessing more mana is equivalent to possessing a greater life force, even though they're still human, powerful sorcerers tend to have greater longevity compared to ordinary humans.

    It's generally all lumped together and treated as “mana” most of the time, but in fact the nature of mana differs depending on each race, and it's classified as divine mana, mamono mana, human mana, and so forth. Mamono mana can be further classified according to race as succubus mana, lamia mana, slime mana, etc. Moreover, the mana of each individual is slightly different even when they are of the same race. Each and every animate being possesses a unique mana, and there is no one else in the world who has exactly the same mana. Even human twins raised together with the same mother and father, and even two golems created from the same material by the same craftsman, and animated by the same mana, do not possess exactly the same mana. For that reason, naturally, it's possible to identify race, and even uniquely identify an individual by performing a detailed analysis of mana. In general, humans do not have the power to sense mana; however, those who normally deal with mana such as wizards and golem engineers are an exception, being capable of sensing mana to some degree, and there are also humans “with good intuition” who are inherently able to sense the presence of mana. On the other hand, monsters excel at sensing mana. Other than being able to sense mana as a presence, there are also those who can sniff out the scent of mana and even visualize mana. Additionally, they are extra sensitive to human mana, men's mana in particular, and can sense the presence of humans even from a location some distance away. Naturally, they can identify whether it's a human or a monster, and even discern particular individuals, but they can also sense what other mana is mixed in with the mana possessed by the target, and it's even possible to discern whether or not the target has a partner, and identify who that partner is as well. The mana of a monster's own partner in particular is unmistakable, and even if her partner has been transformed into another person or beast due to a spell, she can identify him as her husband at a glance; conversely, it's absolutely impossible for a monster to mistake someone using magic to masquerade with her partner's form and mana as her actual husband.

    The fact that “human mana” is the main staple of the inma is a point that is especially noteworthy. The vital energy possessed by humans called “essence” is the favorite treat of all monsters, and that's another word for this human mana. In this book, for the sake of convenience, “human mana” will most often simply be referred to using the word “mana”, but please note that it means exactly the same thing as “essence”. Due to the influence of the mamono lord, an immensely powerful inma, all monsters are endowed with the traits of a “succubus (Encyclopedia I – p. 8)” and have a habit of feeding on human mana, i.e., essence, so their mouth, vagina, and womb have a sense of taste to enjoy the flavor of mana. The flavor of the mana of human men is strongly preferred by all monsters, and the semen ejaculated by men is particularly full of it. For that reason, monsters will do things like taking the penis deeply into their mouth, and licking and sucking it to spur ejaculation, or uniting the penis and vagina, and shaking their hips to produce stimulation that induces ejaculation. In other words, they ingest men's mana by engaging in sex with men. Additionally, their sense of smell with regard to human mana is also sharp, and a man shrouded in mana has a wonderfully delicious scent to monsters. The taste of the mana of the man recognized by a monster as her partner is exceptional, and after knowing that sweet taste, other men's mana will taste awful and no longer be tolerable to her, so much so that a monster's body will gradually alter into one specialized exclusively for sex with her partner. Her sense of taste with regards to mana will also gradually change so that only her partner's mana tastes more sharply and deliciously. Not only will a monster not get bored of her partner's taste, the more they have sex, and the more she slurps his mana, the more intoxicated she will become. In fact, many monsters even end up begging for their husband's semen practically like addicts. On top of that, they even become more sensitive to the presence and odor of their partner's mana, and in many cases it gets to the point that just being near their partner and smelling him is enough to make their head giddy, and inflame lust, resulting in a surge of sexual excitement.

    Mamono's Mana (p28)[edit]

    Since all monsters are under the mamono lord's influence, all mamono mana contains “succubus mana” within it. This mamono mana has several special properties that are absent in the mana of other living things. One is that by pouring it into humans, it accelerates the release of the mana originally possessed by that person, which is a power with inma origins. In other words, when mana is poured inside men, it facilitates more frequent and voluminous ejaculations, enabling monsters to feed on their favorite treat, “essence”, smoothly.

    Additionally, a major characteristic of mamono mana is that it has the power of “erosion”; it actively binds with other mana and converts it into mamono mana. If a human woman's body is showered in large amounts of mamono mana, even the mana she originally possessed will all convert into mamono mana, and the inside of her body will be filled with mamono mana instead of human mana, triggering “monsterization”, transforming her body and even her mind into that of a monster. The same applies to other entities as well such as “spirits” which are formed entirely of mana. Since they do not have bodies, they are even more defenseless and vulnerable to erosion by mamono mana, and will be easily converted into monsters with comparatively less mana exerted. Furthermore, even animals, plants, etc., are affected by erosion and may convert into different varieties, and even the properties of goods such as swords and magic items may be altered when imbued with mana. Mamono mana has the property of being strongly drawn to emotions and intentions. Perhaps because of the succubus mana contained within, it will attempt to erode especially aggressively and bind with women whose hearts are filled with emotions such as “desire”, “love”, and “attachment”, or complex entanglements of them. Mamono mana acclimates more easily to human women who have such powerful emotions and mentalities, and they may be innately highly predisposed to monsterization and conversion into a specific race.

    It is said that such individuals “became monsters because they were meant to be”, and compared to those who were originally monsters to begin with, there is a strong tendency for them to end up as monsters with an even more lascivious mentality who are filled with desire for even greater pleasure and enjoyment. Moreover, mamono mana not only affects humans, but is even drawn to animals with strong emotions, and sometimes even non-living things or plants which were imbued with strong human sentiments, monsterizing them as well. Mana is a mass of pure energy. Originally, it has no will, but aggregates of highly condensed mana will at times spring to life purely as vital energy endowed with emotion and a will. Due to its nature, mamono mana can easily manifest emotions such as “desire” and “love” towards human men even just as a mass of mana, and may even convert into monsters formed purely of mana such as “dark matters (Encyclopedia I – p. 226)”, etc.

    Ordinarily, when combining mana, the relationship is purely additive or subtractive. In other words, if you add one mana to one mana, you simply get two mana. And to cancel out two mana requires the same amount, two mana. This rule is applied regardless of the mana's possessor, and like in the case of adding divine mana to human mana, it is the same when combining the mana of other different races too. Due to the synergy of different kinds of mana and the resultant improved efficiency of mana consumption, greater effects than normal can be exhibited when using magic; however, the amount of mana itself follows the basic rule. Also, even if you crash mana into mana to cancel it out, each type of mana just scatters into the surroundings rather than disappearing. No matter what the case, the total amount of mana in existence remains constant. This used to be the fundamental rule concerning mana.

    However, this rule only persistently applied during and before “the age of the former mamono lords”, before the current mamono lord came to power, and we monsters assumed the forms of women. Since the arrival of the present-day “age of the new mamono lord”, the beings known as monsters have changed greatly, and the properties of mana have also changed, so this rule has also been broken.

    The most noteworthy property of modern mamono mana is that when added to the mana of other races, in other words, when eroding it and converting it into mamono mana, it causes the amount of assimilated mana to tremendously increase. That is to say, binding one mamono mana with one human mana can result in a total amount of mana as high as three or four. Furthermore, even if you crash less than one mamono mana into two mana, not only will they not cancel each other out, instead due to erosion, the total amount will increase, and all the mana will effectively end up being engulfed by the mamono mana. Back when mamono mana used to obey the “fundamental rule”, when inma had sex with humans during the age of the former mamono lord and milked them of mana, since the total of amount of mana was fixed, it was just exploitation and a unilateral usurpation of mana from humans, and being sucked dry of life force would often prove fatal. However, when monsters have sex with men and milk them of mana currently, since mamono mana increases the total amount of mana, monsters have become able to gain mana while still returning an amount greater than or equal to what they took to the men. Ordinarily, when a man ejaculates, he's releasing vital energy outside of his body, so he should experience feelings of malaise and fatigue, but since that which is released is replenished on the spot by even more mana, instead, it turns out that the more he engages in sex, the greater his vigor and stamina will surge. Because of that, although the penis should normally wither and lose power, even if a man pours mana inside a monster countless times, his erection will continuously tower without withering, and it's possible for man and monster to continue having sex according to one another's insatiable lust and urges.

    Men end up ejaculating repeatedly in a single night to the point that it seems as though they have been milked dry. The pleasure and ecstasy experienced from having the mana sucked out of themselves certainly is so potent that it causes men to hallucinate as if they had their entire life drained out of them along with it, but of course, the mana is continuously replenished, so there's no way that a man could actually be milked dry to the point of death. In other words, not only the monster, but the man also sustains himself on mamono mana through sexual intercourse, from which he can obtain the required energy for vital functions. As long as they're having sex, a man and monster married couple don't even need to utilize any other means of energy replenishment such as eating, etc. and they're still able to live. Also, even without using sex as an intermediary, just by touching each other, or even just being near each other, this mechanism works. They say that man and monster married couples elevate one another's abilities just by living together. “Dragon knights”, human male riders who fight astride dragon mounts such as “dragons (Encyclopedia I – p. 214”) or “wyverns (Encyclopedia II – p. 152)” exploit this effect, with the dragon mount becoming even more powerful and agile than she would be individually, and the rider's combat strength becoming incomparably higher than it would be individually.

    Furthermore, this special mana-amplifying characteristic can exhibit even higher effects by thoroughly, carefully, and persistently mixing together one another's mana, and is capable of producing even larger amounts of mana. By milking mana precisely when one another's bodies and hearts are in a rapturous state due to mutual gratification from the pleasure and ecstasy, a couple's mana melts into a gooey mess and mixes together, resulting in gradual fusion through deeper intertwining and binding. That is to say, more passionate sex with one's partner, filled with love and pleasure, is required. Due to the nature of monsters, I've never heard of even a single case like this, but let's say a monster went around indiscriminately milking a large number of men of their mana. Just continuing to mechanically milk men would not increase the total mana by much, and the monster would lose almost all of the mana just from returning the amount milked to the men, so she would end up gaining only an extremely small amount. In order to deliciously feed on mana and satisfy herself, “being joined with one's beloved partner”, and “sex that is filled with mutual pleasure and happiness” are elements that cannot be absent.

    An old adage that we can say has been handed down by the succubi is this: “without delicious sex and pleasure, there is ne delicious mana.”

    While we have been greatly blessed by the mutation of mamono mana that overturned the great fundamental rule of mana, and organizations such as Sabbaths are conducting research and investigations concerning it, the reason why mamono mana mutated in this manner and the underlying mechanism behind increasing the amount of mana still have yet to be ascertained. But this increase in the total amount of mana is the main cause behind the birth of today's new monster races and the rapid increase in “spirit realms” which are new dimensions created by powerful monsters, and it's certainly useful for developing magical techniques and enriching our sex lives with our partners.

    The Production and Release of Mana, Mana Recovery (p30)[edit]

    All living things have the power to produce mana, which is vital energy, within their own bodies. Mana is always constantly being produced, and when old mana is swapped for new mana, the old mana is naturally released outside the body into the surroundings. Men's semen, saliva, sweat, etc., contain mana, but the quality of each is different, and they also taste differently to monsters. Out of all of these, semen contains the largest amount of freshly produced mana, which tastes the richest and is the most nutritious; it is a monster's favorite treat, but it is thought that the mana contained in semen is plentiful and fresh primarily because it is energy that human men pour into the wombs of human women during ejaculation for the purpose of producing offspring. The mana discharged outside the body and the mana contained in waste products such as sweat, filth, etc., are the oldest of all mana released by men. Even old mana like this is tasty to monsters, but precisely because it is old, we can't say that its quality is good. Plus, it contains impurities such as a mixture of all the foreign mana that entered a man's body from his surroundings, so it is generally regarded as being less tasty and nutritious than the fresh mana contained in semen; however, races such as “beelzebub (Encyclopedia I – p. 178)” and “akaname (Encyclopedia II – p. 200)” are endowed with a special gustatory perception that can remove the impurities and sense the taste of the pure mana, and apparently due to that, old mana tastes completely different to them. I've heard that mana that has ripened inside a man's body has a unique flavor, no better or worse than fresh mana, and it's rich, or rather, greasy, so much so that it gets stuck on the tongue and in the mouth; according to a beelzebub known as a gourmand, “even a mysophobic young lady's tongue and head would melt and become useless for a whole day if she knew the true taste of sweat.“ Furthermore, even races not innately endowed with this special sense of taste can develop it by continuing to lick their partner's sweat daily. Additionally, the taste of the mana contained in saliva isn't so important as the act of ingesting it through kissing. From what I've heard, the unbearable sensation of having a man's mana flow into one's head, seemingly melting one's thoughts, is even sweeter than an internal vaginal ejaculation, and it is addictive, so many monsters will frequently beg their partner for kisses.

    Even though they are both human, there is a difference in the mana production abilities of men and women. Essentially, men have a strong ability to produce mana, while women's ability is weaker. On the other hand, women excel at taking in the mana that exists around them and using it as their own, and women are generally able to possess a greater total amount of mana within their body than men can. Because men produce greater amounts of mana, this tends to be misunderstood, but when using magic, men tend to rely solely on the mana within their own body, and as a result, quickly run out of breath, while women can efficiently use external mana, thereby conserving their own mana as well as adding to it. For this reason, women tend to be able to use greater amounts of mana, with more potency and efficiency, so we can say that women are generally more well-suited to handling mana in the form called magic as magicians. On the other hand, in men's case, they are more well-suited to using the mana within their own body to enhance their physical abilities, etc. Since their mana, i.e., vitality, recovery is faster, they also have superior physical strength than women, and tend to be much more well-suited to doing physical labor, serving as warriors, and so forth. Nevertheless, aptitude varies on an individual basis. Even among men, there are those who can innately manipulate external mana and are well-suited to using magic, as well as those who become outstanding mages through subsequent training, and likewise, even among women, there are those who excel at the physical use of mana, whether innate or not. In fact, many even exhibit brute strength and physical abilities greater than men and are active as warriors.

    There are also those who excel in both, and other than that, there are even cases when people have an aptitude oriented towards such things as boosting intelligence and accelerating thinking abilities, or sharpening artistic senses.

    Since women excel at handling external mana, we can say that their aptitude for things like hieromancy, which borrows the power of the gods, and elemental magic, which uses the power of spirits, is greater than that of men, but at the same time, it also means that it is easier for them to take in mamono mana, and we can say that they are very well suited to becoming monsters as well. If mamono mana, which has the power of erosion, enters a woman's body, all the mana inside will change into mamono mana in no time at all. Since women already have weak mana productivity in the first place, their own mana production can't keep up with the erosion, and even the organ which produces human mana will be eroded and converted into an organ which produces mamono mana, resulting in them becoming a monster.

    On the other hand, since men have high mana productivity, erosion by mamono mana is gradual, and even when completely eroded, since the human mana is still continually produced and coexists with the mamono mana, they will not become monsters. Since monsters are beings which seek men's mana, and since mamono mana remaining within a man also furthers that goal by working towards boosting a man's ability to produce mana, men will become beings called “incubi” who are the partners of monsters that infinitely produce mana and pour it into them.

    Because of these differences, when human men and women concurrently stay in a mamono realm where the air is richly condensed with mamono mana, the monsterization of women tends to occur even faster than the incubization of men. Moreover, the act of handling external mana and taking it within herself is much akin to the act of a inma draining a man of mana and taking it within herself. In that respect, we can say that a inma is a being with the powers of a human woman infinitely increased in every regard including her beauty and ability to seduce men; conversely, we can say that all human women innately have qualities that make them well-suited to becoming inma. In actuality, there are even human sorceresses who replenish their mana by having sex with men, and they do take pleasure in the act of draining men of mana, though not as much as an inma would. If a woman repeatedly engages in the equivalent of inma behavior while human, eventually, she'll become enthralled with the ecstasy of slurping mana, and end up acquiring a body and mind specialized for the act of draining mana. Sooner or later, she'll end up “awakening” as a monster such as a “succubus” or “dark mage (Encyclopedia II – p. 80)”.

    [8] Monsters are basically beings with even more mana than humans. The method of using mana that they specialize in is determined not by sex, but by race. There are races that are well-suited to using magic, races who use it to boost their physical abilities, races that can fly who use it to control their flight, races who use it in a way specialized for seducing men, as well as races that use it for other special abilities, and so on. Mana serves many more functions for monsters than it does in the case of humans. The amount of mana innately possessed and the amount they can store within their bodies is extremely high compared to humans, and their ability to take in the surrounding mana, in other words, their mana absorption abilities, are also extremely high.

    On the other hand, their ability to produce their own mana is weak, and they also release large amounts of mana outside their body, so if a large amount of their body's internal mana has been consumed, it takes time to recover. Monsters are beings that are more powerful than humans, but their fuel efficiency is proportionally much worse. Basically, for a mana-deficient animate being to recover mana, i.e., to replenish energy, eating and sleeping are required. For that reason, in the age of the former mamono lords, monsters that had lost mana needed to either prey on many humans or enter a state of dormancy and sleep for a long time to recover the huge amount of mana, but the monsters of the present can quickly replenish unlimited amounts of mana by having sex with their partners, so we can say that we've overcome that weak point. Also, there is a terribly awful tasting medicine for monsters without partners called “mana supplements (p. 161)”, but I hardly recommend it.

    Normally, a decrease in mana, or rather, vital energy, will result in fatigue and malaise, but it's mainly expressed in the forms of “hunger” and “sleepiness” most of the time. However, in the case of monsters, since their main method of mana recovery is sex with men, when mamono mana decreases, a monster will seek sex with her partner in the same sort of sense that a tired or hungry human would seek to eat or sleep.

    If they're hungry, their husband looks even more deliciously appealing, and juice will trickle down from their nether region like a beast drooling before a tasty morsel, and when semen is poured in their empty insides, they'll experience an unbearable feeling of ecstasy and fulfillment. If she's sleepy, a monster will seek her husband's embrace, like when a sleepy person desires the warmth of his bed and bedding, and she'll fall asleep with her partner while experiencing blissful peace as semen is poured inside her body. Monsters are beings whose various desires such as “hunger”, “somnolence”, and so on, are directly tied to lust for their partner.

    The trend of being able to possess greater mana, but having awful recovery efficiency is more readily apparent the more superior a life form is. For example, plants can continuously produce mana just by getting water and sunlight, but the mana is extremely weak and small. On the other hand, although this has yet to be proven, since gods once exhausted themselves fighting the mamono lord and her husband, and these gods have yet to be seen since, it is surmised that even though divinities, which are the most supreme life forms, have extremely mighty power, it takes an extremely long time for them to recover.

    Topic - Incubi and Harems (p32)[edit]

    Human men transformed into beings that are suitable partners for monsters are called “incubi”. They're basically human men, but since they have the power to keep producing endless mana to pour into their monster partners, they possess extremely high mana compared to ordinary humans.

    As a general rule, the more mana possessed by a living thing, the longer its lifespan will be. Also, since we can say that incubi are in a state where mana is mutually shared between and circulated between them and their monster partners, an incubus' lifespan will be the same as that of his monster partners.

    Furthermore, in the case when an incubus forms a harem of numerous monster wives, mana flows between the incubus and all of the monsters in his harem, growing even bigger. For that reason incubi with harems tend to live longer the bigger their harems are, and all of the monsters in a harem will also end up sharing the same lifespan as the incubus regardless of race.

    The Mana that Fills the World (p33)[edit]

    It has been mentioned that “mana exists in the surroundings” several times up until this point, and indeed, this world is filled with mana. It is the mana released by humans, monsters, animals, and plants, as well as the elements that exist in the world of nature, i.e., the mana of spirits. A mixed-up assortment of all these various kinds of mana is the mana that fills this world. The mana that all life forms discharge blends with the mana that fills the world, and the mana that fills the world nurtures plants and animals while at the same time dwelling within them. Preying on plants and animals aids the predators in producing new mana. In this manner, the mana that fills the world continuously cycles. Even mamono mana, which has the power to erode other types of mana, becomes so thin by being mixed with other types of mana that that power is neutralized. This mishmash of mana basically doesn't even have any effect on those that live there.

    However, there are also some places where the land has an extremely thick concentration of a specific kind of mana, and the concentrated mana may exert influence on the place and the living things that visit it. The great temples of the Order are sometimes made into lands concentrated with divine mana by gods and angels where even those who aren't sensitive to mana can sense the existence of a great power, and they are well-suited for choosing heroes or utilizing hieromancy, which require the use of divine mana. It is also the same way for places teeming with spirit mana; for example, places teeming with earth spirit mana empower and enrich the growth of greenery including plant mana. Elementalists with subjugated “gnomes (Encyclopedia I p. 224)”, which are earth spirits, are able to use extremely powerful elemental magic.

    Places teeming with mamono mana are called “mamono realms”, where the erosive power of mamono mana is fully unbridled. These are the worlds of monsters, where other kinds of mana are engulfed and converted into mamono mana. The mana of living things that visit is eroded without exception, which causes mutation and monsterization. Mamono realms teeming with mamono mana grant endless vitality to monsters, dramatically boosting their physical abilities, enabling spellcasting monsters to use unlimited mana, and above all else, invigorating the power and desire of monsters as inma, making them even more alluringly beautiful, lascivious beings; they are ideal spaces for monster females to maximally work their charms on males.

    Human women who cast spells using the surrounding mana can also use the mana that fills mamono realms, however, due to the mana's nature, the effects exhibited are mostly different than normal, and since mana must be taken into one's body in order to be utilized, it ends up causing rapid monsterization.

    These kinds of concentrated lands are created under conditions such as when specific races crowd into one place, extremely boosting the concentration of their specific mana. They may also spontaneously arise just due to monsters possessing such tremendous mana that their mere existence is enough to create mamono realms, or due to other beings such as legendary trees possessing mana like that of a god despite being plants, and aside from that, there are even some that were artificially created through magical rituals.

    Even those terrible at sensing mana can “vaguely” perceive that places that are concentrated lands are somehow different than normal spaces. When ordinary humans visit sacred temples teeming with the mana of angels and gods, they are overwhelmed, regardless of the fact that they don't quite understand it. And the fact that humans who visit monster countries can sense something in the air that sort of sweetly clings to them, the way a monster would alluringly wrap her arms around a man and lewdly gaze at him, indicates that the land is concentrated with some sort of mana. Concentrated lands are extremely useful for casting large scale spells and as a mana resource. The magical organizations introduced in this book, “Sabbaths”, have also created small-scale concentrated lands at each headquarters. Furthermore, “spirit realms”, which are other dimensions created by powerful beings, are all concentrated lands, and most are made by monsters, which also makes them mamono realms.

    As previously mentioned, mamono mana has the property of inflating by eroding other kinds of mana; for that reason, when human men have sex with monsters, it produces a huge mana inflation which causes a proportional increase in the amount of mana released in the surroundings. Lands that have many monster denizens, i.e., that have countless man and monster married couples that are continuously having sex and constantly releasing vast amounts of highly condensed mana into the surroundings, easily end up as concentrated lands, leading to the birth of “mamono realms”.

    The concentrated mamono mana in mamono realms spurs monsters to have sex with their partners, further aids the production of mamono mana, and when the mamono mana produced in this manner spreads throughout the mamono realm, filling it, the cycle is repeated. Mamono realms have mana that is much more dense and plentiful, even compared to other kinds of concentrated lands, and we can say that they are locations that are extremely rich mana resources. These mana resources easily enable the creation of spirit realms (p.47) and long distance teleportation magic circles (p.46), which naturally require vast amounts of mana, and in many Order states which are hostile to monsters, there are hidden spirit realms that monsters use as a base of operations, so human lands are unknowingly linked to mamono realms.

    ▼The mana cycle in the age of the former mamono lords (conceptual drawing


    ▼The Mana Cycle of the Present (conceptual drawing)



    Great Dictionary of Magic (p35)[edit]


    Great Dictionary of Magic -techniques for materializing mana-

    Magic is a general name for techniques that produce various phenomena via controlling mana, and it is also called “sorcery”, “thaumaturgy”, and so on. Humans who use magic are called “magicians”, “sorcerers”, and “mages”, while monsters who use magic are called “witches”, etc., but these terms are often mixed up.

    Formerly, those among humans who used magic were at times respected as sages who commanded power beyond human ken, or saints who embodied the miracles of the gods, but at other times they were also persecuted as heretics who sold their souls to demons or renegades who set foot into the forbidden domain of the gods; thus, they were treated as special beings who were different than ordinary humans much of the time, but, as of the present, the chief god's Order acknowledges the expediency of magicians, and since magic is generally well known and has been promulgated as a scholarly discipline, unlike in the past, it is generally recognized as a category of skills that can be used. On the other hand, among monsters, from past to present, it has been consistently recognized as “one of the powers that can be possessed” much like physical abilities such as brute strength.

    The history of magic is ancient. It is regarded as part of the knowledge given to humans by the gods in the age of genesis. Throughout the long history of warfare between humans and monsters, magic has been extensively developed by both primarily as a means of attacking one's enemies, and it has grown increasingly complex with many specializations, but ever since we monsters obtained our current forms, our magical research has been directed towards developing culture and civilization. Among monsters, research into magic for the purpose of obtaining partners and enhancing our sex lives with our partners is also widely and enthusiastically conducted. Magic has become indispensable for us to attain greater heights of pleasure and lead more dissolute, debaucherous lives.

    The word “magic” might give you the impression of something difficult, but since it is used by employing the life force that all people possess, anyone can use it so long as they have sufficient intelligence and the proper knowledge, although aptitude varies greatly. Certain races of monsters and humans born with a natural talent for magic may in some cases be able to use magic intuitively even when lacking knowledge, while it has been confirmed that even among plants and animals which lack intelligence, there are some varieties that can put up a fight against enemies by instinctively using magic.

    The existence of this world hinges upon the workings of the energy that is the fundamental basis of all life, i.e., mana. It is presumed that god also created this world with a kind of magic utilizing extraordinary mana. Perhaps for that reason, the phenomena that can be produced with magic varies from little things like making a stone in front of you fly, to great feats like a god such as creating vast new lands, continents, and islands. Casting spells basically requires some means of issuing commands to mana. In general, most spells are cast by “chanting” out loud and reciting the incantation of a spell or performing a specific gesture. Additionally, large scale spells can also be cast in the form of “rituals”, which require time spent laying the ground work and preparing intermediaries and offerings in advance.

    And the most important thing of all when invoking a spell is mind power.

    In other words, it is necessary to intensely focus one's thoughts and mentally visualize the phenomenon that one wants to bring about. For example, when chanting a spell to conjure flames, since most people visualize red flames, the magic flames will be red too, but when a monster who lives in a mamono realm that had grown up seeing candlesticks lit with purple colored flames chants the exact same flame spell, the magic flames will turn out purple. Furthermore, if someone with no conception of what flames are were to chant it, the spell itself would not work in the first place. The form in which the flames of a spell appear also varies according to how each caster imagines them to be; they may appear as small fire balls, gigantic walls of flames, or in rare cases, in the form of a dragon for some people. Also, there's the example of the monsters called “alices (Encyclopedia I – p.106)” who conjure cute flames like something out of a picture book, because they have only ever seen flames in picture books.

    In this manner, the power of the mind is greatly involved with casting spells. As a matter of fact, it's theoretically possible to cast any spell even without chanting, gestures, rituals, and so forth, just by thinking about the phenomenon that one wants to bring about; however, casting a spell with only thoughts requires more concrete, accurate, and precisely detailed thinking. For instance, in the case of the flame spell given as an example earlier, it would require knowledge of the true underlying principles of flame; that is to say, it would require one to have accurate knowledge of information concerning not just the proper form of flames, but also what flames are made of, the nature of the existence of that which we call flames, how flames are produced, what happens to things that come in contact with flames, and so on, and all of it would have to be taken into consideration. Additionally, one would have to be prepared with some sort of guidelines to use to accurately compute the coordinates of the location in which to launch the flames, and moving the flames would require determining how fast and in what direction to launch them; all of this would have to be taken into consideration and the necessary amount of mana required for it would have to be computed in one's head.

    Furthermore, it would also be necessary to imagine an element corresponding to a “directory”, in which all of the complex data and processes described above are non-erroneously recorded in order to send commands to the mana. Casting spells with only thoughts requires thoughts to be focused entirely on the spell without any interruptions. If other thoughts enter the caster's mind for even a brief moment, the commands won't reach the mana, and the spell will not work. When using flame magic with the objective of lighting a hearth, if one allows things that are not directly related to “lighting a hearth” to enter one's thoughts for even the slightest moment, the spell will fail simply due to that.

    In other words, it is unrealistic for an ordinary person to use magic with only thoughts. For that reason, the system of “magic” currently in use has the above written complex process simplified to the point of “conjuring the flames that one imagines in front of one's eyes” through a spell incantation imbued with a summary about flames, positional data, the required mana cost, and commands. Likewise, gestures are performed when using magic for much the same reason. In some cases, one may hold one's hand out in the direction to fire off a spell, but this is also done to curtail the specification of directional information. Groundwork involving offerings and rituals is also conducted to support and simplify casting even more complex spells. The usage of intermediaries, staves, etc., is also a big help when using magic. That which has the complex process of magic simplified in this manner to be worth using by humans and monsters is “archaeomancy”, which is the basis of all magic. Other than that, there are also various other systems of magic such as “nymphomancy”, which is used by succubi, “elemental magic”, which borrows the power of spirits, and so on, but these are all based on archaeomancy optimized so that magic can be used more easily and efficiently for specific intended purposes.

    Furthermore, the discussion up to this point was merely a generalization, and there are also those who do not require these simplified systems of magic. Being flame spirits, “Ignis (Encyclopedia I – p. 220)” are themselves embodiments of flame, hence, they themselves are endowed with flame data to begin with, and they can easily control flame magic at will without the need for chanting or complicated thoughts just by thinking “I want to shoot flames”. “Gazers (Encyclopedia II – p.88)” have the power to hypnotize targets. It's extremely complex magic, but it is possible for them to cast it just by staring at a target with their eyeball. In these cases, individuals of such races are born with bodies and instincts equipped with the data necessary for casting spells, and the caster's very existence itself is what simplifies and optimizes the spells. Even among humans, there are those born with that sort of talent for magic who can use it intuitively without even needing to chant or think complexly, and in some cases, some even appear to cast spells unconsciously at times. It is extremely rare for a person to be able to wield a wide array of spells in that manner, but there are a fair number of people who appear to be able to use only an extremely limited number of spells that way, and they are treated as having a high aptitude for certain spells or systems of magic. Moreover, this is more than just an innate trait. Higher rank monsters well-versed in magic and experienced higher rank human mages also sometimes uniquely optimize existing spells so that they can use them more easily without chanting. Among them there are even those who use unique systems of magic that they developed by repeatedly refining and improving existing systems of magic so that they could use them more easily.

    In the “great encyclopedia of magic” that follows, I will introduce various “systems of magic” along with individual “spells” belonging to those systems, but the classification of spells is quite ambiguous. Since most systems of magic are derived from archaeomancy, they can also be said to be archaeomancy at the same time, and since there are derivations of derivations, and ones that combine two or more systems of magic, there are also spells that we cannot say belong strictly to a specific system of magic.

    Additionally, there are even spells with the exact same effect that are classified as belonging to different systems of magic simply because the method of casting differs. Please bear in mind that the classifications given in this book are ultimately those which are commonly well known, or those which seemed to fit that system the most based on the judgments of the Sabbaths.

    Archaeomancy (p40)[edit]

    Wisdom Cultivated From Antiquity


    A system of magic handed down from the most ancient era which is the foundation of all magic. It resulted from simplifying and improving the efficiency of the originally complex processes of magic to make it easier for humans and monsters to use. Born in the age of genesis and cultivated and refined by humans and monsters all the way up to the present day, it's the most complete system of magic there is.

    It's orthodox magic with few kinks, so it's easy to use and suitable for a wide range of uses. The elements needed for casting and a certain degree of directionality are contained in comparatively short incantations and simple spell formulas. This magic can be used by focusing, visualizing the phenomenon to occur, and chanting the spell, and it's possible to make using it even more intuitive by incorporating casting actions. It's also highly versatile, and one can easily modify the magic's effects even just by adding to the incantation or spell formula. When developing new magics, research is usually conducted using archaeomancy, and most of the systems of magic that currently exist are also derived from archaeomancy. Compared to other systems of magic which are specialized for various purposes, there are also cases when its spells are individually weaker; however, a lengthy period of time has been spent on improving the efficiency of archaeomancy, which means it can exhibit greater effects at a relatively lower mana cost. It's also easy to combine different magics. For example, it is difficult to combine conflicting attributes such as “fire” and “water” using “elemental magic”, but it can be easily done using archaeomancy. Also, it is possible to reproduce most of what can be done in other systems of magic by combining and applying archaeomancy spells, but it tends to be difficult.

    This is the magic system that has the most casters, including both humans and monsters, and accordingly, most of the outstanding casters, including most of those deemed archmages, are experts in archaeomancy! [12]

    Mana Shot (p41)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell to conjure and fire mana. Conjuring and firing mana is one of the most basic techniques of mana manipulation. This “mana shot” is mainly the basis for attack spells which lash out at one's opponent with mana. However, since that which we call mana originally has no mass or attack power, and it's basically just striking a foe with mana, it doesn't have much power at all, although some kinds of mana such as mamono mana have the property of exhibiting an effect even just by pouring it inside the target's body.

    For that reason, when using mana as an attack spell, the usual process taken is to materialize it into something that has mass and attack power and manipulate that. We can say that spells that conjure and launch fireballs and spells that shoot icicles as lances, and so on, are all derived from “mana shot”.

    Each caster has a different image of the vague invisible energy called mana, and these differences result in the different directions and attributes each caster specializes in. The image of the spell which is one's specialty reflects the mind state of that person himself and the environment in which he has lived, and in the case of monsters, race also has a huge influence. A caster born to a blacksmith who grew up seeing fire and is the impulsive type would tend to be inclined towards specializing in flame spells, while a caster with a calm personality who grew up in a snowy country would tend to be inclined towards specializing in ice spells. Also, the potency of attack magic isn't decided just by the strength of the mana. When conjuring mana, it's also crucial to boost precision via concentration and advanced thinking.

    Also, even if we categorize them all as flame attack magic, the effects differ depending on the caster's image of flames. Spells conjured based on a human's image of flames will in most cases have searing heat and cause burning, which will be used to attack. On the other hand, in the case when monsters use flame spells, they don't have the image to harm humans, and at the same time, elements such as “the flames of love and passion” towards men burning inside them and “heat building up in the body” due to the pleasure of sex overlap with their image of flames, and therefore the spells they conjure also mostly take effect by making their target's body flush and burn, heating up their heart, and igniting their passion. Moreover, only the image of brightness goes into flames conjured just for illumination instead of attack magic, so even if the flames look the same, there are also cases in which they don't have the power to burn anything. In this manner, “mana shot” is one of the most basic spells, but at the same time, it has endless variations depending on the user, and we can even say it's one of the spells that most reflects individuality. The child prodigy that Sabbath boasts of, “Momonika”, the lovely goat of the playground, uses “if it's not cute, I hate it!” as a catch phrase, and prefers conjuring magic in a heart pattern, be it flames or whatever, but when “Shirokuto”, the white goat of wisdom, one of the archmages who represents the baphomet race, uses her flame magic, rather than flames, it's horrifying hellfire that looks like a gigantic *monster clad in flames.

    Furthermore, mana is intrinsically invisible, but granting mass and attack power to something invisible is extremely difficult, and so even in the case of spells that fire pure energy, it is conjured in the form of flashes or spheres of light, etc. Invisible attack magic by means of purely formless “void” mana, undetectable to the eye, is a feat that only a handful of extremely exceptional casters in the world are capable of performing.

    "Mana shot" by the baphomet "Shirokuto", the White Goat of Wisdom

    “May you continuously gasp in agony amidst my incessant flames...”

    ~”Shirokuto” the White Goat of Wisdom~

    Enchant (p43)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that grants the target a magical effect. One of the most basic techniques for manipulating mana, which causes the target to exhibit magical effects by imbuing it with mana. All enhancement spells which infuse living things with magic to boost their physical abilities and what not are actually variants of enchant, but the name “enchant” itself mainly refers to imbuing items with magic.

    Imbuing a sword with a flame spell to add a flame attribute or imbuing armor with a hardening spell to make it more durable are examples of basic uses for it, and it's even possible to do things like making a magical sword capable of dispelling targets struck with it by imbuing a sword with “spell break (p.45)”, or making magical armor that automatically repairs itself even if destroyed by imbuing armor with a mending spell. Normally the mana imbued dissipates over time, and the magical effects wear off, but by performing “affixation processing”, which adds in a spell formula that allows effects to be maintained by automatically gathering mana from the surroundings to replenish it, it is possible to produce “magical items” that maintain their magical effects almost permanently. Unfortunately, if left as is, the item will then be in a state where the effects will constantly be active, but if it's not the type of item that always applies effects to the one who possesses it, then it's also possible to set conditions to trigger the effects, for example, “when the caster prays while holding the item in his hands”, etc.

    Simply imbuing an item with magic isn't difficult at all. Even novice casters can do it, but affixation processing and setting conditions is difficult for all but experienced casters. The larger the scale of the spell being sealed inside, the greater the difficulty increases, so in the case of magical items imbued with high-level spells, they may break after only a few uses, or even just a single use. Therefore, magical items produced by inexperienced casters may be shoddy products that don't produce the correct magical effects, and can even be dangerous if they scatter the magical effects all around indiscriminately, since they are not set with conditions.

    Additionally, spells that imbue non-living inorganic things with life such as “golems” are also more complex and higher level “enchant” spells. The easier it is to imagine the connection between the spell to be imbued and the item itself, the easier it is to imbue and affix a spell. In other words, it's easier to imbue swords with offensive spells, and set the trigger conditions to things like “cutting” and “swinging”, which are natural methods of using a sword. This is also the reason why golems, etc. are mostly made in the shape of humans or animals. What's more, even the same basic article can be made more easily enchantable by altering the overall design or adding clever little details. For instance, it's easy to enchant ordinary armor with protective spells, but difficult to enchant it with offensive spells; however, if the armor is adorned with spikes and has a design evocative of sharpness, then it will be easier to enchant it with offensive spells. For that reason, there are many items which are crafted with enchanting in mind beforehand; for example, they may be adorned with decorations that call to mind a given spell or be engraved with the words of a spell's incantation or magical patterns by craftsmen.

    On the one hand, the item itself which is to be enchanted is important, but the image the caster has of the item, the caster's moral values, and the power of imagination are also crucial factors. For instance, from a monster's point of view, clothing, armor, etc. is meant to be worn to flaunt their own attractiveness and further inflame men's passions rather than as a means of protecting the body. Therefore, if the caster is a monster, it's possible to imbue spells such as “seduction(p.49)”, etc. with greater effects, and create powerfully enchanted items which attract the eyes of men and guide their gaze and consciousness to the breasts, [13]genitals, etc. Furthermore, all sorts of desires are connected to sexual desire, and various cultural practices are rooted in having sex with men, so if a monster gets her hands on them, all manner of things including weapons, golems, writing implements, and even tableware can be made into magical items with lewd effects.

    The renowned enchanters among the “march hares (Encyclopedia II – p.130)”, a race living in Wonderland who interpret everything in a lewd manner, are said to even be capable of picking up a random pebble from the roadside and imbuing it with a lewd effect like a divine treasure by going on and on about their wild delusions, or rather, adding imagination.

    “Master, can you enchant me with a spell to attract a man's gaze? Currently, I have targeted a male human individual for essence extraction, but essence extraction efficiency will increase if he's gazing at my bosom. Besides... If he gazes at me like that... aah...♥”

    ~a golem who will so be joined with her partner in the future~

    Mana Marker (p44)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell for placing concentrated mana, creating a marker. Mana normally dissipates soon after release, but this spell, one of the most basic spells for manipulating mana, causes it to remain at a single point by condensing it. The greater the caster excels at controlling mana, the longer it is possible to make the mana persist.

    Condensed mana is still invisible, but it can give even those who normally can't sense mana a feeling that “there is something there.” Markers are used like beacons by setting them at specific points, and they can also be set up so that they signal only to certain targets. For example, by adjusting the concentration and quality of the mana, they can be made undetectable by ordinary humans so that only magicians or certain specific races will be able to sense them, or they can be made so that they're difficult to notice unless one is in possession of a certain magic item. For superior magicians, it's even possible to do things such as including messages for those able to detect the set marker, or imbuing spells so that those gathered around a marker can be healed.

    Additionally, markers set by this spell are also used as targeting marks when firing spells. When casting long range spells that extend even beyond the caster's field of vision, it's difficult to aim and fire, and spells will often hit unintended locations, but if a marker is set in advance and targeted, then one can ensure that a spell will land accurately. AoE spells are difficult to fine-tune in much the same manner, but by setting a marker to encircle a specific area in advance, it is also possible to ensure that a spell's effects will only extend over the encircled area. It's highly difficult compared to setting markers at specific locations, but it's also possible to set markers on objects and living things. There is a high likelihood that it will be canceled out quickly, but it's even possible to cast spells that automatically home in on the target by setting a marker on the foe one wants cast magic on and then targeting it before firing.

    When using this spell as a marker for other people, it's basically used to communicate with allies. Sometimes there are markers set by officious monsters pointing out locations where lots of unwary humans pass by and monsters can lurk in a perfect spot to attack men without being noticed. Upon carefully sharpening their mana sense and taking another look, unmarried monster ladies seeking men will find out that there's information about “hunting grounds” scattered all over the place that their senpais left behind. Besides that, the property of this spell “to give even those who can't sense mana a feeling that something's there” is also exploited by monsters to use it as a method of luring human men into their own lairs.

    Also, in nations where humans and monsters live together, an unconventional use of this spell is to cast it on unmarried human men to help them get together with specific races of monster girls. Markers that can be strongly perceived by the corresponding race that a man desires are set on human men. These markers tell other races of monster girls, “I want to be joined with a specific race, so keep your hands off me”, and an extremely wide area is affected, so it's like a man advertising himself to every individual of a particular race that he is seeking, and unmarried individuals from among them will probably gather before the man, scrambling to be first.

    “We've discovered the outpost targeted for subjugation. We'll leave a mana marker behind and return for now. …There are five men within the target, a perfect number. Why don't we share them nicely and enjoy ourselves...♥”

    ~amazoness in a radical sweeper unit~

    Spell Break (p45)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that dispels magical effects cast on a target. Spells with ongoing effects invariably leave the caster's mana in the target's body to maintain the spell, and the effects of such spells can be ended by causing that mana to disperse.

    However, to dispel a spell requires as much mana as is being used by that spell, or perhaps even more. Also, this spell is by no means omnipotent. Only spells that are “temporarily” active can be dispelled. For example, it's possible to dispel spells that are used to temporarily boost physical abilities using mana, but the kind of spells that restructure the body to permanently maintain high physical abilities cannot be dispelled. It is also powerless against spells that are constantly active as part of a race's ecology, as well as spells that have been applied with affixation processing to magical items, magical creatures, etc. In other words, the “protective mana” that safeguards her partner during sex that all monsters possess, the flotation of the sort of races that constantly use mana to fly, and so on, cannot be dispelled. Neither can beings that came to life from mana dwelling within objects, be returned to mere objects with this spell.

    Furthermore, changes that were produced directly by the effects of a spell can be dispelled, but it has no effect on the phenomena that occurred along with that. For example, suppose that a target has been magically implanted with lust like that of an inma and she is copulating with a man. It would be possible to extinguish the lust she had been implanted with using “spellbreak”, but even so, once a woman has known devilish pleasure, it becomes engrained in her body and mind, and will never disappear. Even if the effects of the spell were the impetus, the desire to continue immersing herself in sex and pleasure that newly sprouted from having known devilish pleasure, and the gradual transformation of her mind and body into that of an inma cannot be undone, because it is no longer due to the spell's effects.

    The various spells that monsters use to charm men can also be dispelled with “spellbreak” in some cases, but the charm monsters possess that enthralls human men is ultimately something a monster is inherently endowed with due to monster ecology itself. Spells only support it. If a man has beheld a monster's uncanny beauty, exchanged words with a monster who tempted him in a lovely voice, reached towards her soft skin which looks as if just touching it would feel wonderful, or simply received pleasure from a monster for even the briefest moment, then the fact is that he will be charmed by that, and the lust aroused in him will no longer have anything at all to do with the effects of a spell. If a man has “directly” come into contact with a monster's charm in any way, shape, or form, then it will already be too late even if the spell is dispelled.

    “I'm fine now that you broke that spell the inma put on me. You've saved me... haven't you... Aah... You look very yummy...♥”

    ~a human female knight who had been captured by an inma~


    Teleportation Spell (p46)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell that warps the target to another location far removed. This spell is the culmination of exhaustive research into moving objects using mana, one of the basic ways of manipulating mana, and it is regarded as one of the most highly difficult spells. Teleporting living things like humans and monsters is extremely difficult. An advanced spell formula designating the coordinates of the far off destination, etc., is required along with a correspondingly vast mana cost. Among the “baphomets (Encyclopedia I – p.180)”, there are even those who perform all of their movements using this spell, but that's possible precisely because baphomets are a superior race with elite mastery over magic. Ordinary monsters and human casters are incapable of that.

    But on the other hand, it's not that unusual at all to find casters who can wield this spell. In fact, it's even used a lot in our daily lives. This is because mana, originally a scarce resource, is continually plentifully produced in mamono realms, and the teleportation spell has been simplified as much as possible to be of practical use. It is necessary to strongly focus one's thoughts on the destination. Using the spell however one likes to go wherever one pleases is extremely difficult, but using it just as a one way ticket to return to a place deeply connected with the caster, such as the caster's home, is comparatively easy.

    Besides that, another effective method of usage is to establish the coordinates of the point of departure and the destination, and then set some sort of guide marks. For example, by setting up magic circles with teleportation spells that incorporate “mana marker (p.44)” into the spell formula at two locations and using both of them as guide marks, the positional information can be omitted. Due to this, it's even possible to permanently establish magic circles that enable teleportation of numerous people at the same time in either direction, and it's treasured as a method of long distance movement in mamono realm nations.

    There's also the method of using a person's individual mana as a guide mark, which is possible for monsters precisely because of their proficiency in distinguishing the mana of individual people. Naturally if the mana of an individual is known, it's possible to teleport to the target's location, but by determining if anyone else's mana is in the body of an individual, and figuring out places where strong traces of the target's mana remain, it's even possible to teleport to places deeply connected to an individual, such as an individual's home, etc., or to the location of the family of an individual. When prisoners of war originally from nations under the control of the Order of the Chief God, or those who have newly become monsters wish to bring their family to immigrate to a mamono realm, often times there are cases when it is difficult to just go and pick them up directly, and in such circumstances, the method employed is to connect a teleportation magic circle to their home or the location of their family and bring them directly to the mamono realm.

    Furthermore, the easiest way that teleportation magic can be used is for a monster and incubus husband and wife to use each other as markers. Since they both possess the same mana, a mixture of each other's mana, it's extremely easy to teleport in both ways, and it's possible to casually teleport to one's spouse.

    Married monsters mostly spend their time constantly having sex with their husband, but there will probably also be times when they will have to temporarily separate from him to take care of some sort of errand. When away from their husband, even just suddenly recalling his face is enough to call to mind the joy of being held in their husband's arms and the taste of his essence, and this may even cause unbearable lust to come over them. At times like that, as long as they have acquired this spell, they can instantly return to their husband and enjoy sex to their heart's content.

    I'm home. Uhm... What is it? I just wanted to touch you a little bit, ya bastard...♥

    ~a dullahan, the following day after departing on an expeditionary mission~

    Space Creation Spell (p47)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 3 out of 3

    A spell for creating a new space called a “spirit realm”. This spell creates new “worlds”, which was originally the work of the gods, so to speak. It's the highest level spell, classified as the most advanced spell in existence, and it requires the most mana. Of the large scale spirit realms created using this spell, “Pandemonium”, created by the fallen god, and “Wonderland”, created by one of the daughters of the mamono lord, are among the most famous.

    An archmage would have to expend a vastly enormous sum of mana simply to create a small room where nothing exists. Creating a space the size of a kingdom and then creating land, nature, and buildings there would absolutely require godlike power. But since it has become possible to infinitely accumulate power by having sex with one's spouse in the present era, there are a fair number of monster and incubi casters with power to the degree of a lesser divinity, and it has now become easy to create small scale spirit realms using the overflowing mana that is continuously generated in mamono realms.

    For that reason, things have gotten to the point where it is no longer rare for a powerful monster to prepare a room in a spirit realm to use as a bedroom for living with her husband, or even to have her own small mamono realm in a spirit realm, as if owning a villa in a summer resort. Our Sabbaths also possess numerous branches, test sites, and venues for black mass in spirit realms.

    Spirit realms are created in different dimensions than the current world, but the dimensions intimately overlap, and it is supposed that they are somehow connected to it. Such overlapping places can serve as entrances or exits to spirit realms. In some cases, doors or gates, etc. are artificially established so that the entrances are easily recognizable. But in the case of Wonderland, there are lots of entrances that were randomly generated. Mere hollow trees and holes in the ground, etc. can be connected to Wonderland, and there are even cases such as when people walking through forests unwittingly wind up in Wonderland. Furthermore, even “Pandemonium”, which supposedly has no entrances or exits, and can only be accessed via a spell cast by adherents of the fallen god, does have more than a few places that overlap with the current world, and people do randomly stray into it on extremely rare occasions. Also, when spirit realms nearly overlap with places in the current world in such a manner, they sometimes exert influence. It is supposed that humans who live in lands that nearly overlap with Pandemonium are highly likely to awaken to the fallen god's faith. As for the closest spirit realms, in some cases there are near identical spirit realms created at the “backside” of structures, villages, etc. that exist in the current world. The venues where our Sabbaths secretly hold black mass in human villages are also mostly created in places such as the “backsides” of the chief god's churches.

    Even after creation, mana is required to maintain spirit realms, but since all living things produce mana, spirit realms can be maintained as long as life is active there. If life goes extinct in a spirit realm, then it will gradually contract and eventually disappear. Conversely, as long as life exists in a spirit realm, nothing can extinguish its existence. What's more, if human and monster married couples live there, then sex will result in the production of vast amounts of mana, enough for a surplus even after paying the spirit realm's maintenance cost. That's why as the number of couples inhabiting a spirit realm increases, a spirit realm will naturally expand larger.

    “This is our bedroom, where you and I will make love... This is the place to which you will return. You thought you opened the door to your own room...? No, no matter where you try to go, you'll always end up returning here... and coming back to me...♥”

    ~a lilim, a daughter of the mamono lord~

    Nymphomancy (p48)[edit]

    Sensual Succubus' Temptation


    A system of magic uniquely developed by the *succubi in their pursuit of debauchery.

    It used to only be used by monsters classified as *succubi who seduce humans and suck their essence, however, due to the fact that all monsters currently have *succubus' traits , it is now being used widely by many other races.

    It's the sort of magic ideally suited for the purposes of a *succubus, used for things like seduction and charming, or enhancing one another's erogenous sensitivity. Casting it requires mamono mana, primarily succubus' mana, and the method of using nymphomancy is imprinted in a *succubus' instinct, so we can say that almost any race or individual has an aptitude for this system of magic, as long as she's a monster. In contrast with typical sorcery, which requires advanced thinking and concentration, nymphomancy has evolved so that it can be used without issue even in situations where the caster lacks concentration and is distracted by other things. In other words, this is a system of magic designed with the intention of being used in situations such as when the caster is infatuated with a man before her eyes or indulging in the pleasure of sex. Casting is mainly done through gestures, and many of the spells don't require chanting and can be cast just by barely having the desire in mind, and there are even cases where spells can be used unconsciously just by reading the caster's desires instead of her thoughts. It's a system of magic truly befitting of a succubus. Not only does it not require concentration, on the contrary, it has developed so that the magic's effectiveness increases the more one fills herself with pleasure and the more her mind melts in ecstasy. For casters seeking to master nymphomancy, it is an absolute must to drown in pleasure with their partner as much as inhumanly possible.

    In this manner, it's an extremely excellent system of magic, but because spells are cast when the caster's desires are read, it isn't possible to use spells that run contrary to the caster's desires, and there are even times when unintended spells will fire off automatically in response to the caster's desires. It's good if it's usage is left to instinct and impulse, but it's difficult to rationally control. [15]

    Seduction Spell (p49)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that seduces and charms the target. The most basic spell that has been used by *succubi since antiquity. Since the monsters of the present all have the nature of a *succubus, many races can use this spell, but it originated from the *succubi, and a *succubus' seduction spell is especially potent. This spell can be easily and casually cast with a sexy gesture, an alluring vocalization, or a suggestive look, etc. Since it's one of the spells most deeply rooted in all monsters, the seduction spell is not just actively cast, but also unconsciously cast on men fancied by the caster. Furthermore, those which are actively used are called “temptation”, while those which are automatically cast due to the race being naturally endowed with it to begin with, or because of enchanted equipment are called “charm”, and a distinction is made between them.

    This is a spell which focuses the target's feelings and consciousness on the caster. The purpose of monsters' existence is to copulate with men in the first place, so even without magic, they have beautiful looks that can easily rob a man of his heart. The effect of this spell is to flaunt the sex appeal of their own beautiful face and body to the target and make him aware of it.

    One under the influence of seduction will find his gaze unintentionally shifting to places such as the caster's lovely face and bouncy, voluptuous bosom. The provocative gestures one witnesses will be burned into one's eyes, and won't go away. Even if one were to close one's eyes and try to endure it, this time one's ears would be thoroughly and continuously violated by her even more lucid, sweet man-seducing tone of voice, and if one covers one's ears, then the indecent aroma tickling one's nostrils will excite one's senses. With it impossible to distract oneself from the lewd being in front of one, one will be robbed of one's heart. Unable to resist one's erection and instinctive arousal towards her, one will pursue the being before one's eyes. And it works with more than just simple beauty. If it's a monster like a young little girl, then after having one's attention drawn to her innocent cuteness, one will be made to see the depraved sex appeal present within immaturity. If it's a monster with a grotesque body, then one will be made to notice the creature-like allure present within grotesqueness. In this manner, these spells do not charm the target by using hypnotic effects to manipulate the target's heart. Instead, charming works by forcing the target to strongly perceive the caster's existence.

    For that reason, it has little effect unless the caster is substantially attractive. For example, even if a pebble on the roadside were able to use a charm spell, since it has no sex appeal, it wouldn't exhibit any effect. Since it's not a method of mind control, even after the spell wears off, the charm of the monster that one was made aware of continues to remain within the target without disappearing. Since the target is charmed and genuinely experiences attraction towards the monster, it is impossible to dispel the charm. Also, it's possible to cast even during sex, and in that case, not only does it show off the silliness of the caster going wild with pleasure, it also focuses the man's consciousness completely on the pleasure produced by the caster's body during sex, and can strongly engrave it into his heart. For that reason, once one experiences sex with a monster, escape is rendered impossible.

    Also, since a seduction spell can be used to focus attention on themselves, conversely, it can also be applied to divert attention. For instance, monsters with eye-catchingly beautiful looks can use it so that they can actually go about doing things without standing out, and monsters with an appearance tempting to men can even make it so that they won't attract the desires of any but the specific man that they are targeting. There are several nymphomancy spells that all monster races ordinarily cast unconsciously, and this is also one of them. The fact is that most monsters with partners divert the desires of men other than their husband by means of this spell.

    “Seduction spells” can theoretically be used by human men to charm human women and monsters, and would exhibit a high effect on monsters in particular since they normally view men in a sexual manner with their values. However, since it is “nymphomancy”, it would be extremely difficult for a human man to acquire and use, and it would have very little effect on a human woman unless the man was handsome and sexually attractive in the first place.

    On the other hand, despite having the same effect of focusing the target's consciousness and feelings on the caster's charms when used on monsters, what monsters look for in a man is different than human women, so the target's looks and sexual attractiveness don't have very much to do with it. What we find appealing about men varies by race as well as on an individual basis, but the thing about men that's universally “appealing” to monsters in general is the fact that men are our “male” counterparts. In that case, the factor that boosts the effects of a “seduction spell” turns out to be the magnitude of a man's lust and passion towards a monster and how much he desires to engage in the act of reproduction with his target.

    A monster who has been put under a “seduction spell” will sense the odor and presence of the caster's mana more acutely and start feeling that the caster is a “delicious looking” being. Every single thing about the man will start to feel as though it is tempting her, naturally including the image of the man seen by her eyes, his body odor and the scent of his mana tickling her nostrils, and his words reaching her ears, and especially if the man has an erection, she won't be able to stop gazing at his crotch or get it out of her mind. The sexual desire and arousal felt by the caster towards the monster will transcend her consciousness and senses, communicating directly to her instinct and womb. When struck by a “male charm” that seeks to impregnate a female, a monster will be utterly enchanted. When a monster girl is like that, it's extremely easy to invite her for sex, so the caster can have his way with her as much as he pleases... is what I'd like to say, but unfortunately, in most cases, the caster will end up being mercilessly ravished by a monster girl gone wild; however, monsters who already have partners or already have their hearts set on certain men are unable to recognize any man other than their partner as a male, and since they do not feel any sexual attraction toward other men, a “seduction spell” will have no effect.

    “Ufufu...♥ What's the matter? You're staring at me so much... naughty boy♥”

    ~a succubus seducing a soldier of the Order~


    Melty Kiss (p50)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that provides a melty sort of pleasure, disrupting a foe's thoughts and interrupting spell chanting. Since pleasure is the domain of the inma, they are able to cast a variety of spells in conjunction with providing pleasure to a target by using the very pleasure they produce as a magical catalyst. This spell is also one of those. It is cast by caressing the target's body, kissing, or other things of that nature which provide minor pleasure. It causes an opponent's thoughts to melt away by transferring mana into the target along with pleasure, interrupting the chanting of spells.

    The moment mana imbued “pleasure” is transmitted to the target's mind, it spreads so as to diffuse throughout the entire mind, and for a while, his thoughts will be seized by pleasure. The target's mind ends up becoming unable to recognize or process any information other than that it “feels good”, and will abandon all other thoughts as he experiences a sensation as if his mind were melting. Since it actually stops the target from even thinking, not only does it interrupt spells that need to be chanted out loud, it can even nullify the sort of spells that are cast just via mental thoughts.

    Also, while a target's thoughts are seized by this spell, it creates a huge gap in the target's spell resistance, resulting in a state where any spell cast on him by the inma will be extremely more effective. This spell is most often used particularly in combination with “seduction spell(p.49)”, and due to the effects of seduction spell, the pleasure that serves as the catalyst of this spell will be more powerfully engraved into the target's heart. The feeling of the inma's pleasure inducing lips, fingertips, etc. will never disappear, and the sweet afterglow will continue to linger in the target's mind. As a result, the effects of “melty kiss” will end up lasting even longer, and the continually lingering afterglow of the pleasure that “feels good” will continue to impede the target's casting indefinitely. What's more, the effects of “melty kiss” can be empowered by leaps and bounds by using greater pleasure as a catalyst, such as that which results from deep kissing, ejaculation, etc.. Once a man is brought to ejaculation by an inma, not only will his body be dominated by the pleasure, even his very thoughts will be at the inma's mercy due to this spell.

    In the age of the former mamono lords, succubi with high spell resistance who neutralized many human wizards via the use of this spell were even dreaded as “wizard slayers”. On the other hand, to modern day inma, this spell is just something they use when they decide they're going to enjoy sex right then and there to make human men, who tend to think excessively, focus only on sex and get them to enjoy the pleasure of an inma's body without hesitation. In most cases, there is no other meaning or purpose for it. In other words, it means “instead of having excessive thoughts, look only at me, and just indulge in my body.”

    Reading or conducting research while teasing each other's bodies and sharing pleasure is pretty nifty too. That's what happens on a daily basis even in our Sabbaths. But the fact is that as creatures of passion, it's very important for us to have times when there's just a male and a female, and nothing else exists except for the pleasure shared when the two join together.

    “Don't think of such difficult things♪ Let's just think only of pleasure, 'kay♥”

    ~a devil loving an Order cleric~


    Inma's Blessing (p51)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that infuses the target's body with mana, greatly increasing sexual pleasure. One of the most basic spells possessed by inma, which acutely sharpens the erotic sensations of the target so that the pleasure provided by a monster can be felt even more strongly. The intensity of the erotic sensations of humans that have been boosted by this spell is so powerful that it makes rational thought difficult, and may even cause them to pass out from the pleasure, but it's nothing compared to the intensity of the erotic sensations that monsters and incubi normally experience. The difference in the intensity of the erotic sensations and the magnitude of pleasure tolerable by humans and monsters is readily apparent.

    Also, this spell is cast not only on human men, but also on oneself and other monsters so that they can enjoy sex more, and it is also sometimes used for things like instilling human women with the joy of drowning in devilish pleasure. There are also countless other “inma's blessings” aside from this with various effects such as increasing fertility, causing lust to surge relentlessly, and increasing the amount of semen during ejaculation.

    It's a spell that has been continuously used by inmas since antiquity. The effects granted during the age of the former mamono lords and the present era are the same, but the nature of the spell itself has become somewhat different. In the age of the former mamono lords, when humans were nothing but prey to inma, this spell used to be called “inma's curse”. It used to be an “enfeebling” spell which lowered the target's resistance to pleasure so that one could easily suck a human dry. On the other hand, the current spell is used with the idea of “wanting to make humans further enjoy sex and pleasure”, and it has become a spell with the effect of “enhancing” the target's erogenous organs. In this manner, the “blessing” and the “curse” are two sides of the same coin and of the same nature. The effects that can be obtained with the spells are similar, and yet due to this difference, some aspects are like night and day. The curse is used with “malice” and “spite” towards the target, but the blessing is used with “benevolence” and “compassion” towards the target. Therefore, since it bypasses the most general type of magic defense, which “protects against malicious enemy attack spells, but doesn't affect the healing and enhancing spells of allies”, the “blessing” is a spell which is far more difficult to defend against.

    Just as the existence of a divinity grants blessings to their believers, so too do monsters with vast power sometimes become beings who spread “inma's blessings” to many simply by existing. For example, “Druella-sama”, the ruler of Lescatie and one of the mamono lord's daughters, is a being who inspires obscene, gooey passion and causes all to descend into darkness regardless of race or sex. Additionally, we baphomets who lead many witches also awaken the “primal female urges” of the yonge little monsters who belong to our Sabbaths just by existing, which makes it easier for men to become aroused towards the little ones. Our very existence grants blessings to all yonge monsters, leading them into depravity so that they can live pleasurably.

    “Oh, how my witches indulge in copulation. It is truly picturesque, indede. Abandon yourselves to this depravity, offering up everything, and I'll grant you even more pleasure...♥”

    ~a baphomet speaking to witches indulging in sex~


    Oath of Pleasure (p52)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A defensive spell that blocks out everything other than pleasure. By creating a special mana membrane and draping one's body in it, it blocks out shock and pain other than pleasure, but, on the other hand, it extremely reduces resistance to pleasure. The invisible mana membrane prevents mutual harm. When weapon or spell attacks are inflicted upon an inma draped in this membrane, it definitely feels as if they hit the mark and not as though they were interrupted or deflected by anything, and yet regardless, not a single wound can be inflicted on the inma. On the other hand, since attacks and spells that inflict pain or shock made by the caster herself are also nullified, she will also be unable to harm anyone.

    This incomparably powerful defensive spell is predicated upon a strong oath to abandon all resistance towards sexual pleasure in exchange for absolute defense against pain and shock. The mana membrane doesn't let attacks through, but when the caster receives pleasure, the mana of the defensive membrane dissipates, and it comes off. The effect of this spell is empowered by means of an “oath” to sacrifice something in exchange for something else, but even if an inma becomes more sensitive to pleasure dealt to her, all that does is make her enjoy sex even more. In the age of the former mamono lords, it was prevalent as a powerful spell that compelled men to have sex with inma. It's not impossible to magically dispel the defensive membrane, but “spell break (p.45)” is nonetheless mostly ineffective against inma, since they are a race that possesses ample mana, so dispelling it is not very realistic. For that reason, when men encountered inma during battles between humans and monsters in the age of the former mamono lords, they would flee at the sight of them, or, for instance, leave them be after neutralizing them with spells that don't cause pain, shock, etc. such as sleep inducing spells and so on. It is said that of all the monsters, inma had an extremely low mortality rate because they were mostly dealt with by avoiding fighting them.

    This spell provides powerful defense, but on the other hand, abandoning resistance to pleasure is, in other words, tantamount to leaving oneself completely unable to resist any pleasure given to her by a man, mentally or physically. If a man reaches towards the caster not to attack, but to pleasure her, and fondles her all over her body, the pleasure dealt will be as though it practically pierces the very core of the caster's body, easily leading to climax. Also, it's not just the body that loses resistance towards pleasure. If a man assaults the caster, determined not to defeat her, but to make her his female, unable to resist the pleasure provided, the caster's heart will easily yield, and she'll acknowledge herself as belonging to the man. However, in the case that the caster is a married monster, it's another story. Monsters who already have a husband are unable to recognize any other man as a male and by their very nature are unable to even experience pleasure from doing it with other men no matter how low their pleasure resistance drops. Thus, it is impossible to break through this spell's defense with pleasure that never existed in the first place, and as a matter of fact, the only man capable of providing pleasure that could break the spell would be the caster's husband.

    Furthermore, the “pleasure” that the caster loses resistance to is not just that which is directly brought about by erogenous sensations from sex and fondling. She also loses resistance to the “pleasure” induced when her husband's lust is directed towards her and she's pursued sexually, when her husband is pleased by the pleasure she provides him, and so on. In other words, even without having sex, even the “joy” she experiences just from being with her beloved spouse will be irresistible. A demon general who used to be known for being highly capable and having a stern personality boasted with great enthusiasm, “I will dominate everything from his body to even his very soul,” when headed to face the human man who was her rival in a decisive battle, but as a result of having used “oath of pleasure” during the battle, she has become completely subservient to the hero who ended up as her husband, and is now madly in love with him. She used to be stern and overbearing even towards men, but now there's not even a trace of her former self. She's unable to hold back the slackened smile that seemingly indicates that she's happy from the bottom of her heart just from being beside her husband, and they say that when the two exchange words, she can't help but dote on him because she loves him so dearly.

    Additionally, the “protective mana” that presently safeguards men so that they don't get injured from sex that's too rough, or the monster's claws, horns, etc., the spell that all monsters are endowed with by their very nature that is constantly in effect, is thought to be originally derived from this spell.

    “A contract between a man and a woman doesn't need such a distasteful thing. What we exchange, what burns us, is only this pleasure... For now, just indulge in me to your heart's content.“

    ~the demon general back when she still had her dignity intact~

    Dark Matter (p53)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell for materializing the power of darkness and controlling it at will. It is a “mana shot (p.41)” using nymphomancy, which entails materializing highly condensed mamono mana, forming a slushy dark colored mass of it, and putting it to use. The spell is named “dark matter”, the same as the monster race, and it's the same stuff as the black sphere that the dark matter monster sits astride.

    The materialization of mana is itself the basis of magic, but compared to other systems of magic, it's extremely difficult to picture and materialize the element governed by nymphomancy, which is something like “pleasure” or “desire”, since it doesn't exist in any clear form. What's more, nymphomancy itself is a system of magic in which spells may even be autocast when the caster's desires are read, which further exacerbates the difficulty of consciously controlling it. Thus, the only ones who can control dark matter at will are those such as casters of the highest rank who are extremely adept at wielding magic and high rank inma born as beings who embody desire and pleasure. For others, it requires filling themselves with pleasure and desire by having sex with their partner countless times, so that they understand it both physically and mentally, and become a being lewd enough to embody it.

    Since dark matter is a mass of desire, if a non-monster being touches it, it will immediately penetrate the interior of the target's body in a voracious attempt to erode the target's mana, and since it is also a mass of pleasure, during this time, it induces pleasure and a burning sort of flushing, which is almost like the erogenous sensations experienced by a monster, leading the target to climax. Given that monsters basically use their own body to provide pleasure when attacking human men, in most cases, it's used to pleasure women and break them with the goal of changing them into monsters. Dark matter is mostly materialized in the form of a sphere, which is easier to picture when solidifying mana, or in the form of tentacles. If the caster is able to control it, not only the shape, but also the texture and hardness can be freely changed. For instance, it can be changed into sticky liquid that envelops and binds a woman's body, while gradually continuing to pleasure her, or it can be changed into firm, rubbery tentacles, which can be used to penetrate a woman orally and release condensed mana liquid inside her mouth, or crawl all over her breasts and knead her nipples using the tips, providing sharp pleasure. What's more, despite being materialized, it also retains the true nature of mana which is incorporeal and intangible, and depending on how it is used, it can even phase through objects, flesh, and so on. It's possible to do tricks like breaking a woman by slipping it inside the vagina without piercing the hymen, or slipping it into the womb through the navel to erode only the womb itself, remaking it so that it throbs seeking a man's essence like that of a monster. Even compared to other methods, dark matter is one of the spells that is most efficient at mana erosion. Just by continuously touching dark matter, a human woman will gradually transform into a monster, and if her entire body is engulfed by dark matter, then it will lead to instant monsterization.

    Furthermore, due to its very nature, if magic is shot into dark matter, it erodes all the mana and ends up growing even bigger. A spell flung to try and save a woman who was engulfed by dark matter will only have the opposite effect, aiding her rebirth as an even lewder monster.

    Since nymphomancy is often autocast according to the caster's desires, when inexperienced casters create dark matter, it sometimes starts moving automatically, and the caster herself is dragged in and violated by it. But there are also those who try to take advantage of this to live while constantly immersing themselves in pleasure by sitting astride a sphere made up of dark matter, or shrouding their body in tentacles made from it.

    “Kuroferuru”, the black goat of dark sludge, who is the seeker of nymphomancy, is also one of them. She invariably grants those who become witches of her sabbath “black goat's blessing”, which makes it so that their mana keeps unconsciously materializing as dark matter. Thus, every witch of black goat Sabbath is always being forced to conjure as much dark matter as she possibly can and cover her body in it. The size of the dark matter is indicative of the amount of mana she possesses, and the degree to which she can control it is indicative of her magical talent. Naturally, almost all inexperienced witches are unable to control it, so the dark matter “moves according to their desire”, and they wind up having their own body continuously toyed with and violated by it, but they're able to continually immerse their body and mind in “pleasure” and “desire”, which is viewed as important for using dark matter, and at the same time, by continuing to constantly materialize and employ condensed mana, they are able to unconsciously imprint themselves with the method to materialize it, and that itself makes it effective training for controlling dark matter. Plus, the power of nymphomancy increases the more the mind melts with pleasure, so we can say it is extremely logical for those who wield nymphomancy.

    “Dark matter” by the baphomet “Kuroferuru”, the Black Goat of Dark Sludge.

    “Expose your desire and lay it bare. Let it be known far and wide that you are a slave to base pleasure. Our sorcery exists precisely beyond the point of falling.”

    ~”Kuroferuru”, the Black Goat of Dark Sludge[19]~

    Breath of Ecstasy (p56)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    Pink breath that provides the target with euphoria. Imbuing breath with mana transforms it into excessively sweet pink breath that is effective when blown on foes. This spell is an act of “sharing happiness” on the part of the inma. The euphoria that the target receives is a portion of the bliss that the caster acquired by spending her days having sex with her husband.

    This spell strictly doesn't provide pleasure directly, but the euphoria a monster can experience by having sex with her husband is so tremendous that it's beyond human comprehension, and as a result, the target will end up climaxing repeatedly regardless of the fact that she hasn't been sexually stimulated. Due to its very nature, the effect of this spell increases the more the caster herself has experienced great bliss, i.e., the more she knows the joy of living with her spouse and making love with him. For instance, if the target is given the bliss of the moment when the caster was first joined with the partner she had been longing for, which is one of a monster's most blissful experiences, then the tremendous euphoria will make the target gush like a monster in heat, and the heat in her womb won't subside until she obtains that pleasure again. Additionally, if the caster is an ex-human who has experienced monsterization, then she can also induce the feeling of ecstasy and liberation from then in the target, and she will practically shake in anticipation of her transformation into a monster. Before long, she will come to know that joy firsthand.

    The euphoria induced by this spell feels just as if it were actually experienced by the target herself. Thus, she can never get the blissful memory out of her head. Instead, as time passes, what was supposed to be the caster's bliss, becomes the target's, and in her memory, she gradually replaces the caster with herself, and replaces the man that the caster was having sex with with the man she has feelings for. It eats away at the target just like a slow acting poison. Since the nature of this spell is to share a portion of the bliss that the caster herself actually experienced instead of just randomly providing euphoria, the target is able to grasp upon what basis that euphoria is produced. In other words, the target will know that it's something that can never be obtained just from mere sexual pleasure, drugs, etc., and that she will never be able to experience it ever again so long as she remains human. Also, since this bliss is “a woman's happiness”, so to speak, it generally has very little effect when used on men. Nevertheless, in the case of men who have the nature of an “alp (Encyclopedia I – p.108)”, a being which is a man turned succubus, it will awaken the inner self that longs for happiness as a “woman” attained from sleeping with the man she loves, being impregnated, and carrying offspring.

    Furthermore, this is also one of the comparatively new spells created after the dawn of the new mamono lord's era since inma only started being able to experience intense bliss from sex with their partners after monsters assumed their present womanly forms.

    “Quite pleasant, isn't it? This is what awaits you after dropping your sword... after falling as a monster with him...♥"

    ~a succubus corrupting a female knight~


    Contract of Obedience (p56)[edit]

    Difficulty: Not stated

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that forces the target to obey with pleasure. It is one of the spells that once made inma dreadful horrors to humans when they used to fight monsters in the age of the former mamono lords. The spell is invoked by having intense sex with the target, enthralling him with inma pleasure, and along with that, binding a powerful contract which would state, “the target will be pleasured by the caster if he takes the specified action.” Those who have become enthralled by inma pleasure prioritize obtaining more of it over all else, and become willing to do anything to get it, so the caster is able to control their actions as she pleases. It is said that with this spell, the inmas of the age of the former mamono lords used the humans under their domination to set traps to destroy humanity, and carry out sinister plans given to them by the mamono lord. Thus, it is an extremely terrifying spell, but it no longer exists in the present due to various reasons, and the spell has now been lost.

    There are various reasons why it has been lost, but it mainly has to do with the changes in monster ecology, monster thinking, and the alteration of the nature of mamono mana. In particular, a direct factor is that the invocation of nymphomancy spells is based on the caster's “desire”, and spells that run contrary to that desire cannot be used. “Sex” and “pleasure” were nothing more than a means of attacking and preying upon their human male victims to the inmas of the age of the former mamono lords. That's why they were able to mercilessly use “contract of obedience” for their villainy in the ways that they used to. On the other hand, to the inmas of the present, “sex” and “pleasure” are not just a means of obtaining essence. Instead, intercourse is the most powerful expression of their love for their partner, and pleasure is something to drown in together. While they give it to their husband so that he feels good and is pleased with them, they themselves also enjoy receiving the pleasure given to them by him. What's more, to inmas, sex is fundamentally something that they want “immediately all the time.” As far as they're concerned, they want to be getting off on pleasure provided by their husband at every given moment. Therefore, the act of attaching conditions to sex would just be tedious and idiotic to inmas precisely because of how badly they want their husband, and thus, they are no longer able to use “contract of obedience” since it is greatly detached from the “desire” they embrace.

    Furthermore, “demons”, which are the fiends who used to lead humans to destruction, are still fussy about their time-honored fiendish ways even now. They corrupt men and propose contracts “promising eternal pleasure in exchange for offering up everything to them.” And yet, still, for a man to offer up “everything”, means for him to stay beside the demon and live with her, direct his pleasure and lust towards the demon, seek pleasure from the demon's body, pour his essence inside the demon, and impregnate her. Ultimately, a demon's contract boils down to “a promise of eternal pleasure by becoming her spouse for eternity”, which is something close to a human “marriage contract”. It is similar to, yet different from a “contract of obedience.”

    Also, another big factor is that mamono mana, which exhibits more power if used in accordance with desire, is, on the other hand, endowed with an extremely high resistance against spells which force someone to do “something that is contrary to desire”. In the present era, the men enthralled by inma pleasure who would be targeted by “contract of obedience”, are in other words, those who have already had sex with inma and become their husbands. They may already be incubi, but even if they aren't yet, they would still at least have mamono mana in their bodies. Due to the resistance conferred by mamono mana which blocks magical effects that greatly contravene men's desires, nobody would try a method like “making him ambush his fellow human allies in exchange for pleasure”, and even if they did, it would have absolutely no effect. In this way, it's not that “contract of obedience” “can't be used because it was lost”, it's that it's a spell that “was lost because it can't be used” in any conceivable manner.

    “All right, let's scrub your body in the bath before that, 'kay♥

    And then, I'll make you feel real good♥ It's a promise with onee-san...♥”

    ~a nominal “contract of obedience” by a demon~

    Topic - The Spell Resistance Possessed by Mamono Mana (p58)[edit]

    Monsters have extremely high resistance to things such as hypnotic suggestions that run contrary to their desires due to the nature of mamono mana, which rejects that which isn't in accordance with desire. For example, even the kind of spells that would alter the essence of desire itself or cause a monster to mistake who her husband is are unable to manipulate the desire which is engraved in a monster's soul and instinct, so they will prove ineffective. Sometimes, it does look as though it actually worked, but in such cases, it's probably just that the hypnotic suggestion happened to align with the desire of the monster herself, so it was interpreted in a convenient manner.

    For instance, here are some precedents that have actually occurred. Even if one were to hypnotize a monster to believe “you are an assassin going after your husband's life”, it would result in the creation of an assassin who can only choose love with the target, being unable to take his life. Even if one were to cause a monster to “mistake that her husband is a different man”, it would just result in her roleplaying the scenario of forbidden love with a man who isn't her husband with her actual husband, and after enjoying sex in a fresh situation for a while, she would easily revert to normal in the end. Furthermore, the same can be said of men who have become husbands of monsters, since they also have mamono mana inside them.

    Anthropomorphosis Spell (p58)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell for hiding the distinguishing features of a monster such as horns, tail, etc. and mimicking the appearance of a human woman. “Harpies (Encyclopedia I)”, who have bird wings instead of arms, can transform their wings into human arms with this spell, and “mermaids (Encyclopedia I)” who have a fish tail for a lower half, can also transform it into human legs with this spell, enabling activities on land.

    All of the monsters of the present are closer in appearance to humans because they are endowed with the nature of an inma, so this spell is highly suitable for all of them, and many monsters have used it to slip into human nations and pursue men. The external appearance is all that can be changed, and mana, behavior, and so forth, cannot be disguised. In the case of races that don't have human legs, sometimes they even walk unsteadily until they get used to them. Most humans won't catch on to their true nature, since they can have looks that appear perfectly human. But in some cases, those such as people with good intuition, who are extremely rare, and skilled magicians can sense that there is something off about their mana. Since monsters have an excellent mana sense, a monster would realize right away that she's dealing with a monster like herself even if that monster had changed into a human using an “anthropomorphosis spell”, but among races who specialize in this spell, and superior casters, there are also those who can disguise even their presence and mana as human, and do it well enough to deceive even monsters.

    One cannot change into whatever form she pleases using this spell. The caster's looks basically remain the same, but her monster traits are swapped with human traits, for instance: inhuman skin color changes to be the same color as human skin, parts that humans don't have such as horns, tail, etc. are hidden, the monstrous lower half changes into human legs, and so on. Despite the assumption of a human appearance, superhuman beauty and charm is retained, spells including “seduction spell” can be used, as well as a monster's special characteristics, so she can seduce human men no problem; however, the “anthropomorphosis spell” will break should the caster receive intense pleasure or ecstasy unless she has an extremely high aptitude for the spell or is a skilled caster. Thus, it's basically impossible to maintain this spell while engaged in copulation with a man, and even just being head patted by a man results in so much ecstasy that it may sometimes cause the ears, tail, etc. to inadvertently appear, but being in such a situation means that she's already charmed the man and stolen his heart, or that she's already brought him back to her bedroom and become physically intimate with him, or maybe even that they're already right in the middle of sex, so in such cases, it usually isn't a problem since the man would have already been made to taste the pleasure of the monster's body firsthand. In fact, if anything, revealing one's true form from human form mostly enthralls a man's heart even more as the lewd, bewitching, devilish charm of a monster is in full force in her original form, and the transformation accentuates it.

    The inma of yore used to use a more advanced transformation spell of the same school to change themselves into the ideal women of the men who were their prey, but unlike the inma of yore who only sought men as “fodder to be consumed in a single night”, the inmas of the present seek men as “partners for life”, so it would be meaningless to charm men in a makeshift form. Naturally, this spell stopped being used as a result.


    I-If I'm forced to swallow... this stuff, then... ♥

    It's delicious. I feel light-headed, and it's all coming out...♥”

    ~a werewolf whose true form was revealed while fellating a man ~

    Spell of Pedomorphosis (p59)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell that transforms the targeted human female or monster into a little girl. This secret art of “Sabbath” causes the target to rejuvenate to the point of having the form of a little girl by reversing the flow of mana, and it stops growth, fixing her in that state. It is an extremely difficult spell that requires abstruse and delicate manipulation of mana, but “baphomets” are innately able to use it.

    It is only the woman's outward appearance that is rejuvenated. Her mental state and abilities remain the same. Despite the body growing small, it doesn't reduce physical abilities, and there is no change in mana capacity either. The woman's memories and personality basically remain as is, but humans often become mentally worn out over years of aging, or they may have developed an overly inflated sense of pride or shame, and in the case that such attributes are damaging to the appeal of a childish form, the caster may optionally add in an extra effect that soothes the heart and melts it, restoring the heart to the state of a pure young child so that the girl can honestly seek the affection of “onii-chan”. Also, since the spell involves the target's mana being deeply interfered with and manipulated by baphomet mana by its very nature, when human women are rejuvenated by a baphomet, they will invariably be transformed into monsters that are minions of baphomet such as “witches (encyclopedia I – p.182)”, etc. Changing from human to monster means that a woman won't revert back into her original younger self, but will instead assume an even lovelier and more beautiful form as a little monster girl, which not only arouses the protective instincts of men, but even sparks depraved passion in them, and awaken to the inma's power to seduce men with “extreme youth”. The target won't grow any more than that after having her form fixed in a rejuvenated state. This spell is something that remakes the target's very being so that she has a younger form, rather than something that temporarily grants a younger form, so spells that dispel magic such as “spell break (p.45)” have no effect, and the spell is pretty much irreversible.

    As part of Sabbath's canvassing activities, “one day trial” pedomorphosis spells are also used. Strictly speaking, these operate on an entirely different principle than the previously discussed “pedomorphosis spell”. Much like the “spell of anthropomorphosis (p. 58)”, etc., the spell just temporarily changes the target to a younger form. Hence, the rejuvenation effect will wear off, and the woman will revert to her original form in due time, and it can also be dispelled with “spell break”.

    Furthermore, it doesn't change women into monsters, so it's possible to rejuvenate them while still human; however, it is still a spell that uses mamono mana, so while the effect is active, there will be mamono mana inside the target's body. The amount of mamono mana typically used for this is low enough to not cause monsterization, but even with just that, it causes increased lust, mental exaltation, and the flushing and throbbing of the body, which may make the target become aggressive towards men like a monster. If she copulates with a man while under the spell's effects, then taking in a man's mana will cause the mamono mana being used by the spell to swell up resulting in a transformation into a young little monster girl in the same manner as the original pedomorphosis spell.

    “Kukuku... Behold the sight of yourself reborn... You've got a lovely yonge body which truly shines with depravity♥”

    ~a baphomet baptizing a new witch~


    Spell of Megamorphosis (p60)[edit]

    Cast a “megamorphosis” spell on her and even a baphomet who normally has an extremely young appearance will end up this way!

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell that transforms little girls into adults. This abhorrent heretical curse is an unforeseen byproduct of the process of Sabbath's research into the “pedomorphosis spell (p. 59)” which causes a little girl to grow until she's roughly the age of an onee-san and then fixes her form in that state. It works by hastening the flow of the target's mana. Even races originally lacking an adult form who typically remain physically the same as when they were very young can be made to grow up using this spell. Since it is the antithesis of “pedomorphosis spell”, it can cancel out its effects which would normally be irreversible by making the target grow into the form of an onee-san. Conversely, “pedomorphosis” can also cancel out the effects of “megamorphosis”, which are otherwise irreversible, and rejuvenate the target back into a little girl.

    The nature of this spell is also similar to pedomorphosis. The target only grows up physically, but remains the same psychologically; however, when a little girl of a low age is made to grow up, her physical abilities also increase to match her external appearance. Since her mannerisms and speech patterns remain childish, there tends to be a mismatch between her outward appearance and her psychological state. But despite her mental immaturity, the woman's body will naturally exude a charm that entices men since growth was spurred by mamono mana. Moreover, after being granted a mature womanly body by this spell, even an originally introverted little girl will be full of sexual desire and start to recognize human males as “men” regardless of the fact that her knowledge of the topic is shaky at best, and her exceedingly young mind will begin feverishly longing for a man. As expected, when used on human girls, since the spell interferes with the target's mana using mamono mana, it invariably causes monsterization, spurring growth into a gorgeously bewitching monster woman. Furthermore, since it fundamentally works by sort of reversing the flow of mana when using pedomorphosis, features antithetical to “childishness” will tend to become prominent, so the target will be prone to having a bountiful bosom in grown-up form. Not only that, it may sometimes trigger the development of mental qualities such as tolerance and a motherly nature along with the inma's ability to exploit them to spoil a man and melt his heart. It is said that a man who was an “onii-chan” to her until then may even start to look very “cute”.

    I digress, but although this is a forbidden art that greatly contravenes the doctrine of Sabbath, it's not like there's any punishment for violating the taboo, so do you suppose that every baphomet must have tried experimenting with it at least once...?

    “W-What's this!? They're bouncy, huh!? ...B-But when aniue[22] plays with 'em, it feels so...♥”

    ~a baphomet experimenting with magic with her partner~

    Spell Succubize (p61)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that converts spells of other systems of magic cast by foes into “nymphomancy”. The spell is invoked with a short and simple incantation, which can be even further reduced by directly touching the targeted foe's body. This spell can either be used on an opponent while they are chanting, or on the spell itself after it has been fired to erode the mana of the spell with mamono mana and thereby alter it into nymphomancy.

    Spells converted into nymphomancy lose their original offensive nature and effects, being invariably distorted to have lewd effects resembling the original. For instance, a flame spell meant to incinerate enemies will have its power to sear enemy flesh distorted into a power that causes enemies' bodies to flush in a sort of burning manner along with euphoric sensations, transforming into “flames of passion”. A “heart-calming spell” meant to clear away sinful thoughts and maintain mental composure will instead be converted into a “heart-corrupting spell”, filling the target's head with wicked fantasies and altering her heart to be like that of an inma so that only indecent things come to mind when she gazes upon the opposite sex. The ironclad rule is that spell's effects will only be based on the original and cannot be arbitrarily determined by the caster. Additionally, the fact is that the target and direction of the spell fired cannot be changed, so even if a flame spell fired at the caster of this spell is converted into flames of passion, the caster will still suffer the attack, only instead of being roasted by the flames, she'll end up being erotically agonized by the flames.

    This spell exhibits its true value when used to counter support magic that boosts the abilities of oneself and others. As with the previously mentioned “heart-calming spell”, when ability boosting spells are converted into nymphomancy, it tends to result in spells that “enhance one's abilities as an inma”. And the most major thing of all is that the mana the target used for the spell is completely eroded into mamono mana since the spell's effects are lewdly distorted. In other words, the mana of those who have lewdly distorted support magic cast on them will also be gradually eroded, so the foe will actually end up transforming herself and her allies into monsters and incubi by her very own hands. If a powerful support spell employing vast mana is used, then that alone is enough to trigger the target's monsterization, and if the spell targets many, then it will spread monsterization to all the humans targeted.

    Additionally, this spell is also extremely effective when used to intervene in warfare between humans, as one can make it so that humans shoot spells that cause monsterization at each other. Since this spell will erode enemy spells and cast nymphomancy using enemy mana, we can say that if a huge enemy spell is eroded, one can utilize nymphomancy with a tremendous effect at an extremely minor mana cost. The larger the scale of the battle and the more huge spells flying about, the more effective it is. If the sort of spells that could scorch an entire region are all converted into nymphomancy, then it can mass produce monsters on top of sparing the human victims. In the chronicles of war, thanks to a group of inma well versed in this spell who intervened in a conflict between humans on a certain continent split between two massive nations, cries of ecstasy echoed throughout the battlefield instead of bloodcurdling screams, and it was then transformed into a mamono realm by the monsters and the soldiers who became their spouses. It even developed into a new nation according to the anecdotes that remain.

    “My body is hot... even though I did it as usual. How strange... Ah...♥

    Your member has grown so big...♥”

    ~a sorceress who cast a spell to “enhance weapon attacks” on herself and her warrior pal~


    Succubus Instant (p62)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell that temporarily turns it's target into an user of nymphomancy. It grants the target both the needed technique and mamono mana to use nymphomancy, so in other words the target will be able to use nymphomancy. Even those who are unable to use magic itself, or human woman who lack mamono mana will be able to use nymphomancy with this.

    However, for those unskilled in magic as well as with human mentality nymphomancy will be extremely difficult to control. It should be obvious, but a target that acquires the power of nymphomancy for the first time will be unable to control it, so it will usually set itself into motion automatically according to the desires of the target. Bewildered by the nymphomancy cast on it's own, the target will be manipulated by the lust and pleasure set forth from it. All this spell ever does is [allow you to use nymphomancy ], so in itself it will not affect the body or soul of humans.

    However, once the target comes into contact with a man they have affection for, and based on the sexual desires of the target swelling up, the [nymphomancy] instilled into the target will automatically use [Seduction Spell (p. 49)] ect to seduce that man, leading him into having sex with the target. So the target will temporarily be a being that may be referred to as a [quasi-inma]. Nymphomancy only ever acts out based on the desires of very user itself, so something like an unknown man being seduced without discrimination will never happen. The man the target has guided into sex will without exception be the partner she herself has desired for in heart and soul, and the pleasure she herself receives will be grounded in her instincts as a female and the lust dwelling within her body. And so, most women will awaken to their own desires while having sex with the man swayed by magic, and they will come to wish that the pleasure and ecstasy they obtained will not come to an end. As aforementioned, [succubus instant] is not a spell that monsterises its target. However, if it causes the target to awaken to their own desires, the moment they wish they were a being that can satisfy those desires, the nymphomancy will cast a spell to grant them that wish, by turning the target into a mamono.

    In the case were the target remains human without monsterising until the effects of [succubus instant] vanishes, the mamono mana granted to use magic will vanish, and the target becomes unable to further use nymphomancy. On the other hand, if the target monsterises before the effect ends, the mamono mana and needed technique will take root in the target, allowing them to continue to use nymphomancy even after the effect ends. In the case were they use nymphomancy countless times while having a human body because of this spell, there are cases were they develop an outstanding talent as both for sorcery and inma. These persons, if they change themselves into mamono using nymphomancy, will etch their body with numerous [pleasure runes (p. 128)] infused with nymphomancy, changing their hearts and body into an even more obscene being on their own will, and are reborn as outstanding inma practitioners.

    “Ufufu...♥ I wonder if she received my present? In this state, she can do anything...... Ravish him, or being ravished by him......♥ Just wish for it...... and by doing so, the power to do so will become hers”

    ~arch-succubus teaching nymphomancy to her still human 'little sister'~


    Level Drain (p63)[edit]

    [Elzana]-chan, a demon belonging to the [Kuroferuru Sabbath] with great pride in using Nymphomancy during sex, using [level drain]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A high class spell that wrings out the target's semen together with his experience and knowledge and makes it oneself's, this secret spell can only be used by inma of the highest rank. With this it is possible for the caster to suck out and steal the [power] of the target, which is the mana together with the experience and knowledge he holds, and make it her own by having sexual intercourse with the target. The target will pour his experience and knowledge into the inma as he ejaculates, and after all of it has been snatched away even his very age will be handed over to the inma, reducing him to a baby knowing nothing before long. All of the sucked out power turns into the inma's power, even the fencing skills the target kept polishing without break in order to protect everyone from mamono, even all of the piled up wisdom in order to explain the truth of all the things, all of it is turned into a thing solely for squeezing out the target's semen, it is changed into the inma's charm that drives them mad, and into the inma's skill that brings pleasure to men. Namely, if the target is a hero with a long military record or a venerated sorcerer, so a person wielding strong power, the power of the inma holding this magic will become high, making it difficult for the target to resist that inma.

    In the age of the previous monster lord, influential inma used this magic to amass power ad infinitum, but nonetheless, this magic had its nature changed in the current age just like the other forms of Nymphomancy. For the inma of the current age, men aren't just food to be milked dry one-sidedly, but rather a partner gifted to each other, and so the husband's everything is their own, while on the same time all of their own is the husband's. Namely, [level drain] in the current age too is not a [one-sided exploitation] at one's convenience, but had it's nature changed to a magic of [sharing] power. The way the power is sucked out of men remains the same, but it is not snatched away at one's convenience permanently, it's nature is changed into only temporarily borrowing it, letting the inma enjoy sex with that power for a while, and after that, the power is always returned to the man. Furthermore, because of the nature of mamono mana, the power that has become one inside the inma will swell up even bigger, and so the sucked-out fencing skills will be even better, and the knowledge he holds will be even clearer in his mind once they are returned to the man. And so, as the inma and her husband cycle the power between them as a [spouses] sharing of power, it turns into magic mutually boosting them without limit. On the other hand, it is also possible for the inma to lend her power to the husband, adding it to his own power and gifting him with vigour and sexual technique like an inma, while she herself will turn into a state just like a powerless human maiden, so enjoying sex in that way will become a possibility too.

    In response to the size of the [power] sucked out, the ejaculation one has while an inma uses [level drain] will be accompanied by stronger pleasure than a regular ejaculation. And as everything is being spilled to the inma, the ejaculation will be accompanied by an illusion of one's very being and soul being sucked out, together with bringing an unusual pleasure to the man, an immoral joy of entrusting everything to the inma, and also a feeling not unlike relief as the inma receives his everything. In addition to this, as oneself becomes empty inside, filled with only the pleasure poured in from the inma and a precarious pleasure from being full with a sense of freedom, men will become addicted to [level drain]. As for the height of pleasure being dependant on the sucked out power, namely, if the man's power is strong, then the pleasure of having power milked out by a inma during ejaculation will be high, and if the power sucked from the man is high, then the inma earning it will receive rather strong pleasure from the man. And so, it is not unusual that a hero who trained in order to fight mamono, even after having lost the need to fight mamono from becoming a mamono's companion, will continue to train just in order to maintain that level of pleasure. Furthermore, the power sucked out from a man with [level drain] will be, temporarily, concentrated by the inma's efforts in order to change it into the inma's power, and by repeating the sharing as the inma returns the power, the man himself and that power will become influenced by the inma. The man will come to value obscene things, and together with becoming tainted with values close to that of inma by giving maximum priority to pleasure from having sex with his partner, receives skills and physique similar to an inma in order to pleasure females, and there are even cases where he may master [Nymphomancy], which is usually difficult for men to learn.

    Taking everything from the target with [level drain] also means learning everything about the target. If an inma without a partner should perform [level drain], she will gain deep knowledge about that specific man from taking in half his life into her own body, and if she doesn't avoid attachment to the target flowing in, then the target will be strongly imprinted into both her body and mind as her husband. Also, even after taking him as a partner, [level drain] will take everything from the husband, making her perceive him more directly during the act, and each time the husband's power, that is, will come to reaffirm just how much of a charming person he is to her, herself having chosen him as her male, and her love and dependence on him will grow even stronger each time. Mamono consider their husbands as if they were part of themselves, as a person to cherish, but by repeatability using [level drain] the spouses will come to sense each other even more as halves of themselves, and there will be a strong sense of being one in body and soul.

    “Aah......♥ Your [life] is really tasty...♥ In order to come to my side... and in order for this moment, all the life you have piled up till now is lovely......♥”

    ~A lilim ushering in a hero into the depths of a mamono realm~

    Hieromancy (p66)[edit]

    Miracles granted by the gods


    This system of magic is used by heroes and clerics when performing miracles on behalf of the gods. According to the teachings of the Order of the chief god, it is believed to have been bestowed upon humans by the gods in the age of the former mamono lords as a means of opposing monsters.

    In hieromancy, divine mana imparted by a divinity is used. Gods offer support in the form of blessings that enable even those other than gods to handle divine mana, which is normally too mighty for the human body to deal with. For that reason, having faith in a specific god is an absolute requirement for using hieromancy, and since it borrows the power of a god, doing something that angers the god will result in losing that god's blessing, rendering one completely unable to use hieromancy.

    The spells that can be used and their effects differ depending on which god one has faith in. Basically, they bring about great powers based upon that god's teachings. The chief god has the most devotees, and her hieromancy has the most casters, but since the existence of monsters is regarded as evil according to the teachings of the chief god's religion, as a general rule, monsters are unable to receive the chief god's blessing, and it is assumed that they cannot use her hieromancy. Casters with a command of the chief god's hieromancy also lose it along with her blessing when monsterized, but there also exist other gods that both humans and monsters have faith in, and hieromancy and blessings are granted even to monsters by such gods.

    When the chief god's hieromancy is lost due to monsterization, as a replacement, many become able to use the spells of other systems of magic such as nymphomancy or the hieromancy of other deities such as the fallen god, etc., which have similar effects, though lewdly distorted. Also, as an exception to the general rule, there even exist those who can still use the chief god's hieromancy even after monsterization or even though they were monsters to begin with. The strange thing is that although such monsters do have faith in the chief god, it's not that they've betrayed monsters or reformed their monstrous values that put sex on a pedestal, and yet regardless, they are still clearly receiving the chief god's blessing. The Order of the chief god is quietly ignoring this, but the existence of such monsters has led to various theories about the being known as the chief god becoming rife among heretical theologians.

    Miracle of Recovery (p67)[edit]

    The dark priest “Memiri”-chan, a yonge little devotee of the fallen god. They say she has a habit of performing the “miracle of recovery”, or rather, “kiss of recovery”, whenever lust is directed towards her because she finds it so lovely.

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A hieromancy recovery spell which can be used with the blessing of the chief god. It is cast by holding one's hands or staff, etc. over the target and praying to the god, filling the target with vitality, healing their wounds, curing their diseases, and alleviating fatigue. One of the most basic spells employing the “chief god's mana”, which has the property of boosting the vitality of all living things.

    Vitality is the life energy possessed by living things, in other words, “mana”. The “miracle of recovery” is a spell that works by bestowing a benediction upon the target's “mana production ability” that causes it to surge, instantly resulting in the target's body being filled with mana, and galvanizing the mana contained within, thereby magnifying the power that mana brings about in living things. The target's body is invigorated by being filled with mana, which is the source of the power of life, boosting its healing capacity by leaps and bounds, and resulting in effects such as instantly restoring fatigue or closing external wounds. Additionally, since it also boosts the target's body's resistance, it can also cure some diseases and poisons. The amount of skill and mana required for using this spell is proportional to the magnitude of the restorative effects. In other words, any caster who can use the chief god's hieromancy is readily capable of using it to relieve weariness or heal minor wounds with ease; however, only high level casters can use it to restore vibrancy to someone utterly debilitated or treat severe, life threatening wounds, and the spell's casting time and mana cost both increase to an extreme degree.

    Despite being one of the most commonly used hieromancy spells employing the chief god's power, its power is not almighty, and ultimately, it can only boost “the power innately possessed by humans”, the natural healing capacity and resistance of the target, so when humans are targeted, the extent of the restorative effects is consistently subject to the original limitations of the “human body”. That is to say, it is possible to instantly close a gaping wound which would normally take time to heal by hastening the healing process, but it's impossible to heal damage sustained that is so massive it cannot naturally be recovered from, such as in the case of a lost limb, or an untreatable disease that the human body has no resistance against. Nevertheless, considering the vast power of the “chief god's mana” to galvanize the life force, theoretically, it shouldn't be impossible to perform “miracles” such as overcoming a deadly disease or regenerating lost limbs by granting vitality exceeding human limitations, but to enable the body of an “ordinary human” to possess such a strong life force would require “remaking the body of a living thing into a stronger version” which exceeds the scope of this spell which is “to invigorate the power of living things”, so it is treated as a forbidden art by the Order. Additionally, the skill and mana cost required would make it so that the burden placed on the caster herself would be extremely huge, so performing such a “miracle” is unrealistic for both the caster and the target if they are both still just “ordinary humans”.

    From a monster's point of view, this spell that boosts the target's innate “mana production”, causing instant recovery, is also equivalent to a spell that makes men instantly recover stamina and produce mana again and again to pour inside of them during sex. The hieromancy that can be used by receiving the fallen god's blessing also has a spell with almost the same effects, but since the fallen god's adherents are mostly monsters, it ends up being used chiefly for enjoying sex with men. It has a variety of uses. Not only can it be used to grant men boundless stamina, it can also be used to instantly boost production so much that the mana overflows from the body, causing an instant ejaculation, or it can even be cast continuously during an ejaculation to maintain a nonstop ejaculation for as long as one pleases. Moreover, it's even possible for a monster to use it for other purposes, such as continuously restoring her partner's mana while he is still human, allowing him to keep up with the monster's lust and keep having sex without resting until transforming into an incubus.

    By the way, since it boosts the target's “mana production” by leaps and bounds, it also tends to be thought that the monsterization of women corrupted by mamono mana could be impeded by using it on them, but unfortunately, it actually galvanizes the mamono mana bound to the woman's mana along with it and conversely results in hastening monsterization.

    “All right, you've completely recovered. Now you can still hang in there, huh...

    No matter how many times... No matter how many loads... Ufufufufu♥”

    ~a pious dark priest~

    Miracle of Power (p68)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A hieromancy spell that is usable with the chief god's blessing. It is an enhancement spell that increases spell potency, physical abilities, etc. by invigorating the target's vitality. Along with “miracle of restoration (p.67)”, it is one of the basic spells that utilizes the nature of the “chief god's mana” to boost the power of life.

    “Miracle of power” invigorates the mana contained within the target's body, temporarily increasing various “powers” that the target possesses. A wide range of powers can be increased, not just physical abilities such as increasing physical strength or enabling the body to move swiftly and nimbly. The body can be made more durable, spell potency can be increased, and so forth. Various enhancement spells are derived from it. This spell is something that boosts the “power that the target is endowed with”. It only further increases the “power” of those who have honed their abilities as warriors, magicians, etc.. It cannot turn a novice with no combat experience into an expert. Like “miracle of restoration”, when used on humans, no matter what, it can only boost “the powers that humans possess”. The power that can be obtained is limited to the category of that which is humanly possible for the “human body”. Unlike “heroic blessing (p.69)”, which is described later, there is no way that so-called “superhuman” power can be obtained with it. Also, the effects are only temporary. Once the spell wears off, power goes back to normal. Therefore, this isn't something that can give your average soldier power exceeding that of a greater monster or hero, but in wars between humans, the presence of hieromancers who can boost the power of warriors and magicians will often be the deciding factor.

    In the fallen god's hieromancy, there is also a spell that has pretty much the same effects as “miracle of power”; however, for monsters, it isn't something used to boost fighting “power”. Adherents of the fallen god use this spell on themselves and allied monsters to boost the “powers” that monsters are endowed with, making a monster's charm and beauty more bewitching for seducing men, further increasing the thickness of their sweet odor and pheromones that attract men, and other than that, enhancing a “monster's body”, which is the greatest “power” a monster possesses, so that it becomes even more pleasurable for men. In addition to that, by casting this spell on male targets, “the ability to reproduce”, one of the “powers” that humans are endowed with, can be boosted, making the penis swell bigger and harder, lust can be made to overflow so much so that the ability to reproduce is boosted with the intention of directing it at the caster, and as usual, it can be used to obtain a man and enjoy more pleasurable sex.

    Furthermore, men whose mana has been invigorated and made to overflow by this spell will appear even more “delicious” than usual in the eyes of monsters, dramatically increasing the odds of being attacked. Although those who cast this spell to do battle with monsters do become stronger, on the other hand, the fact is that they also become ideal prey for monsters. In actuality, it seems that when men's mana, which is delicious even normally, is invigorated by this spell, it strongly draws out the “umami”. It is said that there is no small number of those who pray to the fallen god in an attempt to acquire this spell so that they can make their partner's essence taste even more delicious.

    “God is watching us. You whose hearts are consumed by desire will surely receive god's blessing...

    Ufufu... Please become tastier...♥”

    ~a devout dark priest~

    Heroic Blessing (p69)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 3 out of 3

    A hieromancy spell that infuses the target with magnificent divine mana, causing him to awaken to his power as a hero. It's an extremely advanced spell that uses vast mana. Only the gods themselves, the angels who are their messengers, and a handful of saints chosen by the gods can use it. The function of this spell is to “call out to a god, connect the target to a god, and arrange for a smooth transfer of mana.” Even when angels and humans use this spell, it is not the caster who bestows power upon the target, but the god, and ultimately it is only the “god”, the one herself who is actually granting the power, that chooses who is to become a hero. Hence, casters are unable to change targets into heroes just by using this spell, as they cannot become heroes without the approval of a god.

    Those allotted a portion of the tremendously vast mana possessed by a god via this “heroic blessing” become heroes, which results in their abilities increasing by leaps and bounds. They are endowed with such high physical abilities that it would normally be impossible with only a mere human body. Due to the abundance of mana, they wield advanced spells and exhibit the strength of one thousand warriors, becoming exactly like legendary heroes. There are a number of enhancement spells that can boost magic power and physical abilities such as “miracle of power (p.68)”, but the power that can be gained by becoming a hero is so tremendous that those pale in comparison, and the mechanism for how that power is acquired is also a fundamentally different thing than enhancement magic.

    The essence of this spell is not to “augment or amplify abilities” like ordinary enhancement magic, but instead “to raise the limit of abilities”. By nature, all living things including humans have a limit to how much mana they can hold within their body. Ergo, there is also a limit to how much power a human can possess, but this spell raises that limit for the target by leaps and bounds via divine mana, and it can make him evolve into a superhuman being. On top of that, those who have had their power growth spurred by the divine blessing are the beings called “heroes”. In other words, unlike “enhancement magic”, which can only temporarily augment abilities, the power acquired from becoming a hero is ultimately the result of that person's very abilities themselves which have grown beyond the limit after the fruition of that person's efforts and the blossoming of his talents. Hence, not just anybody can become a hero, and neither is their excellence the result of having become a hero. In fact, only those who possess such extraordinary qualities that they can transcend human limitations and those who have made tireless efforts, continuously increasing their own power, can become heroes. In this way, the power of a hero is an entirely different thing than the temporary power obtained by means of enhancement magic.

    Since the evolution from human to hero is a permanent and irreversible thing, it cannot be counteracted by “spell break(p.45)”, and even if the hero were to lose the god's blessing, the increased power obtained from having become a hero would not be lost; however, if the god's wrath had been incurred, the god's blessing would turn against him, and all of the divine mana remaining in the target's body would horribly debilitate him, so he'd end up in a condition as if he had lost the power of a hero. In that case, it's possible to recover one's power as a hero by somehow expelling the divine mana from inside the body, or by monsterizing or incubizing, eroding the divine mana into mamono mana, and absorbing it completely as one's own power.

    Many of the heroes currently in existence are those who were granted blessings by the chief god, but there are also those who became heroes by receiving blessings from other gods such as the goddess of love, “Eros”, or the “fallen god” worshiped by monsters. Gods make their choices of heroes based on an evaluation of the abilities possessed by the target, the target's mentality, qualities, and so forth, and basically those who conform to the will and dogma of the god sharing power are granted power as heroes.

    Also, by becoming a hero, the direction in which power growth is spurred is determined to some degree based on the the god's doctrine and the aspect over which she rules. In the case of heroes made by the hand of the chief god, she tends to mainly produce superior warriors and magicians with the objective of fighting monsters, or superior healers to treat the wounded in battle. On the other hand, the power acquired by becoming a hero is not just physical abilities and mana.

    By receiving the blessing of the goddess of love, “Eros”, sensitivity and expressiveness are honed, and one can become a songstress who inspires emotions filled with love and hope in people, able to revitalize people's hearts just by singing, and worshipers of “Hephaestus”, the god of smithing, acquire superhuman concentration and surgical precision, becoming craftsmen who create weapons and armor that are even favored by the gods. Such individuals are also “heroes” blessed by the gods. However, in human society, the term “hero” is only used to describe “heroes who have received the blessing of the chief god and fight monsters”. Artists, craftsmen, and so on, who aren't involved in fighting are not treated as heroes regardless of whether they have the power of a hero or not. Also, of course, incubi and monsters who have received the blessings of gods who favor monsters are not treated as heroes either.

    Furthermore, in the case of the chief god, the birth of most heroes is also accompanied by an oracle or a hero ordination ceremony performed by the Order, and even when such functions are skipped and the god directly confers power upon heroes, the god's voice instructs the heroes themselves about their mission in most cases, so most of the chief god's heroes are self-aware of the fact that they are heroes.

    On the other hand, as for the other gods, if it seems that a human they're interested in “is about to reach the limit of what is humanly possible should the current course of growth continue”, they may sometimes awaken that person's power as a hero without any ceremony or divine revelation, and in such cases, that person will usually not be self-aware of the fact that he had become a hero.

    “In the name of god, let us confer heroic power upon thee.

    And by god's commandment, I shall constantly be with thee...

    Always... No matter what the time...♥”

    ~a valkyrie who guideth a hero~

    Topic - Heroes as "Human Males" (p71)[edit]

    The presence of heroes is one of the greatest military assets of the Order of the chief god, and sometimes exceedingly powerful “heroes” even end up as national icons. Naturally, even on the monster side, heroes are beings of significant importance who should be watched carefully, but that's not because they are the greatest of the enemy forces. Heroes are “superior males” overflowing with vitality that have within them superhuman mana, and as such, they are mouthwatering treats to the majority of monsters. They belong at the top of the list of husband candidates, and that's why they're kept an eye on. The intelligence corps of the mamono lord's army and “ratatoskrs” are always conducting investigations to determine when heroes are created, where they're moving, and so forth. Even at Library Sabbath, aka my very own “Runya Runya Sabbath”, catalogs of unmarried male heroes from throughout all the world's countries are produced and viewable.

    Even out of all the human males, we can say that heroes are overwhelmingly “superior males”, and if a monster could get her hands on one, he'd probably make an excellent partner. Plus, heroes anointed by the chief god are fundamentally benevolent. They're mostly excellent in terms of personality too, having noble hearts full of loving kindness, and therefore, not only are they liked by human women, but also monsters as well. Yet still, “being a hero” isn't an absolute standard that must be met as a criteria for being chosen as a monster's husband, and the reason why is due to the nature of mamono mana, which causes each other's power to gradually swell by having sex. Even if the male she'd chosen were just an ordinary male, he would eventually develop into an “incubus”, which is a human who transcends human limitations just like a “hero”.

    It is precisely the partner that a monster has chosen for herself that will become the most superior of all males and the most delicious treat to her. For monsters, basically, a spouse is a being used to empower each other through sex. Ergo, it is not viewed as an absolute necessity that he be “a superior male in his present condition”. They mostly decide the male who will be their spouse based on other values and criteria. Also, since monsters are beings for whom emotions such as love and fondness are directly tied to sexual desire, ultimately, the man they feel love or fondness towards will seem the most delicious to them.

    For that reason, even if a choice is to be made between “an average male” and “the best male”, most monsters would choose the average male who they are “somehow fond of”. If there is an average male with whom a monster has deepened exchanges and “the best male” suddenly shows up, then a monster would probably be certain to choose the average male. This tendency is even true of the highest rank monsters who seek superior males. Since we baphomets also seek a powerful, superior male to become our “big brother”, heroes go right at the top of the list, but even if we perceive that a man is unseasoned and has yet to bloom, he may still have a chance. Also, it's not uncommon for us to fall for men determined to have a baphomet wife who challenge us over and over without giving up, even if they are completely unremarkable.

    In most creatures, there's a tendency for only a portion of males to be popular with the females, but on the other hand, instead of coalescing on a single male, the passion of monsters is distributed over many males, and that is due to this nature. Thus, even if they attempt to use heroes as bait, all of the monsters wouldn't just swarm the heroes. In a confrontation with monster forces, all of the human men, from the knights all the way down to the lowliest of soldiers, will of course be inevitably pursued by the monsters.

    Topic - Heroes and Incubi ~The Unfettered Ones~ (p71)[edit]

    All living things fundamentally have an upper limit to the amount of mana they can contain within their body. Mana is vital energy, the power that life itself possesses, i.e, there are established limits to the amount of power that a race can possess. Humans are no exception to this rule, either, and there is a limit to what is humanly possible. Even if one reaches his limit as a human being through effort and talent, his power will never exceed that of greater monsters and gods who possess high abilities far beyond human limitations. But those who become “heroes” and “incubi” are able to possess even more mana. Through continuous training, they can not only acquire power surpassing that of monsters, but even that of gods. These are beings who have had their human “limitations” removed when some factor caused more mana than a human being is naturally able to possess to dwell within the human body. It is as if their “shackles” are destroyed by the overflowing mana. When this is caused by divine mana, that man is called a “hero”, but on the other hand, when it is caused by mamono mana, that man is called an “incubus”.

    Despite the distinction drawn between them, “heroes” and “incubi” are virtually the same kind of beings. The only difference is whether the limit was removed at the hands of a god or a monster. They're “heroes” because they fight with the chief god's blessing, and they're “incubi” because they're monsters' husbands. They can be differentiated in such fashion by where their allegiances lie, but no matter what method of biological classification is used, it is impossible to draw a clear distinction between the two. There is a method of distinguishing them based on their differing abilities and whether they possess divine mana or mamono mana within their bodies, but neither is sufficient for accurate classification. Basically, heroes, who are beings that have received the blessing of the chief god, tend to have their abilities increased so that they may fight to impose her will; while on the other hand, we can say that incubi are beings who have received a monster's blessing, and changes based on the monster's lust for pleasure such as increased sexual potency and stamina appropriate for having sex with a monster can be observed. However, they are both beings with superhuman growth potential. On the one hand, you have someone who trained repeatedly seeking the power to fight, and on the other, you have someone who copulated with a monster countless times, but they both have achieved a corresponding amount of ability growth, and that's all there is to it.

    Hence, for example, if an incubus desired to master swordsmanship, or continuously trained himself in pursuit of power to protect his wife and children, he could also gain superhuman physical abilities and durability like a hero in addition to his superhuman sexual stamina. Then, in terms of having enhanced combat abilities, it becomes impossible to distinguish them from the chief god's heroes who have obtained power in order to fight monsters. On the other hand, as explained in “Heroes Viewed As 'Human Males'(p.71)”, just like incubi, heroes also have superior abilities as males. What's more, heroes granted power by the goddess of love, “Eros”, acquire increased sexual stamina and potency to enthrall their partners, so it can be seen that the nature of their empowerment is very similar to that of an incubus. And in the extreme case of the half god half monster “fallen god”, they become beings who are both heroes and incubi, bearing half divine mana and half mamono mana.

    Also, in some cases, there are those who become “beings who transcend human limitations”, like heroes and incubi, even without the intervention of a god or monster. In such cases, there is something that removes the shackles of humanity, but the person himself will usually not even be cognizant of it. The distinction between incubus and hero is made even more tenuous due to these ambiguous beings who are difficult to classify. An example of a factor that could cause this is remaining in lands teeming with mana for an extremely long period of time. Sometimes legends about such places are handed down with claims like “if you train in this land, you can acquire inhuman power”. It seems likely that the source of such legends is people who acquired superhuman power by continuously training in those lands. For instance, in the case that the location is a land teeming with divine mana, then it can be inferred that the shackles of humanity were removed due to the influence of divine mana, and as such, the person would have transformed into a being who is very nearly a “hero”. On the other hand, training grounds where monsters who seek to master martial arts such as “jinko (Encyclopedia II- p. 168)” and “hinezumi (Encyclopedia II – p.174)” gather are lands teeming with mamono mana, i.e, there is a possibility that they have become mamono realms. Humans who accumulate training in these special mamono realms can acquire power enough to rival monsters, or sometimes even power surpassing that of monsters. In this case, he would become a being very nearly an “incubus”, but either way, the man himself would be unaware of it, and the Order wouldn't recognize it either. He would still be treated as “human” in human society regardless, so long as he was lacking a monster wife.

    Also, sometimes the shackles can also be removed due to influence from others. A human man who has continuously been practicing swordsmanship with a “lizardman (Encyclopedia I – p.66)” since they were little will lose his shackles before he knows it and gradually acquire enough power to rival her. Human craftsmen who continuously study with races who possess advanced crafting skills such as “dwarves (Encyclopedia I – p.100)” and “gremlins (Encyclopedia II – p.158)”, acquire godlike skills, determined not to be outdone by them. In this manner, by having well-matched friends and rivals to compete with, as if boosting each other, they can transcend their humanity and gradually grow even more powerful. When men finally obtain enough power to subdue “dragons” after continuing to challenge them countless times, it's also the same sort of thing. It can be surmised that what's probably happening is that mamono mana intermixed during battle when confronting a dragon responds to a man's desire “to acquire power exceeding that of the dragon and make her mine”, resulting in the destruction of his shackles and the fruition of all his accumulated training. In this case too, as expected, the man would become a being that is very nearly an “incubus”, but he would probably mostly be mistaken as a “hero” who acquired enough power to defeat a dragon by the majority of humans, who are incapable of sensing mana.

    Other than that, shackles are sometimes removed from being hit by spells. Rarely, there are tales of those who acquired mana over the human limit by having survived after nearly dying from being hit by a big spell. Also, aside from that, if a forbidden degree of healing is performed using the hieromancy spell “miracle of restoration (p.67)” such as regeneration of lost limbs or treatment of deadly diseases, the patient may awaken as a being that is very nearly a hero. In most cases, the factor that caused the unshackling is indeterminable. Among them, there are those who broke the limit themselves by continuously accumulating training even after reaching the human limit, and even those who are thought to have never had any human limitations in the first place for some reason. As expected, these “beings who transcend human limitations” are pretty much the same as heroes and incubi. The only thing that distinguishes them is the fact that they have neither divine mana nor mamono mana in their body. Additionally, if they were to take divine mana within their body by acquiring hieromancy, or take mamono mana within their body by obtaining a monster wife, then there would probably no longer be any way of distinguishing them from heroes or incubi.

    In this way, the boundary between “humans”, “heroes”, “incubi”, and “beings who transcended human limitations” themselves is extremely vague. Biologically and magicologically, they're nothing but “strong humans” who just took different paths to get there. It is difficult to accurately classify them, and ultimately, the current classification is done out of convenience to reflect their origins and allegiances. While they are more or less the same kind of beings, the way that they are treated is based on this convenient classification. Primarily in human societies under the control of the forces of the Order of the Chief God, incubi are treated not as human, but as inhuman monsters. In the Order of the Chief God, any attempt by humans to uncover the secret mechanism behind heroes, a miracle of the gods, is regarded as an outrage against the gods, so open research is also forbidden. Humans generally conceive of heroes as holy beings anointed by the gods and the Order, while “incubi” are evil beings who became monsters themselves after having been imprisoned by monsters. That's sort of how it is. For that reason, those who transcended the human limit themselves mostly also tend to be mistaken as either one or the other.

    Furthermore, all other living things besides humans also have a limit to their abilities and the amount of mana they can possess. Naturally, there are limits for monsters too, depending on race, but in the case of monsters, the “limit” is easily removed by repeatedly obtaining a man's essence, i.e, among monsters, unmarried individuals correspond to “ordinary humans”, and we can say that married individuals who have obtained a human husband and received his blessing, repeatedly copulating all day and night, correspond to “heroes” and “incubi”.

    There is a hypothesis once posited by biologists which claims that if one were to possess mana in excess of the human limit, i.e., vital energy, the power would be far too tremendous for the mind and body to tolerate, but it has been confirmed that in the case of sudden incubization induced by being showered in highly condensed mana, the body and mind also naturally become stronger along with the increase in mana, so that hypothesis has been refuted. The following is a speculative theory among heretical theologians: “Humans are creatures who were created with unlimited growth potential in mind from the very beginning. To become an incubus or a hero is not to transcend one's humanity, but to assume one's rightful original human form. Isn't the present condition of humanity in fact the result of some sort of limit being imposed on us?“

    Since the previous hypothesis has been refuted, and there is the existence of those who overcome human limitations without the intervention of monsters or gods, it lends credence to this theory. On top of that, the author will add in her own theory too, but the fact that the effects of “miracle of recovery”, “miracle of power”, and so on, are confined to what is “humanly” possible, regardless of the fact that they can theoretically produce even greater effects, may not be due to the caster lacking the required abilities or mana amount. Instead, it really does seem likely that some sort of “limit” has been put on spells and blessing granted by the gods.

    ▼A diagram showing the relationship between heroes and incubi using a human man as an example.


    Brave Force (p75)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A hieromancy spell only usable by “heroes” with the chief god's blessing. Temporarily shares a portion of the divine blessing and mana dwelling within the hero, infusing allies with great vitality. This vitality, granted at the hero's command is, in other words, stamina that allows allies to keep fighting beyond their own limits. Not only does it enable chaincasting spells without running out of breath, it also protects the lives of those fighting alongside a hero from attacks that would normally prove fatal to ordinary humans. It's a spell symbolic of the beings called “heroes” who are the people's hope. This spell can protect every ally fighting alongside a hero. However, the more people are targeted, the less effective it grows, so it's most affective with a group of up to around 3 people. In the case that a hero who leads many soldiers targets all of them, the spell's effects do weaken, but that still doesn't change the fact that it's an extremely powerful spell. Soldiers led by a hero will also be protected by the chief god's blessing, and the powerful vitality dwelling within will ward off death and wounds.

    This spell is possible precisely because it uses a “hero”, who is a superhuman being, as a catalyst. The true nature of it isn't to “raise the vitality possessed by the targets”, but to convert the hero, the caster himself, into “a being who shares vitality with allies”. The overly huge power possessed by a hero is something that ordinarily can't be wielded by ordinary humans who haven't broken their shackles, but through this spell, the hero and the targets are in a state where they are constantly linked by mana. Control of the power granted to the targets isn't performed by the targets themselves but by the hero, and that's how even ordinary humans are enabled to handle that power. The targets of this spell must be “allies” bonded to each other with a relationship of trust. If either the caster or the ally harbors doubts about the other, or is thinking, “I'll use that fellow”, then in that sort of situation, the mana link will be impossible to maintain, and power cannot be shared.

    The mana link formed between the caster and the targets is absolutely crucial to “brave force”, but when fighting against monsters, that is precisely its greatest flaw. If the hero is eroded by mamono mana and monsterized, the mana shared with the targets will also be eroded and converted into mamono mana since they're constantly linked to the hero. The divine blessing will become a inma's blessing and end up violating the targets. If the person is sensitive to the influence of mana, that alone may be enough to cause monsterization in some cases, and even if not, the mana of the hero turned monster will continue to dwell in the target's body, so that even the slightest thing can trigger monsterization. In this way, if a symbolic hero is corrupted into a monster, then all of the allies gathered around her will also be caught in a chain reaction. Sometimes heroes stained in darkness will even go around corrupting their trusted and dear allies into the same kind of monster as them.

    Furthermore, this spell increases the durability of living things remarkably via extraordinary vitality, but its nature isn't to actually prevent attacks themselves. For that reason, it makes them stronger against direct attacks by weapons or spells, but doesn't make them any more resistant to the seduction magic of monsters and erosion due to mamono mana. For example, in the case of mamono realm weapons, which have the quality of inflicting mana wounds, the feelings of exhaustion caused by mana, in other words, vitality, spilling from the wounds is mitigated, making it harder to pass out, but on the other hand, the body flushes hotly due to mamono mana entering through the wounds, and monsterization cannot be prevented. In this way, it was one of the extremely powerful spells when used in battles vs. monsters in the age of the former mamono lords when lives were taken, and still is if used in human vs. human battles, but in battles with the current monsters who don't seek to slay their foes, it's no longer as useful as it once was.

    Also, due to its nature, when men under the effects of this spell have sex with monsters, it doesn't at all make it harder for monsters to slurp their mana. Instead, it makes it so that no matter how much they slurp, it doesn't run out, so that men last longer, and thus, essence milking can be done without a hitch. It's well liked by monsters, since it ensures that they can enjoy their first time having sex with a man even longer.

    “Yes~ Hero-chan♥

    Everyone, follow me!'...is that what you said? That was cool♥

    Let's tell everyone that you've now completely turned into a lewd monster... using that spell♥”

    ~an arch succubus “heroine hunter”~


    Evil Obliterating Incantation (p76)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A hieromancy spell that can be used with the blessing of the chief god, powerful attack magic that eradicates wicked beings with a flash of holy light. It is said that it was once quite potent against monsters, especially undead, [27]demons, etc., and that it could instantly disintegrate monsters engulfed by the holy light. On the other hand, it has absolutely no effect on non-monsters. Naturally, that goes for humans, but it can't even harm animals or non-living things.

    This spell used to be one of the biggest threats to monsters... But that's all in the past. As of the present, this spell is almost never used. Unlike in past ages, the spell is ineffective on current monsters, and that's because even when used against *demons and undead, the worst it can do is “dazzle them a bit” or “make them feel slightly unwell”. Due to this, various theories are flying about among scholars as explanations for why “evil obliterating incantation” no longer works on current monsters.

    One is that it's because “monsters have become stronger”. Every current monster, from the mamono lord all the way down to the lowliest ones, can continuously accumulate power by slurping essence from her spouse. The monster races have broken free from the shackles that had constrained them. Naturally, children born from such monsters are far more powerful than the monsters of yore. The creatures themselves that are currently called “monsters” have evolved into far more powerful beings than the “monsters” of the age of the former mamono lords, so isn't that why?

    There is also another theory that claims “it's because the chief god has grown weak”. The chief god, who was wounded in combat with the mamono lord and her husband, is still in the process of recovering from those wounds even now. Therefore, isn't that why the power of this spell, which is brought about by the chief god, has weakened?

    But there is something that can't be explained, if it's simply a matter of power, as those theories suggest. Once, there was an incident in which one of the most powerful hieromancers aimed for an extremely young monster child, convinced that the spell would prove effective if used while a monster is still weak. The child the man had locked in his sights was also completely mediocre in terms of race and total mana, yet still, the spell was ineffective. All ended safely, with the hieromancer being raped by the monster child and winding up as her husband. If it were simply a matter of power, as conjectured, then the spell should have been effective when used by a powerful hieromancer against a weak monster, but instead, in this manner, the spell is consistently ineffective regardless of the caster and target, and cannot inflict a single wound.

    This is speculation on the part of the author, but perhaps the reason may be more fundamental than that. In actuality, the spell has no attack capability. Instead, the true nature of its effect is to “annihilate the existence of monsters”. To “annihilate” living things, especially monsters, which have tough vitality and are made up of complex structures, requires an extremely advanced and difficult spell. It was probably only possible for the chief god precisely because she possesses the power to create life and had created the monsters herself, and thus, she knew absolutely every little detail about them. This spell, which is a version altered to enable use by human casters as well, presumably may have a complex spell formula with numerous conditions and [28]constraints. In conclusion, couldn't it possibly be that “evil obliterating spell”, which has the power to annihilate “monsters”, just isn't able to recognize the current monsters as “monsters”?

    “Oh, holy light!

    Purge the wicked in the names of the gods!

    ...Huh? W-Wait! Wait!”

    ~excerpt from the records of a certain cleric~

    Seed of Corruption (p77)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A hieromancy spell that can be used with the blessing of the “fallen god”, the god of corruption and desire. The fallen god's acolytes use this spell to spread the god's teachings by implanting a “seed of corruption” within the target's heart, and it can be cast simply by touching or exchanging words with the target. The spell is used casually by acolytes of the fallen god called “dark priests (Encyclopedia I – p.208” who lurk in cities masquerading as clerics of the chief god's religion when ministering, hearing people's confessions, and so forth. Additionally, a “seed of corruption” is a portion of the tremendous power of the fallen god, but barely a tiny sliver, so it doesn't immediately exert influence on the target, and therefore, most people will be unaware that a spell has been cast on them.

    “Seed of corruption” is a blessing of the fallen god that tempts the target from within, leading to corruption. The small fragment of mana implanted in the target normally exhibits no effects whatsoever, but it activates in reaction to contact with the opposite sex, rendering the target hypersensitive to stimulation from the opposite sex and extremely prone to desire. In other words, it makes it so that even the slightest emotional fluctuation, such as when a male finds a female “lovely” or when a female perceives a male as “rugged”, will cause indecent “desire” to rear its head, and the effects are even greater if that person is someone fancied by the target. The mood elevation, increased heart rate, etc. that happens when in contact with the member of the opposite sex that the target is enamored with become directly linked to the “desire” for pleasure and reproduction that exists at the foundation, and it rises to the surface. For example, even an innocent little girl with no sexual knowledge would end up becoming aware of the indecent “desire” to seek her partner's body and get off that exists within herself. Every time the target experiences desire, the “seed of corruption” literally grows like a plant seed, resulting in the target being tormented by indecent desire that increasingly surges from even the slightest thing. Eventually, the target's mind will come to be dominated by indecent fantasies just from thinking about the opposite sex, and the “seed of corruption” will entice her to surrender herself to pleasure and drown in desire from within, causing her to become uninhibited towards pleasure. Once the target takes the plunge into depravity, the “seed of corruption” sprouts, and the fallen god's mana that used to be but a fragment, swells up and completely erodes the target. The target also becomes an adherent of the fallen god, and if female, changes into a beautiful, lewd “dark priest”, causing even more debauched desires to blossom.

    Fanning the flames of desire in people, raising the “seeds of corruption”, and leading them into depravity is precisely one of the duties of the fallen god's missionaries. Sometimes, they use their own body as a receptacle for desire by becoming men's partners to teach them the joy of satisfying their desire, and sometimes, they guide women so that they can fall together with the men they have feelings for by preaching the bliss of succumbing to corruption according to desire. “Dark priests”, who sow the seeds of corruption in people, are also extremely lustful beings. Leading people into depravity is an act that stems from a heart of loving kindness befitting of a cleric, but at the same time, when this spell is cast on men who strike their fancy, it is in fact also done for the purpose of satisfying their own desire to become a receptacle for desire cultivated by their own hands and continuously have essence and pleasure poured into them forever.

    “I have certainly heard your confession. In the name of God, let us absolve your sin...

    Starting tomorrow, you will be able to become a “different you”... That's right, huh...♥”

    ~a merciful dark priest~

    Fallen Eclipse (p78)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    An advanced hieromancy spell that is only usable by high ranking saints favored by the “fallen god” and the angels who serve her. The spell's purpose is to convey the will of the fallen god to the target, and it is used to set the heroes and clergy of the Order of the chief god, who forsake their own “desire” and try to repress it, back on the righteous path of corruption. Exploiting the extreme similarity between the chief god's mana and the fallen god's mana is what makes this spell possible, and it is used to hijack the “link” formed between the chief god and her adherents when conveying divine revelations or blessing them as heroes. In other words, it is a spell which intervenes in oracles from the chief god and “heroic blessings (p.69)” so that the target ends up hearing the fallen god's voice instead of the chief god's voice, or becoming a hero with the blessing of the fallen god instead of the chief god.

    Since the voice of a god can directly reach human souls, it deeply penetrates their hearts more naturally. Therefore, the voice of a god is difficult to resist, and even more so if it's honeyed words. The voice of the fallen god can in fact easily lead even exhaustively trained high ranking clergy into depravity. If someone who receives the god's oracles and conveys her words to the laity is influenced by this spell, then the words of the fallen god which incite desire in people and lure them towards pleasure will probably end up leading many into depravity.

    Also, along with being granted her power and blessing, those who are awakened as heroes at the hand of the fallen god instead of the chief god have their souls thoroughly indoctrinated in the fallen god's vision of the rightful form of humanity and the world which is to spread the pleasure and peace obtainable by falling to all humans and monsters. And instead of becoming “heroes” who fight to destroy monsters in accordance with a divine commandment, they awaken as “mamono realm heroes” who follow their own desire, spreading depravity to people while also indulging in depravity themselves.

    When performing “heroic blessing”, since there is a possibility that the fallen god's acolytes may have slipped in among the clergy in attendance, it is recommended that it only be performed in churches, holy lands, etc. that are concentrated lands filled purely with the chief god's mana where there is no room for the interposition of the fallen god's mana; however, the efforts of the fallen god's acolytes to defile such lands have also born fruit. Many of the fallen god's mamono realm heroes have slipped in among the heroes of the chief god's religion and are secretly maneuvering to lead the Order itself into depravity.

    Due to the existence of this spell, it is not uncommon for small churches in small villages to be completely usurped by the fallen god. In fallen churches, fallen angels, saints, etc. elucidate the teachings of the fallen god using their own bodies, and at night obscene festive rituals are performed in which they offer up the image of themselves drowning in pleasure with their partners to the fallen god. The chief god's faith is at the center of people's lives, and therefore when the fallen god's debauched faith replaces it, the village itself ends up being engulfed by corruption.

    “I heard the voice of god and learned of the love of the true god. In accordance with the will of god, I [29]promise the people of my kingdom æternal peace and pleasure...♥”

    ~the princess of a holy kingdom who awakened as a hero~

    Oceanic Welcoming Blessing (p79)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A hieromancy spell that priests who serve the sea god such as “sea bishops (Encyclopedia I – p.116)” use by borrowing the power of “Poseidon” the sea god. One of the most basic spells of Poseidon's hieromancy that makes creatures “suited for underwater activities”. It enables land creatures, including humans, to temporarily be active even in the sea. Underwater breathing becomes possible, as well as underwater speech, and vision will remain clear even underwater. To perform the “oceanic binding ritual” which enables men married to sea monsters to live even in the sea, the man targeted must be constantly supplied with mana, so it is necessary to keep copulating with his monster wife to be, but, on the other hand, “oceanic welcoming blessing” is usable just by offering a simple prayer to Poseidon.

    “Oceanic binding ritual” is a spell with a permanent effect which causes a human man to evolve into an incubus adapted for life in the sea, while on the other hand, “oceanic welcoming blessing” is a spell that's nature is to grant power that enables underwater activities. The effects are only temporary, and it is typically used on humans and land monsters when they visit underwater cities as tourists, when sea monsters bring men under the sea for trysts, and so on. For the purpose of safety, this spell, created by kindhearted Poseidon, incorporates a formula that will extend and sustain the magical effects with Poseidon's mana or mamono mana from the outside. In other words, in addition to Poseidon's mana floating in the sea, contact with monsters also makes the spell's effects last longer, so it is designed so that the effects won't suddenly wear off in the middle of the sea.

    For that reason, whenever men visit underwater cities, monsters are inevitably drawn to them. Often, they will try to touch a man's body, or become physically close. There are no ulterior motives... is naturally something we cannot say. If there's a man doing things by himself, then most monsters would aggressively try to accompany him, since for an unmarried monster it's the perfect opportunity to get him to like her too along with the beautiful oceanic city. And apparently, it's not uncommon for “oceanic binding ritual” to then be performed after men are bound to monsters and become residents of the sea. Additionally, the “sea bishops” themselves who cast this spell may accompany men into the sea out of concern for them due to their gentle and devoted personalities, but being modest late bloomers, in most cases, they can't make the first move themselves, so we absolutely want men to aggressively make advances on them.

    “Mother ocean, please grant this being a gentle aquatic embrace...

    Now it's okay to enter the sea. I'll be guiding you as well, so I am happy if I can get you to like the sea where we live even the slightest bit...♥”

    ~a sea bishop, a priest of the sea god~

    Enhance Lover (p79)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A hieromancy spell usable with the blessing of the goddess of love, “Eros”. It's one of the most basic spells of Eros' hieromancy, a spell which grants adherents “the power to convey love”. It is invoked whenever the caster “expresses love” through words, gestures, etc., granting those “expressions of love” the blessing of the great goddess of love. The goddess' blessing lets her partner know that the “love” indicated by the caster's expression of love is not false, but is from the heart. The caster's words of love work their way into her partner's heart more deeply, enabling not just the meaning of the words to be conveyed, but even the feelings and emotions of the caster imbued in those words as well. When the caster's fingertips touch her partner's body, it makes him feel affection and kindness, and when she firmly embraces her partner, he is enveloped by warmth and solace, so that even without words, her love will certainly be conveyed beyond a doubt.

    This spell is granted to adherents by the god Eros so that they can convey their love even more deeply to the one they love, and so that even those who are clumsy and awkward at expressing love can get their feelings through to the one they love. And at the same time, it's also something that was born from the god Eros' lamentation over the existence of those who falsify love to ensnare others and the resultant emergence of those doubtful of the love of others. For that reason, the caster must truly “love” the partner she is targeting with all her heart. False love such as that of those who feign love out of desire to exploit their partner is never granted the goddess' blessing.

    This spell cast by “expressing love” naturally also applies to the sex acts that monsters perform on their beloved men, which are their greatest expressions of love. Everything from the indecent way they move their hands when fondling their partner's body all over, their alluring tongue which thoroughly licks and brings in the penis, and even their body as it shakes on top of their husband, will end up receiving the goddess of love's blessing. Sex with a monster whose body is blessed by the goddess doesn't just bring her husband pleasure, it lets her husband know how madly in love she is with him while performing the act and even how much rapturous bliss she is experiencing from it. Each and every caress from a monster ends up taking on a meaning equivalent to a confession of love and courtship display. The man will end up being pleasured and having his essence slurped amidst a sweet sensation akin to having “I love you.” “I adore you.” constantly whispered in his ears. Additionally, for example, even if a monster wife is reticent and inexpressive, and even if a highly arrogant monster calls her husband a slave and boasts that sex is nothing more than an act of feeding, the “love” hidden within will be completely conveyed to him.

    The “love” a monster directs towards her husband is tightly bound to lust, and it is an extremely deep “passion” rooted in a monster's instinct. Like the pleasure a monster's body provides her husband, it is essentially “superhuman”. When made aware of it by this spell, the existence of that “passion” within the monster's heart and the fact that it is entirely directed at himself will clear away all the fear and doubts of even a man who is doubtful of the love of others so that he can drown in the love and pleasure that is provided by the monster.


    ~a cupid, an angel of love, quietly grabbing the hem of her partner~


    Elemental Magic (p82)[edit]

    The great power that makes up the world

    Elemental Magic

    Elemental magic is magic that controls the elements, which are the energy of the natural world. It's intrinsically difficult for humans to wield the power of the elements, but this system of magic allows for that by making contracts with “spirits”, beings formed of the elements of the natural world. It's possible to invoke extremely powerful spells that control elements corresponding to contracted spirits, i.e., the power of nature itself such as fire, water, wind, and earth, but one cannot use spells of attributes different than those of the contracted spirits.

    As for spirits, there exist “pure spirits” which aren't monsters, “mamono spirits”, which are monsterized versions of them, and “dark spirits”, which are even more deeply corrupted by the dark element. The further their corruption progresses, the mightier the spirits' power grows. When forming a contract with a pure spirit or casting spells, incantations are done using a special language called “Spiritish”[31]. Casting works by the contractor issuing commands to the spirit through incantations, while the spirit acts as an interpreter who calls out to the elements of nature, and the power of a spell depends on the concentration of elements in the land where it was used.

    Contracts with mamono spirits or dark spirits are formed through sex between the contractor and the spirit. The elements accumulated in their bodies blend with mamono mana, and thereby adapt to their partner, the contractor, just like the spirits themselves, converting into something that can be directly used by the contractor. These elements are imbued in the contractor's body via sex with the spirit, enabling the contractor to use elemental magic without needing the spirit as an interpreter and making it highly effective regardless of the concentration of elements in the land. Furthermore, by spending lots of time together with a spirit, and making love countless times, the powerful bond that solidifies between the two will make it so that they can read each other's minds without even exchanging words, enabling the use of elemental magic with more intuitive control of the elements while omitting the process of issuing commands to the elements by chanting an incantation.

    In this way, it is a powerful system of magic, but there are cases when the spirit may be unwilling to lend the caster her power depending on her mood, especially since mamono spirits get sulky if sex is neglected; it normally necessitates allocating as much time as possible to love-making. Additionally, it's terrible for combining different attributes. Not only would this require forming contracts with multiple spirits, each of them would attempt to make her own element stronger to indicate that her love for the contractor is deeper, so it would be terribly difficult to regulate the power.

    ▼The mechanics of elemental magic (in the case of pure spirits)

    [32] ▼The mechanics of elemental magic (in the case of mamono spirits)


    Spiritish Oath (p84)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    “Spiritish oath” is a spell used by elementalists when forming contracts with the “pure spirits” that exist in the natural world. A mana link between the elementalist and the spirit is required when forming a contract with a spirit. This spell, which is cast using a Spiritish incantation, communicates one's will to form a contract with a spirit and performs a mana exchange to establish the link. When this spell is cast on a spirit, a contract will be formed should the spirit agree to it.

    The link required to use elemental magic can also be made naturally over time by staying in contact with a spirit. Even without a formal contract, if one deepens engagements with a spirit, the spirit will lend him its power, so this spell is not necessarily even required for using elemental magic; however, “pure spirits” have neither a body, nor a gender, nor a solid sense of self and are therefore extremely vague and unstable entities. Not only do they have unstable forms such as flickering flames or relentlessly shape-shifting masses of water, so too does their very existence itself lack stability. Unlike ordinary living things, their existence isn't firmly established. On top of that, their relationship with the elementalist would also be something vague and volatile, which means that he would have no idea whether or not he'd even be able to borrow power from the spirit until the moment he used elemental magic. Unfortunately, spirits may at times suddenly fall asleep or go elsewhere without warning, so the stable usage of elemental magic would be impossible. That's why this spell is used to stabilize the existence of an unstable spirit by clarifying the relationship between the elementalist and the spirit via giving the spirit a role to fill as a servant of the elementalist. Once they officially have the relationship of contractor and employed spirit, the aforementioned problems naturally disappear and it becomes possible to stably borrow power, although it does still depend on the spirit's mood.

    On the other hand, one can form a contract with a “monster spirit” using one's own body to swap mana and establish a link by becoming physically intimate and engaging in sexual intercourse. What's more, the elementalist needn't even rely on this spell, since by transforming into a monster female and obtaining both a body and a gender, the monster spirit becomes a stable being, and the physical act of sexual intercourse establishes an extremely powerful relationship between the contractor and the employed spirit, that of “lovers” or “husband and wife”, thereby enabling the use of elemental magic.

    Additionally, the incantation used to cast this spell has the meaning of a “marriage proposal“ in Spiritish. As previously mentioned, this spell isn't absolutely necessary for forming contracts with monster spirits or dark spirits, but having become monsters, they gain a clear self-awareness as women and will acknowledge human men as the opposite sex, so for them, the meaning of these words becomes extremely important. Even when forming a contract with a monster spirit, just like with pure spirits, it is necessary to acquire the spirit's consent, and that's where these magic words come in handy as a reliable method to make it far more likely to happen by sending a powerful jolt through the spirit's heart and making her acutely aware of the caster's existence. Moreover, it tends to exacerbate a spirit's obsession with her elementalist, so the relationship and the sex will easily become deeper and more intimate afterward. Also, if the caster forming a contract with a spirit using this spell is an incubus or monster, by performing the mana swap, mamono mana will be poured inside the spirit, which will therefore result in transforming a pure spirit into a monster spirit.

    No matter what, this spell is only a means of proposing a contract to a spirit. One cannot ignore a spirit's will and force her into a contract. For that reason, when forming a contract with a spirit, it is crucial for the caster to have an affinity with the spirit and spend time interacting with her to build a trusting relationship. If contracts are formed with spirits of several different attributes, then one will become able to use elemental magic of the corresponding number of attributes, and if multiple contracts are formed with spirits of the same attribute, then the potency of the elemental magic of the corresponding attribute will be even further increased, so one can increase one's power as an elementalist by leaps and bounds by contracting multiple spirits; however, when multiple spirits are contracted, squabbles over the contractor will occur among them, so it is generally considered to be extremely difficult from the second contract and on.

    This is particularly so in the case of monster spirits, who are deeply enamored and obsessed with their contractor. They will practically compete with each other to pour more power into their contractor and prove themselves the most useful to get attention from him, and will at times go berserk, becoming uncontrollable. When the spirits' power becomes too much for the contractor to handle, it will end up being used according to the desires of the spirits. The power of fire will make the contractor's body flush hotly, the power of wind will disturb the contractor's thoughts, causing him to be consumed by maddening lust, the power of water will make his heart drown in peaceful pleasure, and the power of earth will make him produce endless amounts of semen and mana. Those with multiple spirits of the same attribute in tow will drown in the magnified power, while those with multiple spirits of different attributes will just be tossed about by the chaotic mixture of power. Spirits gone wild will drag away their contractor, and he will end up having to spend his life getting milked while having sex with them one after another or all at the same time.

    In this manner, when leadership is robbed away by spirits, or rather, sex-crazed monsters, wielding elemental magic will be out of the question. Elementalists capable of wielding high level elemental magic of multiple attributes are extremely rare because they'd have to make love with and satisfy multiple spirits without being dominated by the pleasure and power continuously poured into them by the spirits. In most cases, elementalists who continuously deepen a bond with just a single spirit and master a single attribute will have far greater proficiency than those who barely managed to contract multiple spirits and wield the four elements while being at the mercy of multiple spirits. For that reason, most elementalists usually limit themselves to contracting only a single spirit. The ability to control multiple spirits at will is restricted to those with an exceptionally rare gift for elemental magic who have the capacity to subdue multiple spirits, and those who continuously put effort into extraordinary research. In particular, the total number of elementalists in the world who have subdued all four of the primary elements, fire, water, wind, and earth, is so small that it's countable.

    “Wow... How bold♥ That's the first time I've ever been told such a wonderful thing...♥”

    ~wind monster spirit, sylph~

    Element Shot (p85)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    The most basic “elemental spell” usable after forming a contract with a spirit. If one has a contract with a fire spirit, then it will release searing flames. If a water spirit, then it will produce a torrent of water. If a wind spirit, then it will cause a fiercely blowing sharp gale. If an earth spirit, then a pillar of massive rocks will stick out of the ground. In this manner, it's a spell for conjuring and releasing the elements of the natural world corresponding to the attribute of the contracted spirit, so we can say it's an elemental magic version of “mana shot (p.41)”.

    The mana employed when using magic is normally a mass of pure energy that has no form or substance. Therefore, when using flame magic with “mana shot”, which is archaeomancy, one must definitely imagine flames and it is necessary to give the mana the nature and shape of flames using a spell formula and incantation. On the other hand, the fire elements that dwell within a fire spirit are themselves “fire”. Therefore, when using flame magic with “elemental shot”, it isn't strictly necessary to imagine flames, and it will already be a flame spell just by releasing the mana. Flames conjured using fire elements are fundamentally even stronger than flames conjured using ordinary mana.

    On top of that, since the spell formula and incantation needed to make flames can also be abridged, it's possible to use magic with stronger effects more easily. However, with elemental magic, only the element corresponding to the contracted spirit can be utilized. It's impossible to conjure water using fire elements. Also, spell effectiveness may vary depending on the spirit's mental state and the density of elements in the land, so it's inferior to archaeomancy in terms of stability and accuracy. Since fire elements themselves are settled exactly as “flames”, the caster cannot do something like using her imagination during conjuration to make the flames take on the shape of an animal, so archaeomancy is probably the clear winner.

    Furthermore, when the elements of the natural world are eroded by mamono mana, their nature greatly changes, and by the same token, the nature of elemental magic is greatly influenced by the state of spirits, so when a “pure spirit” is monsterized and becomes a “monster spirit”, the effects of the elemental magic usable by the caster will change into something different even when using the same spells. Basically, they become like the attack magic used by monsters. It works more or less as follows: searing flames will bring hot passion that's hard to endure to the target's body and mind. Wind blades will inflict mana wounds rendering the target powerless by causing mana to spill from the body instead of damaging the body itself, becoming non-lethal blades with the same nature as mamono realm silver.

    “Ufufu♥ When I think about him, I can feel the power inside of me terribly melting♥

    I'll engulf you all in this water too...♥”

    ~a water monster spirit undine~

    Red Hot Fire (p86)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    An elemental spell usable with a contract with a fire spirit. Creates a high temperature space by producing “heat” via invigorating the fire elements that exist around the caster. Elementalists who can skillfully manipulate fire elements can not only conjure flames, but can even freely manipulate “heat” that's invisible to the eye.

    Those who set foot inside the space full of heat produced by “red hot fire” are dehydrated, robbed of stamina, and weakened. The area of effect and amount of heat is proportionate to the elemental density of the location where it is used as well as the caster's proficiency. If a high rank elementalist uses this spell, it will create a space of scorching heat that none can even approach save for those who have high heat resistance. Since it's easier to invigorate elements the closer they are to the caster and the spirit, the caster tends to stand right in the middle of it when creating a high temperature space over a wide area, but since elementalists become endowed with a certain degree of resistance to high heat upon forming a contract with a fire spirit, it isn't a problem. In the same way, it has very little effect on those who are strong versus heat such as those with a high affinity towards fire elements and monsters who live in volcanic regions. If the caster is able to exercise more fine-tuned control over the elements, then she can gather the invigorated fire elements around her own body as if putting them on, and with a high heat armor formed in this manner, it's even possible to use it in such ways as to prevent others from making contact, or to defend against water and ice spells.

    By narrowing down the area in which fire elements are invigorated, this spell can also be used to provide heat to only a specific target, and it's not just used in combat. There are also ways to use it in ordinary life, such as heating cold soup or heating water. In addition, it's also used in various industries. It's not even rare for blacksmiths, chefs, etc. to have contracts with fire spirits.

    Also, instead of using it in battle, it's even possible to use it to energize freezing people by warming up their bodies. In this manner, fire elements may be conjured in the form of flames that incinerate targets, which symbolize “aggression” and “destruction”, but at the same time, they also symbolize “creation”, producing something from heat and flames, and “vitality”, providing the sort of energy that flares up to living things, so they have dual aspects.

    The power of the “red hot fire” of an elementalist with a monster spirit in tow is more strongly marked by the “vitality” aspect possessed by fire elements. In concordance with the desires of a spirit who's been eroded by mamono mana and converted into a monster, the space of searing heat produced by distorted fire elements will provide heat to everyone, activating their bodies, and uplifting their minds.

    The heat produced by this isn't something an ordinary human body can control. It goes beyond flushing, producing a hot sensation like bursting into flames. The body's movement gradually grows dull, and eventually, there will only be agony. Heated desires and excited urges will gradually roast the thoughts, and ordinary thinking becomes impossible over time. Ordinary “red hot fire” robs foes of strength via heat, but a monster spirit's “red hot fire” is something that provides such an abundance of heat based vitality that it's uncontrollable, which results in the body and mind becoming restricted. It renders foes powerless just the same, but instead of robbing them of strength, it makes their bodies filled with energy and stamina.

    On the other hand, since those with a high affinity towards fire elements, and monsters, especially monsters who live in volcanic regions, are capable of controlling the heat within themselves, they may turn ferocious or be driven wild, but their bodies won't be deprived of freedom, and instead their activated bodies and minds will only receive a boon. Regardless of being unable to move, with their female carnal desires aroused by the heat dwelling within them, and men flaunting the existence of sticky hot essence in front of them, I don't even have to mention what monsters will do when their lewd bodies that seek males and minds full of passionate urges are provided even further heat, right?

    Furthermore, the caster will be in the middle of this space of scorching heat, so of course, he'll end up being influenced by it the most. Like with ordinary “red hot fire”, this heat won't immobilize the caster himself, but he will receive the boon of having his body and mind heated up and activated most strongly of all, so his body will flush terribly, and he'll be attacked by lust to the point that it's unbearable. Sometimes the male elementalist and the spirit will get so carried away in the heat that they'll seek each other's bodies and have sex, and the space created with the two at the center of it will grow even hotter.

    “When I'm with him, my body gets so hot it feels like it's gonna melt...♥ I'll share this heat of mine with every one of you as well♥”

    ~fire monster spirit ignis~

    Pure Water (p87)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    An elemental spell usable with a contract with a water spirit. Invigorates the water elements that comprise the “water” targeted, purifying it and removing filth and toxins from the water.

    Water spirits and water elements are existences that symbolize “purity”. If there is only a slight amount of filth and toxins, then this spell needn't even be used. Even in their natural state, water elements have the power to maintain themselves in a pure state at least to a minor degree so that water can dilute and eventually be purified. This spell amplifies that purification by invigorating the water elements, so that the kind of filth and toxins that either couldn't be purified or would take many years to purify if left to nature, can be instantly eliminated. This spell has a broad range of usages. Naturally, it can convert filthy muddy water into water fit for human drinking, and a higher rank caster can even restore an enormous poisoned lake where no fish can live to its clean original state, teeming with life. Also, the “water” targeted needn't be purely water. For instance, the various bodily fluids that make up living things also contain water elements. When used on living things, it also functions as a detoxification spell by removing only that which is harmful to the body from the water within it, i.e, the blood.

    Purification performed by water elements is done according to the values of the water spirit which is their embodiment. It's often said that fish can't live in water without a spec of filth, but spirits who form water to cultivate life innately know how water must be for living things. That which is required by aquatic life is never treated as impurities, and only toxins and filth that are clearly harmful to living things can be removed. Furthermore, among the properties held by water elements there are also those such as “fusion”, which allows substances dissolved in water to bind with it, and “flow”, which creates currents in water. Dissolving nutrients, mana, etc. beneficial to aquatic life in the water and uniformly distributing it is one of the most important roles of water spirits and water elements. A highly talented water elementalist is even capable of artifically manipulating the nature of these things. In other words, the true nature of “pure water” is to “transform the water's quality”. That means not only can specific compounds be removed from the water, it's even possible to add specific compounds to the water.

    Elementalists who can freely manipulate “water” in this manner are involved in a variety of industries. They can serve as excellent healers, become doctors who prepare a variety of magical drugs, or become professionals who adjust the quality of the water in lakes and seas to ensure that a greater quantity of fish can be caught, etc. Being able to freely change the quality of water means that theoretically it should be possible to poison lakes and rivers, mass killing large quantities of fish, humans, etc., but using it in such a manner would infuriate the spirit, and the water elements themselves would never obey, so it's actually impossible.

    On the other hand, the values of water spirits that have become monster spirits change tremendously upon becoming monsters, and the nature of water elements changes at the same time. Since water monster spirits try to be pure and chaste for their partner, they hate poison and filth that would harm their beloved even more, and their power to purify it becomes even stronger. On the other hand, they come to have a lewd mentality as well and delight in having their body which they had kept pure defiled by their partner's essence so that it grows cloudy. As if to indicate this, water elements tainted by darkness will start to actively incorporate mamono mana, maintaining thicker concentrations of it without diluting it at all. If one alters the quality of water using “impure water”, a changed form of “pure water”, then one can dissolve mana in the water that causes humans to go wild with lust or triggers monsterization. While toxins lethal to humans are immediately purified, toxins that transform humans into monsters remain dissolved in the water and are not diluted. Also, by using “impure water” on a living thing, aphrodisiacs taken into the blood stream can be diffused throughout the body and with their effects dramatically increased, and if even the slightest amount of mamono mana is present, then monsterization can even be triggered.

    It's a peculiar method of use, but monster casters who form contracts with water spirits will use it to alter the nature of their own saliva and love juice. It's possible to alter these fluids which contain one's own mana more easily and with more variety. They may be given powerful aphrodisiac qualities, or if already endowed with them in the first place, they can be further enhanced. It's even possible to add a variety of magical effects. Monsters with water spirits in tow have all of the “water” flowing within their bodies converted to poison that melts men and makes them drown. When attacking a human man, they'll aggressively steal his lips. Of course, this goes for the saliva poured inside, and in the case of a high rank caster, she can even alter her saliva “after” it has been poured into a man's body. Having his lips stolen by one of them means that he will be dominated by her from the very inside of his body, and as if equally, gently, melting, and as if getting used to it, he'll be stained into a being who is appropriate as a monster's partner.

    “...Now the toxins inside you have disappeared.

    Anyhow... your water is very clear... I'm sure it'll look very pretty when clouded with pleasure...♥”

    ~a Nereid elementalist~

    Innocent Wind (p89)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    An elemental spell usable with a contract with a wind spirit. Causes a magical wind to blow that strips those targeted of whatever they're wearing and blows it away. Even a novice caster can easily use it to strip someone of ordinary clothing, and as the talent of the caster and spirit increases, it becomes possible for it to work versus heavy armor, magical armor, magical clothes, etc. as well.

    This spell borrows the power of wind spirits, whose existence symbolizes “liberation”, so it doesn't strip away equipment using the physical power of wind. Instead, it produces a wind with a magical effect that “liberates the target from everything she is wearing.” Therefore, physical countermeasures such as holding one's clothing in place with one's hands, or using a belt or metal clasps to firmly fix armor in place, are entirely meaningless. The wind will strip everything right off the body as if ignoring such efforts. Also, as mentioned before, the true nature of this spell is to “liberate people from everything they're wearing.” Its power isn't merely limited to equipment that actually physically exists.

    A higher rank elementalist can even clear away the “mana” that the target is covered in. In other words, it can blow away protectors formed of immaterial mana, spells that shroud the target in mana, and even curses, and the like, leaving targets literally stark naked. However, since this is something that brings an end to magical effects maintained by mana by clearing away that mana, like “spell break (p.45)”, the only spells it can cancel out are those which produce temporary effects by covering the body in mana.

    Methods of fixing it in place via specific kinds of mana are an effective countermeasure to this spell which renders physically securing equipment meaningless. One is to place a protection on equipment using earth elements, which symbolize “stability”, and exist in opposition to wind elements. In the same way, earth elemental magic has a high resistance against “innocent wind”. A protective wall formed of earth elements probably cannot be blown away. Next, another effective measure is for a human and monster married couple to infuse each other's equipment with each other's mana, or to cast spells on each other. Mamono mana erodes other mana by nature, and it's especially determined to closely and powerfully bind and become one with the mana of the man who is one's partner, therefore it's extremely difficult to cancel out not just with this spell but with any spell. Also, for the same reason, “cursed equipment” which tries to bind with the mana of the one who acquired it is much more difficult to remove than ordinary equipment, and “cursed swords (Encyclopedia II – p. 122)” bind with the body of the one who acquires them, so they are impossible to remove unless caught in an extremely early stage.

    Since the spell's effects increase if the spirit's power grows stronger, naturally, if the contracted spirit is a monster spirit, then it will exhibit an even mightier power. However, as usual, wind elements eroded by mamono mana will distort in a manner corresponding with the desire that sprouted in the spirit. Upon being tainted with darkness, this wind which “liberates those targeted from everything” will completely blow away even the target's self-control which sugarcoats her true nature as well as the sense of shame, etc. which covers up and hides her true nature. Some will start to honestly and innocently seek the affection of the one they love just like children, while yet others will become females who fully bare their passion like beasts. After the devilish wind blows, the only ones who remain have their bodies and hearts laid completely bare.

    Furthermore, wind elemental magic is generally difficult to control compared to other attributes due to the capricious personalities of wind spirits, and the nature of wind elements, which symbolize “freedom” and “change”, and that's a demerit of this spell as well. The greater the power of a wind spirit grows, the more uninhibited and driven by her own desire she becomes. It's even more striking in the case of monster spirits. In proportion to that, it becomes more difficult to control the magical wind, and sometimes it will unfortunately strip every last person indiscriminately, both friend and foe alike. The free and uninhibited monster wind spirit's sexual curiosity is directed most strongly of all towards her contractor who is her spouse, so naturally, the contractor's clothing, reason, etc. will probably also be blown away along with this.

    “The wind feels so nice. It's the first time in my life that I've ever felt this good...♥”

    ~the words of a certain young girl at a hill where the wind blows~

    Fertile Soil (p90)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    An elemental spell usable with a contract with an earth spirit. It performs communication with plants and at the same time controls them according to the caster's directives. This is made possible by borrowing a spirit's power and invigorating the earth elements in the earth, so that through it, the caster's thoughts are transmitted to all plants rooted there. The earth elements invigorated when using this spell bring about great vitality in plants, temporarily enabling the kind of growth that isn't observable under natural conditions. In other words, it's possible to form a wall by making branches and leaves grow in profusion, to extend vines and bind one's enemies, to make roots burst from the ground and wrap around legs, and so forth.

    However, strictly speaking, the power of this spell is only something that performs communication with plants, and they can't be forced to obey orders. Getting plants to listen to the caster's directives requires suitable “compensation”, which is what the “vitality” given to plants through the earth amounts to. In other words, the true nature of this spell is an arrangement in which the caster provides vitality to plants, and in exchange, the plants aid the caster. For that reason, basically a suitable amount of elements must be used to control plants. Without compensation, plants will not obey the caster's directives, and the more enormous the plant being controlled is, and the more complicated it is to control, the more vast the sum of elements demanded by the plant will be. For that reason, the kind and number of plants that can be controlled at the same time depends upon the competency of the caster and spirit.

    If the caster has a contract with a spirit of greater power, i.e, a monster spirit, then it's even possible to control “tentacle plants”, which are the vine shaped plants of the mamono realm. Depending on the variety, tentacle plants are highly intelligent compared to ordinary plants, and may even be capable of advanced thinking, and by their very nature, they are endowed with high mobility and can freely perform complex and extremely fine movements. For that reason, when controlling them with this spell, the amount of “compensation” demanded will be much more vast. Also, tentacle plants prefer the mana of humans and monsters, especially the higher quality stuff that results from each other's mana being blended together when a human and monster married couple have sex. Being the gourmands that they are, it seems as far as these tentacles are concerned, the plain earth elements that can be handled with a contract with a pure spirit are lacking, so the mamono mana eroded earth elements of a monster spirit are sought after. In addition to that, the contractor and the monster spirit will need to have sex consistently to raise the quality of elements provided to the tentacle plants. If it is lacking, then they'll be attacked by the tentacle plants and forced to have sex on the spot.

    “Fertile earth” also effects plant monsters such as “Alraune (Encyclopedia I – p.34)” just as it does ordinary plants. As a general rule, the more advanced the plant, the more vast the “compensation” sought will be, but there is an exception when it comes to monsters. The vitality brought to plant monsters by invigorated earth elements makes their beauty which captivates men even more alluring, makes their sweet nectar which enchants men even sweeter, and makes the scent of their flowers which seduces men even thicker so that it can reach even far away. Being graced with even the slightest amount of invigorated earth elements will help lead to fulfilling a monster's greatest wish, which is to obtain a human male spouse, therefore, it's possible even for casters with pure spirits in tow to get their cooperation. However, since they are monsters, their intelligence and thinking abilities are extremely high compared to ordinary plants, and they are beings that clearly possess a will of their own. In the case of an ordinary plant, it's a simple affair. The plant lends its aid in exchange for receiving nutrients, but it doesn't go so simply when it's monsters you're talking about. Whether or not they'll help out depends on how they feel towards the caster, as well as their mood and ulterior motives. However, humans with a high affinity for earth elements tend to be liked by plant monsters who are imbued with the earth attribute by their very nature, and depending on the case, one may even be able to easily borrow their power, but if one doesn't take things in moderation, then one may be overly liked by them and the caster himself will end up becoming the “compensation”.

    Earth elements are existences that symbolize the “birth” and “prosperity” of life. The act of boosting the vitality of plants via earth elements is also equivalent to boosting the fertility of plants. When “fertile earth” is used by a caster with a monster spirit in tow, this tendency is even stronger. This power is effective not only on plants, plant monsters, etc., but also sometimes even on human men and women with a high affinity towards earth elements. In much the same manner that increased vitality causes plants to produce pollen and spurs pollination, it also spurs reproduction in humans and monsters, causing more essence and seed to be produced, arousing the desire to mate, and invigorating the womb so that monsters can get pregnant from it. Superior earth elementalists also often have a hand in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, etc., and on top of that, in mamono realms, they also fill the role of aiding the reproduction of plant monsters. Furthermore, those whose bodies become filled with earth elements after having sex countless times with the earth monster spirit, which is the earth itself, become beings who live rooted in the same kind of earth as plant monsters, and are more strongly influenced by earth elements. In other words, the higher one's talent as an earth elementalist, the more it brings powerful vitality to the caster himself, which will lead to being attacked by an irresistible urge to reproduce with the monster spirit.

    “Wanna shoot...? Shoot...♥

    My body's purpose... is to raise your seed...♥”

    ~earth monster spirit gnome~

    Light of the Four Great Spirits (p91)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 3 out of 3

    An elemental spell that makes a sphere of light that also looks like the sun float in the sky, adjusting the environment in the area illuminated by it to be ideal. The sphere of light is a mass of the four major elements. It maintains an ideal temperature via the power of fire elements. The water elements moisten the earth and the atmosphere. The wind elements carry clean air and seeds, and the earth elements cultivate life. In other words, it's an extremely advanced spell that temporarily “adjusts the condition of the world” within the area. Spirits of all of the four major elements fire, water, wind, and earth are required in order to use it. An elementalist with all four of the great spirits in tow can use it even by herself, but since the existence of such individuals is atypical, the spell is normally used when four casters gather with each having a spirit of each attribute in tow. What's more, the power of pure spirits is insufficient for using this spell. To maintain this spell over a long period of time requires casters with at least monster spirits.

    By using this spell it's even possible to create a “bright green mamono realm” space which has similar scenery to the human world with a clear blue sky extending, and the earth being adorned with green plants, within a typical mamono realm, a “dark mamono realm”, which has black earth adorned by ominous blue and purple plants and a sky that's dark like night, illuminated by a crimson moon and the light of mana. It's treasured by Sabbath for testing spells in different environments and doing comparative research, for the collection of materials and samples that can only be obtained in a bright green mamono realm, and aside from that, human world crops and plants grow more richly in a bright green mamono realm. Also, since it's possible to minutely adjust it to optimize the environment for raising specific kinds of crops and animals, there are also large plantations, etc. that utilize this spell. Also, a peculiar thing is that there are those who use this spell to create green gardens, including those who develop tourist facilities for monsters who prefer having sex amidst green, as well as elementalists who are employed by whimsical monster nobles.

    Also, sometimes there are nationwide efforts to gather elementalists as part of an endeavor to enrich the land. The effects of this spell are ultimately only temporary, but by maintaining it over a period of many years, new elements gradually start to be produced and accumulate as if drawn to the elements invigorated by the elementalists. By spending many hours, it becomes possible to maintain a bountiful land even without magic. However, basically elementalists capable of boosting the power of nature to that degree are casters who have contracts with at least monster spirits, and depending on the case, they may be casters with contracts with dark spirits who have obtained even more of the power of darkness. In other words, if they keep pursuing further natural splendor, they'll end up influencing nature with elements eroded by monsters. The natural end result is that the land will become a “mamono realm”. Since the scenery of a bright green mamono realm isn't much different from the human world other than the fact that nature is more bountiful, many will not even realize that it had changed into a mamono realm, and they'll transform into monsters and incubi before they even know it.

    Ms. Saphirette Spherica is renowned as a spirit scholar. Since the love and attachment of monster spirits is directed mainly towards men, it tends to be thought that it would be easier to have multiple spirits in tow if the caster were a woman instead of a man, but the spirits pour in their power based on monster values so that their contractor can further enjoy pleasure and sex with a man, so the contractor's mind will be tormented by surging obscene desires, and she will have to control her hotly flushing, sensitive body.

    “In order to produce a richer natural environment, it is important that all of the four major elements be present, and that they all be boosted evenly without destroying their balance. Let me describe it in more concrete detail...


    …And that's why I believe it may be possible that the most effective and efficient method of boosting the power of nature is to pour essence inside me, one with a connection to all of the four great spirits.

    ...However, I lack the proper personnel to help me prove it. If you think this sounds like a job for you, then by all means, please come visit mamono realm state 'Polove'”

    ~a certain spirit scholar's ad~

    Teletomancy (p94)[edit]

    Limitlessly massive spells


    A system of magic specialized for casting massive spells with enhanced potency and area of effect (AoE) using rituals. By spending a long time preparing for spell invocation, it is possible to cast a massive spell centered around the location where the ritual was performed. It was created with the goal of magnifying the potency and AoE of existing spells, so it's fundamentally able to be used in conjunction with other systems of magic. For example, “spell radius expanding magic circle”, which is the foundation of teletomancy, enables one to change a spell from another system of magic into an AoE spell just by writing it in. That is to say, most teletomancy spells are, for example, “both teletomancy as well as nymphomancy.”

    In teletomancy, most of the time either a magic circle or an altar imbued with spell formulas is used as a cornerstone, and spells are cast by storing mana within it. The most typical way of storing mana within a circle is to continuously chant incantations, and other than that, there are also various other methods that are a bit peculiar such as setting up offerings and magical intermediaries, continuously dancing within the circle, and so forth. These processes are generally called “rituals”. There are both ones where the spell is constantly being cast while performing the ritual, and ones where the spell is cast after storing up power by means of the ritual. Theoretically, it's possible to cast spells with unlimited range, but it would take an absurd amount of time. In the case of a spell that could engulf the entirety of an enormous nation, it might even take dozens of casters years to pull it off. Moreover, it's easy to enhance and expand a spell by making addenda to the magic circle or increasing the number of offerings, and this is also suitable when casting a combination of two or more spells at the same time, or casting compound spells.

    Furthermore, when monsters perform teletomancy, the most typical and effective method to perform a ritual is to use themselves as intermediaries by continuously having sex with men within the circle due to the distinctive property of mamono mana to inflate by absorbing human mana. We can say that the ability possessed by the monsters of Zipangu known as “Ryu (Encyclopedia II – p.182)” to bring about rain by obtaining mana from having sex with their husband is also a sort of teletomancy. [34]

    Spell Empowering Magic Circle and Spell Radius Expanding Magic Circle (p95)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    Magic circles capable of “empowering existing spells” that are the basis of teletomancy. Magic circles are imbued with spell formulas for boosting the effects of spells, and by adding in the formula of any spell that one has in mind and performing a ritual to cast it, the effects can be greatly empowered. There are even ones that can be used easily and will exhibit their effects just by casting the spell one has in mind ordinarily while within the magic circle.

    “Spell empowering magic circle” boosts the actual effects of a spell, while “spell radius expanding magic circle” has the power to widen a spell's radius. For example, combining “spell empowering magic circle” with the “seduction spell(p.49)” that a *succubus uses will result in a remarkable increase in the spell's power to focus the target's feelings and consciousness on the caster, and the target will become so fascinated with the beauty and loveliness exuding from the *succubus that it will exhibit such a powerful hallucinogenic charm effect that it would be as though everything else in the world other than the *succubus herself had faded from existence. As another example, combining “spell radius expanding magic circle” with “breath of ecstasy (p.56)” will result in the pink *succubus' breath transforming into a pink atmosphere that enshrouds the entirety of the surrounding area, creating a pink world that envelops everything in *succubus euphoria.

    These magic circles can be prepared by the casters themselves, but there are also magic items such as scrolls, mats, etc. enscribed with magic circles in advance. It is possible to easily use these even without knowledge of teletomancy just by adding the spell that the caster wants to use to the magic circle; however, the power of these pales in comparison to those that excellent teletomancers deal with. Not only are they mostly disposable, there are often “imitations” mixed in among these sorts of magic items that will not exhibit the proper effects. These range from duds produced by inexperienced casters, to fakes produced by greedy human merchants, to even items created by Black Goat Sabbath that distort the effects of spells into nymphomancy. At a glance, these magic circles are extremely complicated, so without knowledge of teletomancy, it's impossible to appraise them. For that reason, there is a large amount of “imitations” circulating in the marketplace. If one neglects getting them appraised, then spells may fail at a crucial moment, or the effects of spells may turn out to be completely different when cast.

    Additionally, as far as teletomancy is concerned, “foundations” such as magic circles, altars, and so on are in fact “spell formulas” themselves. Excellent teletomancers will devote themselves to meticulously crafting these. Not only do they spend lengthy periods of time preparing complex magic circles and altars engraved with numerous spell formulas, sometimes the entire structure of a building itself can function as an altar for performing a ritual. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the very bases of our Sabbaths themselves to be massive magical apparatuses. Moreover, it is said that some spirit realms themselves are also created as “foundations” for the use of teletomancy.

    “Now, let's swear our eternal love and pleasure within this magic circle...♥”

    ~A “ritual of seduction” by a dark mage~

    People Repellent Spell (p95)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    Teletomancy that creates an atmosphere that makes it difficult or impossible for others to approach. It's one of the most small scale of all teletomancy spells, and it's also classified as nymphomancy. It's one of the spells rooted in an inma's instinct that monsters can wield unconsciously, and it is invoked by having sex with human men.

    The spell wards off people while monsters are having sex with human men, i.e., the purpose of the spell is to prevent sex from being interrupted. Essence and mamono mana mix together through sexual intercourse, causing mana to swell and overflow into the surroundings, creating an unapproachable atmosphere on the spot, albeit it does not create a physically impregnable wall of mana. Instead, what it really does is make others feel that “it's somehow difficult to approach”. Ergo, it's not actually impossible to approach, but even if someone were to behold the sight of the caster copulating with a man, she'd soon become unaware of it “somehow”, and it would feel like part of the background. Also, those influenced by this spell fundamentally cannot be clearly aware that they are under its effects. Although it may seem like monsters are sitting ducks while getting down and dirty with the men they claimed as the spoils of war on the battlefield, it is due to this spell's effects that they can enjoy sex without being targeted by the enemy.

    A magic circle isn't used for this spell, but the spell formula that replaces it is embedded in the inma instinct that all monsters possess, and it is legitimately teletomancy in which the caster and the man are the intermediaries, and sex is the ritual. The power of “people repellent spell”, which is also nymphomancy that is invoked according to the caster's desire, arises from the obsession and desire of monsters to become completely engrossed in essence and pleasure and immerse themselves in the time shared with the men before them. Due to that, it is a spell usable by all monsters; however, there is an exception in the case of races with peculiar desires such as “bicorns (Encyclopedia II – p. 86)” who long to build harems centered around their spouses, and apparently it may also exert the opposite effect, attracting other monsters and human women who are fond of the men they are copulating with.

    When a multitude of monsters uses this spell at the same time, it will have a huge area of effect befitting of teletomancy to the point that it can enshroud the entirety of a village. Villages where many monsters gather out of a desire to spend their days quietly with their spouses without being disturbed by anyone inevitably become hidden monster villages which are difficult to discover by outsiders due to the “people repellent spell” of they who are engaged in sex day after day. It's not even uncommon for there to be hidden monster villages in the forests near human settlements, and the power of this spell is also one of the reasons why Sabbath branches located in human settlements are difficult to discover.

    There once was a nation that tried to use this spell as “monster repellent”, but even in the case of a small village, casting people repellent over a wide area with permanent rather than temporary effects requires that the mana of humans and monsters swell by blending together and continuously overflow. Were they to attempt to implement “monster repellent” on the scale of a small nation, almost all of the residents would have to become incubi and monsters, and spend their lives engaged in sex, so it would completely defeat the purpose.

    “I only have eyes for you... ♥

    You only have eyes for me... ♥”

    ~a shirohebi dreaming of “a world of just two”~

    Day of Rejoicing (p96)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A teletomancy spell handed down among the tribe of succubus warrior women called “amazoness (Encyclopedia I – p.104)”. A mighty spell that engulfs the entirety of an amazon village in wild furor, arousing the bodies and minds of the amazons so that fierce lust rages ferociously.

    “Day of rejoicing” is the ritual performed during the amazon jubilee of the same name, which is held for the purpose of recognizing and glorifying the exploits of amazon warriors during “manhunts”. Warriors who demonstrated remarkable valor and prowess even for an amazon will take part in this ritual which is performed sort of in the spirit of a dance by flaunting the sight of themselves ravishing the men they captured during the manhunt who ended up as their husbands on top of an altar which serves as a substitute for a magic circle. This spell incites such frenzied excitement in the amazons that it can appropriately be likened with the bloodlust of a warrior on the eve of battle. Moreover, the desire aroused isn't a “woman's desire” to delight in being sought after and made love to by a man, but is instead of the same nature as a “man's desire” to lustfully lash out and violate his partner, dominating her with pleasure to claim her as his own. Despite being women, amazon warriors embrace this desire and direct it towards men. Since the whole point of this festivity is to recognize the exploits of warriors, naturally it is the duty of the village's men to receive the desire of the warriors with their bodies, and since an amazon with her husband before her has no reason to suppress that desire, she'll enjoy mercilessly violating her husband according to the wild furor.

    In the first place, the roles of men and women are sort of inverted according to the values held by the amazons. It is the women who protect the men, and they prefer being dominant during sex. Hence, the power of this spell only exacerbates the temperament they naturally possess so that they can ravish the men who are their partners without hesitation and enjoy sex even more; however, the spell affects not just amazons, but any women, whether they be human or other races of monsters. Women placed under the ritual's influence will get carried away in the wild furor engulfing the village and start to sense power surging within themselves along with raging passion. Due to this, eventually they'll be overflowing with confidence as if they themselves were champions, which triggers a feeling of liberation as though the shackles holding down their own power and true nature had been removed.

    While observing the manly sight of the warrior women ravishing their partners nearby, they'll start to feel that even they are capable of the same thing, and gradually lose their resistance to lusting after and violating men. On a “day of rejoicing”, the fruits of battle seized by the warriors are meant to be shared with everyone, so men with no settled partners captured during the manhunt are released in the village, and warriors still lacking partners and women captured along with the men during the manhunts are permitted to “hunt” such men. Gripped by the fervent mania, they attack and violate men, and eventually, while riding them like horses, they experience passion and the desire to dominate the pathetic beings gasping weakly beneath them. Meanwhile, the urge to protect men which is crucial to an amazon warrior gradually sprouts. Even one who was originally just an ordinary docile village girl will end up transforming into a fine “amazon” warrior both mentally and physically by the time she has milked essence countless times amidst the frenzied furor of the day of rejoicing.

    Furthermore, the wild furor of “day of rejoicing” awakens the nature of monsters to “attack humans” as predators, which is embedded in their instinct. Even now that monsters have come to live with human spouses, as a vestige of their former behavior, most will obtain their spouses by launching sexual assaults against men, but the method of obtaining a spouse has also diversified greatly through the process of evolution. For instance, “holstaurs (Encyclopedia I – p.78)” have chosen the path of living in submission to humans, “cockatrices (Encyclopedia I – p.78)” provoke men into ravishing them, “alices (Encyclopedia I – p.52)” arouse protective urges in men with their childlike innocence, and so on. Even such monsters will recall the devilish nature that remains at their very foundation amidst the wild furor, and they will then attack and violate their beloved men as desire dictates, just like the amazon warriors, or perhaps like a huntress or a beast. I've heard that many monster couples even visit amazon villages during a “day of rejoicing” to enjoy sex that is different than usual in this manner.

    “Extol the valor and prowess of our valiant warriors on this joyous day! Let yourselves be driven by impulses to your heart's content, and find the champion within yourselves!

    Well... Why don't we show off too... ♥”

    ~an amazoness on top of an altar~


    Fiendish Pact (p98)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 3 out of 3

    A teletomancy spell created by “demons (encyclopedia II – p. 8)” called “fiends” which targets a human city, binding a pact that offers up the city to the fiends in exchange for prosperity and happiness. Invocation of this spell requires setting up a fiendish altar in the city center or a place symbolic of the city and performing a large scale ritual. It's not something that brings about a radical change like instantly changing the place into a mamono realm, but a vast host of fiends such as “demons” and “devils” will appear from the fiendish altar and infest the city, resulting in the entire city being placed under the influence of a wide variety of fiendish spells. The ritual must be performed by the city's legitimate representatives or a multitude of its denizens. In other words, the fact is that the casters of the ritual are not the fiends, but the humans who are attempting to sell their souls to the fiends in exchange for wealth, happiness, and the like, and it is performed strictly according to the will of the citizenry rather than that of the fiends; however, it's probably not even uncommon for fiends to pull the strings behind the scenes by means such as inculcating a city's representatives with the idea of performing the ritual and egging them on or monsterizing a portion of the “multitude of its denizens” into fiends in advance.

    In cities that have sealed a binding contract with fiends via the ritual, various spells are cast by fiends so that humans will be led into depravity. One of the most important of these is a spell and contract that ensures fiends will be accepted by the city. Fiends summoned via the ritual audaciously take up residence in the city as if to close in on its inhabitants and size up their desires, and yet the people will treat them in the same manner as human residents since they are unable to sense that anything is amiss. This inability to experience any sense of fear or danger even despite the fact that the fiends constantly whisper honeyed words in an attempt to bring about their downfall is why no one would ever even think of tipping off the Order or any such thing. And the most crucial point of the contract which is magically enforced is that fiends are given the right to grant the residents' desires. Fiends will react to even the slightest intimation of desire and appear before the eyes of residents. In other words, if there's a man tortured by solitude, fiends will appear and drown him in their love to the point of making him dependent on them, if there's an utterly exhausted man, fiends will devotedly wait on him hand and foot, thoroughly spoiling him, and if there's a man with sinful lust, fiends will gleefully offer their own bodies, receiving his lust in its entirety and corrupting him. What's more, when men snuggle with fiends, the pleasure granted by the fiends can quite easily continue eternally so long as the men wish it to. It's also the same even when human women entertain desire. Their longing for beauty as women, fear of aging, and desire to seize the hearts of the men they fancy makes them suitable prey for fiends who will quickly be converted into monsters with the power to grant their own desires.

    With a “fiendish pact” in effect, harboring desire is equivalent to granting consent to fiends. Thus, one will be unable to refuse any fiend seeking to satiate his desires; however, it isn't that the nature of this power causes the residents to unconditionally accept fiends, nor does it compel them to feel fondness towards them. Instead, what it does is eliminate the revulsion towards the beings known as “fiends” that had been instilled in the residents by the teachings of the Order and human society, as well as the strongly ingrained morals that cause resistance to the entertainment and fulfillment of desire, i.e. it resets their impression of fiends to a “neutral” state of neither fondness nor disgust. Ordinarily, since the very presence of fiends and the act of dealing with them is taboo, those confronted with a contract proposal from a fiend would weigh the fulfillment of desire against violating the taboo. Furthermore, due to attitudes towards fiends, humans would be constantly wary of pitfalls and suspect fiends of trying to deceive them; however, under the effects of this ritual, if a fiend proposes a contract, the only things that will factor into the decision of whether or not to agree to it will be one's own desire and the boon granted by the fiend. Hence, the residents will then easily choose the path of pleasure-filled depravity the fiends lead them down.

    Since embracing desire means accepting the fiends in this manner, we can say that it could be possible to live without becoming involved with fiends even in a city dominated by a fiendish contract “as long as one were to harbor no desire whatsoever”; however, one would start witnessing the sight of dreadfully beautiful fiends nestling closely to men filled with desire and receiving it everywhere throughout the city. Gradually, the city would become enshrouded in the sweetly debaucherous atmosphere created by the fiends. According to fiends, most humans are creatures that determine their own happiness by comparing themselves with others. Being merely human, when placed under the rule of fiends, for men it is difficult to go without feeling any envy or jealousy at all upon beholding the sight of those who live a life filled with pleasure and ecstasy, and for women, it is the appearance of the beautifully charming fiends found all throughout the city which they envy, and envy and jealousy are emotions predicated upon “desire”. In this manner, it's an extremely roundabout way of doing things, so it seems many monsters would voice objections: “You should just attack and claim the men normally”, “Shouldn't you just convert the city into a mamono realm?”, but the ritual is performed all according to human desires, and we can say that the method of letting them ultimately choose corruption for themselves is something truly becoming of fiends.

    Furthermore, there are many rites for binding sweethearts or husbands and wives in “marriage”, but we can say “fiendish pact” amounts to a “marriage” with cities. The fiends summoned by this ritual are not chosen indiscriminately, instead they are those bound to an agreement beforehand, and many groups have been formed for the purpose of summoning rituals. The fiends belonging to these groups inculcate humans, and the remaining books regarding “fiendish pact” also include spell formulas that specify the group to which one belongs. If the formulas are missing, or the group has already been summoned by a different city, then apparently it's set up so that another group will be randomly summoned. The majority of those who belong to these groups are races called fiends such as “demons” and “devils (encyclopedia II – p.10)”, but it's not a requirement, and apparently races who like to devotedly serve and spoil men such as “inari (encyclopedia I – p.200)”, “kikimora (encyclopedia II- p.78)”, and “shoggoth (encyclopedia II – p.164)” may sometimes also be members.

    “I have been eagerly awaiting this day... At long last, I can give everything I've accumulated so far in life to you... my dear...“

    ~an old wizard spellbound by a fiend~

    Necromancy (p100)[edit]

    The forbidden sorcery of the netherworld


    A system of magic for controlling life and death, violating the taboos set in place by the gods. Most casters are classified as undead monsters, and there are also a small number of human casters, but since they're involved with necromancy, soon enough, they'll be corrupted by the mana and rendered undead.

    Since the secret art of raise dead, which is regarded as a forbidden spell that runs contrary to divine providence and bends the underlying principles of the universe by the Order of the chief god, belongs to this system of magic, necromancers become targets of ostracism, and are reviled by many humans.

    On the other hands, monsters have no values that forbid overcoming death, and the undead are also regarded as a tribe of monsters, so they have no negative feelings towards necromancy. While human necromancers lurk in hiding when conducting their activities, in monster society, necromancers have a high status; there are civilians in the military who lead undead legions, and there even exist entire nations made up of the undead. Also, many monsters seek necromancy so that they can once again live with their partners who were separated from them by death.

    Every living thing has what is called a “soul” which is the core of their existence; using mana to touch souls and incite them into action is the very essence of this system of magic. The secret art of raising the dead, an exemplary spell, summons the souls of the dead back to their bodies and grants them new life; however, they don't revive as completely the same kind of lifeform that they used to be, instead transforming into undead beings such as “zombies (Encyclopedia I- p.158)”. Since the undead require extremely large amounts of mana to maintain themselves even after being reanimated, they must be given mana periodically by some means, or given a human male partner, or, if the necromancer is male, he needs to provide mana himself by having sex with them. Additionally, invoking spells that act on souls also requires a huge amount of mana, and if the necromancer happens to be a monster, she'll replenish her mana by ravishing her man voraciously enough to outdo a starving undead.

    Furthermore, the power of necromancy can be increased dramatically by borrowing the power of “Hel”, the goddess of life and death (Encyclopedia II – p.117), so it has an aspect of hieromancy as well.

    Talk Wisp (p101)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell for listening to the voices of the souls of the dead. It enables communication with the “souls” of living things, a normally ungrantable wish. The caster can only converse with the souls that exist in the surroundings, and the conversation is conducted entirely in the caster's mind without any vocal utterances.

    Souls gripped by deeply rooted delusional postmortem obsessions that have become specters will sometimes unilaterally attempt to initiate conversations with necromancers, but most of the time in such instances they cannot hear the necromancer’s voice. The fact is that this spell enables bilateral communication by creating a mana link between the soul of the necromancer and the soul of the deceased. The souls of the dead basically have both memories from when they were alive as well as memories after death and disembodiment. Sometimes the dead remember things about past events involving those still currently alive that no one else could ever possibly find out. They can serve as witnesses to history, and it's even possible to acquire valuable knowledge about technology, magic, etc. that has been lost to the past; however, their memories from during their lifetimes are shaky, and sometimes they may not even be able to recall the past, this is particularly evident in the case of ancient souls that have been abiding in the world of the living for ages.

    This spell itself is the first step in necromancy. Any necromancer can communicate with the dead extremely easily; however, whether or not they can get through to them is an entirely separate issue. Many of the souls that remain in the world of the living happen to be psychotically deranged due to lingering regrets, attachments, obsessions, etc., so even if one's words reach them, the conversation may not work out in some cases. Unfortunately, conversing with such souls places a tremendous burden on the caster's mind.

    Additionally, the voices of the dead can speak directly to the human soul, naturally entering the mind just like in the case of a god's voice, and it's not uncommon for them to exert huge influence over the mentality of necromancers. Most of the souls abiding in the world of the living are “in the process of transforming” into monsters such as “ghosts (Encyclopedia I – p.162)”, or “will o' wisps (Encyclopedia II – p. 118)”, etc. Having repeated conversations with them is sure to contaminate even the caster's mind with their obscene delusions and passions, and there are even times when the necromancer will hallucinate that the dark desires of the deceased are her own, which causes her mind to grow lewder and lewder over time. What's more, it is not uncommon for women to delve into necromancy with the intention of “just hearing his voice”, but when the voice of their dead lover reverberates directly within their very soul, it exacerbates their obsession with him, eventually even culminating in a degree of loving attachment and clinginess that would be considered mentally ill by human standards, so many become psychologically like half-way there to being monsters. Even if at first “they just wanted to hear his voice”, they will surely arrive at the forbidden art (p. 102).

    “Ufu... Ufufu...♥ I've always wanted to be like this with you...♥

    That girl taught me...♥”[36]

    ~a romantically obsessed necromancer~

    Call Ghost (p101)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell to summon wandering souls before the caster. This spell is used to summon the souls of specific individuals designated as targets, and undead that developed from souls such as “ghosts”, etc. can also be summoned. It's one of the most elementary necromancy spells, but this spell should not be used recklessly without a clear purpose in mind because it is difficult to deal with souls that linger in the mortal world, especially in the case of those that are seized by deep-rooted delusions.

    Souls that linger in the land of the living are essentially tormented by feelings that went unfulfilled, and when summoned souls visit the caster, they expect something in return. Therefore, they consider it an unforgivable outrage if they're summoned for no reason and sent back with nothing, and it's highly likely that the soul's wrath will be incurred. Upset them, and one may be cursed to continuously suffer the same torturous feelings of unfulfillment as the dead, or one may be haunted until the soul's lingering regrets are resolved, etc. Furthermore, if the caster is male and he has summoned a monster such as a “ghost”, then on top of being haunted, he'll end up as her partner and have his essence continuously wrung out of him and slurped up for eternity. Should such consequences be undesirable, then after summoning, one ought to at least hear what the spirit has to say with “talk wisp (p.101)”. It will probably be better if all one has to do is listen to the soul go on and on grumbling about her former life.

    On the other hand, if the necromancer promises to fulfill the soul's lingering regrets, then the soul summoned can even be employed as a servant. Among them, in addition to “ghosts” and “will-o-wisps”, souls that are in the process of transforming into monsters can also easily be convinced to cooperate by promising them husbands. In fact most of the individuals who comprise the armies of the dead that attack human cities and savagely violate human men were bound into servitude through such promises. However, in the event that the necromancer is unable to keep his word, naturally, he'll wind up suffering a commensurately severe retaliation or be eternally imprisoned by the pleasure of being milked of essence.

    What's more, souls that remain in the mortal realm due to having died only a short time ago or due to having deep regrets can easily be summoned even from a place far removed. On the other hand, in the case of souls that have already been invited to the netherworld and no longer reside in the land of the living, one must borrow the power of “Hel”, goddess of life and death, in order to summon them. In other words, it is absolutely necessary to become an adherent of the goddess Hel and receive a powerful blessing from her, so any necromancer capable of summoning the souls of the dead back from the netherworld will no longer be a human being by that point.

    “Oh, unrequighted soules congregated before me...

    I swere on my name that ye schal haveth eternal mates...

    Let me watch as your souls are defiled by pleasure...?”

    ~a lich necromancer binding ghosts into servitude~

    Secret Art of Raise (p102)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A secret necromantic art for calling the souls of the dead back to their bodies, granting them life anew. In the Order's sphere of authority, it is regarded as a forbidden art that runs contrary to divine providence, and as such, it is the very reason why this system of magic is taboo.

    By nature, once the body and the soul are split apart by “death”, it's impossible to restore life no matter how mighty a miracle of recovery is used, but by violating both the “body” and the “soul” with mamono mana, this spell utilizes the “erosive and binding” properties of mamono mana to powerfully unite the body and soul, accomplishing the feat of “raising the dead”. Those who have had their souls firmly reaffixed to their corpses by means of the power of darkness at that point become beings who are exempt from the existing laws governing living things. The link between the body and the soul, which have been powerfully bonded together, is altered so that it can never be lost, resulting in the acquisition of a mighty undying nature. In other words, those resurrected with the “secret art of raise” are reanimated not as the same kind of living things they once were, but as “undead" beings.

    Moreover, if the damage to the body is terrible when raise is performed, then upon conversion into an undead, it will be mended to a certain degree, at least enough so that she can arouse carnal desires in men as a monster, and her body can withstand having rough sex. However, the more severely damaged her body is, the more ferocious and essence starved she will be upon becoming an undead.

    In human society, “the secret art of raise” is treated as a forbidden art because of a moralistic point of view, and it has become a secret art due to the fact that the spell formula only remains in the form of a small number of books, etc. On the other hand, as long as one knows the spell formula, then it is not at all a difficult spell. In fact, almost all necromancers can use it easily. The difficulty of casting raise depends on the state and condition of the “body” and “soul” of the dead person that one wants to resurrect. Basically, the greater the damage to the body, and the mightier the being was during her lifetime, the more difficult it will be to raise her. The spell is performed by chanting an incantation while pouring mana into the corpse, but the greater the difficulty of the resurrection, the more mana is required, and also, things such as longer incantations or large scale rituals may sometimes be necessary.

    Also, when raising the dead, a process must be taken to summon the “soul” back to the body, and just as in the case of “call ghost (p.101)”, if the soul is still in the mortal world, then it is easy to summon, but calling a soul back from the netherworld requires the cooperation of “Hel”, the goddess of life and death. In other words, the fresher the corpse, and the deeper the regrets of the deceased, the easier it will be to raise them. The difficulty of raise is also dependent upon the race and sex of the person. Generally, humans are the easiest to raise because they are more readily susceptible to erosion by mamono mana, and then it goes “dwarf (Encyclopedia I -p.100)”, “elf (Encyclopedia I – p.96)”, monster, and god, in order of increasing difficulty.

    As far as the sex of the person goes, on the one hand, females are easy to raise, but raising a male requires restoration of “the power to produce essence” which is lost upon death, one of the traits that makes a male a male, and therefore it is extremely more difficult compared to raising females. When raising a man, it will be necessary to receive the blessing of “Hel”, the goddess of life and death, and perform a ritual for the sake of borrowing her power, plus, a living sacrifice to offer mana to the male undead semi-permanently. In other words, it requires a monster who will live as the spouse of the one resurrected and have sex with him for eternity. Those who become adherents of the goddess Hel for the sake of performing the “secret art of raise” will end up acquiring an inhuman undying nature even if they were originally human women, i.e., since they become beings that are very nearly monsters, if the caster is a woman and she is raising her lost lover or husband, then it won't be an issue as long as the caster offers herself as the sacrifice.

    Moreover, compared to the body, the nature of a “soul's” existence is unstable. Depending on the situation in which the soul is placed, there are cases when unpredictable circumstances may occur. For example, in the case that the “soul” which ought to return to the body has already become a “ghost”, and additionally has also acquired a partner and generated a body with his essence so that she has firmly established herself as a soul only existence, then when raise is cast on the remaining body, a portion of her soul will be parted from her ghost as if being drawn to her body, i.e., a single soul will be split into two, so that two monsters, both a “zombie” and a “ghost” will be born from a single dead person. Despite being split in two, it doesn't change the fact that the soul is the same, and they will exist as two who are one with the link maintained. They each have their own consciousness and are capable of independently pondering different things, yet they each recognize each other as the very same person. It causes a sensation like having two different bodies. Due to this, they share memories and can even share the pleasure given to them by their partner by synchronizing their common feelings towards him.

    This is a digression, but long, long ago during the ancient era of the former mamono lords, there was also a spell called the “secret art of raise”. However, the current version of the “secret art of raise” is only made possible due to the use of mamono mana to unite the body and the soul, but mamono mana only acquired its “erosive and binding” properties after the ascension of the current mamono lord, and the transformation of all monsters into the forms of women. Due to that, the former version of “the secret art of raise” was unable to reunite the soul with the body and instead it just involved altering and reanimating corpses that were soulless empty shells via mana, so it was difficult to call that “resurrection”, i.e., the former version of “the secret art of raise”, was a fundamentally different thing than the one we have now. It is a completely different spell that just shares the same name.

    Furthermore, it is said that even the former “secret art of raise” could reanimate corpses as high rank undead with a sense of self such as “liches (Encyclopedia II – p.112)” and “wights (Encyclopedia II – p.114)” in some cases, for example, when more highly advanced spell formulas were used, or when the target being reanimated was the corpse of a person with the required qualities. However, even in such cases, it was impossible to reaffix the soul to the body, and they existed in an unstable and incomplete state that was just being forcibly held together, so memories and thinking was distorted, and it is said that they mostly became wicked undead who lost the personalities that they used to have while still alive.

    A witch and necromancer who belongs to the “sabbath of the undead”, “Tetorii”-chan. She's currently recruiting a wonderful onii-chan to depend on and love each other eternally!


    Everyone~, I'm back from under the dirt♥

    Everyone~, I'm lonely. I want some...♥

    I've been lonely all along and I want some too...

    I missed you...♥”

    ~A sorceress from a certain country seized by madness~

    Topic - The Undead and Their Aptitude for Necromancy (p105)[edit]

    An undead is a being whose soul has been reaffixed to its dead body by the power of darkness. When the body and soul are powerfully bonded together, the link between them will never be lost. The powerful undying nature possessed by the undead is a consequence of this fact; however, that is not to imply that the link will not be lost because the soul “cannot be removed” from the body. In fact, even if the soul and the body exist “apart from each other”, the link will not be lost. This is the nature of the undead, and it is for this reason that a "lich”, for example, can put her own soul inside a vessel called a “phylactery” and cast spells that detach her soul from her body. Aside from that, even such things as traveling to remote places to scout as only a spirit after having detached from the body and possessing or haunting other people with her soul are possible

    For the living, “separation of the soul” from the body is an extremely dangerous thing as there is a possibility that it will not return, but in this manner, once reanimated as undead, it becomes possible to do it safely. In other words, the undead can handle souls more flexibly compared to the living, and are universally endowed with a high potential for necromancy.

    Blessing of Undeath (p105)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell that grants a blessing which causes the target to transform into an undead upon dying. This spell is proof that one is favored by “Hel”, the goddess of life and death. It is also hieromancy that is cast by praying to Hel to grant the target Hel's blessing and mana. It is a promise of eternal peace and transformation into an undead upon death, a blessing granted to humans by the goddess Hel, but according to the values of the Order of the Chief God, it is instead perceived as a “curse” spread by the goddess Hel.

    It renders the target's “soul” into a state where it is eroded by mamono mana in advance using the mana of the goddess Hel who is half living and half dead, i.e., half god and half monster. According to the Order of the Chief God, when the “soul” has been defiled by undead mana, even if the target dies, the link to the corpse will be maintained, causing the target to be instantly reanimated as an undead. But if the soul were just defiled by ordinary undead mamono mana, then at that very instant the target would become undead; however, even though this blessing stains the soul in darkness, the body remains human until death which means it's an extremely advanced art that hinges upon the goddess Hel, who encompasses both life and death.

    This spell does not immediately transform the target into an undead. Instead, as long as the target does not die, she will remain human. Therefore, it is not even possible for those who have had this spell cast on them to be aware of it, and they will realize that they have received the goddess's blessing for the first time upon dying and becoming undead. The mind is not tainted by darkness until death, so their thinking and morality essentially remain human, but the tainted soul does influence their psychological state, however slightly it may be. While there are no major observable changes in the mind, they'll start to experience a thrilling increase in heart rate and a sensation similar to intoxication whenever they notice the kind of “dark, decadent beauty” that is preferred by the undead.

    As previously mentioned, this blessing is granted to those favored by “Hel”, the goddess of life and death. Therefore, adherents of the goddess Hel will naturally acquire this blessing. That is why most necromancers will eventually transform into undead sooner or later. Additionally, this spell isn't just used by adherents of the goddess Hel. At times, the goddess herself will bestow this blessing upon humans that strike her fancy. They say those who visit places connected with the goddess Hel such as churches or temples, may sometimes unwittingly receive the goddess's blessing.

    Basically, in most cases when humans change into undead, they'll end up transforming into lower rank undead such as “zombies” and “ghosts”. Only those who had the required power and qualities during life, such as royalty, heroes, and high rank sorcerers, or those who had sex repeatedly with their partner and accumulated enough power after becoming low rank undead transform into high rank undead such as “liches”, “wights”, or “phantoms”; however, those who repeatedly engage in acts that tarnish their soul until death after receiving this blessing can earn even greater favor with the goddess, so it's possible even for those originally lacking the appropriate power and qualities to instantly transform into high rank undead upon death. For example: those who have repeatedly practiced necromancy and have touched many souls and bestowed undeath upon many people, those who have devoutly followed the teachings of Hel and shared the goddess's blessings with many of the living, those who have frequently come in contact with “decadence” while captivated by tainted souls, and continuously sated their heart with intoxication. The goddess promises such individuals an elegant afterlife characterized by decadence and debauchery, and they will be welcomed into the world of the undead as undead nobility in the name of the goddess Hel.

    “My, how tragic...

    Just when your dream was coming to fruition and you were on your way to the royal capital,

    you who aspired to scholarly pursuits perished when the carriage you happened to be riding in had an accident...

    My, how joyous...

    By dying you[37] have obtained a path to eternal scholarly pursuits and eternal pleasure...♥”

    ~a pious adherent of the goddess of life and death~

    Blessing of Decay (p106)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that causes the target's body to lose its power as the “vessel that protects the soul”, dramatically reducing resistance towards pleasure. It is one of the blessings granted by the goddess of life and death, Hel, and it is also hieromancy.

    The changes induced in the target by this spell are likened with “bodily [38]decay”, but it doesn't actually cause the body to rot and the changes are not apparent on the surface; however, the [39]festering body abandons its duty to protect the soul, and pleasure that would originally only be dealt to the body will reach even the soul with no obstructions whatsoever. Normally, if the breasts are fondled, the breasts will start feeling good along with the sensation that the breasts are being touched. But if someone under the effects of this spell has her breasts fondled, then the sensation won't just be like her body is being touched. Instead, there will be a sensation like she's being touched more deeply inside, and pleasure that's normally unobtainable will be induced, as if even the very core of her existence were being pleasured. The physical changes caused by the “blessing of decay” are of the same nature as the changes that are brought about when the living are transformed into undead, and the sensation of directly having her soul pleasured is also the same kind of thing that the undead experience. In other words, this is a spell that renders living bodies into the same condition as those of the undead. The pleasure provided by their partners is considered the greatest pleasure, especially by monsters, and when it pierces their already crumbling, festering body and directly violates their soul, they experience a sensation that can only be described as follows: “my very existence itself is getting off,” and the resultant pleasure is absolutely irresistible.

    Also, more than just pleasure is transmitted to the soul due to the body's decay. Just being touched by one's spouse's hand, just being within distance of his breath, is enough for the soul to become filled with that heat, providing real feelings of life and sex to the undead. For those with decayed bodies, everything is felt with the “soul”. Eating not only delights the tongue, but provides joy to the “soul”. Paintings aren't just viewed with the eyes; they become burned into the “soul”. Music doesn't just remain in the ears; it jolts the “soul”. That is why art culture and gourmet food is popular among the undead. This spell is treated as a “curse” by humans, but to the undead, it is a great “blessing” granted by the goddess of life and death which is used so that the soul can obtain great pleasure and delight. Among the undead who have been granted this blessing by the goddess, high rank undead such as “wights” are able to bear an especially powerful “blessing of decay”. In the dark, decadent kingdoms of the undead, just by being there and being beside their partner, they tremble with joy as their souls experience real feelings of life and sex. Therefore, they are constantly experiencing sweet sensations. That's why their beautiful looks and charm filled with warmth never fade even though they are dead.

    Moreover, if the body loses its role as the protector of the soul due to a “blessing of decay”, then mamono mana poured inside will also end up directly eroding and defiling the soul. This means that resistance to monsterization is dramatically reduced, but when that mana being poured inside mixes with the mana of the goddess Hel that maintains the spell, it binds the body and soul together, producing an undying nature. That is to say, those who have received the “blessing of decay” have a possibility to turn undead no matter what the method of monsterization and no matter what race's mana caused the monsterization.

    “Our performance is a drama of depravity and decadence that has the goddess's blessing...

    Ladies and gentlemen in attendance, may this night be engraved in your souls...

    Ngh...♥ N-No, darling. As you can see, I'm busy now.

    W-Wait! Don't touch my body until after the performance has ended... Ah!♥”

    ~a phantom who leads an undead troupe~

    Ritual of Soul Marriage (p107)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    An arcane necromantic art which creates a link between the souls of the two people targeted, enabling them to share their lives. It's one of the most advanced techniques in necromancy, a system of magic that uses mana to touch “souls”, and it creates a link between two entirely different souls so that they become as one.

    Normally when the living perish, the soul separates from the body, and will soon be invited to the netherworld, but when two souls are bound together by this spell, even if one of them enters a death-like state, the soul will be detained in the mortal world, and so long as both souls remain, they won't be vulnerable to death. Not just any two souls can be bound together. They have to be two people who share a sufficiently deep connection. More specifically, it is recommended that they be in an intimate relationship as a married couple. Most of those who undergo this ritual are married couples consisting of a human man and a monster. In the case that one of the couple is an undead, then that undying nature will be shared by both of them. In other words, as long as his undead wife exists in the world, then the man who is her partner will never die.

    Furthermore, the link between the two souls will not be lost even when both are dead. It is of no relevance to the undead who live together forever as husband and wife, but it is supposed that even after death their souls will never stray from one another; even if invited to the netherworld, the souls of the married couple will always stay together. It is said they will be able to become husband and wife once more if reincarnated in the next world.

    Also, so that they may be as one, both will become able to intuitively sense the location and status of the other soul, and when the souls are together, i.e., when the partners are right next to each other, they will start having powerful feelings of jubilation and tranquility. Just as if attempting to become one, they will then prefer living in a conjoined state, lying together, deep kissing and embracing.

    This spell is also “teletomancy” and requires a large scale spell formula. It is believed that this spell was created in the past by a certain undead necromancer who sought a spouse who was undead like her to alleviate her loneliness, but as of the present, the cultural habit of holding “marriage rituals” has spread among monsters due to the goddess of love, “Eros”, and because of that, this ritual has also become popular among other monsters besides the undead who would rather form “an eternal marital relationship” instead of just having the goal of “sharing their lives”.

    The ritual is mostly held in beautiful red and black churches where “Hel”, the goddess of life and death is revered. This elegant ritual refined by undead nobility and the words used during it, “Not even death shall do these two apart,” are famous. While the caster is using mana to join the two souls, the couple being targeted by the ritual must keep touching each other in some way. It's possible to perform the ritual even just by holding hands, but in that case, it takes quite a long time, so in the case that it is performed as a marriage ritual, the couple will generally continue deep kissing and entwining tongues for a while so that an even deeper bond is formed between them. Also, since being delighted invigorates the souls, and facilitates the process of binding them together, so for undead brides and grooms, it is also important to accentuate the ritual with music, food, etc. which will bring joy to their souls.

    According to the teachings of the goddess of life and death, this ritual is regarded as an inevitability for two souls that are in love. Most undead and adherents of the goddess Hel dream of performing this ritual with their partners. Particularly in the case when undead monarchs, “wights”, are bound together with their partners, undead orchestras perform at these ceremonies, and they are literally dignified royal banquets. That is what all undead brides long for.


    I've been eagerly awaiting this moment♥

    Darling... Now your soul will become one with mine.

    Not even death shall do these two apart'...

    I swear an eternal oath with you...♥”

    ~a wight bride shrouded in a black veil~

    Theriomancy (p110)[edit]

    Acquired sorcerous instinct


    A system of magic for imbuing oneself with the power of a beast created by “beast Sabbath” which observes how beastmen strengthen their bodies and control their postures with mana and conducts research to thoroughly investigate this.

    By using mana to fortify the body, it boosts physical abilities by leaps and bounds and also corrects for flexible, efficient usage of the body, enabling races that have excellent physical abilities in the first place to become even more powerful, while even enabling races with naturally poor physical abilities to move like beastmen. Additionally, it can also boost vision, audition, and olfaction, etc., which are also physical faculties. Theriomancy, which was developed to handle mana more naturally, uses a completely different method of controlling mana than other existing magic. There is no need at all for chanting incantations, spell formulas, or thought; instead, spells imprinted in one's instinct are cast automatically. Therefore, races with low intelligence, and even those who have no talent for magic whatsoever, such as beastmen and other races with low magical aptitude can easily acquire it.

    Since focusing and thinking instead obstructs casting, theriomancers are to eliminate those things as much as possible and avoid excessive consideration; it is recommended that they behave like beasts and obey their instincts. If hungry, eat, if sleepy, sleep: a lifestyle consisting of such is what they naturally strive for, and since things such as deceit, shame, and moral views towards lust, which is an instinctive desire, pose major obstacles to theriomancy, it is necessary to meekly submit to one's desires and urges towards men and breed, so it's an extremely suitable way of life for monsters. Unlike other systems of magic, it isn't acquired through gaining knowledge and repeated practice. Instead, most naturally gradually become able to use it by completely becoming a beast and living as part of this Sabbath's “pack”.

    Furthermore, the crux of this system of magic is to not deeply consider the principles of magic. Even those who created it are now thoughtlessly devoted to copulation, and all who conduct research into this magic end up the same way, so hardly any progress has been made with regards to additional verification and elucidation of the underlying principles of this magic.

    Beast Boost (p111)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that imbues one's body with the power of a beast, boosting the caster's physical abilities remarkably. This is one of the foundational spells of theriomancy, which awakens the wild power within, turning one completely into a beast. It increases physical strength, including strength in the arms, legs, etc. and also hones the senses such as vision, audition, and olfaction, enabling movement like a beast endowed with excellent reflexes and a lithe physique. Additionally, since the animalistic sense, so-called “intuition”, is also sharpened, the caster will have a heightened ability to sense danger and become able to “intuitively” sense the presence of human men, and when combined superior olfactory and auditory senses for detecting the odors and voices of men, it's even more effective, so casters acquire an excellent ability to track down human men.

    Magicians generally tend to have inferior stamina and physical abilities compared to knights and warriors, etc., so they excel at keeping distance from the enemy and fighting with magic, but theriomancers who use “beast boost” acquire extremely excellent stamina and physical abilities despite being magicians. They boast peerless strength in melee combat and are able leap right up to their foes and fight with the movement of a beast. The witches of “Beast Sabbath”, which mainly deals with theriomancy, can even deflect swords and rip straight through armor with their bestial claw moves despite having tiny young bodies. When they leap at their prey, the movement has unparalleled accuracy and is untraceable by the naked eye. Men who end up as their prey will already be pinned down and straddled like a horse by the time they notice they've been pounced on.

    As for theriomancy, the fact is that one acquires the methods to use the spells instinctively by constantly behaving like a beast instead of through knowledge and thinking. This spell is the most basic one of them, and it enables instinctively “boosting the body's movements using mana” the same way beastmen such as “werewolves” are naturally equipped to. The caster doesn't even need to consciously use the spell, instead it is automatically cast whenever needed just as if it were a natural function of her body in the first place. When practicing theriomancy, it is necessary to reject reason and eliminate thinking to completely become a beast, but normally, if one abandons rationality and thought, that unfortunately makes it difficult to make situational judgments and coordinate with allies; however, theriomancers are indeed able to intuitively make situational judgments and coordinate with allies due to their animalistic senses which are honed by this spell. In fact, a beast's instinctive behaviors are more efficient and save time compared to actually rationally thinking about what one is doing, and no delay in judgment or pause will occur due to being bewildered by the events happening before one's eyes, so, on the contrary, it actually enables even quicker and more accurate judgments.

    There are various spells for fortifying physical abilities in other systems of magic as well, but one of the most striking differences between this and spells in other systems of magic is that mana is used extremely efficiently. For example, when boosting the strength of the legs, with other schools of magic, leg strength is enhanced all the time, not just when one is running, but even when one is stopped, and mana is continuously expended. On the other hand, in the case of theriomancy, while stopped, that is to say, when not using leg strength, the spell's effects are not applied. Enhancement is in effect only when performing actions that require leg strength, such as running, jumping, the moment of coming to a sudden stop or landing, etc., and that's the only time that mana is used. In this manner, mana consumption is regulated by instinct, and is only performed whenever it is both necessary and appropriate, so the amount of mana expended is extremely minimal, and thus there isn't even any such thing as unnecessary wasteful expenditure of mana due to inefficient spell usage or over exertion.

    Since mana is constantly expended with ordinary enhancement spells, the caster will run out of mana and the effects will wear off over time, but “beast boost” only expends mana the moment the body is used, so physical abilities can be continuously boosted without causing the caster to run out of mana, leading to a condition where it feels like the enhancement spell is constantly in effect. Furthermore, the enhancement spells of other systems of magic “only” boost physical abilities in most cases. For example, if one enhances one's leg strength dramatically and then runs, if one is not used to it, then there will often be issues such as gaining too much momentum and going too far, or having difficulty coming to a sudden stop. Being completely in control of enhanced physical abilities requires awareness of the increased power and the acquisition of new senses that are different than normal. On the other hand, with theriomancy, one can not only elevates one's physical abilities, but also acquire the instincts of a beast to make optimal use of them. In other words, even in an enhanced state, one does not require any extra awareness, and it is possible to control the enhanced abilities with ordinary senses. In this manner, theriomancy enables sensible and efficient handling of these abilities since vague thoughts and emotions are not used.

    Due to the fact that this spell requires entrusting oneself to bestial instincts, the urge to reproduce, which is the most powerful instinct a monster has, will also be continuously boosted. After using this spell, feelings of elation will inevitably occur, and the flushing induced by the body's activation then develops into a burning lust for a male, resulting in a condition like that of a beast in heat. By continuing to use this spell over a long period of time, the caster will gradually become more and more dominated by bestial instincts, which means that she will gradually change so that she'll take action in the most optimal and suitable manner to satisfy the urge. In other words, after becoming a beast that's true to instinct, the caster's behavior will be driven purely by that urge, with nothing else entering into the equation or even crossing her mind at all. Breeding with a male will be the only thing she thinks about. Unmarried individuals will attack and rape human men just as if they were starved wild beasts tearing into prey, while those who have partners will behave like pets seeking a reward, and enjoy breeding with their males. Naturally, “beast boost” is used the whole time when letting instinct take over while engaged in furious copulation, granting the caster unlimited stamina and powerful lower body strength, so that her little hips can move violently up and down on top of her male nonstop, crashing their flesh together.

    ▲Beast boost by the baphomet “Ropurotto”, the sorcerous beast.

    “Woof, I'm back with meat! I want a reward!

    I'll take mating or a child, either is good♥”

    ~The Sorcerous Beast, “Ropurotto”~

    Wild Pheromone (p112)[edit]

    “Wild pheromone” by the baphomet “Ropurotto”, the sorcerous beast.

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that awakens the target's male instinct, driving his lust wild via bestial temptation. It is derived from the nymphomancy “seduction spell (p. 49)”, and likewise focuses the target's awareness and senses on the caster, but the effect appeals to the target's animal instinct, and is more directly tied to sex.

    The spell is automatically invoked through performing bestial seductive gestures towards targeted men such as rolling over and showing off the lower parts, or turning around and waggling the butt, and it awakens the reproductive urge towards females that human males are naturally endowed with. That is to say, the caster can get the target to stare at her in a bestial manner and view her as a “female” with the presumption of reproductive activity, and the caster's sweet cries, sultry looks, seductive gestures, male-instinct-inciting feminine odor; and so on will then universally be acknowledged as amorous provocations towards the male. When the female caster flaunts her body and tempts a male to mate, the target becomes a rutting beast who views it with only the following in mind, “how great would it feel to vent my lust by screwing her, and can I impregnate her with my own offspring?”, so that he'll easily go berserk with lust and attempt to mate with the caster.

    When using seduction on a man, an inma steals his heart by showing off her beauty and sex appeal to enthrall him, which is one of a monster's charms, thereby fanning the flames of desire towards herself. On the other hand, bestial seduction for mating with a male shows off the appeal of a monster from a different angle than that of the charm flaunted by inma. In other words, in contrast with “seduction spell”, which mainly exploits one's charm as an inma to perform seduction, wild pheromone mainly appeals to the target's instinct with “the fact that the caster is a female suitable for sexually reproducing with a human male”, which is her charm as a beast, thereby driving the target wild with lust for the caster.

    Like seduction spell, this spell doesn't mind control the target either, and therefore, even after the spell breaks, once the male instinct is awakened, it will never disappear, though it may settle. Through mating with the caster, the fact that “the caster is a female suitable for procreating with the target” is instilled in the target's body and male instinct, and the target will gradually start to become easily aroused simply by the caster's presence. By using this spell and repeatedly mating in a state where the target's male instinct is awakened, it becomes deeply ingrained with the notion that the caster is the optimum female as a “mate”, and gradually, he begins to think without a shred of doubt that the caster before his eyes is a receptacle for his desire, and a female whose purpose of existence is to bear his own offspring, as if it were only natural. Eventually, even without the spell, the target will experience powerful passion and erections just from being cognizant of the caster's presence, and then, as a male, he will repeatedly assault and mate with the caster who is female devoid of any hesitation.

    In this manner, due to the existence of this spell, men who become the spouses of theriomancers will end up living nearly like beasts, repeatedly instinctively mating with the casters. A theriomancer's only concern in life is receiving the lust and semen of a male with her body, and getting him to impregnate her with his offspring. Just as they are beings dominated by bestial instinct, so too do the men who become their mates end up as males dominated by bestial instinct whose only concern in life is using the females to vent their bestial lust and impulses, and making the females give birth to their own offspring. Those are precisely the very qualities required of a theriomancer, therefore men who become partners of beasts may even awaken as theriomancers themselves.

    “*pant*♥ *pant*♥ *pant*♥ *pant*...♥”

    ~A cu sith who has forgotten language given the male before her, showing her belly~

    Sense Marking (p115)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that places a powerful marking on the target's body via mana. It's cast by rubbing the caster's body against the target to stick mana to it, i.e., it's a spell that uses mana to perform the typical marking behavior of a beast. It's derived from “mana marker (p.44)”, but the marking is much more assertive, and since the nature of mamono mana is utilized to erode the target's mana with the caster's mana, it's difficult to remove even when set on living targets, and the effects last for a longer time compared to “mana marker”.

    This spell marks not just the target himself, but everything produced by the target including the target's mana, body odor, voice, and so on with the caster's mana so that the caster and her packmates can sense it more strongly. Monsters excel at sensing the presence of humans in the first place, but targets hit by this spell are able to be detected even from distantly remote locations, making it impossible to hide from the caster and her packmates by any means. Instinct handles target detection so that the target's location can be inferred almost like how a beast sniffs out its prey even without conscious effort.

    Also, through the body odor and presence of mana, one can discern the target's physical condition and emotional state to a certain extent, and it's even possible to read the target's thoughts, and if the target is an unmarried man, it also asserts to other monsters that “he is prey being pursued by the caster or her pack” along with issuing a threat. In addition, if the one doing the detecting is unmarried as well, the effects are even greater. The bestial instinct of an unmarried female in pursuit of a male to mate as soon as she finds him will be continuously aroused by the strong sensation of the male's mana, body odor, etc., which results in the sharpening of the senses with regards to the male. In other words, not only does the target's presence become easier to sense for females, it also becomes even easier to sense for the female who longs for him.

    What's more, the effects of this spell are further boosted according to one's passion for the target and desire to mate with him. This spell amounts precisely to an assertion of property rights over the male the female beast has rubbed her own scent on. Hence, if the target is the caster's husband, or her obsession and desire towards the man are so powerful that her bestial instinct has already acknowledged him as her husband, the mana and scent marking on the target will grow proportionately thicker. The caster's mana rubbed against the target issues a fierce threat to any female who approaches her male, saying “Hands off. He's mine”, and there's no limit on the distance from which the caster can sense her male. Even if he's so far away that he's on the other side of the country, or even if he's in a spirit realm in another dimension, if the female keeps running according to her instinct and intuition, she'll surely be able to reach the male.

    This spell enables the target to be sensed even from a distantly removed location, but on the other hand, there is a drawback which is that if the target is the caster's spouse, and he is right by her, the sensory perception of his presence will be too overpowering. For monsters whose own husband's existence is strongly etched into their instinct, the information contained in the mana he releases as well as his voice, body odor, etc. is acutely sensed even normally. If they're made to sense it even more sharply on top of that, the stimulation will be too powerful for their mind and body, their ability to take action will be suppressed, and the bestial instinct which enables the use of theriomancy will totally malfunction. Just sniffing the overpowering male odor causes them to be attacked by a sensation like the inside of their head is melting, and the bestial instinct abandons all other than entrusting everything to the male, which causes their expression to slacken in a slovenly manner. All of the sounds released from the male's mouth, his voice as he speaks, as well as his rough breathing given the female before him, will directly jolt the female's womb, causing it to throb, even before those sounds are all processed in her head, and her bestial instinct will be dominated solely by the instinct to become pregnant with the male's offspring. Depending on the situation, she may enter a state in which she experiences so much pleasure that it's enough for her bestial instinct to trigger orgasm just from the male's scent and breath alone.

    In this manner, the female will be in total submission to the male's everything, and will be unable to resist any of the sensations induced by the male. Furthermore, in this state, everything including her body, mind, and instinct abandon all other actions and thoughts, so we can even say this is a state in which she is specialized solely for “conceiving the male's offspring”, and it's said that having sex in this state may make it easier than normal to produce a child. Since there are few actual cases, it's only based on speculation, but if this is correct, then it would be extremely delightful to couples consisting of human men and monsters who have greater difficulty conceiving compared to couples where the man and woman are both human. In Beast Sabbath, which is lead by the sorcerous beast “Ropurotto”, it is recommended to actively use this spell and spend one's days mating to produce offspring in order to actually prove this theory and verify that this state does in fact make it easier to conceive a male's child for the sake of all the monsters who long to have the children of their beloved males.

    “There, rub~ rub~ ♥

    Nyufufu, by doing this, you won't be stolen by anyone, nyaa ♥”

    ~a beast witch belonging to Ropurotto Sabbath~

    Howling Force (p116)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that shares the caster's buffs and mental exaltation with allies. It's invoked by howling or roaring like a beast and distributes the caster's buffs such as “beast boost (p.111)” with members of her pack in the surrounding area, their mates, and her own mate. The principle by which this spell works is to carry one's own mana in the “voice” one emits such as a “howl” or a “roar” so that the effects of spells reach allies along with one's voice. All allies within range of one's voice will be targeted.

    With this spell, any physical ability or sense sharpening buffs resulting from enhancement magic, etc. will be produced in allies in the same manner as oneself, and at the same time, the caster's mental exaltation, arousal, etc. will also be shared with allies. In other words, if the caster falls into a state of arousal upon encountering a man who will serve as prey, boosts the power of her legs with “beast boost”, and then invokes “howling force” with a howl, every member of her pack who hears it will also enter a state of arousal, instinctively grasping that a man suitable as prey has appeared, and the man will end up being pursued by a pack of beasts with enhanced leg strength. Also, this spell even shares wild arousal towards males as well as the sexual excitement resultant from copulation with a male. When the individual who spots a male goes wild with lust, naturally so too will the rest of the pack, and even during ordinary times, it seems to be a common thing for the arousal of an individual copulating with her husband to be so overwhelming that she'll let out a remarkably louder cry of ecstasy invoking “howling force”, transmitting her wild state of lust to the entire pack so that everyone will uniformly begin copulating with their own husbands.

    “Howling force” exhibits higher effects when cast by multiple casters of the same pack at the same time. Each of the casters acts as a “relay point”, and their “voices” can cover a wider range just like how the howls of beasts resonate together, so that the effects of “howling force” can be extended to the entire pack. After resonating and becoming one massive spell, not only does the area of effect of “howling force” dramatically expand, on top of that, it will exhibit all the effects of every “howling force” that was cast. The power of a pack sharing multifold buffs will be dramatically increased; however, for instance, even if three casters were to share their leg strength buffs, when pursuing a man as prey, it isn't the case that they'd get a threefold increase in leg strength, instead it would only result in the “strongest of those buffs” being shared by the pack. On the other hand, if when hunting a man, one sharpened her “sense of smell for detecting the presence of prey”, the next one boosted her “sight for perceiving the image of prey”, and the last one enhanced her “leg power for pursuing prey”, then all of those buffs would be shared by the entire pack. In this way, effective use of “howling force” to further boost the power of the entire pack requires the “allocation of roles”; however, wielding theriomancy absolutely necessitates “a lack of deep thought”, and even “beast boost”, which is classified as theriomancy, is a spell that also empowers one's abilities automatically based on instinct, which makes the deliberate allocation of roles extremely difficult for theriomancers, but the thing is, since “hunting as a pack” is engrained in a beast's instinct, by honing and polishing this instinct, it becomes possible to allocate roles “instinctively”. What makes this possible isn't the accumulation of knowledge or training as in the case of other systems of magic, but determinedly increasing the pack's proficiency. Of course hunting as a pack and accumulating battle experience contributes to it, but so does simply spending a long time with one's packmates, and deepening the bonds between individual pack members by females intertwining each other's bodies and “fooling around” is also crucial. While living as a pack, beasts will naturally come to have “roles” specialized for their own area of expertise. If the beasts' instincts are taught to allocate duties and work together while hunting, then whatever “beast boost” is required will be automatically cast as needed and exhibit an effect specialized for one's role with the presumption of sharing with the pack.

    Due to the existence of this spell, we can say that “the strength of a pack” is the true power of theriomancers. If a pack has extremely high proficiency, they can sometimes even hold their own against divinities of far higher rank even when they're no match for them individually. Especially in the case of a pack that forms a “harem” commanded by a male, they tend to be extremely powerful. Through the same male, the females of a harem will be in a relationship where they are bound together by the “desire to produce a male's offspring”; the strongest instinct a beast has which is at her core. Since they hunt together to please the same male, they'll perform advanced and intricately interwoven team work on a daily basis. What's more, through their association with the same male, there will be more opportunities to get frisky with their packmates despite them being fellow females. In order to share and savor the essence that the male produced for them, the females will deep kiss while feeding each other mouth-to-mouth, and there is a tendency to start constantly performing behaviors such as teasing and licking each other's bodies, so that they'll be ready for the male to have his way with them anytime. It is due to this that the bonds between the mana of the females become extremely deep, resulting in a stronger pack.

    Additionally, when sharing spell effects through “howling force”, the stronger the mana bond with an ally is, the higher the efficiency of sharing can be. That is to say, the most powerful mana bond will be formed between the caster and her spouse whom she has sex with on a daily basis, and sharing with him will be the most efficient, as buffs on the caster will appear almost exactly as is on her spouse as well. The one targeted doesn't need to be able to use theriomancy, and those who become the spouses of superior theriomancers will become stronger males to suit the casters who are superior females. On the other hand, the mana bonds grow weaker and the effects shared degrade progressively according to the following order: the caster's children, the caster's packmates of the same race, packmates of a different race, the spouses and children of packmates. This sharing degradation can be compensated for when multiple casters use the spell at the same time as mentioned previously. Packs formed of harems have the advantage on this point as well since the mana of all the females will be extremely deeply linked into one through the existence of the male, and effects will be shared by the entire pack with the greatest efficiency.

    Furthermore, perhaps because casters of this spell have no concrete targets in mind and cast it only with the vague target of “packmates”, sometimes even human women, non-members of the pack, will get caught up in it and be effected. In such cases, the human women will also share the same buffs as packmates and can acquire the power of a beast; however, since this spell shares even the mind state of the beasts, it results in the body flushing with arousal, constantly seeking a male, and the mind will easily become excited and go wild with lust in the presence of a man. Therefore, a human woman certainly wouldn't ever be able to freely command the power of a beast. Getting caught up in this spell means that the woman resonates with the pack, i.e., despite being human, the woman strongly has the qualities of a beast. For that reason, the woman will seek a male according to the “bestial instinct” granted to her without the sense that anything is off about herself. She will even feel a sense of liberation upon entrusting herself to impulse and instinct, realizing that living according to bestial desires is the way she was meant to be, and then ultimately, she'll completely degrade into a beast and become a member of the pack.

    “There's another one of those damn beast's voices... You hurry up and flee too. If I'm able to hear the next howl, then eventually I too will...

    …pant♥ pant♥ pant♥”

    ~one of the last people at a village on the outskirts of a forest~

    Whoever you may be, you mustn't lay a hand on the sorcerous beast's pack.

    Whoever you may be, you mustn't incur the wrath of the sorcerous beast.

    Whoever you may be, you mustn't awaken my master from her bestial dream.

    ~the white goat's old note~

    Pharmacomancy (p120)[edit]

    Loving White Magic


    A system of magic for treating and healing the sick and injured. It's also called “white magic” or “white thaumaturgy”. Because these casters are benevolent and think of others first, they're mostly distinguished and treated separately from other magicians, and they are also called “healers” or “white mages”. It tends to often be confused with hieromancy, but this system of magic does not utilize divine mana. Also, although the one who created this system of magic is a monster, there are both human and monster pharmacomancers.

    When casting a pharmacomancy spell on a patient, reducing the burden on him to the very minimum while providing a powerful healing effect is considered the top priority. When a spell is cast on a target, the being will unconsciously try to resist using a considerable amount of the mana inside his body.

    Normally, this is not an issue, but for a patient who is completely weakened, there is a possibility that “resistance” can become a huge burden, and even if the treatment is successful, it may be accompanied by pain and suffering. In order to avoid that when using pharmacomancy, the mana to be used in the treatment must be adjusted in advance to match each individual patient depending on his constitution and symptoms, and then it must be performed carefully over a long period of time so that the mana naturally adapts. The principle of how this works is that by casting the spell after melding the caster's mana into the patient's body, it is tricked into perceiving it as a spell cast by the patient himself. In other words, a powerful healing effect can be provided by not allowing it to notice that a spell was cast on it, thus avoiding triggering spell resistance. Having a loving heart towards the patient is absolutely indispensable for skillfully using pharmacomancy. Hypothetically speaking, if the caster were harboring animosity and malice towards her target, she wouldn't be able to adapt her mana to the patient's body or deceive the patient's resistance, so this system of magic is unsuited for attack magic.

    Additionally, with pharmacomancy, it's possible to treat not just the body, but the mind too, and it is also used to heal wounded and sick minds, alleviating nervousness, fear, anxiety, and bringing about peace, composure, and vibrancy.

    Check-up (p121)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that grants the caster detailed knowledge of the target's physical and mental condition via touching the target. By making the caster's mana circulate throughout the target's body before once again returning to her, the caster can conduct a detailed examination, noting such details as the target's physical and mental state, the qualities of his mana, the presence of any other mana, any spells that have been cast on him, and any injuries or diseases that may be afflicting him. This practice is also referred to as “palpation”. Not only does it grant knowledge of the patient's pathological condition, the mana which is prepared to suit a patient being treated with pharmacomancy is also adjusted based on the results of this spell, so it absolutely must be used before performing treatment with pharmacomancy.

    Although it is one of the most basic pharmacomancy spells, circulating one's mana throughout every single inch of the target's body and using that mana to examine the target's body requires extremely fine-tuned mana manipulation and a high level of concentration. How much information about the target can be gathered depends on the caster's skill. An inexperienced caster can only get rough information such as “he has flu-like symptoms”, or “he is afflicted by a debilitating spell”, but for an expert pharmacomancer, the possibilities include even things such as precisely identifying a disease, pinpointing the site of infection, and determining how long it has been since it began to take root, or figuring out what specific spell has been cast and even identifying the caster.

    In order to provide patients with good treatment, this process is absolutely necessary, and it is recommended to touch the patients carefully with loving kindness. Normally, no matter what, “only touching” is done when casting this spell, but there are so-called “dark pharmacomancers” who are unapproved by any of the medical organizations such as “Medical Sabbath” that perform treatment for the purpose of getting themselves men. When performing treatment, they will fondle men all over their bodies just to sate their own sexual curiosity, and some will even go so far as to stimulate men's genitals to the point of ejaculation and slurp up the mana. When being pleasured and aroused, even if the patient tries to withstand it without showing any outward reaction, the caster will grasp the patient's condition in full detail using “check-up”, which means she'll have a precise and complete understanding of even things such as the patient's arousal, how the pleasure is tormenting him, where to touch him to maximize his pleasure, and how long he can last until ejaculation. It now deviates from medical practice and instead takes shape as an inma feeding frenzy, but be that as it may, this indecent fondling perfectly satisfies the guideline of touching “carefully” and “with loving kindness”, and in fact the examination itself is performed correctly without a hitch, though accompanied by tremendous pleasure and ejaculation.

    “Okay, please let me touch you a bit.

    Fufu♥ It seems your heart rate went up slightly...♥”

    ~A white witch of Medical Sabbath~


    Medical Cure (p121)[edit]

    “Medical cure” a.k.a. “sleep treatment procedure” by the baphomet Dr. Little, “Greilia”. “But I told you to do that sort of thing with the other witches... What odd taste you have.. ♥.”

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A recovery spell that heals the targeted patient psychologically and physically by slowly permeating mana throughout the body which is performed by going to bed with the targeted patient as if sleeping together and touching skin against skin continuously over a lengthy period of time. It's also referred to as a “sleep treatment procedure”. By performing this spell used for the purpose of long-term treatment which is more reliable and places no burden on the patient over a period of several days, it's possible to gradually heal wounds or cure diseases while alleviating pain and suffering even if they are so serious that the caster's mana and skill would be insufficient to provide healing using another system of magic.

    The caster's mana utilized in this spell is prepared beforehand and adjusted to suit the patient so that his body can accept it without discomfort or resistance. Because of that, the patient recognizes the mana infused by the caster as if it were his own mana and will also be under the illusion that the mana dwelling in the body of the caster which is linked to it is also his own. The mana possessed by an individual organism is normally continuously circulated within the organism's body, but while performing treatment with this spell, mana starts flowing continuously between both people as if the caster and the patient had become a single organism. Mana is life force, that is to say, the patient enters a state in which he is able to employ the caster's life force as if it were his own, sharing her healing capacity and resistances along with it. With double the life force, the patient's body's ability to heal is far greater than if he only had his own, and even a completely debilitated patient can heal himself by substituting the caster's life force. The effects are even greater if the caster is a monster, and it's even possible to overcome deadly diseases and achieve miraculous recoveries that would naturally be impossible for the “human body”.

    In order to maintain this state, the caster must constantly keep touching the patient. They don't just simply get in bed together. It is recommended that she wrap her arms and legs around the patient as much as possible, and press her body closely against his. Crawling her hands all over the patients body and caressing it is also effective, as it invigorates the flow of mana, and can further further alleviate the patient's pain and suffering. Perhaps because this method calls for intimate contact between the caster and patient in this way combined with the fact that most pharmacomancers have in common a devoted and caring personality, when monster casters use this spell on human men, strong passion towards the patient arises right in the middle treatment, and most will learn the heat and feeling of the patient's body by heart. I've heard that many join together with patients, becoming husband and wife during or after treatment due to that. On the other hand, since monster pharmacomancers who already have a husband will not permit any other man to have intimate contact with their skin, by using “operate (p.123)”, which is mentioned later, they employ this spell through other women by utilizing the method of inscribing the spell formula of “medical cure” on unmarried human women and monsters, or if the patient is already married, on his spouse.

    The power of “medical cure” doesn't just cure specific diseases or heal visible wounds. The circulation and invigoration of the life force resultant from constantly using this spell cures mental illnesses, rendering the mind wholesome, and maintains a healthy body brimming with vitality. In other words, fatigue is removed from the target's body, power overflows, and the will to live springs forth, causing his mood to be full of total confidence; however, if the caster is a monster, sometimes that means “healthy” and “wholesome” according to monster values. In other words, it will be a “wholesome” lust which is youthful and vigorous that causes him to be sensitive to the presence of the opposite sex, ardently desiring females, and a “healthy” body which produces seed and essence and reacts to desire with an erection. By having repeated treatments with a monster caster, and spending an even longer time in bed together, the target's body and mind will be gradually fixed to be healthier and more wholesome in two senses. When there's a lewd woman before his eyes, he'll start to lust prodigiously for her driven by the energy overflowing from his body, and with his heart full of confidence as a man, he'll start to actively make a move on any monster who shows fondness for him and try to claim her as his own female. And the male sexual potency he can unleash on females will gradually become like that of a “wholesome, healthy” young man, or rather, even more vigorous than that, as it will be violent and endless.

    Furthermore, when “medical cure” is performed by a “dark pharmacomancer”, the objective is to obtain the male patient as her own spouse and enjoy “providing treatment” to the man from the very beginning. Hence, if they get in bed with a patient, they'll rub their face and push their breasts against him, pressing up against him more aggressively and intimately. Not only will her hands be crawling all over the patient's body, but so too will her tongue, and she'll concurrently shower kisses over the entirety of it. What's more, the caster will touch the patient in an indecent manner, fondling his genitals over and over aggressively to induce ejaculation. In this manner, when captured by a dark pharmacomancer, men do receive treatment, but there's no telling how many times they'll be forced to ejaculate repeatedly until the treatment is finished. Furthermore, there are cases when it pretty much devolves into sex itself, with the penis taken deep within the vagina, and the two remaining joined the whole time during treatment; however, the mechanism of this spell which circulates mana between the bodies of a man and woman is very similar to the mechanism of mana circulation when a human man engages in coitus with a monster, so we can even say that “medical cure” is “pseudosex” between a human and monster. As a matter of fact, after having prepared optimal mana for the patient, oral and genital union between the caster and patient makes the circulation and sharing of life force even more deeply intimate, the caster's pleasurable caressing further invigorates the flow of mana, and it can provide only pleasure while eliminating the patient's pain and suffering more effectively. Thus, even if she's not a “dark pharmacomancer”, if the caster and the patient are married, it is recommended to utilize this spell along with spending their days having sex as husband and wife, which involves deeply intimate contact through caressing, kissing, and genital union.

    “Your thingy needs treatment, doesn't it.

    Ufufu♥ I'll stroke it like this and fix it so that it can spurt lots ♥”

    ~a weresheep pharmacomancer~

    Operate (p123)[edit]

    Difficulty: 3 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell that inscribes the spell formula of any given spell for the purpose of medical treatment within the target's body. It's an advanced spell used to heal wounds or cure diseases requiring immediate treatment, and this procedure is also called “surgery”. Mana preadjusted to suit the targeted patient is applied to the caster's hand or a pharmacomantic magic tool operated by the caster, which is then used to inscribe the spell formula internally by touching the patient's body with it.

    The spell formula is invoked by the caster's mana as both are poured into the body together. Since the caster's mana is adjusted so that it melds into the mana originally possessed by the patient without any discomfort, when the spell formula is invoked inside the patient, the patient's body will be under the illusion that “he is using the spell himself”. Normally, when hit by a spell from the outside, the patient's magic resistance kicks in, but a spell formula inscribed by means of this spell will cause a hallucination as if the patient is using the spell himself, and thus, since magic resistance doesn't kick in, it's possible to invoke the spell as inscribed without mishap regardless of the patient's constitution and magic resistance. Also, by invoking the spell exclusively using the “caster's mana” camouflaged as the patient's mana, no burden will be placed on the patient's body or mana, and the magnitude of the effects of the inscribed spell will be stable without any fluctuation at all since it won't be influenced by the condition of the patient's mana, whatever that may be, whether it's dried up, or conversely, overflowing too much. That is to say, it is a spell which can trigger the effects as specified by the spell formula with absolutely no error in the prespecified location without the slightest deviation, and it enables extremely precise and exact treatment such as removing a miniscule diseased part inside a patient's body or only a tiny portion of mana. Since it's often used to treat patients in critical condition, the spell formulas inscribed will inevitably be complicated and difficult. The more serious the condition, the greater the spell's mana cost increases and the more time is required, so the caster requires advanced concentration and knowledge.

    I have discussed the case in which it is used to treat serious diseases and wounds as an example when explaining this spell, but there are other methods of usage than that as well. For instance, it is also used as a sort of substitute for periodically taking medicine by inscribing simple recovery spells that boost vitality or mitigate pain in the patient. Additionally, by targeting a human or monster other than the patient when inscribing a specific pharmacomancy spell formula, it's also possible to use it in a peculiar manner that temporarily makes the target into a pharmacomancer. For instance, when treating male patients with the pharmacomancy spell “medical cure”, it's necessary for the caster to get in bed with the patient, press her body closely against his, and caress it, but if the caster is a married monster, she wouldn't ever do that sort of thing with any male other than her husband. In that case, the caster inscribes the spell formula of “medical cure” in an unmarried monster other than herself or the patient's spouse using operate to make her into a temporary practitioner so she can perform treatment. Furthermore, when the spell formula inscribed with “operate” is invoked, she won't be conscious of the fact that she cast the spell on the patient, but if she's able to perceive the results of the magical effects, then she'll only be aware of the results. The feeling is said to be very similar to how all monsters have several spells engraved in their instinct that are invoked even without the person herself being conscious of it.

    Most of the time, mana adjusted to adapt to the patient's body is required for the use of pharmacomancy. Acclimating this mana to the patient's body requires a spirit of loving kindness towards the patient, and if the caster has any hostility or malice towards the patient, the task becomes impossible. It's also the same when inscribing spell formulas using this spell, and neither attack magic that would directly harm the patient, nor curses that would debilitate the patient can be inscribed, but despite that, the casters called “dark pharmacomancers” know of a way to abuse this spell to satisfy their own obscene lust. Generally, what they inscribe in men are things like “spells that enable bigger, longer lasting erections” and “spells that cause the production of copious amounts of essence, enabling more ejaculations”. These sorts of spells do not have an adverse impact on the patient in any sense; instead, the nature of these spells, which is to remarkably boost abilities as a healthy male organism, is extremely faithful to the ideals and decency of pharmacomancy. Therefore, even though “dark pharmacomancers” perform treatment flawlessly without incident, they also have no problem perfectly inscribing these spells for the sake of enjoyment after finishing treatment.

    “I now begin treatment.

    ...Why are you getting an, uhm... s-stiffy, even though I'm just touching you...!!"

    ~Doctor Little, “Greilia”~

    Medical Healing (p125)[edit]

    Difficulty: 1 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    A spell that dispels the fears and alleviates the anxiety of the target, bringing relief and serenity to the heart. It is used to ease the tension of the targeted patient and calm him down when providing treatment with pharmacomancy. If the patient's mind state is calm, the mana poured into the patient when using pharmacomancy will meld with less discomfort, which can boost its effects. It's also effective on targets in an extreme state of fear or derangement. The spell is invoked by touching the target, and the patient's deranged mind gradually goes back to normal as the caster keeps touching him. It's even more effective if the touching is done with intimacy instead of just plainly, such as by holding the target's hand, patting his head, or hugging him.

    The power of this spell focuses the patient's consciousness on the caster who is gently touching and embracing his body, causing the sensation of her warm touch to be strongly perceived. Due to this, the patient's strained mind is assuaged, and his thoughts also grow vague, so that eventually all he can see and feel is the presence of the caster treating him gently. Strongly aware of the protection and loving kindness he is being showered in, the patient will feel a sense of absolute security from being touched and embraced by the caster, just as if he were a small child being sheltered by his mother. Even an elderly king living with constant paranoia, fearful of assassination, who is suspicious of everyone who approaches him including his own vassals, would gradually become calm like an innocent child in the embrace of a caster of this spell. The effects of this spell are only temporary, and the state wears off after a while, but once reacquired, the feeling of calmness remains. Due to this, those who were disturbed before being embraced regain their composure, and some of them even change to have gentle personalities. It's a spell that's really only meant for “support” when treating wounds and illnesses with pharmacomancy, but there is no end to the number of patients who become enthralled by the moment of peace produced by the spell and the casters who bring it about. It is said that in medical organizations run by pharmacomancers including the Sabbath led by the baphomet Dr. Little, “Greilia”, the originator of pharmacomancy, a considerable number of patients will keep going even after completely recovering from their illness or injury just to have their head patted in a caster's embrace.

    The nature of this spell is to give the target a sense of security via the caster's presence. Thus, targeted patients will be in a state where they have entrusted their own “heart” to the caster. If the caster utters some words of significance to a patient in this state, then the patient will quietly accept it without suspicion or doubts. Normally, it's phrases like “It'll be okay. You'll get better for sure” or “It won't hurt” for the sake of calming and encouraging the patient before treating his injury or illness, but in the case of “dark pharmacomancers”, they'll use the spell and whisper sweet words into the patient's ear to spoil him and make him dependent on them in order to fulfill their own desires. With the words, “keep getting off like that and cum.”, the patient is rendered unable to resist the caster as she entwines around his body and fondles him, and he'll enjoy the pleasure being given as he was told to. Whenever “You were able to cum a lot. Excellent. You did great.” is whispered, his heart will calmly accept the pleasure, and the patient will ejaculate repeatedly according to the caster's guidance. While doing so, the patient will experience a feeling of relief as he has the essence squeezed out of him by the caster.

    This spell has no effect unless the caster has heartfelt “loving kindness” towards the patient. That's because only words spoken out of concern for the patient will be quietly accepted without a doubt. It's impossible to use malice or hatred to do something like inducing a patient to harm himself or others, nor can a patient be controlled as one pleases. In other words, it's proof that the “dark pharamacomancers” who employ this spell are beings filled with “loving kindness” towards the patient. The reason they're “dark pharamacomancers” is just that that “loving kindness” is terribly inclined towards “sexual love”.

    “Ufufu, good boy. Good boy♥

    Now I'll put you at ease. Entrust your body to this good feeling♥”

    ~a black dark mage dark pharmacomancer~

    Pre-Operate (p126)[edit]

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 2 out of 3

    A spell for preventing illnesses by stationing the caster's mana in the target's body in advance. Mana melded without discomfort functions as disease “resistance” for the patient, preventing and safeguarding him from diseases, so this spell is also called “preventative touch”. Instead of providing treatment after the patient comes down with an illness, the stationed mana keeps constant surveillance over the patient's body, swiftly removing pathogens as soon as they are spotted. Thus, many kinds of diseases can be prevented just with this one spell. If it's a minor disease, then the stationed mana will instantly eliminate the pathogen, and by using more complicated spell formulas, even serious diseases can be dealt with to a certain extent. The amount of diseases preventable depends on the skill and knowledge of the caster working out the spell formula. What's more, it is more effective if the mana of a monster caster is used, since monsters have extremely strong resistance to diseases that affect humans.

    The effects of the spell are temporary, and the mana stationed in the patient's body will completely disperse over time, but if the spell is cast periodically, diseases can also be consistently prevented. If a superior monster caster applies this spell to patients periodically, even those who were born frail with almost no disease resistance can live a healthy life free from the worries of diseases; however, if the caster is a monster, that means sometimes the patient's body will hotly flush, and she'll get horny as a side effect since the patient's body will always contain a certain amount of mamono mana insufficient to trigger monsterization. This becomes more apparent with repeated usage of the spell. It is advised to refrain from any activity that produces pleasure including sex, masturbation, etc. while the effects of the spell are active, and the patient must endure the side effects. The reason for that is partaking in excess pleasure will activate the mamono mana stationed by the spell, resulting in the transformation of the patient into a monster if she is a human woman, or an incubus if he is a man. A single occurrence of masturbation won't immediately cause monsterization, but the pleasure that can be had by changing into a monster due to the activation of mamono mana is so potent that even the slightest taste of it will result in addiction. Therefore, it is advised that it should not be done even once, but we can also say that the kind of human who needs this spell constantly would honestly be better off as a monster or incubus.

    Furthermore, “dark pharmacomancers” use this spell specifically for the “side effects”. In the majority of medical organizations including “Greilia's” Sabbath and the like, the side effects are thoroughly explained, but dark pharmacomancers provide no explanation. Using disease prevention as an excuse, they scheme to make patients who strike their fancy horny for them all the time while changing them into incubi; however, since most dark pharmacomancers have acquired a high proficiency with this spell for the sake of empowering the side effects, the disease resistance granted will also be extremely powerful. Men wedded to dark pharmacomancers are promised a healthy life in which they will effectively never have to worry about illness.

    “Your body has been weak since long ago, hasn't it.

    But it's okay now... I'll coil myself around your body like this,

    wrap you up entirely in me, and protect you... ♥”

    ~a lamia dark pharmacomancer~

    Dark Insignia (p128)[edit]

    Dark Insignia - the power of darkness engraved in the body-

    Collaboration: “Change yourself” at Insignia Parlor “Femme Rouge” The insignia artist “Miss Rubiana” will adorn your body beautifully, and lewdly♪

    Difficulty: 2 out of 3

    Mana Cost: 1 out of 3

    Nymphomancy that employs mana to engrave the target's body with “dark insignia” that produce a variety of effects. Insignia are also called “runes”, “cursed seals”, or “nymphoemblems”. There is a great variety of insignia, and effects vary depending on the pattern engraved. Dark insignia mainly affect the engraved person's body, so “pleasure insignia” which dramatically raises the pleasure obtainable with the target's body is one of the most typical. Also, the lewd changes induced in the target's body by insignia will generally influence the target's mentality as well. Many of the dark insignia activate under specific conditions, inducing increased pleasure, lust, etc. in the target.

    Upon activation, mana concentrates in an insignia, and it glows mysteriously. In addition to glowing, an activated insignia will bring about a sort of throbbing sensation in the target, and compel her to seek pleasure, ecstasy, etc. depending on the power of the insignia. Also, conversely, it is even possible to increase the effects if the insignia is activated via the infusion of mana from an outside source. Additionally, the more an insignia is used, the more mana it accumulates, the more firmly it becomes affixed to the body, and the greater the effects it has on the target will be. The light emitted also grows increasingly more fascinating.

    Furthermore, dark insignia can only be engraved with mamono mana, and since mamono mana is employed, a dark insignia has a nature similar to that of a monster. In other words, insignia may increase pleasure or cause the target to seek pleasure, but only in reaction to a man that the target recognizes as her husband in the case of monsters and human women who have men that they have feelings towards or husbands.

    “Dark insignia” are gradually engraved by tracing over the target's body so as to draw a pattern using the caster's own mana imbued fingertips or a magic tool specifically for engraving insignia. The effects of dark insignia can be boosted by adding more to the pattern beyond the basic pattern or adding in more detail, so the potency of the power induced by insignia is commensurate to the scope of the pattern and the caster's talent. Ergo, there are even specialists who are focused only on mastering “dark insignia”, and in mamono realm cities there are also shops dedicated to insignia. Furthermore, the act of engraving an insignia may itself induce pleasure. If a high rank caster traces over the target's body with her fingers, it produces powerful pleasure each time that the pattern is engraved, and even after engraving is finished, the freshly engraved insignia will continue to throb for a while. After that, whether she likes it or not, the target will be forced to look forward to the pleasure induced by the insignia. Also, engraving insignia isn't necessarily a conscious decision, since it is nymphomancy, and insignia may also be automatically engraved on one's body in response to one's desires. When a human woman is monsterized, if she has a highly lewd mind suitable for a monster, then upon becoming a monster, a dark insignia may also emerge, or so it is said.

    The bodies of the creatures known as monsters are made to maximize pleasure received from their husband in the first place, but a monster's desire for her husband is boundless. In fact, dark insignia are produced and engraved so that monsters can derive even more pleasure and delight from spending time with their husband and having sex. Monsters engrave their body with insignia to change themselves into even lewder beings. They are preferred not just by inma who purely seek to enjoy sex and pleasure, but also by monsters who are unable to honestly show their fondness of their husband, and they are even used as a means of straightening out one's mentality by monsters concerned with the ferocity dwelling within themselves. Other than that, they are also often used as a means of awakening the nature of freshly transformed, inexperienced inma, and mainly by monsters belonging to the extremist faction to ensure that human women will be reborn as even lewder beings when changing them into monsters.

    The power of “dark insignia” is permanent. An insignia and its effects won't disappear with the passage of time. Removal requires the usage of a spell for that purpose, but since that spell is also classified as nymphomancy and acts in concert with desire, the target would need to wish for the removal of the insignia from the bottom of her heart without even a shred of doubt. If she has experienced ecstasy and delight from the pleasure induced by the insignia, or if she yearns for it even the slightest bit, then the insignia cannot be removed. Therefore, in most cases, once engraved, insignia will remain forever and never disappear. Also, once someone is aware of the rapture induced by the insignia and the fact that she herself desires it; the insignia becomes part of the body and can no longer be removed by any means.

    It may be difficult to remove insignia, but on the other hand, using mana to disguise it by hiding the design is easy; however, this only affects appearances. Regardless of the pattern of the insignia being invisible, the insignia continues to be in effect as usual. Upon receiving pleasure from an insignia and falling into a state of extreme arousal, the insignia will activate and glow mysteriously, resulting in the reemergence of the pattern that had been made invisible. Also, to a monster, “dark insignia” often are meant as proof of what a lewd being she is or as an indication that she is her husband's property, so they don't like hiding them very much. A monster would reluctantly hide the patterns if masquerading as a human were necessary to infiltrate a human city or something, but in such circumstances, she would try to cover them up as much as possible using clothing, etc. rather than using mana to camouflage them.

    Even “dark insignia” of the same pattern may exhibit different effects depending on where on the target's body they are engraved. Also, insignia have special meanings depending on where they are engraved, and they may be meant as assertions to the opposite sex. Since the specifics differ depending on each type of insignia, more will be explained when each insignia is introduced, but I'll break down the meanings and general effects for each location below; however, in some cases insignia may be chosen purely based on their effects, and there are also many people who choose where to engrave insignia based on how well it matches their fashion, so the meanings detailed below do not necessarily always apply.

    Engraved around the hips, mainly on the left or right side.

    The effect kicks in when mounting one's partner and shaking one's hips, i.e, it boosts the pleasure of sex. It's the most common place to engrave an insignia, is especially preferred by inmas with a strong nature to enjoy pleasure, and has good compatibility with sex in the cowgirl position, shaking one's hips aggressively on top of a man.

    Engraving an insignia on the hips is an indication of the intent and desire to enjoy sex and pleasure. In the case of unmarried monsters, it's an “invitation” towards men. It means she'll go with any man who calls out to her and pursues her. Also, in the case of married monsters, it signifies to their husband, “let's do it whenever you want,” “I want to do it with you all the time.”

    On the breasts or in the cleavage area between them.

    Boosts the pleasure provided to the breasts when sucked or massaged by a man. Furthermore, the chest is also regarded as the place where the heart is, so the target's emotional state may be influenced as well, such as the love she holds in her heart, or sexual arousal.

    Since this is something that especially emphasizes a woman's sex symbol towards men, the act of engraving an insignia on the chest is a demonstration of self-awareness of and assertion of the lewd sex appeal of one's own body. Engraving in this place is preferred by those who are delighted to be women as well as lewd beings. Since being a woman and being lewd are some of the factors used to please their husband to monsters, there is a strong tendency in general for those who engrave here to have deep love and devotion towards their partner. A chest insignia is an assertion of one's attractiveness as a woman to the opposite sex, but in the case of married monsters, it more directly relays meanings such as the following to the husband: “I want to be viewed in a sexual manner,” “my heart is yours.”

    If an insignia is engraved in the upper or lower space between the two breasts, i.e, the cleavage, then it will exhibit its most powerful effects when squeezing the penis between the breasts, and hints at activities using the breasts more directly.

    When engraved from the shoulder to the upper arm, it tends to effect the entire arm.

    The effects kick in through actions like wrapping one's arms around a man's body. If engraved on the back of the hand or the palm, the effects will be more sharply concentrated in the fingers, and it exhibits great effects when doing actions such as holding hands, having one's finger sucked by a man, or caressing the penis with one's hands and fingers.

    It signifies that she seeks all sorts of physical intimacy and expressions of love, naturally including sex. It's highly compatible with those who like intimacy with men and hugging, and also symbolizes friendship towards one's partner, but at the same time, conversely, it also symbolizes the desire to control and tie down one's husband.

    Basically, when engraving insignia on the legs, most people engrave on the thighs.

    With this location, the effects mainly appear while joined with one's partner and engaged in sex, but unlike in the case of the hips, it strongly effects the state itself of being connected and the skin to skin contact that occurs during sex, and it supports the feeling of ecstasy and fulfillment due to having the thighs and hips pressed closely together.

    As in the case of the arms, effects are also apparent when wrapping one's legs around a man, and those who engrave on their legs tend to prefer things like locking their legs around a man during ejaculation and fixing the hips in place. Compared to the arms, it signifies an even clingier and more obsessive love which is even more perverted. In rare cases, insignia are engraved on the top and bottom of the feet, and as in the case of the hands, the effects kick in when touching a man with one's feet, or fondling the penis with one's feet. It's an indication of an even stronger desire to control than the arms.

    Mainly engraved on the part of the cheeks below the eyes, or on the eyelids.

    Insignia engraved here effect the target's vision. Generally boosting the power of the eyes to observe the opposite sex, resulting in quick-sightedness to focus more on sexual things. A man's slightest movements and subtlest changes will no longer be missed, and all of these observations will inspire arousal and ecstasy in those with insignia engraved here. Due to this effect, the gaze tends to gradually grow lewder. The presence of an insignia around the eyes signifies that one views the opposite sex in a sexual manner. On the other hand, in the case of married monsters, naturally, the only thing that comes into their gaze is their husband. An insignia for the sole purpose of observing one's husband signifies something like the following to him: “I'm always looking at you.” “You're always attractive.”

    Additionally, it's possible to engrave insignia on the eye itself, but this technique is only possible for extremely advanced casters. When a spell formula is engraved on the eye, the power exhibited will be far beyond that of an ordinary insignia. Not only does it influence the vision, it also changes the eyes into what are called “evil eyes”, which exert influence even on those gazed upon.

    Mainly engraved on the part of the cheeks around the mouth.

    Effects kick in when tongue kissing a man or when taking the penis inside the mouth. Also influences the taste when licking and sucking the penis, and slurping essence. Insignia are done here for the purpose of expressing sexual love with the mouth. Therefore, many simply prefer kissing and fellatio, but at the same time, it also grants the power to express one's feelings of fondness to a man in words, so that one can tell a man that she loves him more directly without hiding anything. Most of those with insignia engraved on the mouth can express words of love towards their husband and make lewd offers for sex without getting embarrassed, and lewd smiles start to naturally form on their mouth.

    Furthermore, a higher rank caster is even capable of engraving insignia inside the mouth and on the tongue. In that case, it will be more specialized for taking the penis into one's mouth, caressing it with one's tongue, and savoring the essence.

    When engraving not on the face, but on the head, the standard location of choice is the forehead.

    Insignia engraved there effect the functioning of the mind. It becomes easier to notice specific things depending on the insignia, as well as easier to focus when thinking about them, but this isn't something that directly manipulates thoughts and values. For example, if a lewd insignia were engraved on the forehead of a human woman, her consciousness would be drawn to obscene things, and she would start thinking deeply about it, and yet, on the other hand, since she lacks the values of an inma which regard it as virtuous, upon coming back to her senses, she'd be ashamed of herself, and probably try to be careful of indulging in indecent fantasies the next time. But by repeating this process, such thoughts gradually become normalized, so it effectively ends up exerting huge influence on a woman's mentality.

    Most with insignia here are those who wish to think only about their partner and sex with their partner. Due to the power of this insignia, all the nerves will be focused on pleasure provided by a man, or on the act of servicing a man. A forehead insignia is something that symbolizes the wholehearted feeling that “I'm thinking only of you” directed at one's partner, and at the same time, it's also an expression of blind love and devotion.

    Engraved on the lower abdomen, i.e, the skin above the womb.

    The womb, which is at the foundation of a female organism, is the place where an insignia can exhibit its greatest power. An insignia engraved on the womb influences everything about the target, making it as if not only her body, but also even her heart is directly connected to her womb. When the insignia throbs and her womb hungers for a penis, the target's mind is dominated by it. If pleasure is poured inside the womb by taking a penis inside, then she'll entrust her everything to it. Also, powerful effects tend to appear when absorbing essence from semen poured inside the womb or when pregnant. Insignia engraved on the womb generally have powerful effects, and the target will tend to be at the mercy of that power, but the pleasure obtainable is most vast, and it promises a life as a happier, lewder monster.

    Insignia engraved here are none other than an assertion that one is a lewd being whose purpose is to have sex with a male, and it is proof of submission to the pleasure provided by sex, and to the one who induces it, the male who is one's partner.


    Pleasure Insignia (p132)[edit]

    “Reime”-chan, a human assassin, is the one who contributed. The charismatic insignia artist, “Ms. Rubiana”, transforms Reime-chan beautifully and obscenely using various “trial insignia”!

    This insignia, which mainly uses a heart shaped design, has the power to increase the pleasure induced in those engraved with it by leaps and bounds. The potent effect of this insignia, plain and simply amplifying the pleasure obtained from having sex with a man, is extremely important to monsters. Even out of all the numerous dark insignia, this one is the most popular with the most monsters having it engraved on their bodies. Not only is the effect treasured, it's also used for fashion purposes. It's popular to engrave small ones around the eyes, breasts, hips, etc. to match apparel.

    The pleasure increase due to pleasure insignia will be proportional to the size of the area in which the insignia is engraved. Since it's in the common nature shared by all monsters who have the essence of an inma to pursue greater, stronger pleasure, they tend to think, “shouldn't I engrave more?”, but engrave too much and the pleasure provided by one's husband will become too powerful. Drown in it and they become a slave to the pleasure, so that even when trying to spice up sex for the sake of variety to please their husband, or unilaterally devote themselves to servicing their husband, they'll lose themselves to the pleasure so that it devolves completely into sex for mutual indulgence in pleasure. So much the better, some may even think, but as far as that goes, it is recommended to use it to suit their preferred sex life and what is appropriate for them. Races with the composure and self-confidence to partake in tremendous pleasure without forgetting themselves such as “succubi” often engrave largish patterns, while races who hold drowning in pleasure as paramount above all else such as “dark angels (Encyclopedia I – p. 206)” may even engrave it on half their bodies.

    Pleasure insignia are engraved mainly in places where strong pleasure is induced during sex. By engraving on the “hips”, the pleasure of shaking one's hips while joined with a man can be dramatically enhanced, so most people engrave on the hips to enjoy sex. Even though a pleasure insignia engraved on the hips produces so much pleasure that it would drive a human woman crazy, it's an indication of the confidence and composure to claim that pleasure as one's own, and it's also like flaunting that one is a champion of the bedroom, a being sustained by pleasure. In addition, an insignia on the hips is a direct indication of the desire to engage in sex with men, so it signifies a provocative and sensual “invitation”. “Pleasure insignia”, which have the power to enhance the pleasure received by the part they're engraved on, are, in other words, an indication to the husband “that's the part she wants you to touch”, “that's the part she wants you to pleasure”, whether it’s engraved on the hips or not. For instance, if there are insignia on her breasts, you're very much welcome to touch and rub them, in fact, she's asserting that that's what her breasts are for.

    Also, the more pleasure insignia are used, i.e. the more pleasure is induced in the place where the insignia is engraved, the more their power increases. Thoroughly used insignia will start filling with heat and throbbing in pursuit of pleasure even when not having sex, causing the body to constantly flush, which brings about feelings of randiness. Naturally, insignia engraved on the hips will throb seeking sex, and after being repeatedly teased and rubbed by one's spouse, even insignia engraved on the breasts will cause heat to accumulate in the breasts as they redden, and the nipples stiffen to the point of lifting up clothing out of desire for the husband's touch even in a state when they are not being touched. Since her breasts won't settle down unless touched by her husband, she'll naturally start doing more behaviors that emphasize her breasts, such as touching them, lifting them up, or pressing them up against him whenever she gets the chance. Many will even start playing with their own breasts when at a loose end. On top of that, pleasure insignia have the property of being energized when stroked by one's husband. It's more striking the more well used they are, but one's husband's hands will induce pleasure and heat when stroking the pattern, as if the insignia itself had become an erogenous zone, and the insignia will start shining to boost the pleasure. While energized insignia are vexing, they bring about a pleasant feeling of anticipation, which makes the pleasure from sex after that more heat-filled. Ergo, when a husband becomes passionate and gets aroused at the sight of his monster spouse, and he does things like putting his hands around her hips and crawling his fingers over her body, or gradually fondling her breasts, it's an extremely pleasant thing for monsters.

    Pleasure insignia even affect organs which are normally incapable of sensing pleasure such as the eyes and ears. For example, if pleasure insignia are engraved below the eyes, just having one's husband in one's field of vision will itself cause strong delight. If one's husband's voice is heard through ears engraved with the insignia, it will then turn one's head to mush and induce ecstasy similar to the pleasure of sex in the brain. What's more, if pleasure insignia are also engraved in other places, the pleasure induced by senses such as vision and hearing will cause all other insignia to activate as well, throbbing and seeking pleasure as if answering the call.

    Insignia engraved above the womb have the highest effects. The nature is similar to that of “hip” insignia, which exhibit high effects in a state where the penis is inserted in the vagina and enhance the pleasure of sex, but the pleasure induced by the womb is at the very core of a monster female, and it's as if it reverberates throughout the body, or rather, throughout one's entire being, so it's so powerful that the pleasure of the hip insignia pales in comparison. The pleasure is like having one's very being itself completely melted. It overwrites both the pride of the inma as champions of sex as well as the composure they display as they enjoy violating men so that the entirety of their mind and body simply obeys their womb, relishing the pleasure they are given. The afterglow of sex with an engraved womb never disappears, and heat continuously accumulates in the lower parts. She will then obey her womb and start constantly seeking sex and pleasure. For instance, even a high rank inma who excels at controlling pleasure would be rendered unable to do anything but surrender herself to the pleasure she is being given. She'd be absolutely unable to resist her husband, the being who pleasures her womb, or his penis thrust inside her, and would end up a loyal servant of the pleasure given to her. In this way, pleasure insignia engraved on the womb will have a severe effect due to the pleasure poured inside, but at the same time, it will also induce great ecstasy and happiness even when she's been impregnated by her husband and in a condition where there is a child in her womb. The “pleasure” as a mother, induced by the child she is carrying, will be sublimated into a powerful love towards the child to be born and the husband who impregnated her, so those who engrave the insignia on their wombs make good wives and good mothers.

    Essence Siphoning Insignia (p134)[edit]

    An insignia with a peculiar pattern which represents flux. It makes the part on which it is engraved into an essence siphoning organ or enhances the essence siphoning power it originally possessed. By engraving it on the mouth or womb, it enhances the power to ingest “essence”, that is to say, mana, from a man's semen or saliva that is poured inside, and also, engraving it on parts that were not originally essence siphoning organs makes it so that essence can be absorbed with a high rate of efficiency even when semen is shot on the face or body, enabling the acquisition of mana.

    As for inma and monsters with the nature of an inma, naturally the female genitalia and mouth are essence siphoning organs, but so too is every part of their body for many of them, and not only does it naturally boost essence absorption in such monsters, it also alters the bodies of human women so that even they become able to siphon essence like an inma. On top of that, they acquire a sense of taste so that they perceive the mana contained in men's saliva and semen as delicious. Enhancing the power of essence siphoning, in other words, means that it enables more efficient mana replenishment. With this insignia, essence siphoning efficiency is absurdly fantastic. For instance, if the essence absorption of the oral cavity and tongue are boosted by engraving the insignia near the mouth, then it even enables a woman to obtain as much mana from slurping a man's saliva while deep tongue kissing as she would from having semen poured into her female genitalia without the insignia. Naturally, slurping “semen” with the tongue or mouth engraved with the insignia would result in even greater mana replenishment than that.

    However, being able to perform essence siphoning like with the female genitalia using any organ means that even just slurping semen will produce ecstasy and fulfillment, and the pleasure that accompanies essence siphoning will be similar to that of milking essence with the female genitalia. That is to say, this insignia pretty much changes a part to be equivalent to the “female genitalia”, or rather, the pleasure induced by essence siphoning enhanced by this insignia even exceeds the female genitalia. The womb and the mouth are organs which easily absorb essence in the first place, and if an insignia is engraved there to enhance that power, naturally the moment semen is poured inside will be pleasurable, but so too will the real sensation of performing essence siphoning with a gulp using one's own body also be accompanied by pleasure as long as semen continues to remain in the womb or mouth, intermittently triggering climax repeatedly. By tasting this again and again, the insignia gradually grows more powerful, almost invariably causing the woman to fall into a state we can call “semen addiction” or “essence siphoning addiction”. If there is no semen or saliva in her body that she can siphon essence from, then her mouth will get thirsty, and it will induce the same sort of feeling in her womb too. Eventually, she'll long to be in a state where she is constantly sated with a man's saliva and semen. Her behavior will change so that if she sees an erect penis, she'll feel like spontaneously sucking on it, and she'll want to live while joined together with a penis inside her as much as possible to maintain a state in which she can have semen poured into her own womb at any time.

    This insignia which enables high efficiency mana replenishment is treasured not just by monster casters, but even by some human sorceresses. When using it as a means to replenish mana to cast spells, due to the above mentioned facts, it isn't recommended to engrave it on the womb or the mouth, but sorceresses often engrave it on their hands. If it's engraved on their hands, then even without having sex, a small amount of mana can be acquired merely from things likes touching a man or holding hands, and it's possible to obtain large amounts of mana from saliva quickly and easily just by having a man suck their fingers. Also, there's no need to close the mouth which is needed for chanting, and since one hand will be available, they're able to replenish mana while casting spells, which is one of the reasons why it is favored. However, of course, even if it's just through the fingers, absorbing mana from a man's semen or saliva does still result in pleasure and ecstasy. Even just receiving a small amount of mana by holding hands induces faint heat and exaltation resembling erotic arousal, and if repeated with the same man, a woman's body will eventually start longing to siphon that man's mana to the point that she'll get tired of just using her hands, her mouth will get thirsty, and her womb will throb. A body with an insignia empowered through long use will start actively taking in mamono mana to become better adapted for siphoning mana, causing the desire to siphon mana like a monster to rear its head, affecting not only her body, but her mind too. Eventually, she'll end up awakening as a “succubus” or “dark mage”.

    Since “essence siphoning insignia” is well suited to magic users, naturally even many of the “witches” who belong to our Sabbaths have it engraved on themselves. Monsters are beings adapted for living amidst pleasure, and this enables them to retain the capacity for advanced thought even when enjoying the pleasure of sex and essence siphoning compared to humans. Due to that, it's not uncommon for witches to engrave the insignia on their mouth and periodically kiss their spouse while casting spells, whereas if a human did so, the potency of the pleasure that accompanies essence siphoning would presumably cause her to lose her ability to think, but siphoning essence by having sex after engraving an insignia on the “womb”, where it exhibits the highest effect, would cause the thirst for semen and the pleasure of essence siphoning to be too powerful even for a monster to the point that it's possible it would hinder the advanced concentration required when using advanced archaeomancy, etc.; however, it's no obstacle whatsoever to nymphomancy, which requires no concentration or thought. In fact, instead, eliminating obstructive thoughts with pleasure enables one to become a raw monster female, a being of pure instinct and desire, which is important for using nymphomancy, so it's considered to be a boon to mastering nymphomancy. Therefore, in “Black Goat Sabbath”, which specializes in nymphomancy, it is actively recommended to engrave this insignia on the womb. Black Goat's witches wield magic while joined with their spouse, constantly replenishing their mana and indulging in pleasure.

    Insignia of Temptation (p135)[edit]

    An insignia with a pattern indicating a specific direction. Men's gaze and attention are directed at parts engraved with it. It's something that monsters engrave to assert their own sex appeal, and it exhibits effects when showing off one's body which is engraved with the insignia to a man. We can say it has the power of “seduction spell (p.49)”, only engraved on the body and focused on a single point. By engraving it on places such as the lower abdomen, mouth, or cleavage, and showing off one's body, it can direct a man's gaze and attention to the part with the insignia as though the pattern leads him to that point. What's more, by energizing the insignia, it's possible to tempt not only his gaze and attention, but also his hands to reach out and touch.

    For most insignia, the magnitude of the effect produced is proportional to the size of the area on which it is engraved or the number of the places on which it is engraved, but on the other hand, due to the nature of this insignia, it exhibits stronger effects precisely when engraved on only a single place. Therefore, in most cases, it will be engraved only on the single place on one's body that one is most confident about. Also, while the effects are considered to be too powerful when most other insignia are engraved on the womb, this insignia is engraved on the womb by many with the goal of directly sparking sexual interest in men and enticing them into sex. Furthermore, even if the insignia is magically camouflaged to be invisible, the power of the insignia remains in effect, so in that case, a man being tempted will not be able to realize that he's being influenced by the insignia.

    It's in the nature of this insignia to energize while its power is in effect, i.e, in the case of a married human man, while a husband's gaze is focused on his wife's body which is engraved with the insignia, or while he is touching it, the insignia will energize, and its effects will continuously increase, which is to say, it has the power to retain its hold over a man indefinitely once he has been seized by temptation.

    His eyes will be glued to the lewd body flaunted by the insignia, and everything else in existence around him will fade into obscurity, but on the other hand, he'll gradually stagger towards the body dominating his gaze and attention to get a better look. Once he surrenders to the temptation and extends a hand to cop a feel, he'll be reluctant to relinquish the soft feeling and heat, and then eventually he'll rub all over the skin where the insignia is engraved to touch it more deeply. Gradually, he'll become bolder and more unrestrained, groping and massaging roughly with his hands. As if drawn to the insignia engraved breasts, he'll even start doing things like burying his face in them. Additionally, an “insignia of temptation” treats the place where it is engraved as a part for asserting one's sex appeal. It can cause a man to acknowledge the point indicated to him by the insignia as a place to insert his penis.

    In other words, it makes men think that not just the vagina, but also places such as the cleavage and mouth are obscene organs for filling with semen, and when an erection results, it will easily be lead to the place indicated by the insignia in the same manner as a man's gaze and hands so that it can be taken inside. Naturally, since this power only grows stronger as the insignia energizes, once a man's gaze and attention have been stolen by an insignia engraved body, even surging carnal desire and a rigid, towering erection will be induced, resulting in a chain reaction that leads to sex.

    And the insignia energizes even while the penis is inserted, continuously inciting the man. The power of an insignia engraved on the womb is particularly potent, and will induce a man to thrust more violently to try and get it in as deeply as possible in an attempt to shove it inside. If he draws back his hips in an attempt to pull out, at that very moment a powerful sense of loss and desolation will come over him, causing him to impulsively thrust it back in, rendering him completely unable to remove his penis. In this manner, sex will be repeated countless times, and it becomes likely that they will spend their lives joined together.

    This insignia tells a man more directly that she wants him to look at her, touch her, and insert it. “Insignia of temptation” is an indication of the longing to be exposed to a man's carnal desire and become an outlet for his lust. Compared to “pleasure insignia” (p.132) which is casually engraved on the body to further enjoyment, it is an insignia with a more masochistic and perverted nature.

    Fiend's Contract Crest (p136)[edit]

    A crest used by “demons” which are beings known as “fiends” and distinguished by a pattern that represents a heart along with the wings and tail of a fiend. Most of the insignia introduced by this author are for engraving on the body of a monster or human woman, but the “fiend's contract crest”, consists of a pair of two, each of which is to be engraved on the man and woman targeted. Since this insignia is engraved based on a contract, the consent of both the monster and the man is required, and along with that, it's required to produce a mana link between the human man and monster couple in order for the insignia take effect. Therefore, it won't work if engraved on a man and woman with no connection at all; however, like how a “married couple” is perceived based on monster values, even if they aren't officially married according to society, if the man and woman have fondness for one another and instinctively recognize each other as husband and wife, then the effect will appear. In most cases, demons engrave it on their own body and the body of their partner, the man who sealed the contract, but sometimes when a demon transforms a human woman she is fond of into a monster, she'll engrave it on that woman and the man who interests her, her spouse to be. It is used to bind a couple thoroughly together through sexual love, pleasure, and a contract.

    Regarding the place where it is mainly engraved, for women, it's the lower abdomen on the location of the womb, and for men, it's around the lower abdomen above the penis. This pair of insignia exhibits an effect whenever one of the couple's lust increases or becomes physically and mentally exalted. Not just one, but the insignia of both partners are activated so that the same passion and heat is induced in both of them, i.e., if the penis engraved with the insignia becomes erect, then the womb engraved with the other insignia will throb, secrete love juice, and prepare to quickly receive the penis. Conversely, if the womb greatly thirsts for essence, and begins to hotly throb, then the corresponding penis will quickly produce semen and become rigidly erect in a great towering manner to pour it inside and impregnate the partnered womb. In this way, it further solidifies the contract that “promises a man eternal pleasure in exchange for offering everything to the fiend” that demons form with men and forces compliance.

    It's effective even on parts other than the womb. By engraving it on each other's mouths, if one partner's mouth becomes lonely, they'll both start to mutually desire kissing and exchanging saliva. By engraving it on each others' arms, the arms will link together in response to one another's desires, with it being unclear who initiated it. They'll start holding hands, linking fingers, and spending their days actively embracing one another. It's also possible to engrave two insignia on different parts instead of on the same part. For instance, if the man has it engraved on his penis, but the woman has it engraved on her mouth, then when the penis becomes erect, large amounts of saliva will be produced inside the mouth, and it'll prepare to take the penis deeply inside, just like the womb. Conversely, if the woman becomes thirsty, the taste of essence comes to mind, and she licks her chops, then the penis will immediately become erect so that the woman can lick it, suck it, and slurp essence right away.

    Also, if the insignia is engraved on the man's penis as well as on the woman's forehead, which will influence her mind, then it'll exhibit a peculiar effect. No matter what the time and no matter how far away she may be, a woman with the insignia engraved on her forehead will sense it whenever her spouse with the insignia engraved on his penis gets an erection, and her mind will get carried away thinking about how that erection is ready to burst and that it got that way because of her. The domination of her mind by the love she feels toward the one who became aroused and erect for her will cause her to enter a state in which she can allocate the majority of her thoughts to her beloved and how she should service him and gratify his lust. And at the same time, naturally, if the insignia on the woman's forehead activates, then so too will the one on the man's penis. In other words, the penis will then totally react in response to an increase in the woman's lust and her state of arousal. If the urge to “suck it”, “insert it”, or whatever pops in her head, then the penis will become furiously erect in order to grant those wishes. The man becomes able to understand that his partner is thinking about him and lusting after him through his own penis. It becomes possible for the woman to incite the urge for sex and ejaculation in her husband's penis the more she thinks about him.

    In this manner, this insignia is a manifestation of the desire to dominate a man, but it's mainly preferred by those with a severely intense desire to serve, and tolerance, including “demons,” “kikimora” who belong to the radical faction, etc. rather than monsters with sadistic tendencies who prefer to dominate men by violating them and forcing them into submission with pleasure.

    Beast Insignia (p138)[edit]

    It is one of the powerful insignia that exert huge influence on not only the body, but the mind too, and it uses a wolf pattern. This insignia was created by the baphomet “Ropurotto”, who leads Beast Sabbath, for awakening the bestial instinct of the person on which it is engraved. With this insignia engraved on the body, senses are sharpened, which allows one to acquire the senses of a beast.

    The beast insignia makes “all sorts of sensations” occurring at the part where it was engraved feel so sharp that it stimulates one's instinct. The bestial sensations too powerful to process with human senses stimulate instinct and easily cause one to enter a state where the ability to think and reason is lost. Shortly after this insignia is engraved, one with the mentality of a typical human woman would be shaken and totally bewildered by the stimulation that blows away reason and the bestial instinct revealed by it, but after having her bestial instinct repeatedly stimulated and repeatedly experiencing the sensation of losing herself due to the sensations of the beast insignia, she'll become addicted. Eventually, the slightest stimulation will cause her to relinquish thought and reason, and she'll come to submit to her own bestial desires and impulses. In this way, she'll acquire the mentality of a beast bit by bit each time the insignia exerts its power.

    For instance, if an insignia is engraved on the face, the eyes will never miss a man who is “prey”, the nose will become extremely sensitive to the delicious smelling scent of the prey, and all the “sensations” will stimulate the bestial instinct. Just having prey enter her field of vision or just having the scent of prey graze the tip of her nose will trigger great joy and arousal as when a starving beast discovers prey or when confronting a mate who will serve as reproductive partner. An insignia engraved on the chest causes a woman to become aroused immediately by the presence of a male like a beast. As the body heats up from the elation, her heart will race, and the overwhelming arousal will cause a display of rough breathing like a beast. As this is repeated, the threshold for sexual arousal will be gradually reduced, and she'll start to glare at men in an expression with desire laid bare like a starving beast. That's how a beast who constantly pants roughly with hot breath when faced with male prey is made.

    If the insignia is engraved on the mouth, the sensation of taste of the inside of the mouth and tongue when savoring her prey's saliva and semen will grow stronger. Even human women who naturally have no taste for that stuff will sense that the fragrant meatrod equipped on the crotch of their prey and the cloudy white substance spewed from it seem to be extremely delicious and spontaneously lick their chops if their mouth or tongue is engraved with the insignia. Also, the enhanced sense of taste produced by the insignia is sufficient enough that even a human woman taking a penis or semen into her mouth for the first time will become engrossed and indulgent after just a single lick. By repeatedly indulging in a man, she'll gradually lose resistance to crawling her tongue all over a man's body like a beast, stuffing her mouth full of it, and guzzling every last drop of semen. Eventually, she'll even come to have no qualms about licking up spilled semen like a beast if the milked semen overflows.

    And the “pleasure” induced in the body by an insignia engraved on the hips or the womb stimulates the bestial instinct most of all. If she copulates with a man who ended up as her prey and tastes “bestial pleasure”, her human capacity for reason and thought will instantly vanish, sometimes even forgetting language. She'll then shake her hips according to her urges and mate like a beast as she is driven to. An insignia engraved on the womb will especially awaken the strongest instinct a female beast is endowed with, the goal of “copulating with a male for the sake of reproduction to conceive offspring”. Her body and mind will prioritize breeding with the male as her womb demands, and this will determine her behavior.

    If she's able to safely conceive the offspring of the intended male by repeatedly mating for the purpose of reproduction as her womb demands, then her bestial instinct will be satisfied, resulting in a powerful sense of peace and fulfillment while she's carrying his child. We can say that for female beasts, this feeling is a long-cherished desire. Once she has given birth safely, even afterward she'll come to desire pregnancy yet again, and it will be even more fierce than before she gave birth. Furthermore, although it hasn't been proven, rumor has it that just as with some “theriomancy”, this insignia also allows for easier conception through the acquisition of a beast's womb. There is also a considerable number of monsters who want to have a beast rune engraved on their womb to get pregnant with the offspring of their beloved husbands.

    Every variety of insignia accumulates mamono mana as it activates and increases in power with repeated use, so they cause the monsterization of human women. The nature of the beast insignia is to boost the bestial qualities of the woman on which it is engraved, and thus, when monsterization occurs it becomes more likely that the woman will change into a monster in the beastman family.

    Vixen Insignia (p139)[edit]

    Even Reime-chan who was virtually devoid of emotion has experienced feelings of arousal and excitement thanks to the power of the insignia, and now she's become able to get in a horny mood thoroughly rich with emotion! Just to create an atmosphere, I had her put on “beast ear hairband”, which causes beast ears to sprout and cover up human ears.

    It is one of the powerful insignia that exert huge influence on not only the body, but the mind too, and it uses a fox pattern. It is said that a certain nine-tailed “youko (Encyclopedia I – p.188)” residing in the “mist continent” created it for fun, and that she engraved it on the women of the country she ruled one after another to create a country of her liking filled with pleasure and sensuality.

    This insignia allows those who engrave it to acquire alluring behavior just like a fox monster, and instills them with the mentality of an enchantress who takes pleasure in tempting men. The insiginia is activated by driving men wild so that their lust is directed at oneself, and it induces a powerful feeling of ecstasy in those with it engraved. A human woman with a typical mentality would probably be unable to understand the delight and ecstasy induced in herself just after barely having it engraved, but despite being unable to understand it with her head, her body would naturally learn what to do to acquire that ecstasy, and whether conscious of it or not, she'd acquire the alluring behavior required to seductively entice a man, and in that manner, by repeatedly being filled with feelings of ecstasy, she'd gradually come to use her own body to fan the flames of men's desire and derive clear pleasure from wrapping men around her little finger and toying with them, acquiring the mentality of a vixen who bewilders men.

    It's mainly engraved on the hips, chest, arms, legs, etc., and by engraving it on the torso, one's daily conduct, behaviors, and gestures can be rectified into something alluring. Simply walking with this insignia engraved on one's hips causes them to sway left and right as if to seduce men, and an insignia engraved on the chest, emphasizes one's own sex symbols and causes them to stick out, instilling the body with a method to make them stand out at any time. Limbs with the insignia make even daily casual gestures grow alluringly smooth just like when wrapping one's limbs around a man during sex. In this manner, the body gradually learns the optimal behavior for maximizing ecstasy, and eventually, not only every single action, but even the mere appearance of oneself simply standing will be cloaked in sensuality, so that one becomes a being who turns men on terribly.

    Also, insignia engraved on sensory organs such as the eyes or ears cause the woman to easily notice things like signs of arousal or an increase in penis temperature so she can clearly read the emotions of the man she's seducing and gain ecstasy from recognizing that passion. Hot breath will naturally spill out when a mouth engraved with the insignia is opened, and the way she talks will change to be oozing with charm and seductiveness that entices men. Because of things like this, as she gets used to the insignia engraved on her face, her eyes will narrow lewdly, and she'll come to leer at men suggestively with her expression having been transformed into that of a grinning fox.

    “Vixens” are beings who love tempting men in this manner, but since they are monsters, vixens themselves receive the full desire of the men they lead around by the nose and toy with. An insignia engraved on the womb will cause a vixen's womb as well as her body itself to become specialized for manipulating and tasting men's desire. Unlike insignia on other parts which are for tempting men via external appearance, its true value is exhibited precisely when she has taken a penis deep inside her. While pleasuring the man penetrating her, it makes him want more and more, so that he becomes indulgent and addicted. Most men tempted by a vixen's vagina will frantically shake their hips, showing a complete lack of composure. The vixen will experience tremendous joy and love upon seeing a man like that, and she'll continue tempting that man forever as her husband and receiving all of his disgraceful behavior with her own body.

    Fox monsters are regarded as “keikoku no bijo”, and just as that nickname suggests, they are beings who incline men towards them with their charms. “Youko” are monsters with an ecology appropriate for that name, and when human women with this insignia monsterize due to empowerment of the insignia from activation, they mostly become “kitsune-tsuki (encyclopedia II – p.194)” which transform as a result of the mana of “youko” and foxes. But if the feelings the vixens direct towards men such as “I want him to show me himself indulging dissolutely”, “I want to receive all of it for him” change orientation, they can be sublimated into a mentality of tolerance and service. Perhaps because of that, depending on the person's qualities and personality, she may even blossom to have the makings of an “inari (Encyclopedia I – p. 200)”, a monster who devotedly serves her partner. [42]

    Rabbit Insignia (p141)[edit]

    Even Reime-chan who lost her ability to sense pleasure and pain as a result of her assassin training has experienced the “pleasure” induced by this insignia, and now her body has become totally sensitive and eager♪ The “trial insignia” transforms into other insignia by manipulating mana and stabilizes as the one among them that felt the best. We look forward to seeing what sort of insignia will be engraved now that Reime-chan's been completely turned lewd♥

    It is one of the powerful insignia that exert huge influence on not only the body, but the mind too, and it uses a rabbit pattern. “Rabbits” are said to be constantly in heat, and this is also true of rabbit monsters like “wererabbit(encyclopedia I – p.30)” and “march hare”. The power of this insignia is always active unlike other insignia which are invoked depending on certain conditions such as when receiving pleasure or when desired or gazed upon, and a body engraved with it will be made to flush hotly and seek men and pleasure just like a rabbit in heat.

    When engraved on a human woman, at first she'll just get a fever and get spaced out, but as she gets used to the insignia, she'll even get used to condition of her body which constantly burns with desire for men, thus acquiring the mentality needed to truckle to the heat dwelling in her body and the urge to breed. While repeatedly obeying it, eventually she'll come to feel favorably towards the man who mates with her and provides pleasure, and thereby lose resistance towards taking a fawning attitude towards the man.

    A body or sensory organ engraved with the insignia will adapt to oneself being constantly in heat by becoming extremely sensitive to the presence of needed men. When the chest is engraved with the insignia, the heart will start racing like a young girl in love or a virgin before the moment of being made love to by her beloved upon detecting the presence of a man. The pleasant sensation of anticipation and restlessness is transmitted to the entirety of the mind and body, making her long for intercourse with a man even more ardently. Of course, the power of an insignia engraved on the womb is the greatest of all. The throbbing will be torturous when she's without a penis inside her and she won't be able to calm down unless she's having sex. A female rabbit in heat's thoughts and behaviors will be entirely dictated by her womb, and she'll acquire the mentality of prioritizing mating above all else. It gets to the point where she'll do anything to be liked, loved, and ravished by the man she's pursuing, and if her womb is satisfied by a man, her obedience to her husband who satisfies her womb becomes absolute. Submitting to the pleasure provided by her husband, she'll even start fawning on his penis, and if his erect penis is thrust before her eyes, she won't be able to defy it.

    Also, sensory organs engraved with the insignia will be sensitive to “outbursts of lust” from the man who is her own mate. As if symbolic of the name “rabbit”, an insignia engraved on the face causes a remarkable boost in hearing, and even a man's smallest heart beat and the slightest change in his tone of voice will be accurately heard instead of being missed, enabling her to sense his state of arousal and any increase in desire. Also, due to the change in mentality, she'll come to derive joy from interacting and conversing with men, so the words coming from her mouth will naturally take on a sweet tone that flatters the man. She won't be able to hide the fawning smile on her face either. Her cheeks will come to always be reddened, and on her face she'll wear an intoxicated, enchanting expression.

    The spell formula from which this insignia was born was originally created after the ascension of the current mamono lord and shortly after monsters assumed their present forms. Having observed how humans ran various businesses, monsters began running stores and businesses targeted at human men under the leadership of the inma. It started out as something that monsters working at a game parlor where employees dressed as rabbits would engrave on themselves as a “charm” so they could serve the customers more pleasurably. At first, the only effect of the “rabbit charm” that had spread among monsters was to put them in a good mood when dealing with men, but after that, knowledge of its power also transferred to some humans.

    A certain evil wizard with a superior talent for sorcery began researching a new spell based on the “charm”. The wizard's objective was to boost the power that made them “want to interact with men” and “get in a good mood from dealing with men” to the maximum limit so that he could control any beautiful human woman or monster who he cast the spell on as he saw fit and make them his, but that aspiration ended in failure. He boosted the power of the “charm”, modified it into an “insignia”, and everything went well until he engraved it on the human women he captured. They all ended up turning into monsters and leaving the wizard at once to visit the men they had their hearts set on, yet still, there was a certain young girl among them who didn't run away after becoming a monster because she had fallen in love with the wizard while she was kidnapped. It is said that she seduced him, and ultimately that one girl was the only one who ended up being joined with the wizard. After the insignia was reintroduced to monsters, it was adjusted more to their liking, resulting in the current version of the “rabbit insignia”.

    Topic - Engraving Dark Insignia on Men (p142)[edit]

    The dark insignia introduced up until now are presumed to be mainly for engraving on monsters or human women. There are also separate male oriented insignia, but of those introduced by this author, the ones with highly versatile power such as “pleasure insignia” can also affect men, but since “insignia of the vixen”, “insignia of the rabbit”, etc. are only made with women in mind, they basically have no effect even if engraved on men; however, in the case that they are engraved on men “who desire to be a woman” or “ have a crush on a guy”, those who have the nature of an “alp (Monster Girl Encyclopedia I – p.108)” which is a monster that transformed from a man, even “insignia of the vixen”, “insignia of the rabbit”, etc. will also affect them just as they do women.

    The thing is, an insignia engraved on the lower abdomen will also effect not the penis, but the “womb” just as it does in women. That is to say, a womb which “shouldn't exist” in a man will throb hotly seeking pleasure and a penis. Since it doesn't exist, no matter how much it throbs, he'll never be able to able to satisfy the urge, and he'll have to remain unfulfilled the whole time until he becomes a monster to obtain it, which will result in his feelings towards men and thirst for sex to keep growing stronger so that he'll be reborn as a more lustful “alp” with an obsessive passion.

    Magic Tool Inventory (p143)[edit]

    Collaboration: "From this evening's potion, to a gem that changes the world" For Magical Tool & Potion requests, please see the "White Goat Magic Shop"

    Magical Tools

    "Magic Tool" is the general term for convenient tools made by the power of magic. Most of them are designed to invoke magic under specific conditions, and are made to handle magic power even without a mage. Basically it is made by putting magic into a tool, but there are also cases where it can be a crystallization of mana, or the tool itself is shaped by a magical effect.

    There are not only those that aim to make magical power more convenient to use for more people, but there are also ones that boost the effects of magic by using the "tool" as a medium, and those that are made for the repeated use of stable magic.

    In this article, a small fraction of magical tools will be introduced, from the everyday convenient items available for purchase at your nearest magic tool shop, to precious items. In addition, in order to explain the principles fully, it is necessary to explain in detail the magical arts that are included, so the commentary will be kept simple.

    This section is mostly organized as a series of articles describing different items produced by the Sabbath; see the dedicated pages:

    Magic Potions[edit]

    "Magical Potion" is a general term for potions that contain magical power. The definition is broad, including potions made with the power of magic, potions that demonstrate a mysterious power when mana is put in, or those made with magical techniques by means of an assortment of components and raw materials, but in any case it brings an effect close to magic to those that drink them.

    Many bring direct change to the flesh and the mana dwelling in the body, and there are many potions for enjoying peculiar intercourse. Since you can bring stimulation and color to your married life, please by all means come over to your nearest Sabbath-operated potion shop when looking for them.

    This section is mostly organized as a series of articles describing different potions produced by the Sabbath; see the dedicated pages:

    Sabbath Guidebook (p171)[edit]

    -Spreading depravity worldwide-

    Whaat's a Sabbath? (p172)[edit]

    A “Sabbath” is a group of monster sorceresses that is organized with a “baphomet” at the top whose purpose is to master sorcery while spreading the charm and depravity of young little monsters worldwide! Many witches, minions of baphomets, belong to Sabbaths, and all the female members, including the baphomet leaders, their witch subordinates, and even other monsters, uniformly have the appearance of extremely young girls in accordance with the ideals of Sabbath. “Witches” in the racial sense are former human women who became monsters by receiving a baphomet's power, but childish monsters who belong to Sabbath, even those of other races, are also treated as “witches of Sabbath”.

    In Sabbath, witches under a baphomet leader accumulate profound magical studies day after day, and the research and implementation of new spells, magic potions, and magic items is conducted. Aside from spells for obtaining men to be their spouses, which is the most important thing to monsters, or spells for leading a more pleasurable and enjoyable sex life with their spouse, they have also developed numerous spells that are convenient in daily life as well as spells which are used in various industries. We can say that these organizations are not only of vital military importance, but are also key to supporting the subsistence of monsters and the development of monster culture and civilization.

    Additionally, it also has aspects of a religious organization in which witches who strongly idolize their baphomet leaders conduct activities to spread the childish charm and depravity glorified by Sabbath to the world. Thus, Sabbath's witches inculcate this by having sex using their own bodies, and obtaining an “onii-chan” partner is an absolute must so that they can immerse themselves in depravity as well. Activities to solicit human females and pull them into Sabbath are also actively conducted.

    “Mamono Lord’s Army” Sabbath, which as you know is led by our “Bapho-sama” (※her true name is kept private from everyone but her spouse), is the first and foremost Sabbath, but there are many Sabbaths organized by other baphomets all over the world. Each Sabbath is basically an independent organization, and activities are conducted according to the policies of the baphomet who leads that Sabbath. They basically share the same ideals and ideology, but since there are huge differences in the direction and content of activities, all you magicians thinking about joining a Sabbath should probably deeply consider the system of magic being researched, classification, specialization, and so on, before deciding which Sabbath to join. Also, although uniformly “little girls”, they also have a wide variety of charms, the trends of which also differ depending on each Sabbath. Therefore, we'll be delighted if all you onii-chans considering joining a Sabbath ponder deeply about the kind of little girl you want to make love with while also swiftly making your way to visit the witches.

    Sabbath naturally has bases of operations in large monster cities and even usually in large human cities too. Given the nature of inducing human women to become witches, and taking in human men as onii-chans, Sabbath also has many bases in human nations and cities. These are mostly comparatively more open in monster friendly states and are known to everyone. On the other hand, in anti-monster states hostile to monsters, they're ingeniously hidden by baphomets using many layers of magic so that no one can find them but monsters and their human partners. In some, there are “spirit realms (p.47)” created on the “backside” of the churches of the chief god's faith. The same door of the same church will lead to the church if opened by a human, but when opened by monsters or their partners, it will serve as an entrance that connects to a Sabbath stronghold. Also, sometimes the orphanages run by the churches of the chief god's faith are actually bastions of Sabbath. In this manner, sarcasm and blasphemy against the church and the chief god's faith can be glimpsed in the style and activities of Sabbath.

    Furthermore, that which became the predecessor of modern Sabbath is an ancient organization that has existed since the age of the former mamono lords. It was the magic corps of the mamono lord's army, which researched new spells to fight humans and employed them in battle. Actually, it's essentially no different even in the present, as “mamono lord's army” Sabbath led by “Bapho-sama” is the magic corps of the mamono lord's army, but times have changed, and as a result of Bapho-sama's selfish management, Sabbath has changed to conduct the sort of activities that it does now, its scale has expanded, and there have come to be Sabbaths all over the world.

    The Secret of Sabbath's Power and Sabbath's History (p173)[edit]

    The witches who belong to Sabbath have been granted a portion of the tremendous power possessed by a “baphomet”. Witches are childish and adorable, so they really don't look like it, but many among them who have obtained the power of Sabbath are even mages who surpass human heroes. Since they spend their lives either conducting magical research or having sex with onii-chan, witches are often reclusive, but once they make an appearance on the battlefield, they will shower dreadful spells down on the heads of enemies.

    The secret behind the tremendous “power of Sabbath” goes all the way back to the time when Sabbath was born. It is said that in the age of the former mamono lords, when humans and monsters slaughtered each other, god empowered humans to oppose monsters by granting the saints “holy power that ramps up the more they abide by the teachings of the scriptures and the more immaculate they are”. The wizards and warriors who had been fighting monsters were then joined on the battlefield by even the clergymen who had until then either been praying for their allies at church or serving in a rear support role. The fiends tried to reduce that power by corrupting the saints, but it didn't have much effect overall, and monsters were gradually being driven into the wall by the “power of rectitude”.

    Meanwhile, one of the baphomets who founded “Sabbath” deceived one of the saints and won her over as an ally, completely turning the situation on its head. Of course, one traitor doesn't amount to much, but after thoroughly analyzing that power, the baphomet succeeded in magically inverting its nature. In other words, she claimed a “malevolent power that ramps up the more she defies the teachings of the scriptures and the more she succumbs to depravity” as her own. The baphomet who was the founder created the predecessor of Sabbath in order to apply this “power of depravity” to oppose the “power of rectitude”. Reigning supreme as its leader, she used cajolery and magical deception to gather human women to become “witches” and shared the wicked power with them. In this manner, all of the baphomets of the latter era came to have the ability to convert their own inner depravity into power, and share a portion of it with their witch underlings.

    What is required to boost this “power of depravity” is the repudiation of “humanity” “benevolence” “morality” and “ethics” which are emphasized in the faith of the order of the chief god. Although they were originally human women, by casting aside their “humanity” in exchange for a “devilish nature”, Sabbath's witches became beings who joined the monster opposition to humanity. There was not even a shred of human “morality” in the way that they offered themselves to monsters in pursuit of pleasure and the power of darkness in exchange for their own “benevolent nature”, and drowned in the pleasure received from monsters. It's said that their wicked minds had no qualms about harming people if it was for the sake of their own desires, as if to scoff at human “ethics”. And being that way was precisely the condition for obtaining tremendous power as a witch.

    But that's how witches were in the formerly wicked Sabbath. Now that monsters have transformed, both have become vastly different. Since monsters have changed into beings who are much closer to human, and it is now the inma who symbolize darkness, the qualities of a “devilish nature” that repudiates “humanity” have changed drastically, and they are no longer beings who harm humans. The way that witches expose themselves in the form of little girls immersed in sex with onii-chan with silly expressions from the pleasure and ecstasy is completely “unethical”. On the other hand, the monsters of the present, unlike their predecessors, are endowed with something we can call “benevolence” and “morality”. However, these are based in monster values and differ drastically from the concepts of humans. Monsters regard living to fulfill their own desires, and spending their lives actively immersed in the pleasure of sex as virtuous. But at the same time, unlike the monsters of yore, they don't steal or harm others for the sake of their own desires. Instead, they wish for others to fulfill their own desires and sate themselves with pleasure just as they do, and they have a mentality that society should be based on that, and should be overflowing with pleasure and ecstasy, which is precisely the “benevolence” and “morality” of monsters. Ergo, even if they still have “benevolence” and “morality”, that of monsters repudiates that which is preached by the order of the chief god.

    The witches of modern Sabbath fill themselves with depravity by drowning in pleasure with onii-chan day after day, and take the lead in researching lewd spells so that all monsters and men who love each other can live more pleasurably and happily and for the sake of staining the world in which we live in with pleasure and ecstasy. That way of being is precisely the source of the power possessed by Sabbath's witches.

    Furthermore, as previously mentioned, Sabbath creates bases of activities on the “backside” of churches which share the same entrance, and so forth, actions which are provocative and blasphemous against the church, but in this way, that originates from how the organization known as Sabbath started with repudiating the scriptures of the order of the chief god. However, the past is the past, and it's only done as a formality due to old traditions, not that modern Sabbath bears particularly negative feelings towards the scriptures or the Order of the chief god. Baphomets and Sabbath's witches assume the form of humans, disguising themselves as city girls, nuns, orphans, etc., and they get along with church people as slightly complicated neighbors, aiming to win them over as onii-chans and new witches.

    “Baphomet-samaa, thank you... ngh♥ for changing me into a witch... ♥”

    The baphomet leader of Sabbath and a witch from her inner circle have visited the private room given to a young girl who was reborn as a new witch to check up on how she's doing.

    “Wow, she seems to be enjoying herself so much... Come to the think of it, that's the girl Bapho-sama was enthusiastically canvassing before, huh”.

    The witch aide muttered as she covered up her face, which had turned bright red upon witnessing it, with her hands. Through the wide gaps in her fingers, the sight of the affair unfolding before her round eyes was burned into her retina.

    “Now I'm happy ♥ doing it like this with daddy every day ♥”

    Although the girl appears extremely young, since she's a witch, her actual age isn't necessarily the same as it looks. On the other hand, the man being straddled like a horse by the girl with a body far smaller than his own who had just released essence inside her was a middle-aged man old enough to be the girl's father. The girl moaned in delight and shuddered as the semen poured inside her, and the look in her eyes as she gazed at the middle-aged man was not the look one gives a trusted father, but the dirty look a woman gives a man, clouded by erotic passion and clinginess.

    The witch aide exclaimed in admiration as she peeked at the girl's state through the gaps in her fingers.

    “Wah... He's her 'daddy'?♪ This girl's done well”.

    “The way she looked at her father then... kukuku, it was truly nice... After all, those who are deeply sinful in this manner make great witches.”

    “Welcome to my Sabbath, new witch. Keep filling your yonge body with depravity like that.”

    It wasn't clear whether she had even been able to hear those words of baphomet. Without replying to that in words, the girl only looked below herself with a lewd smile on her face, incongruent with the form of a young girl.

    Here's What's Amazing About a Witch's Body! (p175)[edit]

    The witches of Sabbath invariably have the form of adorable little girls, and they embody one of Sabbath's ideals which is “to convey the charm and depravity of little girls to the world”. Sometimes there are misunderstandings about this, but there's more to it than mere taste and preference. A sexual preference for our childish form certainly is a wonderful thing too, but one of the major reasons is that such a body in fact confers a huge magical advantage.

    For one thing, it's to further increase the effectiveness of the “malevolent power that ramps up the more we defy the teachings of the scriptures and the more we succumb to depravity” granted by baphomets. According to human values, it's absolutely forbidden for tiny young girls like witches to engage in the same activities that other monsters do such as seducing and lying with men, or further shockingly, getting pregnant, but that is precisely the source of the “depravity” enshrouding witches. If a witch lusts for a man or is lusted after by a man, just that alone makes her a being whose very existence repudiates human “morality” and “ethics”. Just having feelings for each other and living together, just mutually touching and holding hands as they walk, makes them depraved beings.

    Also, when they obtain a male and have sex, regardless of their choice of partner, no matter what sort of person their beloved is, the depravity dwelling within will inflate, regardless of whether he be a small young boy of around the same age, a tried and true onii-chan with such a size difference that they can even be called big bro and little sis, or an uncle so far removed in age that they look like parent and child. No matter what sort of male they are joined with, in any case, the childish form of a witch makes them beings rife with depravity. For such reasons, the young little body of a witch makes them perfectly optimal to serve as vessels for “depravity”, which baphomets require to increase their power.

    And that's not the half of it. Based on the research of our Sabbath, it is believed that the body of a little girl is extremely well suited to spellcasting and replenishing mana. Just as children absorb all sorts of things as they grow, since a young witch's body is maintained in an immature state where she grows from absorbing various things from her surroundings, it enables her to more easily absorb mana from outside her body. In other words, they have a superior essence siphoning ability. And since they are monsters, unlike human children, they can even siphon essence through their mouth and vagina. Despite being tiny, these organs are extremely well suited for holding a penis deep inside and sucking up essence; the rate of efficiency of converting obtained semen into mana is at least on par with, if not better than that of an inma. Furthermore, since their body is constantly developing, they're also highly adaptive in that when they receive pleasure and mana from men, their body can change so that they're able to absorb it with even greater efficiency. That is to say, by repeatedly having sex, they can even more easily build up their body to be extremely sensitive to the pleasure induced by onii-chan and greedily absorb essence and accumulate mana.

    Additionally, since their body easily absorbs mana and magic power provided, they are also well suited to mastering magic that is autocast. They have an affinity for various systems of magic such as “nymphomancy”, in which spells are invoked by pure desire, and “theriomancy”, in which spell formulas are imprinted in one's instinct. “Dark insignia”, which engrave spell formulas into the body, also acclimate to their body more easily.

    But the appeal of a childish body isn't just limited to magic. It does, after all, shine most strongly especially when used for the sake of onii-chan. There is a certain pleasure and happiness that can only be enjoyed specifically with a witch's tiny young body if you get an onii-chan and have sex. For example, one point is that it makes onii-chan feel enormous by contrast precisely because our bodies are so small. The hands patting our heads, the arms firmly embracing our little bodies, the chests resting against us, and the penises screwing our tiny vaginas all feel extremely huge with the form of a witch. Our onii-chans' penises are too big to take in our tiny mouths, but that ensures the inside of our mouth becomes stuffed full of onii-chan's penis. Onii-chan's flavor spreads all the way down our throat, and onii-chan's scent even reaches our nostrils from inside our mouth, so we can relish the sensation of having even our minds dominated by onii-chan's penis. What's more, since our tummies are just barely able to fit onii-chan's thingies, when our vaginas are skewered by penises, we're able to experience the sensation of having our insides forcefully stretched out while having it stabbed inside and sometimes even the sensation of it bulging out our tummies. Plus, it's also possible for onii-chan's semen to fill up relatively more of our insides when it shoots inside since the vessel into which it is being poured is smaller. In other words, compared to an adult body, we're able to have a greater area enveloped by onii-chan and have more of our insides filled up by onii-chan, so we can say that we have bodies that are able to be more profoundly dominated by onii-chan. (This is according to an independent investigation by Sabbath.)

    Also, perhaps due to the smallness of our bodies, onii-chans seem to feel more relaxed around us. It is known that we're more likely to get head patted, more likely to have men reach around and grope our butts or fondle our genitals, and more likely to have men initiate contact and invite us for sex compared to adultlike women with voluptuous bodies. (This is according to an independent investigation by Sabbath.)

    On top of that, our immature bodies are more easily stained by the pleasure we are given, and we soon acquire a taste for semen. That is to say, the more we have sex, the better sex with onii-chan feels, and the more we come to love onii-chan, so we can become more infatuated with onii-chan. (This is according to an independent investigation by Sabbath.)

    Makeup! Familiar Power! (p177)[edit]

    The “familiars(encyclopedia II – p.84)” who serve Sabbath's witches are magical organisms created by the baphomet leaders. By the very nature of their existence, familiars can even be described as a living mass of a portion of the vast power of a baphomet as well as the “depraved power”, and it's possible for them to temporarily dramatically increase the power possessed by the witches of Sabbath by using themselves as mediums. A witch's power, in other words, her magic power as a mage, her seduction and essence siphoning abilities as a monster, and a witch's greatest weapon of all, the “charm and depravity of a little girl”. When a witch is spectacularly transformed by the power of a familiar, her power as a mage skyrockets, enabling her to fire off more advanced and powerful spells, and at the same time, she becomes the embodiment of Sabbath's ideal, overflowing with childish charm which could engulf and melt the heart of even a stubbornly strait-laced man with a steel resolve to abide by ethics and reason, inciting depraved lust towards the witch.

    Aside from the simple method of sharing only a portion of her power, a familiar can also transform into a mass of mana and enter the body of a witch so that they temporarily fuse into one being as a method to increase their power. Fusion results in better acclimation of a familiar's power to a witch's body, and enables a witch to wield the entirety of her familiar's power as her own. Upon entering this state, the consciousness of the familiar melds with the witch so that their condition is like having one body with two wills dwelling within. The resultant being has two people's worth of powerful desire for onii-chan, with extra for the familiar on top of it. So many emotions well up that they can't even control it themselves, and their power and urges progressively amplify as if stimulated by that. Also, when lying with onii-chan in this state, the pleasure and mana obtained from sex and siphoning essence is generated for both the witch and the familiar. For that reason, fusion of a witch and familiar requires that they either both share the same onii-chan or are both pursuing a common onii-chan, and the witch and familiar must be joined together by a powerful bond. Those such as them have distinctive charms and magical powers that set them apart from the other witches, so on the next page, I'll introduce some of the witches that bear special titles as Sabbath's pride and joy.

    Witches bearing the title of “purity” have imbued themselves with the refined essence of the pure adorableness of a little girl. Upon assuming this form, a witch becomes as needy as an ordinary little girl with an honest, naïve, and innocent appearance and heart that inspire strong protective urges in men. Not only her appearance, but also her gestures and the way she looks up at onii-chan will soothe and charm the heart of any man; however, the purity of a little girl that warms peoples' hearts is also a power whose mere presence makes a man's heart vulnerable, and therefore they are also casters of irresistible “seduction spells”. The purity of the little girls becomes a mass of pure “depravity” so that their very existence incites men to have the desire to defile them and make them their own women.
    Witches bearing the title of “indulgence” have imbued themselves with the tremendous energy and inquisitiveness of a playful little girl. She plays a lot, eats a lot, and sleeps a lot. Even if she's extremely young, since she's a monster girl, sure enough, the play she'll enjoy the most with onii-chan involves the use of each other's bodies. Once she becomes engrossed, there's no way to stop her, and she'll keep on playing until her tummy is all full of the semen she has milked. But in doing so, they get exhausted from playing and once their tummy gets full, they'll conk out with a happy looking sleeping face even while still joined. However, witches who assume this form have inexhaustible energy, i.e., energized mana starts circulating throughout their body, and they have such boundless stamina that a human man doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of keeping up with them. Men who get dragged into it by those such as them will be at the mercy of the energy of an innocent, rambunctious child and have no choice but to play along with them.
    Witches bearing the title of “sexual love” have imbued themselves with the curiosity of a little girl, and as precocious monster girls eager to push their limits, it gets channeled into sexual love. Because of their extreme youth, once they know pleasure firsthand, they easily become stained by it. Due to their tirelessly and greedily pleasure seeking sexual curiosity, their behavior endlessly escalates, growing more radical and indecent. They'll do it no matter where they are whenever they feel like doing it. Pure lust is an important driving force for monsters to use magic, and so they can freely wield magic to satisfy their own sexual desire just because of how badly they want it even without thinking about difficult things. Men exposed to the lewd magic they wield and the disproportionate sensuality pervading their childish bodies are unable to see them as just little girls and inevitably end up seeing them as enticing women. The girls themselves just want to do stuff that feels good with onii-chan, so even if there were someone to scold them for indulging in indecency, they'd innocently blurt out, “but it feels good!”
    Witches bearing the title of “motherly love” are beings that embody a little girl's yearning to be an adult woman and despite their young appearance, they have imbued themselves with a virtually overflowing motherly nature. Their image is a reflection of “what they yearn to become”. Since it is their ideal image, the pure and profound love they shower men in could even be called motherly. Her spells cast for the sake of onii-chan who she loves with all her heart, such as healing and support spells, will have high effects as if to devotedly serve and care for him according to her love. An onii-chan loved by them will always be overflowing with vim and vigor, and as if to express her “motherly nature” which is meddlesome and at times goes overboard, upon excessively overflowing, it turns into lust towards the witch and heat gathers in the genitals. The witch, being full of motherly love, will have her “motherly nature” further tickled upon noticing it, and by calming that raging lust using her own childish body, she'll be able to further approach her own ideal image of a woman.

    Schematic! Here is Where Baphomet is Amazing! (p180)[edit]

    The Head of Sabbath who leads witches, Goat horned magical beast Baphomet is amazing here!❤

    [Baphomet Sense of Touch] This isn't hair, it's a means of producing and governing great quantities of olden magic! Baphomets possess extraordinary magical power, and also emit extraordinary magical power from their body! If it is not controlled, surrounding humans indiscriminately become captivated by little girls!

    [Baphomet Eyes] Indicating that Baphomets are a demonic race, they have vertical pupils! If a serious effort is made, they can also awaken horizontal pupils like wild goats!

    [Baphomet Titty] Although small, these titties are very sensitive❤ According to rumor, if an onii-chan or child sucks on them, it seems Baphomet Milk contains thick magical power.

    [Baphomet Body] Smooth Squishy Skin❤ A small childish body with a nicely furnished backside, feels good to hug. Clothing with a high degree of exposure is used to show off a body that personifies the virtue of youth. Majestically and proudly strutting an inexperienced chest gathers the respect of witches!

    [Baphomet Hole❤] A tight and narrow tube of meat❤ The greatest instrument among monsters! In the case of an onii-chan weak to pleasure, once when you insert it, once at the moment you're deep inside, and even when you try to pull out, you'll release all your semen in climax!

    [Baphomet Horn] Baphomet boasts great horns! Because magic power constantly circulates through them, they are warm to the touch! Magic can also be cast through the horns, they are easy to grasp onto while using their mouth, so an Onii-chan who carelessly grasps onto them will have magic used on them by the Baphomet! If so, it will be impossible to pull out your penis from their mouth, while grabbing the horns, you'll be tempted to thrust it into the back of the Baphomet's throat, do it as much as you like!

    [Baphomet Pawsies] Fuwafuwa Fur, Punipuni Paw Pads❤ Baphomets don't have toys in childhood, they play with the embodiment of magic itself in the palm of their hands, making them very skillful in both magic and onii-chan service!

    [Baphomet Mouth] A small mouth is an organ to resupply magic power. Thanks to their small height Baphomet's mouths are at just the right height to take in onii-chan! They are even good at chanting while devouring onii-chan❤

    Sabbath's Onii-chans! (p182)[edit]

    The majority of Sabbath's membership is comprised of witches and their “onii-chan” partners! The term “onii-chan” is used based on Sabbath's ideals and because of the fact that a “sibling” relationship is most common in general since witches have the form of little girls, while their partners appear as young men around the age of big brothers. Of course, in terms of outward appearance, sometimes their partners may be boys of around the same age or even “uncles” so far removed in age that they look like parent and child. In Sorcerous Sabbath, a.k.a. “Shirokuto Sabbath”, which has a tendency for the actual age of witches to be elderly, some witches even have partners who have spent centuries with them and have what could be described as the outward appearance of “grandfathers”.

    Also, just as the nature of the relationship between a witch and her partner varies, so too do the duties demanded of onii-chans in Sabbath. All men belonging to Sabbath have a duty to make love with their witch partners day after day and pour mana into them through sex. Since that is precisely the most crucial duty for men of Sabbath as well as what is desired by witches more than anything else, it's possible for those who become onii-chans to simply lead a life copulating with witches as much as they please, but depending on the effort of the man in question, if he so requests, then he can assume an important role in Sabbath and join them in taking part in serious magical research. Below I've summarized some of the positions that “onii-chans” can have in Sabbath, so any gentlemen considering joining, by all means, please use it as a reference.

    The so-called typical “onii-chan”. They live with witches as their partners, and apart from those who spend their days focused exclusively on meeting the sexual demands of witches, those who help out with magical research, perform clerical duties, and run errands for the sake of their cute little sisters are also treated as “familiars”. The title “familiar”[43] is for binding a master / servant relationship for the sake of convenience to make the act of pouring mana into a witch go more smoothly rather than something that indicates a hierarchical relationship. With regard to the relationship between men and witches in Sabbath, basically being “husband and wife” or “big brother and little sister” is prioritized instead of “witch and familiar”, but there are also some who do especially enjoy the hierarchical relationship of witch and familiar.

    Sabbath's witches are always continually using up lots of mana, whether it's for research or practical matters, and for that reason, it is recommended that the men who become their familiars accompany them as much as possible so that they can replenish the witches' mana at any time. Their main duties involve things like kissing the witches occasionally while they're conducting research, or carrying witches into their personal quarters or a break room and pouring plenty of mana inside them when they start looking exhausted.

    Additionally, many among the familiars seek to acquire military prowess in order to protect their own young little partners. Familiar warriors made incubi at the hands of witches and further outfitted with magical equipment and items lovingly crafted by them acquire power far exceeding that of most knight brigades or mercenary bands through training in between sessions of sex day after day.

    Furthermore, perhaps because they have the same position as familiars serving the same master, “familiars” serving the same witch often casually invite them for sex, and in many cases, they ultimately end up having threesomes with the witches who rebuke them.

    Wizards can also join Sabbath and conduct magical research and development along with witches. Even though the position is different than familiar, as expected, they endeavor in research while paired with witches as “onii-chans”. Besides participating in magical research as fully fledged wizards, if they're inexperienced novice casters, they can request instruction as a witch's “apprentice.” Also, since some among them possess magical techniques and knowledge surpassing that of witches, they can even serve as “masters” to witches.

    The benefits of participating in Sabbath are extremely huge for wizards who seek to master sorcery. First of all, they can be granted the “depraved power” by a baphomet, though it won't be nearly as effective as with witches, since they have a high affinity with baphomet mana. Even for wizards, it still amounts to an extremely huge power boost. Secondly, there's the perk of being able to use Sabbath's research facilities to conduct their own research. Sabbaths which specialize in sorcery possess numerous mana concentrated lands as well as immense tomes filled with magical knowledge, and are replete with materials and mana resources for experiments. If one has no antipathy towards monsters, Sabbath's research facilities offer as many choices as the world's most prominent magical institutes in the biggest countries or perhaps even more. Also, since Sabbaths throughout the world are linked, another huge perk is that various information concerning magic is gathered, from old to new.

    On top of that, being able to marry a witch is also huge advantage. Mana circulates between human man / monster married couples, i.e, if a man has sex with a witch and performs mana replenishment, not only does the witch have semen poured inside her, the man is also infused with mana from the witch, so he can also replenish mana. Also, when a wizard is married to a witch, the mana dwelling in each of them adapts to the other's. Not only does mana circulate through sex, even when casting spells, a married couple can combine their power and increase their total amount of mana by crossing it together, enabling experiments that require tremendous amounts of mana and more varied magical research and development.

    Furthermore, just like witches, some wizards even have their own “familiars”. Familiars in this case refers to “familiars”. Whenever an unmarried wizard freshly joins Sabbath, he'll be swarmed by “familiars” eager to become his familiar.

    “Sorcerous engineers” are in other words, craftsmen with the skills to make items imbued with the power of magic. In Sabbath, research and development of magical items is also conducted, and for that reason, craftsmen are also welcomed.

    Magical items can be made by imbuing any article with any spell using “enchant (p.43)” and performing affixation processing. Making better quality magical items requires craftsmen to create items more suitable for the spells being imbued, and mages to imbue spells that are more suitable for the items. Since Sabbath has numerous witches who are excellent mages, men welcomed into Sabbath as craftsmen who become “onii-chans” are no exception to the rule and will work jointly with their witch partners creating magical items. If the mage imbuing the magic is a separate person, then the craftsman who makes the “item” part of the magical item only needs excellent skills, and to tune it with his own partner who imbues the magic. There's no issue even if the craftsman himself can't use magic. For that reason, blacksmiths, craftsman of all kinds of items, and artisans for engraving spell formulas and insignia are also welcomed into Sabbath even if they can't use magic.

    What's more, just as when mage couples use magic together, items crafted by the husband's hand have the property of being easier to imbue with the mana of the witch who is his wife due to adaptation to each other's mana. When creating items that are easily imbuable, the most important thing is tuning, which requires devising processes and methods of manufacture, selecting materials, and various precise techniques, but close interaction with one's witch partner and careful, repeated mana exchange through sexual intercourse on a routine basis is just as important for performing this joint work.

    Furthermore, there are also sorcerous engineers and wizards who can manufacture the goods and imbue them with magic all by themselves while maintaining a high quality standard. In such cases, what's important isn't the partner of the craftsman or wizard, but the “absolute quantity of mana” that can be used when making a magical item. For that reason, when such individuals join Sabbath and become “onii-chans”, familiars will show up and try to sell themselves supposing “I'm even more of a mass of mana than a witch, so I recommend myself!”

    Literally the “onii-chan” of the “baphomet” who is the Sabbath's leader. Of course, there's only one in each Sabbath, and as the person chosen by the baphomet revered by the witches, he will have a place of high honor. The majority of baphomets who have tremendous power seek a human man worthy enough to be their own big brother. Therefore, those wedded to baphomets must have something that makes them worthy enough to be recognized as a baphomet's own big brother. They may be wizards or warriors who possess such power that they can hold their own against or sometimes even defeat a baphomet, but it's not necessarily limited to simple military prowess. They are people who have skills and knowledge that stand out and demonstrate superior talent in a variety of fields.

    Aside from that, in some cases a baphomet may also claim someone as her husband if he's so generous and magnanimous that even a being as mighty as a baphomet would spontaneously show weakness and behave affectionately towards him, or if she sees his hidden potential despite his inexperience. On the other hand, it's not even a rare occurrence for baphomets to wed men who have no talent whatsoever, such as when a man repeatedly challenges a baphomet and confesses to her again and again, never giving up and determined to have her as his wife, and the baphomet is smitten by his strong spirit, or when a young baphomet who had been raised with a male childhood friend has been crazy about him from the very beginning; however, in such cases, instead, she'll be determined to build him up herself. In any case, those who become a baphomet's “onii-chan” will invariably attain greatness.

    They play various roles in Sabbath, some serve as “familiars” who are mana batteries for baphomets who immerse themselves in sorcery, others endeavor as assistant administrators of Sabbath, while there are also those who join them in their pursuits as “wizards”. There are even cases when they endeavor in the research and development of new magical items as their partners' “magical engineers”.

    But the most crucial role of a “baphomet's onii-chan” is to be exemplary for all the “siblings” who belong to Sabbath. Since his baphomet wife is a being who is the embodiment of the “charm and depravity of little girls”, as her husband, a “baphomet's onii-chan” must be a being who is the embodiment of a “little girl lover”. It is demanded that he always be with baphomet, smothering her in love and carnal desire no matter what the time so that he and baphomet flaunt the sight of themselves intimately seeking each other's bodies and exchanging pleasure. That is for certain what will be the ideal sought by the witches. In doing so, the amplified “depraved power” of the baphomet leader becomes the power of the entire Sabbath, and the aura of devilishness and depravity pervading Sabbath grows even thicker.

    A strange odor hangs in the air inside the room. What hangs in the air of the laboratory, a room at Sabbath prepared for the adorable witch the man's gaze is focused on, is the mellow fragrance of a potion. The eyes peeking out from under the witch's huge hat are round, cute, and lovely, but now a bit of exhaustion is apparent in her expression.

    “Won't you be taking a break now?”

    Once she becomes absorbed in something, she focuses intently and loses track of time. The man does like what a hard worker his spouse is, but he's even more concerned about her overworking herself. Sure enough, even after hearing the man's words, the witch answers without shifting her gaze from the potion at hand that she is concocting.

    “I'm still okay. I must get a bit more work done...”

    “I won't take that as an answer.”

    The man stood behind the witch, reached around from above the low position of her shoulders, and gradually touched her tiny buds.


    The witch suddenly gasped when the protuberance positioned on the tip of her breast was flicked. The man followed up by covering the witch's breasts in his huge palms and started vigorously massaging. After having this done to her countless times so that her breasts became sensitive, the witch had no means of resistance.

    “Your face has turned bright red? Don't you think you'd better take a break after all?”

    Just as the man said, her face is stained bright red. It's due to the pleasure of having her breasts relentless fondled, as well as the supreme joy she gets because it is her beloved onii-chan's hands doing it to her.

    “No... because... I'm okay...♥”

    Upon hearing those words of the witch, the man's hands started moving further downward from her breasts. His fingers started stroking up and down, fondling her over her skirt as soon as they arrived at her crotch.

    “You're breathing roughly too, and your expression is vacant, isn't it? Everyone knows how hard you endeavor at magical research. I know better than anyone. It doesn't matter when you produce results, whether it's tomorrow, the next day, or whenever, so let's take a break for today.”

    The words flung at her by the man were very calm and gentle, but meanwhile the movement of his fingers grew increasingly violent. Every time his fingers stroked the slit on the witch's crotch, her little body shuddered and sticky noise resounded in the laboratory. The witch was unable to respond to it in words. The witch's eyes were no longer focused on the potion. After glancing at her own crotch, she turned her gaze towards the edge of the laboratory. She was looking at a door with a sign hanging from it. The sign was written with “break room – available”. After stealing the witch's lips just once, the man lifted her little body up in his arms. He flipped the sign over so that it read “break room – occupied”, opened the door, and disappeared into the room with her.

    Sabbath's Cute Uniform Reference Book (p186)[edit]

    Speaking of Sabbath, the lovely uniforms adorning the young bodies of witches are also one of its appeals! Naturally, because they are clothes to be worn by witches, they are not only cute, various functions and magic are also included, of course they fascinate Onii-chan, and are also fully loaded with functions to make you feel better with Onii-chan. ♪ Because the uniforms obtained by joining Sabbath differ greatly in their designs and functions for each Sabbath, isn't it okay to choose a Sabbath based on your preference of uniform?

    In this entry, I, head witch of the "Runya Runya Sabbath" Information Investigation Fashion Division "Vietta", accompanied by uniform design sketches obtained top secretly, will introduce some of the wonderful uniforms of Sabbath. ♪

    In order to eliminate the former image of terrible witches, this uniform introduced by the idea of "Bapho-sama" has thoroughly investigated the charm of an orthodox girl. Like a witch of Sabbath, the hat has also been treated with an eerie goat skull, but it is neutralized to one point by that cute silhouette and ribbon set in the chest, completing the look that suits being called "witch" rather than "magic little girl", or rather "Magical Girl".[44] A more noteworthy point is the cream colored short skirt, striped knee socks, and the skin in between! Onii-chan's heart is also grabbed by this!

    It’s not only cute but also has exceptional functionality, it’s etched with a means of softening blows from physical weapons which is said to be a weakness of mages since ancient times. In addition, the design of the golden line from the chest to the skirt, that shape itself has a means of boosting the witches' "Power of Corruption", and the childishness of the witch that wears it will gather men's carnal lust, causing the magic power enhancement effect to be considerably boosted.

    Also, the most important function, of course, is being able to be joined with "Onii-chan" while wearing it as is!

    The uniform of the Black Goat Sabbath boasting the top class of exposure among the many Sabbaths. "Inma" willingly wear the dubious glossy black leather material to absolutely assert that they possess a lascivious heart. When a young girl wears it the appearance becomes all the more obscene, and the "corruption" the witch is clad in is enhanced! The appeal of this uniform, without a doubt, is the lewd appearance that Onii-chan is excited by with only one glance. ❤ The area with little material, especially the front section which isn't hidden at all, is to make it possible to join with Onii-chan at any time! Also, because the uniform of the Black Goat Sabbath is designed on the premise that you are constantly in a state of receiving insertion while being embraced by Onii-chan, it looks like the entire surface hidden by Onii-chan's body is unnecessary.

    It's not just lewd, it is also equipped with the optimum function for those who take "Nymphomancy" to the extreme! The inside of the black leather boots and robes are packed with engraved arts, and small tentacles of mana continuously caress the limbs. The lining of the black leather hat also has an arts engraved, which seems to inhibit thoughts based on reason and morals.

    The "Black Goat's Seal" carved on the abdomen of the witches is also a part of the uniform. "Pleasure Rune", "Rune of Insemination", "Temptation Pattern" and many others are combined into this rune, the Onii-chan that lays eyes on the witches' appearance can't help but thrust his penis and start screwing. ❤

    In addition, from this the womb and the whole body's sexual feelings, and thus the spirit and heart, become one, the presence of the Onii-chan linked to their abdomen, and the spilling semen and pleasure will become all that controls the witch's head.

    A designer with a unique aesthetic sense, the Playground Sabbath's head Baphomet, the lovely goat of the playground "Momonika" herself worked on this uniform. The brand of clothes she designs, "Teen's Charm", is arranged with plenty of heart marks that delight mamono children, while emphasizing childlike cuteness, it is a design that also brings about lewdness, and grabs childish hearts that want to stretch to be like an adult woman! It’s even sold to the public outside of Sabbath, and boasts explosive popularity mainly with mamono of truly young age. The uniforms of this Sabbath are limited items, and there are many mamono children who join Sabbath for the uniform.

    The "Teen's Charm" clothing including this Sabbath's uniform are all manufactured with "Seduction Magic" included in it, if you wear this while walking down the street with Onii-chan, you can monopolize his gaze! It will put Onii-chan into a lascivious mood, and make him want to suddenly feel your body, and without a doubt take you into the back of an alley!

    In addition, this "Uniform" has an abundance of designs to choose from, and is made to be worn in combination with other "Teen's Charm" clothing. In short, it's a "Uniform" in name only, the witches are all wearing different clothing.

    To begin with, Momonika and her witches don't think about wearing the same "Uniform", they are just enjoying fashion as they please.

    In the olden days there weren't uniforms, everyone of Shirokuto Sabbath uniformly adorned themselves with junky robes and weird magic clothing, but with a single word of "Tis not cute" from "Bapho-sama", it was decided to wear uniforms made by external craftsmen.

    This uniform in which deep green invokes a feeling of intelligence, due to the design that expands from the chest to the skirt hem, creates a lovely silhouette. At the same time, by daring to conceal the waist and obscure the lines of the body, causing one to imagine the delicate flesh hidden within, it is made for the purpose of inviting more of a man's lust and corruption!

    For the witches who pour their hearts into the study of magic, this uniform is made not only for cute appearance, but also with higher practicality in mind. On the hat, "Mamono Realm Glass" feathers with the property of storing mana belonging to darkness and demons are arranged, and the uniform made while firmly tempering fabrics and threads with mana has a high affinity for magical power. The widely spread sleeves are made so that magic flowing inside of them is allowed to stay, greatly enhancing stability while using magic. Also, under the premise that large scale magic experiments are carried out, it can defend against effects on the practitioner and damage to clothes brought about by the aftermath and backlash of mana, and even if it is damaged it can easily be repaired by putting in a little mana. On the other hand, it’s weak to physical force, and is said to have the disadvantage of being easily torn.

    In other words, if Onii-chan entrusts himself to his lust and tears at it, it quickly exposes the bare skin. ❤

    My Sabbath's uniform, I, Vietta, also wear this! The model witch is my senior. The uniform that doubles as a librarian outfit harmonizes with the quiet space of libraries, and although it has a tidy and composed design, it doesn't forget to complement the charm of a young lady! The gently swollen shoulders and cuffs are lovely, the corset that squeezes the body emphasizes the thin waist and small butt, producing a calm sex appeal even though they are very young!

    According to the policy of head Baphomet "Runya Runya", the uniform which puts emphasis on comfort and ease, although it gives a firm image it also does not feel stiff. The secret is a proprietary fabric recipe that makes you feel volume even though it is thin enough to use around the chest and sleeves. If you touch it lightly it feels very fluffy just as it looks, but on the other hand, the moment Onii-chan's hand strongly touches the chest, because of that thinness it’s as if that touch is transmitted directly to bare skin. ❤

    Although it’s one of the uniforms with little exposure among the numerous Sabbath uniforms, it’s also possible to properly enjoy the "deeds done while worn" that mamono emphasize while choosing clothing. ❤

    A uniform made under the idea of fusing the cuteness of beasts and young girls, it’s fur clothing with fluff adorned everywhere. It’s not "Clothing" worn by witches, this uniform designed to be a "Part of the Body" of witches has various devices to become a lovely little beast put into it.

    The witches of this Sabbath all have cute beast ears and tails, but just like any other Sabbath, the girls' species are "Witches" who became mamono from human women. In spite of having beast ears and tails, there is a secret magic put into the uniforms. It is a magical hat that is said to hide your original ears by wearing it, and then beast ears spring up from the top of the hat. The beast ears possess sensation as if they were from the original person, and twitch along with the witches' emotions. Hearing ability is also properly equipped, and it’s possible to sensitively capture Onii-chan's voice and breathing with beast's hearing. ❤ In the same fashion, the tail springs up from the bottom while wearing the uniform, and moves according to the will and emotion of the witch. Since the sensation of the tail being touched is properly transmitted to the person wearing it, when Onii-chan touches it softly, it seems to feel really good. ❤ Also, when the uniform is worn by species that originally have ears and tails such as beast folk, the ears pop out the top of the hat and the tail shoots out of the clothes.

    And then there is the presence of the characteristic "Collar", but this is not a step in joining Sabbath, when you get an "Onii-chan", it seems there is a custom where it is attached for the first time by Onii-chan's hand.

    This series of deeds has great meaning in the use of Theriomancy, it is a simply wonderful ritual to remember the existence of one who must obey the instincts of a witch, a male that must impregnate the body with young. ❤

    A uniform that promotes the charm of a simple girl... or not, it's just a normal village girl's outfit. The clothes made by the hands of the tailor of the village where the Baphomet "Marune" lives uses a durable fabric suitable for farm work and raising stock, but on the other hand there is no magic specifically included. However, the leader Marune and all of the witches seem to be pleased with the clothes made by the village tailor, and the big pockets and hand-sewn goat embroidery are lovely, and its reputation from other Sabbaths is also superb!

    It should be a plain village girl's outfit, but accompanying the giant enlarged breasts that is a characteristic of Marune Sabbath, the part with the breasts spilling out has become a huge feature of the uniform. Originally, this clothing was designed for a typical young girl, and naturally was supposed to have completely covered the chest, but at the last moment became its current form by being worn by witches who possess breasts outside the norm, or otherwise grew out of the norm. It was also suggested to re-tailor it to properly put away the gigantic breasts, but it seems that it feels tight and itchy when completely wrapping the breasts, and they wanted to leave it as it is now. In addition, a witch newly belonging to Sabbath, because the size doesn't fit as soon as the breasts grow, real uniforms are offered to newcomers as well.

    Again, absolutely no kind of magic is used in this uniform, and naturally it’s also sure to not have things like "Pattern of Temptation" engraved in it.

    However, the village men all uniformly aim dirty eyes towards the girls' chests, the ones that became a witch's Onii-chan grip the girls' spilling udders as if drawn in, and you can see the appearance of a massaging embrace.

    The pure white of the uniforms worn by the witches of Greilia Sabbath shows the heart of untainted affection that should be held as a user of pharmocamancy, the heart marks adorning the hat and buttons represent the spirit of service that sticks to the patient.

    The Baphomet Greilia is known for being straight-laced, but in response to this design proposed by a witch belonging to her Sabbath, because it was thought that the tidy appearance of a cute young girl in uniform has a great effect on relieving a patient's mind, it seems there was no objection to the introduction of this cute uniform. And, by coloring the pure white uniform with a sense of cleanliness with red, including the flower-like sweetness the girls possess, it results in a wonderful finish that makes you feel the "Immorality" that stains it!

    With the treatment of patients in mind, this uniform includes magic to limit nervousness. Since the uniform that touches the patient must be clean, magic that purifies all filth except the patient-cum-Onii-chan's semen is incorporated, preserving the "pure white" of the uniform. In addition, the hair used while in uniform of course is also given strong protection magic so that the hair and body hair of the wearer does not fall out. Also, although the material used is thick, it perfectly covers the body of the witch, and when glued to the patient, the tender feeling of the young flesh underneath and the heat held by a small chest are clearly conveyed through the clothes.

    Furthermore, "Dark Pharmacomancers", despite not belonging to this Sabbath, may wear clothing that imitates this uniform.

    Even though the appearance is similar, the heart marks arranged on it are unmistakable proof of "Sexual Love", and as if to display the wicked desire of the practitioner, it seems they wear a jet-black uniform as if to invert the pure white.

    The Contents of Sabbath's Activities (p192)[edit]

    Invitation to Sabbath (p192)[edit]

    In Sabbaths much effort is put into soliciting new witches and onii-chans based on the ideal of spreading the charm and depravity of little girls widely throughout the world. In most Sabbaths, methods of drawing people into Sabbath consensually such as public relations activities and handing out fliers in the streets to spread the appeal of Sabbath, directly calling out to human females with the qualities of a witch, and seducing, or rather, individually soliciting men, are preferred more so than the method of dragging men into Sabbath by making them physically understand the pleasure and appeal of a childish body by assaulting and ravishing them. This is because the “depraved nature” of a human female wishing to become a witch herself or a human male pursuing a little girl himself is considered to be of importance.

    When soliciting for Sabbath, mainly words of temptation are employed such as “you can obtain tremendous magical power as a mage”, “you can retain a youthful appearance forever”, etc.. Naturally, the fact is that one of the greatest appeals of Sabbath is “being able to drown in eternal pleasure with little girls”, but since the witches, familiars, and baphomets conducting solicitation are beings whose very appearance embodies this, they often deliberately choose not to mention it as a method to fan the flames of depravity by letting men imagine it for themselves. What's more, there are also times when they treat a human with even more friendliness and closeness and urge him to participate in Sabbath in order to lead him down the path of depravity as a solution for the troubles that weigh on his heart or a method to improve human relations.

    In the cities of monster friendly states, witches brazenly identify themselves as members of Sabbath while conducting solicitation activities. Even when soliciting in the cities of anti-monster states which should be devoid of monsters, they go about it in much the same way. Instead of secretly conducting their activities, big groups of witches and familiars go to the busiest main streets where they stand out and aggressively call out to passers-by while distributing fliers, but at a glance, it may look as though they're just procuring customers for a bakery or appear that they're church girls reminding people about the date for an upcoming ceremony for dedicating prayers to the chief god, and the fliers distributed are also disguised to match this. Their true nature is ingeniously hidden by many layers of magic. They don't expose their true nature until the very moment when humans are drawn into Sabbath, but even in human form, they are unable to hide their adorably attractive devilish childish charms, and their looks and gestures steal humans' hearts, awakening in them a hunger for little girls. Additionally, not only do they solicit in the streets, they also often have more personal contact with those who have indicated high qualifications to become a witch or human men who are sought after by a particular witch to have as her own onii-chan in order to welcome them into Sabbath.

    Those entranced by Sabbath due to such solicitation activities will end up setting foot in a Sabbath as indicated by the witch's whispers and fliers. Additionally, sometimes people will also be dragged off somewhere on the spot by the familiars and witches soliciting them. And humans who become new members of Sabbath will be stained in the “charm and depravity of little girls” upon receiving an invitation to “black mass” where they can taste Sabbath in its most depraved form, most full of charm, pleasure, and blasphemy.

    Furthermore, while solicitation is basically performed as previously described, policies concerning solicitation differ depending on each individual Sabbath. For instance, in the case of Black Goat Sabbath, a.k.a. “Kuroferuru Sabbath”, onii-chans are to be obtained by mesmerizing them with sex, and human women who are to be witches shall be instilled with pleasure and ecstasy through monsterization, so they think it best to take monstrous measures. Besides that, there are other Sabbaths such as Medical Sabbath a.k.a. “Greilia Sabbath” which have very strict screening for prospective members, and there are even Sabbaths like Sorcerous Sabbath, a.k.a. “Shirokuto Sabbath”, which do not perform any solicitation activities whatsoever.

    “It's almost time for Chief God-sama's birthday celebration! We're making hot soup, so please be sure and come to our place!”

    It's just before evening, and the sun will be setting shortly. The loud high pitched voices of young girls resound throughout the quiet avenue leading to the workers' residential quarter imparting a feeling of adorableness. The man receives from one of the girls a flier which was probably handwritten by her. And then, by chance, the girl's tiny fingers brushed against the man's huge palm. The girl fixated her gaze on the man's hands.

    “Oh... I'm sorry! I was thinking you must be a very hard worker”.

    The girl who had been spacing out while fixated on the man's hands came back to her senses. But even as she apologized to the man, her fingers continued to brush against his hand. The man's fingers were stout and rugged. There were scars on his palms from lots of blisters, and they were covered in thick dark skin. In contrast, the girl's fingers were very slender and her little palms were white without the slightest bit of filth. It was a very ticklish feeling when the two's hands touched together.

    “Could it be that maybe your father or big brother is in the same line of work? My job is to unload cargo at the port. I haul lots of heavy freight. That's how my hands ended up like this”.

    Contrary to his huge physique built up through manual labor, the man spoke to the girl in a gentle voice.

    “No, I don't have a father or an onii-chan”.

    Upon seeing the girl shake her head, the man felt guilty for having made such a thoughtless remark. He averted his eyes from the girl and looked over the flier he had been handed for the first time. It was a notification about a birthday celebration, and the name of an orphanage on the same avenue was written on it. Feeling sorry for the lonely girl before his eyes, the urge to pat her head came over him.

    “I wonder what it would be like to have an onii-chan...”

    Suddenly, the girl's slender fingers which were still touching him slid over the man's palm, and he shuddered violently. When his eyes returned from the flier, the girl was staring up at him seemingly with intense loneliness. While the look of her made it feel like his chest was tightening, for some reason, it also felt like some place deep inside his body was growing hot.

    The man had no family. There was no one waiting to welcome him home after finishing his grueling work. Before his very eyes was a beautiful young girl with fine features and long golden eyelashes the same color as her hair. If he had a little sister, when he got off from work and returned home, she would greet him with “welcome home” while looking up at him just like now, unable to hide her loneliness from waiting. After patting that little sister's head, her expression changed to a sweet smile, and when he looked below, he could make out barely swelling buds under the fabric of her clothes. He was sure she hadn't even started wearing a bra yet from the look of those two immature buds. Further below was a chubby tummy. Surely, beneath the wrinkles of the clothing covering it, there must be a cute belly button. He shifted his gaze even further downward, and there was...

    Suddenly, the man came back to his senses. His penis was hugely asserting itself, swollen to the bursting point.

    While disturbed by the abnormality of his thoughts, he hastily responded to the girl.

    “...I-I'll go have some of that soup for sure! Uhm, do let me know if there's anything else I can do for you...”

    The girl's expression lit up brightly upon hearing the man's words. The sensuality the man had just sensed in her earlier must have been nonexistent. She looked innocent in an age appropriate manner.

    “You know, there's something I've been wanting to try for the longest time. But I can't do it by myself, so I want you to help me out, 'onii-chan'...♥”

    The girl squeezed the man's hand firmly, and he was unable to resist being lead into an alley by her little hand.

    Sabbath Leaflet (p193)[edit]

    A leaflet the witches of sabbath hand out to people in the street for solicitation. It is intended to draw humans into Sabbath, however, at first glance it seems as if only an advertisement for a town baker or the teachings of the Chief God are written on it.

    Magic power is woven into the leaflets, and shows a vision leading to Sabbath to those who hold it in their hand. "That body overflowing with magical power, manipulating magic beyond human knowledge is yours" "A forever young and cute existence, that can easily steal the heart of a loved man is yours" "Spending everyday drowning in lust and corruption with young girls is yours" The illusions the flyer shows are "Sweet Words" used by Sabbath for solicitation, the truth behind it is possible to realize after joining Sabbath. It is projected into the head in the form of a dream while sleeping, or impulsive momentary visions. Despite not being real, it is accompanied by a strong sense of reality.

    And then, to those fascinated by the vision the leaflet brings, and who have come to desire it from the bottom of their heart, the "Sabbath Leaflet" reveals its true form, and shows the path to making that dream a reality. In doing so, you will be able to know the dates of Black Masses and their meeting locations, along with attaining qualifications for participation.

    Baphomet's Eye (p193)[edit]

    "Baphomet's Eye" is a gem-like spherical magic tool that imitates a pupil, that gives its possessor "the power to ascertain a suitably strong human with the qualities to become a witch". The power to see witches' qualities is said to be one of the powers held by the race "Baphomet". This magic tool was created by the Sabbath's head Baphomet by transforming her own power into crystals. Witches carrying out solicitation activities are given this item by a Baphomet. To those who possess the power of this magic tool things like, "a woman clad in stronger corruption by gaining a childish figure", "a woman whose desire is to become a young girl to be protected by men, and whose true nature is meek and desires dependence", "a woman who holds a strong aptitude to manipulate mamono mana in the form of magic" can be understood just by seeing them.

    Moreover, should a human come to possess this magic tool, be they male or female, when they see a young girl in their eyes, it seems they come to find sexual charm in that youth. Also, even if they should see a mature woman, it is said you can easily picture what she looked like as a child. Surely you will become acquainted with "Baphomet's Gaze". To the eye seeing a mamono of childish figure entrusting their body to a man, and the figure of drowning in pleasure, even though it should be socially despicable, that state of corruption seems joyous and ideal. They will be dyed to an appropriate heart as a person welcomed by Sabbath.

    Sorcerous Research (p196)[edit]

    Embodying the charm and depravity of little girls with one's very being and “mastering sorcery” which is the crystallization of the wisdom of humans and monsters, are both ideal activities which are regarded as being of the utmost importance in Sabbath. That is to say, the majority of Sabbath's witches either spend their time having sex with onii-chan or else conducting magical research and experiments.

    Sabbaths are also organizations for the research and development of magic. Day after day endless research is continuously being conducted to elucidate the mysterious phenomenon known as magic and also to develop new spells for the sake of a world where humans and monsters can live together pleasurably. Each of the Sabbaths' citadels is chock full of all sorts of facilities for magical research and experiments, from typical things such as every kind of magical tool used in magical research, potion refineries, etc., to that which can hardly ever be glimpsed elsewhere such as large scale magic circles, and even special spaces filled with mana. Also, Sabbaths throughout every nation in the world are actively coordinating. They announce spell formulae for newly created spells and the fruits of various research and development efforts continue to accumulate. In fact, witches belonging to a Sabbath have access to vast amounts of knowledge gathered from all over the world. Additionally, by making use of the links between Sabbaths, it is even possible to order precious raw materials and samples which are only collectable in certain regions or special environments. What bears special mention most of all is that due to the existence of “mana cages (p.144)”, Sabbaths possess virtually unlimited mana resources which are continually produced by the copulation of monsters throughout the world. In other words, with infinite mana resources, we may use them freely, and that is precisely why Sabbath is the greatest and most prominent organization of magi in the world.

    Sabbaths are highly organized groups, which is rare for an assemblage of extremely egoistic monsters. On the other hand, their monstrosity is also pronounced in that despite belonging to an organization, it is permitted to conduct activities in a manner that prioritizes one's own desires. In other words, all witches belonging to a Sabbath are given the freedom to do as they please, be it miniscule research just for the sake of their own enjoyment with onii-chan, or be it advanced research and development that will produce spells that will be of benefit to married couples throughout the entire world or shed light on the truth of the world. As long as they're members of Sabbath, witches are of course granted permission to use Sabbath's various mana resources, information, and facilities mentioned above, regardless of the scale and content of the research and activities in question, and the same goes for wizards too.

    Moreover, perhaps because Sabbaths' witches are former humans, many of them have comparatively more serious and diligent personalities, and those with especially strong wills may spend all day and night engaged in sorcerous research to the point that in some cases they end up neglecting the fact that they are “beings who embody the charm and depravity of little girls” in the same way that a human researcher might forget hunger while engrossed in research. In such cases, at times another important duty of a man who becomes a witch's “onii-chan” is to coercively drag her to bed and remind her that she's “a little girl”.

    Also, so long as one is a being who embodies the “charm and depravity of little girls” according to Sabbath's ideals, she will be treated as a magnificent “witch” in Sabbath even just due to that alone. Hence, there is also no small number of witches who spend their days having sex with onii-chan and just use magic to spice up those days to be more enjoyable and pleasurable.

    “It's not particularly the sort of research you have to rush to produce results, right?”

    Inside the dim room which is illuminated solely by the faint light of mana, the man lying on the bed spoke thus to the darling little girl in his arms as she leaned closely against him.

    Both the witch girl and her male partner are naked as the day they were born, and the sweet warmth in the air between them calls to mind the passionate session they had just had.

    “That's right, but... uhm”.

    As if gathering her thoughts, the exceedingly young witch hesitated as she spoke, but her words continued while she buried her face in the man's large chest.

    “When the new spell I'm making now is finished, I'll receive a sizable sum of money. Like I said before, I wanna go to 'Court Alf (kooto arufu)' with onii-chan. It's surely a cool and beautiful place.”

    Court Alf is the name of a city that had previously made the eyes of the girl in his arms sparkle when she picked up a travel brochure. It seems the place is hyped up as a city of water where one can enjoy seven islands and the singing voices of seven songstresses.

    “But then, we can go eventually even just by selling the mana accumulated in the 'mana cage', can't we? I could try appropriately going out to garner some earnings myself too”.

    The man likes what a hard worker his witch is. But at the same time, he feels that he doesn't want her to overwork herself.

    “Uhm, it's almost the anniversary of when I first met onii-chan, and besides... The spell I'm making now is...”

    The witch's cheeks blushed a bit as she muttered something into the man's ear. While enjoying the girl's breath on his ear and listening to her words, the man's eyes suddenly grew wide with surprise a moment later. At the same time, the man's penis became so hot that it practically looked as if it were steaming and it began to hugely assert its presence regardless of the fact that he had ejaculated a number of times exceeding double digits just a little while ago.

    “Ehehe♥ As expected, onii-chan is looking forward to it too♥ This spell...♥”

    The witch extends her little palms towards the man's erect penis and starts fondling it like she's handling a treasure.

    “So, I'll try hanging in there just a bit longer...after onii-chan becomes smaller♥”, said the witch, while fondling his rigid member, and she took it in her little mouth in such a way that showed she loved him from the bottom of her heart.

    Fun Black Mass (p198)[edit]

    Black mass is a gathering of witches held periodically in each Sabbath, an extremely depraved feast during which the sorcery and pleasure continually cultivated by the witches' daily activities is summarized. To most witches, black mass, a feast of darkness and depravity, is an enjoyable festival. Those who are already married participate and indulge in debauchery with their own onii-chan, while for those who are unmarried, it's the perfect opportunity to get an onii-chan of their very own.

    Black mass is held while humans are asleep, from late night until morning, at enormous meeting halls where all the men and witches belonging to a Sabbath can gather together. At the venue, first they get psyched up by burning incense that empowers the devilish nature dwelling within monsters and fills the air with an indication of depravity, causing the hearts of the assembled witches to uniformly race in anticipation as they suppress their flushing bodies.

    In a typical Sabbath, it is divided into four events, the “rite of sacrifice”, during which new members are welcomed, the “rite of confabulation”, during which the witches get together to chat, the “rite of wisdom”, during which the results of research are announced, and the “rite of depravity”, during which they have sex with their partners according to their desires and run the gamut of licentiousness.

    For the purpose of ensuring its success and bringing about even more pleasure, black mass begins with the presentation of “living sacrifices” as offerings to the host “fiend”, i.e., the baphomet leader. The sacrifices to the fiend are in other words, “humans”. Human men and women gathered for this day end up as sacrifices for black mass. Despite the term sacrifice, it's never that their lives are taken. Instead, the act of offering up “humans” entails the “monsterization” of human women and becoming a witch's partner for human men.

    Black mass begins thus by welcoming new witches into the fold. The numerous humans gathered for the day are brought in and surrounded by a crowd of witches, where baphomet welcomes them and flings words of corruption at them. The majority of the humans gathered there are zealously “solicited” by witches and familiars beforehand. Furthermore, amidst the aura of depravity pervading the meeting grounds of a black mass, their hearts will be guided by the words of baphomet which will stain their hearts in the “charm and depravity of little girls”. The women are already there to become witches, and the men are already there so that they may belong to witches. They have come to desire to offer themselves to Sabbath as “living sacrifices” of their own free will. Women who offer up their own “humanity” as a sacrifice become witches one step ahead of the men who offer up their “humanity” and become new “onii-chan” by being selected by unmarried witches. Those who have become members of Sabbath on the spot continue to participate in black mass as they please, enjoying the pleasure and depravity.

    But there are also others present besides those kinds of people, such as lovers, husbands, and those dear to the hearts of women who have newly become witches who are captured in advance and brought there, or humans who were taken prisoner after raiding the Sabbath. Since such people most likely have not been solicited in advance, they are shaken by the depravity that awakens within themselves upon hearing baphomet's words and even though the sight of human women transforming into childish witches is flaunted to them, they're likely to simply remain in a vortex of bewilderment. Such individuals are to be “saved for later” and will be passed around to be violated by witches during the “rite of depravity” held later.

    After adding new witches to the Sabbath, an alcoholic banquet begins so that witches can deepen their friendships. As if to invite gluttony and intemperance, a feast so extravagant that it couldn't possibly all be eaten is set on a huge table along with so much of each kind of alcoholic beverage that they could bathe in it. Participants can spend the time however they please.

    Some enjoy eating and drinking with onii-chan, and they profess their love to each other while tipsy. Some have a friendly chat with fellow witches, and just when you think they're having an extremely serious discussion about sorcery, they'll introduce their own onii-chan and start bragging and talking about their sex life. Some can also be seen personally exchanging the lewd spells they each developed to use with their own onii-chan. Additionally, fellow “onii-chan” also deepen their friendships, and there are probably even men who get lively and have fun speaking fondly of their wives.

    Furthermore, some witches here and there will already be seen beginning to have sex with their own onii-chan from around the start of the rite of confabulation for some reason, perhaps because they became unable to control their own inner depravity after witnessing the sight of those who are reborn as witches by means of the “rite of sacrifice”, or perhaps because they became unable to bear their urges having consumed the cuisine and alcoholic beverages made for the purpose of the sex to follow.

    Supper of Beasts (p199)[edit]

    We can say that the extravagant cuisine lining the tables during the rite of confabulation is meant to pave the way for the “rite of depravity” which is to come later. The “supper of beasts” that is prepared for participants of the feast of pleasure known as black mass contains ample amounts of extremely nutritious ingredients such as mamono realm beast meat dripping with juice and thick, rich cheese.

    As suggested by the name “beast”, these dishes are made only with enhancing male stamina and redirecting it towards the witches in mind. Of the nutrition that is obtained from eating this food, only a miniscule amount is stored for building up the body, and almost all of it is employed to produce semen and mana. Furthermore, it has the property of being absorbed immediately as soon as it is taken into the body, and the nutrition obtained from eating a “supper of beasts” is thus instantly converted into “stamina”. Therefore, it is suitable to eat as much as one pleases without there being any concern of health issues or obesity resulting from overeating, and that's why it is possible to push the envelope of gluttony during black mass.

    However, the “stamina” gained from eating this food can only be expended through ejaculation. In the case of a man, the more he eats, the urge to ejaculate will soar limitlessly higher. Even if only the regular portion for an adult male is consumed, the urge won't settle with just one or two ejaculations. If he's feasted to the point that it could be considered surfeit, then he'll end up having to repeatedly ejaculate a countless number of times so that he'll continuously pour semen into witches throughout the duration of black mass.

    Witches will actively recommend the “supper of beasts” and try to get their onii-chan to eat so they can get ravaged by him later on during the “rite of depravity”. While the results may differ, the way that witches can be seen going “ahn” in a sweet voice to get their onii-chan to open his mouth and eat the food every time during the rite of confabulation is reminiscent of the witches of the past era who according to folklore are said to have fed humans to fatten them up before eating them.

    Witch's Soup (p200)[edit]

    Sabbath's famous soup which is always imbued with some kind of magical effects. It's customary to offer soup to all those who visit during black mass. It's characterized by a unique taste and different ingredients depending on each Sabbath, and the magical effects it causes differ depending on each Sabbath as well. The custom of offering “witch's soup” during black mass originates from the fact that since time immemorial, soup has also often been offered during festivals related to the chief god.

    The soup offered by “Mamono Lord Army Sabbath” is a soup using sticky, sweet and delicious “mamono realm pumpkin” as a base to which the mamono realm herb “stoic love” is added while seasoning with numerous types of meats and vegetables. A concoction of various ingredients, this magical soup calms the hearts of those who drink it while retaining their lust and exaltation.

    In Sabbath and during black mass, according to the ideal of propagating the “charm and depravity of little girls”, when the gathered witches and their partners entrust themselves to their flushing bodies and carnal desires, drowning in pleasure together, it is no doubt welcomed. But on the other hand, Sabbath is also an organization of “wisdom” which seeks to master sorcery. While black mass is a “feast of pleasure and depravity”, by the same token, it is also a feast of “sorcery and wisdom”. In Mamono Lord Army Sabbath, the coexistence of depravity and wisdom is regarded as ideal. In other words, while the abandonment of “thought” to drown in depraved pleasure is respected, “thinking” up ways to satisfy oneself with even more depraved pleasure is also viewed as important.

    The “rite of wisdom” wherein witches reveal the fruits of their pursuit of sorcery is also scheduled after the “rite of confabulation”. The wisdom of new spells will be brought there. It is possible to acquire new spells and knowledge by retaining one's “wisdom”, and we are able to sink to new lows of “depravity” precisely because we employ our wisdom. As if to embody this ideal, Mamono Lord Army Sabbath's soup spreads warmly throughout the stomach, calming the heart of those who drink it, but without dampening the arousal of the mind and flushing body which seek pleasure. Minds calmed by its warm, pleasant taste become able “to think”, but the desire to pursue pleasure and depravity continues to remain intact, and the heat of the mind and body doesn't vanish. Those consumed by carnal desire towards witches are not freed from that desire. It's just that they become able to “think” up methods of satisfying it, and that it will no longer “explode”. The overpowering atmosphere of depravity at the site of a black mass ensures that unvented heat and desire will never subside or vanish. Instead, due to the lack of explosion, it continues to build and store up infinitely and be directed towards the “rite of depravity” which takes place later.

    “Witch's soup” is offered during black mass in almost all Sabbaths, and it also reveals the ideology and policy of each Sabbath just as Mamono Lord Sabbath's soup does. For instance, in the case of Black Goat Sabbath, i.e., “Kuroferuru Sabbath”, no “thought” is necessary in their pursuit of sorcery, instead, it is demanded that it be abandoned altogether. Given that their specialty is “nymphomancy”, that is precisely what spurs the birth of new spells and leads them to fall to the depths of depravity. The strangely glowing pink soup of Black Goat Sabbath is highly viscous. When sipped through the mouth and swallowed down the throat to the stomach, from then on, it rapidly becomes entangled with the mana of those who drink it, increasing in viscosity. The magical effect of the soup is the exact opposite of that of Mamono Lord Army Sabbath. It causes the heart to be constantly tormented by carnal desire so that one is never able to calm down.

    Also, the soup of “Ropurotto Sabbath's” practically milk like appearance and sweet taste are appealing. Those who sip it have all of their desires boosted, not only lust, but even appetite and somnolence. Drinking this soup enables them to eat more of the “supper of beasts”, mate more repeatedly until satiated, and sleep longer nestled closely to onii-chan once satisfied. For the witches of Beast Sabbath, that's all black mass entails.

    Wine of Depravity (p201)[edit]

    A wine preferred by witches at black mass. For those with the forms of little girls, wine itself is also incongruous. It's a delicious wine that fans the flames of depravity.

    As far as witches are concerned, the preferred etiquette is for onii-chan to get them to drink and get them drunk in preparation for the “rite of depravity” which comes later. Also, if a man without a witch partner pours wine into the glass of a witch without an onii-chan and offers it to her, it signifies that he wants to get her drunk and enjoy the “rite of depravity” with her. It should probably be interpreted as a sign that she accepts the invitation if she takes the glass and drinks it.

    “Wine of corruption” is never strong. Normally, it's just enough to get the drinkers pleasantly buzzed, but when the “rite of depravity” begins, the wine suddenly kicks in and gets them smashed in reaction to the condensed mana that pervades the hall due to witches having begun having sex with their own onii-chan all over the place.

    As if delirious from the heat of the witches filling their surroundings, some witches' expressions turn bright red, rapt with intoxication, and they lean coquettishly against their onii-chan as they stagger on their feet. With their minds melted, even their thinking becomes shaky, and they entrust themselves entirely to onii-chan, being at the mercy of the pleasure given to them.

    Still others cling to onii-chan and shower him in kisses as if influenced by the unrestrained hijinks of other witches. When straddling onii-chan with a broad smirk, they continuously shake their hips making loud slapping noises while not even knowing what they're doing.

    After the witches enjoy dinner and pleasant chats for a while, the “rite of wisdom” is held in the name of collecting the wisdom of the witches in Sabbath and sharing it. As the place where witches announce the fruits of the research they conduct daily as well as newly developed spells and magical tools, it's one of the biggest reasons why they hold black masses. Naturally, it isn't just limited to witches, given that it's also possible for the wizards of Sabbath to participate provided that they have produced results.

    Only a fraction of the witches and wizards belonging to Sabbath are given the privilege to step up to the podium such as those who have developed hitherto unknown spells, those who have discovered methods of boosting the effects of existing spells remarkably, those who have created convenient magical tools that will change our lives, those who have put forward a revolutionary theory of magic, and so forth. Just standing in this place is itself a great honor and proof of one's remarkable capabilities as an aspiring master magician.

    Additionally, as ones who have advanced the field of sorcery and contributed to all monsters who use magic in their lives as well as their husbands, those who are able to obtain this honor will be granted a reward by the baphomet leader. Some witches are granted a greater portion of the baphomet's power of depravity as a reward, fulfilling their wishes to become lewder, more powerful witches who can enjoy sex with onii-chan even more, some obtain vast sums of money in order to enjoy traveling all over with onii-chan, and some have the facilities in their private laboratory spectacularly upgraded and will be prioritized for deliveries of materials and resources from then on for the sake of further research. Among them, wizards who have made it up to that podium after a long and arduous journey without a witch partner have even successfully demanded “the baphomet herself” as their reward.

    Given the various novel, original theories of magic and never before seen spells that abound during these meetings, they are fascinating not only to Sabbath's witches, but to any who aspire to master sorcery. Therefore, even the witches who were enjoying chats with other witches or frolicking intimately with onii-chan during the rite of confabulation will basically assume a serious attitude during the rite of wisdom. For the most part, it is due to the scholarly interests and concerns of those who aspire to master sorcery, but there's certainly more to it than just that. Many of the new spells and magical tools announced are also things for spicing up their sex life and making sex with their partners even more enjoyable. During the “rite of depravity” which is held afterward, whoever so desires can have spells cast on them so they can try them out, and magical tools are also lent out. In other words, many among the witches are in fact also keeping a serious eye on things precisely because they're evaluating which spells and tools to use when they have sex with onii-chan during the rite of depravity. That's why a tone of joy and anticipation is mixed into their voices when they exclaim over new spells.

    Upon the conclusion of the rite of wisdom begins the long awaited “rite of depravity”. It is the feast of sex and pleasure that makes Sabbath an organization of great depravity, and also the main purpose of attending black mass for many witches.

    As soon as this obscene ritual begins, all the witches in attendance at black mass go at it as they desire with their onii-chan partners and begin having sex all throughout the meeting hall. The sight of extremely young looking little girls exposing themselves indecently in a manner unbecoming of their adorable looks, and the dissonance of the resounding alluring cries of ecstasy the likes of which should never escape the lips of any little girl make it like a paradise of depravity to Sabbath, while on the other hand, it is an abhorrent, revolting spectacle which must never be according to the morals of the chief god's faith which value purity and innocence. Some men get on top of young girls way smaller than themselves, pin them down, and ravage them mercilessly with their carnal desire. Some men seize kneeling little girls focused intensely on slurping and sucking their penis with undivided attention by the head in their large palms and make them catch their loads deep down their throat. Even the spectacle of multiple witches swarming over a single man, joining as one, and becoming entangled can be witnessed. At a glance, it even appears to simply be a massive orgy, but instead of random sex between men and women, it is consensual sex between those who share marital bonds in typical monster fashion. Regardless of this fact, just because the monsters uniformly have the forms of little girls, it appears that little girls are being forcibly raped and little girls who know nothing are being inculcated with obscene knowledge. Therefore, the more the witches copulate, the more powerful the depravity within them grows.

    Due to witches drowning in pleasure, the site of a black mass fills with condensed depravity, and all the witches are engulfed by heat and madness and dragged further into the depths of pleasure. A pink haze begins to form in the air due to all the mana being released from the sex, and the wisdom that has been continuously amassed by Sabbath is used to further increase the depravity. Lewd spells fly back and forth all over the place, and large scale spells are cast with no regard for the numerous witches who will get caught in the crossfire. Even witches and their partners unaware and engrossed in sex are sometimes given unexpected pleasure and brought to climax or ejaculation from being hit by stray magical bullets.

    Also, those left bewildered and confounded during the “rite of sacrifice” who still have yet to become members of Sabbath are granted freedom as soon as the rite of depravity begins. But the place those humans are released is ground zero of tremendous depravity. And then, men may see before them little girls with an atmosphere similar to someone they know clinging lustfully to them, or unknown little girls trying to drag them into irresistible depravity. Women will be surrounded by countless little girls lovingly entangling men. The frenzied orgy unfolding as far as the eye can see causes their thoughts to become clouded with pink haze. The obscene sight of the girls engaged in indecency inundating their field of vision and the girls' cries of ecstasy violating their ears will consume their mind. It being impossible to escape the condensed mana of depravity filling the air, women will be reborn as new “witches” and begin to seek their own onii-chan.

    The flames of sex that ignite along with the start of the ritual of depravity never disappear. Instead, the conflagration expands as time passes. By the same token, the sex between the witches and their partners also becomes ever more intensely furious as the rite of depravity progresses. The alluring hip movements of the witches riding on top of onii-chan grow more relentless and unseemly since they become so absorbed in indulging in pleasure. A couple who were once whispering sweet nothings while making love will forget words altogether before they know it, and the witch will get on all fours like a beast to be violently drilled by her man's rigid erection from behind. A witch who had been enjoying being showered in semen will now take the penis deep inside in order to stain her insides in essence too as if to declare that even having her entire body stained in cloudy white fluid is still not enough. So long as depravity has dominion over the place, the heat of the witches and their partners never abates. There will be no sleep, no exhaustion, no withering, and no subsiding. The feast of yonge flesh and cloudy white fluid never ends until the coming of dawn.

    “The depraved power” boosted to the utmost limit by this obscene ritual which utterly mocks and repudiates the principles of “humanity”, “benevolence”, “morality”, and “ethics” according to the faith of the Order of the chief god makes the site of a black mass into a special “concentrated land”. Witches who run the gamut of profligacy in this concentrated land become physical embodiments of depravity.

    Each time a little girl rapturously cries out in ecstasy, the salacious atmosphere surrounding Sabbath grows stronger, bringing greater “depravity” to Sabbath. The depravity fully pervading Sabbath itself is distributed widely to all the witches, and the witches can continuously increase the depravity enshrouding them without limit. The infinitely generated depraved power easily destroys the shackles limiting the amount of mana possessable by witches and their partners, drastically raising the upper limits of their mana capacity. In other words, the rite of depravity is an absolutely essential ritual for making the “depravity” dwelling within a “Sabbath” even more morally objectionable, unconscionable, and blasphemous so that the witches will embody even greater depravity, radically boosting their power.

    By undergoing the rite of depravity in this manner, the power of a “Sabbath” attains further heights. After witches have enjoyed thoroughly having sex with their beloved onii-chan until morning while getting covered in a sticky mess inside and out, some will set out on the road home while holding hands with their beloved onii-chan with a smile on their face, whereas others will leave the meeting grounds happily breathing in their sleep while being carried in onii-chan's arms, having stored up “depravity” enormously magnified via black mass in their tiny bodies.

    Furthermore, black mass as described by this author is only an example reflecting the most typical flow of events based on “Mamono Lord Army Sabbath”. As far as the particular details are concerned, it's all different depending on the policies and activity content of each Sabbath. In some cases, what actually occurs could even be vastly different than the flow of events described above.

    For example, in the case of Black Goat Sabbath, i.e., “Kuroferuru Sabbath”, witches and their partners are already piled up having sex constantly from the beginning of black mass. In other words, black mass begins with the “rite of depravity” and the “rite of sacrifice” and “rite of confabulation” are held amidst the pleasure of sex. Announcements of new spells during the “rite of wisdom” are also done in a format where they can actually be demonstrated on oneself while having sex.

    The black mass held in Medical Sabbath, i.e., “Greilia Sabbath”, is hardly sexual at all. Casters and even doctors from outside Sabbath are also invited, and from start to finish, there are announcements of new medical techniques and pharmacomancy spells with in-depth discussions of medical techniques.

    Yet despite this, the “ritual of depravity” is always held even in Greilia Sabbath. Unlike the typical case where sex takes place in a great hall where everyone can see it, after the conclusion of all the other events of black mass, sterile feeling white rooms are prepared for all the witches which also resemble the rooms used when treating patients. After entering private rooms with their onii-chan, witches lay their partner on the white bed, and run the gamut of service using their own body as his plaything according to their own urges of devotion. In this place, their partner becomes the “patient”, and all kinds of pleasurable acts are performed so he can relax and receive treatment. Each kind of pharmacomancy spell which takes effect through physical touching or sex will be performed. At a glance, the space lined with countless white rooms looks like a white walled medical facility, yet instead of medical treatment, what goes on inside the rooms is none other than carnal relations between the pharmacomancers and patients. The only thing that can be heard from any of the rooms is alluring young voices moaning and the creaking of the beds, so in actuality, it's almost like a brothel. The act of repudiating morality by exposing the indecent sight of yonge girls to all eyes that is performed in a typical rite of depravity produces great “depravity”. On the other hand, when those who look pure and white at a glance, but have the true nature of beings who possess black, sordid desires, actually secretly engage in lewd acts at a hidden place, it produces powerful “depravity” in yet another form.

    Also, if it's a small scale Sabbath, then in some cases it may even turn out to be a sort of relaxed “social gathering”, but there are also cases when several small scale Sabbaths will hold a massive joint black mass. What's more, Mamono Lord Army Sabbath is the largest scale individual Sabbath, but aside from the black mass held by only Mamono Lord Army Sabbath, an even larger scale black mass is also held in which all baphomets and witches from every Sabbath throughout the world can participate.

    “Onii-chaan...♥ It's ramming deep inside... Noo♥”

    “Aha!♥ Onii-chan's is incredibly delicious...♥ I want more♥”

    “Nihihi, onii-san's face is so cute♥ I wonder if it'll become even cuter if I do this?”

    The expanse beneath the man's eyes was completely packed with a flock of beasts shattering the limits of the lusts of the flesh. Half the flock of beasts have the appearance of little girls. The beasts of childish appearance with an inappropriate sensuality are copulating with the beasts from the other half as they please. The remaining half of the beasts were men with much larger bodies than the girls. The beasts were plunging their meatrods inside every single orifice of the girls' childish bodies and defiling them with cloudy white fluid, taking obscenity to a new level.

    It is a spectacle in which the little girls gathered in this place are being violated by men with vulgar desires, but in actuality, it is a scene of childish witches with far more indecent and wicked desires manipulating the desires of the men to milk them as they please. The man viewing that spectacle is also one of the beasts, and in his lap sits another beast. The man sits cross-legged on a chair that's soft and wide like a bed, and the one using his body as a throne from which to reign is a dark beast who literally has beast ears, a beast tail, and large horns, the baphomet leader of the Sabbath.

    “It's incredible this time too, isn't it...”,

    muttered the man spontaneously at the spectacle unfolding beneath his eyes.

    “Oh, you bet it is”.

    The baphomet snorted “mn-hmm”, and nodded at those words, seemingly satisfied.

    The destructive spectacle unfolding beneath his eyes was utterly annihilating the very fabric of human morality, but there was no sense of repugnance in his exclamation regarding it. For the baphomet and the man who is her spouse, the spectacle unfolding beneath their eyes was truly like looking at themselves.

    Because he knew firsthand the pleasure and happiness this spectacle induced in the beasts, it was rather endearing to him. Watching filled him with excitement, making his body heat up, and his penis swell even bigger. Ever since it had grown huge at the start of the rite of depravity, his penis had forgotten how to wither, and it was now lodged firmly deep inside the tiny vagina of the baphomet sitting in his lap.

    “Tonight's mass is truly filled with depravity. The gushing mana has risen up to here.”

    The baphomet raised a fur covered finger and light gathered at her fingertip, glowing a faint pink. While watching it, she smiled mischievously with a “kukuku” as if she had thought of something.

    “Hey, aniue. The entirety of this Sabbath is mine. And the entirety of me is yours. Therefore, we can also say the entirety of this magnificent spectacle is yours”.

    Along with that teasing remark, the baphomet stirred slightly to turn her gaze towards the man's face positioned above her head. Regardless of how slightly she had moved her body, even merely that caused it to strongly scrape the man's member which was still held fast by the walls of flesh deep inside her, and the pleasure incurred led him to climax. The cloudy white fluid spewing forth was pouring into her tiny womb. The sensation of semen filling her up caused the baphomet's childish body to convulse with pleasure, and the delicious taste of the mana of the one she loves permeating deep inside of her naturally made her just about ready to smile. On the other hand, the mature, masculine face of the man distorted in pleasure was vaguely making a timid expression.

    “Mn...♥ Why the long face, aniue? Are you unhappy...?”

    “N-No, I'm overjoyed that someone as great as you has chosen the likes of me! But, it just still doesn't feel real to me. I have no power whatsoever. I don't feel like a man worthy of being your husband...”

    After sighing and snorting “hmph” at the man's response, the baphomet lovingly patted the man's penis which was still deep inside her through her swollen belly. When his penis was squeezed tightly by the little tube of flesh, the man was once again led to climax.

    “You feel it yourself too, right? Aniue, it's proof that this body of mine has submitted to you as a female...♥ And you've even remained hard and kept ejaculating in an attempt to impregnate me, haven't you♥ You're doing what is required of a male, so how dare you call yourself unworthy”.

    The baphomet rubbed her belly with an enthralled expression as more semen was pouring inside. Delirious and eyes out of focus, it seemed more like she was acting as a mouthpiece for her womb which had submitted to the male, rather than genuinely asserting her own will.

    “B-But that's because you're so cute... Uh, no! I mean, it's a physiological response...”

    “Human men are such a pain in the ass. Damn you for denying instinct due to your lackluster knowledge and reasoning. And it's even more exasperating perhaps because you're a scholar. But that's what I love...♥”

    Already reddened with the pleasure of ejaculation, the man's expression grew even brighter red in a disavowal of the baphomet's frank manner of speaking. Puffing up her cheeks in reaction, the baphomet's words were full of discontent, but at the same time, her voice was tinged with joy, perhaps because her ears had quickly picked up on the word “cute”.

    “You certainly are powerless. Your magical talent doesn't even measure a sliver of mine, and you'd lose out to me in a test of physical strength as well. Even as a scholar, you're half-baked, and on top of that, you even burnt the goddamn toast this morning. Plus, I'd wager that from the perspective of a human girl, you're not especially handsome either”,

    asserted the baphomet, deliberately without adding the words “but I love you” at the end. Her words were so blunt that the man's shoulders drooped, heartbroken.

    “On the other hand, I am a baphomet, granted sorcerous talent from birth and preordained to stand above all witches. All those who witness my dark power prostrate themselves before me in terror. It is I who can stand above ones such as them and 'bestow' it upon them.”

    The baphomet threw out her nonexistent chest and inflated herself with pride, but for some reason, her body was trembling rapidly. Since a part of himself was screwed inside her little body, her trembling came to affect the man's body as well. The feeling of it caused the sensation of ejaculation to begin mounting yet again.

    “Aniue, you were the only one to 'keep bestowing' it upon me despite knowing my power”.

    “What is that supposed to mean...?”

    The man loved the baphomet. As an aspiring scholar of magic, he had once conducted research at the national institute of sorcery, but his research didn't work out, and even the money he needed to support his living costs began to be all used up, so he could no longer remain enrolled. Just then, it was this baphomet who incorporated the institute he was a member of as part of her own Sabbath. Thanks to that, the man was able to continue on as a scholar. Surely, it must have been pure whim on her part, but the man felt strongly obliged towards the baphomet, and at the same time, he also felt both love and lust towards her. The man had intended to work as hard as he could to repay his debt of obligation to the baphomet, but as a powerless human man, there was surely nothing he could possibly do for her. Convinced of the certainty of this, the man could not comprehend the baphomet's words.

    “...I'm not gonna say anything until you remember”.

    Abruptly turning away in anger, the baphomet puffed out her cheeks. The man had no idea what she was mad about. The baphomet clamped down with her insides, and the man reached his umpteenth climax. Her meaty vagina pulsed as if to guzzle his semen, triggering nonstop ejaculation. It was just as if the baphomet were intent on channeling her anger to wring every last drop out of him.

    The pleasure of endless ejaculation caused the man's vision to blur. By pure chance, the sight of the witches below entered his shaky visual field. They all uniformly had rapturous expressions. Their expressions rapt with pleasure were likely due to the rigid erections penetrating them. But in the man's eyes, it felt like there was something else besides that which was melting their hearts. As for that, the look in the witches' eyes as they gazed at their men was like that of a love-stricken young girl, in their smiles was the kind of affection that a wife has for her beloved husband, and more than anything else, the sort of eyes of a little girl clinging to her big brother who she has absolute trust in. Surely the men penetrating them were able to make their faces that way precisely because they were suitable as their partners. The man's shaky field of vision was redirected to the baphomet. She had been looking away, but before he knew it, she was gazing at his face. Staring intently at him were the clingy eyes of a little girl in love.


    Afterword (p209)[edit]

    How was the world of “magic” presented by Sabbath? Even from now on, the “mana” that exists in the world will keep swelling, and new spells will infinitely be produced. The spells introduced in this book are nothing but a tiny portion of all existing spells, and in the future, it probably won't even amount to a single fragment of the great wisdom of magic. That's why even to someone like me who can't use magic, magic is a wonderful thing that keeps shining more and more forever.

    I think that “magic” will keep growing more powerful and developing from humans and monsters intermingling just like how a human and monster married couple empower each other by being joined together. In writing this book, my hope was that not only monsters like us, but also humans would take it in hand, and if humans who read this book can increase and develop their “happiness” and “magic” together with their monster spouses, then I am extremely glad.

    By the way, there was a single impetus that led to the writing of this book. I had an encounter with a certain wandering scholar of monsters who was continuing to write a monster encyclopedia while traveling the world. Originally, he was supposed to co-author this book with me.

    But as of now, he's disappeared since boarding a ship to the “mist continent”, and there's no response even from the “projecting mirror” I gave him so he could contact me. It is well known that ships headed to the mist continent are frequently thrown off course by the mist only to never be heard from again, but even if his ship sunk, the monsters of the sea are always lurking along that sea route to obtain, or rather, rescue men, so it's hard to imagine that he's dead. At the bottom of the sea, in the abyssal depths where not even sea monsters or sunlight can reach, it is supposed that a world of unknown monsters called “abyssal monsters” exists, could it be that...

    -Runya Runya, the sleepy magical archive-



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    4. The baphomet leaders have an archaic style to their speech in Japanese due to the choices of words and word forms that screams out that these characters must in fact be ancient. Reflecting the difference in tone in English is tricky, but I tried to sort of do so by including a few Middle English words/ archaic spellings, such as "yonge" and "biloved". 魔泥 (possibly pronounced madei) is a made up term consisting of the characters “demon/magic” + “mud/mire”. There's at least one case of a Japanese translating it as "devil mud" that I found online, but it might be something entirely different in this case. Nymphomancy is kind of stretch as a translation for 淫魔法 inmahou, a made up term coined by adding the character 淫 in which means something like "lewd/lascivious/indecent" to the word mahou, meaning "magic." So a more direct translation would be something like "lewd magic". But nymphomaniac can sometimes be translated as 淫乱女 inran-onna,which also in in it. And I think "nymphomancy" sounds fitting.
    5. Translation notes: Importantly, the terms 遊園 yuuen and 遊具 yuugu used in the description about Momonika Sabbath are rather vague. 遊園地 yuuenchi is a term that strictly refers to amusement parks, which is not used, but several dictionaries say 遊園 yuuen is playground, or something vaguely like a park for playing. Also, 遊具 yuugu is so vague, it can refer to playground equipment, toys, and even things like merry-go-rounds. There is at least one Japanese themepark that I found, which is refers to itself as yuuen rather than yuuenchi. That might in fact be the intended meaning, especially considering the reference to races who prefer exciting things. Momonika's dialogue stands out as simplistic and childish in Japanese, being written without kanji or particles.
    6. Translation notes: The baphomet leaders have an archaic style to their speech in Japanese due to the choices of words and word forms that screams out that these characters must in fact be ancient. Reflecting the difference in tone in English is tricky, but I tried to sort of do so by including a few Middle English words/ archaic spellings, such as "yonge" and "biloved". The baphomets use different first person pronouns to refer to themselves in Japanese, something that's lost in translation. Bapho-sama: 我が waga a form of 我 ware as a first person possessive, but uses 儂 washi, as a first person subject pronoun, which is used mainly by elderly people. Kuroferuru, Shirokuto: ware (archaic, formal) Runya Runya: wagahai (formal, arrogant) Ropurotto: wachi (dialectal variant of watashi) Greilia: watashi (completely normal) Marune: uchi ( dialectal word used mainly by girls in the kansai area) Momonika: no pronoun yet
    7. The baphomets use different first person pronouns to refer to themselves in Japanese, something that's lost in translation. Bapho-sama: 我が waga a form of 我 ware as a first person possessive, but uses 儂 washi, as a first person subject pronoun, which is used mainly by elderly people. Kuroferuru, Shirokuto: ware (archaic, formal) Runya Runya: wagahai (formal, arrogant) Ropurotto: wachi (dialectal variant of watashi) Greilia: watashi (completely normal) Marune: uchi ( dialectal word used mainly by girls in the kansai area) Momonika: no pronoun yet 獣魔法 juumahou translates directly as "beast magic", and 医療魔法 iryoumahou translates directly as "medical treatment magic", but the Japanese words are advanced sounding Sino-Japanese compounds rather than strings of simple words. Still, if you think those terms don't work, you don't have to use them.
    8. まりょくクン  なのだ! It's Mana-kun! カラダの内側で魔力を作るのが得意! Excels at producing mana inside his body! 作った produced カラダの中からだした! Released from inside his body! 吸収する absorbs 周囲の魔力をあつめるコトが得意! Excels at gathering mana from her surroundings! 外部にある魔力の制御が上手! Great at controlling external mana!
    9. いっぱい 放出する releases lots 放出する releases 食べられる eaten by まもの monsters にんげん humans どうぶつ animals しょくぶつ Plants 世界にみちる魔力 the mana that fills the world 魔力のながれ the flow of mana
    10. 世界に満ちあふれる魔力 the mana overflowing in the world. まもののふうふ   monster married couple 交わりで際限なく♥ Limitlessly increases through sex. 魔力をかえし♥ returns mana to まかいさくもつ mamono realm produce まかいじゅう mamono realm beast 放出する releases 食べられる♥ eaten by まもの monsters
    11. "Sakyubasu" is a katakana transliteration of the English word "succubus", but "inma" is a Japanese word for "succubus". Sometimes KC also refers to other fiends such as imps as "inma" too. For clarity, we'll keep "inma" as "inma" especially since the succubus profile notes they are meant to be two different names. Hieromancy can also be translated as "holy magic." Its unclear if the fight between "gods" and the Mamono Lord and her husband refers to the same event described in MGE volume 1 or not, since that fight appeared to be between the couple and a single god. It may have been that the Chief God called in help at some point, or perhaps it was a different fight.
    12. 古式魔法 koshiki mahou translates more directly as "ancient style magic".
    13. 下腹部kafukubu directly translates to “lower abdomen”, but it can also be a euphemism for the genitals.
    14. "Sakyubasu" is a katakana transliteration of the English word "succubus", but "inma" is a Japanese word for "succubus". Sometimes KC also refers to other fiends such as imps as "inma" too. For clarity, we'll keep "inma" as "inma" especially since the succubus profile notes they are meant to be two different names.
    15. Nymphomancy is kind of stretch as a translation for 淫魔法 inmahou, a made up term coined by adding the character 淫 in which means something like "lewd/lascivious/indecent" to the word mahou, meaning "magic." So a more direct translation would be something like "lewd magic". But nymphomaniac can sometimes be translated as 淫乱女 inran-onna,which also in in it. And I think "nymphomancy" sounds fitting.
    16. *succubus = inma, while succubus = sakyubasu Charm and temptation as specially defined only appear that one time in the text. They are katakana English terms, tenputeeshon and chaamu in the original text. Other instances of these terms in my translation are translations of Japanese words that aren't meant to signify the special cases defined.
    17. "Sakyubasu" is a katakana transliteration of the English word "succubus", but "inma" is a Japanese word for "succubus". Sometimes KC also refers to other fiends such as imps as "inma" too. For clarity, we'll keep "inma" as "inma" especially since the succubus profile notes they are meant to be two different names.
      • The baphomet has an elderly, formal tone
    18. 魔泥 madoro is actually just another term for dark matter, so it's probably better to call the last part of Kuroferuru's title something like “dark sludge” rather than “devil mud”.
    19. *Every instance of “breath” actually corresponds to 吐息 toiki a word which matches up with “sigh” in most of its senses, but is also used to describe breath when deliberately blowing on someone to tempt her. Doing that wouldn't be referred to as sighing in English, so changing it to “breath of ecstasy” seems prudent.
    20. Its worth noting that "pedo" is just one way of translating the Japanese term 幼化 (which can refer to small size as well as young age).
    21. The word aniue 兄上 = a formal and archaic, form of "brother"; only for older brothers.
    22. A more literal translation of "spell succubize" would be “spell succubusnize”, but it sort of sounds overly clunky in English.
    23. - there doesn't seem to be any mention of how long the effect of this spell lasts -'inma' is used here more as a sort of technique rather than a broad kind of monster girls like usual - little sister at the end refers to the sisterly relationship succubi have with the women they monsterise, as shown in the 'Succubus Notebook'
    24. にんげん human 普通の人間の壁 the ordinary human barrier 魔力保有量の限界 the limit of the amount of mana possessable 少ない little 多い lots 魔力保有量の限界突破! Breaking the limit of the amount of mana possessable! つよい にんげん strong human ゆうしゃ hero インキュバス incubus まもの monster アルプ alp ※It's a rare case. まものと結ばれる♥ is joined with a monster♥ 魔物の魔力をうける. 女の子になりたい♥. 好きな男の子がいる♥ Receives mamono mana. Wants to be a girl. Has a boy that he likes.
    25. "Sakyubasu" is a katakana transliteration of the English word "succubus", but "inma" is a Japanese word for "succubus". Sometimes KC also refers to other fiends such as imps as "inma" too. For clarity, we'll keep "inma" as "inma" especially since the succubus profile notes they are meant to be two different names.
    26. 悪魔 akuma, meaning “demon” is translated as demon here, but it's talking about demons in general and not the specific “demon” race, which is デーモン dēmon.
    27. 誓約 seiyaku, which means something like “oath/vow” was used in the original text, but 制約 seiyaku a homophone meaning “constraints” seems to make more sense in context.
    28. *verb missing
      • 神蝕 shinshoku is a made up word patterned along the lines of 日蝕 nisshoku “solar eclipse” and 月蝕gesshoku, “lunar eclipse” only with 神 meaning god/deity instead 日・月 sun/moon. Simply translating it as “fallen eclipse” seems reasonable since it's obviously a reference to the fallen god, it seems redundant to add another element expressly referring to god even though present in the original term.
    29. ”lover enhance” is probably phrased this way because the verb comes last in Japanese, so it seems reasonable to adjust it to “enhance lover”.
    30. "Spiritish" is actually called 精霊語 seireigo in Japanese, which is the word for spirit with the language making suffix 語 -go added to it
    31. つきでろ! Stick out! 精霊使い Elementalist Gives commands to the spirit with magic.
      • Cannot directly issue commands to elements.
      命令する commands つきでろ! Stick out! ほんやく translation つたえる conveys 土の精霊 Earth Spirit Conveys orders from the elementalist to the elements.
      • Cannot use elements without orders from the elementalist.
      アイヨー aye aye 土の元素(大地) Earth elements (the ground)
      • Since the pure spirit doesn't have very many elements,
      it mainly uses magic with the elements in the natural word.
    32. 土の魔精霊 earth mamono spirit Spirits transformed into monsters have lots of elements. わたして hands over 夫婦でいっぱい They get off plenty together as husband and wife, and she hands over lots of elements♥ The elements are already adjusted perfectly for her husband's use♥ つきでろ! Stick out! バシュ bash 精霊使い Elementalist He can use magic by issuing direct commands to the elements he received beforehand! The spirit can also use magic herself.
    33. Teletomancy is based on the Greek word "telete", meaning roughly "ritual, rite, ceremony".
    34. Brolen noted that there has been some criticism of the translation "amazoness" online. That is it probably doesn't come from the English word amazon + English suffix "ess", meaning "female", but the plural form of the word amazon in French or Greek, which is actually "amazones". Regardless, the text uses "ess" in Japanese, as "amazо̄n" refers to the region, while "amazonesu" refers to the warrior women.
    35. “Living things” in the second sentence may seem like a contradiction, but appears to be meant in the sense that these souls are those which originally belonged to living things, which one assumes would imply that there are other souls that belong to things that were originally never alive to begin with, like spirits dwelling in mountains and rivers and such. The word for living thing there, 生き物 ikimono, means life in the sense of biological life or animal life. 死した者 shishita mono "people who died" was simply translated as "the dead" here.
    36. The word for anata, translated as "you" is written with the kanji 貴女which makes it feminine, so she is talking to a woman.
    37. 腐敗 fuhai literally means decay, but figuratively also means corruption/ depravity.
    38. 爛れる tadareru literally means to fester, but figuratively also means to be dissolute/ debauched / indulgent, so the original Japanese text has a zombie tone and a lewd tone at the same time.
    39. The literal name of the spell is "in check" but that doesn't make much sense in English. Check-up we think is a good equivalent. There's no way to know for sure what KC was thinking with this name just from reading it, but a good theory would be KC may have named it "in check", as in "check inside" the patient's body. Perhaps the object is before the verb to reflect basic Japanese grammar, and it's an expression akin to the famous "star get". "Sakyubasu" is a katakana transliteration of the English word "succubus", but "inma" is a Japanese word for "succubus". Sometimes KC also refers to other fiends such as imps as "inma" too. For clarity, we'll keep "inma" as "inma" especially since the succubus profile notes they are meant to be two different names.
    40. MGE volume 1 used the term for “rune” noted specifically as an alternate name for “insignia” in this article, hence why we won’t be changing the translation in MGE volume 1.
    41. “keikoku no bijo” translates to “nation-toppling/tilting woman” and refers to a woman so bewitchingly beautiful that she could destroy/destabilize a nation with her influence.
    42. familiar = famiria, while familiar = tsukaima in the onii-chan article. The first is the name of the race, a transliteration of the English word into Japanese, while the other is the Japanese equivalent of the word, but is used to refer to the role rather the race.
    43. the words used are 魔女 (majyo) which is used for witches 魔少女 (mashoujyo) which is kind of the same but more specifically a little girl and 魔法少女 (mahoushoujyo) which is your typical sparkly Magical Girl
    44. * Regarding italicizing "beast" in "supper of beasts," in the source text the Japanese word for beast, kedamono, was written in katakana as ケダモノ rather than in kanji as 獣. This is roughly equivalent to italicizing the word in English.
      • The baphomet has a granny tone to her dialogue which is hardly reflected in the translation. It's mainly due to things like the use of “ja” instead of “da”, “no” instead “ne”, the first person pronoun “washi” which is used by the elderly, the old fashioned second person pronoun “onushi”, and “aniue”, an obsolete term for “onii-san” which is mainly used in historical dramas these days.
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