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    In the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world, monster girls are made as well as born. Monsterization is the umbrella term for a whole host of different processes by which men, women, corpses, plants, animals, elements, gods and various inanimate objects are all transformed into beautiful and desire-filled monster girls.

    A whole section of Fallen Maidens is devoted to case studies of different monsterization classes; see there for in-depth case studies on yuri, Mamono Realm mana corruption, roper/slime-carrier/matango parasitism, dark slime melting, necromancy, the hand of god, snake pits, cursed items, alpification, and not eating properly.

    The generic case[edit]

    Refer to: Monsterization, MGE-1 and Monsterization Handbook, Fallen Maidens

    Most people who get monsterized don't want to be monsterized, because the vast majority of people who undergo the process are female Order humans, and the Order teaches that anything that happens in relation to monsters (apart from zealous religious persecution) is bad [1] . There are exceptions, of course; sorceresses may pursue witchdom or lichdom [2] in their quest for magical power, and there are some heretical sects which hold monsterization in a positive light [3]. Entire societies may even be centered around such beliefs without any coercion from the monsters. Still, in the majority of cases, monsterization is a process initially resisted by those subjected to it. On becoming a monster, the fear and loathing a woman felt towards her own transformation does not necessarily melt away immediately. Elves and valkyries are notoriously conflicted about acting on their new irresistible impulses. But regardless of whether they're happy about it or not, their newly ravishing body is gripped by a throbbing, needy lust for male company. "Women who’ve only just become monsters still have their human values, but with the monstrous body that’s hot for men, and the intense feeling of hunger, the human mind can’t hold out. Driven by desire, they end up attacking human men [4]". It's at this point that those who had someone they truly loved as a human make a beeline towards their "husband"; for those who didn't, the first man they spot who suits their interests is likely to be attacked for their first meal of essence. Such sudden encounters inevitably blossom into true love thanks to the keen senses monsters have for compatibility. [5]

    After a while, the body feels hot, and blood rushes to their head, and then they'll seek to have sex for the first time after becoming a monster, and they'll attack a human man. Also, the way to use their body is engraved in their instinct, so they can probably move freely and use it right after becoming a monster. Naturally, as soon as they change into a monster, the methods of how to attack men, milk essence and use their body are imprinted in their instinct, so right after changing into a monster they can actively attack men and enjoy essence and pleasure.[6]

    As shown on the left, originally upon seeing a man, she looks downward, unable to even lock eyes with him. But after becoming a lesser succubus, she starts to leer seductively with eyes wet with desire.

    The physical changes of rockin' tits, flawless sensitive skin, and more importantly, thirty foot tails or an ass the size of a wagon, therefore do not prevent the immediate use of those attributes for sexy times. It is not clear to how many of the monsterization methods or monster girl species this applies, but the succubus family at least tends to have their transformations go via a two-step process. First, the essence is replaced with mamono mana, producing a partially-transformed lesser succubus. These creatures have protective fur over parts of their bodies, as lesser succubi have a monster's sensitivity but haven't yet acquired the monster's tolerance to supercharged pleasure; being groped too vigorously during semi-transformed sex is a sure-fire way to make them ahegao themselves unconscious [7]. Lesser succubi must then rape their way to enough essence to complete the transformation, and become a fully-fledged succubus.

    The metaphysical aspect[edit]

    To the casual bystander, monsterization usually involves a woman becoming substantially more attractive and then raping that bystander. But from a magical standpoint, all the significant stuff happens invisibly. The fundamental difference between being a monster and not being a monster is that monsters have mamono mana inside them [8] and non-monsters don't. If a female is exposed to enough mamono mana, it snuffs out her ability to produce essence; and the point at which this ability is destroyed is the point at which there is no chance of recovery. With only mamono mana left inside her, and no way to replenish her mana autonomously, milking men's semen for essence is from then on her #1 source of magical sustenance. The reason that men can't be transformed into monster girls by this very same process is that men's autonomous essence generation is much faster (as is the volume produced this way), and gets faster still in the presence of mamono mana, so it can't be snuffed out except in very peculiar circumstances. Or by death, after which point mamono mana could do unspeakable things to your bones [9].

    Historical relevance[edit]

    The first and largest instance of "transformation into a monster girl" was the one that enraged the Chief God and produced the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world we know today. It was the great magical work that turned the skull-crushing, blood-drinking monsters of the former Mamono Lord into the pelvis-groping, semen-drinking monster girls of the current Mamono Lord.

    The dwarves welcomed monsterization at the start of the age, and now almost all dwarves are female monsters

    The mamono lord's objective is to change all men into incubi, and change all women into monsters, thus bringing about the “unification of humans and monsters into one race.” In the completely unified race, the males will be humans, and the females will be monsters. She used the power of the mamono lord which links the mamono mana of all monsters to channel her own mamono mana into them, changing them into the kind of monsters she desired, thus overwriting the settings for the monsters that god had established. In this way, “monsters” changed forms into female “monster girls” that feel strong love for the male human men, mate with them, and produce children.[10]

    So this wasn't so much a "monsterization" as a "succubusization", from one kind of monster to a different, hybrid kind. Just as humans who are transformed into monsters rapidly begin to prefer their new forms for all the mind-shaking pleasure it brings, the monsters transformed into monster girls all seem to like it this way too. Most monsters were not sapient before the transformation, and thus had no attachment to whatever sex they initially were. Among the more intelligent types, most became female, but some rare exceptions occurred where intelligent male monsters had awakened love toward female monsters, and it is rumored they became like human males.[11]

    Early in the current Mamono Lord's reign, the depraved dark elves appealed to the succubi for super-hedonistic bodies too, and that race quickly became entirely monster. The dwarves went the same way, albeit somewhat slower and with less intentional planning. The Fairy Kingdom races are on the path to monsterization after the Sabbath decided to aggressively proselytize amongst them [12]. In the current era, transformation into a monster girl is mostly accomplished by the various one-on-one methods mentioned previously, or by passive environmental means that cause essence erosion.

    Book Information[edit]

    Of Demonological Transformations (Early settings info)[edit]

    There have been recorded cases whereby females of human and other races become Monsters. For example, Succubi are able to attack and convert such females to more of their species.

    Females possess the ability to create essence within their bodies as well, but it is present in weaker capacity. They are also incapable of the direct creation of Essence, and as such replenish it by absorbing it from their surroundings.

    Monsters such as the Succubus hence attack human (or any other species really) females, and after absorbing all the Essence from them, inject Mamono Mana into them instead. Deprived of Essence, the female body instead identifies MM as a replacement and absorbs it instead, thus completing the transformation from Human to Monster.

    Human females who stay in the Mamono Realm for too long also become Succubi due to the fact that her body absorbs energy from her surroundings. Since the Mamono Realm is full of Mamono Mana, it causes a slow transformation due to the lost Essence and the Mamono Mana taken in to replace it.

    In the case of Werewolves and Large Mice (or similar Monsters in that vein), Mamono Mana is injected through open wounds (and hence transmitted by clawing or biting), and the sudden presence of Mamono Mana invokes the inversely proportionate Laws of Essence/Mamono Mana, causing her Essence to be forced out. One might think of it as an overflowing cup.

    Other methods of transformation include, as in the case of Zombies and other Undead types, Mamono Mana residing in corpses which once used to hold Essence. As the vessel is now empty, the injection of Mamono Mana "reanimates" the corpse. Mamono Mana may also cause cellular mutation, as in the case of the "Roper" and other similar monsters.

    Transformed females basically retain their memories from when they were humans, and their personality, but their values and thought patterns often change to that of a monster. Free of the emotional limitations and restrictions they once had as humans, they become free and unrestrained like other monsters, and as a result attack men who catch their fancy.

    Reasons for Changing into Monsters (MGE-1)[edit]

    Basically, the monsters have an instinct that causes them to seek out human men, but occasionally, they'll also attack women in order to convert them into monsters. Reasons for that may be to increase the ranks of their allies, to repel human women who are trying to slay them, and various others.

    Also, some of the monsters have the distinctive feature of going about changing women into monsters just for the hell of it to amuse themselves, and they can be quite officious. Whenever they encounter women who either don't know, or hate and renounce pleasure, or women who are troubled because they find themselves unable to express their affection for a man, they will assault them in order to teach them the joy and happiness of indulging in the pleasure of sex with men that they themselves experience. And then, after instructing her in the ways of pleasure and changing her into a monster with their own hands, they enjoy watching the sight of the woman who once had love problems as she follows her instinct, assaulting the man, then moving her hips happily on top of her beloved, drowning in pleasure. Those who went from being human to being a monster know the ecstasy of monsterization and the happiness that follows it, so they tend to be more strongly inclined to doing it.



    1. Early settings info, The Order: For that reason, they are fiercely hostile towards the monsters which drown in pleasure and corrupt humans. They claim that “The monsters are evil.” and in many of the churches, they hide the truth about the monsters and are spreading the lie, “Monsters kill and eat people,” among the humans.
    2. Witch profile: Originally they were human women but they sought “eternal youth” and “extreme power.”
    3. Fallen Maidens, CASE STUDY Ritual: Along with their god echidna, they hold monsters in an entirely positive light. They desire the power to bind what they want to themselves the way that monsters, especially lamia family monsters can. Human girls brought up that way since early childhood strongly desire to become monsters themselves and acquire a beautiful, alluring snake body.
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    8. Usually this means having just mamono mana inside them, but there are marginal cases. Monster elementals have elemental magic too; incubi have essence and mamono mana; and very small quantities of mamono mana can be tolerated by females without snowballing into monsterization.
    9. Skeleton profile: Zombies and other undead type monsters can fundamentally never rise from a man’s corpse; however, in the skeleton’s case, mana doesn’t dwell within the body, the body itself is made up of mana. They are an exception, and men’s bones can become monsters too.
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