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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Zombie / Undead
    The Desert Region, ruins, etc.
    Men's essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    June 14, 2009
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Mummy

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A type of undead that inhabits the desert region, ruins, etc. They are reanimated when mamono mana accumulated in a human corpse. Under Anubis they protect the ruins, serving the role of soldiers who repel tomb raiders and their ilk. Their personality and memories from when they were among the living remain; however, starving mummies lose their rationality and act on instinct, so they are extremely dangerous.

    Just having their sensitive body touched causes them to tremble as pleasure courses throughout its entirety.

    They are always overwhelmed with the feeling that their bodies are dried out, so they attack men in order to take in essence through sexual intercourse. they shove a man to the ground and rub their entire body against his as if to cover him, and then, when they take a man inside, they move their hips violently and churn their insides as if trying to moisten their dry body.

    By absorbing the semen that will be released before long, their thirst and hunger will finally be satisfied. After having taken in essence, their rationality and intellect increase, causing them to become temporarily docile; however, their greed will soon be starving for semen again and go dry seeking a man, so once caught a man will not simply be released.

    Another thing, they are also known to attack women as well, and in that case, the woman would have all the essence of her body sucked out, and would end up becoming a “mummy” herself. Women transformed into mummies in this way are the same as other mummies. Because of the lack of magical energy, they feel hungry, dry, and will assault men.

    Furthermore, their skin is extremely weak to stimulation. Even just from being touched, they feel an extreme rush of pleasure. Upon receiving such stimulation, the pleasure would be too great, and they may become temporarily paralysed. In order to prevent this, they cover their whole bodies in special bandages that curtail the pleasurable feelings. For that reason when you encounter a mummy, if you can undo the bandages, you can stop her from moving, and escape would then be a simple affair.

    However, in general, they leave part of their body exposed with no bandages around it. If one touches that place, it seems to cause intense pleasure rather than disgust. So they are not just carrying out their duty to protect the ruins under anubis orders, they are probably just doing it simply because they want to have sex with men who come to the ruins.

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