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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Cat / Beastman
    Ferocious, bold
    Carnivorous: wild animals, etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    April 6th, 2019
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Ocelomeh

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A race of beastmen also called "jaguar warriors", who are berserkers with a maddening degree of bestial lust. They revere monsters known as "tezcatlipoca" as gods, and maintain a state of unabating arousal by offering prayers and receiving blessings, thereby continuously increasing their own brutality.

    Tezcatlipoca preach that "the true natural order is for humans to be violated and devoured by monsters". To these faithful warriors of the gods, the purpose of their existence is to violate and ravish human men according to bestial lust. Thus, naturally, they attack as soon as they spot human men, and sometimes even raid human villages seeking an abundance of prey, so they are extremely dangerous monsters.

    As berserkers, they fight with intense ferocity and fearlessness using the lithe and powerful body of a beast, yet, on the other hand, these dreadful warriors are exceedingly wise when it comes to battle and also happen to have an aspect of composure. What's more, they wield brutal-looking swords bestowed upon them by their gods. These swords—which do not harm the body, since they are made from an obsidian-like mamono realm ore—can rip the mana of their prey to shreds with nothing more than a simple graze, resulting in a hot, pleasurable throbbing that's so shocking that even a single blow would completely dissipate his will to fight.

    After defeating a man like that, they are just as merciless as during battle, and will violate him, copulating with the severe ferocity of a mad beast. The words of their gods state, "Prey must be devoured completely without wasting even a single scrap of meat or drop of blood", and accordingly, it is said they never release men they have ravished, instead devouring the entirety of their lives with the entirety of their own lives, invariably spending their lives together as husband and wife.

    The duty of warriors who have obtained a husband is to continuously present offerings to the gods, and conceive new warriors who will be even more brutal with powerful bestial lust. Thus, from then on their lives consist of nothing but ravishing their husbands. The sight of a monster ravishing a human is itself an offering to the gods, and the divine power the warriors receive for presenting offerings boosts their bestial desires and urges, enabling them to lust insatiably for their husband and violate him with severe ferocity like beasts that are always starving.

    Furthermore, according to the teachings of the tezcatlipoca, expressions of love such as affectionate behavior towards one's husband, lovey-dovey sex, and wholehearted service, must never be shown to anyone but one's husband. As faithful adherents, they'll only allow themselves to be seen unilaterally sucking, riding, and taking him deep inside. However, it is regarded not as "forbidden", but as "that which must be done in secrecy", likely because they cannot disavow such ways of loving, nor can they resist the urge to love their husbands in such a manner given the fact that they too are monsters. What it's actually like when they are alone together can probably be inferred from the expression that appears on an ocelomeh's husband's face when asked about it.

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