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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Orc / Beastman
    Mountainous areas
    Lustful (strong-willed, ferocious, mischievous, or timid and devoted)
    Omnivorous, mainly preferring the flesh of beasts
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    June 8, 2009
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Orc

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A type of beastman with the characteristics of a pig. They live in groups and are often found in mountainous regions. They are extremely ferocious monsters who actively assault people, but they move really slowly and aren’t very strong. However, they are very sly and usually attack in groups. You can't let your guard down.

    They are extremely lustful, and normally all they think about is having sex with men, wandering around in search of men they can target. Once they've spotted a man, they form groups and attack in an effort to capture him. Men who have been abducted like this are taken off to the orcs' homes, where they are made into slaves. Orcs are always dying to be with a man, his fate will be to have intercourse again and again: sucked off, squeezed between, and straddled, a man will be continuously enveloped by their voluptuous bodies, which are like the physical embodiment of such lust. As their hips shake wildly, their body will slap against the man's body and enthrall him.

    An orc who had the tables turned on her when she assaulted a man. At that moment, she changed into a loyal sow who fawns on her man and wants to be screwed by his meat rod more than anything.

    However, when attacked, if one manages to defeat them instead, they will recognize the victor as their master, whom they will then obey almost as if they were slaves (on the other hand, if one were to attack and lose, the orcs would be very oppressive). For the victors who become masters, the orcs change their nature completely. They will become concerned with their master’s mood, and constantly fawn on him. Of course, there would be no change in their lustful disposition. They would seduce their master into having sex with them.

    After obtaining a master, their heart and body will have already changed to be devoted solely to him, and their soft, voluptuous body which enthralls men will then exist solely to be used and violated by their master. No matter how furiously and violently their master ravages them, even if they're treated as a tool that exists solely for his sexual release, as far as they're concerned, just the fact that their master enjoys using them will be enough to fill them with enough ecstatic happiness and pleasure to melt their heart.

    As described, they have a dual nature, both weak and strong, strong and weak. However, it’s more like it comes from instinct than personality. If they have never known defeat, they will enjoy the pleasure of raping men, but once defeated they become subservient to their masters, gaining the most pleasure from obeying his commands and being raped by him. Thus, their loyalty to their master is very extreme and very real, and it is engraved in their instinct. Not only do they enjoy being abused by their masters, they‘re even willing to sacrifice their own lives if their master commands it.

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