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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Harpy / Birdman
    Volcanic areas (Volcanic Region)
    Calm, Lustful
    Flames, fire elements
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    September 30, 2022
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Phoenix

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A kind of harpy with wings of blazing flames also known as "undying birds". They store up vast quantities of mana and fire elements inside of their bodies by consuming flames, and even if they die, they will resurrect, so they live for an eternity.

    Due to them being highly intelligent and thoughtful monsters and furthermore having a divine appearance, in some lands they are treated as divine messengers. Since they are extremely few in number and make their lairs deep within volcanic areas, they rarely ever appear before humans. What's more, the flow of time they live in is different from others. Perhaps for that reason, they have very little interest in others, be they human or monster, and display a cold, listless attitude. They are this way even towards men, so even should you happen to encounter one, there is little danger of being attacked.

    There is a powerful vital energy in their blazing feathers which can serve as reagents for miraculous elixirs that can even save the dying. Despite their lack of interest in others, it isn't that they are hostile, so if one is courteous enough, it's probably even possible to receive feathers from them.

    It is generally held that the souls of those who die depart for the world of the dead, and afterward, reincarnate in the world of the living, but a phoenix's existence is removed from that. After living for a long time, when they reach the end of their lifespan, their bodies burst into flames and they regenerate as chicks while covered in flames. In this manner, they repeatedly "resurrect". When this occurs, the men who are their mates will also receive life anew while enveloped in flames. For a phoenix, her mate is the only one who lives in the same time together with her. While they have little interest in others, they're extremely strongly attached to their husbands. Their true nature, which will be discussed below, is also only shown to their husbands.

    The power of the flames to bring about life any number of times which dwells within them infinitely invigorates their bodies to the point that they are tormented by a burning desire to reproduce. Therefore, their bodies are always hotly flushing with lust. It is said that even the slightest little thing could set them off and have them craving immediate sex with their husband. However, they don't consider this desire to be something that should be suppressed. On the contrary, they gaze at their husband in such a sultry manner that their intent is obvious and wrap their body around his to actively seduce him into enjoying breeding with them. They enjoy days lying with their husbands and indulging in pleasure together more than anything, and that's how they spend the majority of their long repeating time. Their attachment and passion towards their husband only intensifies with each resurrection, and they can't suppress it even after freshly resurrecting with the form of a chick.

    Resurrection is when the flames are at their strongest, in other words, it happens in the middle of sex, and a phoenix's mate will be enveloped in the flames of resurrection amidst pleasure while still connected with her. Even when they both become like young children after resurrection, there's no way a phoenix could stop having sex with her mate before her eyes, so the new lives the couple receives begin with the pleasure and joy of indulging in each others' reborn childish bodies. They continue to grow after that, spending days of depravity indulging in sex every day to confirm each others' bodies as they change gradually over time.

    With so much lust pent up inside of them, the reason they are intellectual when they go out in front of people is merely because their urge to breed was satisfied from spending all the rest of their time engaged in sex with their husband. Were it not the case, they'd still be indulging in sex with their husband and wouldn't appear before others. Additionally, even out of monsters which tend to have longer breeding cycles, the phoenix's is exponentially longer, which is also why the danger of being attacked is so low. There are so few newly born, and thus so few unmarried young individuals, that in effect, virtually every phoenix that appears before humans is one that already has a husband.

    However, in the unlikely event that the phoenix who appears in front of a man is an unmated individual, even if her cold, listless attitude is no different, the prey will be given such sultry looks that her intent to share her long life with her partner will apparently be obvious.

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