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    Druella, particularly debauched even for a lilim, has many pleasure rune tattoos

    Pleasure runes are magical sigils which are used by monster girls in order to amplify the pleasure they feel during sex. A variant of the Dark Insignia, a type of Nymphomancy magic, they're almost exclusively seen as tattoos on the skin, although recent developments in Sabbath magic also allow them to be embroidered in items of clothing. Most depictions show pleasure runes as being in black ink, although white and pink varieties crop up occasionally too.

    Since monster girls are already extremely sensitive to pleasure by virtue of their succubus bodies, the decision to get inked on top of that seems indicative of hedonistic desires above and beyond even the usual. Daily life becomes difficult when even a pat to the head leaves one in a dizzying ecstasy. Dark Angels are singled out as regular users, as they have been noted to abandon daily life, being constantly engaged in sex.

    The war-tattoos that cover Amazonesses' bodies are actually non-functional pleasure runes, incorrectly copied down from the succubi that turned them into monsters.

    Book Information[edit]

    Runes of Pleasure (MGE-1)[edit]

    Spells: Monster Targeted

    These are the magical seals that the succubus (p.8) and dark priest (p. 206) featured in this book engrave into their bodies. These exponentially amplify the pleasure received by the target with the runes engraved on her flesh, so they're mainly used by confident and highly capable monsters to enhance personal enjoyment of sex. A distinctive feature is that the increase in pleasure corresponds with the size of the area of the monster's body that is engraved with runes. The size used by the succubi is typical, and allows them to function in daily life and have sex normally, while enabling them to experience even greater pleasure. Those which cover half their body in runes, like the dark angel, do so because they have all but entirely abandoned daily life, being constantly engaged in sex. Monsters with that many runes experience sexual pleasure just from being patted on the head by a man, and stimulation of their ordinary erogenous zones fills their heads with a dizzying ecstasy. There probably isn't anyone willing to try it, but if one were to cover her entire body in runes, the pleasure would be so overwhelming that she'd almost climax just from a simple touch, to the extent that everything else but pleasure would be erased from her mind in that moment. Essentially, since mamono mana is needed to use them, they can only be used by monsters, and they're only engraved into the bodies of monsters. A human woman wouldn't be able to stand the pleasure induced by the runes, rather, the power and pleasure of a rune would cause her to transform into a crazed monster who thinks only of pleasure in the middle of the engraving process.

    “We've made a recent advancement that allows us to also embroider runes into clothing and still retain the full effects. Those with a childish, sensitive body like me don't have a lot of excessive extra flesh, unlike some others. Even without it, we can still have lots of fun with elder brother. It's something I have no use for. What? ‘Say that after finding a partner?’ Bite me!”

    Pleasure Insignia; Sabbath Grimoires[edit]

    “Reime”-chan, a human assassin, is the one who contributed. The charismatic insignia artist, “Ms. Rubiana”, transforms Reime-chan beautifully and obscenely using various “trial insignia”!

    This insignia, which mainly uses a heart shaped design, has the power to increase the pleasure induced in those engraved with it by leaps and bounds. The potent effect of this insignia, plain and simply amplifying the pleasure obtained from having sex with a man, is extremely important to monsters. Even out of all the numerous dark insignia, this one is the most popular with the most monsters having it engraved on their bodies. Not only is the effect treasured, it's also used for fashion purposes. It's popular to engrave small ones around the eyes, breasts, hips, etc. to match apparel.

    The pleasure increase due to pleasure insignia will be proportional to the size of the area in which the insignia is engraved. Since it's in the common nature shared by all monsters who have the essence of an inma to pursue greater, stronger pleasure, they tend to think, “shouldn't I engrave more?”, but engrave too much and the pleasure provided by one's husband will become too powerful. Drown in it and they become a slave to the pleasure, so that even when trying to spice up sex for the sake of variety to please their husband, or unilaterally devote themselves to servicing their husband, they'll lose themselves to the pleasure so that it devolves completely into sex for mutual indulgence in pleasure. So much the better, some may even think, but as far as that goes, it is recommended to use it to suit their preferred sex life and what is appropriate for them. Races with the composure and self-confidence to partake in tremendous pleasure without forgetting themselves such as “succubi” often engrave largish patterns, while races who hold drowning in pleasure as paramount above all else such as “dark angels (Encyclopedia I – p. 206)” may even engrave it on half their bodies.

    Pleasure insignia are engraved mainly in places where strong pleasure is induced during sex. By engraving on the “hips”, the pleasure of shaking one's hips while joined with a man can be dramatically enhanced, so most people engrave on the hips to enjoy sex. Even though a pleasure insignia engraved on the hips produces so much pleasure that it would drive a human woman crazy, it's an indication of the confidence and composure to claim that pleasure as one's own, and it's also like flaunting that one is a champion of the bedroom, a being sustained by pleasure. In addition, an insignia on the hips is a direct indication of the desire to engage in sex with men, so it signifies a provocative and sensual “invitation”. “Pleasure insignia”, which have the power to enhance the pleasure received by the part they're engraved on, are, in other words, an indication to the husband “that's the part she wants you to touch”, “that's the part she wants you to pleasure”, whether it’s engraved on the hips or not. For instance, if there are insignia on her breasts, you're very much welcome to touch and rub them, in fact, she's asserting that that's what her breasts are for.

    Also, the more pleasure insignia are used, i.e. the more pleasure is induced in the place where the insignia is engraved, the more their power increases. Thoroughly used insignia will start filling with heat and throbbing in pursuit of pleasure even when not having sex, causing the body to constantly flush, which brings about feelings of randiness. Naturally, insignia engraved on the hips will throb seeking sex, and after being repeatedly teased and rubbed by one's spouse, even insignia engraved on the breasts will cause heat to accumulate in the breasts as they redden, and the nipples stiffen to the point of lifting up clothing out of desire for the husband's touch even in a state when they are not being touched. Since her breasts won't settle down unless touched by her husband, she'll naturally start doing more behaviors that emphasize her breasts, such as touching them, lifting them up, or pressing them up against him whenever she gets the chance. Many will even start playing with their own breasts when at a loose end. On top of that, pleasure insignia have the property of being energized when stroked by one's husband. It's more striking the more well used they are, but one's husband's hands will induce pleasure and heat when stroking the pattern, as if the insignia itself had become an erogenous zone, and the insignia will start shining to boost the pleasure. While energized insignia are vexing, they bring about a pleasant feeling of anticipation, which makes the pleasure from sex after that more heat-filled. Ergo, when a husband becomes passionate and gets aroused at the sight of his monster spouse, and he does things like putting his hands around her hips and crawling his fingers over her body, or gradually fondling her breasts, it's an extremely pleasant thing for monsters.

    Pleasure insignia even affect organs which are normally incapable of sensing pleasure such as the eyes and ears. For example, if pleasure insignia are engraved below the eyes, just having one's husband in one's field of vision will itself cause strong delight. If one's husband's voice is heard through ears engraved with the insignia, it will then turn one's head to mush and induce ecstasy similar to the pleasure of sex in the brain. What's more, if pleasure insignia are also engraved in other places, the pleasure induced by senses such as vision and hearing will cause all other insignia to activate as well, throbbing and seeking pleasure as if answering the call.

    Insignia engraved above the womb have the highest effects. The nature is similar to that of “hip” insignia, which exhibit high effects in a state where the penis is inserted in the vagina and enhance the pleasure of sex, but the pleasure induced by the womb is at the very core of a monster female, and it's as if it reverberates throughout the body, or rather, throughout one's entire being, so it's so powerful that the pleasure of the hip insignia pales in comparison. The pleasure is like having one's very being itself completely melted. It overwrites both the pride of the inma as champions of sex as well as the composure they display as they enjoy violating men so that the entirety of their mind and body simply obeys their womb, relishing the pleasure they are given. The afterglow of sex with an engraved womb never disappears, and heat continuously accumulates in the lower parts. She will then obey her womb and start constantly seeking sex and pleasure. For instance, even a high rank inma who excels at controlling pleasure would be rendered unable to do anything but surrender herself to the pleasure she is being given. She'd be absolutely unable to resist her husband, the being who pleasures her womb, or his penis thrust inside her, and would end up a loyal servant of the pleasure given to her. In this way, pleasure insignia engraved on the womb will have a severe effect due to the pleasure poured inside, but at the same time, it will also induce great ecstasy and happiness even when she's been impregnated by her husband and in a condition where there is a child in her womb. The “pleasure” as a mother, induced by the child she is carrying, will be sublimated into a powerful love towards the child to be born and the husband who impregnated her, so those who engrave the insignia on their wombs make good wives and good mothers.

    Amazoness profile[edit]

    Furthermore, as for their body paint that also looks like illustrations, they claim “it's a charm to draw out the power of a warrior.” But actually, when the amazoness tribe changed from human to monster, they were taught of “pleasure runes” by the succubi who invaded their villages. After being inaccurately passed down, the runes ended up becoming altered.

    Originally, the purpose was to amplify the pleasure of sex for the person with the runes engraved, so it was made so that the succubi could further enjoy sex, and had absolutely nothing to do with battle. If it had accurately been handed down, then the amazoness would now have pleasure runes engraved all over their body. With their entire body attacked by intense pleasure, they wouldn't even be able to do daily life activities, much less fight. Instead, they would be unable to think of anything but sex, and they'd end up shutting themselves in their homes constantly having sex with their husbands.

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