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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Succubus / Fiend
    Volcanic regions
    Bold, cheerful, lustful
    Human men's essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    November 30, 2021
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Pyrow

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A race of fiends that control fire and are also minions of the greater daemons that rule the volcanic regions known as “Balrogs”. The fire mana dwelling within them makes their bodies flush constantly, and they're always lustfully seething with sexual arousal. Since these hedonistic and uninhibited girls are eager to engage in lascivious behavior as soon as they spot human men and will attempt to get their hands on them immediately, they stand out even among the succubus family which is full of lustful girls and are known as a race that's highly aggressive especially towards men.

    Their level of lust is suitably becoming of a monster, but on the other hand, the behavior and attitude they take towards the men they set after is unbecoming and often seems casual and frivolous. By the same token, the way they attack men also gives off an extremely “non-serious” impression.

    Upon keenly detecting a man's lust towards them, they may casually call out to him and speak and gesture in a sexually provocative manner, link arms, lean their body against him, and trace their fingers over his penis above his clothes, among other things, to give a frank invitation for sex. While that invitation indecently inflames sexual desire, it does not give even a hint of the feeling of a bestial predator or destructive devilish temptress like when a typical monster attacks a human. Instead, it's so relaxed and familiar that it's just as if they were calling out to a man who just happened to be passing by with the goal of making a bit of money, like a casual invitation to have a quick go for some relief. This aura the pyrow have deludes men into feeling that they can casually have sex with these girls without a care in the world and simply enjoy the pleasure, and when men leap at the offer, they would never even dream that it would develop into a relationship where they would be spending nearly an eternity continuing to be milked of their essence as a pyrow’s husband.

    Actually, when they perform this sort of seduction, they use their “power to light fire” on their prey, but instead of causing a radical sudden urge or change in condition, it is so subtle that most men remain unaware of the changes within themselves. Once the fire is lit in his heart, the prey will feel sort of feverish and at the same time become more easily excitable, getting fired up over the slightest things. Also, his lust will swell more easily too, and he'll soon grow hot and bothered. It frequently causes arousal and erections, creating an excuse for them to call out to their prey. Moreover, the presence of these monsters who give the impression “they wouldn't mind being used to casually vent lust” when they appear before men in such a state emboldens their prey and makes them uninhibited. Even honest men, timid men, and the like who would normally never do such shameless things will stare at them with raw lust in their eyes, gradually crawl their hands towards their buttocks, and invite them to an inn. It will be as if smoldering flames have suddenly flared up when they make advances on them thinking, “as long as it's her...”

    This “power to light fire” comes from the fire mana dwelling within the bodies of these girls, and when joined with them through sex, naturally, the effects become even more powerful. If a man has sex with a pyrow even once, from then on, the fire of passion will light up immediately from even the slightest little thing she does, such as a casual wink or a mere touch, and once the fire has been ignited, it will continue to burn licentiously forever. The fire will be quenched with her body. And her availability for getting casual relief will spur it on repeatedly, so that eventually the man becomes unable to live without sex with her.

    In this way, they can ignite a fire of passion and arousal in men and freely increase its firepower. In other words, they can induce the men they are pursuing to lust after them and make their own advances towards them. In short, if you've called out to them or they've called out to you, at that point, the outcome has already been decided. When playing with fire, it might not seem so risky, just one emission during a casual one-night stand, but that is only on the surface. Once a small flame is sparked, the fire spreads and your whole body is covered and burnt in no time at all. What they are is incarnations of the flames of passion from which there is no escape. Men will be utterly incinerated and milked dry.

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