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    Devoted to magic research, the Sabbath is the natural home of witch monster girls

    The Sabbath is a religion of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world, its two fundamental tenets being to “impart the charm and indecency of tiny young girls” and “be devoted to pleasure like a monster[1]. Filled with loli supremacist monster girls, the religion is non-theistic. In fact it's one of the most technophilic and research-based organizations in the MGE, as they periodically hold "Black Masses" that are half magi-tech expo, half pedophilic orgy.

    Under the supervision of the baphomet, the Sabbath's chief adherents are the witches and the familiars, but loli monster girls of any species are welcome. The Sabbath is very organized in its missionary outreach work, and maintains branch offices far and wide throughout the world. Much of the daily work of its members involves proselytizing unbelievers, and also "canvassing, holding periodic assemblies, developing spells and magical items, etc".

    General information[edit]

    Today it's a global loli religion and probably one of the most organized monster associations there is, but the Sabbath's origins are quite different. It started life as the battle-magic division of the Mamono Army, "originally a unit created to use magic in battle, and develop and test new spells and elixirs, but it ended up this way as Sabbath because baphomet ran it according to her own whims".

    The largest branch of Sabbath, the Mamono Lord's Army Sabbath, is headquartered in Royal Makai, and its head baphomet (sometimes referred to as the Baphomet, or Bapho-sama) lives in the Mamono lord's castle. The bulk of the Sabbath's rank-and-file are the witches, a lot of whom were formerly human sorceresses who volunteered for monsterization in the quest for "eternal youth" [2]. The baphomets can grant youth permanently via the pride and joy of their magical research, the spell of pedomorphasis; or just let monsters try on a childish body for a little while, with a "one-day lolification elixir" [3]. Aside from witches and baphomets, many monsters that are actually children (as opposed to just looking like it) are enrolled in the Sabbath by their mothers, in the hope of giving them a head start by getting lusty and pregnant as early in life as possible [4][5]. To continue targeting children, the Sabbath operate childrens' clothing stores where garments are enchanted with pleasure runes [6]; often with goat or dog motifs, "because the ruling baphomet is like the biggest dog lover ever".

    As part of their missionary work, the Sabbath is currently pursuing cultural exchange with the Fairy Kingdom; teaching the innocent, childish fey the joy of sex and monsterization [7]. Fairies easily become corrupted when exposed to monsters' mamono mana, and so after playing with child-like Sabbath monsters they are quite receptive to learning about a different "game" they can play with human men.

    Despite the aggressiveness and assertiveness of the Sabbath's loli supremacy, the Sabbath still serve their role in Mamono Army; with Kuroferuru Sabbath being part of the Extremists force under Druella during the invasion of Lescatie, and Shirokuto Sabbath have accomplished numerous legendary feats such as the battle of “the gods' giant soldiers incident”, the incident of warping the entire country of the “Viminarie Theocracy”, which had been prophesied to be destroyed with the crumbling of the earth, to safety in another dimension.

    Book information[edit]

    Sabbath organization (Early settings info)[edit]

    A religious group lead by Baphomet who is one of the main leaders of the Mamono Lord's army. Its doctrine is to be given to lust just like a monster, and to acknowledge the so-called “loli girls” with their immature bodies as supreme. They preach about the wonderfulness of “loli girls” day and night. All of the monsters in it, including Baphomet and her underlings the “witches” have the forms of young little girls. Other types of monsters belonging to the group also have their forms changed to look like young children, and special magic is used to stop them from growing. Besides the monsters, human men that love them little are also part of the group.

    They're always soliciting human men day and night to get them to become “lolicon big brothers.” They tempt women by offering eternal youth and great magical power, transforming them into “witches.” They periodically have a gathering called “black mass.” It is said that they do various things there such as thoroughly indoctrinating the men and women who have gathered into their ideology and educating them, having witches unveil their familiars, holding feasts for witches without familiars and monsters without husbands, and unveiling newly developed lewd items and spells.

    They have branches in every region of the world. The founder of every group is “Baphomet.” Furthermore, to put it more accurately, they are the “spell casting unit of the mamono lord's army.” It seems the original duties they were charged with by the Mamono Lord were engaging in magical combat, and developing and testing new spells and magical items.

    Sabbath (MGE-1)[edit]

    The monsters have peculiar values that differ from those of humans. Sabbath is a religious organization with activities based on those peculiar values that is run by “Baphomet (p.180),” [8] the champion of the mamono realm who is the most important leader in the mamono lord's army. They have young, small bodies, and they preach about the wonderfulness of little girls, and sex with them, to humans and monsters. It's a group of so-called “lolita supremacist” monsters who practice what they preach day and night. This time I'll introduce details about the mamono realm's Sabbath based on materials provided by Sabbath Mamono Realm Headquarters.

    Sabbath in a nut shell[edit]

    Sabbath has two fundamental principles: “Impart the charm and indecency of tiny young girls,” and “Be devoted to pleasure like a monster.” Their bodies overflow with charm, and by using them for sex as much as desired, they also impart the wonderfulness of a lewd, childish body to human men. Under the great childish leader Baphomet, all of the adherents, including her subordinates the witches (p.182), have assumed the forms of tiny young girls. They assault and have sex with human men day and night. In order to increase the number of “lolicon big brothers” who love sex with a childish body more than anything else, they do various activities day and night including: canvassing, holding periodic assemblies, developing spells and magical items, etc. Aside from “Sabbath Mamono Realm Headquarters” which is ruled by Baphomet, the greatest leader of the mamono lord's army who resides in the mamono lord's castle, there are many branches in other regions, and it's an enormous organization. All of the branches of Sabbath are ruled by different individual baphomets. Each of these various branches has decided on its own uniform. Everything other than the crest of Sabbath placed on their chest is different depending on the particular branch, but all of them are designed to turn on human men, or rather, “big brother,” and ensure some vigorous love-making. Care is taken to ensure that the designs, while cute, are also licentious.

    Other than the uniforms based on a goat motif worn by the witches featured in this book, there are also said to be witches who wear fluffy uniforms based on a dog motif which were designed that way because the ruling baphomet is like the biggest dog lover ever. Additionally, wearing the uniform isn't required. Wearing plainclothes while actively participating is also allowed, but they are recommended to wear something that accentuates the charm of their young bodies, causing big brother to get fired up and just hug them without thinking because it's so cute. By the way, the official name of Sabbath Mamono Realm Headquarters is “Mamono Lord's Army: Spell Casting Unit.” It was originally a unit created to use magic in battle, and develop and test new spells and elixirs, but it ended up this way as Sabbath because Baphomet ran it according to her own whims.

    The Happy Friends of Sabbath[edit]

    Most of the members who comprise Sabbath are witches who were formerly human women who transformed into monsters after receiving the baphomet's mamono mana within their bodies. Being the baphomets' servants, they all totally adore them, and they're completely brain washed by Sabbath's doctrine. Along with the baphomets, they're responsible for the core of activities.

    Other than the witches, there are various other races of monsters who are members. There are monsters who originally have the forms of young children that seek to learn how to seduce men better, or how to have even more enjoyable sex with the men who became their husbands using their childish body, and there are monsters who actually are young children who catch men and have sex while they're still young, becoming a prisoner to the pleasure of their immature body. Some are recruited by other members, and some become entranced with having sex in the form of a child after being transformed by using the “one day lolification elixir” that Baphomet invented. There is no end to the number of individuals who entered the faith for various reasons.

    And since all the monsters who enter the faith are permanently transformed into young little girls by Baphomet's “spell of pedomorphosis (p.186),” the monsters who belong to Sabbath are all adorable little girls. Recently Sabbath has been making ties with the fairy kingdom (p.94) and the dwarves (p. 100), exchanging technology and information. Many dwarves and fairies participate in Sabbath to acquire sexual techniques for pleasing men using their own bodies. And let us not forget the male acolytes who form the core of Sabbath, along with the witches. They are commonly referred to as “big brother.”

    Some of these “big brothers” already found a childish body attractive to begin with, and some of them were enthralled as a result of being assaulted and given a thorough taste of the childish body of a monster from Sabbath. The majority of them are “lolicon” who are brainwashed by the doctrine of Sabbath, adore the baphomets, and love the body of young children beyond all else. Those who aren't can also be found among the ranks of Sabbath, but eventually they will be. The monsters who belong to Sabbath, love their big brother more than anything else. They love being wrapped in the arms of a big brother who is way bigger than themselves and ravished. There is mutual attraction. They love to rape, and be raped.

    Since their bodies are way smaller, what they love more than anything else is how much bigger big-brothers stiffy feels when they receive it in their tiny, narrow, childish vaginas. The objective of most of Sabbath's monsters is to find themselves their very own big brother, and spend every single day mutually enjoying indecent pleasure as brother and sister, or rather, husband and wife. Sabbath has an exemplar reputation among the mothers of young monster girls. Parents are pleased that their own cute daughters are catching men and enjoying sex so much while still young. They expect them to grow up to be even more lascivious by putting them in Sabbath.

    Fun Black Mass[edit]

    And the black mass that is held periodically is the main activity out of everything. Black mass starts off with a spectacle that unfolds as human men and women who were canvassed and gathered by Sabbath are trained and thoroughly indoctrinated with pleasure into the pedophilic ideology of Sabbath. The adherents choose big brother, and women are made into witches. And then, after welcoming new friends, new techniques for more enjoyable sex in the body of a young child, and newly developed magical items with indecent effects are unveiled. The monsters of Sabbath can enjoy sampling new items and techniques with their big brother using their bodies right then and there.

    After getting warmed up from this, the monsters' eagerly awaited orgy of pleasure begins. The assembly hall where black mass is held is protected by the baphomet's mamono mana, so the monsters of Sabbath can just focus wholeheartedly on going at it with their big brother, and indulging in pleasure. Since the condensed mamono mana generated by the baphomet and many monsters having sex at the same time permeates the entire assembly hall, the bodies of all the monsters change, becoming even hotter, and even more sensitive to pleasure. Hence, the monsters are able to experience sex with big brother that is far more frenzied and pleasurable than ordinary.

    By showing off the indecency of child sex to one another, they reaffirm the wonderfulness of a child's body. Besides that, they like to introduce, or show off and boast their favorite big brother by having everyone watch as they're being violated by him. The insane feast of young flesh continues until morning. Eventually, the monsters become covered in their beloved big brothers semen, outside and inside. They get tired and fall asleep. They breathe happily in their sleep while big brother carries them in his embrace as they leave the assembly hall together.

    Sabbath Guidebook[edit]

    Refer to: Sabbath Guidebook

    Whaat's a Sabbath? (p172)[edit]

    A “Sabbath” is a group of monster sorceresses that is organized with a “baphomet” at the top whose purpose is to master sorcery while spreading the charm and depravity of young little monsters worldwide! Many witches, minions of baphomets, belong to Sabbaths, and all the female members, including the baphomet leaders, their witch subordinates, and even other monsters, uniformly have the appearance of extremely young girls in accordance with the ideals of Sabbath. “Witches” in the racial sense are former human women who became monsters by receiving a baphomet's power, but childish monsters who belong to Sabbath, even those of other races, are also treated as “witches of Sabbath”.

    In Sabbath, witches under a baphomet leader accumulate profound magical studies day after day, and the research and implementation of new spells, magic potions, and magic items is conducted. Aside from spells for obtaining men to be their spouses, which is the most important thing to monsters, or spells for leading a more pleasurable and enjoyable sex life with their spouse, they have also developed numerous spells that are convenient in daily life as well as spells which are used in various industries. We can say that these organizations are not only of vital military importance, but are also key to supporting the subsistence of monsters and the development of monster culture and civilization.

    Additionally, it also has aspects of a religious organization in which witches who strongly idolize their baphomet leaders conduct activities to spread the childish charm and depravity glorified by Sabbath to the world. Thus, Sabbath's witches inculcate this by having sex using their own bodies, and obtaining an “onii-chan” partner is an absolute must so that they can immerse themselves in depravity as well. Activities to solicit human females and pull them into Sabbath are also actively conducted.

    “Mamono Lord’s Army” Sabbath, which as you know is led by our “Bapho-sama” (※her true name is kept private from everyone but her spouse), is the first and foremost Sabbath, but there are many Sabbaths organized by other baphomets all over the world. Each Sabbath is basically an independent organization, and activities are conducted according to the policies of the baphomet who leads that Sabbath. They basically share the same ideals and ideology, but since there are huge differences in the direction and content of activities, all you magicians thinking about joining a Sabbath should probably deeply consider the system of magic being researched, classification, specialization, and so on, before deciding which Sabbath to join. Also, although uniformly “little girls”, they also have a wide variety of charms, the trends of which also differ depending on each Sabbath. Therefore, we'll be delighted if all you onii-chans considering joining a Sabbath ponder deeply about the kind of little girl you want to make love with while also swiftly making your way to visit the witches.

    Sabbath naturally has bases of operations in large monster cities and even usually in large human cities too. Given the nature of inducing human women to become witches, and taking in human men as onii-chans, Sabbath also has many bases in human nations and cities. These are mostly comparatively more open in monster friendly states and are known to everyone. On the other hand, in anti-monster states hostile to monsters, they're ingeniously hidden by baphomets using many layers of magic so that no one can find them but monsters and their human partners. In some, there are “spirit realms (p.47)” created on the “backside” of the churches of the chief god's faith. The same door of the same church will lead to the church if opened by a human, but when opened by monsters or their partners, it will serve as an entrance that connects to a Sabbath stronghold. Also, sometimes the orphanages run by the churches of the chief god's faith are actually bastions of Sabbath. In this manner, sarcasm and blasphemy against the church and the chief god's faith can be glimpsed in the style and activities of Sabbath.

    Furthermore, that which became the predecessor of modern Sabbath is an ancient organization that has existed since the age of the former mamono lords. It was the magic corps of the mamono lord's army, which researched new spells to fight humans and employed them in battle. Actually, it's essentially no different even in the present, as “mamono lord's army” Sabbath led by “Bapho-sama” is the magic corps of the mamono lord's army, but times have changed, and as a result of Bapho-sama's selfish management, Sabbath has changed to conduct the sort of activities that it does now, its scale has expanded, and there have come to be Sabbaths all over the world.

    The Secret of Sabbath's Power and Sabbath's History (p173)[edit]

    The witches who belong to Sabbath have been granted a portion of the tremendous power possessed by a “baphomet”. Witches are childish and adorable, so they really don't look like it, but many among them who have obtained the power of Sabbath are even mages who surpass human heroes. Since they spend their lives either conducting magical research or having sex with onii-chan, witches are often reclusive, but once they make an appearance on the battlefield, they will shower dreadful spells down on the heads of enemies.

    The secret behind the tremendous “power of Sabbath” goes all the way back to the time when Sabbath was born. It is said that in the age of the former mamono lords, when humans and monsters slaughtered each other, god empowered humans to oppose monsters by granting the saints “holy power that ramps up the more they abide by the teachings of the scriptures and the more immaculate they are”. The wizards and warriors who had been fighting monsters were then joined on the battlefield by even the clergymen who had until then either been praying for their allies at church or serving in a rear support role. The fiends tried to reduce that power by corrupting the saints, but it didn't have much effect overall, and monsters were gradually being driven into the wall by the “power of rectitude”.

    Meanwhile, one of the baphomets who founded “Sabbath” deceived one of the saints and won her over as an ally, completely turning the situation on its head. Of course, one traitor doesn't amount to much, but after thoroughly analyzing that power, the baphomet succeeded in magically inverting its nature. In other words, she claimed a “malevolent power that ramps up the more she defies the teachings of the scriptures and the more she succumbs to depravity” as her own. The baphomet who was the founder created the predecessor of Sabbath in order to apply this “power of depravity” to oppose the “power of rectitude”. Reigning supreme as its leader, she used cajolery and magical deception to gather human women to become “witches” and shared the wicked power with them. In this manner, all of the baphomets of the latter era came to have the ability to convert their own inner depravity into power, and share a portion of it with their witch underlings.

    What is required to boost this “power of depravity” is the repudiation of “humanity” “benevolence” “morality” and “ethics” which are emphasized in the faith of the order of the chief god. Although they were originally human women, by casting aside their “humanity” in exchange for a “devilish nature”, Sabbath's witches became beings who joined the monster opposition to humanity. There was not even a shred of human “morality” in the way that they offered themselves to monsters in pursuit of pleasure and the power of darkness in exchange for their own “benevolent nature”, and drowned in the pleasure received from monsters. It's said that their wicked minds had no qualms about harming people if it was for the sake of their own desires, as if to scoff at human “ethics”. And being that way was precisely the condition for obtaining tremendous power as a witch.

    But that's how witches were in the formerly wicked Sabbath. Now that monsters have transformed, both have become vastly different. Since monsters have changed into beings who are much closer to human, and it is now the inma who symbolize darkness, the qualities of a “devilish nature” that repudiates “humanity” have changed drastically, and they are no longer beings who harm humans. The way that witches expose themselves in the form of little girls immersed in sex with onii-chan with silly expressions from the pleasure and ecstasy is completely “unethical”. On the other hand, the monsters of the present, unlike their predecessors, are endowed with something we can call “benevolence” and “morality”. However, these are based in monster values and differ drastically from the concepts of humans. Monsters regard living to fulfill their own desires, and spending their lives actively immersed in the pleasure of sex as virtuous. But at the same time, unlike the monsters of yore, they don't steal or harm others for the sake of their own desires. Instead, they wish for others to fulfill their own desires and sate themselves with pleasure just as they do, and they have a mentality that society should be based on that, and should be overflowing with pleasure and ecstasy, which is precisely the “benevolence” and “morality” of monsters. Ergo, even if they still have “benevolence” and “morality”, that of monsters repudiates that which is preached by the order of the chief god.

    The witches of modern Sabbath fill themselves with depravity by drowning in pleasure with onii-chan day after day, and take the lead in researching lewd spells so that all monsters and men who love each other can live more pleasurably and happily and for the sake of staining the world in which we live in with pleasure and ecstasy. That way of being is precisely the source of the power possessed by Sabbath's witches.

    Furthermore, as previously mentioned, Sabbath creates bases of activities on the “backside” of churches which share the same entrance, and so forth, actions which are provocative and blasphemous against the church, but in this way, that originates from how the organization known as Sabbath started with repudiating the scriptures of the order of the chief god. However, the past is the past, and it's only done as a formality due to old traditions, not that modern Sabbath bears particularly negative feelings towards the scriptures or the Order of the chief god. Baphomets and Sabbath's witches assume the form of humans, disguising themselves as city girls, nuns, orphans, etc., and they get along with church people as slightly complicated neighbors, aiming to win them over as onii-chans and new witches.

    Known Sabbath:[edit]


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