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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Mermaid / Beastman
    Snowy areas (in the seas and at the beach)
    Strong, obstinate
    Carnivorous, mainly fish and wild animals
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    February 23, 2013
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Selkie

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Dressed as if she were a cartoon mascot, these seal mermaids wrap their bodies in magical furs. Living off fish and wild animals, this species of mermaid is as active on land as they are below the waves, actively enjoying the act of hunting. The magical energy of these girls soak into the pelts they wear, creating warmth that heats their bodies and allows them to live in seas, and on beaches that are freezing. They are also able to freely remove these magical furs, the body revealed being that of a beautiful human woman. When like this, selkies are difficult to tell apart from human women.

    They normally exhibit firm behaviour that is full of confidence, but since they are also stubborn by nature, they are not aggressive about sex with human males. This is due to the warmth provided when wrapped in their furs. However, because of this, if a selkie needs to take off their furs, they become apprehensive and begin to feel lonely, the "Chill" around them entering their bodies and minds. Eventually, due to the overwhelming "Chill", they become unable to maintain their ordinary confidence and firmness and their true nature, originally lonely and dying for affection, is revealed.

    Even though they normally treat men with confident indifference, when their furs are off, it is another story. Unable to bear the "chill", they will seek sex in order to gain the warmth of a man. For that reason, one must be careful around them when their furs are off. They remove their furs for long periods of time in order to mend them periodically, but one should not approach them during such times. Also, their furs may slip off or get torn in the middle of hunting, so it is not uncommon for the prey to switch from a wild animal to a human man out of nowhere.

    After they have felt the warmth of a human male even once, even when in their furs and not feeling the "chill", they will still prefer and seek out the warmth of a human man. Additionally, those who happen to have a husband will become miserable and helpless if not embraced in the arms of their beloved husband, and they will come to desire to always be enveloped in their husband's warmth. By pure instinct they will fawn on their husband and beg for sex, and have him pour sweet warmth directly inside them that soothes their body and heart.

    The furs they cover themselves in also, magically, become flush with their skin and move and respond as if they had become part of their body. It is also possible for them to share furs with their husband, and many couples even stay together in the furs, whether it is day or night. It is to protect their husband from the cold, er, rather to allow themselves to always be in the embrace of their husband's arms.

    Not only do they use the furs as a sleeping bag at night, they also have their husband hold them tight inside the furs even while hunting during the day, so it is like they are "wearing" him. There are even couples that stay joined together inside the furs whether day or night.

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